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SC unsigned ly recognize Charleston, oyal OZONE readers probab very magathis in s ent sem bold adverti ng two rapper Carlos Cartel. His turi fea ads le. For months, his zine have been memorab ng in between, ndi sta tel Car h wit , fins of cof dead bodies resting inside , ran on the pages of OZONE. “[The bodies pon holding an automatic wea y, [who] got killed my cousin and his homebo pictured on the ads are] show the other side of to just at’s “Th s. lain exp by another homeboy,” he ut.” rappers [aren’t] talkin’ abo the game, to what these ement for dealing king more like an endors But when he ran an ad loo



et boys decided for a rap album, the alphab had to put out I cocaine than promotions ing eth som felt like that was ,” to pay him a visit. “I just magazine, shit hit the fan the in t tha put I r afte find ’t ldn cou there,” he says. “[But] y the nt something on me, but real case has he says. They tried to pla the law, he states that no by d aze unf at ewh Som nothing.” . been brought against him ous city in the United , SC (the 7th most danger Born in North Charleston gs), Cartel had a kin Ran e Crim City Press’ States according to the CQ his father passed , old rs yea n he was just 10 troubled childhood. Whe from AIDS, which he ns atio away due to complic use. At 13, Cartel contracted through drug Memphis, TN. to r the mo his h wit ved mo Three Six like s per rap s phi Seeing Mem g tapes out tlin hus p Pim ny Mafia and Skin his own hustle of their car trunks inspired to Newport and flow. He later moved riended Marbef he re whe , inia News, Virg d Atlanta ble trou of r the cus Vick, the bro hael Vick. “I’ve Falcons quarterback Mic life who’ve been around niggas all my h there were oug Alth s. say he rs,” been sta ss and the ele hom self him times he found inst him, seeing cards seemed stacked aga a and the Vick the success of Three 6 Mafi his pursue of a in him ted tiva mo brothers, sic. career in rap mu known for his conBut Cartel may be more chain boosted UTP A sic. mu his n flicts tha up in the ed end p cam from Juvenile’s ght the media’s Cartel’s hands, which cau t incident where attention, and a subsequen during a ne Way Lil at tle bot a he threw SC, earned him a performance in Florence, and the nickname troublemaking reputation sts those days insi He ” tel. Car l Hel use “Ca people know of lot “A . him ind are far beh says. “The he ,” rter sta m me as a proble misunderstanding, Juvenile situation was a love to Wayne too. much love to him. Much it’s a new year. ff, stu f bee t tha I ain’t on t somebody over sho e hav ld The old me wou some petty stuff.” grind speaks volThese days his music and releases (Soulja nt nde epe ind umes. His two ) are heavy on tel Car l Stories and Cause Hel World Is Yours, The d, thir a and ets stre the n. With records is set to be released soo Fresh, Spark tian Hai sie, featuring Lil Boo ck T as well Chu DJ Dawg, Skinny Pimp, and s pictured on his ket cas in ies bod d dea as ching the attention wrapped van, Cartel is cat media outlets and ent em orc of both law enf // . ast throughout the Southe cartel Words by Randy Roper


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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