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Treatment Guide

Specialised Face Treatments

Following over 20 years of research and development CACI International offers a non-surgical solution to combat loss of muscle tone using CACI micro current facial toning therapy or commonly known as Nonsurgical face lift. Results are visible after the very first treatment but a course of ten treatments is generally recommended. After a course of CACI facial toning treatments facial contours will look lifted and toned. A monthly top up treatment is recommended to maintain results.

Priori Priori is one unique professional system that can deliver 3 methods of effectively deeply exfoliating or peeling the skin. Ideal for all skin types including dry, sensitiveand problem prone skin and mature acne.

Coffeeberry Enzyme Peel Treatment time 45 mins £50.00 • •

CACI Treatment time 1hr £45.00 Course of 10 CACI treatments Course of 5 CACI treatments

£350.00 £195.00

Deluxe CACI Non Surgical Face Lift

Advanced AHA Multi Layer Peel Treatment time 45 mins £45.00 •

Treatment time 2hrs £65.00 Why not combine the benefits of a Caci facial and Decleor’s anti-ageing facial. This deluxe facial is the ultimate in effectively combatting the early signs of ageing using Caci micro current on the face followed by the excellence sculpting massage to focus on key areas and concerns. Finishing with one of Decleors specific anti-ageing professional masks, this is the ultimate in luxury.

Skinbase Microdemabrasion

Microdermabrasion With Decleor Harmonie Mask Treatment time 1hr £45.00

A glycolic, lactic, salicylic and citric acid peel suitable for all skin types to deliver a gentle, yet deep exfoliation. Ideal for clients who need to get their skin back into a healthy shape and to help delay the signsof ageing or to improve on problem skin.

Idebenone Complex Superceutical Peel Treatment time 45 mins £50.00 •

Treatment time from 45 mins £40.00 A safe and controlled method of skin-resurfacing. An excellent solution to open pores and blackheads, reduce scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, improves sun damaged skin and much more.

A natural enzyme peel that delivers Cosmeceutical results with an easy to use system. Ideal for a quick skin pick me up to brighten and lighten skin. Can be used a part of a skin care treatment to treat Pigmentation or Rosacea.

A peel with Idebenone Complex that delviers dramatic results on sun damaged, scarred, pigmented or acne skin. For clients wanting more from their current skin care routines and those in need of more powerful treatments.

All peels should be part of a at least 6 if treating specific skin conditions and concerns. Alternatively skin peels can be used as a monthly maintenance treatment for healthy skin.

Holistic Facials Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for their heavenly feel and simply stunning results. Every treatment begins with the unique back diagnostic massage; utterly relaxing for you and a wonderful insight to your therapist into your overall state of health – and therefore your precise needs. The use of expert massage techniques and 100% pure, preservative-free Essential Oils address the demands of every single skin type to leave all complexions balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

Ultimate Vitamin Glow Award winning vitamin facial to leave your skin visibly radiant. Duration 1hr 15 mins


Power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, this award winning facial melts away stress. Combines a rebalancing Essential Oil elixir plus warm, decongesting mask for skin that’s purified, perfectly replenished and glowing.

Oxygenating Pure & Matt Intensely balancing and detoxifying for visible clarity. Duration 1hr 30 mins


For instant clarity on dull, devitalised skin, this antibacterial and mattifying facial blitzes spots and shine. Includes Aquatic Plant Powders and an oxygenating power mask for a brighter and shinefree complexion that’s simply flawless.

Divine Nutrition Deliciously cocooning and nourishing to comfort and repair. Duration 1hr 30 min


The end of dry, flaky skin, our ultra-nourishing facial deeply soothes, repairs and renews. Chestnut Extract boosts crucial lipid production and microcirculation while nourishing Geranium and Rose feed skin with vital nutrients. By locking-in moisture, complexions are also strengthened against wind, rain and cold making it ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Even the driest complexions are left supremely supple, comfortable and satin smooth.

Harmonie Calm Desensitises and reinforces stressed, fragile and reactive skins. Duration 1hr 30 mins


This intensely soothing treatment instantly relieves irritated complexions. Acting like a calming comfort blanket, Blueberry Extract soothes angry, sore skin; a cooling Algae plasticizing mask peels away to reveal a calmer, smoother surface. Redresses all types of sensitivity whether due to stress, poor diet, illness, medication or simply general fatigue. Skin becomes clear, soothed and more resilient to environmental aggressions.

White Radiance Vitamin C-packed facial for sheer brilliance. Duration 1hr 30 mins


Decleor Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials

Advanced Sculpt And Lift

Three technologically advanced facials to fight every concern, each with precise and blissful rituals. Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and latest technological breakthroughs, they bring a new lease of life to maturing complexions.

Bio Retinol Wrinkle Resist Youth-boosting anti-wrinkle treatment. 1hr 30 mins


This is the secret to eternal youth! Using bio retinol ap2™ - one of the most innovative anti-ageing ingredients - plus powerful youth-boosting botanicals, this pampering facial intensively targets lines and wrinkles. The mineral-loaded mask lifts, plumps and firms while gentle exfoliation refines skin texture. Bringing dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed ensuring skin looks luminous.

Prolagene Lift Facial Ultimately effective anti-ageing facial leaving the skin plumper and firmer. Duration 1hr 30 mins £58.00 Luxurious as well as highly targeted to fragile zones, this facial includes our ultimately effective ‘lifting’ massage to recharge skin tissues. Youth activating formulas then infuse the skin with naturally energising ingredients to help kick-start its natural renewal process; an indulgent and collagen-rich mask ensures skin feels plumped and tightened too. The result? A flawless, youthful new radiance.

Triple performance to eliminate wrinkles, loss of tone and dryness. Duration 1hr 30 mins £58.00 Wrinkle correcting, radiance boosting and visibly plumping, our advanced solution to anti-ageing gives outstanding results. Concentrating on improving lines, loss of firmness, dryness and sensitivity, it rehydrates and strengthens from within. Includes the exclusive Excellence Sculpting Massage to focus on key areas - eyes, face, neck, chest and arms.

Vital Eyes Anti-ageing and visibly plumping for a smoother eye zone. Duration 45 mins £40.00 Put the sparkle back! Featuring repairing and intensively hydrating eye masks, this targeted treatment fights fatigue, quenches moisture loss and helps erase wrinkles for a sparkling, rested eye zone.

Body Treatments

Aromather apy Body Massage Heavenly full body Aromatherapy treatments. Duration 1 hr 15 mins £50.00 Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly Aromatherapy Massage to either relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate. The incredibly soothing sensation of the Warm Aromatherapy Balms, expertly blended from an exquisite elixir of natural Essential Oils, melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

Youth Revealing Face Body Treatment Anti-ageing top-to-toe to tighten, renew and revitalise using Decleor’s premier Excellence Body range. Duration 1hr 45 mins £60.00 The most effective and pleasurable way to restore tone to mature skins, this potent all over antiageing treatment focuses on the power of massage to tighten, lift and resculpt. Targeted at reducing lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, dryness and sensitivity, it incorporates Decleor’s award-winning AROMESSENCE™ Excellence Serum to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production for dramatic youth-giving results. Deeply nourishing, mature skinis renewed, leaving it looking younger and revitalised.

Madagscar Escape Massage Paradise for body and senses. Duration 60mins


Want to escape everyday life? This exotic full body massage deeply de-stresses and invigorates thanks to a unique combination of techniques gathered from all corners of the globe for their profound relaxation benefits. Stimulating circulation, boosting the lymphatic drainage system and awakening senses, this massage can be tailored to your exact needs for complete wellbeing and even better quality sleep!

Decleor’s Aromather apy Warm Stone Massage Divine heated stones relax away muscle tension and strains. Duration 1hr 15 mins £55.00 The most blissful way to soothe body and mind, stress doesn’t stand a chance against this divine warm stone massage. Your personalised sensorial journey relies on the therapist’s intuitive touch in harmony with smooth, heat-releasing stones.

Exfoliation & Massage


Only For Men:

Full Body Silk

Intensive Energising Face Treatment

Treatment time 45 mins


A full body exfoliation with a special saffron and herbal paste. This energising exfoliation removes dead skin cells leaving the body smooth and invigorated.

Red Island Exfoliating Ritual Massage and exfoliation combined in an exotic body treatment. Duration 1hr 30 £58.00 Powdered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices are used to polish and perfect skin leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over.

Body Massage: A traditional massage therapy to suit individual requirements. This treatment works to release muscular tension and alleviate mental fatigue and stress.

Full body Treatment time 1hr 15


Back, Neck and Shoulder Treatment time 30 mins


Radiant Mum 2 Be Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks. Duration 1hr 15 mins £55.00 Relax while your highly trained therapist safely and gently treats your tummy, legs and face to a truly nurturing experience that helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves ‘heavy’ legs and brightens skin.

Kick-starts tired skin and minimises irritations. Duration 1hr 30 mins


Over-worked and skin showing the strain? This fatiguefighting, anti-ageing treatment also targets and treats shaving bumps and irritation. An invigorating and hydrating pure energy mask decongests deep down to re-energise skin. Combined with stress releasing massage techniques skin is left relaxed, smooth and healthy looking – reduced beard growth is a bonus!

Men’s Deep Tissue Back And Shoulder Massage The ultimate stress-buster. Duration 30mins


Feeling the pressure? This highly targeted treatment focuses on releasing tension in the back and shoulders. Intensely de-stressing, your therapist customises the level of pressure in a powerful deep tissue massage to break down and disperse all aches and pains caused by tight muscles. Pure Pepper and Cypress Essential Oils aid the potency of the tension busting massage, whilst actively revitalising mind and body.

Hands & Feet

Jessica Nails

Jessica GELerations

Jessica focuses on the wellbeing of the natural nail and has the ability to analyse and recognise nail type and treat each nail with specific formulated treatments.

Gel Overlays

Shape & Polish Just what is says! Treatment time 30 mins


Manicure Treatment time 60 mins


Hand cleanse, cuticle work, massage and polish.

French Manicure


Jessica Deluxe Manicure Treatment time 1hr 15 mins


As above but includes hand and arm exfoliation and mask.

Pedicure Treatment time 1hr


Foot cleanse, cuticle work, massage and polish

Jessica Deluxe Pedicure Treatment time 1 hr 15 mins


As above but includes foot and leg exfoliation, mask and heated booties.

Paraffin Wax Treatment For Hands And Feet Ideal for clients who suffer from aching joints or extremely dry skin or who just want a pure pampering treatment for hands and feet. This can replace the mask in the deluxe manicure or pedicure.

A permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping. Excellent at helping nails to grow. Also works well on toe nails for a long lasting colour.

GELeration Manicure


GELeration Infils

After 2/3 weeks, nails will have grown leaving an area from the cuticle which will require an infill. French Gel Manicures cannot be infilled.

Colour Infil


Gel Removal Treatment time 30mins


Gel soak off includes a nail tidy and nourishments to the nail bed. It is advised to remove gels after 6 weeks in order to restore the nails natural health.

Grooming Essentials

Waxing Full leg inc. bikini Full leg Three quarter leg Half leg inc. bikini Half leg Under arm Bikini Extended/Brazillian/Hollywood Eyebrow (wax, pluck or thread) Eyebrow & lip Upper lip Upper lip & chin Whole face (not eyebrows)

‘Sterex’ Electrolysis £32.00 £26.00 £23.00 £28.00 £20.00 £12.00 £15/£18/£20.00 £12.00 £20.00 £12.00 £15.00 £18.00

Lash & Brow Treatments A skin test is required 24 hours prior to treatment for lash and brow tints and eyelash extensions. Eyelash Perming Lash Tint & Perm Eyelash Tinting Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Shape Eyelash Tint & Brow Tint Eyelash/Brow Tint and Shape Eyebrow Tint Eyebrow Shape

£20.00 £30.00 £18.00 £25.00 £25.00 £35.00 £10.00 £12.00

3D Eyelash Extensions Introducing a new dimension in beautiful eyes. Transform your lashes with 3D lash extensions – to give a fuller and natural looking lash that can last up to 2 months. Full set: Treatment time 2hrs £75.00 Infill: Infill to maintain full set 2-3 weeks after full set from £27.00 Hepburn Sweep: Concentrates on enhancing the outer corners of the eye.


An eyelash tint is recommended before the application of the eyelash extensions.

Progressively permanent hair removal of unwanted hair by treating individual hair to eventually destroy growth. Sterex Blend or Diatherm available. Up to 30 mins Sterex Advanced Cosmetology

£18.00 from £45.00

For the treatment of facial red veins, skin tags, seborrhoeic warts, milia, verruca, spider naevii and more. Please consult your therapist for prices.

Threading Threading is an ancient skill which uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. Eyebrows £12.00 Lip & Chin £15.00 Sides of face £18.00

Make-up Day time make-up Special occasion make-up Make-up lesson Wedding day make-up (Includes a trial and wedding day application)

£30.00 £35.00 £45.00 £60.00

Tanning Buff and Bronze £45.00 Two separate visits to fully prepare the skin for the spray or hand application tan. Please wear loose and dark clothing. Spray tan/Hand application tan Treatment time 45 mins £30.00 Organic Tan Beau Bronz


This 3 step organic tan has a lower percentage of tan developer within the product, making it much kinder on your skin. The tan is applied followed by a “lock in” solution which enables you to dress within 5 minutes of having the tan.

Holistic Therapy

Full Aromatherapy Including Paraffin Wax Treatment time 1hr 45


Traditional aromatherapy full body massage fuses the best of massage practices from East and West. Following a full consultation a unique blend of oils are selected for your individual needs. A paraffin wax mask is applied to either the face or back to help absorption of the essential properties of the oils.

Indian Head Massage Treatment time 45 mins


A calming and revitalising treatment which stimulates vital energy points releasing accumulated stress. This firm massage focuses on neck, scalp and shoulders.

Clinics for B-tox, peels and fillers are available each month. Please ask for further details

Packages Pre-Holiday Grooming: Half leg wax, extended bikini, manicure, pedicure & eyebrow shape £85.00 Me Time: Jessica manicure, pedicure & spray tan


Balancing pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses, the candle creates a light vacuum. The soothing treatment softens ear wax and can ease sinus congestion. The treatment includes 2 candles and finishes with a acupressure and drainage massage for the face.

Bliss: Full body massage, aromaplasty facial, manicure or pedicure £110.00

Gift Vouchers

Salon Terms 24 hours notice is required for cancellation. Please be mindful of keeping to appointment times. Time will be deducted from your treatment time and not the next clients. 50% deposit is required for all treatments over 3 hours.

Reflexology Treatment time 40 mins


An ancient, holistic healing technique using manipulation and pressure to areas of the feet that relate to areas of the body. The technique helps to restore balance, energy flows and circulation to the organs. The treatment finishes with an envelopment of paraffin wax foot mask.

Reflexology Including Paraffin Wax Foot Mask Treatment time 1hr


Gift vouchers are available for treatments or products and are valid for one year.

Hopi Ear Candles Treatment time 45 mins

Alternative Services


the beauty therapy clinic

Opening Times Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-1.00pm 9.00am-2.00pm A late evening can be arranged with prior notice, please ask for details. At least 24hrs required.

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