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New n out. Leaders of a groups just don’t pa all fit nd Ba Da ’s ometimes Hip Hop dy Did d aire and Paul, an rk. School, Chamillion the least—didn’t wo All of groups that—to say s of up ion Gro ipt 10 scr de Top the in most fans’ that probably isn’t e. Although the fam ” Up d cke Another rap group Fu t ’s founding -based Iconz of “Ge , one of the group Time is The Miami tkast-esque status making Ou ll ed sti ch is , rea ud r ve Clo ne Mc Iconz members, Stage


(l-r) Chaos, McKlezie, & Hunger


litics was involved trio Grind Mode. “Po FLA the of rd McCloud, who thi eheadway as on ell on the negative,” to the drive t I don’t like to dw bu led ] it nz d an Ico , the gle sin ith t [w a ho more zie, says. “We had creating something now goes by McKle th Grind Mode and wi g nin joi of ill and the thr beautiful.” er and Chaos, local emcees Hung of hooking up with other’s s ist ch ns ea co d ty cte au pe be That who mutually res forces. n joi to ing grind, before decid mics,” Hunger en op l kil to d use “We all solo to go real hard as explains. “We used ars old ye o tw e lik is de artists. Grind Mo been individuals, we’ve as a group. But as d un ‘ro up w te. I gre doing it for a minu run into [Chaos]. s ay alw to d use Stage. We and t ‘it’ about him. Me Chaos just had tha were We ip. sh on ati rel a Klezie already had and er this super group the trying to put togeth on s wa he se, cause Chaos just made sen ” same note as us. niistry has been unde Grind Mode’s chem ir single “I’m the it, un e siv he co able. As a arts climbing up the ch So High” has been ss to spit Ro k Ric g tin mp in Florida, even pro signed the group recently on the remix. And um alb ir the to release a distribution deal rds (the co Re c bli pu Re l through Universa y eased 5-time Gramm same label that rel To ck Ba s se’ ou Wineh award winner Amy Black album). Flo, DJ Khaled, Pitbull, With Rick Ross, Trina rap the g vin dri ers d oth Rida, Cool & Dre an timing all-time highs, the scene in Miami to uce their rod int to GM for r couldn’t be bette mi, . “[Our sound] is Mia s. style of MIA music say zie Kle Mc ,” sic d mu man, that feel-goo , getting out there and mi “The nuances of Mia club, and at the same in a enjoying yourself th mesd lyrics are laced wi time the words an t it’s so bu mi Mia It’s hear. sages that you can ing life joy en t ou t. It’s ab much more than tha .” nd mi ur yo ing and strengthen Chaos the glue of the city,” ing. “We’re about to be str rth fou d third an adds. “We started off them [are] the star all d an Trick and Trina ond up all the way to sec ir players. We moved the th wi urt co on the string, about to be ass.” en we s up, “Just trust wh And as McKlezie sum n, with the maturity and , ma come on the scene three you got with these the professionalism g Miami down by any tin let t guys, we are no means.” // per

Words by Randy Ro


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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