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Patiently Waiting


or the last four years, this West Coast rhymer has been a staple in the Bay Area rap scene. “I just feel like it’s time for me to expand,” he explains. “We’ve done everything we can in the Bay Area so far. I feel like we’ve reached that top level where there’s nothing else to do but expand.” Raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, CA, a neighborhood notorious for crime and drug trafficking, Big Rich began pursuing a rap career in 1998 when his rap group Fully Loaded signed an independent deal with Done Deal Entertainment. Done Deal was a label launched by Charles Kelly and established San Francisco rapper San Quinn. Fully Loaded released two independent albums on Done Deal, but in 2005, the group split. After the split, Rich teamed up with Kelly to


pursue his solo aspirations. The duo started Street Cred Music Group, landed a joint venture with Koch Records, and in 2006 Rich released his solo debut album, Block Tested Hood Approved. His solo debut featured the single “That’s The Business,” which picked up video play on BET and MTV Jams. The buzz surrounding his debut, followed by numerous mixtapes and collaborations, made Big Rich of the biggest names in the Bay. “When you come out to San Francisco and somebody asks who’s Big Rich, they’re [going to say], ‘Aw, man, he’s holding the city down.’ In the Bay Area, I’m involved in everything that’s going on out here. Ever show, every tour that’s going on, I’m in it,” he says. After parting ways with Koch, Rich launched his own label 3 Story Muzik in 2009 and released his sophomore album, Heart of The City. He also teamed up with Oakland rapper Balance

for a collaborative iTunes album called Good As Money. But even with a slew of music and releases, Big Rich still finds himself a relative unknown to Hip Hop heads outside of the Bay. And while West Coast artists like Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock are being crowned Cali’s new kings, Rich is confident his day will come. “I’m absolutely still the underdog. I’m definitely still overlooked,” he says. “That’s why it’s perfect that I’m in this Patiently Waiting. Out of all the artists that represent this section of [OZONE] Magazine, I’m definitely a prime example of an artist that’s patiently waiting. I’ve been waiting for my turn for a while. But it’s kinda good, though. I don’t want no overnight successes, cause that shit can go [away] the next night. When I get there, I’m gonna be there for awhile.” Words by Randy Roper Photo by Thoroflix

Ozone West #84 - Oct 2010  

Ozone West #84 - Oct 2010

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