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St. Louis, MO

and others o, Ali of the St. Lunatics Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Fab y pictures sie, ybo Boo Pla Lil n tha er fast y uel ing z in the streets spread is, Missouri sounds vag buz Lou ’s St. one of Dam out ing has com ry his sto the Hip Hop internet. starts to make noise on of Kim Kardashian on the familiar. A Lou rap group emerges to carry his er mb me up gro a r, Derrty DJs, afte scene, and soon ntry grammar ted by DJ Smallz and the this chronicle isn’t the cou h follow-up mixtapes hos ons with wit But rati s. And abo ture coll pas r and rs. e ene Sta Wad gre Allteam to Organized Noize’s Rico of Vic Damone and the t from tha streets of but tion s, the duc atic nt pro Lun rese St. rep to sed of Nelly and the sts in the works, he’s poi arti jor ma re mo explains. “When iration for me,” Damone the Lou. “[Nelly] is definitely an insp staying in Florida. I was in the military. of St. was I d, ppe dro m the realness coming up out had Nelly and ly gonna see and feel the ceedings] and shit. Nigga Don’t nite pro e. al defi tun [leg in u’re e y “Yo Sta som . erg ugh My iceb . I was going thro -Stars was the tip of the muthafuckin’ nine to five “All no k s. say wor ’t he ldn is,” cou I Lou w caught a case. I kne had to get back n I heard Nelly, I knew I change the channel.” // heart’s with this music. Whe home.” one returned to St. Louis, Dam y, itar mil the in e After serving his tim s Guccio and Just Black h B.O.B./QP Records. CEO Words by Randy Roper where he hooked up wit lar, Trust, D-Mac and Dol Top — up gro rap er mb Photo by King Yella me r fou the d assemble as The All-Stars. wn kno vely ecti coll — Vic Damone


floodThe group quickly started es, tap mix h wit ets stre ing the ws including the Hustle & Flo makmixtape with DJ Drama, ing a name for themselves the throughout St. Louis and Allmusic industry. Later, the All City Stars released the album sal. through a deal with Univer ch mu not , ase rele the ing Follow Stars as materialized for the Allst in a group, and the solo thir nsify. each member began to inte I’m so s, ture ven solo had “We all now t righ shit solo pushing my ng and the team’s still standi behind me,” he says. ng in With the group staying stro l for support, V.D. has done wel conhimself as a solo artist and vemo r Sta Allthe ry car to tinues single ment to the forefronts. His Boosie “Check My Swag” with Lil Louis, is a street favorite in St. s on spin n gai to es tinu con as it oss acr s club and s radio station ‘em,” the country. “He gon’ kill duced says Drumma Boy, who pro ga nig at “Th g.” Swa My “Check got the got the look, that nigga deck, streets, got the bitches on [and] the got the goons in pocket music is one hundred.” Bigga Rankin, who hosted Balls To Damone’s latest mixtape nigga’s e “Th st. atte can , l Wal The swagit’s l, erfu pow so swagger is says. The matic, like a magnet,” he Rick Ross, mixtape, which features


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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