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Kane Beatz Kane Beatz has accomplished a lot since signing a publishing deal with Warner/Chapel when he was only 19 years old. Over the last couple of years, KB has produced songs on numerous major albums like Chamillionaire’s Ultimate Victory, Flo Rida’s Mail on Sunday, and DJ Khaled’s We the Best, to name a few. You have a lot of major placements. Who all have you worked with? I did two records on Trick Daddy’s album – “Tuck Ya Ice” and “Lights Off.” I produced a song called “S On My Chest” on Khaled’s album. I did about 5 records on Chamillionaire’s last album. I did a track called “Still Missin” on Flo Rida’s album and the first record on Birdman’s album called “Fully Loaded.” And I did the bonus track on Plies’ last album. What do you have in the works right now that hasn’t been released yet? I did two records for Flo Rida’s new album. I did a record with Fabolous. I did a record with Luda but it looks like the label’s not clearing it. That’s pretty fucked up. I did something on Gorilla Zoe’s new album. I’ve been working with all the Warner artists, like Attitude. I got lots of work, trying to go crazy right now. How were you able to land your beats with major artists? Were you grinding for a while first? Yeah, I was grinding for a while. Once things started poppin’ and I got the publishing deal with Warner/Chapel in the end of ‘06, they started hooking me up with A&Rs which got me to where I’m at now, where it’s easier to get my beats to people. Who are some major artists you think your beats would cater to that you haven’t worked with yet? I haven’t done a record with T.I. yet. I just did a record on Big Kuntry’s last album so I’ve been at Grand Hustle meeting people. I’m definitely trying to make T.I.’s next album. I haven’t done a record with Wayne yet. I’ve done a couple records he was featured on like the one on Khaled’s record. I’m also trying to get into a lot of pop and stuff, more R&B. I have a lot of R&B placements with people. People come to me for a lot of rap records, but I’m trying to do more R&B records. It’s just a process. I’ve been working with a lot of writers. The record I did with Fabolous was originally an R&B record, but he liked it so much he kept the hook and decided he wanted to rap on it.

How do you think you’ll be able to cross over into doing more R&B? I’m just gonna keep working with more and more writers ‘cause most of these R&B people don’t write their own records. The process for getting a hit R&B record is a lil more complicated. You’re 21 years old and you’ve had a publishing deal since you were 19 years old. Do you feel like that’s a pretty big accomplishment at your age? I wouldn’t look at it like that. I just look at it like I was blessed with an opportunity. But there’s still so much left to do. I really haven’t accomplished that much. I mean I’ve done good for myself, but I want that #1 hit record. So I’m working just like everybody else is working. I’m working like I’m still trying to be the best. So how do you set yourself apart from other up and coming producers? I don’t limit myself. I work with a lot of musicians and writers. It’s an ability to not slow down. I’m out here doing me. I don’t stay in one zone and let people label me. I’m trying to do what Polow is doing. What else are you working on that people should know about? I’m working with two artists – one is Blaze out of Orlando and I got a group in Atlanta called The Dope Boyz. We’re just waiting to get the majors behind ‘em. That’s the focus this year. Words and photo by Ms. Rivercity OZONE MAG // 17

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