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Kindergarten in a long narrow stripe

Modern Cave

Office tower with shopping malls in a busy area.

In Between

Second renovation on an old warehouse

Surviving the Cleft

A poor primary school located on the roof of a residential building

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01 Sandwich Kindergarten Date: May 2011- Jun 2011 Tutor: Hao Shaobo Location: Wuchang, Wuhan

This project locates in a narrow strip along the street. With the growing demand of neighborhood, a kindergarten is to constructed on the residual land of a high school, which is north on the site.

The broad cross roads west of the site are noisy because of lots of traffic. The T roads east of the site has less traffic. The kindergarten is supposed to be in a quiet and safe area. So the building is on the east and the playground is on the west.

Site Plan

In such a narrow strip, the building is shaped into a long volume. In consideration of the route from the entrance to the playground, I have to make a corridor in the building. So the building is split in to two rows and sunshine can penetrate into the corridor in the middle.

1. Every unit of class consists of a playroom and a bedroom. Organize them on different floors. Then define the exclusive activity space of each class.

2. Lower the elevation of the unit in the middle and add a big playroom on the top.

3. Use continuous stairs to connect each room.

4.Connections between the two rows of rooms makes the stairways become a system and make the corridor interesting.

First Floor Plan

South Elevation

Second Floor Plan

Section 1-1

Section of the Big Corridor

03 Modern Cave Office Tower and shopping malls Date: Oct 2012- Nov 2012 Tutor: Wu Jun Location: Hankou, Wuhan

In some sense, the environment where modern people inhabit is no better than cavemen's – no light, no wind, creating a dark totally sleepy space to rejects outside to bring them safety. In this project, my concept is to introduce the big spaces in the shape of cave to bring light and wind in office tower. With a standard floor plan, a typical office tower often lacks a space for communication and social activities. Another purpose of the cave is to create chances of communication for workers on different floors.

Site Plan

Design progress

Section 1-1

Based on my observations, employers only leave their offices once a day during work time, and that is the lunch time. It's a pity that they don't have too much time to enjoy comfortable spaces. My concept is to inject square and big spaces in the office tower. Time would be saved in reaching the big space and the communication of staff would be better and frequent.

Because of the busy location, I try to enclose the site with annex to make a relatively quiet and private space. Then make some modification in response to the surroundings. Then I create a green axis in the middle of the area to attract people to visit here. I separate courtyard into two parts to make it in a more comfortable scale.

flow of flow of vehicle people

green axis

green land

1st floor plan

12th Floor Plan

13rd Floor Plan

void void void 14th Floor Plan


15th Floor Plan


16th Floor Plan

17th Floor Plan

The big cave is in use of resting, communication and sightviewing.

The Medium cave is in use of meeting and reporting.

The small cave is a cafeteria.

04 In Between Warehouse Renovation Date: Mar 2013- Apr 2013 Tutor: Liu Xiaohu Location: Wuchang, Wuhan This is the second time this old warehouse get renovated. The first time 2004 when Wenhua College was established and it is repurposed into a study hall. This time, the aim is to change it into the department of school of design. My concept is to create a big concrete new space compared to the small brick old space.

1.The original space in the old warehouse is simple, large and continuous.

2. After renovation, the big spaces is divided into small rooms. The corridor in the middle is boring and dark.

3 . A n e w m a t e r i a l o f c o n c re t e i s introduced. So there is a comparison between the old and the new.

4. The corridor in between is the third space. It ’s either new or old. While walking through, one can feel the striking contrast among the old and the new.

A picture provided by the president of the college shows the original appearance in 1980s before its first renovation.

A picture I took during my field trip to the warehouse shows the façade after the first renovation in 2004.

The warehouse is well accessed in the campus, but there are only two entrances. Two potential important entrance in the middle is ignored. I try to split it into two parts and rearrange the entrance.

section 1-1

section 2-2

section 3-3

section 4-4

section 5-5 First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan

North Elevation

05 Surviving the Cleft A Primary School on the Roof Date: May 2013- Jun 2013 Tutor: Hao Shaobo Location: Hankou, Wuhan

Wenzhi Primary school provides education for kids nearby of their poor migrant worker parents. Its poor financial status can’t afford a stable campus. So Three teachers with thirteen students are drift and unsettled. With the help of local charities, the school got a small fund to build a campus on the roof of a residence building in a crowded area. The challenge is to make a comfortable in a budget as low as possible.

1. Inspired by the traditional residential house in Hubei, I get the concept of patio to introduce light into rooms. The density of surrounding is surprisingly high and almost permits no sunshine to come from windows on the walls.

2 . I p ro p o s e a n u n t y p i c a l ro o f to m a ke t h e b u i l d i n g in an introverted shape to reject the noisy and crowded surroundings.

3. Separate the long and narrow roof space into two parts. One part is the active and contains a playground. The other is relatively quiet due to the need of the classroom and a small reading room.


reading room

down down down

up down


First floor plan



roof garden

Second floor plan




Weather-proof steel plate I choose this material to wrap around the outside because of its texture is different from surrounding buildings and its fitness in the environment since it easily get eroded.

laminated bamboo sheet The interior material should provide enough comfort and stability. This material meet the requirement and is easy and cheap to obtain because its main producing area is nearby.

U-shaped glass U glass is used in two short walls. It allows light but refuses sight. So it could provide privacy while bring brightness. It’s cheaper than glass curtain wall.

Bamboo This is the cheapest material to divide space. It ’s also used in ceiling. See working drawings in following pages.

East Elevation

South Elevation

North Elevation

Consideration about the structure The residence building which this addition stands on has no column. Brick walls on long sides bear the whole stress of gravity. So the new structure should be light, and pass the stress on long sides. I choose steel to reduce the weight of the structure, and make beams which project on long walls stand on the roof. The whole gravity of new building would pass to the original structure through beams on long sides.

active space less active space quiet space


bamboo tile waterproof layer roof board steel purline

main structure

Construction of various roofs

protective layer: 15mm thick prefabricated concrete slab. leveling layer: cement plaster in proportion of 1:2 Insulating layer: 50mm thick rock wool insulating board bamboo waterproof Isolation layer: a layer of glass fabric cloth waterproof layer: 2 L of cloth with 4 L of glue protective layer: 15mm thick prefabricated concrete Structure layer: 150mm thick mixed slab slab. ceiling layer: bamboo leveling layer: cement plaster in proportion of 1:2 Isolation layer: a layer of glass fabric waterproof layer: 2 L of cloth with 4 L of glue Structure layer: 50mm thick mixed slab ceiling layer: bamboo

Construction of the roof made of bamboo tiles Construction of the U-shaped glass wall

Construction of the roof on heat-preserved area

Construction of the roof on none heat-preserved area

roof-side beam

aluminum alloy bar plastic pad L shaped connection seal gum U shaped glass

L shaped connection

U shaped glass

connection of U glass

L shaped connection plastic pad aluminum alloy bar

under beam

vertical section of the U-shaped glass wall

06 Art works


for Univeristy of Minnesota