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Editor’s Message: Were you aware that a child is abducted every 40 seconds in this country? Moreover, did you know that over 40% of these children are African American? If not, you are not alone because few people are aware of this epidemic. The truth is that African American children receive limited media coverage when they go missing. Sadly, without this exposure it is less likely that they will be safely found. The staff at Peas In Their Pods works diligently to spread awareness about this issue by alerting media outlets as needed when African American children are missing or abducted. The media play a critical role in getting news and information out to the public, maybe in the future the role of reporting will include the safety of our children by alerting the public when one of our children are in danger, especially our African American Children, the response time ; immediate. Our mission is to bring awareness to our communities the plight of these children, and to make them a national priority. Peas In Their Pods are concerned about all our children, the organization strives to bring awareness to any child missing, no matter, race color. The commitment is to keep the public on alert and aware. There are many organizations across this country who’s missions are to provide resources to families in helping to build stronger and healthier communities. Community based organizations are key factors in developing opportunities that will help our children advance to higher levels of achievement, without these additional support systems our children and families would lack the most. It still takes a village‌!!!

Peas In Their Pods Staff Janice Lowery CEO Gaetane Borders President Training Specialist Mildred Nixon Vice President Linda Glover Treasurer Denise Bethune Editor in Chief P.E.A.S. Magazine Pattie Fitzgerald Safety & Prevention Advisor Paula Whitebear Administrative Assistant Delilah Jones Publicity Manager Nancy Fairbanks Webmaster

Denise Bethune, Editor-In-Chief Whitesboro, New Jersey

Teri Kendle Researcher


The Debbie Allen Dance Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization young people in the Greater Los Angeles Area, across America and a achievement and our success as a nation.

Allen Artistry6uses the arts as catalysts to change young people' of arts and arts education available to children. Refusing to give in to persevere, and through DADA, she proves that the Arts are important

Debbie Allen continues to be one of the most respected, relevant, an rector, choreographer and author. As Culture Connect Ambassador, nities in arts education for young people all over the world. She is a b School of Theatre, Film, and Television, and served as a member of t Bush. Debbie Allen has received three Emmy awards honoring her c ries, Fame. She then forayed from acting to directing - first with the se Different World” as director and producer in 1988. Since then, she ha Prince of Bel Air, The Parkers, That’s So Raven, All of us, Girlfriends, epic film Amistad in 1997. Allen has choreographed for artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jacks years. Allen also has staged musicals that played to standing room only crowds for the Kennedy Center in Washington,

In March 2008, Debbie Allen made her critically acclaimed Broadway directorial debut with the premiere of an all African Rashad, Terrence Howard, Anika Noni Rose, and Giancarlo Esposito. Ms. Allen recently mounted a new musical adapt tion that Ms. Allen will be bringing Twist to Los Angeles’ Pasadena Playhouse this summer. Daughter of Vivian Ayers a and Hugh, Ms. Allen devotes most of her life’s work to the development and inspiration of young people in the Arts.

Norm Nixon, forerver memorialized as one of the greatest talents in the NBA, is an accomplished businessman and hum from the NBA in 1989 and concentrated on several business ventures. Norm Nixon started his off court reign as a succe Seattle Seahawks Peter Warwick; Denver Broncos Al Wilson; TLC; LL Cool J and Debbie Allen, all while simultaneously Products and was instrumental in the passing of California Senate Bill No.19, which replaced sodas with water and juice Angeles Unified School District. In the same year, he co-founded the Debbie Allen Dance Academy where he currently s dren’s musicals that have been presented across the country.

For the past five years, Norm Nixon has done analyst work for KABC-TV’s post-game coverage of ABC’s NBA telecasts. post-game telecast. Understanding that we live in a world community, Mr. Nixon’s humanitarian efforts transcends our n clinics, hosting charitable events and buying hospital beds for HIV Aids Facilities. His spirit of giving was most recently re sung Hero Award. Mr. Nixon’s wealth of experience, talents and accomplishments have made him a sought after keynot inspire others to rise to their individual greatness. Norman is married to actress, director, producer, choreographer, sing daughter Vivian Nicole.

Joshua Nicholas Aguilar Managing Director of Productions Debbie Allen Dance Academy 3791 Santa Rosalia Drive Los Angeles, CA 90008 P: 310-280-9145 F: 310-280-0227


n committed to expanding the reach of Dance and Theater arts to enrich, inspire and transform the lives of thousands of around the world. The character education and creativity ignited through arts education is invaluable to individual

's lives for the better. Debbie Allen started the Academy because she saw a void in the quality the crisis in public education and funding communities in California, Debbie Allen continues to t and integral to the well-being of children everywhere.

nd versatile talents in the entertainment industry today and is an internationally recognized di Ms. Allen represented the U.S. in visits to Brazil, China, Italy, and India expanding the opportu board member of the American Film Institute, an Executive Committee member of UCLA’s the prestigious President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities under President George W. choreography, and two Emmys and one Golden Globe for her role as "Lydia Grant" in the hit se eries “Fame,” followed by “Family Ties” and “Bronx Zoo,” before taking the reins at NBC's “A as accumulated a long list of directing and producing credits for television, including The Fresh , Everybody Hates Chris, Hellcats and Grey’s Anatomy. She produced the Steven Spielberg son, and also holds the distinction of having choreographed the Academy Awards a total of ten times, six in consecutive , D.C. where she has been Artist in Residence for over ten years.

n American production of Tennessee William’s classic, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, which starred James Earl Jones, Phylicia tation of Oliver Twist called Twist in Atlanta that played to cheering crowds. It was also announced with great anticipaand Dr. Andrew A. Allen, wife of NBA All Star Norman Nixon, mother of Vivian Nichole and Thump, sister of Tex, Phylicia NORMAN NIXON Businessman & Humanitarian

manitarian. Upon making NBA history with two NBA world championships as a Los Angeles Laker, Mr. Nixon retired essful sports and entertainment agent negotiating over $100 million in contracts for the likes of y managing two of Los Angeles’ best restaurants. In 2001, Mr. Nixon founded Healthy Body es in vending machines. Healthy Body Products was awarded a five-year contract by the Los serves as Executive Director. Since the academy’s inception, Mr. Nixon has produced five chil-

. He most recently signed on with Fox Sports Net to host the Los Angeles Lakers pre-game and nation’s borders all the way to impoverished villages in Africa, from providing free basketball ecognized by the National Conference of Black Mayors who presented Mr. Nixon with the Unote speaker to universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations where he shares his story to ger and stage star Debbie Allen. He has three children sons Devaughn and Norman Jr. and


The Missing All

March 28, 2011 marked the 3-month anniversary of Phylicia Barnes’ disappearance. This straight “A” and coll bers in Baltimore, MD. As would be expected, her parents and siblings are devastated. Since her disappearan out her. Her classmates are now planning their proms, and are preparing to graduate and go on to college. Y pected. Anyone will tell you that Phylicia is an overachieving young woman and not a troubled teen with a histo watt smile.

Recently, her classmates joined me on my blogtalk radio show to share their insight about their beloved friend. was almost tangible, as they wept when they verbalized the possibility of never seeing her again. It was a first was the first time that I interviewed teenage peers. Their maturity impressed me, and it was clear that this trag the fact that the entire school wears bracelets with the tag “Faith, Hope, Love” in honor of their missing classm clear6.they love and miss their friend.

Although Phylicia’s story received some media in the weeks following her disappearance, the coverage has co "They've slowed down,” said Homicide Major Terry McLarney, “They are coming in at probably a fraction of wh Thus, pointing out what many of us media equals limited leads. Despite this, the police have a case.

Police believe that a tip is more than likely the only way Phylicia will be found. It’s clear that someone knows w one knows something. That is why I, along with her classmates, family members and loved ones plead with yo EVERYONE'S job to save our children.

NELLY ITZEL MONTIEL Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: May 23, 2006 Sex: Female Missing Date: Feb 18, 2010 Race: Hispanic Age Now: 4 Height: 3'0" (91 cm) Weight: 30 lbs (14 kg) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Missing City: ELKHART Missing State : IN Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1141977 Circumstances: Nelly may be in the company of her mother, Amelia Pedroza-Macias, and an adult male. They may travel to Mexico. Nelly may go by the nickname Princess. Amelia may go by the nickname Meli.

ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT National Center for Missing & Exploited C


Gaétane Borders is President of Peas In Their Pods, and also a certified School Psychologist who works closely with the inner-city youth and their parents. She is an advocate of children’s rights and strives to help parent achieve healthy, harmonious, and emotionally stable environments for their children. She is a sought after media consultant, and is often featured in print, radio, and television.

American Girl

lege bound student vanished on December 28, 2010 while visiting family memnce, Phylicia’s friends and family were forced to celebrate her 17th birthday withYet, Phylicia remains missing. No, she did not run away as the police initially susory of hard partying. In fact, she’s the All American Girl Next Door6with a mega-

. They described her as loving, friendly, and bubbly. Their pain and sadness t for me. While I often talk to the family and friends of missing children, they are usually adult. This, however, gedy has caused them to bond together in a magnificent way. Their show of strength and unity is observed in mate. They have even held numerous prayer vigils and established a reward fund for Phylicia. It is

ome to an apparent halt. In addition, the tips coming into hotline dedicated to her are reportedly dwindling. hat it was a month ago6” However, McLarney did say that they receive flurries of calls after news reports air. a special squad of six detectives with a sergeant working the case in hopes that discovering any leads in the

what happened to her. You may have seen something6Heard something6.Or were told something. Someou to call the hotline at (855)223-0033 if you might know anything at all about Phylicia’s disappearance. It's

TIAJ RICHELLE ETHELYN SMITH Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: May 3, 2001 Sex: Female Missing Date: Aug 10, 2009 Race: Black Age Now: 9 Height: 3'5" (104 cm) Weight: 70 lbs (32 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Black Missing City: GARY Missing State : IN Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1129294 Circumstances: She may be in the company of her father. They are believed to be in the Bahamas. Tiaj may go by the nickname Aji.

Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) Gary Police Department (Indiana) 1-219-881-1260


THE CARSON SCHOLARS FUND supports two main initiatives: Ca arship program awards students who have embraced high levels of scholarships. The Ben Carson Reading Project initiative creates inv independent reading.

In 1996, the first year that scholarships were awarded, 25 deserving our donors and partners, we are now able to award nearly 600 scho ships across the country. Over 800 Carson Scholars have been reco ple years. Our scholars come from all across the country, and our aw ners have attended over 200 colleges and universities, and have received over $800,000 in sc Reading Project has also enjoyed similar success.

Through partnerships with individuals and corporations, over half a million dollars has been inv rooms have been established in schools across the country. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit programs contributed is directly invested into our educational programs.

Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., had a childhood dream of becoming a physician. Growing up in appeared to preclude the realization of that dream until his mother, with only a third-grade educ professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Scho Center for over a quarter of a century. He became the inaugural recipient of a professorship de lyn Spiro, R.N. Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Some career highlights include the first separation of craniopagus (Siamese) twins joined at the niopagus twins in 1997 in South Africa, and the first successful placement of an intrauterine sh he feels that every case is noteworthy – deserving of maximum attention. He is interested in al facial pain) in adults.

Dr. Carson holds more than 50 honorary doctorate degrees. He is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans, and many other prestigious organizations. He sits on the board of directors of numerous organizations, including Kellogg Company, Costco Wholesale Corporation, the Academy of Achievement, and is an Emeritus Fellow of the Yale Corporation, the governing body of Yale University. He was appointed in 2004 by President George W. Bush to serve on the President’s ous audiences from school systems and civic groups to corporations and the President’s Natio

In 2001, Dr. Carson was named by CNN and TIME Magazine as one of the nation’s 20 foremo one of 89 "Living Legends" on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. He is also the recipient of t 2008, Dr. Carson was presented with the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal by President Bush at th President, which is the highest civilian honor in the land. He has literally received hundreds of o

Today, Dr. Carson and his wife, Candy, dedicate themselves to expanding the reach of the Car United States. 8

arson Scholarships and Ben Carson Reading Projects. The Carson Scholars Fund schol academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college viting and exciting reading rooms for students to discover the joy of

g students were recognized as scholars. Through the generosity of olarships annually. In total, we have awarded over 4,300 scholar ognized for their academic and humanitarian achievements in multi ward winners currently represent 42 states. Carson scholarship wincholarship funds to help finance their education. The Ben Carson

vested into creating and maintaining Ben Carson Reading Rooms. More than 45 reading s are financed through individual and corporate donations. Over 90 cents of every dollar

n a single parent home with dire poverty, poor grades, a horrible temper, and low self-esteem cation, challenged her sons to strive for excellence. Young Ben persevered and today is a full ool of Medicine, and he has directed pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s edicated in his name in May, 2008. He is now the Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D. and Dr. Eve-

e back of the head in 1987, the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical crahunt for a hydrocephalic twin. Although he has been involved in many newsworthy operations, ll aspects of pediatric neurosurgery and has a special interest in trigeminal neuralgia (severe

s Council on Bioethics. He is a highly regarded motivational speaker who has addressed varional Prayer Breakfast.

ost physicians and scientists. That same year, he was selected by the Library of Congress as the 2006 Spingarn Medal which is the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP. In February, he White House. In June, 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the other awards during his distinguished career.

rson Scholars Fund. Their dream is to name a Carson Scholar in every school within the 9

PTAH KAAMEN DIAMOND Age Progression Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Apr 8, 1998 Sex: Male Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Missing Date: May 27, 2001 Race: Black Age Now: 12 Height: 3'1" (94 cm) Weight: 37 lbs (17 kg) Missing City: ELOY Missing State : AZ Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC914380 Circumstances: Ptah's photo is shown age-progressed to 10 years. He is missing with his father, James Malcom Diamond. They may have traveled to Cleveland, Ohio. Ptah's two front teeth are discolored, and James has a scar under his right eye. James may have a beard.

MIKAEL LISSOUCK DOB: Jan 30, 1999 Missing: Jun 19, 2005 Height: 3'0" (91 cm) Weight: 45 lbs (20 kg) Eyes: Brown Race: Black Age Now: 12 Sex: Male Hair: Black Missing From: SILVER SPRING MD United States Circumstances: The missing child may be out of the United States. He is with his mother Naffissatou Goundiamy, a black female, date of birth 06/26/1968. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Charles B. Wang International Children's Building 699 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175 The United States of America Phone: 703-224-2150 Fax: 703-224-2122

Maryland Center for Missing Children 1-800-637-5437 (1-800-MDS-KIDS) Montgomery County Police Dept Det Karen Palardy 240-773-5433 or 301-279-8000


Telling "SOMEONE the 5 W's...who? What? Where? When? And Why? As a mother of 4 two being teenagers my oldest a girl and the others boys. I have told my children no matter what don't ever go away with anyone without telling "SOMEONE" the 5 W's...who? What? Where? When? And Why? I tell them it doesn't have to be me but someone should know in case something happens to you we will have a better cha...nce of finding you or at least finding those responsible. I have also told my children that if you ever find yourself in a bad situation no matter how crazy or embarrassing no matter where or what time call me and I will come get you no questions asked I would rather have you safe than not. So many kids are scared to look for help and attempt to get themselves out of bad situations. Once my daughter begged for 2 weeks to go to a water park with a friend I finally let her go and as it turned out the friend wasn't totally honest about where they were going and perhaps my daughter just wasn't with me who knows. The point is she ended up at a picnic in the park with hundreds of people she didn't know grown men making passes at her even after she told them she was a child this made her uncomfortable and scared she called me and I picked her up and she told me mommy I'm so glad you told me no matter what to call because if you didn't I would have stayed to keep from being embarrassed since I begged to go. My daughter an that girl are no longer friends and this was my daughters choice because she said she was not honest with her. It amazes me that now my daughter is the same way and tells her friends that do not have good relationships with their parents or those that don't alway make good decisions to tell her the 5 W's even if it's the middle of the night and she is sleep via text or voicemail. Information and knowledge is key.

Luciana a loving mother


The Kid-too-Kid Foundation Inc., (Kid2Kid) was founded by, an eight- year old at the time (2007), named William. By the time William turned 10 years old, in 2009, his organization was an official 501c3 charitable organization. The mission of the K2K Foundation, Inc. is to supply the fundamental educational needs of underprivileged children with school supplies, art supplies, and peer tutoring support in the areas of math, reading, and writing. William's future goals with the organization is to promote and implement chapters in schools of need that could truly use such an alternative program for learning. The K2K Foundation, will travel to any school of need and talk to the youth and provide lessons on how to create a k2k chapter at their school or after school program. The or ganization works locally, nationally, and internationally. We are always willing to collaborate with other organizations and look forward to finding out ways that we can help any child in need. MISSION Kid-too-Kid's mission is to meet the basic fundamental needs of underserved children with providing educational supplies, art supplies, and tutoring support to children locally, nationally and internationally. PURPOSE Kid-too-Kid's purpose is to be a building block in the lives of kids in the hope that they can learn to help other kids in times of need. Learning the meaning of compassion and empathy-touching one life at a time. VISION Kid-too-Kid Foundation would like to meet the needs of children from the ages of 3-15. Our goal is to make sure children who are in need are able to read, draw, sketch, paint, and be creative so they too can experience simple pleasures of living. Everlette Taylor / Kid-too-Kid Foundation, Inc. Executive Director 12

KEVIN ALEXANDER CRUZ Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Jul 26, 2008 Sex: Male Missing Date: Aug 28, 2010 Race: Hispanic Age Now: 2 Height: 3'4" (102 cm) Weight: 25 lbs (11 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Missing City: ELKHART Missing State : IN Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1155495 Circumstances: Arturo, Kevin, and Luis may be in the company of their father. They may have traveled to Mexico. ARTURO CRUZ Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Apr 15, 2000 Sex: Male Missing Date: Aug 28, 2010 Race: Hispanic Age Now: 10 Height: 4'8" (142 cm) Weight: 60 lbs (27 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Missing City: ELKHART Missing State : IN Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1155495 Circumstances: Arturo, Kevin, and Luis may be in the company of their father. They may have traveled to Mexico LUIS AISACK CRUZ Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Sep 8, 2001 Sex: Male Missing Date: Aug 28, 2010 Race: Hispanic Age Now: 9 Height: 4'7" (140 cm) Weight: 65 lbs (29 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Missing City: ELKHART Missing State : IN Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1155495 Circumstances: Arturo, Kevin, and Luis may be in the company of their father. They may have traveled to Mexico. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) Elkhart Police Department (Indiana) 1-574-295-7070 13

Big Kidz Foundation, the philanthropic vision of Outkast member Ant wan “Big Boi” Patton, is an effort to take education and knowledge to another dimension. Antwan "Big Boi" Patton,Founder, CEOAn American rapper, song-writer, record producer, and one half of the Grammy Award winning hip hop duo Outkast. Big Boi was born and spent the first half of his childhood in Savannah, attending School before moving to Atlanta with his Aunt Renee to pursue his interest in music at Tri-Cities High School, a Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School. He had a strong interest in hip hop music, and met André "3000" Benjamin while attending Tri Cities High School in the early-1990s. The two eventually joined forces as Outkast and signed with LaFace Records. He can be identified by his rapid-fire delivery, a style which has become more distinct since the album ATLiens. Patton has often used his lyrics to criticize the problems that plague both the African American community and the world. Mission To nurture the intellect of youth by providing them with culturally diverse experiences, in the field of humanities, which will expand their leadership abilities and create social-conscious individuals History The Big Kidz Foundation, the philanthropic vision of Outkast member Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, is an effort to take education and knowledge to another dimension. Established in 2006, with a firm belief that cultural exposure, musical and literary expressions, and the invaluable experiences of travel, makes for a well-rounded person, solidifies the result of the mission.Big Boi of the Grammy Award winning duo Outkast, has had an enjoyable tenure in the music business and attributes the success of this group to their originality and non-traditional creativity.

Jennifer Lester, Executive Director Big Kidz Foundation MEDIA: Jessica Manning, Media Contact 677 Antone Street, Atlanta, GA 30318 404-287-8556 404-313-7602 14


Rilya Alert Criteria •

The abduction is of a child age 17 years or younger

The parent must have contacted law enforcement to report child missing.

A RILYA Alert may also be issued if the child is classified as a runaway by the police. If the parent has reported missing child and has convincing evidence that child does not have a history of running away, an alert will be initiated within the 1st hour. We recognize that at times, not all information is readily available (ie. license plate numbers, name of abductor, or witness to abduction. In such cases, the available information will be reviewed and verified prior to RILYA Alert.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Approximately 772,000 children are confirmed by Child Protective Services each year as being abused or neglected. These confirmed cases, however, represent only a fraction of the true magnitude of the problem

The law-enforcement agency believes the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.

Child maltreatment is a significant public health problem in the United States. In 2007, approximately 772,000 children were confirmed by Child Protective Services as being abused or neglected. These confirmed cases, however, represent only a fraction of the true magnitude of the problem. Most cases are not reported and child maltreatment remains a largely hidden problem.

All children of color meeting the criteria for the Amber Alert will also receive the RILYA Alert If these criteria are met, alert information is assembled for public distribution. This information may include descriptions and pictures of the missing child, the suspected abductor, and a suspected vehicle along with any other information available and valuable to identifying the child and suspect.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that child maltreatment can lead to a broad range of physical and emotional health problems. Short-term physical injuries include cuts, bruises, burns, and broken bones. Abuse can also lead to permanent disabilities including visual, motor, and cognitive impairments. Prolonged maltreatment causes extreme or "toxic" stress that can disrupt early brain development and impair the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, leaving children vulnerable to chronic diseases later in life. For example, maltreatment has been associated with heart, lung, and liver disease in adulthood.

The staff at Peas In Their Pods respectfully re quests that once a child is found that any or ganization posting information remove their pic tures from their sites.

Not all injuries that result from child maltreatment are visible. Abuse and neglect can have a lasting emotional impact as well. Victims may suffer from anxiety or depression. They may be wary, distrustful of others, and have difficulty establishing relationships. Some even think about or attempt suicide. (516) 338-6873


ADAM ELKHADIRI Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Jan 6, 2001 Sex: Male Missing Date: Aug 18, 2007 Race: White Age Now: 10 Height: 3'8" (112 cm) Missing City: LITTLETON Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg) Missing State : CO Hair Color: Black Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown Case Number: NCMC1085445 Circumstances: He was allegedly abducted by his father, Simo Elkhadiri, on August 18, 2007. A felony warrant was issued for Simo on May 8, 2009. They are believed to be in Morocco.

TAER JACOB BIEBER Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Oct 22, 2008 Sex: Male Missing Date: Oct 9, 2010 Race: White Age Now: 2 Height: 3'5" (104 cm) Missing City: CORTEZ Weight: 28 lbs (13 kg) Missing State : CO Hair Color: Brown Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown Case Number: NCMC1162903a Circumstances: Brooke, Kaylee, Makena, and Tanner were allegedly abducted by their mother Carina Bieber. A felony warrant for Kidnapping was issued for Carina on December 30, 2010. Tanner was last seen on January 1, 2010. He may have his nickname "TJ" shaved into his hair or he may have a mohawk. Brooke's nickname is Brookie. Kaylee has a scar under her eye. Her nickname is Kay Kay. Makena's nickname is Kena. Carina is biracial. She is Hispanic and White. Carina has multiple scars on her face. She has a tattoo on her neck and the tattoos "Love" and "Hope" on her wrists. Carina may use the alias last name Shippy, Blair, or Rael. .

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Charles B. Wang International Children's Building 699 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175 The United States of America


Darryl Barnes of Upper Marlboro, Maryland founded Men Aiming Higher Inc. (MAH), a nonprofit organization that was created in 2009, with the mission to successfully mobilize at-risk young men between the crucial ages of 16 to 29. The goals of MAH are to impact mentees through educational tutoring, leadership training, mentoring programs, and community service projects. Members of MAH pledge to be a catalyst in directing their mentee’s paths away from negative peer pressure, unacceptable moral behavior, gangs, and other negative urbanliving obstacles to empower them to become future leaders and thinkers as well as socially, culturally and community conscience African-American men. Since 2009, MAH has grown to include the following committees: health & wellness, economic development, communications, education/mentoring, toys for the needy, and thanksgiving food drives. Darryl’s vision is to expand MAH nationwide—the ultimate goal being to create future leaders. Darryl is an active in his community he is a member of the NAACP, Prince George’s County Chambers of Commerce, Board Member of the Capitol Heights/Seat Pleasant Boys and Girls Club, Vice President of the Parklawn Chapter of Blacks in Government, and the President of his HOA. Darryl Barnes President/Men Aiming Higher, Inc. 12138 Central Avenue Suite 157 Mitchellville, Maryland 20721 Office: 301-358-0589 Fax: 301-218-6018 Men Aiming Higher, Inc. was created in 2009 with the mission to successfully mobilize at-risk young men between the crucial ages of 16 to 29, strategizing them through educational tutoring, leadership training, mentoring programs and community service projects to be a catalyst in directing their paths away from negative peer pressure, unacceptable moral behavior, gangs and other negative urbanliving obstacles, and empowering them to become our future leaders and thinkers as well as socially, culturally and community conscience African American young men.


With poor diet and physical inactivity being the second leading cause of preventable death, the YBH (Youth B nity. The inspiration behind the creation of YBH was the death of my only brother, Bernard Green, to complica all barriers to increased physical activity among youth in economically disadvantaged middle schools and their volved in making unhealthy food choices, unsafe neighborhoods that prevent children from playing outside an Pamela Green-Jackson Founder & CEO

The mission of this program is to motivate at-risk middle school students to become ated with obesity. At-risk students are those students whose Body Mass Index (BMI) gram and funding will serve Albany, Dougherty County Georgia. Though YBH has be health and eating habits of youth that participate in the program, YBH has the follow

Goal 1. Increased participation in activities to promote physical activity Goal 2. Increased participation in activities to improve nutrition Goal 3. Self-reported increases in physical activity among participants Goal 4. Self-reported improvements in nutrition (e.g. increased consumption of fruits Goal 5. Pilot the program for 3rd grade elementary school students where it is most Goal 6: Conduct weight and nutrition risk assessments on all youth and family partic

To accomplish the goals and objectives listed above, this program is divided into four 9-week sessions, corresp 4 of the middle schools, and youth in 3rd grade in one elementary school. The program will focus on youth, fam of each year in which grant funding is available. This funding will be used to purchase fitness equipment for im terials and to pay personnel costs and contractual staff. Pamela Jackson founded The YBH Project in memory o other related illnesses. YBH is an after-school program designed to reverse the growing trend of childhood obe providing nutrition education. With obesity being the 2nd leading cause of preventable death and the #1 heal vent children from suffering like her brother did.

She has worked with school food service managers to encourage offering healthier menu items at lunch and b dle schools giving students the opportunity to participate in a safe physical activity program at the school they dors and Legislative Affairs Committees, UGA Extension Advisory Council, Liberty House, and the Southwest Ge childhood obesity. The YBH Project, please visit us online at or via telephone at (229) 894


Becoming Healthy) Project was created in order to reduce the bur den of childhood obesity in this commuations of obesity-related illnesses on Feb. 11, 2004. He was only 43 years old. YBH was designed to remove r family members. Elementary schools were added in 2009. The lack of education about the health risks innd the lack of transportation or funds will no longer be an excuse for sustaining this epidemic.

e more active, reducing their risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and other medical problems associ) is in the 95th percentile according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts. This proeen very successful in providing services to middle school students that have demonstrated an improved wing goals for this program:

s and vegetables). needed. cipants

ponding to the Dougherty County Public School calendar year. The program will benefit youth in grades 6-8 in mily, and teachers/staff, and school administration. A special 4 week summer camp will be conducted in June mplementation of new pilot school, maintain the program at its current locations, purchase supplies and maof her only brother, Bernard Green, who died in February, 2004 from complications of morbid obesity and esity in middle school students (11-14) by using a health club approach to increasing physical activity and by lth threat in the United States, she decided to lead the effort for school and policy changes in order to pre-

breakfast as well as changing the contents of vending machines. Fitness centers have been placed in local midy attend. Pamela is active in several community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce Ambassaeorgia Rural Health Collaborative. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her efforts to fight 4-2953. P.O. Box 181 Albany, GA 32702-0181


THWAA MITHSELL DARROUGH Age Progression Case Type: Non Family Abduction DOB: Mar 12, 1972 Sex: Female Missing Date: Jan 11, 1989 Race: Black Age Now: 39 Height: 5'6" (168 cm) Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Missing City: EL DORADO Missing State : AR Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1153420 Circumstances: Thwana's photo is shown age-progressed to 38 years. She was last seen on January 11, 1989. Thwana's ears are pierced. She may go by the nickname Wanda

TARAIKA ICHELLE RAYMOD Age Progression Case Type: Endangered Missing DOB: Jul 6, 1982 Sex: Female Missing Date: Nov 13, 1995 Race: Black Age Now: 28 Height: 5'3" (160 cm) Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Missing City: NEW ORLEANS Missing State : LA Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC815318 Circumstances: Taranika's photo is shown age-progressed to 27 years. She may still be in the local area.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Charles B. Wang International Children's Building 699 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175 The United States of America Phone: 703-224-2150 Fax: 703-224-2122 20

Poem Dedicated to our Young Generation By Alberto O. Cappas

FOCUS (family,outreach,community,unity & schools) has designated April 2011 as mentor a teen parent month. It's no secret that we are in a crisis with this issue and loosing girls everyday. Black women are needed in the schools and communities to help these young people as they attempt to be teenagers, a parent, and a student. Some only need our wisdom and a loving embrace just as we would our birth child. Think about when you struggled with issues about sexuality, the jr.high crush, self-eseem, wanting belong to the popular clique. Remember you parent/child conversations that made every situation okay? Remember seeing mom, dad or grandma at the football game to support you or mom working the concession stand as a band booster ? Most teens don't have this support system which makes them more vunerable for making poor choices. Black Professional Women the time has come for us to take a proactive stand and help families with challenges. These are our daughters so we must step to the plate and not attempt to tweak this situation any longer. For ideas about getting involved or building rapport with a teen mom please email: In Sisterly Love, Michelle Chaisson


THE EDUCATIONAL PLEDGE I pledge to maintain a Healthy Mind and Body Staying away from the Evil of drugs I pledge always to try my best to understand The importance of Knowledge and Education I pledge to paint a positive picture of where I plan to be tomorrow Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth of my Plans I pledge to seek Answers to Questions With the Harmony and Understanding that they Will lead to other discoveries I pledge to work diligently With the Awareness and Confidence That hard work today will serve As the seeds for my strong Tree tomorrow A Tree that no one will be able to tear down I pledge to learn proper languages Beginning with my Mother's Always prepared to appreciate others I pledge to gain a better understanding of who I am By understanding my Cultural roots To fully accept who I am as a Spiritual and Human being A Rainbow of many Cultures and Colors I pledge to overcome any personal misfortunes Becoming Stronger from such misfortunes Always striving to become A compassionate and wise person.



TIA FAYE KEMP Case Type: Endangered Missing DOB: Oct 20, 1964 Sex: Female Missing Date: Feb 3, 1979 Race: White Age Now: 46 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg) Height: 5'1" (155 cm) Missing City: FELTON Missing State : DE Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC1157126 Circumstances: Tina was last seen leaving her home on February 3, 1979. She was last seen wearing a white sweater, red and white flannel shirt, blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. She was also wearing a gold band ring with white rhinestones and a leather strap with "Eric" on her left arm. Foul play is suspected.

SEA WHITE Age Progression Case Type: Family Abduction DOB: Nov 6, 2002 Sex: Male Missing Date: Dec 8, 2002 Race: Black Age Now: 8 Height: 1'8" (51 cm) Weight: 10 lbs (5 kg) DE Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Missing City: WILMINGTON Missing State: DE Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC951543 Circumstances: The picture on the right is a composite image of what Sean may look like at age 6. He was last seen with his father on December 8, 2002. The child's father has since been located but the child's whereabouts remain unknown. Sean was last seen wearing green and white pajamas and a gray Mickey Mouse snowsuit. He has long eyelashes and thick eyebrows.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Charles B. Wang International Children's Building 699 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175 The United States of America Phone: 703-2242150 Fax: 703-224-2122


Greetings! Well, it's Springtime again! Easter is right around the corner. The trees have buds on them, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birds sound so wonderful singing their songs. Take some time to thank the Lord for all He has done for you. He sacrificed His son that we all may have eternal life with Him. There is no greater love than this. Allow the love of God to shine in your heart as you reach out to others. A simple hug or smile can make a difference in someone's day. We are all feeling the crunch of the economy, but that's no reason to walk around bitter and sad. As long as you have your life right with God, you should rest assured that He will take care of you and provide all your needs...just as He does for the Sparrow. Accept His gift of eternal life with gladness and enjoy the spirit of love in your life. Have a wonderful Easter and remember that God loves you!

ELEGANT PASTRY SWANS 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup water 4 eggs ½ cup butter 1 tablespoon instant vanilla pudding 2 cups heavy whipping cream ½ cup powdered sugar Chocolate ice cream syrup Strawberry ice cream syrup Fresh strawberries, for garnish Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Bring the butter and water to a boil in a pan, and then add all the flour. Stir the mixture over a low heat until it forms a ball. Take it off the heat and beat in the eggs gradually until the mixture is smooth and everything is well blended. Transfer the mixture into a pastry bag and fit a ½ inch tip. Pipe 8 mounds of dough 3 inches apart from each other on to ungreased baking paper. These mounds should be about a tablespoon in size. Dip a fork in water and flatten each mound a bit. Bake them for 15 minutes, then turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake the puffs until they sound hollow when you tap them and they are golden brown. Let them cool down on a wire rack. Turn the oven back up to 400 degrees F. Change the ½ inch tip on the pastry bag for a small one, then pipe 8 Sshapes, 2 inches long, on to ungreased baking paper. Cook them for 8 minutes, then turn the heat back down to 350 degrees F and give them another 5 minutes. Let them cool on the rack. Whip the vanilla instant pudding, cream, and sugar together


with an electric mixer until the mixture is stuff. Slice the top off each puff and cut these tops lengthwise in half. Pipe the vanilla cream into the cavity of each puff, then insert the halved tops, to form wings. Insert the S-shaped piece for the necks. Drizzle some ice cream syrup on a serving platter and arrange the swans on top. Garnish the plate with fresh strawberries and sprinkle some powdered sugar over the swans. (Makes 8)

EASTER BRUNCH CASSEROLE 16 eggs 2/3 cup light cream 3/8 cup chopped fresh chives, plus extra to garnish* 8 oz. smoked salmon, cut into small pieces 4 Tbs. butter 16 slices of rustic bread, toasted Sprigs of dill for garnish, if desired Break the eggs into a large bowl and whisk together with the cream and chives. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Melt the butter in a large nonstick skillet and pour in the egg and chive mixture. As soon as eggs begin to set, stir in the smoked salmon. When the eggs are cooked to the stage you like (the recipe calls for them to still be creamy), remove from the heat and spoon onto the prepared toast. Serve immediately, garnished with an extra sprinkling of fresh chives or a sprig of dill.

CHINESE BARBEQUE PORK Marinade 5 tablespoons light soy sauce 3 tablespoons dark soy sauce 5 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon five spice powder

½ cup Chinese rice wine 3 tablespoons Hoisin sauce (I like Lee Kum Kee) 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, crushed 4 large cloves of garlic, crushed Glaze 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon vegetable oil Mix all the marinade ingredients together and warm through in a saucepan until the sugar has all dissolved. Pour the warm marinade over the pork, and leave for at least eight hours in the fridge. To cook the barbeque, heat the oven to 400 degrees and place the meat, basted with some of its marinade, on a rack over a roasting tin with a couple of inches of water in it. Roast for 20 minutes, then baste again on both sides, turn the meat over and reduce the heat to 350 degrees. Roast for another ten minutes, then baste and turn again, and roast for a final ten minutes, or until done. Transfer the meat to a plate, empty the tin of water and line it with foil. Place the meat and rack back on the tin, then brush it liberally with the glaze and put it under the grill for about five minutes, until the glaze is glossy and starting to catch at the edges. Turn the meat, glaze again and put back under the grill until the other side is also glossy and starting to caramelise. Let stand 15 minutes before slicing. For more exciting recipes, updates on what Sharon is up to visit


Alyssa A. McLemore Missing Since:04/09/09 Missing from Kent,Washington Classification:Endangered Missing Date of Birth:07/23/87 Age at Disappearance: 21 Asian female Height: 5’1 – 5’3 Weight:130 pounds Eyes:Brown Hair:Black KENT, Wash. -- The search is on for a missing woman whose phone called 911 after she disappeared. Family members said they have not seen 21-year-old Alyssa A. McLemore, who lives with her mother and grandmother, in more than a week. Investigators said McLemore's grandmother last spoke to her on Thursday, April 9 when she told McLemore her mother was very sick. McLemore's mother suffered from scleroderma, a disease that hardens connective tissues in the body, and died on Sunday but McLemore could not be reached. On Monday her phone went out of service and would not take any more messages, police said. An investigation revealed that someone had called 911 call from McLemore's phone at 9:15 p.m. Friday. The 911 dispatcher heard a woman's voice asking for help, but because the phone did not have a GPS sensor, the caller's exact location could not be determined. But the signal strength suggests the call came from the Kent area. Investigators are concerned about McLemore's welfare because of the 911 call and because she hadn't come home to check in on her ailing mother. It is not known whether McLemore has learned of her mother's death. "I don't want to think about what could have happened," said former boyfriend Albert Walker. "Maybe she got kidnapped, I don't know. I don't want to think about it, honestly." Family members said McLemore left behind her 3-year-old daughter. Walker, the toddler's father, said it is unlike the doting mother to leave behind her little girl for several days. "She usually goes out for a day comes back the next day. She's never gone this long," said Walker. This is not like her at all, not like her at all." McLemore is 5 foot and 1 inch tall and weighs approximately 130 pounds. Anyone who has seen or spoken to McLemore since April 9 is asked to contact police immediately at (253) 856-5800. By KOMO Staff



Top” the “Hip Hop” Scientist. ?

Birthday: 11/21/09 Height: Tall, I'm very, very, tall Weight: Wait till you see me, I'm loads of fun! Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina Education: Never stopped learning! Favorite Foods: Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, corn Favorite Songs: Mop Top Song, I Can, I'm Fabulous Favorite Shows: Bill Nye, the Science Guy; Beakman's World, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Favorite Subjects: Math, Technology, Science (MTS), and Reading Favorite Activities: Digital photography, working in the science lab, skateboarding, and most of all, bringing joy and laughter to children of all ages!...especially Volunteering at UNC Childrens Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. He makes appearances at schools, birthday parties, charity events, corporate functions, parades, libraries, church, sorority, fraternity events and more. No matter the occasion, Mop Top will make sure that everyone has a wonderful time, Mop Top style! Mop Top is available for appearances at school festivals, community events, hospitals and churches and more. The more Mop Top visits, the more laughter and excitment for everyone! Jackie Johnson, President & Founder Mop Top Shop, Inc. 284-B West Millbrook Road Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 264-3918


The Educational Pledge Partnership Mission Statement: To provide access to unlimited opportunities for inner city youth, by helping them find their personal key to positive self-development The Educational Pledge Partnership (TEPP) was developed by two individuals committed to advance educational and professional opportunities for youth (adolescents, teenagers, and young adults) by working together in partnership with individuals, families and community institutions. The Pledge’s work includes the development of educational programs geared for youth living in urban settings. The educational outreach components include initiatives that address youth needs at the local, state, and national level. We Introduce youth to positive educational role models that will motivate them to advance their education or training in preparation for meaningful careers and future challenges. We provide educational and artistic opportunities that promote strong positive value systems for youth and their families. We provide educational mediums (workshops, symposiums and theater productions) that develop and inspire positive and productive images for youths living in urban settings. All Educational Pledge Products are available as fund-raising tools for individuals and non-profit groups; and to support our Educational Pledge Scholarships /Getting out the Box Program. With the purchase of any of our products or services, you make a direct contribution to our educational programs and scholarship fund. Alberto Oscar Cappas is a poet and entrepreneur in several diverse areas. He is the author of Lessons for Myself, a motivational book for young people, published in 2009, and author of Never too late to make a U-turn, published in 2005. His poetry/work has been included in many publications and anthologies in the United States and Canada. Cappas is the recipient of the "Keepers of Our Culture" Award for Literature, presented to him by the New York State Hispanic Heritage Month Committee -- on September 15, 1994. His talents and skills as a writer, interest in the human condition and concern for those socio-economic issues which impact the Puerto Rican/Latino community, have served to foster in him an active interest and involvement as a journalist. This has led to his role as co-publisher and co-editor of the Latino Village Press, a monthly publication designed to educate and inform the Puerto Rican/Latino community about the importance of going into business and developing their own economic institutions and infrastructures. His accomplishments and achievements lists him as the founder and Chairperson of the AOC Speakers Bureau, the only Latino and African American speakers bureau in the country (now known as Nubian Voices), founder and Chairperson of Don Pedro Enterprises, the makers of Don Pedro Cookies (now known as The Educational Pledge); and he was co-founder of A Place for Poets, a national publication which featured aspiring Latino and other emerging writers and poets.

Website: Email:


Tel. 212-860-2019

"Never Too Late" was specifically written with students in mind, and has been accepted and utilized within the American educational system. Alberto speaks of his own trials and tribulations in an attempt to help young people cope with their own. He is the voice of experience in a world where the lessons of experience can sometimes come at too late in life. He offers guidance and understanding to a youth that really needs a helping hand. A man dedicated to empowering our young people and thus the world we live in.

Alberto O. Cappas: Author of the Educational Pledge; Co-founder/President, Educational Pledge Partnership Take Action against IGNORANCE! / Tome Accion contra IGNORACIA hoy! Miguel A. Montes: Co-founder & CEO, Educational Pledge Partnership

Our Services: Self-Esteem & Self-Development Theatre Production College & Educational Bus Tours (in development) Motivational/Educational/Cultural Speakers Educational Pledge Scholarships Educational Pledge School Chapter (in development)

Pledge Publications: Dona Julia & Selected Poems Never too late to make a U-turn: An Educational Pledge and 15 Questions to Self-Development Lessons for Myself ABC’s of Positive Self-Development (in development)

Pledge Gift Package Products: Educational Pledge T-Shirts Educational Pledge Fitted Caps Educational Pledge Cookies (in development) Educational Pledge Coffee Mugs (in development) Educational Pledge Mouse Pads (in development)

Information/Resources: Business Guide and Resources / Personal Development 31

(Mari Torres-Lee, Lucas Brightest Fan) My Son Lucas Torres-Lee started to show signs of was or what it would mean for Lucas. The following years were some of the most challenging

Growing up Lucas didn’t like talking about his Autism in fact Lucas didn’t communicate with m forget. Lucas told me things that he remembered since he was 2 years old. I was fascinated b

Lucas is 18 years old now and proud of who he has become a is like for him. Lucas said that Bernie Mac and Chris Rock insp TV Shows. In December 2010 Lucas asked for a Journal and Whole Life with Autism he is almost finished with the book, To

On April 1st 2011 launched Lucas’ Reality show was Divine that this would all happen on Autism Awareness M ness. After years of keeping his story to myself, Lucas wants stand how all Autistic people are unique and special in their ow true.

Our intention is to share our experience as an urban family de gain understanding and Awareness. Our desire is to inspire ot My Whole life with Autism is Live Weeknights 8-8:30pm PST on promo video


Autism at 2 years old. He was diagnosed at 4 years old. I didn’t understand what Autism g years of our lives, without any idea of the outcome.

me till he was 11 years old. That was a day that I will never by the details of his life, his perspective on times we shared.

as a young man. He wants people to understand what his life pired him; he wanted to narrate himself as they did on their d a Pen for Christmas, he said he was going to write about his o My Surprise he was ready to talk about it to the World.

w based on his upcoming book “My Whole Life with Autism” It Month I completely forgot that April was the month for aware people to witness his story he feels more people will under wn way. Lucas has BIG dreams he plans to show the world that he can make them all come

ealing with Autism from a perspective that is never represented. Our hope is that people will thers affected by Autism to share their stories as well.

AUTISM hasn’t stopped Lucas, why would it.. 33

The mission of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy is to make dance a meaningful experience for all individuals. Through this mission, DADA is committed to reaching out into the Los Angeles communities to help forge the widening gap between youth and achievement. Our young people today are trying so desperately to find their own voice and path to create a life experience for themselves.

REBECCA HICKS Endangered Missing DOB: Feb 19, 2001 Missing: Apr 13, 2009 Age Now: 10 Sex: Female Race: White Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 4'8" (142 cm) Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg) Missing From: WOBURN MA United States Both photos shown are of Rebecca. She was last seen on April 13, 2009. Rebecca may be in the company of her mother. They may travel to Brazil. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)

At DADA, we pride ourselves in the fact that our students are excelling both in dance and in their school classrooms. DADA is a microcosm of the world for young people -- empowering them through the discipline and creativity of dance -- giving them the will to succeed Even though DADA's enrollment is close to 500 young people, there are still so many young people that need to be reached through dance. In an effort to serve young people outside of the DADA community, who are unable to attend our academy because of financial circumstances, proximity to where they reside, or those whose interests in the performing arts has not been tapped, we are committed to establishing partnerships with other educational and cultural organizations that share our vision for making the arts accessible to all young people in all communities throughout Los Angeles. “Webster’s dictionary defines initiative as the readiness to embark on bold new ventures. Since the doors opened in 2001, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy has taken the initiative to create new ways for young people to communicate through the language of the classroom, stage, arts, film, and professional dance field.”

Woburn Police Department (Massachusetts) 1-781-933-1212


Celebrate Diversity in April! (Eddie Simpson) Fabulous Black Woman/Sweet Nature Look around and you will see that our society is very diverse. Diversity enriches our lives. Cultural diversity brings together the resources and talents of many people for the shared benefit of all. Sadly, the differences among us have historically formed the basis of fear, bigotry, and even violence. Yet consider how dull life would be if we all looked alike, thought alike, and acted alike! By learning to recognize our similarities and appreciate our differences, together we can overcome prejudice and intolerance and work towards a more peaceful and productive world. People may fear diversity simply because they are accustomed to the way things used to be and change makes them uncomfortable. Others may somehow feel threatened because they perceive increased participation by traditionally underrepresented groups in the workplace and the political process as a challenge to their own power. If left unaddressed, these fears can lead to resentment and bigotry. However, these fears can often be countered through education. Unlike assimilation - where everyone's differences are lost in a giant melting pot - multiculturalism advocates the idea that maintaining our different cultural identities can enrich us and our communities. Multiculturalism does not seek to elevate one cultural identity above another. Instead, it celebrates diversity by allowing us to value our individual heritages and beliefs while respecting those of others. Respect for each others' cultural values and belief systems is an intrinsic part of cultural diversity. Lack of respect is often based on ignorance or misinformation. If you do not understand another's values, lifestyle, or beliefs, it is much easier to belittle them. And so the seeds of prejudice and intolerance are sown. You can help children develop their own attitudes towards cultural diversity by giving them accurate information about their own heritage and about other cultures and by helping them to understand that bigotry and intolerance are hurtful. Psychologists and educators agree that we have a strong influence on our children's views about diversity. If we remain silent, they will likely take their cue from other sources, not necessarily positive or healthy ones. Make a difference today; celebrate diversity and educate our children as they are the future!


1 (14 ounce) package of individually wrapped caramels 1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporate milk 1 box devil’s food cake mix 6 tablespoon butter, melted 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips 1 cup chopped pecans Preheat oven 350. Grease 9x13 inch pan Unwrap caramels and melt with 2 Tbs. evaporated milk in microwave safe bowl on high power for 30 seconds, stir, and continue to microwave in 15 second increments until fully melted. In a large bowl, combines the remaning milk, dry cake mix, chocolate chips, pecans and melted butter. Stir until will blended. Pour half of cake batter into pan, spread evenly. Pour half of melted caramels over cake batter, spreading evenly. Do the remaing cake batter over top then drizzle remaining caramel. Bake 30-35 minutes. Remove brownies from oven and let cool completely before serving.


I Desire More I’m sure many people are looking at the title of this encouragement letter and saying to themselves…”desire more of what?”, is this a typo, but no, I do desire more. When I look back over all of the encouragement letters that I’ve ever written, I never really put out there what I wanted for myself, and mean truly wanted for myself in the midst of my trials and tribulations. Well, here I am again, still going through storms for that will never end, but He did say in his word that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Therefore, through all of my storms, I desire more of God, just like He desires more of me. Do you know that sometimes God will take you out and set you by yourself when He wants your full attention? Do you know that God will allow you to experience different struggles to mold you into the warrior that He wants as a part of His army? Well if you look it from a different angle you will see this…in every storm that you made it through it made you stronger, and taught you some lessons in the process, yet it was not the last one that you had to experience. However, when you are being stubborn sometime your experience is a lot harder, it gets so hard until you stop and say “okay, I can’t take anymore”…this is the time that God is saying to you I desire more from you as my child. Through the prophecy fulfilled through God’s son Jesus Christ, He gave us all a gift that I am quite sure none of us could have given as freely as He did. He saw fit to sacrifice His son’s life for ours. I desire a closer relationship with someone like that who saw the best in me to offer the life of His son for mine so that I may live eternally. I never would have made it had it not been for that sacrifice. I desire more of that feeling that I get when I know God’s presence is all around me; I desire more of His love even when I can’t see past my storm to love myself; I desire more of what He has for me because I know that I can’t make it without Him; I desire to be more like Him than of the world even when others say how could I believe in something that I can’t see.

o one has loved me more than my Father and His grace is sufficient enough for me… I Desire More. Much love and God bless, Paula Whitebear-Burton 36


Peas In Their Pods

Thank You..!


P.E.A.S Magazine 22nd Edition  
P.E.A.S Magazine 22nd Edition  

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