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Film, Media & Culture 2010

From the British Film Institute comes an exciting new series

BFI Silver

HB • 978-1-84457-353-0 PB • 978-1-84457-352-3 Introduction by Geoff Andrew

HB • 978-1-84457-359-2 PB • 978-1-84457-358-5 Introduction by Henry Miller

HB • 978-1-84457-355-4 PB • 978-1-84457-354-7 Introduction by Michael Temple

Available September 2010 Hardback • £50.00


Paperback • £14.99

Representing the very best in critical writing on films and filmmakers, these beautifully presented new editions and reissues of classic titles from the BFI feature new introductions by leading film critics or scholars. They assess the unique contribution of the work in question and its author to the field of film studies and to the wider public understanding of moving image culture.

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Film, Media & Culture 2010

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Among the leading titles for 2010, we have new editions in our popular BFI Film Classics Series including Back to the Future by Andrew Shail and Robin Stoate; The Godfather by Jon Lewis; Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Barry Keith Grant; and from the BFI TV Classics series, Coronation Street by Andy Medhurst, publishing to mark the soap’s 50th anniversary. With the recent surge in popularity of animated world cinema and musical film, the BFI is proud to publish the beautifully-illustrated 100 Animated Feature Films by Andrew Osmond and The Sound of Musicals, edited by Steve Cohan. We are also delighted to be launching an exciting new series studying film and filmmakers, The BFI Silver Series. We publish a wide range of textbooks including Media Writing by Craig Batty and Sandra Cain, an essential resource for all journalism, media and creative writing students as well as a key new textbook, Communications Policy by Stylianos Papathanassopoulos and Ralph Negrine, which explores key theory and research in this subject area across culture, politics, economics and technology. We also have an exciting programme of scholarly texts including The Screenplay by Steven Price, the first book to combine detailed study of the theory, practice and criticism of the screenplay, and Richard Grusin’s analysis of the cultural obsession with ‘premediating’ the future in socially networked media, Premediation: Affect and Mediality After 9/11. Our groundbreaking new series Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies, edited by Andrew Hoskins and John Sutton, also launches this year. Best Wishes, Rebecca Barden, Senior Publisher, Christabel Scaife, Commissioning Editor,

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Back to the Future Andrew Shail and Robin Stoate, both at Newcastle University, UK

BFI FILM CLASSICS Editorial Advisory Board: Geoff Andrew, Edward Buscombe, Lalitha Gopalan, Lee Grieveson, Nick James, Laura Mulvey, Dana Polan, B. Ruby Rich, Amy Villarejo, Zhen Zhang, William P Germano and Alastair Phillips For a full list of titles available in the BFI Film Classics series, please visit:

Sweet Smell of Success James Naremore, Emeritus Chancellors’ Professor, Indiana University, USA

James Naremore’s insightful study of this darkly satiric and muchadmired film about the culture of celebrity in 1950s New York, starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, provides new production information, a lively discussion of the film’s historical context, and a close analysis of the work of its various contributors. April 2010 112pp 65 b/w photographs Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-288-5

2001: A Space Odyssey Peter Kramer, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of East Anglia, UK

Peter Kramer’s study of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey uses archival research to address how such a radical project gained studio funding; why the film took the shape it did, how 2001 managed to become both a critical and commercial success, and offers an answer to the question: What does the film mean? July 2010 Paperback


96pp £9.99

Star Wars

This compelling study places Back to the Future in the context of Reaganite America, discusses Robert Zemeckis’s film-making technique and its relationship to the ‘New New Hollywood’, explores the film’s attitudes to teen culture of the 1950s and 1980s and its representation of science, atomic power and time travel. April 2010 120pp 51 colour photogrphs Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-293-9

Gilda Melvyn Stokes, Senior Lecturer in American History, University College London, UK

Melvyn Stokes’s study of the 1946 classic Gilda describes the film’s production and reception history, as well as addressing Rita Hayworth’s complex star persona and ethnic identity; Gilda‘s status as a ‘noir’ film; and what the film had to say about relations between men and women in a world transformed by war. June 2010 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-284-7

8½ D. A. Miller, University of California, Berkeley, USA June 2008 96pp b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-231-1

Will Brooker, Director of Studies of Film and Television, Kingston University, UK

‘Another day, another Star Wars book, but this one does a rare thing – concentrate on the film itself rather than its mythos. There’s thoughtful stuff, suggesting SW continues Lucas’ development as an experimental filmmaker and arguing that Lucas is rooting for both Empire and rebellion.’ Empire Will Brooker provides a close analysis of Star Wars as a film and argues that it represented a continuation rather than a departure from director George Lucas’s early, experimental work. Brooker argues that Lucas is drawn both to the order and control of the Empire, and the energy and creativity of the Rebels. July 2009 96pp 35 colour photographs Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-277-9

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Barry Keith Grant, Professor of Film and Popular Culture, Brock University, Canada

With its paranoid plot of alien duplicates replacing average American folk, Invasion of the Body Snatchers was the first horror film to locate the monstrous in the everyday. Barry Keith Grant’s comprehensive study traces the film’s production and reception history, and explores themes of genre, communism and conformity and gender. October 2010 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-278-6

Jia Zhangke’s ‘Hometown Trilogy’: Xiao Wu, Platform, Unknown Pleasures Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies, University of California, USA February 2009 Paperback

152pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-262-5

190x135mm 978-1-84457-286-1

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The Godfather Jon Lewis, Professor, Department of English, Oregon State University, USA

The Godfather marked a transition in American filmmaking, and its success, as a work of art, as a creative ‘property’, as a model for other filmmakers, changed Hollywood forever. Jon Lewis places the film in the context of 1970s Hollywood and the gangster film genre, examining its status as a critique of the American dream. September 2010 128pp colour illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-292-2

Julian Jackson, Department of History, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

September 2009 120pp 70 b/w photographs Paperback £9.99

Night Mail

Robert S. C. Gordon, Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, UK

Scott Anthony

October 2008 74 illustrations Paperback


Jean Renoir’s 1937 film La Grande Illusion is set during the First World War, but its themes of Franco-German conflict, divided loyalties in a time of war and the rise of anti-Semitism made it compelling and controversial viewing. Julian Jackson traces the film’s historical context 190x135mm 978-1-84457-285-4


Noah Isenberg, Associate Professor, New School University (Humanities), USA July 2008 96pp b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99


Andrew Osmond, Journalist and Writer, Sight and Sound

April 2005 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-069-0

City Lights June 2007 80pp b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-175-8

190x135mm 978-1-84457-230-4

Lawrence of Arabia Kevin Jackson, Writer and Critic, Cambridge, UK

Ratcatcher Annette Kuhn, Professor, Film Studies, Queen Mary, University of London, UK June 2008 96pp colour illustrations Paperback £9.99

Geoff Andrew, Film Editor, Time Out

Charles J. Maland, University of Tennessee, USA

Spirited Away

190x135mm 978-1-84457-206-9

June 2007 80pp colour illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-178-9

The Big Lebowski J.M. Tyree, Stanford University, USA and Ben Walters, Freelance Writer and Journalist, UK

Cléo de 5 à 7 Steven Ungar, Professor of French and Comparative Literature, University of Iowa, USA June 2008 96pp colour and b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-176-5

Amelie Hastie, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media, University of California, USA

Benjamin A. Hervey, Film Historian and Screenwriter

190x135mm 978-1-84457-266-3



Night of the Living Dead

96pp £9.99




The Bigamist May 2009 Paperback

September 2007 96pp b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99

£9.99 978-1-84457-238-0

June 2008 96pp colour illustrations Paperback £9.99

La Grande Illusion

and its reception history.

Bicycle Thieves

June 2008 196pp b/w illustrations Paperback £9.99

June 2007 123pp colour illustrations Paperback £9.99

190x131mm 978-1-84457-173-4

Dead Man Jonathan Rosenbaum July 2000 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x134mm 978-0-85170-806-5


Distant Voices, Still Lives


Paul Farley October 2006 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x134mm 978-1-84457-139-0

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July 2000 Paperback

Scott Bukatman 96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-623-8

Bombay 96pp £9.99

189x135mm 978-0-85170-956-7

190x135mm 978-1-84457-032-4

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-929-1

The Matrix


96pp 9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-968-0

Unforgiven 96pp £9.99

96pp £9.99

February 1997 Paperback

190x135mm 978-0-85170-342-8

80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-632-0

November 1993 64pp Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-356-5

Blackmail Tom Ryall 190x135mm 978-1-84457-033-1

Withnail and I

The Birds Camille Paglia

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-035-5

July 1998 Paperback

104pp £9.99

A Matter of Life and Death


Ian Christie

Michael Eaton

September 2000 88pp paperback £9.99

Joshua Clover June 2007 Paperback

David Thomson

April 2004 Paperback

Antonia Quirke July 2002 Paperback

Mark Kermode

Kevin Jackson


November 1992 80pp paperback £9.99

The Big Sleep

April 2004 Paperback

Ryan Gilbey 96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-808-9

Edward Buscombe

Groundhog Day April 2004 Paperback

Colin McArthur 96pp £9.99

The Shawshank Redemption July 2003 Paperback

Lalitha Gopalan May 2005 Paperback

The Big Heat

Dana Polan

Blade Runner August 1997 Paperback

Pulp Fiction

190x135mm 978-0-85170-479-1

November 1997 96pp Paperback £8.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-651-1

190x136mm 978-0-85170-532-3

190x135mm 978-1-84457-045-4

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Citizen Kane

Double Indemnity

Laura Mulvey

Los Olvidados

Richard Schickel

November 1992 87pp Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-339-8

Mark Polizzotti

September 1992 72pp Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-298-8

April 2006 Paperback


Fear Eats the Soul


Thomas Elsaesser

Laura Cottingham

Anton Kaes

October 2000 Paperback

88pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-777-8


80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-071-3

High Noon

Iain Sinclair April 1999 Paperback

April 2005 Paperback

190x135mm 978-0-85170-719-8

May 1997 Paperback

Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari


David Robinson

Mark Sinker

November 1997 96pp Paperback £9.99

190x136mm 978-0-85170-645-0

Do the Right Thing

November 2004 96pp Paperback £9.99

November 1997 80pp paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-370-1

April 2006 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-122-2

The Night of the Hunter Simon Callow 190x135mm 978-1-84457-040-9

December 2000 96pp Paperback £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-822-5

On The Waterfront

Geoffrey Nowell-Smith 190x135mm 978-0-85170-868-3

88pp £9.99

Joan Mellen 190x135mm 978-0-85170-494-4


Ed Guerrero November 2001 96pp Paperback £9.99

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-121-5

Modern Times

Phillip Drummond 128pp £9.99

January 2000 Paperback

96pp £9.99

Leo Braudy 190x135mm 978-0-85170-534-7

April 2005 Paperback

80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-072-0

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190x135mm 978-0-85170-670-2

190x135mm 978-0-85170-391-6

The Wizard of Oz 96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-300-8

Edward Countryman and Evonne Von HeussenCountryman 80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-732-7

April 2005 Paperback

Lucy Fischer

Charles Barr 190x135mm 978-0-85170-668-9

Taxi Driver February 2000 Paperback

190x135mm 978-0-85170-569-9

80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-073-7

88pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-918-5

David Rudkin 190x135mm 978-0-85170-299-5


80pp £9.99

96pp £9.99


March 2002 Paperback

Wild Strawberries

Amy Taubin

Shane October 1999 Paperback

96pp £9.99

April 1998 Paperback

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans July 1998 Paperback

Salman Rushdie April 1992 Paperback

Stagecoach April 1992 Paperback

Melvyn Bragg 72pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-351-0

Edward Buscombe

The Seventh Seal May 1993 Paperback

Geoff Andrew

November 1992 96pp Paperback £9.99

Colin McCabe 88pp £9.99

The ‘Three Colours’ Trilogy

Peter Woollen

Performance July 1998 Paperback

Singin’ in the Rain

Philip French and Kersti French 79pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-393-0

June 1995 Paperback

80pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-481-4

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Paperback: 978-0-230-21783-6

Trainspotting Murray Smith

The Silence of the Lambs

February 2002 Paperback

96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-870-6

Yvonne Tasker February 2002 Paperback


96pp £9.99

190x135mm 978-0-85170-871-3

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Coronation Street

BFI TV CLASSICS Editorial Advisory Board: Stella Bruzzi, Glyn Davis, Mark Duguid, Jason Jacobs, Karen Lury, Toby Miller, Rachel Moseley and Phil Wickham BFI TV Classics is a series of books celebrating key individual television programmes and series. Television scholars, critics and novelists provide critical readings underpinned with careful research, alongside a personal response to the programme and an argument for its ‘classic’ status. To view a full list of titles available in this series please visit:

Prime Suspect Deborah Jermyn, Reader in Film and Television, Roehampton University, UK

Deborah Jermyn’s study of Prime Suspect places the groundbreaking crime drama in the context of women detectives on screen and the institutional sexism that confronted Jane Tennison and her real life counterparts. She provides a close analysis of Helen Mirren’s performance and the key role of writer Lynda La Plante. June 2010 128pp 50 colour photographs Paperback £12.00

November 2010 168pp Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-333-2

The League of Gentlemen Leon Hunt, Brunel University, UK

‘Insightful, accurate, very informative, fascinating and above all a good read.’ - Jeremy Dyson

190x135mm 978-1-84457-255-7

November 2008 160pp Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-269-4


190x135mm 978-1-84457-270-0

Seinfeld Nicholas Mirzoeff, New York University, USA November 2007 160pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-201-4

Seven Up Stella Bruzzi, University of Warwick, UK November 2007 160pp colour and b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-196-3

Doctor Who Kim Newman December 2005 192pp colour and b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

90 x135mm 978-1-84457-090-4

August 2008 144pp colour and b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-213-7

The Singing Detective

Mark Duguid, Editor, Major Contributor to BFI Screenonline

190x135mm 978-1-84457-214-4

April 2009 Paperback

Ina Rae Hark, University of South Carolina, USA

February 2009 168pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.99

Phil Wickham, University of Exeter, UK

‘Duguid does a splendid job of helping to reestablish Cracker at the centre of the television cannon...Such astute analysis is a welcome contribution to the BFI’s TV Classics series.’ - Sight & Sound

Star Trek

Jonathan Conlin, Lecturer in History, University of Southampton, UK

The Likely Lads


Steven Cohan, Professor of English, Syracuse University, USA

July 2008 160pp colour and b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

The new study of the much-loved soap analyzes the relationship between the series and its genre and how ‘Corrie’ broke the mould of British TV soap. Andy Medhurst discusses the show’s sense of cultural geography and how it has shaped our understandings, myths and significance of the ‘North’ as well as highlighting the sexual politics of the Street’s representation of its characters.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation November 2008 168pp Paperback £12.00


Andy Medhurst, Senior Lecturer in Film, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, UK

168pp £12.00

Glen Creeber, University of Wales, UK March 2007 192pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-198-7

190x135mm 978-1-84457-263-2

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Edge of Darkness John Caughie, University of Glasgow, UK December 2007 160pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-200-7

BFI Screen Guides present concise guides to a hundred key films in a particular genre or area in screen culture. Each volume comprises an editorial introduction to the subject, outlining its history and defining features, followed by individual entries on each title, including key credits information.

100 American Independent Films Jason Wood, Film Programmer and Writer

This revised and updated new edition provides a guide to 100 of the most interesting and influential American independent films, from Bonnie and Clyde to Junebug by way of Reservoir Dogs and The Blair Witch Project with an introduction to the genre and a rich selection of images from the films discussed, plus key credits.

To view a full list of titles available in this series please visit:

Queer as Folk HIGHLIGHT

Glyn Davis, University of Bristol, UK October 2007 160pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

190x135mm 978-1-84457-199-4

Andrew Osmond, Journalist and writer, Sight and Sound

The Office Ben Walters, Freelance Writer and journalist, UK

‘Ben Walters probably knows more about The Office than I do.’ - Ricky Gervais December 2005 192pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

100 Animated Feature Films

190 x135mm 978-1-84457-091-1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The animated feature film has been long under-represented in film criticism. Yet animated films have probably never been a stronger force in world cinema than they are today. This book discusses 100 key animated films from around the world, from Shrek to Svankmajer.

‘A suitably sassy homage…’ - Guardian Review

Summary of Key Countries Studied: US; UK; Japan; France; Israel; Hungary; Italy; Canada; China; Germany; Argentina; Russia; Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic; Norway; Poland; Hong Kong; Spain; Denmark; South Korea; Australia; Cuba

December 2005 192pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00

December 2010 288pp c. 35 colour and b/w Hardback £20.00

Anne Billson, Freelance Writer and Critic, France 190 x135mm 978-1-84457-089-8

Edward Buscombe, University of Sunderland, UK

Michael Eaton, Screenwriter and Playwright, UK 190 x135mm 978-184457-092-8

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Paperback: 978-0-230-21300-5



100 Westerns

Our Friends in the North December 2005 192pp colour illustrations Paperback £12.00


May 2006 264pp b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00

168x123mm 978-1-84457-111-6 978-1-84457-112-3

August 2009 304pp 40 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00 Paperback £12.99

168x123mm 978-1-84457-290-8 978-1-84457-289-2

100 Documentary Films Barry Keith Grant, Professor of Film and Popular Culture, Brock University, Canada and Jim Hillier, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Reading, UK.

100 Documentary Films is the first book to offer concise and authoritative individual critical commentaries on some of the key documentary films - from the Lumière brothers and the beginnings of cinema through to recent films such as Bowling for Columbine and When the Levees Broke - and is global in perspective. Many different types of documentary are discussed, as well as films by major documentary directors, including Robert Flaherty, Humphrey Jennings, Jean Rouch, Dziga Vertov, Errol Morris, Nick Broomfield and Michael Moore. Each entry provides concise critical analysis, while frequent cross reference to other films featured helps to place films in their historical and aesthetic contexts. April 2009 Hardback Paperback

272pp £45.00 £12.99

168x123mm 978-1-84457-265-6 978-1-84457-264-9

Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


100 Film Noirs

100 Road Movies Alistair Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick, UK and Jim Hillier, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Reading, UK

100 Film Noirs provides an authoritative overview of film noir past and present by examining its core films and themes and providing an accessible introduction to critical debates. The book goes beyond the classical canon to examine the ways in which noir continues to have a diverse influence on American cinema. It demonstrates the way that noir has intervened in other more established Hollywood genres and also considers numerous lesser-known examples of the field. Importantly, 100 Film Noirs has a strong international dimension and provides new and revealing insights into film noirs from France, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico and beyond. May 2009 Hardback Paperback

288pp £50.00 £12.99

168x123mm 978-1-84457-215-1 978-1-84457-216-8


Jason Wood, Writer, Film Programmer, Film-maker, UK June 2007 272pp b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00

168 x123mm 978-1-84457-159-8 978-1-84457-160-4

100 Shakespeare Films Daniel Rosenthal, Freelance Writer and Journalist, UK May 2007 272pp b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00


100 Videogames

Written by leading film critics and scholars, each book contains an analysis of the director’s works, filmography, bibliography and illustrations. The series will feature film-makers from all continents (including North America), assessing their impact on the art form and their contribution to film culture.

James Newman, Bath Spa University, UK and Iain Simons, Writer and Curator, UK

Baz Luhrmann

February 2007 illustrations Hardback Paperback

978-1-84457-169-7 978-1-84457-170-3


168 x123mm

£45.00 £12.00

978-1-84457-161-1 978-1-84457-162-8

Pam Cook, Professor Emerita in Film, University of Southampton, UK

This is the first major book-length study of the work of Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, one of the most exciting and controversial personalities working in World Cinema today.

100 Bollywood Films

100 Anime

Rachel Dwyer, SOAS, University of London, UK

Philip Brophy Film Director, Composer and Sound Designer

‘A prized addition to the canon of Bollywood literature.’ - Sight & Sound

December 2005 271pp b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00

December 2005 268pp b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00

168x123mm 978-1-84457-083-6 978-1-84457-084-3

168x 23mm 978-1-84457-098-0 978-1-84457-099-7

100 British Documentaries

100 Modern Soundtracks

Patrick Russell, British Film Institute

Philip Brophy, Film Director, Composer and Sound Designer

September 2007 272pp b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

This new series aims to present and discuss the work of the leading directors from across the world on whom little has been written and whose exciting work merits discussion in an increasingly globalised film culture. Many of these directors have proved to be ambassadors for their national film cultures as well as critics of the societies they represent, dramatising in their work the dilemmas of art that are both national and international, of local relevance and universal appeal.

168x123mm 978-1-84457-195-6

June 2004 204pp b/w illustrations Paperback £12.00

168x123mm 978-1-84457-014-0

Contents: Introduction / Once Upon a Time in Australia / Strictly Ballroom (1992) / William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) / Moulin Rouge! (2001) / No. 5 The Film (2004) and Australia (2008) / DVD, the Internet / Notes / Bibliography / The Works / Index June 2010 228pp 39 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00 Paperback £15.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-157-4 978-1-84457-158-1

Kitano Takeshi Aaron Gerow, Yale University, USA

100 European Horror Films Edited by Steven Jay Schneider, Writer and Producer, USA May 2007 pp272 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 Paperback £12.00


Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-0-230-21929-8

August 2007 272pp colour and b/w illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £14.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-165-9 978-1-84457-166-6

Paperback: 978-0-230-21930-4

978-1-84457-163-5 978-1-84457-164-2

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Shyam Benegal


Sangeeta Datta

Pedro Almódovar Ernesto R. Acevedo-Muñoz, University of Colorado, USA March 2007 216pp colour and b/w illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £14.99

978-1-84457-149-9 978-1-84457-150-5

190x134mm 978-0-85170-876-8 978-0-85170-877-5

978-0-85170-907-9 978-0-85170-908-6

Wong Kar-wai Auteur of Time January 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £14.99

978-1-84457-028-7 978-1-84457-029-4

Yash Chopra Rachel Dwyer

Emir Kusturica Dina Iordanova 198pp


£50.00 £14.99

978-0-85170-898-0 978-0-85170-899-7

May 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £14.99

978-0-85170-874-4 978-0-85170-875-1

Youssef Chahine Ibrahim Fawal

Jane Campion

December 2001 240pp illustrations Paperback £15.99

Dana Polan January 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback


Stephen Teo

Jonathan Romney

August 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback

December 2002 246pp illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £14.99



£50.00 £14.99

978-0-85170-857-7 978-0-85170-856-0

190x134mm 978-0-85170-858-4

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-1-84457- 299-1 Paperback: 978-1-84457-300-4

Lars von Trier Jack Stevenson August 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Screen Epiphanies Film-makers on the films that inspired them Geoffrey Macnab, Freelance Journalist and Author


Atom Egoyan September 2003 212pp illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £14.99




£50.00 £14.99

978-0-85170-902-4 978-0-85170-903-1

‘Kudos to film writer Geoffrey Macnab for allowing a simple premise to blossom with such varied, interesting results…We are treated to insights into early lives, learn about how cinema was consumed in bygone decades, become intrigued about films we may have never heard of before, and gain insights into inspirations – often not the ones you’d expect.’ - Empire ‘Screen Epiphanies is full of such moving narratives. Collaboratively, they create a charming, jigsawed film history.’ - The Independent Screen Epiphanies brings together leading filmmakers from around the world to reflect on the films that inspired them to pursue a career in cinema or to rethink their own practice. This beautifully-illustrated volume includes contributions from Danny Boyle, Anthony Minghella, Martin Scorsese, Mira Nair and Lars von Trier. Contents: Introduction / K.Macdonald: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp / P.Schrader: Pickpocket / A.Minghella: The Blue Angel / D.Boyle: Apocalypse Now / G.Chadha: Purab Aur Pachhim / M.Leigh: Room at the Top / M.Hodges: The Sweet Smell of Success / T.Vinterberg: Hearts of Darkness / A.Maysles: Not a Film, People / S.Potter: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday / N.Park: Rebecca / A.Parker: Little Fugitive / M.De Oliveira: Berlin, Symphony of a City / D.Boyd: Hamlet / D.Puttnam: Pinocchio / F.Darabont: THX1138 / L.Von Trier: Barry Lyndon / A.Egoyan: Persona / B.Schroeder: Voyage to Italy / B.Tavernier: Fort Apache / M.Newell: La Grande Illusion / K.Loach: The Fireman’s Ball / M.Apted: Wild Strawberries / J.Thomas: Badlands / A.Kiarostami: Eight and a Half / S.Frears: Meeting Karel Reisz / T.Davies: Doris Day / A.Kaurismäki: Nanook of the North / M.Figgis: Weekend / M.Nair: La Jetée / S.Woolley: Zulu / M.Scorsese: The Red Shoes November 2009 328pp b/w images (film stills) Hardback £20.00

246x189mm colour and 978-1-84457-190-1

Published by British Film Institute


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On Kubrick

The Cinema of Michael Powell

Jean-Pierre Melville

James Naremore, Indiana University, USA

International Perspectives on an English FilmMaker

An American in Paris

Edited by Ian Christie and Andrew Moor

‘Exhaustively researched, eloquent and insightful.’ -

May 2007 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£60.00 £15.99

978-184457143-7 978-184457142-0

Shortlisted for the 2008 Kraszna-Krausz Award for the Best Moving Image Book

August 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Kubrick’s Cinema Odyssey

David Lynch


£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-093-5 978-1-84457-094-2

‘A riveting study of an endlessly fascinating movie.’ - Uncut 196pp




£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-063-8 978-1-84457-030-0

April 2003 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Sam Rohdie

George O. Liber

August 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback



Centenary Essays Edited by Richard Allen and S. Ishii Gonzales 234x153mm 978-0-85170-736-5

Suspense, Humour and Tone Susan Smith 176pp £17.99


£50.00 £15.99

978-0-85170-960-4 978-0-85170-961-1

Luis Bunuel:



£50.00 £15.99

978-0-85170-933-8 978-0-85170-934-5

New Readings Edited by Peter William Evans and Isabel Santaolalla January 2004 illustrations Paperback





Allegories of Vision and Modernity

Mizoguchi and Japan

Tom Gunning

Mark Le Fanu

February 2000 illustrations Paperback





The Films of Nicholas Ray


May 2000 Paperback


The Films of Fritz Lang

Alfred Hitchcock

September 1999 352pp illustrations Paperback £17.99

978-0-85170-950-5 978-0-85170-949-9

Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

A Life in Soviet Film 234x153mm

£50.00 £16.99


Fellini Lexicon




Alexander Dovzhenko

August 2000 illustrations Hardback


3rd Expanded and Revised edition

Michel Chion January 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback

July 2003 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Luchino Visconti

2nd edition

Michel Chion

June 2001 illustrations Paperback


Ginette Vincendeau

234x153mm 978-0-851-70779-2

July 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £15.99

978-1-84457-056-0 978-1-84457-057-7

Published by British Film Institute

The Poet of Nightfall Geoff Andrew

‘This is a book we have long needed.’ - Philip French, The Observer January 2004 illustrations Paperback





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The Cinema Book

HIGHLIGHT The Sound of Musicals

3rd edition Edited by Pam Cook, Professor Emerita in Film, University of Southampton, UK

‘With excellent essays, close textual analysis of films and further reading lists from some of the leading lights in the area, the book has proved an invaluable asset for those negotiating their way through the minefield of ideas and conflicting theories that make up the study of film...This weighty, yet still surprisingly succinct tome also has an excellent sense of design allowing the reader to dip in and out and pull out the relevant information as they wish...obvious must for any student of film...excellent resource.’ - Laurence Boyce Films and Festivals The Cinema Book is widely recognized as the ultimate guide to cinema. Authoritative and comprehensive, the third edition has been extensively revised, updated and expanded in response to developments in cinema and cinema studies. Lavishly illustrated in colour, this edition features a wealth of exciting new sections and indepth case studies. November 2007 624pp illustrations Hardback £90.00 Paperback £29.99

264x194mm 978-1-84457-192-5 978-1-84457-193-2

Women in Film Noir

Edited by Steven Cohan, Professor of English, Syracuse University, USA This new collection addresses the film musical, a central genre in the Hollywood studio system, which has also been important within British, Hindi and Chinese cinema. Leading international scholars explore key issues, traditions, subgenres, stars and films of the musical film from the 1930s to the present. Contents: Appendix 1 / Contents of the Collection (all chapter titles are tentative at the moment) / Steven Cohan: Introduction / R.Altman: ‘From Homosocial to Heterosexual: The Musical’s Two Projects’ / A.L.McLean: ‘Flirting with Terpischore: Dance, Class, and Entertainment in 1930s Musicals’ / A.Doty: ‘Jessie Matthews and the 1930s British Film Musical’ / G.Studlar: ‘The Little Girl with the Big Voice: Deanna Durbin and the Paradoxes of Adolescent Stardom.’ / L.Napper: ‘British Gaiety: Musical Cinema and the Theatrical Tradition in British Film’ / S.Cohan: ‘Star Spangled Shows: Stardom and the Spectacle of Popular Entertainment in Wartime Canteen Musicals’ / J.Stenger: ‘No Place Like Home: Domestic Racial Anxieties in the Wartime Musical’ / K.McNally: ‘Sailors and Kissing Bandits: The Challenging Spectacle of Frank Sinatra at MGM’ / B.Sarkar: ‘The Mellifluous Illogics of the ‘Bollywood Musical’’ / X.Chen: ‘Songstress, Opera Stars and Cantonese Opera Films’ / S.Griffin: ‘Bloody Mary is the Girl I Love: U.S. White Liberalism vs. Pacific Islander Subjectivity in South Pacific’ / B.Farmer: ‘The Singing Sixties: Rereading Cultural and Industrial History through the Julie Andrews Roadshow Musical’ / P.Robertson Wojcik: ‘The Streisand Musical’ / J.Feuer: ‘The International Art Musical’ / K.John Bozelka: ‘Traditionalizing the Queer: Girlfriend and the Future of a Lesbian Bollywood’ / M.J.Fee: ‘’A Musical Dressed Up in a Different Way’: Identity and Industry in John Carney’s Once’ / D.A.Gerstner: ‘Touch from a Distance: Christopher Honoré’s Les Chansons d’Amour’ / A.Larson & D.Leone: ‘Something to Sing About: The Musical Episode in US Network Television’ / M.Tinkcom: ‘What Happened to Bad Taste? Hairspray’s Iterations’ November 2010 60 b/w illustrations Hardback £50.00



978-1-84457-347-9 • Paperback £16.99


Edited by E. Ann Kaplan

‘A major text of feminist criticism.’ - Film Quarterly January 1998 illustrations Paperback




£14.99 978-0-85170-666-5

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Claiming the Real

The Politics of Documentary

Documentary: Grierson and Beyond 2nd edition Brian Winston, Lincoln Chair of Communications, University of Lincoln, UK November 2008 344pp 40 b/w film images Hardback £55.00 Paperback £16.99

234x172mm 978-1-84457-272-4 978-1-84457-271-7

The Griffith Project Volume 12: Essays on D.W. Griffith Edited by Paolo Usai, Director, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Australia

Michael Chanan, Roehampton University, UK

The Death of Cinema History, Cultural Memory and the Digital Dark Age

Tracing the history of the documentary from the first Lumière films to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, Chanan addresses topics such as the documentary before documentary, how documentary film language works, the veracity of the image, the problems of the soundtrack, the migration of documentary to television, political documentary, censorship, first-person filmmaking, and the relations of the archives to history and memory.

Paolo Cherchi Usai

October 2007 Hardback Paperback

A History of Experimental Film and Video

May 2001 Paperback

144pp £15.99

234x153mm 978-0-851-70837-9

Film / Genre Rick Altman

‘As a feat of intellectual synthesis this volume is staggering.’ - Sight & Sound March 1999 Hardback Paperback

256pp £50.00 £16.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-718-1 978-0-85170-717-4

Volume 12 September 2008 232pp Hardback £45.00

234x156mm 978-1-84457-268-7

Volume 11 January 2008 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-1-84457-232-8

Volume 10 October 2006 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-1-84457-219-9

Volume 9 October 2005 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-1-84457-097-3

Volume 8 October 2004 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-1-84457-043-0

Volume 7 January 2008 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-991-8

Volume 6 October 2002 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-953-6

Volume 5 October 2004 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-905-5

Volume 4 October 2000 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-805-8

Volume 3 October 1994 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-749-5

Volume 2 October 1999 Hardback

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-748-8

Volume 1 October 1999 Hardback

Richard Dyer with a supplementary chapter by Paul McDonald

232pp £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-85170-747-1

March 1998 illustrations Paperback

Series Editor: Paolo Cherchi Usai For details of all 12 volumes please visit:

240pp £50.00 £16.99

232x170mm 978-1-84457-227-4 978-1-84457-226-7

Theorising National Cinema Edited by Valentina Vitali and Paul Willemen February 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£60.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-119-2 978-1-84457-120-8

A.L. Rees

‘Excellent…a considerable achievement.’ - Art Monthly April 1999 illustrations Paperback





Silent Cinema: An Introduction Early Cinema

Revised and Expanded edition

Space, Frame, Narrative

Paolo Cherchi Usai

Edited by Thomas Elsaesser

‘A handsomely produced and astonishingly accomplished work.’ - Viewfinder

‘The essays in Elsaesser’s anthology embody some of the best informed scholarship going.’ - New York Review of Books January 1990 illustrations Paperback





October 2000 illustrations Paperback





Stars 256pp




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The British ‘B’ Film Stephen Chibnall, Professor of British Cinema, De Montfort University, UK and Brian McFarlane, Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University, Australia and Visiting Professor, University of Hull, UK Foreword by Rona Anderson

The British Cinema Book 3rd edition Robert Murphy, Professor of Film Studies, De Montfort University, UK

‘The third edition of this excellent, illustrations collection of essays on British cinema provides an overview of the key issues, debates and history. First published in 1997, it has been expanded to include case studies of individual films, and several new essays on subjects such as the representation of women in 1950s cinema and the birth of British Asian cinema in the 90s. Its range is impressive.’ - Peter Smith, The Guardian ‘...a delightful gateway into the rich world of British cinema.’ - Simon Brown, Viewfinder The third edition of The British Cinema Book provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, key debates and genres in British cinema, from 1895 to the present. Individual articles by leading scholars are grouped in historical and thematic sections, illuminated by in-depth case studies of key films and a wealth of images. March 2009 Paperback

464pp £19.99

246x189mm 978-1-84457-275-5

Quota Quickies

British Film Posters

‘Both an invocation and a loving catalogue, the book is rich in detail drawn from the history of the Bs before changing taste, alterations in the law and the irresistible rise of television rendered the species extinct.’ - Times Literary Supplement This is the first book to provide a thorough examination of the British ‘B’ movie, from the war years to the 1960s. The authors draw on archival research, contemporary trade papers and interviews with key ‘B’ filmmakers to map the ‘B’ movie phenomenon both as artefact and as industry product, and as a reflection on their times. Contents: Acknowledgements / R.Anderson: Foreword / Preface / Big Ships and Little Ships: The Bs at War / ‘What’s on with it?’ The Rise and Fall of the Bs / The ‘B’ Factories: Companies, Studios and Producers / Behind the Scenes / On the Screens / The Men from the Yard / Britain in the Bs / The Best of the Bs / Appendix / Revolving Bs: Second Features on the Gaumont British, Odeon and Rank Circuits October 2009 368pp 117 b/w photographs Hardback £55.00 Paperback £16.99

234x172mm 978-1-84457-320-2 978-1-84457-319-6

The Birth of the British ‘B’ Film

Seventies British Cinema

Steve Chibnall, Professor of British Cinema, De Montfort University, UK

Edited by Robert Shail, Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Wales, UK

January 2007 256pp b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 Paperback £16.99

December 2008 208pp Hardback £50.00 Paperback £16.99

234x172mm 978-1-84457-154-3 978-1-84457-155-0

234x172mm 978-1-84457-274-8 978-1-84457-273-1

Sixties British Cinema Robert Murphy March 1992 Paperback


368pp £17.99

234x156mm 978-0-851-70324-4

An Illustrations History Sim Branaghan, Information Librarian, UK Edited by Stephen J. Chibnall December 2006 288pp colour illustrations Hardback £75.00 Paperback £25.00

275x200mm 978-1-84457-148-2 978-1-84457-221-2

Electric Edwardians The Story of the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection Vanessa Toulmin, Research Director, National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield, UK November 2006 288pp illustrations Hardback £60.00 Paperback £17.99

246x189mm 978-1-84457-144-4 978-1-84457-145-1

London in Cinema The Cinematic City Since 1945 Charlotte Brunsdon, University of Warwick, UK

Charlotte Brunsdon’s illuminating study explores the diverse cinematic ‘Londons’ that appear in films made since 1945. Brunsdon traces the ways in which film-makers show that a film is set in London - by use of familiar landmarks and the city’s shorthand iconography of red buses and black taxis, and the recurring patterns of representation associated with films set in the East and West Ends of London, from Mona Lisa to It Always Rains on Sundays. November 2006 256pp b/w illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £16.99

234x171mm 978-1-84457-182-6 978-1-84457-183-3

The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon Edwardian Britain on Film Edited by Vanessa Toulmin, Simon Popple and Patrick Russell October 2004 illustrations Paperback





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Directors in British and Irish Cinema A Reference Companion Edited by Robert Murphy, De Montfort University, UK September 2006 672pp illustrations Hardback £95.00 Paperback £29.95

Mark Wheeler

978-1-84457-125-3 978-1-84457-126-0

September 2006 192pp illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £16.99

David Curtis, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, UK 246 x 200mm 978-1-84457-095-9 978-1-84457-096-6

Winner of the 2008 Kraszna-Krausz Award for the Best Moving Image Book

British Cinema Amy Sargeant 360pp


£50.00 £17.99

978-1-84457-065-2 978-1-84457-066-9

‘This collection of essays on film research, particularly its 1930s genesis, is an eye-opener and a marvellous addition to film knowledge.’ Cinema Papers

978-1-84457-135-2 978-1-84457-136-9

Edited by Alastair Phillips, University of Warwick, UK and Ginette Vincendeau, Kings College London, UK April 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£60.00 £18.99

978-1-84457-123-9 978-1-84457-124-6

Edited by Steve Neale

‘It has something for everyone...its informed view of genre filmmaking is both a valuable research tool for students and the casual film fan.’ Film Review

John Hill

November 1999 209pp illustrations Paperback £16.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-739-6

The Hollywood Studio System A History Douglas Gomery

Despite being one of the biggest industries in the United States, indeed the World, the internal workings of the ‘dream factory’ that is Hollywood is little understood outside the business. The Hollywood Studio System: A History is the first book to describe and analyze the complete development, classic operation, and reinvention of the global corporate entitles which produce and distribute most of the films we watch. July 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-023-2 978-1-84457-064-5

234x153mm 978-0-85170-133-2

Cinema and Northern Ireland

September 2002 322pp illustrations Paperback £15.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-887-4

Film, Culture and Politics

Horizons West Directing the Western from John Ford to Clint Eastwood Jim Kitses

John Hill July 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Edited by Melvyn Stokes and Richard Maltby

European Actors in Hollywood:A Critical Companion

British Cinema 1956-1963 240pp £14.99

Cultural Identity and the Movies

Journeys of Desire

Sex, Class and Realism

January 1986 Paperback

Identifying Hollywood’s Audiences


Genre and Contemporary Hollywood

A Critical History July 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback

Hollywood: Politics and Society


A History of Artists’ Film and Video in Britain, 1897–2004 November 2006 320pp illustrations in full colour Hardback £75.00 Paperback £25.00




£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-133-8 978-1-84457-134-5

Global Hollywood 2 Toby Miller, Nitin Govil, John McMurria, Richard Maxwell and Ting Wang March 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £17.99

978-1-84457-049-2 978-1-84457-039-3

August 2004 illustrations Paperback





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The French Cinema Book


Edited by Michael Temple and Michael Witt

The French New Wave Critical Landmarks 2nd edition Edited by Peter Graham, Writer and Critic, France and Ginette Vincendeau, Professor of Film Studies; Director of the Film Studies Programme, King’s College London, UK

A new, expanded edition of a classic anthology on the French New Wave. Original writings by and interviews with filmmakers and critics such as Godard, Truffaut and Bazin, some newly translated for this edition, are accompanied by critical and contextualising commentary by the editors, leading authorities in the field. Contents: P.Graham & G.Vincendeau: Preface to the New Edition / P.Graham: Preface to the 1968 Edition / G.Vincendeau: Introduction / Interview with François Truffaut (first extract) / Cahiers du Cinéma 138, 1962 / A.Astruc: The Birth of a New Avant-Garde : La Caméra-Stylo / Ecran Français 144, 1948 / F.Truffaut: A Certain Trend in French Cinéma / Cahiers du Cinéma 31, 1954 / J.Rivette: The Era of Metteurs-en-Scène / Cahiers du Cinéma 31, 1954 / A.Bazin: The Evolution of Film Language / Qu’est-ce que Le Cinéma?, vol. 1, Editions du Cerf, 1958 / G.Gozlan: In Praise of André Bazin (first extract) / Positif 47, 1962 / C.Chabrol: Little Themes / Cahiers du Cinéma 100, 1959 / J.Godard: Review of Astruc’s Une Vie / Cahiers du Cinéma 89, 1958 / Interview with François Truffaut (second extract) / Cahiers du Cinéma 138, 1962 / G.Gozlan: In Praise of André Bazin (second extract) / Positif 47, 1962 / A.Bazin: La Politique des Auteurs / Cahiers du Cinéma 70, 1957 / R.Benayoun: The King is Naked / Positif 46, 1962 / Bibliography March 2009 288pp 50 b/w halftones Hardback £50.00 Paperback £14.99

190x135mm 978-1-84457-283-0 978-1-84457-282-3

The French Cinema Book is an accessible and innovative survey of key topics in French cinema from the 1890s to the twenty-first century. It proposes new insights into familiar areas and sets out a fresh agenda for the study and appreciation of French cinema. The book combines historical context and background information with detailed discussion of case studies and analysis of films. It also provides guidance for further reading, and additional resources for readers to consider. May 2004 illustrations Paperback





The German Cinema Book Edited by Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter and Deniz Gokturk

This work brings together film specialists from Europe and the United States to explore German film history from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century. It reevaluates traditional areas of interest in German cinema, and looks at neglected aspects, including early cinema. November 2002 291pp illustrations Paperback £17.99

246x189mm 978-0-85170-946-8


Chinese Films in Focus II 2nd edition Edited by Chris Berry, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

The revised and expanded edition of this essential guide to Chinese cinema brings together thirty-five essays, including fourteen brand new articles, by leading international scholars, addressing key films from the 1930s to the present, including Hero, Farewell My Concubine and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. November 2008 304pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £18.99

Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema 2nd revised edition Edited by Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen

‘It is hard to fault the overall conception, breadth and depth of the work.’ - Times Higher Education Supplement May 1999 Paperback

652pp £25.00

307x236mm 978-0-85170-669-6

Hong Kong Cinema The Extra Dimensions Stephen Teo January 1997 Paperback


234x172mm 978-1-84457-236-6 978-1-84457-237-3

319pp £17.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-514-9

Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


The Television Genre Book 2nd edition Edited by Glen Creeber, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television, University of Wales, UK

Genre is central to understanding the industrial context and the visual form of television. This edition of a key textbook brings together leading international scholars to provide an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the debates, issues and concerns of television genre. November 2008 232pp 55 illustrations Hardback £55.00 Paperback £18.99

246x189mm 978-1-84457-217-5 978-1-84457-218-2

Television Industries

The Television History Book


Michele Hilmes

An Introduction to Studying Television

November 2003 188pp illustrations Hardback £50.00 Paperback £16.99

Edited by Toby Miller Associate Editor: Andrew Lockett



£60.00 £17.99

978-1-84457-106-2 978-1-84457-107-9

246x189mm 978-0-85170-895-9

British Television Drama A History Lez Cooke June 2003 Hardback Paperback

240pp £50.00 £15.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-884-3 978-0-85170-885-0

A Licence to be Different: The Story of Channel 4

Edited by Douglas Gomery and Luke Hockley May 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback

978-0-85170-987-1 978-0-85170-988-8

Television Studies December 2002 160pp illustrations Paperback £16.99

Maggie Brown, Freelance Journalist, UK

‘[A] pacy page-turner of a history lesson.’ - Financial Times

Contemporary World Television Edited by John Sinclair Associate Editor: Graeme Turner May 2004 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-009-6 978-1-84457-010-2

Edited by Glen Creeber, University of Aberystwyth, UK


Tele-Visions has been specifically designed to offer a comprehensive, authoritative, accessible and lively introduction to the subject of television studies. Written by many of the leading international figures in the field, it covers all the major issues, debates, key terms, histories and methodologies, from textual analysis to audience studies; from studying drama to studying documentary; from policy and regulation to regionality and globalization; from authorship to ideology; from modernism to postmodernism; from aesthetics to fandom; from histories to futures; this book offers an expansive and clearly structured account of both how and why we study television. January 2006 Hardback Paperback

368pp £50.00 £16.00

246x189mm 978-1-844-57204-5 978-1-84457-205-2

246x189mm 978-1-84457-085-0 978-1-84457-086-7

Television Sitcom Brett Mills

Despite its global reach, longstanding popularity, and immense profitability, sitcom has been repeatedly neglected in theoretical work on television and media. This book demonstrates that this lack needs to be sorely addressed, by dragging analysis of sitcom up-to-date, with a wealth of contemporary examples, a range of new approaches to the genre, and examination of the roles sitcom and comedy play within society. October 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback

November 2007 Hardback Paperback

210pp £60.00 £16.99



£50.00 £16.99

978-1-84457-087-4 978-1-84457-088-1

Telefantasy Catherine Johnson July 2005 Hardback Paperback

208pp 234x153mm £50.00 978-1-84457-075-1 £15.99 978-1-84457-076-8

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TELEVISION THEORY & CRITICISM • MEDIA AND CULTURAL THEORY INTERNATIONAL SCREEN INDUSTRIES SERIES Series Editors: Michael Curtin, University of California, Santa Barbara and Paul McDonald, University of Portsmouth, UK This unique new series provides original surveys of the world’s cinema and television industries. Books in the series identify the conditions that define specific national or regional territories for screen industries, as well as delineating the impact of a transnational flow of goods, capital and talent in the shaping of a globally connected moving image economy.

The American Television Industry Michael Curtin, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies University of California, Santa Barbara, USA and Jane Shattuc, Associate Professor of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College, USA

The American Television Industry offers a concise and accessible introduction to TV production, programming, advertising, and distribution in the United States. The authors outline how programs are made and marketed, and furthermore provide an insightful overview of key players, practices, and future trends. November 2009 224pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £16.99

234x153mm 978-1-84457-338-7 978-1-84457-337-0

Arab Television Industries Marwan Kraidy, Associate Professor, the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Joe Khalil, PhD Candidate, Southern Illinois University, USA

Arab Television Industries captures the fascinating metamorphosis of Arab television from separate state-owned terrestrial channels to a vibrant, panArab, commercial satellite industries, and explores the momentous social and political implications of this transformation. November 2009 256pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £18.99

234x153mm 978-1-84457-303-5 978-1-84457-302-8

East Asian Screen Industries Darrell William Davis, University of New South Wales, Australia and Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong March 2008 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £15.99

978-1-84457-180-2 978-1-84457-181-9

Paul McDonald, University of Portsmouth, UK

Video and DVD Industries examines the business of video entertainment and provides the first study looking at DVD from an industrial perspective. August 2007 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £15.99

978-1-84457-167-3 978-1-84457-168-0

Global Television Marketplace

Petros Iosifidis, Jeanette Steemers and Mark Wheeler

Timothy Havens, University of Iowa, USA



£50.00 £15.99

978-1-84457-060-7 978-1-84457-059-1

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-1-84457-295-3 Paperback: 978-1-84457-296-0


Media and Meaning An Introduction Colin Stewart, Marc Lavelle and Adam Kowaltzke

This is the indispensable Media Studies textbook for AS/A level and Higher Media Studies syllabuses; it is also suitable to support BTEC, AVCE and GSVQ courses with a media focus and as a primer for undergraduate media studies. An accessible overview of the key concepts leads into coverage of all major media forms, and genres within particular media. Included are: • Sections for all media, covering institutions, representation, audiences, genre, language and products • Extensive opportunities for students to apply media theory in their own work • Uniquely full treatment of new media and the internet • Stills, cartoons and other illustrations • Extensive coverage of film, television, radio, newspapers and magazines • Varied and substantial activity sections. October 2001 illustrations Paperback





Video and DVD Industries

European Television Industries January 2005 illustrations Hardback Paperback


June 2006 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £15.99

978-1-84457-103-1 978-1-84457-104-8

The New Media Book Edited by Dan Harries August 2002 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£50.00 £15.99

978-0-85170-924-6 978-0-85170-925-3

New Screen Media Edited by Martin Reiser and Andrea Zapp January 2002 illustrations Paperback





European Film Industries Anne Jäckel November 2003 212pp illustrations Paperback £15.99

234x153mm 978-0-85170-948-2

Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry Roy Stafford, Freelance Lecturer and Writer, UK

Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry brings together an introduction to academic study of audiences as ‘readers’ of films and an investigation into how the film industry perceives audiences as part of its industrial practices. The approach draws on ideas from film, media and cultural studies in order to present new insights into a range of puzzling questions: What makes the biggest box office films attractive to audiences? Why do films that work well with audiences sometimes suffer poor distribution? And what is a ‘cult film’ and how do such films gain their status? May 2007 illustrations Paperback





Understanding Television Texts Phil Wickham, University of Exeter, UK November 2007 158pp Hardback £45.00 Paperback £15.99

234x172mm 978-1-84457-171-0 978-1-84457-172-7

Understanding Realism Richard Armstrong February 2005 illustrations Paperback





Understanding Representation Edited by Wendy Helsby

Understanding Representation aims to provide a critical and theoretical base for the study of the media. It offers innovative ways of talking about the key concept of representation, and also looks outside our ethnocentric mediated world to see how we are represented to others. January 2006 illustrations Paperback





Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-1-84457-297-7 Paperback: 978-1-84457-298-4


Teaching Analysis of Film Language David Wharton and Jeremy Grant September 2005 112pp Paperback £ 24.95

245x183mm 978-0-85170-981-9

Teaching Auteur Study David Wharton and Jeremy Grant June 2005 Paperback

96pp £24.95

254x184mm 978-1-84457-081-2

Teaching Black Cinema Peter Jones October 2006 Paperback

96pp £24.95

245x184mm 978-184457-156-7

Teaching Film Censorship and Controversy Mark Readman December 2005 96pp Paperback £24.95

254x184mm 978-1-84457-079-9

Teaching Short Films Understanding Film Texts

Simon Quy

Meaning and Experience

August 2007 Paperback

96pp £24.95

254x184mm 978-1-84457-146-8

Patrick Phillips January 2001 illustrations Paperback





Teaching Stars and Performance Jill Poppy February 2006 Paperback

96pp £24.95

254x184mm 978-1-84457-131-4

1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial



Teaching World Cinema Kate Gamm April 2004 Paperback

Teaching TV Drama

Series Editor: Vivienne Clark 94pp £25.99

243x187mm 978-0-85170-997-0

Jeremy Points May 2006 Paperback

96pp £24.95

245x184mm 978-1-84457-132-1

Teaching Women and Film Sarah Gilligan December 2003 90pp Paperback £25.99

Teaching Videogames

247x188mm 978-0-85170-980-2

James Newman and Barney Oram January 2006 Paperback

120pp £24.95

245x184mm 978-1-84457-078-2

Teaching Men and Film Matthew Hall November 2005 88pp Paperback £25.99

Teaching TV Soaps

243x184mm 978-1-84457-082-9

Louise Alexander and Alison Cousens October 2003 Paperback

96pp £25.99

247x185mm 978-0-85170-978-9

Teaching TV News Eileen Lewis November 2003 99pp Paperback £25.99

Teaching TV Sitcom

247x185mm 978-0-85170-979-6

James Baker May 2003 Paperback

96pp £25.99

247x186mm 978-0-85170-975-8

Teaching Film and TV Documentary Sarah Casey Benyahia January 2008 Paperback

106pp £25.99

234x172mm 978-1-84457-223-6

Teaching Contemporary British Cinema Sarah Casey Benyahia March 2008 Paperback

92pp £25.99

240x187mm 978-1-84457-061-4

Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production Mark Readman May 2003 Paperback

78pp £25.99

234x172mm 978-0-85170-974-1

Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting Rachel Viney August 2007 Paperback


92pp £25.99

This series is aimed at teachers of Media Studies and English who are responsible for delivering this exciting and demanding area of the curriculum.

Teaching Digital Video Production at GCSE M. L. White December 2007 150pp illustrations Paperback £29.99

246x174mm 978-1-84457-152-9

Teaching Film at GCSE James Baker and Patrick Toland

Suitable for both new and experienced teachers, this book provides a range of approaches from the focused teaching of film in Media Studies to the use of film as support material in English courses. It includes clear explanations of the key concepts and ideas for film study, along with a series of case studies providing practical advice. January 2008 illustrations Paperback





Teaching Television at GCSE Eileen Lewis, Head of Media and Film Studies, Maidstone Grammar School, UK March 2008 illustrations Paperback





Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in this series: Paperback: 978-0-230-21297-8

245x187mm 978-1-84457-036-2

For a full list of titles available in this series, please visit Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Paperback: 978-1-84457-301-1


Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866



Starting Stories DVD (BR034D) Starting Stories explores and demonstrates the richness of short films as texts to support the development of children’s literacy and cineliteracy. It features five short films, accompanied by notes for teachers that support their use in the classroom.

Starting Stories Book to go with DVD (BR034) The teaching notes offer: Information about the films in the compilation; Ways to exploit the rich potential films have, as texts, in relation to literacy; Guidance on how to use films effectively as a teaching resource in the classroom; Examples of film and literacy teaching strategies and activities; An introduction to the language of moving image media, including key terms and concepts. February 2008 Paperback



Starting Stories Pack (DVD and Book) February 2008 DVD video




£39.72 (£43.66 incl. VAT) 978-1-8445-7261-8

Story Shorts 2 DVD (BR037) Following the success of Story Shorts (our first short films resource for Key Stage 2 Literacy), we have listened and responded to teachers’ requests for further material. Story Shorts 2 DVD includes a carefully selected collection of twelve short films between two and ten minutes long, primarily aimed at children in years 3 to 6, but also suitable for older children, covering a wide range of issues and subjects, from early archive footage to twenty-firstcentury films. February 2008 DVD video



Story Shorts DVD (BR022D) The five short films in this selection offer a range of different styles, including four animations and one live action film, and themes. Each of the films is rich in closely-observed details and they represent very different ways of telling stories.

Starting Stories 2 DVD (BR036) Starting Stories 2 Following the success of Starting Stories (our first short films resource for early years), we have listened and responded to teachers’ requests for further material. Starting Stories 2 DVD includes a carefully selected collection of twelve short films between two and ten minutes long, aimed at children aged 3 and over. The cover a wide range of issues and topics and include animations and live action films from the early days of film to the present day. March 2008 DVD video



The films: El Caminante (The Traveller), Debr Smith, UK, 1997, 5 mins / Second Helpings, Joel Simon, UK, 1999,9 mins / Growing, Alison Hempstock, UK, 1994, 5 mins / Mavis and the Mermaid, Juliet McKoen, UK 2000, 14 mins / Train of Thought, Jonathan Hodgson, UK, 1985, 3 mins March 2008 DVD video



An accompanying book for this DVD has also been published: February 2008 Paperback



1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial



Screening Shorts DVD (BR033D) ‘One of the most exciting resources for English teaching to have appeared in recent years.’ - Paul Clayton, Secondary English

Moving Shorts DVD (BR035) Moving Shorts consists of a DVD with starter booklet and a teaching guide. The DVD includes a carefully selected collection of ten films, each between 3 and 10 minutes long suitable for students aged 12 and over. These films are ideal for teaching a range of skills and concepts relevant to the media component of the English curriculum, but also to developing speaking, listening, drama and writing skills and concepts. February 2008 DVD video



This teaching pack - including a DVD compilation accompanied by a teaching guide and support materials on an easy-to-use CD-Rom introduces innovative ways to teaching with film that support work in an English curriculum framework. Developed by Mark Reid, Teacher Development Officer at the BFI, with practising English teachers, this resource demonstrates how effective short films can be in enhancing your students’ literacy skills and creativity, and will help you meet the National Curriculum for English requirement to study moving image media. Total running time: 55 mins. March 2008 DVD video



Real Shorts (BR038) Real Shorts consists of a DVD, a ‘starter’ booklet and an online teaching guide. The DVD includes a carefully selected collection of fifteen films suitable for students aged 11 and over (though some films can be used with younger age groups). These films are ideal for teaching a range of skills in media literacy, speaking, listening, reading and writing, and can also be used to explore aspects of the Media Studies syllabus. April 2008 DVD video



This teaching guide provides background information on India, an overview of the history of Indian cinema, highlights of and insights into Bollywood, an introduction to Indian film stars, an account of New Wave and Parallel Cinema, and an overview of Indian film among the diaspora. September 2002 VHS Compilation 978-1-844572-59-5


Images and Reality Teaching pack with VHS Compilation Images and Reality, is published by the International Broadcasting Trust, in association with the BFI. It consists of a video and a teaching guide, written by Mark Reid. It highlights how TV news footage can be used to encourage students to learn about the developing world, and is an ideal teaching resource for teachers of Media Studies, English or Geography. March 2008 VHS Compilation 978-1-84457-260-1


Film As Evidence in Britain Video CD Rom (BR073) A unique resource for teaching history to 9- to 15-year-olds. First developed by Terry Staples, updated and modified by Ben Walsh. Contents: A video compilation featuring 32 films made during Queen Victoria’s reign, and five from the early Edwardian era Teaching notes: A history of early filmmaking and details about each of the films Guidelines and examples of how to use films effectively in the classroom Photocopiable notes and activity sheets for pupils Photocopiable support material including film posters from the time and original source texts March 2008 DVD video


Bollywood and Beyond Video and CD


Into Animation Teaching pack with VHS Compilation This pack provides a clear introduction for teachers who would like to teach animation or include animation activities as part of their class work. It explains how to produce animated work in the classroom and how animation can be integrated into the curriculum. It can also be used by anyone working with young people in after-school and weekend clubs, or to develop a programme on animation for a school cross-curricular activity week. April 2008 VHS Compilation 978-1-84457-253-3



Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


Macbeth on Film


Teaching pack with VHS Compilation (BEV003) Approaches to studying Macbeth through film. This product comprises a teaching Pack on CD-Rom with VHS video compilation aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4. March 2008 VHS Compilation 978-1-84457-257-1


Reading Films Teaching pack (BR030) ‘Well organized and thoughtful, Reading Films offers informative notes for teachers...Everywhere there are intelligent, probing questions and tasks.’ - Laurence Astler, Times Educational Supplement February 2008 Paperback



Representation, Realism and Fantasy in Film Teaching guide (BR031) This teaching guide complements Reading Films and explores the social and media context of film texts. March 2008 Paperback



A Passion for Cultural Studies Ben Highmore, Reader in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, UK

Video Production Putting Theory into Practice Steve Dawkins, Senior Lecturer in Communication, Culture and Media, Coventry University, UK and Ian Wynd, Senior Lecturer in Media and Head of Media and Digital Arts, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, UK

This no-nonsense, straight-talking text introduces the theory and practice of video production. Filled with tips, hints and invaluable advice for the student film-maker, the text also explains key theoretical concepts and links them directly to production practice. This is an essential one-stop resource for all students of film and media studies. Contents: Introduction / PART I: THEORY AND PRACTICE / Knowing: The Theory of Video Production / Doing: Preparing for Video Production / The Practice of Video Production: Pre-Production / The Practice of Video Production: Production / The Practice of Video Production: Post Production / PART II: THE BRIEFS / The Television Title Sequence / The Magazine Programme / The Documentary / The Drama Short / Reading and Other Resources December 2009 312pp 234x156mm 16 b/w half tones, 2 b/w illustrations, 12 b/w diagrams and 8 b/w charts Paperback £21.99 978-1-4039-9888-0

‘Ben Highmore has written the book that students and teachers of cultural studies have long been waiting for. The text intervenes convincingly into some entrenched and ongoing debates and disputes, and in doing so offers a lot more than a mere introduction. It offers a way to make sense of culture that is at once compelling, eminently reliable, persuasive and authoritative. A Passion for Cultural Studies is an exceptional text.’ - Paul Bowman, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, UK Impressively accessible and packed with key theory and concepts, this book is a vivid introduction to cultural studies. Each chapter takes engaging examples from everyday life and uses them to explore core issues, from migration to mass media. This book encourages all students of culture and media to become passionate about cultural studies. Contents: Introduction: Passionate Cultures / Bitter Tastes / The Feeling of Structures / The Lure of Things / Keeping in Touch / Events of the Heart / Beginnings (In Place of an Ending) / Further Reading May 2009 Hardback Paperback

168pp £45.00 £14.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-9717-3 978-1-4039-9718-0

Contemporary research in Cultural studies 1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial



Image and Representation

Media, Institutions and Audiences

Narrative and Genre

Key Concepts in Media Studies 2nd edition

Key Concepts in Media Studies

Key Concepts in Media Studies

Nick Lacey, Curriculum Leader of Film and Media, Benton Park School, UK

Review of the 1st edition: ‘This is a stimulating and helpful book, with loads of material and texts from a wide range of media. Despite having to bring in some difficult concepts, Nick Lacey’s obvious love and enthusiasm for his subject should encourage and spur his target audience - the post-16 media student - to a more careful and critical approach to all aspects of media texts.’ - AC Dewar, Media Education Journal Following on from the successful first edition, this book continues to offer a lively introduction to the concepts of language and representation. With helpful exercises and analysis of relevant examples, the new edition examines recent developments throughout the media for all students of film, media and communication. Contents: Introduction / Introduction to Textual Analysis / Semiotics / Advanced Textual Analysis / Representation / Representing Gender / Representation and Reality / Conclusion April 2009 304pp 234x156mm 16 b/w half-tones, 15 b/w line drawings and 8 b/w tables Paperback £20.99 978-0-230-20335-8

Nick Lacey, Curriculum Leader of Film and Media, Benton Park School, UK

‘One of the book’s strengths is the clarity with which material is organized...’ - Media Education Journal ‘The book is well worth buying and should become a well-thumbed volume on the shelves of students from entry level at 16 through to undergraduate.’ - Richard Harvey, In The Picture Media Institutions and Audiences completes Nick Lacey’s trilogy of self-standing texts that give an in-depth introduction to the key concepts of Media Studies at an advanced and university level. The book delivers a range of theories and contemporary case studies in its coverage of media business and the influence of regulation and censorship. The issues surrounding the growing commodification of media texts, and the increasing influence of marketing and public relations, are considered. The major approaches to understanding audiences are also investigated. May 2002 Hardback Paperback

248pp £60.00 £20.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-65869-7 978-0-333-65870-3

ebook available from: Ebook Library,

Nick Lacey, Curriculum

Leader of Film and Media, Benton Park School, UK ‘The second in the Key Concepts series, this clearly presented textbook should reassure A-level pupils new to the subject and yet avoid patronizing undergraduates. The exercises are humorously presented and Lacey negotiates the complexities of narrative theory with confidence.’ - Sight and Sound Narrative and Genre introduces students to these key concepts in media studies. It covers the major narrative theorists including Todorov, Propp, LeviStrauss, Barthes and applies their ideas via case examples ranging from The X Files to newspaper reporting. It then moves on to offer an extensive analysis of the basic schema and conventions of genre, drawing on the film noir, the TV cop genre and science fiction, and showing how the repertoire of elements of each ranges across setting, character, narrative, iconography, style and stars. Fresh, down-to-earth and well-structured, this is an excellent text for all those in post-16 education, whether in school, college or university. Contents: Introduction / Introduction to Narrative Theory / A History of Narrative / Theory of Narrative 2 / Theory of Genre 1 / Theory of Genre 2 / Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 February 2000 280pp figures and illustrations Hardback £60.00 Paperback £20.99


216x138mm 978-0-333-65871-0 978-0-333-65872-7

Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


Media Theories & Approaches

Interpreting News

A Global Perspective Mark Balnaves, School of Communications and Contemporary Arts, Edith Cowan University, Australia, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Professor of Chinese Media Studies, University of Sydney, Australia and Brian Shoesmith, Professor of Media Studies and Journalism, University of Liberal Arts, India

‘Media Theories and Approaches offers an exceptionally clear, well-balanced and up-to-date synthesis of theory and evidence in media studies. Satisfyingly global and historical in approach, its stimulating, comparative perspective will be greatly welcomed by teachers and students alike.’ - Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Media and Communication, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK This is a comprehensive introduction to all the theories and approaches that make up media studies. The book is accompanied by extensive textual and online resources to give readers guidance at every step. Offering a truly global approach, this is a cutting edge text for today’s students seeking to understand worldwide media, past and present. Contents: PART I: CONVERGENCES / Introduction / Technologizing the World / A Global View PART II: THEORIES / Classics in Media and Effects / Classics in Media and Ideology / Classics in Reasoning About Information and its Ownership / PART III: CONTENT, AUDIENCES AND EFFECTS / Information Warfare and Modern Propaganda / Transforming Cultures / Brand China and Bollywood India / PART IV: STRUCTURES AND ORGANISATION / Governance and Digital Identities / Interactive Media and News / Media Economics / Games / Media Research / Conclusion November 2008 360pp 246x189mm 4 b/w illustrations, 12 b/w halftones and 77 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-55161-9 Paperback £19.99 978-0-230-55162-6

Media Communication

Graham Meikle, Lecturer, Film, Media and Journalism, University of Stirling, UK

This core introductory text offers a comprehensive overview of how news has been theorized and understood in key Media Studies traditions. It explores how news is constructed, distributed and received and includes up-to-date examples and discussion of contemporary issues such as the uses of new technologies in news media. Contents: Introduction: News and Symbolic Power / Defining News / Know Your Product / True Stories / From Coffee-House to Cyber-Cafe / Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain / Here We Are, Now Entertain Us / Totally Wired / News 2.0? / References October 2008 Hardback Paperback

240pp £55.00 £18.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-3382-9 978-1-4039-3383-6

Understanding Global Media Terry Flew, Associate Professor of Media and Communications, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

‘Impressive in scope and execution, Understanding Global Media is a superb survey of the major themes and issues that animate the study of global media. Terry Flew provides lively analysis of the ways in which media institutions, policies, technologies, and content are increasingly shaped by global forces.’ - Michael Curtin, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and Director of Global Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA March 2007 Hardback Paperback

272pp £60.00 £20.99

An Introduction to Theory and Process 3rd edition James Watson, formerly Course Director and Visiting Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Greenwich with West Kent College, UK

Review of the 2nd edition: ‘This is an excellent book which bridges the communications and media divide. I will recommend it as background reading and for our library.’ - Dr John Myles, University of East London, UK This edition of a popular book provides an overview of mass media in society today. With illuminating examples and greater international scope, Watson discusses hot topics, including terrorism, web 2.0 and public service broadcasting. This is the ideal introduction for all students of media and communication studies. Contents: Introduction: Studying Media / Setting the Scene: Media in Context / The Language of Study / The Audience for Media: Perspectives on Use and Response / Media in Society: Purpose and Performance / The News: Gates, Agendas and Values / Narrative: The Media as Storytellers / The Practice of Media: Pressures and Constraints / The Global Area: Issues of Dominance and Control / Network Communication: Interactivity, Surveillance and Virtual Reality / Research as Exploration and Development / In Summary: Media in a New Century / Concluding Remarks March 2008 472pp 234x156mm b/w line drawings, b/w half tones and tables Paperback £22.99 978-0-230-53549-7

234x156mm 978-1-4039-2048-5 978-1-4039-2049-2

1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial



Communication Studies

Key Concepts in Cultural Studies

Sky Marsen, Senior Lecturer in Language Studies, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Maja Mikula, Senior Lecturer and Head of Italian Studies, Institute for International Studies, University of Technology, Australia

May 2006 Paperback

‘As a first step for undergraduates, this book offers a rock of refuge and a flotation device to more complex scholarship.’ - Tara Brabazon, Times Higher Education Textbook Guide

224pp £17.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-3998-2

Palgrave Foundations Series

March 2008 Paperback

NEW IN 2010 256pp £14.99

216x138m 978-0-230-00646-1

Palgrave Key Concepts

Introducing Cultural and Media Studies

postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies

A Semiotic Approach Tony Thwaites, Senior Lecturer, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland, Australia, Lloyd Davis, sometime Associate Professor, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland, Australia and Warwick Mules, Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, University of Central Queensland, Australia

‘Focusing on visually mediated culture and linguistic discourses, and revealing all as sites of power / knowledge, interpellation and so on, this book will surely seize the imagination of new undergraduates. It will prove helpful to teachers, too, not least because it includes comprehensive exercises and further activities within each chapter. It could therefore constitute a complete course resource.’ - Times Higher Education Supplement March 2002 Hardback Paperback

256pp £65.00 £22.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-97248-9 978-0-333-97247-2


Film An Introduction 4th edition William H. Phillips, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, USA

Combining the universal appeal of movies with academic rigor, this book provides a complete introduction to the technical, theoretical, social and historical aspects of film. With international examples and over 500 images, the text helps students develop the critical skills they need to analyze films and understand the medium in all its variety. Contents: PART I: THE EXPRESSIVENESS OF FILM TECHNIQUES / Mise En Scene / Cinematography / Editing / Sound / PART II: FICTIONAL FILMS / Sources for the Fictional Film / Components of Fictional Films / Types of Fictional Films / PART III: ALTERNATIVES TO LIVE-ACTION FICTIONAL FILMS / Documentary Films / Experimental, Hybrid, and Animated Films / PART IV: UNDERSTANDING FILMS / Understanding Films Through Contexts / Thinking About Films / PART V: WRITING ABOUT FILMS / Reading and Writing About Films / A Sample Film Analysis: The Player / Appendix 1: A Chronology: Film in Context (1895-2008) / Appendix 2: Illustrations Glossary / Appendix 3: How to Read Film Credits / Index March 2009 669pp 672 half-tones b/w and colour Paperback £27.99

228x200mm 978-0-230-22332-5

‘more than a journal: it’s an event.’- Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, George Washington University, USA Sample content FREE online. Visit: for more information.


Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866


Introduction to Film Nick Lacey, Curriculum Leader of Film and Media, Benton Park School, UK

‘A clear and concise textbook…In a crowded market Nick Lacey’s book stands up well as an authoritative and comprehensive introduction that would be good value as an undergraduate textbook.’ - Steve Blandford, Head of Department of Media and Arts, Glamorgan University, in Times Higher Education Supplement ‘If you teach film, study film or just love film - buy this book!’ - Liz Roberts, Media Education Journal This concise introduction to the study of film offers an overview of the issues and perspectives that contribute to a full understanding of the medium. The book addresses all the important areas encountered by students studying film for the first time, ranging from a history of Hollywood and British Cinema to an analysis of the key theories of different genres and narratives. It draws on a wealth of diverse examples, handled as extended case studies or briefer vignettes, that offer a sensitive mix of the familiar, classic and more unusual aspects of films. With its original narrative line and student-centred philosophy, this book makes for an essential and engaging read for all film enthusiasts approaching the subject for the first time. Contents: Introduction / Film Language / Genre and Narrative / Film and Industry / Film and Theory / Film and History / Film and Representation / Film and Technology / Bibliography May 2004 Hardback Paperback

352pp £60.00 £20.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-1626-6 978-1-4039-1627-3

Anatomy of Film

The Film Experience

6th edition

An Introduction 2nd edition

Bernard F. Dick, Professor of Communications, Farleigh Dickinson University, USA

Review of the 5th edition: ‘I love Anatomy of Film. It offers a comprehensive exploration into the study of film as a genre. It is clear and concise so that students are not overwhelmed by information, but at the same time, it provides the essential groundwork of what students need to know to become proficient in the analysis of cinema’ -Julie Gustafson, Samford University, USA This jargon-free introduction to film appreciation and analysis helps students develop a critical awareness of cinema without overwhelming them. Including new features, updated examples and greater attention to growing trends, the new edition provides deeper coverage of key theory, concepts and terminology for all film students. Contents: Understanding the Medium / Graphics and Sound / Film, Space, and Mise-en-Scene / Enhancing the Image: Color, Lighting, and Visual Effects / Film Genres / Film Subtext / The Film Director / Film and Literature / Film Analysis / Film Theory and Criticism / Appendix I: Films Discussed and Directors / Appendix II: Sample Student Papers / Appendix III: Video and DVD Rental and Purchase Sources and Web Sites / Glossary of Motion Picture Terms / Index May 2009 350pp 228x152mm 135 b/w and colour illustrations Paperback £22.99 978-0-230-22333-2

Timothy Corrigan, Professor of English and Film Studies, Temple University, USA and Patricia White, Associate Professor of English and Film and Chair of Film and Media Studies, Swarthmore College, USA

The second edition of this accessible book continues to examine how we can extract a broad range of meanings from the films we watch. With an improved structure, better pedagogy and more examples from popular film, this edition continues to give students of film the vocabulary, context and critical tools they need for serious film study. Contents: Preface / PART I: FILM CONTEXTS: MAKING, WATCHING AND STUDYING MOVIES / Introduction to the Film Experience / Preparing Viewers and Views: Distribution, Production, Promotion, and Exhibition / PART II: COMPOSITIONS: FILM SCENES, SHOTS, CUTS AND SOUNDS / Exploring a Material World: Mise-enScene / Seeing through the Image: Cinematography / Relating Images: Editing / Listening to the Cinema: Film Sound / PART III: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES: FROM STORIES TO GENRES / Telling Stories about Time: Narrative Film / Representing Reality: Documentary Films / Experimental Screens: Avant-garde Film, Video Art, and New Media / Rituals, Conventions, Archetypes, and Formulas: Movie Genres / PART IV: HISTORIES: HOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND / Conventional Film History: Evolutions, Masterpieces, and Periodization / Global and Local: Inclusive Histories of the Movies / PART V: REACTIONS: READING AND WRITING ABOUT FILM / Reading about Film: Critical Methods and Theories / Writing a Film Essay: Observations, Arguments, Research, and Analysis / Glossary / Index April 2009 Paperback

256pp £27.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-22329-5

1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial



The Critical Practice of Film An Introduction Elspeth Kydd, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Art, Media and Design, University of the West of England, UK

The successful study of film combines criticism, theory and practice. This book covers all three areas and guides the student towards an engaged form of creative expression and an active role as reviewer and critic. Beautifully presented, this groundbreaking text offers all students an integrated understanding of film criticism and production.

Making Settler Cinemas Film and Colonial Encounters in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand Peter Limbrick, Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Through a shrewd analysis of the historical experience of imperialism and settler colonialism, Limbrick draws new conclusions about their effect on cinematic production, distribution, reception and filmic discourse.

Contents: PART ONE: CRITICAL PRACTICE / The Critical Practice of Film / PART TWO: FILM FORM / Narrative Film Documentary Film / PART THREE: TECHNIQUES OF FILM / Cinematography / Mise-en-Scène / Sound / Editing / Music / PART FOUR: ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL PRACTICE / Interpretation and Analysis of Film / Critical Practice in Action November 2010 336pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £21.99

246x189mm 978-0-230-22975-4 978-0-230-22976-1

Screen Adaptation


July 2010 Hardback

272pp £52.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-10264-4

Impure Cinema Deborah Cartmell, Reader in English and Imelda Whelehan, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, both at De Montfort University, UK

Adaptation studies have historically been neglected in both the English and Film Studies curricula. Reflecting on this, Screen Adaptation celebrates its emergence in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries and explores the varieties of approaches and debates within the field. Examples include J.K.Rowling, Shakespeare and Jane Austen. June 2010 Hardback Paperback

224pp £49.50 £16.99

Women, Desire, and Power in Italian Cinema Marga Cottino-Jones, Professor Emeritus, Department of Italian, University College Los Angeles, USA

Playing For Real Actors on Playing Real People

This book is the first comprehensive study of the representation of woman in Italian films of the twentieth century.

Edited by Tom Cantrell, Actor, Tutor and Researcher, Department of Theatre, Film and TV and Mary Luckhurst, Professor of Modern Drama, both at University of York, UK

‘This book of interviews brilliantly explores what it means for an actor to be playing Freud or Gordon Brown, Lawrence of Arabia or Charles Dickens. The actors’ answers are as various as the people being portrayed but the intriguing problem these interviews investigate is, for the first time, excitingly put centre-stage.’ - Peter Holland, McMeel Family Professor in Shakespeare Studies, University of Notre Dame, USA July 2010 Hardback Paperback


176pp £42.50 £9.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8549-1 978-1-4039-8550-7

March 2010 Hardback

264pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-62287-6

Italian and Italian American Studies Series Editor: Stanislao G. Pugliese

198x129mm 978-0-230-23041-5 978-0-230-23042-2

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Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema Boaz Hagin, Film and Television Department, Tel Aviv University, Israel

‘This highly original study is a rigorous, provocative and entertaining account of the different meanings associated with death in classical Hollywood cinema. Analyzing an impressive range of films with flair and theoretical sophistication, it shows how death becomes meaningful in art. This is an important work on Hollywood film which also helps us to understand how we incorporate the death of others into the narrative of our lives.’ - Colin Davis, Professor of French, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

The Melodramatic Public: Film Form and Spectatorship in Indian Cinema

April 2010 Hardback

April 2010 Hardback

216x138mm 978-0-230-23622-6

Creative Screenwriting Understanding Emotional Structure Christina Kallas, President of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe

Kallas proposes an original approach to writing for the screen. Both theory and method aims at exciting the imagination to inspire and dramatize stories with thematic richness, emotional depth and narrative rhythm. Accompanying exercises support the book and enable writers to create stories out of emotions and images. May 2010 Hardback Paperback

256pp £50.00 £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-22140-6 978-0-230-22141-3

Steven Price, Lecturer in English, Bangor University, UK

After decades of neglect, the screenplay is finally being recognized as a form that deserves serious critical analysis. This book for the first time combines a detailed study of the theory and practice of screenwriting with new approaches to criticism and original studies of individual texts.

What does it mean to say Indian movies are melodramatic? How do film audiences engage with socio-political issues? What role has cinema played in the emergence of new economic forms, consumer cultures and digital technologies in a globalizing India? Ravi Vasudevan addresses these questions in a wide-ranging analysis of Indian cinema.

Contents: The Meaning of Death in Classical Hollywood / Two Platos: Death, Truth and Knowledge / Embodying the Past / Melodrama and the Shaping of Desires to Come / The Cult of the Dead and Powers of the False / A Perpetual Present: Death and the War Film / Conclusions: The End of Classical Death / Notes / Bibliography / Index 240pp £50.00

Authorship, Theory and Criticism

Ravi Vasudevan, Professor, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, India

Contents: Introduction / The Melodramatic Public / PART I: MELODRAMATIC AND OTHER PUBLICS / Shifting Codes, Dissolving Identities: Realist Art Cinema Criticism and Popular Film Form / The Politics of Cultural Address in a ‘Transitional’ Cinema / Neither State Nor Faith: Mediating Sectarian Conflict in Popular Cinema / A Modernist Public: The Double Take of Modernism in the Work of Satyajit Ray / PART II: CINEMA AND TERRITORIAL IMAGINATION IN THE SUBCONTINENT: TAMILNADU AND INDIA / Voice, Space, Form: the Symbolic and Territorial Itinerary of Mani Rathnam’s Roja (1992) / Bombay (Mani Rathnam, 1995) and Its Publics / Another History Rises to the Surface: Melodrama in the Age of Digital Simulation: Hey Ram! (Kamalahasan, 1999) / PART III: MELODRAMA MUTATED AND DIFFERENTIATED: NARRATIVE FORM, URBAN VISTAS AND NEW PUBLICS IN A HISTORY OF THE PRESENT / Selves Made Strange: Violent and Performative Bodies in the Cities of Indian Cinema 1974–2003 / The Contemporary Film Industry I: The Meanings of ‘Bollywood’ / The Contemporary Film Industry II: Textual Form, Genre Diversity and Industrial Strategies / Conclusion and Afterword

Boaz Hagin carries out a philosophical examination of the issue of death as it is represented and problematized in Hollywood cinema of the classical era (1920s-1950s) and in later mainstream films, looking at four major genres: the Western, the gangster film, melodrama and the war film.

The Screenplay

448pp £65.00

Contents: Preface / Acknowledgements / Authorship / From Work to Text / Ontology of the Screenplay / Stages in Screenplay Development / The Birds / Editing and Publication / The Scene Text / The Dialogue Text / Epilogue: Sunset Boulevard / Appendix / Notes / Bibliography / Index January 2010 Hardback Paperback

232pp £60.00 £16.99

Visions of Struggle in Women’s Filmmaking in the Mediterranean Edited by Flavia Laviosa, Senior Lecturer, Department of Italian Studies, Wellesley College, USA, and International Editorial Board of Sine/Cine: The Journal of Cinema Research

216x138mm 978-0-230-24764-2

Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from World War II to the Present The Orientalist Buddy Film Brian Locke, Assistant Professor of English and Ethnic Studies, University of Utah, USA

216x138mm 978-0-230-22361-5 978-0-230-22362-2

In this survey, contributors examine issues of women’s rights violations in Mediterranean countries as represented in politically engaged films of the region. March 2010 Hardback

256pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61736-0

Comparative Feminist Studies Series Editor: Chandra Talpade Mohanty

This book charts the evolution, from the World War II period to the present day, of racial relationships and their repercussions in Hollywood films and examines a neglected sub-genre. January 2010 224pp 8 pp illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61882-4

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The Documentary

Realism and the Audiovisual Media

Politics, Emotion, Culture Belinda Smaill, Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, Monash University, Australia

Belinda Smaill proposes an original approach to documentary studies, examining how emotions such as pleasure, hope, pain, empathy, nostalgia or disgust are integral both to the representation of selfhood in documentary, and to the way documentaries circulate in the public sphere. Contents: Acknowledgements / PART I: DOCUMENTARY AND PLEASURE / Introduction: Representation and Documentary Emotions / Pleasure and Disgust: Desire and the Female Porn Star / PART II: PAIN AND THE OTHER / Injury, Identity and Recognition - Rize and Fix: The Story of an Addicted City / Women, Pain and the Documentaries of Kim Longinotto / PART III: THE LABOUR OF AUTHORSHIP: CARING AND MOURNING / Loss and Care: Asian Australian Documentary / Civic Love and Contemporary Dissent Documentary / PART IV: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: HOPE AND NOSTALGIA / Children, Futurity and Hope: Born into Brothels / Nostalgia, Historical Time and Reality Television: The Idol Series / Epilogue / Notes / Index November 2009 232pp 7 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23751-3

Edited by Lúcia Nagib, Professor of World Cinemas, University of Leeds, UK and Cecília Mello, Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

This collection examines two recent phenomena: the return of realist tendencies and practices in world cinema and television, and the ‘rehabilitation’ of realism in film and media theory. The contributors investigate these two phenomena in detail, querying their origins, relations, divergences and intersections from a variety of perspectives. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction / PART I: THEORIZING REALISM / T.Elsaesser: World Cinema: Realism, Evidence, Presence / L.Grist: Whither Realism? Bazin Reconsidered / M.Silberman: On Brecht, Realism and the Media / L.Bayman: Melodrama as Realism in Italian Neorealism / M.A.Doane: Scale and the Negotiation of ‘Real’ and ‘Unreal’ Space in the Cinema / PART II: WORLD CINEMA AND NEW REALISMS / A.Rogers: Realism and Gus Van Sant’s Elephant / M-Y.T.Rawnsley: Observational Realism in Taiwan New Cinema / A.De La Garza: Realism and National Identity in Y Tu Mamá También: An Audience Perspective / V.Strukov: A Journey through Time: Alexander Sokurov’s Russian Ark and Theories of Mimesis / PART III: THE REALISM OF THE MEDIUM / B.Johnson: Realism, Real Sex and Experimental Cinema: Mediating Eroticism in Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye / D.Quinlivan: Breath Control: The Sound and Sight of Respiration as Hyper-Realist Corporeality in Breaking the Waves / J.Leigh: Ontology, Film and the Case of Eric Rohmer / C.Mello: Up the Junction: Ken Loach and TV Realism / PART IV: DOCUMENTARY, TV AND THE ETHICS OF REPRESENTATION / L.Nagib: Filmmaking as the Production of Reality – A Study of Hara and Kobayashi’s Documentaries / I.Xavier: Character Construction in Brazilian Documentary Films: Modern Cinema, Classical Narrative and Micro-Realism / J.M.Salles: The Difficulty with Documentary / D.Myers: Losing Grip on Reality – A Reflection on British Factual Television / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2009 288pp 40 b/w photographs Hardback £55.00


Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir Ready for Her Close-Up Julie Grossman, Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences and Professor of English, Communication and Film Studies, Le Moyne College, USA

In the context of nineteenth-century Victorinoir and close readings of originalcycle film noir, Julie Grossman argues that the presence of the ‘femme fatale’ figure, as she is understood in film criticism and popular culture, is drastically over-emphasized and has helped to sustain cultural obsessions with ‘bad’ women. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Illustrations / Introduction: ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’ / PART I: FILM NOIR’S ‘FEMME FATALES’: MOVING BEYOND GENDER FANTASIES / ‘Well, aren’t we Ambitious’: Desire, Domesticity, and the ‘Femme Fatale’ / Psychological Disorders and ‘Wiretapping the Unconscious’: Film Noir Listens to Women / PART II: LOOKING BACK - VICTORINOIR: MODERN WOMEN AND THE FATAL(E) PROGENY OF VICTORIAN REPRESENTATIONS / Looking Forward - Deconstructing the ‘Femme Fatale’ / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2009 192pp 24 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23328-7

216x138mm 978-0-230-57722-0

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Women on the Edge

Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997

French and American Noir

Twelve Political Film Practices

The Post-Nostalgic Imagination

Dark Crossings

Sharon Lin Tay, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Middlesex University, UK

Women on the Edge reenvisions women’s cinema as contemporary political practices by exploring the works of twelve filmmakers. Moving on from the 1970s feminist adage that the personal is political, Sharon Lin Tay argues that contemporary women’s cinema must exceed the personal to be politically relevant and ethically cogent. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction: A Revised Women’s Cinema Through Lynn Hershmann-Leeson’s Cyberfeminist Interventions / PART I: On the Edges of the Authorial Voice: Liv Ullmann’s Faithless, Gendered Authorship, and Ingmar Bergman / On the Edges of the Documentary: Jill Craigie’s Political and Aesthetic Sensibilities / On the Edges of Ethnography: Kim Longinotto’s Institution of Feminist Discourses / On the Edges of Art Cinema: Sally Potter and the Feminist Response / PART II: On the Edges of Postcolonialism: Deepa Mehta and Transnational Cinema / On the Edges of National Cinema: Sofia Coppola and Female Authorship / On the Edges of Geopolitics: Sexual Difference in Ursula Biemann’s Video Essays / Conclusion: Vignettes of A New Feminist Politique: Gisela Sanders Alcántara, Guo Xiaolu, Christina McPhee, Liz Miller / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2009 224pp 12 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21776-8

Vivian P.Y. Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong

‘An important contribution to a growing body of scholarly literature on contemporary Hong Kong cinema, and a valuable update on current trends and practices in Hong Kong film culture.’ - Gina Marchetti, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong Taking as its point of departure the three recurrent themes of nostalgia, memory and local histories, this book is an attempt to map out a new poetics - the ‘post-nostalgic imagination’ - in Hong Kong cinema in the first decade of Chinese rule. Contents: Introduction / PART I: TIME AND MEMORY / Post-Nostalgia: In the Mood for Love and 2046 / Cinematic Remembrances: Ordinary Heroes and Little Cheung / Allegory, Kinship, and Redemption: Fu Bo and Isabella / PART II: SCHIZOPHRENIA, AMNESIA AND CINEPHILIA / Lost in the Cosmopolitan Crime Zone: Johnnie To’s Urban Legends / The Kung Fu Hero in the Digital Age: Stephen Chow’s ‘Glocal’ Strategies / Karmic Redemption: Memory and Schizophrenia in Hong Kong Action Films / PART III: IN AND OUT / Migrants in a Strange City: (Dis-)locating the China Imaginary / Outside the Nation: the Pan-Asian Trajectory of Applause Pictures / The Hong Kong Multiplex: An Unfolding Narrative / Notes / Bibliography / Index September 2009 264pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22143-7

Alistair Rolls, Senior Lecturer in French, University of Newcastle, Australia and Deborah Walker, Senior Lecturer in French, University of Auckland, New Zealand

A longstanding misconception surrounding the term French noir suggests that the post-war French thriller and film noir were a development of, or response to, a pre-existing American tradition. This book challenges this misconception, examining the complexity of this trans-Atlantic exchange and refocusing debate to include a Franco-French lineage. August 2009 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-53690-6

Crime Files Series Editor: Clive Bloom ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Literature Collections

Remaking Kurosawa Translations and Permutations in Global Cinema Dolores Martinez, Reader in Anthropology with special reference to Japan, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK

Through the lens of Akira Kurosawa’s films, Martinez dissects the human tendency to make connections in a pioneering attempt to build a bridge out of diverse materials: the anthropology of Japan, film studies, and postmodern theory. August 2009 Hardback

248pp £47.50

216x138mm 978-0-312-29358-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

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The New Film History

The Screenwriter’s Handbook 2010

Sources, Methods, Approaches Edited by James Chapman, Professor of Film Studies, University of Leicester, UK, Mark Glancy, Senior Lecturer in History, Queen Mary, University of London, UK and Sue Harper, Professor of Film History, University of Portsmouth, UK

‘ invaluable tool in both teaching and research...the essays are scholarly and engagingly written, and genuinely extend the boundaries of the discipline. It will quickly become a central text for film history courses.’ - Melanie Bell, Journal of British Cinema and Television Now available in paperback, this first major overview of the field of film history in twenty years offers a wide-ranging account of the methods, sources and approaches used by modern film historians. Key areas of research are analyzed, alongside detailed case studies of well-known American, Australian, British and European films. June 2009 Paperback

272pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-59448-7

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Edited by Barry Turner, Freelance Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster, UK

‘At last, all the essential information in one place - a boon for all screenwriters.’ - Jake Eberts, Executive Producer of Dances with Wolves, Chicken Run and A River Runs Through It ‘Screenwriters are the backbone to our industry, and The Screenwriter’s Handbook is set to become an essential tool for their craft.’ - Amanda Nevill, Director, British Film Institute This is the essential guide for all new and established writers for the screen. Including useful, easy-to-search contact detail entries from courses, societies and grants to representation and production companies, along with provocative articles and invaluable advice from top UK and US representatives and practitioners of the trade. June 2009 Paperback

288pp £18.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-57327-7

Audiovisual Translation Language Transfer on Screen Edited by Jorge Díaz Cintas, Senior Lecturer in Translation, Imperial College London, UK and Gunilla Anderman, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey, UK

An introduction by leading experts in the field to the fascinating subject of translating audiovisual programmes for the television, the cinema, the Internet and the stage and the problems the differences between cultures can cause. December 2008 272pp photographs and tables Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-01996-6

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Televising History Mediating the Past in Postwar Europe Edited by Erin Bell, Lecturer in History, University of Lincoln, UK and Ann Gray, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Lincoln, UK

This volume brings together scholars from across Europe to critically examine TV history programming in a period of political, economic and cultural change. Contents: E.Bell & A.Gray: Introduction: History on Television in Europe: The Past Two Decades / PART I: PERSPECTIVES / J.Corner: ‘Once Upon A Time...’: Visual Design and Documentary Openings / P.Sorlin & L.Cigognetti: History on Television: The Problem of Sources / B.Winston: Combatting ‘A Message Without a Code’: Writing the ‘History’ Documentary / A.Gray: Contexts of Production: Commissioning History / E.Bell: Beyond The Witness: The Layering of Historical Testimonies on British Television / PART II: TELEVISED HISTORY AND NATIONAL IDENTITY / I.Veyrat-Masson: Staging Historical Leaders on French Television: The Example of Napoleon Bonaparte / E.Hanna: Landscape and Memory: British Television Documentaries about the First World War / S.Hernandez Corchete: Mediated Collective Memory and the Political Process Towards Democracy in Spain: An Analysis of the Spanish TV Historical Documentary Series La Transición / PART III: TELEVISED HISTORY, MEMORY AND IDENTITY / Leeuw: Television Fiction, A Domain of Memory: Retelling the Past on Dutch Television / A.Blaney: Facing the Truth, Pain, and Reconciliation / M.Rohringer: Women and War / A.Dhoest: History in Popular Television Drama: The Flemish Past in Wij, Heren van Zichem / PART IV: HISTORY PROGRAMMING: FORM, GENRE, TECHNIQUE / Groot: ‘I Feel Completely Beautiful For the First Time In My Life’: Bodily ReEnactment and Reality Documentary / T.Ebbrecht: (Re)Constructing Biographies: German Television Docudrama and the Historical Biography / I.Kleinecke: Flog It!: Nostalgia and Lifestyle on British Daytime Television / A.Holdsworth: Who Do You Think You Are? Family History and Memory on British Television / E.Bell & A.Gray: Conclusion: Broader Themes and Televisualisation / Notes / Bibliography / Index May 2010 312pp 2 b/w photographs Hardback £55.00


216x138mm 978-0-230-22208-3

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Creating Preschool Television A Story of Commerce, Creativity and Curriculum Jeanette Steemers, Professor of Media and Communications, University of Westminster, UK

Small children are regularly captivated by programmes made especially for them – ranging from classics like Sesame Street to more recent arrivals such as Blues Clues and Teletubbies. This book examines the industry interests behind preschool television, and how commercial, creative and curricular priorities shape and inform what is produced. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Illustrations / Understanding Preschool Television as a Production Ecology / Safe at Home: The Origins of Preschool Television as a Public Service Project / Growing Up: The Rise of the Global Market in Preschool Programming / Broadcaster Perspectives on Preschool Production / Players in Rights Management and Production / Production Preliminaries - Development and Research / Production Checklists, Rules and Assumptions / In Production / Spinning Off Profits: Ancillary Exploitation and the Power of Retail / Policy Interventions and the Crisis in Children’s Television (co-written with Alessandro D’Arma) / The Bigger Picture: Preschool Television in its Critical and Aesthetic Contexts (cowritten with James Walters) / Conclusions and Future Outlook / Notes / Bibliography / Index February 2010 264pp b/w in-text illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57440-3

Reinventing Public Service Communication

The Peacock Committee and UK Broadcasting Policy

European Broadcasters and Beyond

Edited by Thomas O’Malley, Professor of Media Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK Janet Jones, Principal Lecturer of Journalism, University of the West of England, UK

Edited by Petros Iosifidis, Reader in Media and Communications, City University, London, UK

‘A very timely and extremely valuable collection of essays on public service media in a digital age. Highly commendable.’ - Professor Daya Thussu, University of Westminster, UK These essays address one of the most challenging debates in contemporary European media studies: the transition of the traditional Public Service Broadcasters into Public Service Media, as they widen their remit to produce and distribute public service content across more delivery platforms to meet the requirements of the digital age. February 2010 3 figures Hardback





This fascinating collection of essays is the first fulllength scholarly study of the genesis and influence of Alan Peacock’s intellectually radical ‘Report of the Committee on Financing the BBC’ (1986), which fundamentally altered the principles governing the development of broadcasting policy in the UK. Contents: Acknowledgements / Preface / Notes on Contributors / T.O’Malley: Introduction / T.O’Malley: Planning and Competition / T.O’Malley: Liberalism and Broadcasting Policy from the 1920s to the 1960s / T.O’Malley: Technology, Politics and Economics 1962-84 / P.Jay: Twenty and Thirty and Forty Years On: A Personal Retrospect on Broadcasting Policy Since 1967 / A.Peacock: The ‘Politics’ of Investigating Broadcasting Finance / S.Brittan: The Fight for Freedom in Broadcasting / J.Seaton & A.McNicholas: It was the BBC Wot Won It: Winning the Peacock Report for the Corporation, or How the BBC Responded to the Peacock Committee / R.Collins: Paradigm Found: The Peacock Report and the Genesis of a New Model UK Broadcasting Policy / K.Williams: The Unbearable Light of the Market: Broadcasting in the Nations and Regions of Britain post-Peacock / J.Jones: PSB 2.0. – UK Broadcasting Policy after Peacock / A.Peacock: Impressions, Influences and Indebtedness / Conference Witness Testimonies / Appendix 1 – Peacock Report: Recommendations / Appendix 2 -Biographies of Members of the Peacock Committee / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2009 Hardback

296pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-52474-3

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A Study of Modern Television

Television Drama

Thinking Inside the Box

Theories and Identities Andrew Crisell, Professor of Broadcasting Studies, University of Sunderland, UK

This essential text provides an account of the complex character of modern television. Covering issues ranging from television’s historical development to its impact on culture and society in general, the text provides an analysis of television’s strengths and limitations. The book’s scope and clarity make it ideal for all media students. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / PART I: THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN TELEVISION / Birth and Infancy: 1884-1954 / The Years of Duopoly: 1955-1982 / Proliferation and Deregulation: the 1970s Onwards / Modern Television: Policies and Practices / PART II: TELEVISION GENRES / News and Current Affairs / Documentary and Features / Forms of Infotainment / Sport / Drama and Film / Comedy and Light Entertainment / PART III: TELEVISION CULTURE / Television: Audience Uses and Effects / Globalisation and Localism / Television, Theatricality and Public Life / Conclusion / Bibliography March 2006 Hardback Paperback

200pp £55.00 £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-96408-8 978-0-333-96409-5

Big Brother Reality TV in the Twenty-First Century Jonathan Bignell, Department of Film, Theatre and Television, University of Reading, UK November 2005 200pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £19.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-1684-6 978-1-4039-1685-3

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections


Radio in Context

Sue Thornham, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex and Tony Purvis, School of Communication, Joseph Cowen Building, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

At a time when distinctions between television and film have blurred, and multiple TV channels offer us the chance to re-view TV dramas, there is still little attention paid to television drama as text or to ways of theorising such texts. This book offers both a clear account of theoretical approaches to television drama and readings of a range of television drama texts. Arguing that TV drama is a key site for exploring the usefulness of contemporary theories of identity, culture and representation, it offers a framework which links this analysis to theoretical concepts explored elsewhere in cultural, media and film studies over recent years. Each chapter provides a critical account of a specific theoretical approach, outlining its history and scope, and demonstrating its application across a range of TV dramas, ending with a close reading of particular examples. Contents: Introduction: Approaches to Television Drama / Part 1: Representing Television Drama: Television Drama and its Critics / Part 2: Stories and Meanings / Narrative / Genre / Realism / Part 3: Power and Subjectivity / Ideology, Hegemony and Discourse / Uses of Psychoanalysis / Part 4: Gender and Sexuality / Feminist Approaches / Sexual Subjects / Part 5: The end of representation? Television Drama and Postmodernism October 2004 Hardback Paperback

224pp £60.00 £20.99

Guy Starkey, Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Programme Leader, Media, Sunderland University, UK

‘Guy Starkey’s introduction to radio gallops through an impressively vast territory...with a commentary that is clearly informed by long experience...and insightful commentary.’ - Sally Feldman, Times Higher Education Supplement ‘This is a comprehensive guide to radio practices in Britain, and is suitable for teaching the theory and practice of radio. Its great strength is the way it places textual analysis and theoretical perspectives alongside the practical how-to-do-it instruction, and is particularly good on the latter. There is a good level of interactivity, with readers encouraged to listen more widely to different examples of the genre and to discuss and write about their radio listening as well as their practical work.’ - Jan Haworth The Radio Journal Contents: Introduction to Radio / Speech Packages / Live Sequences and Phone-ins / Music Scheduling, Formats and Branding / Magazine Programmes / Advertisements and Trails / Light Entertainment / Drama / Documentaries / Appendix: Finding Work in Radio / Glossary June 2004 Hardback Paperback

288pp £55.00 £19.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-0022-7 978-1-4039-0023-4

216x138mm 978-0-333-96887-1 978-0-333-96888-8

How to Study Television 2nd edition Keith Selby and Ron Cowdery, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies March 1995 Paperback

256pp £14.99

216x138m 978-0-333-56965-8

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Documentary Screens Nonfiction Film and Television Keith Beattie, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University, Australia

‘I finished reading Documentary Screens... today and find it to be the most accessible, readable, up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative book of its kind.’ - Sam B. Girgus, Vanderbilt University, USA Documentary Screens is a comprehensive and critical study of the formal features and histories of central categories of documentary film and television. Among the categories examined are autobiographical, indigenous and ethnographic documentary, compilation films, direct cinema and cinema verite and television documentary journalism. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / ‘Believe Me, I’m of the World’: Documentary Representation / Men with Movie Cameras: Flaherty and Grierson / Constructing and Contesting Otherness: Ethnographic Film / Decolonizing the Image: Aboriginal Documentary Productions / The Truth of the Matter: Cinema Verite and Direct Cinema / The Camera I: Autobiographical Documentary / Finding and Keeping: Compilation Documentary / The Fact/Fiction Divide: DramaDocumentary and Documentary Drama / The Evening Report: Television Documentary Journalism / Up Close and Personal: Popular Factual Entertainment / The Burning Question: The Future of Documentary / Conclusion / Screenings and Additional Resources / Notes / Bibliography / Index May 2004 Hardback Paperback

288pp £60.00 £20.99


Media Writing

Introducing Science Communication A Practical Guide Edited by Mark L. Brake, Professor of Science Communication, University of Glamorgan, UK and Emma Weitkamp, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication, University of the West of England, UK

A Practical Introduction Craig Batty, Senior Lecturer in Screenwriting, The Media School, Bournemouth University, UK and Sandra Cain, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Creative and Media Writing, Southampton Solent University, UK

From copywriting to screenwriting and digital to print, this text examines a variety of media writing possibilities. With case studies to illustrate concepts, the book merges theory and practical tips giving students a critical vocabulary to use when discussing texts. It is an essential resource for journalism, media and creative-writing students. Contents: Introduction: What is Media Writing? / Print Journalism: Newspapers / Print Journalism: Magazines / Broadcast Journalism / Public Relations and Media Relations / Copywriting and Advertising / Screenwriting: Fiction / Screenwriting: Fact / Conclusion: Media Writing and Digital Technology / Bibliography / Index August 2010 224pp 1 b/w line drawing Paperback £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21876-5

From climate change to stem cell research, this book shows how to communicate complex scientific issues to the masses. Each chapter explains key methods and issues, providing the reader with practical and theoretical understanding of science communication. This is an essential text for students learning how to communicate science in today’s media. Contents: M.Brake & E.Weitkamp: Introduction / M.Brake: The History and Development of Science and its Communication / N.Hook & M.Brake: Science in Popular Culture / E.Weitkamp: Writing Science / T.Murcott: Broadcasting Science / K.Bultitude: Presenting Science / A.Boyle: Communicating Science in Museums and Science Centres / C.Wilkinson: Science and the Citizen / Conclusion November 2009 192pp 9 charts Hardback £55.00 Paperback £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-57385-7 978-0-230-57386-4

216x138mm 978-0-333-74116-0 978-0-333-74117-7

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Analysing Newspapers

Balance and Bias in Journalism

An Approach from Critical Discourse Analysis

Representation, Regulation and Democracy

John E. Richardson, Lecturer in Media and Communications, Loughborough University, UK

Guy Starkey, Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Programme Leader, Media, Sunderland University, UK

‘Analysing Newspapers has a sharp, analytical focus by an author who clearly understands what students need...Unlike many academic books this is an easy, enjoyable read, but poignant nevertheless.’ - Fifth Estate Online

‘...valuable, authoritative and well-evidenced contributions to the growing body of scholarship in this area and should become essential reading for serious students of journalism and for those who practise it.’ - Sally Feldman, Times Higher Education Supplement

This book offers both an understanding of newspaper reporting and a means for readers to develop their own critical analysis. Using a wealth of contemporary case studies, students are taught how the language of journalism works, providing students with an accessible and user-friendly guide to analyzing newspapers around the globe. Contents: Introduction: Newspaper Discourse / Analysing Newspapers: Context, Text and Consequence / Analysing Texts: Some Concepts and Tools of Linguistic Analysis / Discursive Practices: Producing Print Journalism / Social Practices: Journalism and the Material World / Applying Discourse Analysis: Argumentation and Letters to the Editor / Critical Discourse Analysis: War Reporting / Conclusion / Glossary / References October 2006 Paperback


280pp £21.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-3565-6

Guy Starkey offers a clearly structured discussion of ‘balance’ in the media, and the difficulties inherent in both achieving and measuring it. Providing an analysis of theoretical issues, an exploration of practical considerations and a review of methods for assessing journalistic output, it will appeal to students of journalism and media studies. Contents: Introduction / A Question of Balance: Reality and Representation / Balance in Broadcasting: Representation and Regulation / Power and Responsibility: The Press, the People and Self-regulation / In the Eye of the Beholder: Audience Perspectives of Balance and Bias / Broadcast Talk and the Printed Word: A Balancing Act / Meditated Imperialism: International Journalism in the Global News Marketplace / Case Studies - Balance and Bias in Practice October 2006 Hardback Paperback

208pp £60.00 £20.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-9248-2 978-1-4039-9249-9

Israeli Media and the Framing of Internal Conflict The Yemenite Babies Affair Shoshana MadmoniGerber, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media, Suffolk University, USA

A study of the media coverage of the Yemenite Babies Affair - the story of the alleged kidnapping of hundreds of Yemenite babies from their families upon arrival to Israel in the early 1950s. Examining the role played by the media and by racism, this book is part of a growing trend to expand perspectives within Israeli scholarship. Contents: Introduction: The Personal, the Political and the Theoretical / Official Narratives, New Historians, and the Untold Mizrahi History / Israeli Media: History, Ownership and the Politics of Mizrahi Representation / Mapping the Media Coverage of the Yemenite Babies Affair / Israeli Media and the Framing of Internal Conflict / Israeli Media and the Articulation of Resistance: Rabbi Meshulam’s Revolt / Politics of Difference, Multiculturalism and the Imaginary Community: Future Implications of the Unresolved Yemenite Babies Affair August 2009 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61346-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

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Global Children, Global Media Migration, Media and Childhood Liesbeth de Block and David Buckingham, Director, both at Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and the Media, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Children today are growing up in a world of global media. Many have also become global citizens, through their experience of migration and transnational networks. This study examines the relationships between children, the media, migration and globalization and is now available in paperback. June 2010 Paperback

240pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-27344-3

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age The Spirit of Networks Eran Fisher, Lecturer, College of Management – Academic Studies, and at the Interdisciplinary Centre, Israel

This book explores the new terrain of network capitalism through the transformations of the discourse on technology. Contents: Introduction: Technology Discourse and Capitalist Legislation / Capitalism, Technology and the Digital Discourse / Contemporary Technology Discourse / Network Market / Network Work / Network Production / Network Human / Network Cosmology and the Exhaustion of Critique / Networks as the Techno-political Culture of Post-Fordism March 2010 Hardback

272pp £55.00

HIGHLIGHT Premediation Affect and Mediality After 9/11 Richard Grusin, Professor of English, Wayne State University, USA

‘In this book, Richard Grusin demonstrates why he is one of the leading media and cultural theorists of our time. Lucid and convincing throughout, Premediation interrogates our mediatized futures, today. It is essential reading.’ - Andrew Hoskins, University of Nottingham, UK ‘Premediation offers an important counterpoint to the hegemony of futurism, a critical analysis of how visions and narratives of the future require more than a second glance. Grusin remediates his well known work on media, technology and time through an affective political sphere; one that, he argues, is cultivating an uncanny feeling of inevitability.’ - Greg Elmer, Ryerson University, Canada In an era of heightened securitization, print, televisual and networked media have become obsessed with the ‘pre-mediation’ of future events. In response to the shock of 9/11, socially networked US and global media work to premediate collective affects of anticipation and connectivity, while also perpetuating low levels of apprehension or fear. Contents: Introduction / Remediating 9/11 / Premediation / Affect, Mediality, and Abu Ghraib / The Affective Life of Media / The Anticipation of Security / Conclusion / Notes / Bibliography / Index April 2010 216pp Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24251-7 • Paperback £19.99


234x156mm 978-0-230-61607-3

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Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality Edited by Lars Elleström, Professor of Comparative Literature, Växjö University, Sweden

A groundbreaking collection of essays looking at the concepts of ‘intermediality’ and ‘multimodality’ - the relationship between various forms of art and new media - and including case studies ranging from music, film and architecture to medieval ballads, biopoetry and Lettrism. Contents: L.Elleström: Introduction / PART I: MEDIA, MODALITIES, AND MODES / L.Elleström: The Modalities of Media: A Model for Understanding Intermedial Relations / PART II: MEDIA BORDERS OF QUALIFIED MEDIA / I.Rajewsky: Border Talks: The Problematic Status of Media Borders in the Current Debate about Intermediality / A.Englund: Intermedial Topography and Metaphorical Interaction / C.Ljungberg: Intermedial Strategies in Multimedia Art / PART III: COMBINATIONS AND INTEGRATIONS OF MEDIA / S.Kværndrup: ‘Media’ before ‘Media’ Were Invented: The Medieval Ballad and the Romanesque Church / H.Sandgren: The Intermediality of Field Guides: Notes Towards a Theory / S.Sjöberg: Media on the Edge of Nothingness: Visual Apostrophes in Lettrism / PART IV: MEDIATIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS OF MEDIA / S.Bruhn: Penrose, ‘Seeing is Believing’: Intentionality, Mediation, and Comprehension in the Arts / V.Robillard: Beyond Definition: A Pragmatic Approach to Intermediality / R.Schober: Translating Sounds: Intermedial Exchanges in Amy Lowell’s ‘Stravinsky’s Three Pieces “Grotesques” for String Quartet’ / C.Clüver: ‘Transgenic Art’: The Biopoetry of Eduardo Kac / K.Sándor: Photo/graphic Traces in Dubravka Ugresic’s The Museum of Unconditional Surrender / H.Király: The Dance of Intermediality: Attempt to a Semiotic Approach of Medium Specificity and Intermediality in Film / A.Pethő: Media in the Cinematic Imagination: Ekphrasis and the Poetics of the In-Between in Jean-Luc Godard’s Cinema / PART V: THE BORDERS OF MEDIA BORDERS / J.Bruhn: Heteromediality / J.E.Müller: Intermediality Re-Visited: Some Reflections about Basic Principles of this Axe de pertinence / Notes / Bibliography / Index

Digital Advertising Andrew McStay, Senior Lecturer in Advertising, London College of Communication, UK

Digital media offer exciting potential for advertizing and marketing. This text looks at the cultural, commercial and creative practices of advertizing in these environments. Combining industry and critical perspectives, it analyzes key theory, concepts and trends in the field. This is ideal reading for students of Media Studies and Advertizing. Contents: Introduction / The History and Business Environment of Digital Advertising / Forms and Content: Beyond the Pop-up / The Business Practice and Cultural Contours of Dataveillance / Conceiving User Approaches to Digital Advertising / Policy and Regulation / Creativity, Science and the New Consumer / Conclusions, Ethics and Future Directions November 2009 288pp 234x156mm 5 b/w tables, 4 b/w photographs and 1 diagram Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-22240-3 Paperback £18.99 978-0-230-22241-0

Rethinking Theories and Practices of Imaging Edited by Timothy H. Engström, Professor and Evan Selinger, Associate Professor, both at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

The first volume of its kind to analyze the impact that theories and practices of imaging have had on a variety of fields. It draws on an impressive range of philosophical approaches, from analytic, to pragmatic, to phenomenological concluding that imaging is developing a social and cultural impact comparable to language. Contents: List of Images / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction / PART I: REINVENTING SIGHT / PART III: EPISTEMOLOGY, IDENTITY AND IMAGING / PART IV: ART, AESTHETICS AND IMAGING / PART V: ETHICS, POLITICS, AND IMAGING A Full Table of Contents is Available at: October 2009 368pp 216x138mm 2 b/w tables and 82 illustrations Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-58065-7

Print Is Dead Books in Our Digital Age Jeff Gomez, Senior Director of Online Consumer Sales and Marketing, Penguin Group USA

‘This book is a wake-up call for anyone in the print media who has not yet grasped or embraced the realities of the digital world created by the Internet.’ - Anthony Cheetham, Literary Review July 2009 Paperback

304pp £9.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-61446-8

ebook available from: Barnes & Noble, Inc., Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Waterstone’s

March 2010 288pp 216x138mm 3 b/w tables and 12 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-23860-2


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Video Cultures

New Media

Media Technology and Everyday Creativity

Culture and Image

Edited by David Buckingham, Director, Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and the Media and Rebekah Willett, Lecturer in Education, both at Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Over the past decade, there has been a huge increase in ordinary people’s access to video production technology. These essays explore the theoretical significance of this trend and its impact on society, as well as examining a wide range of case studies, from camcorders and camera phones to YouTube and citizen journalism. Contents: List of Figures / Acknowledgements / R.Willett: In The Frame: Mapping Camcorder Cultures / D.Buckingham: A Commonplace Art? Understanding Amateur Media Production / D.Buckingham, M.Pini & R.Willett: ‘Take Back The Tube!’: The Discursive Construction of Amateur Film- and Video-Making / M.Pini: Inside the Home Mode / D.Buckingham: Speaking Back? In Search of the Citizen Journalist / R.Willett: Parodic Practices: Amateur Spoofs on Video Sharing Sites / D.Buckingham: Skate Perception: SelfRepresentation, Identity and Visual Style in a Youth Subculture / J.Henderson: Handing Over Control? Access, ‘Ordinary People’ and Video Nation / M.Pini: In The Bedroom: Sex on Video / D.Buckingham: The Hidden World of Organised Amateur Film-Making / R.Willett: Always On: Camera Phones, Video Production and Identity / D.Buckingham: Power To The People? The Past and Future of Amateur Video / Notes / Index

Media and Communication Technologies Kelli Fuery, Honorary Associate, University of Sydney, Australia

Does a new media culture truly exist? This book explores the newness of new media, looking critically at key concepts and theory to show how it digitally affects our lives. Filled with visual examples that explore ideas of interactivity, surveillance and power, it is key reading for students of media and cultural studies. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / The Discursive Practice of the New / The Metaphoricity of Interactivity / Control, Power and Paranoia / The Digitalisation of the Body / Pleasure in and of New Media: The Pleasure of the Browsing Image / New Media: Habitus and Identity / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2008 184pp 1 b/w illustration Hardback £55.00 Paperback £18.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8943-7 978-1-4039-8944-4

A Critical Introduction Stephen Lax, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, UK

‘Stephen Lax’s critical but balanced analysis of major ‘breakthroughs’ in media and communication helps untangle the social and technical choices that have shaped the information age.’ William H.Dutton, Director of Oxford Internet and Professor of Internet Studies, University of Oxford, UK Technology plays an ever greater role in media and communications. With new developments such as digital broadcasting and mobile communications emerging continually, this book helps students make sense of the technological changes taking place in communications today. Contents: Introduction / The Early History of Technology and Communications: The Telegraph and the Telephone / Radio / Television / Communication Channels: Data Delivery Platforms / Digital Signals and Digital Broadcasting / Computing, Communication and Convergence / Mobile Communications / An Information Society? September 2008 248pp 234x156mm 14 b/w line drawings and 8 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 978-1-4039-9889-7 Paperback £19.99 978-1-4039-9890-3

October 2009 256pp 216x138mm 6 b/w photographs, 1 b/w table and 1 figure Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-22186-4

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Science for the Nation

The Impact of 9/11 on the Media, Arts, and Entertainment The Day that Changed Everything?

Perspectives on the History of the Science Museum Edited by Peter J T Morris, Head of Research and Principal Curator, Science Museum, UK

An engaging study of a great national institution. The essays explore the changing roles of museums and the perceived public role of a museum of science and technology. It illuminates the ways in which we think about the collecting and display of objects and the often difficult relations between the state, business and industry, and museum funding. March 2010 376pp 234x156mm 14 colour plates, 61 b/w illustrations, 5 tables and 2 graphs Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-23009-5

Edited by Matthew J. Morgan, Director, Business Systems Analyst Group, Starwood Hotels

‘This volume completes the fascinating series of books on the impact of 9/11 on various areas of the common life. It evokes fresh reflections on the doctrines of ‘just and unjust war,’ pacifism, and the relationship of universal ethical principles to national sovereignty and para-state violence. This is a valuable contribution to the study of how events do or do not shape ideas, and how comprehensive worldviews interpret historical events.’ - Max L. Stackhouse, De Vries Professor of Theology and Public Life Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA December 2009 288pp Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-60841-2

Historical Reenactment From Realism to the Affective Turn

Cinema and the Swastika The International Expansion of Third Reich Cinema Edited by Roel Vande Winkel, Assistant Professor, University of Antwerp, The Netherlands and David Welch, Professor of Modern History, University of Kent, UK

‘Cinema and the Swastika was rightfully awarded the Willy Haas Award for outstanding publication on German cinema at Cinefest 2007 in Hamburg. The contributions are stimulating, informative, and jargon-free. This book belongs in the reference collection of anyone engaged in the study of German politics, culture or film history from 1933 until 1945.’ - Horst Claus, Filmblatt February 2007 360pp 216x138mm photographs, illustrations and tables Hardback £65.00 978-1-4039-9491-2 Paperback £18.99 978-0-230-23857-2

Winner of the 2007 Willy Haas Award for books on German cinema.

Public Speaking in the City

Edited by Iain McCalman, Professorial Research Fellow, SOPHI, University of Sydney, University of Sydney Paul A. Pickering, Professor of History and Director of Graduate Studies, Australian National University, Australia

Debating and Shaping the Urban Experience Janet Stewart, Lecturer in German and Visual Culture, University of Aberdeen, UK

Since the late 1700s new forms of visual entertainment have tried to simulate the details of nature: re-enactment has now become the most widely-consumed form of popular history. This book engages with the quest for definition and appropriate delimitation of re-enactment as well as questions about the relationship between realism and affect.

Providing a compelling analysis of debates in and about the modern city, this book draws upon architecture, history, literary studies, new media and sociology to explore the multiple connections between location, speech and the emerging modern metropolis. It concludes by reflecting on public speaking in the construction of the virtual city.

January 2010 248pp 16 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00

August 2009 240pp 19 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57612-4

216x138mm 978-0-230-21809-3

Re-Enactment History Series Editors: Vanessa Agnew and Jonathan Lamb


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Communications Policy

The Tabloid Terrorist The Predicative Construction of New Terrorism in the Media

Edited by Stylianos Papathanassopoulos, Professor of Communication, University of Athens, Greece and Ralph Negrine, Professor of Political Communication, University of Sheffield, UK

Contents: S.Papathanassopoulos & R.Negrine: Introduction / PART ONE: THEORIES / S.Papathanassopoulos & R.Negrine: Approaches to Communications Policy: An Introduction / S.Braman: Mediating the Public Through Policy / A.Duff: The Past, Present and Future of Information Policy / M.Raboy, B.Abramson, S.Proulx & R.Welters: Media and Social Demand: Research at the Interface of Policy Studies and Audience Studies / J.Harrison: The Development of a European Civil Society Through EU Public Service Communication / PART TWO: ISSUES / R.W.McChesney: The Escalating War Against Corporate Media / A.Harcourt: The Role of the European Institutions in National Media Regulation / S.Papathanassopoulos & R.Negrine: Public Broadcasters in the Digital Era / J.M.Bauer: Transformations of the State in Telecommunications / D.CaristiL Coordinating Internet Policies: Time has Come / G.Gil-Egui, Y.Tian & C.M.Stewart Framing the Information Society: A Comparison of Policy Approaches by the US and the EU September 2010 224pp Hardback £55.00 Paperback £18.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-22458-2 978-0-230-22459-9

Generation Disconnected?

Alexander Spencer, Assistant Professor, Geschwister-Scholl-Institute for Political Science, Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversity Germany

Theory and Issues

Culture, politics, economics and technology all impact upon policy decisions. This book explores relevant theory and research from across these fields to introduce key debates and developments in communications policy. With contributions from leading scholars, this book is key reading for all students, researchers and policy makers.

Television News, Politics and Young People

This book introduces a constructivist approach to the study of terrorism and shows how language in the media affects our perceptions of ‘terrorists’ and how particular constructions of ‘terrorist’ automatically make certain counter-terrorism policies possible, logical and seemingly appropriate. June 2010 224pp 3 b/w tables and 2 figures Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-57558-5

The Undivided Sky The Holocaust on East and West German Radio in the 1960s René Wolf, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Radio was one of the major weapons used in the Cold War and The Undivided Sky gives a lively and comprehensive account of radio programming and audience responses in the divided Germany of the 1960s by looking at the reportage of major warcrimes trials of the time, issues of the Holocaust and German national identity. February 2010 280pp 11 b/w tables and 1 map Hardback £55.00

Mike Wayne, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Julian Petley, Professor of Screen Media and Journalism, both at Brunel University, UK Craig Murray, Independent Scholar and Lesley Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Communications, Brunel University, UK

‘A wonderfully thoughtprovoking rejoinder to those who maintain that the media defends liberty through the dominance of the commercial market. Written by experienced scholars in the field who provide some fascinating insights into the hidden world of senior newscasters and producers.’ - Brian D. Loader, University of York, UK Why are young people alienated from television news? This book argues that contemporary trends indicating deepening disconnection from news about public life reflect both problems in the way television news covers politics - the single biggest item on the news - and problems with the nature of politics itself under neo-liberal capitalism. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / The Crisis of Political Representation / Young People, Politics and Television / Broadcasters’ Perspectives / Content Analysis of Television News / The Symbolic Criminalisation of Young People / The Monopolisation of Political Discourse / The Boundaries of Political Debate: Animal Rights / Apathetic or Excluded? Young People, News and the Electronic Media / Talk Back: Young Audiences and Reception / Conclusion: Is Another Television News Paradigm Possible? / Bibliography / Notes / Index April 2010 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21935-9

216x138mm 978-0-230-57676-6

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International Cultural Policies and Power

Theaters of War America’s Perceptions of World War II Vincent Casaregola, Professor of English and Director, English Department Writing Program, Saint Louis University, USA

Edited by J P Singh, Associate Professor, Communication, Culture and Technology Program, Georgetown University, USA

Political scientists by and large ignore cultural industries and technologies whereas they are prominent in other disciplines. This book provides insights from local, societal, national, and international levels in understanding cultural industries, technologies, and policies and integrates these perspectives into the study of political science. January 2010 256pp 2 b/w tables and 4 figures Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-23527-4

International Political Economy Series Series Editor: Timothy M. Shaw

December 2009 304pp Hardback £18.99

Media Consumption and Public Engagement Beyond the Presumption of Attention Nick Couldry, Professor of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, UK, Sonia Livingstone, Professor, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Tim Markham, Lecturer in Journalism, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

‘A significant contribution to academic research.’ The Political Quarterly ‘...makes an important contribution to debates around the relationship between celebrity and politics, democratic malaise and media effects, which should be of interest to, and should be read by, students both of politics and of media and society more generally.’ - European Journal of Communication January 2010 Paperback

272pp £19.99

Historian Vincent Casaregola examines the portrayal of WWII in popular culture and how that portrayal has changed over time. By examining WWII films, literature, theatre and art from the Cold War era, the Vietnam War, the Reagan years, and present day, he seeks to understand the part played by current politics, events and conflicts. 234x156mm 978-1-4039-6486-1

Framing the Iraq War Endgame War’s Denouement in an Age of Terror Erika G. King, Professor of Political Science, Grand Valley State University, USA and Robert A. Wells, Professor of Political Science, Thiel College, USA

This book traces the evolution of political and media discourse on the Iraq war endgame over the roughly twenty-eight month period from late fall 2005 to spring 2008. November 2009 288pp Hardback £47.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-60898-6

Media, Memory, and Human Rights in Chile Kristin Sorensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Global Studies, Bentley University, USA

‘Sorenson has produced a fascinating and important case study of the interplay of media, collective memory, and the search for accountability and meaning post-Pinochet Chile. Calling attention to the vital role that television, documentaries, and other media play in reflecting and shaping contested representations of a traumatic past, this book will be important for readers interested in transitional justice and the aftermath of authoritarian regimes in other historical contexts.’- David Cohen, Director, Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center, University of California, Berkeley, USA Sorensen investigates the manner in which Chilean media and public culture discuss human rights violations committed during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) as well as human rights problems which still exist. October 2009 Hardback

196pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61283-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

216x138mm 978-0-230-24738-3

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections


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How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy Sally Totman, Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University, Australia

This book examines US foreign policy toward the so-called ‘rogue states’ and the products of the Hollywood film industry in relation to these states, which promises to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the ‘soft power’ that is popular culture. November 2009 240pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61869-5

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Joseph Goebbels Life and Death Toby Thacker, Lecturer in Modern European History, Cardiff University, UK

‘...a welcome addition to the burgeoning library of ‘perpetrator studies.’ Literary Review ‘…a detailed and wellwritten insight into the man at the heart of the Nazi propaganda machine…In his examination of Goebbels, Toby Thacker has produced a valuable addition to the printed history of the 1930s and 1940s.’ Britain at War Magazine

Media and Public Spheres Edited by Richard Butsch, Professor of Sociology, Rider University, USA

‘This book brings together interesting, challenging and thoughtprovoking approaches to the empirical and theoretical appreciation of the public sphere. The contributors offer astute and insightful analyses of a wide range of expressions of public spheres, prompting us to look at unsuspected places and listen to unacknowledged voices that embody the promise for citizens’ connection, participation, awareness and action. This is an important contribution to the debates in the field.’ - Katharine Sarikakis, Senior Lecturer in Communications Policy and Director of the Centre for International Communications Research, University of Leeds, UK Using examples from the US, Europe and Asia, this collection - now available in paperback - presents empirical studies of print, recorded music, movies, radio, television and the Internet to reveal both how media structure public spheres and how people use media to participate in the public sphere. May 2009 Paperback

264pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-59449-4

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Becoming Europeans Cultural Identity and Cultural Policies Monica Sassatelli, Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, UK

In this significant intervention into the academic and institutional debate on European cultural identity, Monica Sassatelli examines the identity-building intentions and effects of the European Capital of Culture programme, and also looks at the work of the Council of Europe and the recent European Landscape Convention. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Acronyms / List of Illustrations / Introduction / PART I: MAKING THE EUROPEANS: CULTURAL IDENTITY AND CULTURAL POLICY / Imagined Europe: Narratives of European Cultural Identity / European Cultural Policies / PART II: BEING AND BECOMING: THE EUROPEAN CAPITALS OF CULTURE / A Simple Idea and a Vision: The ECOC Programme / A ‘Wealth of Urban Cultures’: The European Cities of Culture in 2000 / PART III: EUROPE AS LANDSCAPE: THE EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE CONVENTION / From Monuments to Landscape: The European Landscape Convention / Europe as a Landscape: Unity in Diversity in Practice / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index July 2009 248pp 216x138mm 2 b/w line drawings, 1 colour photograph and 6 b/w tables Hardback £52.00 978-0-230-53742-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

September 2009 424pp 234x156mm 41 b/w illustrations and 5 maps Hardback £19.99 978-0-230-22889-4 Paperback £12.99 978-0-230-27866-0

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HIGHLIGHT Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century Karen Sanders, Professor of Journalism, CEU San Pablo University, Spain, and Associate Professor, IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain ‘Karen Sanders is to be applauded for providing a tour de force of the field which is theoretically informed as well as rich in both historical and contemporary material - Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century amply demonstrates why this is such a fascinating subject of study.’ - Dominic Wring, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, Loughborough University, UK ‘This is a profoundly comprehensive analysis of political communication at the beginning of the twenty-first century. With its international approach and a broad perspective, well beyond election campaigns, the book introduces the reader to all stages and problems of the political communication process.’ - Christina Holtz-Bacha, Professor of Communication, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany ‘Politics still revolves around a nation-state, but it’s a conversation that moves ever more globally. Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century adopts a valuable international perspective in examining both the shared practices and ethical undercurrants of political communication.’ - Stephen D. Reese, Jesse H. Jones Professor in Journalism, University of Texas, USA ‘...fine scholarship mixed with clear understanding of professional practice and appropriate case studies.’ - Times Higher Education From propaganda to protests, this book provides an in depth study of politics and the media today. Using historical and contemporary examples, Sanders covers the essential theory and key research in the field. Topical and comprehensive, this book covers everything students need to know about the global world of political communication.


Childhood and Consumer Culture Edited by David Buckingham, Director, Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and the Media, Institute of Education, University of London, UK and Vebjørg Tingstad, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

In recent years children have become an increasingly important consumer market, and there is growing concern about the ‘commercialization’ of childhood. This book sheds light on these debates, offering new empirical data and challenging critical perspectives on children’s engagement with consumer culture from a wide range of international settings. July 2010 272pp 5 b/w tables and 2 figures Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22783-5

Studies in Childhood and Youth Series Editors: Allison James and Adrian L. James

Saturday Night Live, Hollywood Comedy, and American Culture From Chevy Chase to Tina Fey Jim Whalley, formerly taught Film Studies at the Universities of Salford, Liverpool John Moores and East Anglia, UK

This book addresses how Saturday Night Live’s confrontational, boundary-pushing approach spilled over into film production, contributing to some of the biggest hits in Hollywood history. July 2010 Hardback

256pp £52.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-10358-0

Contents: List of Figures and Tables / Introduction / PART I: ISSUES, CONCEPTS, DEBATES / Introducing the Field of Political Communication / Media Democracies / Symbolic Politics: ‘All the World’s a Stage’ / Political Marketing: The Death of Conviction? / PART II: THE COMMUNICATORS / Communicating Government / Communication in Opposition, Protest and Violence / The Political Persuasion Industry: Lobbyists, Pressure Groups and Think Tanks / Global Political Communication / PART III: GETTING THE MESSAGE / The People: Opinion, Polls and Participation / Political Campaigns / Campaign effects: Is Anyone Ever Persuaded? / Political News and Comment / Creating the Conditions for Conversation: Ethics and Political Communication / References / Index November 2008 280pp 234x156mm 11 b/w tables and 6 b/w line drawings Paperback £20.99 978-0-230-00029-2


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Contemporary Adulthood Calendars, Cartographies and Constructions Edited by Judith Burnett, Dean, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Women, Doctors and Cosmetic Surgery Negotiating the ‘Normal’ Body

This book explores an innovative study of women who undergo cosmetic study and the doctors who carry it out. It situates cosmetic surgery as a personal choice made by women against the social and cultural reality of the way women’s bodies are scrutinised in Western countries.

216x138mm 978-0-230-58103-6

Ribbon Culture Charity, Compassion and Public Awareness Sarah E.H. Moore, Lecturer in Sociology, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, UK

March 2010 Hardback

248pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57400-7

Children, Food and Identity in Everyday Life

‘…this is an interesting and well-written book on a topic of current interest, that adds both to the sociological literature on compassion and, in its own way, to that on material culture.’ - Alan Radley, British Journal of Sociology ‘This is a brilliant example of how the sociological imagination helps us understand how culture works. Ribbon Culture forces us to rethink what we know about the act of ‘raising awareness’.’ Frank Furedi, Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, UK

Edited by Allison James, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK, Anne-Trine Kjørholt, Associate Professor and Director of Norwegian Centre for Child Research and Vebjørg Tingstad, Associate Professor, both at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

April 2010 Paperback

Studies in Childhood and Youth Series Editors: Allison James and Adrian L. James

200pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-24789-5

Joint Winner of the British Sociological Association Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2009 ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Edited by Kathrin Hörschelmann and Rachel Colls, both Lecturers in Human Geography, University of Durham, UK

Rhian Parker, Associate Professor, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute

A new approach which problematizes the category of contemporary adulthood, this book includes chapters on demographic change; becoming thirtysomething; graduates and work; mental health and happiness; new configurations of masculinity; the sexual lifecourse; political beliefs in adulthood; and adulthood and the housing market. May 2010 208pp 2 figures and 3 b/w tables Hardback £50.00

Contested Bodies of Childhood and Youth

This book explores the significance of food practices for childhood identities, from early babyhood to middle childhood and teenage years. It examines how children and families negotiate food and eating practices; what influence the media has on these; the role institutions play; and how far class and ethnicity shape the food that children eat. November 2009 232pp 216x138mm 9 b/w illustrations and 3 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-57599-8

Demonstrating the contested and differentiated nature of childhood and youth embodiment, this book responds to political and media discourses that stigmatize ‘unruly’ youthful bodies, by combining the critical analysis of imagined and disciplined youthful bodies with a focus on young people’s lived and performed, embodied subjectivities. October 2009 280pp 216x138mm 5 b/w tables and 8 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-20138-5

The Age of Consent Young People, Sexuality and Citizenship Matthew Waites, Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK

Addressing the contentious issue of how children’s sexual behaviour should be regulated, this book explores the history of age of consent laws in the UK and provides a global comparative survey of age of consent laws and relevant international human rights law. August 2009 Paperback

296pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23718-6

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

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The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture Bernice M. Murphy, Lecturer in Popular Literature, School of English, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The first sustained examination of the depiction of American suburbia in gothic and horror films, television and literature from 1948 to the present day. Beginning with Shirley Jackson’s The Road Through the Wall, Murphy discusses representative texts from each decade, including I Am Legend, Bewitched, Halloween and Desperate Housewives. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction: Welcome to Disturbia / The House Down the Street: The Suburban Gothic in Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson / Conjure Wife: The Suburban Witch / Aliens, Androids and Zombies: Dehumanisation and the Suburban Gothic / ‘You Son of a Bitch! You Only Moved the Headstones!’: Haunted Suburbia / Don’t Go Down To The Basement!: Serial Murder, Family Values and the Suburban Horror Film / ‘Ah, But Underneath…’: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Desperate Housewives / Conclusion: The End of Suburbia? / Notes / Bibliography / Filmography / Index August 2009 Hardback

248pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21810-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection


The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts

Fintan Walsh, Part-time Lecturer, Drama Studies, Trinity College, Republic of Ireland

Helen Hanson, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Department of English, University of Exeter, UK and Catherine O’Rawe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Italian, University of Bristol, UK

These essays trace the femme fatale across literature, visual culture and cinema, exploring the ways in which fatal femininity has been imagined in different cultural contexts and historical epochs, and moving from mythical women such as Eve, Medusa and the Sirens via historical figures such as Mata Hari to fatal women in contemporary cinema. Contents: List of Illustrations / H.Hanson & C.O’Rawe: Introduction: ‘Cherchez la femme’ / G.Pollock: Ecoutez la Femme: Hear/Here Difference / PART ONE: LITERARY AND VISUAL ARCHETYPES / K.Edwards: The Mother of All Femmes Fatales: Eve as Temptress in Genesis 3 / J.Sully: Challenging the Stereotype: The Femme Fatale in Fin-de-Siecle Art and Early Cinema / J.Ramirez: Silent Divas: The Femmes Fatales of the Italian Cinema muto / R.White: You’ll be the Death of Me: Mata Hari and the Myth of the Femme Fatale / PART TWO: FILM STARS / Diabolically Clever / S.Hayward: Clouzot’s French Noir Les Diaboliques (1954) / M.Bell: Fatal Femininity in Post-War British Film: Investigating the British Femme / O.Kourelou: Put the Blame on…Mei: Zhang Ziyi and the Politics of Global Stardom / C.O’Rawe: Gender, Genre and Stardom: Fatality in Italian Neorealist Cinema / PART THREE: FEMME FATALES IN EUROPEAN AND WORLD CINEMAS / A.Davies: The Femme Fatale of Spanish Retro Noir: the Recuperation of a Repressed Voice / M.Wood: Chiaroscuro: the Halfglimpsed Femme Fatale of Italian Film Noir / M.Rinka & J.Marambio: A Myth is Born: The Femme Fatale in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema / PART FOUR: HOLLYWOOD / S.Neale: ‘I Can’t Tell Anymore Whether You’re Lying’: Double Indemnity, Human Desire and the Narratology of Femmes Fatales / J.Grossman: ‘Well, aren’t we ambitious’, or ‘You’ve Made up Your Mind I’m Guilty’: Reading Women as Wicked in American Film Noir / J.Grossman: The Big Seduction: Feminist Film Criticism and the Femme Fatale H.Hanson / Notes / Bibliography / Index July 2010 Hardback


Male Trouble: Masculinity and The Performance of Crisis

248pp £50.00

A rich analysis of the discourses and figurations of ‘crisis masculinity’ around the turn of the twentyfirst century, working at the intersection of performance and cultural studies and looking at film, television, drama, performance art, visual art and street theatre. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Illustrations / Performing Male Trouble / Masculinity, Sacrifice, and the Production of Heteronormativity in The Passion of the Christ / Impotence, Abjection, and Victimization in Made in China and Intermission / Homosexuality, Subjection, and Masculinization in Shopping and Fucking and Faust is Dead / Wounded Attachments in the Live Art of Ron Athey and Franko B / David Blaine, Fathers 4 Justice, and the Spectacle of Heroic Masculinity / The Jackassification of Male Trouble: Incorporating the Abject as Norm / Epilogue: The Ethic of Fragilization / Bibliography / Index July 2010 240pp 9 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57969-9

Mundane Heterosexualities From Theory to Practices Jenny Hockey, Professor of Sociology, Angela Meah, Research Associate, Department of Geography and Victoria Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, all at University of Sheffield, UK

Mundane Heterosexualities is the first major empirical study of heterosexual relationships. Critiquing feminist debates, and examining heterosexual practices across the last century, this book argues that as a social, rather than sexual category, heterosexuality can be seen as the organizing principle of our everyday lives. June 2010 Paperback

256pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-27347-4

216x138mm 978-0-230-20361-7

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Theatre & Interculturalism

Performing Masculinity

Ric Knowles, Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, Canada

As human traffic between nations increases and as hybridity becomes more characteristic of cultural production, it becomes imperative to critically re-examine the way cultural exchange is performed. Theatre and Interculturalism surveys established approaches to the topic and proposes new ways of thinking about theatrical flow across cultures. June 2010 Paperback

104pp £4.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-57548-6

Theatre &

Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe Edited by Rosemary Crompton, Professor of Sociology, City University, UK, Suzan Lewis, Department of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Clare Lyonette, Department of Sociology, City University, UK

‘... as a smorgasbord of research on work, gender and family life, this table is tantalisingly laden.’ -

Gender in Management ‘…a useful addition to the ever-growing literature on social and economic inequality.’ - Work, Employment and Society June 2010 Paperback

288pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-27337-5

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Edited by Rainer Emig, Chair in English Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Hannover, Germany and Antony Rowland, Chair in Literary Studies, University of Salford, UK Foreword by J. Bristow

This interdisciplinary study analyzes the ways in which signs of masculinity have been performed across a wide variety of contexts and genres - including literature, classical ballet, sports, rock music, films and computer games - from the early nineteenth century to the present day. Contents: Notes on Contributors / J.Bristow: Foreword / R.Emig & A.Rowland: Introduction / D.Saglia: Touching Byron: Masculinity and the Celebrity Body in the Romantic Period / G.Siegmund: Turning into Subjects: The Male Dancer in Romantic Ballet / J.L.Malay: Industrial Heroes: Elizabeth Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë’s Constructions of the Masculine / R.Emig: Low on Assurance: The Troubled Masculinity of Victorian Comedy / A.Bateman: Performing Imperial Masculinities: The Discourse and Practice of Cricket / A.Rowland: ‘A Stoat Came to Tea’: Camp Poetics and Masculinity / D.Boulting: Lethal Enclosure: Masculinity under Fire in James Jones’s The Thin Red Line / K.Burkitt: In their Fathers’ Footsteps: Performing Masculinity and Fatherhood in the Work of Les Murray and Michael Ondaatje / W.Ho: Seeding Asian Masculinities in the U.S. Landscape: Representations of Men’s Lives in Asian American Literature / L.Krämer: From Glam Rock to Cock Rock: Revis(it)ing Rock Masculinities in Recent Feature Films / W.Funk: Histories of Violence – Fairytales of Identity and Masculinity in Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore and The Pillowman / S.Schmalfuß: ‘Ghosts of Sparta’: Performing the God of War’s Virtual Masculinity / Notes / Index April 2010 Hardback

256pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57798-5

Pole Dancing, Empowerment and Embodiment Samantha Holland, Research Fellow, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

‘This book pays much needed attention to a fascinating phenomenon emerging from striptease culture and the mainstreaming of sex... Holland’s cutting-edge ethnography illuminates brilliantly the complexities of feminized and embodied empowerment swirling around these poles, as women from all walks of life explore this new form of exercise and self-expression. ‘Poler’ is now a new word in my vocabulary!’ - Catherine M. Roach, Associate Professor, New College, University of Alabama, USA March 2010 224pp 4 colour illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21038-7

Feminism, Inc. Coming of Age in Girl Power Media Culture Emilie Zaslow, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Pace University, USA

This book explores how girls growing-up in girl power media culture understand gender, self, empowerment, and resistance. December 2009 224pp Hardback £50.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-60814-6

Imagined Transnationalism U.S. Latino/a Literature, Culture, and Identity Edited by Kevin Concannon, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin, USA, Francisco A. Lomelí, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, and Chair of Chicano Studies, University College Santa Barbara, USA and Marc Priewe, Professor of American Studies, University of Potsdam, Germany

With its focus on Latina/o communities in the United States, this collection of essays identifies and investigates the salient narrative and aesthetic strategies with which an individual or a collective represents transnational experiences and identities in literary and cultural texts. December 2009 272pp Hardback £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-60632-6

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Rethinking Chicana/o and Latina/o Popular Culture

Identity in the 21st Century New Trends in Changing Times Edited by Margaret Wetherell, Professor of Social Psychology, The Open University, UK

Daniel Enrique Pérez, Assistant Professor of Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies, Chair of Ethnic Studies, and Faculty Associate of Gender, Race, and Identity Studies, University of Nevada, USA

Through a gender, ethnicity, and sexuality lens, Pérez demonstrates that queer Chicana/o and Latina/o identities are much more prevalent in cultural production than most people think. By claiming a variety of characters and texts as queer, he expands the breadth of queer representation in cultural production. December 2009 208pp 12 pp illustrations Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61606-6

Future of Minority Studies

Gay Suburban Narratives in American and British Culture Homecoming Queens Martin Dines, Lecturer in Suburban and Cultural Studies, Kingston University, UK

Martin Dines explores the relationship between the physical and metaphorical spaces of suburbia and the evolution of modern gay identities across a range of British and American film and fiction, looking at the work of Dennis Cooper, Quentin Crisp, Todd Haynes, Christopher Isherwood, Kevin Killian, David Leavitt, Oscar Moore and Edmund White. Contents: Introduction / The Straightest Space Imaginable? / No Place to Hide: The Suburban Sissy and the American Coming-Out Story / Making it Public: Recent British Coming-Out Narratives / Wasteland of the Free: New Narrative and the Suburbs / The Importance of Being Normal: The Fiction of Suburban Resettlement / Sacrilege in the Sitting Room: Contesting Suburban Domesticity / Coda: Writing ‘Home’ / Notes / Index November 2009 232pp 11 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00


216x138mm 978-0-230-23324-9

Performance, Exile and ‘America’

‘This important collection of original essays, using state-of-theart quantitative and qualitative methods, offers fascinating insights into the complex ways that power relations inscribe contemporary social identities.’ - Professor Mike Savage, the University of Manchester, UK November 2009 280pp 9 b/w tables Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-58087-9

Identity Studies in the Social Sciences Series Editors: Margaret Wetherell Valerie Hey

Race and Ethnicity in the 21st Century Edited by Alice Bloch, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, City University, London, UK John Solomos, Professor of Sociology, City University, UK

‘Race and ethnicity still determine people’s life chances. Bloch and Solomos have brought together leading social researchers to show what this means for individuals and society. They argue that understanding is the key to change – an important message for policy-makers.’ - Stephen Castles, Research Professor of Sociology, University of Sydney, Australia November 2009 256pp 234x156mm 11 b/w tables and 9 b/w graphs Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-00778-9 Paperback £19.99 978-0-230-00779-6

Edited by Silvija Jestrovic, Associate Professor, School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy, University of Warwick, UK and Yana Meerzon, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa, Canada

This collection investigates dramatic and performative renderings of ‘America’ as an exilic place particularly focusing on issues of language, space and identity. It looks at ways in which immigrants and outsiders are embodied in American theatre practice and explores ways in which ‘America’ is staged and dramatized by immigrants and foreigners. October 2009 280pp 216x138mm 11 b/w photographs and 1 diagrams Hardback £50.00 978-0-230-57456-4

Studies in International Performance Series Editors: Janelle Reinelt and Brian Singleton

Why Feminism Matters Feminism Lost and Found Kath Woodward, Professor of Sociology, The Open University, UK and Sophie Woodward, Research Fellow and Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, UK

This exciting book is an innovative and creative critique of the theories and practices of feminism, arguing that it still matters in the twenty-first century. Written by a mother and daughter authorial team, the book presents a dialogue across generations and reinstates a politics of difference and the importance of the category of ‘woman’. September 2009 200pp Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21619-8

Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866



Beyond a Joke The Limits of Humour Edited by Sharon Lockyer, Lecturer in Sociology and Communication, School of Social Sciences, Brunel University, UK and Michael Pickering, Professor of Media and Cultural Analysis, Loughborough University, UK

The Black and Green Atlantic Cross-Currents of the African and Irish Diasporas Edited by Peter D. O’Neill, PhD Candidate and David Lloyd, Professor of English, both at University of Southern California, USA For centuries, African and Irish people have traversed the Atlantic, as slaves, servants, migrants, exiles, political organizers and cultural workers. Their experiences intersected; their cultures influenced one another. These essays explore the connections that have defined the ‘Black and Green Atlantic’ in culture, politics, race and labour. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / P.O’Neill & D.Lloyd: Introduction / PART 1: RACE, THE STATE AND THE GREEN ATLANTIC / D.Lloyd: Black Irish, Irish Whiteness and Atlantic State Formation / A.Martin: Fenian Fever: CircumAtlantic Insurgency and the Modern State / N.Rodgers: Green Presbyterians, Black Irish and Some Literary Consequences / PART 2: PERFORMING RACE / C.Robinson: Ventriloquizing Blackness: Eugene O’Neill and Irish-American Racial Performance / M.Quigley: White Skin, Green Face: House of Pain and the Modern Minstrel Show / J.T.Naito: Samuel Beckett and the Black Atlantic / PART 3: RACE AND GENDER / M.Howes: How Irish Maids are Made: Domestic Servants, Atlantic Culture, and Modernist Aesthetics / P.O’Neill: Laundering Gender: Chinese Men and Irish Women in Late Nineteenth-Century San Francisco / S.Lettman: Freeing the Colonized Tongue: Representations of Linguistic Colonization in Marlene Norbese Philip’s and Eavan Boland’s Poetry / PART 4: ATLANTIC CROSSINGS / M.Malouf: Transatlantic Fugue: Self and Solidarity in the Black and Green Atlantics / L.Jenkins: Beyond the Pale: Green and Black and Cork / F.Sweeney: ‘To redeem our colonial character’: Slavery and Civilization in R. R. Madden’s A Twelvemonth’s Residence in the West Indies / PART 5: CROSSCURRENTS / T.Hale: Martyrs for Contending Causes: David Walker, John Mitchel and the Limits of Liberation / A.Gulick: Declaring Differently: The Transatlantic Black Political Imagination and Mid-Twentieth Century Internationalisms / D.O’Hearn: Embodied Perception and Utopian Movements: Connections Across the Atlantic / Works Cited / Index November 2009 6 b/w illustrations Hardback





‘Beyond A Joke is a timely reminder that cultural analysis can illuminate how the best and worst comedy find their mark on the faultlines of society. This superb collection of essays is indispensable for understanding why debates about humour are central to the politics of public expression.’ - Simon Cross, Lecturer in Communication, Culture & Media, Nottingham Trent University, UK Humour in contemporary culture is generally celebrated as a public good, yet at times is felt to produce misunderstanding and even hatred. Now available in paperback, this collection explores the ethics and aesthetics of humour, in everyday life and in media comedy. An updated introduction looks at the implications of the Brand/Ross controversy. Contents: Notes on Contributors / S.Lockyer & M.Pickering: Introduction: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Humour and Comedy / M.Billig: Violent Racist Jokes / D.Howitt & K.Owusu-Bempah: Race and Ethnicity in Popular Humour / J.Morreall: Humour and the Conduct of Politics / J.Palmer: Parody and Decorum: Permission to Mock / S.Lockyer & M.Pickering: Breaking the Mould: Conversations with Omid Djalili and Shazia Mirza / K.Willis: Merry Hell: Humour Competence and Social Incompetence / F.Gray: Privacy, Embarrassment and Social Power: British Sitcom / D.Chambers: Comedies of Sexual Morality and Female Singlehood / M.Pickering & S.Lockyer: The Ambiguities of Comic Impersonation / Bibliography / Index August 2009 Paperback

224pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-59450-0

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Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture

Everyday Multiculturalism

Edited by Sara Brady, Lecturer in Drama Studies and Fintan Walsh, Part-time Lecturer, Drama Studies, both at Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

‘This book has the energy and excitement of a newly discovered mine of research, that of Irish performance studies...This collection offers striking juxtapositions and theoretical frameworks which offer new insights into the making of Irish culture - past and present.’ - Professor Anna McMullan, Queens University Belfast, UK August 2009 Hardback

272pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21998-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Edited by Amanda Wise, Senior Research Fellow and Selvaraj Velayutham, Lecturer, both at Macquarie University, Australia

This book explores everyday lived experiences of multiculturalism in the contemporary world. Drawing on place-based case studies, contributions focus on encounters and interactions across cultural difference in super-diverse cities to explore what it means to inhabit multiculturalism in our everyday lives. July 2009 296pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21037-0

Francophone Voices of the “New” Morocco in Film and Print (Re)presenting a Society in Transition Valérie K. Orlando, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Literatures and Cultures, Department of French and Italian, University of Maryland, USA

Telling Ruins in Latin America Edited by Michael J. Lazzara, Assistant Professor of Latin American literature and Culture, University of California, Davis, USA and Vicky Unruh, Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture, University of Kansas, USA

This book highlights the ruin’s prolific resurgence in Latin American cultural life at the turn of the millennium and sharply reveals a stirring creative drive by artists and intellectuals toward ethical reflection and change in the midst of ruinous devastation. August 2009 Hardback

288pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-60522-0

This study of Moroccan society explores the country’s culture through its literature, journalism and film. It examines transitions from traditionalism to modernity within the conflicted polemics of the post-9/11 world. Addresses issues including feminism, sexuality, gender and human rights and how they are conveyed in Moroccan media. July 2009 Hardback

284pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61631-8

Madness, Power and the Media Class, Gender and Race in Popular Representations of Mental Distress Stephen Harper, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK

Questioning the psychiatric construction of mental distress as ‘illness’, and challenging existing studies of media stigmatization, Stephen Harper argues that today’s media images of mental distress are often sympathetic, yet tend to reproduce the sexist, classist, racist and individualist ideologies of contemporary capitalism. Contents: Acknowledgements / Framing Madness: Historical and Cultural Debates / Stigmatisation, Violence and Media Criticism / The Suffering Screen: Cinematic Portrayals of Mental Distress / Channelling Affliction: Television Discourses of Distress / A New Leaf?: Changing Representations of Mental Distress in Print Media / Conclusion: Media, Madness and Ideology in Capitalist Society / Notes / Bibliography / Index July 2009 Hardback

248pp £50.00

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

Action Chicks New Images of Tough Women in Popular Culture Sherrie A. Inness, Professor of English, Miami University, USA

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

‘From action figures to video games, this book explains who the chicks are and what they mean. Trenchant and compelling analysis.’ Robin Roberts, Louisiana State University, USA

New Concepts in Latino American Cultures Series Editors: Licia Fiol-Matta and José Quiroga ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

July 2004 Paperback


216x138mm 978-0-230-21880-2

304pp £17.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-6396-3

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The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies Edited by Jens Qvortrup, Department of Sociology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, William A. Corsaro, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, USA and Michael-Sebastian Honig, University of Trier, Germany

‘This is a very significant book which assembles the work of many of the leading interdisciplinary figures in the field of childhood studies. The contents are well organized and the arguments both coherent and compelling. It will be difficult for any future scholar in this area of research to sidestep this major contribution to our understanding.’ - Professor Chris Jenks, Vice Chancellor Brunel University, UK April 2009 472pp 5 figures and 5 b/w tables Hardback £100.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-53260-1

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title, 2010

An Introduction to Social Anthropology Sharing Our Worlds 2nd edition Joy Hendry, Professor of Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University, UK

‘A lively and accessible introduction to the discipline. Hendry’s revised text combines overview and explanation, looking back to anthropology’s achievements and forward to the ways in which anthropologists today, and tomorrow, might engage a mobile, connected and globalized world. A very welcome second edition.’ - Dr Tom Hall, University of Cardiff, UK January 2008 Paperback

352pp £20.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-00527-3



Cultural Readings in the Material and Symbolic City Ben Highmore, Reader in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, UK

‘Cityscapes is itself complex and multilayered. The reader can re-enter it in different times and places to gain insights not only into the specific texts it discusses, but into ways of seeing the city. Highmore’s attention to the power of dynamics of city spaces is particularly laudable...One of the best things about this book is that it examines how racialized, gendered and classed city spaces are configured and contested as well as represented and rhythmed.’ - Susan Alice Fischer, Literary London: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London The modern city has many dimensions, both physical and imaginative. This book offers an innovative approach to exploring its complexity by focusing on the varied and often conflicting rhythms of urban life. Spanning the nineteenth and twentieth century, it draws on cultural texts as varied as Edgar Allan Poe’s London, Parisian department stores, colonial and anti-colonial Algiers, the North American cities of recent detective fiction, and the virtual city of The Matrix. The resulting text is original in conception, vivid in its analysis and insight, and highly accessible to students Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements / Introduction - Methodology I: Culture, Cities and Legibility / Street Scenes - Circulation, Crowds, and Modernizing London / City of Attractions Commodities, Shopping, and Consumer Choreography / Colonial Spacing - Control and Conflict in the Colonial and Neo-Colonial City / Urban Noir - Mobility and Movement in Detective Fiction / Networks Communication, Information, and The Matrix / Conclusion - Methodology II: Rhythm-analysis and Urban Culture April 2005 Hardback Paperback

192pp £65.00 £22.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-92934-6 978-0-333-92935-3

Memorialization in Germany since 1945 Edited by Bill Niven, Professor of Contemporary German History, Nottingham Trent University, UK and Chloe Paver, Senior Lecturer in German, University of Exeter, UK

Memorialization in Germany since 1945 provides a wideranging discussion of contemporary Germany’s rich memorial landscape. It discusses the many memorials to German losses during the Second World War, to the victims of National Socialism and to those of GDR socialism. With up-to-date coverage of many less well-known memorials as well as the most publicised ones. December 2009 440pp 25 b/w illustrations Hardback £65.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-20703-5

Practice-as-Research In Performance and Screen Edited by Ludivine Allegue, Independent Artist/External Post-Doctoral Researcher, IDEAT/UMR 8153:CNRS/ Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France Simon Jones, Professor of Performance, University of Bristol, UK Baz Kershaw, Professor of Performance, University of Warwick, UK and Angela Piccini, Lecturer in Screen Studies, University of Bristol, UK

This groundbreaking integrated book and DVD presents an exploration of the major fissures of established knowledge created by a new trans-disciplinary, worldwide project. Through an innovative combination of formats, it aims to embody the principles of performance and screen practice-as-research in its structure and design. August 2009 272pp 234x156mm 12 b/w photographs and 8 colour plates Hardback £70.00 978-0-230-22001-0

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C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture

Nature, Culture and the Contemporary Indian Novel in English

216x138mm 978-0-230-22021-8

Growing Up Online

The social research organization, MassObservation, was one of the most innovative intellectual projects of the twentieth century. This study, now available in paperback, examines the historical and social significance of the project and shows how social research has played a role in the development of policy and mass democracy. April 2010 Paperback

264pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-24788-8

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections

Young People and Digital Technologies Edited by Sandra Weber, Professor of Education and Shanly Dixon, PhD candidate, both at Concordia University, Canada

‘Growing Up Online provides us with a wealth of vivid images of the changing position of girls and young women as both consumers and producers in the emerging digital world. It offers a plethora of issues for further research and debate about the new possibilities-and some of the limitationsthat characterize the new online cultures of information, play and social interaction.’ - David Buckingham, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK In this cutting-edge anthology, contributors examine the diverse ways in which girls and young women across a variety of ethnic, socio-economic, and national backgrounds are incorporating and making sense of digital technology in their everyday lives. April 2010 Paperback

272pp £20.00

Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick, UK

Nick Hubble, Lecturer, Brunel University, UK

This book provides the first dedicated introduction to the cultural writings and analyzes of the radical West Indian thinker C.L.R. James. It lays out James’ account of the way in which games, books, music and film become a part of the politics and history of popular struggles. 224pp £55.00

Postcolonial Environments

Culture, History, Theory

Andrew Smith, University of Glasgow, UK

July 2010 Hardback

Mass Observation and Everyday Life

234x156mm 978-0-230-62001-8

Tourism Discourse

‘Postcolonial Environments makes a valuable contribution both to the emerging field of postcolonial eco-criticism and to the established field of Indian English literature, the two main fields combined in Mukherjee’s timely and informative book.’ Graham Huggan, Professor of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures, Leeds University, UK January 2010 216pp c. 10 b/w in-text Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21937-3

Language and Global Mobility Crispin Thurlow, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Washington, USA and Adam Jaworski, Professor of Language and Communication, Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University, UK

Tourism Discourse offers new insights into the role of spoken, written and visual discourse in representing and producing tourism as a global cultural industry. With a view to the interplay between the symbolic and economic orders of global mobility, the book is grounded in empirically-based studies of key tourism genres. February 2010 296pp 216x138mm 44 photographs, 1 b/w illustration and 9 tables Hardback £55.00 978-1-4039-8796-9

Media, Organizations and Identity Edited by Lilie Chouliaraki, Professor of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Mette Morsing, Associate Professor and Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

The mass media, press and television have always been central in the formation of corporate identity and the promotion of business image and reputation. This volume provides a new perspective into the interrelationships between media and organizations across three dimensions: Media as Business, Media in business and Business in the media. December 2009 232pp 216x138mm 5 figures, 4 b/w tables and 4 photographs Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-51551-2


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The Origins of Deconstruction Edited by Martin McQuillan, Professor of Literary Theory and Cultural Analysis, Kingston University, UK and Ika Willis, Lecturer in Reception, School of Humanities, University of Bristol, UK

In these essays, a range of leading scholars seek both to investigate the historical, institutional and philosophical origins of deconstruction and to think through the problem of the idea of origin itself. Contents: M.McQuillan: Foreword: ‘Taught by Love’ / Notes on Contributors / I.Willis: Introduction: The Origins of Deconstruction: Derrida’s Daughters / PROLOGUE / Jacques Derrida, ‘Between the Writing Body and Writing…’: An Interview with Daniel Ferrer / Hélène Cixous, ‘First of All (from the Margins) I am a Reader Reading’: An Interview with Daniel Ferrer / PART I: INCUBATION / M.Froment-Meurice: DatingDeconstruction / L.Turner: The Course of a General Displacement, or, The Course of the Choreographer / I.Willis: Feminine Endings: Dido’s Telephonic Body and the Originary Function of the Hymen / T.Docherty: On Prejudice and Foretelling 2 / J.M.Rabate: Extremes Meet / PART II: INAUGURATION / C.Colebrook: The Opening to Infinity: Derrida’s Quasi-Transcendentals / M.Grebowicz: Splitting the Origin: Writing and Responsibility / P.Patton: Derridean Beginning and Deleuzian Becoming / C.Baracchi: ‘Words of Air’: On Breath and Inspiration / PART III: INSTALLATION / J.P.Leavey: Illegibility: On the Spirit of Origins / J.Wolfreys: Origins of Deconstruction? Deconstruction, That Which Arrives (If It Arrives) / R.Eaglestone: Philosophy of Cinders and Cinders of Philosophy: A Commentary on the Origins of Deconstruction and the Holocaust / G.Bucher: The Beginnings of Art: Heidegger and Bataille / M.McQuillan: Aesthetic Allegory: Reading Hegel after Bernal / Notes / Index November 2009 296pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-58190-6

Memory Culture and the Contemporary City Building Sites Edited by Uta Staiger, Intercultural Interactions Coordinator, Office of the Vice-Provost, University College London, UK, Henriette Steiner, Research Associate, Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Andrew Webber, Reader in Modern German and Comparative Culture, University of Cambridge, UK

These essays by leading figures from academia, architecture and the arts consider how cultures of memory are constructed for and in contemporary cities. They take Berlin as a key case of a historically burdened metropolis, but also extend to other global cities: Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and New York. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction / PART I / V.Burgin: Monument and Melancholia / T.Elsaesser: SonnenInsulaner: On a Berlin Island of Memory / H.Reeh: Arrivals and Departures: Travelling to the Airports of Berlin / D.Libeskind: Global Building Sites – Between Past and Future / PART II / K.E.Till & J.Jonker: Spectral Ground in New Cities: Memorial Cartographies in Cape Town and Berlin / W.Pullan & M.Gwiazda: Designing the Biblical Present in Jerusalem’s ‘City of David’ / M.Fulbrook: Historical Tourism: Reading Berlin’s Doubly Dictatorial Past / J.Ward: Sacralized Spaces and the Urban Remembrance of War / C.Scribner: Paradise for Provocation: Plotting Berlin’s Political Underground / PART III / S.Bürkle: Architecture as Scenography, the Building Site as Stage / G.Kantaris: Buenos Aires 2010: Memory Machines and Cybercities in Two Argentine Science Fiction Films / P.Ekardt: Perpetuated Transitions: Forms of Nightlife and the Buildings of Berlin in the Work of Isa Genzken and Wolfgang Tilmans / L.Ruprecht with M.Nachbar & J.Roller: On the Road with Mnemonic Nonstop / Notes / Index October 2009 256pp 55 b/w photographs Hardback £55.00

Landscapes of Culture and Nature Rod Giblett, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Edith Cowan University, Australia

A bold and exciting exploration of the relationship and interactions between humans, the human landscape and the earth, looking at a diverse range of case studies from the nineteenth-century city to the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Illustrations / Quaking Zone: Where Body, Land and Mind Meet / PART I: UNCANNY / Alligators, Crocodiles and the Monstrous Uncanny / The Nether World of the Uncanny City of Dreadful Night / PART II: WORLD WAR S(UB)LIME / Earth and Water in the Slime of World War I Trench Warfare / Fire and Air in the Sublime Bombing of Cities in World War II Aerial Warfare / PART III: PHOTOGRAPHIC SUBLIME AND UNCANNY / Wilderness to Wasteland: The Sublime, the Picturesque and the Uncanny in the Photography of the American West / The Role of Australian Landscape and Wilderness Photography / PART IV: MINDSCAPES / Land Health and Mental Health: A New Field of Research Nurturing Biodiversity and Well-Being on Farms / Terrifying Prospects and Resources of Hope: Minescapes, Timescapes and the Aesthetics of the Future / PART V: WATER-BODIES / A Natural History of Natural, Unnatural and National Disasters / Black and White Water: Cross-Cultural Colour-Coding of the Life-Blood of the Earth-Body / Notes / Bibliography / Index September 2009 224pp 216x138mm 3 figures and 12 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00 978-0-230-23584-7

216x138mm 978-0-230-57665-0

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Understanding the Internet A Socio-Cultural Perspective Bridgette Wessels, Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.

The Internet is an everyday part of our contemporary lives. This book explores how it is shaped and embedded within society, fostering new social worlds and ways of talking. Using a wide range of examples to examine economic, political and cultural issues, this book is crucial reading for all those studying society, media and technology. September 2009 248pp 234x156mm 3 b/w line drawings and 1 b/w table Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-51733-2 Paperback £19.99 978-0-230-51734-9


Rob Stones, Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, UK

Founding Editor: Ian Craib Series Editor: Rob Stones This series offers a selection of concise introductions to particular traditions in sociological thought that aim to deepen the reader’s knowledge of particular theoretical approaches and at the same time to enhance their wider understanding of sociological theorizing. Each book will offer: a history of the chosen approach and the debates that have driven it forward; a discussion of the current state of the debates within the approach (or debates with other approaches); and an argument for the distinctive contribution of the approach and its likely future value.

Micro Social Theory Brian Roberts, Professor of Biographical and Community Research, University of Glamorgan, UK

Covering a rich tradition in sociology that focuses on the self and social interaction, this established and well-respected book traces the development of micro social theory and assesses its contemporary importance. Including discussion of the Chicago School, Mead, Garfinkel and Goffman, it makes theory intelligble for the student reader. May 2006 Hardback Paperback

200pp £65.00 £23.99

Jonathan Joseph, Reader in Politics and International Relations, University of Kent, UK 184pp £65.00 £23.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-1563-4 978-1-4039-1564-1

Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-0-333-73703-3 Paperback: 978-0-333-80355-4


March 2005 figures Hardback Paperback



£65.00 £23.99

978-0-333-79377-0 978-0-333-79378-7

Critical Theory Alan How, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University College Worcester, UK August 2003 Hardback Paperback

224pp £23.99 £65.00

234x156mm 978-0-333-75151-0 978-0-333-75152-7

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Philosophy of Social Science The Philosophical Foundations of Social Thought

234x156mm 978-0-333-99569-3 978-0-333-99570-9

Marxism and Social Theory February 2006 Hardback Paperback

Structuration Theory

Ted Benton, Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, UK and Ian Craib, sometime Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, UK

‘Laudably clear and concise...a first rate collaboration with a seamless quality.’ Choice ‘Informative, comprehensive and accessible to a wide audience: this is how Benton and Craib’s introduction to the philosophy of social science compares with current manuals in the field.’ - British Journal of Sociology June 2001 Hardback Paperback

224pp £65.00 £23.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-77498-4 978-0-333-77499-1

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The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory Helen Thomas, Research Director, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK

‘Comprehensive and illuminating...Students of contemporary culture will find her interdisciplinary treatment of dance in all its forms an essential text.’ - Professor Bryan Turner, Cambridge University, UK This book takes its point of departure from the overwhelming interest in theories of the body and performativity in sociology and cultural studies in recent years. It explores a variety of ways of looking at dance as a social and artistic (bodily) practice as a means of generating insights into the politics of identity and difference as they are situated and traced through representations of the body and bodily practices. These issues are addressed through a series of case studies. Contents: Introduction / PART 1: CULTURAL BODIES / The Body in Culture: Before the Body Project / The Body in Culture: The Body Project / Ethnography Dances Back / PART 2: DANCE, THE BODY AND CULTURAL THEORY / The Body in Dance / Reconstructing the Dance: In Search of Authenticity? / Dance and Difference: Performing/Representing/Re-Writing the Body / Dancing the Night Away: Rave/Club Culture / Conclusion / References / Index July 2003 Paperback

272pp £23.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-72432-3


Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past Essays in Collective Memory Edited by Mikyoung Kim, Associate Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University, Japan Barry Schwartz, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Georgia, USA

Series Editors: Andrew Hoskins and John Sutton The nascent field of Memory Studies emerges from contemporary trends that include a shift from concern with historical knowledge of events to that of memory, from ‘what we know’ to ‘how we remember it’; changes in generational memory; the rapid advance of technologies of memory; panics over declining powers of memory, which mirror our fascination with the possibilities of memory enhancement; and the development of trauma narratives in reshaping the past. These factors have contributed to an intensification of public discourses on our past over the last thirty years. Technological, political, interpersonal, social and cultural shifts affect what, how and why people and societies remember and forget. This groundbreaking new series tackles questions such as: What is ‘memory’ under these conditions? What are its prospects, and also the prospects for its interdisciplinary and systematic study? What are the conceptual, theoretical and methodological tools for its investigation and illumination?

‘A landmark volume destined to be a classic in the expanding field of memory studies.’ - James V. Wertsch, Washington University in St. Louis, USA The problem of memory in China, Japan and Korea involves a surfeit rather than a deficit of memory, and the consequence of this excess is negative: unforgettable traumas prevent nations from coming to terms with the problems of the present. These compelling essays enrich Western scholarship by applying to it insights derived from Asian settings. Contents: B.Schwartz & M.Kim: Introduction: Northeast Asia’s Memory Problem / PART I: JAPAN STUDIES / M.Mochizuki: The Yasukuni Conundrum: Japan’s Contested Identity and Memory / M.Kim: Japanese Pacifism: Problematic Reflexivity / K.Fukuoka & B.Schwartz: Responsibility, Regret, and Nationality in Japanese Memory / PART II: CHINA STUDIES / X.Xu & L.Spillman: Political Centers, Progressive Narrative, and Cultural Trauma: Coming to Terms with the Nanjing Massacre in China, 1937-1979 / G.Yang: Alternative Genres, New Media, and Counter Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution / T.Liao, G.Zhang & L.Zhang: The Changing Fate of the National Anthem of China / B.Xu & G.Fine: Memory Movement and StateSociety Relationship: The Chinese World War II Victims’ Reparations Movement against Japan / PART III: KOREA STUDIES / D.Baker: Exacerbated Politics: The Legacy of Political Trauma in South Korea / C.Kim: The Chosôn Monarchy in Republican Korea, 1945-1965 / H.Kwon: Parallax Visions in the Dokdo-Takeshima Disputes / J.J.Suh: Epilogue: Caught between Contentions and Dialogues: Historical Memories in Northeast Asia / Index May 2010 320pp 10 b/w tables and 3 figures Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23747-6

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Fictions of the City Class, Culture and Mass Housing in London and Paris

Series Editors: Stephen Heath, Colin MacCabe and Denise Riley

Commemoration and Bloody Sunday Pathways of Memory Brian Conway, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Republic of Ireland

‘A rich account which C. Wright Mills would have approved of, linking private troubles and public issues. The ‘career’ of Bloody Sunday commemoration is mapped out with precision. Brian Conway portrays collective memory as virtually a living thing, changing to accommodate developments in the aspirations and goals of those who continue to remember the original traumatic event.’ - Bill Rolston, School of Sociology, University of Ulster, UK In this wide-ranging study of the politics of memory in Northern Ireland, Brian Conway examines the ‘career’ of the commemoration of Bloody Sunday, and looks at how and why the way this historic event is remembered has undergone change over time. Drawing on original empirical data, he provides new insights into the debate on collective memory.

Matthew Taunton, Independent Scholar

Many studies of fictions of city life take the flâneur as the characteristic metropolitan type and streets and plazas as definitive urban spaces. Looking at novels and films set in London and Paris from L’Assommoir to Nil By Mouth, this book shows that mass housing is equally central to images of the modern city.

Reality Television, Affect and Intimacy Reality Matters Misha Kavka, Senior Lecturer, Department of Film, Television and Media Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Reality Television, Affect and Intimacy explains the appeal of reality television in terms of the affective power of the mediated image. In place of common objections that reality TV is ‘not real’, Misha Kavka argues that the feelings of intimacy engendered by unscripted drama are both real and socially informative.

Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction / Haussman’s Paris and the Immeuble / The London Suburbs / The Rise of the Parisian Banlieue / The London Council Estate / Conclusion / Notes / Bibliography / Index September 2009 216pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57976-7

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

Contents: List of Illustrations / Preface / Technologies of Intimacy / Media and Affect: The Matter of Feeling / The Mediation of the Public Sphere / Intimate Strangers: Big Brother and the Everyday / Real-Love TV: Romantic Epistemologies / The Public Sphere Queered / Epilogue: Everyday Noise / Notes / Bibliography / Index October 2008 Hardback

208pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-54550-2

Contents: List of Tables and Figures / Preface / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Chronology / Introduction: People Remembered / Bloody Sunday in Historical Context / A ‘Simple People Who Want a Simple Memorial’ / On the March / ‘The Holocaust That Was the Bogside of Sunday’ / The Politics of Visual Memory / Conclusion: Trajectories of Memory / Methodological Appendices / Notes / References / Index February 2010 240pp 216x138mm 4 b/w tables and 25 b/w photographs Hardback £50.00 978-0-230-22888-7

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Visual and Other Pleasures

Freud’s Drive

2nd edition

Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film


Laura Mulvey, Professor of Film and Media Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Teresa De Lauretis, Professor of the History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

‘The continuing importance of Mulvey’s work is confirmed in this edition of Visual and Other Pleasures with its new introduction and final chapter. They provide an account of a personal and political history of feminism and feminist theory of film and visual culture for which her contribution has been determining.’ Stephen Heath, Professor of English and French Literature and Culture, Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK An updated edition of Laura Mulvey’s groundbreaking collection of essays, originally published in 1989. In an extensive introduction to this second edition, Mulvey looks back at the historical and personal contexts for her famous article Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, and reassesses her theories in the light of new technologies.

Teresa De Lauretis makes a bold and original argument for the renewed relevance of the Freudian theory of drives, through close readings of texts ranging from cinema and literature to psychoanalysis and cultural theory.

February 2009 Hardback Paperback

272pp £60.00 £18.99

Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction: Death @ Work / Basic Instincts: An Illustrations Guide to Freud’s Theory of Drives / The Stubborn Drive: Foucault, Freud, Fanon / The Queer Space of the Drive: Rereading Freud with Laplanche / Becoming Inorganic: Cronenberg’s eXistenZ, Virtuality, and the Death Drive / The Odor of Memory: On Reading Djuna Barnes with Freud / Notes / Bibliography / Index July 2010 Paperback

208pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-27549-2

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216x138mm 978-0-230-57646-9 978-1-4039-9246-8

Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-0-333-71482-9 Paperback: 978-0-333-80332-5

Media Research Methods Audiences, Institutions, Texts Ina Bertrand, Principal Fellow in Fine Arts, Melbourne University, Australia Peter Hughes, La Trobe University, Australia

This text provides an accessible introduction and overview of research methods for studying media, communication and culture, drawing on both social science and humanities methodologies. The text covers the strengths, weaknesses, inherent assumptions and theoretical underpinnings of each methodology. It gives clear guidance, regarding how to use the methodologies and situates this in the context of critical evaluations of previously published research, thus encouraging students’ development of skills in evaluating their own work and the work of others. Contents: Acknowledgements / Of Elephants, Definitions and Models: The Context of Media Research / Getting Started / PART ONE: RESEARCH ON AUDIENCES / Researching Audiences / Gathering Data on Audiences / Audience Research - Analysis and Interpretation / PART TWO: RESEARCH ON INSTITUTIONS / Researching Media Institutions / Gathering Data on Institutions / Institutional Research - Analysis and Interpretation / PART THREE: RESEARCH ON TEXTS / Researching Texts / Gathering and Analysing Textual Data / Interpretation of Textual Data / Reaching Conclusions, Evaluating the Research, Writing the Report / Glossary / Bibliography October 2004 Hardback Paperback

304pp £65.00 £22.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-96094-3 978-0-333-96095-0

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Developing Research Questions A Guide for Social Scientists Patrick White, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Leicester, UK November 2008 144pp 3 x b/w tables Paperback £15.99


Using Qualitative or Quantitative Methods Martin Brett Davies, Professor Emeritus, University of East Anglia, UK 288pp £14.99

The Meaning of Friendship

216x138mm 978-1-4039-9379-3

A Poetics of Forgiveness Cultural Responses to Loss and Wrongdoing Jill Scott, Associate Professor of German, Queen’s University, UK

Mark Vernon, Freelancer Writer, London, UK


Doing a Successful Research Project

January 2007 Paperback


‘A history of the idea of friendship through the works of various thinkers from Plato to Nietzsche. It’s genuinely useful, lucid, informative and wise.’ - The Independent, Books of the Year 2005 ‘A wonderfully thoughtful and timely reflection on the importance of friendship in helping us become honest, courageous and wise.’ - Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian Mark Vernon offers penetrating insights on the idea of friendship, using philosophy and modern culture to ask about friendship and sex, work, politics and spirituality. He also explores how notions of friendship may or may not be changing because of the internet, and looks at the psychology of friendship. Contents: Acknowledgements / Illustrations / Introduction / Friends at Work / Friends and Lovers / Faking It / Friending Online / Unconditional Love / Politics of Friendship / Prophetic Friendship / The Spirituality of Friendship / Friendship Beyond Self-help / Further Reading and References / Index April 2010 296pp 17 b/w photographs Paperback £9.99

This study argues that the work of forgiveness can facilitate productive mourning and that creative communication plays a critical role in negotiating forgiveness. Contents: Anger without Emotion: Why Revenge Works in Myth from The Iliad to Kill Bill / Mourning to the Limit: Forgiveness in H.D.’s The Gift / Rhetorical Revenge and Textual Redemption in Kafka’s Letter to his Father / Rupture: Inappropriate Apology in Ingeborg Bachmann’s The Book of Franza / Visualizing Reconciliation: Photography and Forgiveness in Germany and Rwanda / A Poetics of Ubuntu: The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission / Metaphors of Forgiveness after 9/11 March 2010 Hardback

288pp £52.00

Celebrity Culture and Crime The Joy of Transgression Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Lecturer in Criminology, University of York, UK


In the twenty-first century celebrities and celebrity culture thrives. This book explores the much noted but little analyzed relationship between celebrity and crime. Criminals who become celebrities and celebrities who become criminals are examined, drawing on Foucault’s theory of governance.


The Sociology of Elite Distinction From Theoretical to Comparative Perspectives Jean-Pascal Daloz, CNRS Research Professor, University of Oxford, UK

This major new contribution to the study of consumption examines how dominant groups express and display their sense of superiority through material and aesthetic attributes, demonstrating that differences from one society to another, and across historical periods, challenge current understandings of elite distinction. November 2009 232pp Hardback £55.00


234x156mm 978-0-230-61531-1

January 2010 Hardback

208pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22468-1

Cultural Criminology Series Editor: Mike Presdee

216x138mm 978-0-230-22027-0

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Mediating Madness Mental Distress and Cultural Representation Simon Cross, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Mediating Madness examines how mediations of madness emerge, disappear and interleave, only to re-emerge at unexpected moments. Drawing on social and cultural histories of madness, history of art, and popular journalism, the book offers a unique interdisciplinary understanding of historical and contemporary media representations of madness. Contents: Introduction / Madness and the Popular Imagination / Illustrations of Madness: Seeing and Reading Historical Images of Insanity / Bedlam in Mind: Campaigning Journalists and Public Images of Insanity / Mad, Bad and Dangerous: Psychiatry and Criminals in the Popular Press / Visualising Madness: Mental Illness and Public Representation / Speaking of Voices: Mediating Public Talk about Mental Illness (co-authored with Graham Murdock) / Conclusion / Notes / Index February 2010 Hardback

216pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-00531-0

Dead White Men and Other Important People

Leisure and Consumption Common Ground/Separate Worlds

Sociology’s Big Ideas Ralph Fevre, Professor of Social Research, School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff, UK and Angus Bancroft, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK

‘I read this book with great pleasure, enjoying how it took the beginner student reader on a voyage of sociological discovery. The combination of an engaging narrative with the systematic presentation of sociological thinking works very well and is a neat way of encouraging the newcomer to apply such ideas to their own circumstances. The book is a really novel, pedagogically efficacious, intellectual means of stimulating thought within and about sociology.’ - David Inglis, Professor of Sociology, University of Aberdeen, UK April 2010 Paperback

288pp £14.99

Robert A. Stebbins, Faculty Professor, University of Calgary, Canada

The study of consumption has never seriously examined the role of leisure. This ambitious, agenda-setting study provides the most indepth examination of the relationship between the two to date, drawing on the serious leisure perspective and outlining a new conceptual framework for analyzing consumption for leisure. Contents: Preface / Acknowledgements / The Nature of Leisure and Consumption / Conspicuous Consumption / Consumption and Leisure in Context / Phase One: Shopping / Phase Two: Consuming the Purchase / Organizing for Consumptive Leisure / Notes / Bibliography / Index August 2009 192pp 1 b/w table and 2 figures Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22022-5

216x138mm 978-0-230-23246-4

Consumer Culture and Personal Finance Money Goes to Market Jacqueline Botterill, Assistant Professor, Brock University, Canada

This book explores the personal savings and credit discourses surrounding post-war British consumer culture. This cultural history highlights the contradictory meanings of home ownership, domesticity, women’s consumerism, and banking deregulation that underwrote unprecedented financial crisis and consumer indebtedness. January 2010 264pp 2 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00


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Consumption and Public Life Series Editors: Frank Trentmann and Richard Wilk

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INDEX 10 Andrew 100 American Independent Films Wood 100 Animated Feature Films Osmond 100 Anime Brophy 100 Bollywood Films Dwyer 100 British Documentaries Russell 100 Documentary Films Grant Hillier 100 European Horror Films Schneider 100 Film Noirs Phillips Hillier 100 Modern Soundtracks Brophy 100 Road Movies Wood 100 Shakespeare Films Rosenthal 100 Videogames Newman Simons 100 Westerns Buscombe 2001: A Space Odyssey Kramer 8 1/2 Miller

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A Acevedo-Muñoz Pedro Almódovar 10 Action Chicks Inness 50 The Age of Consent Waites 45 Alexander Cousens Teaching TV Soaps 20 Alexander Dovzhenko Liber 11 Alfred Hitchcock Allen Gonzales 11 Allegue Jones Kershaw Practice-as-Research 51 Allen Gonzales Alfred Hitchcock 11 Altman Film / Genre 13 The American Television Industry Curtin Shattuc 18 Analysing Newspapers Richardson 36 Anatomy of Film Dick 27 Andrew 10 3 Andrew The ‘Three Colours’ Trilogy 6 Andrew The Films of Nicholas Ray 11 Anthony Night Mail 3 Arab Television Industries Kraidy Khalil 18 Armstrong Understanding Realism 19 Atom Egoyan Romney 10 Audiovisual Translation Díaz Cintas Anderman 32

B Back to the Future Shail Stoate Baker Teaching TV Sitcom Baker Toland Teaching Film at GCSE Balance and Bias in Journalism Starkey

2 20 20 36

Balnaves Donald Shoesmith Media Theories & Approaches 25 Barr Vertigo 6 Batty Cain Media Writing 35 Baz Luhrmann Cook 9 Beattie Documentary Screens 35 Becoming Europeans Sassatelli 43 Bell Gray Televising History 32 Benton Craib Philosophy of Social Science 54 Benyahia Teaching Contemporary British Cinema 20 Benyahia Teaching Film and TV Documentary 20 Bergfelder Gokturk The German Cinema Book 16 Berry Chinese Films in Focus II 16 Berry Jia Zhangke’s ‘Hometown Trilogy’: Xiao Wu, Platform, Unknown Pleasures 2 Bertrand Hughes Media Research Methods 57 Beyond a Joke Lockyer Pickering 49 Bicycle Thieves Gordon 3 The Bigamist Hastie 3 Big Brother Bignell 34 The Big Heat McArthur 4 The Big Lebowski Tyree Walters 3 Bignell Big Brother 34 The Big Sleep Thomson 4 Billson Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8 The Birds Paglia 4 The Black and Green Atlantic O’Neill Lloyd 49 Blackmail Ryall 4 Blade Runner Bukatman 4 Bloch Solomos Race and Ethnicity in the 21st Century 48 The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory Thomas 55 Bollywood and Beyond Video and CD British Film Institute 22 Bombay Gopalan 4 Botterill Consumer Culture and Personal Finance 59 Brady Walsh Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture 50 Bragg The Seventh Seal 6 Brake Weitkamp Introducing Science Communication 35 Branaghan Chibnall British Film Posters 14 Braudy On The Waterfront 5 The British ‘B’ Film Chibnall McFarlane 14 British Cinema Sargeant 15

The British Cinema Book Murphy 14 British Film Institute Bollywood and Beyond Video and CD 22 British Film Institute Film As Evidence in Britain Video CD Rom (BR073) 22 British Film Institute Images and Reality 22 British Film Institute Into Animation 22 British Film Institute Macbeth on Film 23 British Film Institute Moving Shorts DVD (BR035) 22 British Film Institute Reading Films Teaching Pack (BR030) 23 British Film Institute Real Shorts (BR038) 22 British Film Institute Representation, Realism and Fantasy in Film Teaching guide (BR031) 23 British Film Institute Screening Shorts DVD (BR033D) 22 British Film Institute Starting Stories 2 (BR036) 21 British Film Institute Starting Stories Book to go with DVD (BR034) 21 British Film Institute Starting Stories DVD (BR034D) 21 British Film Institute Story Shorts 2 (BR037) 21 British Film Institute Story Shorts Dvd (BR022D) 21 British Film Posters Branaghan Chibnall 14 British Television Drama Cooke 17 Brooker Star Wars 2 Brophy 100 Anime 9 Brophy 100 Modern Soundtracks 9 Brown A Licence to be Different: The Story of Channel 4 17 Brunsdon London in Cinema 14 Bruzzi Seven Up 7 Buckingham Tingstad Childhood and Consumer Culture 44 Buckingham Willett Video Cultures 39 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Billson 8 Bukatman Blade Runner 4 Burnett Contemporary Adulthood 45 Buscombe 100 Westerns 8 Buscombe Stagecoach 6 Buscombe Unforgiven 4 Butsch Media and Public Spheres 43

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INDEX C C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture Smith 52 Callow The Night of the Hunter 5 Cantrell Luckhurst Playing For Real 28 Cartmell Whelehan Screen Adaptation 28 Casaregola Theaters of War 42 Caughie Edge of Darkness 8 Celebrity Culture and Crime Penfold-Mounce 58 Chanan Politics of Documentary 13 Chapman Glancy Harper The New Film History 32 Chibnall McFarlane The British ‘B’ Film 14 Chibnall Quota Quickies 14 Childhood and Consumer Culture Buckingham Tingstad 44 Children, Food and Identity in Everyday Life James Kjørholt Tingstad 45 Chinatown Eaton 4 Chinese Films in Focus II Berry 16 Chion David Lynch 11 Chion Kubrick’s Cinema Odyssey 11 Chouliaraki Morsing Media, Organizations and Identity 52 Christie A Matter of Life and Death 4 Christie The Cinema of Michael Powell 11 Cinema and Northern Ireland Hill 15 Cinema and the Swastika Vande Winkel Welch 40 The Cinema Book Cook 12 The Cinema of Michael Powell Christie 11 Citizen Kane Mulvey 5 City Lights Maland 3 Cityscapes Highmore 51 Civilisation Conlin 7 Claiming the Real Winston 13 Cléo de 5 à 7 Ungar 3 Clover The Matrix 4 Cohan CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 7 Cohan The Sound of Musicals 12 Commemoration and Bloody Sunday Conway 56 Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century Sanders 44 Communication Studies Marsen 26 Communications Policy Papathanassopoulos Negrine 41 Concannon Lomelí Priewe Imagined


Transnationalism 47 Conlin Civilisation 7 Consumer Culture and Personal Finance Botterill 59 Contemporary Adulthood Burnett 45 Contemporary World Television Sinclair Turner 17 Contested Bodies of Childhood and Youth Hörschelmann Colls 45 Conway Commemoration and Bloody Sunday 56 Cook Baz Luhrmann 9 Cook The Cinema Book 12 Cooke British Television Drama 17 Coronation Street Medhurst 7 Corrigan White The Film Experience 27 Cottingham Fear Eats the Soul 5 Cottino-Jones Women, Desire, and Power in Italian Cinema 28 Couldry Livingstone Markham Media Consumption and Public Engagement 42 Countryman Heussen-Countryman Shane 6 Cracker Duguid 7 Crash Sinclair 5 Creating Preschool Television Steemers 33 Creative Screenwriting Kallas 29 Creeber Tele-Visions 17 Creeber The Singing Detective 7 Creeber The Television Genre Book 17 Crisell A Study of Modern Television 34 The Critical Practice of Film Kydd 28 Critical Theory How 54 Crompton Lewis Lyonette Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe 47 Cross Mediating Madness 59 Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture Brady Walsh 50 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Cohan 7 Curtin Shattuc The American Television Industry 18 Curtis A History of Artists’ Film and Video in Britain, 1897-2004 15

D Daloz The Sociology of Elite Distinction Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Robinson Datta Shyam Benegal

58 5 10

David Lynch Chion 11 Davies Doing a Successful Research Project 58 Davis Queer as Folk 8 Davis Yueh-yu Yeh East Asian Screen Industries 18 Dawkins Wynd Video Production 23 The Death of Cinema Usai 13 de Block Buckingham Global Children, Global Media 37 De Lauretis Freud’s Drive 57 Dead Man Rosenbaum 3 Dead White Men and Other Important People Fevre Bancroft 59 Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema Hagin 29 Detour Isenberg 3 Developing Research Questions White 58 Díaz Cintas Anderman Audiovisual Translation 32 Dick Anatomy of Film 27 Digital Advertising McStay 38 Dines Gay Suburban Narratives in American and British Culture 48 Directors in British and Irish Cinema Murphy 15 Distant Voices, Still Lives Farley 3 Do the Right Thing Guerrero 5 Doctor Who Newman 7 The Documentary Smaill 30 Documentary Screens Beattie 35 Doing a Successful Research Project Davies 58 Double Indemnity Schickel 5 Drummond High Noon 5 Duguid Cracker 7 Dwyer 100 Bollywood Films 9 Dwyer Yash Chopra 10 Dyer McDonald Stars 13

E Early Cinema Elsaesser 13 East Asian Screen Industries Davis Yueh-yu Yeh 18 Eaton Chinatown 4 Eaton Our Friends in the North 8 Edge of Darkness Caughie 8 Electric Edwardians Toulmin 14 Elleström Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality 38 Elsaesser Early Cinema 13

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INDEX Elsaesser Metropolis 5 Emig Rowland Performing Masculinity 47 Emir Kusturica Iordanova 10 Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema Rajadhyaksha Willemen 16 Engström Selinger Rethinking Theories and Practices of Imaging 38 European Film Industries Jäckel 18 European Television Industries Iosifidis Steemers Wheeler 18 Evans Santaolalla Luis Bunuel 11 Everyday Multiculturalism Wise Velayutham 50

F Fanu Mizoguchi and Japan 11 Farley Distant Voices, Still Lives 3 Fawal Youssef Chahine 10 Fear Eats the Soul Cottingham 5 Fellini Lexicon Rohdie 11 Feminism, Inc. Zaslow 47 The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts Hanson O’Rawe 46 Fevre Bancroft Dead White Men and Other Important People 59 Fictions of the City Taunton 56 Film / Genre Altman 13 Film As Evidence in Britain Video CD Rom (BR073) British Film Institute 22 Film Phillips 26 The Film Experience Corrigan White 27 The Films of Fritz Lang Gunning 11 The Films of Nicholas Ray Andrew 11 Fischer Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 6 Fisher Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age 37 Flew Understanding Global Media 25 Framing the Iraq War Endgame King Wells 42 Francophone Voices of the “New” Morocco in Film and Print Orlando 50 French Wild Strawberries 6 French and American Noir Rolls Walker 31 The French Cinema Book Temple Witt 16 The French New Wave Graham Vincendeau 16 Freud’s Drive De Lauretis 57 Fuery New Media 39

G Gamm Teaching World Cinema 20 Gay Suburban Narratives in American and British Culture Dines 48 Genre and Contemporary Hollywood Neale 15 The German Cinema Book Bergfelder Gokturk 16 Gerow Kitano Takeshi 9 Giblett Landscapes of Culture and Nature 53 Gilbey Groundhog Day 4 Gilda Stokes 2 Gilligan Teaching Women and Film 20 Global Children, Global Media de Block Buckingham 37 Global Hollywood 2 Miller Govil McMurria Maxwell Wang 15 Global Television Marketplace Havens 18 The Godfather Lewis 3 Gomery Hockley Television Industries 17 Gomery The Hollywood Studio System 15 Gomez Print Is Dead 38 Gopalan Bombay 4 Gordon Bicycle Thieves 3 Graham Vincendeau The French New Wave 16 Grant Hillier 100 Documentary Films 8 Grant Invasion of the Body Snatchers 2 The Griffith Project Usai 13 Grossman Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir 30 Groundhog Day Gilbey 4 Growing Up Online Weber Dixon 52 Grusin Premediation: Affect and Mediality After 9/11 37 Guerrero Do the Right Thing 5 Gunning The Films of Fritz Lang 11

H Hagin Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema 2 9 Hall Teaching Men and Film 20 Hanson O’Rawe The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts 46 Hark Star Trek 7 Harper Madness, Power and the Media 50 Harries The New Media Book 18 Hastie The Bigamist 3 Havens Global Television Marketplace 18

Helsby Understanding Representation 19 Hendry An Introduction to Social Anthropology 51 Hervey Night of the Living Dead 3 High Noon Drummond 5 Highmore A Passion for Cultural Studies 23 Highmore Cityscapes 51 Hill Cinema and Northern Ireland 15 Hill Sex, Class and Realism 15 Hilmes The Television History Book 17 Historical Reenactment McCalman Pickering 40 A History of Artists’ Film and Video in Britain, 1897-2004 Curtis 15 A History of Experimental Film and Video Rees 13 Hitchcock Smith 11 Hockey Meah Robinson Mundane Heterosexualities 46 Holland Pole Dancing, Empowerment and Embodiment 47 Hollywood: Politics and Society Wheeler 15 The Hollywood Studio System Gomery 15 Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997 Lee 31 Hong Kong Cinema Teo 16 Horizons West Kitses 15 Hörschelmann Colls Contested Bodies of Childhood and Youth 45 How Critical Theory 54 How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy Totman 43 How to Study Television Selby Cowdery 34 Hubble Mass Observation and Everyday Life 5 2 Hunt The League of Gentlemen 7

I Identifying Hollywood’s Audiences Stokes Maltby 15 Identity in the 21st Century Wetherell 48 If… Sinker 5 Image and Representation Lacey 24 Images and Reality British Film Institute 22 Imagined Transnationalism Concannon Lomelí Priewe 47 The Impact of 9/11 on the Media, Arts, and Entertainment Morgan 40 Inness Action Chicks 50 International Cultural Policies and Power Singh 42

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INDEX Interpreting News Meikle 25 Into Animation British Film Institute 22 Introducing Cultural and Media Studies Thwaites Davis Mules 26 Introducing Science Communication Brake Weitkamp 35 Introduction to Film Lacey 27 An Introduction to Social Anthropology Hendry 51 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Grant 2 Iordanova Emir Kusturica 10 Iosifidis Reinventing Public Service Communication 33 Iosifidis Steemers Wheeler European Television Industries 18 Isenberg Detour 3 Israeli Media and the Framing of Internal Conflict Madmoni-Gerber 36

J Jäckel European Film Industries 18 Jackson La Grande Illusion 3 Jackson Lawrence of Arabia 3 Jackson Withnail and I 4 James Kjørholt Tingstad Children, Food and Identity in Everyday Life 45 Jane Campion Polan 10 Jaws Quirke 4 Jean-Pierre Melville Vincendeau 11 Jermyn Prime Suspect 7 Jestrovic Meerzon Performance Exile and ‘America’ 48 Jia Zhangke’s ‘Hometown Trilogy’: Xiao Wu, Platform, Unknown Pleasures Berry 2 Johnson Telefantasy 17 Jones Teaching Black Cinema 19 Joseph Goebbels Thacker 43 Joseph Marxism and Social Theory 54 Journeys of Desire Phillips Vincendeau 15

K Kaes M Kallas Creative Screenwriting Kaplan Women in Film Noir Kavka Reality Television, Affect and Intimacy Kermode The Shawshank Redemption


5 29 12 56 4

Key Concepts in Cultural Studies Mikula 26 Kim Schwartz Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past 55 King Wells Framing the Iraq War Endgame 42 Kitano Takeshi Gerow 9 Kitses Horizons West 15 Knowles Theatre and Interculturalism 47 Kraidy Khalil Arab Television Industries 18 Kramer 2001: A Space Odyssey 2 Kubrick’s Cinema Odyssey Chion 11 Kuhn Ratcatcher 3 Kydd The Critical Practice of Film 28

L L’avventura Nowell-Smith 5 La Grande Illusion Jackson 3 Lacey Image and Representation 24 Lacey Introduction to Film 27 Lacey Media, Institutions and Audiences 24 Lacey Narrative and Genre 24 Landscapes of Culture and Nature Giblett 53 Lars von Trier Stevenson 10 Laviosa Visions of Struggle in Women’s Filmmaking in the Mediterranean 29 Lawrence of Arabia Jackson 3 Lax Media and Communication Technologies 39 Lazzara Unruh Telling Ruins in Latin America 50 The League of Gentlemen Hunt 7 Lee Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997 31 Leisure and Consumption Stebbins 59 Lewis Teaching Television at GCSE 20 Lewis Teaching TV News 20 Lewis The Godfather 3 Liber Alexander Dovzhenko 11 A Licence to be Different: The Story of Channel 4 Brown 17 The Likely Lads Wickham 7 Limbrick Making Settler Cinemas 28 Locke Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from World War II to the Present 29 Lockyer Pickering Beyond a Joke 49 London in Cinema Brunsdon 14 Los Olvidados Polizzotti 5 The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon Toulmin Popple Russell 14 Luchino Visconti Nowell-Smith 11 Luis Bunuel Evans Santaolalla 11

M M Kaes 5 Macbeth on Film British Film Institute 23 Macnab Screen Epiphanies 10 Madmoni-Gerber Israeli Media and the Framing of Internal Conflict 36 Madness, Power and the Media Harper 50 Making Settler Cinemas Limbrick 28 Maland City Lights 3 Male Trouble: Masculinity and The Performance of Crisis Walsh 46 Marsen Communication Studies 26 Martinez Remaking Kurosawa 31 Marxism and Social Theory Joseph 54 Mass Observation and Everyday Life Hubble 52 A Matter of Life and Death Christie 4 The Matrix Clover 4 McArthur The Big Heat 4 McCabe Performance 6 McCalman Pickering Historical Reenactment 40 McDonald Video and DVD Industries 18 McQuillan Willis The Origins of Deconstruction 53 McStay Digital Advertising 38 The Meaning of Friendship Vernon 58 Medhurst Coronation Street 7 Media and Communication Technologies Lax 39 Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age Fisher 37 Media and Public Spheres Butsch 43 Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality Elleström 38 Media Communication Watson 25 Media Consumption and Public Engagement Couldry Livingstone Markham 42 Media, Institutions and Audiences Lacey 24 Media, Memory, and Human Rights in Chile Sorensen 42 Media, Organizations and Identity Chouliaraki Morsin 52 Media Research Methods Bertrand Hughes 57 Media Theories & Approaches Balnaves Donald Shoesmith 25 Media Writing Batty Cain 35 Mediating Madness Cross 59 Meikle Interpreting News 25

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INDEX Mellen Modern Times 5 The Melodramatic Public: Film Form and Spectatorship in Indian Cinema Vasudevan 29 Memorialization in Germany since 1945 Niven Paver 51 Memory Culture and the Contemporary City Staiger Steiner Webber 53 Metropolis Elsaesser 5 Micro Social Theory Roberts 54 Mikula Key Concepts in Cultural Studies 26 Miller 8 1/2 2 Miller Govil McMurria Maxwell Wang Global Hollywood 2 15 Miller Lockett Television Studies 17 Mills Television Sitcom 17 Mirzoeff Seinfeld 7 Mizoguchi and Japan Fanu 11 Modern Times Mellen 5 Moore Ribbon Culture 45 Morgan The Impact of 9/11 on the Media, Arts, and Entertainment 40 Morris Science for the Nation 40 Moving Shorts DVD (BR035) British Film Institute 22 Mukherjee Postcolonial Environments 52 Mulvey Citizen Kane 5 Mulvey Visual and Other Pleasures 57 Mundane Heterosexualities Hockey Meah Robinson 46 Murphy Directors in British and Irish Cinema 15 Murphy Sixties British Cinema 14 Murphy The British Cinema Book 14 Murphy The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture 46

N Nagib Mello Realism and the Audiovisual Media 30 Naremore On Kubrick 11 Naremore Sweet Smell of Success 2 Narrative and Genre Lacey 24 Neale Genre and Contemporary Hollywood 15 The New Film History Chapman Glancy Harper 32 New Media Fuery 39 The New Media Book Harries 18 New Screen Media Reiser Zapp 18

Newman and Oram Teaching Videogames 20 Newman Doctor Who 7 Newman Simons 100 Videogames 9 Night Mail Anthony 3 The Night of the Hunter Callow 5 Night of the Living Dead Hervey 3 Niven Paver Memorialization in Germany since 1945 51 Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past Kim Schwartz 55 Nowell-Smith L’avventura 5 Nowell-Smith Luchino Visconti 11

O The Office Walters 8 O’Malley Jones The Peacock Committee and UK Broadcasting Policy 33 O’Neill Lloyd The Black and Green Atlantic 49 On Kubrick Naremore 11 On The Waterfront Braudy 5 The Origins of Deconstruction McQuillan Willis 53 Orlando Francophone Voices of the “New” Morocco in Film and Print 50 Osmond 100 Animated Feature Films 8 Osmond Spirited Away 3 Our Friends in the North Eaton 8

P Paglia The Birds 4 The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies Qvortrup Corsaro Honig 51 Papathanassopoulos Negrine Communications Policy 41 Parker Women, Doctors and Cosmetic Surgery 45 A Passion for Cultural Studies Highmore 23 The Peacock Committee and UK Broadcasting Policy O’Malley Jones 33 Pedro Almódovar Acevedo-Muñoz 10 Penfold-Mounce Celebrity Culture and Crime 58 Pérez Rethinking Chicana/o and Latina/o Popular Culture 48 Performance Exile and ‘America’ Jestrovic Meerzon 48 Performance McCabe 6 Performing Masculinity Emig Rowland 47

Phillips Film 26 Phillips Hillier 100 Film Noirs 9 Phillips Understanding Film Texts 19 Phillips Vincendeau Journeys of Desire 15 Philosophy of Social Science Benton Craib 54 Playing For Real Cantrell Luckhurst 28 A Poetics of Forgiveness Scott 58 Points Teaching TV Drama 20 Polan Jane Campion 10 Polan Pulp Fiction 4 Pole Dancing, Empowerment and Embodiment Holland 47 Politics of Documentary Chanan 13 Polizzotti Los Olvidados 5 Poppy Teaching Stars and Performance 19 Postcolonial Environments Mukherjee 52 Practice-as-Research Allegue Jones Kershaw 51 Premediation: Affect and Mediality After 9/11 Grusin 37 Price The Screenplay 29 Prime Suspect Jermyn 7 Print Is Dead Gomez 38 Public Speaking in the City Stewart 40 Pulp Fiction Polan 4

Q Queer as Folk Davis 8 Quirke Jaws 4 Quota Quickies Chibnall 14 Quy Teaching Short Films 19 Qvortrup Corsaro Honig The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies 51

R Race and Ethnicity in the 21st Century Bloch Solomos 48 Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from World War II to the Present Locke 29 Radio in Context Starkey 34 Rajadhyaksha Willemen Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema 16 Ratcatcher Kuhn 3 Reading Films Teaching Pack (BR030) British Film Institute 23 Readman Teaching Film Censorship and Controversy 19

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INDEX Readman Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production 20 Real Shorts (BR038) British Film Institute 22 Realism and the Audiovisual Media Nagib Mello 30 Reality Television, Affect and Intimacy Kavka 56 Rees A History of Experimental Film and Video 13 Reinventing Public Service Communication Iosifidis 33 Reiser Zapp New Screen Media 18 Remaking Kurosawa Martinez 31 Representation, Realism and Fantasy in Film Teaching guide (BR031) British Film Institute 23 Rethinking Chicana/o and Latina/o Popular Culture Pérez 48 Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir Grossman 30 Rethinking Theories and Practices of Imaging Engström Selinger 38 Ribbon Culture Moore 45 Richardson Analysing Newspapers 36 Roberts Micro Social Theory 54 Robinson Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari 5 Rohdie Fellini Lexicon 11 Rolls Walker French and American Noir 31 Romney Atom Egoyan 10 Rosenbaum Dead Man 3 Rosenthal 100 Shakespeare Films 9 Rudkin Vampyr 6 Rushdie The Wizard of Oz 6 Russell 100 British Documentaries 9 Ryall Blackmail 4

S Sanders Communicating Politics in the TwentyFirst Century 44 Sargeant British Cinema 15 Sassatelli Becoming Europeans 43 Saturday Night Live, Hollywood Comedy, and American Culture Whalley 44 Schickel Double Indemnity 5 Schneider 100 European Horror Films 9 Science for the Nation Morris 40 Scott A Poetics of Forgiveness 58 Screen Adaptation Cartmell Whelehan 28 Screen Epiphanies Macnab 10


The Screenplay Price 29 Screening Shorts DVD (BR033D) British Film Institute 22 The Screenwriter’s Handbook 2010 Turner 32 Seinfeld Mirzoeff 7 Selby Cowdery How to Study Television 34 Seven Up Bruzzi 7 The Seventh Seal Bragg 6 Seventies British Cinema Shail 14 Sex, Class and Realism Hill 15 Shail Seventies British Cinema 14 Shail Stoate Back to the Future 2 Shane Countryman Heussen-Countryman 6 The Shawshank Redemption Kermode 4 Shyam Benegal Datta 10 Silent Cinema: An Introduction Usai 13 The Silence of the Lambs Tasker 6 Sinclair Crash 5 Sinclair Turner Contemporary World Television 17 Singh International Cultural Policies and Power 42 Singin’ in the Rain Woollen 6 The Singing Detective Creeber 7 Sinker If… 5 Sixties British Cinema Murphy 14 Smaill The Documentary 30 Smith C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture 52 Smith Hitchcock 11 Smith Trainspotting 6 The Sociology of Elite Distinction Daloz 58 Sorensen Media, Memory, and Human Rights in Chile 42 The Sound of Musicals Cohan 12 Spencer The Tabloid Terrorist 41 Spirited Away Osmond 3 Stafford Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry 19 Stagecoach Buscombe 6 Staiger Steiner Webber Memory Culture and the Contemporary City 53 Star Trek Hark 7 Star Wars Brooker 2 Starkey Balance and Bias in Journalism 36 Starkey Radio in Context 34 Stars Dyer McDonald 13 Starting Stories 2 (BR036) British Film Institute 21

Starting Stories Book to go with DVD (BR034) British Film Institute 21 Starting Stories DVD (BR034D) British Film Institute 21 Stebbins Leisure and Consumption 59 Steemers Creating Preschool Television 33 Stevenson Lars von Trier 10 Stewart Public Speaking in the City 40 Stokes Gilda 2 Stokes Maltby Identifying Hollywood’s Audiences 15 Stones Structuration Theory 54 Story Shorts 2 (BR037) British Film Institute 21 Story Shorts Dvd (BR022D) British Film Institute 21 Structuration Theory Stones 54 A Study of Modern Television Crisell 34 The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture Murphy 46 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Fischer 6 Sweet Smell of Success Naremore 2

T The Tabloid Terrorist Spencer 41 Tasker The Silence of the Lambs 6 Taubin Taxi Driver 6 Taunton Fictions of the City 56 Taxi Driver Taubin 6 Tay Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices 31 Teaching Analysis of Film Language Wharton Grant 19 Teaching Auteur Study Wharton Grant 19 Teaching Black Cinema Jones 19 Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting Viney 20 Teaching Contemporary British Cinema Benyahia 20 Teaching Digital Video Production at GCSE White 20 Teaching Film and TV Documentary Benyahia 20 Teaching Film at GCSE Baker Toland 20 Teaching Film Censorship and Controversy Readman 19 Teaching Men and Film Hall 20 Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production

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INDEX Readman 20 Teaching Short Films Quy 19 Teaching Stars and Performance Poppy 19 Teaching Television at GCSE Lewis 20 Teaching TV Drama Points 20 Teaching TV News Lewis 20 Teaching TV Sitcom Baker 20 Teaching TV Soaps Alexander Cousens 20 Teaching Videogames Newman and Oram 20 Teaching Women and Film Gilligan 20 Teaching World Cinema Gamm 20 Telefantasy Johnson 17 Televising History Bell Gray 32 Television Drama Thornham Purvis 34 The Television Genre Book Creeber 17 The Television History Book Hilmes 17 Television Industries Gomery Hockley 17 Television News, Politics and Young People Wayne Petley Murray 41 Television Sitcom Mills 17 Television Studies Miller Lockett 17 Tele-Visions Creeber 17 Telling Ruins in Latin America Lazzara Unruh 50 Temple Witt The French Cinema Book 16 Teo Hong Kong Cinema 16 Teo Wong Kar-wai 10 Thacker Joseph Goebbels 43 Theaters of War Casaregola 42 Theatre and Interculturalism Knowles 47 Theorising National Cinema Vitali Willemen 13 Thomas The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory 55 Thomson The Big Sleep 4 Thornham Purvis Television Drama 34 The ‘Three Colours’ Trilogy Andrew 6 Thurlow Jaworski Tourism Discourse 52 Thwaites Davis Mules Introducing Cultural and Media Studies 26 Totman How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy 43 Toulmin Electric Edwardians 14 Toulmin Popple Russell The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon 14 Tourism Discourse Thurlow Jaworski 52 Trainspotting Smith 6 Turner The Screenwriter’s Handbook 2010 32 Tyree Walters The Big Lebowski 3

U Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry Stafford Understanding Film Texts Phillips Understanding Global Media Flew Understanding Realism Armstrong Understanding Representation Helsby Understanding Television Texts Wickham Understanding the Internet Wessels The Undivided Sky Wolf Unforgiven Buscombe Ungar Cléo de 5 à 7 Usai Silent Cinema: An Introduction Usai The Death of Cinema Usai The Griffith Project

19 19 25 19 19 19 54 41 4 3 13 13 13

V Vampyr Rudkin 6 Vande Winkel Welch Cinema and the Swastika 40 Vasudevan The Melodramatic Public: Film Form and Spectatorship in Indian Cinema 29 Vernon The Meaning of Friendship 58 Vertigo Barr 6 Video and DVD Industries McDonald 18 Video Cultures Buckingham Willett 39 Video Production Dawkins Wynd 23 Vincendeau Jean-Pierre Melville 11 Viney Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting 20 Visions of Struggle in Women’s Filmmaking in the Mediterranean Laviosa 29 Visual and Other Pleasures Mulvey 57 Vitali Willemen Theorising National Cinema 13

W Waites The Age of Consent 45 Walsh Male Trouble: Masculinity and The Performance of Crisis 46 Walters The Office 8 Watson Media Communication 25 Wayne Petley Murray Television News, Politics and Young People 41 Weber Dixon Growing Up Online 52 Wessels Understanding the Internet 54

Wetherell Identity in the 21st Century 48 Whalley Saturday Night Live, Hollywood Comedy, and American Culture 44 Wharton Grant Teaching Analysis of Film Language 19 Wharton Grant Teaching Auteur Study 19 Wheeler Hollywood: Politics and Society 15 White Developing Research Questions 58 White Teaching Digital Video Production at GCSE 20 Why Feminism Matters Woodward Woodward 48 Wickham The Likely Lads 7 Wickham Understanding Television Texts 19 Wild Strawberries French 6 Winston Claiming the Real 13 Wise Velayutham Everyday Multiculturalism 50 Withnail and I Jackson 4 The Wizard of Oz Rushdie 6 Wolf The Undivided Sky 41 Women, Desire, and Power in Italian Cinema Cottino-Jones 28 Women, Doctors and Cosmetic Surgery Parker 45 Women in Film Noir Kaplan 12 Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe Crompton Lewis Lyonette 47 Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices Tay 31 Wong Kar-wai Teo 10 Wood 100 American Independent Films 8 Wood 100 Road Movies 9 Woodward Woodward Why Feminism Matters 48 Woollen Singin’ in the Rain 6

Y Yash Chopra Dwyer Youssef Chahine Fawal

10 10

Z Zaslow Feminism, Inc.

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Lights, camera, action... The Screenplay

Authorship, Theory and Criticism By Steven Price, Bangor University, Wales, UK The first book to combine detailed study of the theory, practice, and criticism of the screenplay Includes clear and helpful analysis of the screenplay’s formal features e.g. narration, dialogue, voiceover Gives detailed and original analyses of individual screenplays including The Birds, The Usual Suspects, Adaptation and Sunset Boulevard Applies literary film and cultural studies methodologies to the screenplay as a text January 2010 978-0-230-22362-2 - PB - £16.99 978-0-230-22361-5 - HB - £60.00


CATALOGUE ISBN: 978-0-230-55083-4

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Film, Media & Culture 2010 Catalogue  
Film, Media & Culture 2010 Catalogue  

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