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’m just now realizing that this is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because we are celebrating our fifth annual Sex issue, but because I just had yet another opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with my family this past month. Santa’s about to bring me some more Bay shirts and I can mentally reason that the cold months are about over (even though it ain’t all that cold in the Bay-TL (that’s mine). On top of all that, I have another opportunity to make good on my New Year’s resolution of finding myself healthier spiritually, mentally and physically 365 days from the end of this month. I don’t much bother with declaring it anymore, ‘cause I honestly feel like if it isn’t something that you’re working on already, it’s not about to happen anyway. It makes no sense to say you’re about to do something and “mean it this time” just because a number changed on the calendar. The idea of committing is something that a lot of us struggle with and in many cases, never truly conquer. So I started out an athlete who sang at the church – or depending on who you ask – a faithful member of the church who could play sports REAL GOOD. I knew how to ski by the time I was four. I placed in the state of Colorado at the age of nine (I have a framed poster to prove it). Baseball came next. I mostly got into it ‘cause it was about the only program available at the time (shot out to San Pablo Youth Baseball!) and every time I went to Chicago my cousin and I would argue over which sport we were going to play. He had a passion for hoop and all I wanted to do was play strikeout. So we agreed to disagree about which one we’d play for the moment and then switch once we had our daily fill of lemonade. Football kicked in soon after and then hoop. Mind you, this is a full year. Yeah, I changed with the weather – sports I

mean. It was kinda like the way I ate my food; one group at a time. Meat, carbs, veggies (yuck!), drink. I didn’t see the need to mix one with the other. Each was unique and deserved its own undivided moment from/with me. It wasn’t until I got to high school that I decided to commit to one sport and that was basketball. There wasn’t a person on God’s green earth that could tell me I wasn’t goin’ to the league. DA, #24. (I don’t know about you Kobe, but I chose it ‘cause I felt like I had the potential to be one better than him.) That was me. Had the handles and the hops. Spent nights in the garage, lights out with ski mittens on, finding my rhythm. And then college happened. I don’t know. Maybe I took too long to decide or I wasn’t in the right program (that’s the reason I used the most), but it just wasn’t in the cards for a nigga. Cause I coulda sworn it was going to happen. All I had to do was excel in high school. If I did (I did), but didn’t get looks because we had a different coach all four years (we did), I’d play at Juco and get noticed there. A good decade since God decided to place my hoop dreams in the rear view, I found something else worthy of committing my energy to and that’s what I’ve done ever since. I look back and trip off where I’ve been in order to get here with an opportunity to blow the West up all over again and I sometimes wonder if it’s fully registered. Regardless, this page and ones that follow are physical proof that we are committed. Good luck next year and/or at the end of this month if you so choose to declare that NYR. Happy Holidays, N. Ali Early West Coast Editor Ali.early@ozonemag.com

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(above L-R): Uno of The Pack & DJ Rick Lee @ Loft 11 for Keak da Sneak’s birthday party in San Francisco, CA; Ashanti & her MoManager @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference in Newark, CA; Keak Da Sneak & his mama Shirley Mac @ Loft 11 for his birthday party in San Francisco, CA (Photos: D-Ray)

01 // Mad Linx & DJ Dimepiece @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 02 // Nina Sky & J. Espinosa @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 03 // Rick Lee & SBC DJs @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 04 // DJ Backside & Johnny Nunez @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 05 // J.F.K, Billy Jay, Yung Berg, & Jay Premiere @ The Galleria (San Francisco, CA) 06 // Freeway, FedX & The Jacka @ The Palms for Def Jam suite party during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 07 // Keak da Sneak @ Loft 11 for Keak’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 08 // Pras’ birthday cake @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 09 // Glasses Malone & Felli Fel @ The Palms for Def Jam suite party during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 10 // Willie of Making The Band 4 @ Fanatics (San Francisco, CA) 11 // Summthin Terrible @ Loft 11 for Keak’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 12 // Jessica Malay & Brian A. of Making The Band 4 @ Fanatics (San Francisco, CA) 13 // Summer & DJ Drama @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // Rod Edwards & Chad Brown @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 15 // Ron Stewart, Noel, & DJ Vlad @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 16 // Keak da Sneak & Lil Derell (Sacramento, CA) 17 // Gloria Velez & DJ Quote @ Club Treo (Denver, CO) 18 // Bido, Meech, & DJ Lace @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 19 // Hurricane Chris & Big Teach @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 20 // The Jacka @ the ‘Stay in School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 21 // Mike & Qwanell Of Making The Band 4 with DeWayne Wiggins of Tony, Toni, Tone @ Fanatics (San Francisco, CA) Photo Credits: AZ for FOB Productions (17); D-Ray (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,18,19,21); Jessica Essien (16,20)



ven though Money B stays on the road with Digital Underground to the day, he continues to push his own line, namely a new mixtape called Mandatory. A fitting launch for his new label Mandatory Muzic, it’s the brand that he also used to create his DVD series - Sex and the Studio. Over the years, it’s worked to bring to light the sexually charged songs that made him a household name in the 90’s as a key member of DU. Based on their success, it goes without saying that Money B and his partner Cleetis Mack (also an original member of DU) have created a winning brand and a loyal following. To boot, when launching the Sex and the Studio DVD, the two threw a party in the Hollywood Hills complete with the first ever “Sex Olympics.” With “dick sucking” as the main event, one can only imagine how crazy it was.

MONEY B The West is Back…Side:

The Bay Area’s DJ BackSide links up with the Best of the West to see what’s really goin’ on in their heads!

DJ BackSide: What was the concept behind the Sex and the Studio DVD Series? Money B: Well, it’s a DVD series for my DVD production studio. We have parts one and two. It’s a lifestyle-type DVD, video magazine. We go to the wildest parties. We throw the wildest parties. It all started because Digital Underground would always perform “Freaks of the Industry” and our other songs at the AVN [porn awards], and we had friends in the business that would always say I should get in the business. So Cleetis actually thought of the idea to do the DVDs where we interview your favorite rappers about sex and have sex scenes in between. What was one of the craziest sex interviews from the rappers you’ve interviewed on the DVD? One of the more interesting stories I would say would be Layzie Bone. He had some girl who just wanted him to pee in their mouth. I also asked Randy Jackson if the Jackson 5 ever ran a train. He said he couldn’t tell me, but he got red in the face, so they pro’lly did it. Would you consider yourself a sex addict? I wouldn’t say a “sex addict.” I mean, we all like sex. I’m not a pussy hound. That’s not the thing that drives me. I love it. I was gettin’ a lot more sex even before I was rappin’, like when I was 15, because I didn’t have any responsibilities. What’s your favorite sexual position? Well, there are a couple that I like, but I would have to show you. They don’t really have names. You would just do it. But, these days, I like reverse cowgirl. You know, lay back, relax and check ‘em out. Doggystyle as well, because you have a lot of control when you do that. You can grab ‘em by the neck, or grab their arms and twist ‘em back. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a freak are you? Probably an 8, but I’ve been a 12 actually. As I get older, I got to take it easy. And I only say I’m not a 10 now because I shoot adult films and I be lookin’ at them like, “Damn, y’all crazy.” When I was 25 years old, it was all day. I’ll give you an example: When Digital Underground was gettin’ popular, when we were on tour, I used to share a room with Tupac. When I would come back to the room there would be six chicks waitin’ outside the room. I would watch all six go in and out of the room all night [to Tupac]. Yes! Let’s talk about Tupac. So I know Tupac was close with you and was a major sex symbol. Did y’all share some of the same sentiments on sex and females? I mean, me and Tupac have shared some of the same girls. Pac was a little more sensitive than I was. He kinda had a softer side, but I didn’t give a fuck. One of the craziest stories I can tell you about Pac was back around ‘94 or ‘95. I’m at my house and it was like two in the morning. Tupac calls me and he’s whispering on the phone, “Mon, Mon - nigga, I just fucked Madonna!” I was like, “WHAT?” He repeated himself and then hung up the phone. He called me back after he was finished though and she was in the bathroom or whatever. I was like, “Dude, you crazy!” So who would you say are the ‘freaks of the industry’ now and why? From what I know, I would say Puff and Ludacris. Because once you reach a certain status of popularity, monetarily you start dealing with a different level of things. Like, I’ve never been, but I’ve heard of orgies that Puffy has thrown. You know, parties where you can’t come in with no bra and other things. I mean, a lot of your favorite artists are infatuated with these porn stars and they come to L.A. and pay for them, and of course the girls go tell all their business. Was there really another [sexual] meaning for the humpty dance? Nah. Actually, we had already made the song and didn’t have the dance. And we were actually making the song when the Bay Area’s ’89 earthquake happened, and you know (he imitates the “Humpty Dance” with arms going back as if one was falling backwards from the earthquake). So that’s how we


thought of it. That was the derivative of the “Humpty Dance.” Is your music as sexually charged now as it was then? Yes. Listen to my mixtape, Mandatory. I’m still talkin’ about sex and I say more, so I can talk about it with more confidence and experience. In 1989, I might say, “I’m goin’ to eat your pussy,” but now I can talk about exactly how I’m goin’ to eat your pussy, and how I’m goin’ to be stickin’ my finger here and jammin’ this and that. You’re gonna like it. // Photo by D-Ray

(above L-R): Baby Boy & Tila Tequila @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion in Las Vegas, NV; Felli Fel & DJ Drama @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion in Las Vegas, NV; NeYo & DJ Juice @ Ruby Skys in San Francisco, CA (Photos by D-Ray)

01 // Yung Berg, Sean Kingston, & Ray J @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 02 // Glasses Malone & 211 @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 03 // DJ Backside & DJ Big Dee @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 04 // DJ Drama & Scoot of Dem HoodStarz @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 05 // Clyde Carson & Maine @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 06 // Clyde Carson, Baby Boy, & Mistah FAB @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 07 // DJ Quote & Paul Wall (Denver, CO) 08 // JR Get Money & Baby Boy @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 09 // Ashanti & Desire Temptations @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 10 // Greg Lawley & The Pack @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 11 // DJ Knuckles & The Jacka @ The Palms for Def Jam suite party during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 12 // Y.S. & Baby Bash @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 13 // Mamacita & Glasses Malone @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // Dee Sonaram & Steve Chavez @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 15 // Tila Tequila & DJ Vlad @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 16 // Kafani The Ice King & Hasi @ Loft 11 for Keak’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 17 // Freeway & Traxamillion @ The Palms for Def Jam suite party during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 18 // D-Ray, DJ Backside, & DJ Karmel @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 19 // Mad Linx & Felli Fel @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) Photo Credits: All photos by D-Ray except #7 by AZ for FOB Productions


She saw my chain and started relaxin,’ that’s what the fuck I call a… When I first came back from the pen we [BFA] was rockin’ rose gold. That’s when rose gold was real big. I was like the only dude out there with a rose gold piece, bracelet; first dude with the rose gold grill. Cats wasn’t really rockin’ rose gold like that. I was the dude who was really pushin’ the line. And really, it wasn’t a lotta rap cats that was rockin’ jewelry like that. It was only a couple that had jewelry when I got into it and that was 40 and Yukmouth. You can look back at all my DVDs when I’m doin’ my thang and you’ll see that I’m like the only dude that’s shinin’ on that level. I set a standard ‘cause I came with a song callin’ myself the “Ice King.”


“The BFA Piece” I’m the Ice King of the Bay, so I really gotta go big. It’s 50 carats, somewhere in between VS and VS2. It weighs like 300-400 grams. Lately I’ve been gettin’ a new piece like every six months. My first pieces I would melt them down and get a new piece made, but lately I’ve just been buying new pieces from Carl at Highline Custom Jewelry.

“ T

his chain stands for my movement that I’m pushin’ right now. I’m puttin’ a whole little coalition together of rap cats and we’re forming something [special]. It’s the “BFA Movement.” We all Babyface Assassins. We all out here gettin’ money, really doin’ this music thing and pushin’ a hard line right now. I started the whole movement and I got cats followin’ behind me right now, really tryna get their name out there. That’s what I’m pushin’, so that’s why I went and got a humongous BFA piece, to symbolize what I’m pushin’ and to also let it be known that the Babyface Assassins are still alive and we still pushin’ it. That’s what I started off doin’ and that’s what I’ma keep doin’.


In my video, the original BFA piece I had was a little bit smaller. The reason why I went bigger with this piece is because I was doin’ a show and this dude got in with a gun. When I was backstage in the back to myself, dude ran up on me with the gun in the dark. He put it to my head and we start strugglin’ over the gun. I grabbed the gun and it went off. We both fell down and through the struggle all my pieces fell to the ground and he managed to get the BFA. So, the very next day I put my order in and got that big boy. That’s the reason why I went super big. I was like, “Yeah, you got that one, but I’m finna go bigger.” // – As told to N. Ali Early // Photo by D-Ray

(above L-R): Mistah FAB, Tech N9ne, & crew @ Sweets Ballroom in Oakland, CA; Hurricane Chris & Sean Kingston @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference in Newark, CA; Hot Dollar, Sixx, & Baby Boy @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: D-Ray)

01 // DJ Nasty, Freeway, & Spiff @ The Palms for Def Jam suite party during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 02 // DJ J Espo, Traxamillion, The Jacka & FedX @ The Palms during Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 03 // Felli Fel & Hot Dollar @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 04 // Bobby Fisher, Sam Crespo, Trey Songz, & Rob @ Loft 11 (San Francisco, CA) 05 // Keak Da Sneak & his sister Voltaire @ Loft 11 for Keak’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 06 // Mistah FAB & Pras @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 07 // Clyde Carson & Moe Doe Entertainment @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 08 // DJ Backside & Damani @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 09 // Making The Band 4 @ Fanatics (San Francisco, CA) 10 // Y.S., Stunna & Young L @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 11 // Haji & E1 @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 12 // Baby Bash & Greg Lawley @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 13 // Tito Bell, Gary Archer, Dru, guest, & Mohawk Marlon @ Angel’s (San Jose, CA) 14 // Sixx & Ne-Yo @ Ruby Skys (San Francisco, CA) 15 // Jose & Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz @ 17 Hertz Studio (Hayward, CA) 16 // Darnella Dunham, DJ Lace, & George Daniels @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 17 // Chief & Sean Kingston @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 18 // Carl & Cassidy @ Highline Jewelers (Hayward, CA) 19 // Chamillionaire & Famous @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) Photo credits: All photos by D-Ray



his IS the sex issue, so…YES! For the record, her name is DJ BackSide for the exact reason that you think. With the J Los, Deelishises, Beyonces and Buffys of the world, the phrase “L.A. Face with the Oakland Booty” shouldn’t surprise and is practically appropriate, given her recent move from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. On cue, BackSide has taken to the diamond-in-the-rough syndrome in becoming a female DJ who’s embraced her craft to the fullest. “It’s like the best of both worlds,” the East Oakland native says. “You are simultaneously a great novelty and a somewhat cursed one.” As an international DJ who’s done multiple shows in both Taiwan and Germany, BackSide has remains a commodity in the states, releasing several mixtapes, mostly of the Bay Area persuasion. She’s also graced BET’s “Rap City” on numerous occasions and in the process, found acclaim as a touted member of the Core DJs. Still she says, there is “a lot of business to take care of.” How did I get started DJing? It’s funny because people always ask this question, just because I’m a female. It’s almost like asking a guy, “So how did you start ballet dancing?” (laughs) But anyways, I started DJin’ when I was a senior in college, just doin’ all the parties at my school. Then after graduating in 2003, I moved back to my hometown in Oakland. And when you got back to the Bay Area, things happened fast for you? No, not right away. I wanted to get on radio really, but it was all about the mixtape game first. I had peeped the game while I was in school on the East Coast, and wanted to bring some of that to the Bay Area and with Bay Area rappers. So the Got Bay? series of mixtapes was spawned. And then from the mixtape game and being in the streets, you got a show on 106.1 KMEL, right? Yeah, I would definitely say that opportunity was one of those “best of both worlds” experiences. I think I have grown my name from that now, but a lot of people do remember my show on KMEL. What do you mean, “best of both worlds”? Well, it’s funny, because it’s been a minute, but everyone knows that having any commercial radio opportunity in a top market is the best situation for almost all DJs, whether you are tryin’ to come up or are already on. So that’s what it was on the outside. But behind closed doors at the station, it was like the battlefield and I was so green at the time. So it was like I didn’t have no armor. A female thing maybe, but I think maybe it was because of my name (laughs). But radio is a fun outlet and medium that I would love to be back a part of if the deal is right. But at the end of the day, it was just one of those experiences where you just got to take what you could from it and run. It seems like you have? Yes, for sure. That was almost two years ago when that was over and while I was there, I was doing almost as much as I am doing now, but at a crazy pace. [I was] DJin’ clubs locally and internationally, mixtapes and all and then after that, Warner Brothers Records actually contracted me out to run their site and online radio station as PD and mixer of hyphymovement.com. [The site] is defunct now, but that was a great thing to be a part of because I got to interview all the artists in the Bay and get a closer relationship with them. So with all this Bay love and support, why did you recently move to Los Angeles? Well, I still am in the Bay for like a third of the month, but I moved operations really for a lot of reasons. I wanted to expand my wings, for lack of a better expression. For one, I definitely still would say performing at clubs are the highlights of this DJ job to me, and Los Angeles has some of the dopest clubs. So I can’t wait to rock them with my style. Two, even though Northern Cali and Southern Cali should really be different states, they are truly close in proximity and budding Hip Hop talent right now. The Bay definitely has at least brought some light back West with artists like Mistah FAB, Dem HoodStarz, The Federation and more, and Los Angeles is on their way to doing that now actually with artist like Bishop Lamont, Damani, G. Malone and Roccett. And I also love to interview music artists in general and Los Angeles is also a place where everyone comes at some point in time during the course of one year, so that type of access to artists is great! So what are you doing now in Los Angeles? Well, it’s not just in LA. It was the move to LA that has created opportunities. Around the time I moved, OZONE West started, so I am currently writing a few articles a month for the mag. That’s fun because I get to interview different people every month and get all up in their business (laughs). I’ve put out a few mixtapes for unsigned artists this summer and am doing guest DJ spots on 102.3 KJLH. I’ve gotten into video, so you will see me with a camera a lot. You can check footage out on www.youtube.com/djbackside. I have also started workin’ with and DJin’ a few shows for MC Lyte, which is ironic 14 // OZONE WEST

because people have said that I sound like her since like forever. What are your goals in the DJ world? Well, the “DJ world” has changed a lot even in the short time I’ve been gettin’ down, but one goal right now that makes sense for me is West Coast compilations. This is in the works as we speak, and it will have music focused on a lot of the budding West Coast artists that are having a huge buzz all up and down the coast. I mean, the job of a DJ and bein’ the middleman to get the music to the people is still my first love to the fullest, whether in the clubs or on a mixtape. So, since this is the sex issue, I’ve gotta ask: Why the name DJ BackSide? Because of my DONKEY!! Now let’s get it! //

Dj Backside

Words and Photo by D-Ray

(above L-R): Trey Songz @ Loft 11 in San Francisco, CA; Yung Berg @ The Galleria in San Francisco, CA; DJ Drama @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion in Las Vegas, NV (Photos by D-Ray)

01 // Mistah FAB @ 17 Hertz Studio (Hayward, CA) 02 // Kafani The Ice King, G. Archer & Big Harry O @ The Galleria (San Francisco, CA) 03 // Daddy Rich & Hooli @ the ‘Stay In School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 04 // J Official @ Everette & Jones BBQ (Oakland, CA) 05 // Hooli, C4, & Daddy Rich @ the “Stay In School” video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 06 // Selau & Big Rich @ Fanatics (San Francisco, CA) 07 // Kafani Da Ice King @ Angel’s (San Jose, CA) 08 // Supreme & Hogg @ Club Tequila for Flipside Fridayz (Fresno, CA) 09 // Sean Kingston @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 10 // Bavgate & Geezy @ Dragon’s Studio (San Leandro, CA) 11 // DJ Thoro, Rob Reyes, & John Costen @ Highline Jewelers (Hayward, CA) 12 // B3 & Automatic @ the ‘Stay In School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 13 // Battle Loco of The Federation @ the ‘Stay In School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 14 // Turf Talk & crew @ the Oakland airport (Oakland, CA) 15 // Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz @ 17 Hertz Studio (Hayward, CA) 16 // Tito Bell @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 17 // CakeMixx & T Freeman @ Club Tequila for Flipside Fridayz (Fresno, CA) 18 // Mistah FAB & Shake da Mayor @ Starline Palace (Fresno, CA) 19 // Mafia Entertainment @ 17 Hertz Studio (Hayward, CA) 20 // Shadow @ Zokkus for 1st Annual Player’s Ball (Sacramento, CA) 21 // Dap Daniel, Hussle Simmons, Erase E, & Mel Linium @ the “Stay In School” video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 22 // Savzilla & Sleez @ the ‘Stay In School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 23 // The Dragons @ Time Out (Concord, CA) 24 // Baby Bash @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 25 // Baby Boy, Sixx, & Tito Bell @ Triq Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 26 // Drew Deezy @ the ‘Stay In School’ video shoot (Palo Alto, CA) 27 // Harm @ Time Out (Concord, CA) 28 // Bang Bang Gang @ Time Out (Concord, CA) 29 // Murphy Lee @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 30 // Michael Watts & DJ Quote (Denver, CO) 31 // Mitchy Slick @ The Palms for Power Summit reunion (Las Vegas, NV) 32 // Russell Simmons & Tito Bell @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 33 // Ray J @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 34 // Q, DJ Lucky, & Mistah FAB @ the W Hotel for Lawman Music Conference (Newark, CA) 35 // Mrs. Sneak @ Loft 11 for Keak da Sneak’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) Photo Credits: AZ for FOB Productions (30); D-Ray (01,02,04,06,07,09,10,11,14,15,16,19,23,24,25,27,28,29,31,32,33,34); Jessica Essien (03,05,08,12,13,17,18,20,21,22,26,35)


ou talk about how you got serious like four or five years ago. What exactly do you mean when you say that? When I started out I was just playin’ around rhymin’, you know, puttin’ different little bullshit together. Then little shit I was doing people start feelin’ it. Then I said, “Shit a nigga might have some type of talent,” so I really started concentrated on what I writing making sure the shit was really on point. Then I started going hard on that shit. Niggas started really recognizing me. At what point did you start to feel the recognition? What type of things were you doing as an artist to get that? A nigga was really hard in the street, right? So when I say I was playing around, I was just doing that shit. Then niggas start hearin’ little shit I was spittin’. Niggas started comin’ up to me like, “Nigga you hard. That shit you spit on mixtape O’boy had was crazy.” And that was some bullshit to me, because I was playin’. A few other cats hollered at me, wanted me do some shit with them. So I had to go hard on this shit. Then my big homie Dude Dawg heard some shit and that nigga came and hunted me down. I’m thinkin’ that Nigga about to check me on some bullshit I was in, but that nigga was gettin’ at me on real some rap type shit. Once I knew that Nigga was after me tryin’ to get at me on that shit, I [realized] I had talent. So, at that point it was like, “I’m about to go hard on this shit.” That really let me know, when the big homie came at me and told me, “Nigga you got talent. Nigga you need to get out these streets. I been through all this bullshit. Nigga it ain’t for you. Let’s get in this studio.” That nigga locked me in the studio for at least a week in that muthafucka. I couldn’t even get out. I was in the pen in that muthafucka! Did he bring you meals at least? That nigga cracked the door, fed me and the engineer, but you know them niggas had me locked up like a muthafucka. But you know what? That nigga saved my life. I was on a path. Either I was going be six feet under or locked up for life. I love him for that - the big homie. Had you been in any significant trouble? Yeah I done a little camp time. A nigga been in a bunch of bullshit. They had a nigga locked down. I’m in this gang injunction shit. It’s a video on YouTube. These muthafuckas [the police] come, they see a couple niggas from my hood, they come and snatch us and throw us in the muthafuckin’ car and take us to the station. I think Top Dawg [Dude Dawg] and them bailed me out like two or three times this year. A nigga try really to stand clear of the bullshit. I done learned a lot since I’ve been with this nigga. I wanna try to get shit right and show everybody in my hood it’s a better way. You know? You’re a Blood? I’m a Bounty Hunter to the heart, Blood game all day. A nigga ain’t on that bangin’ no more. Niggas can rep blood or niggas can rep the blue side. I’m feelin’ like it should be all love from here on out. I’m looking at that Jena 6 stuff and I’m hoping niggas will look at that and realize it’s still some shit out there we need to look out for instead of tearing ourselves down. You kick back and you look at the KKK was killing us all day back in the day. They don’t have to do it now, ‘cause we doin’ it ourselves. Yeah, I’m a Blood nigga, but I’m not trying to bang on no niggas. I make music for both sides; the red side and the blue side and I hope my music can bring everybody together. We’re all black. What do you think drew Dude Dawg to you? He was in the hood. He went through all the bullshit. He saw what I was doin’ and when he heard what I was doin’ on that rap shit he came. I was kind of runnin’ from the nigga because he the kinda big homie that will tell you need to cut that bullshit out. I’m trying to hide from this nigga because I don’t wanna hear all that bullshit he talkin’ about. I’m tryin’ to shake the nigga and he sneaks up on me while I’m getting my hair cut. He laid it down on me, like a lot of big homies should do anyway. That’s what we missin’ in our neighborhood – the OG niggas coming down and telling us what’s not right. We gotta stick together. We destroyin’ ourselves without no guidance. I know some of these young niggas is hard headed. Niggas tell us something we be like, “Fuck you old nigga,” but they still got to try. That same analogy right there I put on the rap game on the West Coast. On the West Coast we kinda dead and dry out here. All the OGs ain’t comin’ getting’ at us like they supposed to. Niggas thought I was beefing with this nigga Daz, but all the time I


was trying to let Daz know, “Instead of dissin’ a young rapper who got a deal, go get at him. Help him out. Show him what he missin’. Let him know what he need to do so he won’t fall out that muthafucka.” But it wasn’t no disrespect because I got respect for all the OG rappers. I just wish they’d come fuck with us more often. Game and Dub C reached out to me. There are the few that reached out to me and showed me love. I appreciate that. They all recognize me when they see me, but I still want them niggas to be like, “Come get on this.” We don’t have it over here like them niggas in the South. What exactly did happened with you and Daz? It had something to do with Hot Dolla right? Yeah Hot Dolla, that’s my nigga. All us young heads got to ride together. So Daz dissed Hot Dolla and I spoke up on the situation. Niggas think I was actually going at Daz, but it wasn’t like that. They probably took it the wrong way, but all I really saying was, “Don’t diss the young nigga. Don’t knock us down. We already down in the dirt already. Coach a nigga. Give the nigga some bomb ass tracks. You were the man at Death Row, nigga.” I ain’t got one track from Daz. I’m just sayin’, come get at us. Don’t diss the nigga. Show us what to do. I respect [Daz] in this game. He’s been in this game for a minute. Niggas don’t last as long as he did for nothing. That nigga got talent. It’s time for the old school dudes to stand down and put life into these youngsters. That’s all I was saying. It wasn’t nothin’ big, because I’m not the type of nigga who get to beefin’ on records. I’m from Nickerson Gardens. I was raised and taught, that if you’ve got beef with a nigga, you don’t go talk about it. You go handle that shit. If a nigga got beef with me he gon’ realize it, because I’m gon’ be at his muthafuckin’ door.


Did y’all ever get a chance to talk about it ? A few mutual [friends] got at us, my Westurn Union niggas got at me on some things. Everything was straight, they were wondering if I was tripping. It wasn’t was no trip. Everything’s good. If I see Daz I’m going to shake Daz’s hand. It’s all love. It wasn’t no diss, I was just speaking from the heart and speaking what I feel. It’s the rap game and you’re supposed to be able to speak on what you feel. It wasn’t no threat of nothing in the message it was just me saying what I felt. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t say what I feel. What’s the relationship like with Quik and AMG from the Fixxers? The Fixxers? Man, I love them niggas! Them dudes came and snatched a nigga, schooled a nigga, told me what I need, what I’m missin’, took me on tour with them. Them niggas just showed me straight love. Quik told me, “You got it, man. I think you the next nigga out here. You can do it.” Those dudes show me nothin’ but love. They embrace me like they supposed to. Quik took me in like I was his son or his little brother. He grabbed me and said, “Ay nigga, I’m lovin’ what you doin’.” AMG came and said, “Young nigga, you the shit, nigga.” So you know, them dudes? I love them dudes. They family man.

the Nixon Garden projects. It’s Jay Rock’s life; that’s what’s going down. I get emotional when I say that shit because it’s real. So tell us what happened after you came out of being in that studio for a week? What was the final product? What happened? You know I was in there knocking out a few songs. He told me he wanted four songs and then he’d let me go. I got in there and knocked out four quick songs for the nigga. You know I’m on the bullshit right now, cause I’m trying to get out I got money on the streets and this nigga tripping on me. I knock out four songs and I give it to Punch. Punch says, “Get this bullshit out of here. Give me some real shit, man.” So that’s what made me stay a few days longer. I got some more new tracks from nephew and we get to spitting and hand it back out to them. Those niggas was in love with that shit. The door unlocked to the studio but I didn’t want to leave because niggas was praising me. I was like, shit, I ain’t never felt like this. Niggas was patting me on my back and yelling and hollering and shit. So when we were in there, he said, “I need two more like these right here, man, and I’m going to get you a muthafuckin’ deal somewhere. So I got four good songs and my man took off with them. Punch took me to the house to get me some clothes and shit. Top Dawg went out to a couple of labels and got some interest from my man Naim Ali at Warner Bros. Top Dawg came back and said we got some action and needed to cut a few more songs. So we did a few more songs and took them up to Warner Bros. again, and it was all history from there. //

It’s been a year I know everybody has been sayin’ you the next nigga. Has frustration set in at any point? If so how have you came out of it? Yeah you know a nigga do get a little frustrated, but a nigga always ready. That’s when my team comes in to play. Top Dawg, Punch, K-Dot, them dudes will talk to me, sit me down. They’ll let me know, “Hey you been doin’ it for a long time anyway for free and for nothing; so a few more months or whatWords by N. Ali Early // Photos by Ty Watkins ever time it takes, just be patient.” So my team is real important in this game. They make a lot of examples out of different situations which I don’t want to speak on [with] other peoples camps. Shit really be fucked up, ‘cause niggas teams around them ain’t right. It keeps me calm, but I’ve been ready to come out the day was born and I got signed. It’s hard but a nigga got to do what he got to do. What can we expect from the album? You are going to hear some real ghetto stories, some real project living off that muthafucka. It’s going to be crazy. It’s for the streets; I got a couple joints for the radio and for the club. I try to give everybody a taste of something, but you know I’m a street nigga so I’m trying to feed the streets, because that’s where my buzz is coming from. I’ve been making a lot of noise. My album is geared for the streets , but I try to touch on everything for everybody else. I got Game on the album, I just finished a joint with Ne-Yo, and I got my Watts nigga Tyrese. We are going to do something with Black Ty in the future. I also got Quick, J.R, Nephew, L.E.S on production, and I got my man Soundwave. Soundwave is the future; that dude is going to be the shit. Look for him to have a big year in ‘08. I got my man K. Dot the Hub City Threat. He’s on the record, and he’s a beast. I got a track with your boy Trey Songz. I’m putting the finishing touches on it and trying to lock in something with my nigga Cam. Cam put us out there on the map. I’m trying to do something with my nigga Glasses Malone. We’re all networking. A nigga ain’t gonna finish until a week before that muthafucker drops, cause I’m steady knockin’ shit out. My man Topic, all these cats out here, I’m trying to get one track with all the niggas on there. Westurn Union, all the young niggas that’s trying to get on it. The album’s going to be crazy. You’re going to like that muthafucker. I’m not trying to have crazy features, because my first album’s got to be all about me. I’m on that 50 tip right now; niggas got to know me. I got to be able to carry my muthafuckin’ self. It’s going be the shit, and you will have an exclusive sneak preview. What does the album title Follow Me Home mean to you? I was born in raised in the projects, and struggled all my life. Nobody never came in and really embraced us, or tried to help us out. The police over here abused us and set us up, and nobody does anything about it. My album is going to be stories about different situations in my hood that went down where we just felt fucked over. Pretty much like the Jena 6 shit; nooses and shit in my hood. It was just struggles. You make it out not knowing if you’re gonna die or go to the pen or whatever. Walk out of my hood and it’s Crip sets all around us. You can walk out and get your head knocked off that same day that morning. Follow Me Home means I’m going to show everybody what I been through what goes on in my projects. It’s just my story, man, it’s coming from the heart. It’s real. You get a lot of niggas out here that spit my life that ain’t never seen my life, ain’t never been through what I been through. That shit right there fucks me up. Follow Me Home. I’m going to take you through a tour through 18 // OZONE WEST


raised in the projects, and struggled all my life. Nobody never came in and really embraced us, or tried to help us out. The police abused us and set us up.

Princess TIASWEETSThe of The Bay


only three years she’s amassed anywhere between 75 and 100 movies on her way to becoming the self-proclaimed “Porn Princess of the Bay.” Says a defiant Tia: “There is no Queen and I’m the Princess!” A native of San Francisco (Fillmore), this former exotic dancer climbed into the adult movie ranks out of competitive spite and hasn’t ceased the grind yet. In the process she’s appeared in some of the industry’s more celebrated flixxx and alongside established vets (Azz and Mo Ass with Mr. Marcus was her favorite of the lot). With her state of the art website (tiasweetsclub.com) currently under construction and a desire to one day direct her own films, it won’t be long before Tia hangs up her whip and halter top for good. So we asked the Princess to take us behind the scenes and give us as vivid a view of what goes on before and after takes… and she did! Look out Piiiimp!!!!

sional terms for all of the positions? Five or six. Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Spoon, Power Driver and Up & Over. That’s all I can think of right now.

Tell the readers why you dubbed yourself the “Porn Princess of the Bay.” Tia Sweets: Because, for one I am! And for two, I’m from the Bay, so I wanna rep it. I’m not ever gonna forget where I came from, no matter how far I get in life. And on top of that, I’m like the most well known porn star in the Bay Area.

What about the other holes on your body? You know, the oral and anal. The regular positions for anal and oral is just on your knees. You can’t really do too many positions like that.

Is each movie different for you? The scenes are different. The experience isn’t different. How did you get started in the porn industry? Well, I was working in a strip club and I got jealous of the girls that were already into porn when they were featured [at the strip club] because they were getting all the attention. So I asked them how did they get to do that, and they said they did porn. I wanted to be in magazines too. So I just got led in that direction. What was your favorite movie you appeared in? My favorite movie was Azz and Mo Ass with Mr. Marcus. It was the most fun. Why was that one your favorite? Because it was different! We Started the scene before we were supposed to. The chemistry was good! So it made it look more realistic. It was probably the longest scene I ever did. They had to cut it and put the rest in the behind the scenes footage. Everyone knows what goes on in front of the camera. Tell us what goes on behind the scenes on a porn set. It depends if it’s a group or if it’s just a solo scene. People think everybody in the movie is on the set at the same time. But we’re really not! Everybody has their own scene. Basically, I get there; get my hair and nails done for an hour. Then I take pictures for about thirty minutes; spend another thirty minutes doing the pick-up or strip tease. Then we go into the scene. So it’s not how people think it is. You don’t make it sound exciting. (laughs) I mean, it depends. If it’s a lot of people getting drunk and doing all that crazy stuff. Then it’s fun! But it’s real work. You know? It’s a job! It’s really work. It’s not all fun and play. How many positions are there in a standard movie and what are the profes-

Okay! What are the Cowgirl, the Spoon, and the Up & Over? The Cowgirl, that’s me on top ridin’. The Up & Over is when the girl is laying on her stomach and the guy is standing up, fuckin’ her like that. The Spoon is like when ya’ll side-to-side fuckin’ like that. And then you know what the Power Driver is, right? Tell me! The girl is on the bed, well, her butt is on the bed, then she leans on her neck, and the guy is standing up. That’s a hard one!

How do they plan orgasms and ejaculation co-ordination? The guy usually cums on the ass or on the titties. Or internally, then we squeeze it out, it’s called a cream pie. What about toys? We only use those when we’re doing a scene by ourselves or with another girl. Is it easier to get yourself off, or is it better when you have help? When I get help, it’s more fun! I need some help right now! So you’re not dating anyone right now? No. I’m lonely right now. (laughs) What qualities do you look for in a man? I think I need to change them, because I’m not doing too good right now. Nah, I don’t know, just personality. That means a lot to me. I need someone I can talk to and someone that’s going to listen to me. You know, what every girl looks for. How do you separate your personal life from your work? When I’m at work, I’m at work. When I leave work, I leave it there. I don’t talk about it, I don’t think about it and I don’t really hang out with other porn stars. What movies do you think you are most recognized for? Ummm. They know me for Azz and Mo Ass. A lot of people know that one and that was the first movie I ever did. Also I get noticed for Phatty Girls #5, Up Your Ass #26, and more recently [Yukmouth’s] United Ghettos of America: Eye Candy and What’s Crackin’ #2. Any scene I do with Mr. Marcus or Tony Eveready people get at me about. // Words by Nippy Swagga For more Tia Sweets go tomyspace.com\tiasweetsxxx or book her at lhtalent. com. She’ll be squirtin’ on a screen near you very soon, so look out Piiimp!!! OZONE WEST // 19

BISHOP LAMONT Words by julia beverly photo by edgar sanchez



r. Dre protégé and Aftermath signee Bishop Lamont claims to be gifted in many areas besides rap. Here, the aspiring porn star details his plans to start a rehab center to save women from “horrible sex lives.” In a previous OZONE interview, you said you once had porn star aspirations. I was being dead serious. I was gonna be a part of West Coast Productions. I was gonna have a series called Smackula; I was gonna just be naked with a cape on and Timberlands, doing the damn thang. I guess God had better plans for me, but I’m gifted in that area too. I think I’m still gonna produce some delicious, tasteful porn and still put out a Smackula series. How does porn tie into your rap career? It’s kinda like a fusion. Anything in entertainment is gonna reflect that kind of sexuality and wildness. I think any artist has experienced Boogie Nights to a certain degree because the alcohol is there, the drugs are there, the women are there, the energy is there, and that’s the way the industry usually works for certain individuals. For me, it’s different, but at the same time all that is at my disposal if I chose to be that way. What makes you so incredible that you should be a porn star? Well, I’m part horse. I’m Mister Ed and God blessed me. I prayed for it when I was a kid. It’s amazing what you pray for; I prayed to have a big dick, and God does answer prayers. If I got Extends I think I could have eleven inches. I’m packing ten now, so I’m a happy camper. You actually took a ruler and measured? What nigga don’t? Every nigga does. You can take a ruler and find out where you are. I took a ruler, and I took a remote control too, one of them extra big ones. The Universal remotes. (laughs) Why did you decide not to go into porn? Do you have any moral hang-ups about it? I have responsibilities of a larger calling later on in my life. I did auditions and all that, but if I would’ve gone all the way and became a porn star, then music might’ve hit for me and then if I wanted to go into politics or back to the church I would’ve had a problem, wouldn’t I? If they’re on Kirk Franklin for just liking porn, let a nigga who’s a porn star come into the church and start talking about God or being in a political forum, y’know? It’s not a moral hang-up at all because spirituality goes hand in hand with sexuality. There was a time in history when people would have orgies and rituals and it was the combining of spirits; it was the highest level of expression and experience between two human beings and also a transcendence to touch heaven. At the moment of orgasm the brain blanks out, and where do you go? They speak of that in many books as the point of reaching nirvana and being able to see that celestial plain. BANG! If you’re about to have an orgasm, try to figure out where your mind goes. You can’t remember. You just say “Oh my God!” Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it if it comes from the heart. That’s the problem with America. I saw a movie last night where they chopped the nigga’s head off cause he was a vampire, and they had to chop it off three or four times before it totally disconnected. So that’s alright for children to see, but you wanna keep a lid on sexuality when that’s how these kids got here? Everybody is sexual. Even nuns have thoughts and that’s what they struggle with. There’s nothing wrong with sexuality, but there’s something wrong with liking to see people get their head blown off. Sex isn’t taboo to me, and it’s never been taboo in my family. My mom was telling me this shit when I was nine years old. It wasn’t nothing to hide cause ain’t nothing wrong with sex. It’s only bad if you’re bad at it or you’re raping somebody or molesting children. Do you have different opinions on sex when it comes to your personal life as opposed to porn? Porn is entertainment. Porn is when you’re great at it and you wanna show all these whack-ass little-dick niggas out here who can’t stroke right and can’t eat pussy right how to do it and amaze them and give people at home excitement when they ‘bout to get to it and they watching you on screen. That’s exciting to me, just like people listening to my music or coming to my shows to see me perform. Porn is still a performance, and when you work hard to be the best at your performance, you want that to be seen and received by the masses. In my personal life it’s the same way, it’s just that you can’t be out there giving your candy to anybody. (laughs) That’s the difference. Who do you give your candy to? It’s about their mind. When you first see a person it’s going to be a sexual attraction based on their physicality, and then when a woman opens her mouth, it’s about what she’s saying and how she thinks and how her spirit is. A lot

of weird shit can turn me on because I’m a Scorpio. You never know what’s gonna turn me on cause it’s that psychology behind sexuality. For me, it’s not just the physicality but the mind and the spirit of a woman. It’s a lot of muthafuckers that’s sexy as fuck but they’re also stupid as fuck, and once you bust that nut, you’re like, “Bitch, get outta here.” But it’s some other muthafuckers that even when you’re getting into it – foreplay or just the talks before you get into it – it’s exciting. That spontaneity can excite you. It’s not just about getting down and nasty, it’s the pursuit and the energy that comes from that. (pause) I’m sorry to be longwinded but this stuff gets me excited. (laughs) What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? It’s too many. For my birthday one time, we had sex in the cemetery. You know how people run through the cemetery for money on Halloween? Out here in L.A. we’ve got this big Inglewood cemetery that’s so huge they’ll give you like $300 if you run through it. Me and a couple of my homeboys went and my homegirl came too, for my birthday. It was exciting running from the security and the adrenaline was going so we got to a lil’ place and got down. It was nowhere near a tombstone, but that woulda been even hotter. It was just the excitement of it, and bein’ disrespectful. And it was fun. Yep. (laughs) Now that you’ve got a record deal, have you noticed the way females react towards you changing? The record deal changes everything. I pretty much keep to myself, and I keep my music life separate. I’m in the gym right now and it’s a lot of beautiful ladies here that party with me, and they don’t know that I do music cause my album ain’t came out yet. They might have heard me on the radio but they don’t connect the two because in here [in the gym] I’m Philip. In the industry, it’s a whole different thing, and every woman comes at you. In normal life I’m an attractive guy, I’m a sexy guy, but when it comes to the music and the video shoots, it’s animalistic. That’s not the kind of woman that you want unless you’re just tryin’ to get a nut off. I’m at a different point in my life. So the aggressive, groupie-type females are a turn-off to you? It just depends on where you are in life. For most men that’s a turn-on. Under normal circumstances it’d be a turn-on for me, but I’m about my career and I’m about my business. Things like that can sidetrack you and cause a lot of trouble that you don’t want or need: lawsuits, women out tryin’ to get your money sayin’ you raped ‘em, women out tryin’ to get some money set you up [to get robbed] and get you fucked up, women out tryin’ to get pregnant, nah. Young cats gotta think about that. Women gotta watch these niggas too, and niggas gotta watch these women. When you’re in this business people will do the most treacherous things to ya. So I’m pretty much in love with my career and doing what it takes to provide for my family and bring people the best music. I stay in the studio, I stay in the gym. I stay working, period. You basically prefer to deal with women that you’ve met outside the business. Yeah, you try to deal with women on a normal basis that don’t give a shit about the industry. Everybody knows who Dr. Dre is but it’s a good thing my album don’t come out til next year. People kinda know me. I watch cats in here [in the gym] play games and act like they don’t know. They come over and work out and be like, “Ain’t you....?” but for the most part you can get a real genuine interaction with women in here or in the streets. Next year, it ain’t gonna be the same. Right now, I like normality and I try to deal with women outside of the industry. If I do deal with a woman in the industry, it’s gotta be a woman that’s stable and of sound mind and body that isn’t tryin’ to get over on you, and that’s a difficult thing to find. What kind of music do you put on to set the mood for sex? It varies, because sometimes women just want to be fucked and other times women want to make love. It depends on the individual you’re dealing with and what the energy is like. It could be a situation where you ain’t seen this person for weeks and y’all just had phone conversations and finally got time off your schedules and you meet up and go at it as soon as you hit the door and it ain’t no soundtrack at all. It could be a Sci-Fi channel on behind you or Oprah, you never know. But if it’s planned out and there’s time, I love to have a soundtrack. Maybe Chico DeBarge or El DeBarge, Luther Vandross, some old school Al B. Sure shit, the Janet Jackson album with “That’s The Way Love Goes,” anything from the Isley Brothers, Al Green, Prince, Marvin Gaye, scandalous, freaky shit. Or if I’m in one of those crazy, crazy modes, I put on Trent Reznor [of Nine Inch Nails] “Animal” or even some jazz, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan. You’ve mentioned being a Scorpio a few times. How does being a Scorpio affect your sexuality? Scorpios can be known to be very manipulative. They know how to exploit people. That’s why Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and that’s why Puff Daddy has his fortune. And they are people persons; they have huge hearts. Either they can tell nothing but the truth, or they can be some craftyass liars. I know a lot of ‘em. Our spirituality can be deeply intertwined and OZONE WEST // 21

then we have a sexuality which can either corrupt us or make us better. That’s pretty much always our fight because the flesh is weak with us. It’s just in our essence to understand sexuality to a T and spirituality to a T. We just have a mystique about it, an electricity when it comes to sexuality. My ex was a Scorpio and that’s some of the greatest sex I’ve ever had. You can feel the earth move when we’re together. Scorpios can tap the soul, and they’re givers. I’m a giver anyway. That’s another thing when it comes to sexuality, for all you niggas and ladies out there – stop being fucking selfish. The experience is about sharing and giving. I love to eat pussy, and if you deserve it, I’m gonna give it to you all night til you can’t take no more. I don’t care if I don’t get mine, cause I got mine by pleasuring you. How do you decide who “deserves” it? It’s such a fine line. When you meet ‘em and hang out for a while you kinda know who deserves it or who doesn’t. Hygiene, for one. If your hygiene is a problem you can’t get shit from me. But it just depends on what kind of person you are and how deep I wanna go with you. If I wanna go that deep with you, I’m gonna please you all the way. If I don’t think you deserve to go that deep but there’s some kind of chemistry, I’m gonna give you one of them lower grade packages. I can’t really give it all if we’re not on that level. Since you claim to be a pussy eating expert, do you have some pointers for men that aren’t? I’ve got a book coming out about that, and a DVD. So I don’t even wanna give away my secrets. My blessing is that I was taught by my homegirl in junior high school. She was a stone cold lesbian but she still liked to get dick on the side. I guess you could say she was bisexual. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a lesbian; I love ‘em. A lesbian taught me how to eat pussy, so I learned from the best, to be the best. A pointer for guys is this: If your whole face ain’t in it, you ain’t doing nothing. Don’t get conservative with it, no. You’ve gotta get your chin to your nose wet, man. Start there. Is there anything off limits? What would you do if a chick licked your ass? Ain’t nothing off limits. If you like tossin’ the salad, toss salad. If you deserve it, I’ll toss your salad. I’ve tossed salads a couple times on these ladies just on some freak shit. I was lickin’ so I just hit a long lick stroke from the back to the front. So it’s nothing really off limits. It’s just when you cross the line to the Tyler Perry type shit that it’s a problem. Have you gotten any memorable sexy text messages or pictures sent to you? They’ve sent me crazy stuff in the past, but I’m not really a tech man. I’m a Geico caveman, so if you can’t say it in person or tell me on the phone, then I’m not really fuckin’ with it. So they know not to send me shit cause I’m not gonna download it and I don’t even know how to work phones like that. I got a simple little Razr phone and I push “answer” and “end” and that’s it. I like talking shit in person. Like, “Okay, you talkin’ tough. Let’s get it,” or, “I’ll unzip it.” “Naw, you unzip it. Sit on my face. Let’s get it going.” I will eat you into a coma. You will lose this battle. I will stab your lung. I might move your heart. You might lose a kidney. Wow. Sounds serious. What about celebrity women? Anybody on your hit list? I’ve already assassinated a lot of people. But you know who is on my hit list? Rihanna. BANG! (laughs) I’ll make her go, “eh, eh, eh, eh, UMBRELLA, ella, ella.” (laughs) BANG! I ain’t gonna give away my magic, but I’m a manimal. She’s from Barbados and I love my girls from the islands. I’m going back down there in a couple months and I’m coming for Rihanna. I’m gonna give her the inspiration for that next hit record on the next album. BANG! What about Meagan Good? BANG! She definitely can get it. I’d let her sit on my face. I would do her right. I’ve been liking her. We hung out at Jermaine Dupri’s birthday party a few years back. I hear she’s married now, but BANG! She coulda sat on my face. Britney Spears? I’m best friends with K-Fed, but back in the day, before that became his baby mama and she had that Catholic skirt on, BANG! She coulda got it. K-Fed’s kinda like a punchline to most people. But he ain’t. K-Fed’s a real ass nigga and I bet he’d knock you the fuck out talkin’ that shit about him. My nigga’s from Fresno and he’s a real-ass nigga and I vouch for him. The media can fuck shit up. I love that dude. That’s my brother. Him and Ya Boy are my niggas. So fuck niggas hatin’ on K-Fed. Don’t be mad cause he got to mash down Britney Spears and got some beautiful children and he’s makin’ more bread than most rappers that done had three or four albums out. He fuckin’ all the bitches and he’s got a big-ass mansion and shit. Don’t be mad at that white boy. He’s a real ass nigga. Chuuuch! Christina Milian? BANG! Yes, she could get it. I met her and her mama in Beverly Hills a couple 22 // OZONE WEST

years back, and her mama was right too. They both could get it. BANG! Oprah? Aw, don’t even get me started on Harpo. That’s my heart. Gail gotta get out the way. I’m coming for you, Oprah, cause I know Gail ain’t doing it right. We can have a pussy eating contest, me and Gail on Oprah. We’ll see who does it the coldest. BANG! That’s a challenge. Stedman’s just a fuck; I know what it is, and I ain’t mad at that. BANG! [Oprah and Gail] is just a rumor, but I never see Oprah with no niggas. Maybe she’s got her young tender stashed; maybe I’m wrong. It ain’t Gail, me and Stedman need to have a coochie eating contest. If it is Gail, we can all battle. I don’t give a fuck cause I love Oprah. I challenge Stedman and Gail to a duel. BANG! I don’t want Oprah’s money, it’s just cause Oprah needs that. She has all this extra time for Oprah’s Book Club. If she was getting some mean dick and some mean head, she wouldn’t be doing all that other shit. She might even stop doing the Oprah show and just be goin’ at it with me. I like cougars. I like older women any fuckin’ way. BANG! Ain’t nobody gotta put money up. I just want Oprah. We fight for Oprah. Eva Longoria? She’s sexy, but she’s the kind of sexy that’s like you just put her in a glass case and just look at her. You don’t wanna do nothin’ to her cause you might break her or something. I don’t think she could really take big, mean dick on some gorilla type bangin’, so I wouldn’t. I appreciate her, though. She is sexy. Rosci from 106th & Park? Rosci is cute and sexy, but again, I don’t know. She’s small. I really can’t fuck with smaller girls cause I like it rough, so I might break her. Free? Oh my God, yes, all day. BANG BANG! When she came out here and started doing a radio show on The Beat I got to meet her. I had just come from the gym and I was all sweaty and she loved it. She hugged me and put her breasticles against me. Yes, yes. Free is a dope emcee and singer and she’s fine. That’s the only reason I watched 106th & Park; I didn’t care about that nigga that looked like the Predator. She’s the only one that was on Canibus’ first album, that’s how dope she was. I will tear her up. BANG! She said she liked her ass rubbed to go to sleep. I read her Vibe interview. I’m on Free. Tell her I’ll eat her coochie til she can’t get up no more. I’ll put her to bed. Whatever she want. I will definitely remove her kidney. I will drill her lungs. She can just live on my face. That’s a beautiful girl, and so smart. So sexy. BANG! Jessica Simpson? Yes, and I hung out with her little sister Ashlee. Jessica Simpson could get it. Ashlee can’t because she’s too skinny, but let all the homies know that Ashlee Simpson got a hood pass. She was drinking vodka with me straight out of the bottle and trying to put her leg behind her head. She knows how to party! If she just weighed more than five pounds I woulda fucked with her. Is there anything else you want to say for the sex issue? You little dick niggas need to stop messing up these beautiful women’s lives with your horrible abilities. You’ve seen the Extends commercials. I don’t know if it works or not, but please try it. If you’ve got a little dick and can’t make it no bigger, improve your head skills. You’ve got to please these women. If your dick is the size of your pinky or even your middle finger, do something about it. Spice it up a little bit. Make your head better. Have more substance to yourself. Stop ruining women’s lives, cause after you’ve fucked their heads up, I’ve gotta deal with them. I’m gonna have my own mission set up to save these women from horrible sex lives. So you’re going to start a rehab center for women with bad sex lives, like the centers for abused women? It is abuse. It’s an epidemic. Do you know what it’s like to meet a nigga and then get him home and pull his pants down and he looks like your four year old little brother? We’ve got to start a rehab program because these poor women are scarred, and I feel for them. It is our duty. All the big dick niggas out there, I call up on you to find the kindness in your heart and your loins to share your abilities to save these women. These women out here are hurting. They’re scared because nigga’s head game ain’t right and nigga’s strokes ain’t right. Niggas don’t work they back. Niggas be like, “Get on top and do all the work.” No, nigga. Work hard. Work hard to change her life. Do you get tested on a regular basis? Yes, yes, you should at least get tested once or twice a month. Wrap it up! Why does the pussy have to try to kill you? Why does the dick have to try to kill you? It’s an AIDS epidemic, and it’s a little-dick epidemic. It’s a can’tfuck-nigga epidemic, but at the same time, it makes my dance card full cause I’m doing great work. I’m saving people every day. Well, not every day, but y’know, here and there. Let’s join together, big dick niggas of America - and the world! Let’s fix these women’s lives! //

EPIMPIN’: GAME DON’T STOP “Only one thing can sell better than cotton and candy and that’s a lady of leisure,” shares the now-retired Bay area pimp Gangsta Brown. And perhaps Brown is right. If there are any sure things in life then the fact that there will be horny johns lining up to buy their fantasies seems to be as sure as any. What has changed and will continue to change, however, is the way pimps deliver johns their lusty desires. The pimp game, which once heavily depended on using the streets to lure clients, has long since launched itself into the technology age, making the Internet its new showroom. Bay Area rapper and the son of a pimp, Mistah FAB, pins the move to the online world over ten years ago. “This ain’t something new,” FAB tells. “Women have been on websites for years now.” While this may seem surprising, Brown recalls the story of how ePimpin’ first came to be in the Bay area. “A pimp from Oakland came down to us in the early 80s with business cards, telling is that we could join up with this call service if we were tired of doing our thing in the streets,” he explains. “It started off where we were screening calls using the computer, ignoring all the blocked calls. By 1990 you had girls with their pictures and a phone number online and then by the mid-90s, it really took off.” Older pimps were hesitant to take their pimpin’ to the online realm and slowly eased themselves into the new trend. “A lot of playas didn’t want to go to the Internet,” shares Brown. “I had a lot of high potential females from wealthy families. Their families were high-powered so we had to protect them. The Internet could keep their family from finding out what they were doing.” ePimpin’ had one up on the streets in other ways, too, besides just protecting the integrity of the working women. In fact, the internet provided pimps and their ladies of leisure a little added security and provided a healthy boost in profits. “Outside bitches are all after that one car and put themselves at risk of going to jail. Online it’s safer. You may run into that that surprise prostitution bust, but that’s it,” comments Fillmore representative San Quinn. The Internet also helped increase profits, allowing pimps to charge more and offer better quality services. At his peak, in what he refers to as the “Hollywood 80s,” Brown was almost solely using the Internet and charging anywhere from $500 to $1,000 an hour for the services his ladies provided, banking upwards of $30,000 a month. “I’ve been in the game for over 37 years,” says Brown. “I did the old school and the new school and when it comes down to the money, online you make more of it.” ePimpin’ brought the business out of the streets and to corporate America through the internet. This alone helped increase profits, according to Quinn. “Someone looking from that computer is someone who’s gonna spend some money,” he offers. Those online were the ones who were willing to spend money, both for pleasure and protection. Married executives could now simply go online and find a girl without running the risk of getting caught trying to pick a girl up on the streets. Johns caught looking for pleasure in the streets of Oakland are often publicly revealed. “A lot of corporate people use the Internet now to get ladies of leisure,” shares Brown. “The police on the street stepped their game up and now when johns are caught they’re put on billboards and in the newspaper. When we went high-end corporate they were paying for protection.” The ladies of leisure also experienced benefits with the move online. The women now knew exactly how long their encounter with a client would be, exactly what the client wanted and could make sure that the encounter happened where they felt safer, such as in a hotel. As the Internet changed the pimping game for the better, so came the downside. The Internet made it easier for people to become self-proclaimed pimps and the Bay Area became saturated with knockoffs. What these new pimps lacked was knowledge about the game and the 101 rules. “These new booties messing the game up,” says Brown. “These guys don’t know the game and the game won’t correct itself, it’s too late. These new playas need to go to an OG and learn the 101 rules.”

Bay Area pimps are also complaining about an increase in the number of girls without pimps (a.k.a. renegades), minors trying to pimp, and minors being pimped. One Bay Area O.G. pimp speaks out against the the problem: “I could never condone a 12 or 13 year old selling her Bay Area retired pimp Gangsta Brown and Too $hort body. It’s like sex shops in Cambodia or Thailand. Anybody in that should die a slow death.” Older pimps aren’t only upset about minors in the game but d-boys as well. “Drug dealers have no place in the game,” says Brown. “A d-boy has no heart and a playa has to deal with ladies of leisure who are human. A d-boy is quick with the trigger and that’s not what the game’s about.” The number of pimps birthed by ePimpin’ has “made the game more cutthroat” according to both FAB and Quinn. It has also lead to ignorance of the rules which has lead to a breakdown in the procedures pimps once followed. While pimping protocol once required a pimp to serve another pimp his papers if he was taking one of his women, this is often ignored today. Dave, a Bay Area pimp, comments, “A pimp will just email your chick now and try to steal your chick. He won’t even serve you your papers.” Pimps are now also becoming more public with their work. Older pimps remember when they didn’t share what they did and when only those who had to know knew what they did. As Fab puts it, “Pimps were like vampires coming out at night.” Now, pimps are happy to share what it is they do and, according to older pimps, are outright disrespecting the game. “A playa is born, not made,” says Brown. “And the Internet is letting people think they can just become a playa. That’s why the Internet hurts the game. Otherwise, for the real playas who know the rules, it helps.” With a rich pimpin’ history, it is no surprise that the Bay area would pioneer new ways to pimp. The Bay’s heritage also means more people are drawn into the game. But a pimp is nothing without potential customers and the Bay offers pimps just that. With several technology firms and financial institutions, the Bay Area is full of needy executives who want the highest quality leisure service that money can buy. In addition to the large number of pimps and wealthy clients, being in Silicon Valley makes the Bay area the obvious cradle for pimpin’s march into the online world. But there’s yet another reason that the online pimpin’ revolution took place in the Bay, and that’s Craigslist.com. Calling the Bay Area home, Craig’s List took the city and then the rest of the nation by storm. With this tool at their disposal, pimps put some of their women online with promises of a good time. Craig’s List was only the first and lead to the rise of other websites. While some of these websites were similar to Craig’s List in that they offered several different products for sale, some websites simply began selling ladies of leisure. “You got a bunch of sites that people be using to sell women,” says FAB. “It’s just that Craig’s List was kind of the first one that was used it like that because everyone was using it.” As ePimpin’ is on the rise, an old culture of pimping is falling to the wayside and a new culture is rising. While the older generation of pimps realizes the benefits of taking their game to the internet they are skeptical of the Internet, at the same time, as it has corrupted a culture that was once based on strict rules. But in the end, whether it’s through the streets or online, it comes down to one thing for older pimps like Brown: “In the end I love making an old man smile for a small fee.” // Words by Rohit Loomba & Mike Li // Photo by Julia Beverly OZONE WEST // 23

Pimp Hop



or nearly 20 years, pimping and macking have been recurring themes in Hip Hop. From album titles to rap artists even using the names “Pimp” and “Mac” in their aliases, the occurrences are abundant. In recent years pimping became so popular in Hip Hop that pimps became celebrities, featured on rap albums and appearing movies. However, pimping is more than a fad to be glamorized on television and in rap lyrics. It is a stone cold business locked in every crevice and pocket of the United States, from the gritty streets of San Francisco to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. These agents manage their talent, molding them to become masters in the art of selling pleasure and fulfilling every carnal fantasy the mind can fathom and the body desires. Vallejo rapper Mac Mall took time to share with OZONE what it takes to be successful in the industry and his first-hand experience in “the world’s oldest profession.” How long you been pimpin? At least five or six years. I want to mention to you, the difference between mackin and pimpin’. A real P.I. don’t do nothing but P.I. If a chick don’t bring it in he ain’t eatin’. Period. A mack do everything. If you give a mack a sack, he know what to do with that. If you give a mack a gat, he know what to do with that. If you put a mack in a helicopter and drop him anywhere in the world he’ll drive back home with more than what he had when he left. I’m Mac Mall. I did the thang. Who put you onto the game? Reese the Beast from West Oakland. My man Charlie Mack outta Richmond, he put me on the real game. He had a mansion and millions for real, I was like, “Whoa!” I got the game and put it to use. Being that you were an established rapper, what made you want to pursue alternative methods to get money? To me it was fly because I was forced to use my wits to survive. I already had females, groupies, whatever. But the power of when a chick gives you the “choosing fee” and she goes out there to risk her life for you? I’m telling you, it was better than anything I’ve ever felt. What makes one successful in the pimpin’ industry? A strong mind, a cold heart and meaning what you say. If you say you finna do something, you gotta do it. A chick don’t give you paper for free. You gotta answer any question this broad comes up with. Ain’t no, “Uh, I don’t know, baby.” Naw you better know and you better say it like you mean it. You’re the father, brother, psychiatrist and the doctor. What are the rules and protocols of pimping? A lot a cats call themselves pimpin’ but it ain’t pimpin’. They sharin’ money with a broad. You can’t be out there free fucking. There’s rules that been out but they’re not really followed now. Like when you “knock” a fool chick. She ‘sposed to give you a “choosing fee” and it should be in the thousands. Then 24 // OZONE WEST

WORDS BY KEITA JONES PHOTO BY D-RAY you call the dude and let him know, “Check this out, your chick just chose up on me. She gave me this amount of money. My name’s ‘so-and-so’ I’ma holla.” And some cats don’t even do that. How do you go about knockin’ a bitch? Mouthpiece. You gotta capture this person’s thoughts and totally control their soul. You can knock a chick anywhere. Just as soon as she gives you that look, she’s listening to what you saying. It don’t always have to be at a strip club. How different is it from knocking a chick versus getting at a chick to give it up? A chick will give you her pussy before she’ll give you her money. A chick can just lay down with you because you cute, but to submit and follow you to the ends of the earth, that’s a whole other commitment. Why does a hoe need a pimp? A chick needs someone to be there for her, to sit and to talk to and control her feelings and thoughts and check them. Everybody needs somebody in their corner. If you wanna get to the top, we can get there together. But the flesh is weak. Like my folks Lil Bruce was telling me, “A chick don’t want to be physically abused. She wants to be mentally amused.” You can’t gorilla pimp, but you can put stuff in they head to make them get on the right track. Choice, not by force. How do you feel about the way pimps are being portrayed in Hip Hop? Rappers that talk it are really tricks. They talkin’ that shit. They disrespectin’ the game. The game is getting used for cheap. What role has pimping played in Hip Hop? Now you got every cat wanting to be a P.I., but truth be told, a lot of rap cats spend with bitches. I won’t put nobody on the spot, but a lot a cats trick, big time. I lived in Vegas, I seen a lot of cats come through. A lot of rappers don’t know how to talk to women, so they go out and buy it. These cats have families. They pay a bitch to get up and leave. A groupie will try to get pregnant and write a book; whereas a bitch is working. She’s gonna get her money and get up out of there. I got calls from bitches and they was like, “Guess who I’m with?” I’m like, “Word? Steal that nigga’s watch!” A lot of people talk about how you don’t give chicks money. How true is that? You have to take care of your product. You’re selling something and it has to look good. A bitch can get whatever she wants fucking with me, as long as she’s handling business. But I control the money. It ain’t no, “Gimmie this shit.” Goodbye, bitch. That’s these rappers talking. You makin’ money, yeah you can floss, you can get a car. You supposed to look good. You representin’ mackin’, you representing me. This is a team effort. You give me your all, I’ll give you my all. Give me half ass, we gonna have some problems. //


c l y d e c a r s o n 26 // OZONE WEST



ay Area favorite Clyde Carson, who is currently preparing to drop his major label debut on Capitol Records, gives us his thoughts on groupie love. Do you think your record deal has affected your status with females? I think females are attracted to power. Money gives you power and status gives you power, so that’s an attraction in itself. So yeah, I think it has definitely changed. I really don’t even get at females anymore. They just get at me. It used to be: Hit the club and try to get at a chick. Now, I just get to pick. Was it more fun when you had to chase ‘em down, or do you like it better now? I think it only gets easier as your status grows. I think the chase is fun to a certain extent, but everyone would prefer to be able to pick. You know, it’s cool to work hard for money, but if you won the lottery you wouldn’t be mad. So when I’m at the club and the chicks are all over me, I prefer it like that. I mean, who wouldn’t? I think that’s every dude’s dream. Are there females that are too aggressive to the point where it turns you off? Well, the ideal way for a female to get at me is just for them to be themselves. I’ve had chicks just come up to me and grab a nigga on my dick or whatever, they feel on you and do all types of crazy shit. I don’t prefer that, but I can’t say I totally mind it because it’s flattering. But at the same time, have some type of class about yourself. But then again, it depends on what you want to do. If it’s a chick gettin’ at me on some game and she wants me to be on her team or if it’s a chick who just wants sex, it all depends on the female. Or maybe it’s just a natural fan and she’s like, “Clyde, I’ve been listening to your music forever,” and that’s all they want from you and they let you go on to the rest of your night and have fun with all the other bitches. So it just depends on the female. But I love women, so whether it’s a groupie or a hoe trying to come up or just a fan, I’m all for you. We had a section called Groupie Confessions in the last two sex issues. If a groupie called in about you, what do you think she’d say? Shit, she probably got what she wanted. She had a good night. There wasn’t no lovemaking; it was just a good night for her. A groupie is probably going to go back to the hotel and practice on her jaw work and practice on her knee work; shit, just some good fucking. That’s all I can say. If she’s a groupie she’s gonna get what she deserves. She’s gonna get fucked and she’s gonna suck some dick and that’s it. Then she’s gonna go on her merry way and tell the world, you know, on some Bill Clinton shit. Now that Superhead came out with her book, there’s probably some groupie females out there planning to write a tell-all one day. If you knew a girl was gonna write about you one day would that be a turn-off or a turn-on? Do you try to keep your business kinda low-key? I’m a rap star right now over here where I’m at, so I really don’t care. To me, the chicks who be [writing books about it], that’s equivalent to rappers who used to sell dope and then they come out on records and talk about it. Same difference. Superhead was out there doing her shit and sex was her dope. You know, pussy is dope. They be out there selling it and giving it away and using it to get further in life and then they go tell about it just like a rapper tells about selling dope. I wouldn’t really trip, personally. I don’t think it’d turn me on to the point where I’d be trying to get in the next book, but shit, I don’t give a fuck. You can’t say nothin’ too bad about me. What’s the difference between a girl you’d consider to be a groupie as opposed to a female you might want to spend some time with and get to know? What attracts you to a female aside from just the groupie aspect? A woman who really wants to get money and get further in life. Instead of just being a groupie, she might want to do the same thing she’s doing with me, but want to get money and fuck with me on it. That’s the biggest attraction. There’s women out there who don’t want to be groupies no more, but they want to do the same thing groupies do and get money and fuck with me. I think that’s just the sweetest attraction I possibly could have to a woman, and that’s what I prefer when I go out and do these shows. A female who’s getting money through sex or just in general? It could be business or it could be sexual. Shit, if you’re a fucking lawyer, you can help me out one day and I need you. I just prefer for the women I deal with to be all-out go-getters, not just groupies. Groupies don’t really turn me on. Even at the level I’m on, I’m not the biggest rapper in the world but I can hit the club and pick and choose. So when you get to a certain status, you can fuck hella groupies. So it’s like, what else is new? You’re going to fuck me just like the last groupie fucked me. So how can we take it to another level and go get some money and both leave happy? After I fuck, it’s a wrap. You’re going to go back to work, be broke, and tell people all about it. That ain’t really

cool. I just think about moving forward. That’s what I’m attracted to. I don’t wanna say that I’m a “pimp,” but a bitch can read through those words. I’ll let the readers figure it out. I think every rapper is a pimp to a certain degree, but yeah, I’m down with the game. I was raised with the game. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Hip Hop right now as far as censorship and how music videos and things like that affect the youth. Do you think the way sex is portrayed in Hip Hop is reality or exaggerated? I think Hip Hop has always been exaggerated. I don’t think Special Ed had a percentage of the money he was talking about back in the day, and that’s the type of music I grew up on. I think music has always been an exaggeration, but as far as sexuality, I honestly believe it’s up to the powers that be who put the music out. Hip Hop has different sides to it, so it depends if you’re talking about the backpack rappers like Common and Talib Kweli or the nasty Too $hort and Uncle Luke type shit. You’ve got all different factors in Hip Hop so it’s really all about the powers that be and what they put out in the public’s eye. I mean, you want to tell Plies to stop rapping how he’s rapping? I think he’s dope. I like Luke. I like Too $hort. I like the nasty shit and the conscious shit and eve the dead prez political type shit, so really it’s whatever’s on TV the most. I think there needs to be a balance. Sometimes there’s too much booty shaking and not enough substance. It’s really not on the artist, cause I don’t want to tell the artist to change. I’m not going to change my lyrics. I don’t want Too $hort to change his lyrics because then I’m not going to be a fan no more because he’s not being himself. There’s other artists out there who aren’t getting their shot. I don’t know the powers that be, but when I watch TV I know that whoever is controlling it needs to make a balance to it, to where you’re getting educated as well as entertained. What would you do sexually with your girlfriend that you wouldn’t do with a groupie on the road? Everything. No limits. If I’m in love or married or dating or in a monogamous relationship, I don’t think there’s a limit. There’s nothing I won’t do. I think that’s how you’ve got to be. Oral, all that shit, just get nasty. What’s the craziest place you’ve had sex? I don’t think it’s too crazy because it sounds kind of typical, but honestly, in the VIP in the club. I’m big on head, like, a lot. So I was in the VIP, behind this closed door, and it popped off. It was some cool music playing loud and no one was paying attention and it just went down. What advice would you give a female when it comes to giving good head? Use your hands and a whole lot of spit and don’t be afraid to take it all the way in. Even if your jaws get tired, just concentrate, really concentrate on the job. With head, you’ve got to really want to do it. I think Chris Rock said that – a woman who don’t care about nothing else but just sucking a dick, just really giving some head. That’s the best advice. Nas said that on the rewind song when he was rapping backwards. Have you gotten any sexy messages or naked pictures sent to you? Of course, on Myspace. You might open the message and see a girl’s ass all in yo’ muthafuckin’ face. I don’t really get texts like that because not too many people got my number. I get a lot of messages on Myspace with chicks showing their titties or pussy or ass. I don’t even know if they’re groupies. Some of them don’t even know who the fuck I am. They just think I’m cute. This world is crazy, you know? It’s usually ass shots. Chicks like to bend over and take pictures of their ass in the mirror. I guess that’s like a fetish for women. What kind of music would you put on to set the mood right for sex? Probably some Plies, Mac Dre, or Too $hort. That’s what I’ve been fucking to lately. I just like some ol’ ghetto shit, that hood shit. I ain’t really finna throw on something soft. Most chicks just really want to hang out and fuck. Are there any celebrity females you’d like to get with? Lauren London. I think she’s the baddest on earth right now. I’m trying to get in some movies and get my face on that acting screen so we can have something in common. I think everybody wants Meagan Good. But right now I’ve just been on Lauren London for the last month or something. She’s the person on my mind right now. Tell her to holla at me. Finally, on a serious note, do you have any advice for our readers on getting tested and safe sex? Condoms, man. Magnums. I’m trying to get a deal with Magnums because Trojan Magnums are like the best condoms in the world. That’s the only condom I use. I think everybody should get tested. I stay getting tested, I stay getting physicals and just being careful because it’s probably some shit out there that we don’t even know is out there yet. So just wear condoms. I keep a condom with me at all times. I ain’t got no kids, no slip-ups, no “oops” on the road, no loose kids. I ain’t knocking people who got [kids], but I’m just saying, man, keep that condom on. Just be as safe as possible, all the time. // OZONE WEST // 27

mistah fab Words by julia beverly photo by RAY TAMARRA



he Baydestrian, known for his versatility and freestyle skills, is signed to Atlantic Records. Here, he confesses his love for white women, fat women, Dominican hookers... and OZONE’s editor. Have you ever paid for pussy? My daddy was a pimp so I can’t pay for nothing. He would probably ask if the game died and track me down or something. But I’ma keep it real, I did one time. It wasn’t my money though. Look, I’ma keep it real – this is how I know it ain’t meant for me to [pay for pussy]. The one time I did, I smashed my head. I was fucking with a broad, right, and jumped up and hit my head on the ceiling fan and my head busted and I was like, I knew it. We were in the Dominican Republic at the Power Summit and the nigga that took us out there [paid for it]. We were at a hotel in the hood, it was kinda shady, and I was in the room with the broad. My niggas knocked on the door so I hopped up and smacked my shit on the ceiling fan. I looked up and said, “Pops, man, I know that was you.” It was pops; the nigga was looking at me [from above] the whole time, like, “Nigga, don’t do it.” I’m like, “This ain’t my money,” so me and him are like having that conversation in my head. He was like, “Don’t do it” and I did that shit anyways and busted my head. This is the first time I went public with that information, but you know, it is what it is. You couldn’t just kick game to some Dominican girls and get one for free? I mean, you know, it was easy to do that. But this bitch was stupid bad. My nigga was like, “Man, let’s go, this is nothin’.” I was like, “Bruh, I ain’t into payin’ for no pussy. I ain’t never pay for no pussy,” but he was like, “Man, don’t trip, it’s good,” and he took care of it. The bitch was fine. Are there any celebrity females you’d like to hook up with? You. You’re the only one I really want to have sex with. If I can have sex with you, I’m cool. Ya feel me? I’d be gooooood. This is an interview though. You really don’t have to flatter me. I’m just saying, though. If I could hit you, man… you’re just hot. Why do you love white women so much? I used to be a slave and I was like, “I’m going to get all y’all back and fuck all your daughters.” Now, you know you white women are the black man’s kryptonite. It could be an average-ass white woman and a fine-ass black female and a nigga’s gonna be like, “Man, you see that white girl over there?” Do black women have a problem with your love for white women? I don’t ever tell [black women] that I don’t like them. My niggas be busting me up sometimes. They be like, “I don’t know why you’re talking to her. You don’t like black girls.” I be like, “C’mon, man, I need them for [record] sales.” You “need them for sales”? You know black women are going to read this article, don’t you? I do like black women. Black women are cool. I don’t really like dark-skinned black females because this girl broke my heart when I was young. This darkskinned chick cheated on me. Fucked me up. I ain’t been right ever since. I ain’t mess with a dark-skinned chick since she broke my heart. She knows who she is. What’s the best line a groupie has approached you with? Groupies are hella funny. They hit you with all type of lines: “You look hecka familiar,” or, “What you be doing?” and I say, “Nothing. I go to school.” I hit ‘em with the [government name] Stanley, right? They be like, “But I seen you somewhere before,” and then one of your songs comes on and they’re like, “Oooh, I love this song, who sings this song?” They try their hardest to act like they don’t know who you are so you can make the first move at them so they don’t feel like a hoe. Female groupies, they main thing is this – here go they top three lines: “I don’t normally be doing this,” “I don’t care who you is, I just don’t be getting down like that,” and then their third line is, “You ain’t going to tell nobody, is you?” (laughs) That’s their favorite line. “I hope you don’t put me in one of them songs.” So, do you put them in your songs? If we have sex, shit, nobody will know except me and you. You said you already put me in a song. I was bullshitting. I was fantasizing about you though. I did jack off thinking about you. What else do you think about when you jack off? All of my ex-girls that I had sex with. Some of the best events, or some head.

Some head. (whistles) I had Ultrahead the other night. She’s way better than Superhead. Ultrahead got some of the best head in the West Coast. For real! Where did you meet Ultrahead? Myspace. She hit me up and she was cute, so I told her to come through. Is Myspace the best way to holla at Mistah FAB? Hell yeah. If you’re white. (laughs) I love Myspace. I got a girlfriend though. Girls hook up with me; I don’t be hooking up with them. Temptation, you know. So why are you trying to hook up with me? You just got that hit-that-shit look. Makes you just want to hit that shit. I know hella niggas tryin’ to hit that shit. You know what it’s like to say that you hit that shit? For a nigga to be able to say, “Yeah, I hit that.” So even in your mind, when you just look at the TV and see the next OZONE Awards on MTV or VH1 and I’m sittin’ at the house eatin’ some Honey O’s with my socks off and my Myspace on, it’s just like, “I hit that.” I’m not that famous. You should find a real celebrity crush. You know niggas are groupies. Certain niggas got certain groupie fetishes. Niggas like fucking powerful people. They don’t even got to be fine. What are you tryin’ to say? No, you’re very beautiful. But I’m saying, like, some people would like to fuck a fat PD of a major radio station or something. Somebody would be like, “Nigga, you like that fat-ass bitch?” and you’d be like, “Nigga, she plays every nigga’s record. She’s bigger than any DJ and I hit that.” Niggas just got certain fetishes that they just want to fuck. It’s like a groupie fetish; certain people with position. You ain’t that famous. People know who you are but they wouldn’t be able to point you out in a lineup. Your name is famous because you’re in a powerful position. I like powerful women. I’d wanna be like, “Yeah, man, I hit that,” and I’d feel good about myself when your magazine grows to be extra thick and shit. I remember back when your magazine used to be like 3 pages long, at the Tech.Nitions Conference in Vegas and stuff. So I just love how you’ve stepped it up. You’ve got cats from major magazines hating on you now cause you’ve done a whole lot. I respect your drive and I just want to be like, “Yeah, I hit that.” You feel me? So how does Mistah FAB like to fuck? It depends. If I like you, I’m trying to impress you. When I hit, I’ma play some music, and when I stroke I’m tryin’ to sex you on beat, feel me? I’m stroking on beat if I like you. You may get a little massage, a little foreplay involved. But if I don’t like you, I’ve still got my clothes on. I’m tryin’ to hit real quick and I may just check some head and go to sleep on your ass. I done did that a couple of times. Check some head and a broad thinks she’s gonna fuck me and I just, you know, (grumbles) “Mmmm, I’m tired,” and nod off on a broad. Why would you be fucking her if you don’t like her? Niggas just be needing to nut sometimes. Niggas are nasty, you ain’t know? I done fucked fat bitches, skinny bitches, all types of bitches just being nasty. It’s like, “Man, nigga, shit. I had to nut but it was hard in the club last night.” All the broads left early and you catch that one fat girl walking out the club and she’s like, “Oh my God, Mistah FAB, you are just so fucking cute,” and you hit her with that line, “Where you finna go?” and she going to say, “Shit, I’m tryin’ to kick it with you!” So you look around and all your homeboys already done rolled off and it’s just you and your security, so you be like, “Follow me.” You take that fat broad up to your room and she’ll give you the best head of your life. Do you know what the best head of your life from a fat broad feels like? Uh.... no. Shit, let a fat nigga eat your pussy. That’s going to be the best head in your life, for real. Is there anything else you’d like to say for the sex issue? Can I have sex with you? No. Anything else? Like, have you ever even thought about it? You ain’t never thought about giving me any of your pussy? Almost? Barely? Did you ever even be like, “I would let this muthafucker fuck, but he might tell somebody,” did you ever think that? Nope. Never? Man, I’ma have to start working out and every time I come around I’m taking my shirt off. I’ma get hella flirtatious with you. //


RocCett Words by julia beverly photo by d-ray



eppin’ L.A. (in case you can’t tell from his multiple tattoos), Jeezy’s West Coast recruit lets us know how he likes to get down. What’s your situation with the females right now? Are you on the road having fun or do you have a wife or girlfriend at home? We on the road, we gettin’ it in right now. I do have somebody special though. If a female called in to our Groupie Confessions section with a story about you, what do you think she’d say? Aw, man, I doubt I would be in any Groupie Confessions, but if I was, she would say I was large and in charge, feel me? So you don’t mess with the groupies too much? Are you turned off by the women that come at you like that? When you’ve got a record deal these hoes be on some whole other shit. You don’t even know what their motives are. You mess around and hit something and they might be like, “I’m pregnant,” or, “You owe me this and that.” I try to stay away from all that. That’s too much drama. Hoes bring drama. How do you figure out which are the legit females you might want to get to know, and which are the ones with ulterior motives? Hopefully you’ve dealt with them before the music so you know what you’re getting yourself into. And if you ain’t dealt with them before, I tell these niggas out here to be hella careful cause it’s some wild hoes in these streets. Just from being on the road, I know it’s crazy out here. I was getting this before the record deal, though. The record deal didn’t make the hoes come holla at a nigga. I mean, I’ve been getting them all my life. But I be looking at these hoes like, man, you don’t know what these broads be having. STDs, I don’t know what’s going on. If you’re too aggressive like that, niggas really be backing up.

don’t love me / You ain’t the same when Eminem’s in town.” We don’t want none of that. There’s a lot of Hip Hop controversy right now. Do you think Hip Hop has a negative effect on young women when it comes to sexual lyrics and videos? It depends on what artist you’re listening to. If you’re listening to a real artist, somebody like Tupac, who was talking about it and showing you visuals, his visuals is what made it believable. You’ve got a lot of artists lying to you but as far as Hip Hop having a negative effect on people, I think everybody’s grown. If you’re over 18, you make your own decisions. So I don’t consider it negative. If she’s a freak then she’s a freak. If she’s a hoe, then she’s a hoe. If she wants to be a groupie, then she’s a groupie. If she’s a lady, she’s a lady. As a woman or a man, you pick your own destiny. Superhead likes being Superhead so that’s who she is. If people are taking it negative, they need to put their business somewhere else and worry about some money. If they ain’t talking about no money then it really ain’t worth talking about. Have you ever tried ecstacy or Viagra? (laughs) Nah, I’m cool on that. I don’t need none of that. Maybe when a nigga turns 99 or something then a nigga might pop an E pill or Viagra to see if it works, but nah, I’m good. I’m going strong. How would you react if your girl told you she had a girlfriend? I mean, as a nigga, am I supposed to be mad at her? I don’t know. I guess you can’t be mad at her, right? You just got to roll with the punches. I’d be cool with it. When did you start having sex? Back in the day I was a pimp. I was real live. I was the man back in the day. I mean, before I met somebody that was special, I was the nigga. So yeah, I was super young. I was young and wild’n out and gettin’ it in around like age 15.

What attracts you to a woman? I like down females. You’ve got to be down for your nigga, first of all. You’ve gotta be fly, because I’m a fly nigga. You gotta dress fly and you gotta know how to carry yourself. You’ve gotta be freaky and nasty, but then you’ve gotta know how to carry yourself in public, feel me?

A “pimp” meaning, you were collecting money from females? Or more like a mindstate? Nah, more like a mindstate. I wasn’t collecting no money. I would get money if I needed something, I mean, if I asked for something I’ma get it fo’ sho’. But nah, I wasn’t no real pimp. I let my homies do all that.

Do you have a racial preference? Naw, there ain’t no color lines around here, man. We like all the Skittles and the M&Ms. Whatever color you get is the color you get. We gon’ make it work regardless.

If you were messing with a female and you found out she was married, would you still fuck with her? Nah, I’m good. If you’re married, you’re supposed to be for real about that. You get married because you’re done playing dumb-ass games. So hell naw, we can’t do none of that.

What’s a typical night with Roccett like? Shit, it depends on who I’m dealing with. If you’re somebody special, we’re going to have a good time. I might take you out. But if it ain’t nothin’, I might not even remember your face. I might not even know what you look like in the morning. So it depends on how Roccett’s feeling that day. What’s the most interesting place you’ve had sex? We done hit the elevator a couple times. We’ve done the typical outside sex, in the parks or wherever. Bent her over the monkey bars or something. I guess it’s all crazy if it’s spur of the moment. Wherever you happen to pull over and jump out the car. If you’re buy the woods or by the freeway, wherever it cracks off is where it cracks off. All that’s crazy to me. Fuck it, make it work. On the monkey bars? Is this like, you and a bunch of your homeboys or are you more of a one-on-one type of dude? Nah, nah, we don’t need no extra niggas. I can handle it all on my own. Them niggas can get they own set of girls, feel me? If you were gonna put on some music for your special lady to set the mood right, what would it be? R Kelly used to be my favorite, but R Kelly might like little children now, so we can’t put him on. I fucks with Jagged Edge and Silk. Or we might just put some Roccett on and fuck to that. Are you talkative during sex? I ain’t going to talk too much, but I’m going to get my point across. I might ask the typical “who’s pussy is this” questions and pull some hair and do some ear biting and all that, but you know, it ain’t really too much to talk about. If you talk too much you might as well call me on the phone. Are there any celebrity females you’d like to get with? Nah, most celebrities are weirdos. They’re low-key weird. Most celebrities ain’t regular people; they’re all the way off the wall. I need somebody regular; somebody that’s got their head on right and knows what they want. Celebrities don’t know what they want. You heard 50 Cent say, “You know you

Is that your plan, to settle down and get married eventually? Of course my future goal is to get married. You always gotta have somebody special. It’s a thousand people out here in the world and you’ll drive yourself crazy dealing with these muthafuckers. So if you find somebody that’s going to hold you down and hold down your family, that’s your goal. That should be every nigga’s goal. Now the question is, when do you get married? That’s the real question. But that should be every nigga’s goal – to get married and have somebody that’s really going to be down for them. Not ‘cause you got money and you’re famous, but just because of who you are. Y’all start y’all own little tribe and shit. What makes a female special to you as opposed to just being a groupie? What makes her special is that you like her. You don’t really know what you’re going to like. You can talk to a gang of people – you might talk to some tall people, short people, brown skin, light skin – but there’s just one you like. There’s just something that attracts you to them. The way they carry themselves, the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they dress, you know, it’s the whole package that really makes them special. What’s your best sex experience? Great, great sex. Shit, me and my girl have great sex every time we do it. Great sex is however you want it, when you want it, where you want it. Everything. That’s what makes it great. Just as long as you can take it and throw it back, it’s all good. How often do you get tested? Every six months, fo’ sho’, especially if you wild’n out. You always gotta do that, definitely. You better wear them rubbers, man, and stay getting tested, cause that disease ain’t no joke. It will mess around and kill a nigga. You think you’re all good until you start coughing and all that. Plus, some of these girls got that instant shit and as soon as you get up out of that pussy you be coughing up and catching viruses. So you better strap it on up. Maybe you should wear two or three to make sure she don’t burn through the first one. // OZONE WEST // 31



he’s appeared in movies (American Psycho, The Scorpion King), on television (“Entourage,” “Dr. Phil”) and emerged as a fixture in over thirty five national ad campaigns with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Pepsi as well as a throng of lingerie and swimsuit catalogues. Recently rated with the number one Latina profile on myspace.com, Somaya Reece also hosts her own satellite radio show – “The Buzz.” Somaya’s beauty and tireless efforts have naturally landed her the number one Hip Hop show on nowlive. com and believe it or not, she’s just getting started. How did you get started doing “The Buzz?” I was offered a couple of spots on larger radio stations from appearing on Wild 96.1 FM in San Bernardino, but “The Buzz” gives me freedom. I actually don’t have to go into the studio. This show allows me to interact with listeners and fans. There is an interactive chat room for the listeners, so it’s really involved. The great thing about that is you really get to know your fans and interact with them. So what kinds of topics do you get into on the show? My show is about everything you can think of. Free giveaways, whatever is on your mind, all the latest celebrity gossip and freestyle battles judged by hit producers. Also there are interviews with celebrities and undiscovered talent. There are also fun segments like my prank calls to your mom, dad, your boss and the “Hot or Not” show! How has the internet helped you get to where your radio gigs and music are at now? I already had experience before I promoted on the Internet with ads with Colgate and Pepsi. But at the time I didn’t have money for a publicist so I used the Internet. I never knew it would blow up to be what it is. The Internet has been a really great vehicle that has helped me with publicity. By the time I can catch up on Myspace I will have over 750,000 friends. Being easy on the eyes, do you find that using sex appeal works in your favor? No. However, it depends on the individual looking at it. There is nothing wrong with having sex appeal. It’s how you carry it. You said that it doesn’t help. Could it? I don’t flaunt my sex appeal, nor do I use it to gain things. Some people think I don’t show it off enough and others like the little I choose to show. I believe that I do what is comfortable for me. The sex appeal I choose to have is being 32 // OZONE WEST

an independent, yet family-oriented woman. I believe people are drawn to me because of that. Have your looks ever effected how guys would approach you? I never give off the vibe that I am looking for someone, so most men are scared to talk to me. It may be my height or figure, who knows? I’m a no-makeup, jeans and hoodie kind-of-girl, so I am not too intimidating. I don’t get it. I consider myself pretty friendly as long as I am approached in a respectful manner. So what are you waiting for? (laughs) Do you think you have gained any jobs off of looks alone? You definitely don’t get by with looks. If it was that easy I think everyone would be famous. There are so many beautiful women out there. I think many people get very confused with me personally. They can’t believe a package with talent can exist, but it does. I am no one’s Barbie. However, beauty is a blessing! You have over 600,000 friends on Myspace. Why do you think you have such a strong following on the internet? The reason it began is due to my commercials on television. One in particular was a Pepsi commercial. Naturally the web is based on surface beauty, and that isn’t always a bad thing. I self-promote my television appearances, music, magazines and radio. Have you ever used your looks to get what you wanted? I once used my looks to get a free bag of oranges for a homeless person. Does that count? I’m serious. (laughs) Do you feel female artists have lost their sexiness in Hip Hop? No! Sexy never left. There are many women in Hip Hop who are beautiful. It’s different these days though. I think that Missy, Mc Lyte, Eve, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Trina are very sexy. Their lyrics matched with their sex appeal equals a powerhouse! How do you feel about video vixens using their looks and bodies to sell sex in music videos? Videos all look the same to me these days. I think that every woman in these new videos has a choice. They probably want to do it, so I don’t judge them. Some of the vixens these days will do anything to be in the videos to get with the rappers or singers. So they go all out and the video ends up looking like a short adult film. Sex sells and I doubt it will change anytime soon! //

DJ Haze & Nu Jerzey Devil, The Game & BWS / BWS Radio Part 2 On the second edition of Black Wall Street Radio, The Game and his BWS team drop a 20-track mixtape where Game continues his lyrical onslaught, while Juice and BWS newcomer Clyde Carson take turns cementing themselves as major players in the new West movement. This mixtape has plenty of standouts as Game and Weezy trade verses on the Nu Jerzey Devil produced “Lyrical Homicide,” Juice states his claims as the illest new rapper in the game on “The Illest Rapper Alive” and Clyde Carson gets an assist from Sean Kingston on “Doin’ That.” With Juice and Carson on board, BWS Radio Part 2 solidifies Game’s imprint as a promising record label. — Randy Roper The Pack/Based Boys/Jive The debut album from the Pack is exactly what you’d expect to hear from the Berkeley, California group of teenagers that broke onto the scene with a song about their kicks (“Vans”). The group isn’t blessed with the most gifted rappers but their understand their lane and don’t venture far from cuts about the club (“In The Club” and “At The Club”), cars (“In My Car”), diamonds (“I’m Shinin’”) and women (“My Girl Got a Girl Too”). The Pack won’t impress you lyrically but their party and bullshit mentally and the production, handled mostly by group member Young L, will keep listeners entertained. — Randy Roper Calfax Cac & Innerstate Ike/Batman and Robin 2 If Denver’s Calfax Cac and Innerstate Ike were really Batman and Robin, it’s obvious which rapper would be which superhero. It’s not that Cac isn’t a decent rapper, but Innerstate Ike is better emcee than his Colorado counterpart and often outshines his rhyme partner. And while the duo does collaborate for a few duds, there are enough quality tracks like “You Blew It Darling,” “Pick Up The Phone” and “’Til The Morning” to give their Batman and Robin 2 project a listen. — Randy Roper

Glasses Malone/The Electric Chair/Blu Division Ironically, the emergence of the “New West” comes with a deafening call for today’s artists to revert to the days of old. Emcees who’ve traded in their 40 ounces for champagne bottles and/or Dickies for slacks are all subject to the wrath of this young legion of rappers. Watts native Glasses Malone sets it off with the Dow Jones/DJ Skee hosted The Electric Chair street tape, an able offering for his heavily anticipated Hoo Bangin’/Cash Money debut. Glasses hits the mark with a bevy of freestyles on this 31 track project, a fitting tribute to Death Row’s glory days. Aggressive efforts such as “Malone,” “Blu Division” and “Like Suge” reinforce as much, while the radio ready “Certified,” featuring Akon, boasts dexterity that goes over well. – N. Ali Early Krushadelic/Ghost Rider/Armada Bay Area rap vet Krushadelic’s fourth solo release, Ghost Rider, mirrors the mood of a new generation that he helped produce. One of the original Underground Rebellion, Krush reunites with Jullie D on “I’m A Shine” and keeps it OG on “Look At Me,” featuring Too $hort and Andre Nickatina. The twenty fifth release from his Armada imprint, Krush continues to push all the buttons – literally – providing solid production on every track. The upbeat lead single, “Ready Set Go,” follows the sonic tempo made popular by hyphy and the title track is a sideshow waiting to happen. Krush proves an ability to extend himself further on appealing collabos with Ray J (“I’m A Rider”) and R&B legend Chaka Khan (“I Think So”). – N. Ali Early DJ Skee & Terrace Martin/Signal Flow 4.5 Slaps

As one half of Snoop’s Niggarachi production team, Battlecat protégé Terrace Martin has already shown listeners that he knows how to create some jammin’ ass music. But his Signal Flow mixtape, excuse us, “street album” has him stepping out on his own and showing that his boasts of being the next Dr. Dre are not farfetched. “Ridin’,” a laid back, bass-driven affair featuring Snoop, Problem and Southern crooner Scar becomes a classic from the first note while “Be Thankful” (also featured on The Big Squeeze compilation) has him both spitting and playing sax, equally well. Guest appearances from Too $hort, Tru Life, Busta Rhymes, The Game and a recharged Kurupt only add to Terrace’s already seasoned production skills. Hop on this bandwagon now before it gets too crowded. — Maurice G. Garland



Keak da Sneak Event: Keak da Sneak’s birthday party Venue: Loft 11 City: San Francisco, CA Date: October 20th, 2007 Photo: D-Ray