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his voice, but ph Jones’ name, or even ou may not recognize Ste del-turnedmo the his face. For years, chances are you’ve seen appearing in , line g hin clot ce Eny singer was the face of the e. billboards ads nationwid numerous magazine and his focus has es his modeling career, as s always came Today, Steph rarely discuss say ive nat TX , City ri sou the Mis to sing ever ng shifted to music, a talent tryi n bee e “I’v never nurtured. up in the t natural to him, but was ‘shu of fan my mom was a big since I was a little kid, but time I’d open my mouth she’d be like ‘Shut ery house,’” Steph laughs. “Ev up!’”



success as his school, but found even less ents as his So Steph sought refuge in tim sen e generally had the sam teachers and classmates ned my mouth. I ope I as n soo as up t to shu mother. “They’d tell me my discipline slips school for singing, and all actually got kicked out of s. class,’” he add said, ‘student disrupting he truly could sing, t Steph even discovered It wasn’t until college tha eding his craving imp was t tha eer deling car sure in the back but by then, it was his mo I’m er, sing a someone I was ures, boy. No one to croon. “Anytime I told pict se the , shut up and take of their mind they was like s. ent took me serious,” he lam ided to take Three years ago Steph dec d his dream owe foll and himself seriously ntion of several to sing, garnering the atte e. He soon tim labels in a short period of e friends—or in hav to ps hel it t tha learned ces. Steph’s pla h hig in r the his case—a bro Davis (of ay DeR an half-brother, comedi non’s Wild’n Out Can k Nic and p sho ber Bar improv comedy fame), was hosting a live e brother littl his e gav show in LA, and se his talents. an opportunity to showca telling jokes, “[DeRay] was hosting and up a comedian ting put him of and instead let me go up to d use he s, for five minute up there and go just every week. I used to bers Steph. em rem la,” pel cap a sing the house; he One night Ludacris was in er’s a cappella heard one of the Texas sing ressed. Five ly imp ant inst was and s sion ses to New York with months later, after a trip is, Steph was Dav e Cliv Luda, Chaka, and signed to DTP. a and Disturbing “I chose to sign with Lud e the only label wer y the e Tha Peace becaus me,” says nge cha that wasn’t trying to wanted my sound el lab er oth ery “Ev ph. Ste artist that’s on to be like every other R&B le puppetwho the into not the radio. I’m artist thing.” s sound is anything True to his claims, Steph’ ” is a term ary din “or but ordinary. But much so that he he readily embraces, so ry and titled his labeled himself Mr. Ordina “I don’t travel e. sam the CD g forthcomin create a certain to try to elf outside of mys ,” he says. “And me to sound that’s not true um Mr. Ordinary, alb my d title I why t’s tha r ordinary [self], because when you are you s comes out. It nes que uni that’s when the r soul never you and comes from the soul // .” lies cartel Words by Eric N. Perrin


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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