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The Center for Career and Professional Development is a critical and growing part of Pace Law. We help students understand the marketplace, position themselves to employers and launch their careers. We counsel alumni at every stage of their varied careers. Contrasted with similar offices at peer law schools, we are externally focused and more actively network and advocate directly on-site at law firms, businesses, and public agencies.


Success Defined citizens, leaders, innovators

Pace Law alumni are succeeding in a range of rewarding private and public sector jobs. They’re an invaluable resource for students — our 8,600+ alumni are committed to networking with, mentoring and advocating for their younger peers who are more recent graduates or still enrolled at the School. Faculty and career development professionals — all experienced attorneys — help students and alumni think beyond traditional practice areas to pursue legal careers in emerging and growing areas. New York State is one of the largest incubators in the country for entrepreneurial and start-up businesses. We show students and alumni how these growing companies need lawyers, we help them make connections, and we advocate aggressively on their behalf. We’re proud to introduce here just a handful of outstanding Pace lawyers who are serving society and the economy.

SEAN DIXON ’09, LL.M. ’10

Riverkeeper, Ossining, NY B.A., Boston University; M.E.M., Yale University

“Before law school, I was a commercial fisherman and had studied marine biology and geology in college. Wanting to apply those experiences to law and policy, I chose Pace because of its diverse environmental law curriculum — including air quality, land use, diplomacy, and international matters. Now I’m a clean water advocate at Riverkeeper, and we’re the chief client of Pace’s Environmental Litigation Clinic.


I encourage new students to take advantage of the multiple learning opportunities outside the classroom. I was particularly involved in moot court competitions and the Pace Environmental Law Society, and attended global conservation and preservation meetings as a delegate and observer. My varied work experience today reflects the comprehensive curriculum I was exposed to at Pace Law.”


Elisabeth Haub School of Law Viewbook 2017  
Elisabeth Haub School of Law Viewbook 2017  

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Viewbook 2017