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Palisadium Korean Buffet Menu Hot Food (Select 3)

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불갈비 구이 (Bul Gal Bi Gooey): Char-Grilled Marinated Beef Short Rib 깐풍요리 (KanPung YowRi): ① Sautéed Breaded Shrimp w/Sweet Sauce or, ② Chicken 수육보쌈 (SewYook BaudSsam): ① Steamed Pork w/Cabbage & salted shrimps or, ②w/Kimchi

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꼬치구이 (KoChi Gooey): ① Beef Skewer w/Vegetables or, ②Chicken or, ③ Scallop 모듬전 (MowDum Jeon) : ①Pan-Fried Fish and Vegetables or, ②Fried Meatball and Vegetables 특별요리 (TuckBealYowRi): ① Noodle w/Veggi Soup or,② Pasta (Macaroni w/Clam Sauce, etc.,) ♦ Roasted a Pig w/special Station (S.M.L): (Optional w/Price)

Cold Food (Select 3)

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연어요리 (Yawn-A YowRi): ① Broiled Salmon w/Teriyaki Sauce or, ② Smoked Salmon 스시 (Sushi): ① California Roll or, ② Tuna Roll or, ③ Crab Roll 홍합구이 (HongHap Gooey): Roasted Seasoned Green Mussel 생선회 (SangSon Hwe): Sashimi Combination 잡채 (JobChae): Stir-Fried Cellophane Noodle w/Vegetables 말이요리 (Mari YowRi): ① A Roll of Radish w/Veggi and Sweet Peanuts Sauce or, ② A Roll of Roasted Beef w/Veggi and Soy Sauce or, ③ A Roll of Salmon w/Cucumber and Mayonnaise Sauce

Side Dishes 

김치 (KimChi): Korean Red Pepper Pickled Cabbage (or Radish)

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삼색샐러드 (SamSaek Salad): Tri-Color Salad 묵탕평채 (Muk Tang Pyung Chae): Vegetables w/Muk Gelatin

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버섯나물 (BerSut NaMul): Sautéed Mushroom 밥 (Bap): Steamed & Mixed Rice

Palisadium Desserts   

수정과 (SuJeong Kwoa): Cinnamon Punch 모듬떡 (MoDeum Duck): Assorted Rice Cakes 모듬과일 (MoDeum Kwoa Eil): Assorted Fruits

아이스크림: Ice Cream

음료수 (Tea & Beverage): Assorted Juices, Sodas, Coffee, Tea.

Other Beverages (Optional)   

House Selection of White & Red Wine, and Champagne Imported and Domestic Beer Full Open Bar (list available on request)

Additional Arrangements;  Room Rental Waived  Service Charge: 20%  Sales Tax: 7%

Valet Parking, Florist, Entertainment, Make-up Specialist, Arranging and Pricing available upon request

Korean Updated Menu  

Korean Updated Menu