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The Rise of Asian Firms

Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India Edited by Shuji Uchikawa, Institute of Developing Economies-Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO), Japan

Strengths and Strategies Edited by T. S. Chan, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, Geng Cui, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Asian economies have become a driving force in the world economy, so are the Asian firms, especially those from emerging markets. This book presents a collection of articles that address the strengths and strategies of the rising Asian firms in the process of internationalization and the challenges they face. Contents: 1. Research on Asian Firms: A Review and Look Forward; Geng Cui, T. S. Chan and Hua Zhang * PART I: ASIAN FIRMS: ENVIRONMENT, INSTITUTIONS AND MANAGEMENT * 2. The Impact of Network Relationships, Environment and Localization on the Performance of Taiwanese Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Ku-Ho Lin, Ya-Yuan Chang, ChuehChu Ou and Wei-Kuo Tseng * 3. The Internationalization of Emerging Market Multinationals: Effects of Host and Home Country Institutional Factors; Yuanyuan Zhang, Geng Cui and T. S. Chan * 4. Imprinting Home Institutional Influence - Chinese Firms’ Long-term Performance in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions; Sai Lan, Fan Yang and Hong (Susan) Zhu * 5. Rise of the Indian Firm - Understanding Leadership in Indian Organizations; Christopher Selvarajah, Denny Meyer, Suku Sukunesan and R. Venkatapathy * PART II: INTERNATIONALIZATION OF ASIAN FIRMS: PERSPECTIVES AND STRATEGIES * 6. Adapting to Change: The State of Singapore Private Enterprise in China; Wilfred How and Caroline Yeoh * and more

AIB Southeast Asia November 2014 UK November 2014 US 248pp 14 figures, 32 b/w tables Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

This book analyzes three points: employment conditions for migrant workers, the impact of industrialization as part of industrial clusters upon surrounding and outlying villages, and the labour market in industrial clusters. This book examines the cases of two newly developed industrial clusters: Ludhiana in Punjab and Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu. Contents: 1. Introduction: Development of Industrial Clusters and the Labour Force; Shuji Uchikawa * 2. Migrant Workers in Ludhiana; Jesim Pais and Yoshifumi Usami * 3. Knitted Together: The Life of Migrants in Tiruppur Garment Cluster; Muniandi Jegadeesan and Koichi Fujita * 4.Pattern of Rural Livelihoods in Punjab: The Role of Industrial and Urban Linkages; Kamal Vatta * 5. Impact of Non-Farm Employment on Landholding Structures in Punjab: Comparison of Three Villages; Daizo Sugimoto * 6. Industrial Growth and Indian Agriculture: Insights from Two Villages near Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu; D. Suresh Kumar and Koichi Fujita * 7. Tiruppur’s Labour Market on the Move: An Examination of Its Industrial Relations with Special Focus on the Institutional Actors in the Apparel Industry; Hitoshi Ota * 8. Structure of the Steel Industry and Firm Level Labour Management in Mandi Gobindgarh and Ludhiana; Etsuro Ishigami

IDE-JETRO Series August 2014 UK August 2014 US 252pp 77 b/w tables, 13 figures Hardback £70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Risky Business in China Inclusive Growth and Development in India Challenges for Underdeveloped Regions and the Underclass Edited by Yuko Tsujita, IDE-Jetro, Japan India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. However, high economic growth is accompanied by social stratification and widening economic disparity between states. This book illustrates some important aspects of underdevelopment and the process by which the underclass is left behind by focusing on the country's most neglected regions. Contents: Introduction; Yuko Tsujita * 1. How Agriculture in Bihar Lagged Behind: Implications for Future Development; Koichi Fujita * 2. An Analysis of Rural Household Electrification: The Case of Bihar; Hisaya Oda * 3. Caste, Land, and Migration: Analysis of a Village Survey in an Underdeveloped State in India; Yuko Tsujita and Hisaya Oda * 4. Education and Labour Market Outcomes: A Study of Delhi Slum Dwellers; Yuko Tsujita * 5. Poverty and Inequality under Democratic Competition: Dalit Policy in Bihar; Kazuya Nakamizo * 6. The Burden of Public Inaction: Agrarian Impasse in Growing Bihar; Kazuki Minato * 7. Transformation of Field Development Bureaucracy in Uttar Pradesh: Indigenisation and the Senses of Bureaucratic Discretion and Satisfaction; Norio Kondo

IDE-JETRO Series August 2014 UK August 2014 US 270pp 19 figures, 52 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


A Guide to Due Diligence Jeremy Gordon, China Business Services Limited, UK "Jeremy Gordon has written an accessible manual on how to assess risk and due diligence in China. A must-have guide for the world's potentially largest market." —Linda Yueh, author of China's Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower; Fellow in Economics, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford and Adjunct Professor of Economics, London Business School Risk is a major reason that companies fail in, or fail to enter, China. Packed with case studies, this unique book demonstrates how correctly applied due diligence can not only reduce business risk in China, but also provide excellent business intelligence to support negotiations and business relationships. Contents: Introduction * 1. Opportunity and Risk * 2. How Risky is Business in China? * 3. Due Diligence in China * 4. Putting Due Diligence on the Map * 5. Survival Toolkit * 6. Emergency Services * 7. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly * 8. Conclusion: The New Reality * Appendix: Resources and Reads

Palgrave Pocket Consultants August 2014 UK September 2014 US 248pp 22 diagrams, 8 b/w tables, 9 b/w illustrations, 3 figures Paperback £16.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137433213 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS China’s Economic Development

Advancing Regional Monetary Cooperation

Edited by Josef C. Brada, Arizona State University, USA, Paul Wachtel, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, USA, Dennis Yang, University of Virgina Darden Business School, USA This collection of papers is from Palgrave's journal, Comparative Economic Studies, carefully selected by a team of expert editors, this volumes collates the most sophisticated works to provide the readers with an essential guide to the economic development of China. Contents: 1.Dual-Track and Mandatory Quota in China’s Price Reform; Anthony Y C Koo, Norman P Obst * 2.State-Owned versus Township and Village Enterprises in China; Enrico C Perotti, Laixiang Sun, Liang Zou * 3.China’s Agricultural Crisis and Famine of 1959–1961: A Survey and Comparison to Soviet Famines; Dennis Tao Yang * 4.Labor Reform in China: Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones; Margaret Maurer-Fazio * 5.The Changing Role of Money in China and Its Implications; Carsten A Holz * 6.Public Infrastructure Development in China; Shuanglin Lin * 7.The Structure of Chinese Industry and the Impact from China’s WTO Entry free; Aimin Chen * 8.Economic Consequences of Urbanisation and Urbanisation Policy in China; Josef C Brada, Belton M Fleisher, Scott Rozelle, Johan Swinnen * and more

Palgrave Readers in Economics December 2014 UK December 2014 US 288pp Hardback £75.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

The Case of Fragile Financial Markets Laurissa Mühlich, Lateinamerika Institut, Germany This book examines regional monetary cooperation as a strategy to enhance macroeconomic stability in developing countries and emerging markets. Interdisciplinary case studies on Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and South America provide a crossregional perspective on the viability of such strategy. Contents: 1. Introduction * PART I: DRIVERS OF REGIONAL MONETARY COOPERATION * 2. Global Instability and ‘Monetary Regionalism’ * 3. Monetary Policy Choices of Southern Economies * 4. Fragile Financial Markets * PART II: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON REGIONAL MONETARY COOPERATION AND INTEGRATION * 5. A Modern Exchange Rate Theory Perspective * 6. A Strategy to Achieve Macroeconomic Stability? * 7. Asymmetric Regional Monetary Cooperation * 8. Reconsidering Economic Costs * PART III: REGIONAL MONETARY COOPERATION IN CMA, ASEAN/ ASEAN+3, AND MERCOSUR * 9. Case Selection and Data * 10. Common Monetary Area (CMA) * 11. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN/ASEAN+3) * 12. Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) * 13. CMA, ASEAN/ASEAN+3 and MERCOSUR Compared * 14. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

Studies in Economic Transition 9781137469953

The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia The Quadruple Helix Influence on Technological Innovation Edited by Stavros Sindakis, The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation - Southeast Asia, Bangkok University, Thailand, Christian Walter, The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation - Southeast Asia, Bangkok University, Thailand "We're moving from a managerial into an entrepreneurial society. Can a Silicon Valley-like entrepreneurial ecosystem evolve in Southeast Asia? How do Southeast Asian (wanna-be) entrepreneurs, start-up financiers, government and non-government organizations plan to seize the multitude of opportunities offered in times of the innovation economy? Discover answers to these important questions in this timely book with vignettes of the creative, financial, human, and ecological side of creative entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia." - Detlef Reis, Founder and Chief Ideator, Thinkergy Limited; Lecturer in Business Creativity and Creative Leadership, College of Management, Mahidol University, Thailand; Adjunct Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University Entrepreneurial Rise in South-East Asia examines the start-up scene environments in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Contents: PART I: REGIONAL INNOVATIVE CAPACITY AND NEW BUSINESS CREATION * PART II: WEALTH CREATION AND ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCING IN SOUTHEAST ASIA * PART III: HUMAN CAPITAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECTS OF INNOVATION * PART IV: THE ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION IN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT * PART V: INNOVATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY IN ASIA * CONCLUSION

August 2014 UK August 2014 US 324pp 7 b/w tables, 26 figures Hardback £70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


The Political Economy of Microfinance Financialising Poverty Philip Mader, University of Basel, Switzerland According to the author, rather than alleviating poverty, microfinance financialises poverty. By indebting poor people in the Global South, it drives financial expansion and opens new lands of opportunity for the crisis-ridden global capital markets. This book raises fundamental concerns about this widelycelebrated tool for social development. Contents: 1. A Framework for Engaging Microfinance * 2. A Genealogy of Microfinance * 3. The Financialisation of Poverty * 4. Financialising Public Goods * 5. Mechanisms of a Microfinance Crisis * 6. At the Crossroads of Development and Finance * 7. Appendix * 7.1 Calculating the Surplus Extraction * 7.2 Projects Using Microfinance for Water and Sanitation

Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy May 2015 UK May 2015 US 288pp 1 map, 8 b/w tables, 10 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Palgrave Studies in Democracy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for Growth January 2015 UK January 2015 US 368pp 48 b/w tables, 24 figures Hardback £78.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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25/03/2015 15:55

BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Energy Security and Sustainable Economic Growth in China

Corporate Social Disclosure Critical Perspectives in China and Japan

Edited by Shujie Yao, University of Nottingham, UK, Maria Jesus Herrerias Talamantes, UK This book focuses on various issues of energy, energy efficiency and environmental policy in China. It discusses different aspects on how China may maintain its fast economic growth through good management of energy consumption and development of various energy sources. Contents: 1. International Comparison in the Energy Sector; Lorenzo Ductor and Carlos Aller * 2. The Chinese Energy Intensive Growth Model and Its Impact on Commodity Markets; Javier Ordoñez and Atanu Ghoshray * 3. China’s Energy Diplomacy via The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation; Elzbieta Maria Pron * 4. The Institutional Setting of China’s Energy Policy; Karolina Wysoczanska * 5. Energy Security in China: An Analysis of Various Energy Sources; Shujie Yao and Dan Luo * 6. Oil and China; David C. Broadstock * 7. China’s Alternative Energy Sources; María J. García * 8. Regional Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in China; Maria Jesus Herrerias and Roselyne Joyeux * 9. Regional Energy Intensity and Productivity in China; Maria Jesus Herrerias * 10. Energy Intensity and Its Policy Implications in China; Ana Cuadros and Vicente Orts * and more

The Nottingham China Policy Institute Series July 2014 UK July 2014 US 368pp 49 b/w tables, 82 figures Hardback £75.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by Carlos Noronha, University of Macau, China Corporate Social Disclosure focuses on China and Japan as two countries for critical observations of the latest CSD issues. This volume consists of 12 chapters written by scholars from these two countries, addressing the latest observations of CSD in general as well as in different industries based on their latest research findings. Contents: 1. Corporate Social Disclosure in China and Japan: An Introduction; Carlos Noronha * PART I: CORPORATE SOCIAL DISCLOSURE IN CHINA * 2. The Trend of Corporate Social Disclosure in Mainland Chinese Listed Companies: A Longitudinal Observation; Cynthia M.I. Si Tou and Carlos Noronha * 3. Corporate Social Disclosure and Performance Gap: ‘Greenwashing’ Foxconn’s Shenzhen Factories; Carlos Noronha and Stefanie X. Wang * 4. Corporate Social Disclosure: The Case of China’s Milk Product Industry; Carlos Noronha and Katy W.P. Kong * 5. How do Chinese SOEs Integrate Economic Functions with Social Functions? A Viewpoint Based on the Analysis of Social Reporting Features; Jenny J.Q. Guan * 6. An Initial Exploration of Corporate Social Disclosure and Responsible Gaming Disclosure in Macau’s Gambling Industry; Tiffany C.H. Leung * PART II: CORPORATE SOCIAL DISCLOSURE IN JAPAN * 7. Corporate Social Disclosure in Annual Reports: Empirical Evidence from Japan; Mohobbot Ali and Mohammad Badrul Haider * 8. Global Compact Corporations in Japan and their Reporting: Trends and Issues; Mari Kondo * 9. Assurance in Sustainability Reporting: Evidence from Japan; Mohammad Badrul Haider and Katsuhiko Kokubu * 10. The Growing Acceptance of Global Standards by Japanese Firms and its Implication in Terms of Social Disclosure; Philippe Debroux * 11. Corporate Social Disclosure Practices in Japanese Corporations: The Case of Meiko Electronics; Gustavo Tanaka * 12. Corporate Social Disclosure in China and Japan: Concluding Remarks; Carlos Noronha

The Palgrave Macmillan Asian Business Series

China’s Many Dreams Comparative Perspectives on China’s Search for National Rejuvenation

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 376pp 69 b/w tables, 19 figures Hardback £77.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by David Kerr, Durham University, UK China's new leader Xi Jinping has announced that the China Dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is now closer than ever. This book discusses the meaning and progress of Chinese national rejuvenation from multiple perspectives. It discusses critically China's progress towards becoming a strong, prosperous and well-governed country. Contents: 1. Introduction: China’s Many Dreams; David Kerr * 2. Contextualizing the China Dream: A Reinforced Consultative Leninist Approach to Government; Steve Tsang * 3. Civil Society and China’s Governance Dilemmas in the Era of National Rejuvenation; David Kerr * 4. Worrying About Ethnicity: A New Generation of China Dreams?; David Tobin * 5. A Swinging Pendulum: the Chinese Way in Growth and Development from 1800 to the Present Day; Kent G. Deng * 6. Let The Hundred Businesses Donate (bai shang qi juan): The New Chinese Ways of Philanthropy, Traditional Values and the US Model; Gordon C. K. Cheung * 7. Does China Offer a New Paradigm for Doing Science?; Joy Y. Zhang * 8. Chinese Cultural Diplomacy: Old Wine in New Bottles?; Michael Barr * 9. China at Arms: Millennial Strategic Traditions and Their Diplomatic Implications; Shi Yinhong * 10. China Dream: A New Chinese Way in International Society?; Xiaoming Zhang * 11. Conclusion: how close is China to national rejuvenation?; David Kerr

Asian Business & Management Michael A. Witt, Editor-in-Chief, INSEAD, Singapore Asian Business & Management provides a unique perspective on business and management issues, both within Asia and between Asia and the wider world. Adopting a range of disciplinary and methodological approaches, it is critical reading for a broad global audience with an interest in this dynamic subject.

ISSN: 14724782 / EISSN: 14769328 For more information about this journal, please visit:

The Nottingham China Policy Institute Series November 2014 UK November 2014 US 276pp 15 b/w tables, 3 figures Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Lewisian Turning Point in the Chinese Economy

The China Development Model

Comparison with East Asian Countries

Between the State and the Market

Edited by Ryoshin Minami, Hitosubashi University, Japan, Fumio Makino, Institute of Comparative Economic Studies, Japan, Kwan S. Kim, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana This volume is concerned with labor market developments in China from a comparative perspective on selected East and South Asian countries. It closely examines the changing structure of China's labor market in the context of the Lewisisan turning point in ecomomic development. Contents: 1. Introduction; Ryoshin Minami * PART I: LEWISIAN TURNING POINT IN ASIAN COUNTRIES * 2. Turning Point in Japan: Structural Change in the Labor Market and Significance; Ryoshin Minami * 3. Structural Change of the Labor Market and the Turning Point in South Korea; Chang-Nam Kim * 4. Agricultural Surplus Labor and Poverty in Indonesia; Susumu Hondai and Kazutoshi Nakamura * 5. Labor Market and the Lewisian Turning Point in China; Ryoshin Minami and Xinxin Ma * PART II: STRUCTURAL CHANGE OF THE LABOUR MARKET IN CHINA: FACTS AND FACTORS * 6. Demographic Transition and Employment Change; Fang Cai, Meiyan Wang and Yue Qu * 7. Regional Migration and Structural Change in the Labor Market; Makoto Takada and Li Xu * 8. Foreign Direct Investment and Employment; Jin Du and Hiromi Ishizuka * 9. Labor Market Transformation in Shanghai; Shanping Yan * 10. Labor Migration and Urban -Rural Income Disparity; Jinjun Xue and Wenshu Gao * SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS * 11. China’s Turning Point from an East Asian Perspective: Prospective Recapitulation; Ryoshin Minami, Kwan S. Kim and Fumio Makino June 2014 UK June 2014 US 232pp 27 b/w tables, 29 figures Hardback £65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Over the last thirty years, China has been reforming its economy at breakneck speed. However a surge in nationalism is threatening China's relations with its neighbours and its rise to regional leadership. This book addresses a wide range of factors influencing the development of China's model and its influence on the rest of the world. Contents: Introduction * 1. What is the Socialist Market Economy * 2. The Transition Period * 3. A Fast but Unbalanced Growth * 4. An Incomplete Banking and Financial Reform * 5. Investment in Human Capital * 6. The Knowledge Economy * 7. Growing Inequalities * 8. A Foreign Policy which Serves the Growth (and Vice Versa) * 9. In Search of Civil Society * Conclusion(s) December 2014 UK December 2014 US 248pp 50 b/w tables Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Conflict and Entrepreneurship in Development Economics Wayne Nafziger, Professor, Kansas State University, USA This study provides an exploration of conflict and entrepreneurship in these developing economies. Its emphasis is on socio-economic and politico-economic approaches, focusing particularly on inequality, business development and the sources of conflict.

The Second Chinese Revolution Eugenio Bregolat, Govt of Spain The Second Chinese Revolution explores China's growing impact on the global economy. Contents: 1. Galloping Economic Development * 2. Heads and Tales of the New Economy * 3. Return to Tianamen * 4. Political Reform * 5. Reform in China and Russia

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 360pp 10 b/w tables Hardback £78.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Dominique de Rambures, Université Paris I PanthéonSorbonne, France


Contents: 1. The Meaning of Economic Development; Wayne Nafziger * 2. Entrepreneurship and Economic Development; Wayne Nafziger * 3. Entrepreneurial Human Capital and the Long-Run Survival of Firms in India; Wayne Nafziger and Dek Terrell * 4. Innovation among Software Entrepreneurs in India’s Information Technology; Andrew Ojede * 5. Class, Caste, and Community of Indian Industrialists: An Examination of the Horatio Alger Model; Wayne Nafziger * 6. The Sources of Humanitarian Emergencies; Wayne Nafziger and Juha Auvinen * 7. The Political Economy of State Terror; Wayne Nafziger and Emizet Kisangani * 8. Economic Development, Inequality, War, and State Violence; Wayne Nafziger and Juha Auvinen * 9. Bangladesh and Biafra: The Political Economy of Secessionist Conflict; Wayne Nafziger and William L. Richter * 10. The Political Economy of Nigeria’s Relentless Conflict; Wayne Nafziger * 11. Economic Regress and Niger Delta Grievances; Wayne Nafziger * 12. Meiji Japan as a Role Model for Africa’s Economic Development; Wayne Nafziger * 13. Pacifists as Entrepreneurs: Mennonite Capitalists and Max Weber’s Thesis; Wayne Nafziger February 2015 UK February 2015 US 240pp 1 figure, 11 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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25/03/2015 15:56

BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS India’s Reluctant Urbanization

The Global Rise of Asian Transformation

Thinking Beyond

Trends and Developments in Economic Growth Dynamics Piyush Tiwari , Associate Professor of Property at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Ranesh Nair, management consultant and urban enthusiast, India Pavan Ankinapalli, urban planner specializing in Infrastructure Planning, Jyoti Rao, architect and urban planner, India, Pritika Hingorani, Associate Vice President at the IDFC Institute, India, Manisha Gulati, energy economist, South Africa Through a close examination of India's policies, economic system, social systems and politics, this study explores the numerous perspectives and debates on India's urbanization. The authors link contemporary urban issues with emerging challenges associated with policies and city management.

Contents: 1.India’s Reluctant Urbanization: Setting the Stage * 2.Drivers of Emerging Urban Landscape * 3.Build Environment * 4.Productive Environment * 5.Living Environment * 6.Natural Environment: Towards [Re] Generative Cities * 7.Governing Environment * 8.Thinking Beyond February 2015 UK February 2015 US 288pp 16 figures, 8 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries Stopping the global epidemics of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Diarrhea

The Global Rise of Asian Transformation provides insights into the complex process of macro-political and economic dynamics reshaping the current business landscape in Asia. Contents: Preface; Pongsak Hoontrakul * Foreword; Prof. Khunying Suchada Kiranan * 1. Asia’s Transformation for an Asian Century: Choices and Challenges; Pongsak Hoontrakul * 2. Asia’s Evolving Economic Dynamism and Political Pressures; Pongsak Hoontrakul * 3. Life after QEs; Pongsak Hoontrakul * 4. Fast Track to first Regionalization and then Internationalization; Christopher Balding and David Garcia * 5. Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Mobile Technology in Asia; Pongsak Hoontrakul * 6. The Rise of Asia – Part 1: China and India; Pongsak H, Christopher Balding and Reena Marwah * 7. The Rise of Asia – Part 2: ASEAN 2.0 – AEC and Regional Connectivity; Pongsak Hoontrakul * 8. Asia’s Energy Innovation After Shale Gas Revolution; Chanathip Pharino and Pongsak Hoontrakul * 9. Fragile Supply Chains and the challenge of Natural Disasters * References * List of Contributors * Index December 2014 UK December 2014 US 296pp Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

This book provides an essential study of communicable diseases, by integrating the diagnosis, treatment and cure of communicable diseases in developing countries with the practical aspects of delivery of these services to the public. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. HIV AIDS * 3. Tuberculosis * 4. Malaria * 5. Diarrhea and Other Water Borne Disease

Japan’s Great Stagnation and Abenomics


Masazumi Wakatabe, Waseda University, Japan Japan's Great Stagnation and Abenomics chronicles Japan's Great Stagnation and reveals the striking similarities of economic events and policies between the Great Stagnation and the current Great Recession. It also suggests possible dangers ahead and way-outs in the future. Contents: 1. Introduction: Once It happened in Japan * 2. Thirty Years’ Economic Crisis * 3. Thirty Years’ Intellectual Crisis * 4. Shadow of History: What We Could Still Learn From the Great Depression of the 1930s * 5. The Future Again? The Assessment of Abenomics * 6. Concluding Remarks: Beware of Japanization

April 2015 UK April 2015 US 240pp 24 figures, 3 b/w tables Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Lessons for the World

John Malcolm Dowling, University of Colorado, USA, Chin Fang Yap, Tampines Junior College, Singapore

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 230pp 5 figures, 43 b/w tables Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Pongsak Hoontrakul, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada, Christopher Balding, Peking University HSBC School of Business Shenzhen, China, Reena Marwah, Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, India



25/03/2015 15:56


India, China and Globalization

The Impact of Globalization in a Developing Market

The Emerging Superpowers and paperback the Future of Economic Development

Anoo Anna Anthony, FISAT Business School, India, Mary Joseph.T, Bharat Mata Institute of Management Studies (BMIMS), India SMEs in Indian Textiles examines how globalisation in its transformative influence affects both firms and workers in the developing economies. This book explores the handloom cluster's value chain linkages to examine whether firms in the cluster gained from their association with global buyers over this extended period, and in what ways. Contents: PART I: EVOLVING PATTERNS OF EXPANDING TRADE * 1 Firms Adapting to Global Marketplaces - Introduction * 2 The Phenomenon of Globalization in Trade * 3 Theorizations of Economic Geography * PART II: THE INDIAN TEXTILE POLICY AND SMEs * 4 Indian Textile and Apparel Industry * 5 SMEs in Indian Textiles * 6 KannurHistory, Background and Trade Linkages * PART III: : ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORK AND STUDY DESIGN * 7 Global Value Chain Analysis Framework * 8 The Study of Linkages using Mixed Methods * 9 Presenting the Analysis of Qualitative Data * PART IV: REFLEXIVE RECORDS OF EVIDENCE * 10 Examining Emergent Codes through Constant Comparison * 11 Examining Apriori Codes through Cross Case Analysis of Case Reports * 12 Analysis of Buyer Perceptions and Buying Functions * PART V: IMPACTS, OUTCOMES AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS * 13 Analyzing the Collective Perception by Survey of SMEs * 14 Developing Meta Inferences From Case Studies and Surveys * 15 Conclusion: Possible Strategies Against Self Limiting Growth September 2014 UK September 2014 US 344pp 26 figures, 41 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Now available in

Piya Mahtaney, Freelance Development Economist, India "This well-researched, thought-provoking and documented book is bound to generate a considerable amount of interest in government, business and the academic world in general and the student community in particular." —S. Divakara, Director-General, Forum of Free Enterprise, India The momentum of economic progress in India and China will bring about the next major shift in geopolitics. This book analyzes the economic experience of both countries in the context of development and globalization, and offers insights that could be crucial for development thinking. Contents: The New Age Paradox * PART I: THE RISING SUPERPOWERS, ISSUES, IMPLICATIONS AND THE FUTURE * 1. Introduction to India Chapters: The India Story: As it Rolls On * 2. India: Her Tryst with Globalisation * 3. Economic Reform: Moving beyond Liberalisation * 4. India: Unleashing Opportunity Creation * 5. A Multi-Sectoral Pattern of Economic Growth: Important Issues * 6. India’s Economic Ascent: Insights and Issues * 7. Introduction to China chapters: China: The Emerging Superpower * 8. China: Its Ascent as an Economic Powerhouse * 9. State Owned Enterprise Restructuring: Issues and Challenges * 10. Economic Reform in China: The Ensuing Phase * 11. Human Capital Formation: Trends, Implications and Future Prospects in China * 12. China’s FDI Story: An Evaluation * 13. China’s Economic Experience: Insights, Lessons and a Perspective * 14. When Elephants Walk and Dragons Dance: A Comparison between * 15. The Indian and Chinese Economy * PART II: GLOBALISATION: A PROCESS OF INCOMPLETE ECONOMIC INTEGRATION * 16. Globalisation: Vision and Reality * 17. Revisiting the East Asian Miracle * 18. Stilletoisation of Economic Progress * PART III: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: EVOLVING A PARADIGM * 19. The Production Function of Development * 20. The Development Paradigm December 2014 UK December 2014 US 352pp 3 figures, 34 b/w tables Paperback £25.00 / $38.00 / CN$40.00 Canadian Rights


Japan Inc. on the Brink Institutional Corruption and Agency Failure

Economic Integration in Asia

Susan Carpenter, International Markets Analysts Ltd, UK This book contends that structural reforms, the essential third arrow in Abe's 'Abenomics', will not happen. As a result, Abenomics is merely a combination of reckless monetary policy and ambiguous fiscal policies which will fail to regenerate Japan's fragile economy and cut sovereign debt. Contents: INTRODUCTION * 1. Back to Basics? * 2. THE SIGN OF THE TIMES: Japan Inc (1955-1974) * 3.The Route to Heaven-on-Earth * 4.Pork-barrel Politics in the Prefectures: the winners * 5.The Japanese Economic Miracle: Japan Inc on Center Stage * 6.The Roaring 80s: The Bicycle Economy Out of Control * 7.The Metamorphous of Sanraku Inc * 8. The Martini, Glenfiddich and Babycham Marathons * 9.Marketing and Advertising Strategies: What’s it all About? * 10.Bubble, Bubble Turmoil and Trouble * 11.Special Corporations: Insatiable * 12.The Skill at Disguising * 13.The Price of Pork-barrel Patronage: Beggars Can’t be Choosers * 14. Still Bubbling November 2014 UK November 2014 US 344pp Hardback £75.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Towards the Delineation of a Sustainable Path Edited by Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland, Jacques Jaussaud, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, France, Bruna Maria Zolin, Università Ca’ Foscari, Italy This study assesses the current state of economic integration in Asia - in particular in East and South East Asia- and analyzes the prerequisites for a sustainable path of economic integration, using the background of the EU experience as a benchmark. Contents: PART I: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO THE CONCEPT OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION * PART II: ASSESSING ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN ASIA

9781137469434 June 2014 UK June 2014 US 176pp 22 b/w tables, 36 figures Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Lessons in Sustainable Development from Japan and South Korea Sara Hsu, State University of New York at New Platz, USA, Michio Naoi, Keio University, Japan, Wenjie Zhang, University of Texas at Austin, USA Lessons in Sustainable Development from Japan and South Korea compares the two countries, makes policy recommendations, and examines sustainable development experiments from both nations.


People’s Response to Disasters in the Philippines Vulnerability, Capacities and Resilience JC Gaillard, The University of Auckland, New Zealand This book provides a critical perspective on people's response to disasters in the Philippines. It draws upon an array of case studies to discuss people's vulnerability, capacities and resilience in facing a wide range of different hazards.

Contents: 1. Theoretical Framework * 2. Sustainable Development in Japan and South Korea * 3. Sustainable Development Programs and Experiments * 4. Directions for Future Study

Comparative Studies of Sustainable Development in Asia June 2014 UK June 2014 US 112pp 18 figures, 19 b/w tables Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Disaster Studies

Lessons in Sustainable Development from Malaysia and Indonesia Sara Hsu, State University of New York at New Platz, USA, Nathan Perry, Colorado Mesa University, USA Hsu and Perry provide a concise overview of sustainable development in the nations, make policy recommendations for each country, and discuss sustainable development experiments in both countries. Contents: Introduction * 1. Theoretical Framework * 2. Sustainable Development in Malaysia and Indonesia * 3. Sustainable Development Programs and Experiments * 4. Directions for Future Study * Conclusion

Comparative Studies of Sustainable Development in Asia December 2014 UK November 2014 US 122pp 8 b/w tables, 14 figures Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Contents: 1. Introduction: People’s Response to Disasters * PART I: LOOKING FOR THE ROOT CAUSES OF DISASTERS IN THE PHILIPPINES: UNFOLDING PEOPLE’S VULNERABILITY * 2. Why did 1,400 People Die in Late 2004? * 3. Does Risk Perception Really Matter? * 4. Vulnerability and Livelihoods * PART II: NO ONE IS A HELPLESS VICTIM! PEOPLE’S CAPACITIES TO FACE HAZARDS AND DISASTERS * 5. Coping with Natural Hazards * 6. Integrating Capacities in Disaster Risk Reduction * 7. Mainstreaming Marginalized Groups and their Capacities * PART III: FROM DISASTER TO DEVELOPMENT? * 8. Overcoming the Mt Pinatubo Disaster * 9. Resilience, Marginalization and Livelihoods * 10. Post-disaster Resettlement * 11. Conclusion. Towards Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction


February 2015 UK February 2015 US 216pp 44 figures, 18 b/w tables Hardback £62.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Education, Culture and the Singapore Developmental State "World-Soul" Lost and Regained? Yeow-Tong Chia, The University of Sydney, Australia "This book provides an insightful analysis of policies to create a sense of national identity in Singapore... A valuable addition to the Asian citizenship literature in particular, and citizenship literature globally." —S. Gopinathan, Adjunct Professor, National University of Singapore, Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada This book explores the role of education in the formation of the Singapore developmental state. This book provides a historical study of citizenship education in Singapore, whereby a comparative study of history, civics and social studies curricula, and the politics and policies that underpin them are examined. Contents: 1. Education and the Developmental State: Importance of Culture * 2. Crisis of National Survival * 3. Crisis of ‘Deculturalisation’ and Invention of ‘Asian Values’ * 4. Intensification of Asian Values * 5. Historical Amnesia Crisis and ‘National Education’ Response * 6. National Education Institutionalized in Curriculum * 7. Final Thoughts on the ‘World-Soul’ of Singapore

Education, Economy and Society March 2015 UK March 2015 US 240pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Why the Social Sciences Matter

Oriental Identities in Super-Diverse Britain

Edited by Jonathan Michie, University of Oxford, UK, Cary Cooper, Lancaster University, UK "This book powerfully demonstrates that if some of the planet's most urgent problems are to be solved, then the social sciences are not just necessary but are in fact indispensable. Humanity today needs high-quality social science more than ever - this book brilliantly shows why and how this is so." — David Inglis, University of Exeter, UK Published with the support of the Academy for Social Sciences, this volume provides an illuminating look at topics of concern to everyone at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Leading social scientists tackle complex questions such as immigration, unemployment, climate change, war, banks in trouble, and an ageing population.

Young Vietnamese in London

Contents: Foreword; Howard Newby * Introduction and Overview; Jonathan Michie, Cary L Cooper * 1. Social Science, Parenting and Child Development; Pasco Fearon, Chloe Campbell, Lynne Murray * 2. Health and Wellbeing; James Campbell Quick, Robert J Gatchel, Cary L Cooper * 3. Climate Change and Society; John Urry * 4. Waste, Resource Recovery and Labour: Recycling Economies in the EU; Nicky Gregson, Mike Crang * 5. Poverty and Inequality; Rod Hick * 6. The Economy, Financial Stability and Sustainable Growth; Jonathan Michie * and more January 2015 UK January 2015 US 216pp 2 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Paperback £19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9781137269904 9781137269911

Regimes of Social Cohesion

Tamsin Barber, Oxford Brookes University, UK "At a time when Britain is increasingly ethnically diverse, and yet still driven by social divisions and modes of 'othering' and prejudice, Tamsin Barber's study of the British Vietnamese is highly timely and engaging. Through an engaging and controversial 'take' on Orientalism, this book makes an important contribution to scholarship on ethnic minority experience in Britain." —Prof. Miri Song, University of Kent, United Kingdom Tamsin Barber addresses the experience of the Britishborn Vietnamese as an overlooked minority population in 'super-diverse' London, exploring the emergence of the pan-ethnic 'Oriental' category as a new form of collective consciousness and identity in Britain. Contents: Introduction * 1. The British Vietnamese Diaspora * 2. Orientalism, CounterOrientalism and Identity in Multicultural Britain * 3. ‘Is it because I am Yellow?’: Categorization and Difference among the ‘Second Generation’ in Britain * 4. Black-British, White-British, Oriental-British? * 5. Counter-Orientalisms and the Politics of Hair, Clubbing and Dating * 6. Navigating ‘The Vietnamese Community’: Local and Transnational Belongings * 7. Conclusions

Identity Studies in the Social Sciences February 2015 UK February 2015 US 256pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


British Chinese Families

Societies and the Crisis of Globalization

Parenting, Relationships and Childhoods

Andy Green, Institute of Education, University of London, UK, Jan Germen Janmaat, Institute of Education, University of London, UK "This timely volume represents an excellent intervention within debates about 'the effects of social change on the social fabric' (p. 1) in the context of globalization, increasing inequality and social diversity, and the intensification of concerns about these trends in the aftermath of the financial crisis, recession and the new politics of austerity . . . Their book is a very worthwhile contribution." —John Flint, International Sociology In this volume, now in paperback, Green and Janmaat employ an original and highly interdisciplinary mixed method approach to identify four major traditions of social cohesion in developed societies, analyzing how these various mechanisms are withstanding the strains of the current global financial crisis. Contents: List of Tables and Figures * 1. Introduction * 2. Defining Social Cohesion * 3. Western Intellectual Traditions of Social Cohesion * 4. The Social Origins and Development of Social Cohesion Traditions * 5. Contemporary Regimes of Social Cohesion and their Institutional Foundations * and more

Carmen Lau-Clayton, University of Leeds, UK Based on repeat interviews from a range of generational perspectives, this book explores the nature of contemporary British Chinese households and childhoods, examining the extent to which parents identify themselves as being Chinese and how decisions to uphold or move away from 'traditional' Chinese values impacts on their child-rearing methods. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Chinese Migration Patterns * 3. Themes within Current Research * 4. Theoretical Framing * 5. Methods of Enquiry * 6. Contemporary British Chinese Parenting * 7. Agency and Action of British Chinese Children * 8. Levels of Intimacy between British Chinese Parents and Children * 9. Final Conclusions

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life November 2014 UK November 2014 US 224pp 1 b/w table Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Education, Economy and Society September 2014 UK September 2014 US 264pp 10 b/w tables, 52 figures Paperback £24.99 / $45.00 / CN$50.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Higher Education in Vietnam

Chinese Migration to Europe

Flexibility, Mobility and Practicality in the Global Knowledge Economy

The Case of Prato and Italy

Ly Tran, Deakin University, Australia, Simon Marginson, Institute of Education, University of London, UK, Hoang Do, University of Melbourne, Australia, Quyen Do, University of Melbourne, Australia, Truc Le, University of Melbourne, Australia, Nhai Nguyen, Independent scholar, Canada, Thao Vu, University of Melbourne, Australia, Thach Pham, Victoria University, Australia, Huong Nguyen, University of Melbourne, Australia Higher and tertiary education are crucial to modern nations. Vietnam has great potential, but its universities and colleges are poor-performing, underfunded and slow to change compared to those in neighbouring East Asian nations. This book analyses the problem and provides constructive solutions for the reform of higher education. Contents: 1. Education for Flexibility, Practicality and Mobility * PART I: STUDENTS AND STRUCTURES * 2. Higher and Tertiary Education in Vietnam * 3. Towards More Flexible Organization * 4. Curriculum and Pedagogy * 5. The Student Self * PART II: THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE * 6. Internationalisation * 7. Policy Borrowing * 8. Foreign Language Policy * PART III: EXTENDING THE BOUNDARIES * 9. Research in Universities * 10. Vocational Education and Training * CONCLUSION * 11. Modernization with Vietnamese Character

Edited by Loretta Baldassar, University of Western Australia, Australia, Graeme Johanson, Monash University, Australia, Narelle McAuliffe, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy, Massimo Bressan, Istituto di Ricerche e Interventi Sociali, Italy This volume brings together the work of twenty-seven contributors to deepen our understanding of Chinese migration to Europe, with a particular focus on the case of Prato and Italy. Contents: PART I * PART II: CHINESE IN PRATO: INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION * PART III: CHINESE IN PRATO: LOCAL, NATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL NETWORKS * PART IV: CHINESE IN ITALY: SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL BELONGING May 2015 UK May 2015 US 320pp 28 tables, 1 chart, 6 graphs, 6 maps, 5 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137400239 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Offending Women in Contemporary China Gender and Pathways into Crime

Palgrave Studies in Global Higher Education

Anqi Shen, Teeside University, UK

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 280pp 5 b/w tables, 7 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Through an empirical inquiry into three categories of offending women, Offending Women in Contemporary China: Gender and Pathways into Crime explores the socioeconomic conditions that facilitate womens' pathways into crime, and examines the interplay between gender, class, rapid social changes and female law-breaking in neoliberal China.


Chinese Educational Migration and Student-Teacher Mobilities

Contents: 1. Offending Women in Contemporary China: An Introduction * 2. Researching Chinese Female Offenders: The Methodology * 3. Female Members of ‘Black-Society Style’ Criminal Organisations * 4. Female Offenders Who Organised Others for Prostitution * 5. Female Child Traffickers

Experiencing Otherness Edited by Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki, Finland This collected volume examines the multifaceted contexts and experiences of Chinese students, teachers and scholars in Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, the UK and the US. It can serve both as an introduction to Chinese people's mobility and migration in Higher Education and as a thorough review for more knowledgeable readers. Contents: PART I: THE EXPERIENCES OF CHINESE STUDENTS ABROAD * PART II: GOING BACK HOME OR NOT? * PART III: CHINESE TEACHERS ABROAD: ADAPTING TO OTHER CONTEXTS

Palgrave Advances in Criminology and Criminal Justice in Asia November 2014 UK November 2014 US 136pp 7 b/w tables Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Palgrave Studies on Chinese Education in a Global Perspective May 2015 UK May 2015 US 240pp 5 b/w tables, 2 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Eco-Cities and the Transition to Low Carbon Economies Federico Caprotti, King’s College London, UK The author examines the two most advanced eco-city projects: the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City in China, and Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. These are the most notable attempts at building new eco-cities to both face up to the 'crises' of the modern world and to use the city as an engine for transition to a low-carbon economy. Contents: 1. Eco-Cities in the Age of Crisis * 2. Experimental Eco-Cities in China * 3. Peak Oil and Eco-Urbanism in Abu Dhabi * 4. Conclusion: Re-Thinking the Eco-City?


Transnational Labour Migration, Remittances and the Changing Family in Asia Edited by Lan Anh Hoang, University of Melbourne, Australia, Brenda S. A. Yeoh, National University of Singapore The contributors investigate the inter-relationships between migrant remittances and the family in Asia. They argue that, in the context of Asian transnational labour migration where remittances tend to become a primary currency of care, the making or breaking of the family unit is mainly contingent on how individuals handle remittance processes. Contents: PART I: REMITTANCES AS GENDERED PROCESSES * PART II: REMITTANCES AND GENERATIONAL DYNAMICS OF CHANGE * PART III: (NON)REMITTANCES AND THE FAMILY IN CRISIS

Anthropology, Change and Development

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 136pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


May 2015 UK May 2015 US 320pp 16 b/w tables, 8 charts Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Debating the Socialist Legacy and Capitalist Globalization in China

Culture and the Politics of Welfare Exploring Societal Values and Social Choices

Edited by Xueping Zhong, Tufts University, USA, Ban Wang , Stanford University, USA

John Hudson, University of York, UK, Nam Kyoung Jo, SungKongHoe University, South Korea, Antonia Keung, University of York, UK This text offers an in-depth examination of the influence of culture on welfare states. It suggests new ways in which cross-national differences in culture might be measured and, using a range of approaches, utilizes these measures to explore the role culture plays in shaping differences in social policy frameworks across high income countries. Contents: Introduction * 1. Exploring The Cultural Context Of Welfare Policy Making * 2. Exploring The Culture-Welfare Nexus: A Quantitative Comparative Analysis * 3. Exploring The Culture-Welfare Nexus: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis * 4. Exploring The Culture-Welfare Nexus: Key Trends, Key Cases * 5. Conclusion: Bringing Culture ‘Back In’ To Comparative Social Policy Analysis

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 140pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



This book seeks to offer critical voices while evoking the themes of the socialist past to bear on the 21st-century Chinese intellectual and cultural scenes. Contents: Table of Contents * Introduction: Why Does Socialist Culture Matter Today? * PART I: RETHINKING SOCIALISM, LITERATURE, AND CULTURE * 1. Shanghai as a Socialist City and Spatial Reconstruction; Luo Gang and Li Yun * 2. One Village and One Novel: Revisiting Wenquantun Village; He Jixian and Lu Taiguang * 3. Gender Politics and the Crisis of Socialist Aesthetics; Mao Jian * 4. The Crisis of Socialism and Efforts to Overcome It; Cai Xiang * PART II: CRITICAL REFLECTION ON LITERATURE AND CULTURE SINCE THE REFORM * 5. Mythification of the Reform-Era History: A Social-Historical Analysis of the Avant-Garde Literature; Liu Fusheng * 6. Genealogy and Ideology of the AvantGarde Fiction; He Guimei * 7. Eight Key Terms in Literary Criticism; Cao Zhenglu * 8. Enjoyment: A New Experiment on Surrealist Writing: A Dialogue between Li Tuo and Yan Lianke * PART III: DEBATING THE RISE OF ‘NEW LEFT’ CULTURE AND ‘SUBALTERN LITERATURE’ IN THE REFORM ERA * 9. The Rise of ‘Subaltern Literature’ in the 21st Century: A Speech at the Utopian Forum (2007); Li Yunlei * 10. A Difficult Breakthrough: On Representing Subaltern Experiences; Nan Fan * 11. Che Guevara: Notes on the Play, Its Production, and Reception; Huang Jisu * PART IV: PEOPLE’S LITERATURE AND CULTURE: FROM PAST TO FUTURE * 12. The White-Haired Girl: Limitations and Potential of the New Interpretation; He Jixian * 13. Subjective Identity, Revolutionary Consciousness, and People’s Literature: Zhang Chengzhi and His Literature in the New Era; Zhang Hong * 14. People’s Literature: An Unfinished Historical Project; Kuang Xinnian

China in Transformation July 2014 UK July 2014 US 300pp Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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Tracing 40 Years of Partnership Edited by Takashi Inoguchi, President, University of Niigata Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan, G. John Ikenberry, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, USA

Japanese and Korean Politics Alone and Apart from Each Other Edited by Takashi Inoguchi, University of Niigata Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan This volume examines Japanese and Korean politics from both Japanese and Korean angles, exploring why the two countries do not cooperate bilaterally or consult one another, despite their geographical closeness and a number of common features that are central to both countries' domestic politics and foreign policies. Contents: Introduction: Are Japan and Korea Alone and Apart Each Other?; Takashi Inoguchi * JAPANESE POLITICS * 1. Abenomics and Abegeopolitics; Takashi Inoguchi * 2. Expansionary Monetary Policy Revised; Yutaka Harada * 3. Return to the Liberal Democratic Party Dominance?; Cheol Hee Park * 4. Japanese Realignment Impacting Korean-Japanese Relations; Seung-won Suh * KOREAN POLITICS * 5. South Korea’s 2012 Presidential Election; Wan-Taek Kang * 6. Transformation of Korean Developmental Capitalism; Jongryn Mo * 7. Park Geun Hye’s policy toward North Korea and Beyond; Satoru Miyamoto * 8. Korean Parliamentary Politics; Yuki Asaba * FOREIGN POLICY: JAPAN AND KOREA * 9. Japanese Foreign Policy : Abe II and Beyond; Kazuhiko Togo * 10. Korean Foreign Policy: Geun-hye Park Looks at China and North Korea; Chung-In Moon and Seung-Chan Boo * 11. The Korea Peninsula and Japan: Global Money Flows as Framing International Relations; Takashi Inoguchi January 2015 UK January 2015 US 308pp 9 b/w tables, 1 figure Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Japanese and Russian Politics

Contents: Foreword; The Hon Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs * Introduction; Sally Percival Wood and Baogang He * AUSTRALIA IN ASIAN REGIONALISM * 1. Australia and ASEAN: A Marriage of Convenience?; Sally Percival Wood * 2. Hobnobbing with Giants: Australia’s Approaches to Asian Regionalism; See Seng Tan * 3. The East Asia Summit: Navigating ASEAN Multilateralism; Avery Poole * NON-TRADITIONAL SECURITY CHALLENGES * 4. Timor-Leste: From INTERFET to ASEAN; Michael Leach and Sally Percival Wood * 5. Australia-ASEAN’s Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: A Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual?; Math Noortmann * 6. Australia, ASEAN, and Forced Migration in Asia; Amy Nethery * ECONOMIC RELATIONSHIPS – OLD AND NEW * 7. Australia’s Economic Relations with ASEAN: Learning to Deal with the Evolving Organization; Jiro Okamoto * 8. Richer Relations? Four Decades of ASEAN-Australia Relations in Higher Education; Anthony Welch * 9. Making a Sale versus Making it Safe: Prospects for ASEAN-Australia Nuclear Energy Cooperation; Sofiah Jamil and Lina Gong * 10. The Australia-ASEAN AgriFood Opportunity; Claudine Ogilvie * 11. Islamic Banking and Finance in Southeast Asia: Can Australia Find a Niche?; Imran Lum * Afterword; Anthony Milner October 2014 UK October 2014 US 284pp 6 tables, 3 figures, 1 diagram Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Good Practitioners in a Rising Asia

Edited by Takashi Inoguchi, University of Niigata Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan This volume offers a comparative analysis of Japanese and Russian politics in the 2010s, examining both domestic dimensions and foreign policy. Contents: PART I: JAPANESE POLITICS: LEADERS, POLITICAL PARTIES AND ECONOMIC POLICY *PART II: RUSSIAN POLITICS: LEADERS, KREMLIN AND POLITICS OF VPERYOD (FORWARD) * PART III: JAPAN AND RUSSIA ECONOMICS * PART IV: JAPANESE FOREIGN POLICY: “SEARCHING AN HONORABLE PLACE IN THE WORLD” * PART V: RUSSIAN FOREIGN POLICY: VPERYOD (RUSSIA GO FORWARD) EASTWARD?

Kenneth Winston, Harvard Kennedy School, USA Through case studies set in different Asian countries, this book examines the efforts of public practitioners to develop the skills they need to act effectively and well in public life. In a time of evolving moral identity, Asian countries face laboratories of political transformation, with lessons for democratic practitioners everywhere. Contents: Introduction * 1. A Gift of Life: Developing a Framework for Ethics * 2. The Prison Master’s Dilemma: Ethics in a Non-Ideal World * 3. Missionaries in China: The Ethics of Exporting Ethics * Addendum: Exporting the Rule of Law to China * 4. The Woman in the Corridor: Caring Across Boundaries * 5. By the people: Becoming a Practitioner of Democracy * Conclusion: Moral Competence in Public Life March 2015 UK March 2015 US 288pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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Ethics in Public Life

Polar Opposites or Something in Common?

January 2015 UK January 2015 US 236pp 6 tables, 4 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Sally Percival Wood, Deakin University, Australia, Baogang He, University of Tasmania, Australia "This edited book weaves a persuasive tapestry of mutual discovery between Australia and ASEAN from their modest and uncertain origins four decades ago to current challenges and opportunities going forward. Its authors have provided instructive lenses to see how the Australia-ASEAN relationship has become so compelling and mutually indispensable."—Thithinan Pongsudhirak, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand This book examines the Australia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership since its inception in 1974 and looks at the networks of engagement that have shaped relations across three areas: regionalism, non-traditional security, and economic engagement.


25/03/2015 15:56


The South Korean Development Experience Beyond Aid

Edited by Mark Beeson, Professor, Murdoch University, Australia

Political Economy and the Aid Industry in Asia Jane Hutchison, Murdoch University, Australia, Wil Hout, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Caroline Hughes, University of Bradford, UK, Richard Robison, Murdoch University, Australia Adopting a distinctive structural political economy approach, this book uniquely explains the blind spots of alternative political economy approaches to international aid, and presents an original framework for evaluating likely reformers' strength of commitment and potential alliances with donors. Contents: 1. Introduction * PART I: DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES AND THE REALITY OF POLITICS * 2. Realities of Political Economy: The Elephant in the Room * 3. Development Agencies and the Political Economy Turn * 4. Development as Collective Action Problems * PART II: APPLYING STRUCTURAL POLITICAL ECONOMY * 5. Understanding the Development Problem * 6. Analysing Reform and Reformers * 7. Working Politically: Understanding Alliances * 8. Conclusion: The Road to Nowhere? May 2014 UK May 2014 US 208pp 3 b/w tables Hardback £58.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights


Indonesia’s Ascent

This volume explores South Korea's successful transition from an underdeveloped, authoritarian country to a modern industrialized democracy. South Korea's experience of foreign aid gives a unique perspective on how to use foreign aid for economic development as well as how to build a strong partnership between developed and developing countries. Contents: Introduction: The South Korean Development Experience; Eun Mee Kim and Pil Ho Kim * 1. From Development to Development Cooperation: Foreign Aid, Country Ownership, and the Developmental State in South Korea; Eun Mee Kim and Pil Ho Kim * 2. The Effect of Aid Allocation: an Econometric Analysis of Grant Aid and Concessional Loans to South Korea, 1953-1978; Jaewoo Lee * 3. Coordination and Capacity Building in US Aid to South Korea, 1945-1975; Jinkyung Kim and Pil Ho Kim * 4. Aid Effectiveness and Fragmentation: Changes in Global Aid Architecture and South Korea as an Emerging Donor; Eun Mee Kim, Ji Hyun Kim, and Jae Eun Lee * 5. The Capability Enhancing Developmental State: Concepts and National Trajectories; Peter B. Evans * 6. South Korea’s Development Experience as an Aid Recipient: Lessons for Sub-Saharan Africa; Monday Lewis Igbafen * 7. The Politicization of Humanitarian Assistance: Aid and Security on the Korean Peninsula; Brendan Howe and Dong Jin Kim * Conclusion: Beyond Aid; Eun Mee Kim June 2014 UK June 2014 US 200pp 10 figures, 24 b/w tables Hardback £58.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Incomplete Democracies in the Asia-Pacific

Power, Leadership, and the Regional Order Edited by Christopher B. Roberts, University of New South Wales, Australia, Ahmad D. Habir, Strategic Asia, Indonesia, Leonard C. Sebastian, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore "Australia and Indonesia share a wide range of common interests. Working together to increase prosperity, promote political stability and advance democratic development underpins bilateral relations. This important book assesses the complexities of bilateral diplomacy as well the impact of Indonesia's rise on Australia, the region and the world."—Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia (2010-2014) This volume explores the domestic and transnational considerations associated with Indonesia's ascent, referring to its rise in terms of hard and soft power and its likely trajectory in the future. The range of contributors analyse economic resources, religious harmony, security, regional relations, leadership and foreign policy. Contents: 1. Ascending Indonesia: Signficance And Conceptual Foundations; Christopher B. Roberts And Leonard C. Sebastian * 2. Leadership And Dependency: Indonesia’s Regional And Global Role, 1945–75; Sue Thompson * 3. The Economy In Indonesia’s Ascent: Making Sense Of It All; Satish Mishra * 4. Yudhoyono’s Third Way: Muslim Democracy, National Stability, And Economic Development In Indonesia; Mark S. Williams * 5. Key Security Fault Lines—Unresolved Issues And New Challenges; Bob Lowry * 6. Democratic Achievement And Policy Paralysis: Implications For Indonesia’s Continued Ascent; Stephen Sherlock * 7. Politics, Security And Defense In Indonesia: The Pursuit Of Strategic Autonomy; Iis Gindarsah And Adhi Priamarizki * and more February 2015 UK February 2015 US 352pp 19 figures, 1 b/w table Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Eun Mee Kim, Ewha Women’s University, South Korea, Pil Ho Kim, Lewis and Clark College, USA


Evidence from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand Edited by Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, John Hopkins University, USA, Jae H. Ku, John Hopkins University, USA, Karl Jackson, John Hopkins University, USA This collection presents a varied picture of the state of democracy in Asia, revealing unique findings from a project entitled the 'Asia Democracy Initiative' which explored the role of ordinary people in democratization through the rise of expressive social values in Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. Contents: 1. Introduction; Giovanna Maria Dora Dore and Karl D. Jackson * 2. Democracy is not the only game in town: Democratic and Authoritarian Attitudes in Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand; Giovanna Maria Dora Dore * 3. Democratization and the Middle Class in Indonesia: Waiting for Godot?; Karl D. Jackson * 4. The Decline of Political Participation in South Korea between 2000 and 2011; Jae H. Ku * 5. From Subjects to Citizens: Democratic Consolidation in Thailand between 2000 and 20011; Prinat Apirat * 6. The Philippines: Who votes, who participates, and why?; Giovanna Maria Dora Dore * 7. Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Political Leaders in Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand; James Marshall Kirby * 8. Conclusions; Jae H. Ku October 2014 UK October 2014 US 304pp 35 b/w tables, 19 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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The Diplomacy of Culture

Regulating Dissent

The Role of UNESCO in Sustaining Cultural Diversity

Kelly Gerard, University of Western Australia, Australia "Using Kanishka Jayasuriya and Garry Rodan's 'mode of political participation' approach that usefully distinguishes between participation, representation and contestation, the book confirms the rhetorical nature of ASEAN's engagement with civil society and, importantly, tells us why and how this has been accomplished. It is valuable reading for all those interested in understanding the intricacies and intrigues involved in ASEAN's journey towards participatory regionalism."—Helen E S Nesadurai, Monash University, Malaysia Campus This book offers an innovative framework for understanding the role of civil society in regional and global policymaking. Using political economy analysis, Gerard demonstrates that ASEAN's people-oriented agenda builds legitimacy, while sidelining its detractors. Contents: 1. A ‘People-Oriented’ ASEAN? * 2. Civil Society Consultations: Explaining Why and How * 3. ASEAN and Associational Life in Southeast Asia * 4. Civil Society Participation in Spaces Established by ASEAN * 5. Civil Society Participation in Spaces Recognized by ASEAN * 6. Civil Society Participation in ‘Created Spaces’ * 7. Engaging Civil Society and Regulating Dissent May 2014 UK May 2014 US 216pp 1 figure, 6 b/w tables Hardback £58.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Changing Security Dynamics in East Asia A Post-US Regional Order in the Making?

Irena Kozymka, UNESCO, France "The Diplomacy of Culture is filling a void in international relations studies. With this in mind, Irena Kozymka wrote a very useful and well documented volume which will be strongly appreciated by scholars and students, and also by many readers who are interested in understanding a crucial new field of knowledge." —Bertrand Badie, Sciences Po, Paris The book examines the role of UNESCO, the only United Nations agency responsible for culture and the main forum for international diplomacy on the issue of cultural diversity. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION * PART II: UNESCO’S RESPONSES, PAST AND PRESENT * PART III: FRANCE * PART IV: THE UNITED STATES * PART V: CAMBODIA * PART VI: BRAZIL * PART VII: UNESCO’S DIFFICULTIES IN HANDLING CULTURAL DIVERSITY * PART VIII: CONCLUSION * ANNEX – CONVENTION ON THE PROTECTION AND PROMOTION OF THE DIVERSITY OF CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS

Culture and Religion in International Relations April 2014 UK April 2014 US 308pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £66.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Rural Women’s Power in South Asia: Understanding Shakti Pashington Obeng, Wellesley College, USA

Edited by Elena Atanassova-Cornelis, University of Antwerp & Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, Frans-Paul van der Putten, Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael, The Netherlands "This important volume offers an excellent range of views and arguments on the most important strategic question in Asia, and perhaps globally, today. In well-considered chapters by many of the leading scholars of Asian strategic affairs it offers rigorous and balanced analyses of the key questions which will shape Asia's strategic order over coming years. The chapters combine scholarly rigour with a robust sense of political and policy realities. It will quickly win a key place in the literature on Asian strategic affairs."—Hugh White, Australian National University, Australia This original and detailed collection explores how regional actors deal with uncertainties that are inherent to the current geopolitical situation in East Asia. The contributors collectively demonstrate that strategic uncertainty has become a major factor in the shaping of the security order in East Asia.

This book investigates how women's power and caste cleavages often continue to transcend and crosscut the boundaries of caste/tribe, gender, age, class and religion in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It examines the gendered divisions of labor in rural communities and how countervailing forces have restricted women's status and roles in South Asia. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. History and Identity * 3. Policies and Interventions * 4. Governments, NGOs, Sanghas and Entrepreneurs (20+) * 5. Senior Women’s Shakti (60+) * 6. Conclusion

Gender, Development and Social Change July 2014 UK July 2014 US 208pp Hardback £58.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Contents: Introduction: Why strategic uncertainty?; Elena Atanassova-Cornelis and FransPaul Van der Putten * PART I: EVOLVING REGIONAL SECURITY ORDER IN EAST ASIA - KEY PERSPECTIVES * PART II: EAST ASIAN RESPONSES TO STRATEGIC UNCERTAINTY * PART III: ALTERNATIVE MODELS OF REGIONAL SECURITY ORDER * November 2014 UK November 2014 US 248pp 4 b/w tables Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES The Political Economy of Conflict in South Asia

INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY SERIES Edited by Tim M. Shaw, Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA, and Emeritus Professor, University of London, UK

Migrant Remittances in South Asia Social, Economic and Political Implications

Edited by Matthew Webb, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates, Albert Wijeweera, Southern Cross University, Australia Destructive conflicts have thwarted growth and development in South Asia for more than half a century. This collection of multi-disciplinary essays examines the economic causes and consequences of military conflict in South Asia from a variety of perspectives embracing fiscal, social, strategic, environmental and several other dimensions.

This volume provides theoretical treatments of remittance on how its development potential is translated into reality. The authors meticulously delve into diverse mechanisms through which migrant communities remit, investigating how recipients engage in the development process in South Asia.

Contents: 1. Introduction; Matthew J. Webb and Albert Wijeweera * 2. The Economics of Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tract Region of Bangladesh; Syed Serajul Islam * 3. The ‘Political Economy’ of Sikh Separatism: Ethnic Identity, Federalism and the Distortions of Post-Independence Agrarian Development in Punjab-India; Jugdep S. Chima * 4. The Political Economy of the Ethnonationalist Uprising in Pakistani Balochistan, 1999-201; Farhan Hanif Siddiqi * 5. Nepal’s Protracted Transition: Explaining the Continuing Political and Economic Impasse; Pramod K. Kantha * 6. India’s Indigenization of Military Aircraft Design & Manufacturing: Towardsa Fifth Generation Fighter; Michael B. Charles and Elisabeth Sinnewe * 7. The War on Terror and its Economic Impact on Pakistan; Howard Brasted and Zahir Ahmed * 8. Terrorist Activities and Financial Market Performance: Evidence from Sri Lanka; Albert Wijeweera * and more


January 2015 UK January 2015 US 256pp 17 b/w tables, 7 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Md Mizanur Rahman, National University of Singapore, Tan Tai Yong, National University of Singapore, AKM Ahsan Ullah, Universiti Brunei Darussalam

November 2014 UK November 2014 US 328pp 33 b/w tables, 13 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Religion and the Politics of Development Critical Perspectives on Asia Edited by Robin Bush, Research Triangle International, Indonesia, Philip Fountain, National University of Singapore, Michael Feener, National University of Singapore This volume brings emerging research on religion and development into conversation with politics. Deploying innovative conceptual frameworks, and drawing on empirical research from across contemporary Asia, this collection makes an incisive contribution to the analysis of aid and development processes. Contents: Introduction; Robin Bush, Philip Fountain and R. Michael Feener * 1. Religion and the Politics of Development in Asia; Philip Fountain, Robin Bush, R. Michael Feener * 2. The Purification, Sacralisation and Instrumentalisation of Development as a Religious Enterprise; Oscar Salemink * 3. Gender, Development, and the ‘De-privatization’ of Religion: Re-framing Feminism and Religion in Asia; Emma Tomalin * 4. Islamic Activism and Palliative Care: An Analysis from Kerala, India; R. Santhosh * 5. Buddhist Cosmopolitan Ethics and Transnational Secular Humanitarianism in Sri Lanka; Nalika Gajaweera * 6. Buddhist and Protestant Philanthropies in Contemporary Southeast China: Negotiating the ‘Grey Zone’; Wu Keping * 7. Patronage, Welfare Provision, and State-Society Relations: Lessons from Muslim-Dominant Regimes in Southeast Asia; Kikue Hamayotsu * 8. Between Ideology and International Politics: The Dynamics and Transformation of a Transnational Islamic Charity; Zoltan Pall * 9. Remaking the Russian State from the East: The Role of Asian Christians as Civic Activists; Melissa Caldwell * 10. The Politics of Nonreligious Aid: A Japanese Environmental Ethic in Myanmar; Chika Watanabe * Outlook; R. Michael Feener, Philip Fountain and Robin Bush April 2015 UK April 2015 US 256pp 2 tables Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Women, Political Struggles and Gender Equality in South Asia

Curriculum Studies in India Intellectual Histories, Present Circumstances

Edited by Margaret Alston, Monash University, Australia A brutal gang-rape of a young woman in India in 2012 caused a global outcry against rising brutal violence against women. In response to the young woman's death and the protests that followed, the contributors analyze the position of women in South Asia, the issue of violence, women's political activism and gender inequalities. Contents: Table of Contents * 1. Introduction: Women, Political Struggles and Activism: Exploring the Lives of Women in South Asia; Margaret Alston * PART I: GENDER BASED VIOLENCE IN SOUTH ASIA * PART II: ACTIVISM, RESISTANCE AND EMPOWERMENT * PART III: POLITICS, LEADERSHIP AND REPRESENTATION

Gender, Development and Social Change August 2014 UK August 2014 US 280pp 1 map Hardback £65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Misunderstanding Asia International Relations Theory and Asian Studies over Half a Century Edited by Gilbert Rozman, Princeton University, USA In this volume, experts on East Asia focus on each of the past five decades to explain the weak predictive power of traditional IR theory as applied to the region and uncover the true forces driving change. Contents: Contents * List of Tables * Acknowledgements * Introduction Gilbert Rozman * PART I: THE 1970s * 1. The 1970s: Asia’s Emergence in IR Theory; Gilbert Rozman * 2. Sergey Radchenko, The 1970s: Sino-Soviet Relations and IR Theory * PART II: THE 1980s * 3. The 1980s: Asia’s Upheavals and IR Theory; Gilbert Rozman * 4. The 1980s-90s: Seen through IR Theory in China and Russia; Gilbert Rozman * PART III: THE 1990s * 5. The 1990s: Asia’s Transformation and IR Theory; Gilbert Rozman * 6. IR Theory and Asia Studies: the 1990s; Kazuhiko Togo * PART IV: THE 2000s * 7. The 2000s: China’s Rise, Responses to It, and IR Theory; Gilbert Rozman * and more

Edited by William F. Pinar, University of British Columbia, Canada "Curriculum Studies in India makes an outstanding contribution to the field. Through the Indian curriculum experts' educational experiences, stances, and perspectives, readers begin to understand the background of colonial history and its influences on education, and how to think about education and curriculum in this internationalization while improving national development. The experiences, achievements, and ideas of these experts in the process of Indian reform can help us clarify what is valuable and significant to the future of education, information that is also valuable to the education systems in other countries." —Ma Yunpeng, Faculty of Education, Northeast Normal University, China Curriculum Studies in India examines Indian scholars in dialogue regarding their intellectual life histories and subjective investments in their field. Contents: 1.Curriculum in India: Narratives, Debates and a Deliberative Agenda; Poonam Batra * 2.Schooling as Counter-Socialization: Krishna Kumar’s Contributions to Curriculum; Mary Ann Chacko * 3.An Intellectual History and Present Circumstances of Curriculum Studies in India; Suresh C. Ghosh * 4.Curriculum Studies in India: Colonial Roots and Postcolonial Trajectories; Manish Jain * 5.School Curriculum in India; Meenakshi Thapan * 6.The Exchanges; William F. Pinar * 7.Curriculum Studies in India; William F. Pinar * 8.The Final Word; Meenakshi Thapan * 9.Epilogue; Poonam Batra

International and Development Education February 2015 UK February 2015 US 304pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


China and Taiwan in Central America Engaging Foreign Publics in Diplomacy Colin R. Alexander, Nottingham Trent University, UK This is a critical study of the public diplomacy activities of China and Taiwan in Central America. Contents: Preface * 1. Introduction * 2. Chinese and Taiwan Relations with the Underdeveloped World (14,956 Words) * 3. Costa Rica * 4. El Salvador * 5. Guatemala * Conclusion

International Relations and Comparisons in Northeast Asia May 2015 UK May 2015 US 288pp Hardback £55.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Palgrave Macmillan Series in Global Public Diplomacy December 2014 UK December 2014 US 264pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Asian Thought on China’s Changing International Relations


Edited by Niv Horesh, University of Nottingham, UK, Emilian Kavalski, Australian Catholic University, Australia At the end of the Cold War, commentators were pondering how far Western ideas would spread; today, the debate seems to be how far Chinese ideas will reach. This volume examines Chinese international relations thought and practices, identifying the extent to which China's rise has provoked fresh geo-strategic and intellectual shifts within Asia. Contents: Introduction: Are Asia’s Thinkers Accommodating China’s Rise?; Niv Horesh * PART I: CHINESE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS REFRAMED? * 1. Chinese Exceptionalism and the Politics of History; William A. Callahan * 2. A Realist Never Changes His Spots: A Critical Analysis of Yan Xuetong’s Turn to Culture in Chinese International Relations; Linsay Cunningham-Cross * 3. Wang Gungwu and the Study of China’s International Relations; Yongnian Zheng and Dan Wu * 4. On Wang Hui’s Contribution to an ‘Asian School of Chinese International Relations’; Ralph Weber * PART II: REFLECTIONS ON CHINESE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS * 5. Australian Intellectual and Popular Responses to China’s Rise; Colin Mackerras * 6. Respected and Suspected: Middle Eastern Perceptions of China’s Rise; Yitzhak Shichor * 7. Kazakh Responses to the Rise of China: Between Elite Band-wagoning and Societal Ambivalence?; Michael Clarke * 8. Korean Responses to Historic Narratives of Sino-Korean Relations and China’s New International Relations Thinking; Hyun Jin Kim * 9. Japanese Intellectual Responses to China’s Rise; Peter Mauch * 10. How Can They Theorize? Strategic Insensitivity towards Nascent Chinese International Relations Thinking in Taiwan; Chih-yu Shih and Ching-chang Chen * Conclusion: Recognizing Chinese International Relations Theory; Emilian Kavalski

Palgrave Studies in International Relations August 2014 UK August 2014 US 272pp 5 b/w tables Hardback £65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Kevin G. Cai, Guang Pan, Daniel Lynch

Governance, Social Organisation and Reform in Rural China Case Studies from Anhui Province Hongguang He, Centre for Public Policy Research & Analysis, Nanjing Audit University, China This study focuses upon governance and social organisation within the Chinese village and explores the extent to which farmers have autonomy vis-à-vis their economic and political activities in an attempt to understand the relationship between farmers and the state in a rapidly changing China. Contents: Introduction * 1. Land Reform and its Implications * 2. Collectivisation and Village Reconstruction * 3. Village Reform and its Aftermath * 4. Cooperation, Industrialisation and Power Relations * 5. Village Spatial Order and its Implications for Cooperation * Conclusion March 2015 UK March 2015 US 208pp 10 b/w tables, 7 figures, 8 b/w illustrations Hardback £68.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137484680 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Social Policies and Ethnic Conflict in China Lessons from Xinjiang

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Shaoying Zhang, Yunnan Normal University, China, Derek McGhee, University of Southampton, UK "Shaoying Zhang and Derek McGhee should be commended for providing an innovative and rigorous analysis of the relationship between state policy and ethnic conflict in Xinjiang. In particular, their focus on the ways in which officials in Xinjiang selectively interpret and implement central government policy illuminates the importance of factoring in local agents of state power in analyses of contemporary Chinese governance" —Dr. Michael Clarke, Griffith Asia Institute, Queensland, Australia This study addresses how China's policy response to problems in Xinjiang is interpreted and implemented by officials, who are both governing agents and governed subjects by interviewing Chinese officials working in both Central government and Local governments. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Partner Assistant Programme: the Examination of Policies and Unintended Consequences * 3. Fieldwork in China * 4. The Configuration of Xinjiang’s Problems * 5. Multi-Layered ‘Unification’: The Examination of Government Practices in PAP * 6. Infrastructures of the Communist Party in Discourse Making and Resistances of Han Officials in Governing Uygur People * 7. Discussion * 8. Conclusion October 2014 UK October 2014 US 224pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £58.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Interpreting China as a Regional and Global Power

Partnerships, Power and Peacebuilding NGOs as Agents of Peace in Aceh and Timor-Leste

Nationalism and Historical Consciousness in World Politics Edited by Bart Dessein, Centre for Languages and Cultures, University of Ghent, Belgium "To rescue understanding of a rising China from an agenda dominated by political economy, this book re-embeds it in history of Chinese thought and the conventions to be derived from it. This sophisticated approach may help anxious readers gain the confidence to answer waves of change with intellectual curiosity." —Shih Chih-Yu, Department of Political Science, National University of Taiwan This collection discusses China's contemporary national and international identity as evidenced in its geopolitical impact on the countries in its direct periphery and its functioning in organizations of global governance. This contemporary identity is assessed against the background of the country's Confucian and nationalist history. Contents: Introduction; Bart Dessein * PART I: HISTORICAL CONCIOUSNESS * 1. Chinese Nationalists under Manchu Emperors: The Origins of Chinese Nationalism in the 19th and Early 20th Century; Julia Schneider * 2. Radical Confucianism: The Critique of Imperial Orthodoxy in Guocui xuebao (1905–1911); Tze-ki Hon * 3. History and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary China: Political Confucianism, Spiritual Confucianism, and the Politics of Spirit; Ady Van den Stock * 4. All-under-Heaven and the Chinese Nation-state; Bart Dessein * PART II: CHINA AND HER PERIPHERY * 5. Subjective Knowledge Foundation of the CrossStraits International Peace Discourse; Hung-jen Wang * 6. Universal and Asian Values in East Asian Regionalism. Japan’s ‘New Asianism’ after the Cold War; Kristof Elsen * 7. Diversifying Narratives: Perceptions of a Weak Japan Facing a Rising China; Tine Walravens * 8. Hiding Behind the Tribute: Status, Symbol, and Power in Sino-Southeast Asian Relations, Past and Present; Bruno Hellendorff * 9. The Indo-Pacific: The New Great Game between China and the United States; Tanguy Struye de Swielande * 10. Nationalism, Historical Consciousness and Regional Stability: Rising China as a Regional Power and Its New Assertiveness in the South China Sea; Emile Kok Kheng Yeoh * 11. China’s Rise in Central Asia: The Dragon enters the Heart of Eurasia; Thierry Kellner * PART III: CHINA AND THE WORLD AT LARGE * 12. The Rise of China Within Global Governance; Niall Duggan * 13. China’s Rise as a Geopolitical Identity of the European Union; Frank Gaenssmantel * 14. Is China on the Verge of a Weltpolitik? A Comparison of the Current Shift in the Balance of Power between China and the West and the Shift between Great Britain ad Wilhelmine Germany; Jean-Christophe Defraigne * Epilogue; Bart Dessein November 2014 UK November 2014 US 368pp 1 map, 9 b/w tables, 5 figures Hardback £73.00 / $115.00 / CN$133.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Political Thought and China’s Transformation Ideas Shaping Reform in Post-Mao China He Li, Merrimack College, USA Since the late 1970s China has undergone a great transformation, during which time the country has witnessed an outpouring of competing schools of thought. This book analyzes the major schools of political thought redefining China's transformation and the role Chinese thinkers are playing in the post-Mao era. Contents: Introduction: Ideas and China’s Transformation * PART I: CONTEMPORARY CHINESE POLITICAL THOUGHT * 1. Liberalism * 2. Neo-authoritarianism * 3. China’s New Left * 4. Democratic Socialism * 5. New Confucianism * PART II: INTELLECTUAL DISCOURSE ON CRITICAL ISSUES * 6. Chinese Intellectual Discourse on Democracy * 7. Debating China’s Economic Reform * 8. Debate over Legitimacy * 9. Conclusion: Fragmentation and Consensus April 2015 UK April 2015 US 224pp 7 b/w tables Hardback £58.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Thushara Dibley, University of Sydney, Australia By highlighting the scope and limitations of local NGO agencies, this book presents a unique perspective of the relationship between peacebuilding theory and its application in practice, outlining how welleducated, well-connected local decision makers and thinkers navigate the uneven power dynamics of the international aid system. Contents: Introduction * 1. Landscapes of Partnership * 2. Contract Relationships * 3. Partner-Driven Relationships * 4. Networked Relationships * Conclusion

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies September 2014 UK September 2014 US 216pp Hardback £58.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Middle Powers in World Trade Diplomacy India, South Africa and the Doha Development Agenda Charalampos Efstathopoulos, Aberystwyth University, UK "This important book provides a much-needed comparative analysis of the roles of two key developing countries—India and South Africa—in these often contentious deliberations. The author's detailed analysis gives an excellent overview and analytical appraisal of how New Delhi and Pretoria adopted various positions during the Doha process and why. As the BRICS become ever more important in global affairs, Charalampos Efstathopoulos' book is a major contribution in the current debates about the role of Southern powers in global governance and how this is likely to play out in the future." — Ian Taylor, University of St. Andrews, UK Examining how leading developing countries are increasingly shaping international economic negotiations, this book uses the case studies of India and South Africa to demonstrate the ability of states to exert diplomatic influence through different bargaining strategies and represent the interests of the developing world in global governance. Contents: Introduction * 1. Middle Power Diplomacy in International Relations * 2. The Doha Development Agenda, 2000-1 * 3. The Middle Power Offensive, 2002-3 * 4. A New Leadership, 2004-5 * 5. The Informal Process and Crisis-management, 2006-13 * 6. Southern Middle Powers in Comparative Perspective

Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations March 2015 UK March 2015 US 232pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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Multiculturalism and Conflict Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific

Regionalism Support and Norm Diffusion between the EU and ASEAN

Migration, Language and Politics

Laura Allison, Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore "This fascinating book looks at actorness of the EU from a novel norm diffusion perspective. Its originality lies in the combination of a focus on the EU as norm diffuser and a focus on ASEAN as a norm recipient. Laura Allison clearly demonstrates that actorness lies in the eye of the beholder and therefore ASEAN actually contributes to shaping the EU's actorness. [This] book also has clear policy implications as it shows the need for a more symmetrical relationship between the EU and ASEAN."— Luk Van Langenhove, United Nations University, Bruges, Belgium Using a framework of norm diffusion to determine the EU’s international actorness in the context of its relations with ASEAN, this book provides a timely and in-depth analysis of EU-ASEAN relations. By investigating three aspects of regionalism support by the EU it presents a comprehensive account of norm diffusion between the EU and ASEAN. Contents: 1. Ambitions of Actorness * 2. Seeking to Reconceptualise the EU as a ‘Power’ * 3. Drivers of Interregionalism: EU-ASEAN Engagement * 4. The EU, ASEAN and Economic Integration * 5. The EU, ASEAN and Institutionalisation * 6. The EU, ASEAN and Political Norms * 7. The Implications of Regionalism Support and Norm Diffusion on EU Actorness

The European Union in International Affairs February 2015 UK February 2015 US 272pp 14 graphs, 1 b/w table Hardback £68.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Origins and Evolution of the US Rebalance toward Asia Diplomatic, Military, and Economic Dimensions Edited by Hugo Meijer, Kings College London; Sciences Po/CERI, UK This book provides a multifaceted analysis of the so-called US 'rebalance' (or 'pivot') toward Asia by focusing on the diplomatic, military, and economic dimensions of the American policy shift in the Asia Pacific region. Contents: Contents * Preface by Christian Lequesne * IntroductionThe Reconfiguration of American Primacy in World Politics: Prospects and Challenges for the US Rebalance to Asia * Hugo Meijer * Part I: Drivers and Rationale of the Pivot: Diplomatic, Military and Economic Dimensions * Chapter 1 The Origin and Evolution of the Rebalance * Michael McDevitt * Chapter 2 Change and Continuity in America’s Asia Pivot: US Engagement with Multilateralism in the Asia Pacific * See Seng Tan * Chapter 3 The Military Rebalance as Retcon * Benjamin Jensen and Eric Y. Shibuya * Chapter 4 The Political Economy of the US Rebalance: Revisiting the ‘Web of Linkages’ between National Security and Economic Prosperity * Guillaume de Rougé * and more

The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy April 2015 UK April 2015 US 336pp 1 b/w table Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by Kosuke Shimizu, Ryukoku University, Japan, William S. Bradley, Ryukoku University, Japan This book is open access under a CC BY license. This edited collection focuses on theories, language and migration in relation to multiculturalism in Japan and the Asia-Pacific. Each chapter aims to provide alternative understandings to current conflicts that have arisen due to immigration and policies related to education, politics, language, work, citizenship and identity. Contents: This book is open access under a CC BY license. * 1. Introduction; Kosuke Shimizu and William S. Bradley * PART I * 2. Multicultural Coexistence in Japan: Follower, Innovator, or Reluctant Late Adopter?; William S. Bradley * 3. A Critical Analysis of Multiculturalism and Deviant Identities: Untold Stories of Japanese Americans without Nations; Takumi Honda * 4. Theorizing Multiculturalism: Modeling the Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in School-Based Multicultural Settings; Lee Gunderson * PART II * 5. Who Owns Our Tongue? English, Academic Life and Subjectivity; Kosuke Shimizu * 6. Preservice and Inservice English as a Foreign Language Teachers’ Perceptions of the New Language Education Policy Regarding the Teaching of Classes in English at Japanese Senior High Schools; Toshinobu Nagamine * 7. An Alternative Approach to Foreign Language Education in Japan with a View Toward Becoming a Multicultural Society; Mitsunori Takakuwa * and more September 2014 UK September 2014 US 256pp 10 b/w tables, 3 figures Hardback £20.00 / $31.00 / CN$35.50 9781137403599 Paperback £15.00 / $23.00 / CN$26.50 9781137464620 Project for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Canadian Rights ebooks available

Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization Edited by Ken Miichi, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan, Omar Farouk, Hiroshima City University, Japan This volume investigates the appropriate position of Islam and opposing perceptions of Muslims in Southeast Asia. The contributors examine how Southeast Asian Muslims respond to globalization in their particular regional, national and local settings, and suggest global solutions for key local issues. Contents: Introduction; Ken Miichi and Omar Farouk * 1. Globalization of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia; Ahmad Fauzi and Abdul Hamid * 2. Muslim Travellers in a Time of Globalization: Studying Islam in Cairo among the Maranaos in the Philippines; Yoriko Tatsumi * 3. Indonesian Muslim responses to globalization; Martin van Bruinessen * 4. The Ulama Network as Conveyor of Islamic World Trends: Connecting Malaysian Politics to the Muslim Ummah through the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS); Yuki Shiozaki * 5. Globalization: Issues, Challenges, and Responses Amongst the Moros of the Southern Philippines; Carmen Abu Bakar * and more December 2014 UK December 2014 US 288pp 4 tables Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Gender Inequality in the Public Sector in Pakistan Representation and Distribution of Resources Khalid Chauhan, Anti-Corruption Establishment, Government of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan "Chauhan’s work is a timely contribution to the existing literature on Gender Inequality in Pakistan as it touches the root cause of the problem. His analysis goes beyond the usual NGO mantra of gender sensitization workshops as a panacea to gender inequality. Public policies hold the key to the changes from within, and Chauhan has substantiated that the problem lies with the patriarchal public sector that continues to support the status quo." —Tahmina Rashid, Qatar University As gender training is applied increasingly as a development solution to gender inequality, this book examines gender inequality in Pakistan’s public sector and questions whether a singular focus on gender training is enough to achieve progress in a patriarchal institutional context. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION * PART II: GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT * PART III: FROM GENDER MAINSTREAMING TO TRAINING * PART IV: PATRIARCHAL PAKISTAN-WOMEN’S REPRESENTATION, ACCESS * TO RESOURCES AND INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICES * PART V: THE RESULTS: ECHOES OF PATRIARCHAL BENOVELACE, FIERCE * RESISTANCE TO EQUALITY AND INSTITUTIONAL INERTIA * PART VI: GENDER INEQUALITY: THE EFFECT OF PATRIARCHY * PART VII: CONCLUSION August 2014 UK August 2014 US 272pp 14 b/w tables Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$120.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


China on the Ground in Latin America Challenges for the Chinese and Impacts on the Region R. Evan Ellis, United States Army War College, Carlisle, PA, USA "No other analyst has a better grasp of the growing role China plays in Latin America than Evan Ellis. This book is another contribution to our understanding of this complex and shifting relationship. A must read."—Moises Naim, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of The End of Power, USA An analysis of the new physical presence of Chinese companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, the associated challenges that they face, and how they are impacting the region and its relationship with the PRC. Contents: Preface * PART I: WHAT IS HAPPENING...WHAT IS NEW ABOUT IT * 1. Introduction * 2. Natural Resource Development – Petroleum, Mining, And Agriculture * 3. Loan-Backed Construction – The New Model * 4. Retail Outlets, Distribution Networks and Manufacturing Centers * 5. Commercial Service Offerings - Telcom, Electricity, Logistics, And Banking * 6. Addressing The New Challenges * 7. The Struggle To Acquire Companies And Win Project Work In Latin America * 8. Day To Day Management Challenges Faced By Chinese Companies In Latin America * 9. The Question Of Chinese Communities * 10. What It All Means * Bibliography

The Political Economy of East Asia September 2014 UK September 2014 US 336pp Hardback £69.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea Methodology and Research Practice in Southeast Asian Studies Edited by Mikko Huotari, Jürgen Rüland, Judith Schlehe, all at University of Freiburg, Germany This book addresses the question of how to ground research practice in area-specific, yet globally entangled contexts such as 'Global Southeast Asia'. It offers a fruitful debate between various approaches to Southeast Asia Studies, while taking into consideration the area-specific contexts of research practice crosscutting methodological issues.

Navigating Rough Waters Edited by Jing Huang, University of Singapore, Singapore, Andrew Billo, Asia Society,USA Heightened tensions in the South China Sea have raised serious concerns about the dangers of conflict in this region as a result of unresolved, complex territorial disputes. This volume offers detailed insights into a range of country-perspectives, addressing the historical, legal, structural, regional and multilateral dimensions of these disputes.

Contents: 1.Introduction: Fostering Methodological Dialogue in Southeast Asian Studies; Mikko Huotari * PART I * 2.Moving Theory and Methods in Southeast Asian Studies; Goh Beng-Lan * 3.Southeast Asian Studies: the Conundrum of Area and Method; Victor T. King * PART II * 4.Doing Anthropological Fieldwork with Southeast Asian Characteristics? Identity and Adaptation in the Field; Deasy Simandjuntak and Michaela Haug * 5.Performative Ethnography: Observant Participation in Southeast Asia; Eric Haanstad * 6.What Does a Gender Relations Approach Bring to Southeast Asian Studies?; Kathryn Robinson * 7.Learning from Locals: Doing Interviews in Southeast Asia; Paruedee Nguitragool * 8.Political Analysis and the Southeast Asian Press: Decoding Meaning and Tracing Events; Jürgen Rüland, Jarno S. Jian Hui Lang, and York A. Wiese * 9.Bridging Historical Analysis and Strategic Choice in Area Studies: An Analytic Narrative of Volatile Politics in Thailand, 1938–1963 ; Emma Masterson * and more

Contents: 1. Introduction: Unknotting Tangled Lines in the South China Sea Dispute; Jing Huang and Sharinee Jagtiani * PART I: ORIGINS * 2. Origins of the South China Sea Disputes; Nguyen Thi Lan Anh * PART II: LEGAL DIMENSIONS * 3. “Setting Aside Disputes and pursuing Joint Development’ at Crossroads in South China Sea; Zhang Xinjun * 4. The Philippines v. China Case and the South China Sea Disputes; Robert Beckman * PART III: THE ROLE OF ASEAN: CHALLENGES AND CHOICES * 5. ASEAN’s Position on the South China Sea and Implications for Regional Peace and Security; Heng Yee Kuang * 6. A Critical Assessment of ASEAN’s Diplomacy Regarding the South China Sea; Walter Lohman * PART IV: REGIONAL PERSPECTIVES * 7. Taiwan in the South China Sea Disputes: Policies and Prospects; Katherine Tseng * 8. Philippines Approaches to the South China Sea Disputes: International arbitration and the challenges of a rule-based regime; Angelo A. Jimenez * PART V * 9. The United States, China, and Cooperation in the South China Sea; Patrick Cronin * 10. The South China Sea Disputes: Whither A Solution?; Yang Fang * Conclusion * Harmony from Disunity: Core Issues and Opportunities in the South China Sea; Andrew Billo

August 2014 UK August 2014 US 360pp 9 figures, 9 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 232pp 3 maps Hardback £68.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES The US Strategic Pivot to Asia and Cross-Strait Relations

Multicultural Challenges and Sustainable Democracy in Europe and East Asia

Economic and Security Dynamics

Edited by Nam-Kook Kim, Korea University, Republic of Korea

Edited by Peter C. Y. Chow, The City College of New York, USA Providing a coherent and current account of how the U.S. manages to 'pivot to Asia' amid a rising China, this book provides an insightful glimpse into China-US relations, and the complexities of the two nations’ economic and defense issues as China asserts its financial and military might in Asia and beyond. Contents: Foreword; Michael Yuhuda * PART I: THE ROLE OF TAIWAN STRAIT IN THE U.S. STRATEGIC PIVOT TO ASIA * 1. Introduction; Peter C.Y. Chow * 2. Taiwan’s Narrowing Strait: A Triangular Analysis of the Taiwan’s Security Since 2008; Lowell Dittmer * 3. An Indispensable Pillar of Obama’s ‘Pivot’ to Asia: Continuing Strategic Ambiguity across the Taiwan Strait; Dean Chen * 4. America’s Pivots to Asia and Taiwan Strait Crises; Edward Friedman * PART II: ECONOMIC-SECURITY NEXUS AND CHINA’S RESPONSES * 5. The Unwelcome Return: China Reacts to the U.S. Strategic Pivot to Asia; Yong Deng * 6. US Rebalancing: Implications for Taiwan’s Security and Stability across the Taiwan Strait; Scott L. Kastner * 7. The TPP and the Pivot: Economic and Security Nexus; Tun-Jen Cheng, Peter C.Y. Chow * 8. The U.S.-China Economic Relations: Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Chien-Pin Li * PART III: RETROSPECT AND PROSPECT OF CROSS-STRAIT RELATIONS AMID U.S. PIVOT TO ASIA * 9. Why Taiwan? ROC Leaders Explain Taiwan’s Strategic Value; Steven Phillips * 10. Taiwan’s Geo-Strategic Significances: From the Past to U.S. Contemporary Pivot Strategy; York Chen * 11. Reflections on China’s Military Trajectory and the U.S. Pivot; Richard D. Fisher, Jr. * 12. Pacific Pivot, Taiwan Fulcrum : Maritime Taiwan and Power Transition in Asia; John J. Tkacik, Jr. September 2014 UK September 2014 US 292pp 8 b/w tables, 2 figures, 2 maps Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Contents: Introduction: The Universalization of Locality and Localization of a Global Norms in Europe and East Asia; Nam-Kook Kim * 1. Multicultural Dreaming: Democracy and Multiculturalism in the ‘Chinese Dream’; James Farrer * 2. The Migrant Workers’ Movement in the Democratic Consolidation of Korea; Nam-Kook Kim * 3. Property Law Policy for the Indigenous Ainu People and the Unresolved Issue of Reparations in Japan; Kunihiko Yoshida * 4. Multiculturalism and Malaysia’s (Semi-)Democracy: Movements for Electoral Reform in an Evolving Ethnopolitical Landscape; Julian C.H. Lee * 5. Socio-cultural Cleavages and RedYellow Shirt Conflicts in Thailand’s Politics: A Critical Multiculturalism View; Pitch Pongsawat * 6. Local Citizenship and Policy Agenda for ‘Foreign Residents’ in East Asia; Jung-Mee Hwang * 7. Multiculturalism and the Extreme Right Challenge in Contemporary Britain; Nigel Copsey * 8. Nondiscrimination, Diversity and Islam: Challenges for Multiculturalism in France; Alexandra Poli * 9. Acculturation of Turkish Muslims as a Challenge to Social Integration in Germany; Haci Halil Uslucan * 10. Acts of Citizenship against Neoliberalism: The New Cycle of Migrant Struggles in Italy; Federico Oliveri * 11. Multiculturalism and Dimensions of Identification in Eastern Europe: A Failed Policy or Inescapable Reality?; Maria Stoicheva * 12. A Shared European Citizenship in a Multinational and Multicultural Environment; Frank Delmartino October 2014 UK October 2014 US 320pp 10 b/w tables, 8 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Democracy, Civil Society and Health in India

The Political Economy of Korea Transition, Transformation and Turnaround Jitendra Uttam, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India Korea's twin transitions – agrarian to industrial and industrial to post-industrial – transformed the country's political economy. Moving away from the traditional focus on aspects such as market, culture, and colonialism, the author argues that Korea's 'second state' was revitalized through the 'people's movement' and 'citizens movement'. Contents: PART I: TRANSITION IN PERSPECTIVE * 1. Perspectives, Arguments and the Structure * PART II: LOCATING TWIN TRANSITIONS * 2. Situating Korean Political Economy under Twin Transitions * PART III: FIRST TRANSITION: AGRARIAN ARISTOCRACY AND ITS DISCONTENTS * 3. Yangban-Centered Agrarian Aristocracy and its Social Discontents, 1700-1910 * 4. Continuation of Status quo under Colonial Economic Drain, 1910-1945 * 5. Occupation, War, and Land Reform: Reassertion of the ‘Second State’, 1945-1960 * PART IV: SECOND TRANSITION: INDUSTRIAL BOURGEOIS AND ITS DISCONTENTS * 6. Nurturing of National ‘Industrial Bourgeois’ under Authoritarian Polity, 1961-1997 * PART V: TRANSFORMATION & TURNAROUND * 7. Crisis, Democratic Consolidation and Civil Society Intervention 1997-2007 * 8. Rise of ‘Developmental Liberalism’ in the Era of Global Uncertainty, 2008 December 2014 UK December 2014 US 296pp 20 b/w tables Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

This collection examines the current stage of multicultural challenges and their influence on democracy in 12 countries of Europe and East Asia. Contributors draw out the differences between European and East Asian approaches to universalizing locality and localizing global norms regarding human rights and democratic individuality.


Madhvi Gupta, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Goa, India, Pushkar, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Goa, India "In this plain-spoken [text] Gupta and Pushkar argue that India's 'citizen elites' must do more to enable the poor in making sustained demands for health-related services. Their insightful and rigorous argument draws on a remarkable range of evidence, from field research in low-income communities in New Delhi to reflections on citizen activism in Brazil."— James McGuire, author of Wealth, Health, and Democracy in East Asia and Latin America India's health failures remain visible and pronounced despite high rates of economic growth since the 1980s and more than six decades of democratic rule. The authors address the key issues that emerge from the country's health situation, speculating on what it will take for low-income groups to begin claiming for better social services Contents: 1. Introduction: India’s Health Puzzle * 2. Democracy, Civil Society, and Claimsmaking in India * 3. Why are India’s poor not making claims for health? * 4. What will it take for the poor to demand health services? * 5. Conclusion: Democracy, Civil Society and Claimsmaking for Public Services

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 146pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS The European Union’s Normative Power in Central Asia


Promoting Values and Defending Interests Georgiy Voloshin, International Affairs Expert, France The normative power of the European Union has historically been a key element of its foreign policy. This study considers the EU's Central Asia policy, questioning whether the EU's normative power can work in this remote region. Contents: Introduction * 1. A Time to Gather Stones Together: The EU’s Normative Engagement with Central Asia 1991-2007 * 2. The EU’s 2007 Strategy for Central Asia: Promoting Values and Defending Interests * Conclusion

August 2014 UK August 2014 US 104pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


English in Japan in the Now available in Era of Globalization paperback Edited by Philip Seargeant, The Open University, UK "English in Japan in the Era of Globalization will appeal to scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including applied linguistics, global studies and Japanese studies. It makes a significant contribution to an emerging body of literature (e.g. Heinrich and Galan, 2010) that more accurately depicts the intricacies and complexities of contemporary Japan's linguistic ecology. This collection of innovative chapters will therefore force readers to think about the interplay between globalization and language in fresh and dynamic ways. Accordingly, it is highly recommended." - Discourse and Society Leading scholars in the field examine the role played by the English language in contemporary Japanese society. Their various chapters cover the nature, status, and function of English in Japan, focusing on the ways in which globalization is influencing language practices in the country. Contents: Introduction; P.Seargeant * PART I: ENGLISH IN THE EDUCATION SYSTEM * PART II: ENGLISH IN SOCIETY AND CULTURE July 2014 UK July 2014 US 218pp 1 b/w line drawing, 2 tables Paperback £21.99 / $34.00 / CN$38.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

The Life of a Kashmiri Woman


Dialectic of Resistance and Accommodation Nyla Ali Khan, University of Oklahoma, USA, Gopalkrishan Gandhi, Independent Scholar, India "By bringing women to the centre of Kashmir's political discourse, Nyla Ali Khan has sought to question not merely the academic silence around the gender dimensions of Kashmir's politics but has also sought to challenge the dominant paternalistic notions about the relationship between women and politics... the book is a very important contribution to the literature on Kashmir's politics. It is one of those rare personal accounts that have been written with academic dexterity." —Rekha Chowdhary, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Jammu, India, Biblio: A Review of Books Capturing the history of Kashmir and its cultural and social evolution, Nyla Ali Kahn deconstructs the life of her grandmother and other women of her generation to reconceptualize woman’s identity in a politically militarized zone. An academic memoir, this text succinctly brings together the history, politics, and culture of Kashmir. Contents: Preface * Foreword by Gopalkrishna Gandhi * Introduction * 1. Filiation and Affiliation * 2. Lineage and Coming into her Own * 3. Political and Social Activism * 4. Perseverance in the Face of Political Persecution * 5. Kashmir Conspiracy Case and World Opinion * 6. Banishment and Trauma * 7. Significance of Alliances and Shifting Balance of Power * 8. Reminiscences of a Granddaughter of the Electoral Battle of 1977 * 9. Home and Hearth * 10. End of an Era * 11. I Witness that Faith is the Legacy of One’s Upbringing * 12. My Memories of Grandmother: Orator, Parliamentarian, Woman of the Soil * 13. A House Divided Against Itself * Conclusion

June 2014 UK June 2014 US 100pp 15 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia Edited by Theron Muller, University of Toyama, Japan, John Adamson, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan, Philip Shigeo Brown, Konan Women’s University, Japan, Steven Herder, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto, Japan In EFL contexts, an absence of chances to develop fluency in the language classroom can lead to marked limitations in English proficiency. This volume explores fluency development from a number of different perspectives, investigating measurements and classroom strategies for promoting its development. Contents: An Introduction to Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia; Theron Muller and Philip Shigeo Brown * PART I: FLUENCY IN CURRICULUM * 1. Developing Fluency; I. S. P. Nation * 2. Employing a Fluency-Based Approach to Teach the TOEFL iBT: An Action Research Project; Steven Herder and Gregory Sholdt * 3. Scaffolding Participating, Agencing Friending and Fluencing; Tim Murphey * 4. Fluency through Attitude Change; Andrew Finch * 5. A Lexicogrammatical Approach to Fluency; Jason Peppard * PART II: SPEAKING FLUENCY * 6. Addressing Spoken Fluency in the Classroom; Steven Kirk * 7. An Exploration of Effective Teaching Approaches for Enhancing the Oral Fluency of EFL Students; Sakae Onoda * 8. The Influence of Intentional Reasoning on EFL Fluency Using Tasks; Tomohito Ishikawa * PART III: WRITING FLUENCY * 9. Implementing and Evaluating Free Writing in a Japanese EFL Classroom; Theron Muller * 10. Assessing Fluency: A Framework for Spoken and Written Output; Sue Fraser * 11. Recent Developments in Writing Fluency Measurement; Muhammad M. M. Abdel Latif * PART IV: READING FLUENCY * and more October 2014 UK October 2014 US 354pp 39 b/w tables, 14 figures Hardback £68.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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ART AND LITERATURE Rethinking Identities in Contemporary Pakistani Fiction


Islam and Controversy

Beyond 9/11

The Politics of Free Speech After Rushdie Anshuman A. Mondal, Brunel University, UK "A highly perceptive analysis of the grounds and moral - but not necessarily legal - limits of free speech. It both retains and goes beyond the important insights of liberalism. Its theoretical discussion enriches and is in turn enriched by a shrewd analysis of concrete cases. A most welcome and timely book." — Lord Bhikhu Parekh, author of 'The Parekh Report: The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain' and 'Rethinking Multiculturalism' Was Salman Rushdie right to have written The Satanic Verses? Were the protestors right to have done so? What about the Danish cartoons? This book examines the moral questions raised by cultural controversies, and how intercultural dialogue might be generated within multicultural societies. Contents: Acknowledgements * Introduction * PART I * 1. From Blasphemy to Offensiveness: The Politics of Controversy * 2. What is Freedom of Speech For? * 3. A Difficult Freedom: Towards Mutual Understanding and the Ethics of Propriety * PART II * 4. The SelfTransgressions of Salman Rushdie: Re-Reading The Satanic Verses * 5. Visualism and Violence: On the Art and Ethics of Provocation in the Jyllands-Posten Cartoons and Theo Van Gogh’s Submission * 6. Romancing the Other: The Jewel of the Medina and the Ethics of Genre * PART III * 7. Satire, Incitement and Self-Restraint: Reflections on Freedom of Expression and Aesthetic Responsibility in Contemporary Britain * Notes * Index November 2014 UK November 2014 US 264pp Hardback £65.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Paperback £18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9781137466075 9781137471673

Aroosa Kanwal, International Islamic University, Pakistan "This book identifies and engages with a topic of prime importance, namely Pakistani Muslims' post-9/11 literary production. Given that Malala Yousafzai was recently co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to great acclaim from the world and mixed feelings from many Pakistanis, few can doubt that there is much at stake in the images produced of Islam by cultural, media, and marketing forces. Aroosa Kanwal effectively uses writers' journalism to illuminate their fictional works, and is a consummate reader of both texts and theories. Today's Pakistani authors are 'writing back' to dominant discourses in important ways, and Kanwal is one of the best emerging scholars exploring their work."— Claire Chambers, University of York, UK This book focuses on the way that notions of home and identity have changed for Muslims as a result of international 'war on terror' rhetoric. It uniquely links the post9/11 stereotyping of Muslims and Islam in the West to the roots of current jihadism and the resurgence of ethnocentrism within the subcontinent and beyond. Contents: Acknowledgements * Introduction * 1. How the World Changed: Narratives of Nationhood and Displaced Muslim Identities * 2. Responding to 9/11: Contextualising the Subcontinent and Beyond * 3. Reimagining Home Spaces: Pre- and Post-9/11 Constructions of Home and Pakistani Muslim Identity * 4. Global Ummah: Negotiating Transnational Muslim Identities * Coda: Re-imagining Pakistan * Notes * Bibliography * Index March 2015 UK March 2015 US 240pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Re-Orientalism and Indian Writing in English Consumable Texts in Contemporary India Uncultured Books and Bibliographical Sociology Suman Gupta, The Open University, UK Through what he terms ‘bibliographical sociology’, Suman Gupta explores the presence of Englishlanguage publications in the contemporary Indian context – their productions, circulations and readerships – to understand current social trends. Contents: Acknowledgements * 1. Keywords and Preliminaries * 2. Indian Commercial Fiction in English * 3. Indian Vernacular Pulp Fiction in English Translation * 4. On the Indian Readers of Hitler’s Mein Kampf * 5. Framing Group Discussion Guidebooks * 6. Low-End Group Discussion Guidebooks and Kunjis * 7. Approaching Public Sector ‘Value Education’ Publications * 8. Mapping Public Sector ‘Value Education’ Publications * 9. Rules of Bibliographical Sociology’s Method * Bibliography

New Directions in Book History February 2015 UK February 2015 US 216pp 3 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Lisa Lau, Keele University, UK, Om Prakash Dwivedi, Taiz University, Yemen At its most basic, re-Orientalism is defined as forms of Orientalism practiced and manifested by Orientals in representing the Orient. This book looks at the application and discourse of re-Orientalism in contemporary Indian and South Asian writing in English, particularly social realism fiction. Contents: Acknowledgements * List of abbreviations * 1. Introducing Re-Orientalism Theory and Discourse in Indian Writing in English (IWE) * 2. The Re-orientalising Strategy of the Unreliable Narrator * 3. Reverse Orientalism and Whimsy * 4. Urban India Re-Orientalised * 5. Commodification and ReOrientalism * Conclusion

September 2014 UK September 2014 US 140pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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HISTORY British Military Withdrawal and the Rise of Regional Cooperation in South-East Asia, 1964-73


Sailors, Slaves, and Immigrants Bondage in the Indian Ocean World, 1750-1914

Sue Thompson, Australian National University

Alessandro Stanziani, CNRS, France "Stanziani's important study demonstrates that even those nations that struggled against slavery accepted major limits on the freedom of labor. He makes clear that both in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere, on land and sea, most laboring men and women were in some ways bound."—Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus of African Studies, University of Toronto, Canada Slaves, convicts, and unfree immigrants have traveled the oceans throughout human history, but the conventional Atlantic World historical paradigm has narrowed our understanding of modernity. This provocative study contrasts the Atlantic conflation of freedom and the sea with the complex relationships in the Indian Ocean in the long 19th century. Contents: 1. Colonial Studies, Area Studies, and the Historical Meaning of the Indian Ocean * 2. Seamen in France and the French Empire: Heirs to the Galley Slave or Forerunners of the Social Security System? * 3. Sailors in the British Empire * 4. Slaveries and Emancipation * 5. Immigrants and Planters in the Reunion Island * 6. From British Servants to Indentured Immigrants: The Case of Mauritius

This book examines the links between Britain's withdrawal from its east of Suez role and the establishment of South-East Asian regional security arrangements. The link between these two events is not direct, but a relationship existed, which is important to a wider understanding of the development of regional security arrangements. Contents: Introduction * 1. Post-war Policy and Regional Cooperation, 1945-1964 * 2. Long-term Policy and Short-term Problems, October 1964 – October 1965 * 3. Confrontation Ends, July 1965 – August 1966 * 4. Changing Defence Strategies for South East Asia, October 1965 – October 1966 * 5. Dissent in London, July 1966 – July 1967 * 6. Regional Co-operation in South-East Asia, April 1965 – August 1967 * 7. New Policy for South East Asia, April 1967 – May 1968 * 8. ‘Non-military Means’ of Influence in South-East Asia, March 1968 – October 1970 * 9. The New Strategic Environment, November 1971 – November 1973 * Conclusion December 2014 UK December 2014 US 208pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Palgrave Series in Indian Ocean World Studies September 2014 UK September 2014 US 196pp Hardback £56.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Fractured Solidarity in State-Owned Enterprises, 1945-2012

Social Memory and War Narratives Transmitted Trauma among Children of Vietnam War Veterans Christina D. Weber, North Dakota State University, USA The Vietnam War has had many long-reaching, traumatic effects, not just on the veterans of the war, but on their children as well. In this book, Weber examines the concept of the war as a social monad, a confusing array of personal stories and public histories that disrupt traditional ways of knowing the social world for the second generation. Contents: Introduction: The Traffic in Memories * 1. Exploring Trauma and Memory through the Social Monad * 2. Conceptualizing the Vietnam Veteran Narrative as a Narrative of Trauma * 3. Exploring the Social Monad through the Crisis of Articulation * 4. The Vietnam Veteran Father: Reconfiguring Hegemonic Discourses of Masculine Subjectivity * 5. Narrative Disruptions of the Dominant Fiction * Conclusion

Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict April 2015 UK April 2015 US 256pp 3 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights

Working Class Formation in Taiwan


Ming-sho Ho, National Taiwan University, Taiwan "Theoretically informed and rich in empirical findings, this book provides a vivid portrait of the inter-class and intra-class dynamics of Taiwanese workers and their movements. The book compellingly tells a story of workers' resistance under the authoritarian rule and the upsurge of their movements with democratization of Taiwan. Ming-sho Ho's work also makes an important contribution to comparative studies of labor movements, especially to the under-researched area of comparative studies among non-Western countries." —Akira Suzuki, Professor and Deputy Director, The Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University, Japan This book offers a fresh look at Taiwan's state workers in from the postwar period to the present day and examines the rise and fall of labor insurgency in the past two decades. Challenging the conventional image of docile working class, it unearths a series of workers resistance, hidden and public, in a high authoritarian era. Contents: 1. A Historical Institutionalist Approach to Working-Class Formation * 2. Researching Taiwan’s Industrial Workers * 3. Politics of Ethnicity: Neo-colonialism and Revolutionary Insurgency * 4. Politics of Partisanship: Party-State Mobilization and Ritualism * 5. Politics of Position: The Perverse Effect of Internal Labor Market Reform * 6. Moonlighting and Petty Bargaining * 7. From Social Movement Unionism to Economic Unionism * 8. Rethinking Institution, Solidarity, and Resistance June 2014 UK June 2014 US 272pp 12 figures, 11 b/w tables Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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HISTORY After the Empires


The Dissolution of Foreign Powers and the Creation of New States in East Asia P. W. Preston, University of Birmingham, UK The shift to the modern world in East Asia was accomplished in part via the experience of colonial rule in the late nineteenth century. Following imperial crisis in the 1930s and 1940s, independent nation states formed from which the political structure of East Asia is based today. Contents: 1.State-Empires and the Shift to the Modern World * 2.State-Empire Systems: The Players * 3.State-Empire Systems: The Logics * 4.State-Empire Systems: The Fracture Lines * 5.General Crisis: System Failure and Collapse * 6.State-Empire Dissolution * 7.After the State-Empires: Territories, States, Nations and Development * 8.Powerful Regions and the Surprising Costs of Success August 2014 UK August 2014 US 288pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$106.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Public Discourses of Contemporary China The Narration of the Nation in Popular Literatures, Film, and Television Yipeng Shen, Trinity College, USA "Public Discourses of Contemporary China is an ambitious and illuminating book. Through fascinating case studies and a rigorous reconceptualization of the relationship between aesthetics and politics, Shen convincingly shows the persistent centrality of nationalism in China even today and elucidates the ways in which individual subjects both participate in and remake stateinitiated modernization projects through narration and other forms of cultural production. It will be an essential read for anyone wishing to understand mass nationalism and the interaction between state and society in postsocialist China." —Tze-lan Deborah Sang, Michigan State University, USA Analyzing contemporary Chinese literature, film, and television, Shen shows the significance of nationalism for the mass imagination in post-socialist China. Chapters move from the intellectual idealism of the 1980s, through the postTiananmen transition, to the national cinema of the 1990s, and finally to the Internet literature of today.

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Contents: Introduction * 1. Heshang: Socialist Historical Consciousness in Transformation and the 1980s Pedagogy of Reform * 2. Making Money Is Patriotic: New Immigrant Fiction of the Early 1990s * 3. Patriotism, History, and Leitmotif Films in the Late 1990s * 4. Netizens, Counter-memories, and Internet Literature into the New Millennium * Conclusion: Dreams in the Twenty-First Century

Chinese Literature and Culture in the World March 2015 UK March 2015 US 256pp Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Bollywood and its Other(s) Towards New Configurations

Edited by Vikrant Kishore, University of Newcastle, Australia, Amit Sarwal, Deakin University, Australia, Parichay Patra, Monash University, Australia How do we define the globalized cinema and media cultures of Bollywood in an age when it has become part of the cultural diplomacy of an emerging superpower? Bollywood and Its Other(s) explores the aesthetic-philosophical questions of the other, through, for example, discussions on Indian diaspora's negotiations with national identity. Contents: Introduction; Vikrant Kishore, Amit Sarwal and Parichay Patra * PART I: EXPLORING THE OTHER: CINEMA, AESTHETICS, PHILOSOPHY * PART II: DIASPORA AND THE FORMATION OF THE GLOBAL BOLLYWOOD * PART III: THE MUSICALITY OF BOLLYWOOD: POSSIBILITIES OF ALTERNATIVE READING(S) * PART IV: BOLLYWOOD’S OTHER(S): SEXUALITY, B MOVIE, QUEERNESS * PART V: BOLLYWOOD’S OTHER, INDIA’S OTHER November 2014 UK November 2014 US 248pp 3 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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FILM, MEDIA AND CULTURE Anime Fan Communities

Cultural Policies in East Asia

Transcultural Flows and Frictions

Dynamics between the State, Arts and Creative Industries

Sandra Annett, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada "Annett grapples with what it truly means to be a fan. What are the 'complex flows and frictions' that propel certain shows to transcultural popularity? And what kind of world is it where teenage girls can be overheard describing the Holy Roman Empire as 'cute'? Annett watches the watchers, and examines the forces that create their subculture."—Jonathan Clements, author of Anime: A History How have animation fans in Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Canada formed communities and dealt with conflicts across cultural and geographic distance? This book traces animation fandom from its roots in early cinema audiences, through mid-century children’s cartoon fan clubs, to today’s digitally-networked transcultural fan cultures. Contents: Introduction: Frictive Pictures * PART I: ANIMATION AND THE MIRACULOUS CINEMA * 1. Cartoon Internationale * 2. World War Cute * PART II: AFTER THESE MESSAGES: TELEVISION ANIMATION IN THE AGE OF ‘POSTS’ * 3. Kid Vid: Children and Science Fiction TV Fandom * 4. Channel Surfers: Cowboy Bebop’s Postnational Fans * PART III: ONLINE CONVERSATIONS ACROSS DIFFERENCE * 5. ‘Love at First Site’ * 6. World Conflict/World Conference: Axis Powers Hetalia * Conclusion: ‘Adding To’ Transcultural Animation Fan Communities December 2014 UK December 2014 US 268pp 15 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Documentary Films in India

Edited by Hye-Kyung Lee, King’s College London, UK, Lorraine Lim, Birkbeck University of London, UK "This book will be widely welcomed for the insights it provides on the state of cultural policy in five East Asian states: Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan...Indeed what is most impressive is the way in which each chapter captures an essence of a nation's individual socio-economic and cultural history or contemporary context. Yet at the same time themes emerge which resonate across these diverse sites."—Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management, 2014 This book provides a detailed snapshot of cultural policies in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition to an historical overview of the culture-state relationships in East Asia, it provides an analysis of contemporary developments occurring in the regions' cultural policies and the challenges they are facing. Contents: Cultural Policies in East Asia: An Introduction; Hye-Kyung Lee and Lorraine Lim * PART I: CULTURAL IDENTITY FORMATION AND NATION BUILDING * PART II: NEGOTIATIONS BETWEEN CULTURE AND THE STATE * PART III: THE RISE OF CREATIVE INDUSTRIES POLICY August 2014 UK August 2014 US 248pp 6 figures Hardback £60.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond

Critical Aesthetics at Work Aparna Sharma, UCLA, USA "This book is a delight to read. Brilliant descriptions of well-selected scenes from films that question normative documentary practice are integrated with a fine analysis. The section on Northeast Indian film is particularly welcome for receiving scant attention in the scholarly literature, and the chapters that foreground light and then sound are especially evocative. It is a unique contribution to the literature on south Asian film and media/cultural studies more generally." —Raminder Kaur, Professor of Anthropology and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, UK This book introduces the diverse practices of three non-canonical practitioners: David MacDougall, Desire Machine Collective and Kumar Shahani. It offers analysis of their documentary methods and aesthetics, exploring how their oeuvres constitute a critical and self-reflexive approach to documentary-making in India. Contents: List of Figures * Preface * Acknowledgements * Introduction * PART I * 1. Constructing the Self, Constructing Others * 2. New Boys at the Doon School * 3. Gandhi’s Children * PART II * 4. An Arrested Eye: Trauma and Becoming in Desire Machine Collective’s Documentary Installations * 5. Passage * 6. Residue * PART III * 7. A Turn Towards the Classical: The Documentaries of Kumar Shahani * 8. The Bamboo Flute * Epilogue * Bibliography * Index May 2015 UK May 2015 US 272pp 20 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by Yasmine Musharbash, University of Sydney, Australia, Geir Henning Presterudstuen, University of Western Sydney, Australia "...Catalysts to story and action, monsters are shown in these lucid, innovative essays to accomplish cultural work that is essential, local and real. Admirably interdisciplinary, the book belongs on the shelf of every scholar interested in how the borders of difference are patrolled by figures of menace and allure. But keep the light on as you read."—Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, George Washington University, USA Offering a dialogue between anthropology and literature, culture, and media, this book presents finegrained ethnographic vignettes of monsters dwelling in the contemporary world. These monsters hail from Aboriginal Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and Europe, and their presence is inextricably intertwined with the lives of those they haunt. Contents: 1. Introduction: Monsters, Anthropology, and Monster Studies; Yasmine Musharbash * 2. Cave Men, Luminoids and Dragons: Monstrous Creatures Mediating Relationships between People and Country in Aboriginal Northern Australia; Joanne Thurman * 3. Monstrous Transformations: A Case Study from Central Australia; Yasmine Musharbash * 4. Specters of Reality; Mamu in the Eastern Western Desert of Australia; Ute Eickelkamp * 5. A Murder of Monsters: Terror and Morality in an Aboriginal Religion; John Morton * 6. Burnt Woman of the Mission: Gender and Horror in an Aboriginal Settlement in Northern New South Wales; Mahnaz Alimardanian * and more November 2014 UK November 2014 US 240pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Transcultural Aesthetics in the Plays of Gao Xingjian Todd J. Coulter, Colby College, USA Gao Xingjian has been lauded for his inventive use of Chinese culture in his paintings, plays, and cinema, however he denies that his current work participates in any notion of Chinese. This text traces the development of these forms and how they relate and interact in the French language plays of the Nobel Laureate. Contents: Introduction: International Recognition and Confusion * 1. Reactive Theatre * 2. Physical Division: Jingju and Performance Theory * 3. The Actor in Thirds: Gao’s Theory of Performance * 4. An Individual in the Void: Au bord de la vie * 5. An Individual in Company: Quatre quatuours pour un week-end * 6. An Individual in Night: Ballade Nocturne and Gao’s Philosophical Woman * Conclusion: The Obligation of Creation

May 2014 UK May 2014 US 146pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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