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Pacific Northern, Inc. provides comprehensive visual merchandising and manufacturing services to develop POP and fixture programs for retail and luxury brand environments. Our end goal is for our programs to fully express our client’s brand identity to help increase sales. From conception to final delivery, we’re equipped to handle the majority of the design and manufacturing process in-house. We have a proven record of customer service and product quality, which has allowed us to build strong relationships with the world’s leading brands.

This architecturally inspired TOC display creates a clean, contemporary presentation for eyewear.

White acrylic Gloss-coated wood trim Metallic 3D logo

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By using a small footprint and being accessible from all angles, this multi-functional fixture design offers the flexibility to show a variety of merchandise. Front seating allows a hands-on consumer experience.

High-polished stainless steel High-gloss paint White leatherette Matching hardware

4 5

The clean, modern lines and lit shelving on this fixture help the merchandise stand out in a busy environment.

6 7

LED-lit glass shelving Mirrored edges Brass accents Drawers and cabinets Fire and safety-compliant materials

Vibrant colors and materials create a fun, welcoming look that’s both classic and contemporary.

3D lettering High-gloss paint in custom colors Linen fabric Silk-screened pattern border

8 9

The clean lines and vibrant colors of this tower contribute to a striking optical presentation. Intended for use on the matching tower, the eyewear display platforms can also function as a TOC presentation.

Platform: Iridescent purple paper Paper with brushed aluminum texture Tape with chrome appearance

10 11

Tower: Painted MDF Stainless steel Frosted acrylic

“We’ve built our company on expertise and customer service. Our team members are unparalleled in the industry, and we’re committed to quality in everything we do, from our customer service to our manufacturing methods to our final delivery.” - Mike Wharton, EVP & Chief Operating Officer

Our Team The expertise of our Account Executives comes from years of experience working for prominent retail and luxury brands. They have a first-hand understanding of our clients’ needs as well as a wealth of experience in project management. Combined with our in-house management of manufacturing processes and our skilled team behind the scenes, we’re positioned to meet the demands of any project and are always hoping that our next project will be more challenging than the last.

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This unique table case presents luxury watch collections with sophistication.

LED lighting Backlit logos Drawers with hidden hardware Brushed stainless steel legs

14 15

Apparel can be folded as well as hung with this contemporary combination garment rack. The center shelving unit is equipped with LED lighting to highlight the merchandise and the back wall of the center unit can hold a graphic.

High-polished stainless steel Clear & frosted acrylic High gloss paint

16 17

Inspired by and modeled after a bar of solid gold, this luxury packaging conveys the elegance and value of the timepiece it was designed to hold.

Gold leaf finish Suede lining Hot stamp logos Silk-screened logos

18 19

Hundreds of individually customized store fixtures were manufactured efficiently with an emphasis on quality and cost-control.

Solid brass Greek marble Starfire glass MDF Molded PVC Custom fabric

20 21

This sleek and modern version of a museum box offers a minimalist solution for a contemporary luxury store environment.

LED lighting High-polished stainless steel High gloss Paint Matching hardware

22 23

Creative Design We start the creative design process by identifying the aesthetic and functional needs for the project. Then, our designers create a visual outline from which to draw inspiration for their design concepts. Even the tiniest detail is designed to express an aspect of the brand’s DNA. In the end, everything in the visual merchandising program works together to tell the lifestyle story behind the brand.

“Ultimately, the creative design process is about storytelling. Our goal for every visual merchandising program is to tell our client’s unique brand story to their customers.” - Johnathan Sanders VP, Creative Design & Business Development

24 25

Natural materials fused with Bauhaus-inspired design create a calm, relaxing retail environment.

Clean lines Natural wood Distressed metal Polished concrete

26 27

Clean lines create a chic and refined aesthetic.

Ivory suede fabric Black powder-coated metal Brass hardware

28 29

“The engineering process extends beyond prepping approved concepts for production. Our mechanical design experts constantly interact with sales and management to ensure that the final product fulfills all needs.� - John Meadows, VP, Design, Engineering & Purchasing

Mechanical Design Central to the design and manufacturing process is the concept of value engineering. We work with our customers to seek out the most efficient way to build an item, from the functionality inherent in the design to the materials and substrates used to bring it to life. At its core, mechanical design and manufacturing are about creative problem solving, and we’re always up for the challenge of a new and different project.

30 31

The city skyline inspired this contemporary watch display.

32 33

Interchangeable graphic light boxes LED lighting Frosted acrylic plinths Wood veneer and Starfire glass

Easily changeable pedestal and backdrop graphics allow this display to be modified for new products and promotions.

Dye sublimation printing on leatherette Interchangeable graphics and sleeves

34 35

Luminous fabric and angular design complement a special collection of diamond jewelry and loose stones.

3D transcript logo Magnetic elements for product stability

36 37

Manufacturing & Project Management Effective overseas manufacturing requires a careful, experienced hand. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to control key parts of the process and enables us to be fully involved at all stages. Over 25 years in the industry has proven that communication is the key. Our team includes bilingual project managers on both sides of the ocean, and we’ve developed strong communication standards to identify and resolve potential challenges quickly. Our high level of attention to detail and ability to adapt quickly to changes are vital for custom projects.

“One of our greatest strengths is that we own and manage our own factory. We have complete control over verifying the quality of materials, ensuring the most cost-effective manufacturing processes, and shifting production to accommodate tight deadlines.� - Brian Hahn, Director, Project Management & Product Development

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WORLDWIDE SOURCING Our sourcing and purchasing departments, located on three continents, have access to global trends, materials, and manufacturing techniques.

Real leather hides from Italy and Vietnam Suede from the United States, Japan, and China Faux leathers from the United States, China, Japan, and Switzerland Veneers from the United States, China, and India Laminates from the United States and China Hardware from the United States, China, Germany, and Japan Lighting from the United States, China, and Germany Papers from the United States, Switzerland, and China Paints from the United States, China, and Italy Marble from Greece, Italy, and China

Solar-powered LED lighting and rotation present diamonds in motion.

Battery or solar-powered Matte black paint Apricot suede fabric Magnetic, acrylic sign

40 41

Custom fabrics and materials in this accessory display were chosen to be cohesive with a full boutique program.

Beveled glass Vacuum-plated bass Linen fabric with silver accent

42 43

The tower and a variety of TOC elements allow the program to suit each store’s individual needs.

Black lacquer-painted MDF Hand-painted acrylic Stainless steel offsets Literature holder on tower Mirror on TOC

44 45

The fluorescent pink and bright white of this optical TOC display complement the bold eyewear it was designed to showcase.

Lacquer-painted MDF Clear acrylic shelves Metallic painted feet Silk-screened logo

46 47

48 49

Soft, feminine elements convey a sense of romance.

Metallic accent fabric with a linear pattern Polished chrome accents

Eddie Lee

Johnathan Sanders

Carolyn Bachmann

President & CEO

VP, Creative Design & Business Development

Account Executive

John Meadows

Brian Hahn

Beth Peterson

VP, Design, Engineering & Purchasing

Director, Project Management & Product Development

Account Executive

“Our team members and core competencies are unparalleled in this industry.� - Mike Wharton, EVP & Chief Operating Officer

Shawn Carr

Debbie Myres

Shamous Ellinwood

Andy Smith

Account Executive

Account Executive

Account Executive

Account Executive 50 51

Cindy Clifford Account Executive

Greg Brevik Account Executive

Kelly Jandrucko

Karen Herleman

Amanda Hammond

Account Executive

Account Executive

Account Manager

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