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Palgrave Macmillan Professional Business January to June 2014


CONTENTS Introduction 2 business, society & culture 3 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 9 Global Business 13 Human Resources & Organizational Behavior 17 Marketing, Branding & Advertising 21 Management & Strategy 27 PALGRAVE POCKET CONSULTANTS 32 PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS BACKLIST 34 PROFESSIONAL Finance 37 FINANCIAL ENGINEERING EXPLAINED 43 GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS 44 SALES INFORMATION 46 Index 48

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Business, Society & Culture books explore the current issues and emerging business trends that will affect our work, leisure and outlook on the future.


In Bed with Wall Street The Conspiracy Crippling Our Global Economy Larry Doyle A look at the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and the regulators – and legislators – who are supposed to protect the rest of us The Wall Street meltdown in 2008 brought the world to its knees, spawning huge protests against the lack of regulation and oversight facing Wall Street. But the average American still fails to fully grasp what was – and still is – happening: that the inmates continue to run the asylum. 9781137278722 January $26.00 I $30.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 240pp W


Doyle exposes how Wall Street, politicians, and the regulators themselves have conspired for personal and industry-wide gains while failing to protect investors, consumers, and the American taxpayer. Recent bombshells – such as multi-billion dollar trading losses at JP Morgan, the manipulation of interest rates via the LIBOR scandal, and money laundering with rogue nations such as Iran – are symptomatic of this corrosive culture and the lack of trust and confidence in the system. As the big banks fight tooth and nail to avoid real reforms that would protect the economy, this book is a timely, important, and shocking look inside the Washington-Wall Street conspiracy crippling America and the global economy. Larry Doyle is a former mortgage-backed securities trader who has worked for the First Boston Corporation, Bear Stearns, Union Bank of Switzerland, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. He is a contributing author for Seeking Alpha, Before It’s News, Business Insider, Daily Markets, CNN/Fortune, and Wall Street Pit.


Taking Down the Lion The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco’s Dennis Kozlowski Catherine S. Neal An inside look at the career arc of Tyco’s most infamous CEO, his shocking journey through an exceptional period of American business history, and what exactly brought him down so publicly

9781137278913 January $28.00 I $32.00 CAN I £18.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 288pp W


An icon of an era of excess and greed, Dennis Kozlowski is one of the most well-known white-collar criminals in business history. This book tells the story of Kozlowski’s meteoric rise in business as Tyco’s CEO, his public fall and humiliation, and how Tyco managed to successfully recover from one of most notorious corporate scandals in America. CATHERINE S. NEAL is the Business Ethics and Business Law Professor at Northern Kentucky University, a practicing attorney, and frequent speaker on the Tyco scandal.

Beauty Queen Inside the Reign of Avon’s Andrea Jung Deborrah Himsel An inside look at the rise and fall of former Avon CEO Andrea Jung, and what it can teach us about 21st century leadership

9781137278821 April US I May ROW $26.00 I $30.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 240pp W


Andrea Jung, the glamorous former head of Avon, was arguably the world’s most charismatic and effective CEO, credited with the astonishing turnaround of the venerable brand. She seemed incapable of making a wrong move, until, amid declining sales, an investigation by the SEC, and a brand in crisis she stepped down in late 2012. In Beauty Queen, former Avon VP Deborrah Himsel draws on a series of case studies to detail the inside story of Jung’s spectacular rise and fall, and what we can learn from it. DEBORRAH HIMSEL worked alongside Andrea Jung at Avon as VP of Global Organization Effectiveness from 1999 to 2005. 5

The Worldwide Workplace Solving the Global Talent Equation Mike Johnson Through interviews with leading experts, The Worldwide Workplace explores critical changes in the global job market and provides a roadmap for organizations to navigate the challenges and opportunities this evolution will bring The concept of work is changing. This book shows how companies are dealing with these changes, and capitalizing on the opportunities they create. Full of real-world cases and insights, expert Mike Johnson prepares the reader to adopt best practices for their organization. 9781137361264 Jul US | Jun ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I ÂŁ22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


MIKE JOHNSON is Chairman and Founder of the FutureWork Forum and a leading commentator, consultant, and writer. He has written 15 books on business and management issues, over 100 global studies for international corporations and institutions, and reports for The Economist and The Financial Times.

Future Work How Businesses can Adapt and Thrive in the World of Agile Work 2nd Edition Alison Maitland & Peter Thomson A revised and updated edition of the 2011 critically acclaimed book that explores how the workplace is changing, from new technologies to a more diverse workforce of Generation Y, women, and the over 50s

9781137367150 May US | Apr ROW $28.00 I $32.00 CAN I ÂŁ18.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp W



This newly updated guide to the challenges we face in the 21st century world of work sets out a compelling case for change in organizational cultures and working practices to boost output, cut costs, give employees more freedom over how they work, and contribute to a greener economy. ALISON MAITLAND is a writer, and speaker, specialising in leadership, gender, and work. PETER THOMSON is a director of Wisework Ltd.

Beyond the Job Description How Managers and Employees Can Navigate the True Demands of the Job Jesse Sostrin A roadmap for aspiring professionals who want to excel in the workplace When work becomes messy and complicated, we stop getting good work done, we lose sight of the things that inspire us, and sometimes we disengage. This book helps you translate your challenges at work into useful insights that boost learning and performance, and make your time spent at work a little better.

9781137337405 Dec 2013 US | Jan 2014 ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I ÂŁ19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 256pp W

Jesse Sostrin is a sought-after consultant, writer, and speaker. He is the Founder and President of Sostrin Consulting, a leadership and organization development practice based in San Luis Obispo, CA.


The Hospitality Challenge Industry Perspectives on CSR Strategy Russell Smith A first-to-market book on CSR in modern tourism and the challenges it poses to industry leaders This book addresses the challenges of CSR in the hospitality industry, from corporate-level policy and strategy to implementation at the hotel property level, and shows how top organizations have overcome these issues. Contains contributions from leading industry professionals on the policies and strategies used in their organizations.

9781137289483 Jul US | Jun ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I ÂŁ29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W

Russell Smith is an Associate Professor at the Nanyang Business School, Singapore, and the Interim Dean of the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management.



The Craft Beer Revolution How a Band of Microbrewers Transformed the World’s Favorite Drink Steve Hindy From the founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, a look at the entrepreneurs that challenged AnheuserBusch, and MillerCoors – and how their tactics can inform other challenger brands Over the past thirty years craft beer has exploded in growth. Today, there are over 2,400 craft breweries in the US, and their influence is spreading globally. Steve Hindy tells the inside story of how a band of microbrewers came together to become one of America’s great entrepreneurial triumphs. 9781137278760 Apr US | May ROW $25.00 I $29.00 CAN I £16.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp W


Steve Hindy is the author of Beer School and co-Founder, Chairman and President of The Brooklyn Brewery, one of America’s top twenty breweries. He and the Brooklyn Brewery have been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and CNN.

Standing Room Only Insights for Engaging Performing Arts Audiences 2nd Edition Joanne Scheff Bernstein The essential guide for arts marketing professionals to maximize their potential in the digital age Standing Room Only combines practical advice for creating a strategic marketing program and maintaining a successful performing arts organization. This revised edition lays out a framework to navigate the digital age, from online ticketing options, to marketing options in social, and mobile media. 9781137282934 Apr US | May ROW $55.00 I $63.00 CAN I £36.99 Hardback I 235x153mm I 256 pp W



JOANNE SCHEFF BERNSTEIN is a theater consultant, speaker, and adjunct professor at Northwestern University, where she teaches courses in arts management, marketing, and development. She has worked with numerous theater groups to optimize their marketing abilities, including the Ford Foundation, the Chicago Opera Theater, Houston Arts Alliance and the Australian Arts Counsel, among others.

& innovation


Entrepreneurship & Innovation books are about driving growth, development and creativity. With advice from experts that have been there and done it, these books provide the tools to help you and your organization lead, be flexible and break boundaries.

The Frugal Innovator Creating Change on a Shoestring Budget Charles Leadbeater A new wave of low-cost innovation is sweeping the world with the power to change lives globally. This book shows what we can learn from innovators who are creating miracles on a shoestring budget

9781137327659 Jan US | Feb ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I ÂŁ19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 240pp W


Many of the most significant, life changing innovations of the coming decade will come from innovators serving poorer consumers in the high-growth markets of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This new wave of frugal innovation will be markedly different from anything that has gone before, as for the first time innovation will take on a truly global character. This insightful book looks at the phenomenon of low-cost innovation and explores what we can learn from the entrepreneurs and innovators in developing nations who are making amazing technical and social advances with scarce capital and resources. CHARLES LEADBEATER is an independent adviser, bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and recognized thought-leader on innovation whose advice is sought by governments, cities, and organizations throughout the world. He was awarded the prestigious David Watt Prize for journalism after a distinguished career at the Financial Times and went on to become a key adviser to Tony Blair’s policy team at the Downing Street Policy Unit and the Department of Trade and Industry. He is a senior research associate with Demos, the London think tank, and a founder of Participle, the leading public services innovation agency. Charles is also a visiting fellow at the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, where he has championed ideas of open and user-driven innovation.


The Überpreneurs How to Create Innovative Global Business and Transform Society Peter Andrews & Fiona Wood A collection of 36 stories of entrepreneurs who successfully scaled up their social businesses, with insightful analysis of why they were successful

9781137376145 Jan 2014 US | Dec 2013 ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 248pp W


The world is a better place thanks to truly creative and influential entrepreneurs. By looking at 36 examples of fantastic entrepreneurship, this book demonstrates how an unconventional approach and unique perspective has resulted in businesses which created genuine change across the economy, technology, social well-being and happiness. By analyzing real-world success, the authors reveal ten characteristics that made these entrepreneurs into überpreneurs. PETER ANDREWS has founded and co-founded half a dozen biotechnology companies. FIONA WOOD is an innovation policy analyst.

A Better World, Inc. How Companies Profit by Solving Global Problems…Where Governments Cannot Alice Korngold This book sets forth the newest and most powerful form of corporate engagement: companies profiting by building a better world where governments cannot

9781137327659 Jan US | Feb ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 240pp W


This unique book shows companies and their executives how to profit by developing solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges – those that governments cannot, and have not yet addressed. Using case studies, A Better World, Inc. delineates best practices for businesses to maximize revenues and reduce costs. ALICE KORNGOLD is Director, NYU Global Board Leadership Academy, and has been consulting to global corporations on CSR and facilitating corporate/ nonprofit partnerships for over 20 years. 11

Coaching for Innovation Tools and Techniques for Encouraging New Ideas in the Workplace Cristina Bianchi & Maureen Steele A practical coaching toolkit that will show managers and business owners how to coach new ideas from their team to drive innovation Making innovation in the workplace highly accessible, Coaching for Innovation presents a step-by-step process full of practical tips, models, exercises, and interviews with HR and business professionals. It demonstrates the integral role that coaching plays in idea generation and the innovation process. 9781137353252 Jun US| May ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp W


CRISTINA BIANCHI is the Founder/Managing Director of Enhance Training and Development. MAUREEN STEELE is the Founder/Managing Director of The Training Box Ltd, and NLP Master Practitioner. She is a INLPTA Certified Coach Practitioner.

The 10 Principles of Open Business Building Success in Today’s Open Economy David Cushman with Jamie Burke An exciting new guide to utilizing the emerging trend of Open Business, from open networks, to open innovation, and open financing

9781137347039 Feb US | Jan ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W



Including case studies and expert interviews, The 10 Principles of Open Business is a practical guide to organizational design for the 21st Century. The authors define how businesses and other institutions must adapt to survive, providing a practical method for professionals to assess their own organization, and take first steps towards becoming an Open Business. DAVID CUSHMAN and JAMIE BURKE are Co-Founders of Open Business Consultancy 90:10 Group and founding members of the Open Business Council.

HUMAN RESOURCE and Organizational Be-



From small startups to multinational corporations, our Global Business books provide clear insight and practical advice for professionals looking to work with and develop in global markets.

The New Disruption Business Strategies for Success in the New East Ben Simpfendorfer Influential author and FT columnist Ben Simpfendorfer on the next generation of thinking on the East, and how business leaders can operate in a world in which there is no ‘East’ and ‘West’ The rise of the East is undisputed. China’s emerging economy, India’s flourishing film industry, and Turkey’s growing political influence are just a few of the powerfully disruptive forces that have resulted from the East’s resurgence. The clash of these forces with the status quo has created unexpected economic, political, and social outcomes. 9781137370051 June $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £14.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp W


Taking the reader on a tour of the fast-changing East, The New Disruption provides simple business strategies for dealing with the world’s growing complexity now that the East has secured its role as a powerful global player. Influential author Simpfendorfer leads the new commentary on emerging markets, arguing that the business world should respond to the East’s rise by embracing complexity and planning for the unexpected. Ben Simpfendorfer is Founder and Managing Director of Silk Road Associates, a strategy consultancy and economic advisory based in Hong Kong. Ben was the former Chief China Economist for RBS and Senior China Economist for JPMorgan where he advised some of the world’s largest financial institutions and multinationals. He is a member of CNN’s Globex20, writes a regular column for’s beyondbrics, and is the author of critically acclaimed The New Silk Road (Palgrave, 2009).


China Goes West Everything you Need to Know about Chinese Companies Going Global Joel Backaler An unrivalled perspective into the inner-workings of Chinese corporations and their expansion plans for international markets China Goes West combines executive interviews and first-hand accounts, providing the sorely needed context to the rise of Chinese companies in home and overseas markets, and showing how the West can successfully compete.

9781137293923 May US | Apr ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W

Joel Backaler is head of Asia Pacific Operations for Frontier Strategy Group in Singapore, an award winning business blogger (, and writer for a variety of business publications.


China and the EU in Context Insights for Business and Investors Edited by Kerry Brown A topical expert collection of accessible insights on China / EU relations that offers business investors and policy makers timely advice on how companies and governments can work with China

9781137352385 Apr US | Mar ROW $55.00 I $52.00 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W

China and the EU in Context brings together the current research of world-class commentators on China from across Europe to explore the policy aspects of the China / EU relationship. Aimed at practitioners, this book shows how to relate to China practically and understand its complexities for business purposes, including investment, social unrest, and China’s fiveyear program. Kerry Brown is Executive Director of the China Studies Centre, and leads the Europe China Research and Advice Network (ECRAN).



Working Across Cultures Four Competencies For Working in Multinational Teams Ursula Brinkmann & Oscar van Weerdenburg A unique model for developing the four key intercultural competencies needed to work successfully in multinational organizations, with insights and tools for companies to train and support their teams

9781137346971 May US | Apr ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I ÂŁ24.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


Drawing on research from 30,000 individuals and their practical experience as intercultural management consultants, the authors provide insights into the broader landscape of intercultural management through their exploration of four competencies: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Commitment, and Managing Uncertainty. Combining their practical experience as intercultural management consultants with a decade of research into how to improve team-working and communication, the authors present practical strategies for how to develop these competencies and provide useful insights into the broader landscape of intercultural management. URSULA BRINKMANN and OSCAR VAN WEERDENBURG are Managing Directors at IBI (Intercultural Business Improvement).



Organizational Behavior


Human Resources & Organizational Behavior books help managers and HR professionals develop, retain and inspire staff, and revolutionize the running of their business.

Do We Need HR? Repositioning People Management for Success Paul Sparrow, Martin Hird & Cary Cooper An important assessment of the role and challenges of HR departments in the modern organization

9781137002327 Jun US | May ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I ÂŁ30.00 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


This practical book explores the position of HR, asking pivotal questions such as: does making HR a separate business function still make sense? Should HR return to a narrower personnel role? Should key areas like talent management be relocated to leadership and management units outside of HR? The authors present a picture of what new lean HR structures might look like, arguing that in the tough current environment, HR could be facing diffusion or even disintegration as a result of new types of organizational design, business knowledge, and cross functional networks. Drawing upon exclusive research and interviews with HR directors, this expert author team examines the challenges facing HR departments and provides actionable advice for managers contemplating the nature of HR in their own organizations. Paul Sparrow is Director of the Centre for Performance-Led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management at Lancaster University Management School. Martin Hird is Executive Director at the Centre for Performance-Led HR at Lancaster University Management School. Cary Cooper is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School and Pro Vice Chancellor (external relations) at Lancaster University.


Mental Illness at Work How to Identify, Prevent and Cope with Psychological Problems in the Workplace Mary-Clare Race & Adrian Furnham Provides a solid understanding of mental illness at work for managers and HR professionals

9781137272041 May US | Apr ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I ÂŁ29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


The incidence of mental illness in the workplace, from stress and depression to psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, is more common than many realize. If not understood or addressed appropriately, mental illness can mean a considerable risk for the company, particularly with the incidence of mental illness in leaders. Business psychology experts Race and Furnham explain mental illness, and explore how sufferers can be identified and helped. MARY-CLARE RACE is Principal Consultant for Arup. ADRIAN FURNHAM is Professor of Psychology at University College, London.

Stress in the Spotlight Coping with Pressure at Work Brian Claridge & Cary Cooper Provides crucial insights into how people manage excessive stress Based upon interviews with individuals in high pressure positions, from business leaders to football managers and bomb disposal experts, this book provides practical insights about how to identify, tackle, and overcome any kind of workplace stress.

9781137292346 Jul US | Jun ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I ÂŁ29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


Brian Claridge is a freelance journalist and writes for national and regional newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, and The Daily Express. Cary Cooper is a world leading expert on Stress and Stress Management. He is Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School. In 2011 HR Magazine named him the 5th most Influential Thinker in HR. 19

Workshift Future-Proof Your Organization for the 21st Century Jason Morwick, Robyn Bews, Emily Klein, and Tim Lorman A stimulating blend of case studies, research, and smart thinking, Workshift is a comprehensive how-to guide for leaders who want to create a more effective and efficient modern workplace

9781137337467 Dec 2013 US | Jan 2014 ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £23.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 224pp W


Workshift is a blueprint for organizations transitioning into the virtual workplace, where employees are always connected, and work is no longer a destination. This book provides practical lessons on why (and how) some companies are further ahead, and actionable steps to realize the potential of the virtual workplace. JASON MORWICK is a full-time teleworker and writer. ROBYN BEWS is the creator of WORKshift. EMILY KLEIN is the founder of Flextime Global, LLC. TIM LORMAN is the program manager at Serco-NA.

Work with Me The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business Barbara Annis & John Gray Breaks the myths about how and why men and women think and act as they do in the workplace For the first time, two of the world’s foremost authorities on gender relations, Barbara Annis and John Gray, reveal survey results of over 100,000 in-depth interviews of men and women executives in over 60 Fortune 500 companies and expose the Eight Gender Blind Spots that cause our miscommunications, mistrust, and frustrations at work. 9781137279118 May US | Jun ROW $17.00 I $19.50 CAN Paperback I 234x156mm I 272pp NA



BARBARA ANNIS is a world-renowned expert on Gender Intelligence® and inclusive leadership. JOHN GRAY is the bestselling relationship author of all time with his influential book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Management and

& advertising


Marketing, Branding & Advertising books are essential reading for professionals in the field, exploring innovative concepts with an international scope, covering issues from consumer behavior to brand building and digital marketing.

Brandjack! How Your Reputation is at Risk from Brand Pirates and What to do About It Quentin Langley Seasoned PR expert Quentin Langley provides a wake-up call to the dangers of “brandjacking”, packed with dramatic case studies and advice for PR professionals A strong internet presence is a huge boost to brand awareness, but interactivity and instant communication can make brands vulnerable to misuse or attack. Brands can be wilfully or accidentally misrepresented, and they can be irrevocably associated with negatives ideas: they can be “brandjacked”. 9781137375353 Apr US | Mar ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp W


Containing over 90 engaging case studies, from BP to Beyoncé, this is the first book to analyze brandjacking. Combining crisis communication and social media management, Brandjack! charts the growth of the trend, offering advice to those who find themselves at the mercy of brand pirates. QUENTIN LANGLEY is a PR professional with international experience and a strong record in team building, coaching, and mentoring. He is Senior lecturer in Marketing, University of Bedfordshire Business School, the co-author of Key Concepts in Public Relations, and the Editor of Brandjack News. Quentin has more than two decades experience in PR, including working in the Global Media Relations team at Shell International and being Head of Global PR at Knight Frank. He is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and former Chair of CIPR International.


The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire How to Give Consumers What They Actually Want Anna Simpson A framework for brand strategists to understand the foundations of consumer desire, and a guide to help them give consumers what they really want

9781137351814 Apr US | Mar ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 192pp W


Blending emotional branding and sustainable thinking, this book will help brands understand the foundations of desire to create sustainable brand loyalty, healthier societies, and more fulfilled customers. Supported by engaging interviews and case studies, Anna Simpson explores five primary desires: self-worth, social life, culture, comfort, and exploration. Anna Simpson is the Editor of Green Futures magazine. In 2012 she was awarded the APEX Excellence in Publication Award for her journalism, with features in the Guardian, and the Huffington Post.

Asian Brand Strategy Lessons for the Future from Asia’s Best Brands 2nd Edition Martin Roll Updated and revised edition of the guide to understanding branding in Asia and a look at how strong and aspiring Asian brands continue to gain share-of-voice and share-of-market

9781137359162 Jun US | May ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 280pp W


Asian Brand Strategy provides a comprehensive framework for understanding Asian brands and strategies, including a user-friendly strategic model and examples of success stories and challenges. The author offers trusted insights, knowledge and perspectives supported by brand new research and case studies. Martin Roll is a world-renowned global consultant and speaker, with more than 20 years of management experience. He is a senior advisor to corporate boards and a weekly business columnist for Forbes. 23

Power Branding Leveraging the Success of the World’s Best Brands Steve McKee How small and mid-sized business leaders can instantly improve their own marketing efforts and grow their businesses by applying the same business strategies from leading brands

9781137278845 Jan US | Feb ROW $28.00 I $32.00 CAN I £18.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W

Ignoring conventional marketing wisdom has enabled many startups to develop into international corporations. Drawing on case studies from iconic brands Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Google, amongst others, this book shows how counterintuitive strategies used by the biggest brands can also best serve small and mid-sized companies. STEVE MCKEE is president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, an integrated-marketing firm, and a columnist.


Defending Your Brand How Smart Companies Use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks Tim Calkins Winner of the 2013 Expert Marketer Magazine Book of the Year Award A practical guide to developing and implementing defensive strategy showing strategic and brand managers why defense is important for every business.

9781137278753 Jan US | Feb ROW $18.00 I $20.00 CAN I £11.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 304pp W



“In this bracing and valuable guide to defensive brand strategy, Calkins makes a compelling argument for why any organization must remain vigilant in the face of competitive market pressures.” – Dipak C. Jain, Dean, INSEAD TIM CALKINS is clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, co-academic director of Kellogg’s branding program and managing director of Class % Consulting, a marketing strategy firm.

Resurgence The Four Stages of Market-Focused Reinvention Gregory S. Carpenter, Gary F. Gebhardt & John F. Sherry, Jr. A proven procedure for companies to successfully reinvent themselves and even eclipse their past success Based on fascinating insider accounts with leaders from Motorola, Alberto Culver, Harley-Davidson, and others, Resurgence explores the change process and reveals how some of the most interesting and notable brands in the world have managed to stage remarkably successful comebacks following periods of decline. 9781137278616 Feb US | Mar ROW $28.00 I $32.00 CAN I £18.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


GREGORY S. CARPENTER is Director of the Center for Market Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University; GARY F. GEBHARDT is Visiting Professor of Marketing at HEC Montreal; and JOHN F. SHERRY JR. is Chairman of the Marketing Department at University of Notre Dame.

Unconscious Branding How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing Douglas Van Praet Explores how cognitive and behavioral science can help marketers to understand and reach consumers in a crowded media environment If consumers make decisions unconsciously, why do we persist in asking them directly through traditional marketing research why they do what they do? Unconscious Branding takes the most brilliant and revolutionary concepts from cognitive science and applies them to how we market, advertise, and consume in the modern digital age. 9781137278920 Mar US | Apr ROW $17.00 I $19.00 CAN I £10.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 288pp W


DOUGLAS VAN PRAET is executive vice president at Deutsch LA, one of America’s hottest ad agencies, where his responsibilities include Group Planning director for the iconic, highly acclaimed and coveted Volkswagen account. 25

Masters of Disaster The Ten Commandments of Damage Control Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani & Bill Guttentag The foolproof guide to crisis management from the “masters of disaster” Covering the ten commandments of damage control, Masters of Disaster outlines the strategies that can make real-time news alerts, Twitter trend lines, and viral videos work for you rather against you. A must-read for anyone who wants to emerge with their reputation intact.

9781137278968 Mar US | Apr ROW $17.00 I $19.00 CAN I £11.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


“The perfect playbook for how to respond when you’re under enemy fire.” – The Huffington Post CHRISTOPHER LEHANE and MARK FABIANI have provided damage control for global Fortune 500 companies, and prominent elected officials. BILL GUTTENTAG is a feature film writer and director.

Marketing Analytics Engaging Customers using Big Data Arvind Sathi Everything marketers need to know about Big Data from an IBM executive

9781137386182 June US | July ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 256pp W



Big Data is transforming how and where we market to our customers. By recording every click, and watching every step, marketers can personalize communications to each customer based on their current predisposition to the products being sold. Using a series of case studies from pioneers, this book will describe how each marketing function is undergoing fundamental changes, and provides practical guidance about how companies can learn the tools and techniques to take advantage of marketing analytics. ARVIND SATHI is the World Wide Communication Sector Architect for Big Data at IBM®. His primary focus has been in creating Advanced Analytics visions and roadmaps for leading IBM clients in Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, and Energy & Utilities organizations worldwide.

& Strategy


From the aspiring leader to the experienced CEO, our Management & Strategy books enable readers of all professional backgrounds to learn, earn and lead in the 21st century.

The Influence Agenda A Systematic Approach to Aligning Stakeholders for Driving Change Mike Clayton A highly practical roadmap for driving and implementing change, this book demonstrates how to properly influence, engage, and enlist the support of your key stakeholders

9781137355843 May US | Apr ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I ÂŁ19.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 208pp W


Organizations need to be able to change and adapt in order to stay competitive, but this cannot be achieved without the support of stakeholders. Written by an expert trainer, The Influence Agenda sets out a systematic way to understand who you need to influence, how to evaluate the priority you give to each person, what tactics will work the best, and how to plan and execute your strategy. It provides powerful tools and processes which use the psychology of influence and grounds them in experience of managing projects and change. MIKE CLAYTON is a best-selling business author and management trainer specializing in management, leadership, and personal effectiveness. He was a Senior Manager at international consulting firm Deloitte, is now a regular speaker and trainer to major companies and government groups including Big Lottery Fund, Learning and Skills Council, Action Energy, War on Want, Museums Association, CIPD, Business Britain, and Astra Zeneca.


Family Business Succession Your Roadmap to Continuity 2nd Edition Kelly LeCouvie & Jennifer Pendergast The first comprehensive work on family business continuity planning that is critical to the success of every family business This book covers everything from what family business ownership is and how to structure ownership bylaws, to leadership transition, and how a founder exits the business. Drawing on original research, case studies, and white papers, this book is essential reading for every family member working in a family business. 9781137280893 Jan US | Feb ROW $40.00 | $46.00 CAN | £22.99 Hardback | 234x156mm | 224pp W

JENNIFER PENDERGAST is a Senior Associate of the Family Business Consulting Group. KELLY LECOUVIE is a Senior Consultant of the Family Business Consulting Group.


The Executive Checklist A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change James M. Kerr A primer for how to best oversee and lead 21st century organizations through the inevitable changes that must be made to revitalize today’s businesses

9781137337436 Jan US | Feb ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 240pp W

A guide for new executives that explores how to create an overarching, enterprise-wide transformative program. The book provides a best-practice checklist for 8 core areas: Strategy Setting, Technology Alignment, Business Renovation, Project Management, Communications Renewal, Employee Engagement, Staff Transformation, and Organizational Design. JAMES M. KERR is the founder of the Best Practices Enterprise Group within Kerr Systems International, LLC.



Winning Over the Sales Force Building Strong Brands Through Relationship Management Michaela Merk How to win the hearts and minds of the sales team and build the success and sales of your brand, by strengthening relationships between salespeople and the brands they sell The sales team can often make or break the success of new brands or products. This comprehensive guide provides strategies, models and checklists to help managers and directors strengthen the relationships of their firm’s sales force with their own or other brands, maximizing turnover and profit in the long run. 9781137347435 Mar US | Feb ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W

MICHAELA MERK is an international marketing expert and CEO and co-founder of Merk-Vision & Partners, a global marketing consultancy for brands and retailers in the luxury, cosmetics, and fashion sectors.


Inventive Negotiation Getting Beyond Yes John L. Graham, William Hernandez & Lynda Lawrence Salinger The complete guide to negotiation detailing the inventive techniques that can be applied in all negotiation situations Negotiation is a core skill used in a variety of personal and commercial settings and can be the key to success. Inventive Negotiation demonstrates how to transform transaction-oriented competitive or integrative bargainers into inventive negotiators that focus on long-term commercial relationships. 9781137370150 May US | Jun ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 256pp W



JOHN L. GRAHAM is an author and Professor Emeritus of International Business at the University of California. WILLIAM HERNANDEZ is president and a senior consultant of Requejo Consulting, Inc. LYNDA LAWRENCE SALINGER is Chief Idea Officer at Ideaworks Consulting.

Boards Under Crises Boardroom Decision Making and Action Under Pressure Alberto Lavin Fernandez & Carmelo Mazza Theoretical and practical advice on decision making in boardrooms during periods of crisis such as economic downturns, aggressive takeover bids, and technological shifts Boards Under Crisis is an innovative, research-based review of how boards make decisions during crises – designed to offer insight and accessible theories for invested senior management facing crisis situations.

9781137379214 Jun US | May ROW $45.00 I $51.75 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 224pp W


ALBERTO LAVIN FERNANDEZ is a management consultant and part-time adjunct professor at the IE Business School. CARMELO MAZZA is a consultant and Adjunct Professor of Orgnizational Theory and Organizational Behaviour at LUISS University in Rome.

How Asian Women Lead Lessons for Global Corporations Jane Horan A new perspective to help business leaders and professionals understand leadership diversity, build inclusive and engaged organizations, and sustain success How Asian Women Lead provides a vastly different picture than Western-focused leadership literature, highlighting obstacles Asian women face reaching the top, and looking beneath the corporate surface to show cultural and family perspectives. 9781137378712 Jan US I Feb ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £21.99 Hardback I 216x140mm I 176pp W


JAne Horan provides strategic consulting to Credit Suisse, UBS, Barclays, Unilever, Bayer, Microsoft, HP, McDonald’s, BP, and others on how to build an inclusive work environment to achieve gender balance and measureable engagement. A sought-after internationally recognized speaker, she is a well-known advocate for women in the workforce. 31

PALGRAVE POCKET CONSULTANTS Consultants that stay with you. A dynamic new series from Palgrave Macmillan Professional Business. Authoritative, practical guidance for building your business – be your own expert and have the advice you need at your fingertips.

Most companies, large and small, will at some stage consider hiring a consultant to help advise on strategy, new business trends and best-practice. Not all companies can afford to hire consultants, and those that can need to have the best information to hand before going down that route. Palgrave Pocket Consultants is a new series of concise, market-driven, technical guides that provide actionable solutions to specific, high-level business problems that would otherwise drive a company to employ a consultant. Written for aspiring middle-to-senior managers working for startups, through to high-level executives at multinational corporations, Palgrave Pocket Consultants cover a range of key topics in modern business.

The series will present: • Top-notch business authors: written in an accessible and concise way by practicing consultants who have first-hand experience of business and industry. • Need-to-know knowledge: focused on the timeliest topics for the world of business and management, Palgrave Pocket Consultants provide a thorough briefing, helping the reader make better decisions. • Accessible content: executives are busy and need to get to this guidance quickly, so the content is to-the-point, and is available in print and digital formats. • Actionable solutions: the series will provide applicable guidance for middle-management to c-suite executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

MYTh-BUSTiNG ChiNA’S NUMBERS Understanding and Using China’s Statistics Matthew crabbe A good understanding of Chinese data gathering methods and reporting structures is invaluable to anyone with business or investment plans in China. This book tackles the veracity of Chinese statistics, raising awareness of abuses and problems in real-life examples that have occurred, and provides practical strategies to reduce risk in the future. 9781137353191 I May US / Apr ROW $24.00 I $27.50 CAN I £14.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 176pp

MANAGiNG ONLiNE REPUTATiON How to Protect Your Company on Social Media charlie pownall Managing Online Reputation is a comprehensive look at online reputation management. Drawing on recent examples of organizations managing their online reputations effectively and ineffectively, it provides a valuable, practical, and visual tool-kit of processes and techniques to help limit and respond effectively to negative situations on social media.

9781137382290 I May US / Apr ROW $24.00 I $27.50 CAN I £14.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 176pp

CREATiNG A RELiABLE wORKFORCE Health and Wellbeing for a Competitive Advantage Ivan robertson & cary cooper Creating a Reliable Workforce provides evidence based advice for improving the wellbeing and overall performance of a workforce. Based on the consulting experience of experts in the field and established authors, Cooper and Robertson, this book includes recent case studies of their clients.

9781137383754 I Aug US / Jul ROW $24.00 I $27.50 CAN I £14.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 176pp


9781137361653 Oct 2013 US | Nov ROW $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 208pp

9781137278555 June 2013 $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp

9781137278470 Nov 2013 US | Dec 2013 ROW $26.00 I $30.00 CAN I £16.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp

Economic Reform Now

Environmental Debt

Swarm Intelligence

A Global Manifesto to Rescue our Sinking Economies

The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy

What Nature Teaches Us about Shaping Creative Leadership

Heiner Flassbeck, Paul Davidson, James K. Galbraith, Richard Koo, & Jayati Ghosh

Amy Larkin

James Haywood Rolling, Jr.

9781137352606 Nov 2013 US | Oct 2013 ROW $26.00 I $30.00 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 224pp

9781137302588 Oct 2013 US | Nov 2013 ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £20.00 Hardback I 235x155mm I 224pp

9781137332868 Nov 2013 US | Oct 2013 ROW $32.00 I $37.00 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 190pp

Sustainable Innovation Strategy

Second Stage Entrepreneurship

Beyond the Business Plan

Creating Value in a World of Finite Resources

Ten Proven Strategies for Driving Aggressive Growth

Christophe Sempels & Jonas Hoffmann

Daniel J. Weinfurter

10 Principles for New Venture Explorers Simon Bridge & Cecilia Hegarty



9780230342224 August 2013 $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp

9781137008114 Dec 2013 US | Nov 2013 ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £24.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp

Startup Rising

The Power of Global Teams

indexTA indexAT

The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East Christopher Schroeder

Driving Growth and Innovation in a Fast Changing World

9780230342149 March 2013 $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £16.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp

Marketplace 3.0 indexTA indexAT

Rewriting the Rules of Borderless Business Hiroshi Mikitani

Elisabeth Marx

9781137361066 Nov 2013 US | Oct 2013 ROW $45.00 I $52.00 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 224pp

9781137359193 Oct 2013 $39.99 I $45.99 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 272pp

9781137347497 Oct 2013 US | Sep 2013 ROW $35.00 I $40.00 CAN I £19.99 Paperback I 216x138mm I 160pp

The Resilient Manager

Coaching with Colleagues

Navigating the Challenges of Working Life

An Action Guide for One-toOne Learning

The End of the Performance Review

Adrian Furnham

2nd Edition

A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance

Erik de Haan & Yvonne Burger

Tim Baker

indexTA indexAT



9781137369000 Dec 2013 US | Nov 2013 ROW $47.00 I $54.00 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 200pp

9781137348913 Dec 2013 US | Nov 2013 ROW $32.00 I $37.00 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 224pp

9781137340689 Jan 2014 US | Dec 2013 ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 274pp

Brand Romance

The Power of Customer Misbehavior

How to Measure Digital Marketing

Drive Growth and Innovation by Learning from Your Customers

Metrics for Assessing Impact and Designing Success

Neil Gridley & Yasushi Kusume

Kalle Lyytinen, Michael Fisher, & Martin Abbott

Laurent Flores

9781137293893 Jan 2014 US | Dec 2013 ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 224pp

9781137340566 November 2013 $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £22.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 264pp

9781137290267 Jul 2013 US / Jun 2013 ROW $32.00 I $46.00 CAN I £19.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 146pp

Governance in Family Enterprises

Making the Compelling Business Case

Maximising Economic and Emotional Success

Decision Making Techniques for Successful Business Growth

How to Overcome Procrastination and be a Bold Decision-Maker

Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez & Ernesto Poza

Wolfgang Messner

David De Cremer

indexTA indexAT

Using the Power of High Design to Build a Lifelong Relationship with Your Audience

indexTA indexAT

indexTA indexAT

indexTA indexAT

The Proactive Leader indexTA indexAT




Professional Finance books provide practitioners, researchers and students with the latest knowledge, tools and techniques required to understand modern finance as it is applied in practice.

The Investor’s Paradox The Power of Simplicity in a World of Overwhelming Choice Brian Portnoy A long-time hedge fund advisor explains how investors can use the insights of social psychology to separate the winners from the losers in today’s unpredictable markets

9781137278487 Jan US | Feb ROW $27.00 I $31.00 CAN I £17.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp W


In The Investor’s Paradox, hedge fund expert Brian Portnoy explains how to sift through today’s diverse investment choices and solve even the most daunting portfolio problems. Drawing on cutting-edge research in behavioral economics, social psychology, and choice theory, Portnoy lays bare the biases that interfere with good decision-making, and gives readers a set of basic tools they can use to tell the good from the bad. Along the way, he demystifies hedge funds, cuts through the labyrinth of the modern financial supermarket, and debunks popular myths, including the idea that mutual funds can beat the market. Brian Portnoy is Managing Director and Head of Alternatives and Strategic Initiatives at Chicago Equity Partners. He has spoken at numerous investing conferences across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, has appeared frequently on CNBC and CNN, and has been quoted in major publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Portnoy is the founder of North Center Capital Advisors, and has previously held positions as the Portfolio Manager of the Vestian Core Fund and Associate Head of Research at Mesirow Advanced Strategies. He lives in Chicago, IL.

Related Titles The Empowered Investor 9781137366863 Intelligent Investing 9781137264084


Understanding Alternative Investments Creating Diversified Portfolios that Ride the Waves of Investment Success Stephen Todd Walker A guide to help investors carefully select alternative investments to add to a welldiversified portfolio

9781137370181 Apr US | May ROW $45.00 I $52.00 CAN I £30.00 Hardback I 235x155mm I 340pp W

One of the top wealth managers in the world, Stephen Todd Walker, draws on examples of “smart money” institutions, as well as his revolutionary theory “Modern Portfolio Allocation” to show how any investor can use alternatives to diversify their portfolio, decrease risk, and increase return. Stephen Todd Walker is a Managing Director at Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.


The Safe Investor How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy Timothy F. McCarthy Investing lessons from a unique perspective that will provide returns safely for your entire lifetime Drawing on his 30 years’ experience providing investment solutions to individuals and their advisors, expert investor Tim McCarthy, explains how to create a globally diverse portfolio to help navigate risky markets. Through engaging real-life stories and his seven key lessons, McCarthy plots a straightforward path to investment success. 9781137279101 Feb US| Mar ROW $28.00 I $32.00 CAN I £18.99 Hardback I 235x155mm I 256pp W

Timothy F. McCarthy is the former head of three of Asia’s largest financial services firms, Nikko Asset Management, Goodmorning Securities, and Jardine Fleming UT.



Investing in Energy Creating a New Investment Strategy to Maximize Your Portfolio’s Return Michael C. Thomsett A current primer on all the energy markets and how to create an investing strategy with these commodities

9781137357168 Jan US | Feb ROW $75.00 I $86.00 CAN I £50.00 Hardback I 235x155mm I 340pp W


Investment strategy expert Michael C. Thomsett sets forth a range of topics representing the fundamentals as well as the technical features of energy investing, from financial and market factors to the study of price movement. He guides the reader through the basics to get started, how to trade in energy, specific trading and investing strategies, and ideas for focusing your analysis and understanding of this market. Michael C. Thomsett has written over 70 books on topics of options, trading, investing, real estate, and business management. Thomsett’s six bestselling books have sold over one million copies in total.

The Pillars of Finance Guy Fraser-Sampson A provocative account of the severe limitations of modern finance, advocating a bold new way forward for the finance industry

9781137264053 Apr US I Mar ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £26.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 224pp W



In The Pillars of Finance, bestselling finance author Guy Fraser-Sampson challenges the core conventions of modern finance. He asserts that at its core, finance is not the highly scientific, modern discipline that most would claim, but has in fact stood still for the past 50 years. Central to the book are the core pillars of the financial markets – risk, return and value – which are not properly understood by the industry. He argues for a return to more qualitative and informed approaches, bringing back intuition, skill, responsibility, and competency. This book will spark fierce debate and prove a popular read for anyone interested in modern finance. Guy Fraser-Sampson is a consultant, writer, and market commentator with 25 years’ experience in the areas of investment management, private equity, alternative investments, and investment strategy.

Export Credit Insurance and Guarantees A Practitioner’s Guide Zlatko Salcic The first comprehensive practitioner handbook on export credit insurance and guarantees Providing manufacturers, exporters, bankers, and lawyers with a much needed resource, this book contains descriptions and analyzes of almost every type of export credit insurance and guarantee used in international trade with explanations about the risks inherent in each. 9781137366801 Apr US I Mar ROW $90.00 I $104.00 CAN I £60.00 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp W

Zlatko Salcic is a solicitor of England and Wales, and currently works as a senior legal counsel for the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN).


On the Brink How a Crisis Transformed Lloyd’s of London Andrew Duguid A fast-paced, insider account of the near-ruin and amazing recovery of the world’s oldest and largest insurance market Lloyd’s of London is the oldest and largest insurance market in the world. However the early 90s saw its near collapse. This is the first book to fully chronicle this event, with a specific emphasis on issues of professional competence, negligence, perverse incentives, responsibility, and excessive rewards contrasting sharply with poor results. 9781137299291 I May $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £24.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 256pp ENG

Andrew Duguid worked at Lloyd’s for 14 years in several senior roles, including director of strategy and secretary to the Council.



The Executive Guide to Bank Management Risk Management, Operations, IT and Leadership Sunil Kumar Khandelwal & Sami Farhat Essential reading for busy managers and executives in banks and financial institutions. Featuring valuable insights from the CEO of a highly successful bank, this is a succinct guide to the most important aspects of bank management – risk management, leadership, operational aspects, and technology. 9781137353917 May $50.00 I $57.50 CAN I £29.99 Hardback I 234x156mm I 200pp W


Sami Farhat is CEO of Investbank, a Middle Eastbased full service entity offering a wide range of retail and corporate products and services. Sunil Kumar Khandelwal is Head of Risk Management, Middle East, and Africa at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

Multi-Curve Interest Rate Modelling Foundations, Evolution and Implementation Marc Henrard A guide to the new standard in interest rate modelling

9781137322173 Jul US I Jun ROW $80.00 I $92.00 CAN I £50.00 Hardback I 234x156mm I 288pp W



Following the financial crisis multi-curve frameworks have become the new standard in interest rate modelling as they more accurately represent current market conditions. Serving as a practical reference for academics and practitioners alike, this book details all the foundations of this new approach, focusing on recent developments and the impact of multi-curve models. MARC HENRARD is part of the Quantitative Research team at OpenGamma, an open source risk management technology firm for financial institutions, founded in 2008. He publishes regularly in international finance journals, and is a frequent speaker at academic and practitioner conferences.

Financial Engineering Explained is a new series of concise, practical guides to modern finance, focusing on key technical areas of risk management and asset pricing. The series covers specific, technical topics and is aimed at busy practitioners who need to understand a complex area or technique in a short amount of time.

9781137350732 I Mar US I Feb ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Paperback I 234x156mm I 150pp

hedging Options and Greeks Explained Peter Leoni Most books on derivatives focus on either the investment side of derivatives, or on the mathematical models to price derivatives. However, there is a gap between traders and modellers in how they look at the same problem. This book fills the gap as it starts from the trader’s viewpoint and introduces a framework to understand how the financial industry uses the mathematical models to manage the risks associated with financial derivatives.

9781137335531 | Apr US I Mar ROW $30.00 I $34.50 CAN I £19.99 Paperback I 234x156mm I 120pp

Equity derivatives Explained Mohamed Bouzoubaa A succinct book that provides readers with all they need to know about the equity derivatives business. It deals with vanilla equity products, their usage, structuring and their risk management. The author efficiently bridges the gap between theory and practice, constantly linking risk management tools with specific business objectives.

9781137335715 | Aug US I Jul ROW $40.00 I $46.00 CAN I £26.99 Paperback I 234x156mm I 180pp

Smile pricing Explained Peter Austing Provides a clear but thorough explanation of the concepts of smile modeling that are at the forefront of modern derivatives pricing theory. Furthermore, it is unique in containing modern approaches to multi-asset on-smile modelling and will be an invaluable reference for practitioners in banks and other financial institutions.

GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS SERIES 9781137335623 Jul uS I Jun rOW $110.00 I $127.00 CaN I £65.00 hardback I 234x156mm I 300pp


9780230391499 aug uS I Jul rOW $90.00 I $104.00 CaN I £60.00 hardback I 234x156mm I 288pp

Advanced Portfolio Analytics New methods for measuring, analysing and managing Investment performance and risk

Credit Portfolio Management a practitioner’s Guide to the active management of Credit risks

andreas Steiner

michael hünseler

9781137307453 Jan 2014 uS I dec 2013 rOW $70.00 I $81.00 CaN I £39.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 220pp

9781137030689 October 2013 $49.99 I $57.50 CaN I £39.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 288pp

Integrated Bank Analysis and Valuation a practical Guide to the rOIC methodology

The Front Office Manual The definitive Guide to Trading, Structuring and Sales

Sandy Chen

andrew Sutherland & Jason Court

9781137374394 Jan 2014 uS I dec 2013 rOW $60.00 I $69.50 CaN I £39.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 272pp

9781137371638 November 2013 $70.00 I $81.00 CaN I £45.00 hardback I 234x156mm I 512pp

Liquidity Risk managing Funding and asset risk

Models at Work a practitioner’s Guide to risk management

Erik banks

Jawwad Farid

Written across a range of disciplines, the Global Financial Markets series provides comprehensive but practical coverage of key topics in finance. This series will appeal to practitioners across the financial services industry, including areas such as institutional investment, financial derivatives, investment strategy, private banking, risk management, corporate finance, M&A, financial accounting, governance, and many more.

9780230364615 October 2013 $90.00 I $104.00 CaN I £60.00 hardback I 234x156mm I 288pp

9781137264084 July 2013 $50.00 I $57.50 CaN I £34.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 184pp

US Withholding Tax practical Implications of QI and FaTCa

Intelligent Investing a Guide to the practical and behavioural aspects of Investment Strategy

ross k. mcGill

Guy Fraser-Sampson

9781137360007 december 2013 $60.00 I $69.00 CaN I £39.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 368pp

9781137374530 december 2013 $45.00 I $52.00 CaN I £29.99 hardback I 234x156mm I 192pp

The International Corporate Governance System audit roles and board Oversight

The Executive Guide to Enterprise Risk Management

Felix I. lessambo

Christopher Chappell

9781137346391 October 2013 $80.00 I $92.00 CaN I £50.00 hardback I 234x156mm I 480pp

9781137371669 august 2014 $50.00 | £29.99 hardback | 234x156mm | 260pp

Risk-Based Investment Management in Practice

Option Pricing and Delta Hedging

2nd Edition

Jawwad Farid

Frances Cowell



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INDEX Andrews, The Überpreneurs 11 Annis, Work with Me 20

Klein, Workshift 20 Korngold, A Better World 12

Backaler, China Goes West 15 Bernstein, Standing Room Only 8 Bews, Workshift 20 Bianchi, Coaching for Innovation 12 Brinkmann, Working Across Cultures 16 Brown, China and the EU in Context 15 Burke, The 10 Principles of Open Business 12

Langley, Brandjack! 23 Lawrence Salinger, Inventive Negotiation 30 Leadbeater, The Frugal Innovator 10 LeCouvi, Family Business Succession 29 Lehane, Masters of Disaster 26 Lorman, Workshift 20

Calkins, Defending Your Brand 24 Carpenter, Resurgence 25 Claridge, Stress in the Spotlight 19 Clayton, The Influence Agenda 28 Cooper, Do We Need HR? 18 Cooper, Stress in the Spotlight 18 Cushman, The 10 Principles of Open Business 12 Doyle, In Bed with Wall Street 4 Duguid, On the Brink 41 Fabiani, Masters of Disaster 26 Farhat, The Executive Guide to Bank Management 42 Fernandez, Boards Under Crises 31 Fraser-Sampson, The Pillars of Finance 40 Furnham, Mental Illness at Work 19 Gebhardt, Resurgence 25 Graham, Inventive Negotiation 30 Gray, Work with Me 20 Guttentag, Masters of Disaster 26 Henrard, Multi-Curve Interest Rate Modelling 42 Hernandez, Inventive Negotiation 30 Himsel, Beauty Queen 5 Hindy, The Craft Beer Revolution 8 Hird, Do We Need HR? 18 Horan, How Asian Women Lead 31

Maitland, Future Work 2nd Edition 6 Mazza, Boards Under Crises 31 McCarthy, The Safe-Investor 39 McKee, Power Branding 24 Merk, Winning Over the Sales Force 30 Morwick, Workshift 20 Neal, Taking Down the Lion 5 Pendergast, Family Business Succession Portnoy, The Investor’s Paradox

29 38

Race, Mental Illness at Work 19 Roll, Asian Brand Strategy, 2nd Edition 23 Salcic, Export Credit Insurance and Guarantees 41 Sathi, Marketing Analytics 26 Sherry, Resurgence 25 Simpfendorfer, The New Disruption 14 Simpson, The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire 22 Smith, The Hospitality Challenge 7 Sostrin, Beyond the Job Description 7 Sparrow, Do We Need HR? 18 Steele, Coaching for Innovation 12 Thomsett, Investing in the Energy 40 Thomson, Future Work 2nd Edition 6 Van Praet, Unconscious Branding 25 Van Weerdenburg, Working Across Cultures 16

Johnson, The Worldwide Workplace 6 Kerr, The Executive Checklist 29 Khandelwal, The Executive Guide to Bank Management 42 48

Walker, Understanding Alternative Investments 39 Wood, The Überpreneurs 11

New books from INSEAD Business Press INSEAD business school and Palgrave Macmillan are excited to publish two new management books in the INSEAD Business Press series.

Long-Term Strategy for Family Business

Assets and Roadblocks

Morten Bennesden and Joseph Fan 9781137382351 Mar US | Feb ROW | $45.00 I $52.00 CAN I ÂŁ29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 232pp Two consultants and academics from East and West have teamed up to present a guide to long-term strategy for family business. The book is packed with global cases, interviews, and offers expert advice for business families in identifying their paths to long-term prosperity and implementing the best governance strategies to reach their goals.

Mindful Leadership Coaching Using Mindfulness to Develop Leaders and Transform Teams

Manfred Kets de Vries 9781137382320 Feb US | Jan ROW | $45.00 I $52.00 CAN I ÂŁ29.99 Hardback I 216x138mm I 256pp Mindful Leadership Coaching takes an in-depth look at the coaching processes. The insights provided here will help coaches and executives to use frameworks for transforming attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. It advises on how the best leadership coaches help their executive clients create significant personal and professional change.

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Palgrave Macmillan Professional Business January to June 2014

ISBN: 9780230395893 @palgravebiz

Palgrave Macmillan New Professional Business Catalogue January-June 2014  

Palgrave Macmillan New Professional Business Catalogue January-June 2014