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Mad Linx and DJ Q45, both former hosts of Rap City, are known as hot commodities in the Florida club circuit and beyond. Recently they’ve come together as a duo called “Face Off.” No, it’s not a beef, it’s a joint effort to see just how hype they can get the crowd with not one, but two DJs.

Tell me about this “Face Off” concept and how it came about. Mad Linx: Before the BET thing popped off for myself and then Q, me and him were cool. We’re both from Florida and we both hosted Rap City and we’ve always wanted to do something together. Both of our teams finally sat down and decided to start doing some shit together as far as DJing. We put our powers together and came up with something crazy. Q45: Linx had been doing his different DJ gigs across the country and I DJ a lot of different places. He’s a good friend of mine. A lot of people thought me and him weren’t cool but it’s not like that. I work real well with him. He’s real seasoned in his music knowledge and I’m a real aggressive DJ, it just works. Where did the name come from? Linx: To be honest, I have no idea where the name came from. It’s like a marketing tool – we don’t have beef or nothing like that, 22 // OZONE MAG

some people think it’s like we’re gonna fight in the club or something. It’s nothing like that. We’re basically bringing both our DJing shows together. Do you do parties together? Q45: Not all the time. We have to make it a point to let promoters know they can get us both together to DJ a party. Our teams keep us booked a lot and it was just coming to the point where people would call me for a gig and then call Linx or vice versa. We were like, why don’t we both just put a gig together and split it to keep getting that money. If you were in a DJ battle, who would win and why? Linx: (laughs) I’ve never been the DJ battle type, but if it were on some who could rock the crowd type of battle it would be interesting. I’d have to say it’s a toss-up. One of the things I’ve always liked and respected about Q is he really loves to DJ as much as I do. With a lot of people, their heart really

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