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Are you surprised that Mike Jones is cutting ties with Swishahouse? Nope. Not at all. I guess some people thought I was lying when I said that he told me he was gonna build his own and leave the House. I wasn’t sayin’ that because I thought I was psychic. Everybody was running around sayin’ I was a liar. Since I first met him he said he was gonna do that, and since they first met him he was showin’ it, so I don’t see why anyone would be surprised. A long time ago Watts told me he was gonna rebuild the Swishahouse with new members. I didn’t think it was a good idea and didn’t think he was gonna do it but I respect him for pullin’ it off. Watts will probably make it work again.

I went to his shop about a year ago and was surprised at the custom vehicle work he could do. I gave him a bike to work on and he chameleon-painted it and chromed the entire bike and gave it back to me with my logo and face airbrushed in it. He was the first person I would see ridin’ around on custom candy and 26-inch rims with Lambourghini doors. He turned trucks into dooleys and cars into sedans. He customized and painted the candy red El Dorado that I bought that was in the “Turn It Up” video, and a drop top Fury that I got also. I got down with him on the car thing and now I’m just tryin’ to help a good dude take something that I feel could be big to the next level.

Do you think you and Paul Wall will ever make peace and record a song together, a la Jay-Z and Nas? We are at peace. I would rather hear JayZ and Nas’s duo songs, though. No Cham and Paul songs. That chapter in my life is dead. I seriously mean that.

Are there any other outside projects – shoe deals, clothing lines – you’re working on that we should know about? The Sound of Revenge is in stores! The Chopped and Screwed OG Ron C version is in stores also. Look out for Mixtape Messiah 2 and the Rasaq Reloaded mixtape. Let me get some more record sales first and I’ll start talking about all that other stuff later. Fans can check out chamillionaire for all my tour updates.

Tell us about the car shop that you coown that was featured in the video for “Ridin’ Dirty.” My partner Big E is the brains behind Fly Rides. He’s been doing his thing in Houston for a while, but he’s an underdog. He does a lot but people just wasn’t seeing it.

- Julia Beverly (Photos: Matt Sonzala)

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Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition  

Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition

Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition  

Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition

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