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DJ Christion One of the key record breakers in Tampa, Wild 98.7’s DJ Christion holds down the airwaves and local clubs. He’s a member of several teams including Turntable Assassins, We the Best, and Terror Squad. When can people in town for the Super Bowl check you out on the radio? They can catch me at 5pm all week long and on the night show. Pretty much everyone that’s gonna be in town will be on the radio too. I know [Fat] Joe, Ross, and Khaled are gonna be in town. What is your role with Terror Squad and We the Best? Are you the official DJ or do you have some other responsibilities? Between Terror Squad and We the Best the main role is holding down my market and making sure all the people hear the latest and greatest, whether it be from Joe or Khaled. I give my input on any of their singles or projects. I also DJ for Ace Hood. Do you have plans to drop any mixtapes? I’m going to put out my own album within the next couple of years. I plan to hit up every city and get fans in other cities. I was trying to do something different and I put out a Tampa to Miami remix. I had Plies on it, 2 Pistols, Tom G, Khaled, Ace, even Orlando, my PD, was on the record. Two or three times a year I plan to put out something to keep the streets knowing I can put a record together. But it’s all a process, I got a lot of learning to do. I gotta get fans all over the world and once that happens, it’ll be time to put out the album. Who’s poppin’ in the Tampa scene? Are there any new artists from the area that people should be familiar with? They should be checking for people like Tom G, Key, Strizzo, OGK, Trinity, Javon Black, there’s so many. Everybody has their own thing, but Tom G definitely has a few club bangers.  // OZONE MAG

What’s the word on the street with Tampa Tony? Has anyone talked to him recently? Oh yeah, he’s holding his head up. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out the way he wanted it to. We stay focused on his movement, play his songs here and there, trying to help out somehow. I want to say he has an appeal going on, but I’m not too sure. But the city always has his back. We want to make sure people never forget about Tony. So what makes your city worthy of a Super Bowl? Why is Tampa the shit? It’s a melting pot. If you’re a freak and you need a strip club fix, this is like the capital for strip clubs. Then we got the party scene with Ybor City. I’ll be at Club Skye throughout the week. There’s a party every night. Downtown and South Tampa are going on. It’s gonna be freezing, but if you wanna hit the ocean you can drive to the St. Pete area. You got the Clearwater area. It’s something for everybody here. And of course you have DJ Christion holding it down on Wild 98.7. What else would you like to mention? As a step to the album I’m putting out, I’m gonna put out a mix CD with exclusive records from each artist I work with. It’s called Cadillac Crack and that will come out in the spring. Shouts to my Wild 98.7 family, Tampa, St. Pete, OZONE, Turntable Assassins, Terror Squad, We the Best, and Black Group Marketing. // Words by Ms. Rivercity Photo by Lloyd of Flip TV

OZONE Mag Super Bowl 2009 special edition - Side A  

Side A: Chris J & Plies cover