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I love this mag! I moved to Houston last year and got clowned for reading XXL. I’ve been on OZONE ever since. Now that I’m back in Detroit, I’ve still got my OZONE on deck. I do have a bone to pick with y’all though. How y’all gonna do my mans Bushwick like you did in the photo gallery of the issue with Lloyd on the cover on page 37. Y’all got my mans looking like Danny Glover’s mini-me. And who is that standing behind him? Charli Baltimore? Come on OZONE. Other than that, y’all are the shit! Keep on keepin’ it real! – Eric Green, via email (Detroit, MI) I’m a new OZONE fan. Today started as just another trip to Off The Hook Barbershop. I was trying to make sure my hair is tight for my inauguration trip. I didn’t see one of my favorite magazines so I picked up OZONE. Because of my media background, love for music, and photography career, I was up for a new experience. I’ve got to tell you, Julia, I liked it. Let’s forget the visual energy of the mag, because that is a given. But the articles, the features, and your commentary were excellent. And that was even before I learned you look great naked. I enjoyed the pacing of the magazine, its edginess, and it made me believe you are all connected. My experience with covering rap goes back to my days on staff at USA Today when rap concerts would feature 12-15 acts, rappers were managed by their uncles or brothers, and Chuck D was the man. With great enthusiasm I’ve watched rap mature and change over the years – some good and a lot bad. I still think it is an American phenomenon and crank up the tunes in the car when my wife is not around. I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job. I love the feel of the publication. I swiped the magazine when I left the barbershop and I’ll finish it on my flight to D.C. to help usher in our 44th president. – John Glenn, via email (Atlanta, GA) Much love to OZONE Mag for all the love and support they’ve shown me, my city, my state, and the whole South over the years. Much love to Julia for standing up for the South and opening some doors for us to get our faces seen and our music heard throughout the nation. Soon South Carolina will get on and show the world what we’re about. I’m coming from the fourth most dangerous city in the country, North Charleston, SC, so I’ve got something to say! Respect my mind, respect grind, and respect my rhymes. – Carlos Cartel, via email (N. Charleston, SC) JB, it was a surprising pleasure to meet you in Sweden with Trey Songz. I sincerely hope you didn’t take offense to my comment on how you have been referred to a “slut monkey” in the past by a certain subpar artist. I’d like to take this chance to congratulate you on your work and dedication in a male-dominated culture. You are a role model to all women. Scandinavia’s DJs salute you! – DJ Phil (Malmo, Sweden)


OZONE is the most awesome mag ever! You’re showin’ ‘em what we women have with brain and style! It’s hard to get OZONE in Australia. I got it ordered at 3 newsstands just to make sure I can get a copy or two to pass ‘em around. Thank you for your mag, it keeps us entertained from start to finish! – Belinda Tugby, via Facebook (Australia) I am a rap artist and I’ve been rapping since 1989. My love for music is always going to be in my heart but the prostitution of the industry has me at a “fuck this shit” level. I really liked the outlook and the information Wendy Day wrote in her Mathematics article. I also really liked the write-up D-Ray did in her editorial about dope fiends. Me and my girl both come from drug abusive families, and it’s good to know that someone is educating the youth to let them know that it’s a dead end road. I myself experimented with drugs, and that’s probably something everyone will do at some point in their lives, but I never understood why people who see their parents love dope more than their own children think that the same fate can’t happen to them. It happens to the strongest of us. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! - Hooli Automatic, via email (Bay Area, CA) Are you guys serious? I got the Patiently Waiting issue of OZONE and it fucked up my stomach. I’ve got the biggest unsigned artist in Miami now (Eady) with the biggest street buzz for the past year. I’m getting nationwide BDS, something BallGreezy and Bizzle never got. I’ve turned down two deals with offers from Poe Boy and the Dunk Ryders still standing now. How do you guys cover artists like D League and countless others who the public doesn’t care about? Go to the strip clubs in Miami and see who they’re playing: Eady or Bizzle. Then watch Eady go in public and watch the fans and groupies flock to him, while they look over at BallGreezy and whisper rumors about him dating a transsexual. I thought OZONE had their ear to the streets. Fuck it, just send me the invoice for Patiently Waiting because I see hard work isn’t going to get us in OZONE. It’s pay to play huh. – Aaron Lucas, via email (Miami, FL) I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the services you offer to the Hip Hop community and the world. I have read some of the crap being spread about the OZONE Awards, but I know firsthand that you put your all into projects like that, and that you are always looking for ways to make sure the urban community in the South is recognized. Keep doing what you’re doing, and please stay encouraged. What you’re doing is working for the good of so many people, and we would be lost without it. - Cyrus Webb, via email (Jackson, MS)

JB’s 2cents E

conomics was one of the few subjects I could actually tolerate during my two year “enrollment” (not the same thing as “attendance,” per say) at the University of Central Florida. And even so, the economics of a recession is such a hard concept to grasp. The global financial meltdown doesn’t seem to make sense. How can everyone be broke at the same time? How can every country be fucked up simultaneously? Money doesn’t just vanish into thin air, does it? If the U.S. and China and Russia and every other country in the world is in a recession, where did all the money go? I kind of get it, but don’t get it at the same time.


I have mixed feelings about the recession. In a way, I’m somewhat in awe of it. It’s such a powerful phenomenon; such a hard-to-grasp concept. I appreciate its power. We needed to be humbled. I’m sort of happy. Why in the fuck would anyone be happy about the recession, you ask? Let me explain.


by Shawty Shawty ”What My Name Is?”

2. ALL WOMEN WHO SUCK DICK WITH A RUBBER Bitch, when you go to the store don’t you take the wrapper off yo’ lollipop?


1. saggin’ titties Man I went in the skrip club, and this girl’s titties were gotdamn takin’ a bow! Thank you, thank you. M’fuckin’ titties look like a nigga holdin’ a dead piece of fish by the tail. Man, this bitch titties were hangin’ so low a nigga could eat her pussy and suck her titties at the same time.

Me & Yung Joc at the Dirty Awards in ATL


3. Niggas who eat pussy and then put on a rubber to fuck her Dutty mouf ass nigga. 4. Everybody’s sex tape in the whole industry Pamela Lee, Paris Hilton, Ray J, ain’t none of them got shit on me. Wait til’ y’all see my sex tape. I’m gon’ have Sarah Palin and Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mama) as my co-stars.

Okay, it wasn’t really that cold. Me & Trey Songz in Sweden


5. Women who don’t wanna fuck on they period Shit, I like ketchup on my hot dog! 6. Women who don’t wanna suck dick after I done bought them dinner knowing they period is on If I knew I wasn’t gonna get shit we coulda went dutch for dinner!

Me & the QC Partystarters in Tampa

9. “Boss Bitches” This ain’t got nothing to do with the sex issue, but I’m hatin on all you bitches talkin about, “I’ma boss bitch.” Bitch, you ain’t a boss, you ain’t even had an interview. 10. women that don’t wipe after y’all shave your pussy Had me down there like I was drinkin’ orange juice wit’ pulp in it. Check out Shawty Shawty at Uptown Comedy Corner in ATL every other Tuesday

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not gloating over anyone’s misfortune. I hate to see people struggling, being laid off and losing their homes. But sometimes, it’s a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we need that kick in the ass to move on to the next phase in life. Sometimes we need that reality check to remind us that if we don’t work, we don’t eat. Struggle separates the strong from the weak and forces us to work harder. So in a sick, twisted way I appreciate the recession because it’s multiplied my challenges. I enjoy finding ways to overcome obstacles. There’s always a way. The last seven years of building a company have been a challenge and somehow, someway, with God’s help, I always find a way through. I think Americans have gotten lazy. People expect to go clock in, zone out at their computer for 8 hours a day, and still get paid regardless if they’ve busted their ass or accomplished absolutely nothing. We are so wasteful. We buy cars and SUVs that are bigger than we need, because they look good. We buy houses that are bigger than we need, and we buy everything on borrowed money; money that in reality we don’t actually have. We need this reality check. We need to get our shit together and come out of this negative time stronger, smarter, and more humble. Living as an entrepreneur on faith is scary enough. And yet the people I know like me, who live life as a hustle, have seemed the calmest during this time. I can’t say that the recession is all in our heads, because clearly it is a reality. But so much of the panic has been caused by emotions; lack of “consumer confidence.” It has a ripple effect and makes it seem ten times worse than it actually is. Even though I appreciate the challenge, I’m angry. Fucking pissed. After all the years I’ve spent building a company and losing sleep, striving to create a brand in the hopes that one day there would be a big payoff, I finally reach what seems to be a sustainable point and all the world goes to hell. It’s a scary time for everyone. But either way, the sun is still gonna rise tomorrow morning. Let’s get all the fears and negativity out of our heads and just take it all in stride. Another day, another hustle. We will get through this --


7. All you women who say you ain’t gay, but will let another bitch eat your pussy I ain’t sayin’ you gay, but I see a couple of flags. But you know Shawty like them gurls...who like them gurls. 8. Metro-sexuals I’m hatin’ on all you niggas talkin’ bout you’re metro-sexual...nigga, you gay! You all high class and boughie, and the metro bill ain’t nothing but $60.

For one, the recession has leveled the playing field. It should be said, I harbor some animosity towards the 9-5 sector. I feel that my semi-smugness is justified because I’ve been there, done that, and I know what life in a cubicle consists of. Becoming an entrepreneur and being responsible to pay my own bills without the guarantee of a bi-weekly paycheck is a thousand times harder than anything I ever had to do as a 9-5er in corporate America. Plus, having the weight of a company on your shoulders is a big responsibility, especially for someone like myself who would prefer to be roaming the world unattached and free. Even the basics, like keeping an office open for seven years with the lights on and phone on, is an accomplishment. I respect anyone who can do that. Some of you -- need to know what it’s like to live like us. Not knowing where your next dollar is going to come from can be a terrifying feeling. For us, it’s everyday life.

Me & Mad Linx in Tampa

- Julia Beverly, jb@ozonemag.com

Joell Ortiz f/ Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9’’ & Crooked I – “Move On (Remix)” Theophilus London – “Cold Pillow” Naledge – “Look At Them Hips” Jadakiss f/ Faith Evans – “Letter To B.I.G.” Mista Taylor – “Shoot the Fuck Up” Drake – “Say What’s Real (Freestyle)” Young Jeezy f/Jay-Z – “My President Is Black (DC Mix)” Young Problemz - “Fuck Yo Myspace Page”


randy.roper@ozonemag.com Lykke Li – “Little Bit” Pacific Division – “Let’s Go” Playboy Tre – “Bleachers” H.I.S.D. – “Summer So Good”


KILLEEN/BELTON/FT. HOOD/TEMPLE/WACO, TX: Obsessions By Carolyn held their 9th Annual Hair & Talent Show (DJ of M.O.R., shown above at the event) hosted by comedians James Carley & Mookie. Performing acts included Gutta and DJ Mack, Go Gett It Ent., Ebony Foxx, Carter and Lokey of Tru Mafia, Gotti of Gotti Boi Ent., Darnell, Fox Step Team, Ellison Step Squad. Featured R&B acts were Desmond, Rhalm Me, and a girl named Phil. Cloud 9 Models were on site. Ms. Rita got plenty of footage. Black Sound Ent. dropped a new single featuring Cory M, Jerry K. (a.k.a. Mista Monsta), and JB. Lil Za of B.O.C. and Young Money’s Lil Twist performed at the Texas College Homecoming Party at Club Nico’s. Free Dinkie and Billy Wheelock. - Tre Dubb (Myspace.com/mackonthariserecords)


SXSW 09 is just around the corner. Tosin and TheScrewShop.com teamed with Chamillionaire to drop the Hangin’ wit Mr. Koopa mixtape. Trae came through for an in-store at Music Mania and a performance at Spiros. C.O.D. just dropped Ova the Stove mixed by Rapid Ric. The SPC (South Park Coalition) performed at Ruta Mayas along with Gerald G, Ryno, and more. Black Mike, Mojoe, and Bavu Blakes held it down at the Mohawk for AustinSurReal.com. - O.G. of Luxury Mindz (www.luxurymindz.com)


Webbie led police on a chase in the Burg. Allegedly he got caught with pills while he was trying to get away. Meanwhile his other half, Lil Boosie, came to Club Hush in Moss Point. WBSL am 1190 added A New Day to its morning show – welcome aboard. Don’t forget Nel’s Sports Bar & Lounge with DJ Deliyte and the $5.00 concert series is back. Last but not least, spend money in the hood. Too many businesses have closed and it’s starting to look like a ghost town. - DJ Deliyte (unodasound@yahoo.com)


Numerous events took place this month such as the Magic City Classic which brought O.J. Da Juiceman to Club Highland and Shawty Lo to Platinum. DJ Unk and Slim of 112 were also in town, not to mention many other celebs. DJ C. Ross and Freewill Records released Live from the Classic 4 and the B.A. Boyz dropped some heat for the city with their new mixtape First 48 hosted by DJ Serious. - K. Bibbs (AllOrNothingPromo@hotmail.com) 14 // OZONE MAG


Everyone is proud of Chicago’s own Barack Obama, the first AfricanAmerican President. Hot to Def signed to Yung Joc’s label Swagg Team and Kevin Shine landed a new position with Jive Records. There’s a new entertainment industry blogsite here called TheFlyStyle.com. Leaders 1354 and Phli are the clothes of choice. The only Chicago representatives at the CORE DJ Retreat in South Carolina were DJ Shotime, DJ Malik Shabazz, DJ predator, Shabazz (CEO of Infinite Hustle Ent.), Reggie Ruckus, DJ Lil John, GLC, and Happy. We got to do better as a city! - Jamal Hooks (JHooks@tmail.com)


Once again the Bengals fans were in for total disappointment; the team is truly struggling to get it together. DJ Ghost has the entire east side of town on lock with the Sports Page Club hosting open mic each and every Sunday. On Tuesday’s you can get your best drinks at 2 Dollar Tuesday’s at the Garage, hosted by Mad Max and DJ Dee (Berto). At Club Ritz, Drew and Dwight are gearing up for the holidays and bringing in the industry’s hottest artists. Some names on the roster include Lil Wayne, Gorilla Zoe, B.G., and many more. Opening slots are still available, contact 513-381-RAGS. - Judy Jones (Judy@JJonesent.com)


Fountain City Classic weekend was insane (Albany State vs. Ft. Valley State). Young Jeezy kicked off Thursday night. Dude performed every song he ever wrote, ever. It’s always good when stars show the same love to smaller cities. On Friday, Lyfe Jennings opened for Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Lyfe did like five songs and bounced, Frankie tore it down. He’s in his 60s and I bet Soulja Boy couldn’t keep up. J Stylz hosted a special Urban Café with singers, rappers, and poets including Venom and HBO Def Poets Abyss and Tommy Bottoms. Foxie 105 brought out Ace Hood and Gorilla Zoe. I’m a tailgater so I don’t know how the game went, but I hear Albany State Mollywopped Ft. Valley. - Slick Seville (SlickSeville@gmail.com)


The month started was crazy in Houston with parades and football games of Homecoming, including some very hot performances at Prairie View’s Homecoming. GT Garza shut it down with a party at Charbar. Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, and Tina Turner all came to the city to perform. Trae continued to feed the streets with his video “Streets Advocate,” while we welcomed new album releases from Z-Ro, Devin the Dude, and Michelle Williams. - Ghost Da Hustla (Ghostdahustla.blogspot.com)


The Wildcat’s Homecoming brought out DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Plies, Bizzle, Papa Duck, Roc City, DJ Smallz’ Southern Smoke College Tour, and the BET Black College Campus Tour. The Hip Hop community also saw the end of an era when Aqua Lounge and Boss Lady Lounge both ended operations. That opened back up old memories as the crowd began partying at the former Club South Beach/Jefferys now Club Zeba. Local rapper Sticks visited the Renegade DJ’s radio show with DJ Nailz & DJ Woods. Nailz premiered Stick’s “Off the Whammy” in his mixshow. “Loyalty...Is it in you?!” - DJ Nailz (djnailz1@gmail.com)


The town was buzzing about the recent trade of Nuggets’ point guard Allen Iverson, until we found out we got our hometown hero Chauncey Billups back to the city. Chauncey reps the Park Hill side of Denver, but he is not the only Park Hill native that’s buzzing. The 19-year-old newcomer Rockie has one of the best flows, one of the freshest styles, and a fan base. Innerstate Ike also has an album coming out through WCM/Koch in early 08. Jewell Tyme Music just dropped a new project. Jimathez, Juiceman & Dom, and Julox are all set to drop new mixtapes with DJ Ktone. You can find the crowd at Theorie on Tuesdays, The Loft on Fridays, and Blue Ice on Saturdays. The Denver Diamond Divaz are changing the game with their hosting and community events. Find them at myspace.com/denverdiamonddivaz. - DJ Ktone (Myspace.com/djktonedotcom)

DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TX: Definition DJ Dre has Rack Daddy’s on fire in the Agg. Living legends Kool Herc and Busy Bee made a stop through the Minc Lounge. B-Hamp has full radio and club rotation throughout the entire metroplex with his “Ricky Bobby” single. The sexy Tomeka Pearl has everybody singing “Get It Girl,” while T-Cash and Doughski from the NDA are in heavy motion. Hood Survivor TV is exposing the local scene through DVD. The Saturday night Clout parties have officially moved to Club Torch off lower Greenville. K104’s Sam Putney keeps the city laughing. Big Hood Boss get well, Pat Bush stay strong. - Edward “Pookie” Hall (urbansouth@gmail.com)


Defending the title of #1 party school in the nation can be hard work for the University of Florida, and the entire city of Gainesville in general, but we make it look so easy. Gainesville always gets flooded with some of the hottest and newest artists in the game, so why should this month be any different? Atlantic recording artist Avant, Maino, Young Steff, DTP’s Jarvis, Grand Hustle’s Alfamega, Ace Hood, and DJ Unk are a few of the people that stopped through. Alexandra Marie of Magic 101.3 interviewed Michelle Obama and Tyler Perry on the importance of voting. - Jett Jackson (g5jett@gmail.com)


Jay-Z reopened the legendary Palladium theatre with a full 2 hour show DJed by DJ AM, and a surprise freestyle by T.I. I hosted the South 2 West

concert with comedian DeRay Davis this month. We had performances from Trina, Twista, and Glasses Malone. Glasses held down the west with special guest appearances from Spider Loc and Roccett. Kanye West had his listening session in an abandoned parking garage in the Mid-Wilshire district. 40 butt-naked women stood in the middle of the room wearing stilettos and curly wigs while he went through 808’s & Heartbreak. Q-Tip got down at the House of Blues on Sunset with an opening act provided by Pacific Division. - Devi Dev (devidev.kday@gmail.com)


I don’t know what’s going on in Huntsville right now, but CDs are dropping like McCain voters. G-Side finally dropped Starshipz and Rocketz. Mata dropped Deal or Deal with DJ Infamous. Jackie Chain dropped Fear the Future with DJ Smallz. Tam dropped Think It’s a Game with DJ Mist. Mic Strange dropped The Color Purple with DJ Pyracy. Mic Sean dropped Street Wars. The club scene is steady with events like the City Wide Blackout, 99 Cents Fridays at the Green Room, and the Play Cousan events at Club Focus. Street Holocaust has been grinding super hard out here. Level 2 has seen some success as of late. You still can catch the Heart Beat on Comcast 3 every Friday at 9. - Codie G (huntsvillegotstarz@gmail.com)


OZONE Mag definitely repped Naptown 100% with their a mini Classic issue for the city. The brand new Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles held me and Malik down while we sorted Classic Edition OZONE units. Lifeline Ent.’s Classic Jumpoff with Shawty Lo was off the richter. O.J. Da Juiceman’s show got canceled due to poor ticket sales. Note: you can’t bring O.J. to a club in Naptown with a dress code and without selling tickets at Dragged Up Music. DJ Kaos has been killing the party scene, and shocked the world with his Dragged Up Classics Series Vol. 1. Pac Man is grinding with his much anticipated solo release album. Q6 is back with another huge DJ Smallz mixtape. Big Tuck and Fat Bastard performed to a sold-out club. Lil Scooty is promoting his ass off, Ron of Duu-Dat Ent. just opened a Midwest marketing company. - DJ Black (djblackhcp@tmail.com)


The mayor is getting ready to fight federal charges after one of his security details rolled over on him. How gangster is that? Stax’s Black Party during homecoming went down in history. The city is in an uproar about the new cameras that write tickets. Interesting how many of them are in black neighborhoods. The streets say it’s no doubt a drought season. Look out for Goobie who is next on deck and making a name for himself on the rap scene. Gorilla Zoe and Block rolled through the city showing love. For all your entertainment news, gossip, and more, www.tambracherie.blogspot.com is now up. - Tambra Cherie (TambraCherie@aol.com) & Stax (blockwear@tmo. blackberry.net)


Duval County came out in big numbers in support of President Elect Barack Obama, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Republicans from having their voices heard in the Rivercity, as McCain took the vote here. Bigga Rankin’s Duval Diamond Awards is expected to hit record numbers this year, and Duval Streetz Newz is also gaining a lot of steam with Big L hitting every nook and cranny with the free publication. Teen violence is rising dramatically in the Murder Capital of Florida, with several consecutive deaths, and even reports of a loaded gun being found at a local high school. On the bright side, our entertainment leaders such as Ivory of Point Blank Ent. and Derrick Washington of Upstart Ent., are setting better examples for our youth to follow by encouraging them to study their craft and get involved with politics. - Lil Rudy (LilRudyRu@yahoo.com)


Nelly celebrated his birthday with a star studded party. Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, and Robin Thicke stopped through the city with performances and radio interviews. The annual SEMA Convention and Dubb Car Show events managed to bring out the flyest whips. Now the big question is, what’s going on for New Years Eve? I’m not hearing too much buzz in the streets about NYE events, except partying with Akon at the Palms. I hope Vegas can “wake it up” next year. - Portia Jackson (PortiaJ@sprint.blackberry.net)


com is becoming a destination for all the hottest music. DJ Phinesse still has the radio on lock while Pittsburgh Steeler anthems are popping up everywhere. Spuck Johnson, P. Vicious, Toby Grind, and Ikey Bubz are all grinding hard. - Lola Sims (lolasims@gmail.com)



Where were you when you found out Barack Obama was elected? I was on the set of The Game’s video shoot for his new song “Camera Phone” featuring Ne-Yo (to peep the interviews I did with them on election day go to www.hardknock.tv). The video shoot went down at Club Area, which is a new favorite spot for showcases. Lupe Fiasco got down at Club Nokia Downtown, and my favorite show of the month was Hip Hop Live at The House of Blues featuring Talib Kweli, Little Brother, Strong Arm Steady, and Bishop Lamont. - Devi Dev (devidev.kday@gmail.com)


With Tampa’s 98.7 LDS not far away, Hip Hop goers are purchasing less tickets due to high price entry for the Halloween Plies concert at the Hall in Palmetto. Gigolo Weeze’s Big Bro Comedy Show has made its home at the Rumba Lounge in Sarasota, offering free shows to compete in the Friday nightlife. Obama/Biden voters showed up in mass numbers. Prior to the election, they made a stand on several areas off Cortez Rd. in Bradenton with their signs of support. Cartel4Life’s artist Cane is promoting his recent project RNR Product of the Streets Vol. 2.5: The Re-Up, hosted by Bigga Rankin. - Hollywood Red (era9880@yahoo.com)


Project Pat and Gucci Mane teamed up together for their new single “Bang, Bang, Smack, Smack” and it’s receiving good reviews. Project Pat’s album Real Recognize Real is expected to drop sometime next year. Hypnotized Minds’ new artist Yung D just released a new video titled “Damn What Chu Think” from his upcoming album Beyond the Glory. Live Hip Hop band Haymakers Project just wrapped up their seasonal gig at Café Ole on the patio and are moving to warmer spaces at Quetzal. 8Ball came out to their last show and is considering bringing the group on tour with him. Be on the lookout for all these upcoming albums and artists. - Deanna Brown (Deanna.Brown@MemphisRap.com)


R&B soul-sation Calvin Richardson has been heavy on the radio with his new single “Sang No More,” but he isn’t the only one from Monroe that has the streets buzzing. The literary genius Aaron “Silky” Allen, who is currently incarcerated, and has been for some time, is about to self-publish his urban novel. Silky’s street team has been busy blogging and going handto-hand with short stories. Visit myspace.com/freesilky to see what all the fuss is about. Rapquest tip: put on for your city, even if it is Monroe, NC. Stop saying you’re from Charlotte just because it’s a major city 15 minutes away (you know who you are [R&B Bad Boys]). - Aaron Allen (aaronallen78@yahoo.com)


What’s up in Cashville? Seriously...Lendale White is throwing up signs? Barfly’s is bringing new life 2nd Ave.? Is Hurricane’s the city’s newest hot spot? Wet Dymes left Out of Bounds on Wednesdays? Star is ghostwriting for big named artists? L.O.V.E. is taking over Friday nights? M.U.G., Deuce, Semi and Cowboy are all dropping new heat for the city? 101 The Beat and 92Q are staying very active in the community? C-Dub and Crisis are preparing for a DJ battle rematch? No matter what it is, Cashville was united and stood the “f” up for Obama. Now let’s keep the plan in motion. - Janiro (Janiro@southernentawards.com)


Gorilla Zoe, Jody Breeze, and F-Block Records all tore down Privilege. Josh is steady producing hits while S. Money is still “Parking Lot Pimping.” Kev the Hustla is dropping his new mixtape entitled Animal and LeakJones.


I can’t say enough about Cool Nutz’s hustle. Some are born, some are taught, some are it! Cool Nutz just completed his PO-HOP (Portland, Oregon Hip Hop) Festival. As Hip Hop continues to grow and big money loses sight of the substance of the art form/culture, it is important to acknowledge the local actors who keep the culture alive and relevant. Cool Nutz’s PO-HOP is a networking, business, and cultural event that specifically highlights the successes and efforts of Pacific Northwest artists. Look him up. Also, look for new material from Native America’s #1 DJ, DJ Tee of Lapwai, ID. - Luvva J (Myspace.com/luvvaj)


Sacramento artist Bueno definitely has the streets buzzing with his new single “6 A.M.” tearing up radio airwaves in the entire Northern California region. The release of Bueno’s mixtape Back to the Future hosted by Mistah F.A.B. fed the streets, while his confirmed signing with SMC/Universal added fuel to a fire that continues to grow. Doey Rock continues to make noise with his new single “Feel So Good,” despite circulating rumors that he has cut ties with E-40 and The Sic Wit It imprint. Artists JDK, J-Gib, and Smigg Dirtee continue to build momentum. Night spot Tunnel 21 continues to support Hip Hop. - Zay (zaemai@gmail.com)


Lil Wayne took over the city with a highly anticipated concert at the BOK Center which sold out in a week. The concert was a great turnout for the city and Lil Wayne put on a great show as usual. Murphy Lee stopped by 105.3 FM to inform everybody about his new single “My Shoes.” DJ Goodground, who spins the latest underground music, recently premiered the new hit single “Let Me See You Joog” from Tulsa’s newest artist 7Up. With great concerts and good DJs spinning underground music, as well as mainstream top 40, the city of Tulsa continues to sizzle. - DJ Bigg Rich (DJBiggRich@gmail.com)


You can now listen to Mr. Marcus Mixtape’s show online at www.stlcc. edu/kcfv every Sunday 4-8pm CST. Jus Bleezy had a good turnout for his Go Hard or Go Home in-store signing. XP Muzik, who produced most of the All Stars, just dropped their artist J Kidd’s mixtape titled Preseason. DJ Sir Thurl also dropped The Fixx mixtape with M.C.’s remix of “I’m Cool” featuring Twista, Chiny and Ebony Eyez. Huey has a nice new track called “24/7 365” featuring Maino and Glasses Malone, produced by Trillion Billion. Murphy Lee dropped 3 mixtapes since last March: U C ME + Derrty Ent=$, Midwest Heat with DJ Lexx, and Murph or Die. Murphy Lee’s official single “My Shoes” has been killing the airwaves. - Jesse James (JesseJames314@aol.com)


Tallahassee just finished a phenomenal 2008 FAMU Homecoming. Thousands flocked to the capital city to celebrate. Young Jeezy and T.I., along with others like Tay Dizm, M-Beezy, Bizzle, Piccalo, and Young Cash, tore up the Leon County Civic Center Saturday night with great performances. The streets were also on fire with both Jeezy and T.I.’s new albums blaring out the cars and trucks of homecoming participants. Even though it was homecoming, you could tell that it was election time with the Respect My Vote campaign in town. - DJ Dap (DJDapOnline@gmail.com)


Big B “The Mixtape King” released his latest CD Married 2 the Streets, and the lovely ladies of Alorious just dropped the Temporarily Disconnected mixtape. Tabi Bonney won Entertainer of the Year at the 1st Annual Velocity Magazine Awards. Look for Tabi’s new CD Dope coming in January. DJ Heat of WPGC keeps the DMV blazing with her radio show, club appearances, and popular DC Mumbo Sauce blog. - Sid “DCSuperSid” Thomas (dcsupersid@aol.com)


RICK ROSS & FOXY BROWN RAWSE: U get the food yet you sexy mafucka? FOXY: Naw, I’m at Mcdonalds, I’m bout to beat this bitch ass for fuckin up our order! RAWSE: Calm down ma, what happened? ROSS! FOXY: I told her I wanted a mcflurry for me, and a supersize number 8 with two extra meat patties, a 20 piece mcnugget, 2 apple pies, a fish fillet, and a Caesar salad with low fat dressing for you. And this bitch gon say that they ain’t got no more fat free dressing. RAWSE: Did u get my strawberry shake? FOXY: You didn’t tell me u wanted a strawberry shake. RAWSE: Yes, I did. What u think I called u for 5 minutes ago? FOXY: I thought ur phone dialed me on accident, I picked up but didn’t hear nothing RAWSE: Naw bitch, I was on the phone yelling that I wanted a fucking strawberry shake. What u aint hear me? FOXY: Naw RAWSE: Forget the shake, just hurry up and come home so I can tear that ass up. ROSS! FOXY: Fuck that, I gotta handle this bitch first. RAWSE: listen girl, I told you to bring yo ass home.

OZONE EXCLUSIVE Textin’ is no longer safe now that OZONE’s dangerous minds have hacked the system.

FOXY: Nigga, don’t be ordering me around. Who is you? RAWSE: DA BOSS! FOXY: You wasn’t the boss last night, nigga! RAWSE: Hold on, I made u cum like 4 times, fuck is u talking about? FOXY: Shit, money make me cum muthafucka RAWSE: But I just wrote you a check last week and I let u push the Maybach FOXY: Yo cheap ass got me eating at fuckin Mcdonalds. I’m leaving you for Trick Daddy. He said he loves me RAWSE: Naw, that’s not true. But that’s disappointing to hear that he said that. He said that? FOXY: Yeah, he said I ain’t met nann nigga like him. RAWSE: That’s crazy, but niggas will learn…TRILLA!!!! FOXY: What the fuck is that supposed to mean? RAWSE: Shit, I dunno. But can u least bring me the food first? ROSS! - From the minds of Eric Perrin & Randy Roper (Photos by Brad Barket/Getty Images & D-Ray)


This is the story of Pink - a nineteen year old who sings, studIEs, and strips. Born in Buffalo, NY, and reared in Mobile, Alabama, Pink enjoyed a pretty much average childhood, and despite the many misconceptions people have of Alabama, Pink insists Mobile is the ideal place to raise a family. “Mobile is a great place to grow up,” she says. “I love Mobile, it will always be home, but I was ready to move on in life.” She was also ready to move on from her job as a cashier at Wal-Mart and venture into a slightly more entertaining profession So Pink departed Sweet Home Alabama and headed three hours northeast to Atlanta where she entered an amateur dancer contest at Strokers earlier this year. “They offered me a job that night,“ she remembers. “And I’ve been working here ever since.” In addition to her pole position, the 34-24-38 Pink is also passionate about music, and spends much of her time singing and writing R&B songs. In fact, she says she is featured on childhood friend and fellow Mobile native Rich Boy’s upcoming CD, where she sings a hook under the alias “Ms. V.” And while Pink would love to pursue her singing aspirations, her alternate career goal is to become an airline flight attendant. “Being a [flight attendant] is my dream job,” she confesses. “I love to travel so that would be the perfect job for me. I’d get to see the world.” Currently Pink flies around the pole at Strokers and her passengers get to enjoy her aerial views and world class service. “I have big goals, but for now I like my job here. It’s always entertaining, and most of the guys who come here are nice.” - Eric Perrin Website: Strokersclub.com Booking: myspace.com/strokersatl Photography by DC The Brain Supreme dcphotoimaging.com Make up and Hair Styling by Mike Mike 678-732-5285


(above L-R): Alfamega & Yung LA @ the Dirty Awards in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Ms Rivercity); Khia & Yung Joc @ The Ebony Club for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash in Huntsville, AL; Shawty Shawty & Young Jeezy on the set of Young Jeezy’s ‘My President Is Black’ video shoot in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Eric Perrin)

01 // DJ Speedracer, Dreesy Baby, & Sean D @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 02 // Juney Boomdata, DJ Ace, & Krazy Swag @ The Gate for DJ Brad’s video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Khao, Young Capone, & Todd1 @ Geisha House on the set of Young Capone’s “Choosin’”video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 04 // TI and Dr Benjamin Chavis telling kids to Respect My Vote @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 05 // Trey Songz & his video co-star on the set of Rebstar’s “Without You” (Stockholm Sweden) 06 // Gorilla Zoe, 211, Roccett, Carbon, & Trey Songz @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 07 // Pitbull, CBS News reporter, & DJ Laz @ Wal-Mart for their Power 96 toy drive (Hialeah, FL) 08 // Soulja Boy & Willy Northpole on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 09 // Young Dro, Alex Gidewon, Big Kuntry, & Mac Boney @ Cascade Roller Rink for Christmas Kids Holiday event (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Ricochet, Bham P, & Trai D @ Definition DJs Christmas party (Aggtown, TX) 11 // Bibi & Erica on the set of Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Mike Bliss, Charles Reed, & Cedric Hollywood @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 13 // Sean Paul of the YoungBloodz & crew @ The Ebony Club for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) 14 // Southside Money @ The Gate for Bama’s video shoot (Jonesboro, GA) 15 // Cory Mo & Ms Rivercity @ Icehouse for Steph Yah Game Up Mon (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Lil Keke & Bigga Rankin @ Pre-Diamond Awards Mixer @ SoHo Lounge (Jacksonville, FL) 17 // Unk & crew @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 18 // Lex, Bizzle, Elora Mason, & BallGreezy @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 19 // Jeevan Brown & OJ da Juiceman @ DBS Sounds for OJ da Juiceman’s meet & greet (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Bogan (07,12); Edward Hall (10); Eric Perrin (03,09,11,13,17); Julia Beverly (05,06); Ms Rivercity (02,08,14,15,19); Terrence Tyson (01,04,16,18)


31 Flavors Compiled by Randy Roper, Eric Perrin, Jee’Von Brown, Maurice Garland, Luchi, & Ms. Rivercity Ever since Eve’s snatch was referred to as the “Forbidden Fruit,” men have been comparing the most powerful organ in the world to different menu items. It’s been called everything from apples to zebra cakes, yet still remains the favorite food of 90% of men on earth. Regardless of whether you prefer “Butter pecan Puerto Ricans or them oatmeal raisin Asians, Hazelnut Brazilians, or Macadamia Caucasians,” OZONE has got something guaranteed to fill your appetite. And Baskin & Robbins could never be as creamy as these favorite 31 flavors.

“I got 32 flavors of the bootlicious bubblegum. Raspberry, grape, cherry, come and get this honey bun.” Diamond of Crime Mob “Rock Yo Hips” “Nice, pink pussy, same color as cotton candy, that pussy smell like water ain’t no smell in it.” Plies “Ms. Pretty Pussy” “Some niggas even put me on their grocery list, right next to the whipped cream and box of chocolates. Designer pussy, my shit come in flavors, high-class taste niggas got to spend paper. Lick it right the first time or you gotta do it over, like it’s rehearsal for a Tootsie commercial.” Lil’ Kim “How Many Licks” “That’s too much pork for one fork.” DEVIN THE DUDE “SHOW EM”


“Got a Aquafina flow, call it wet wet.” Young Jeezy “Tear It Up” “Girl you taste like a cinnabun, so sweet from the thighs to your cheeks.” Ludacris “Fatty Girl” “I’m eatin’ your butter, pink eggs and ham. Girl, you taste just like Spam.” Trick Daddy “I’ll Be Your player” “You know how I like ‘em. 5’5” brown eyes, thick in the thighs, slim waist, pretty face, let me taste your lemon pie.” Slick Em of Pretty Ricky “Love Like Honey” “Uhh, I need a D to call up, to break me off and tear these sugar walls up.” Trina “Throw It Back” “My coochie mad tight, well more juice than a grape when you peel the skin, but yo’ ain’t no fun if your tongue

ain’t in.” Trina “Nasty Bitch”

Twista – “I’m N Luv With A Stripper (Remix)”

“She got the Big Red, she got that Spearmint. You know me, I’ma G, I wanna experiment.” B.G. “Bubble Gum”

“It taste so sweet that sticky cotton candy, we get carried away we be starting a family.” 50 Cent – “Amusment Park”

“I got that juicy fruit, certified bubble yum. He goin’ down, chewing on my bubblegum.” Rasheeda “My Bubblegum” “How you suckin’ on my pussy like a chicken bone, you ain’t never going home.” Khia “Fucking Me Tonight” “Don’t want that dry pussy, that fish fry pussy. I want that wet pussy, the gushy super tight pussy.” N.O.R.E. “Eat Pussy” “Gave her multiple orgasms witcha vibrator, all five flavors taste like Life Savors.” Too Short “She Loves Her” “The one leg she can shake at the top of the pole, look at the Laffy Taffy when she pop, she roll.”

“Eyes dark brown your skin is caramel, girl you taste like nut juice. See your just like a box of cherries and girl I wanna eat you.” R. Kelly “Kiss Your Candy” “Yo’ love is supacala-fragalistic, you don’t know how bad I missed it. If it broke then don’t fix it, yo stuff is butta like a biscuit.” Ludacris “Phat Rabbit” “This ain’t like your man cause he fuck you like a coward, do he know your pussy taste like Amaretto Sour?” Young Dro “We Can Do It” “Mama Bear and Papa Bear walkin’ through the forest, Mama Bear asked Papa Bear could he eat her porridge.” Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew

“Dirty Nursery Rhymes” “Her pussyhole smelt like sour cream & onion.” Bust Down “Nasty Bitch” “Love the way your juice flowing down, and I can feel it all around: in front, in the back of you, oh I love the smell of you, girl you know what I’m talking about. Peaches and Cream, I need it ‘cause you know that I’m a fiend.” 112 “Peaches and Cream” “I got a sweet tooth for you girl, baby I’m tempted to taste. I can’t wait to drink yo milk, you lookin’ like a big ol’ piece of cake. I’m all up in yo middle, oh it taste like skittles.” R. Kelly “Sweet Tooth” “Wuz up wit the cookie? ‘Know you got that gushy.” Juney Boomdata “Wuz Up Wit Dat Pussy” “Make that juice box talk, man I make that pussy fart. The girl can’t win, once I get

it in.” Gorilla Zoe “Juicebox” “I smell pussy. Is that you Irv? I smell pussy. Is that you Ja?” 50 Cent “I Smell Pussy” “I’m real sweet like a candy corn, I’m in your thoughts late night when your boys are gone. Picture me, t-shirt, no panties on.” Nicki Minaj “Biggest Freak” “The reason why these bitches tryna get cute, only rap bitch pussy taste like fruit.” Foxy Brown f/ Kelis “I Taste Just Like Candy” “Baby I can’t figure it out, said you pussy tastes like honey. But I can’t stop huggin’ the block, all night tryna get this money.” Jay-Z & R. Kelly “Honey” “Now let me get back to her, she called me Dracula, and I vacuumed her. Catfish, catfish that Cat Tuna.” Lil Wayne “Pussy Monster”

(above L-R): Alex Gidewon & TI @ Cascade Roller Rink for Christmas Kids Holiday event in Atlanta, GA; Kaspa the Don & Young Jeezy @ Wal-Mart for CTE & Hittmenn DJ’s Toyz N Da Hood in Atlanta, GA; Shawty Lo & TI @ the Dirty Awards in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Eric Perrin)

01 // Ace Hood, Bangladesh, & AD Julien on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 02 // D Woods, G Mack, & Mika Means, & guests @ Stankonia for Outkast’s Christmas party (Atlanta, GA) 03 // BP & Scooby @ Glo (Houston, TX) 04 // Orlando & DJ Christion @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party (Miami, FL) 05 // Don Cannon, DJ Nasty, Bibi Guns, & DJ Infamous on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 06 // Gucci Poochie & Tony Neal on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 07 // Rick Ross, DJ Drama, & DJ Demp on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” remix video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Avery Storm & Pharrell backstage @ the BET Hip Hop Awards (Atlanta, GA) 09 // DJ Khaled, Rocko, & DJ Nasty on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Bigga Rankin & Team Bigga Rankin @ Duval Diamond Awards @ Plush (Jacksonville, FL) 11 // Michelle & Wendy Day @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 12 // The Clipse & guest on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” remix video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 13 // Alex & Jessica @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 14 // Young Nick The Next Wun & Famlife JuJu @ Club Torch (Dallas, TX) 15 // J Lash & Jim Jonsin @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 16 // DJ Dr Doom, Rasheeda, & DJ Shizm @ The Gainesville Music Summit (Gainesville, FL) 17 // BOB & DJ Fresh @ The Ebony Club for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) 18 // Lil Duval & Big Kuntry @ The Moon for FAMU Homecoming afterparty (Tallahassee, FL) 19 // Torch and GunPlay of the Carol City Cartel with Elora Mason @ the Florida Entertainment Summit (Miami, FL) 20 // DJ Nasty & Boo da Boss Playa on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Bogan (15); Edward Hall (14); Eric Perrin (02,13,17); Ichigo (03); Julia Beverly (04); Kingpin (19); Malik Abdul (08,11); Ms Rivercity (06,09,12,21); Terrence Tyson (01,05,07,10,16,18,20)


Hip Hop Themed STD Cards

Compiled by Maurice G. Garland and Jeevan Brown

Recently California-based nonprofit inSpot.org has been growing in popularity due to their unique way of helping people notify their sexual partners that they may have given them an STD. OZONE thought it would be a good idea to create some of our own, borrowing from the lyrics of your favorite songs. Listen closely.


(above L-R): 50 Cent & Talib Kweli on the set of BET Rap City’s finale in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Malik Abdul); Sean Garrett & Plies @ Patchwerk for Plies’ listening party in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Julia Beverly); K Foxx & Bizzle @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party in Miami, FL (Photo: J Lash)

01 // Kenny, Trey Songz, & DJ Foot on the set of Rebstar’s “Without You” (Stockholm, Sweden) 02 // Malik Abdul, Eric Perrin, & DJ Fresh @ Benchwarmers for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) 03 // QC Partystarters & Boy Wonder @ Tropicana Field for Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St Petersburg, FL) 04 // DJ Swats & Rovella Williams @ Sugar Hill (Atlanta, GA) 05 // Ladies @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 06 // Young Cash & Ace Hood @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 07 // BallGreezy & Bigga Rankin @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 08 // Gil Green & Kevin Liles @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 09 // Shonie & Keith Sweat @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 10 // Young Jeezy & CTE crew @ Wal-Mart for Hittmenn DJ’s Toyz N Da Hood (Atlanta, GA) 11 // DJ Misbehavior & Mercedes Streets @ The Gainesville Music Summit (Gainesville, FL) 12 // DJ Demp & Christina Clark @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // Scorpio, Haziq Ali, & TJ Chapman on the set of BOB’s “In The Sky” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 14 // Terrence Tyson & Ms Rivercity @ Pre-Diamond Awards Mixer @ SoHo Lounge (Jacksonville, FL) 15 // Suga D & Stick 3000 @ The Roxy for Classic Luau (Orlando, FL) 16 // Ms Rita & Z-Ro @ Austin City Music Hall (Austin, TX) 17 // TJ Chapman & Bizzle @ Pre-Diamond Awards Mixer @ SoHo Lounge (Jacksonville, FL) 18 // Trina & Pretty Money @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 19 // Nokey & guest @ Wal-Mart for CTE & Hittmenn DJ’s Toyz N Da Hood (Atlanta, GA) 20 // Webbie signing autographs @ Trill’s Christmas toy giveaway (Baton Rouge, LA) 21 // Cory Mo, DJ Ill Will, & Attitude @ The Biltmore for Warner Bros meet & greet (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Bogan (08,09,18); Eric Perrin (02,10,19); Julia Beverly (01); Leetric Walker (20); Malik Abdul (03,05); Ms Rivercity (04,13,21); Terrence Tyson (06,07,11,12,14,15,17); Tre Dubb (16)


Flavor Flav’s reality dating show Flavor of Love was a pop-culture hit. Since Flav’s show was such a success, and he doesn’t have any plans for another season, we decided to compile a list of artists we’d like to see give reality television love a go. If anyone at VH1, MTV, E! (I guess, we can include BET), wants to make any of these happen, call the OZONE office, and we can help.

By Randy Roper & Jee’Van Brown

Snoop Dogg

If Snoop wasn’t married, this show would already be on the air, and probably on season two by now. Snoop would nickname all the girls after dogs, have a “Roll Up Challenge” to see who could roll a blunt the fastest, and have a “Hair Challenge” to see which girl could braid and perm his hair the best.

Kanye West

In an attempt to get over his 808s & Heartbreak, the Louis Vuitton Don’s show would consist of all gold diggers that dropped out of college. But being that Kanye can’t stand to see other people win anything, we seriously doubt ‘Ye would pick a winner for the show (he’d probably chose himself ). He’s that heartless.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy would have a “Crank Dat” dance challenge, and the winner would be featured in his next video. During eliminations Soulja Girls’ chains would be made of rubber bands with a Superman charm, and contestants would be required to wear sunglasses with “I Love Soulja Boy” written in White-Out on them. Soulja Boy would super-soak every hoe that gets eliminated.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane would have every girl poppin’ pills to see how freaky they could get. He would have all the bad girls bagging and cutting up all types of drugs (preferably bricks). Gucci’s mom would be on the show to make sure he didn’t bring home any freaky girls.

FreEkEy Zekey

With numerous videos on the net of him popping champagne on girls’ heads, cursing women out, and behind the scenes footage of him with porno stars, this Dipset rapper would be perfect for a Flavor of Love show. On Zekey’s show the females will wrestle in a pool of champagne for the rappers love, while others may quit from the blunt rudeness. Zekey will never be a better rapper than Jim Jones or Juelz Santana, but the sidekick-turned-reality-TV-star route worked for Flavor Flav. Dipset!


Too Short

VH1 should have thought of this by now. The network wouldn’t have to cast any ladies; Short Dawg already has the hoes on deck. Short’s show would be Hugh Hefner style, an E! network The Girls Next Door spinoff. Instead of a competition, all of his women would live with him under one roof, and viewers would tune in weekly just to hear Too Short say his favorite word, “BIIIIIIITCH!”

Lil Wayne

Rumors were, Weezy was approached by VH1 about doing a Flavor of Love type show last year, but he didn’t go for it. We think it would’ve been a good idea. Contestants would have to suck on lollipops in their mouths at all times, say “the baby” when in bed with Weezy F., and at some point they’d have to let the Birdman hit it. Nivea probably wouldn’t like the show, but the ratings would be a milli.


Everyone knows Akon practices polygamy, so the best part about his show is that he wouldn’t have to eliminate anyone. It don’t matter, he’s so paid, he can afford to keep them all. That way, ‘Kon would never be lonely again.


In theory, the idea of a Teddy Pain show sounds good, but he’d probably fall in love with a stripper (or bartender) during the first episode, cancel the show and move her into a mansion…somewhere in Wis-canson. But listening to Pain’s vocoder all day would probably drive her crazy, and she’d chop-nscrew him before the reunion special even airs.


Actually, the casting call for Plies’ “Bust It Baby” reality show took place earlier this year, and literally, every “bust it baby” in the country tried out for this show (see YouTube for the footage). This show hasn’t aired but we can imagine the competitions. The “Slang Challenge” would be the best; Plies would test the girls to see who could rap with the most slang, but speak properly during interviews. The contestants will receive their chains with goon (or goonness?) charms on them.

(above L-R): Pat Nix & Plies @ Florida Classic halftime show in Orlando, FL (Photo: Terrence Tyson); E-40 & David Banner @ Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show in St Petersburg, FL (Photo: Julia Beverly); Willy Northpole & Russell Simmons @ Straits for Ludacris’ Power Brunch in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Terrence Tyson)

01 // Midget Mac & TJ Chapman @ The Gainesville Music Summit (Gainesville, FL) 02 // Chuck, E-40, & O-Meezy @ Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St Petersburg, FL) 03 // Luke & DJ Ace @ The Gate (Jonesboro, GA) 04 // Kahryn, DJ Brad, & Fidget @ The Gate for DJ Brad’s video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 05 // Hot Stylz, Yung Joc, & DG Yola @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 06 // Diddy reppin’ Ciroq @ Karu & Y (Miami, FL) 07 // BOB & Playboy Tre on the set of “I’ll Be In The Sky” (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Mama Wes, Lil Corey, & Ed of Trill Images @ SF2’s 3rd store opening (Houston, TX) 09 // Roccett & Bangladesh on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Mad Linx & 50 Cent on the set of BET Rap City’s finale (Atlanta, GA) 11 // DJ Nasty, Busta Rhymes, Tony Neal, DJ Khaled, Bigg DM, & DJ Rip on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” remix video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Elora Mason, Rick Ross, & Chunky Chickz @ the Florida Entertainment Summit (Miami, FL) 13 // La Loca, The Game, & Buckwheat @ Tropicana Field for Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St Petersburg, FL) 14 // Super Cracker & ladies @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 15 // Nick Love & Wes Fif @ Sugar Hill (Atlanta, GA) 16 // DJ Mack & Trina @ Hood Stadium (Ft Hood, TX) 17 // DJ Drama, Don Cannon, & guest on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 18 // Guest & DJ Jelly @ Stankonia for Outkast’s Christmas party (Atlanta, GA) 19 // Raekwon & Cappadonna on the set of BET Rap City’s finale (Atlanta, GA) 20 // James Prince Jr @ SF2’s 3rd store opening (Houston, TX) Photo Credits: Eric Perrin (18); Ichigo (08,20); J Lash (06); Julia Beverly (02,05,07); Kingpin (12); Malik Abdul (10,13,19); Ms Rivercity (03,04,15,17); Terrence Tyson (01,09,11,14); Tre Dubb (16)


In September 2005, I spent 48 hours in Atlantic City trailing twotime “Pimp of the Year” winner Matthew “Knowledge” Thompkins, which, if nothing else, was one of the more intriguing experiences of my photojournalism career. My interview with him and several of his hoes appeared in OZONE’s 3rd annual sex issue. Shortly after, Knowledge (a.k.a. “Brandon”) was arrested along with six of his counterparts in a nationwide FBI sting related to underage prostitution. Now serving a 20 year sentence, the pimp-turned-author shares some snippets from his upcoming book on the business of sex. - Julia Beverly


(above L-R): Pitbull showing some love to the kids @ Wal-Mart for their Power 96 toy drive in Hialeah, FL (Photo: Bogan); Lil Boosie & a young fan @ Trill’s Christmas toy giveaway in Baton Rouge, LA; Foxx & a young fan @ Trill’s Christmas toy giveaway in Baton Rouge, LA (Photos: Leetric Walker)

01 // DJ Khaled & Rick Ross on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 02 // Chubbie Baby & T @ Stankonia for Outkast’s Christmas party (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Mr Collipark & Vistoso Bosses @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 04 // Bigg DM, Tony Neal, & DJ Rip on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 05 // Marco Mall, Exclusive J, & DJ Q45 @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 06 // Gorilla Zoe, Midget Mac, & Young Cash @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 07 // Sommore & Toccara @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 08 // Young Jeezy & fans on the set of Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 09 // Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, & DJ Khaled on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” remix video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Joy, Courtney Scott, Yancey Richardson, & David KA @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Guest, Mike Tremmell, & DJ MLK @ Luckie Lounge for DJ MLK’s birthday bash (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Grand Prix, Wendy Day, & Lil Keke @ Pre-Diamond Awards Mixer (Jacksonville, FL) 13 // T-Ball, Corey Cleghorn, BMZ, & Throwed @ Club Torch (Dallas, TX) 14 // J-Bo of the YoungBloodz & guest on the set of Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 15 // Drumma Boy & crew on the set of Ace Hood’s “Ride” remix video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Koolaid, Disco Jr, Disco, Bigga Rankin, & Shane @ Firestone for Papa Duck’s birthday party (Orlando, FL) 17 // Q da Kid & Blaze Burner @ TSU (Houston, TX) 18 // Solange Knowles & Jessica of Headliner Group @ Karu & Y (Miami, FL) 19 // VIC & Hollywood @ Studio 72 for King Arthur’s Scorpio bash (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Bogan (07,18); Edward Hall (13); Eric Perrin (02,08); Ichigo (17); Julia Beverly (10); Malik Abdul (16); Ms Rivercity (03,04,11,19); Terrence Tyson (01,05,06,09,12,14,15)


Paul Johnson, an author currently serving time, has released two books on C-Murder’s Tru Life Publishing imprint (Looking for Black Love and A Lovely Murder Down South, pictured below). For OZONE’s 6th annual Sex Issue he reminds us of the pros and cons of that gushy-ushy.


(above L-R): Young Jeezy & BG @ House of Blues for Young Jeezy’s party in New Orleans, LA (Photo: Marcus DeWayne); JR Get Money, Yung LA, & Young Dro @ Vibe Yardfest in Atlanta, GA; Freeway & Maino @ Atlantic Records pool party during the CORE DJs Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC (Photos: Julia Beverly)

01 // DJ Ace & DJ B-Dawg @ The Gate for DJ Brad’s video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 02 // Flo Rida & 4 Mill @ Lebron James birthday party (Miami, FL) 03 // Lil Boosie & Webbie @ Trill’s Christmas toy giveaway (Baton Rouge, LA) 04 // 2 Clean & Young B @ Glo (Houston, TX) 05 // Chaka Zulu, Stephen Hill, & Debra Lee @ Straits for Ludacris’ Power Brunch (Atlanta, GA) 06 // DJ Q45, MC Lyte, & Lil Cease backstage @ the BET Hip Hop Awards (Atlanta, GA) 07 // Salt N Pepa backstage @ the BET Hip Hop Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08 // D Woods & Young Jeezy reppin’ Obama (Atlanta, GA) 09 // Tom G & Young Cash @ Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St. Petersburg, FL) 10 // Killer Mike & Rick Ross @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Supa Cindy, Haitian Fresh, & Lady Scorpio MVP @ The Victor for Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary party (Miami, FL) 12 // Irockidz, Macks On Tha Rise, & Dream Team @ Mack’s (Killeen, TX) 13 // Guest & Big Gipp @ Stankonia for Outkast’s Christmas party (Atlanta, GA) 14 // Debra Hinton & guest @ DBS Sounds for OJ da Juiceman’s meet & greet (Atlanta, GA) 15 // Models Netta, Steph, Perry, & Raja @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 16 // ATL bloggers Gyant, Blogxilla, ATLien, & Necole Bitchie @ Patchwerk for Plies’ listening party (Atlanta, GA) 17 // Terrence reppin’ Barack @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party (Miami, FL) 18 // Young AC & Jarvis @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 19 // DJ Holiday, DJ Drama, & LA the Darkman @ Luckie Lounge for DJ MLK’s birthday bash (Atlanta, GA) 20 // Jackie Chain & DJ Fresh @ Benchwarmers for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) Photo Credits: Bogan (11); Eric Perrin (13,20); Ichigo (04); J Lash (02); Julia Beverly (09,16,17); Leetric Walker (03); Malik Abdul (06,07,15); Ms Rivercity (01,10,14,19); Terrence Tyson (05,18); Thaddaeus McAdams (08); Tre Dubb (12)







That Pussy t Pu a m Im ow h ANTASING onUmmmhmmmm…Lay back y you F st ju e er h g n i t t si I have been . And Put Yo Ass To Sleep….. eva heard in yo life!! So wh Lady!!!!Thug M isses On your Ass… t to sing you the best song youGotchu baby………. I wanna Be Yo Baby…. Im boueezy…. I want you to know… I reading dis W …. I like dat!!!!! est Pussy You !! B e h t ga ig e b N a g n n hu go T s ’ d an uzik, Baby!!! Itats right…. It aint got old yet!!!!ou M i t as N e ak m e n Swag…… We gos Yo Neck and Yo Back tonite…. oDSay NUTHIN……. Just drank y from MY Walk, Myyou IFE…. It And I Don’t Want You T anna Snatch The Cat Back nd L r n i ad H va E don’t eva w Da Dick…….. e Tonite!!! A Imma Jump Ocunz Im bout make you Lean BackI’. mI So Excited……..You Fucking M his hair h t i w y d n ab y A B ab y B … It m N t h A t i an LE relationship w Know You W ..And its youuuuuuuuu……a. leIarn how to Respect M e and mpery rrrrrr!!! Long Hair Don’t Carpe…ack it up…… dem hoes gonn ke mine….. I love to Lick Da Rape and You Jealous Girls need toezzy’s manpower down his backmli ake sure that you Remember MWalkin On You Hoes….. With WFuck Dem Otha mine!!! Immana ’t Do It LIKE ME!!! Im Hatcaa nt even Close my MOUTH!!! …. Whateva Hoe…. I Yall Bitches C hroat…. Locked in My Grillz ….I Bitch, Pussy In A Knot and its… That Why Dem all down my tBeen Da Shit since Hot Boyz .. to K-Wang on da DICK!!! Is Geeked Up and Hoes cuz I’ve o Nigga but my Weezy….. I love a Whistle On It!!! Imma Get ueen and I Don’t Trust N en??? Cuz I know you wannhow I Steer It Baby? Im A Qs of HEAVBitches Be HatTalk to you all night!!! You like . Like walking through the gate cking again!! make dis Ass My King…. It’s a beautiful thing… in my heels…. Smoking and Fu pleasing my love to please loved ones again…. Cooking nakedma Hit The Floor, on my knees can lay right EN seeing our . When you Hit The Door…. Im ont ever have to Get Out…. You to Please Yesssssssss……… With my knee pad on….You whow you like it… Ill do anything e smile and man…. Pronto…et me breast feed you… Tell me z I need you, cuz you make mk to see you?? here Baby…. L gh its wrong, I cant help it cu ing so bad keep me running bac comes You…. Even thouto leave you.. How could someth I-N-G…. First comes love, thenmake I never want zy sitting in da tree, K-I-S-S- rriage!!! Call me……. So I can ssory Khia and Wee comes Lil Weezy in the baby caNeva Called Hoe!!!!!! The acce marriage, then !! Ive been called a Bitch, But it Juicy Fo Ya!! r life!!!! you need in you


ife, s. Neck and Back W r u o Y M

(above L-R): Flo Rida & Brisco @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party in Miami, FL (Photo: Julia Beverly); Soulja Boy & Keri Hilson @ the Dirty Awards in Atlanta, GA; Young Dro & TI @ Cascade Roller Rink for Christmas Kids Holiday event in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Eric Perrin)

01 // Cloud 9 Models support the troops @ Hood Stadium (Ft. Hood, TX) 02 // June Grant & Yancey Richardson @ Patchwerk for Plies’ listening party (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Ace Hood & DJ Fresh @ Benchwarmers for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) 04 // Krystle Coleman, Trina, & guest @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 05 // Shawty Lo & crew @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 06 // DJ Fahrenheit & Bigga Rankin @ Leon County Civic Center for FAMU’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 07 // DJ Q45 & Jim Jones backstage @ the BET Hip Hop Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08 // TJ Chapman, BOB, B Rich, & Playboy Tre @ The Ebony Club for Hot 103.5’s birthday bash (Huntsville, AL) 09 // Kaspa the Don, Young Jeezy, & Greg Street @ Wal-Mart for Hittmenn DJ’s Toyz N Da Hood (Atlanta, GA) 10 // TayDizm & 2 Pistols @ Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St. Petersburg, FL) 11 // Cannon Kent & Moses Davis @ BOB’s Meet & Greet (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Guest, Gorilla Zoe, & Rico Brooks @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // DJ Bigg V & Jarvis @ Club Fermier (Cleveland, MS) 14 // Tiffany & K Foxx @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party (Miami, FL) 15 // Fat B, Kiki J, & Paco @ Definition DJs Christmas party (Aggtown, TX) 16 // Meagan Good & her sister Mya @ Karu & Y (Miami, FL) 17 // Rick Ross & Carol City Cartel @ the Florida Entertainment Summit (Miami, FL) 18 // Ms Rivercity & Ludacris @ Straits for Ludacris’ Power Brunch (Atlanta, GA) 19 // Trey Songz & Rebstar on the set of Rebstar’s ‘Without You’ (Stockholm Sweden) 20 // DJ Demp & Gorilla Zoe @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) Photo Credits: Bogan (16); Edward Hall (13,15); Eric Perrin (03,05,08,09); Julia Beverly (02,10,14,19); Kingpin (17); Malik Abdul (07); Ms Rivercity (04,11); Terrence Tyson (06,12,18,20); Tre Dubb (01)


Sophia Lin City: Los Angeles, CA (via Wash-

Sexiest Female DJs Compiled by Randy Roper

ington, D.C.) Website: DJSophiaLin.com, Myspace.com/finexchina Mixtapes: 50 Flavors of HUSTLE, Walk It Out, Hustle-Lin 101 3 Songs in current rotation: Ron Browz “Jumpin’ Out The Window,” Jadakiss f/ Ne-Yo “By My Side,” The Black Kids “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance (Twelves Remix)”

In last year’s Sex Issue, we chose the sexiest female DJs in the game, took them out of the DJ booth, and laid them between our sheets (we’re talking pages in OZONE here, not bed linen). The feature received so much feedback, especially from our readers locked behind bars, that we decided to bring it back. We asked music industry insiders to cast their votes for the finest ladies behind the 1’s and 2’s. A few faces from last year were voted in again, others are staking their claim as the baddest vinyl vixens for the first time, but all of them can rock a party and a pair of heels at the same time.

What position are you best at? I am good at all of them, but in a pinch, I’d have to say “reverse cowgirl” because I like to work hard to please my man and he can still see and feel everything.

Southern Belle City: Houston, TX

Website: Myspace.com/djsouthernbelle Mixtape Series: Southern Unplugged, Mr. & Ms. Choppin’ Game Clubs: Digital Underground & Pizazz (Houston, TX) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Beyoncé “Diva,” 5th Flow “I’m On It,” DJ Khaled f/T-Pain & Kanye West “Go Hard” If you could have sex one place that you’ve never done it before, where would it be? In a bunk bed above George W. Bush, to show him how you really fuck over people in America. On the cool, in an airplane. I often wondered what it’d be like to join the Mile High Club. If you could have sex with any three celebs who would they be? 1) Denzel Washington, he’s suave and debonair. He’s that gentleman that every woman dreams about. 2) Lupe Fiasco, his character and aura. I like his style. 3) Tie between Kanye West and Big Pooh from Little Brother. I’m attracted to Kanye’s arrogance and Big Pooh’s sense of humor.

Brandi Garcia

Do you prefer younger or older men in bed? I can’t discriminate on who I want to do the “reverse cowgirl” position with by their age.

City: Houston, TX (via Tallahassee, FL) Website: www.brandigarcia.com Radio: KBXX 97.9 The Box (Houston) Mixtape Series: Southern Stilettos Affiliations: Murda Mamis & NoizeMob DJ’s Clubs: Skybar, Club Level & Scott Gertner’s Sports Bar (Houston) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Damn D “Luv me,” G Spot Boyz “Stanky Leg,” Hurricane Chris f/ SupaStaar “Halle Berry” Have you ever knowingly been involved with a married man? Knowingly? No. Unknowingly, twice. Darn liars! (laughs) Do you prefer younger or older men in bed? Toughie. Younger ones have the nicer bodies, stereotypically, but I’ll definitely have to go with older guys because they know what to do and they know how to get you ready instead of just jumping right into it.


City: Houston, TX (via Arizona) Website: Myspace.com/ djgloss Mixtape Series: Southern Swang, Meet Me In The Bedroom, Welcome 2 The Hustler Session, Mixtape Murda Affiliations: DJ’z In The Hood, Hustle Squad DJs 3 Songs in Current Rotation: Ludacris f/ T-Pain “One More Drink,” Bobby Valentino “Beep, Beep” Yung Redd f/ Tum Tum “Skittlez What’s the best part about being a sexy female DJ? Since being a female in a male dominated industry is so rare, sometimes you get that gig or that recognition over others cause you stand out. Have you ever sent someone a camera phone picture of yourself naked? Yup, my boyfriend. Cause sometimes we gotta be apart, so you gotta give the anticipation of seeing each other again a little push.


Eque City: Los Angeles, CA (via Hous-

ton, TX) Website: Myspace.com/djeque Affiliations: Bum Squad DJs and Violator All-Stars DJs Clubs: Area (Los Angles) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Ne-Yo “Independent,” T.I. “I’m Illy,” Busta Rhymes f/ Ron Browz “Arab Money” What’s the hardest part about being a sexy female DJ? The hardest part about being a female DJ is when someone won’t hire you because you are a female, and they don’t believe you could rock a party better than a guy can. Or they hired a female before and she really wasn’t that good. So you always have to prove yourself. What’s the best part about being a sexy female DJ? The best part about being a sexy female DJ is when you walk into a party with a dress and heels and everyone from the security and bartenders think you are a go-go dancers, and then you walk behind the turntables and start killing the party.

Yorkie City: Miami, FL (via Cuba)

Website: Myspace.com/djyorkiemusic Mixtape Series: Take 1 and Southern Cookin’ Clubs: Ivy, The Fifth, Broadway, and Nocturnal (Miami, FL) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Beyoncé “Single Ladies,” Ne-Yo “Miss Independent,” Akon “Right Now (Na Na Na)” How often do you think about sex? As often as I switch records. Have you ever knowingly been involved with a married man? No, I had no idea he was married. When I found out I immediately walked away. I won’t put him completely on blast but all I gotta say is “how could you, #3?” That’s cool, I still love basketball. (laughs)

Dimepiece City: Cincinnati, OH (via Los Angeles, CA)

Website: www.djdimepiece.com Radio: 101.1 The Wiz (WIZF - Cincinnati) and Shade 45: Core DJ Radio Mixtape Series: Highly Anticipated and Thug Lovin’ Affiliations: CORE DJs Clubs: Excalibur (Chicago, IL), Boulevard 3 (Los Angeles, CA), Celebrities (Cincinnati, OH) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Sophia Fresh f/ Kanye West “What It Is,” Beyonce “Diva,” Jim Jones f. Ron Browz and Juelz Santana “Pop Champagne” What’s the best part about being a sexy female DJ? The best part about being a sexy female DJ is utilizing your sex appeal and image effectively and responsibly. Unfortunately, many women within the industry utilize more than their sex appeal to get what they want, and are not respected. The key is to recognize your sex appeal and own it every time you step foot in that DJ booth and at any industry event. I love being sexy and at the same time killing the scene with swagger, confidence and skill. Most ladies respect it if they’re not haters and men love it because it’s like a fantasy for them. In most cases, I use that to my advantage to solidify my position in the industry and set me apart from other DJs.

Kaye Dunaway City: Atlanta and Columbia, GA (via Chicago, IL)

Website: Swagtheory.com Mixtape Series: Dirty Dishes and The H.B.I.C. Affiliations: CORE DJs and Murda Mamis Club: The Backdoor (Columbus, GA), Platinum (Atlanta, GA) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Soulja Boy “Turn My Swag On,” Common “Universal Mind Control,” OJ Da Juice Man “Half A Brick”

What’s your favorite position? My favorite position is behind two turntables in a little box they call a DJ booth. Has anyone every sexually propositioned you while you were DJing? If so, what did they say to you? Oh, yeah, but it’s not what they said, but more like what they did and…that’s all I’m giving you. OZONE, ya’ll are so nasty! (laughs) OZONE MAG // 35

Sexiest Female DJs CONTINUED >> SynCity City: New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA (via Mon-

treal, Canada) Website: www.djsyncity.com Mixtape Series: FreshTaDef Clubs: Greenhouse, Marquee, Mansion, Ultra, Honey, Sidetracks (NY and LA) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: T.I. f/ Rihanna “Live Your Life,” Ting Tings “Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)” and Journey “Just a Small Town Girl” If you could have sex with any three celebrities who would they be? Brad Pitt. Did you see how he did Angelina in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I dig the violent but sensual sex. Idris Elba. His English accent is sexy. He’s a part-time DJ, which is a turn-on, loves Hip Hop, and rumor has it that he will be the next James Bond...no woman can resist that. GQ men are a must for me. Michael Jackson. Sike! But wouldn’t you wanna hear him hear say, “Hee! Hee!” while doing it? Or “Shu-mon!” Or yell his lungs out like he did on top of that car in that scene of the “Black and White” video while cummin’? Ok, maybe not. David Beckham. I liked that makeover that Posh Spice implanted on him. He is cute and has a hot body. I saw that huge Emporio Armani billboard of him in New York and his package looked huge too. I love athletic men. And Diddy. I know y’all said three but I’m going to add one more. I just want to do him out of curiosity. I heard he is great in bed.

Princess Cut City: Atlanta, GA

Website: Myspace.com/princesscutatl Mixtape Series: My Singing Soul and Laid Back Stack, Hood Diamond and Funky Ride (podcast series) Clubs: Django’s and Motions (Atlanta) 3 Songs In Current Rotation: Brazilian Girls “Don’t Stop,” Young Jeezy “Takin’ it There,” Sebastian Tellier “Roche” What country has the best guys? The Caribbean Islands. Their guys are masculine and sexy. Isn’t Bob Marley sexy? What’s the best part about being a sexy female DJ? It comes with many perks. Having talent and sexiness goes more than well together.


(above L-R): Frank Lini @ Duval Diamond Awards @ Plush in Jacksonville, FL (Photo: Terrence Tyson); Young Jeezy on the set of Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” video shoot in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Eric Perrin); OJ da Juiceman @ DBS Sounds for his meet & greet in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Ms Rivercity)

01 // Papa Duck @ Pre-Diamond Awards Mixer @ SoHo Lounge (Jacksonville, FL) 02 // 1Lee & JV @ Duval Diamond Awards @ Plush (Jacksonville, FL) 03 // Johnnie Cabbell @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 04 // G Money @ Firestone for Papa Duck’s birthday party (Orlando, FL) 05 // Gucci Poochie & DJ Khaled @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party (Miami, FL) 06 // DJ C-Wiz @ Pearl Fusion (Nashville, TN) 07 // Kendria Parrish @ Club Energy (Waco, TX) 08 // Alex & Lil Boosie @ The Continental for Twaun’s video shoot (Birmingham, AL) 09 // Nokey on the set of Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Eric Perrin & Malik Abdul @ Hot 103.5 (Huntsville, AL) 11 // DJ Smallz @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 12 // DJ Entice @ Mansion for DJ Khaled’s birthday party (Miami, FL) 13 // DJ Hotsauce @ Studio 72 for King Arthur’s Scorpio bash (Atlanta, GA) 14 // Roger @ Primetime for DJ Infamous’ birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 15 // Bizzle @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 16 // Byron Trice (Virginia Beach, VA) 17 // Bigga Rankin & Chill da Million Dolla Man @ Studio Inc for Ace Hood’s release party (Tampa, FL) 18 // Ace Hood @ Calle Orange (Orlando, FL) 19 // 3 Deep & Lil Phat @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 20 // Bee & Mash Promotions @ Club Energy (Waco, TX) 21 // Skye Nightclub’s dancers @ Tropicana Field for Wild 98.7’s Last Damn Show (St Petersburg, FL) 22 // Rob G & Paco @ T-Town for Trae’s mixtape release (Dallas, TX) 23 // Cat Daddy @ Opus Lounge (Dallas, TX) 24 // Da Muzicians @ Studio 72 for King Arthur’s Scorpio bash (Atlanta, GA) 25 // Southern Smoke DVD @ FAMU for Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 26 // Terry @ Barfly (Nashville, TN) 27 // Throwed @ The Fare for his birthday bash (Aggtown, TX) 28 // Tom G @ Studio Inc for Ace Hood’s release party (Tampa, FL) 29 // Malik Abdul & Tracey @ The Roxy for Classic Luau (Orlando, FL) 30 // Lil C @ Hub City Dragway (Hattiesburg, MS) 31 // Young Stet of Dream Team @ Mack’s (Killeen, TX) 32 // Vince Young @ Barfly (Nashville, TN) 33 // Twaun Pledger & DJ Scream @ The Continental for Twaun’s video shoot (Birmingham, AL) 34 // Tony Sunshine @ Calle Orange (Orlando, FL) 35 // Guest & Traffik @ Calle Orange (Orlando, FL) Photo Credits: Edward Hall (23,27); Eric Perrin (03,08,09,11,14,33); Ericka Hicks (30); J Lash (12); Jacquie Holmes (16); Janiro Hawkins (06,26,32); Julia Beverly (05); Kurtis Graham (22); Malik Abdul (04,17,18,21,28,34,35); Ms Rivercity (13,24); Terrence Tyson (01,02,15,19,25,29); Torrey Holmes (10); Tre Dubb (07,20,31)



Words by Julia Beverly // Photo by Wuz Good Is your single “Ride” a real life situation? Do you have a ride-or-die wifey at home or are you a single man on the road having fun? I got a lil’ somethin’ at the crib, you know what I mean? She’ll probably be happy to read that, huh? Fa sho. You came up almost overnight thanks to your situation with Khaled, so I’m sure you’ve got a lot of females trying to get at you now. Have you seen their attitudes change over the last year or two? Yeah, I have. Everywhere I go, even places I’ve visited before and I come back, they might not have been showing too much love when I was there, but the next time around as I get hotter and hotter, they tend to show more love. It’s all good though. Have you been enjoying the groupie love, or do you try to stay away from that? Honestly, I kinda try to stay away from it just ‘cause it’s so much shit floatin’ around. I try to stay on the safe side. Have you had any females come at you and say something crazy? Yeah, I mean, I got females that come up to me and say crazy shit all the time regarding the shit they would do to me, if given this amount of time they could have me feeling like this, you know what I mean? It is what it is though. Does an aggressive female turn you on or off? You know, I like the aggressive type of female, but outta respect for my situation at the crib, I try to keep it cool. What about famous women? Before you became a celebrity yourself, were there any female celebrities that you had on your hit list? I had a little thing for Meagan Good but after a while that urge kinda flipped around. It ain’t like that no mo’. Have you been able to meet any famous women you never thought you’d meet? Yeah, I have, but I wasn’t really into ‘em ‘cause I feel like it’s all fake. I don’t wanna be one of them cats that’s dating another industry female. Fa sho. I’d rather have a regular female that’s been riding with me since the [beginning] and she’s still holding me down. That’s what I like more.

We had a section in the magazine called Groupie Confessions. I know you said you don’t really mess with groupies too heavy, but if somebody did get at you and told a story about it, what do you think she’d say about you? Aw, man, she’d be like, “Ace Hood is that nigga. He put it on me. I never met a nigga like him!” She’ll probably say I took her to heaven.

they don’t know where my residence is. Thank God for that.

What kind of car do you think gets you the most action? Probably that Mercedes – that 560. That Mercedes is nice and suped up. The are ladies definitely digging that.

What’s the secret? How do you take ‘em to heaven? I mean, they just gotta come experience it. They just gotta float on that cloud and just ride with me. I’ma take ‘em places they never been, different positions. I just show ‘em different parts of what I call heaven, which is one of the greatest feelings they’ve ever experienced in their life.

Since you’ve been on the road traveling, what city would you say has the best females? It’s probably gotta be Houston. It’s something in the water out there. It’s a different breed out there most definitely.

Do you think gay marriage should be legal? Nah, I ain’t with all that. I feel like it should be illegal.

Have you had any stalkers? If you putting it on ‘em like that you probably can’t get rid of ‘em. We done ran across a couple of them stalkers but

Do you have a favorite porn star? Nah. (laughs) I ain’t into porn or nothing like that.


Miami is big on strip clubs. Do you break bread in the strip club or have you ever paid for sex? Never did that. I never paid for it and don’t plan on it. I mean, we make it rain here and there, but besides that, nah. [Pussy] is free, you know?

What advice would you give to our readers about safe sex? Wear a rubber. Latex is the best sex, ya dig? Keep it strapped up, double up, whatever you gotta do. Get tested. Keep yourself under control. //

KILLER MIKE Words by Julia Beverly

Who’s your favorite porn star and why? I don’t watch porn enough to actually know people by name and be a fan. But in terms of personal porn, I have my own collection. So you are your favorite porn star? Yeah. Me and whatever beautiful assortment of women are with me. I like chocolate and vanilla, like when you get a light-skinned girl and a darkskinned girl together, personally. But, I guess honestly, Superhead is my favorite porn star. She became my favorite after I saw her in the porno with Mr. Marcus. It’s rare you see black girls give head with that much enthusiasm, and she bagged a professional. That’s the equivalent of a guy who plays at the Run-N-Shoot beatin’ Jordan. (laughs) And he ain’t but 21 [years old]! Yeah, so Karrine Steffans gets my vote for that. Janet Jacme gets an honorable mention. (laughs) What kind of car gets you the most action? Mercedes, no bullshit. Any [model] Benz will work if you’re dealin’ with hoodrats, but if you’ve got a 500 or 600 or 550 or somethin’ you’re good across the board for some action. If you’ve got a 430 or something just take the plates off the back, you know? The big body Benzes and the big body coupes definitely get you in. That’ll get you any girl, from the hoodrats to the Michelle Obamas. You’re good in a fuckin’ Benz. Do you think gay marriage should be legal? I think heterosexual people are not the only people who deserve to hate each other for 50 or 60 years and die, so I have no problem with gays being married. If anybody else wants to suffer with each other for 60 years they can. And straight people are raising gay kids anyway so shit, why not let them adopt? More gay marriage and if you’re a gay kid, a gay couple should be able to adopt you. Pick one: the Vagina Power lady Alexyss Tylor, or Oprah? If you’re talking about just doing her, not marrying her, then definitely Alexyss. Oprah doesn’t look like she’d be fun, you know? Alexyss is a great do! You already know everything she does. “You gotta take the balls, and squeeze them...” The only thing that scares me about Alexyss is that I think she’d try to give me a prostate massage. Sarah Palin or Michelle Obama? Oh, Michelle Obama. Definitely. Could you imagine the sex talk with Sarah Palin? (imitates Sarah Palin accent) “Oooh, wow! What are ya doin’ down there, pal? You’re just goin’ at me like a terrorist why aren’t cha?” Like, who wants to hit someone who talks like the Golden Girl that was from St. Paul? I don’t wanna hit that. After you’re finished with Michelle she’d be like, “Yeah, nigga, I’ma make you a sandwich. Gimme some dap.” And any coochie that can make a man walk that cool and handle that kinda pressure [like Obama], I want more of that. You know what I’m sayin’? Yeah, give me that black beautiful woman all day. And she’s bowlegged. I’m not gonna say anything else, Mrs. President. “Killer Mike was killed today, Kennedy style.” (laughs) Rocsi from 106 & Park or Free? Free. Free over Rocsi all day. Man I’ll give Free face time, everything. You know what I’m sayin’? Free would get big time face time from me. Rocsi is a beautiful, slim sista, but my taste is a lil’ thicker. I like that Free. Khia or Jacki-O? Khia. She’s got that gwap. She’s goin’ hit you good. Y’all are gon’ wake up, smoke some kush and go eat breakfast together on her. Lemme tell you why I like Khia, no bullshit, because as much shit as a dude might talk, man, you gotta admit that it’s something about her that says, “Yo, I wanna see them twins outside of that bra.” Every man who says he wouldn’t hit Khia is lying. Every man is looking at those big ol’ titties and thinking, I’ll hit that. The titties don’t quite reach her knees, they’re just sitting proud on top of her stomach. She’s a big freaky girl from the hood. She’s gonna always stay hood fresh and keep you fresh. She smells good, she’s gonna keep you in some Polo, and her dreads are never stank. Every time I see Khia she’s oiled up and them big titties are just shining and shit. Wait, what are my choices? Khia and who? Yeah, give me Khia. And Khia’s got her own gwap. You’re gonna smoke a blunt with her and she’s gonna take you to the Waffle House. She’ll be like, “I wanna be yo’ lady, and have yo’ baby, and meet yo’ mama, and cook yo’ food.” That’s what I need. Baby, I don’t care what you look like, with everythang you said you’re gon’ do, baby.

Roseanne or Star Jones? Man, I’m fucking the shit outta Roseanne. I’m beatin’ that white bitch down. I don’t want none of that loose goose man! I don’t want none of that Star Jones man! Look man, I ain’t hittin’ behind no girl I ever suspected of datin’ a guy that wasn’t on the level, you know what I mean? If he look like he go both ways, no, no, no, ma’am. You can keep that. New York or Hoopz? Hoopz. Hoopz looks like ‘Pac with a wig on. Not in a bad way, she just looks like Pac’s lil’ sister. That’s why I’d just have to hit her from the back, dawg. I can’t be fuckin’ her lookin’ at Pac! Kim Kardashian or Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls? Definitely Kim Kardashian. I don’t like skinny girls. I’m from the South so a fat ass is a requirement. I’d rather have the fat ass than the skinny girl with the pretty head. Gimme the fat ass any day. And I’m not a big Kim Kardashian fan. Ciara or Ashanti? Ashanti, with those thick thighs. Ashanti over Ciara. Yeah, gimme that Nelly. Gimme that Nelly all day. (laughs) I want some of that, “Uh, oh! E-I-E-I!” Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse? Lindsay Lohan. Definitely, Lohan ‘cause she just gon’ do a lil’ coke, you know what I’m sayin’? She’s gon’ sniff some coke off magic mountain. Amy Winehouse wants to put a rock on the mountain! You can’t hit this pipe with a lighter, bitch! Gimme that Lindsay Lohan. Me, Lindsay, and an eightball of that deeper than rap. Sanaa Lathan or Halle Berry? Man, gimme some of that Halle Berry. Halle Berry is the prettiest white woman on Earth. (laughs) She’s the prettiest white woman outta all the white women in the land. Gabrielle Union and Lauren London, or Halle Berry? Gabrielle Union and Lauren London? Man, kick that most beautiful white bitch to the side. Gimme that chocolate and vanilla! Gimme that Lauren London and Gabrielle Union at the same time. Lemme tell you somethin’ mane, menages always beat out singulars. Ya’ heard me? Sharon Osborne or Barbara Walters? I’ma definitely fuck Barbara Walters, she’s fucked like presidents and sultans and kings. Yeah, that bitch fucked Richard Pryor. I’ma knock the dust off that old pussy. Starr Jones or Al? Who the fuck is Al? Her ex-husband. Gimme big loose skin. And Big Al, you can’t watch. // OZONE MAG // 39

HoE to Housewife By The Bitter-Miss

It’s a rough time to be a woman trying be somebody’s—anybody’s—wifey. There are ten chicks to every quarter-decent man out there, and even that nigga who still ain’t left the corner has three chicks on his shit. But if you want half a chance of being anything more than Thursday’s jump off, an intervention may be needed. Here are a few steps you can take to someday have that nigga take you to dinner at his mom’s house. These tips can’t be stuffed in a garter belt, bitches. Learn something.

Don’t fuck with high profile niggas

You know why Rocsi got a rep for being a ho? Because 50 Cent said so. When that nigga says your “candy shop stays open,” who’s going to argue with that? And let’s not even get into that Lisa Raye shit; we know Rocsi must be praying that someone doesn’t just cut her ass. So next time the dude who is one degree of separation from you and all your people comes around, or you run into that rapper/basketball player/drug dealer, keep that pussy on Fort Knox status. Having your name in the shitter ain’t worth it. Do you really want to be the hook in next summer’s joint? Probably not. If you must have a jump off (ladies have ‘em too), that nigga needs to live in another state, chill with a different social circle or be that lame ass muthafucker who is so relieved to bust a nut, you know his ass ain’t sayin’ shit.

Don’t humor niggas with sex talk

Do not be too available

So what if you’re awake at 7 AM on Sunday morning watching infomercials and would love for someone to rescue you from the monotony. You’ve got shit to do. Unemployed, on parole, broke and with no car, either? Still got shit to do. No one wants a chick with no life, no aspirations and no social life. Most niggas don’t want to enter your life and be your everything. If a dude asks you which day would be best for a date, “oh, anytime” is not an okay response, desperate bitch. Lie, bitch. Tell that man Tuesday’s not good because you’re doing community service at your church, you lyin’ ass hussy.

Don’t go on dates at the crib

If a nigga can’t scrounge up $20 to take your ass to Applebee’s, he doesn’t want you. You do not need to see how nice his damn plasma screen is under three dates deep, at least. You ain’t cheap and your time is valuable. Remember that.

Don’t put it on him too early

First date: he got you feelin’ right, so you let him get it. Too bad, that’s all you got. Your chances of homie sticking around long enough to be anything more than a thick dick are slim. And if your head game is so good you make a dude’s toes curl up, he’s probably thinking you’ve practiced on those 34 mentioned above. No need to lick and suck nipples, ass, balls and toes on date one, you nasty bitch.

Don’t do that nigga no favors

Love sex? He don’t need to know that in the club before he even gets your damn number, dumb ho! Don’t let him know that you can bring Superhead to her knees with your head skills (and jokingly offer a demonstration), get wet in five seconds flat and have a beauty mark on your left pussy lip that the past 20/34 niggas found fascinating. “Haha!” he laughs, but the joke is on you, dumb bitch. Keep your shit on the low low.

There have been a few dudes in my life I would have swam across a shark infested tank for…almost. Picking up the nigga’s laundry, kids, updating his resume, supporting him in all his endeavors and loaning him money is almost the same thing. Think of what he has done for you? Likely he hasn’t done half the shit you’ve done. Make it seem like he’s got to work for your devotion. For real.

Do not accept calls after midnight

Don’t wear that hoochie shit to happy hour…

I once knew this guy who was working in investment banking and thought it was acceptable to call me when he got off work… at 2 AM. What the fuck? Do I look like Akmeem at the fucking gas station? My shit closes at 11 PM, especially since that nigga wasn’t investing in my ass, if you know what I mean. If a nigga calls you during booty call hours, DO NOT pick up the phone. Remember, the goal is wife material. Wife material is sleeping at 2 AM. And if it has been so long since you got some, don’t go to that lazy nigga’s house. Make his ass come get the pussy, that no good nigga.

Or a club, or a date, or to church. But if we’re talkin’ happy hour, I’m thinking you’re supposed to look like the kind of chick with a damn job, where there’s probably some sort of dress code. So when you walk up into McGowan’s bar or some hotel lounge in your lycra, polyester blend dress, all you will look like is a high class hooker (and I ain’t even hatin’ on that, really, but that ain’t gonna make you wifey). A clean, casual look that subtly emphasizes your assets is a better choice.

Stop with that M.A.C. lip gloss

You know how dirty today’s little girls are, giving these 12-year-old lil niggas hard-ons on the dance floor, damn over-developed little hos. And even if you were that chick at the school dance that everyone circled around when you put it on your dance partner, at 26, you need to get over that shit. A jazzed up two-step don’t hurt nobody.

Ladies, I can’t tell you how many of you like to slather on that super-high shine lip gloss, walking around looking like your mouth had a boxing match with a can of petroleum jelly. Your lips should not look like a lubed asshole. Blot that shit off. All a dude sees is his dick in your mouth.


Don’t get down like it’s a high school party

WHAT I LEARNED FROM SOUTHERN Hip Hop Last month, while at a strip club in Atlanta I realized that I’ve learned a lot about sex from listening to Hip Hop. Maybe it was the liquor, but I really started to think hard about what I’ve learned from different types of Hip Hop. east coast, gangsta rap, hipster rap, commercial rap, etc. but I’ve learn the most about sex from Southern Hip Hop. by blogxilla

Women Will Cheat

T.I.’s 2006 single “Why You Wanna” taught me that a woman will cheat on her man, if she is faithful to a dude that is whack. Now, she’ll try hard to stay faithful by telling the other man no, even though her panties are wetter than New Orleans during Katrina, but eventually she’ll break and end up giving him some. All you have to do is show her that you’re better than her current situation. If you ask the right questions you are guaranteed to get laid within a few weeks.

“He think he too fresh to show you that you the best / Compliment you on your intellect and treat you wit’ respect / Been a while since you got it like this, I bet”

The Baddest One thing the South is known for is having the baddest women on the face of the earth, and if you listen to Hip Hop you’ll soon learn they are down for whatever. In 1998 Trick Daddy and Trina made that fact clear as ever with their hit song “Na’nn.” Females in the south will do whatever you like if you talk to them the right way. After Trick Daddy made it clear to Trina that he was that dude she made it even clearer to him that she is the down to please him sexually, just as most women in the south are.

“Now you don’t know nann uh-uh / That’ll ride you on the dime / Who love to fuck all the time”

Beat It Up

Now that your game has gotten the women to your house, hotel room or club bathroom you have to do it right, and if you’ve been listening you should know women like it rough. In 2005 the Ying Yang Twins gave you their guide to approaching rough sex called “The Whisper Song” and the South ate it up. It should start with a gentle “Whisper” in her ear and then tell her you’re going to beat that pussy up.

“Like B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM”

Lick Em Low

What does everybody love? Head! Women may love it even more, as I learned from Ludacris 2004 smash “What’s Your Fantasy.” Going down is an art form which should be done right. If done right she’ll do all the things Trina and Shawna rapped about in their respective songs.

“Whipped cream with cherries and strawberries on top / Lick it don’t stop, keep the door locked don’t knock while the boat rock”

Strippers Need Love Too Just ask T-Pain.


1o Ways Porno Flicks Ruined My Sex Life By Playboy Tre As told to Eric Perrin


1o 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

In 10th grade I couldn’t go to school without watching Janet Jacme and rubbing one out first. Janet, I love you!! I thought I was supposed to spit on the pussy. She never let me fuck again. I made a chick wear knee-high boots while we fucked in the Chevy, and she poked holes in my ceiling and seats. Bitch ain’t paid me back yet. I sprained the ACL in both knees trying to do a position I saw on Booty Talk 13. I think housekeeping should come in and magically wanna suck my dick too! Same for the rent lady! I showed my girl the Superhead DVD and said, “You need to give head like that.” She said only if she could write a book about my Two minutes of Thunder. I find myself talking to women in all kind of settings and thinking, “Girl, shut up and pop a titty out.” They would on a flick. I think all my hams should let me call them dirty little whores and sluts during sex. Lily Thai and Kapri Styles would! After I saw Jada Fire squirt I was determined to drill every chick that squirts in America. I fell like all my Hams should be into licking other Hams and we should go and smoke some Hams together. I mean after all, this is the “Ham Squad” Skooooooool!!!!




oughly two years ago OZONE SAT DOWN with Lil Keke and the rest of Swishahouse to talk about their plans for the future. The city of Houston was excited, and a little skeptical, about the southside artist signing with the northside imprint. All skepticism disappeared when the single “Chunk Up The Deuce” came out and started moving units. Using a sample of his own voice as the hook, Lil Keke displayed his freestyle flow over Michael “5000” Watts

by DeVaughn Douglas screwed & chopped beat proving that the north and southside could work well together.

records so I’ve always been in the situation where I could just drop whenever I want to. I could drop 2 – 3 times a year and be good. You can go look at my history and see that I’ve got 15 or 20 albums.

That single was followed by a feature on Paul Wall’s song “Break ‘Em Off”where Keke showed off his signature flow. Then came the single “I’m A G” featuring Baby, which quickly debuted and charted on 106 & Park. With all the singles and videos coming out of the Swishahouse camp it was expected that Loved By Few, Hated By Many, Lil Keke’s new album, would be out for the summertime. Instead, nothing happened and it looked like the album was going to wind up in the Hip Hop vault where Dr. Dre and Raekwon are keeping Detox and Only Built for Cuban Linx II. Lil Keke didn’t disappear, however, and has been steadily doing shows and releasing mixtapes to appease his fans’ appetites. Lil Keke once again sits down with OZONE to talk about the new album, his place in Hip Hop, and the future of the Houston rap scene.

I think the count on Wikipedia is 18. Yeah. I do albums like mixtapes. You can go pick up my new mixape and it will sound like an album. I mean, albums are so political. I can have $50,000 ready for someone and still won’t be able to get them cleared on a song. I’m the godfather of Paul Wall’s daughter and “Chunk Up the Deuce” is not even on the album because we couldn’t get him cleared.

The obvious question is, what’s going on with the album? It’s in stores now. First off, there was a lot of controversy because I’m not signed with Swishahouse. Me and T. Farris have a deal. We took the deal to Universal, and what people don’t understand is that when “Chunk Up The Deuce” came out I didn’t even have a deal. That was just for buzz. We didn’t get a deal with Universal until maybe about a year ago. At first Universal was not interested in getting behind a street record. The didn’t necessarily want to get behind “I’m A G.” It’s just gotten to the point now where I just want to get it to the fans. This situation is just so different to me. I’ve sold 800,000 independent

Chamillionaire was recently saying he wasn’t able to get a lot of people cleared for one of his songs. Why is that such a problem with Houston artists being that you all are a small tight knit group? It’s the record companies. Paul Wall and I are brothers....and I couldn’t get this man cleared. Asylum, at one point, thought I was signed to Swishahouse and that we somehow had something funny going on. Plus, they felt as though Swishahouse was promoting me through them. I never had a deal with Swishahouse, it was more like an affiliation. When you pick up my record and flip it over it’s going to say TF Records/Universal. Having a major label deal is just different. Even right now I am not Universal’s priority, but can you name anyone from my era that has a deal, puts out videos, still drops albums, and has consistently dropped hits? I feel like the only reason I’m here is because of talent. Talent outweighs everything. I always bring up the Vanilla Ices and MC Hammers to show that there are artists that were here and are now gone. But when you look at a Jay-Z or a Tupac, talent shines


through. You can make the hottest song and sell the most records but if you don’t have talent to back it up it won’t last. At the end of the day I’m fortunate to have a deal, but what a lot of people don’t know is that you have to work harder after the deal. You can’t sit back, and that’s the mistake I made. I learned I have to work so much harder. I’m already working on the second album out of this deal. Your Texas fans have been waiting on the album and a lot of them feel you should have dropped a while ago. Do you feel like you didn’t capitalize off of the anticipation? The anticipation was so big here [in Houston]. I wasn’t in the situation where I could drop and album for just my Texas and Louisiana fans. This was my first national deal so I had to get the Florida buzz, the California buzz, and the East Coast buzz too. I love my fans for sticking through this with me while we tried to put everything together. It’s time to give my fans what they have been asking for because they’ve waited long enough. The deal is in full effect. Could everything be better? It could be a whole lot better. But with the way the game is, to have a deal at all means something. Some of the biggest artists in the game right now aren’t selling records. It’s just making sure you make it through this time and stick it out because the game is going to flip back. We as the Hip Hop community just need to support it. If you want to see these shows and hear these artists you need to support. Look what happened to Rap City. It’s gone. It’s hard as hell to get the label to do a video now because there’s no outlet. You may just have to take it straight to the internet. At this point I’m not hurting for money or looking for any accolades so it’s time to just give my fans what they want. I want my fans to see the growth. I want them to see we’re more than sippin’ syrup and drank. I want people to see that I’m one of the best lyricists. I just want to feed people the album because they are waiting on it. The singles are already out there. Plus, “I’m A G” might be some of the simplest lyrics I have ever done. I didn’t even want to do that song because I was afraid the people were getting tired of the screwed up hook. T. Farris convinced me and the song just took off, but Universal didn’t want to get behind it. It was on BET and Universal didn’t want to get behind it. Now, Universal is actually apologizing because they let that record go. Houston had a buzz in the Hip Hop world but that has kinda faded. Now a lot of Houston artists are gearing up for another run with this sudden release of music from Chamillionaire, Slim, Trae, Z-Ro, Devin, and now you. Do you feel that Houston is getting ready for another shot at national success?

We are self-made millionaires. We sell mixtapes down here like it’s nothing. It’s easy for one of us to sell 10,000 mixtapes. This time we have to show that we have the talent to survive. In order to get these budgets and deals we have to show we have the talent. People really don’t understand how self-made we are in Texas. We do everything on our own. We become so big in our own state that you don’t have to leave. Trae can make $100,000 in two weeks. Z-Ro can make $100,000 in two weeks. I think a lot of us are now just trying to show that there is talent here. We don’t like people looking at us like we’re watered down versions of rap. When you hear my album if you don’t say nothing else you will say, “Lil Keke can rap his ass off.” You’ve named a few artist from Houston who have often spoken about you as one of their reasons for rapping. What is it like being amongst a group of people who are on the same level as you but at the same time look up to youl? Let’s write it down. (grabs a pen and paper) We got Bun B – “Draped Up.” We got Pimp C – “Knockin’ Doors Down.” We got Paul Wall – “Break ‘Em Off.” We got Z-Ro - “Who’s the Man.” We got Trae – I mean....he’s got three out already..”Screw Done Already Warned Me.” Slim Thug – “Wood Grain Wheel.” These are songs where the hooks are all samples of [my voice]. Every single one. At the end of the day I love it. These are all my brothers. Another thing is, I didn’t charge them a dime for all these songs. Not a dollar. Not a dime. Zero. Every artist from down here has sampled Keke in some kind of way to make a single and I didn’t charge them anything. I just got more business from them. I mean, T Farris worked it out so I get my ringtone and publishing money but as far as up-front charging, [it’s] never happened. I’m just proud they consider me as someone you want to sample. When the MTVs and BETs come down here they overlook so much. Yeah, you should come look at the new school because the new school has done so much for the game, but you can’t ignore the history. Fat Pat and I created this swag, and these people look over us. That’s like going to New York and saying Papoose - and Papoose is cold - is the best thing to ever come out of New York, but you’ve never heard Jay or B.I.G.. Now if you want to say how the game changed, and how the new school brought Houston to the world then you talk to people like Paul Wall or Mike Jones. The thing is, if you want the history of how all of this got started – this candy, this drank, this talkin’ – you can’t ask nobody but me. This is my swag. There is not a rapper from here that I talked about that can say they didn’t get some of their swag from me. I’m not saying I’m better then them or they’re better than me but this is my talk so you should at least want to hear how I say it.



1. My Wife 2. Alicia Keys 3. Angel LolA Luv 4. Ciara 5. Melyssa Ford 6. Stacey Dash 7. Coco 8. Vida 9. HoopZ 10. ONE OF RusselL’s nieces


You may have heard Houston rap about cars or whatever, but I guarantee you haven’t heard it them tell it like I tell it. You’re gonna hear all that same shit again but I promise you it’s gonna be so different. You’re gonna say, “That’s where they get their swag from,” after you listen to my album. I don’t get on the other artists in Texas that rap like me. It’s just my job to keep getting better and give them more [material] to use. Why do you think the Houston movement didn’t take off like Atlanta? The competition here is just so out of hand. We’re getting a little better, but it started out so bad because of the thing between the North and South. Screwed Up and Swishahouse. The people on the Northside did not have to come to the South just like the people on the Southside did not have to come to the North. This city is that big where people just don’t have to deal with each other. Right now we’re just growing and Atlanta just started before us. I know one thing, if Atlanta is arguing [amongst themselves], we don’t know [about it]. If Houston is arguing, we all know. We argue our ass off. That’s what “Chunk Up The Deuce” was about; trying to bring the north and the south together. I’m the only one that can do that. Everyone else is scared to be the leader. What people don’t know is that I, a Southside artist, have sold way more records on the Northside, according to Soundscan. Paul Wall, who’s from the Northside of Houston, has said in a few interviews that you were his favorite rapper and he used to buy and hide your CDs so people wouldn’t know he was a fan. It used to be like that. It’s time for someone to step up for Houston. You have to want to be a T.I. or a Young Jeezy. T.I. says he is king of the South and his whole city stands behind him. Can The Franchise Boyz say they’re the kings of the South? Can Ja Rule say he’s king of New York? Now, can Jay-Z call himself the king of New York? That’s the difference; your city has to stand behind you. You have to want to take that role as a leader. There’s a lot of Tracy McGradys but only one Kobe. When the Houston movement was getting big no one wanted to play that position. Everyone was just like, “I made it....and you didn’t help me so it’s all about me.” And it wasn’t just Northside artists because the Southside was doing it too. I used to not get along with Lil Flip but we work together now. When his run came he just wanted to do his thing and not really bring up the city. Right now you have to show the talent to represent Houston. I can go to the BET Awards, stand on stage, say “I’m Houston,” and the city will stand up. There are certain artists from Houston that can’t do that. I take it with this album you’re trying to be the Kobe of Houston. Who are some of the other artists out of your city that you are looking at to back you up? Trae’s gonna back me. Trae is gonna make it because—he’s arrogant, don’t get me wrong. He’s my brother but he’s arrogant—but he works hard. His feelings are on the line with this music. I used to be like that so I understand. I love Z-Ro. I want everyone to hear Z-Ro. And Yung Redd is a bad muthafucka. I want to hear everyone out of Houston. When you talk about classic Houston artists most people outside of Texas think of UGK, who are actually from Port Author, and Scar-

face. Why do you feel you’re not recognized along with them? Just the labels and the deals. I sold 300,000 records before I wanted to be a rapper. I did this when it was just a popularity contest. I never did a demo. I’ve never been in a talent show. I never turned a CD over to an A&R. When we shot the “Southside” video we paid $70,000 to do the video just to say we did it. We didn’t know anything about taking a video to BET. We weren’t thinking about going to BET. When more people started noticing the talent I wanted to get more in the game. Most of the time if people don’t respect me as an artist it’s just because they don’t know me. They just don’t know. If they had any idea or clue it wouldn’t be like that.

and sold millions. Alan [Grunblatt] over at Koch apologized to me about that one as well. When I went to Koch, in 2000, they gave me $200,000. I’m 24 years old. I wasn’t worried about no career. I was just doing what I wanted to do.

There are some fans in this city right now that will argue from here to Jay-Z about how talented I am. As the budgets get bigger I’m going to show people the talent that is here in Houston. You just need the money to get out there. For instance, I feel like Jadakiss got the toughest mouth coming from [New York] that I have ever heard. When you hear all the rumors about everyone trying to sign him, like Jay-Z, you believe it because he’s cold. I tell people I’m the Jadakiss of Texas. If Jadakiss had a 50 Cent budget, [he’d be bigger]. To be honest, look at Jay-Z. We didn’t get that talent until Big and Pac left and he started making more noise. The talent was always there but it just has to get out to the people. It doesn’t matter that he took it from 27 – 37 to get his money because when he stops he will be considered one of the top people in the game. When I leave the game I want to be in that position and I don’t care if it takes 15 years.

You say a lot of Houston artists got popular off of your rap. Houston artists are often considered to have limited subject matter. What top-

What was the big difference between the S.U.C. (Screwed Up Clique) and Swishahouse, and how are things now with the S.U.C? Right now I just want to do bigger things with the S.U.C. No more small mixtapes, because we’ve done enough of those. It’s time to get some deals so we can bring them to a national level. That legacy will always be there, but the originals need to come out. There are so many people that are watering down what we created.

ics are you talking about on your album? It’s like this. Jeezy talks all the crack shit that you can hear. But man, that new album got some new crack shit that he be saying and I just love it. (laughs) I can hear about four other people rap about crack but none of them do it like Jeezy. All his bird talk makes me want some Popeyes! I’m gonna touch on a lot of areas on my album but at the end of the day nobody can talk this talk like me. When I rap I paint pictures of the ghetto. You feel what I’m rapping about. I don’t care what I’m rapping about because I’m always going to say it so that I stand out from anyone else out there. I can’t [rap about] dancing and going to parties with tight pants because that’s not my lane. At this point I feel like we have heard everything. Everybody’s got money. Everybody’s got cars. We’ve heard everything. It’s my job to say it in a new way. I’m about to go to work. //

Just imagine what it will be like when the rest of the world gets overwhelmed by Keke the way my own city does. These people are not anticipating this album behind some nursery rhymes. They’re not waiting for this album behind some ringtones. This is talent. This is my job. Right now I can’t walk down the street without getting asked about my album. How many people still get waited on for two or three years? On an old nigga like me? Shit, I got the OG’s in the street so right now I’m just trying to get my new fans, the 15 and 16 year olds that are just discovering Keke. I want my fans to look at this album as a career that’s starting and not one that’s ending. Now that you have to market yourself to a whole new generation are you learning anything from the new school of artists? I’m learning. I’ve learned so much from Paul. How to shake every hand. How to kiss every baby. How to be on time. Paul doesn’t have to write another major rhyme in his life and he’ll still sell records off of his personality alone. Do you feel that you should accept part of the blame for not being as big of a star as you could? Yeah. I took this game as a hustle instead of a career for so long. DJ Screw’s house was just fun. We paid to do those CDs. We wasn’t getting money. The new generation came in getting money, but not us. I had to convince Fat Pat to write his whole album because he wanted to just go in the booth and freestyle the thing. I used to just do a CD for $40,000 cash. I got CDs and verses all over the place. Until I saw my raps selling millions I didn’t think about a career. When I first signed with Koch they said, “Don’t rap like that.” No “coming down” and “swangin.” Then two years later Paul and them came out with my rap OZONE MAG // 47

STD myths

You can catch a STD from smoking a blunt with someone? Yes. You can contract herpes if sharing a blunt with someone infected with the disease. But you can relax a little. The only way to contract it is if the infected person has open sores, cuts or bleeding in their mouth. Unless you plan on doing oral searches on everyone you smoke with it’s best you either not worry about it too much, or just smoke by yourself.

You can catch an STD from getting a tattoo? The answer is yes. You’re mildly succeptable to catching HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C since they are the three STDs that can be contracted through contact with an infected person’s blood. The risk of actually catching an STD after getting a tattoo is very low. You’d have to have the absolute worst luck to happen to get tatted right after an infected person by a tattoo artist who used an unsterilized needle.

You can catch STDs with 2 condoms on? Yes. Wearing two condoms during intercourse actually heightens the risk of contracting an STD because the excess friction of wearing two condoms could cause both of them to break, thus exposing skin on skin. So being extra safe isn’t necessarily the best bet.

You can catch a STD from getting or giving head? Yes. You run the risk of getting an STD anytime you participate in oral sex. Though the risk is lower than it would be from unprotected anal or vaginal sex, if the person going down has any cuts or open sores in their mouth their blood can enter your body via the lining of the vagina or the tip of the penis. The same goes for the person receiving it. Chances of catching something increase if you’re letting them “skeet skeet” in your mouth.

You can catch a STD drinking after others? Yes, but not a STD technically. You can contract oral herpes from sharing drinks with an infected person if they have open sores. It’s the same thing as sharing drinks with someone who has the common cold or hanging around someone with the pink eye. You’re more likely to catch mono though. Either way, just be careful.


Jay-Z. [Jay-Z] doesn’t seem like he can do much in bed. Ok, how about Lil Wayne or T-Pain? This is hard because neither one I would do. Lil Wayne. I don’t know, he just…I don’t think I could be high enough or drunk enough to go there [with T-Pain]. Big Boi or Andre 3000? Big Boi. Because Andre seems like he would be too weird in the bed. I ain’t into all that weird shit. Alright. I’ll give you one more: DJ Drama Or DJ Khaled? Drama. Because Khaled got a belly and it just looks disgusting. He don’t look like he got nothing. Lets talk about your song “Smell Yo Dick.” Do you actually smell your man’s dick? Of course. So, what’s the reasoning behind smelling a dick? Well, it can be a couple reasons why you can smell your man’s dick. On the song I made it was to find out if your man was cheating. Another reason would be, you smell it before you suck it, because if it smell kinda musty you ain’t finna go down there. That’s the other reason why you would wanna smell your man’s dick. So, what does it have to smell like for you to suck it? It damn sure better not smell musty, or somebody’s else pussy. It just needs to not have a smell. The best thing to do would be to just take a shower before that. What’s your favorite position? Doggy. Is that the same position that you’re best at? Nah. What position you best at? Riding. What’s the worst sex you ever had? It was less than five minutes. It made me wonder why even bother. What’s the best you ever had? That went on for a long time and it was many positions I’ve never tried before. How long was it? Three hours.

riskay Words by Randy Roper

The Florida girl behind the “riskay” song “Smell Yo Dick” breaks down what a dick should smell like before she goes down on the love below. To start off I’m going to give you two celebrities and you pick which one of the two you’d rather fuck. T.I. or Ludacris? And why? T.I. cause he’s sexy. Nas Or Jay-Z? Nas, of course. He seems more fuckable than

Does size matter to you? Yes. I don’t care what nobody says, men with little dicks have to do more fucking than men with bigger dicks. They get straight to the point. I don’t like nobody humping and they’re not getting no work. Do you send text messages about fucking? Yes. What types of messages do you send and receive? Just messages about how I liked to be fucked, and the same thing comes back to me. What’s the best message you ever got? When I was told that he liked to eat ass. That really did it for me.

So you like getting your ass licked? I don’t know nothing about that. Yeah, of course. It’s like, if you’re not expecting it and then you feel it, it’s like, “damn, that shit’s right. Eat that ass.” I mean, you’ve never had your ass ate, but I know guys that like getting their ass ate. Do you use toys in bed? Yes. My Jack Rabbit, and I’ve got this little vibrator for the clit. My men get to use it on me. Do you think it’s better when you use toys? I like the toy thing because I know how to hit my spot. And then I ain’t gonna worry about trying to make somebody else nut. I can get my nut at least five times when I use my toy. Do you answer the phone during sex? Yeah. I don’t know if they can hear me, but I don’t care. I mean, I have my conversation, I be like, “Man, I’m in the middle of doing something, so hurry up.” Do you talk dirty during sex? What’s the craziest thing you ever heard or said during sex? “I love you.” That was just a sexual thing. And when it was over I was like, “What did you say that for?” What kinds of dirty stuff do you say during sex? “Fuck this pussy.” I just be like, “Fuck it harder, faster.” Do you have sex to music? I have but I really don’t care. When I wanna fuck, I just fuck. So if you did have sex to music what type of music would you play? Slow music. Sometimes I just wanna have sex slow. Do you like getting head or having sex better? Having sex. The whole act of having sex, you know, holding somebody, being intimate, I think that’s more personal than head. I just like being one with somebody. Do you sleep in the wet spot or does the man sleep in the wet spot? If it’s a hotel, we have to get two beds, so neither one. If I’m at home, I just roll to the end of the bed. How long can you go without sex before you need to have sex again? I can go a long time without having sex with a person, and have sex with myself everyday. I can go a long time without sex. The longest I’ve been was four years. How long do you go before you get horny and want to have sex with a person? Probably a month. Do you like younger or older men? Younger. Because their endurance is more than an older man. If you could never make another dollar or never have sex which would you choose? Not have sex, because I love money. If T.I. told you that you could have whatever you like, what would you ask for? A million dollars. So once he’s gone, at least I’ve got my own money to do whatever the hell I want. //



You were a strong advocate for the “Respect My Vote” campaign. Are you optimistic about the “change” that Barack’s election means for the country? I definitely think it shows growth and breaks down the boundaries. It shows the outstanding possibilities when you work hard, when you believe in yourself, put passion in what you do. Knowing that you have to go away for a year starting in March, what kind of mindframe are you in right now? Does it affect the way you conduct yourself now, both professionally and personally? It doesn’t. You’re just thankful that you’re coming close to the time where you can put this all behind you and move on. Do you anticipate being in there for a full year? What have they told you as far as that goes? Nobody’s told me anything. I can’t say. I have no control over that. Right now, I can only anticipate what I know for sure and that is once I’ve lived up to my end of the bargain, then a year and a

day is what I have to live for. “Ain’t I” is a big record for the Grand Hustle camp. Yung LA is Dro’s artist, right? Yeah, Dro brought L.A. to Grand Hustle. Obviously it’s a known fact that you’re a great rapper, but I think you’re also underrated when it comes to your business skills and the team you’ve assembled. A lot of artists have their own “record labels” but never even drop another artist’s album. How do you find artists that are motivated enough and take the initiative to keep that momentum going? I don’t think it’s a point of finding those people. I think you got to take the people you have around you and inspire them to do better. You’ve got to lead by example. They learn by watching me. They compare what they do to what they see me do. I invite and welcome everyone to do what it takes and create opportunities. I even help them create opportunities so they can reach my level of success if not go further.

Even in light of the legal situation you’re currently facing, I read that you still take care of the people in your camp financially because you didn’t want them to suffer due to your mistake. How many people depend on you for your livelihood? If I’m not mistaken, I think we employ 33 people. You just have to do good business and structure your [company] financially in a way that your business can still exist and function properly and fiscally without you being physically present. That’s a lot of responsibility. Sure. And that’s just Grand Hustle. That’s not counting a crew, or Club Crucial, or Street Cred, or any of my other endeavors. That’s just Grand Hustle. I don’t know how much you can actually talk about the case… Nah, I ain’t gonna talk about it in no specific detail. I don’t think it’s nothing else that could be said about it that ain’t already been said. I think it’s a lil bit redundant right now to keep


regurgitating the same facts over and over again. I think I’m beginning the process of putting this all behind me. I ain’t really focusing on it. I saw your interview you did the other day with Chelsea Lately. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of comments on that. It seems like you’re getting to a point where mainstream white America is paying attention to you. Even though you were a superstar before, you might not have necessarily gotten that mainstream recognition that you’re getting now. Do you think that’s true? I think every year we grow and we create different, new opportunities for ourselves and we expand under successes of the previous year. A lot of people say this most recent album is your best work so far. Do you agree with that? I think every album is my best work so far. What can you do on the next one to top what you’ve done already? Are you already working on it? Yeah, I’m working on it. I can’t tell you until I wrap my mind totally around what it is that’s gonna be done. When I figure it out completely, then I’ll share it with the rest of you guys. It’s been said that you lost $10 million dollars in sponsorships and such due to your most recent arrest. Do you feel like the experience you’ve gained or the things you’ve learned going through that process was worth what you may have lost financially? Of course if I could do it all again I would avoid it completely and do what was necessary to keep me from having to put myself in such a tragic, hazardous situation. But I feel like God don’t make mistakes, so if that’s the plan he had for me, who am I to disagree?

community. This situation only expounded on all the things I had already been doing. The focus has really been on violence prevention, correct? Yeah, violence and making good decisions, values, and education, all types of different things, just living productive lives. What’s your advice to teenagers on how to constructively deal with situations without violence? Thinking about the things they do, instead of just going out there and acting irresponsibly without any regard for the consequences that are to come.

Have you taken acting classes or had a mentor or anything, or just picked it up yourself? I haven’t taken any acting courses. I mean, I would if it were necessary. Like if I did a [biographical] role and I was trying to specifically act like someone, if I was responsible for depicting someone else’s personality and mannerisms, someone else’s dialect, then I would take acting lessons. As far as portraying a character off the pages of a script, I don’t think I need lessons for that. Speaking of mentors, the one piece of advice Denzel and Will Smith gave me was not to act. “Don’t get caught acting, just be, just do it.” You’ve gotta be honest. If you’re fakin’ and pretendin’ for the camera, it’ll show. Acting coaches teach you how to act.

“I don’t like to speak directly about my situation [with girlfriend Tiny]. I think that’s how we’ve remained so strong for so long because we don’t let people in our business and we don’t put ourselves out there like that. People that know, know; people that don’t need to stay out our business.“ Tell me about AKOO. Many artists lend their name to a clothing line, as a spokesperson. Is this actually a line that you’ve designed yourself? It’s a collaboration. We’re definitely hands on in the designing, the marketing, and the cultivating of that line.

There were some rumors or allegations, and 50 Cent made some comments, implying that you were a snitch or you did something unethical to get off with less time. Do you have any thoughts on that? That’s absolutely false. If that were the case it would be public record. You can pull up my agreement and if cooperation was a part of it, it would list it right there in my affidavit. If there’s not an indictment with my name on it, with my signature, saying that someone had done something, and if I had snitched on someone, wouldn’t they have come forward by now and say it was me that put them in jail? I think that’s preposterous. If there was a such thang as being a secret snitch we’d have no need for the witness protection program. People just wanted to see my outcome be a lot more negative than it was, and you know, that’s just the hater in them. I think God’s plan for me supersedes that hate.

AKOO stands for? A King of One’s Self.

You’ve been doing a lot of community service as part of your court requirements. Are there any moments that have really stood out to you, where you feel like you’ve really been able to help somebody? Have you learned anything from the process of giving back to the community? I enjoy all of it. I’ve been doing it even before this situation. This is something I’ve been very passionate and working very consistently at, even prior to this. Every Christmas I’ve been giving back, every Thanksgiving, every back to school, I’ve been doing things. I’ve always been working with the Boys and Girls Club, It’s Cool to Be Smart, I’ve always worked with the Make a Wish Foundation, YMCA, Youth Detention Centers, trying to do everything I could to give back to the

So you just did a record together to prove it was no situation, basically? Yeah, it wasn’t major. It was of very little importance. It was a non-issue to me.


acting projects? Yeah, I was. I’m doing a film right now, it’s a flick about some young, fly bank robbers pulling the biggest heist of their life.

I’m guessing that was your idea. Absolutely. Are you surprised? Nah, you have the King theme throughout your family and albums so it makes sense. Is the line mostly t-shirts to begin? Naw, we have an entire line – outer wear, denim, t-shirts, polos, button downs, knit sweaters, jogging suits, leather hoodies, everything. We have a lot of different items. We’re in some Macys, some DTLRs, some Dr. Denims, and some other department stores and specialty stores. Recently you and Ludacris officially squashed whatever situation there was… I’ve already told you it was never really a situation.

I don’t know if you want to speak on the other guy from Bankhead, but rumor has it that’s also been squashed. Is that true? As far as I’m concerned. I don’t have time to dwell on anything negative. I ain’t focusing on nothing but positivity and prosperity. Anything other than that, I don’t got time to waste on it. I salute whoever shares my enthusiasm. It’s always been a non-issue to me. Were you happy with your performance in American Gangster? Do you have any upcoming

A lot of artists go into acting just because it’s the most logical progression from music, but obviously, all rappers aren’t great actors. True. I don’t think I’m a great actor yet. I think I’m decent. I think I’m good at what I do, but great? I don’t know about that. I’m working towards being great. Those are my definite intentions. Well, this is for the sex issue, and you know OZONE keeps it raw. On the Chelsea Lately show you referred to your relationship as a “considerable situation.” A significant situation. That’s because I don’t like to speak directly about my situation [with girlfriend Tiny]. I think that’s how we’ve remained so strong for so long because we don’t let people in our business and we don’t put ourselves out there like that. People that know, know; people that don’t need to stay out our business. That’s the way we keep it and I think that works to our advantage. Do you think by labeling a situation it causes more pressure? I think by putting people in your business you open it up for criticism, for ridicule, for unnecessary opinions. All the people I’ve seen stay strong and stay together, that’s how I see ‘em do it. Like Jay and B – they’ve been together just about as long as me and my ol’ lady been together. That’s how they do it and I feel it’s working for them. That’s how we do it and it’s working for us. The blogs seem to have new rumors about you, and about you and Tiny, daily. How do you not let that affect you? I deal with the truth and I ain’t seen nothing they said that was true yet so it ain’t necessary for me to deal with it. The blogs are 100% wrong? Yep. I ain’t seen nothing that was true yet. Not of any shock value. Not anything that was other than obvious. What’s obvious? T.I. went out and voted. Stuff like that [is true]. I know you had some issues with your baby’s

mother recently. There was some publicity about that and you put out a statement. Obvious. See, that was true. It’s understood from your statement that you pay for all the things the kids are involved with. A lot of men deal with similar situations, and my question to you is, do you think the mother needs to go out and get a job even if she has a successful baby’s father? Or do you think that staying home and taking care of the kids is a full-time job within itself? I think parenting is a partnership, no matter what. 50/50. I would love to spend 100% of my time with my kids. I would love to be there with them every day for whatever reason they wanted me to be there, but I have to get out there and go to work. I have to create more opportunities and a better lifestyle for them, not only a better life for them today, but a better life for their futures. Although I may want to be there, I know that my responsibility is to get out there and earn a living for them to have healthy lifestyles and prominent futures. If a mother can still do that and stay home, then by all means do that. If you can work and stay at home, do that, but you’re not gon’ lean on me and make it seem like I’m responsible for the funds at your house and at my house, because you’re grown. My children got everythang they need, everythang they could possibly want or desire. If it’s things you don’t have for yourself, then you need to be doing more for yourself.

you envision down the road? That’s God’s plan, not mine. So your album is in stores and your clothing line is in stores. Is there anything else you want to plug? Big Kuntry King’s My Turn to Eat is also in stores. DJ Drama’s album Gangsta Grillz Part 2 coming soon. Yung L.A.’s project is coming along. It’ll be released soon. We’re working on 8Ball & MJG’s projects, as well as B.G. We’re working on the Mac Boney project. You know, Grand Hustle’s just continuing to do our thang. We’re also finalizing the deal we’re about to do with Killer Mike to bring him into the fold as well. //

At the same time, do you think the mother should be compensated for things she may have had to sacrifice in her life in order to take care of the child? We’ve all had to sacrifice to take care of our kids. I don’t think any of us deserve to be compensated for that. We’re compensated for that with loving children. Hell naw, nobody deserves to be compensated. Everybody made sacrifices. Do they deserve to be compensated? Fuck naw. They’re compensated with the children they have. That’s their compensation. The smiles on their children’s faces, that’s their compensation. Don’t nobody work hard as me. I work 18-20 hour days. Do I deserve to be compensated for the sacrifices I make? Is she gon’ compensate me? Hell naw. When it’s tension between the parents, how difficult is it to keep that from affecting the children? I don’t think it affects them unless the parents allows it to affect them. I don’t think it affects them unless the parents put them in that business, which I don’t do. Even [if we have problems], I don’t have nothing bad to say about their mama, because at the end of the day, that’s their mama. It doesn’t make me feel better to see someone else feel worse. It doesn’t make me feel like the bigger person to say, “Look at what yo’ mama doin’, she doin’ this and she doin’ that.” That ain’t how I get down. At the end of the day, that’s still their mama. Whether she’s right or wrong, in their eyes that’s always gon’ be their mama. Ain’t nothin’ for me to say about that. In an interview with Tyra Banks you said you lost your virginity at 11. Now that you’re a father, and you have a lot of kids that are about to be around that age… My daughter is 12 now. If she was sexually active, what would be your reaction? That would definitely be a problem. But you’ve gotta understand, they not coming up how I came up. They’re not living how I was living. They don’t have the luxuries or freedoms that I did. Their luxuries are increased and their freedoms are significantly decreased. They don’t have as much room to explore other life opportunities, adult situations. They can’t find themselves in the same situations that I used to find myself in because I’ve made a better life for them. Are you a strict disciplinarian? Not really. I’m not that strict. We have fun, but at the same time, I do set boundaries. They are children and they will live their lives as children until they graduate into adulthood. At what point do you sit them down and have the birds and the bees talk? I think every child is different. You start real early with simple stuff, like the difference between boys and girls, the difference in the way you treat a lady and the way you treat a man, the difference in what’s okay to do and what’s not okay to do, the difference in what’s right and wrong as far as touching you and being around you, things like that. You start that kind of stuff early, then you just leave [the communication] open to make sure they’re comfortable to come to you and talk to you about anything. From there you can kinda feel when it’s time. It’s not a set age, every child is different. Do you see the Harris clan growing to a dozen kids, twenty kids? What do OZONE MAG // 53

Tom G Words by Julia Beverly

So do you have a wife or are you out on the road having fun? What’s your situation right now? I mean, shit, you know, I got three kids – twin boys, and I’m with their mom right now. I know you’re a popular guy in Tampa. You’ve probably had some groupie love and all that. Does having kids slow down your sex life? Nah, not really. I do my thang. It’s slowed down a little bit. Do you have females coming up to you wanting to hook up because of who you are? What’s the craziest groupie approach you’ve had? Let me see, I’ve had a couple of ‘em. I done had some of ‘em catch me in the club and just start sucking on my medallion, shit like that, I guess implying what she’ll do to me. Did you let her get what she wanted? Nah, actually I didn’t get a chance to catch up with her. When I catch her I’ma see what she’s about. What about celebrity females? If you could hit any three celebrities in the world who would they be? Definitely gotta be Eve. I have the biggest crush on Eve. I’d have to get on Eve real proper, real decent. Why Eve? I don’t know. It’s just something about her, you know what I’m sayin’? A lot of people say she looks funny but to me she fine as hell. Eve and let me see who else…I did like Diamond from Crime Mob but Scrappy took her from me. It’s a lot of ‘em out there but the biggest crush I can think of off the top of my head is Eve. She definitely could get it. You know she had a lil sex tape. Maybe you could make one with her. That’s what made me think I could say something to her ‘cause it ain’t like she green to the fact. I know she got that type of side in her so the shit I’m sayin’ wouldn’t be foreign to her. Even though I wouldn’t approach her like that, but us being human, that’s gonna come eventually. Have you ever filmed yourself? Nah, the most I done got into some shit like that was I’m doing my thang, and me and my homeboys had this thing where I’d call them and just sit the phone on the dresser or some shit and let them hear how it’s goin’ down. And then they’d call my other homeboys on three-way and everybody just be in there listening. That sounds like some high school shit. Do y’all still do that? Nah, we don’t do that shit no mo’. We outgrew that shit. Nowadays, most of the time, we run into chicks that gon’ pop it off with everybody or she might have a friend and they’ll pop it off with everybody. Or we all in the same house, or the same room if we on the road, and they can hear the shit. You like the females that let the whole crew get it in? 54 // OZONE MAG

Yeah, sometimes. I don’t do it like that all the time, I got my picks, I wouldn’t call it crabbin’ or cuffin’, but I got picks that I’ll slide off with and I got my picks that pop it off for the whole click. What’s the largest number of people you’ve had in the same room at the same time? You know what? That’s kinda like a fantasy of mine. I ain’t never really been a part of no big orgy, well, you know, I been a part of shit like that but not where everybody’s just off the chain with everybody. That’d be some shit that would spark my interest. Do you have a favorite porn star? I’m feeling the girl with pink hair from Atlanta. What’s her name, Pinky? It’s a girl with some hot pink hair from Atlanta and she’s pretty decent. It’s her and it might be one or two mo’ but I don’t really know they names. I just know ‘em by face when I see ‘em. Why is she your favorite? I guess when I first seen her doing her thang, you know how niggas be ridin’ around with that shit in they car when they stuntin’ with them screens, when I saw her I was like, damn. She caught my attention. Usually I don’t even pay that shit no attention. I see that shit all the time, but when I saw her, she caught my attention. And then one time we was in Atlanta, we went to some strip club called Tootsies or something like that, and when you walk outside they had a whole table of just shit with her on it. So I’m like, damn, I’m kinda locked in on her as far as porno stars go. Have you ever paid for sex? Yeah. A lot of times it’s, let’s cut the talkin’. I ain’t really tryin’ to get to know you personally, especially when a nigga’s drugged up, fucked up, drunk. I ain’t tryin’ to get into all that shit. I mean,

I’ll conversate with you a lil bit. But if [paying for it] is what’s gonna make it happen, then let’s make it happen. What’s the most you’ve ever paid? Shit, I think I talked a chick down from $100 to $50 one time. After I got her one time, I guess she liked what she got, so she stopped charging me. You feel me? If somebody called in and told a story about you for Groupie Confessions, what do you think she’d say? She’ll definitely tell you that I eat pussy. She’ll tell you I wasn’t no waste of time, I’ll bet that. She’ll tell you I know what I’m doin’. That’s why I’ve got three children now.

Is that a Florida thing? Florida boys seem more willing to admit they eat pussy. Oh yeah, I guess so. Why hide it? That’s what they wanna know from me anyway, so if there’s anybody out there that wanna know if Tom G eats pussy, then duh. That’s what I’m basically talkin’ ‘bout on my new single. As long as it’s clean I’m there. As long as you don’t have 100,000 miles on you and you don’t need a tune up or oil change, I’ll handle that. If they need a tune up, do you dive in anyway? Nah, to tell you the truth, I ain’t never really ran into no shit like that. I’m scared to run into it. I think maybe one time I ran into something that maybe wasn’t really…it wasn’t even nothing really that bad, it was just a whiff of it and I didn’t smell it no mo’ after that. I don’t know whether she farted or what. I really couldn’t tell you. I’m scared to run into something that don’t smell good. I’m a kind-hearted nigga and I hate hurting people’s feelings, but shit, I’d have to hurt her feelings. Real talk. We’d have to have a drank and talk about it so she can tighten up and try it again. What car do you think gets you the most action? Out here where I’m from a lot of niggas ride Chevys, Monte Carlos, Regals, and shit, big rims and jack up the shit. Down here, niggas who have those kinds of cars, with 26” and 28” rims, loud music, and candy paint, whenever you come through like that you the center of attention. But that’s in the hood. Well, that’s pretty much anywhere, to tell you the truth. Chevys just get attention anywhere. I don’t give a damn if the girl’s high class, if she’s never been to the hood before, a Chevy is still gon’ get you that attention. A Chevy or pretty much anything with big rims. They love rims, for some reason. Rims mesmerize the women. Me personally,

I’ll slide through in something they rarely see, like a Maserati or something. I see a lot of niggas like that. Those are the niggas that are gettin’ all pussy, niggas that have Maserati’s and 750s, shit that a bitch can’t really afford, shit that you’ve gotta have good credit to get. If a nigga pulls up in a Chevy and then another nigga pulls up in a Lambo, the Chevy is straight but shit, the nigga with the Lambo gon’ get all the attention. So it pretty much depends on what type of female you finna get and where you’re at. Do you think gay marriage should be legal or illegal and why? For me personally, whatever somebody else is doing doesn’t really concern me if it ain’t bothering me. I don’t really give a damn. That’s just how I feel. I have no interest whatsoever in being gay so I wouldn’t know nothin’ ‘bout that. But if that’s what they wanna do and that’s what floats their boat, then do your thang. Just don’t bring it my way. I ain’t mad at a bitch and I ain’t gay bashing, that’s their business. I’m more friendly to women being gay then men though. I guess ‘cause I’m a man and I ain’t with that shit. Women marriages and women being gay don’t really bother me. You see lesbians and bi-sexual women do they thing and that shit look good to us ‘cause we’re niggas. But the men, that’s different. Do what you do pa’tna. It’s on you. What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? Groupie sex is…I won’t say more thrilling or exciting, but niggas thrive on that shit more. That wifey sex, you know you gon’ get that. That’s that in-house sex, so you know what that’s like. You done hit that 700,000 times. But that groupie sex…you see this chick at a show, she’s definitely doin’ her thang. You like that, and she like you, you ain’t never met her before or maybe you have, but it’s just something you like and being human, you’re gon’ be more curious to see what’s up with her. That’s what gets a lot of us fucked up, them groupies. Them groupies got a lot of rap niggas fucked up right now. Fucked up in what way? We stay in trouble. Groupies are the shit though. In trouble with your wife or what do you mean? Naw man, but you know, that’s a whole other ball game. Groupies spread lies. They’re gon’ talk about anythang that goes down ‘cause you are who you are. It ain’t gon’ be no secret shit. She’s doin’ it ‘cause she want muthafuckas to know she fuck with you ‘cause you that nigga. Muthafuckas give out your number without you knowing, and then wifey might pick the phone up or see a text message from a groupie and you ain’t have nothing to do with it. You don’t even know how she got your number. You tellin’ the truth but wifey don’t believe you ‘cause she know you that nigga and knows why the hoes after you. She’s expecting you to fuck off. It’s just a whole bunch of bullshit. But the groupies are the shit, let me make that clear. If your girl had a girlfriend would you be cool with that? If I was fucked up, high, and drunk, I’d be cool with it. Sober, I wouldn’t. I’m a family man and all that. If she’s got a girlfriend just for the night, hey, I’m with it. What crazy text messages or voicemails have you gotten from groupies? My new single “Clean Ass Pussy” is poppin’ in

Tampa and the surrounding areas right now so I just been getting text messages to my phone from girls I don’t even know. They send picture messages to my phone of their shit and it says “clean ass pussy” at the bottom of the picture. I’ve been getting butt-ass naked pictures. I’ve been getting that all the time though just ‘cause of the position a nigga’s in. Muthafuckas want a piece of that so they gonna do anything in they power to lock you in on what they got going on. Do you see a difference between black girls, Spanish girls, and white girls when it comes to sex? Some white girls to me are wilder. They pop off faster. I’d go to a white party any day before I go to a party in the hood. I guess it’s just the difference in color and the curiosity that killed the cat. I love white girls. I never really had that many encounters with Puerto Rican girls, but I can tell you one thang, they fine as hell and I’m looking for one. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? When you go down the freeway in Tampa, I caught me a lil cut parked right off there. Traffic was still passing by but it’s far enough away to where you can’t see it clearly. If you really focus in you gon’ see what’s going on. I caught me a cutty and got loose one time right there in the open on top of the car. I put the chick on the trunk and was doing my thang, but you could see it from the traffic. I know I woulda saw it if I was driving by. We were out there vibing, smokin’ a lil something, so we didn’t give a fuck anyway, as long as it wasn’t the police. Is there somewhere you’d like to have sex that you haven’t yet? I want to try that shit on the beach for real. You know how muthafuckas talk about they be on the beach doing that in the sand? I wanna try some shit like that. And I wanna try that shit Usher made a song about, in the club. I ain’t never did that before. I definitely wanna pop that off in the VIP somewhere. I think I got close like two weeks ago at a club in Tampa. So what ruined the deal? Their VIP [area] isn’t closed off. That shit is open. I think that’s the only thang that stopped it. Would you ever fuck with someone like Superhead that you know is gonna go ahead and write a book about you? Would you not really care if a female put it out there? Nah, I wouldn’t really care ‘cause either way it goes, a muthafucka gon’ talk about it regardless. You gotta have your game tight, you gotta put that shit down so when it is talked about it’s talked about in a good way. So I wouldn’t care really. Me personally, I’ma freak so shit, whoever I have an encounter with…I mean, I’m human so from time to time we all gon’ slip and not come through like we supposed to, but shit, out of a 100% scale, 95% of the time I’m coming through. I ain’t worried about that shit. Is there anything else you want to say for the sex issue? If Eve is reading this, tell her to holla at me, baby. When I see you I definitely ain’t gon’ hold nothing back, you feel me? Believe that. She says she likes thug niggas so I should be good, plus I got swag, dress code and jewelry up to date so I should be good. I guess it’s up to my talk game but I’m damn sho gon’ try. I don’t give a fuck, I ain’t got nothin’ to lose. //



Cartoon cohorts Pinky and The Brain were synonymously known for their unsuccessful attempts of taking over the world. Well, this Pinky gives brain, and has successfully taken over the porn world. The former stripper has built an underground empire in adult films using a model similar to that of an independent music label. She runs her own production company, and even has a hand in distribution. As an underground porn princess, Pinky has virtually acquired a cult following and plans on furthering her growing business. What does the name “Pinky” represent to you? They call me Pinky ‘cause I got the “pretty like a flower pink pussy power.” Besides that, when I was a teenager I used to wear a lot of pink all the time. When I used to walk down the street, people would be like, “Hey, pretty in pink.” I thought it was cute; it was really the only nickname I ever had and I always wanted a nickname. My real name is Sarah, and there’s no short nicknames for that. At my first real job there were already like six Sarahs at the office and I was like, “Hey, you can call me Pinky.” When I started to dance,



I wanted a name people would recognize so I stuck with it. And I always wanted to do my hair pink so finally I did. When we started doing movies we knew that pink hair would stick out on the box cover. Let’s talk about the boyfriend you always mention. He’s on the credits. He films all my stuff for my website and my movies. He’s actually the one that convinced me to do porn. It was something we were doing in the privacy of our own home. I was like, “Damn, I kinda look good doing this.” I didn’t actually think people was gonna like me ‘cause I had bad experiences dancing in the club, you know, when a girl has a bad night at the club she thinks the whole world is caving in. But, he told me [porn] is on a different level and you can’t look at it as the same as [dancing in a club]. Every business is different and if you don’t look at it that way you become close-minded and don’t get to reach the success you want. How do you respond to the rumors that you’re related to Keyshia Cole? We’re not related at all, but I definitely feel a connection to her ‘cause we’re from the same place. I feel her ‘cause I’ve been through the same things. I can identify with her just like a lot of other people from Oakland can. She’s one of my favorite female artists, but we’re not related. I don’t even think we look alike, but she’s one person I don’t mind being compared to because she’s doing her thing and she’s from Oakland just like I am. How did you get turned out sexually? When I used to dance a lot of feature porn stars would come to the club and tell me I should do porn. I wasn’t really interested at the time ‘cause I was only 19 and I was making a lot of money. I was close-minded. I only saw what I was making hustling day to day. Then there comes a time

when you get tired of hustling day to day and you want something more solid. I can honestly say 100% that this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. This is the first time I’m able to make money, save money, and treat myself. Before it was easy come, easy go. Now everything’s more legit. But the way I got turned out, I would say it was my man turned me out…turned me on. You guys pretty much share everything? Yep. I mean, he’s comfortable and enjoys watching me have sex with other people on film, but he wouldn’t like the idea of me dating other people or even having sex for money. What’s the difference between “having sex for money” and what you do now? A lot of girls look at porn as another avenue of hoeing, but it’s not the same. It involves sex but there’s so many aspects of the sex industry. If you look at everything as being the same, you’re gonna limit yourself. Do you and your boyfriend send each other pictures through the phone? Yes. So you send him twat shots? Honestly, sometimes he has pictures of me sucking dick and he’ll be in the club and show girls like, “This is what my girl does so if you ain’t with it then you can just keep it moving.” Do you have any industry secrets to tell women that would help them please their man? I believe that if you seriously want to be with somebody, then you gotta share everything with them. Your man is gonna want to have sex with other women, whether they do it behind your back or not. I don’t think all men deserve threesomes because some men are just dogs and they’re still gonna fuck around on you either way, but a majority of men, if you give them what they want and bring women into the situation knowing that it’s just sex, like an animal instinct, they’ll be like, “Damn, this is my girl. She’s really down with me.” But you gotta make sure he ain’t insecure and he doesn’t hold against you the freaky things you’ve done with him. Every man is not mature enough to handle those types of things. For the most part I feel you should share the world with him and that includes having sex with other women, doing threesomes, and letting him bust in your face. When girls wonder why their men like me, or are

doing this or that, they’ve gotta ask themselves what is it they’re not giving their man. There’s something they’re not doing. Have there ever been any disagreements between you guys when it comes to porn? When we first got together he used to watch porn while we were having sex and I would be like, “Damn, am I not enough?” I didn’t understand that sometimes men want to be stimulated visually and in person. I used to be jealous when he watched the “Tip Drill” video, but I got over it and realized that he loved me and all that other shit is just eye candy. It didn’t mean anything. And there’s so many different women and all pussy doesn’t feel the same. He might wanna feel a different twat. What’s the difference between good sex and bad sex? I personally don’t like a guy to put all his weight on me when he’s fucking me. I don’t wanna feel like I just got through lifting weights after I’m fucking. But I haven’t had that many bad sexual experiences. I’d say 90% of my sexual experiences have been good. It’s just something about my ass that probably makes a dude that ain’t never fucked good wanna fuck good. Like, damn, I gotta put it down. //


BIZZLE Words by Julia Beverly

For people that aren’t from the Miami area and aren’t familiar with your music, would you describe it as strip-club oriented? You could say it’s strip club oriented, but I would mainly say it’s for the grown and sexy. It’s music that can get you in the mood to dance and vibe. It’s just a better vibe to me. I can’t stand listening to people talk about how much dope they sell and how much money they made, or what they wanna do to this person or that person. I can’t dance off that, I can’t vibe off that. If anything it sends a negative shock wave through the club. I would rather listen to something that tells me what type of dance steps I should do. You brought a couple strippers with you to the OZONE Awards. Is that more for entertainment purposes or is that the type of females you deal with in your personal life too? When it comes to my shows, I would consider that just business. I wouldn’t wanna mix pleasure with my business. I like to keep it on a professional level. Yeah I travel with strippers and dancers or whatever, but no I don’t get involved with them sexually. It takes more than a strip club to get my rocks off. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen go down at a strip club? I don’t want to comment on that one. To be honest, I can tell you [sex] does happen. It happens every day. You have some dancers that come to work and have a bad day and they decide they wanna make that extra lump sum, and they just handle their business. Me personally, I haven’t done it, but I have heard about it and I’ve seen it. I don’t wanna put nobody out there like that, but yeah, it happens every day. How much does sex in a strip club cost? It depends on the woman and how bad they need it. It depends on what the guy’s talking about. It could be a couple hundred. Some girls won’t even accept hundreds, they want thousands. Like Lil Wayne said, it ain’t trickin’ if you got it, so some guys really pay that money. How much money do you have to have for it not to be trickin’? What’s the cutoff point? I don’t think it’s a specific amount. To me, trickin’ is trickin’, but like they say if you got it, it ain’t trickin’. It could be thousands, it could be hundreds. I don’t know, it’s all the same to me. How do you think the current economic state has affected the strip club? I think it’s more trickin’ going on. It’s crazy. When you go to strip clubs you don’t see as many people in there so that means less money is circulating in the club. The desperation has reached sky high. But yeah, the economy has affected the strip clubs, not only the strip club, but everything. They’re trickin’ a lot. Have you started getting a little extra love in the club now that you’ve got a buzz? No doubt about it, everywhere. It’s growing even more. The more I travel the more I learn I have fans that are really fucking with me. People come up to me and ask me if I’m Bizzle They’re like, “I’m loving your music. You send this positive vibe through the club when your song comes on.” It makes me feel real good for them to acknowledge me. It’s been crazy. 58 // OZONE MAG

Are you getting some groupie love too? Yeah, regular people and groupies. I like groupies. They give me that extra attention. I have some of everybody coming up to me, grown people, older people, young people. It feels good. If a groupie called in to Groupie Confessions about you, what do you think she’d say? Shit, it might be true. I’ll fuck with groupies. You’ve gotta show ‘em that extra love. If they’re looking for that, I’m a dude and if they’re on that, I’ll do it. I’m single so I’m free to do whatever I want. I’ll shoot ‘em that extra love if I’m in the mood, why not? What kind of car gets you the most action? I don’t know if it’s cars. It’s just swag, if you ask me. You could be in an ol’ hooptie. Cars do have an effect on women, but it’s just swag and personality – the way you talk, walk, and the way you present yourself. You can have the baddest car in the world and still don’t get no play ‘cause your swag is off. You might just be too arrogant or too quiet. I just think it’s the person in you that would determine if the girl finna give you play or whatever. What’s the difference between a groupie and a female you might actually date? Their way of thinking. It depends on what type of person they are. Honestly, I wouldn’t wanna be involved with a woman that approaches me aggressively. I might give you what you want aggressively, but sorry to say, you’re not the girl I’d want to be with because you might approach somebody else the same way. You’ve gotta watch how you approach people. I like a woman that thinks and uses their mind before they do stuff, they’re determined to be something, someone that can push me and isn’t scared to ask questions. We can be aggressive about achieving our goals. That would be the difference between a groupie and a wifey or baby mama. Are there any celebrities females you’d want to hook up with? I’m scared of those women. If I become successful, I wouldn’t want to date another celebrity. It would be more of a competition than actually dating. I mean, everybody’s eyes are on that woman. Say for example, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Everybody likes Beyonce and artists got songs about what they wanna do with Beyonce. I don’t really have my eyes on anyone in the industry. What about sexually? If you could hit anybody in the world who would it be? All of ‘em! Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna... What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? I think the most exciting place I ever had sex was with my baby mom in my backyard on the grass, and on the back of a trunk outside. That was crazy. Since Superhead was successful with her book, other girls are planning the same. Would you fuck with a girl if you knew she was gonna write about you? Would that be a turn on or a turn off? Well, if she were to approach me right now, I would do it just to get in her book for publicity. But for the most part, she sounds too dangerous for me. Diseases are no joke. I wouldn’t really wanna mess with nobody like that. What do you do to protect yourself? Just don’t have unprotected sex, period. Most people say it’s hard to do, it is kinda hard, but when you really think about it, it only lasts for minutes. I ain’t even gonna lie, my sex don’t last long at all.

Whoa. So you’re a minuteman? And you’re admitting this in a magazine? Yeah, I’m a minute man. Maybe the first time I could last two or three minutes, then as we go, the second time, third time, it might last a little longer. I gotta get to know you. I’ma minuteman, get in and out. How many pumps is that? (laughs) You don’t wanna know. I mean, it depends on how desperate I am. If I’m very desperate and very excited, man you’d be surprised. Maybe a few pumps. I’m being honest, straight up. Have you um... ejaculated prematurely? Hell yeah. That’s happened before. What was her reaction? That’s not a good look. I mean, it’s like how you’re laughing right now. She was like, “Are you serious?” I’m like, “Yeah I’m serious.” I was excited. It is what it is, shit. I get excited, I’m not gonna lie. I get super excited. It depends how bad I want it. I always bounce back,

but the first time it’s crazy. It’s embarrassing, but I just laugh it off. She might look at it like, “Hell naw.” But Bizzle bounces back. I do. Do you have an album out yet, or what can people look for from you? Not yet, but they can check out Myspace.com/ bizzleakachowtime to keep up with me and my music. Look out for that new single “My Fool” and “She Got Me Talkin in Tongues.” If the sex is good I’m gonna talk. You’ll talk in tongues for the whole three minutes? (laughs) Yeah, I’m actually working on a song called “Three Minutes.” It’s about my experience when I’m excited. That might not be a single, it might just be an album cut so they can look out for that. //

LIL WIL I mean, shit, with 8 niggas in the room you should never touch. If it’s 3 chicks in the room, them 8 niggas should never touch, don’t bump into each other nothing. Nah, niggas gotta wait their turn. You know, with only 3 chicks, only 6 dudes can work at a time so you’re gotta wait for the ride. The artist gets to go first, right? I’m always first.

Did you see women’s attitudes towards you change once you got a few hit singles, especially one called “Bust It Open,” now that you’re the man in Dallas? Aw, that’s definitely changed a lot of chicks. Hell yeah, it’s a lot more legs opening now. Like Mike Jones, “Back Then”? Yeah. Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me. They even give my pa’tnas some. But certain ones, yeah, a selective few can get it. What city do you think has the best females? Atlanta! It’s a fool in Atlanta right now. The Atlanta chicks are more bold. Real shit, they gonna tell you what they want and when they want it. What’s the craziest thing a fan or groupie has offered to do to you? She was like, “409-555-5555. Call that number and you’re gonna have the time of your life.” And just walked off, didn’t even give me her name. Did you call? Hell nah. That probably woulda been the last good time of my life. What do you think is the best car to get you the most action? From what I see in Dallas, it’s the dope boy whip. Chicks like the 745s in Dallas right now. Do you have a favorite porn star? Naw, not really. I ain’t had nobody I really wanted to see except Superhead. She was a fool on the [Mr. Marcus porno], a real Superhead on that hoe, a vacuum. She should give me a chapter in her next book. If a groupie called in about Lil Wil for Groupie Confessions, what do you think she’d say? She’d be like, “Wil is a big pervert. He wanted to bring his friends in the room and everything.” If she’s gonna let my friends join in, hey, the more the merrier. We’re tryin’ to have fun. What’s the most number of people y’all had getting down at one time? Oh, I think we had like 8 niggas and 3 chicks in Dallas at the house. They came to my house. Some groupie love. You getting groupies like that in Dallas? They must really like that record. Yeah, they come and go. They be wanting to explore. They hear [my] song and are like, “Is that really you?” I’m like, “Hey, come find out.” So how do 8 dudes and 3 chicks get down at the same time without it being a lil bit gay?

You don’t want sloppy seconds. Nah. I want to get in and get out of the way ‘cause a couple of my pa’tnas walk in with their cameras and shit and I don’t need them catching me, I don’t need no YouTube action. I ain’t no porno star or nothing. I don’t really like that so I try to get in and get out the way. Is there anything freaky you want to do that you haven’t done yet? Man, I took a trip to Fort Walton Beach, FL, like two weeks ago. I wanna fuck a chick on the beach. Have you ever gotten down in public? You know, a couple cars, a couple highways, I45 – I was driving on my way to the H. You’ve gotta have a drop top or a sunroof and be real steady behind the wheel. What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? You don’t really put much into groupie sex. But when you’re with somebody you care about, you’re trying to please ‘em so of course you’re gonna put in that time. With the groupies you’re just trying to get in and get out, or at least I hope you are. You can’t fall in love with them. Are there any celebrity women you’d want to hook up with? Yeah, I got a couple of ‘em. I wanna see Teairra Mari, Kyla Pratt, Nia Long, and Meagan Good. What would you wanna do to Teairra Mari? Everythang I said in “Bust It Open.” She’s kinda under the radar right now. Maybe you could help her career out. For real, if I find her, that’ll be my first porno tape, like Ray J and Kim Kardashian. We’ll do the damn thang. Tell her to holla at me if she’s down and out and ain’t got no nigga. I’d bust it open. Have you had any embarrassing sex moments? Man, I was in St. Louis and we had a couple chicks willing to holla at the whole crew, so we were up in the room chillin’. One of my pa’tnas walked in and said to one of the girls, “What are you up here doin’? I thought I had talked to you, I thought you were up here for me.” And the hoe was like, “What?” I was like, “She your girlfriend, bro? You just met her today.” That was real crazy for me ‘cause homie fell in love on the road. He was about to fight over that bitch. What’s the difference between different races of women? Do you have a preference? My preference is cute. There’s really no difference. Every race is damn near the same. It’s just a routine with a lot of these chicks. I already know what’s finna go down. It’s the same shit. If you’re in the middle of sex and the phone

Words by Julia Beverly // Photo by King Yella rings, do you answer it? Hell yeah, I’m finna answer my phone. Well, it really depends on the girl and it depends on the phone call. What’s the difference between a groupie and someone you would treat a little more respectfully or consider wifey material? If I meet you in a club, by the bar, and you finna leave with me, you’re a groupie. Point blank, period. I can’t meet you at a show or a club. As far as wifey material, I figure I’ll find her when I’m grocery shopping or something. How long would you wait for a female to put out? If she wouldn’t go home with you on the first night, how long would you wait? I’d give her a month. We can talk and be friends for like a month. After a month those calls are gon’ get real slim. Do you get tested regularly? Yeah. You gotta get tested. I get tested every three months. Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers about keeping themselves protected? You better stay strapped up. I’m gonna give you two celebrity females and you tell me which one you’d rather hook up with and why. Cassie or Ciara? I’d say Cassie, dawg. She’s a lil bit more seductive to me. And her last couple of songs have been real freaky too. I wanna see that freakiness come outta her. Ciara’s cute too. Keyshia Cole or Alicia Keys? Alicia Keys. Man, I say her ‘cause every time you see her ass it’s in some jeans. I ain’t never seen her ass in no skirt or nothing. I wanna see that big ass booty. Ashanti or Keri Hilson? Ashanti, just because she fucks with Nelly. I want Nelly’s girl. Kim Kardashian or Lola Luv? That’s a hard one right there. Kim Kardashian, man, ‘cause I’ve seen her sex tape. Sarah Palin or Michelle Obama? Wow. I’d say Michelle just ‘cause it’s something new. Brittany Spears or Pink? Pink. She’s hood, she’s gutta, and I love girls with tattoos. From Danity Kane, either Aubrey or D. Woods? Can I say the whole Danity Kane? You want the whole click? Yeah, all of ‘em. Aight, we’ll let Danity Kane know that Lil Will wants to holla. Right on. Is there anything else you want to say? Be lookin’ out for that brand new “Bust It Open” video. Real, real hot. New album Neighborhood Hero set to drop around March of ’09. Be looking for that, the homie stay down, stay persistent, stay grindin’. We gon’ keep it Dollaz, TX, ya dig? // OZONE MAG // 59

Juney Boomdata

However she takes it is how she takes it. Do you have one main chick? No, not right now. I did have one but shit got crazy. I had got so many other women comin’ at me and shit, she couldn’t handle it so she left.

Words by Ms. Rivercity Photo by Jay from Inside285

Is it pretty much impossible to have a committed relationship in the business you’re in? Hmm, shit, not unless she goes both ways. That comes with the territory.

So what’s been up with the cookies lately? You getting a lot of it? Of course. That shouldn’t even be a question.

So that’s something you do on the regular? Threesomes and all that? Not really on the regular. Shit gets hectic sometimes with love triangles.

Is there any difference in the quality of “cookies” now that you’ve had a #1 radio hit in Atlanta? I been gettin’ pussy, you know what I’m sayin’. But after the radio, oh my goodness! I been gettin’ mo’ pussy than I can fuck so I just gave up.

What’s the most number of girls you’ve been with at one time? Aw man, to tell you the truth, I ain’t that wild. I ain’t like Luke or nobody like that. Shouts out to Luke. I just been with two at a time.

What’s the craziest thing a girl has done to get with you? She did all my pa’tnas. It didn’t make me wanna get with her, but it was amusing.

Okay, so besides going both ways, what are some other qualities of a woman that is wifey material? She’s gotta have standards. She can’t just let anybody get up in that thang. I really go off the vibe. As long as I pick up a good vibe from her and we click then it’s a wrap.

So she fucked all your homeboys for nothing? Yeah, I actually left. I told her to come to the studio and when she got there I left and never came back. Your homeboys get a lot of action now that you’re doing shows and everything? Ain’t no fun if we all can’t get some! As long as you keep it safe, wrap that thang up.

What kind of car attracts the most women? Shit, nowadays any car. Not too many people drive these days. Have you ever been pussy whipped? Uh, no. I ain’t never gon’ say never, but I doubt it.

Do you prefer girls to call you Juney or your government name when y’all are having sex? Depends. I mean, Juney, Boomdata, Boomdatalicious.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get the cookies? I drove all the way across town to bring a girl a slushie, and then came all the way back home. When I woke up I was like, “What the fuck was I thinking?”

How long can you go without sex before you need to re-up? I done went ‘bout like three weeks without sex. But when I start riding on that three weeks I don’t function well. Sometimes I get so busy and you gotta put work before pleasure. I know at your shows the girls get a lil wild… Yeah, they get loose. So are aggressive girls a turn on or turn off? I like ‘em to be theyself. Don’t hold nothin’ back. I don’t judge people. I just want you to be yourself. When you see a girl you wanna get with… I say, “What’s up with the pussy!” Now they ask me what’s up with the dick before I can ask them what’s up with the pussy. I just laugh, it never gets old. Do they ask you how big it is? Yeah, all that. And what’s your answer? It’s only one way to find out! What would you consider to be your best physical attribute? A lot of females say it’s my smile. Would you rather get with Beyonce or Keyshia Cole? I’d say Keyshia Cole. She’s more up my alley. Can you name five other celebrities you’d hook up with? Aw man, actually I done seen a lot of females on the streets that look better than these celebrity females. I haven’t really seen any celebrities that’s my type. I’m more down to earth. I still be in the hood and all that. 60 // OZONE MAG

What kind of cookies do you prefer, chocolate chip, vanilla wafers… I like ‘em all! Chocolate chip, vanilla wafers, fortune cookies, all that! If you ever ran into Superhead, do you think you’d become a chapter in one of her next books? Whoa! Superhead! What’s up Superhead. I support her movement. I like what she doin’. She’s being herself. But I don’t know about her, that thang got a lot of miles on it! Do you text naked pics of yourself to girls? (laughs) Hell yeah. And they send ‘em back? Oh you know it. So you have a whole collection of naked pics on your phone? Hell yeah. Do you text fuck? Hell naw. I couldn’t even get into that. But I’ll send pictures and get pictures. If a girl has sex with you the first night you meet her, do you call her again? It depends on how good it is, how clean it is. Would you lose respect for her if she fucked you on the first night? Oh, no. As long as she’s being herself. Even if it ain’t clean, I’ll tell her, “You need to take care of that.”

She didn’t give it up after that? No, and it pissed me off. That was the last time I talked to her. Do you prefer older women or younger women? I ain’t really on the age thang. As long as she legal, as long as everythang’s intact and ain’t nothin’ saggin’ off, we can get it done. What’s the oldest woman you’ve been with? 37. And that was when I was 17. That thang was crazy. It was kinda…ughh, it ain’t for me. Well, that situation wasn’t for me. What really made me feel awkward was that I found out her son was 20 at the time, so her son was three years older than me. I was like, hell naw, this shit can’t be right. Have you ever had sex with a married woman? Hell naw. I don’t fuck around with them married women. I had a couple of ‘em that was married but I didn’t know they was married at the time, so that was bad on they behalf. I ain’t never had sex with a married woman, but there was some close calls. If a chick is reading this right now and wants to give you the pussy, what can she expect from your end? Well I got these fangs in my mouth, so I’m just lettin’ you know now. Caution, I bite. Is it gonna take all night or are you gonna get it done real quick? Now I can speak for every dude, some nights just don’t be the night. You gonna go at it for two or three minutes. //

Make It Last Forever by Keith Sweat

Throwback Review by KillER Mike Everybody is on that 80s shit now. But I think people got the 80’s mixed up with the episodes of Fresh Prince they saw where everybody dressed corny as a muthafucka, even if it was with some fresh shit like a Polo, they rocked it real corny. Everybody has been kinda emulating the TV images of the 80s, but what I remember about the 80s was seeing young, black millionaires, foreign cars, fly girls, the smell of marijuana and the sight of everything being bought by cocaine. It was the 70s on steroids. In the 70s it was cocaine, in the 80s it was crack, and Keith Sweat was doing music that was pure and earnest. When he sang something to a broad, he meant it, like “Something Ain’t Right.” The music was so thick, and so gutter, and that 808 was so strong, but at the same time it was polished. Keith Sweat sang in the style of music. Make It Last Forever overwhelmed me on an emotional level. This is what I heard my uncles listening to when they were pushing their Caprices and Cadillacs. I was a kid when this was coming out; I wasn’t even getting pussy yet. Every older girl I had a crush on would listen to Keith Sweat. I would be on the block with my brother watching a purple BMW go down the street and a green Cadillac and we were looking at the girls in the biker shorts tryin to get chose by the dope boys. And the rope chains that these dope boys were wearing wasn’t fake. But getting to [the throwback review], we’re gonna start with “Something Just Ain’t Right,” that’s the theme of this Throwback Review. Something just ain’t right. The retro shit I see people doing now trying to represent the 80’s just ain’t right. It may look like some 80’s shit, but it’s too much broke wrist shit going on. Keith Sweat was dope-boy R&B music. It was real player type shit, man. So we’re gonna take it to that ’88 dope boy shit. This album came out in 1987. Right now a group that musically relates to Keith Sweat, in terms of that ghetto soul, is Pretty Ricky. Their music is thick like Keith Sweat’s, but they’re a little nastier, and they’re a little more like Jodeci

and H-Town, but it’s thick. The second track on the album was “Right and the Wrong Way,” and that is one of my all-time favorite songs. The shit still beats to this day. “Right and the Wrong Way” was like Houston screw music before screw came out, back in 1987. Paul Wall used to take all this music and slow it down and screw it, and it had the deep groove; “Right and the Wrong Way” is a great sex song. This song is for you if you’re 30 years old and you know she’s 19, but you’re still fuckin’ with her anyway. This is the song that dope dealers played when they drove past the elementary school. But back then, elementary school went until 7th grade, and you had lil’ 15 year old niggas in hooked up cars going to pick up little 13 year old girls. The world was outta control, man! It was money everywhere! Everybody sold cocaine. You would ride the yellow bus all the way to high school, and get off at the high school and walk down to see a line of candy colored cars with ragtops and shiny rims, and every car was beating this Keith Sweat. Before they bumped rap, they would bump this Keith Sweat for 30 minutes outside the school. It got to the point where the principal started having the police park at the school to keep it moving, because this music was taking the girls out of school; they were coming back pregnant. So, this is definitely the ultimate fuck music. This is the real shit. R&B has got so muthafuckin’ hokey nowadays - and I ain’t mad at these contemporary R&B singers congratulating a woman on being the shit, but that ain’t telling me what I need to say to her to get in them drawls. I’m trying to tell you something that’s gon’ get in them muthafuckin’ drawls, for real, and when I get in there, I’m gon’ knock a muthafuckin screw loose. You gon’ love me for it. And that’s what this Keith Sweat music does, but it says it in a nice way. You gotta listen to what this nigga says. He say, “You might be young, but you ready!” If you’re about 26 and you got something that’s about 20, she’s a sophomore at Spelman, man you’re having the time of yo muthafuckin’ life, man! There’s a lot of Taqwauns and Shamias in the world now because of Keith Sweat. This music had the power to make socially elite girls love dope boys. It’s that ’88 Dope Boys shit. And when I say that, I just feel that it’s certain shit that dope boys do that’s swagged out. Even if you look at the Keith Sweat album cover, it was pre-Coogi, but the nigga wearing like a Coogi-looking dope boy sweater. He’s got the same damn haircut Lil Boosie’s got now, that lil’ slick ass box that’s tapered, with the piece of jewelry. It was all about swag, and when you look at the 80’s, I don’t know where all this clown shit people are doing now came from, because the 80’s was swagged out. If you look at all those old pictures of Big Danny Kane, Al. B Sure, and even Heavy D, it was real street-knit fashions. The music was rich, Keith Sweat’s vocals were rich, and we got the same accountant, so I know he’s still RICH! When I was a kid I rode the bus all the way across town to go the music store one day, it took me all damn day. My intention was to buy Ice-T’s new shit, Luke, and N.W.A. When I was in the store I heard this knocking outside the store, and I got outside

and it’s that shit my mama be playing. My mama had a metallic blue Trans-Am with “Fly Girl” across the front, so I was used to hearing a decent system, but this shit was just KNNNNOCKIN! So I go outside and go up the car and yell, “Ay, man!” And the dude turned his joint down, and I asked him, “What you playing?” He said, “This that Keith Sweat playa, playa.” I went back in the record store, and looked at the album cover, and I was so young at that point life was about Starter Jackets and dope boys Nikes. I didn’t give a fuck about no Bill Cosby sweater or no jewelry like that. I was just trying to be the little nigga in the Starter jacket. It was a big decision. I had to choose between a rap record and this Keith Sweat. I said, “Fuck it, gimme the Keith Sweat tape.” I was walking out the parking lot looking like a little round bowling ball, I think I had a Raiders jacket on. I had a boombox at my mama’s house. So I went to my room, put that tape in, closed all my doors, turned the lights off and just kept looking at the bass meter on my boombox, it just kept hittin’ red. I was jammin to that “I Want Her,” with Teddy Riley, that was some dope shit. But that “Make It Last Forever,” man, that was something completely different. I was sitting there in my room, playing this song and thinking about the car I heard bumping this. I would just dream about all the shit I wanted; the kinda car I want, the kinda girl I want, all that. I was messing with a little chick back then that stayed in Douglasville, and I would listen to Keith Sweat and just start practicing my game and what I was gonna say to this girl. And I really learned how to talk that shit. Next thing you know, I was 13 years old trying to set the bait for some 16 year old tail. I was up in the malls trying to buy the Keith Sweat sweaters and playing his music, because that’s what they listened to. I wasn’t gettin’ no pussy back then, but I knew when I got some pussy this is what I was gon’ play. Keith Sweat was soul music on steroids—naw, it was cocaine turned to crack. And the reason I say that is because those niggas who did soul music were some of the most gutter, hood, slum muthafuckers out of Detroit or Philadelphia. They was straight out the hood, so you know they had some hood dude mentalities. But the songs they sang always had that game. During the crack era the shit they did; the synthesizers and the 808’s, and making the music diesel to accommodate that bass was incredible. I used to bump “In The Rain.” Most people don’t know that song was actually a remake of The Dramatics song. If yo’ girl caught you cheatin’, it was cool, man. Just play this “In the Rain” shit while you talk to her on the phone or ride with her and it was all good. This was the record I got to dance to with Lashaun at school dance and she let me grab on her big ole booty. She was the hood girl with the big booty who let you touch it about twice a year and made you feel like a man. Keith Sweat was really New Jack Swing without all the extra bells and whistles and excitement. This album only had 8 songs, but it was complete. The average song is over five minutes, and this really is sex music. This album has made a lot of babies and ended a lot of arguments, because after the fussing comes the fucking. “Make It Last Forever” was dope in ’87 and it’s dope in ’09. // - As told to Eric Perrin OZONE MAG // 61

Scarface/EmERITusRap-A-Lot/ASYLUM In an online interview Scarface said he was going to “bring the boom bap” back on what he is claiming to be his final album Emeritus, and he succeeds at that. In a day and time when most rap songs are synth-heavy, hook driven “club bangers,”‘Face provides more of the blunt, detail-laced reality-based narratives over grown-ass production that you’d expect from him. The crazy thing is that overall it’s ‘Face’s consistency that also acts as a crutch because lyrically, expectations are met, but rarely exceeded. At times Uncle Brad comes off as that uncle you always listen to, even though he may be telling the same story again. Surely good enough for at least 5 or 6 great memories, highlights include the Bilal-assisted “Can’t Get Right,” the Slim Thug and K-Rino featured “Who They Are?” and “Soldier Story” featuring The Product and Z-Ro. Emeritus isn’t the grand farewell we would have liked, so let’s just hope this a “see ya’ when I get back.” - Maurice G. Garland

T-Pain/Thr33 Ringz/ Jive Since he’s featured on everybody else’s songs, it’s sometimes easy to forget that T-Pain is an artist in his own right who releases his own solo albums. His latest offering Thr33 Ringz doesn’t do much to convince you otherwise because it seems like everybody he’s ever worked with is present here returning the favor, making the songs look and sound like a plethora of Teddy Pain featured songs. Thanks to his quirky songwriting, Pain leaves enough of his fingerprints on the album to let you know that it’s actually his. Especially songs like the Kanye Westfeatured “Therapy” where he tell his ex, “I don’t need your sex, I’ll masturbate” or the Miami-bassed out “It Ain’t Me” featuring Akon & T.I. Unfortunately, “Blowin Up” featuring Ciara does indeed sound like a lazy swapout while the socially harmonious “Change” featuring Akon, P. Diddy and Mary J. Blige would sound decent if Pain didn’t allow the autotune to run wild. Easily, the album’s highlight is “Karaoke,” when Pain gets into full Nappy Boy mode, returns to his “rappa” roots and goes off on everybody except Kanye and Weezy for abusing the vocal style he helped re-introduce (R.I.P. Roger Troutman) to the music world. By now, you should be convinced that T-Pain isn’t a flash-in-the-pan artist, but God forbid if this was his last album, because there could have been some more memorable moments here. - Maurice G. Garland


Slim/Love’s Crazy After his re-emergence into the spotlight with “So Fly” Slim (from 112) has presented his latest offering, Love’s Crazy. This R&B effort keeps to the formula established by 112 with ballads, and Hip Hop artist features. This album ranges in tempo and attitude offering bright spots such as “Good Lovin’” featuring Ryan Leslie and Fabolous, “Heels On” featuring Yung Berg and Deezo and “Bedtime Stories.” While this album doesn’t thrust Slim into that breakout solo superstar status it is a decent effort that keeps him and 112 more relevant than they have been in years. - Jared Anderson

DJ Unk/2econd Season/Koch/Oomp Camp 2econd Season is the fusion of snap and 808 that was inevitably expected from Unk after his success with “Walk it Out.” While Unk brings some fairly enjoyable tracks like “She Freaky” and “Beat Dat Azz,” the album overall is nothing attention-grabbing even with big name features like Three 6 Mafia and Sean Kingston. For the 3ird Season Unk needs to find a way to reinvent himself or the industry may just walk him out. - Rohit Loomba

Ludacris/Theater of the Mind Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam Theater of the Mind, Ludacris’ sixth album, has a cinematic concept. Luda presents his tracks as scenes from a motion picture, and his guests as “co-stars.” From the opening track, or opening scene rather, Luda spits the surefire lyrical ability that the veteran emcee is known for. He continues the lyrical barrage on “Undisputed,” produced by Don Cannon and co-starring Floyd Mayweather, and shares the “scene” with his former archenemy T.I. on “Wish You Would.” The star power on Theater continues as he brings in everyone from Jamie Foxx to Lil Wayne and goes for Top 5, dead or alive glory alongside Nas and Jay-Z on “Do It For Hip Hop.” Luda goes so far Hollywood that Tinseltown staples Chris Rock, Ving Rhames, and Spike Lee co-star on “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Southern Gangsta,” and “Do The Right Thang,” respectively. Ludacris’ LP doesn’t always stick to the script, as “One More Drink” and “What Them Girls Like” sounds as if they’re only thrown on the album to appeal to women. Nonetheless, this album’s creative concept would even get two thumbs up from Ebert & Roeper. - Randy Roper

Ace Hood/Gutta We The Best/Island Def Jam The very first words Ace Hood says on his debut album Gutta are “I don’t give a fuck.” From that point, what can you really expect? Exactly what you would from a young artist thirsting to make a name for himself; self-shoutouts at the beginning of most of the songs, mandatory cameos from the veteran (Trick Daddy on “Gutta”), the hook men (Akon on “Can’t Stop” and T-Pain on “Cash Flow”), the lady-charming crooners (Trey Songz on “Ride” and Lloyd on “Call Me”), and the chart-topping neighbor (Plies on “Stressin’”). And don’t forget overproduced tracks. But, to Ace’s credit, he doesn’t allow he listener to fall asleep on his fiery flow, although you may dose off on some of the cliché themes found on the album. Gutta isn’t going to go down in history as the best rookie album, but it does make you look forward to Ace getting some years and experience under his belt so that his lyrical content can match his unbridled energy. - Maurice G. Garland Plies/Da REAList Atlantic/Slip-n-Slide Although Plies pushes “realness” on this third album, and second of 2008, when he shouts out his crew (“Me & My Goons”), boasts of a “don’t give a fuck” attitude (“Fuck U Gon Do Bout It”), and brags about his back account (“Plenty Money”); those songs aren’t the best. His “realest” songs are “Gotta Be,”“Family Straight,” and “Co-Defendant,” where he celebrates those that escape the hands of the law, family struggles, and his reclusive nature. As he continues to be an artist known for putting out “chick records,”“Street Light” featuring Sean Garrett and “Put It On Ya” with Chris J will appease fans looking for bawdy bangers. Da REAList has a few noteworthy tracks, but probably would have been better if Plies had taken more time to work on it. - Randy Roper

Lil’ KeKe/Loved By Few, Hated By Many Swishahouse/Universal Motown Loved By Few, Hated By Many is solid. Lil’ Keke is onto something with his newest release under the TF Records/Swisha House joint venture. The Houston native keeps in the tradition of screwed music, smooth samples, hard synths and the killer bass the region is known for. “Road 2 Success” and “Life Flow” jam but the hustler’s anthem “Money In The City” featuring Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Trae makes the album legit. Unfortunately, Loved By Few is saturated by too many features that don’t add to the project while songs like “She Love Gangstas” and “Suga Daddy” that take aim at female fans, fail to connect. Still, don’t sleep on this album. - Jared Anderson

THE X-FILES PT. 2 TRUE EXPERIENCES WITH THE LOVE Kanye West 808s & Heartbreaks Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam We all can admit, this auto-tune phase in Hip Hop is getting out of hand, especially when one of today’s biggest rap stars takes to releasing an entire album of vocoder music. Surprisingly, 808s & Heartbreaks sounds better than first imagined when someone initially told you Kanye was going the rappa ternt sanga route on his next album. Mr. West isn’t a great singer, but the raw emotions, relatable topics, and unique sounds from the Kanye West fans have grown to love on songs like “Heartless,”“Streetlight,” and “See You In My Nightmares” featuring Lil Wayne, evokes a passion that even the biggest skeptic can feel. After losing his mother and ending his engagement with his fiancé, this is an album ‘Ye needed to get off his chest, and if nothing else, listeners should be able to respect his wholehearted desire to go against the norm. - Randy Roper

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne/ Dedication 3 On the third installment of Drama and Wayne’s Dedication mixtape series; this time the focus is less on Lil Weezyana, and more on his Young Money affiliates as Weezy F. shares his Gangsta Grillz spotlight with Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, Tyga, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and the rest of Young Moola. Jae Millz stands out with five appearances, and each time he rhymes, the Harlem emcee shows why Wayne added him to the squadron. Wayne’s overuse of the vocoder is hard on the ears at times, and this Dedication isn’t a street classic like the previous Wayne & Drama collaborations, but D3 is still a must-have for any Wayne fans, and one of the better mixtapes to hit the streets in ’08. - Randy Roper B.o.B., DJ Scream, MLK & DJ Spinz Who The Fuck Is B.o.B. If you’re one of those out-ofthe-loop people who are still asking yourself “Who the fuck is B.o.B.,” this mixtape is for you. On this Hoodrich-assisted project, B.o.B. eyes the king’s crown on “I’m Dat Nigga” featuring T.I., joins Boosie Bad Azz in lifting a middle finger to the haters on “Fuck You,” and reps his hood with Playboy Tre on “Eastside Tale.” A few tracks go completely left field (like “POP” and “Space Stobelite”), but this mixtape displays Bobby Ray’s ability make Top 40 style rap music that still appeals to the hood. And it’s that combination that makes B.o.B. one of the most anticipated newcomers in the game. By now, hopefully you know who the fuck he his. - Randy Roper

Da Bad Guy Trick Daddy Presents.... Da Bad Guy: The Black Flag Album After hearing Da Bad Guy’s mixtape, you’ll see that he lives up to his name and plans to keep it that way. Every track is rugged, straight to the point and real. Sometimes it’s too real like on “Hater,” where he openly admits how much of a hater he is and some might take that in the wrong way. Nevertheless, this mixtape will grow on you. “Whatcha Thank We Sol’m All” and “Fuck Wit Me” (the second half of track 13) are two hot tracks waiting to bang in the street. To top it off, he sends a little message to Plies at the end that guarantees you’ll be coming back for more. - Ryan Cordero

DRUG THAT HAS THE COUNTRY ROLLING 23-year-old male from Charlotte, NC:


his was probably one of the worst sexual experiences I’ve ever had. Me and my homeboy were headed to the Aggie/Eagle Classic in Greensboro, which is one of the biggest games at A&T. After we left Charlotte, we decide we were going to pop some pills later on that night. My best friend’s roommate has whatever [drugs] you need. I don’t even pop pills like that, so I wasn’t about to try anything else. We ended up paying $15 for a yellow Louis Vuitton triple stack, so I knew I was about to be rolling all night. As soon as we got the pills we headed to the party. My homeboy always pops his whole, but I like to chop mines up, put half in my drink, and pop the rest. By the time the party was over I was getting at every female I saw, but I had my mind set on my dark skinned chick. After I dropped my homeboy off at his girl’s house, I headed to her house horny, drunk, and wide awake. As soon as I hit the door we started going at it, I could tell the pill was working because every touch and lick felt like it was something spectacular. While I was doing a little bit of foreplay, I noticed my joint wasn’t hard yet, and I was thinking, What the hell is going on? Usually when I’m about to have sex, my joint is hard way before I touch a female. I figured she just wasn’t turning me on. Not only was it soft, but you would have thought it was freezing in there. I headed back and forth to the bathroom for about an hour trying to get right, but it wasn’t working. After a while, I just starting jacking off under the covers while I was still soft, then I came in like 20 seconds. She had a disgusting look on her face. I cleaned it up, looked at her and said, “Fuck it,” and dipped out because I didn’t really care. The next day, I picked up my homeboy and headed to my best friend’s house. When we talked about the previous night, we all found out that we experienced the same problem the night before. Right then and there I knew it was the pill. 19-year-old female from Baltimore, MD:


e and my girl were smoking some weed. After a few puffs, I noticed something wasn’t right. I took a good look at the rest of the weed. It smelled and tasted like parsley flakes, so I was headed back outside to get my money from the guy. My girl kept telling me, “You’re a girl and he’s out there with his friends, that’s not going be cool.” I confronted him, and he started talking reckless to me, like, “Girl, you better calm down, get out of my face, that shit is sold.” I told him, “You better give me my money back, and I dare you to hit me, because you ain’t gonna hit no bitch.” My girl ended up dragging me back to the house. Next thing I know he came to my crib knocked on my door and told me “I’m sorry about that shit, but you can’t be coming on the strip like that embarrassing me.” After he gave us our money back, he invited us to go to a hotel party with him. We weren’t doing anything so we went. When we got there it wasn’t a real hotel party, just me, two girls, the guy that sold me fake weed, and another dude. While we were playing cards I popped my girl’s e-pill. This was my first time taking a pill. To be honest, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. After about an hour or so I started getting real emotional. I was reminiscing about things in the past, then I started crying about some biblical shit. My girl came and touched my arm, and that shit felt so good we started kissing right in front of the other girl and two guys. The other girl was a [masculine lesbian], and tried to manhandle me, but I ended up manhandling her. The guys looked shocked. She was screaming “I don’t let girls eat me out,” but I got her that night. The other guys finally came and joined, to be honest they could of stayed out and just watched. I was starting to think something was wrong with them for a minute. // As told to Jee’Van Brown OZONE MAG // 63

TJ’s DJ’s Xclusives CD 1. B.o.B / I’ll Be In The Sky – Rebel Rock/Atlantic Contact: TJ Chapman – TJ@TJsDJs.com

Homecoming Edition Reviews By: Keith Kennedy & Nick Comney

ground sensation resembling Gorilla Zoe’s “Hood Ni&&a” making him officially Supercalfragilisticmr. swagadocious..

With another unrivaled track to add to the repertoire of an already proven collection, “I’ll Be In The Sky” continues to solidify B.o.B as the hottest, up and coming act in Hip Hop. Let the hating commence.

15. DJ Speedy ft Ray Rush / Get This Money – DJ Speedy Contact: DJ Speedy – 404.545.5030 DJ Speedy and Ray Rush are motivating the masses with this anthem for walking the walk to get money.

2. Black Spain ft Total Kaos / Ohh Boy – White Label Contact: Kenny G – 754.366.2023

16. Mr. Casanova / Livin Like A Movie – Bangkok Contact: JG – 813.506.7609

Whether you like it or not, you will hear your girl singing this song – at the mall, in the car, around the house, everywhere, all the time. Get used to it. 3. Juney Boomdata / Whassup With Your Pussy – White Horse Contact: DJ Speedy – 404.545.5030 It’s just a matter of time before the regional success of Atlanta’s Juney Boomdata’s “Whassup With Your Pussy” breaks out and finds its way onto every radio station in the nation. Now that’s wussup! 4. Papa Duck ft Rick Ross / Look At My Swagg – Big Spenda Contact: Andre – 904.683.1231 Opening with a lyrical melee from the Dade Dondata Rick Ross, this Muck City anthem from Florida boy, Papa Duck, is “Fresh to death/From right to left.” 5. Total Kaos ft Kaliko / My Girl – Key Figure Music Group Contact: Kaos – 850.322.4275 Not exactly The Temp-


If life is a movie, then Mr. Casanova’s new smash “Livin Like A Movie” is a paper chasing epic!

tations, but Kaliko and Total Kaos’ tempestuous vibe will have girls lining up to make the claim of being “My Girl.” 6. M. Beezy / 3’s The Magic Number – Lo Key Key Figure Contact: M. Beezy – 850.241.8056 “Somewhere in that ancient, mystic trinity/You get three/The magic number.” Sampling a song from the School House Rock catalogue, M. Beezy’s fulfills dreams and fantasies atop one of the most original samples of the year. 7. J Dot / She Got Me – Killachef Contact: Shorty – 954.237.5609 It’s a great feeling when you’re able to find that shawty who can get you revved up and tripping. J Dot found her and now

she got him, just like he’ll get you with this fun and melodic track. 8. MoBillionaireZ ft Mannie Fresh / Shake It Fast – Handz Up Contact: Cheekz – 251.300.0964 Watch ya self, Mannie Fresh is back governing the boards like Rodman in the paint with the MoBillionaireZ’ track “Shake It Fast.” It hits your ears like a punch to the temple with its spry beat. 9. J. Harden ft Mr. Raw / Work Dat Pole – Hood & Blues Music Contact: Obey – 404.849.5630 Following the tradition of odes to supporting the naked hustle, J. Harden’s “Work Dat Pole” is a rendition of the original pole workers that would make Obama proud.

17. Halftime / Getting Money – NBA Contact: Syncire Diaz – 678.517.1154 10. B.o.B / Generation Lost – Rebel Rock/Atlantic Contact: TJ Chapman – TJ@TJsDJs.com “Generation Lost” with its charm of a lightly played piano and thoughtful lyrics will make you realize you found real Hip Hop once again. 11. Rosco ft Notorious B.I.G. / Stressful Politics – World Wide Contact: Getyourdrop@gmail.com With politicians notoriously pimping the public, it is refreshing to hear Rosco team with the B.I.G. to address the issues and show that yes we can make great music with a message. 12. SkyyLevel / So Good – White Label Contact: LaKeisha Glinton – 850.264.9973

You just don’t know what SkyyLevel is gonna do to you if you catch her vibe. Just be prepared to experience an extreme eargasm! 13. Geno & Skunk Boogie / Shine – Original Contact: Red Lion 1 – 941.518.3594 With the right direction, Geno & Skunk Boogie have dropped the next big song that unites white and black kids like the Obama campaign. There’s nothing more beautiful than the “Shine” of a new day! 14. NEPHEWBLAQ / Mr. Swagadocious – Loudmouf Contact: Nephewblaq – 321.987.2167 On this track, NEPHEWBLAQ kicks out a potential under-

The group may be named Halftime, but apparently “Getting Money” is a full time hustle and the hard work shows on this tune. 18. #1 Lee ft Plies / Acting Like – Two Dog Contact: C. Wakeley – 352.246.4495 On “Acting Like,” Plies co-signs the realest R&B entertainer in the game, #1 Lee. And for those who act like a b!tch and can’t handle that, it’s ok if you ain’t got haters, you ain’t doin’ it right. 19. BDC / Where Da Roof Go – NBA Contact: Syncire Diaz – 678.517.1154 With this record, the roof may be gone because BDC is on their way and there are no limits to their success.

DJ Smoov Nice & DJ G-Swag

1. DJ Spinz “Heart of the City 4” www.myspace.com/dj_spinz 2. DJ Rondevu “The Depression” www.myspace.com/djrondevu 3. DJ Trauma “Change Volume 1” Hosted by Estelle & Fonzworth Bentley www.myspace.com/djtr aumaatlanta 4. DJ Drama, DJ Ktone & DJ Stupac “D.N.C. Welcome To Denver” www.myspace.com/djktonedotcom www.myspace.com/djstupac 5. Evil Empire & DJ Plus “ The Bad Side” www.myspace.com/evilempire www.myspace.com/djpl usmusic

6. DJ Spinatik “Block Runnaz” www.myspace.com/djspinatik 7. DJ Delz “The Best of Ludacris” www.myspace.com/djdelz 8. DJ E-V “I Run Ohio” www.myspace.com/djev 9. DJ Shadoe “Shadoe Says So 2” www.myspace.com/djshadoe 10. DJ Cannon Banyon “Shootin The Breeze 30” www.myspace.com/cannonbanyon 11. DJ Wheezy “Trill Sillz: Too Exclusive For Yo Ears” www.myspace.com/djwheezy 12. Street Money Ent. “Nothing Moves But The Money Pt. 2” Hosted by Brisco 13. Mick Boogie & DJ Treats “Leaders of the New Cool” www.mickboogie.com/ 14. E-Top “Too Hot For The Radio 3” www.myspace.com/etopent 15. DJ Teknikz “If You Buyin We Sellin 2” www.myspace.com/djteknikz

16. DJ Scope “Street Certified 38” myspace.com/infareddjscope 17. DJ Dutty Laundry “T-Wayne: Da Best of Both Worlds” www.myspace.com/duttylaundry

“Yes We Did”

In celebration of Barack Obama’s historic victory, Smoov Nice & G-Swag put together a mixtape featuring 21 tracks that salute our president-elect and work up thought-provoking questions about the nation we live in. Nas’“Black President” and Young Jeezy’s “My President” echo a new change, while classics like Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” and ‘Pac’s “Letter To The President” remind us of just how far we’ve come. Smoov & G-Swag’s mixtape is a perfect CD to ride out to on the way to the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th. DJs, send your mix CDs (with a cover) for consideration to: OZONE Magazine 644 Antone St. Suite 6 Atlanta, GA 30318

18. Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected “Roc N’ Rolla: Jay-Z & Jadakiss” www.myspace.com/djunexpectedbx1 www.myspace.com/hevehitta 19. Lil Fats “Coast 2 Coast 56” Hosted by Ciara coast2coastmixtapes.com 20. Dub MD “Hip Hop Renatus” www.myspace.com/dubmd84



Lil Wayne Event: I Am Music Tour Venue: Chaifetz Arena City: St. Louis, MO Date: January 8th, 2009 Photo: King Yella