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JUNE 2013

Charming, Nostalgic & Collectible Vintage Advertising Postcards Offer a Glimpse of America's Yesteryears

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE Charming, Nostalgic and Collectible: Advertising Postcards Of Commercial America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 “M*A*S*H” The Movie And Memorabilia . . . . . . . . . .5 Jackie Robinson Memorabilia Always A Hit With Collectors . . . . . . . . .6 Calendar Of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Classified Marketplace . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Advertiser Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18

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Also, our cover story this month highlights the golden era of the advertising postcard. A marketing tool that dates back over 100 years, vintage postcards are highly collectible and offer a real-life glimpse into the history of the everyday. America’s most well-known and iconic companies utilized the postcard in numerous advertising capacities, creating pintsized works of art that collectors continue to treasure for their nostalgia and charm.

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Summer is almost here, and PACM readers who enjoy watching the “Boys of Summer” on TV or at the ballpark might enjoy reading about one of baseball’s most collected players, Jackie Robinson. Robinson, the first African American to play Major League baseball, has a plethora of memorabilia devoted to him: cards, magazines, comic books, uniforms, movie material, dolls, toys, autographs, and more. Robinson is now in the spotlight again with the release of the new film “42,” bringing on another round of memorabilia.

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Charming, Nostalgic, and Collectible: Advertising Postcards Of Commercial America by Roy Nuhn

Vintage advertising postcards offer a panorama of daily life in America at the turn of the 20th century and shortly beyond.

near the end of the 1890s. But the artistic, colorful and truly unique ones so highly prized by today’s collectors came along between 1903 and 1920. Deltiolgists - picture postcard collectors - number in the tens of thousands, and they belong to dozens of clubs scattered throughout the land. Among the hundreds of topical specialties collected, the advertising category rates very high

Postmarked 1909, this postcard by Domino Sugar portrays product boxes.

The picture postcard itself was the culmination of countless and diverse 19th-century developments in photography and printing. Among its predecessors were trade cards, cartes de visits, pictorial stationery and other Victorian ephemera. The use of such postcards for advertising began extensively after 1900. They proved to be not only among the cheapest kind of advertising available, but one which seemingly enjoyed a longer life span than most other mass media. Even today, with television, radio and the Internet available, postcards continue to be used by companies to promote their products or services. By all accounts, it is reckoned that the advertising postcard as we know it was born

The typewriter was just one of many marvels of the Industrial Revolution.

on the list of all-time favorites. The reasons are the same as for anyone who collects and loves other types of American advertising: historical, cultural, beauty, nostalgia and, of course, the magic. There are thousands of different cards to be found. Some, like a Buster Brown Christmas card laden with Santa Clauses headed for Bloomingdale’s Department Store in New York City, are extremely rare; others, like Egg-O-See Cereal’s 1907 Jamestown Exposition handout, are much more plentiful. Many were issued in sets, and a few companies kept publishing them for many decades. By far, the largest majority of advertising postcards were published and distributed as singles. They Animated pots and pans - and food - make were given away at this Excelsior advertising postcards fantasy store counters, prepar excellence (1906-1908).

sented as souvenirs to tourists and guests visiting the plant or home office, made available to customers as free writing paper, or packaged with the merchandise as premiums. Some were used for corresponding with customers about orders, complaints, etc. A few were even used by traveling route salesmen to announce their imminent arrival. Every imaginable product, service and commodity has been advertised on the picture postcard, especially home and food products. Most of the major companies of that not-solong-ago time utilized the postcard idea. Many of them, such as Kellogg’s, Heinz, Lipton, Chesterfield Cigarettes, Campell’s Soups, and Ford, are still with us. Taken together, they are also a remembrance of goods and companies no longer with us, including 5A Horse Blankets, Glidden Auto, Edison Phonograph, Kornelia Kinks Cereal, Bevo, and many more.

One of two cards issued by Gillette.

Though most single advertising postcards were given away free, many of the sets were handled differently. Often, the consumer had to mail in a couple of pennies or some postage stamps to cover mailing costs, along with a box top or two. These sets are the most popular and most elusive of all. The “Dupont Dogs,” “Bull Durham’s Trip Around the World,” “Cracker-Jack Bears,” and “Zeno Chewing Gum” are examples of the advertising postcard at its are Baby carriage advertisement by F.A. the several extraordinary Whitney Co. aimed at mothers-to-be. rare Campbell’s Kids set by the famous soup company The favorites today are those featuring Grace Wiederseim’s distributed by national manufac- irresistible children and the turers of all kinds - automobiles, “Gold Dust Twins,” who did cereal, lawn mowers, food, beer, their best for the leading soap coffee, furniture, etc. These powder in the Fairbanks’ almost always show the product empire. or its use. Twice, the Bell Telephone Many magazines and book people published the same set publishers found the postcard a (Continued on page 16) great promotional tool. Some newspapers were not above borrowing their “Sunday Funnies” cartoon characters to be part of the card’s illustration. Maggie and Jiggs of “Bringing Up Father,” for instance, did their bit for the North American on a fascinating set of six over- Jamestown Exposition fairgoers received this card as a souvenir of their visit to the sized cards. Egg-O-See Cereal exhibit.

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“M*A*S*H” - The Movie And Memorabilia of which laid the groundwork followed his original novel with for TV’s “M*A*S*H” (1972- two sequels: “M*A*S*H Goes 83) and its three sequels, to Maine” (1972) and “Trapper John, M.D.” (1979- “M*A*S*H Mania” (1977). 86), “AfterMASH” (1983-84) Hornberger later sold the and “W*A*L*T*E*R” (1984), film rights to his novel – for a the latter of which was an unsold pittance, it was later reported – pilot starring Gary Burghoff as and the result was “M*A*S*H,” Walter “Radar” O’Reilly. released by Twentieth Century “MASH: A Novel About Fox in 1970. Produced by Ingo Three Army Doctors” was pub- Preminger, scripted by Ring lished by William Morrow and Lardner Jr. and directed by Company in 1968. The author was Dr. H. Richard Hornberger (1924-1997) – writing under the pseudonym “ R i c h a r d “M*A*S*H” movie banner, $36. Hooker” – who had served as a U.S. Army surgeon at the 8055th Robert Altman, “M*A*S*H” Mobile Army Surgical Hospital featured Donald Sutherland as during the Korean War. Written Capt. Hawkeye Pierce, Elliott in collaboration with sports- Gould as Capt. Trapper John writer W.C. Heinz, “MASH” McIntyre and Tom Skerritt as was initially rejected by a num- Capt. Duke Forrest, three freeber of publishers, eventually wheeling surgeons based at the finding a home with William fictional 4077th Mobile Army “M*A*S*H” standard one-sheet Morrow, where it became a Surgical Hospital during the poster, $95. commercial success. Hornberger Korean War. Other principals on By William J. Felchner

The acronym M*A*S*H – that’s Mobile Army Surgical Hospital – is forever etched in the annals of entertainment history, thanks in large part to the popular CBS television series of the same name. But before the award-winning TV sitcom came the 1968 novel and of course the 1970 Robert Altman film, both

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(Continued on page 18)

Summer 2013

CHICAGOLANDZ 4 Annual - 2013 th


hand were Sally Kellerman as Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” O’Houlihan, Robert Duvall as Maj. Frank Burns, Roger Bowen as Lt. Col. Henry Blake, Gary Burghoff as Cpl. Radar O’Reilly, Rene Auberjonois as Father John Mulcahy, Jo Ann Pflug as Lt. Dish, David Arkin as Sgt. Vollmer and Fred Williamson as Dr. Oliver “Spearchucker” Jones. “M*A*S*H,” which made its American debut at the Baronet & Coronet Theater in New York City on January 25, 1970, proved to be one of the year’s top films. Made for an estimated $3.5 million, “M*A*S*H” went on to gross over $81 million during its initial release, earning the number three spot on the list of the top moneymaking films of 1970 behind “Love Story” and “Airport.” Released during the height of the Vietnam War,

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Jackie Robinson Memorabilia Always A Hit With Collectors By William J. Felchner

Jackie Robinson’s place in baseball history is secure. In 1947, Robinson broke the “color line,” joining the Brooklyn Dodgers and becoming the first black player in major league baseball. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, on January 31, 1919. While attending UCLA, the athletic Robinson won varsity letters in four sports: baseball, football, basketball and track. Following a two-year hitch in the Army, Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Baseball League in 1945 and for the Montreal Royals of the Class AAA International League in 1946. From 1947 to 1956, Jackie Robinson - sporting his famous #42 - plied his talents for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson won Rookie of the Year honors in 1947 and was the National League’s Most Valuable Player in 1949. Inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1962, Robinson, suffering from the ravages of diabetes, died on

October 24, 1972. Jackie Robinson is one of the most collected players in the sports memorabilia field today. Robinson memorabilia is legion, and includes such items as cards, magazines, comic books, uniforms, bats, movie material, calendars, toys, dolls

and autographs. Some of the earliest and most valuable Jackie Robinson artifacts date from his high school days. Robinson’s 1937 senior yearbook, The Sequoian, from John Muir Technical High School (Pasadena, California), is big with collectors and can top the $1,000 mark in excellent condition. Robinson also attended both Pasadena (California) Junior College and UCLA. A collection of three Pasadena Campus yearbooks from 1937, 1938 and 1939 - all of which prominently feature Robinson - brought $215 in one auction. A 1940 UCLA Southern Campus yearbook in which Robinson is celebrated as “the big man on campus” is valued at over $500. Jackie Robinson baseball cards date from 1948 to the present day. Robinson’s “rookie card” is entry #79 from the 194849 Leaf series. One example in graded SGC 84 near mint condition recently sold at auction for $2,031.50. Other collectible Jackie Robinson 1952 Topps Robinson cards and their winning card, $3,107.

Jackie Robinson signed photo, $1,135.25.

bids include the following: 1949 Bowman #49 graded SGC 88 near mint/mint ($3,107), 1950 Bowman #22 PSA 7 near mint ($1,015.75), 1952 Topps #312 SGC 86 near mint+ ($5,078.75), 1954 Topps #10 PSA 6 excellentmint ($215.10), 1955 Topps #50 SGC 88 near mint-mint ($836.50) and 1956 Topps #30 PSA 4 very good-excellent ($77.68). (Continued on page 12)


April 15, 1950, New York TV Guide Jackie Robinson 1948-49 Leaf “Robinson Rides Again,” $300. baseball card, $2,031.50.

Howard Levine

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at Holiday

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787 Rt. 10, 03469 We will be selling 300+ lots of estate fresh ephemera, advertising, toys & collectibles gathered from various New England homes & collections from New London & Essex, CT, Keene, Hopkinton & Westmoreland, NH & several VT homes & estates for a very diverse & interesting Thursday evening sale. Categories include estate books, sports collectibles, postcards & trade cards, periodicals, vintage toys & games, posters & broadsides, country store showcases, comics, photography, postal history, advertising signs & product packaging, WWI & WWII posters, political, sheet music, catalogs & small format publications, scrap albums & much more. For full catalog or more info, please look online at

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ILLINOIS JULY 13, 14, (POSTCARD & PAPER SHOW) Lake County Fairgrounds, (Peterson & Midlothian), Grayslake, 715-526-9769.

MINNESOTA JULY 26, 27 (ANTIQUE POSTCARD & PAPER) Eagan Community Center, 1501 Central Parkway, Eagan, 860-319-4022.


— WITH —

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NEW YORK MAY 17 (EPHEMERA) Bostwick Auction & Gallery, 1121 Rt. 96 Candor 607-659-4842. MAY 17, 18, 19 (POSTCARDS, PAPER, EPHEMERA & POSTAL HISTORY) New Yorker Hotel, 8th Ave. at 34th St., NYC, 718375-7353, 718-461-4723.



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JUNE 1, (POSTCARD & PAPER SHOW) Christ Lutheran Church, 189 Burr Rd., E. Northport, 631-499-9330, 305-801-6250 (cell).

NORTH CAROLINA JULY 2-6, (COCA-COLA MEMORABILIA SHOW & SALE) Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel, 2800 Coliseum Centre Dr., Charlotte, 972-635-9172.

OHIO JULY 25-28 (PULPFEST) The Hyatt Regency, Downtown Columbus.

PENNSYLVANIA JUNE 15, (POSTCARD SHOW) Holiday Inn Conference Center, 2000 Loucks Rd., York, 717-854-3240.

TEXAS JULY 27, 28, (VINTAGE MOVIE POSTER AUCTION) Heritage Auctions 3500 Maple Ave. Live & online

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Jackie Robinson (Continued from page 6)

Jackie Robinson autographed material is always in great demand by collectors. Items include signed index cards, baseballs, books, postcards, letters, programs and canceled checks. Single-signed Jackie Robinson baseballs are viewed by many as the Holy Grail in the field. One Official National League ball, signed “4-8-63, To Ernie with Best Wishes, Jackie Robinson,” sold at a Heritage Auctions offering for $2,390. Another ball, this one signed by

atively speaking. Auction results include the following: 1957 signed/canceled personal check ($956), 1964 signed book “Baseball Has Done It” by Jackie Robinson ($1,553.50), late 1940s signed General Artists Corporation 8-by-10- Robinson and his fellow “Hollywood Dodgers” sold at auction for $71.70. Another card set in the Dodger locker room brought $131.45 at auction. A collection of seven 8-by-10inches b/w promotional movie stills sold for $203.15. Jackie Robinson can be found on a number of magazine covers of the era. One of the best comes from Time magazine, September 22, 1947. When found in excellent condition this issue can sell for over $100. Another keeper is the May 8, 1950, issue of Life magazine, which can bring over $75 in top Jackie Robinson 1949 condition. The October 6, 1952, Barnstorming Tour program, edition of Quick magazine is val- $448.13. ued at around $10-15. For sheer of six Jackie Robinson comic rarity, look for the April 15, 1950, books. Originally priced at 10 issue of New York TV Guide cents each, the comics feature (“Robinson Rides Again!”), the Dodgers’ old #42 on the which can sell for $300 in near cover. A complete set in very mint condition. good-excellent condition sold From 1950-52 Fawcett (Continued on page 16) Publications produced a series

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November 1950 Jackie Robinson graded comic book, $1,314.50.

inch photo “Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Ren Browne Sincerely Jackie Robinson” ($1,135.25), 1965 handwritten letter ($1,553.50), signed index card ($657.25), 1970 gold Hall of Fame Plaque signed postcard ($603.48) and a 1950s signed Exhibit Supply card ($776.75). Jackie Robinson, movie star? In 1950, Robinson did the “Hollywood thing,” playing himJackie Robinson French adver- self in Eagle-Lion’s sports tisement from 1946, $418.25. biopic, “The Jackie Robinson Story.” Promotional material Robinson, valued teammate Pee from this film is a major boxWee Reese and three others, sold office hit with collectors. The standard one sheet for $896.25. One of the best autographed artifacts to emerge in recent years was an official Jackie Robinson retirement letter dated January 14, 1957. Written on a “Chock Full o’ Nuts” letterhead, this typed gem is addressed to New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham, Jackie Robinson 1956 Topps card, $2,031.50. whose ball club had just acquired Robinson in a trade poster from “The Jackie from the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson Story,” measuring 27Robinson signed this historical by-41-inches, can be pricey, paper treasure in green ink. It with one example selling for sold at auction for a staggering $2,588. Individual theater lobby cards, featuring various scenes $22,705. Other Robinson autographed from the movie, are also availmaterial is more affordable, rel- able. One lobby card picturing


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CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please notify us at once if you are moving. e! Under our present permit the P.O. will NOT notify us if n li you move. (Note: We cannot make temporary or “vacation” address on changes. By r send e the time it would get done you’ll be back home,dso permanent or changes only. ou Also: Notify us at once if your name n yis not spelled correctly!

m 10% E n K ertisi

TA Whaeperandadv

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p www.


Page 12 P.A.C.M. - June 2013


P.A.C.M. - June 2013 Page 13

FOR SALE BOOKS ON EUROPEAN and Asian Royalty. Free price list. Lee Poleske, PO Box 871, Seward, AK 99664.

GERMAN BOOKS for Sale. List available send S.A.S.E. 6770 Runkles Rd., Mount Airy, MD 21771. Email JAMES MICHENER FIRST Editions Caribbean 1989, Alaska 1988, Chesapeake 1997, The Source 1965, Centenial 1974 Second Dust Jackets fine good $10 includes postage, Dozier 732-892-8441. M.M. DAVIES/ BOOKFINDER We locate Out of Print Books, 762 Route 23A, Catskill, NY 12414-5634, 518-755-4294,

BOOKS PERTAINING TO Film. Actor Bios, Director Bios, Film Theory etc. List available upon request, Isa Halim, 101 Circuit St., Boston, MA 02119-1971. COLLECTIBLE PAPERBACK, MYSTERY, SciFi, Western, TV, Movie, War- will respond to want lists only. C. Allan, 4444 S. Rio Grande Ave. Apt. 850D, Orlando, FL 32839. PAPERBACK BOOKS- BUY/ Sell. Adult, Vintage, Mass Market. SF, Fantasy, Horror, Detective, Spy, Western, Beacon, Midwood, Monarch. SASE for information. Chris Eckhoff, 98 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 PAPERBACKS FOR COLLECTORS and Readers. All genres. Low prices. Free lists. Cris Kocher, Books, 534 Meigs St., Athens, GA 30601. SEND FOR FREE Lists: Auction and Sale. Vintage paperbacks, Digests, Pulps, Comics, Mens magazines, BLB’s. Wally Pattengill, 825 Pecos Dr., Waco, TX 76708. TV/ MOVIE TIE-IN paperbacks/ hardbacks. Many old favorites. Check it out, couch potatoes! Mark Simpson, 123 St. George’s Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada P6B 1X4. VINTAGE PAPERBACK BOOKS, 1950’s to 1970’s, many with “sleaze” covers that promised much, but contents delivered little. Richard Presti, 201 E. Case St., Negaunee, MI 49866-1736.

TEA SHIPPING BOXES from Japan early 1800’s near West Chester, PA call 610-399-0536.

180 COMICS! $49 Postpaid! New, bagged assortment. No duplicates, all different! Feduniewicz, Box 237, Calvin, PA 16622. Marvel, DC, better Indies, Archie! Send Today! 1940’s-1970’s COMIC BOOKS for sale- 50,000+ wide selection, strict grading, reasonable prices. Request 60 page old Comics catalog, with $3 (outside U.S. $6). MightyMags.Com PO Box 22916 St. Petersburg, FL 33742 or view online COMPLETE COMIC BOOK Sets, runs, lots, 1960s-present. Deeply discounted. Request “sets” catalog with $1 (outside U.S. $3). MightyMags.Com PO Box 22916, St. Petersburg, FL 33742 or view online DISCOUNTED COMIC BOOKS: BLB, Newspapers, Comicstrips; Pulps; Paperbacks; Hardbacks; Movie-TV; Life, Look, Post, misc. Send SASE plus 50¢ per list. Indicate desired lists. Above also bought. G.Rauch, 148 East St., Lore City, Ohio 43755, HEEYY, COLLECTORS! COMICS! DC’s, Marvel, Dell, Gold Key, Japanese Manga, TV tie-ins, etc. Mark Simpson, 123 Saint George’s Ave, Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada P6B 1X4

ADULT GIRLIE MAGS. Private collection spanning 50’s - present. Many titles, Celebrities, most N.Mint, Must have want lists. Reasonable prices. Looking for those rare girlie mags? I have them! Al Nazario, #12P 400 W. 43rd St, NYC, 10036 or call 212-868-9203 BEAUTY PARADE SET complete set of 85 issues 1941-1956, bound in 14 vol. as presentation set or publishers reference copies. Call Paul 845-477-0463. PLAYBOY BACK ISSUES available send specific wants $4 each ppd. Kenny Grucholski, 3004 LaFayette St., Corsicana, TX 75110-1324.

SELLING MOVIE, TV, Miscellaneous Magazines, Soundtracks, Movie Memorabilia, Some Clippings. Request Your Favorite Star, I’ll Search. SASE Required. Joe Bianco, 157 Center Ln, Levittown, NY 11756.

ALBUMS WITH CLIPPED Ads in plastic Automotive; Coca-Cola; Railroad; WWII; Baseball; Foreign; Farm, Periodicals. Eunice Gigstead, PO Box 66, Carlock, IL 61725. COCA COLA COLLECTORS: 18 issues of “Pause For Living” magazines, exc. cond, Summer 1962- Winter 1969; Calendar 1957. Edmunds, 1421 Hickory Rd, Chatham, VA 24531 SIMBA “COKE” CAN 1972 $10 ppd, very rare.

PAINTED LADIES IS now located in the Adamstown Antique Mall, Rt 272, Adamstown PA. Large collection of antique paper, advertising items, magazines, catalogues and other fun items. Come, browse, enjoy!

VINTAGE MAUD HUMPHREY Art for sale. Outstanding quality, rare framed & unframed prints. Complete books & calendars, much misc. All over 100 yrs. old. Wendy Hoffman Gallery 702-839-9999,

7 TOPLESS LADY Postcards in color! All different. Grab attention in your mail! Only $5 cash. Bob Spruck, 214 Chestnut St., Bridgeport, CT 06604-2678.

AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPHS CELEBRITY signed Photographs, cards, posters, books & more. Send for Free Sample Catalog to Star Shots, 5389 Bearup St., Port Charlotte, FL 33981. AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION CLEARANCE Vintage Hollywood, Sports, Political, Music, Cartoonists, Military, Playbills. Movie Stills and Steel Engravings too! Cheap! Want Lists? Odlaw Sellers Grafton, MA 01519. AUTOGRAPHS FOR SALE: FREE bi-monthly list available. Also buying. Mike Hirsch, 11 Philips Mill Dr., Middletown, NJ 07748, 732-787-1202. AUTOGRAPHS: HOLLYWOOD and Rock & Roll. FREE CATALOG from Heroes & Legends. 18034 Ventura Blvd #204, Encino, CA 91316, phone 818-342-2800. We also buy autographs.

CHRYSLER AIRFLOW, PACKARD, MARMON, NASH Automobile Sales Catalogs, Brochures, Letterheads, Photos 1920-1950’s Wanted. Send List & Prices Mitchell’s Garage, 7 N. Idaho Street, Butte, Montana 59701.

BEER LABELS: SCHMIDT’S Philadelphia, Iron City, others. Sold Packs 100 same at $2.50 postpaid. Samples 70+ different $5. Cuddy, 2768 Willits Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136.

MINIATURE WEAPONS LOOS, 542 Tomahawk Ct., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, 561-352-8172, 1/6, 1/12, and 1/24 scale Ebay Store Miniature Weapons by Loos.

ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS, 1,000’s to choose from; one sheets, lobby cards, etc. Jim Zicopula, 166 Woodridge Lane, Lino Lakes, MN 55014. 651-483-9809.

POLITICAL BUTTONS: OLD Election Buttons, Presidential or any form of advertising; older the better. Farley, 67 Ridge Road, West Orange, NJ 07052, 973-736-0814 or

NOLAN RYAN ALL Topps graded, 1978 exmt, 1976 excellent, 1974 ex-mt, many more, make offer. 940-692-1686. Bud Reynolds, 2730 Shepherds Glen, Wichita Falls, TX 76308-5242.

CASEY JONES, RAILROAD Man, Railroad Unit. Join, learn about collecting trains on stamps. Get info. free sample newsletter. Write CJRRU PO Box 18615, Rochester, NY 14618. COLLECTIBLES OFFER: 350 Worlwide Stamps; Six Postcards; Four Foreign Coins; bonus item, $8.95 ppd. Dwight Chamberlin, 1108 Chamberlin Hill Ext., West Sand Lake, NY 12196. STAMP MIXTURES OFF paper your choice: United States, Canada, Foreign contains Comemmoratives medium small $5 per 1000. Tony Sigrist, 286 W. Bomford, Richwood, OH 43344. WOW! UNITED STATES FDC Collection of America’s Bicentennial, 1773 to 1785? $225, call 406-293-9560 for more info.

1888 BESSEMER CONSOLIDATED Iron Company- $1,000, $500, $100 Bonds, $20 dollars each or all 3 for $50. Earle Sell, 59 Brogan St., Ironwood, MI 49938. BOND, REAL STATE BANK, The State of Arkansas. 13 May 1839, ex-condition framed. Make offer 940-692-1686 Bud Reynolds, 2730 Shepherds Glen, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308. RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES Addison, Belleville Southern Illinois, Malopin, Washington, Baltimore Annapolis, Seaboard Air Line, St. Louis Merchants Brige Terminal, Terre Haute Indianapolis Eastern $9 ea. Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050. RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES MKT 1879, PDE 1895, Harrisburg 1916. Ohio-Miss. 1887. Union Pass. 1933, CTTransfer 1899, MKT 1891, all issued, Vignettes, good cond. $10 ea. Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050. RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES Stoney Creek 1943, Warren 1939. Clearfield Mahoning 1936, Atlanta Charlotte 1943, United New Jersey 1907 NY Harlem 1928 -Cuba- Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050.

Page 14 P.A.C.M. - June 2013

RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES Unissued. Flint Pere-Marquette, Dubuque Pacific, Michigan Airline, St., Paul Desmoines, Chicago Erie, Virginia, Addison, Belleville Southern Illinois, United Railroads San Francisco $10 ea. Postpaid. Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050. RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES Wagner Palace car 1895 $22; Oregon Transcontinental 1882 $20; Pittsburgh Wheeling Kentucky 1879 $27; Columbus Chicago Indiana Central 1869 $22; GD-cond., postpaid. Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050.

WHOLESALE PRICES COON CHICKEN INN RESTAURANT MENU (Closed In 1951) 6x81⁄2 Figural Menu $15, 2/$22. COON CHICKEN INN ASHTRAY, 31⁄2” Diam. Glass, Negro Man’s Head. $12. FRUIT LABEL COLLECTION, 19201965, a nice assortment of ladies, kids, animals, race cars, scenes, etc. (we retail for $5 Ea.) 100 Asst./$35. 1930s WHISKEY LABELS, Golfer, Trains, Airplanes, Scenes, 100/$12.

50 U.S. AND/ or Foreign Postcards $15 postpaid. Shirley Temple photos great poses $15 postpaid. Irene Brockmann, 27 Ward Rd., Hardwick, NJ 07825-9636. 908-362-6730.

FRENCH WINE LABELS - 1920-1950, Many Nicely Illus. 100/$12. PAPER EPHEMERA LOT, 1890s1960s, Misc. Cards, Checks, Letters, Valentines, Folders, Labels, Railroad, 100 Pcs./$10.

CHECK OUR WEBSITE for Ann Miller Playbill, TV Guides, Records, CDs and more

EAST COAST RR STOCK CERTIFS., 10 Diff., $15, 50 Asst., $55.

DISPOSING 60 YEARS Collection. All Sports paper, some books, paper dolls, comic strips, 1929 to 1940. Send for list. Manning, 900 Steuben Apt. 102, Manistique, MI 49854.

Have Something to Sell? Looking For Something? Have a Service to Offer? We are the #1 source for paper, advertising, rare books, postcards & more! Call Arlene in Classified Sales 717-492-2561 or 1-800-428-4211 x2561 MEMORIES N MORE Postcards, Scrapbooks, 78 Album sets, Philatelic items, Sheet Music, Advertising, Books, Ephemera, Calendars, Catalogs, Brochures, Pamphlets, Letterheads, 204 High St., Pottstown, PA Call 610-326-1911 or 610-906-4332. SPORTS, HOLLYWOOD, World War II, 1930’s-1950’s magazines, books, and ephemera items. John Cole, 4146 Whittner Dr., Land O Lakes, FL 34639. 813-996-3584, TOBACCO CARDS, PLAYING Cards, Baseball, Cigar Labels, Railroad Paper, quality postcards. $2 for scans. Stan Abrams, 18 Indian King Dr., Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, WANTED: NEWSPAPER AND Magazine articles from the 1980’s about exercise classes taught by movie actresses. Don Schmieden, 221 Scott St. Apt. 737, Wausau, WI 54403.

Postage Extra Notice: Since 1970 I’ve been buying quality paper ephemera in quantity to sell in the future. At 72 yrs. old the time is now. I offer the following categories at true wholesale prices: - Antique Advertising - Postcard Lots - Fruit Labels - Beer, Whiskey, Soda Labels - Stock Certificates - Old Newspapers (1830-1890’s) - Old Calendars - Comic Books - Negrobilia - WWII Collectibles - Booklets - Advertising Tins - Gas Station Memorabilia - Magazines Ads

Send $3 for our wholesale catalog, over 2,000 items.



“FOR PETE’S SAKE” old postcards, airplanes, court houses, post offices, WWII, Libraries, R/R depots, ships, 85 categories, Vincent Peterson Jr., 815 Olde Hickory Rd. Apt. 215, Lancaster, PA 17601-4956.

75% OFF GOING Out of Business Sale, Postcards, Books, Paper, Shelving, Display Pieces, Supplies. Booth CRL (Carol) at Old Sled Works, Duncannon, Pa. Wed-Sun, 10-5, 717-834-9333. FREE LIST. SEND for sales list of assorted lots of topics and foreign and state views. Gary Radtke (PACM), 11415 Green Ridge Dr., Waynesboro, PA 17268

HAVE TOPICAL VIEWS Postcards, send want list and SSAE to Robert Page, 25 Lexington Ave., Brattleboro, Vermont 05301. POSTCARD APPROBALS DEPOSIT or references priced reasonable, have Southern States, Civil War, River Boats, others plus postage. Cason Schaffer, 107 Eastview Dr., Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183.

POSTCARD ON APPROVALS Send wants to Robert Page, 25 Lexington Ave., Brattleboro, VT 05301. SERIOUS COLLECTOR? LET Me Help! 1000’s of Vintage Postcards send wantsDiscounts! Approvals gladly sent- Steve Schmale, 6303 Thornburgh, Foresthill, CA 95631, Thanks! WOW! POSTCARD ASSORTMENT! 50 different postcards for $68 prepaid to you! Write: Greg, PO Box 574, Libby, MT 59923.

PURCHASING POLITICAL PHOTOGRAPHS Lincoln, U.S. Grant, tintypes, autographs, Brady images send email photos to Mark or phone 413-628-3241 email WANTED INDIAN TERRITORY and Okla. territory items such as postcards, checks, tokens, letter heads and advertising items. Dale Ennis, Box 14, Coalgate, Okla. 74538.

THOROUGHBRED HORSE RACING Programs, pins, passes, books, older items only. Gary Medeiros, 1319 Sayre St., San Leandro, CA 94579 WANTED FFG., PA Game News, PA Angler magazine before 1960. Al Crilley, 707 Holly Ct., Saxonburg, PA 16056, 724-524-1977.

BEAT GENERATION BOOKS by and about Ridge Books. PO Box 681, Jensen Beach, FL 34958.

JEAN-PAUL SARTRE (French Philosopher, Novelist and Playwright) Biography, or reference to thereof. Send Title, Year of Publication, Price, and Shipping info. to: Michael R. Walls, 111 E. Centerville Rd. #213, Garland, TX 75041-4633.

WANTED POPEYE, 1930’S Paint Books, Little Big Books, Comic Books to 1943, etc. Good to fine condition. Jim Eyler, 400 S. Main St., Elmer, NJ 08318.

WANTED: DETECTIVE MAGAZINES: such as True Detective, Master Detective from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. Donald Munro, 25 Richards St, Worcester, MA 01603


WANTED: ANY EARLY Sporting Magazines, Catalogs, Paper. Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Northwestern Sportsmen, Outer’s, Outer’s Recreation. Gary Koelbl, 1815 Orchard Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54902.

LITTLE COOKBOOKS WANTED Prior to 1930 Cookbooks issued by food and appliance companies. Shirley Sliker, 4300 Hulett Rd., Okemos, Michigan 48864-2434

WANTED ANY BOOK, Digest, or Magazine with Art by Eric Stanton or Gene Bilbrew. Robert Coelln, 1414 Tierra Berienda, Pueblo, CO 81008, 719-547-3530.

Box 1728P • Buellton, CA 93427

(805) 688-8577


PLEASE! Remember to include your NAME AND ADDRESS with your

THEPAPERGALLERY2 on E-Bay Postcards more stills ephemera or call us 760-749-9737.

FILMS FOR SALE- Risky Business; Star Trek II; Summer Lovers; Revenge Ninja, call John 508-668-0397 MAIL BID 40,000 Items- Antiques, Books, Magazines, Records, Toys, Paintings, Prints, Posters, Varga, Parrish, Wyeth, Driben, Rockwell, $20 lists postage. R. Holler, PO Box 30255, Elkins Park, PA 19027.

PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIEDS NOW! Have Questions? Call 1-800-428-4211 Or Fax Form To: 717-492-2566


RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES UnissuedAddison, Flint Pere-Marquette, Dubuque Pacific, Macopin, Michigan Air Line, St., Paul Demoines, Chicago Erie, Belleville Southern Illinois, Washington Baltimore Annapolis $10 ea. Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050.

P.A.C.M. - June 2013 Page 15

BODY BUILDING MAGAZINES: Muscle, Joe Weider, Arnold Schwartznegger, Catalogs, Booklets. 1940’s to 1970’s. Muscle Builder, Mr. America, Bob Hoffman, plus others. Call 516-449-6915. WANTED 1960’S ISSUES of the Magazine Baseball. Ramirez, 1411 N. B Street, Garden City, KS 67846.

FORTUNE MAGAZINES COMPLETE Sept. 31; Aug. 32; Jan. 33 thru Dec. 33; Sept. 34; Oct. 34; Dec. 34; Jan. 36; Mar. 36; April 36; June 36; Aug. 26; Oct. 36; Dec. 36; Feb. 37; April 37; June 37; July 37; Sept. 37; Dec. 37; Jan 38 thru Dec. 38; Mar. 39; July 39; Dec. 39; Jan. 40; Feb. 40; condition important, No Damage, write with info. Ron DeCarolis, Meetinghouse Hill Rd., N. Franklin, CT 06254.

WANTED ILLUSTRATED CALENDARS 19001959 Hunting/ Fishing, Pinups, Indian Maidens, Children, Florals, animals, also calendar company salesman sample books Brown & Bigelow, TD Murphy. Email or call Wendy Hoffman Gallery 702-839-9999.

1930’S-50’S BUBBLE GUM Cards, showing Airplanes, Pirates, Baseball, G-Men, Superman, Indians, War, Tarzan, Tobacco Cards. Vin Minner, 21 Boulevard Rd., Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927, 973-267-3132. ALL NON-SPORTS CARDS: Tobacco, Coffee, Candy, Gum, Bread cards wanted. Other old cards too. Good prices and friendly transactions. Alan Miley, 2403 Sugarberry, Reston, VA 20191-2727. 703-391-9156,

MAGAZINES WANTED PRE-1970: Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Collier, Time. Also: Men’s, fashion, auto, movie. Condition not important, but must be complete. Herb Hoffman, 1350 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL 33019. 954-925-8472

BREAD, BAZOOKA & Baloney Gum, any kind. War, Elvis, Gilligans Island, Davy Crockett, Mars Attacks, Laugh-In, etc. any pre-1975 title wanted. Walt Meder, P.O.Box 640, Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630-379-1947 Email:

WANTED AM COLLECTING Construction Bullentin Magazines from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Write only Dale L. Hilk, 424 E. 1st St., Waconia, MN 55387.

KELLOGG’S KRUMBLES BIRD Pictures: 3’x4.5” paper cards. Also issued by Tootsie Toy, Chicago on stiffer cards. David Anderson, 1843 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago, IL 60626.

WANTED: WEEKLY MAGAZINES from 1900 to 1980, Life, Time, SEP, Liberty, Colliers, Newsweek, Literary Digest, Look, Leslies. Fran DiBacco, 123 Blue Heron Dr., W. Deptford, NJ 08086.

RED ROSE TEA/ Blue Ribbon Coffee cards: “Butterflies of North America,” 48 card set from Canada. David Anderson, 1843 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago, IL 60626.

CHEWING TOBACCO ADVERTISEMENT Pastoral scene young man and woman seated on hillside chewing tobacco, 1920’s to 1930’s, top dollar offered. J. Lutschg, 1061 Magnolia Wood Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

STAMPS, POSTCARDS, COINS, Currency, Autographs, Historic Documents. Bought & sold. Especially Jewish-theme, anti-semitic material from 1933-1945. Free Appraisals. Est. 1955. Bick International, PO Box 854pac, Van Nuys, CA 91408 818-997-6496, fax 818-988-4337.

ILLUSTRATOR ARTWORK BUY/SELL RAFOX Parrish Gutmann Delongpre Goodwin, Prints, Calendars, Pin-up Art, Armstrong, Elvgren, Vargas, Petty, Ammo-Art, Yard longs Hawaiiana, 702-839-9999, Wendy Hoffman Gallery, 5233 Sandy Cactus Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89149.

WANTED: PRESIDENTIAL & Other Historic Autograph Material. Pages of History, PO Box 2840, Binghamton, NY 13902. 607-724-4983

AUTOMOTIVE MEMORABILIA FROM Bromer Motor Co. and J. Edwin Miller Automotive repairs Schwenicsville, PA. Roy K. Miller, 320 Centennial St., Schwenksville, PA 19473.

ESQUIRE MAGAZINES 1933-1946 with Pinup Gatefolds; Pinup Calendars 1930s-1990s; Illustrated Hunting Fishing Calendars 19001950s Buy/ Sell 702-839-9999 Wendy Hoffman Gallery, 5233 Sandy Cactus, Las Vegas, NV 89149.


CHILDREN’S SEASHORE HOUSE, Atlantic City. Postcards, photos, paper anything related, PRE-1950s. Send on approval with price John Cuddy, 2768 Willits Rd., Philadelphia. PA 19136 or call 215-552-9855 email ONE- ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE Teacher wants student work, photos, postcards, memorabilia. Also anything Spanish- American War. Fuhro, 419 East Third Ave., Roselle, NJ 07203. 908-241-7829. WANTED: INFORMATION CIVIL War Caption Lewis M. Zimmerman 1st PHB Cavalry Frederick, MD history obituaries anything. Pete Hakel at Email WANTED: PRE-1900 LETTERS or Documents re-seats in synagogues. Barney W. Hill, 218 Forest Dr., Thomasville, NC 273605620. Telephone 336-476-6849.

WORLD WAR II ration items wanted: forms, books, tokens, checks, articles, etc. Describe carefully. Price or ask for offer. Lee Poleske, Box 871, Seward, AK 99664.

WANTED DICK CAVETT TV interviews, Jackie Gleason shows, Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guides 2000, ‘01, ‘02, ‘03, 1995. Gilbert, 659 Lake Dr., Random Lake, WI 53075.

WANTED: BAGGAGE LABELS. VINTAGE ONLY. Hotel, Airline, Travel-related & Steamship. Accumulations, large Lots & Collections preferred. Best prices paid! 201 294-4110 /

RAILROAD, BUS, AIR, Ship timetables, Brochures, Menus, send me your list. P.Kutta, 1359 Gree Hill Ave., W. Chester, PA 19380, Thank you will answer all.

AUTOMOBILE ROAD MAPS, Touring Guides, 1940’s? Swell! 1930’s? Better! 1920’s Best! Earlier! Wow! Automobile Blue Books, 1902-1905. Dave Cole, 119 Speed, Santa Maria, CA 93454.

VETERANS POST PAYING your price for Military Insignia. WWII War Trails, Patches, Army Navy Wings, Merchant Marine Awards. Jerry Keohane, 457 Woodgate, Tonawanda, NY 14150, 716-877-1439.

WANTED - PLEASE quote: Chicago Ledger 1910-1923; Illustrated Story Weekly 1923-1924; Weekly Ledger 1924-1925; Blade and Ledger 1925-1927; 1931-1938.

FOREIGN PAPER MONEY wanted in any condition and quantity. Same day check. World Wide Notaphilic Service, Box 5427PM, Vallejo, CA 94591 PAPER MONEY WANTED Buying most U.S. Currency Pre-1963. Send scans or photos since 1981. Frederick Bart, Box 2, Roseville, MI 48066, 586-979-3400, PHILIPPINE COINS PESOS Dollars 1903’s to 1950’s scarce included other World Coins send wants PO Box 47, Monmouth, IL 61462, 309-734-3212,

DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA stereoviews, postcards, photographs, ephemera for history book project. 605-332-9662, Bob Kolbe, 1305 S. Duluth, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. MISCELLANEOUS PHOTO REPRODUCTION of “(Pierre) Charles Baudelaire” (1821-67: French Poet and Essayist) from drawing, engraving, etching, painting, photograph. Small card, postcard, small print. Quote price and postage and write to: Michael R. Walls, 111 E. Centerville Rd. #213, Garland, TX 75041-4633. OLD 8X10 B&W photos of Factory interior or exterior Scenes, Street Scenes. Must be original. Debold Gallery, PO Box 1037, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, 973-429-7616.

WANTED- POSTERS, FAIRGROUNDS, Auto Racing, fair, anything old, vintage, call 814-224-5630.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES 1955 Esskay Hot dog BOBO Newsom premium catalog; 1958 B&W Pins G.Woodling, J.Adair; Eastern Shore League Baseball items. Al Moore, PO Box 177, Wolford, MD 21677 BASEBALL TICKET STUBS Wanted from the 1970’s and 1980’s. American League teams only. Date on ticket. (Details) Tim Newsom, 34 Waterside Lane, Clinton, CT 06413-2141. 860-669-9914, SPORTS CARDS AND other sports related items. Publications, pins, pennants, tickets, etc. Pre-1975. Philadelphia items especially wanted. Ellis, 158 Stratford Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-934-5618 TIRED OF EBAY? Sell your Sports Cards and Memorabilia to a Collector. Ken Domonkos 848-448-4709,

TRAINS ON STAMPS become a collector, learn more. Join the Casey Jones RR Unit. Write for information, free news letter: CJRRU, POB 18615, Rochester, NY 14618.

STOCK CERTIFICATES- Columbus, Xenia Railroad 1850, Jeffersonville Railroad 1859, Swastika Camp, Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railway 1879, good condition, free shipping, $85. Bruce Heiner, 1915 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050.

SPIDER-MAN: MACFARLANE ERA 30th Anniversary, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Archie, Batman, bonus holograms. Mark Simpson, 123 Saint George’s Ave. E, Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada P6B 1X4.

A BERKSHIRE COUNTY Collector wants these towns Hinsdale, Hoosac Tunnel, Mill River, Peru, Otis, Richmond, Southfield, Becket. J. Rupinski, 170 Cheshire Rd., Pittsfield, MA 01201. AUTOGRAPHS, BANNERS, POLITICAL pins, leathers, baseball cards, sports memorabilia music, comics, wanted. Highest price paid. Write: Stan Block, 128 Cynthia Rd, Newton, MA 02459. CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, FREAKS, Sideshow, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Coney Island, Nude Photos, Fireworks, Girlie Pinup Magazines, Auto Thrillshow. Nostalgia Enterprises, Box 300, Lockport, NY, 14095. 716-433-9418. CATHOLIC HOLY CARDS. Protestant Bible lessons, lace cards, scripture cards, paper icons. Brent Devitt, 35 Hawthorne Glen, Beavercreek, OH 45440. 937-238-0183.

Page 16 P.A.C.M. - June 2013

Jackie Robinson CIRCUS, CARNIVAL, ICE Show, Magic, RRS, Africa, Steamship, Rodeo, Buffalo Bill. Cirque Du Soliel and Ringling Bros. too. Box 213, New Martinsville, W. VA., 26155. NUDIST RELATED DOCUMENTS, Publications, Brochures, Photos, Newsletters, Advertisements, Newspaper or Magazine articles or membership cards from Indiana group. Howall, Box 653, South Bend, IN 46624. OLD CHICAGOLAND MENUS especially downtown hotels but all pre-1970 welcome. Pix (jpegs) and prices to Bindy, 705 Washington St., Evanston, IL 60202 or include phone number. WANTED CASINO COLLECTIBLES- OLD NEVADA POSTCARDS REAL PHOTO, MATCHBOOKS, SLOT/ KEY CARDS, TOKENS, CHIPS OR ADVERTISING PAPER, FRANK, 702-382-4774, 2024 FONTANA AVE., LAS VEGAS, NV 89106. WANTED DIONNE QUINTUPLETS and Margaret O’Brien postcards or other paper or non-paper items pertaining to them. Lois Helen Brown, 154 W 500 S, Peru, IN 46970-7621. 765-473-3983.

BADGES WANTED FROM Railroads, Chicago; Police and Airline Pilot Wings. Mel Arndt, 551 Huntington Commons Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056, 847-956-6652. COLLECTORS PLEASE SEND a list of your Wants because I’m always going to Estate Sales etc. Raymond, PO Box 722, Warrenton, OR 97146. DECALS WANTED- STATES, Travel, Parks, Attractions, Pin-ups, Water Dip only. Robin Paul, 607 S. Main St. Apt. 105, Wauconda, IL 60084. MODEL AIRPLANE AND Aviation Collectibles wanted: Books, magazines, kits, engines, accessories. I buy estates. Aeroindex, PO Box 1135, Cheshire, CT 06410. 203-250-0720 WANTED POCKET KNIVES, License Plate Toppers, Adv. Thermometers, & Signs, Civil War items. Marvin Happel, 812 E. Jack, Salem, MO 65560.

AIRLINES & AIRPORT chrome cards, esp. domestic, published during the 1950s & 1960s, a permanent want. Armen Avakian, 4560 Pinehollow Ct, Apt 170, Indianapolis, IN 46254, 317-298-8913. BOOKS AND POSTCARDS relating to Michigan and Wisconsin Copper and Iron Mining. Robert Fox, 1235 N. Westfield Street, Oshkosh, WI 54902

HELP!! REAL PHOTO Old House PC’s Urgently Needed Circa 1905-1940, U.S. Only, Post Marked or Not. Fashionable Gingerbread Trim Residences, Mansions or Craftsman and Bungalow Style Homes. Send Approvals, Copies, Prices Tony Montana’s Postcards 301 West Park Street, Butte, Montana 59701. NJ REAL PHOTO POSTCARDS & Better NJ Picture Postcards Wanted. Approvals welcome, I pay postage. Jim Lindemuth, 94 Mt. Carmel Way, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756. 732988-8686. WANTED PRE-1920 REAL Photo Views Western Berks, Eastern Lebanon Counties, Penn. Peter Lengel, PO Box 58, Robesonia, PA 19551, 610-693-9690. Send call with list. WEST VIRGINIA PRE-1920 Real Photo Postcards and Stereoview cards depicting small town street scenes & buildings. Xerox copies welcome. Don Henderson, 1034 Tallmansville Rd., Buckhannon, WV 26201.

POSTCARDS WANTED: CZECHOSLOVAKIA, not Prague: Austria, not Vienna; Germany any smaller city Gruss Aus; Pozdrav & Eastern Europe. All before 1929. Approvals welcome. Penny Kleinman 516-921-0184 or email: ROTOGRAPH POSTCARDS Looking for mostly A series rotographs, all states. Also interested in D and G series. As well as all other series. Email your series and numbers with prices you want. Examples: A3224, D4554, G6775a. with state initials after each number. (978)317-9234

FORD STOLEN0 REWARD (Text Only) 19281934. Moebius, 516-333-3797, email I AM ALWAYS looking for Mining related Postcards and books. Write with information Robert Fox, 1235 N. Westfield St., Oshkosh, WI 54902. POSTCARD WANTS: CHICKENS- no comics, no Easter; Alaska (ALCAN) Highway (before 1950); Seward, Alaska (before 1964). Lee Poleske, PO box 871, Seward, AK 99664. WANTED HORSE, DISNEYLAND, Knott’s Berry Farm, Postcards. Named Horse Cards. Sizes 3x5 to 6x9. Approvals wanted. Marcia Miner, 5962 Michael Rd., Sanger, TX 76266. 940-458-7322.

BUYING PULP MAGAZINES Vintage Paperbacks, mens magazines and Pre-1960 Crime and Adventure Comics. Joseph Saine, 628 Dixie Hwy., Rossford, OH 43460, 419-662-8697,

PLEASE! Remember to include your NAME AND ADDRESS with your Place Your Classified NOW! Questions? Call 1-800-428-4211


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at auction for $717. Jackie Robinson advertising-related items are among the most interesting in the field. A 1946 Cremo Sparkling Ale poster picturing Robinson (then with the Montreal Royals) and Brooklyn manager Leo Durocher is a rarity, with one example selling for $575 at Robert Edward Auctions. Similarly, a 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread advertising poster featuring an endorsement from Robinson and his family brought a top bid of $1,044. A Jackie Robinson 1950 advertising calendar is more affordable,

Lobby card from 1950s “The Jackie Robinson Story,” $118.31.

with one example bringing a reasonable $60.95 at auction. The Jackie Robinson composition doll, crafted by AlliedGrand circa 1950, is a must for any serious Robinson collector. Near mint examples have been known to sell for several thousand dollars. Even a full-page toy trade catalog ad touting the doll is highly collectible, valued at $25 or more. Jackie Robinson continues to make headlines. On April 12, 2013, Warner Bros. released the sports biography “42” starring Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson, with Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, Nicole Beharie as Rae Robinson, Christopher Meloni as Leo Durocher, Ryan Merriman as Dixie Walker and Lucas Black as Pee Wee Reese. And along with that film came another round of Jackie Robinson memorabilia, including movie posters, stills, press kits and other promotional items. Signed Jackie Robinson Hall of All photos courtesy Heritage Fame plaque postcard, $1,434. Auctions, Dallas, Texas.

Advertising Postcards (Continued from page 4)

of 12 cards, each of which pointed out an important advantage of having a telephone in the home. Other favorites are the 18-card “Berry Brothers Varnish” and “Tip Top Weekly,” noteworthy for picturing Frank Merriwell and all his cohorts. Ad agencies frequently economized by using the same illustration for many mediums, and a goodly number of postcard graphics were derived from magazine advertising art. This is especially true of Fisk Tire and Domino Sugar. Poster art and advertising go hand in hand, and often the combination of the two on a postcard produces marvelous results. Quickly to mind comes the many travel posters, such as Holland-American Line, the publicity issues for several international expositions and

local fairs, and Gillette’s trademark baby shaving himself. The years since 1920, while not comparable to the “Golden Age” of advertising picture postcards, have not been completely barren. Held in high regard are the kitchen appliance ad cards by Westinghouse, Kitchen Aid, General Electric and Frigidaire in the 1930s to 1950s era. Also highly sought are pre-World War II radio and post-war television advertising. Another bright spot are the cereal makers, especially Kellogg’s, who have given us an impressive array of colorful, delightful cards featuring Tony the Tiger as well as Snap, Crackle and Pop. Advertising postcards offer a unique glimpse at our nation’s yesteryears, at how Americans lived and played, and the many wondrous consumer and business goods available to them from the nation’s giant industrial, retail and service sectors.

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Advertiser Index Association Insurance Administrators . . . . . . . .7 Bags Unlimited Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Collectorama Show Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Culture & Thrill Collectibles . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Denver Postcard Show . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 East Northport Postcard & Paper Show . . . . . .8 Executive Currency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Gottlieb, Alan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Granite State Postcard Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Heritage Auction Gallery Movie . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Heroes & Legends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Herzog, Daniel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Jemik, S.H. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

“M*A*S*H” (Continued from page 5)

“M*A*S*H” was more Vietnam than Korea, a sarcastic, bawdy, gory, irreverent antiwar film that apparently struck a resonant chord with an increasingly skeptical, war-weary public. In one memorable scene, the exasperated head nurse Maj. “Hot Lips” O’Houlihan declares,

“M*A*S*H” Polish one-sheet poster, $131.

“This isn’t a hospital, it’s an insane asylum!…” Perhaps a metaphor on the Korean or Vietnam Wars, as envisioned by director Robert Altman. The initial reviews for “M*A*S*H” were mixed. Reported Roger Greenspun of The New York Times (1/26/70): “Although it is impudent, bold, and often very funny, it lacks the sense of order (even in the midst of disorder) that seems the spe-

Knotty Pine Auction Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Laska, Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Levine, Howard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Marcutrigiano, Larry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Peterson, John R. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Pflaumer-Yeater, Gerlinde . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Poster Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Pulpfest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Robert Edward Auctions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Unshredded Nostalgia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Yesterdays Mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 York Postcard Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Zurko Promotions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

cial province of successful com- look to the “M*A*S*H” movie edy. I think that “M*A*S*H,” banner (24 x 82 inches). One for all its local virtues, is not suc- example in rolled fine+ condicessful. Its humor comes mostly tion sold at auction for $36. Foreign “M*A*S*H” movie in bits and pieces…” “M*A*S*H” earned five posters are also pursued by colAcademy Award nominations: lectors. One of the best in this Best Picture, Best Director, Best category is the “M*A*S*H” Writing, Best Supporting Actress Polish one sheet poster (26 x 37 (Sally Kellerman) and Best Film inches), which features a Editing. “M*A*S*H’s” lone Masher in football uniform teeOscar went to Ring Lardner Jr.’s ing off on a golf course. screenplay, most of which, ironi- Football, of course, plays a cally, went unused during the prominent role in “M*A*S*H,” as witnessed by the wild, chaotcourse of filming. “M*A*S*H” generated the ic football game played near the usual movie promotional mate- end of the film. One example in rial, much of which is coveted rolled very fine/near mint by collectors today. Foremost condition brought a top bid of on any collector’s list is the $131 at auction. Another hot item is the offi“M*A*S*H” standard onesheet poster (27 x 41 inches) cial “M*A*S*H” lobby card set. with famous artwork by Diener-Hauser. One example in folded very fine condition brought a top bid of $95 at auction. A rarer onesheet poster is the famous “M*A*S*H gives a D*A*M*N” version, with one example in fine+ condition, as professionally graded by Movie Poster (MP) Grading, fetching $448 at auction. Another popular item is the “M*A*S*H” half-sheet poster (22 x 28 inches). One example in rolled fine condition brought $25 at auction. The big “M*A*S*H” three-sheet poster (41 x 81 inches) is another collector favorite, with one example in folded very fine/near mint condition selling for $56 at auction. For a rarer item, “M*A*S*H” lobby card set, $127.

Comprised of eight 11 x 14-inch color cards depicting various scenes from the movie, these sets were displayed in movie theater lobbies for promotional purposes. One set in near mint condition fetched $127 at auction. For those who wish to learn more about “M*A*S*H,” check out the official “M*A*S*H” movie pressbook put out by Twentieth Century Fox back in the day. Originally distributed to movie theaters, these pressbooks contain “M*A*S*H’s” entire promotional campaign, complete with images of sample movie posters and accessories. “M*A*S*H” was rereleased to movie theaters in 1973, generating yet another round of movie posters, stills and lobby card sets. A 1973 “M*A*S*H” re-release insert poster (14 x 36 inches) in very fine+ condition sold at auction for a reasonable $27, while a 1973 lobby card set in near mint condition brought $33. Rerelease posters and lobby cards bear a 1973 copyright, thus distinguishing them from the original 1970 versions. As the PA announcer at the 4077th declares: “Attention. Tonight’s movie has been “M*A*S*H.” Follow the zany antics of our combat surgeons as they ‘cut and stitch’ their way along the front lines, operating as bombs and bullets burst around them; snatching laughs and love between amputations and penicillin…” Auction results and photos courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas.

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