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Unique Image is on a mission to bring the heart of R&B back to the game. After signing to Big Gates Records early last year, Mic, Corey, Veedoe, and Franky have been focused on taking their quartet to the next level in Hip Hop Soul music. How did you guys come together as a group? I notice y’all are all from different states. Mic: Our group originally started at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2002. We all went to college together. It started off with four of us and we ended up getting another member. Over the course of the years, the members kinda faded in and out. When we met our current lead singer Franky a couple of years ago everything just clicked. That was the boost that we needed to get us where we’re at now. Tell me about appearing on BET. What did that do for your career? Corey: We were already a known group in the area – Hattiesburg, Jackson, New Orleans. BET just put us on the national level. When we went on 106 & Park and won, it was people from all over that had never heard of us but appreciated the music. Winning on that type of stage meant a lot to us.


Were you expecting to win on Wild Out Wednesday? Corey: Of course. We was expecting to, excuse my language, beat the shit out of everybody. We always had self-confidence. You were also on Showtime at the Apollo too right? Corey: Yeah, we were on Showtime at the Apollo. We didn’t win, but we got a standing ovation and the people went crazy. It was a great experience. If you had been on Showtime at the Apollo and the clown dude came out and pushed y’all off stage, would you have quit? Corey: Nah, of course not. First of all, that wouldn’t have even happened. We do our thing, we get down on stage, but if he would have come out, it would just be another motivational tool to let us know we gotta step our game up. We not the type of cats that get easily discouraged. Why did you choose your group name? What exactly is unique about your image? Veedoe: Basically how the name came about was in college there was us four guys – one

OZONE Mag Super Bowl 2009 special edition - Side A  

Side A: Chris J & Plies cover