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Local Workshop / Seminar Grants and Individual Professional Development Grants 2012 Global MPA Enforcement Conference This conference is being facilitated through WildAid, an international organization whose mandate is to reduce global biodiversity pressures from the illegal wildlife trade through public awareness and wildlife protection. Southern Environmental Association • $6,000.00 • Approved: Jan.27.2012 • Status: Ongoing XXI Curso Internacional de Manejo de Areas Protegidas This course is expected to engage participants in many concepts, principles, and techniques in PA management and will provide practical experiences to improve their professional capacity for managing their respective PA. Belize Fisheries Department • $13,103.75 • Duration: Jul.6 - Aug.6.2011 Summer Teacher Institute in Environmental Studies and Culture 2011 Seeks to bring together teachers of the Cayo District for an exchange with their counterparts from the USA focused on Environmental Education, Protected Areas Management, Cultural Diversity and Eco-tourism using a hand-on experimental learning approach. Belize Foundation for Conservation • $6,699.30 • Duration: Jul.11 - 15, 2011 UNEP-CEP/CaMPAM Training of Trainers Course in Marine Protected Areas Management (ToT) Two co-managers to attend and participate in this 2 week training initiative being coordinated in Belize with the UNEP-CEP and the Caribbean Marine Protected Area Managers Network (CaMPAM). The training will cover a wide array of topics in marine protected areas management including research and monitoring. Belize Fisheries Department • $2,849.00 • Duration: Sep.12 - 23, 2011 2nd National Workshop on the Development of Belize’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI): Enabling Sustainable Development through Equitable Access to Information The NSDI attempts to engage all relevant stakeholders in standardizing available spatial data, develop and implement new policies, and establish a national GIS protocol to ensure data produced by various stakeholders are relevant. Land Information Centre • $7,887.60 • Duration: Nov.9 - 11, 2011 Introduction to Practical Statistics for Marine Biologists The applicant is interested in conducting a training of 12 of its marine biologists from its Marine Protected Area system in practical statistics. It is expected that this training will help to enhance the capacity of the department in data collection, analysis and reporting to improve resource management. Belize Fisheries Department • $6750.00 • Duration: Dec.12.2011 - Apr.20.2012 New Techniques for the analysis of Biodiversity Data: from functional diversity to environmental services To undertake a short course in Biodiversity data gathering and analysis at CATIE, Costa Rica. Friends for Conservation and Development • $3,970.00 • Duration: Jul.11 - 15.2011 Support thesis work for Forest Officer-David Perera “Comparison of the efficiency of two band saw mills in Belize” This research will compare the milling processes utilized in Belize that uses two different sources of energy: horse driven mill versus diesel fuel mill , and compare the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of both mills. Moreover, it will help to establish milling processes that provides the best results in the efficiency and sustainability of the conversion of logs to lumber. Such data would help the forest department to establish policies and requirements for the logging and milling industry in Belize. Belize Forest Department • $3,000.00 • Duration: Aug.11.2011 - Feb.8.2012 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals The conference will provide the opportunity for the participants to learn about new and innovative tools and techniques utilized around the world for the conservation of marine mammals. Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute • $3,380.00 • Duration: Nov.26 - Dec.2.2011


Annual Report 2011 - 2012  

PACT's Annual Report 2011 - 2012