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Nattral DrugByDetox Afya Ibomu ere in OZONE’s second annual drug issue, we felt it was right to supply our H readers (and your favorite rappers) with some valuable info about the effects the drug we use have on our bodies. We can scare you all we want with horror stories, but we know that the drinking and drugging is going to continue. So we reached out to Atlanta-based Certified Holistic Health Counselor Afya Ibomu to have her drop some jewels about health and some natural alternatives for those of us who still want to party all the time. With the deaths of Pimp C, DJ Screw and ODB along with Nate Dogg’s recent stroke, it’s time to really take a closer look at the Hip Hop lifestyle. I don’t want to come off as some goody two shoes about the dangers of the drugs, alcohol and weed because I am very aware, from personal experience, of the reasons why someone would choose to participate in such activities. But its time for us to exercise some discipline in our habits and the choices we make. Unfortunately the medical system along with the government is helping to keep us hooked on some type of addictive substance whether its coffee, sugar, codeine, cocaine, alcohol or blunts. But really this shit is killing us and now the victims seem to be getting younger and younger. Drugs by definition are chemical substances used to treat, cure or prevent disease or they are used to enhance physical or mental well-being. There are man-made drugs like ecstasy that are made in laboratories, and natural “drugs” like mushrooms that are found in nature. Usually man-made drugs are more harmful than natural ones because they have a higher drug content and can easily cause addiction, severe side effects or an overdose. That said, its really hard or damn near impossible to overdose on smoking weed. In general most drugs natural or man-made affect the body by draining it of essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins C and B which help to keep your immune, nervous, muscular and blood systems working properly. That’s why you see people who have used drugs for a long time lose control of their walking and speaking ability as well as have severe pain, arthritis, lack of erection, heart and liver problems. Drugs also affect the major cleansing organs such as the kidney’s, liver and pancreas, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cirrhosis

(rotting) of the liver. If you have ever watched Celebrity Rehab, you know what I’m talking about. Balance is key. There is really no balance for hard drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, or even codeine. Not using them at all is your best bet, but a little herb or a drink now and then coupled with eating healthy and drinking lots of water can have an extremely less negative effect on your body. Blunts have the same effect on your body as cigarettes. Dumping out the inside does not matter. Tobacco is addictive and contains many toxins that cause cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Blunts especially lead to lung and throat cancer, which is obviously detrimental to rap artists and entertainers. Also, tobacco nowadays is heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, which gives a double exposure of cancer causing agents. If you want to smoke weed, use papers, a bong, a pipe or cook with it. I used to classify weed as and herb instead of a drug because of its healing ability and lack of addictive properties. Unfortunately weed has now become a “designer drug.” There are so many different strains and types that have been processed with high levels of THC that I have noticed it seems to be becoming addictive and a hard habit to break. Smoking too much weed (more than 1 spliff a day) can cause severe dehydration and takes essential nutrients out of your body, which makes you more susceptible to colds/flu and can cause erection problems. A rule of thumb, with every spliff smoked, drink 16-20 oz of water and take 500-1000 mg of vitamin C. There are some natural ways to help your body deal with and counteract the effects of drugs. I have listed certain herbs, vitamins, supplements and foods that can help to cleanse, replenish and rebuild your bodies organs. All herbs should be used with caution if you take prescription medication (including, codeine, ecstasy or pain medication). Most of these items can be found at your local health food store or the Vitamin Shoppe. Teas can be drank just like regular tea made with hot water (try to sweeten with honey instead of sugar) and tinctures are the liquid form of these teas (herbs).


These cleansing teas are very strong and you must drink a lot of water while taking them. If you use the bathroom and you urine is dark yellow, increase your water intake. Drink 1 cup of tea or 1-2 droppers full of tincture 3 times daily for 7 days then take a break for 7 days and continue this cycle off and on.

Dandelion - cleanses the blood and liver. Caution: should not be taken with prescriptions diuretics or by those with gallstones.

Milk thistle - protects the kidneys and liver from toxins. It also helps to produce new liver cells that are damaged form drug use. Caution: none known.

Golden seal- cleanses the organs and blood

as well as strengthens the immune system. Caution: should not be taken by those with high blood pressure, insomnia or by pregnant or nursing mothers.

Burdock- cleanses the liver of drug residue and restores it from drug abuse. Caution: do not use during first trimester of pregnancy.


Supplements are usually vitamins and minerals that are important but are only need in small amounts. The following supplements are taken out of your body by the use of drugs.

Vitamin C- aids in the repair of the lungs, liver

and kidney’s as well as builds the immune system. Dosage: up to 1000 mg 3 times daily depending on the drug intake.


Caution: avoid chewable tablets and look for powdered forms that can be added to juice or water.

Calcium- needed for healthy bones and teeth,

energy and the prevention of muscle cramps. Dosage: 500-1000 mg daily. Caution: the supplemental form should be avoided if taking high blood pressure or heart medication or for those with kidney problems.


These foods can be found at any grocery store and are very helpful for cleansing and overall wellbeing. They can be taken everyday.

Garlic: detoxifies the body and enhances the

immune system. Fresh garlic is best but it can also be found in tincture form. Dosage: take 1 clove daily. Cut the clove in small pieces and swallow like a pill. Caution: not recommended for people taking blood thinners.

Aloe vera juice: helps renew liver and

soothes the lungs from smoke damage. Dosage: 1 shot glass 3 times daily for a week of and on. Caution: do not use during pregnancy or if suffering from abdominal pain. May be an allergen; if a rash occurs, discontinue use.

Lemons: lemon is soothing and cleansing to the throat as well as high in vitamin C. It also helps to cleanse the lungs of mucous cause by smoking. Dosage: can be taken as much as needed.

Lemon Tea

This tea can be made at any time of the day and can be drank all day long. It’s wonderful for sore throats and a cold/the flu and if you have been doing a lot of smoking. Don’t make it too sweet because you want the sour properties of it to help remove drug residue. 1-2 whole lemons 8 cups of boiling water ¼ cup honey or sweeten to taste.


1.Boil water and add to a pitcher. 2.Cut the lemon in to wedges and squeeze its juice into the water. 3.Add the honey and cut lemon, mix and let sit for 5 minutes. 4.Drink while warm Enjoy!

As an Entrepreneur, Author, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Freelance Journalist and Crochet Artist, Afya Ibomu (pictured above) has built a dynamic reputation in the past 10 years by consistently delivering on her promise to educate, guide and inspire people to live a healthy, natural, and creative lifestyle. Afya is currently the CEO of her holistic lifestyle company, Nattral Unlimited, LLC ( She has a monthly online magazine, Nattral Magazine, and is currently working on a vegan cookbook that will be out spring 2008. She is currently going to Ga State University to become a Registered Dietician. Afya continues to keep an active lifestyle and motivate her community.

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