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She Liked my NECKLACE and started relaxin’, that’s what the fuck I call a…

his chain right here is new, it’s Da Hood Luv Me chain. I’ve got some tighter stuff than this, but this is my favorite chain because it’s got [my label] So icey on it. This is the one I wear every day.

I’ve got a couple of chains. I wasn’t planning on wearing this one for shows; I just wear it every day to keep from wearing my big stuff cause they’re so big and bulky. It’s kinda clumsy to walk around with so I wear this one cause [the chain] is shorter. Everybody fell in love with it, and I fell in love with it too.


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GUCCI MANE HOOD LOVE [The stones are] red rubies and VVS white diamonds. This is a white and yellow chain. The chain cost about $30,00 and [the charm] cost about $70,000, so the whole thing is about $100,000 easy. Plus, my watch cost $100,000.

I don’t ever mention my jeweler’s name. This shit is serious. I am the kid who’s So Icey. This ain’t your little rapper’s chain you have in there. No one can fuck with me on the jewelry. None of you rappers. None of the rappers can fuck with me on the jewelry game, period. // Words & Photos by Julia Beverly

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Ozone Mag #67 - May 2008  

Ozone Mag #67 - May 2008

Ozone Mag #67 - May 2008  

Ozone Mag #67 - May 2008

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