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sexiest FEMALE DJs

flo rida | lloyd deelishis | t-pain young buck


WAYNE buys a wedding ring HOOKER HUNTING

Sex Advice from Porn star Roxy Reynolds



ozone west


Porn star Tia Sweets epimpin’: pimps break bread online



a d v i scoontrenyt xxplicit






sexiest FEMALE DJs


lil wayne is getting married! HOOKER HUNTING Sex Advice

from Porn star Roxy Reynolds young buck | lloyd gorilla zoe | t-pain RAY J | deelishis & more!


ozone west


Porn star Tia Sweets epimpin’: pimps break bread online




a d v i scoontrenyt xxplicit











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My boyfriend brought me my first OZONE Magazine back in March for my birthday and I have been hooked ever since! Every month like clockwork I get the new issue. My favorite is the issue with Plies on the cover! Keep up the good work! Right now I’m pregnant and your magazine keeps me informed on everything since I don’t go out anymore. I know from reading your 2 Cents this month that you have good days and bad, but just ignore the haters and know that your loyal female readers appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears! - Samantha Westfall, girliegcivic@aol.com (Daytona Beach, FL) JB, your 2 Cents in the November issue hit me hard. I’ve been doing the SXSW festival for ten years now and I want to quit after every one and just be a person in the audience without having all this pressure. But in the end I love it all. Fuck SXSW. But the artists that come get me the energy I need to do it again. Your love of Hip Hop feels like when I discovered punk rock (not the 2007 “punk rock”) in the early-mid-80’s, when it was all about the art form and a finger to the world. Pure beauty. - Craig Stewart, craig@emperorjones.com (Austin, TX) JB, I just wanted to send much love and support! I love your mag and what you do. Thanks for reppin’ the white girls. You give me hope that in the world of Hip Hop a white girl can be taken seriously. After love for my kids, family, and friends, my love of Hip Hop is crazy wild! I really do love your magazine and wish you all the best and success with it. Love the Plies interview! - Chi Nicole (Port City, LA) We appreciate the magazine every month. They come in handy and it makes good jock chatter at our radio station. I just wanted you to know that our on-air interview with Young Jeezy was not as good as it could’ve been because he was so distracted looking at your magazine. In the future I will whip out the OZONE Mags after the interview. – D’Lyte, dlyte@radio-one.com (Dallas, TX) I’ve been an avid OZONE reader since I picked up my first copy early last year. I even made sure that the gas station near my house started carrying it so I wouldn’t have to drive too far to get a copy. But, I digress. My reason for writing is to offer my 2 Cents on a topic that will be of interest to all those whose main goal is to stack so much paper that generations after them will never want for a thing. I believe that accumulating this much wealth can be done through money management and real estate investing. Several artists who have been in the game for a minute already know this and are active investors: Big Boi, T.I., and Slim Thug, to name a few. Some even own companies that deal in real estate. Unfortunately, we hear more about a rapper’s jewelry and car fleet then his investment portfolio. I would like to change that. I have not yet read an article in OZONE related to Hip Hop and real estate, wealth building, etc. These topics are key if you want to ball the right way, i.e., owning enough appreciating assets so that you can really afford to 14 // OZONE MAG

buy out the bar and not have to eat mayo sandwiches for the next couple weeks. I suggest that you interview artists who have their paper straight and ask how they are keeping it that way. This will not only entertain a whole lot of readers but it will enlighten them and let them know that there is a serious side to BALLLIN’!! (Is that term officially overused yet?) - Alaw, myspace.com/kinglaw78 (Dallas, TX by way of Lagos, Nigeria) First off, I gotta give respect to JB and the entire OZONE staff for putting together a reputable magazine that puts shine on a region that was overlooked for so long. I’ve been a reader since the boy DJ Black started promoting for you folks back in ’03 here in NAP. I appreciate the fact that you guys hit the road and show love to events around the country, especially Circle City Classic and the Kentucky Derby. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the kid’s a Midwest resident, born and bred country. The reason I’m sending this message is to ask one simple question: Will OZONE please step out of the box and do something that all the industry-run rags won’t do: PUT SOME REAL SHINE ON THE MIDWEST!?! It may sound unconventional, but facts are facts. We buy more from the culture and support more artists collectively, thus making more artists successful, than any other region. To top it off, we’ve got some of the most talented and underrated acts, and no mags to rep for them. OZONE needs to do a Midwest edition similar to OZONE West. - Double Ii, 13176526654@tmomail.net (Indianapolis, IN) Hey JB, I loved your June 2 Cents article with DJ Khaled on the cover. You talked about women learning not to settle for less. You said a lot of things that are true about this generation of women that are chasing dudes in the clubs. You should make a full-fledged article off those points you touched upon. – Majic, myspace.com/darealist305 (Dade County, FL) JB, I really enjoyed your 2 Cents in regards to the part where you said, “I never even dreamed I’d be in the position I’m in. If I can stick it out another five years, maybe I’ll really be the shit then.” I believe in networking to increase your net-worth. I’m that Filipino dude out here in California with the zillion dollar mouthpiece. - Klevah, myspace.com/klevahseven (California) JB, I’m a loyal fan of OZONE and an even bigger fan of you. You’ve got that drive and I’ve seen you go from shit to sugar in this game, busting every other magazine’s ass with the fire you continue to supply us with. But, you are missing a small piece of the puzzle and that’s this little city called the Mac Town – Macon, GA. We are the kids that all the big kids pick on. We are the runts that get our toys taken from us when we go the playground. We’re really the heart of Georgia and we’ve been overlooked for too long. Please help us shed some light on what these so-called “real niggas” don’t want you to know. - John Aymos, johnaymos@gmail.com (Macon, GA)



jb’s 2cents

10 Things they’re Hatin’ On


e’ve been doing the “sex issue” for five years now, and I’ve finally come (cum?) to realize the drawback. Although it might offer some cheap thrills vicariously, the bigger OZONE gets = the more time I have to spend in the office for endless weeks drinking CRUNK!!! and editing while everyone else is free to be out having wild sex in creative locations that I might ask them about one day in an interview. OZONE’s sex issues are classic, so each year has gotta top the last. I seem to have a knack for getting artists to talk about fucking, so I do damn near all the interviews, consuming the time I would rather be using for up-close-and-personal research.

This month we decided to let our sex issue interview subjects bring the hate! 1. STANKIN’ ASS PUSSY “I had a gal that I had really, really wanted to fuck with, and then once I did get that pussy – or was ‘bout to get the pussy – man, that shit was stankin’! I was like, gotdamn, man, a nigga went through all this to get to some gotdamn stankin’ass pussy? I told her ass to jump in the shower, and while she took a shower, I left. Like a real G.” - Young Buck

I’ve been interviewing rappers for so long now I could do it in my sleep (sometimes I actually do). They all say basically the same things (“my music is universal,” “I’m real,” so on and so forth) anyway. So it’s pretty rare that I have any sense of anticipation, and I haven’t been starstruck since I ran into Lenny Kravitz years ago on South Beach. Not to sound arrogant, but these days, artists are usually more excited to meet me than I am to meet them.

2. MUSIC INDUSTRY SEX “The industry is like high school — everybody seems like they’re doing each other and if you’re not doing it, people think something’s wrong with you. I have the right to be selective, and that’s what I do.” - K-Foxx

4. FOURSOMES “Sometimes I’ll be at the hotel and just wake up looking around, wondering, who are you? Who are you, you, and you? You can’t make love to three people, you know what I mean?” - Lil Wayne


3. GROUPIES WHO SAY THEY’RE NOT GROUPIES “The top groupie line is, ‘Hey Big Kuntry, you’re cute, [but] I’m not a groupie.’ You can’t top that. When you say you’re not a groupie, I’m already thinking that you are.” - Big Kuntry

Damn, I look good

Lil Wayne wears glasses. Who knew?

5. SEX IN THE STUDIO “People seem to forget that the engineer is right there and knows what’s going on even though the lights are off. My boy is an engineer and he has a recording of Foxy [Brown] giving someone the whap in the studio.” - Amanda Diva 6. UNCIRCUMCISED DICKS “You just can’t give head to an uncircumcised dick without a condom — and that sucks. Plus, they look funny, and it stinks! I recommend all guys out there that have uncircumcised cocks to go get surgery. It’s never too late.” - porn star Roxy Reynolds

8. EATING PUSSY “I don’t suggest men should eat pussy. I don’t condone it, but I do it because I’m a freak. I’m not gonna tell the next man to eat coochie because that’s just not a safe thing to be eating everybody’s coochie.” - Ray J 9. DRUNKEN SEX “Man, this one night I was drunk and I had to settle for a fat girl. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with big girls, but she was probably about 190 pounds and I’m only 160, so that was a whole lot of cushion.” - B.O.B. 10. BIG DICKS “I ask them niggas, ‘Do you got a big dick?’ Because we need to start looking at folks’ dick, inspecting they dick, grabbing the dick. You don’t need to let nobody fuck you off-guard, or gotdamn give you no dick and surprise, and then the muthafucka got a 10-inch, 12-inch dick up in yo’ ass. That’s ridiculous.” - Alexyss Tylor (the Vagina Power Lady)


Beauty & the Beast? Sorry, Trick, but I couldn’t think of a better caption


7. MY FIRST TIME “He wasn’t a grown enough man to recognize that a woman needs to be treated delicately, at least for her first time. Once you know each others’ bodies, you can get into the rough stuff, but as a virgin? Naw.” - Deelishis


Eric loses a lot of bets here at OZONE Magazine. I finally got him to pay up

So after two weeks of rescheduling, when I finally ended up in Lil Wayne’s tour bus at like 5 AM for our interview, it was weird to realize that I was actually nervous. Wayne isn’t the easiest interview subject, and asking rappers if they’ve ever measured their dick is a little more difficult then asking when their album is gonna drop. Anyway, the interview went so well that his three page feature turned into seven (pg. 76-82) and I am now officially a Lil Wayne fan and might possibly even have a slight crush on him. I learn a lot about myself by doing interviews too. Sometimes you can’t put it into words til you hear someone explain it, and it clicks because you can relate. I had been feeling burned out on the industry shit so last month I took some time to do regular white people things that are in no way rap-related. I went fishing in the woods in the middle of nowhere (not by choice, but by force - a family vacation of sorts), ran a half marathon (13.1 miles - painful), and read a bunch of books. I’ve always had some weird fascination with books about great tragedies, serial killers, drug addicts (had to stop reading those when I dreamt there was a syringe in my arm), drug dealers, pimps, and lots of other unsavory things. I also dug through boxes of stuff that I’d had in storage since high school, an unintentional time capsule, and realized how much of a freak I was back in the day. Not to say that I’m not still a freak, but I’d like to think I have a little more discretion now as a CEO. :) In the spirit of the sex issue I was gonna write about celebrities I would fuck, but went with my better judgment and kept those thoughts to myself. I’ve turned down a lot of celebrity dick. For most people, sex is ultimately about power. Some women are proud of all the famous men they’ve fucked but I’d rather turn on BET and laugh seeing all the ones I could’ve had, but chose not to, because it didn’t feel genuine. I usually have more fun turning ‘em down. Like Trina, I’m single again, back on the prowl. Or something like that. I guess I’ve developed sort of a rapper’s attitude towards relationships. Baby daddy (figuratively, not literally) finally got tired of my bullshit and left me, so now all I’ve got is a few friends, ex-boyfriends from back in the day trying to marry me because they saw my magazine in a 7-11, a therapist with a big dick, a guy sending me love letters from prison, hoes in different area codes, and groupies who bore me. Young Buck says I’m a player and Too $hort says I’m a pimp (and Lil Wayne says I appear in his dreams with my camera flashing like Where’s Waldo?) but truthfully I’m too fucking emotional to be either one. It’s just that relationships take time, and right now OZONE Magazine is my bitch. I am a beast! Feed me XXL or feed me Source. Whenever you guys start shooting, retouching, and [halfway] designing your own covers and interviewing, writing, and editing your own cover stories, not to mention signing your own checks, holla at me. We the best! - Julia Beverly, jb@ozonemag.com

Lil Wayne “PMW (Pussy, Money, Weed)” T.I. “Public Service Announcement” Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel “Ignorant Shit” Styles P f/ Swizz Beatz “Blow Your Mind” Alicia Keys “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” Timbaland f/ One Republic “Apologize” Cassidy f/ Kanye West, Ne-Yo, & Swizz Beatz “My Drink N My 2 Step” remix Juice “The Illest Rapper Alive”


randy.roper@ozonemag.com Scarface “Girl you Know” Plies “I Am The Club” B.G. f/ T.I. “G’s On Deck” Chris Brown “You”





elcome to our first special edition of OZONE’s Rapquest, where we plan to highlight a new city every month both in the magazine, a segment airing on MTV Jams, and extended film version which you’ll be able to find on our website (www.ozonemag.com). Tune into MTV Jams this month to see the making of the photo (at right) and interviews with some of the individuals featured. For the first month, it only seems right to bring you to OZONE’s hometown of Orlando, Florida. Although most of the world knows of Orlando solely because of its tourist attractions like Disneyworld and Universal Studios, the tourist district is, in reality, relegated to the southwest part of the city and beyond into nearby towns like Lake Buena Vista, a good 30-45 minutes drive from the “Orlando” where most residents go about their daily lives. Naturally, on the one day we’d chosen to bring the city together for “A Great Day In Orlando” photo shoot, the City Beautiful’s typical 30 minute afternoon shower turned into an all-out torrent that lasted well into the evening, effectively eliminating Plan A (the panoramic group shot encompassing downtown Orlando’s city skyline, a block away from the once-famous but now nearly deserted Church Street Station and a few blocks from City Hall, the nightlife strip on Orange Avenue, and all other downtown attractions). Plan B was to follow a couple of Full Sail engineers down the street to Club Bliss, where director Bruce DiCristofalo and Executive Producer John Perkins were filming a scene for their upcoming street racing/street fighting movie called Vs. and were gracious enough to allow us to interrupt for a few moments to take the photo you see above. Orlando artists TREAL, who were present for the shoot, are also featured on the movie’s soundtrack. Orlando itself is in a weird place both demographically and musically, and, as a result, it has a hard time defining itself and finding its own style. While Memphis has “crunk” and Houston has “Screw” and Atlanta has “snap” and Tampa has “jukin’” and Miami has “bass,” Orlando has a little bit of it all plus a substantial amount of “Where Brooklyn at?” and “Is New York in the house!!” shouts at the club which you are unlikely to hear anywhere else in Florida (except perhaps Miami). Unlike most cities below the Mason Dixon line, Orlando isn’t dripping with Southern charm, Southern drawls, Southern hospitality, and sweet tea. There’s college students who come from all over the world to attend the University of Central Florida and bring with them a variety of musical tastes; on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the dirty, dirty, dirty South crowd which played a large part in propelling the success of hood favorites like Plies and Khia and can be found in the club on any given weekend jammin’ along with the Disco and the City Boyz, the Mega City DJs, the Sir Knight Trains, or the Baby Lacs. There’s a substantial Hispanic population, making reggaeton music almost as popular as Hip Hop in the Central Florida area. There’s plenty of transplanted New Yorkers, who came down on vacation and saw the grass and the trees and the lakes and never went home, or whose parents sent them down to Florida to stay out of trouble but they still long for the Big Apple. Then there’s the grown-and-sexy crowd, who virtually belongs to Front-Line Promotions - you can find them on any given weekend at Front-Line’s Club Whispers or the Roxy with a classy dress code, grooving to a nice mix of old school and new school. Even though not all of the faces you see at right are instantly recognizable, you may be surprised at the way many of them have contributed not only to Orlando’s music scene but to Hip Hop in general. Take Mayne of The Runners, for example, shown here along with their artist Bali. The Runners got their big break by producing Rick Ross’ breakthrough single “Hustlin’” and have since produced hits like DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” with Trick Daddy, Plies, Rick Ross, and T-Pain as well as Young Jeezy’s “Dreamin’” with Keyshia Cole. Local R&B singer KC wrote the hook to Lloyd Banks’ “Karma” (sung by Avant) back when he was a fresh-faced teenager. Today, as a grown man, he’s writing hooks for big names like R Kelly (on Rick Ross’ newest banger “Speedin’” and Young Jeezy’s smash “Go Getta,” both also produced by The Runners) and is still pursuing his own solo R&B career a la Ne-Yo. And The Runners aren’t the only go-to production crew in the city; in fact, they are also closely affiliated with DJ Nasty. In addition to being the biggest DJ in Orlando aside from 18 // OZONE MAG

perhaps his former partner Prostyle, DJ Nasty formed the production crew Nasty Beatmakers with his brother LVM and has produced tracks for a variety of artists including Camron, Juelz Santana, and Ludacris. A lot of new artists say that they aspire to “put Orlando on the map,” but if you do your history, you’ll see that Orlando has actually been on the map for quite some time. Artists like Magic Mike and groups like the 69 Boyz and 95 South had enormous success with bass music in the early 90s. Magic Mike was, in fact, not only one of the first Orlando artists to go platinum but also one of the first independent artists to go platinum. The 69 Boyz/95 South collective underwent many changes but basically consisted of Thrill da Playa, Jay-Ski, and producer CC Lemonhead. Some Orlando artists in the photo include Smilez & Southstar, Grandaddy Souf, Treal, Jon Young & J Cash, Sonny Chulo, Jonny Bravo, Bedo, Wes Fif, Adept, Preacher, Question, Black Profit, Slim Goodye, Pope, 3 AM, and many others. With the demise of their record label (Lou Pearlman’s Transcon), Smilez & Southstar now have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and reclaim the position they held on the Top 40 charts five years ago with records like “Tell Me.” Southstar (a rarity: an Asian emcee with lyrical skill) was once known as Northstar and was a part of Max-A-Million Records, an independent label which achieved much local notoriety and appeared on the March 2003 cover of OZONE. Tragically, the label CEO Big Wil was shot to death - just a few days after his cover story dropped - with his own gun (R.I.P.) and Max-A-Mil has since virtually dismantled, although their keynote artists Sonny Chulo (also affiliated with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad) and Jonny Bravo have continued pursuing their rap careers. Orlando native Grandaddy Souf achieved early success with “Savage Journey (Fuck Da Law),” as did the four-man rap group TREAL with “Orange County” and Red Dogg (who appeared on the first cover of OZONE) with “Sunshine State.” Grandaddy Souf signed a deal with SRC/Universal but languished at the label for several bitter years before they finally released his debut album this past summer. Having relocated to Memphis to work with Three 6 Mafia’s Hypnotized Mindz family, Grandaddy now lives in Atlanta and came back to Orlando just to take this historic photo. TREAL proved their consistency with several other regional hits and finally sparked major label interest with “I’m Not Lock Down,” a record which led to radio spins throughout the state and beyond, a production deal with Atlantic Records, and a single deal with Universal Records. Their newest record, “Zone’n (Fantasy Girl)” is also picking up a buzz and promises to lead to bigger and better things for the group who reps the city tirelessly, even carrying “Orange County” road signs onto the red carpet of the OZONE Awards. Self-produced and self-promoted duo Jon Young & J Cash went the internet route, gaining a substantial Myspace fanbase with records like “City I Love” (a dedication to Orlando; Jon Young’s name comes from west Orlando road Jon Young Parkway, where OZONE’s first office was located as well as local radio station WPYO Power 95.3 FM) and “Post Up In The Parking Lot” with Lil Boosie. They caught the attention of Defient Entertainment’s Greg Calloway (winner of Lyor Cohen’s reality show), who signed them as Defient’s first artists. Just like Jon Young, Orlando upstart Wes Fif’s name will also be familiar to any Orlando resident. Colonial Drive, which stretches from the far West side of Orlando (Ocoee/Winter Garden) to the far East side (Waterford/Bithlo) and beyond is better known as “Highway 50,” hence, the abbreviation “Wes’ Fif’.” You might know Wes from his verse on B.O.B.’s “Haterz Everywhere,” still gaining momentum, or a variety of records he’s put out himself. He recently signed to Slip-N-Slide Streetz. Wes, as well as several other artists including Stick 3000 and Grind, are affiliated with Dawgman and his DME/Clientell conglomerate which is responsible for the bulk of the city’s Dirty South music, Dirty South

concerts, Dirty South car shows, Dirty South underground radio stations, Dirty South mix CDs, and so on and so forth. Just like neighboring Miami, you can’t talk about the music scene in Orlando without talking about “pirate” radio stations. While the DME crew has been holding it down on the West side for the dirty South crowd for over a decade now, Malik “Copafeel” Abdul and a former partner founded the influential 95 Live station which gave a voice to the “real Hip Hop” heads and the battle emcees. Artists like the Max-A-Mil clique, the Warheadz, R-Senal, Tzar of the Paradox Unit, X of TDP, the Nu-Ridians, and plenty of other aspiring emcees got shine through the station. At its prime, 95 Live was drawing enough listeners away from WJHM 102 Jamz (the sole unchallenged Hip Hop station in the city until recent years when WPYO switched their format) to catch the attention of the FCC, which ultimately shut down the station. Abdul regrouped to form Raw 94, but after a short stint on house arrest (yes, the Feds can arrest you for playing music on an unauthorized radio frequency) retired from the pirate radio game and now serves as OZONE’s Promotions Director. Even with the demise of pirate radio in Orlando, the hunger for underground music still remains and visitors to the city would be surprised to see the crowd reaction to local classics like White Dawg’s “Pop A Pill.” Mixtape DJs throughout the city including Voice of Da Streetz, White Boi Pizal, and many others have also worked hard to keep the underground alive. Aside from just artists, the photo above represents a wide variety of players in the scene, including local DJ/promoter staple Greg G (his publication Big Life was the predecessor to Orlando Source magazine); Mert Deezine (who founded Orlando Source magazine, where I learned the magazine game before starting the one you now hold in your hands); reggae DJ and promoter Mr. CC who will gladly tell anyone who’ll listen that he is the greatest promoter of all time; graphic designer Otto; radio personalities and DJs who show a lot of support to the local artists like Tony C, Sytonnia, Kaye Dunaway, Dapa, Jessica Ambinder and the WPRK Rollins College radio crew; pioneers like DJ Caesar (who was part of the original Hitmen DJs with Khaled and Nasty before Khaled moved to Miami); and all-around hustlers and street promoters like Mercedes of Strictly Streets who also played a key role in OZONE’s growth.

All in all, although Orlando is home to some, like Wes Fif and Jon Young who have paid tribute through their music, after spending this past weekend at the Florida Classic and walking around the once-familiar intersection of Central and Orange, I’ve realized that it’s not my home anymore. It was at one point, but ultimately for me and so many others, Orlando was a training ground. My family moved here when I was 9 years old to get away from trouble (namely, random drive-by shootings on our semi-suburban street in the valley an hour outside of Los Angeles), and virtually every road and building and corner of the city now holds a memory of a moment which has passed. This is where I grew up both as a person and as a businessperson; it’s here, in Orlando, that I learned how to take pictures, how to design flyers, how to write, how to produce a magazine, how to get into nightclubs, how to network and meet people, how to gain power, how to hustle, how to market yourself and your product, and, most importantly, how to make money. I moved to Atlanta a year ago, but it wasn’t Orlando’s fault. I just felt that I’d done everything I could do here and it was time to move on. Because Orlando is comprised of so many groups of different people with different musical tastes, it’s an ideal spot to start small and learn where you fit in. And, as every successful artist knows, sometimes you’ve gotta leave home before they’ll respect you. Speaking as someone who achieved success on a small scale in Orlando and took it to an international level, I know the experiences I’ve had in this city were invaluable. And although my time here has ended, there’s clearly a crop of new talent making use of all the city has to offer. With Orlando’s list of production credits growing and internationally known entertainment school Full Sail helping to train the next crop of engineers, film producers, and more, hopefully one day they’ll be able to take the lessons they’ve learned here to a worldwide level and make us all proud to claim the OZONE. // Words by Julia Beverly // Photo by Terrence Tyson

Not pictured: DJ Prostyle, DJ Magic Mike, DJ Jimmy Jamz, Disco & the City Boyz, Jay Love, Chino, Big Earl, Viper, Pimp J, DJ D-Strong, White Boi Pizal, Pat Nix, Willie Fisher, Hankadon, Krazy Yogi, H. Ringer, Baby Lac, Sir Knight Train, Warhedz, Mega City DJs, Jesse Jazz…. Our sincere apologies to anyone we forgot.



(above L-R): Nelly & Jermaine Dupri on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA; Rick Ross & the Carol City Cartel on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Julia Beverly); UGK performing @ The Box car show in Houston, TX (Photo: Edgar Walker)

01 // Flo-Rida, BOB, & Supastar J-Kwik @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 02 // Alfamega & Mac-Boney on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Dr Benjamin Chavis & Cassidy @ Russell Simmons’ Financial Empowerment Hip Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA) 04 // Khao & Teddy T @ Jack da Juice music conference (Atlanta, GA) 05 // Yung Joc loves the kids @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 06 // Trick Daddy & the Dunk Ryders @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 07 // Polow da Don, Gangsta Boo, & Drumma Boy @ Opera (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Pimp C & Lil Duval @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 09 // Tiny, Jason Geter, & Lil C on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Wu Chang & Scooby @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 11 // Crucial Conflict @ Powerball Mansion party (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Willie Fischer & Pat Nix @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // Chris Johnson & Killa Kyleon @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 14 // Lil Hen, Young Cash, Big J, Midget Mac, DJ Q45, & Ivory Orr @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 15 // Hannibal Matthews & Roxy Reynolds (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Supa Chino & models @ Plush for Young Cash’s “X” video shoot (Jacksonville, FL) 17 // J Prince Jr. & Raw Lt @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 18 // DJ Headbussa, King JB, & Black & Mild @ The Last Damn Show (Tampa, FL) 19 // Missy and Jennette @ Da Real Ting Cafe for Point Blank & OZONE party (Jacksonville, FL) Photo Credits: DJ Who (04,11); Eric Perrin (15); Intl K (05,08,10,13,17); Julia Beverly (01,02,06,07,09); Luis Santana (18); Malik Abdul (16,19); Terrence Tyson (12,14); Thaddeus McAdams (03)


Disclaimer: These “groupie confessions” are anonymous, so we cannot verify if they are true or not. All details (cities, club names, hotel names) have been removed. These stories do not necessarily represent the opnions of OZONE Magazine. These stories did not necessarily occur recently, so if you are currently seeing one of thse fine gentlemen, no need to curse him out. If you have a celebrity confession, send an email to feedback@ozonemag.com or call 404-350-3887 to tell your story.

MASE Okay, it started at the club. We were at the club and a bunch of other artists were there. Me and my friend ended up going to the hotel [where all the artists were staying] after the club and as soon as we pulled to the front, Mase was standing there by the entrance. I’m real talkative, so me and her walked up to him and were talking to Mase. He gave me his book to hold, that lil’ notebook where he had all his lyrics and stuff. I was going through it and reading parts of it. So we left from the front and went upstairs, me, my friend, and Mase. We went upstairs, whatever, little chit chat. He came in the room and turned on the lights, no TV [on], nothing, it was like, get to the point. So we ended up on the bed and he laid down and we all knew what was up. He was just like, “What’s up?” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what was about to go down. The funny part was that he thought he was gonna get the whole threesome experience, but no. I don’t do girls. I’m not into threesomes, but it was funny how we swindled his ass real quick because he thought that was gonna pop off. With me and her, it ain’t nothin’. It was just a matter-of-fact thing. She just hopped on him so fast when he whipped it out, and I was in the room too, so I was like, okay, fine. She was actually riding him and his head was in between my legs and I’m like, rubbing his shoulders while he’s rubbing on my titties, all that extra bullshit. He came in like ten minutes. It wasn’t that long, trust me. His dick was regular, medium. Nothing grand or spectacular. It wasn’t something I’d actually remember. It was just regular, medium sized, but it has a little lift to it. She looked like she was really enjoying it, to be honest. I knew she was enjoying it but she was trying to be funny with me, rolling her eyes and shit like he was whack. She was really doing all the work. She was really, really riding him and he was all into it. She’s rolling her eyes at me because he’s too distracted, looking at my tatas, to be paying attention to her. Of course there was a condom involved; none of that bullshit. He thought he was gonna parlay with me [afterwards] but I was like, “Nah, we ‘bout to leave,” or whatever. Before we left, he got her number and stayed in contact with her. He came back [in town] a few days later when he was on his way back to Atlanta to be with his family. She went back to see him and brought her roommate. He never talked about being married or being a preacher until she came over there with her roommate. Her roommate is like a buttahead – everything looks good but her face. So when he saw her, he was like, “Damn.” Me and her are caramel complexion, you know, we’re cute, but her roommate isn’t all that cute. She’s real hood.

So my homegirl told me he had a straight pissy attitude when she came over the second time, like, “Where’s the other girl you were with?” When her roommate sparked up a blunt he got real pissed, like, “That’s wrong. Don’t do that.” So the first time when it was just me and her, he was real nice and ready for us to come up to the room. I guess when she brought her roommate the whole vibe changed so she ended up leaving. He was trippin’ talkin’ about all that “y’all shouldn’t be smoking” and “save your soul” type shit.

DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ (BUDDIE) I met Buddie backstage at a show. I was just chillin’; he was dancing all funny and shit so I was laughing. He had that verse talking about “Check my feet, you ain’t got these,” and I’m a shoe fanatic. He’s cute. He’s tall and thick and sexy; he’s appealing. So he came over and we talked for a second and he’s like, “Cool, holla at you later.” He got my number and we hadn’t even left [the concert] when he started calling me talking about, “Where you at?” So me and my friend went to the afterparty, we got in with Too $hort, and after that I called them like, “Okay, we’re coming now.” It was just Buddie and Pimpin’ in the room with double beds. The room was so fuckin’ nasty, dirty, it had clothes everywhere, shoes everywhere, laptop. I’m not gonna say where my friend was [with Pimpin’] but you can figure it out for yourself if it’s one room with double beds. So Pimpin’ and my friend went other places so it was lights out. You know those chairs that have the little table set, like an eatery? He had me bent over the gotdamn chair and was thinking he’s really doing something. I was just trying to decide, Do I feel your dick or not? It wasn’t all that. I was trying to make him hurry up and cum so I could hurry up and go. My friend was obviously enjoying hers [with Pimpin’] but I thought I was gonna fuckin’ pass out, like damn, hurry up. He was alright; he just wasn’t pounding me. It was just like, okay, hurry up, “Did you cum yet?”, fake moaning, you know, one of those things where you’ve gotta fake it to make it. But shit, I guess it was good for his ass cause next time he came [in town] he was calling me and had his crazy ass baby mama calling me. He was like, “Man, my baby mama is crazy.” He was like, “Nah, man, I don’t fuck with her but she just be on my dick cause of my status.” Obviously he’s still fuckin’ her for her to be trippin’ like that. The second time [I saw him] all of the Franchize Boyz were there, minus the little fat one. I was on my period so I just came over to chill and he got mad about that. I haven’t really talked to him since then. //



(above L-R): Young Jeezy, Young Buck, & BloodRaw on the set of BloodRaw’s “26 Inches” in Atlanta, GA; DJ Drama, Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, David Banner, & Jazze Pha on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Julia Beverly); Bushwick Bill & Lil Wayne on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Eric Perrin)

01 // Yung Joc, Block, DJ Khaled, & Gorilla Zoe on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 02 // J Cash & Jon Young @ Club Bliss for OZONE’s Orlando Rapquest shoot (Orlando, FL) 03 // Fabolous & Orlando @ The Last Damn Show (Tampa, FL) 04 // Baby D & Unk on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 05 // One Chance @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 06 // Tity Boy of Playaz Circle & Boo @ Compound for Def Jam’s pre-BET Hip Hop Awards party (Atlanta, GA) 07 // Scooby of the Grit Boys & his mom @ FYE for their album release (Houston, TX) 08 // DJ Q45, DJ Demp, DJ Khaled, & Bigga Rankin @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 09 // LeToya Luckett & Hurricane Chris @ Russell Simmons’ Financial Empowerment Hip Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Polow da Don, Rosci, & Tigger @ Opera (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Yo Gotti & DJ Energizer @ Trae’s album release party (Houston, TX) 12 // Kuzzo & Ali Muhammad @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // BloodRaw & TJ Chapman @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 14 // Storm, Alishea, & Brandii @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 15 // Troublesome & Cory Mo @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 16 // I-15 @ SF2 (Houston, TX) 17 // Malik Abdul & Young Cash on the set of Young Cash’s “X” video shoot (Jacksonville, FL) 18 // DJ Smallz, DJ Quest, DJ H-Vidal, & H3 @ Club Empire on the set of Acafool’s “She’s Bad” (Tampa, FL) 19 // J-Shin, Freddy P, & guest @ Compound for Def Jam’s pre-BET Hip Hop Awards party (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Eric Perrin (04); Intl K (07,11,15,16); Julia Beverly (01,05,06,10,12,19); Luis Santana (03,18); Terrence Tyson (02,08,13,14,17); Thaddeus McAdams (09)






“Do you have a measuring tape? I want to measure your ass because it’s INCREDIBLE!”


“Let’s have a drink. Bring your pajamas in case you have to get up early.”

“I’ll buy you a Mercedes-Benz!”






“There’s a car waiting in front of the club. Get in it and I’ll go separately in a few minutes so nobody will suspect anything.”


“You have a big, beautiful mouth. I’d love to see you in a red thong. Red is my favorite color.”

“They should figure out a way to build affordable time machines so we can meet for the first time over and over again!”

“I’ve got cribs on three coasts. Let me fly you to one of ‘em.”




“We should date and make each other more famous.”

“How could you not want to sleep with me? I’m handsome.”

“It’s gonna work one day when I tell you to ‘Gimme Dat Pussy.’”



I. G.


Answers: 1-F (Ludacris); 2-A (Nas); 3-D (Ne-Yo); 4-I (The Game); 5-F (Ludacris); 6-G (Lupe Fiasco); 7-B (Lloyd Banks); 8-E (Baby); 9-C (Lil Flip); 10-H (Webbie)



rapper pick-up lines

Match your favorite lyricist to his real-life attempt at picking up a female, as reported by our anonymous music industry spies!

(above L-R): Young Dro & Jacki-O on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA; Tigger & Terrence @ Opera in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Julia Beverly); Shawn Jay & his daughter on the set of Young Cash’s “X” video shoot in Jacksonville, FL (Photo: Terrence Tyson)

01 // Shawn Jay, Young Cash, Yo Gotti, & Bigga rankin on the set of Young Cash’s “X” video shoot (Jacksonville, FL) 02 // BloodRaw & Haitian Fresh on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 03 // DJ Drama & video director Rage on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 04 // Michael Watts & Redd @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 05 // Young B & Slim Thug @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 06 // TV Johnny & Scarface @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 07 // OZONE’s Eric Perrin gets some love from porn star Roxy Reynolds during her sex issue photo shoot (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Gorilla Zoe & Block @ Athlete’s Foot (Atlanta, GA) 09 // Lil J Xavier & B5 @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 10 // Sun & Papa Reu @ Scarface’s listening party (Houston, TX) 11 // Killa Kyleon, Chris Ward, & Scooby of the Grit Boys @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 12 // Christina Clark & J-Deezy @ The Roxy (Orlando, FL) 13 // J Rock & E-Class on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 14 // Horseman & Trae Promotions @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 15 // E-40 & Miltikit on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 16 // BA Boys on the set of BloodRaw’s “26 Inches” (Atlanta, GA) 17 // Diamond of Crime Mob & friend on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 18 // DJ Demp & Trick Daddy @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 19 // TJ Chapman & Freeze, & Flo-Rida @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) Photo Credits: Eric Perrin (02,17); Hannibal Matthews (07); Intl K (04,05,06,09,10,11,14); Julia Beverly (03,13,15,16,18,19); Terrence Tyson (01,12); Yancey Richardson (08)


mathematics Getting Over

by Wendy Day of the Rap Coalition www.wendyday.com

Just because we can get away with something, doesn’t mean we should do it. I was raised with an “us” mentality, in a “me” world. Growing up, my mom instilled the value of everyone winning, everyone succeeding, and that we are all in this together. It may seem a little bit overly “nice” in a cold world where everyone appears to be out for themselves and trying to get all they can get at the expense of others, but my mom was onto something. In my version of the world, we all succeed. This means I have a circle of friends who are all doing as well as I am (no crabs in a barrel trying to pull me down) or better. I have people to spend time with who have similar values as me, and therefore the trust level is very high. I have friends to hang out with who can afford the same lifestyle as me and who can keep up with me. If I want to pop off to Vegas for a weekend with friends, provided their schedules coincide, we can all meet up in Vegas for the weekend — and we can all afford it, no one person has to pay for everyone else in order to have fun. On the flip side, when I go through a difficult time (as we all do in life), I have true supporters to help me get back on my feet — folks who generally want to help me and don’t secretly gloat at my misfortune behind my back. At any given time, I have good friends whom I can call to lend me $30,000 or $50,000 at the drop of a hat without as much as a signature on an IOU and without even paying an interest rate. “Here, get it back to me whenever you can,” is what they say as they hand it over, or what I say to them as I hand it over when they need a loan. I am constantly surrounded by people who are eager to share their successful investment strategies and wealth plans with me as I am building my empire, just as I am eager to help those coming up behind me — without any kick back or financial gain involved for sharing the knowledge. These like-minded individuals attract other like-minded individuals, all of whom build with the mindset and intention of sharing, of giving back and helping others who are less fortunate. I call them enlightened millionaires. The music business, however, is chock full of small-minded, short-sighted individuals who are keen to make a quick buck at the expense of everyone around them. For some reason, this industry attracts snakes in alarming proportions; some are evil by nature, and some are just too stupid to know any better. Maybe because of the allure of fame, or the illusion of quick, easy money — regardless, this industry is a magnet for folks who are out for themselves with a “fuck everybody else” mentality. I find it’s easier, and safer, to just do the right thing. And we all know what that is, but some of us just choose to ignore it. As I traveled around this summer going from city to city, I saw some very supportive cities where the folks have an “us” mentality and they all work together to get ahead. I also saw many cities and towns with the “crabs in a barrel” mentality. The problem with this negative mindset is that NO ONE succeeds, not even the haters. They are too busy spending their time and energy to bring others down. There’s a lot to be said for unified energy where everyone works together to build success. It’s kind of like basketball. If Shaquille O’Neal is the best player in the world, and he goes out on the court alone against the worst team in the NBA, that team is still going to win even though they are playing against the best player in the world. We need more of the team mentality in urban music. The key is definitely based in responsibility and self-awareness. If each of us managed to control our own actions and do what was right, AND if the penalty for doing wrong was severe enough, the world would be a far better place with many more people succeeding. This comes back to my original concept of a Hip Hop beatdown squad to handle any and all violations within our own community, but that’s a whole other topic of discussion. It’s really kind of simple. Instead of reacting on greedy and negative



impulses, we just rethink our actions and do what’s right. The first rule of negotiation is that it isn’t a successful deal (or negotiation) unless everyone wins and walks away with what they want. One person succeeding at the expense of another is not a win, it’s pimping (or slavery, or thievery, or ignorance). In the music industry, I see folks with power, daily, preying on those trying to get into the music industry. Some take their publishing (future earnings) in exchange for access. Some with a clear understanding of the flow of money in the music business and do deals with the new and unknowledgeable, that leave the uninitiated with nothing and those in the know with the pot of gold. I see this happen everyday! For example, a production company sees an up and coming producer or artist and signs him or her to an oppressive deal for 7 years where the artist doesn’t stand a chance of making any money at all — all proceeds and income go to the production company. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that when the artist realizes what a shitty deal he or she got, there’s going to be a war! Why would someone even put themselves into that position when there is enough money for everyone to go around? Since when is that quick lick more valuable than making long term money together over decades? And why would any intelligent human being want to spend their lives looking over their shoulder every fucking day because they did somebody wrong? I read a blurb at BallerStatus.com recently that talked about the producer of 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick.” He is suing because he claims he never was paid a royalty beyond the initial advance of $7,500 he received to sell that track. Why didn’t someone explain to him how it works BEFORE he did the deal? It would have taken just a few minutes to explain that he doesn’t get a royalty until all of the money for 50’s entire album is recouped, and that even if the song blows up and becomes a hit, the bulk of the money for the producer will be in the fact that his fees will increase for the next songs because he now has a platinum single under his belt. Why didn’t his lawyer explain how sampling, publishing, and mechanical royalties work? Why didn’t ASCASP or BMI explain how performance royalties and splits work? Certainly, he still would have seen this as his big break in the business and probably would have sold the track for $7,500 for the opportunity to make one of 50’s biggest hits ever. The difference is that he wouldn’t be outraged at feeling like someone stole from him, and he wouldn’t have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit that’s going to benefit no one but the lawyers getting paid. I guess it’s not cool to be righteous and to do the right thing, but it sure does bring peace of mind. I can’t put any price on peace of mind or feeling good about myself. To me, the true definition of power isn’t taking every opening (even the ones at another’s expense) that becomes available in order to succeed, it’s seeing an opening and having the strength to do what’s right in order to succeed. I can’t help but wonder all these years later how my favorite New Orleans labels feel about losing all of their biggest artists (and producers) due to non-payment issues. Imagine how big and strong those companies could have become if they had just paid the people around them what was due. The owners would STILL be mega-millionaires; in fact, they’d probably have more wealth, better opportunities, and far more abundance than they have now with their short-sighted views of business. Better to become the next IBM or Apple than to be the laughing stock of the music industry with folks speculating on “what if…” Thanks, mom, for teaching me how to build a team and for teaching me to do what’s right. It’s worked out well for me. I may not be a billionaire mogul in the music industry, but I am happy and making a big difference in my little section of it. I know I am well loved and respected — I feel it everyday, and am hugely thankful for that. Besides, I am enjoying my life as I build it. And I get the added plus of continuing to do business with long term vision instead of making as much money as I can, as fast as I can, at the expense of others. Yep, there’s a lot to be said for “peace of mind.” I wouldn’t trade this shit for anything! //


(above L-R): Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe on the set of Cheri Dennis’ “Portrait of Love” in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Eric Perrin); Roccett, Slick Pulla, & Young Jeezy on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA; Rich Boy, Keri Hilson, & Polow da Don @ Opera in Atlanta, GA (Photos: Julia Beverly)

01 // Trapstarz @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 02 // Don Cannon & Freeway @ Compound for Def Jam’s pre-BET Hip Hop Awards party (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Miss Nikki & Peter Warrick @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 04 // Tigger & ladies @ Club Dreams (Miami, FL) 05 // Grandaddy Souf, Southstar, & Smilez @ Club Bliss for OZONE’s Orlando Rapquest shoot (Orlando, FL) 06 // Pat Nix & Plies @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 07 // Block, Yung Joc, Rick Ross, Gorilla Zoe, & DJ Khaled (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Pimp C & Lil Keke @ The Box car show (Houston, TX) 09 // Flo-Rida & DJ Christion @ The Last Damn Show (Tampa, FL) 10 // Hustle House @ Plush for Young Cash’s “X” video shoot (Jacksonville, FL) 11 // Ashley, Eric Perrin, & Dior George @ the BET Hip Hop Awards (Atlanta, GA) 12 // Jayton, Jas Prince, & B Star @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 13 // DJ Q45 & Ashlee Ford @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 14 // Willie Fischer, Sytonnia, & Pat Nix @ The Roxy (Orlando, FL) 15 // Stephanie & Fonsworth Bentley @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 16 // Kiotti & the Houston Texans cheerleaders @ Party 104.9 (Houston, TX) 17 // Scarface & DJ Bruce Wayne @ Scarface’s listening party (Houston, TX) 18 // Clay Evans & Lil Duval on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 19 // Lil Ru @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) Photo Credits: Edgar Walker (08); Eric Perrin (05,11); Intl K (01,12,16,17); J Lash (04); Julia Beverly (02,03,06,18,19); Luis Santana (09); Malik Abdul (10); Terrence Tyson (13,14,15); Yancey Richardson (07)




by Charlamagne Tha God




is the one thing that every living organism on this world enjoys. Animals and humans, even aliens on other planets enjoy sex. Think about it; whether you’re hetero or homosexual and enjoy relations with the opposite sex, or the same sex, or even if you’re into bestiality and enjoy fucking sheep (they do have vaginas like woman, seriously, they get periods. I had a homeboy name Virgil from Moncks Corner, SC who was a little mentally unstable and he used to fuck sheep…don’t ask) the point is that we all have one thing in common. We all like fucking!

The beauty of the three types of sex is that one evolves into the other. See, if you fuck a girl enough times then eventually it grows into hunching because you are going to develop some type of relationship with this chick while you are fucking her. Y’all are going to end up cool and then start hunching. Hunching can develop into making love (that’s why I don’t hunch a girl more than three times, anything more than that, you are asking for trouble) because you find yourself not wanting anyone else to hunch or fuck the pussy which means you have developed feelings. Therefore, you are going to end up wifing the chick up and spending Valentine’s Day with her and then it just hits you one day that you’re in love.

I have my theories on why brothers like pussy so much. One reason is that the womb is the safest place we have ever been in our lives! We do all that stroking to get as deep as possible because we are trying to reach the womb. We are trying to climb back into what we came from; where we originated. I mean, it’s not your mother’s womb, but I’m sure you get my point.

Yeah, sex is great! I can’t stand people who say sex is overrated! Most people who say that don’t get any or whatever they are getting is obviously no good. Furthermore, if your parents thought sex was overrated, your dumb, donkey ass wouldn’t be here. Now I’m going to leave you all with one of my all time great sexual experiences. After hearing this you are probably going to try it...pay attention.

That is just one of my theories on why people love the wet gushy… yeah, I said “wet gushy.” Anything sounds better than “vagina”! I don’t want no “vagina”! What is that? It sounds nasty. I want some pussy, some snapper, some trim, or some wet gushy! Women, keep it funky, you don’t want no “penis.” You want some dick or some cock. Imagine your man saying to you, “I want my penis sucked.” You’d look at that clown like he was crazy. Got to keep it gutter, my brothers and sisters! Men, tell these girls, “Wrap your lips around this cock,” or, “Come suck this dick.” Ladies, tell your man, “Eat this pussy,” or, “Put your lips on some of this snapper!” That is how I like to be talked to whether I’m fucking, hunching, or making love!

It was the summer of 98 in Moncks Corner, SC. When you attended Berkeley High School, it was a tradition that you couldn’t miss called Myrtle Beach Prom Weekend. Everyone at the high school would spend the weekend in Myrtle Beach smoking, drinking, and hunching because most of us knew each other (we were cool, so I can’t just say fucking). Well, I decide to stop and get some cola flavored Spanish fly; I wanted to see if it worked! I didn’t know about ecstasy back then, so I was counting on Spanish fly to get the girls horny. I spiked a half gallon of E&J with the Spanish fly and ended up getting into a drinking game with a beautiful white princess who shall remain nameless. This white girl had a body like a sister and back in 98 this was kind of rare! It was kind of like seeing a penguin with three titties and a male penis; it was just unheard of.

Oh, wait a minute; you didn’t realize that there are three types of sex? Well, let me break it down for you. On the bottom of the list is Fucking. The term fucking is derived from not giving a fuck, meaning not giving a fuck about the person who you are having sex with. There is no emotional connection. This is not your girl and she damn sure is not going be your wife. As a matter of fact, this is some old random ass broad you are getting your rocks off with. Most STDs come from fucking because you are not familiar with your partner and usually you are not going to fuck this person again. You end up sharing your gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, or H.I.V., whatever! A step above Fucking is Hunching. Hunching is when you and a girl are cool; y’all talk, drink, smoke, and pop pills with each other. There is a physical attraction between the two of you but you know that this chick can’t be your girl, and ladies, this can’t be your man, at least not right now. Instead, you hunch and continue to enjoy each other’s company. Most girls you hunch, you have to have a great understanding with. What I mean by “understanding” is that most of them understand that you have a wifey, and ladies, most dudes you hunch understand you might have some dude you’re in love with. Your man could be in jail and coming home in about four years and you want to be with him and love him and the dude you are hunching (usually me) understands. At the top of the list is Making Love. Yeah, Making Love is something you do with your wife, wifey or long-time girlfriend. You know, this is the sex reserved for “the one”! You have feelings for this lady and an emotional connection. You make sure you have the candles lit and the Jodeci playing for her. This is the one you tell you love while you’re inside the pussy. The one you sex raw dog and don’t care if you cum in her, you know what it is.


I had no intention of drinking the E&J with her, but I did, and next thing I know we both drunk and extremely horny (the Spanish fly worked). So I’m having sex with this chick and she is so out of it she is not aware of what is really going on. I decide to take Noxzema skin cream and put it in her pussy and ass, then I held her up to the air conditioner and let that cold air hit that big ol’ white booty and that pink wet gushy. That Noxzema had those pores in that whole area open and when that cold air hit she started shaking. About three minutes later she had an orgasm squirted all on the floor like a dude. Ladies and ghettomen that is what you call the Peppermint Pussy Cool Squirt Sensation! Feel free to try that one at home! Until next month, - Charlamagne Tha God P.S. (new hood soundtrack Trap Boys Love Us Vol.3 “Not Guilty Keep Pushing” hosted by T.I.P. in the streets right now!)

(above L-R): Maino, Fabolous, & DJ Drama on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA; Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, & Webbie @ FAMU Homecoming concert in Tallahassee, FL; Playaz Circle @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus in Tallahassee, FL (Photos: Julia Beverly)

01 // Haitian Fresh & Supastar J-Kwik @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 02 // Brandi Garcia & Maricia Magana @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 03 // EClass & Rick Ross @ Forge (Miami, FL) 04 // Bigga Rankin & Ashley Morton on the set of Young Cash’s “X” video shoot (Jacksonville, FL) 05 // Young City, DJ Khaled, & Mack Maine on the set of Birdman’s “100 Million Dollars” (Miami, FL) 06 // 4-Ize & Ludacris (Atlanta, GA) 07 // Lil Duval & Bun B @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 08 // Nnete, Scarface, & Pimp C @ The Box car show (Houston, TX) 09 // Pleasure P & Udonis Haslem on the set of Plies’ “Hypnotized” (Miami, FL) 10 // Sammie & Rich Boy @ Opera (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Willie D & guest @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 12 // Terrence Tyson & Bigga Rankin @ FAMU’s homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // DJ Coolaide & Young B @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) 14 // Charles Wakeley, Big Koon, Big Cee Jay, Hollywood, J-Holla, & Big Amp @ 2 Dog Records party (Deland, FL) 15 // Quick, Block, & Jody Breeze on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Kaye Dunaway & Mercedes @ Club Bliss for OZONE’s Orlando Rapquest shoot (Orlando, FL) 17 // Ivory Orr, DJ Q45, & Plies @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 18 // Sytonnia, Ja Rule, & Christina Clark @ The Roxy (Orlando, FL) 19 // Spark Dawg, Yo Gotti, & Raw LT @ Trae’s album release party (Houston, TX) Photo Credits: Carl Lewis (05); DJ Scorpio (06); Edgar Walker (08); Eric Perrin (12); Intl K (02,07,11,13,19); J Lash (03,09); Julia Beverly (01,10,15,17); Terrence Tyson (04,14,16,18)


“Soulja Boy’s only 17, so he might not be supersoaking all the way. A grown ass man might be supersoaking; he might just go ‘head and let off in her face and hit her in her eye or something. Soulja Boy might really show up with a Super Soaker and squirt and wet her up, but another nigga might supersoak her for real.” - Roccett

“Bustin’ a big fat nut in her face! Or it could be the snap dance he’s doing, or he could be at a pool party just having fun with a real Super Soaker. That’s the best line in the whole song.” – Too $hort

“Skeet! A lot of skeet on a young lady!” – Lil Jon

“There’s a lot of things in that song I haven’t quite figured out yet.” - Lloyd

“Close your eyes, ladies, then: Splash!” – David Banner

“Bustin’ in her face!” – Slim Thug

“We call that a ‘happy ending.’” – Brisco “I don’t know what the whole fuckin’ song means. I love comic books and Superman and Spiderman but c’mon, nigga. But he’s only 16 so I ain’t gonna bang on him. God bless him. ‘Supersoak that hoe’? They’re little kids, so they can’t really do too much. They ain’t got enough mangravy in they bodies to be supersoakin’ these hoes. Read some books and graduate from high school and then supersoak some hoes. But can she squirt in yo’ face, Soulja Boy? If she’s a squirter, can she squirt in your face? She might mess his glasses up, with the glue or whatever on ‘em. The white out might melt. Don’t supersoak no hoes, nigga, unless the hoes wanna be supersoaked. But you fuckin’ with hoes anyway. Fuck with some women. Fuck with some tenders.” – Bishop Lamont

“If people are thinkin’ a little out of the ordinary when they hear ‘supersoak that hoe,’ I’m sure they’re thinking about making a big mess on some chick, if you get what I’m sayin’.” – Diamond of Crime Mob

“Soulja Boy is a child. He ain’t got no kids so he ain’t been supersoaking too many hoes for too long. He’s a child himself, just by his name Soulja Boy, so let him have fun for the kids. I used to say all kinds of shit when I was young and I still say some raunchy shit now.” – Gorilla Zoe


“Skeet skeet! All on her forehead, all on her face!” – B.O.B.

“It’s funny and cute to me. I think it means gettin’ super-soaked from head to toe by a water gun, the really BIG ones.” – Trina

“I have no idea, I haven’t even thought about it. I thought that shit was a dance. I don’t know what the song is about, period. The song is just a bunch of words he put together.” - Foxx

“Aw skeet skeet skeet skeet! I love that

dance. I do it at all my shows. I always supersoak them hoes. I took it as him bustin’ a nut, but I’d like to believe that he meant a real Super Soaker because he has a lot of kids following him and my 8-yearold daughter really loves that song. In my opinion – not for my daughter’s sake, but for his sake – I think that if it means Super Soaker his career will go farther, because to me, that would be taking advantage of his situation. Dumbing it down from not being explicit to being more general. That’s what I do now in my music.” – Lil Wayne


What does “supersoak that hoe” mean?

(above L-R): Akon & Plies on the set of Plies’ “Hypnotized”in Miami, FL (Photo: J Lash); E-40 & Fat Joe on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix in Atlanta, GA; Baby, Lil Wayne, & DJ Khaled @ FAMU Homecoming concert in Tallahassee, FL (Photos: Julia Beverly)

01 // Cory Mo, Scorpio, & David Banner on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 02 // Block, Bryan Cox, Russell Simmons, & Hurricane Chris @ Russell Simmons’ Financial Empowerment Hip Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Trae & Raw LT @ Trae’s album release party (Houston, TX) 04 // Tony Neal, guest, BloodRaw, & Derek Jurand @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 05 // Khao & Destine Cajuste @ Doppler Studios for his listening party (Atlanta, GA) 06 // Ras Kass, Sun, & 40 Glocc on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 07 // J Lash & Plies on the set of Plies’ “Hypnotized” (Miami, FL) 08 // Acafool @ Club Empire on the set of Acafool’s “She’s Bad” (Tampa, FL) 09 // Mr Collipark & Rage on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Free & DJ Drama @ Russell Simmons’ Financial Empowerment Hip Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Carbon 15 & Nokey on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 12 // HK, Streetz, & guest @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 13 // UTP & Lil Kano @ Horseman’s birthday party (Houston, TX) 14 // Dave Morales, The Mexicanz, Kiotti, & Juan Diaz @ Party 104.9 (Houston, TX) 15 // Young Tut, Willie Joe, & guest on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Young Cash, Midget Mac, & friends @ Club Christopher’s for Midget Mac’s VH1 party (Jacksonville, FL) 17 // Soulja Girl & Rage on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 18 // Crisco Kid, Yo Gotti, & DJ Coolaide @ Trae’s album release party (Houston, TX) 19 // DJ J Que, MC Kane, Reggie Reg, & DJ Hi-C @ Venue for Big Moe tribute (Houston, TX) Photo Credits: Eric Perrin (05); Intl K (03,13,14,18,19); Julia Beverly (01,06,09,11,12,15,17); J Lash (07); Luis Santana (08); Terrence Tyson (04,16); Thaddeus McAdams (02,10)


10 10Women Diddy

Should Impregnate Next Words by Randy Roper // Photos by Julia Beverly

In last year’s sex issue, we gave Weezy advice on a few women we thought he should smash. This year, we’re giving Diddy a few women to consider making babies with.

Laurie Ann Gibson

– The last time we saw this choreographer she was storming off the set of Making The Band 4 after a heated argument with Diddy. While most people saw this as hostility between the two, we saw it as sexual tension. And with Ms. Boom Kack and the former back up dancer as parents, that kid could grow up and give Chris Brown a run for his money.


- Puff can front if he wants to, but we know he still lusts for Jennifer Lopez. Since his former wifey is married and expecting with Mark Anthony’s child, Diddy might as well settle for America’s other Latin American favorite. Her hips don’t lie, and they’re perfect for baby making.

Carmen Bryan

– Not that hooking up with Nas’ baby mama is a great idea. We just can’t pass up an opportunity for Nas, Jay-Z and Diddy to do an “I Get Money” style remix about impregnating Carmen. 32 // OZONE MAG

Eva Pigford

– Kim Porter is old news. Diddy needs a new school top model. And on the flipside, a little bit of baby weight would be great for Eva’s slim frame.

Kimora Lee Simmons

– A baby mama with fashion expertise like Kimora could take Sean John Clothing to another level. And it’s not like Russell is giving it to her nowadays.

Keyshia Cole

– “Last Night” was such it hit, it spawned at least ten remixes. The chemistry these two have seems perfect for going half on a baby.

Babs Bunny

– It’s not like Diddy’s ever going to put out a Babs Bunny album. If she’s going to be stuck on Bad Boy anyway, he might as well give her something to do.

Aubrey O’Day

- We know Diddy’s been tapping that Danity Kane ass. Why not have a baby with her? Write the check before the baby comes. Who the hell cares?

Trina Britney Spears

– He’s already a regular in MIA. If he conceives with the Queen of Miami, she’d birth a baby destined for Miami royalty. Sorry, Weezy. – Britney is probably the only woman in the world Diddy could get child support from. This pop star turned nutcase doesn’t even have custody of the two kids she has with K-Fed. //

(above L-R): Big Boi & Bushwick Bill on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Eric Perrin); All Star & Young Buck on the set of BloodRaw’s “26 Inches” in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Julia Beverly); Webbie, Lil Boosie, & Bun B @ KBXX’s car show in Houston, TX (Photo: Intl K)

01 // J Dawg, Slim Thug, Brandi Garcia, Gucci Mane, & Yo Gotti @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 02 // Kaspa, guest, Benisour, & Brian Nunez @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s (Tallahassee, FL) 03 // DJ Scorpio & Oomp on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 04 // Guest, Southstar, Big Chris, & Smilez @ Sundome (Tampa, FL) 05 // Yung Joc, LeToya Luckett, Russell Simmons, & Bryan Cox @ Russell Simmons’ Financial Empowerment Hip Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA) 06 // Yo Gotti & Trae @ Trae’s album release party (Houston, TX) 07 // Big Boi’s brother on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 08 // BOB & Playboy Tre @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 09 // DJ Demp & Kinfolk Kia Shine @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 10 // Scooby, Noel, Guru, Yung Red, & guest @ Grid Iron Studios for the Grit Boys listening session (Houston, TX) 11 // Ladies @ Club Empire on the set of Acafool’s “She’s Bad” (Tampa, FL) 12 // Ivory Orr & DJ D-Money @ Da Real Ting Cafe for Point Blank & OZONE party (Jacksonville, FL) 13 // Cory Mo, Pimp C, Theresa, Bankroll Jones, & DJ Energizer @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 14 // Storm, Malik Abdul, DJ Q45, & Dior George @ Primetime (Atlanta, GA) 15 // Orlando & Plies @ The Last Damn Show (Tampa, FL) 16 // Pretty Todd, Grit Boyz, & TV Johnny @ FYE for their album release (Houston, TX) 17 // Maricia Magana & Cagle @ Opera (Atlanta, GA) 18 // TV Johnny & Reggie Reg @ FYE for the Grit Boys album release (Houston, TX) Photo Credits: Eric Perrin (02,03,07,14); Intl K (01,06,10,13,16,18); Julia Beverly (08,09,17); Luis Santana (04,11,15); Malik Abdul (12); Thaddeus McAdams (05)


10 10men kim kardashian Should hook up with Next Words By Randy Roper

Justin Timberlake

– She kicked it with former 98 Degrees band boy member and pop singer Nick Lachey, but no one has given two shits about him since Jessica Simpson kicked his ass to the curb. JT is Hip Hop’s favorite pop artist and the real boy band alum she should be givin’ it to.

Vince Young

– Reggie Bush has been seen with Kim K, but the hell with Bush. Vince Young won a college football National Championship over Reggie Bush’s USC Trojans and took home NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Young should get all the groupie love.

Mr. Marcus Eminem

– If she’s going to shoot sex tapes, she might as well do it right. Mr. Marcus is a porn professional. – He already has numerous songs about a girl named Kim. If she can look past Em’s lyrics about killing Kim on those songs, this match could be perfect.

Polow Da Don

– With an ass like that Kim K has to have some black in her, but the King of White Girls shouldn’t mind. Her ex-husband Damon Thomas is a producer, but she needs to get with one of the dopest producers in the game. Just in case she’s thinking about starting a singing career, she can get her beats for the low like Christian Milian did with Dre.

DJ D-Wrek

- Ray J had her and then passed her to Nick Cannon. Now it’s time for Nick Cannon to pass her along to his Wild ‘N Out DJ. It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.

Lebron James

– ‘Bron has game on the court but he needs to get his tabloid game up. And for Kim, being courtside at basketball games cheering on a NBA baller is good press. Ask Eva Longoria.


– Something or someone’s has to bring Cam out of hiding. If a chance at smashing Kim Kardashian doesn’t get Killa Cam back in the public eye, nothing will. And all he really needs to know, babygirl: You gon’ suck it or not?

Tila Tequila

– Yeah, yeah, this is supposed to be 10 Men Kim Should Hook up with next, but a girl-on-girl sex tape with this bisexual bombshell is the flick the guys really want to see.

Ray J

– Seeing Kim naked was a beautiful thing, but they can make a better sex tape than that. Maybe they should get another chance. // 34 // OZONE MAG

(above L-R): Young Buck & BloodRaw on the set of BloodRaw’s “26 Inches” in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Julia Beverly); Fat Joe on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Eric Perrin); Twista & David Banner on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Julia Beverly)

01 // J Holiday @ Sobe Live (Miami, FL) 02 // Killer Mike & Mr Collipark @ MTV Jams taping (Atlanta, GA) 03 // Juelz Santana on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 04 // Trick Daddy @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 05 // J Prince & DJ Chill @ KBXX’s car show (Houston, TX) 06 // Lil Jared with daddy Trae’s bobblehead @ Party 104.9 (Houston, TX) 07 // Yung Joc & Cheri Dennis on the set of Cheri Dennis’ “Portrait of Love” (Atlanta, GA) 08 // Young Gunz & J Nicks @ Morehouse-Spelman Homecoming concert (Atlanta, GA) 09 // Plies on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 10 // Stix Malone & DJ Holiday on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 11 // Xplicit (Atlanta, GA) 12 // TV Johnny (Houston, TX) 13 // Toro @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 14 // DJ Q45 @ Primetime (Atlanta, GA) 15 // Swizz Beatz on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 16 // Layzie Bone @ Primetime (Atlanta, GA) 17 // Kai 18 // DJ Khaled on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 19 // King Ron @ Upstart Record Pool (Jacksonville, FL) 20 // Khao @ Doppler Studios for his listening party (Atlanta, GA) 21 // Pleasure P & Yo Gotti @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 22 // Bonecrusher @ Jack da Juice music conference (Atlanta, GA) 23 // DJ Dap & Rashidi Hendrix @ Vibe & McDonald’s Yardfest on FAMU campus (Tallahassee, FL) 24 // Midget Mac @ The Moon for TJs DJs (Atlanta, GA) 25 // Cory Mo & DJ Scorpio on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 26 // Bigg V, Soulmaster, & Rick Ross @ Fugees (Cleveland, MS) 27 // Big Kuntry, Diamond, & Tiny on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 28 // Musiq Soulchild @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 29 // Bushwick Bill on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 30 // DJ Chill & Wickett Crickett @ Party 104.9 (Houston, TX) 31 // Dee Sonoram & Project Pat on the set of DJ Drama’s “5000 Ones” (Atlanta, GA) 32 // C-Ride & Big Teach @ FAMU Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 33 // Doughboy & Bryan Cox @ Doppler Studios for his listening party (Atlanta, GA) 34 // Lola Love on the set of DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” remix (Atlanta, GA) 35 // Mr Collipark & Jacki-O @ MTV Jams taping (Atlanta, GA) Photo Credits: Bigg V (26); DJ Who (11,22); Eric Perrin (07,08,09,14,15,16,18,20,24,25,29,33,34); Intl K (05,06,30); Julia Beverly (02,03,04,10,13,21,23,27,31,32,35); Lamont Desal (12); Leon Lloyd (01); Terrence Tyson (19,28)



Celebrity Sex Tapes We Never Want To See We were dying to see Paris Hilton’s sex tape and the Kim Kardashian and Ray J smutfest, but we’ll pass on any of these celebrity sex tapes if they ever hit the black market. by Randy Roper

10 9 8 7 6

R. Kelly & Lil Mama

We already know how Kells [allegedly] treats underage girls. We don’t need him pissing all over Lil’ Mama and messing up her lip gloss.

Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri

Every man wants to see a Janet Jackson sex tape... as long as JD isn’t in it.

Rick Ross & Fantasia

On his debut album Port of Miami, Ross let the ladies know he’ll “Hit U From The Back.” But most women weren’t trying to hear that, except for Fantasia. She loves hood boys.

Lil Webbie & a Bad Bitch

As borderline-rapist as the lyrics to “Gimme Dat” were, we’d hate to see Webbie end up sharing a cell with Mystikal if this tape were to end up in the hands of the law.

New York & Midget Mac

As the saying goes, “we’re all the same height in the bed,” but the thought of this one just doesn’t feel right. And for some reason, the grossest images of New York come to mind more so than Midget Mac.




Karrine “Superhead” Steffans & Bill Maher

Superhead has skills with her head game but the last person we want to see get deepthroated by a Hip Hop video hoe is a 50-year-old white man. Something about this just seems politically incorrect.


Flavor Flav & Deelishis

Biggie’s line on “One More Chance (Remix)” suits Flav well, “black and ugly as ever,” however, that badonkadonk on Deelishis is a sight for sore eyes. Just not with Fuffy Fuffy trying to mount it.

3 2 1

Usher & Tameka Foster

If it were Chili or Naomi Campbell…yes. But it’s Tameka Foster. No thank you.

Russell & Kimora Lee Simmons

Even in her mid-30s after two kids, Kimora Lee is one fine piece of Korean and Black bootay. But no one wants to see Russ’ old wrinkled ass. Better yet, we’ll just blur him out of the tape.

Lil Wayne & Birdman Tape

Ok, bad joke. But seriously, we never ever, never ever want to see this. //


Who could get it?

Although scientific studies have proven that, contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between a man’s shoe size and penis size, the female staff members here at OZONE still suspect that a man’s hands may offer some clues to other parts of his body. So, ladies, pick your favorite and turn the page upside down to see who you’d let hit it.































1: Yung Joc, 2: Jim Jones, 3: Polow da Don, 4: Young Buck, 5: C-Murder, 6: Chris Brown, 7: Rich Boy, 8: Shaquille O’Neal, 9: Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz, 10: Lil Scrappy, 11: Young Jeezy, 12: Nelly, 13: DJ Khaled, 14: Rick Ross, 15: DJ Drama, 16: T-Pain, 17: Too $hort, 18: Diddy, 19: Sean Kingston, 20: Trick Daddy, 21: Baby, 22: David Banner, 23: Juelz Santana, 24: Lil Wayne, 25: Trey Songz, 26: Webbie, 27: Lil Jon, 28: Jazze Pha, 29:Tity Boi of Playaz Circle, 30: Lil Boosie


Beautiful Words by Eric Perrin

This is the story of Beautiful, a 19-year-old stripper who secretly wants to save lives. “I haven’t really told anyone this, but I’ve always wanted to be a paramedic,” reveals the Beautiful dancer who goes by the same name. “I know there’s a lot of school involved in it, but I want to help save lives. I’ve had some bad experiences with people around me dying.” The Orlando native has definitely been through her share of hardships, but her experiences with death have left her with a passion for life and an attitude as attractive as her figure. “I’m willing to try almost anything,” she admits. “I just like to have fun. I’ll do almost anything fun. And I have a lot of fun dancing.” Beautiful has been having fun dancing for a while now, but she began in a much different arena - the high school football field. In high school, the future Stroker’s pinup was a cheerleader and flag girl in the band. She even went to band camp (and sorry, she doesn’t play the flute). “I’ve always been on the dance team, so it made sense that I would become a dancer. Plus, I’m comfortable with my body,” says Beautiful. And the coffee-with-cream-and-sugar complexioned cutie has good reasons to be comfortable with her body, it’s, well… beautiful. And to go along with the exterior, the sometimes shy girl has an ever-present sexiness to her. According to Beautiful, “Most people tell me that I’m very seductive. I like to play around, laugh and joke, and I really like entertaining people. As long as I got your attention, everything is good.” Most of the time she is outgoing, but that doesn’t mean she likes going out. “I’m pretty much a homebody. I don’t do the club scene. When I’m not at work I’m usually in the house on the computer, listening to music or reading a book,” she says. “I really like Eric Jerome Dickey books, and I’m a big fan of Zane.” Lately, the bookworm with the body has had ample time to catch up on her reading. She just ended a two-anda-half year relationship, and has no kids to cater to, though in the distant future that might change. “I’d like to have kids one day, but not anytime soon,” she says. So for now, Beautiful is single, sexy, and free. Her only obligations are to herself, and of course her many fans at work. //

Website: www.strokersclub.com 770-270-0350 Photographer: Sean Cokes 404-622-7733 Make-Up Artist: Mike Mike 678-732-5285 Hairstylist: Baby Boy 404-396-2739 38 // OZONE MAG


he queen of Miami radio discusses sex in Giuseppe stilettos, toys, and the 2,000 nerve endings in the clitoris.

birthday suits are always fine.

What kind of guys do you typically like? The wrong ones. (laughs) I’m attracted to ambitious men. I’m attracted to men that have a lot of creativity. There’s no physical type, but I do like a man who’s taller than me. I’m 5’ 7”, but I’m always wearing 4-inch heels. So I wanna feel like I’m being protected.

Did you listen to the CD? No. I couldn’t believe he thought I was that desperate that I need him to eat my pussy. If I ever saw him again, I’d probably remember who he was.

Are there any songs you play when you’re having sex? I like the Isley Brothers, especially Between the Sheets. I love R&B songs. If I’m making love it’s gotta be R&B, but if I’m fucking I listen to a little Biggie or Tupac in the background. If a guy called in a report a Groupie Confession about you, what would he say? He would probably say, “Damn, K-Foxx must be gay ‘cause she ain’t tryin’ to give it up.” You’ve gotta keep a tight lid on it because the industry is like high school — everybody seems like they’re doing each other and if you’re not doing it people think something’s wrong with you. I have the right to be selective, and that’s what I do. If you were to give guys advice on how to get you in bed, what would it be? I would tell them not to act so thirsty. If you act like you don’t want it you’ll probably end up getting it, because you don’t seem pressed. We don’t like desperation; we like to know that you’re good without it. We like confidence. We like to know that you’re not gonna die with or without out, but we still like to know that you really want it. But being thirsty is always a turn-off. How long could you go without sex? It depends on what I’m focused on at the time. I’m a Scorpio, so you know what they say about Scorpios, but it’s not really that serious. If I’m focused on something in my career, I’m not really thinking about sex. But if there’s somebody that’s getting into my mind and mind-fucking me, and knows what to say and do, and treats me like a lady, then it’s probably gonna go down. But the longest I could go without sex would probably be a year.

Has someone ever had a crazy sex request of you? Yeah, I was at this BP gas station one time, and it was like 3:00 in the morning. I was just leaving this strip club and a guy wanted me to listen to his CD. He was like, “K-Foxx, I’ll eat your pussy if you listen to this CD.” I was kinda appalled.

If you could invent a sex toy, what would it do? Me and my friends talk about this all the time. Sex toys are great; the only thing they lack is the cuddling factor. If a sex toy could cuddle with you afterwards, I think that would be perfect. Is there anything sexually that you are completely opposed to? I can’t do anal. Yeah, that’s pretty much it, I can’t do anal. I’ve never tried that. Have you done anything sexually in the past that you regret? There are probably one or two people that I regret doing it with, but I don’t regret anything I’ve done. //

Words by Eric Perrin


You’re a Scorpio? I don’t believe you could go a year. (laughs) With another person or with myself? Either or, but speaking of that, have you ever gotten caught touching yourself? No, unless I wanted to be caught. If it’s something that I’m doing in private then I don’t wanna get caught, but if I’m doing it and I don’t mind the other person watching, that’s just what it is. Can you describe the worst sex you’ve ever had? I’ve been blessed. I’ve had some pretty good sexual experiences, but if I had to imagine bad sex it would probably be with someone who is not well endowed and can’t last that long, and who also doesn’t know how to give proper cunnilingus. Wow, you used the technical term. Tell ‘em to go look it up. So, exactly how long would you need them to last? I don’t need a marathon, ‘cause after a while it’s like, “Ugh,” but I think a good hour to hour and a half is pretty good. That gives you time to get the foreplay in there, you might have a massage poppin’ off, so a good hour to an hour and a half is good for me. Back to the “cunnilingus.” Do you prefer head, or sex? Wow, I don’t know. If you could only get one or the other, which one would you choose? That’s an interesting question. That’s not really a fair question, because it depends on what I’m in the mood for. The clitoris does have over 2,000 nerve endings, so I’d probably get more satisfaction out of that, but sometimes you just want that penetration, so that question can’t be answered. Do you like to get completely naked, or do you like to leave anything on during sex? It depends on what the mood calls for. If I need to keep on the Giuseppe stilettos that we bought the night before, then I’ll do that. But other than that, OZONE MAG // 39

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and my statements. They do not reflect on Bun B or UGK as a group.

A rapper or artist [coming out of the closet] would only ruin their career if their career was built on something that went against that. If your whole career is built on I’m-Mr.-Lover-Man and you’ve got a sexy, let-me-getwith-the-ladies type image, and later muthafuckers find out you eat dicks for a living, yeah, I think it could fuck you up. I think gay people should be allowed to marry. Why not? It’s as legal as any other kind of marriage in this country. When two people get married, all you’re saying is that you’re making a union and that’s your partner. At the end of it all, if something happens to you, the person that was your partner should get the benefits. Legally, that person should get the things they’re supposed to get as your spouse. So if two dudes and two women want to get married, I think they should have the right to do that. If that’s what they want to do, who is it hurting? I don’t see it hurting nobody. When I first started rapping and I [chose] the name Pimp C, I was talking about pimpin’ an ink pen. “Pimpin’ the pen,” that was something we’d say down here in the South. Lil Keke – he’s got a song called “Pimpin’ the Pen.” Later on, as my career went on and on, I kept meeting P.I.’s and they took it upon themselves to give me the game. I started slowly but surely putting a little bit of the pimp game in my rhymes. You can go all the way back and look at somebody like Snoop Dogg. Snoop didn’t start rapping about P.I. talk, Snoop came in the game rapping from a gangbanger’s perspective, ya dig? Today, the word “pimp” has taken on several different meanings, depending on what context it’s used in. It’s like the word “church.” That could be used in several different ways. People ask me what that means; well, it depends on the conversation. You could say, “Man, that song is jammin’!” and I’d say, “Chuuuch!” cause I’m agreeing with you, or you could say something else and I might say “church” and it’d mean something different. The word “pimp” has metamorphosized into a bunch of different things. At one time, nobody wanted to be called a “pimp” because it had negative connotations. If you’re talking about a hoe pimp, that’s a nigga that’s pimping hoes. Then you’ve got people that are just taking the word and using it as a term for being fly. A “pimp” could be a big spender; or a fly person doing big things, having money and spending money; doing things your own way. So the word has changed over the years, and rap music and Hip Hop music has had a lot to do with that change because of one song in particular: “Big Pimpin’.” I know some pimps that are disrespectful to women and I know some that have a whole lot of respect for women. I know some rappers that are more disrespectful to women than some of the P.I.s that I know. I know some of the main people in these [Congressional] hearings about Hip Hop do some things behind closed doors with prostitutes that are worse than [Hip Hop] lyrics. If somebody had a camera to show what they were doing, it’d make the R Kelly tapes – or the alleged R Kelly tapes – look like cartoons. So, yeah, some [Hip Hop] is degrading, but everything can’t be hunky dory and pretty all the time. Everything ain’t just gonna fit into one little package. But you can’t try to stop muthafuckers from doing what they’re doing. That’s not cool. That’s censorship. We oughta be able to say what we want to say around here. There’s different types of [Hip Hop tell-all] books out there now. You’ve got books where broads are trying to air niggas out, and you’ve got books where broads are talking about their own experiences and their relationships with these dudes. In some of these books, the niggas come out looking shiny. But some of them, the niggas come out looking grimy. I ain’t had nothing but a bunch of time to read while I was in prison, so I read a whole bunch of that type of shit. I thought it was entertainment. Did I believe everything I read in some of those books? Nope. I didn’t. But shit, it was good entertainment. I 40 // OZONE MAG

don’t believe everything I read and I don’t believe everything I hear. Even when it comes to [music videos], the times have changed. Back in the 90s, the girls would try to get in with the rappers to get in the videos. The girls would cater to the rap niggas, but now they freak off with the directors and the casting agents to try to get those spots. Even the video models have gotten smarter; more business-minded. They’ve figured out that these rap niggas are not in control; the directors and the casting muthafuckers are the ones controlling how much time the bitch is gon’ get [on screen]. I don’t know what used to happen on video sets, but I ain’t never walked on no video set and seen a whole bunch of freakin’ and shit going on. I ain’t never seen that kind of shit but I’ve heard niggas talk about it. I ain’t seen no niggas getting head in the back of the trailer. I’m sure it happens, but who are those niggas? It takes a certain caliber of nigga to even get down like that. So, I’ve never seen it personally or participated in no shit like that. But yeah, these broads are smartening up. They’re not freakin’ off just to be freakin’ off. You know what I like to do when I get to my video set? I like to just fire all the broads that are already there. I send ‘em all home. Shit, I’ll bring my own crew of bitches. I’d rather have a real live prostitute on the set than some bitch that’s fucking the director and got promised a spot in my video. Unless I’m in a mood where I just don’t give a fuck, when I get to my video set I’ve fired all the bitches that were waiting there because I know they’ve been tampered with. Bitch, you’ve been fucking the camera dude and he promised you all kinds of shit? Bitch, get your funky ass up out the set, man. I’m finna get these niggas over here to bring some of these real hoes off the track and put some real bitches in this video. Let’s get it like that. I’ve got more respect for a real hoe than a bitch that’s out here tryin’ to play like she’s a hoe. What makes a hoe want to be a hoe? I couldn’t tell you that. I’d have to be a prostitute to answer that question and I’m not, so I would be out of pocket to even try to answer that. My opinion is that when a woman is born, it isn’t naturally in her to want to be a hoe. For her to want to go sell some pussy, somewhere along the line, something had to happen. Something had to click in her head and make her want to do that. You know, if your back gets pushed against the wall too far, you might do anything. I can’t judge. And personally, I don’t accept hoe money, so I can’t speak on that either. What would make a nigga want to be a pimp? You’d have to talk to some real P.I.’s to get that out of them, if they’re really willing to give it to you the right way, or some ex-P.I.’s, some niggas that aren’t active in the game. I think people fantasize through [listening to] our records, just like we fantasize through [watching] movies. It’s a way to be something you know you’re not. You know that song “Gangsta Gangsta” by Ice Cube? You could ride down the street and play that shit loud and sing along, and you can feel that way for three or four minutes. And then when you get to where you’re going, you cut that record off and go back to your normal life. It’s a release. It’s entertainment. Do I think kids can get misled and get it confused? Yeah, I do. That’s why they put parental advisory stickers on the records. Kids are gonna get the records anyway, but it’s the parent’s job to raise their kids and let them know what’s entertainment and what’s real life. While we’re talkin’ about pimpin’ and hoeing, the biggest pimps are the record labels and the biggest hoes are rap niggas. Rap niggas and entertainers are getting hoe’d more than any prostitute I’ve ever seen on any track or any bitch I’ve ever seen selling pussy. Muthafuckers get out here and do all the work and risk their lives, get shot, see their homeboys get shot, go to jail, all kinds of shit. Take all the risk and another muthafucker gets the lion’s share of the money? Hey, mayne, if that ain’t pimpin’, you tell me what is. //

Alexyss Tylor: Piloting the Pussy Words By Eric Perrin


uch like another eccentric, often misunderstood ATLien, Alexyss Tylor is an Outkast. The ordained minister with the potty mouth and shocking sex views once attempted to bring her ideas to the church, but as you can probably guess, she was exiled. The church castaway then attempted to penetrate radio, but her FM stint was a bust, and ended prematurely. So she took her often outlandish views to Atlanta Public TV. On APTV, Alexyss was finally allowed to preach about all the pussy power, evil dicks, and sacred sperm she wanted, but it wasn’t until she found YouTube that she became a star. And now that she finally has your attention, Alexyss wants you to realize that not only is sex spiritual, but the only thing wrong with the act is that people are ashamed to talk about the topics that really need to be discussed. You express some very opinionated views on your show. Can you give me a brief overview of some of the topics from The Alexyss Tylor Show? What are you trying to accomplish? I’ve been doing lectures and writing about spirituality and sexuality for about 8 years now. I became an ordained minister in 2001 and wasn’t allowed to talk about sexuality in the church, so I was basically kicked out of everywhere I went. So then I tried to go to radio and I wasn’t welcomed in radio with my views, so I went to People TV in 2006 to do a show, and basically my show was going to be ghetto TV, talking about spirituality and sexuality coming from a hood perspective — because I live in the hood. My goal was to do a show that was real, not a dressed up, bourgeois nigga. What kind of reactions have you been getting from your show? Oh, people say things like, “She’s nasty. She’s vulgar.” Some people say, “I agree with what she’s saying, but she’s just so nasty. If she could just tone the language down, and just not say ‘dick,’ or ‘nuts,’ or ‘pussy,’ then maybe I could receive her better. She’s embarrassing black people, and she shouldn’t get on TV and be so ghetto.” That’s mostly what black people say about my show. You had a pretty interesting Halloween costume. Can you explain that? For Halloween, I’m the pussy pilot. I’m piloting my pussy. I’m trying to get women to know that you don’t wait for a man to love, honor, and respect you. You don’t give the power of your pussy to your husband, to your boyfriend, to your fiancé to protect it and respect it, because there are too many black men in particular that don’t have no respect for their own dick. They are reckless with their own dick, so it is the woman’s responsibility to protect herself, because your pussy was given to you, not to him. You’ve gotta be responsible for your own pussy. You’ve gotta stand for it. You’ve gotta salute it, because you’re the one that’s got to deal with the consequences if you’re off-guard.

there is a spiritual energy in a dick. That spiritual energy could be positive or negative, so if he really fills her up and knows how to manipulate his hips and hit her off the way she needs to be hit off, and make her cum like she needs to cum, it doesn’t just please her vaginally, this opens her up mentally and emotionally. A lot of women don’t realize what’s going on. That’s why women don’t need to let every man hit their bottom. If they don’t know his agenda, because you’re opening your mind, your body and your soul up to be devastated, to be damaged, and turn yo’ ass into a freak and a fool. So how should a woman stop a man from “hitting the bottom”? If a woman controls her pussy, she doesn’t have to say it with her mouth. She knows how much she gon’ take in and let him have, and how much she’s not. I ask them niggas, “Do you got a big dick?” Because we need to start looking at folks’ dick, inspecting their dick, grabbing their dick. You don’t need to let nobody fuck you off-guard, or goddamn give you no dick and surprise, and then the muthafucka got a 10”, 12” dick up in yo’ ass before you know he had that much in you. That’s ridiculous. We need be inspecting people. We’ve got to have the light on. Take his shit off, pull the dick out, and then decide if you gon’ give him some pussy. That sounds like you’re discriminating against well-endowed dudes. I’m just saying that every woman’s vagina ain’t built for all that. I know women that only take big dicks because they like to be filled over-capacity. They wanna be stretched out. They want the pussy swole up and beat up. They wanna know they’ve been fucked. They wanna be bruised and have to sit in the bath and soak. I ain’t one of them, because I know that’s bad for your health. If you keep letting oversized men go up in you when you know you have a short, narrow vagina. Every woman should know what kinda pussy she got, and know what kinda dick he got to see if they fit. Also, it’s for respect. If a nigga really respect you he ain’t gon beat yo’ ass all out the box like that, and put yo’ ankles to ears, and you ankles to the headboard and hoe fuck you.

You talk a lot about pussy power and penis power, but which do you think is more powerful? I think the vagina is more powerful in certain ways, but I think they are both powerful. I talk a lot about sperm power also. Sperm is very special and very sacred, that’s why I say on that video, “Don’t let every man go to your bottom, ladies. Don’t let him go to the bottom of the pussy.” The penis is so powerful and sperm is so powerful that if the wrong man go up in there it’ll send yo’ ass crazy. You’ll turn into a junkie, and you’ll snap.

What happened in your past that made you think the way you do? Living in the ghetto as a single parent, poor, struggling, and getting caught up in a lot of bullshit. Basically being raised in the church — my mother is a preacher — and seeing the lies in the church. Seeing that everything that goes on in the streets goes on the church as well, but it’s dressed up, and you got the choir, and the preachers with the robes on, and the deacons, and the mothers — they sucking dick harder than everybody else in the streets. But they make it seem the streets are the problem. No, it’s the church that’s defiling the streets, because child molestation, drug addiction, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, alcoholism, you got that very powerful mix going on up in the black church. So I grew up seeing all this and was taught to hide this. I got tired of getting caught in this and thinking that if you get out here and live this way everything is going to be okay as long as you say your prayers at night. No it’s not gonna be okay because you read yo’ Bible, and say yo’ prayers, and think everything is good. I decided just fuck all that. I ain’t finna come out here and do this show faking like everybody else is and trying to imitate Oprah or anybody else. I’m just gon’ be me and I’m gon’ tell the shit the way it really is, and the way it’s always been.

How would “hitting the bottom” possibly turn a woman crazy? Not possibly — it does. That’s why you see some of these women hooked on men that beat ‘em up, and put ‘em on the corner, like, “Bitch betta have my money befo’ sundown.” Because the bottom of the vagina is the cervix, and the cervix is right there at the door before you get to the uterus, so if a man has a dick long enough to hit the bottom — because every man can’t hit the bottom — or he might have a dick that’s too long, and he tears her, or damages the bottom. But if he has the right one to balance it, and he’s wide enough, and he hits her vagina’s walls, it can do some damage. See,

What point exactly are you trying to get across with your show and lectures? One main thing is that sex is spiritual. It’s not vulgar, and it’s not nasty. And the denial of the true sexual desire — telling lies is what I hate the most. People are really not being honest, especially in the black community, because worldwide women of color are being infected and dying of HIV and AIDS, young and old, more than any other race of women in the world. It’s because black men and black women suck and fuck but they are ashamed of suckin’ and fuckin’ and they lie about how they like to suck and fuck, so they’re infecting each other. Something’s got to change. // OZONE MAG // 41

Cum Again?

He didn’t just say what I think he did…did he???

The 20 Gayest Rap Lyrics of All Time

Compiled by Eric Perrin

Hip Hop is generally the most homophobic of all music genres, BUT these 20 examples are exceptions to the rule.

} 20. “Yayo, bring the condoms, I’m in room 203.”

- 50 Cent “Piggy Bank” We all knew 50 and Yayo had a close relationship, but damn! What, is 50 waiting in the room for Yayo to come do the dumb-out on his dick?

} 19. [Jay-Z]“Hey, fella I been watchin you clockin’.”

[Bleek] “Who me? Holdin’ down this block it ain’t nothing. You the man, nigga, now stop frontin’.” [Jay-Z] “Hahaha I like your style.” [Bleek] “Nah, I like YO’ style.” [Jay-Z] “Let’s drive around awhile.” [Bleek] “Cool, nigga.” [Jay-Z] “Here’s a thou’.” [Bleek] “A G? I’d ride with you for free.” - Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek “Coming of Age” Although this whole exchange sounds pretty gay, the peak of the homo-ness comes when Jay-Z offers Memph money to ride around in the car with him. A thousand dollars is pretty steep. Bleek is clearly a high-class hoe.

} 18. “Have that nigga in the cut, where the wood at?”

- DMX “Where Da Hood At” Fraternities make their pledges bend over in a position called “the cut” and stroke them with wooden paddles, but DMX isn’t a member of any frat. Though he may bark like a dog, he has no business keeping niggas in the cut and givin’ them wood to the ass.

} 17. “Let’s eat and talk about all them niggas we cut.” – Lil Wayne “The Mobb” No, let’s not, Wayne. That’s for you and Baby to discuss.

} 16. “I’m Mr. Booty Meat.”

- Soulja Boy “Blow My Booty Hoe” This has to be the gayest title a rapper has ever claimed. Why the hell would you declare yourself “Mr. Booty Beat” on a song called “Blow My Booty Hoe”?

} 15. “I get manicures to keep my cuticles suitable /

Playa, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” - Ras Kass “Anything Goes” There’s nothing wrong with getting a manicure from time to time, but telling someone not to hate you because you’re beautiful sounds like a comeback line used by 12-year-old fat girls.

} 14. “I-2-0, I’m like J-Lo… going through niggas.”

- I-20 “We Got” J. Lo was Hip Hop’s biggest hoe pre-Superhead, and for I-20 to compare whatever it is he does to being like Jennifer (Ms. Lopez if you’re nasty) is not a good look.

} 13. “Tell that pretty bitch thug we got some pretty big

gats.” - I-20 “We Got” Not to pick on I-20, but this line is even gayer than the last one. Calling another man a “pretty bitch” is extra homo, and to say that in the same verse when you already claimed to be “like J. Lo going through niggas” is a cardinal sin in Hip Hop homophobia.

} 12. “I read somewhere I’m homophobic. Shit, go through the hood, there’s mad niggas on my dick.” - 50 Cent “Ryder Music” How does proclaiming to have mad niggas on your dick prove that you’re not homophobic? It sounds like 50 just wanted to brag about all the niggas he has behind him — possibly in a literal sense.

} 11. It’s Weezy fucking Baby.”

- Lil Wayne “Holla at me Baby” This line could be interpreted a number of different ways, but with this song dropping at the height of all the allegations surrounding Baby and Wayne, you’d think Weezy would be weary of spitting something that further insinuates he and his Daddy have homosexual affairs.

} 10. “Finger near a nigga’ asshole, like whoa!”

- Black Rob “Like Whoa” It’s never cool to have your finger near a nigga’s asshole — ever. Maybe Black Rob was giving us clues as to how he got signed to Bad Boy. Take that!


} 9. “Well let me tell you something, you might got

more cash than me. But you ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga’s ass like me.” - Canibus “Second Round K.O.” No wonder Canibus lost the epic battle to LL Cool J. At least we know he’s not hungry.

} 8. “Got a Bill in my mouth like I’m Hilary Rodham.” - Ali G. “Grillz” Apparently he was trying to rap about his grill, but somehow he got on the topic of Bill Clinton’s dick. Even though Slick Willy is Hip Hop’s favorite president, it’s never cool to rap about having another man’s member in your mouth.

} 7. “I give this faggot a French kiss.”

- Jadakiss “Last Day’” We don’t know why Jada would profess to giving a “faggot a French kiss,” but in doing so, the teenage mutant ninja looking rapper secured his place in the gay rap record books.

} 6. “When you awaken, your manhood’ll be taken.” - Big Pun (R.I.P.) “You Ain’t A Killer” Big Pun is a legend and undeniably one of the most influential rappers of all time, so out of respect for Pun, we’re not gonna comment on how gay this sounded.

} 5. “You make me wanna kiss you like Baby

kissed Wayne. And make you call me Daddy like Baby do Wayne. Damn that shit sounds so gay, it’s insane.” - 50 Cent “Part Time Lover” Yes, 50, it is insane, and even though you admitted how gay this sounds, it still doesn’t make you any less homo for thinking some shit like that. If the thought of kissing a girl ever makes you think of two lip-locking men, you’re quite queer yourself.

} 4. “Tell ‘em faggot ass niggas to wrap they lips

around my dick.” - Young Jeezy “Top Back (remix)” We listened to this over and over hoping it would sound less faggoty, but the more we played it, the more we realized it was an inexcusably gay line. Jeezy, you gotta come harder (no homo) than this.

} 3. “Now, I never had my dick sucked by a man

befo’, but you gon’ be the first, you little trick ass hoe. Then you can tell me just how it tastes, but before I nut, I shoot some piss in your face.” - DJ Quik “50 Ways” Quik just described a gay version of the R. Kelly sex tape, and there is no possible way for him to explain these statements. If Quik was a more well-known rapper, this would be probably be ranked as the all-time gayest lyric of all time, but since he’s not really relevant, this one lands at number 3.

} 2. “I’ve been lying my ass off; all this time me and Dre been fucking with hats off.” - Eminem “I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy” Why the fuck would Dre let Em say some shit like this? We all know Marshall likes to spit weird, gay shit all the time, but to involve the good Doctor is just wrong! Maybe it’s true. If so, at least we know what’s been taking Detox so long to come out.

} 1. “When I met you I admit my first thoughts was

to trick. You look so good, huh, I’ll suck on your daddy’s dick.” - Biggie Smalls (R.I.P.) “Me and My Bitch” It’s debatable whether or not Biggie was the greatest emcee to ever touch the mic, but no one can deny that he spit the gayest rhyme of all time. It doesn’t matter how fine a girl is, she could be Lauren London multiplied by 5, times 12 Christina Milians, and 16 Meagan Good’s all rolled into one, and that still wouldn’t be fine enough for you to suck on her daddy’s dick. Never! Maybe Biggie, just like Black Rob, was giving us insight into the ways of the Bad Boy regime. Look at Mase and it all makes sense. //


he sexy hip-hop head tells us about the unreleased Foxy Brown audio sex-tape, the real meaning of “the diva,” and why simple sex is sometimes the best. What kind of guys are you typically interested in? I like confident, smart funny and talented dudes. What kind of talents are you referring to? Oh, I almost forgot this was the for the sex issue. I just like a man that’s good at his aspirations. I can’t deal with no dude that’s mediocre in any realm, whether it’s his career or in bed. I need an overachiever. Would you consider yourself to be an overachiever? I mean, I ain’t a freak! There is absolutely nothing that is ever going in my ass. And there is nothing — no nut ever in my face. It’s too much like phlegm.

just crazy. That makes me wonder, “Wait, did they tamper with the condom?” That’s something you don’t ever wanna worry about. Speaking of worries, when is the last time you got tested for STDs? Well, since I’m responsible I get tested once a year. And I actually got tested last week. When I went in to get my results the man told me, “You’re gonna be called by the letter K — as in kill.” And I was like, “How you gonna tell somebody ‘K as in kill’ when they’re getting their results?!” I was like, “How could you say that?” and he was like, “Oh, I couldn’t think of any other words starting with ‘K.’” Hello, what about “K” as in kite!? It was ridiculous. Then, I was in the waiting room and there’s this cartoon condom bathing in lubricant on the TV, and I shit you not, there was a couple sitting next to me making out. They were making out in the clinic? Right there in the office, sitting right there. I was like, “Wow, are you kidding me? We’re all here for one reason.” But these are just the things you have to go through. If you’re gonna be active, you gotta get tested, and I think it’s kinda wild that people don’t. But you’ve gotta be brave and suck it up. // Visit Amanda Diva at www.myspace.com/amandadiva and check out Life Experience the EP and first installment of Amanda Diva’s The Experience Trilogy coming in December 2007.

If some dude was to call the OZONE office with a Groupie Confession about Amanda Diva, what would he say? I don’t mess with groupies. But if someone was to call in a groupie confession about me they would say that Amanda might be a diva in all other aspects of her life, but she lets dudes control the bedroom. So does that mean you’re submissive? I’m not submissive. Submissive just has a negative connotation to me; it just sounds like some bitch shit. People just think I’m bossy, and it’s not like that in bed. I let the dude be the assertive one.

Words by Eric Perrin

Amanda diva

When you’re in the mood to let a dude be “assertive” with you, what kind of music do you like to listen to? I have three songs, and I know that these songs are ridiculous, but… Aaliyah’s “One in a Million,” Maxwell’s “Something Something” — the slow version, and I don’t know why, but LL’s “Doin’ It.” I don’t know what it is about that goddamn song, but maybe it’s because I am a Hip Hop head. You seriously listen to “Doin’ It” while you’re having sex? (laughs) I love that song. I actually like listening to slow jams when I’m in the act, but those three songs get me in the mood. If you put on “Doin’ It” when we’re together, it substantially increases your chances. I am a person who is heavily affected by music. But damn, I’m giving away ridiculous secrets right now. I’m gonna have to redo my sex songlist now, I’m gonna have niggas coming up to me with boom boxes playing LL Cool J. So, where is your favorite place to be “Doin’ It?” I’m a workaholic, so I don’t have too many options in terms of creative places. I’m not in the Mile High Club or anything. Well, what about the studio? No, I don’t like the idea that the engineer knows what’s going on. People seem to forget that the engineer is right there and knows what’s going on even though the lights are off. My boy is an engineer and he has a recording of Foxy [Brown] giving someone the whap in the studio. Foxy was doin’ her thing in the booth, and my friend was in the control room, so he just turned the mic on and recorded the whole thing. Damn, I’m surprised that never got out. It could if he wanted it to. But as for me, I’m a Cancer and I like being at my crib. I’m pretty simply when it comes to sex. We don’t have to do it on counter-tops, we don’t have to do it in the car. I like the bed. Do you have a nickname for any of your parts? I mean, what do you think is “The Diva?” I don’t know, you gotta tell me. Well just write down what I said and let the readers figure it out. If you could invent a sex toy, what would it do? I would invent a toy that could mimic what only a mouth to do, because they already have toys that do everything else. What’s the craziest thing a man has said to you while you were having sex? “I want you to have my baby.” More than once, and dude has said, “Yo, I want you to have my baby.” No! that’s not what we’re here for. To me, that’s OZONE MAG // 43

jeezy and keyshia cole Jeezy: Heeeeeeey!! Keyshia: What you want, nigga? Jeezy: Shit, I seen you on the cover of that magazine wit’ your titties out and shit lookin’ all good and shit, and I’m saying — you wanna come over? Keyshia: Remember that song we did together, Dreamin’? Jeezy: Yeeaaaaaaaah!

OZONE EXCLUSIVE Textin’ is no longer safe now that OZONE’s dangerous minds have hacked the system.

Keyshia: Well, keep “Dreamin’,” nigga. It ain’t gonna happen. Jeezy: Shit, why you trippin’? Come over tonight and snuggle with your Jeezy pooh. Keyshia: Hell no! And why you so damn thirsty? Jeezy: Cuz you got that Aquafina flow, that wet, wet. I’m gon’ tear that pussy up. Keyshia: No you’re not, nigga. I just want it to be over. Jeezy: Fuck that, I think I love you girl. Keyshia: You ain’t love me the way you were supposed to. I should’ve let you go! Jeezy: Shit, girl, I done changed. Ever since I crashed the Lambo I’m a different man. Keyshia: You crazy! Jeezy: You know that pussy make a dope boy go craaaazy. And I luv it! Keyshia: I got a new man now. Sorry, boo. Jeezy: But I bet he can’t eat your lil’ ass up like a Chantrelle’s plate. Fuck you and your man, cuz bitch I’m Jeezy! Keyshia: I hate you! I should’ve cheated! Jeezy: Fuck all that. What time you coming over? Keyshia: I’ll be there in half an hour. Jeezy: Let’s get it! Yeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! - From the Minds of Eric Perrin and Randy Roper

*This is just a joke. No, we didn’t really hack into anyone’s sidekick. Jeezy, don’t get mad. Just laugh.



She Liked my NECKLACE and started relaxin,’ that’s what the fuck I call a…

“Gon’ Buy Me a Chain”

get my chains made so that I can make a statement without talking. I’ve had the Tallahassee chain about a year now, and what made me get it is that I already have that design tattooed on my left arm, so I thought making it into a chain it would be another way for me to represent my city. I represent Tallahassee everywhere I go. People always say they got their city of their back. Well, I put mine on my neck. I designed the chain myself. I design all my chains, and that’s why none of my chains look regular. Some of these niggas be going to the jeweler and their shit just be something generic, like a cross. But I design every chain that I got myself, and I make sure that all my chains say T-Pain on it. It ain’t never no shit I done bought from a jeweler. The thing that’s unique about the Tallahassee chain is that it’s actually a model of the Capitol Building in Tallahassee. It’s kinda crazy because in Tallahassee the street leading up to the Capitol building, and the cross street right in front of the building come together and actually form a “T.” The jeweler who crafted it was a new guy from Miami, and I can’t remember his name to save my life. As far as the specs or the amount of carats, I don’t know none of that shit; I don’t be fucking with that shit. But I do know that I paid $50,000 for it.


Girls don’t really like my chain because when they get close enough to me it’s usually hitting them in the face. They love it once they figure out what it is, but their first reaction is, “What the hell is that?!” They think it’s just a big-ass cross. But I don’t think chains or anything like that help guys get girls; hell naw, it ain’t nothing sexy about a chain. I don’t give a fuck how big your chain is. If you’re whack, or you’re an asshole, ain’t nobody gonna fuck with you. Chains don’t make girls wanna talk to you, especially if you got a fake ass chain on and the girl finds out that yo’ big ass chain is lighter than her earrings; that shit ain’t gon’ do nothing for you. I got the Tallahassee chain to represent my city, not to get girls.

“ I

t -pain

I got another chain that’s an exact replica of a Tallahassee Police badge, and on top of it, it says “TPD.” Niggas think I’m talking about the Tallahassee Police Department, but it really stands for Teddy Pinned’erass Down. That’s probably my favorite chain, because I love that police shit. Niggas be getting scared, thinking it’s a real police badge that just has some ice on it, and I love to see that. I love scaring niggas. It’s always a whole ’nother meaning to my shit. All together, I’ve spent more than $600,000 on jewelry, but you can’t go cheap on the jewelry when you got a Lamborghini in your yard. // - As told to Eric Perrin



ity Boi and Dolla Boy speak on the mile high club, Myspace flings, and why a portable wet mouth would be the best thing to keep in a duffle bag. How old were you the first time you had sex? Tity Boi: I was in the fifth grade; her name was Charity. Dolla Boy: I was in 7th grade, so I guess I was around 13 years old. Her name was Veronica. Naw that wasn’t her name, I don’t know what her name was. If a chick wanted to fuck to some music, what CD would you pop on? Both: Jodeci without a doubt. The Diary of A Mad Band. What’s your all-time favorite sex-related rap lyric? Tity Boi: Too $hort when he say, “Bitch, you just a bitch, go out there and make me rich.” That wasn’t sex related but that’s a good one. (laughs) Dolla Boy: I like Snoop’s song when they say, “I had respect for you lady but now I take it all back / Cause you gave me all your pussy and then you licked my balls / Now leave your number on the counter and I promise baby I’ll give you a call.” I like that one right there. What’s one sexual fantasy that you want to experience? Tity Boi: I want to be a part of the mile high club. I ain’t joined the mile high club yet. Dolla Boy: That’s hot right there What exactly is the Mile High Club? Tity Boi: Have you ever seen Snakes on a Plane? (laughs) Naw, but seriously it’s sex on a jet up in the air, I wanna hit somebody while I’m on an airplane. Do you prefer fucking or getting head? Dolla Boy: It really depends on the individual and what they do best. If you better at giving head that’s what I’m gone prefer. Describe the worst sex you’ve ever had. Tity Boi: It was just bad sex, you know, I don’t want to get too descriptive about it. Things just weren’t up to par and it was just a terrible experience. Dolla Boy: Man, it was just bad. She wasn’t moving right, didn’t really know what she was doing. It was just bad. If they came out with a new drug that was guaranteed to make your dick larger would you take it?

Words by Cierra Middlebrooks Photo by Blake Ribbey


playaz circle

Tity Boi: That’s a really trick question in the book, I’m gone say naw cause it might have side effects. Dolla Boy: I gotta see somebody else do it first before I do it. You gotta convince me, cause I ain’t gone be the first one to jump off the bridge. It might make one part big and the other part little and you walking around here with a 6½ foot thing. You know I’m trying to maintain what I got, you don’t know what that shit gone do to you. (laughs) Tity Boi: You know you still got to be a wood slinger you can’t just have a piece of wood. You got to know how to slang wood, man. (laughs) What’s the craziest thing a groupie has ever done to get with you? Tity Boi: It ain’t really been nothing crazy except trying to run on stage and stuff like that. If you could invent a sex toy, what would it do? Dolla Boy: I would invent a wet mouth and you already know what it would do. Tity Boi: I’m taking my wet mouth on the plane with me and everywhere I go. (laughs) What’s the craziest thing a girl ever said to you while you were hitting it? Dolla Boy: I was hitting a broad and she started crying. She start crying and she was like, “Is you gon’ leave me? I ain’t gone never see you again after this.” Do you have a nickname for your dick? Dolla Boy: Naw, I ain’t never really sat down and had time to think about that. Tity Boi: I do, I got a couple names for my wood and “Wood” is one of them. “Mr. Wood” to some. (laughs) Describe the best sex you ever had? Tity Boi: A lot of splash. Dolla Boy: I was hitting this girl one time, and I’m gon’ put it like this: She made me catch a cramp. Like, not a regular cramp. A charlie horse, everything locked up on me. Have you guys ever had any MySpace flings? Tity Boi: Naw, man we look at MySpace as being evil. We don’t do nothing on there but promote our album, handle business, and connect with our fans. We don’t be on there looking for people and shit. That’s really for the lames. If you could get with any woman in the world who would it be? Dolla Boy: The ones we already with. Tity Boi: Yeah, my wife, cause I ain’t seen her in about two or three weeks. //


the porn supremacy Words By Eric Perrin | Photos by Hannibal Matthews


oxy Reynolds was once a church-going tomboy who was deeply disturbed that couldn’t join the high school football team. So, instead of going deep on pass routes or being tackled by a bunch of boys, the late blooming bombshell had to settle for cheerleading. Everyday after practice she would go straight home to do her homework, and upon graduation she enrolled at Ohio State University, majoring in Spanish Education and Sociology. Roxy was the average all-American girl next door from Southwest Philadelphia, probably on path to becoming a middle school Spanish teacher or social worker. But somewhere along the lines, something went wrong. Roxy got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and was sent to prison. She served a 6-month bid, and while behind bars, she came out of her shell. In fact, Roxy claims prison made her so horny that when she got out she “just wanted to get into the [porn] industry and fuck.” And that’s exactly what she did. Roxy packed her clothes, left her jealous boyfriend behind, and moved to Cali. Two years later, Roxy Reynolds finds herself as the number one chick in the game. She’s made more money sucking dick than Superhead, and in doing so has amassed a faithful fan base greater than the Buckeye’s football squad. Roxy has starred in over 75 films, been featured in numerous magazines, and is on track to retire a multimillionaire by the time she’s 30. Not bad for a girl who preferred action figures to Barbie Dolls.


How’d you get started in porn? I had an ex-boyfriend that was a one minute man. He would always cheat on me and then I would get back with him. He ended up going to jail three times and I stayed with him throughout his entire bid. That was just my boo, but the last time he got out of jail I had another boyfriend and that kinda made him go crazy, so I just decided to move to Cali. I wanted to do runway modeling, but I was too short, so I went to a porn party and met my first agent, Ron Ellis. He introduced me to some producers and different companies, so I did that for about two months, and from there I went independent. But before I moved to Cali I was in Ohio; I went to Ohio State University in Columbus. I’m a Buckeye. What is the most common misconception people have about your career in porn? A lot of guys I meet are like, “I need to get you out of this business. I don’t like this business for you.” But what I say back to them is, “It’s not for you to like. It’s for me to like, and I like my job.” My job pays me well. I feel like I’m going to retire off this job before I’m 30. I feel like porn is a door for me that will open other doors, which it’s already done: magazines, music videos, paid appearances. It’s something that I just like to do, and I love traveling. So I’m assuming that sex is just another part of your job, but do you enjoy doing it on camera? I enjoy having sex on camera because I like when people watch me. I like to have sex in front of a group. What’s the biggest difference between sex on camera and sex in your personal life? The biggest difference is that [on camera] I’m with a stranger, and he does different things to my body than someone I’m in a relationship with would do. Like what? Like he might be a little rougher, and he might go a little deeper because he doesn’t know me, so he doesn’t know he deep he should go until I stop him. So it’s a different adventure. It’s like a different roller coaster ride every time, with different guy, with a different dick, and a different smell; because all guys have y’all different little smell down there. I mean it’s a good smell, it’s not like a stanky smell, but it’s just a smell, so it’s a different body to get used to. But it’s cool, I like it. So how would you describe your smell? Well, what guys tell me is that I smell like candy. What kind of candy? Um…like Starbursts.


I was so horny, so when I got out of jail I just wanted to get into the [porn] industry and fuck, and have fun doing it, and that’s exactly what I did.

But all girls say they smell like candy. That’s kind of a cop out answer. No, guys really don’t know this, but I really be puttin’ Starbursts in my pussy. The Starburst melts in my pussy, so when they eat me, it really tastes like candy. Are you serious? I’m dead serious. It doesn’t do anything bad to you, it’s just sugar. You should tell your girl to try it, either Starbursts or Lifesavers. It’s really cool, you’ll like it.

(laughs) Wow! So, getting back to you, what is the best experience you’ve ever had in porn? My best experience was at [molding company] Topco. I got my ass molded, and my pussy molded. It’ll be in stores in February with my Roxy World DVD Volume 1. So when they watch my DVD they can play with my ass. The [company] did a really good job with the mold; it has the marks on my ass and everything. And I’m recommending that they put my tattoo on it, too. So people will know that it’s really my ass. So, will it have all the holes and everything so people can penetrate it? Yeah, it’s just like a blow-up doll, but it’s just the ass and the pussy, and you can fuck my pussy. What’s your least favorite thing about your job? The worst part is that the traveling kind of wears and tears on your body. Like you lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight. That’s the worst thing because I like my weight. I don’t wanna lose it, and I definitely don’t wanna get fat. If you get fat you’re not gonna get work. Nobody’s gonna wanna shoot a big, fat, nasty girl. Plus, you can only do a few poses when you’re fat, and that’s ass shots. You can’t show your stomach, and you definitely can’t turn around. What was your favorite scene that you’ve starred in? My favorite scene right now is in my new Merc DVD that I just released. I did a scene with Justin Slayer and Nat Turnher, and I thought those scenes were hot because I squirted in one of them, and the other one we came up with some new positions. 52 // OZONE MAG

Can you give me a little preview of the new position you came up with? This one position he was laying on his back, and I was laying on my back. You gotta get the DVD to see how we made that work. So aside from all the new positions you create, what is your favorite? My favorite position is from the back while the guy is kissing on my neck, and pulling my hair, and massaging me, and spanking me, and licking me, and talking to me all at the same time. Damn, you’re gonna have our readers in jail going crazy with this interview. How does it feel knowing that you’re gonna have a whole cell block beating off to your pictures and interview? I’ve always had a lot of fans in jail. They write me letters, and I write ‘em back. Letters are a big deal to people in jail, and I know how it is. I’ve been there before. Do you mean you’ve been there before visiting someone or have you been locked up yourself? I’ve really been behind bars before. Yeah. I really had to do 6 months before, back in 2004. Right before I started in porn in 2005. I was so horny, so when I got out of jail I just wanted to get into the [porn] industry and fuck, and have fun doing it, and that’s exactly what I did. I was thinking about [getting into porn] the entire time I was in jail. Where was the first place you had sex after you got out of jail? The first place was in the car. I couldn’t wait. But of course I had to get my hair and nails done first. When I was in jail I was stacking my money, too. I was calling people telling them that I didn’t have no money when I really did, because I wanted to have a whole bunch of extra money to go shopping when I got out. The mall was literally across the street from the jail, so I went shopping right away. Why exactly were you in jail? I don’t wanna say why I was in there, but it was a racist type situation. I was in a racist town, wrong place at the wrong time, and I learned a lesson. And I actually appreciate that I went, because I learned a lot of stuff in there. I feel that everybody needs to go and experience it, because it will definitely keep you focused

when you get out. More focused than you’ve ever been. I know you’ve done a few girl-on-girl scenes, but what’s your preference: men or women? To be honest with you, I like toys. I’m addicted to my toys. I mean, I like guys more than females to answer the question, but seriously, I love my Silver Bullet. It feels so good! When you’re playing with the Silver Bullet you can just picture a guy giving you head, but it’s more vibration. It just gives you a feeling that no human can give you. Only a toy can give you that feeling. It’s like a quick orgasm, and you just squirt all over and mess up the sheets; it’s wonderful. Speaking of head, do you have any tips on how guys can give girls good head? First, you start by kissing her on her neck, and then sucking her titties, and then rubbing your thumb on her clit at the same time. And then you go down and lick around the navel and then you come to the clit and you just lick it gently, like barely touching it. Not hard, and don’t suck on it, or try to kill it, just do it really, really soft like a feather, and then after that, vibes just start going through her body, and then you can start sucking on it and licking hard. Is there anything that you haven’t done in porn that you want to try? I wanna be a mermaid. I was thinking about investing in an underwater camera because I wanna do a scene underwater.

Before I go, I gotta shout out Lil Carlos up north, Big Tank with Interscope, Suave 888 & Rico XXX, my cuzos, passion jones and Ms. Vida Valentine! Roxy Reynolds’ hair and makeup provided by: Wanda Barrett Nani Salon and Spa @ Atlantic Station 404-351-5660 Telesa Lewis Couture Hair Designs www.modelsinc.com/couturehairdesigns 770-771-9097 Melissa A. Davis MAD Image Consulting 404-452-5036 Clothing provided by: Riejunio (www.riejunio.com)

Advice from a Porn


Make Your Opening Act the Headliner! By Roxy Reynolds Ladies, if you follow these ten head tips, you will surely put Superhead to shame.

1. Start With The Head

Suck the head, and wrap your tongue around it in a circle a couple times.

2. Deepthroat It

It’s good to gag. A lot of girls are scared to gag but it’s really good to gag. Your eyes might water a little, but it’s just something that feels good to the guys — that part of your throat back there feels like a pussy. When you gag, it grabs the cock just as if a girl’s pussy was cumming on the cock.

3. Spit On It After You Gag

All that spit that you were gathered from gagging, you gotta spit that on the cock, and get the dick really, really stupid wet. It should be dripping down to like your elbows, and your mouth, to the point where he don’t even wanna kiss you, because it’s so much spit all over your face and body.

That sounds kind of difficult. Well you would have to shoot it at a private pool, probably at a mansion in Cali, at like a big waterfall type pool. You just have to have an imagination. It can be done.

4. Use A Hand

Do you have any particular turn-offs? Uncircumcised dicks. I don’t like uncircumcised dicks. I’ve had a boyfriend whose dick was uncircumcised and his sex was good, but you just can’t give head to an uncircumcised dick without a condom — and that sucks. Plus, they look funny, and it stinks! And it’s just not a good look. I recommend all guys out there that have uncircumcised cocks to go get surgery. It’s never too late.

5. Use The Other Hand And Do The Same Thing

How do your fans react when they see you out a club or somewhere in public? You know, guys don’t talk to me. They’ll see me, and they’ll call my name and wave or something, then they’ll go home and get online and tell me everything they wanted to tell me in person. I’m just a regular ol’ person, so if you see me at a club you can come fuck with me. I still come out of the house with no makeup on, and my hair a mess, with tennis shoes and baggy jeans on. I don’t try to be all bougie because of who I am. I’m regular; my windows ain’t tinted or nothing. But still, guys really don’t approach me. A music industry guy might, but regular guys don’t. I guess they’re intimidated by me. Okay, your real name is Chanell. What’s the biggest difference between Chanell and Roxy Reynolds? The biggest difference is that Chanell is stingy with her pussy, and Roxy isn’t. They both always got paid for it, whenever they opened they legs, whether it was a boyfriend or not. I always get money before that nigga leaves the house after I get done fucking him; that’s just the rules. But the difference is that Chanell is stingy with her pussy and Roxy isn’t. //

Use one hand first, and I would recommend you twist it a little. And use your thumb right above the nut sack, and roll it in a circle and jack it off at the same time and suck it. There’s this little sensitive spot right above the nut sack and in between the skin that comes to a point at the top of the cock. You gotta rub it, and then you stroke it.

6. Keep Stroking It In A Circular Motion

This is important because that’s what the pussy feels like when you’re fucking. You’re mimicking the pussy with your hands while you’re sucking the cock at the same time.

7. Gag Again

You gotta go back down and gag again because all the stuff you did with your hands is now making the dick dry. So you have to gag again while sucking the cock.

8. Suck It And Pull Up Like You’re Sucking On

A Straw Your jaws have to squeeze in like a fish, and that gives a little pressure, just like how a girl’s weight would be on a cock when you’re fucking, but really you’re just sucking it. So you gotta give it a little pressure.

9. Gag Again

You gag again to get it really wet, and then stroke it. You’ve gotta get ready for the big finish.

10. Do The Motions Really, Really Fast So He

Can Bust All Over Your Face When you sense he’s about to cum, it’s important to do the combination of sucking and stroking really, really fast so his toes will curl while he just busts all over your face. // OZONE MAG // 53

Fuck Faces? By Roxy Reynolds | As told to Eric Perrin Rappers Who Would be Good Porn Stars

Some artists are shy. They can rap and perform, but when it comes to speaking to them offstage, or…you know, they’re kinda shy. The most important element to being a good porn star is puttin’ in work, and I think the following rappers would be great good porn stars.

50 Cent - 50 would be a good porn star because he is the type of guy who would put in a lot of work. He would try to prove a point and make his girls always return; that’s just how I feel. I would love to do a scene with 50. It would be in a Rolls Royce with the curtains shut, and the candles lit. There would be champagne, and then it would just go down.

Lil Kim - Lil’ Kim would be a good porn star because she’s got some good

head. I don’t know personally, but I just know that she sucks good dick. You can just tell.

DMX - DMX would be a good porn star because he’s crazy and wild, but he is also mature. Plus, on Belly he proved that he knows what he’s doing. He was putting in work. That was the best part of the whole movie.

Nelly - Nelly just looks like he would be a good porn star. He looks like he

would be interested in staying in the pussy for a long time. It’s important not to cum fast, and it looks like Nelly would be able to hold his cum for a long time.

Big Boi - Big Boi would be a great porn star! He would be a great because

Rappers Who Would Be Bad Porn Stars

There’s nobody on this list that I wouldn’t do a scene with. I would never despise any guy that has a dick and is not a faggot, and all these guys I could see myself doing a scene with, but I think they would be bad at porn because for some reason or another they don’t have what it takes to put in the work it requires to be a good porn star.

Mike Jones – Mike Jones would be a bad porn star because I just don’t see him as my type. I can’t really explain it — well, I can explain it, and I would, but I just refuse to — because it would be a bad look. He’s cool though, I like Mike Jones, but he just wouldn’t be a good porn star. We’ll leave it at that.

Boosie - I think Boosie would be a bad porn star because he seems like he

would be a little too aggressive. Like, just going crazy and shit. He’s kind of like DMX because he’s crazy and wild, but he’s not as mature. Maybe he would be good at like a swinger’s party or something like that, but not a porn star party.

Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy wouldn’t be a good porn star because he just

doesn’t fit the category of being a good porn star. He’d probably just try to supersoak that hoe.

Master P - He would be a bad porn star because he’s probably the type

he’s hood and romantic at the same time, and that’s what porn stars are. A good porn star is a mixture of both hoodness and romance, and like I said, they have to be able to hold their cum for a long time. Even though a scene might only be 25 minutes, you gotta be able to go for like an hour without cumming. Plus, Big Boi looks like the type of dude that would just fuck you in the shower and then pick you up and eat your pussy off the wall.

of guy that just rolls in the pussy and doesn’t put in any work. He probably feels like he doesn’t have to put in work because he’s been married. He’s used to that specific woman, so whatever he does, he has his motions already programmed, and he probably wouldn’t go hard. You gotta go hard to be a porn star, but not crazy like I think Boosie would be.

Trina - Trina would be a good porn star because she’s from Miami and

be a bad porn star because he’s kinda heavier, but the good thing is that he has a lifesaver around his mouth, and that’s good when you give head. The hair around his mouth would feel so good on my pussy, and then he can save the cum in his beard — so that’s why it’s called a lifesaver.

Miami is all about sex, it’s like “Sex and City” right there. I feel like she was just born in a state where it just goes down — Florida. Me and Trina would probably do a good girl-girl scene ‘cause she’s hot. The scene would be on the beach, and it would have to around dawn; that would be hot.

THE Game - Game would be a good porn star because he’s out in Cali and

Rick Ross - This one could go either way, good or bad. I think he would

Paul Wall - Paul Wall is sexy, but I don’t think he would have the right

it’s a lot of bad bitches in Cali, so I know he be puttin’ in work. He has no choice to but to put in work. Plus, porn is just a way of life in Cali.

rhythm, or be prepared to do the next position, and I don’t think he would be able to get in the position quick enough. You might have to show him a little bit.

LL Cool J - LL Cool J is already a sex symbol. I think he would be a good

Dr. Dre - Dre would be a bad porn star because with all the days of his

Ja Rule - I picked Ja Rule for this list mainly because of his new video. In

B.G. - I know some of his people. He wouldn’t be a good porn star for the

porn star because of his lips. He just looks like he would be giving girls good head. the video he proved he would be a good porn star because of the sex appeal and the foreplay. I think he would be an exciting porn star to watch. Plus, he has a lot to prove right now. It’s time for Ja Rule to come back out.

Baby - Baby would be a good porn star even though he is heavyset. He’s

like a strong heavyset, he’s not like, sloppy or anything like that; he’s like a solid rock. He would be trying to bang your back out from the back.

Plies - Plies would be a good porn star because of all the shit he be talking

on his CD. He’s always talking about how he gon’ do this, and how he’s gon’ do that. He sounds like he’s experienced it, and he likes it — that’s why in all his songs he talks about it. I would wanna do a scene with Plies just so I could see if all that shit he be talkin’ is true. I want him to do that to me, too.


life that he’s been in the [rap] industry I’m sure he’s hit more than a couple hundred girls. I figure he doesn’t have to put in work and he probably feels like he doesn’t have to put in work. So he wouldn’t be a good porn star. same reasons as Dr. Dre. He has too much experience, and he’s the type of guy that would just lay there and just want to get fucked, and that wouldn’t make you a good porn star.

Fabolous - Again, he’s just the type of nigga that wouldn’t put in no work

for real. He just likes to get satisfied, and doesn’t want to satisfy his partner. You can tell he wouldn’t be a good porn star just by his swagger, and he’s got a bad bitch. His girlfriend is really pretty, and I’m sure she be putting in a mad work, so he probably doesn’t do nothing.

Fat Joe - The name just speaks for itself. He looks like the type of guy who

wouldn’t try to beat the pussy up; he probably just wants to get his dick beat up and rode on. //


prison diaries prison

How are you involved with your brother Plies’ career? We own Big Gates Records. I was doing a lot before I came to jail. I was doing pretty much everything; me and my brother were running the label ourselves. And once I got locked up, really nothing has stopped. I’ve actually been doing a little more being locked up because I have a lot of time to sit around and be on the phone and think instead of rippin’ and runnin’ all the time. Why are you currently incarcerated and what are the charges? I was arrested in July 2006 on six charges of attempted murder in the first degree – they brought the charges down from first to second – and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. I think that’s one of the same charges T.I. is currently being held on. I was also charged with violation of probation and shooting into an occupied building. Are you awaiting trial? It’s a lot of things going on right now. If my lawyers feel it’s the best thing to go to trial, then we will. If they say it’s not, we don’t. I gotta accept some form of responsibility, and I gotta go with what their legal opinion is. I’m not a lawyer and they’re getting paid a whole lot of money, so I’m trying to lean more towards their legal advice than my own. It’s just a process of being patient. I gotta hope for the best. I’m sure you can’t go into too much detail about the shooting incident in Gainesville that led to your arrest, but what happened that night? A fight broke out because the promoter cut your mics to bring Lil Boosie on stage? Like you said, I definitely can’t go into [detail] for legal purposes, but a commotion broke out as far as different people arguing and getting into fights. Gunshots rang out and five people got shot. It was a packed house so people got shot and more people got wounded and all the heat and attention was geared towards our entourage. Even though there were other people performing and a few opening acts, for some strange reason all the fingers got pointed at us, nobody else. We were victims of unusual circumstances. You mentioned T.I. earlier. What’s your thoughts on his current legal troubles? Do you think there’s a massive conspiracy against Hip Hop or are we just victims of our own bad decisions? I think the type of music we make has a lot to do with it. If you’re making Christian music or gospel music you’re probably not gonna run into too many circumstances like Hip Hop gangsta music. T.I.’s music is street music to the third degree, and my brother’s music is obviously street music; gangsta music. Some people have problems with that form of music and some niggas wanna test your credibility and see how real you are. Anytime you’ve got any hood or trap listening to your music, you become a target. I don’t know T.I.’s situation but he obviously was a target. For what reason they targeted him, I have no clue. I don’t know the background of that situation. For us, any city we go into, we always try our best to be super cautious and careful because we know we’re the focal point street-wise. With this type of music we make, we definitely understand the streets. We’re not only trying to make the best music, but we’re also trying to make sure that safety is our top priority. The streets know us but we don’t necessarily individually know about everything that’s happening in the streets [of the city we’re in]. How does it feel to see your brother achieve success while you’re in prison? It’s a blessing. I thank God for it every day when I wake up and go to sleep. It’s something we’ve been working on for five years, before I came here, grinding in the streets and making our own decisions. It’s a long process. With all the work we’ve put in, it’s beautiful to see everything come about. It’s kinda like somebody planting seeds and gardening and finally seeing that flower blossom off all your labor and all your hard work. I’m extremely proud of the situation. My brother’s out there working hard and trying not to miss concerts; working on the second album now. He’s doing a lot of features for other artists and he’s really out there impressing me. He’s out there grinding while I’m just giving advice and it’s a wonderful thing. You were the one who kinda “discovered” his rap skills, right? I went to Federal prison and once I got out I started chasing this rap thing. My first few artists were rap artists and I was producing. I had signed artists to Big Gates Records and my brother was out doing his own street thing. He was kinda tryin’ to persuade me to do what he was doing, but I wasn’t necessarily interested because I had just got out of prison. I was trying to convince him to come over and do what I was doing. So it was kinda like a tug-of-war. I was recording music in the studio one time and he was out


gates in the streets and he called and heard what I was doing over the phone, so obviously he had some kind of interest in the music. He drove down to the studio the next day and was listening to my artist. He wrote something down on a sheet of paper, like a hook or a chorus. I thought he was being funny or sarcastic. My brother had never rapped or talked about rapping. The artist was actually trying to say the hook, but he couldn’t get it right. So my brother went in [the booth] tryin’ to school the artist on how to repeat the hook and the artist could never get it right. So finally, after enough convincing, my brother got in there and said it himself on the mic. I liked my brother’s hook better than the one by the artist I was producing. So I told him to write a verse, and once he rapped the verse the song sounded complete. I felt at that time that he could possibly have a career in this thang. He really was just playin’ around, in my opinion. I put two more artists on the song and threw it out on the streets, and when the responses came back, it was always, “Who is this dude Plies?” When Plies first started making noise in Florida, a lot of critics said he wasn’t “real” because he went to college and played football, etc. “Real” is kind of an imaginary term. I’ve been to six different jails and every jail I go to, niggas are snitching, which is the opposite of “real.” If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, for real. It’s just a word people are playing around with these days. My brother is the nigga that’s controlling the streets right now and getting all the concert dates, so he’s obviously gonna be the biggest target. I’ve been to college. There’s many niggas in the game like Cam’Ron that had scholarships to go to college. Where I’m from, football is a big thing, and up North it’s basically basketball. There’s niggas in the industry that went to school for their own reasons; maybe they had scholarships and went to school to get this free money and enlighten themselves so they could have more knowledge. For a nigga to go to school, that’s a plus for me. I tell niggas all the time, if you’re a street nigga or not, you need to go to college. The more info you’ve got, the further you’ll go. My rap sheet is thuggin’. I’ve been to Federal prison and I’m going back again more than likely, so I’ve been involved with criminal activity for all my life. But I still was the nigga that made A’s in school. I used to rob niggas late at night and still go to school in the morning. I’ve always been a promoter of wisdom and knowledge. What’s the having promoting wisdom and knowledge if you’re robbing people the same day and ending up in the situation you’re currently in? Obviously I didn’t have as much knowledge as I thought. I totally agree. My rap sheet is long, and by me being in the situation I’m in, obviously I wasn’t as wise as I thought I was. In this music thing people call me a genius, but I’ve realized that the results prove how wise and knowledgeable you really are. Anywhere I go, whether it’s here in prison or anywhere else, it’s about obtaining more information to lead to better results. I get wisdom not just from books but from other people and magazines and many different areas in life. It’s about obtaining positive knowledge and throwing away the negative. If you could change anything in the past, would you? Great question. I used to sit around and think to myself, maybe if I would’ve changed this part of my life that such-and-such wouldn’t have happened the way it did. I used to think about that quite often but now I’ve come to realize that without the negative, there wouldn’t be no positive. Without the bad, there wouldn’t be good. It’s all helped me become who I am right now, and it’s obviously made an impact on my brother and his music. As long as the good outweighs the bad, it’s a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t have changed anything. Even though it’s a great thing to be a millionaire, it’s not a great thing to be a millionaire locked up, but it’s still better than being broke and locked up. So I wouldn’t change the past but I also wouldn’t advise anybody to make the wrong decisions in life. I would advise people to be careful and always try to weigh out the choices you make, because you might not be as blessed as I am. I know a lot of people in here that have already been sentenced to double and triple life sentences. I’m not in that situation as of this moment, so a lot of people in here have situations worse than mine and don’t have lawyers or money to get ‘em. The situation could be ten times worse, so I’m just thankful that it is what it is. To some people, my situation is good. If God has it written for me to leave this way, there’s nothing I could do about it. But if he wants me to succeed and overcome this situation and get back out there and do what I need to be doing, that’s what’s gonna happen. However God has it written for me, I’m good. //


here was a time when you could turn on the radio and hear a Ja Rule record at least three times an hour. There was a time when Murder Inc. Records was dominating the rap game. Then came legal troubles, the groupie confessions, and 50 Cent. Next thing you know Irv Gotti is on trial facing potential jail time, Def Jam refuses to distribute the label, and 50 Cent is making videos and songs dissing the entire Murder Inc. family.

We have a mutual friend. Once that mutual friend put us together, we started talking and kicking it and it was all good. There was no beef.

Today, Murder Inc. and Ja Rule have found a new home at Universal records and Ja is getting ready to release his seventh studio album. He’s back dominating the airwaves with his new single “Body,” and finally 50 Cent has become irrelevant to the kid. Sit back and relax as this rap veteran talks about his new album Mirror, his relationship with his wife since Superhead stepped on the scene and what he would do if he saw 50 Cent.

So if you were to see 50 today or tomorrow what would you do or say? I would punch him in his face. (laughs) I’m just fucking with you. You’re asking provoking questions.

To start off, I have to ask where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. I’ve just been working, working, working. I did a couple of film projects, one called Furnace and one called Don’t Fade Away. They should be out some time later next year. I’ve been working on some other business ventures too. One of your business ventures is your own label under Murder Inc., right? Yeah, MPIRE Records, things are going real good with that. I’m still getting my roster together and looking for new artists. Everything is in its early stages but it’s looking real good. Let’s talk about your other business ventures. You are co-owner of starsonpoker.com and the liquor brand Mojito, which I drink often. How did you get into those two industries? Just meeting people and being at the right place at the right time. I met some people that had some good ideas and I enjoy working with good ideas and I had some ideas to go with theirs anyway. We put our stuff together and made things happen, that’s really what it’s all about. Just being at the right place at the right time.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing this guy’s name but I have to ask you about 50 Cent. Where exactly does your beef with him stand? I been over it, I ain’t thinking about homeboy. He’s irrelevant to me right now it doesn‘t even matter. Nothing he says and nothing he does matters to me.

Okay, let’s put 50 to the side and shift into the family life. After Superhead released her tell-all book, what type of effect did it have on your family life? None. My wife’s a very smart woman. She knows better than to feed into that type of bullshit. And she’s from the hood, so, you know. (laughs) She knows how to handle those situations. So how long did your wife hold out on sex after she heard about the book? (laughs) It wasn’t no situation like that, my wife knows what’s up. When you that close to situation and you know what’s going on, you know that shortie just likes to run her mouth. It wasn’t like that at all with me and wifey. Your new single is entitled “Body” so you know we have to get your opinion on the female body. What is your favorite part of the female body and why? I like a woman with real nice sexy legs, a nice stomach and hips. I like the other parts that maybe everybody’s not looking at. Of course I like the T & A. (laughs) But you know, I like lips and I like the other sexy shit. That turns me on. //

What about the clothing line Erving Geoffrey? What’s going on with that? Yeah, we sold half the company to Samsung cause we got a lot of other things going on right now. I started a film production company called Tunnel Vision and Rule Global media. Everything is under that umbrella. Something real big is about to happen! (laughs) I’m going to making some announcements in a couple of weeks, can’t really speak on it too much now though. But it’s going to be very interesting. Let’s get on the subject of your music. How does it feel to get ready to release your seventh album in an industry where a long career is not guaranteed? It feels good to be able to drop my seventh album and still be relevant in the game. People still want to hear what I’ve got to say. It’s a real blessing and it feels good. Do you feel any pressure at all releasing this album, seeing that you have been gone from the game for some time? Not really. I’m a veteran at this. I’ve been here, done that. With this album I’m really just trying to get the music out there to the people. I want my voice to be heard and I’m just here to make good music, that’s all. When The Inc. left Def Jam after the legal troubles, did you think it would take you guys a year to find a new home? I mean, we were going back and forth between Warner and Universal. Obviously we ended up going with Universal but back then I wasn’t really too sure if it was gon’ work. But we’re here now. The new album is entitled Mirror. What’s the significance in that title? I named it Mirror because I feel like that’s the only real place of truth. You know, people look in the mirror and they can’t lie to themselves. This album is a real personal and deep album. I wanted to let the people get a feel for what’s it like to walk in my shoes, so to speak. It’s a real good album though. This is definitely a fan-driven album. Is this album is similar to Venni, Vetti, Vicci? Yeah, I would definitely say that this album is in the same lane as that one. That album was real personal like this one and I had the time to work on it like I did with this one. The fans are going to get the old Ja and some of this new Ja. It’s a real good mixture and I know they’re gon’ like it. You collaborated with former G-Unit member The Game on “Sunset,” right? Well, we didn’t do it together. I sent him the track and he did his part. You know, in this technology era nobody even has to be in the same room.


y sb

e l

ru id

M ra

r Cie



b dle

rd Wo

Seeing that Game is an ex-member of G-Unit and was affiliated with 50 Cent at one time, how did you two even hook up for a record? OZONE MAG // 57

The Hard Truth on Sexual Enhancers P Words: Dr. Rani Whitfield AKA “Tha Hip Hop Doc” ills, potions, powders, and pumps… Seems like everywhere you turn someone is advertising about ways for you to have a longer, stronger and more gratifying sexual experience with your partner. Aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, can be foods, drinks, drugs, scents or devices that claim to arouse or increase sexual desire. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the reputed sexual effects of so-called aphrodisiacs are based on urban legend, not proven research. Despite the FDA’s determination that aphrodisiacs are ineffective, costly and sometimes dangerous, people continue the quest for drug-induced sexual fulfillment. Well, here are the “hard” facts on sexual enhancers courtesy of yours truly, H2D.

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors The most potent sexual enhancers on the market prescribed by a physician are the phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE’s). PDE’s like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are effective ways for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Men in this group are unable to get an erection or have trouble maintaining one and these PDEs increase blood flow to the penis and improve sexual performance. These drugs have changed the game for the older male with medical problems that has trouble satisfying his partner. They do, however, come with side effects such as headaches, visual changes and a rare, but painful complication called priapism. They cannot be used in patients with heart disease and do not increase sexual arousal. So if you don’t want to be with your partner, this drug is not for you. Testosterone Replacement Testosterone is the predominant male hormone responsible for normal growth and development of male sex and reproductive organs, including the penis, testicles, scrotum and prostate. It facilitates the development of secondary male sex characteristics such as musculature, bone mass, fat distribution and hair patterns. Additionally, normal testosterone levels maintain energy level, healthy mood, fertility and sexual desire. Testosterone production declines naturally with age and a low testosterone level may result from disease or damage to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland or testicles – also known as hypogonadism. Treatment involves hormone replacement therapy and is aimed at maintaining secondary sex characteristics, improving energy, strength, mood, feelings of well being and preventing bone loss. Modes of hormone replacement include gels, patches and injections. However, if you don’t have low levels and you use testosterone, the potential for side effects like headache, abnormal breast development, fluctuating mood, decreased energy levels, acne, heart failure, enlarged prostate and sleep apnea are possible. Manual Squeezing Exercises These are exercises that use a hand-over-hand motion to push blood from the base to the head of a penis. Although this technique may be safer than other methods, it can lead to scar formation, pain and disfigurement. There are no scientific studies that indicate this technique is effective at increasing penis size. Stretching With Weights This technique, which involves wearing weights on the penis, may cause permanent damage. There’s no scientific evidence that this technique increases penis size. I’m not hanging any weights from my johnson! Vacuum Pumps Because pumps draw blood into the penis and make it swell, they’re useful in the treatment of impotence (ED). This may create an illusion of a larger penis, but results are seldom permanent. Repeated use can damage elastic tissue in the penis, leading to less-firm erections. Pills And Lotions These usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones that claim to enlarge the penis. None of these products has been shown to be effective. Here


are some commonly listed ingredients for sexual enhancement that have little to no effect on your sexual prowess (by no means a comprehensive list): yohimbine, ginseng, deer antler, tribbulus terrestris, catuaba, muira puama, maca, and rhinoceros horn. Spanish Fly The most legendary aphrodisiac is also one of the most dangerous. Made from dried beetle remains, its reported sexual excitement comes from the irritation to the urinary tract and the resulting rush of blood to the sex organs. Spanish fly is a poison that burns the mouth and throat and can lead to urinary tract infections, scarring and even death. Penile Enlargement Surgeries There are a few techniques used to lengthen the penis and all of them are experimental. The most commonly talked about methods include injecting your own body fat into the penis and cutting existing ligaments that support the penis to give it the appearance of looking larger. None of these techniques are endorsed by any qualified medical organizations. These surgeries are risky, costly and unlikely to produce satisfactory results. Oysters, Spicy Food, Chocolate and Energy Drinks No, no, no and no again. And as far as energy drinks, they are usually loaded with sugar and caffeine, keeping you jittery and overtime turning your six pack into a 40 OZ. When it comes to sexual enhancement, they aren’t worth the can in which they are stored. But hey, some of them taste good! “So H2D, what do I do?” The answer is simple: eat healthy, exercise, and talk with your doctor before wasting hard earned money on things that don’t work. Foreplay is more important than size for most and if you’ve got game, use your mind and not your money. Holla…. //






ven though Poe Boy/ Atlantic’s newest problem Flo Rida has all the ladies getting “Low” with his new T-Pain assisted single, he takes the groupie love in stride like a true superstar. Have you seen the females’ reactions towards you changing now that you’ve got a record deal and a hit single? Oh, most definitely. It’s been like that. I always had girls that were attracted to me, but it’s like, over the edge now. They’re going much crazier. I do a show and because of the song [“Low”] they’re just taking their clothes off as soon as we get on the stage. Top and bottom. They’re wild’n. When a female is real aggressive like that, does it turn you on or off? It depends on the situation. Because I’m on stage in that situation, it’s all good. They’ll tell me, “I wanna have sex with you.” They try to take my pants down right there on the stage and you gotta stop ‘em. That just lets me know that they love the music. But it’s a whole ‘nother thing when they’re into you. I think that’s a great thing. It ain’t something that I look forward to happening, but for them to be into you as well as the music, that’s a great thing because it’s a business at the same time. Are you single or do you have a girlfriend or wifey at home? I’m definitely single. Aside from the groupies, what kind of female is somebody that you’d want to get to know? First of all, they’ve gotta be God-fearing. They’ve gotta believe in themselves and they’ve gotta be natural. I ain’t sayin’ she can’t have no weave in her hair, but she’s gotta be herself, not trying to be somebody else. She’s gotta have goals. Is it hard to find somebody “God-fearing” in the music industry? It depends. Even with my situation, me getting a chance to make it [in the music industry], you have to put God first. That’s what definitely opened the doors for me, so it’s not too hard. You’re living almost on the edge with different things so you’ve gotta find that one fine line. The only fine line I could see is to put him first. It sounds like you’re pretty spiritual. How do you justify that with making strip club songs? Ain’t no justification in it at all. The type of cake we’re tryin’ to get every day, it ain’t regular. So it’ s just a blessing to wake up and be breathing. I just take advantage of it. At the end of the day it’s up to him to judge me, so I don’t look at what anybody else thinks. If a girl called in to Groupie Confessions with a story about you, what do you think she’d say? A Groupie Confession? (laughs) I don’t think it’s gonna be no Groupie Confessions about me. It’s all good if they make up a story though. It’s better to be talked about then not talked about. That means I’m doing something right. Do you get a lot of sexy text messages or naked pictures sent to you? Oh, most definitely, on Myspace. You can go to my page and see all types of messages. Some girls send a picture of themselves naked and I have to take it down before Myspace shuts down my account. If your girl told you she had a girlfriend, how would you react? If I found out later? That’s already done, you know? If she’s got a girlfriend, it is what it is. I don’t look forward to that, I mean, that ain’t my thing. Are you talkative during sex? It just depends on the situation. It’s a spur of the moment type thing. With all the controversy about Hip Hop music, do you agree with the critics who say it’s degrading to women? Do you think the criticism of Hip Hop when it comes to sex is justified or not? Truthfully, I believe it starts in your own household. I grew up around all types of shit but I made my own choices. I don’t think Hip Hop has an influence on everything you do. I think it starts in your home. Everything gets blamed on Hip Hop because it’s a major business. You turn on your TV and there’s Cadillac commercials with Hip Hop, beer commercials, everything is

Hip Hop. It’s a business that involves a lot of money so everybody just tries to attack it. Can you tell us a little about your album? It comes out the top of the year and it’s called Mail on Sundays. The first single was “Birthday,” produced by The Runners. Then we put out the “Low” record, produced by Montay out of Atlanta. The Designated Hitters did a song for me called “Jealous” that’s on the Entourage soundtrack. Jazze Pha and Cool & Dre did tracks for me also. I’ve got a song with Trey Songz called “Freaky” that’s gonna be the next single. It’s gonna be crazy and you’ve gotta let ‘em know about that in the sex issue. Ricky Ross is on there, Brisco – that’s Cash Money/Poe Boy’s artist – and I’m looking forward to putting a young lady on one of these songs. I have to keep the lovey-dovey type thing going on. Should people expect your album to sound like a typical Miami rap album, or what’s the overall vibe? Well, I got a chance to go to college. I lived in Vegas for a couple years and I lived in Cali for three years. So my sound is more universal, not just the local Miami sound. I have a lot of influences from those areas. Trying to be a big artist and trying to make a classic album, I feel like you need to have a sound that everyone can adapt to. I’m a fan of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, 50 Cent, and even other genres of music. I listen to Shirley Murdoch, Marvin Gaye, JImi Hendrix – all those people are my influences. So you could look for a gumbo of everything, but still on the urban tip. The “Low” single, everybody’s loving that right now. I was doing a radio interview in Atlanta and this lady called in, like, “Flo, I love your song. I was riding in the car and I had my son with me. He’s 16 and I’m 45. I had to pull off to the side of the road; I was getting ‘Low’ on the side of the road.” So with that being said, everybody is in tune with the record, and when they get the album it’ll be something for everybody on there. Did the “Low” record solidify your deal with Atlantic? Nah, that’s the record we put out after I had the deal. The record called “Jealous” that’s on the Entourage soundtrack actually got me the deal. They just felt like it was very different, plus my physical appearance and my performances and everything. They were like, “You’re an all-around artist.” I had put out a mix CD called It’s A Done Deal prior to getting my deal, but when I really got the deal, I went and performed songs such as the “Jealous” song and a song called “Kool Aid” produced by my boy Tre of the Blind Boys out of Alabama and that’s what inked the deal. After the deal I did the “Low” record. Is your physique natural or do you have a heavy workout routine? I used to work out all the time but I think it’s my heritage. My dad has a lil’ physique. These days I hardly get a chance to work out that much because I’m always doing radio or shows, so I think it’s just the way my body is. I don’t really gain too much weight. Maybe before a show or something, I’ll do like a two-hour workout. How did your situation with Poe Boy come about? It’s a family situation. I’ve known E-Class through my sisters from back in the day, and I worked with my manager Freeze back when I had my 9-5 job. So off and on they would hear my records, and they’ve been trying to get me to come over there and do things with them. When the situation with Ross popped off, I was out in Cali. They were like, “You need to come down here. We’ve got A&Rs coming through the building.” I decided to just come down for a visit and wound up staying and getting a record deal with Atlantic. What was your 9-5 job? I had tons of jobs. That job in particular was at a t-shirt company. I was stocking everything; unloading trailers. Most rappers wouldn’t admit that they used to work a 9-5. What do you think about the perception that rappers have to be ex-gangsters or drug dealers? It’s so much you could talk about in this world. Everybody who’s doing this music, you have to be some type of actor at some point to pull it off. Or you could just do your everyday thing. I grew up in the projects, so I’ve seen killings, drug deals gone bad, all types of stuff. I’ve never been a victim of those situations but I definitely lived in them – S.W.A.T. teams on the roof, everything. Some days you couldn’t go to school cause it was so bad. But that ain’t something you have to necessarily talk about in order to be a rapper. You’ve got people like Common and Eminem who come from a different standpoint. Is there anything else you’d like to say? Hit me up at myspace.com/official flo or www.24hourhiphop.com or just look in the OZONE and check me out. I have a DVD mixtape out right now with Brisco called Money Right DVD and the Chronicles of Flo-Rida dropping this week. //







Words by julia beverly photo by ADAM HENDERSHOTT



he Nashville Nympho narrates the worst pussy he’s ever chased, sex on X, and his relationship with R&B songstress Monica.

If a girl called in to Groupie Confessions and said she’d had an experience with you, what do you think she’d say? (laughs) She’d say, “That nigga there fire. That nigga good than a muthafucker.” If a groupie had the chance to run into Young Buck, she ain’t gonna have nothing but good shit to say about me. What does it take for a groupie to get a chance to run into Young Buck? For one, she can’t let it be known that she’s a groupie. She might slide by if she’s an undercover groupie, but just a regular groupie that’s pushing in line to get at a nigga? It ain’t gonna happen. She damn sure gotta look good. She can’t want nothing from a nigga, and she’s gotta take care of herself. What’s the difference between an undercover groupie and a regular groupie? Some groupies are straight up, the type that’s pushin’ in line and basically pressin’ the issue of gettin’ with you. The undercover will be more on the sly, until you get their ass in the bedroom and then the groupie comes out of her. But most niggas are gonna accomplish what they wanted to accomplish by the time the undercover groupie comes out of her, and then it’s like, “Bitch, be gone. You a groupie.” It’s what she does that makes you determine if her approach is on some groupie shit. I consider “groupie shit” like, pressing the issue to get with a nigga. If she’s pressing to get an autograph signed, I wouldn’t consider them a groupie. But if it’s a muthafucker that you really don’t know that’s pressing the issue of fuckin’ you, they’d be looked upon as a groupie. So if someone comes at you too aggressive, you don’t like that? That’s a slight sign of a groupie. I’m probably not the only nigga in her life that she feels that way about, wouldn’t you think? If she approaches me like that, then what would you think she’s after? Being on the road with G-Unit I’m sure you’ve came across some crazy groupies. What’s the craziest thing a female has said or done to get at you? I had a female that I really wasn’t trippin’ on fuckin’ with her and when I woke up, shawty had camped out in front of my hotel room door. I walked out gettin’ ready to check out and I damn near stepped on her head. (laughs) Sleepin’ by the gotdamn door. When we were overseas there was one girl and we wouldn’t let her on the bus so she threw a fuckin’ cold drink, a canned cold drink that hadn’t been opened yet, and that shit busted the window open. We had to go through the whole tour with the front window busted open. I done had my share of groupie experiences. You’ve been linked to Monica and a few other celebrity females. Are there any other celebrity relationships you’d care to speak on, or any celebrity women you’ve got your eye on? Monica was the only [celebrity] relationship that I enjoyed. Anything else you heard about, it really wasn’t ‘bout nothing. Probably just something that happened or it was good for the time being for whoever it may have been with. But, at the end of the day, Monica was the only relationship I enjoyed. It was something that was real. Even today, we ain’t really have no reason not to fuck with each other. As far as anybody I’m lookin’ out for, I ain’t lookin’ for love. I’m kinda like married to the money at this point; I’ve got so many different things going on business-wise. I have my own label, my own clothing deal, my own watch, and shit like that. I’m really focused on tryin’ to get it. It’s a popular trend now for females to write books about the celebrities they’ve slept with, like Superhead. How do you feel about that – do you think they’re doing what they gotta do, or snitching? Shit, at the end of the day, females are gonna be females and niggas are gonna be niggas. In that situation, I guess if a muthafucker was speaking on my name and it’s the truth, hey, do what you do. But if it’s something false, you’ve gotta think about the other people involved. If a person is speaking the truth you should feel good about what you’re doing, if that’s the route you choose to take. Sometimes a muthafucker can be so fucked up in the situation and forget that a lot of the individuals they speak on and tell lies about have families and a life just like them. So try to keep the shit as real as possible, that’s what I’m sayin’. As far as the Superhead girl, at the end of the day, I don’t really recall bein’ with shawty but she put it down for me in the book so it sounded like I might have done ran into her. (laughs) You were in Superhead’s book? I don’t remember that part. She said Buck had the best dick she ever had in her life. That’s what she said about me.

So how does Young Buck like to fuck? I don’t like to do too much work. I like the shawty to get on top and ride that dick. Then, I’ll turn that ass around and hit it from the back. Have you had any bad sex experiences? I had a gal that I had really, really wanted to fuck with, and then once I did get that pussy – or was ‘bout to get the pussy – man, that shit was stankin’! I was like, gotdamn, man, a nigga went through all this to get to some gotdamn stankin’-ass pussy? Y’know, it really wasn’t worth it. That type of shit right there is the shit that made a nigga stop bein’ a fuckin’ player. Did you hit it anyway? Man, hell naw. What kind of question is that? I told her ass to jump in the shower, and while she took a shower, I left. Like a real G. She shoulda washed that muthafucker in the first place. Do you put on your own music during sex or what kind of music would you put on to set the mood? Whatever’s goin’ down for the moment. If the TV’s on, I’ll listen to the TV. If the music is on, I listen to the music. I don’t have to have anything on to get in the mood. When it’s goin’ down I’m focused on the pussy, and I ain’t really focused on nothing outside of that. I’m focused on gettin’ mine and makin’ sure she gets hers. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? I got some head in the movie theater; that was some gangsta shit. You can get head while you’re in the drop-top Chevy and that’s a feeling that’s out of this world. Gettin’ chewed up with the top dropped, that’s a real good feeling. Do you get a lot of sexy text messages or naked pictures sent to your phone or Myspace? I get my share of bullshit, I don’t know. Probably no more than you get. Have you ever tried ecstacy during sex? I done experienced it, yeah. I don’t need it to do what I gotta do, but I done experienced it. I ain’t do nothin’ but grind my fuckin’ teeth all night. It made me grind my teeth all night, but I ain’t even gonna lie, it do make you tear the pussy up too though. The X do work. What’s the longest you would wait to get some pussy from a female you were dating or talking to? It ain’t no time limit on it, straight up and down. It’s just about what I want or what fits me. I’d respect her more if I didn’t just get it off top. So if you hit it the first night would you still kick it with her after that? Depends on what she’s about, who she is, what she’s got going for herself, what her ambition is, the looks, it depends on the whole thing. If your girl told you she had a girlfriend, what would be your reaction? I’d be madder than a muthafucker with her cause she ain’t brought me in the middle of that shit yet. I’d be like, “Why the fuck you ain’t let me know this shit a long time ago? Call her and tell her to get her ass over here and let’s go hard.” (laughs) What if you found out a girl you were dating was actually married? Would you still mess with her? I mean, shit. It depends on how much I’m feeling her. If I’m really feelin’ her it wouldn’t stop it. Eventually the divorce part would come, but if I was really feelin’ her I wouldn’t let that be a reason for me not to fuck with her. My morals are different. I ain’t the one to go to war behind a female, and I feel like a female shouldn’t go to war behind a man. To each his own. If it’s meant to be then it’s gon’ be and if it ain’t, then it won’t. Are you talkative in the bedroom? I might tell you I love you when I’m up inside you, baby. It depends on how good the pussy is. If the pussy ain’t good I ain’t gonna say shit, but if it’s good I might tell you I’ma give you the world. Can you think of anything crazy a female has said to you during sex? I had a female scream out her old man’s name, straight up and down. I done had a few things happen. A female damn near choked herself, damn near threw up on the dick one time. Do you get tested regularly? You damn right. You’ve got to, man. I’m a strong believer in practicing safe sex, and if I had to recommend a condom, it would be the Magnums. For me they fit very good. I ain’t had too many of them shits pop on me. Safe sex, keep yourself tested, and take care of your kids. //



he reality TV star turned business and fashion mogul salaciously speaks on squirting, rough sex, and how a woman can cum in 40 seconds.

First question I’ve gotta ask: Did you and Flavor Flav ever have sex? He and I never had penetrating intercourse, but yet he still kept me satisfied. He knows how to touch you in all the right places without having sex with you. He’s pretty good. He’s got 7 kids, so he gotta be doing something right. After your situation with Flav ended, what kind of guys did you get with? There was one guy that I was dating on a serious level and he was an aggressor, he was a little intimidating to me at first. Are guys more intimated by you now that you’re famous? Are they more intimated? No, not really, I think men actually have more balls to come up to me now. They’re like, “If you’ll get with Flav, I know you’ll give me an opportunity.” What are best at you sexually? My strong point is the art of seduction. It’s all in the foreplay. I’m a giver, so I make a man feel like he’s king, and I’m his sexual queen. I give and give until it feels like he can’t receive any more. How did you seduce Flav? I think I seduced Flav - believe it or not — with my shyness. I was kind of intimidated by him initially because he was older. Flav now is 48, he has several children, and he’s so confident. As much as he is discredited when it comes to the looks department, he carries himself with a manner of confidence that is somewhat intimidating. I wasn’t able to fully seduce him initially, but later as we got into our relationship and we got more comfortable around each other, I was able to seduce him with my kisses. What’s the fastest a man has ever made you cum? I think it was maybe a record 40 seconds. I was fresh out of the shower and he had decided to give me a little oral sex right there with the towel still wrapped around me, and I had never had an orgasm from oral sex, so it was amazing. And it was amazingly quick. I have never even had sex with the guy; he’s not even somebody I should have even been in that type of situation with because we we’re really good friends. But that experience was amazing. If you had to describe the worst sex you’ve ever had, what would it be? The worst sex I had was my first. I was very inexperienced. And you’re thinking about your morals, like “Am I supposed to be having sex? I’m not married.” You don’t know if you’re satisfying him, or if he’s even doing it right because it was painful. He wasn’t a grown enough man to recognize that a woman needs to be treated delicately, at least for her first time. Once you know each others bodies, you can get into the rough stuff, but as a virgin? Naw. He ain’t do it right. What’s the roughest thing you’ve ever done? I’d have to say sex with my industry boyfriend, which was my boyfriend right after Flav. He’s a rapper. He’s the roughest, most aggressive person I’ve ever been with. He is not to be messed with if you are the faint of heart. Is he a new rapper, or a big time rapper? No, he’s a big time rapper, he’s from New York. He’s a legend. He’s a beautiful man, inside and out. And he’s aggressive inside and out. We have a section in our magazine called Groupie Confessions, so if a guy called in with a Groupie Confession about you, what would he say? Um…he would say that Deelishis squirts. He’d probably confess that I’m a giver, and that I was a squirter. Most men like to lay back and watch me masturbate just so they can watch it all squirt out. Wow! If you could invent a sex toy, what would it do? If I could invent a sex toy, it would be a moaner. I’ve seen ever other sex toy you can imagine, but I’ve never seen a toy that just makes the noise so you don’t have to. Guys are turned on by your noises and verbal response, but sometimes you wanna just give it to him and let him give it to you and not say anything or make any noises. So, if you had that little sex toy that made the moans for you, that would be cool. Plus, it could be for women who would like to be real exotic and speak other languages. You could just buy a tape recorder and record yourself moaning and then play back the tape the next time you have sex. Yeah, but how would I be able to speak a different language then? Ju parle vu Francias?


No se’. I mean, you could read a French book and then record yourself speaking and moaning. I have an extra tape recorder you can use. Okay. [Laughs] Yeah, that’s probably what I should do. It could be called “Foreign Language Moan Tones.” Have you gotten any strange requests sexually? Yeah, I got a strange request: A man asked me to have a threesome. It’s not strange. I guess, but it’s just something that I had to decline. I’m not the type to say “never,” but on that one, at this time in my life I can’t see it happening. I’m a little selfish with that. If you could change one part of your body what would it be? If I could change one part of my body I would change my nose. And I know that sounds so, so, so superficial, but my nose is so... African. I know I’m probably gonna get chewed out by some black activists about that, but it’s my opinion and I’m my own worst critic. My nose is the one thing I would change. It looks like a little car, with the hood, and the two front wheels are the nostrils. Do you have any nicknames for your, um… Yes, I call my girlfriend down below my black strawberry, because she’s sweet and she’s rare. Strawberries only grow a certain time of the year, and you have to get the right one for it to be juicy and ripe. You’ve probably never seen a black strawberry, because that’s the rarest of the rare, and that’s what I feel about my personal girlfriend down there. So does it taste like strawberries? Oh my goodness! (laughs) Yes. I’ve been kissed after a guy has been down there and I would have to say, yes, it tastes like strawberries. (laughs) I interviewed a porn star last week who told me that she puts Starbursts and Lifesavers up inside of her to it taste like candy. Have you ever done that? Naw, I haven’t gone that far, but I heard that depending on what you eat prior to sex, it can kind of alter the way you taste. I like to have my foreplay include fruits, and berries, and whip creams and stuff like that so that it adds to the flavor once they go down there. So you taste… Deelishis? Yeah. (laughs) //

Words by Eric Perrin



r. Wipe Me Down has no issues with street gossip when it comes to his music, but when it comes to hooking up with groupies and married women, he keeps it on the low. How old were you the first time you had sex? Man, I was like 17. Naw, I was 15, and I skipped school that day. I was a virgin; she wasn’t. If someone had a groupie confession about you, what would they say? She would say I’m real down to earth. (laughs) How you would react if your girl told you she had a girlfriend? If my girl told me she had a girlfriend, really I don’t even know. A lot of dudes be saying they wouldn’t mind that, but if you really feeling somebody, that’s just like her messing with another dude. I feel like what’s mines is mines. If a chick wanted to fuck to some music, what CD would you pop on? Shit, if she wanted to have sex to some music I could throw on MC Hammer, it wouldn’t even matter. It don’t even have to be slow. I ain’t listening to the music anyway.

negatively influences younger kids? I don’t think it influences kids cause I think about myself and the way my mom and daddy raised me. I got sense enough to listen to a song and not do what that song says. If your child listens to a song and goes and does what that song says, that’s your fault. That’s the parent’s fault. If you got that big of a problem with it, you shouldn’t have let them listen to it in the first place. If I make a song right now called “Go Jump Off A Damn Bridge” and they go do it, is that my fault? They’re [blaming everything] on Hip Hop music, [but] they’re saying and doing even worse shit in the movies. You can go to the movies and see some crazy shit. You can’t just blame music cause ain’t no rapper telling people to do it. When you listen to a full rap song, maybe [the rapper is] telling the truth but nine times out of ten he ain’t. But he’s sitting there talking about what he did or what he do. It ain’t no rap song that say “go do this” or “go do that.” //

Words By Cierra Middlebrooks Photo by King Yella


What’s your all-time favorite sex related rap lyric? I like Plies when he say, “Bet if I suck on that pussy that it will get you wet” cause all the females like it. They be getting off on that shit right there. What’s the craziest thing a girl ever said to you while you were hitting it? Man, I was having sex with this one chick a long, long, long, time ago. It was during the middle of sex and she was just like, “My grandma died last week.” Just in the middle of sex she told me her grandmother died. Now I got this old ass woman in my head. (laughs) Man, that had to be the craziest shit ever. When you’re out doing shows are you turned on or off by aggressive/groupie type girls? I’m turned off by that shit cause I understand where all this comes from, and it’s coming cause of who I am. If they ain’t know who the fuck I was, or if I wasn’t on stage, or on TV or whatever, the muthafuckers probably wouldn’t look twice at me. They just be looking for the man that’s on the stage. I understand that, so that shit really turns me off. It don’t turn me on at all. I’m trying to get that money. I’m trying to get the other half of that deposit. I knock out shows and the next day I’m back with my family and my kids. If you knew a girl would one day write a book about what y’all did behind closed doors, would that turn you on or off? You talking about that Superhead shit? Man, I wouldn’t even speak to a woman like that. That shit is just unnecessary. If you found out a girl you were messing with was married, would you continue or stop? Would I stop or will I continue? Shit, it ain’t no reason to stop. It ain’t my old lady, so it ain’t like it’s gone be serious. So shit, it ain’t no need to stop. I feel like you should have been honest from the beginning cause you know you ain’t gone be my old lady, so it ain’t no sense of lying to me. So it ain’t no sense of stopping. What’s the longest you would wait for some pussy if you were dating a female that hadn’t given it to you yet? If it’s somebody I’m really feeling I would say a couple days. I feel like it’s gone happen eventually. Ain’t no sense of beating around the bush. If you fuck a girl the first time you meet her, do you have any respect for her afterwards? Yeah, I got the same amount of respect for a female that have sex with me the first day I meet her as a female that waits to have sex with me for a year. What’s the difference? When you met me you knew we were gone do it eventually, so what’s the difference in the time period? We still did it. I feel like a female knows what she wants. I don’t even use the word groupie, it’s just you know what you want. Shit, if I meet Vivica Fox I’m gonna try and have sex with her. Does that make me a groupie? Situations like that are more acceptable for men than for women. Yeah, that’s exactly why I don’t even use the word “groupie,” cause I don’t look at it like that. Do you think Hip Hop music accurately portrays sex or do you think it



Ray J

randi’s kid brother has never been as innocent as his baby face might have led fans to believe. After getting rave reviews in Superhead’s first book and cashing in millions off his sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, the 26-year-old R&B singer turned porn star prepares for a slew of new business ventures.


Is your goal at this point to be known more as an R&B singer or a porn star? I just want to be known as an entertainer. My passion and my love for anything I do is just for the art of it and the entertainment of it. I ain’t gonna be no porn star, but pimpin’ ain’t dead and we’re just out here having fun. I want people to capture the fun of it; the realness of life and the young people coming up. I wanna showcase that in its rawest forms. Didn’t the company that put out your sex tape with Kim Kardashian offer you a deal to do a couple more? Yeah, yeah. I don’t know. There’s so much money on the table and sometimes when the offers get real high you’ve gotta think about it twice. So it’s still up for grabs. There’s so many opportunities in that business to make money with different products and merchandising, so you’ve gotta rethink it sometimes and figure out how you can brand it in a way where you can stay in the commercial lane and still cross over into [the adult industry] and make millions and millions of dollars for your company. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Your porn ventures have prevented you from doing other things music-wise? A lot of the commercial opportunities are limited now, but a lot more opportunities in different areas are more open now. I’m just growing up and really living my life. I never wanted to candy-coat nothing in my life. I always wanted to be honest. Now that it’s on blast, I’m not gonna turn around and play the victim. I’ma put it out there in a major way to let people know how real my life is. I think a lot of people can relate to it. If I can just be honest and be me, I think everything else is gonna fall into place. Was the Ray J/Kim sex tape something you planned? It came out on its own through a company called Vivid. I’m cool with them now because we made a lot of money together. After shit hit the fan, we just tried to figure out how we could all make money and just let this shit die out. It was about making sure we saw some kinda profit from it, cause the shit just got too big. It was out of the control; the fuckin’ tape was everywhere. We had to make sure we put some money in our pockets from that. So it wasn’t something you’d intended to release to the public? Nah! My intent was to tape it with her. That was for my eyes to see. Is that a frequent hobby of yours? Nah! Nah! I just shot ‘em with her. I don’t really have like a library of sex tapes or anything. (laughs) How much did you make off the sex tape? It’s a million dollar business. I made more money in 2007 then I’ve made in my whole career, and it’s only gonna get better because I’ve got my head on straight. I’m not out wild’n and takin’ it for granted. I’m focused. I’m putting my team in play. I’m really gonna strategically try to keep elevating and taking it to another level business-wise, so I can’t wait to see what happens. You’ve been linked to Lil Kim, Whitney Houston, a lot of celebrity females. Whatever the public sees, they create their own stories from it. I’ve just got friends in my life that go out with me and have a good time. So that’s all it is, and people just create whatever they wanna create on top of that. I heard you have a book coming out about all the women you’ve slept with. Nah, that ain’t true. That’s some snitching shit. That’s not what my book is about. My book is about my life in growing up. It’s about drugs and abortion and relationships gone bad and violence and gangbangin’ and cheating. That’s what the book is about, not about who I slept with and who I deal with in my personal life. It’s really just talking about the past and shit that young people go through in life but never really get a chance to express themselves. I’m just putting it on the table and maybe it’ll help somebody. Maybe they’ll see something about themselves that they can change, just like I’m doing. The internet rumor said that the book is called “Sex Machine” and you’re talking about the 1,100 women you’ve slept with. Every week somebody’s making up something about me that’s totally inaccurate, and it confuses me because I wonder where they’re getting this stuff from. They’re not getting it from me or my publicist or the people that work with me, so I don’t understand who comes up with these crazy stories. You’re working on a new album too, right? Yeah, the album is called Rated R and it’ll be out in March or April. My new R&B music is way to the left. It’s marketed for the streets and for all the women out there too. It’s not just catered towards women; it’s catered towards everybody that likes to go to the strip club, get drunk, smoke, and have a good time. That’s what this album is all about. This time, I’m gonna be in the deep trenches of the ghetto and I’m gonna be on the other side in the crossover market. I’m trying to touch everybody with this music. That’s my mission. The book will be out around then also. I’m almost finished writing it.

Isn’t it kind of weird to be writing an autobiography when you’re only 26? I’m trying to do everything I can do to better my brand and just keep the company going up as far as financially and successfully overall. So whether it’s writing a book or putting out two or three albums or doing movies or whatever, if the money’s long, we’re gonna entertain it. Superhead gave you a good review in her first book. It is what it is. I don’t really even pay attention to it. I just do me. I didn’t read the whole book cause I wasn’t really interested but as far as my chapter, yeah, I checked it out. Did you feel like it was an accurate description of your relationship or exaggerated to sell books? It’s all entertainment. That’s how I’ma leave that. It’s all entertainment. What’s going on with you and Whitney Houston? She’s working on her album right now. That’s all I know. She’s focused on her album and I’m focused on mine, so we haven’t got a chance to spend a lot of time together. Are there any other celebrities you’re planning to make a sex tape with? Nah, I don’t plan to make a sex tape with nobody else, but it’s a whole lot of women that I would tape if I had the chance. I don’t wanna say no names. It might mess it up for me. What do you think of the controversy around Hip Hop music, the critics who say that the lyrics and videos are disrespectful towards women? It could only be disrespectful if the women didn’t want to do it. We’re not making them do it. If everybody is all on the same page, that’s not disrespectful. This is America. If it’s a free country and we can say what we want and do what we want – freedom of speech – then why are people trippin’ about what we’re sayin’? Just don’t listen to it. I listen to Hip Hop every day. I love it, and I love gospel music too. I go to church and I still go to the strip club. It’s nothing wrong with that. Just be yourself and be honest about your relationship with God. Live your life and have fun. Do you have any advice for our readers when it comes to safe sex? Safe sex is the most important thing. I’m in discussions with a few condom companies to do big things promoting safe sex, so I’m definitely gonna be on the panel for safe sex in 2008 and I’m gonna be one of the faces out there promoting it. I’m looking forward to getting that message out to all the youth and to all the adults. It’s really real out there and you’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to strap up. So you’ve got porn companies and condom companies fighting over you. Where did you get the hustler’s mentality from? It’s just my hobby. I’ve been independent for like four years with my own company Knock Out. We do features with niggas in the hood for $10k, $5k, all kinds of different numbers. We vibe with everybody, and that’s my hustle game. I try to touch everybody in every market, and once people can really feel my vibe and get to know me, they’ll understand my passion for being successful as an artist and somebody that can keep you entertained. That’s what I wanna do. I just wanna keep entertaining the world. I think 2007 proved that Ray J can really shake the whole industry up with entertainment without even singing a song, so in 2008 it’s gonna be triple that. Any other hustles you want to plug? I got this mixtape coming out called DJ Kay Slay presents Ray J Uncut. That shit is so graphic and so real and so X-rated that I think it’s gonna cross over into some other shit as far as my fans. I got a song on there called “No Porno Shit” and we’re shooting an uncut video for it. It’s gonna be crazy, uncut, just nasty; a lot of cameos, a lot of naked women. If y’all love looking at naked women and niggas getting drunk, having a good time on a yacht and a mansion, then this is for y’all. I’m doing two more with Jimmy Henchmen and Czar Entertainment. I got a single coming out with Yung Berg through my label Knock Out and Koch, and I just did a deal with Shaquille O’Neal last week. Is there anything else you’d like to say for the sex issue? This is for the sex issue? What did I say that was about sex? You were just asking me stuff about Whitney and [Lil] Kim. That ain’t about sex. (laughs) I thought you were gonna ask me some nasty stuff. I thought you were gonna ask me some stuff that was graphic, sexually. I was really gonna get into it, you know? This was like a Teen People interview. Okay, fine. Do you like to eat pussy? Yeah. Hell yeah! You’ve gotta see the tape. I was doing it on there. See? You want me to ask you graphic questions but then you don’t wanna answer them. OZONE MAG // 69

Well, I’m not no pussy-eater, but I eat pussy when I like a girl and she’s hella fine. Can you give some advice to men reading who don’t know how to eat pussy? What’s your technique? I don’t suggest men should eat pussy. I don’t condone it, but I do it because I’m a freak. I’m not gonna tell the next man to eat coochie because that’s just not a safe thing to be eating everybody’s coochie. Do you have a favorite sex experience that you can think of? I like two celebrity women at the same time, lovin’ each other and then lovin’ me. I love that. That’s a rush. It’s crazy. I’m not saying that I’ve had that happen before, and I’m not saying that I didn’t have it happen, but that shit is off the chain. Have you had any bad sex experiences? Nah, because at this point in my life, I got used to the bloody situations that happen in sex. I’m immune to that now, so I don’t look at that as a bad experience no more. Niggas know what I’m talking about. If you still wanna go hard, you gonna go hard anyway. Niggas are gonna put out a towel and just lay it all out. Have you ever eaten a girl out when she was on her period? Hell no. No. NO! That shit is nasty. Was that question graphic enough for you? I don’t think Teen People would ask you that. When you asked me if I like to eat pussy, you kinda represented off just that one question. But as far as girls being on their period, I mean, that’s a natural thing for women. Women always go through that and it ain’t nothing that they should hide from or a subject I’m afraid to talk about. That’s why I touch on that on the mixtape too. (singing) “Here’s a little bit of weed and a little bit of E and stuff / Make sure you don’t bleed and stuff / Make sure it’s not your bloody week, you slut.” What advice would you give a female who wants to give you some really good head? She should use both hands and a whole lot of spit, and she should be passionate about it. No teeth, no biting. When you put it in her mouth, it should just feel like a glove; a real soggy glove. And then you fill it all up and she swallows it all. If she does that, then she’s the one. If she swallows, she’s the one? She’s the one for the night. (laughs) If she gives it up on the first night, do you still respect her? I love her. (laughs) Of course, because she was honest with herself. She wanted to give me some on the first night, and she did that. I respect that. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? On a private jet. It’s easy to do it because it’s just you, your girl, and the pilot. You just close the curtain and they don’t even bother you. The one that we go on, they don’t even have a stewardess on it, so she doesn’t even have to bother us. What’s the most number of women you’ve been with at one time? The largest number was like 13 women at one time. (laughs) Naw, I’m just playin’. I’ve been with three women at one time; not a lot, you know. I’m not a major whore. You’re not a major whore? Just a minor whore? Yeah, I’m in the minor leagues of whoring. But I don’t know. I turn it off and on. Sometimes I’m not a whore at all. It just depends on the time and where I’m at in life and what I’m in the mood for. Have you ever slept in the wet spot? Shit, I’ve fell asleep in the wet spot. I’ve fell asleep in blood. I don’t give a fuck. When I’m tired, I’ma go to sleep. Have you ever measured your dick? Nah. I ain’t never measured it but I get a lot of people that want to. It is what it is. Just take it how it is, baby. Take that, take that. (laughing) Is there a difference between different races of women in bed? Ooooh, yes. Spanish women are just so wet, like, for real. Spanish women are just juicy. It’s crazy. The difference between black women and white women is that the black women are black and the white women are white. At the end of the day, every girl has a different moan and a different scream. Everybody’s different. 70 // OZONE MAG

What’s the freakiest thing a girl has said to you during sex? Aw, man, I could get so graphic with this one. I’ma stay on the outer surface with it and just go with something like, “I want you to cum all over my face,” you know, stuff like that. I could get more graphic but I don’t wanna take people into that world. They’ve just gotta hear the mixtape. If your phone rings during sex, do you answer? If it’s a girl I wanna talk to. What position are you most skilled at in the bedroom? I’m pretty cool with everything. I know how to put in work from all angles. I like having sex from the front; stickin’ it in and having her titties on my chest so I can look at her and grab her and suck on her titties and cum and still be connected. It’s just relaxing like that. What do you think about when you jack off? I think about girls that I’m with, and sometimes I think about being with both of ‘em at the same time. Especially girls that I know it couldn’t happen – I think about both of ‘em together and with me and it just trips me out because I know it’s probably impossible. I could probably strategically make it happen some kinda way, but it just takes time. Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? Nope. Not really. But you still get older, though, and you learn new things every day. How old were you when you lost your virginity? I can’t say that because it’s in the book, and it’s really crazy how it all happened. It’s fucked up how it happened to me; it’s deep as fuck. It’s gonna wake a lot of people up and take a lot of young men and young women back into their past. Every time somebody reads this first chapter, 50% of them can relate to it because that shit has happened to them in some form or fashion. Are you into anal sex? Am I into doing a girl in the butt? Fa sho’! If I like her. Do you prefer it shaved or not? Of course. If it ain’t shaved, I’ve gotta take my mind back into the 70s and the 80s but I don’t really like to go back that far. I like to just think about the new times. In 2008, shaved pussy is what it is. Do you listen to music during sex to set the mood? Nah, I usually just turn on the camera. (laughs) Nah, I’m just fucking with you. I’m done with shooting tapes and stuff like that. I’ve moved on to new ventures of fun. Have you ever paid for sex? Honestly, nah, but my homies have though. (laughs) They paid for me, but it never came out of my account. Just the thought of the homies payin’ or the money being paid to bust a nut is just absolutely crazy. But it’s cool because it’s a business and I respect anybody that’s gettin’ their money, but not on me, though. I feel like I should be charging for the work I put in. If I’m doing you and you’re doing me, then it’s equal. It’s a trade. What’s the best gift a woman has given you for sex? The best gift for me is not really material things. It’s the mind. Once I know that my mind and her mind is connected forever, no matter who you’re with, it’s like I’ve still got your mind and you’ve still got my mind. Then I feel comfortable. That’s the gift. You sound like a pimp. I mean, ya know? It ain’t dead, and it never will be. I’m gonna keep it alive. //



he Street Love singer speaks on Superhead, Reverend Run’s daughters, and why he just might need a bigger bed.



hat’s your status right now with the ladies? I’ve had the chance to meet some very incredible and attractive females since I’ve been in the game. Some friends I’d rather not mention, but for the most part I am single. I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. I don’t really like to look for love; I just like to see what comes. I’m not really good with game. My mom always told me that I didn’t have any game, so I guess my game is that I just try to be myself as much as I can and not try to be somebody I’m not just to impress her. A lot of times if I want to approach a girl I just kinda have a conversation with her, like, “How are you doing?” or, “I was wondering if I could call you sometime?” I don’t really have game or say stuff like, “Baby, you so fine,” and all that. (laughs)

way more cool and attractive to me than a slut on the corner. Maybe that’s just me. I heard a little rumor about you and one of Reverend Run’s daughters. Is there any truth to that? They’re both good friends of mine and hopefully if you asked them the same question, they’d say the same thing about me. Have you had any bad sexual experiences? A bad sex experience for me was when her father walked in the room. I was younger back then. But my worst experience was drinking Patron for the first time and passing out on a girl. I blew it that night. I never saw her again.

Being in the music business, I’m sure you have women come at you and groupies and such. Are you turned off by aggressive women? I don’t think that a girl is a groupie just because she likes me. The whole reason I make music is because I want people to like me, so I think it’s kinda funny when people say, “Aw, man, don’t mess with her, she’s a groupie.” She might just really like my music, and I can dig that. I don’t really like it to be easy, if that’s what you’re asking. I really enjoy the chase. I think making the guy wait sometimes can be even more exciting. Sometimes if I’ve been with a girl, I didn’t quite feel the same after having sex with her.

We have a section of the magazine called Groupie Confessions – Yeah, one Groupie Confessions was the funniest thing I’ve ever read, word to my moms and word to Irv Gotti. It was hilarious. My homie Weezy said that when he’s spending some quality time alone with his girls, he said something about playing my music. It was something like that, maybe you asked [the girl] if he was listening to his own music while he was having sex with her and she said no, he was playing Lloyd. (laughs) I thought that was the coolest.

What’s the longest you would wait to have sex with a female you were dating? It really wouldn’t matter. I don’t think that it’s just me having to wait, I think it’s also her having to wait. I think the temptation is on both sides. But I also think that if she wanted to wait longer than I’ve ever had to wait, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

So if a girl called in to Groupie Confessions and said she had an experience with Lloyd, what do you think she would say? I don’t think she would tell. I think any girl I’ve been with is too classy to speak. But then again, I don’t think a lot of people thought that Superhead would speak. But, I mean, Superhead’s a freak.

At what point would you feel like she was just leading you on? The point where I feel her actions are no longer genuine. But actually, I’m kind of a flirt myself, so maybe I’m the one leading her on. I can’t really be mad at that.

Superhead mentioned Ja Rule and Irv Gotti in her book, and I’m sure since you’re involved with them musically, you saw what that situation did to their personal lives and how it affected their families. Actually, I did have a very firsthand experience, and the cool thing about being there through all of that was that I got to see how much of a family those guys really have to stick by their side through something like that. They try not to let anything break them apart, and I really think that’s something a lot of people need. There’s so many broken homes, and I just think of the kids that come out of that kind of stuff. Superhead did what she had to do, in a sense, so I’m not mad at her, but I just think that if that was her only way out, I feel sad for her.

It’s a lot of controversy surrounding Hip Hop music these days and people talking about certain words being censored. The essence of Hip Hop music is that it’s raw, uncut, and uncensored. That’s what’s so exciting about it. Rock music isn’t censored, it’s raw and aggressive. In the urban community, Hip Hop is our rock [music] and R&B is melodic and soothing. I think you have to have a balance. I think if music get censored, I probably would end up listening to more music that wasn’t censored back in the day. The problem is that we don’t have a lot of leaders anymore, so we do look to music to give us more black leaders. I think the message of the music just has to say something else. Maybe instead of saying “freak me baby” or “slide down the pole and touch your toes” maybe I could say something about her realizing her value and loving herself a little more, especially in a generation where there’s more teenage pregnancies by girls younger and younger, and more single families. Relationships really don’t last that much anymore so I guess in my music I just try to pace it whereas I’m kinda teaching the girls to really love themselves first and foremost.

Would you put any of the blame on Ja or Irv for the stress they caused their families? It can’t all be Superhead’s fault, can it? Nobody’s perfect, but just because you’re not perfect doesn’t mean you’re not a great person. So in their defense, even though they’re not perfect, I don’t think they are to blame for who she is. If you’re gonna ruin your life, you don’t have to ruin everyone’s life along with yours, you know what I mean? It’s like you’re bringing everybody down with you. So naw, I wouldn’t blame them for anything. I don’t think they were in the wrong. We’ve all fallen victim to temptation once or twice in our lives.

Do you think self-esteem is the solution to the problems you mentioned? I think that’s what’s most attractive to me, a girl who knows who she is and exactly what she’s all about and what she likes in a guy. I think self-assurance is the most attractive thing in the world, so when you say a girl is “leading me on,” it’s almost like the chase, the cat and mouse game. Maybe she knows I want it and she knows she wants to give it to me but she’s just building anticipation, and I think that’s sexy.

Have you sent or received any sexy text messages or naked camera phone pictures? Well, no. I try to stay away from photography. I like to keep my business on the low.

What’s your opinion on Superhead and the recent trend of women writing tell-all books? I just think about how it would be if I was her son and my mom was Superhead. (laughs) If I grew up as her son listening to Hip Hop, because that’s what’s so popular these days, and of course I know who all my favorite rappers are and I’m really big fans of theirs but how big of a fan can I be if I know that my mom sucked this guy’s dick? You know? It’s just weird. So I don’t know what I think about it. I think a lot of people don’t look at it from [the child’s] perspective. Maybe I’m lame for thinking of it that way. Maybe I should say, “If I met her, I’d get with her,” but that’s just not my thing. I don’t know. It’s like everybody had a turn. It just depends on what’s more attractive to you. In my opinion, on or off the record, I think you’re way more attractive of a woman than Superhead. The reason is because I know what you’ve been through and I know that you really are a hard working woman. It’s like my mom; she was far from perfect but a very hard worker. She went to college and became a pharmacist and always worked hard to try to provide for me and my six brothers and sisters. So to see another woman like you who owns her own magazine and is really affecting and changing Hip Hop culture and the future from here on out in journalism and everything else, I think that’s

(laughing) Um.. anyone else? Well, I think that with girls in the industry, their lives are publicized so much that it’s easy to kinda smear their good names, so I’d rather have a girl who wasn’t in the industry. Like Kanye said, “We like the girls that ain’t on TV cause they got more ass than the models.”

Are there any celebrity women you’d like to hook up with? I was actually wondering what you were doing later.

If you found your girl had a girlfriend, how would you react? I would get a bigger bed. What if you were dating a girl and found out she was married? I probably would have to call my friend Leon Phelps and ask him what he would do in a situation like that, and he would probably just have a glass of Courvoisier and be done with it. Do you have any advice for our readers when it comes to safe sex and getting tested? Please wrap it up! This is the sex issue, so wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up! // Words by Julia Beverly



eing signed to Young Money definitely has its advantages. Groupies offer Miami emcee Brisco head just to touch Lil Wayne’s dreads. Have you seen the ladies’ reaction towards you change now that you’ve got a record deal and a video on TV? It’s a little more groupie love. Yeah, it has changed since the video and everything else. They might be tryna get closer to Wayne. So you get a lot of Lil Wayne’s leftovers? Oh, yeah. Wayne’s leftovers, yeah, that’s a good name for it. What’s the craziest thing a female has said to you tryin’ to get at Lil Wayne? The craziest thing a groupie ever said to me was, “Baby, I’ll suck your dick if you just tell [Lil Wayne] I wanna feel his dreads.” She wanted to feel his hair and she said she’d give me some oral just to touch his hair. Wow. So did she get to touch his hair? Yeah, she got to touch his hair. (laughs) Do you prefer a situation where you have to chase down a female who catches your attention, or do you like the groupie love better where you can just have your pick? I like the challenge, but it’s all good either way. I don’t be sweatin’ it. What type of female would catch your attention enough to the point that you’d have to chase her down? You know, that Miami booty with that Houston Beyonce face, feel me? With them Fantasia ghetto lips. That’s what I chase down. So you wanna take a piece of everybody and put ‘em together. Well, you know OZONE is famous for our Groupie Confessions. If a groupie called in and told a story about you, what would she say? If I was in the Groupie Confessions, what would a groupie say about me? (laughs) Oh, lord. “Girl, as soon as we came in the door he was like, ‘Sit on my face.’” (laughs) Yeah, that’s what she’d say. Really? So you’d eat a groupie out? Not really, but if I’m on them pills, she might catch me in the lights, feel me? You get caught up in the hype being on the road. Sometimes when you get on stage, that adrenaline, you get caught in the lights and anything could happen. The pills just make it more wetter, I guess. Miami boys – Trick, Pitbull – always seem to rap about eating ass and pussy and all that. Is that a Miami thing? We aim to please in Miami. We are the home of the freaks. Shout out to Uncle Luke, that’s my personal uncle. Well, since you’re an expert, what advice would you give to other guys when it comes to giving head? What’s the proper procedure? Practice makes perfect. That’s my only advice. I ain’t finna give no nigga too much advice. Aside from eating pussy, what else does Brisco like to do in the bedroom? We can vibe. I’m real hood so I don’t really need much. It’s nothing special. I like when a girl fixes your cornflake cereal for you or fixes you a grilled cheese sandwich. I like to have fun, so when it comes to sex, they gotta make it fun. Have you had any bad sex experiences? I’ve had plenty of bad sex experiences. I call it a bad sex experience when you have sex with a girl that knows it was casual and then it turns into a “love” thing. That’s a bad experience. I let ‘em know before I get down to it that that’s all it is. Everybody’s got text messaging and camera phones now. Have you gotten any sexy texts or pictures sent to you? Celia from Detroit. That’s all I could say about that. She sent me a nice picture; it’s like my screensaver right now. Now that Superhead came out with her books, other females probably have the same idea. If you met a girl that you knew might write a book about what y’all did behind closed doors one day, would that turn you on or off? She’s fucking up the game telling all the secrets. I wouldn’t really like that. Keep it low-key; you ain’t gotta tell the world. When you tell the world, that’s when the haters come.


If your phone rings during sex, do you answer? Yeah, cause it might be E-Class, [Rick] Ross, DJ Khaled, Baby, Lil Wayne, or Slim tryin’ to get me some muthafuckin’ money. So yeah, you damn right I’m gonna answer it. I ain’t gonna stop [fuckin’], but I’m gonna answer the phone. If your girl told you that she had a girlfriend, what would be your reaction? She’s gotta share, or else it’s cheating. What if you found out your girlfriend was actually married? Would you still mess with her? Oh, for sure. Life is unfair. The game is unfair. So you’ve wrecked some homes. Yep, believe that. I hope it don’t come out that I’m the one who wrecked the homes, cause niggas is crazy right now. I got some homes in shambles right now. I have some people bout to break up and get divorces right now, but I don’t want it to come out that it’s [because of] Brisco. Are there any celebrity women on your hit list? I love Monica. Fantasia, y’know, I like those ghetto chicks. I want an R&B chick; let that be known that Brisco wants an R&B chick. And I been lookin’ at the red girl from Crime Mob, Diamond, tell her I’ll save her. Tell Diamond I’m lookin’ for her. Tell her I’m Captain Save Her. Holla at Brisco. //

Words by Julia Beverly Photo by Ray Tamarra



lock ENT’s Hood Figga judges good pussy and shuns over-aggressive groupies—all while trying to keep the juice-box wet, wet, wet.

Has your sex life changed now that you’ve got a record deal and a video on TV? People think you’re actually on the TV every time they see you on TV. They think you’re in the TV. It’s crazy. Girls are like, “I watch you on TV every day,” but I only [recorded the video] one time, and I’ve never been on 106th & Park. It does something to some people, you know, you can really see a gleam in their eyes. I’ve been a boss before this shit, but that’s one of the things that turns me off; women that act like that. I don’t like that shit. That crazy glitz in their eyes, that crazy-ass glitz. I’m like, what the hell? That turns me off. Why does it turn you off? Do you think they have an ulterior motive? Everybody has a motive, whether it’s, “I wanna try to lock this nigga down,” or, “I wanna get freaky with this nigga,” or, “I can make some cash tonight because this nigga might trick off,” or just to say, “I fucked this nigga that’s on TV.” Women look at men sometimes the same way that men look at women, you know, and I just don’t want to be the slut. I don’t want women to slut me out. (laughs) So the overly-aggressive groupie-type women aren’t your thing Yeah, that’s a total turn-off when a girl keeps calling you like, “I got your number from my cousin who knows your homeboy, and I’m a model,” and I’m like, “Why are you calling me?” Or when a woman approaches you – sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she wants, but if she’s over-aggressive, that’s not womanly to me. Where’s the challenge at? What type of female is challenge and makes you want to chase them down? Somebody who’s in their own zone and does their own thing. If everybody shops at the same place, wears the same thing, gets their hair done by the same people and gets their nails done the same way, it doesn’t matter which one of y’all I pick – you’re all the same, talk the same, walk the same, act the same, watch the same things on TV. I want something different.

pussy. And if she drops her drawers and that shit smells, it’s over. I ain’t even gonna waste my time, pa’tna. What’s your definition of good pussy? It’s more than just the pussy. It’s the whole vibe from the beginning to the end; everything about this bitch sexually turns you on. Everything, everything, and it’s some good pussy. (laughs) Do you have any celebrity females on your hit list? I choose not to disclose that information. (laughs) But personally, no. I don’t want any of ‘em. It’s some bullshit anyways. Them hoes put make up on and make themselves pretty and give themselves some kind of halo glow. You could see it on TV and it fucks you up. For real, any ordinary bitch off the street could be sexier than them. I just keep it gangsta. I’m a regular ass nigga, a hood nigga. This industry is funny to me. It’s like a cartoon. Do you have any advice for our readers as far as safe sex and getting tested? It’s very important to get tested on the regular so you can be aware of what’s going on. It’s a part of caring about yourself. Love yourself; wrap it up. You want to be able to be here for your family, and if you don’t have a family yet you want to be able to have a family. Watch your kids have kids, you know? The world is ugly, man. Stay strapped up. Care about yourself. //

Words and Photo by Julia Beverly

gorilla zoe

If a woman called in to the Groupie Confessions hotline with a story about you, what do you think she’d say? She’d say, “That nigga a G. That nigga’s a gangsta; he go hard.” It’s cool with me though. I ain’t disrespectful. I don’t disrespect nobody because I don’t want to be disrespected. Do you think rap music in general is disrespectful to women? There’s a lot of controversy lately surrounding Hip Hop music and some of the lyrical content. Music is just an expression. Your voice is supposed to be an instrument; it’s supposed to match with the music. The vocals should be a message, and people express themselves however they want to. It’s up to you to listen or like it. Most of the time it’s not that serious. Some of the saddest, sickest [lyrics] you’ll ever hear are from country music. Ain’t nothing happy about that shit. Rock music is the same way. Alternative music, all different kinds of cultures and vibes and languages, all different kinds of shit. I guess all the attention right now is on Hip Hop because we’re making a lot of money. Other than that, it’s not disrespectful. That’s just like saying that the Girls Gone Wild infomercials are disrespectful. Those are little kids, college girls. Call ‘em what you want to call ‘em, but they’re little kids, and there are old men staying up all night watching that shit. So I don’t know. The world’s crazy, man. If your girl told you she had a girlfriend, what would your reaction be? It depends if she told me before or after we started fuckin’ around. If she told me after, I’m mad. I mean, you coulda just told me that from the beginning. If that’s just something you just pop up on me, shit, what else are you going to pop up on me? That means you’re no longer my girlfriend. You’re just a friend that’s a girl. You’ve got to be honest with me. Keep it gangsta with me from the beginning because I’ma keep it gangsta with you. What if you found out a girl you were dating was actually married? Nah, I don’t play with women that’s married. That’s bad karma. Do you have a favorite position in the bedroom? It all depends on the build and shape of the woman. Every position ain’t gonna work the same for every girl because each woman is shaped differently. Have you had any bad sex experiences? Nah, I’m a pretty good judge of something that might not be right. I’m from the hood, man, so it’s signs and all kinds of shit that you can pick up on before you eve go there with a woman. It’s like a natural instinct. I can look at a woman and tell if she’s got good pussy. I can tell if she’s a freak just by the way she looks. I can tell if she’s clean or if she’s nasty or if she’s got good




fter Florida A&M University’s annual homecoming concert, Lil Wayne did what every other 25-year-old in Tallahassee does late on a Saturday night after a big show: go eat at the Waffle House with his crew. But unlike every other 25-year-old in Tallahassee, tonight he was the main attraction, performing a stellar set that had all 8,000+ college students in the building on their feet and screaming every lyric. Now, back at his large condo near the Florida state capital, where a photographer (me) has set up a makeshift photo studio in the dining area, Wayne can’t decide which t-shirt would be most appropriate for his OZONE cover: a Playboy bunny, “Pussy Monster,” “I’m A Fucking Genius,” “Young, Rich, And Good Looking,” or “Just Another Rich Kid.” Talking non-stop throughout the photo session, he reveals the entire plot of American Gangster, spoiling it for those of us in the room who have not yet seen the film. Next, he complains about what a hard time he’s having finding a woman (difficult to believe, considering that there is a video model asleep in his bedroom). “I’m getting married,” he says, with a straight face. “I bought the ring already. Ask her,” nodding towards his ever-present stylist Nikki. “I’m getting married. I just don’t know who I’m marrying yet. They don’t like me ‘cause I’m a workaholic.” The conversation then turns to his recent cover feature in Vibe Magazine, where he felt that his comments regarding his 8-year-old daughter Reginae were misquoted (he was quoted as saying that his mother was lonely and asked him to have a baby, and his ex-wife Toya was the only one who agreed) and that the reporter was disappointed to hear of his love for Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Fortunately, his talkative mood extended throughout the interview, where we gave him the opportunity to set the record straight:

The birthday party that you, Jeezy, and T.I. did together was crazy. How did that come about? I don’t wanna take it out of nobody’s hands, but I know for a fact it wasn’t my idea to have the theme. We just ran with it; we thought that was just perfect. It was brought to me by Tip, so I think Tip came up with that whole idea. That made the party more fly. I didn’t make it to Jeezy’s party only because I don’t fly. It was Tip’s party first, then mine, and Jeezy’s was after that but I didn’t make it to his party so I owe him for that. It’s kind of rare to see three major artists come together just on some love type shit because egos and stuff tend to get involved. Do you think the overall attitude of unity is the reason the South has been able to dominate so much recently, or moreso because of the music? Of course I’ma say it’s the music. I think that would be everybody else’s answer; that’s what we’re in it for. But it’s also a reality and it’s also as strong as the music; that fact that we are able to get along with each other. But it’s not us, it’s not rappers. It’s just Southern hospitality. That’s how we were always taught. I know some of the nicest guys in the world and they’ve got 30 bodies under their belt. You know? We’re nice first. It gets you everywhere.

Your birthday party on the yacht in Miami had lots of celebrity starpower. Then less than a week later, you were arrested in Idaho. What goes through your mind going from one extreme to the other? Nothing. I got arrested on a Friday night, and I would’ve had to sit until Tuesday because that Monday was Columbus Day. I was panicking, calling my lawyer, cuttin’ up, cursing, “What the fuck happened?” “You’re fired if you don’t get me out today!” all that shit. But at the end of the day, when I sat back on that damn bed and looked at them [prison] walls, it’s a real humbling feeling to know that you didn’t do nothing wrong. Who gets to do this? Who So you’ve been having problems with the ladies because you’re a workaholic? actually gets to come and see how big of a superstar you are? This ain’t doing Yeah, they don’t like workaholics. They think we love our job more than them, nothing but showing me how big of a superstar I am in Boise, Idaho, because and that’s totally not the case. It’s just that we pay more attention to our job. I did nothing wrong. So I’m sitting in there knowing that I’ve done nothing wrong, and I saw how many people were calling. I had a show in Oregon the You said you want to get married and you already bought a ring, but haven’t next day. People were calling from Oregon and Idaho playing as lawyers, but found the right girl. making my situation worse. Are you just spontanePeople were calling like, “Hi, ous like that and you’re I’m a lawyer from Oregon, “I’m a self-made millionaire at 25 but I ain’t gonna go to Vegas and and I demand you let Dwayne nowhere near finished. When I look at myself in get married one day Carter out now before you the mirror, I stay telling that nigga he ain’t did shit randomly? have a racial problem on your yet. I’m spontaneous like hands tomorrow morning,” that but my mom would lots of people calling, and kill me, so I wouldn’t they’re coming back to me even do it. like, “Will you please tell your lawyer, this lady from Idaho You felt that the comto stop calling, we’ll let you ments about your exout when it’s time.” I’m like, wife and daughter were misquoted in your Vibe interview? “Babe, I don’t have a lawyer in Idaho, and my lawyer is a man, not a woman.” Yeah. When I told [the reporter] how old we were when we had the kid, she They were getting mad at me til they realized that these people were fans. had a specific question in there that made me think she was stereotyping They really didn’t know who they had locked up. They’re all white, you know? me. She was like, “You guys were 14 or 15, so you couldn’t have been in love, They’re looking at me like, “Yeah, he’s got a grill, tattoos, he’s one of them right?” I felt like that question was totally oblivious to the conversation, rappers,” but once all that shit started happening, they’re like, “Shit, can I get meaning, I felt like the interview was getting personal. So I got personal a picture?” and “You want something to eat? You good?” back, and that was my way of defending that. So [what they wrote] was true, but they bent the truth. It is true that my pops passed and my moms was And all this stemmed from the situation where the cleaning lady found weed lonely, but it wasn’t like my mom said, “I need you to have a baby.” It was in your room at the Twelve in Atlanta? just that I was always on the road and she was very lonely. She would always Yeah, it was a misunderstanding. It was really crazy. The case in Atlanta got crack jokes about it, like, “Ooh, I cant wait til my grandson or granddaughter thrown out, but it had been picked back up by the state. The lawyer that got is born,” and it was on me to take what she said seriously. She’s been saying me out of jail [in Atlanta] was just somebody who had heard [that I’d been that. Anyway, for the record, my baby’s mother and my mama are like best arrested] on the radio and drove down to the Fulton County jailhouse, like, friends. My baby mama got put out [of her folks house]. She had stayed at my “I’m a lawyer, I’m here for Dwayne Carter.” Y’know, my [regular] lawyer and house one weekend and she lied and told her people she’d slept somewhere everybody professionally didn’t like that, but I’m like, “That nigga got me out else. I was actually gone that weekend, but she slept at my house and kicked of jail. Fuck what y’all talkin’ about!” That nigga got me out of jail for a small it with my mom. I was on the road with Baby and them. When my mama went price. Anyway, when the state picked the case back up, the only addresses back home to drop her off at the end of the weekend, all her things was outthey had went to him and it was an invalid address. But it was crazy because side, so my mama kinda took her in. So my comments got real stretched out Atlanta didn’t put [a warrant] out for me. Idaho just checked my name before of proportion, but that’s what the media is. That’s the whole beauty of it. I got there; there was no order for them to arrest me. Idaho arrested me and then called Atlanta, like, “Hi, we have a Dwayne Carter that we’ve checked on When you first started rapping, did you ever really believe you’d make it to your records.” So this great lawyer in Atlanta was at a Georgia Tech game that this point where you’re arguably the best in the game? Saturday [after I got arrested] and I had people go to him personally, like, Not when I started rapping, no. I didn’t think I would get to this point be“Yo, he did nothing wrong, can you please get him out today. If you don’t get cause this is far beyond my imagination. Everything right now is just a roller him out today, he’s gonna have to sit there til Tuesday. We’ve gotta do three coaster ride for me. I’m just having fun. I’ve already done what I set out to more shows; if we miss them, that’s gonna be three more [lawsuits].” So that do, and that was get people to listen to me and understand me. That was guy really called Idaho [police] and told them, “Let Dwayne Carter out. Y’all enough for me. But nah, I never imagined it would be like this. I’m just soaktrippin’. We never told y’all to do this. What the fuck y’all doin’?” He signed all ing it up. Sometimes I have to stop for a second and pause to realize what’s that stuff, faxed the paperwork. So, I respect him. That’s my dude. happening. I get caught up and I get just as excited [as the fans] and I forget, “Oh, they’re excited for me. Shit!” What are your thoughts on T.I.’s arrest? I have no thoughts on the situation because I’m not involved with it. I just

That’s what I be telling myself: ‘Don’t get hype cause these muthafuckers are jocking you right now.You ain’t done shit.’”


keep my head up for the homie and pray for him in the situation, especially for his family. Do you think there’s a big Hip Hop police conspiracy to lock rappers up? There’s no conspiracy. I went to jail in New York too, but that wasn’t no conspiracy. They’re really trippin’ out there. But I ain’t got nothin’ to do with none of it. My answer is the same every time: If you’re talking about “rap” and “beef,” I’m the wrong person to talk to. I am from New Orleans. Cut your televisions on. You know where I’m from; I’m from the murder capital, man. “Beef” is a different thing there. I have four teardrops on my face and I have to look my mom in her eye every day. I can’t lie to her. Fuck what they think and fuck what the world thinks; we real. My mom is real. The first day I got a teardrop, I lied. I called her and asked her, “Can I get a teardrop tattoo?” but I had already got it. She said, “When you get it, come by me so I can see how you look with it, cause I was thinking about getting one my fuckin’ self.” We don’t play. No, I’m not gonna rap about you, man. I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don’t give a fuck. I could never go to hell cause I’ma take over, bitch. So I don’t like beef. They gotta leave me out of that Hip Hop shit. I rap real well and I’ma leave it at that cause I’m too talented to waste a damn line on anybody else. I talk about women and pussy and how good I am in bed all day. That’s more exciting to me, I’m sorry. You probably make more money that way. Make more friends. I interviewed you a few years ago when you had started studying Psychology at the University of Houston – I’ve switched now to University of Phoenix online. Well, at the time, you sounded real burned out with the rap game and said that you felt you knew everything there was to know about rap. How did you get the inspiration back? To tell you the truth, I don’t know what it was. It was just me. I can’t hide it. I figured it out. I’m too good at it. When I’m feeling that way, I have to humble myself and really tell myself, “How are you gonna stop?” I understand how some muthafuckers stop, but you’ve been considered this and that and the third – how are you gonna stop? With the flood of music and features you’ve released lately, are you ever worried about overexposure? There’s fans who think that. There’s critics who think that. There’s bosses,

“I’m not into good publicity. I’m into

good pussy.”


like mine, who thought that too – “You may get burned out.” You know how it goes, they say, “I can’t let my artist get on this song cause he’s about to do this other song.” I basically told ‘em that I’ma do what the fuck I want anyway so they’d better find a way to fix it or shut the fuck up. I told em, “I don’t need your publicist. I don’t need nobody’s street team. I don’t need you to demand that my song be played [on the radio] cause even if they don’t play mine, if they have a top ten list I’m gonna be on three or four of them shits even if it ain’t my song.” What people fail to realize is that even though I’m the hottest in the game right now – thank God I’m headlining every show every night – my album hasn’t come out in three years. I have to let my people, the critics, my boss, and my friends know that I’m different. That’s the answer. I had to tell my manager. I had to get everybody on the same page: “I’m different.” They ask questions like, “How do you smoke all that back to back?” He’s different. “How do you drink that shit all day and it doesn’t put you to sleep when you’re on stage?” He’s different. “How does he go on stage and say this?” “How is he able to do that?” “Why does he keep fucking working?” I’m different. I’m my own promotion. He’s good. He don’t need the gimmicks and all that. He’s really good. He don’t need you to promote him. All he needs to do is do him, and he’s good. [Akon’s brother] Bu says he wishes I was his artist. He brought me to a Falcons game and as soon as we got off the bus, the police lady was trippin’, like, “I’ll take your ass to jail for jaywalking.” I was like, “No, you’ll write me a ticket for jaywalking. You can’t take me to jail,” She said, “You can’t tell me what to do,” and I said, “Baby, when you make money like me, you can.” She fucked my whole night up so we got back on the bus and I felt bad because Bu had got me the game tickets and we didn’t even go. So he was like, “Aight, where we goin’? Strip club?” I was like, “Shit, let’s go to the studio.” He was like, “I wish you were my artist. You really love this shit.” That’s my big brother too, Bukon. What’s in your Styrofoam cup? Hawaiian Punch and rest in peace DJ Screw. You already know what I got in there, man, Aunt Jemima. I have a friend who’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide a few months ago and before she died, she posted your song “I Feel Like Dying” on her Myspace page. How influential do you think your music can be? Personally, I feel that nothing could make you physically do something but yourself. Music can be an influence. Of course it’s an influence. If it wasn’t an influence, I wouldn’t be in it. Life is life and death is death and if you’re gonna be looking for influences in my music, I’m gonna tell you each side and I stand by whatever I said. I’m sorry about that situation, but shit, she prob-

ably died a beautiful death. Who knows? You’ve mentioned various drugs in your lyrics, but is there anything that you wouldn’t try? Heroin. I don’t like heroin; it scares me. I saw what it can do. Of course y’all know who I’ve been around, and that’s a very scary thing to see. I can’t take nothing that’ll have too much control over me. I’m too – no homo – too bitchy. I’m too picky. I can’t be like, “What the fuck just happened?” So heroin, that’s about it. But everything else, you know – whoo! (laughs) Oh, and acid. I haven’t took acid but I heard you really hallucinate on acid. I hallucinated on a pill before. I always thought that hallucination wasn’t real. I thought you could make yourself see what you wanna see. So I know if I took acid and that’s what it makes you do, it’d be too much. They had real good pills back in ’99. Nobody knew what Big was talkin’ about when he said, “The X makes the sex spectacular.” We thought the world was gonna end in 1999. That’s when we started poppin’ pills. (laughs) We thought the world was gonna end so we wanted to go out right. (singing) I feel like dying…. Do you think drugs should be legalized in the United States? I think [my daughter] Reginae is a beautiful child. I don’t think about drugs. That’s a good answer. It’s the truth. Did having a daughter change the way you treated women in general? In my music, yes, but not as much as in real life. [My daughter] made me treat women a different way, but I also wanna give that to my grandmother Mercedes and my mother. I never really had a father and my brother is only 5 years old, so my grandmother and my mama raised me. So I always knew how to treat a woman and what they go through and what I didn’t wanna see none of my women or anybody I know go through.

muthafuckers are jocking you right now. You ain’t done shit. You could drop your single and they might be like, ‘That was whack,’” you know? Are you still the President of Cash Money? Well, there are certain things that are just a title and certain things you earn. At first, I thought I’d earned it, and then I started feeling like it was just a title. I felt like I wasn’t doing nothing so I thought about it like, “Why are you sitting around waiting for somebody to tell you to do something? Aren’t you the president?” So I started trying to do lil things and I kinda felt like I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do, so I just decided to stick to making [my label] Young Money work. Everybody knows that if Wayne is involved in something, it’s gotta go the way Wayne wants it to go. I’m not the only president over there [at Cash Money]. I don’t like to have to pitch my ideas around and see who agrees. I like to just call ‘em and tell ‘em, “This is what the fuck we gon’ do.” What’s going on with Young Money? Everything, man. We’re gonna drop a compilation album and see who the people are feeling, and of course on Tha Carter 3 album I’ve got my artists exposed on there. I haven’t really put nobody on paper except my brother Streets. Mack [Maine] and Currensy, they ain’t really signed – I keep it open because they’re tight. Young Money’s gonna go where I take it for right now til somebody takes it, and I have to set that up properly. That takes time, and sometimes I don’t have time. So I don’t put that over their heads. If you feel you could do something better, go do it. Is the Hot Boys reunion happening? I agreed. I said yes and I’m just waiting for the next order. I did a song on Juvy’s album where Mannie did the beat and B.G.’s on there too, so I was asked, “What do you think about doing a reunion project?” and I was like, “Cool, let’s get it.” There’s a couple strings that need to be pulled and once they assured me they would be, then yeah, let’s get it.

What do you think of the critics who are trying to censor Hip Hop music because they say it’s degrading towards women? Enough time has passed that everyone is able to put the negative feelings to That right there is stupid. I the side? think that whole statement Of course. Time is the answer is stupid. Hip Hop? Nah, for everything including our “They’re always like,‘You’re a player,’ or,‘You man, it’s life, period. That’s lives. cheat.’ How can I have time to cheat when I ain’t a whole stereotype that Hip even got time for you? I live my answer, baby. Hop is degrading to women. Mannie said he gave you some If that’s the case, then tracks for Tha Carter 3. basketball is [degrading to I may sneak one or two on women]. The NFL is. Politics there. He gave me a gang of is. Anything and everything tracks but they weren’t really is degrading to women. It intended to be on this album. I ain’t the first time. C’mon, was kinda already finished. they don’t want me to get too deep into it. I’m a rapper, man, I’m like the god of words. I could make Do you consider it to be a step up from Tha Carter 2? words do thangs, man, I could do some things with ‘em, sweetheart, trust me. Hell yeah. It’s just different. That’s how I look at a lot of the stuff I do – I They only get offended over “bitch” and “hoe.” A hoe is a gardening tool that don’t even have an answer for you so I just throw it back to “different.” I you use to make flowers more beautiful and make something grow, which have so many songs, so many categories, so many feelings, so many moods, is what we do with life. But I guess they don’t want to be called that. And so many different styles. I’ll give somebody else the headache of figuring out “bitch”? A bitch is a female dog. What’s a man’s best friend? I say this thirty what to call it. I’m just doing it. times a day: Words have definitions. Use ‘em. If you feel a certain way, find them fuckin’ words to explain what you feel cause right now you ain’t getting You’ve incorporated playing the guitar into your live show. Do you play live nowhere talkin’ about, “Who you callin’ a bitch?!?” You! Baby, you can’t tell me instruments throughout the production process? nothin’ cause I’m right. I’m legally right. So you need to go in the dictionJust the guitar. I’ve played on the “Rock Star” remix and on Fonsworth ary and find those words to explain, “I felt like this cause you said that,” you Bentley’s record, and of course I play on my own shit. know, words have meanings, trust me. You could explain anything with words. That’s why I’m a rapper. That’s why I don’t write down my lyrics. Words be I’ve heard you have a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde personality. poppin’ up when you don’t write ‘em down. (whispering) Rappers, take notes. Who told you that? (laughs) I think everybody has that, don’t they? Cause if you don’t, then who the hell are you? If you’re one way all the time, you are a So now that you’ve turned 25 – boring muthafucker. If I’m tired, I’ma act tired. I’m just human. I’m real. When Don’t say that too loud. Shit, I’m getting old. you show a person how you really feel, you might be too real for them. They might be tired and act like they’re not. They might be mad and act happy, or Do you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot for being only 25? Are you where smile in your face when they’re not. I’ma tell you, “Fuck you, man,” if that’s you wanted to be at that age? how I feel, and they don’t like that. But I love it. I’m never where I’m trying to be, but of course I’ve accomplished a lot. I can’t hide that. I’m a self-made millionaire at 25. I own my own company and a Are your live performances draining, physically? couple more. I’m doing my dream, what I’ve always wanted to do since I was Thank God that it isn’t because I love it so much. I haven’t stopped to see if it 8 years old, so yeah, I’ve accomplished everything but I ain’t nowhere near is draining because I love it so much. I think when I get older I’ma probably finished. When I look at myself in the mirror, I stay telling that nigga he ain’t be like, oh shit (falls over). But for right now, when [my manager/DJ] Tezz did shit yet. He ain’t even started to do nothing yet. I stay telling him, “You puts on the last song, I don’t want it to end. I love it. ain’t shit just cause they think you the shit, nigga. I don’t fuck with you yet. You’ve gotta show me.” But as soon as somebody else tells me that I’ll eat You don’t seem to enjoy doing press very much. You always skip the red their fuckin’ face off, stop playin’. You’ve gotta stay focused. I ain’t tellin’ carpets and such. you to go do that to yourself in the mirror. I just do that cause I haven’t done I don’t, but honestly, with the red carpet things we always come too late and nothing yet. Like I said, I haven’t dropped an album in three years. I ain’t as soon as we pull up they’ll be like, “We need you inside right now!” So that’s done shit yet. That’s what I be telling myself: “Don’t get hype cause these the total, God-honest truth about the red carpets. Every single time we’re late

If you want somebody where you know where I’m at and what I’m doing at all times, I’m your man. I’m on the stage or in the studio.”


and they’re like, “We need you on in five minutes!” Well, even aside from red carpets, it seems like you really don’t like doing interviews in general. Nah, I don’t, because they do what they want with it. It’s like when you sit down to eat something and you really start to wonder, “I wonder if the person that made this washed their hands? Or had a bad day?” You just start thinking about the little shit, and it bothers me to know that they control you. You could actually tell them anything you want, but they have the power to put what they wanted you to say. So I stay away from it. I don’t like to be under a microscope. It’s a lot of things I do that would get me locked up and get all of us locked up. I mean, who wants to live under a microscope? Do you know how many reality TV shows have been pitched to me? I don’t need no cameras around me. I live this shit for real. What kind of reality shows have been pitched to you? All kinds. The most tempting one was that they wanted me to do one like Flav. Oooh, all them girls. I said I’d do it because that one has a funny catch to it. But I wouldn’t do no realistic reality show about my life, viewing what I go through and how I handle problems and shit, nah. Is that gonna happen – the Flavor of Love type show starring Lil Wayne? I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t really into it. I’m trying to find a woman. I’m trying to get married by my birthday next year. I told my manager I want to be married around this time next year, and he was like, “Okay, but um, we kinda want the single image, man, because we wanna do this and that,” and I’m like, “Tezz, boy, I’m not moving to no house with no 25 females. Are you crazy? What is wrong with you?” So you’re really serious about getting married. Yeah, I’m making too much money right now. When you’re single, you make money and you spend it crazy. We buy jets. We be on private planes going to watch basketball games, I swear to God. We be getting back on our jet and the Hornets are getting back on their jet. I’m like, this ain’t cool. We ain’t supposed to be doing this. We’ve got things to do. I’m supposed to be saving up for something, not ballin’ out, not just being on the road bachelorette style. I’ve got four spots in Miami. That don’t even make no sense. Having a wife would calm you down? It wouldn’t be about that. I’d be spending for a reason. Even if I wanted to buy land, it’d be our land. Mentally, I’m a very disciplined person, so I could just tell myself, “I’m not gonna do this no more.” But then when I do something, I do it a lot. So I told myself, “Okay, we ain’t buyin’ cars no more.” I ain’t bought a car in like three months. You mentioned that you were somewhat offended by a question the Vibe reporter asked you about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. No, it wasn’t that I was offended. I think she was offended by my answer, and that’s when the interview went downhill. [During the interview] my 2way went off and I made a comment like, “That girl Karrine is crazy.” So she asked me a question about her, like, “What is wrong with her?” and I was like, “Nah, that’s my girl. She’s very beautiful inside and out, that’s like my best friend,” and she cut off the recorder! She, like, leaned towards me and was like, “Are you serious? Are you being sarcastic? Are you joking? I didn’t wanna it in there if you didn’t want it to be in there,” and I was like, you’re gonna do that regardless. [The reporter] was supposed to be like my biggest fan. She hadn’t worked with Vibe in a long time and they called her to do this, so this was her way of showing them, like, bitch, I’ve been doing my thing, look how good this interview is gonna be. It was a great interview, though. She really did know a lot about me but she fucked me up when I read that. I didn’t like that part about my kid and all that. I told [the reporter], “I genuinely love [my exwife] forever.” We can’t even walk to the corner together, but I love her. Well, I think the average woman doesn’t understand the Superhead attraction because it’s like, you already know that she’s been with all these people and you know that she might write a book about you one day. I didn’t never think she might write a book about me. I didn’t go into it thinking like that. I never even thought she was gonna write another book. What if she writes a book about you? I think that if a book is gonna be written about you, it should be written by someone else anyway, cause you can’t tell them what to say or what not to say about you. That’s the best way to see what people think about you. But isn’t that kind of the same thing as doing an interview with the media? The author still has control over the way you’re perceived. Yeah, but I would kinda think that your book would be a little more true than what the music folks write. With the media, you say something Friday and it could last forever or just for Friday. The book will last forever. 80 // OZONE MAG

So that wouldn’t bother you if someone wrote a book about you? Nah, cause I’m not a bad person. Whatever they write may not be good, but it’s not gonna be bad. And it would be good publicity too. I’m not into good publicity. I’m into good pussy. (laughs) But me and Karrine are friends. Everybody got it wrong when she said she was getting married. Everybody thought she was getting married to me. She’s got a husband. She married the boy [Darius] McCrary. We’re cool. I talk to her and shit. She’s a bitch that you could talk to about any damn thing because she’s been through every fuckin’ thing and don’t give a fuck about telling you, and she’s gonna tell you the real about it. That’s a good thing. I like to talk to people with some wisdom and experience. Who wants to talk to a muthafucker that ain’t been through nothin’? It’s hard to find people I could talk to like that, being who I am. People just tell you what you want to hear. Exactly, and she’s gonna tell you what she wants you to hear. She’s cool though. She’s real cool. I changed her name though. I don’t call her Superhead. I call her Superbread. No matter what, everybody forgets that this bitch clocked in like $14 million when that book dropped. I pay attention to people with money, trust me. Is she going to be in the video for “Prostitute”? If her husband allows her to. Actually, I didn’t even know her when I made that song. I’m a sampler. You know how producers will use a sample? I’ll go ahead and sing your whole song on my shit. But I look at it as – what you said needed to be heard. [Ed. Note: The hook of “Prostitute” is taken from Musiq Soulchild’s “You & Me”) I got a gang of songs like that. What’s going on with you and Trina? Who knows? We’ll always be friends but I haven’t spoken to her in a long time. Haven’t seen her in a minute. I hope all is well though. So you’re looking for a wife. What is the criteria? That’s the whole thing. The girls be like, “What do you want?” Baby, if I could tell you what I wanted, I could replace you and tell whoever I want. You gotta be you, and you gotta be what I want. I just haven’t run into that one yet. So you don’t know what you want, basically. I don’t know. I may be single forever, man. My mama says I’m never gonna make my mind up and I’m never gonna find nobody cause I’m too picky. She says I’m crazy. I know you don’t like to talk about “beef,” but let’s talk about the comments you made in Complex stating that you were better than Jay-Z. That is not beef. Beef is when you ride up on a nigga’s mama and shoot and kill her. And five minutes later when the police and them are still standing over his mama, he’s back on your side of the world shootin’ at you. And if he can’t find you he shoots your homies and kills them, not to mention a lil’ dude who was just coming home from school to show his mama that he made it into school and is going to college. That’s a true story. Rest in peace Dallas, Dallas’ mama, Marcel, and the lil nigga who was going to school. That’s beef where I come from. So you and Jay-Z are good. Sweetheart, me and everybody are good, because beef isn’t words. And it’s not just what I believe, I’m telling you what’s real. That is the definition. “Beef” isn’t words. Beef is death. Pac and Biggie were beefin’ – that’s where the whole saying comes from. And where are they at? They’re dead. If you’re gon’ beef, beef like them. Come and kill me, because I will kill you. I promise I would. Do you think New Orleans is better or worse than it was before Katrina? I think New Orleans is worse. New York is worse. Dallas is worse. America is worse every day and everybody goes through their own personal Hurricane Katrinas. Everybody’s worse. Everybody’s got their shit, but niggas know there’s a difference. “Beef” is DVDs in New York. In New Orleans, “beef” is pop-pop off top. You get 60 days for a murder in New Orleans, sweetheart. Look it up so you’ll know I’m not lying. If there’s no witnesses, you’ll come home in 60 days. This is the sex issue, of course, so what inspired you to write “Pussy Monster”? Pussy! I wanted to be edgy. I know what they want to hear. I always figure out what to do and then I figure out the way I’ma do it. So I thought about it: Okay, what needs to be done? These women need more songs to them, from a person like me instead of a person they’re expecting it from. So that’s why I ended it off by saying, “You say what they wanna hear in a way that nobody else will tell ‘em.” Even their husbands. That’s what I do.

Do you enjoy eating pussy or do you just talk about it to sell records? I don’t do nothing in a song for somebody to go buy my records, because I never sell records. That’s another thing that nobody knows about me. I’ve never went more than platinum, and I didn’t go platinum every time. You may look around me and think that I’ve sold zillions, but that’s just because I know what to do with money. Even though you don’t fit the typical tall-dark-and-handsome look, you’ve become a sex symbol. What do you think is the key to having that swagger? You have to think that way first. Of course you can smell a person who’s overconfident, but you’ve got to have confidence that you’re sexy. Didn’t your mama ever tell you, “Think, and you can do it!”? In last year’s sex issue you talked about a sexy text message and picture you’d received. Have you gotten anything interesting in the past year? Nah, I ain’t get nothin’. They ain’t fuckin’ with me this year. They don’t feel me. Everybody thinks that and all these girls like me, and it’s totally different cause when they meet me they think there’s 90 more of them. They be like, “I know you got girls. Everybody likes you,” and everybody I like says this! So I can’t win. That’s why I work hard, I promise. They’re always like, “You’re a player,” or, “You cheat.” How can I cheat when I ain’t even got time for you? I live my answer, baby. I do this. I ain’t gonna consider myself a good man because a good man would do what you want, and I’ve gotta do what I need

“If you can suck a dick, you’re one of the eight wonders of the world. And don’t

worry – I’ll return the favor. They be

like,‘Are you gonna rap about me?’ Naw, you could rap about me. I’ll be your slut.”

to do first. But if you want somebody where you know where I’m at and what I’m doing at all times, I’m your man. I’m on the stage or in the studio. So you get turned down all the time? Yeah! That’s what I’m tryin’ to tell you. They all think they’re the 118th girl. Baby, I am married to this music shit. It’s stupid. I really don’t even try anymore. Like, if I meet a girl, I let her know off top that I work hard. I give ‘em a vibe so that they could know that this nigga is unsociable. I let ‘em think that when I’m really not. I just know that if I get really into you, you’re gonna start liking me, for real. And then you’re gonna start not liking me because I can’t be whatever I was for that day [we met]. They be trippin’. I just deal with a lot of people I’ve been dealing with forever because they already know that they can’t be my girl. Like, I haven’t been your man, ever. I’m so tired of them. (laughs) At least, that was the case when I was in New Orleans. But now that I live in Miami, ain’t nobody I knew out there before, so it’s terrible. And all the Miami women, the first thing they say is, “Trina! Aren’t you…” So, I just stay in the studio and wait til Tezz tells me where we’re going next. I make a lot of money though, so I don’t be trippin’. What’s the longest you would wait for some pussy if a girl you were dealing with didn’t wanna give it up right away? I think you could probably ask people I’ve been with and they’d tell you that it’d be like 30 years. You probably have to pull my shit out and put me in you. This is why, though (pointing at his Styrofoam cup). If you’re gonna play hard to get and say “no” for the first five minutes and think I’m gonna keep trying, you better not. As soon as I turn around and we gonna play the lil play-mad role, I’m sleep for real. You over there play-snoring to see what I’ma do, but I’m really gone. I’m on promethazyne, child, so if you gonna do something, better do it now. I swear. They’re like, “Oh, he’s a good boy.” No, bitch, he’s tired! Nah, but I never really went for that because I believe in love at first sight, and I believe in making love every time. I don’t wanna fuck unless the person I love says, “Fuck me.” Making love is a lot better than fucking. Try it. It’s almost like if you’ve got a Benz and a Pinto and you have the option to drive that Benz every day. And you have to move the Benz to take the Pinto out anyway, so why not just take the Benz? Making love is the Benz. Fucking feels good; great. It could be a great fuck, a beautiful fuck, but making love is unexplainable. Unbelievable. So you only have sex with people you love? I never said that, I just said making love is better than fucking. Loving people and being in love are two different things. I love my baby mama, but we aren’t in love. If you don’t think those are two different things, you’re crazy. Ask that nigga in the morning if he loves you. He’ll say, “Yeah, I love you.” But ask him, “Are you in love with me?” (looks away, long silence) Bitch, I’m in love with the block. You see what I’m in love with. I love you, though. If your phone rings during sex, do you answer? Hell no. No. No! That’s not making love. That’s fucking. Fucking is, (humping frantically, picking up the phone) “Hello!? Yeah, nigga!! Man, you crazy!!” Nah, I wouldn’t answer the phone because I be screaming and everything. I’m sensitive, no homo. If you touch me, man, my shit is over-intense. I look at it as a blessing because it makes everything better. What do you scream out during sex? “FUCK!!!!” I always say that. “FUCK!!! SHIT!!!” Or, “Okay, okay, okay! Stop please!” I always do that. (laughs) What’s the craziest thing a girl has screamed out to you during sex? There was this one girl that used to always scream “Aiy! Aiy! Aiy!” and nobody could figure out what it meant. But that was just a jumpoff. When you’re making love, nobody’s screaming. You’re just in each other’s ear breathing and shit. I don’t do that fucking shit. I’m small, I mean, not my [dick] but my body, my legs and all that shit be hurting afterwards. I got a hernia and everything. My mama was like, “How did you get that?” and the doctor said, “Well, it usually comes from strenuous activity. He probably was picking up heavy things.” My mama was like, “No, cause he don’t pick up a fuckin’ thing. He’s straining by fucking all them fuckin’ girls,” tellin’ me, “That’s what you’re doing, having too much fuckin’ sex.” So I’m layin’ there on the doctor’s table like, thanks, you might as well test me for AIDS now because she’s crazy. But naw, I don’t pound like that. That’s never been my thing. Animals fuck like that. I’m not an animal. If you wanna be fucked like an animal, go find a nigga that’ll fuck you like that, cause I’m not gonna do it. Not gonna do it! I interviewed Brisco for the sex issue also – Shout to Brisco, his pops just passed. But Brisco is nasty as a muthafucker. Yeah, he said a girl offered to suck his dick if she could touch your hair. Wow. Wow! He never told me that. I swear to God he never told me that. He probably did! OZONE MAG // 81

Well, obviously groupies will do anything to get at you. Do you think the rest of your entourage members have similar stories? I don’t ask them niggas. I’m probably so caught up in doing me that I don’t care what they’ve done. But we don’t really have no crazy stories. We all carry ourselves pretty much the same around here. Niggas don’t really fuck with groupies. We’ve been doin’ this shit for fuckin’ forever. I had a platinum album at 15 years of age. Groupies? I done that shit so long ago. Back then if we had a show and went back to the hotel, you’d see 15 Cash Money members walkin’ around the lobby, lurkin’, talkin’ to the concierge, tryin’ to smash anything. But now, niggas are married. That’s all these niggas talk about is their wives. I hate this bus. (laughs) Everything’s about marriage on this bitch. Was there a certain point where you decided to stop messing with groupies or did you just get tired of it gradually? I figured out the way that I am: I’m passionate. I can’t be that way with everybody because they end up getting passionate, and it’d be crazy if you had a world full of passionate people. Passion leads to their mind. I’m dangerous. What’s the most number of women you’ve been with at one time? Shout out to my big bro Young Jeezy on this question right here. I don’t know if he wants me to say this, but fuck it, cause I just think the nigga was so cold for this. This nigga invited me down to the A. He kept sayin’ on the phone, “Come down, I’ma have thirty bitches. We can do whatever.” So I got to Atlanta and he said he was at the strip club. I’m thinkin’, the strip club? That’s what he’s talkin’ about? So after that we went out to eat, and they started putting three big tables together for the girls. Me, Jeezy, and Bu had to sit in the booth because all three of the tables were for that man’s bitches. I swear on everything I love, that man had twenty bitches. All of ‘em sittin’ there talking. Twenty, yo! He had thirty but ten of ‘em had left. I’m not playin’. We split ways after that. He was like, “Are you sure you don’t wanna come with us, little brother? We goin’ to the Intercontinental.” I had to ask him: “How? How, brother? I need to know! How?” [Jeezy] told me how, but I’ll keep that confidential. But you’re a bad man, brother. Anyway, I’m lookin’ at dawg [Jeezy], no homo, I was so into the conversation. It was like I was sittin’ there with Frank Lucas and asking him about his life. I was so into it I caught myself, like, with my mouth wide open, all leaning forward cause I’m really into what he’s sayin’. I was tryin’ to figure out – how the fuck you fuck all them people, boy? How the fuck do you satisfy them all? Man! He’s a beast for that. But anyway, the most I’ve been with was three girls. Four people total, including me. Sometimes I’ll be at the hotel and just wake up looking around, wondering, who are you? Who are you, you, and you? Did you enjoy the foursome or do you prefer one-on-one? You can’t make love to three people. So, eh. (shrugs) I like to fuck you up there, in your mind. That’s just the thing I get off on. I like to have already tore you up, up there. I fuck this (pointing to his head) and make love to your body. I’ll get you fucked up, yep. Cause your main ain’t even gonna do it to you. He wants to fuck. He knows you’re used to making love, but he wants to fuck. So when I come in there, I wanna make love. Bitches get mad cause they’re talking about, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” and I tell ‘em no. I can’t. Go find somebody else. I’ll make you feel good. You ain’t gonna hear no “SMACK!” and all that coming from my room. I hate that. “Smack my ass!” Why? That’s abusive. I don’t want you to smack me. I’ma punch the fuck out of you if you smack me. We could scrap and all that naked. (laughs) I’m sorry. So you don’t like it rough. No. I hate that shit. I like to take my time. I just don’t like it. I don’t know, I never have. When they want that, I act like I busted already. I be like, “Aw, damn. I came.” I don’t go hard like that. It’s not my style. I’ll give you hard dick and bubblegum if that’s what you want, but I may not like you after. You’re not gonna get this frequently because I’m telling you this is something I don’t like to do. It’s not what I prefer. But if you want to make love, I’ll be your fuckin’ love master, or slave, baby. Slave? You’re looking for a dominatrix? I don’t even know what that means, I swear I don’t. But I’m gonna find out the definition. I hate not knowing what stuff means. I wanna know the technical term. I’m a very intelligent dude; I wanna know what I’m talking about. If a female gives it to you right away, do you lose respect for her? No, hell no, because I believe in love at first sight. I answered that question in the “Prostitute” song. I was gonna take another line from the same song [Musiq Soulchild’s “You & Me”] where I got that line for the “Prostitute” song: “I never thought on the first night / You would bare what you hold so dear in life / And share with me all your innermost fantasies baby / And afterwards in my arms you cried / Had me feeling some kind of way on the inside.” So your one night stands turn into relationships? Plenty of times. My last girl was. 82 // OZONE MAG

Anybody we know? Nah, y’all don’t know her. She’s a regular person. Have you ever measured your dick? Hell no. That’s for a girl to do. If you’re a dude and you’re gonna sit around measuring your piece, c’mon. Why do you wanna know how long it is? Ask her. Stick it in and see how long that muthafucker is. See what she does when you stick it in. I’m quite sure some niggas you asked [for this sex issue interview] were probably like, “Yeah, mine is this long!” but I don’t brag like that. I’ve never been one to brag but I know what to do. I’ll take your girl. I know how to do that. And make her never come back. Like, I’ll make her look at you like, “What the fuck was I even doing with him?” So, don’t play with me. Do you have sex on pills? (rapping) Some say the X makes the sex spectacular... Well, does it? That line is very accurate. It makes you go for long as shit, like, damn! But you gotta be in love to be on X. You gotta have a woman because whoever you’re with, you’re gonna fuck her up! She’s gonna be GONE, like whooo!! She might change her name to Yo’ Bitch if you do it like that. And if she don’t know [you took a pill] she’s gonna be like, “Wow, this nigga is feelin’ me for real!” and you’ll wake up with her the next wondering who she is. That’s why I say you’ve really gotta love a person to put that type of shit on her. But I dunno, everybody doesn’t react the same. Not to get all detailed about it, but by it being so long like that and I’m used to pussy, I can’t get aroused on [X] with a condom on, and I can’t just be runnin’ up in anybody raw. I prefer just the women to be on pills. I don’t think it’s cool for you to be on ‘em. I think you’d want her to be overly sexual, not yourself, so you can control it. I can’t speak for everybody but that’s kinda how I think. I like my drink, my weed, and my two step. And the sex issue, wow! Did y’all talk to Christina Milian? Nah, I didn’t think Dre would’ve let us. Oh, yeah, Dre’s cool, but you know what I always look for? I don’t know why, but if any artists are reading this, please, if you do this too, back me up. Whenever I’m reading a magazine and they’ve got a girl interviewed in there – not niggas, I don’t ever read their shit – but a girl, I’ll skim her whole page to see if I see my name. So I always want you to ask ‘em something about me. Any magazine I read, it could be any female, even Halle Berry. I’ll be reading their article, thinking: Please say something about me. Y’all need to start asking ‘em that shit: “Would y’all fuck Lil Wayne?” Yeah, we’ve asked a few females that question in previous sex issues. Khia was ready for you, and Jacki-O too. She’s got my number! Well, now that we’re on the topic, are there any celebrity women you’re tryin’ to get at? I ain’t tryin’ to get at nobody. They should be trying to get at me. I’m that shit. But shout out to all of them, man, I got a lot of friends. They already know I keep it gully. They love me and I love ‘em back, but I ain’t after nobody. All my little songs are about heartbreak and pain. It’s tough. It’s a hard knock life but somebody’s gotta live it. Hard knock life, huh? Well, would you like to let our readers know when your album comes out? December 18th, Tha Carter 3, The Leak. Baby’s album is about to drop in December also, and then the Young Money compilation right after that. Hopefully we can get started on the Hot Boys thing by the time my album drops, too. That’d be cool. Any prediction on album sales? I predict I’m gonna sell one record, and if I don’t sell one record, I quit! (laughs) Nah, even though I get a lot of brain I’m no psychic. Oh, and if you can suck a dick, you’re one of the eight wonders of the world. What advice would you give a woman when it comes to sucking a good dick? That’s a crazy way to ask that question, Julia, but okay. I just tell her: “Have you ever ate a popsicle burger? You don’t want your teeth to freeze, do you? Don’t put them muthafuckers on my ice, bitch.” Keep sucking til it gets smaller and smaller until it gets down to liquid and you could just swallow it. And don’t worry – I’ll return they favor. They be like, “Are you gonna rap about me?” Naw, you could rap about me. I’ll be your slut. Anything else you’d like to say for the sex issue? Protect yourself. Safe sex! My little brother Jas [Prince] got his own condoms out called Stay Strapped, so if you can’t find no Magnums get them Stay Strapped. We’re gonna come out with the ribbed ones so we could tickle stuff at the same time as we stick ‘em. Safe sex, man. //



his month I undressed a porn star, bathed in a hot tub full of models, and turned down enticing offers from three very attractive strippers, so you might be surprised to learn that I pay for prostitutes. Last week was actually my first time. The hooker I hired gave me exactly what I needed — she even let me record the whole thing! I wasn’t as rough on her as I wanted to be, but it was still a satisfying experience. And even though she wasn’t exactly my type physically, her mouth made up for whatever looks she was lacking. I thought about bringing protection, but I decided against it. I figured I’ve been in more hazardous situations than this before, and I’d never brought a weapon to any of my other interviews.

It’s real easy; all you do is post a free ad with a picture and description and wait for clients to call. A lot of people call offering me work with an escort service, but we all know that working for an escort service is basically just being pimped. You’re supposed to be paying them for security, or for a driver, or their services, but what they’re doing you can do on your own. Craigslist eliminates the need for a pimp, because you can do everything on your own. You can place your own ad, which is all you really need. Basically an escort wouldn’t go in the room with you if you are on a date, so what can they really be doing besides pimpin’ you? They can’t protect you. I don’t have a pimp, I’m my own pimp.

No, I didn’t pay for sex, but for the first time in life, I paid someone to let me interview them — a whole $40.00. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I’m the bargain-chasing type. I once went to a pawn shop to buy an iron for the mansion OZONE was occupying in Miami Beach, so for me to come out of pocket just for a chat with a prostitute is a big deal. I was hesitant initially, and admittedly a little nervous. But after spending 3 hours hunting for hookers on Craigslist.com, and having the first 16 girls decline my interview request, I was so sick of getting cursed out and hung up on by slutted-out internet whores that I was ready to just give up and write an article about my experience at the Asian spa. But thankfully, the 17th girl said yes. Her name was Tiffany*, and as soon as she found out that I wasn’t calling for sex, she surprisingly seemed open to talk. I told her that I was doing a story on internet prostitution, and what exactly I would need her to speak on in the interview. Most importantly, I told her that I was willing to pay for just her words.

I also have a regular job that pays me pretty good. I wouldn’t ever make a career out of this. It’s just something to do if you need fast money. I do it in spurts, whenever I really need money, but it’s not really for me. I’d say the worst part about my life is that I’m selling my body. It’s kind of degrading.

She gave me directions to where she lived, and 15 minutes later I was on my way to a hooker’s house, with intentions of going as deep into her life as possible. It was a twenty minute drive from the OZONE office in Midtown Atlanta to Tiffany’s house near College Park. And while I thought I was going to end up in a crime-riddled neighborhood with boarded up crack houses and police outposts on every corner, her neighborhood was more like a scene out of an 80s sitcom. It was secluded, almost disturbingly quiet, and looked very inviting. There was a swing set in the front yard of a neighboring house, green grass on every lawn, and bright yellow leaves on the trees that had “autumn in the suburbs” written all over them. There was even an old white man walking his dog down the street. In fact, the loudest thing within a mile radius was the colorfully wrapped OZONE truck I was driving and the UGK CD bumping inside. Tiffany told me to call when I was close enough for her to guide me through the quaint little neighborhood and up to her door. A few minutes later, I pulled in front of a red and brown ranch house, and was instructed to park in the back of the driveway. I was a little reluctant on being potentially blocked in by her pimp, but I complied. She motioned for me to come to the front door, and I cautiously walked inside.

Every day I probably have about 20 or more men call my phone looking for sex, but that’s not saying I take most of them. I make around $2,000 a week, and I only take about 5 or 6 calls a day, depending on what they’re asking for. Some guys just want head. Some of them just wanna have regular sex, some of them wanna do Greek [anal sex], it all depends on the person. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks. I don’t do bare-back [without a condom] in no kind of way, and I don’t let them perform oral sex on me. But I get all types of strange requests. One man asked me to shit in his mouth; it was a black guy. I couldn’t do it. That’s gross! He wasn’t paying enough for that. I don’t do no shitting on — you can’t shit on me, and I’m not gon’ shit on you. But I will do Greek [anal] sex, and I will do a golden shower and let guys pee on me, or if they want, I’ll pee on them. I’ve had somebody ask me to throw up on him, and I did that; it was a black man, also. I threw up on him and then he ate it afterwards. It’s the ones you would least expect that have the crazy requests, but typically the men that call me aren’t the type of guy who you would expect to call the line. I couldn’t even tell you what the average customer looks like, because they range from kinda young to middle-aged, black to white. A lot of them are young, and most of the time they call because maybe they have a fetish, or some kind of problem, like their shit won’t stay hard, or their wife doesn’t suck their dick. It’s usually something simple. And the prices depend on what services you get. It all depends on what you’re looking for. I post certain prices on my ad, but that’s not necessarily the price. It depends on what they want. I don’t give a shit what you look like. You could be ugly as hell; as long as the money’s green I’ll fuck you.

I didn’t go further than the front room, but it was neat and clean, and didn’t seem the slightest bit out of place in the quiet neighborhood. In other words, it didn’t look at all how you would expect a prostitute’s living room to look. But Tiffany looked exactly how she did in the picture on Craigslist, except her hair was longer, and she had gained a little weight and added a few tattoos. She was dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, and looked like a regular chick you might see in the front row of Boosie concert. She was only 24, but looked much older, and was obviously living a hard life. She took the money, but the look in her eyes as she invited me to sit on her couch suggested she needed someone to talk to more than the $40.00.

Sometimes I feel bad about selling my body, ‘cause like I said it is degrading, but I just think about feeding my kids. I look at this shit like a business. The clients wanna fuck, and I want money, so we’re both coming out good. It’s that simple. We don’t have no hassles or strings attached.

FREAKY GIRL: TIFFANY’S STORY I don’t really know where to start. I just kinda got behind in bills and [Craigslist] was fast money. I had a friend who was doing it, and she turned me on to the line — I call Craigslist “the line.” (above): Tiffany’s Craigslist advertisement


A lot of women call me also, but I won’t take a call from a woman because there’s nothing I could do with a woman that wouldn’t involve exchanging fluids; I don’t know a way around that, and with me, it’s a very safe experience. No fluids are exchanged. I can’t speak for anybody else on Craigslist, but I have a life outside of this. This is just something I do on the side. I have four kids. The oldest is 9 and the youngest is 2. Outside of Craigslist I’m a normal person. I like plays, comedy clubs, and normal people activities. I don’t have a boyfriend. I have somebody who fills that spot, but he’s not my boyfriend. And no, he doesn’t know what I do. Nobody knows. Nobody who knows me, except for my sister and my brother, knows what I do. They know that I’m gon’ get my money regardless. I’m not gon’ sit around and depend on somebody else to do something for me. When my brother found out, he wasn’t mad. It’s my life. I support myself. Shit, I basically take care of him anyway, so it don’t matter.

I do get scared all the time about running into a crazy client. It’s a definite risk, because you’re meeting people you don’t know, so you can never predict what may happen. All you can do is hope that you don’t run into a man that is trying to put your life * Names have been changed

that shit before, but it had been a minute since I had some pussy, and I really needed it. So, after I left Waffle House I went driving around the motel across the street to see if I could find some hoes that was fucking for the low. It was a pretty grimey looking motel and a police car was posted up outside. I saw some hoes outside of a room and I was ‘bout to go holla at them regardless of the police, but my homie talked me out of it. He came up with the genius idea of going on Craigslist.

in danger. If I feel like a guy is a little off, or if I get the vibe that something may be wrong with a person, I won’t deal with ‘em. Sometimes people that call just act weird. This life is not me. I’m just in a situation where I need that fast money. My advice to [other] people involved in [prostitution] is do what you gotta do, and leave it alone. It’s always something that can go wrong, whether you run into someone crazy, or you run into the cops. I’ve personally never ran into the cops, but every day it could happen. I just recommend that girls be careful. This is never exciting. There’s never any type of rush involved. I don’t get no pleasure out of it. I don’t enjoy one part of this shit.

He was like, “Dean, if you that horny, just find some hoes on Craigslist.” I had heard of Craigslist before, but I ain’t know hoes was soliciting themselves on that bad boy. I just thought it was a site where people posted jobs and apartments, and sold old shit like cell phones. I knew they had a dating section too, but I thought it was just some weak ass shit. But my homie In the entire United States, figured out that you could buy pussy on there as well. except for 17 counties in Nevada, prostitution is I was like, “You can get some pussy online?” I never illegal. Prostitution is generally classified as a (above): Dean’s callgirl Candy thought about no shit like that. So I figured, just out misdemeanor, but when a prostitute knowingly of curiosity I could check it out to see what was up. has HIV, it becomes a felony. Every person arrested for prostitution is forced So I got to the crib and got on Craigslist, and then I clicked on the “Women 4 to take an HIV test. If they test positive and are later arrested for the same Men” link in the erotic section, and it was like: Jackpot! I was little overact, it will be considered Felony Prostitution with a mandatory sentence of 10 whelmed at first because it was so many to choose from, but I came across years. this one profile of a girl named Candy, and instantly I was like, “I gots to have her!” She was short, petite, had a nice lil’ booty for her size, light skinned — she was gorgeous! I was surprised a girl that looked like her was on there, somebody that attractive I figured would have a white nigga tricking all his dough on her. Craigslist.com is operated out of a small home-looking office in San Francisco’s Sunset District and is staffed by only 24 employees. Since being established in 1994, the The Bay Area website has gained loyal visitors all Users of the site can choose “Incalls” or “Outcalls.” over the world, and in 2007, the site’s revenue was estimated at $150 million “Outcalls” are when the prostitute comes to you, which generally costs more, dollars. and an “Incall” requires you to travel to them. Candy, the girl Dean selected,


Ayo Technology

In or Out

The city of Atlanta has a publicized child prostitution problem, and in August of 2007, Mayor Shirley Franklin blamed much of this on Craigslist. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mayor Franklin feels that “Craigslist should take responsibility for the company’s role in promoting child prostitution in Atlanta.” Atlanta, however, isn’t the only city having a problem with Craigslist. In 2006, the San Francisco Bay Guardian criticized the site for being similar to Wal-Mart. They claimed it was destroying small town mom and pop shops by offering products at much cheaper prices. So, in essence, Craigslist is an online Wal-Mart, except with a much more precious product — pussy. And instead of closing small town shops, the website is putting small time pimps out of work. Craigslist could be considered a pimp’s worse enemy, but according to outspoken OZONE columnist Pimp C, prominent prostitution on Craigslist is a thing of the past. “Craigslist.com used to be [a popular place for prostitution] until everybody found out what it was,” says Pimp C. “Craigslist now is more like ‘Feds List,’ because once something gets brought to the forefront and once people like you start asking people like me about Craigslist, and people start doing interviews and articles about Craigslist, it’s no longer a viable source for people to use. But it used to be on and poppin’.” But for 23-year-old Dean, prostitution on Craigslist is still “on and poppin’.” Dean is a recent college graduate who works in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district and has been in a long distance relationship for the past four years. He is seriously considering marrying his girlfriend in the near future, but like so many men across the world, Dean’s mantra is, “There’s still no pussy like new pussy.” And after an unsuccessful night at the club, Dean decided to give Craigslist a try.

Prostitute Flang: DEAN’S STORY Every day my objective is to get some pussy. That day wasn’t any different. After I went to work it was night time and I was ready to get on the grind, so we went to the club. I had a few drinks and danced with some ladies. I tried to holla at a few. That whole night at the club was weak as hell. Of course my goal was to get some pussy, but I couldn’t find none. I went to Waffle House with my boys afterwards, and was still horny. It was some fine ass hoes in Waffle House and that made my thirsty ass even more ready. At that point I was damn near ready to pay for some pussy. I had never done

was available for “Outcalls” only.

So I called her, and I guess I sounded like a square. I was like, “I ain’t never did this before, this is my first time.” She kind of led me through it, and while we was talking I was getting a little more confident. I started negotiating the price and shit. It felt kinda like I was at the flea market buying some Air Force Ones from a Chinaman. You know, if he says $75, you say $50, and then you got it. So I tried to bargain with her. She tried to hit me with a special like, “I got this two girl special, you can get me and my girl.” I thought that sounded pretty good, so I told her I got my boy here with me, so I figured we could go ahead and get the whole orgy thing going on. So we agreed on a price, and I was like, “Cool, come through.”

Like a Pimp Prices on CL vary greatly. Generally the highest prici-

est hookers on Craigslist would be attractive white girls offering bare-back (sex without a condom) services, and the lowest prices would come from a black BBW. Like most online communities, CL has its own language and terminology. If you were to log on to the prostitute profiles, you might see any of the following terms and acronyms: BBW (Big, Beautiful Woman), BBBJ (Bareback Blowjob), FS (Full Service), GFE (GirlFriend-like Experience), Greek (Anal Sex), roses (dollars), and many others.

We agreed on paying $160 dollars per chick. I thought it was kinda steep, but I was horny as hell with a few drinks in my system, and it was something I’d never done before. I’m adventurous, so I figured I’d go on ahead and do it. It was something crazy, and it’d be a story to tell. I was real excited, and I told myself, “I can’t mess up on this opportunity, this is one that could go down in the history books.” But after I told her to come through I started getting nervous thinking we were gon’ fuck around and be on Dateline or some shit like that. So while I was waiting for her to come, I was posted up outside my apartment complex hiding in the bushes to make sure that when she rolled up there wasn’t a car or van behind her with a camera crew or something. I was real paranoid. She called my phone when she got close and asked what door it was and I told her to meet me outside. I met her outside and she and her friend followed me inside. My boy was in the room sleep, but I had everything set up. I had the lights down low, a couple candles lit, a movie playing. I was trying to set the mood because I ain’t know how it was gon’ go. We went over the prices again and everything, and then I showed her the cash and went to wake up my boy. She tried to hit me with a hat trick. She tried to tell me that we couldn’t switch between the two of them, and if we wanted to it was gonna be extra. So we OZONE MAG // 85

(above): Dean

used the living room.

had to fuck them hoes one on one. The one from the ad [on Craigslist] was bad, but her friend wasn’t as good looking. She was kinda built like Serena Williams, but that face was more like Venus. I wasn’t feeling her too much. She wasn’t no grizzly, gizmo looking chick, but she wasn’t cute. She had a nice physique though. So I woke my boy up and told him that he had the Venus Williams-looking chick. He was half sleep so he didn’t really know what was going on. We had combined our money and by the time he had woke up I had already given the girl the money, so he didn’t really have a say in the matter. But I let him use my room to be nice. I just

So, right before we started, the lady tried to hit me with another hat-trick. She was like, “The service lasts an hour, or ‘til you cum.” I was like, “Man, hell naw. If I’m paying for an hour I want my full hour. I can get off a few nuts in a hour!” I told her since it was my first time she needs to go ahead and give me the bad boy hook up, so she went for it. Once she told me that we weren’t gon’ be able to have the orgy I was kinda pissed. That’s the main reason I went through with agreeing to have her come out. But she was a damn good looking girl and she had on a provocative ass ‘fit. Her booty was incredible. So once my boy went in the room with his chick, I just turned off the TV and raised her dress up and she ain’t have no panties on. I just threw my shit off, and she asked me if I had a condom, which I did. She took the condom and popped that bad boy open, and put the condom on my dick with her mouth and started sucking my shit. After a few minutes she started riding me on the couch. She really knew how to do the damn thang, I must say. She was pop, lock, and dropping, and she had a nice lil’ jiggly booty. You couldn’t tell it was jiggly from looking at it; it looked like it was real firm, but when I grabbed that shit it felt like I had a water-balloon in my hand. I told her to get up, so I could go ahead and hit that from the back. I gets to tearin’ that ass up from the back. I gets to slappin’ it, hittin’ it, and I guess I was getting excited, ‘cause a nigga came kinda quick. But I wasn’t trippin’ because I figure the next nut gon’ take a minute to come, plus I still got about 45 minutes left. But then right as she was bout to start riding me again, my roommate walked

in. I was scared as fuck! I thought it was the police bustin’ in or some shit. I tried to hide her and shit, and roll up in the covers trying to act like I was sleep. But then I realized it was my roommate and I calmed down. He ain’t see her, so I just tried to hurry his ass to his room without him seeing her so I could get back to fucking. But I lost my concentration and it felt like I wasn’t gon’ never bust no nut. Then, a few minutes later, my friend came outta my room with the other chick. I guess he was finished too, so I was just like “Fuck it, I guess I’m cool.”

Put Me to Bed When we were done she asked me if it was good and if I enjoyed myself. I told her, “Yeah, I had a good time, and I know you did, too.” She said, “Yeah, I had a good time, also.” I’m a kind of prideful nigga, so I don’t think she was just runnin’ game on me. She told me if I get her some more customers, she’ll give me a little discount, but I wasn’t thinking about puttin’ nobody else on, I was just thinking about me gettin’ some more pussy. But I’m not gon’ lie, the next day I felt a little bad about paying for pussy, because I felt like only goofy ass niggas pay for sex, and I don’t have no problem meeting no girl. I thought my friends was gon’ clown me and talk shit, so instead of taking the risk of them finding out about it from my boy [who was with the Venus Williams lookin’ girl] or my roommate who walked in, I just went ahead and told all my friends about the experience. They all laughed about it. Shit, most of my friends want to try it themselves. They were asking me to call a girl for them and set it up ‘cause they’re scared. So, what I thought was taboo, a lot of people are willing to do. They just wanna feel comfortable that other people aren’t gonna talk about them for doing it. I guess I started a trend that’s taking off with a lot of my friends because now, I’d say probably 75% of my friends are either fucking hoes from Craigslist, or want to try it soon. It makes sense: You can buy pussy on Craigslist — quality pussy - easier than you can send a friend request on Facebook or Myspace. It’s real simple. They got links where you can choose either one girl, two girls, you can search by age or race. I’m not gay, but if you’re gay, you can find gay shit, too. You can get the rough stuff, a girlfriend experience, a quickie. It’s like ordering a pizza — you can get pussy delivered, but the only difference is you don’t have to pay for delivery. You’re just paying for the pussy. You’re not even paying for the gas, just the ass.

HAPPY ENDING? While Dean’s experience was somewhat like Papa John’s delivery and Tiffany’s situation is more like Pappadeaux’s dine-in, both situations reflect a completely new age of internet prostitution. Tricks no longer find hoes walking down city streets; Craigslist.com and similar websites have created a whole new avenue. The future of the site is unknown, it could continue to grow and further change the face the hooking game, or follow Pimp’s C’s predictions and become more of a Fedslist than a freaklist. Either way, pimpin’ ain’t dead. It just moved to the web. //

It ain’t trickin’ if you got it... ....or is it? In previous OZONE sex issues, we asked a few of your favorite artists if they would pay for pussy, and here’s what they said: Young Dro: “Hell naw! That’s against the code. Fat, ugly niggas pay for pussy. Even when I was broke and ain’t have no money, I was still fly as a muthafucka and I ain’t have to pay for no sex. I ain’t with that shit. Girls used to take care of me.” Lil Boosie: “Yeah, I done paid for sex. I done went to cities in Cali and New York where everybody don’t know Boosie. So yeah, I done went and paid $100 for whatever it is. It ain’t trickin’ if you got it. In the Dominican Republic them hoes was goin’ for $30.” Yung Joc: “Naw, I don’t tip.” Trey Songz: “When you pay for somebody to fly somewhere, or for a hotel room, you paid for [sex]…but handing over money for sex, nah, I’ve never done that.” B.G.: “I ain’t never had to [pay for sex]. I might throw them hoes something just feeling sorry for ‘em, but I ain’t never had to.”



he young’n from Decatur, Georgia is on Cloud 9 as he shakes off Haterz and indulges in his new found groupies. He speaks on his strip club obsession, period sex, and the drunken nights that usually lead to sober mornings with big girls.

experiences. Some girls like that, but I’m not really into it. If she’s talking right, it’ll turn me on. If she’s talking cause she’s really, really into it and can’t shut up, that’s great. But if she’s just talking to make conversation, I don’t really like that.

Are you sure you’re allowed to be interviewed for the sex issue? How old are you, and how long have you been gettin’ down? I’m 18. I was real experimentational [with sex], even back in kindergarden. That was my first experience. There was a girl in my neighborhood I had a crush on, and she used to come over to my house. You know, when you’re in kindergarden your parents ain’t really expecting nothing. We were in my bed just playin’ around, kissin’ on each other and feelin’ on each other. The first time I had sex was in 5th grade. My next door neighbor had a crush on me; she was older than me. She came over to my house and introduced me to the wild side.

Do you listen to your own music when you’re fucking? I’ve never fucked to music. I fucked to some beats before, listening to somebody’s beat CD they had given me. That was pretty dope.

How have you seen women change towards you now that you’ve got a record deal? Aw, man, I expected it. A lot more women come at you, obviously, but I don’t really pay much attention to it. I’m all about working. But, you know, the sexual experiences definitely go up a whole lot. Do aggressive groupie-type females turn you on or off? It’s always a thrill in the chase, but some nights you just go with what you can get. Do you regret any of those nights? Man, this one night I was drunk and I had to settle for a fat girl. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with big girls, man, but she was probably about 190 pounds and I’m only 160 so that was a whole lot of cushion. (laughs) So when you’re not drunk, what type of girls do you prefer? I like small, petite women, like 5’5” and 120 pounds. I’m an ass man. I don’t really care too much about titties. I don’t really discriminate, but I do like Latinas. That’s gotta be my favorite. They’re real passionate. If a girl called in to Groupie Confessions about you, what do you think she’d say? She’d say, “One time I fucked B.O.B., man, he went through a whole twelve pack of condoms on me in one night.” I’m still young. Got a lot of libido. Are you into porn or strip clubs? I kinda like the strip clubs. That’s my guilty pleasure. Sometimes you might catch me trickin’ off man, I don’t know. Have you fucked a stripper? Yeah, I like strippers, man. I like older women because they’re more into it. The younger girls, they’re all shy when you’re fuckin’, covering up their face like they’re ashamed or something. With the strippers, most of the time it’ll be when I do a show or something. They may holla at me and want to come back to my place. Or they may try to charge something, so we’ll just go get a room. Hmm. Sounds like you fuck strippers on a regular basis? Nah, not really. I’ve gotta keep it spicy for the sex issue, you know? So if they try to charge, you’ll pay for it? Man, yeah. I ain’t gonna lie. I tricked off a couple times. I’ll keep it real. It wasn’t worth it, but sometimes like I said, you’ve gotta settle for what you can get.

What’s your favorite position? Doggy style, from the back, but kinda layin’ on her. When she’s layin’ with her stomach down on the bed.

Who’s beats? It was this nigga named Get Cool. That’s a nice lil plug for Get Cool. Have you had any bad sex experiences? Aw, man, one time I fucked a girl on her period. That was pretty terrible, and other niggas out there know what I mean. I know I ain’t the only nigga that’s done that before. I learned the hard way. She was like, “I think you knocked my period on.” I didn’t knock your damn period on! How the hell can dick knock your period on? If she’d told you in advance, you would’ve been more prepared? I would’ve turned it down. You just can’t go diving into the deep red sea. How ‘bout your best sex experience? I was in New York, man, I was just fucking all night. I don’t know what it was. Something in the food, I guess. We were in the hotel fuckin’, left, went to the pharmacy, got some more condoms, came back, fuckin’ again. Got in the shower, more fuckin’. It was like jungle sex. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Looking over the balcony. I was sitting on the chair and she was sitting on my lap straddling me, looking over at the beach. Or in the shower, on the floor of the shower. It’s gotta be a big shower; can’t be the small ones. Gotta have the water running. And the backseat is always the classic; that’s always great. Do you have any advice for our readers about safe sex? You should definitely never fuck raw. I’ve never fucked raw. Well, maybe once, but I’ll never do that shit. It’s not worth it. Don’t strap up twice because the friction will break the condom. Durex or Magnums only. If you can’t fit into a Magnum, don’t even do it. Fuck Lifestyles, they’re too thin and they’ll break. I need the Magnum XL. I can fill ‘em up. Have you measured your dick before? Naw, but this girl tried. The ruler wasn’t long enough. Stop lying. Is there anything else you’d like to say for the sex issue? The album comes out 4/20, the smoker’s holiday: The Adventures of B.O.B. Check me out at www.myspace.com/bobatl. //

Words by Julia Beverly Photo by Ray Tamarra


With all the controversy surrounding Hip Hop lyrics, do you think the sexual aspect of the music is usually reality or an exaggeration? Some [artists] make it seem like it’s a paradise place that you enter once you cross over from virginity to fuckin’, but it really ain’t like that. It’s just an activity to do. It really ain’t no special party with bottles poppin’ and chandeliers bursting through the ceiling or some shit. I remember my first time. I was like, “Damn, so that’s it?” (laughs) Do you get a lot of sexy text messages or naked pictures sent to you? I got a picture from a girl and I showed it to her when she got in town, but it was the wrong girl. It was a picture of a booty. She was like, “That ain’t my ass.” I was like, “Oh, shit.” I got ‘em switched up. She wouldn’t give me none after that. That’s pretty bad. If you had the opportunity, would you want to be in Superhead’s third book? If she wanted to give me some head it’d be good. Nah, but I’d pretty much stay away from that. If your girl told you she had a girlfriend, how would you react? As long as I can be in it, it’s all cool. What if you found out your girl was actually married? Nah, I can’t fuck with that. That’s too much drama. That’s a stop sign from the rip. Are you talkative during sex? Nah, I don’t really like talking. I like to just meditate and concentrate on different




Words by julia beverly photo by THADDEUSMcADAMS.COM

Big Kuntry and his girlfriend Diamond (Photo by Prince Williams/ATLpics.net)


rand Hustle’s Big Kuntry King explains how his night pleasing seven women at the same time one-ups the King of the South. That’s right, having a girl with just one girlfriend is old news for P$C. If a girl had a Groupie Confession about you, what do you think she’d say? She’d say I tore her out the frame and she’s mad cause I ain’t called her since. What’s the difference between a female you’d date and a groupie? I don’t know what the difference really is. These days if a girl likes you, she’s going to tell you, “I ain’t no groupie.” But if the head is right and she’s wet like a pool, we can get down, ya dig? She might get a second chance if she don’t talk too much. Is that the top groupie line? The top groupie line is, “Hey Big Kuntry, you’re cute. I’m not a groupie.” (laughs) You can’t top that. When you say you’re not a groupie, I’m already thinking that you are, cause real fans don’t even go into that. A real fan would be like, “Can I get an autograph?” or, “Can I get a picture?” Do females offer to do things for you sexually to get at T.I.? Yeah, some of them used to. Now they’re trying to get at me. It used to be like, “If I can meet T.I., I’ll suck your dick.” I’d be like, “Shit, okay.” (laughs) Now it’s like, “How’s T.I. doing?” I tell ‘em, “He’s alright,” and they’re like, “Well, I got something I’ll do for you. I’ll suck your dick.” Do you like those type of females that offer to do things for you or do you prefer the chase? I like the chase. I’m a man. I like to chase some ass, ya dig? That takes the fun out of it when a bitch wants to do all this shit to you. The fun is gone. I wanna chase it. When you do chase, do you ever get turned down? I don’t get turned down by nobody. I’m very persistent and very swift on my feet. I’m the one that turns them down now. I remember when me and Tip first got in this game around 2000. We were like, “We’re gonna fun every girl we see!” Then when the girls are running after you, you turn into a woman: “That’s okay, I’m straight.” ‘Cause they talk too much. “I want to, but you’re gonna tell everybody.” (laughs) Fuck that. It’s gonna make me look like a whore. I’m gonna fuck you and do the job right; I have no problems, no troubles with that. I’m blessed, as the good Lord says. But, you know, if I wanna settle down one day, it’s gonna be very hard. Just like a hoe, if she wants to settle down one day and we go to the club and I see ten niggas you fucked with, it’s gonna be very hard for you. That’s how I look at it. You don’t want to be known as a hoe because you want to settle down? I think I need to settle down one day. I want to. I don’t wanna be catching nothing. These muthafuckers are handing out diseases like free cheese. Young Dro said his girl has a girlfriend. Is that a Grand Hustle thing? My girl got a few girlfriends. Pretty much every girl I mess with has got a girlfriend. What’s the largest group sex experience you’ve had? Aw, man. Lord Jesus. Must I say? I think Tip had ‘bout six girls. I had seven. How did that go down? How do you have sex with seven people? You gotdamn pop one of them energy pills and get to it. And you don’t do it again! (laughs) The reality is that it’s only good to have sex with one girl. When you’re trying to have sex with seven girls, you don’t wake up [the next day]. You sleep forever, your back hurts, and you feel like you’ve been working for a whole week in one night. You’re trying to impress everybody in the bedroom. You’ve got legs up, ass up. “You, eat this.” “You, suck this.” “Y’all kiss each other.” I’m trying not to bust a nut yet. Wash my dick off, put on another rubber. I’ma get to it and I’ma fuck the shit out of you. Then, I’ma start all over. “You, drink this.” “You, pop this.” “You, roll that, so I can smoke this.” That’s a lot of work. Yeah, that’s a lot of work! At first, I thought it was some cool shit! No, no, no! Messing with just two girls is enough. I had to tell my girl, “Look I ain’t wit’ that shit tonight. Just you and me.” No, no, we start to get on that Patron and its going all the way down. And don’t let me have to come and do something for OZONE or any other media…shit, I’m late. That’s not good for business. Fucking around wit’ them bitches. Them women will have you fucked up. If your phone rings during sex, do you answer?

Hell yeah, to show off a little bit. Put that cock all the way down her, make her say, “Ohhh,” and be like, “Hello?” One time my mama called, and she was like, “You nasty, boy. You nasty.” My mama looks young as hell and she’ll be in the club wit’ us. And she’ll tell the girls, “You know he’s packin’, girl. You better watch him.” I be like, “Mama, what kinda shit is that?” When I used to have the dope and the raw, my mom used to be like, “Alright now, boy. You better put that shit in the attic before them boys come in here.” My mama’s just down. You’re packing? How much? You want me to go show you in the bathroom, baby? Nah, I’m good. (laughs) I’m packing like a .45. I’m ready to aim and bust. (laughs) What’s up with you and Ms. Shyneka? I don’t talk to Ms. Shyneka. I talk to a girl named Diamond from the strip club. She’s fine as hell. I used to talk to Ms. Shyneka. I used to bang that back out. I used to, but then I moved on and got me a lil’ stripper. She’s cool as fuck. It doesn’t bother you that your lady takes her clothes off for other dudes every night? Nah, I’m born in the A. It’s normal here. At the same time, when it gets real serious, she ain’t gon’ be in no strip club. Right now, I gotta get my shit together. I gotta get out these streets and sell some records. I can’t keep bothering her about what she’s doing. You just keep making your money. You can’t really change a person’s life until [they’re] ready to change it. And then, if that’s what you were doing before me, it’s not like you started doing it after me. This is what you were doing. I know what the fuck’s going on. I ain’t no dummy. Pimp Squad’s the name, ya dig? That’s the brand. Them soft-ass emotions are weak emotions. You can’t have those weak emotions and they don’t make you no money. Niggas pissin’ and crying about a woman. Nigga, you supposed to be pissin’ and crying about not making no money. If you could get with any celebrity chick right now, who would it be? Alicia Keys. You seen her in that video? Thick as a muthafucker. (phone rings) This is my girl right now. “Hello? Hold on, baby. Let me finish doing this interview with OZONE. I’m talking about you right now.” (hangs up the phone) What’s the most creative place you had sex? You really wanna know? Oh, shit. You know where the Twelve is at, [in Atlantic Station], right? Me and my girl were kicking it at the Twelve and we went down the escalators over between the movie theater and the places they’re leasing. So we got up the elevator and she started kissing me on the steps. We started fucking on the steps, just bangin’ that thang out. We heard somebody and we ran down the steps and kept fuckin’ right there. We heard somebody else so we ran back up the steps and kept fuckin’ right there. We’re all up on the railing and I’m like, damn, I hope they can’t see us. I know these muthafuckers got gotdamn cameras. We walk out, go to the bathroom in the movie theater, rinse off. Go order some popcorn and watch a movie. But that whole time, I’m like, boy, if we get caught, do you know who I am? That shit’s gonna be everywhere! We do a lot of that crazy shit. You only care at the beginning, but once you get into the heat of things, shit, you can’t stop. If I’m gonna get caught, fuck it. // OZONE MAG // 89


aving departed his position as the lead singer of Pretty Ricky, Pleasure P is now embarking on a solo career and seeking a special lady to romance. What kind of lady catches your attention? I can’t really say I’ve got a certain type, cause I might find love with someone I ain’t never been with before. You’ve gotta try different kinds of girls. How can you tell the difference between a groupie and a female who’s really interested in you? I don’t call girls groupies. “Groupie” is not a word to me. “Groupie” is a word that girls use to hate on other girls. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting a man with ambition that’s poppin’ and that’s fly. Some females tell me, “I love you,” but they don’t mean it. A lot of people fool themselves into thinking they’re in love. I’m 22 years old with good credit, ya dig? Why fool yourself at a young age? You’re too young to make that commitment and be in love and say you’re gonna ride with each other no matter what. How the fuck do you think people can still be together after fifty years? You’re stuck with that person for life, so until you’re able to commit to that, “love” is a lie. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? The craziest place I had sex was in the bed, cause that’s where they deserved to be. I feel like a lady should be in a bed, with different things like strawberries and everything else to make a lady feel special. Anything other than that, it should be on the beach or something. Strawberries? I guess you’re the romantic type. It ain’t romantic, it’s just something I feel that a lady should have. You could treat a girl like a jumpoff and just be done with her, or you could take the time to try to please her. That’s why my name is Pleasure P. I’m 22 years old with good credit. Do you eat pussy? A gentleman would never tell, but there’s nothing wrong with it if you love that girl. To try to please that girl, you’ve gotta make her feel special and happy at the same time. She might run off, but she’ll come back and see that you’re better than everybody else. I like to learn about women. I pay attention to what you do and what you like. It’s gotta be something natural because I’m comfortable with you. I wanna know what you like and everything about you. So you’re looking for that special girl to fall in love with? I ain’t found it yet. I’m only 22. I think a lot of people fool themselves into thinking they can fall in love at a young age. Right now I’m single and free to mingle. Maybe later on I’ll get into that, but right now I’m just enjoying my life. I’m happy I’m free. I’m free fallin’, bitch, like the [Tom Petty] song. Do you play your own music during sex? I don’t play my music or nobody else’s music, but there are good songs from Jodeci, R Kelly; there’s so many people that make great music. But we make our own music when she says my name and I make her do things that she never thought she would imagine. Is there anything you’d like to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? My ultimate fantasy that I ain’t fulfilled yet is to make a relationship last. It’s hard for me right now. If I could make a relationship last I’d be pretty good. Size matters, you know? What are you working with? What kind of question is that? You’ve gotta find out. Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky, you know? Do you get a lot of sexy text messages or Myspace messages from your fans? My fans are pretty loving but I don’t really get those. Anything I get like that is usually in person, and it’s up to me whether I want to accept it or not. Most of the time I don’t because I’m very hard-working. But if I do, you’ll remember it. Are there any celebrity females you’d like to get with? A girl could come in any shape or size; they’re all beautiful whether they’re a celebrity or not. I just ain’t found the right girl yet. When that time comes, I’ll know who she is. It ain’t that I only like celebrity females. I’m a pretty down-to-earth dude. Do you have any advice for our readers when it comes to getting tested and safe sex? Try to get yourself tested more than once a year if you’re sexually active. Your


life ain’t nothin’ to play with. Get yourself tested; wrap it up! I know raw feels good, but unless that’s the only person you deal with and y’all got that trust thing down and y’all took a test together, don’t do it. That could create a kid. If you’re somebody’s mother or father, you can’t settle for less. Keep that in mind when you do have sex, and let the good times roll, ya dig? Do you have kids? I’ve got a three year old son named Marcus. I had him at a young age. He’s a real good lil’ boy, a very smart man. I love him and I’ma support anything and everything he does. I’d never deny him. I ain’t scared to say I’ve got kids or tell y’all the things I’ve been through. I’m living my dream right now. What’s the real story between you and Pretty Ricky? You’re going solo? Right now, I don’t know. We ain’t spoke in a while and I guess they’re just doing them. They’ve got a reality show coming out about replacing me. I heard they’ve got a lil’ single out. I wish the best for them because it ain’t really their fault. I wish the best for them and I’ll go support them boys. They’re real good at what they do; much respect. I love y’all boys sincerely. Spec, Blue, Slick, y’all could be mad at me forever for whatever reason, but I’m just becoming a man. We weren’t all raised in the same household, so I’m kinda different, but I fuck with y’all niggas. There was a rumor that you dissed them and T-Pain at a show in Tallahassee. No, not at all. Why would I diss them, or T-Pain? He’s from Florida. I support anything from Florida. Why would I hate on the next man’s success? T-Pain turned people into believers, just like me. I’m gonna turn y’all into believers. Y’all don’t know what I’m capable of. He’s my boy; he used to come to the house and chill with us. I know his manager Mike. We’re all family. Shouts to T-Pain; I see you doing it big, boy. And why would I diss Pretty Ricky? That’s what made Pleasure P. I love the group and what it’s done for me. If it wasn’t for Pretty Ricky there wouldn’t be a Pleasure P and we wouldn’t be doing this interview. Shouts to the boy Blue. //

pleasure P Words and Photo by Julia Beverly

Choices & Consequences by Stanford Strong Special Guest Commentator

The Spiroitp of Hip H


s it just me, or are young adults having sex at alarming rates? This escalating trend of sexual exploration should have all of us in a panic, but instead no one wants to talk about the real issues. We all want to enjoy the moment, but what happens the morning after? Are we really happy? Is sex really fulfilling us? Or is it just a trend that we are following, where we think that sex is something that we should be doing? We already know what God says about having sex before marriage, so we won’t preach to the choir. Instead, let’s have a healthy discussion: If you do have sex, what can happen, and the role Hip Hop music plays in contributing to the frightening growth of STDs. Personally, I don’t believe Hip Hop music is to blame for the premature sex among young adults. However, I do believe that because our society has systematically blocked real sex talk out of schools and churches, Hip Hop music becomes the only Bible on the coffee table for young adults that want to live a full life in every aspect. Certainly, it can’t be denied that Hip Hop music has very strong sexual overtones, but let’s be fair. Am I the only one that was a little concerned when Britney Spears’ first video came out with her private school uniform sexually modified, singing “Hit me baby one more time” as she did the “Magic City” in a school hallway? The last time I looked, Britney Spears wasn’t Hip Hop. Often times, I wonder if the reason why I don’t blame Hip Hop for teen sex is because I’m too afraid to blame Hip Hop for fear of disconnecting myself from my people or of more than a few rap stars showing up at my house. However, the more I think about it, I realize that music comes out of experiences. When we ignore the needs of young adults, we are producing the future sex stars of the music industry. Spending more time developing targeted messages of abstinence for young adults could change the face of the music industry. The few people that break into the music industry either as teens or later as adults, who have been exposed to a more empowering message, may choose to bring more balanced messages. To better illustrate, allow me to offer you some statistics. Young people typically engage in riskier sexual behavior than adults. This places younger people in a higher risk category when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) young people in the 15-24 age range account for only onequarter of the sexually active population, yet they acquire nearly half of all sexually transmitted diseases. The greatest prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in men is in the 20-29 age groups. The number of young adults having oral and anal sex has risen dramatically. This is fueled partly by the belief that sexually transmitted diseases cannot be

passed on this way. The CDC say that one type of Chlamydia is usually passed via anal sex and the number of cases are rising. Increases in the number of gonorrhea infections of the throat have also been reported as a result of oral sex. New estimates show that 15-24-year-olds, who represent one-quarter of sexually experienced Americans, accounted for half of newly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) - more than nine million cases - in 2000. “It is not surprising that young adults and young adults contract a disproportionate number of infections,” said Sharon Camp of The Alan Guttmacher Institute. “Most young people are sexually active, and many are ill equipped to prevent STDs or seek testing and treatment.” Three diseases: human papillomavirus (HPV), trichomoniasis and Chlamydiarepresent nine in 10 new STD infections among 15-24-year-olds. I remember when Janet Jackson released “Let’s Wait Awhile.” At that time, it was so cool. No one debated the relevance of the message, and no one accused Janet of being a nerd or unrealistic. Janet was younger then, and it just made sense for her to sing about delaying sexual pleasures. Later, when she released “Funny How Time Flies,” Janet was interviewed about the change in message. She responded by saying she was an adult, which made sense. She was more aware of the risks of having sex before marriage and more able to handle the responsibilities that come with sex. Oh better yet, remember when Lauryn Hill’s “Do Wop “(That Thang) came out?

It’s been three weeks since you’ve been looking for your friend The one you let hit it and never called you again ‘Member when he told you he was ‘bout the Benjamins You act like you ain’t hear him then gave him a little trim To begin, how you think you really gon’ pretend Like you wasn’t down then you called him again Plus when you give it up so easy you ain’t even fooling him If you did it then, then you probably do it again You could find everybody bobbing their heads up and down, while repeating every word to that song. All the time, not truly realizing that Lauryn was speaking directly to our subconscious and making us realize that, “Hey, I really need to check myself and the things that I am doing.” We have to realize and begin to present a message that shows that there is so much more to life than just having sex. God has given us this thing called LIFE, so why not LIVE it to the fullest by – hanging out with friends, going to the movies or holding hands in the park!! So when that day comes, we can say, wholeheartedly, that I am truly worth the wait! // OZONE MAG // 91


TOP 10


DJ Dimepiece Cincinnati, OH Credentials: On-air personality and mixer for WIZF 101.1 The Wiz, Core DJs “You can’t just be sexy and have no skills. Both together with swagger are a deadly combo for a female DJ. That’s definitely me.” DJ Yorkie Miami, FL Credentials: Southern Cookin’ and Battle of the Cities mixtapes “It seems like promoters don’t take you serious or believe you are as capable as a male DJ. They pay more attention to your ‘sexiness’ then your ability as a DJ, but that just makes me work harder at what I do.” DJ Mami Chula Atlanta, GA Credentials: Hot 107.9, Murda Mamis, CORE DJs “It’s not easy being sexy and DJing in 5-inch heels. I’d like to see the men do it and still stand up by the end of the night.”




DJ Princess Cut Dallas, TX Credentials: Underground Queenz, CORE DJs, 1st Lady of Screw Music “I don’t really try to be sexy, I just do me. I would rather people listen to my music than look at me. I’m the only female Japanese Screw DJ in the world. People don’t often see my type keepin’ it trill the way I do. That’s sexy to me.”



Brandi Garcia Houston, TX Credentials: KBXX 97.9 The Box, Murda Mamis, Noize Mob DJs “A pretty face will get you in the door but then you have to back it up with substance. I’m blessed to have both.”




DJ Storm Tallahassee, FL Credentials: WWLD Blazin 102.3, WLYX 96 (Valdosta, GA), Core DJs, Bum Squad DJz “It’s hard for people to see a female and believe that she can actually DJ. The great thing about it, though, is that as a female I stand out in the crowd of male DJs. It makes me more memorable.” Amanda Diva New York, NY Credentials: Former host of the top rated morning show “Breakfast at Diva’s” on Sirius Satellite Radio’s HipHopNation/40, The Aphilliates “People will help you out because they think they have a chance with you by helping you out. Just being a woman, dudes think that you’re supposed to do them favors. But really that has nothing to do with the job.” DJ Lazy K New York, NY Credentials: Murda Mamis, Streets Sweepers 1st lady “I get a lot of great jobs. Tell me who wants to see a male DJ?”



DJ Princess Cut Atlanta, GA Credentials: Spins at Atlanta hot spots, Sugar Hill, Motions, Verve and The House, affiliate of the Outlawz “Being considered one of the sexiest female DJs in the game is definitely flattering, and it feels great every time I show that my looks match up to my skills.” DJ Lady Tribe Los Angeles, CA Credentials: CORE DJs, Murda Mamis “I’m a girl that loves Hip Hop. I focus daily on my DJ skills and I have done numbers of mixtapes and clubs. Most of you know there’s 4 elements of Hip Hop; I’m takin’ over at least 3 of them.” - Compiled by Randy Roper



Confessions of a Call Girl Lawrence Page Code Black Ent.

Joe Pro Presents:

The packaging on this one has the makings of something special. The name and talent alone could go about convincing the casual movie watcher that this flick is worth every penny. However, a diamond-in-the-rough, straight-toDVD suspense thriller that’ll keep you and wifey on the edge of the futon, it is not. Sadly, a cast that includes Bokeem Woodbine, Lynn Whitfield, Clifton Powell and Tamala Jones as its undisputed star fails to impress on many levels. But all the blame shouldn’t be thrust upon them. While the script has potential, the holes therein make Confessions… hard to follow and difficult to digest even with a bowl full of popcorn. In one walk of life, Tory (Jones) is a successful doctor and the perfect wife/mother who compliments her successful lawyer husband (Woodbine). Her alter ego however, Candy Nevertheless, is a high class call girl who has some of the most important men in the city by the balls (literally). While seeking treatment for her “addiction,” Tory’s life at home takes a turn for the worse when a stalker who claims to have filmed her demands one last thrill. Naturally, he remains an issue until the painful end. – N. Ali Early

You have to wonder how many drugs some of the women on a Joe Pro DVD take before they get to squirmin’ about in front of the camera. In any scenario, no matter how sexy or ridiculous they look, it makes for good viewing, which is why the VA native’s series is one of the most popular of its kind. When disillusioned amateurs aren’t getting their fill in the spotlight, adult film stars and exotic dancers assume the position like the pros they are. Cherokee D’Ass, one of 2007’s most talked about porn stars, joins the fray a little over ten minutes in, before The Show, The Limo, The Afterparty returns to the strip club. In it the viewer finds an overweight but highly enthusiastic Janet Jacme working the pole like she owns it. Pro also captures the living legend in an adult store later, where she poses half naked in a chair for about anyone who pulls out a camera. Make no mistake about it though, while the X-rated element works to enhance the near 90 minute free-for-all, a Joe Pro mixed DVD is about the element of surprise (burning candles and closed fists?!) and chicks you’ve never seen before – which there is plenty of. – N. Ali Early


The Show, The Limo, The Afterparty Joe Pro/Tapeman Distribution

Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge Bond-Age Films At this point the idea of a conspiracy theory surrounding the death of rap icon and cult hero Tupac Shakur is nothing new. For many, the presumed denial on the part of certain parties involved is what’s been so disturbing for so long. Be it the Las Vegas Police Department, select members of Death Row and/or the LAPD, the overwhelming sentiment is that Hip Hop’s biggest murder investigation fell to the wayside. Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge goes about delivering answers to questions that were never asked – literally. In arranging interviews with Death Row’s security team, Bond Age Films managed to do something that the police force either neglected to do or flat out ignored. The sensibility in suggesting and practically insisting that Pac’s murder was more an assassination is supported by testimonials from experts as well as the team of men who were assigned to protect the best selling Hip Hop artist of all time. It’s their firsthand accounts, which were basically ignored for a decade, that creates the internal look most Pac aficionados strive for. The DVD also directly implicates former Death Row CEO Suge Knight of pulling off the feat with his close associate and alleged accomplice, Reggie Wright Jr. – N. Ali Early


Jay-Z/American Gangster/Roc-a-fella/Def Jam Jay-Z’s unofficial soundtrack to the film of the same name, starring Denzel Washington, is a return to the emcee of Reasonable Doubt days when Shawn Carter’s rhymes were centered on tales of crime and drug dealing. American Gangster arguably features a more focused and hungrier Jay-Z than the artist that recorded Kingdom Come. Hov shows glimpses of greatness throughout, although he does spit occasional less-than-stellar bars and flows. This album, with tracks produced by Diddy and the reassembled Hitmen, along with beats from The Neptunes, Just Blaze, DJ Toomp and Jermaine Dupri, and verses from Lil Wayne, Nas and Beanie Sigel should prove that Jay-Z is still one of the greats in the game. While AG won’t please commercial fans of Jay-Z who are more into tracks like “Big Pimpin’” and “Change Clothes,” making a commendable concept album in a month’s time will only add to Jay-Z’s already grand legacy. — Randy Roper

Hurricane Chris/ 51/50 Ratchet Pologrounds Music/J Records Thick in ratchet music and catchy hooks, songs like “Doin’ My Thang,” “The Hand Clap” and “Walk Like That” are similar in style to “A Bay Bay” but fail to leave a lasting impression comparable to Hurricane Chris’ smash single. While listening to his major label debut album, the most noticeable detail is the rhyming skills the Shreveport, Louisiana rapper displays. Although Lil Hurricane exhibits the ability to rhyme, the lack of substance in his lyrics and cliché song topics are his biggest flaws. But what do you expect from an 18-year-old? Still, 51/50 Ratchet is entertaining and dispels any “onehit wonder” notions, as Chris shows the potential to become a Southern MC with staying power. — Randy Roper

Project Pat/Walkin’ Bank Roll Hypnotize Mindz/Koch Records The Captain of the Hook returns with his Koch debut, Walkin’ Bank Roll, and on this, his sixth studio album, Pat proves his status as a legendary Memphis emcee. However, this album is far from Project’s best effort, and though he typically stays true to his craft, certain tracks like the lead single featuring Three 6 Mafia (“Don’t Call Me No Mo”) seems manufactured for ringtones as opposed to a being real song. Additionally, Pat doesn’t have many features on this album, but he gets assistance from Pimp C on “Talkin’ Smart,” and Will Wesson makes an appearance on “Motivated.” But regardless of whatever shortcomings Walkin’ Bank Roll may have, it is still definitely worth listening to. — Eric Perrin

Witchdoctor/The Diary of An American Witchdoctor/Williams Street

The Diary of An American Witchdoctor, an album released through Adult Swim’s indie label Williams Streets Records, is the newest project from Dungeon Family alum Witchdoctor. On songs like “Suicidal Bomber,” “Jake Got Ya Body” and “Spell On The Hoes” Witchdoctor touches on topics from God to drugs to women, but approaches them through spirituality and knowledge, still remaining street savvy in the process. With more substance in one verse than most new school Southern rappers’ entire catalog, the Doctor’s Diary is reminiscent of the Dungeon Family sound made popular by Outkast and Goodie Mob and will satisfy listeners who are willing to open their minds and give the veteran rapper their ears. — Randy Roper

The Empire & Lil Wayne Da Drought Is Over Part 4 Lil’ Wayne brings the heat with Da Drought Is Over Part 4. Out of the 19 tracks presented, “Brand New,” “Need Some Quiet” and “Time To Give Me Mine” are standouts that will keep the streets buzzing. It’s only when Wayne starts singing and using a vocoder on “Rider” and “I Like It” that you’ll feel he went too far outside the box. With a guest list that includes T.I., Twista, and Scarface, expect everyone to bring their “A” game. If this mixtape is any indication of what to expect from The Carter III, we might be looking at a Hip Hop classic. — Jared Anderson

DJ Whoo Kid & 50 Cent G-Unit Radio 25 Sabrina’s Baby Boy Sabrina’s Baby With all that Vitamin Water money stashed under the mattress, you’d think 50 would start getting sloppy but it looks like he’s coming harder than ever. On the twenty-fifth mixtape installment of G-Unit Radio, Sabrina’s Baby, hosted by Chris Rock, we get some of that old hardcore music that made us love 50 in the first place. “No More New Niggas” with Eminem is off the hook, and listen to 50 spit them street gems on “Curtis 187”! This mixtape is a step above most, with tracks from Curtis, the “I Get Money” remix, and skits that are actually entertaining. — J.M. Puglionisi

DJ Swatts, Homebwoi & Playboy Tre Da Return of Feel Good Musiq

Playaz Circle/Supply & Demand/DTP/Def Jam I can’t front, I wasn’t expecting much from Playaz Circle’s album, Supply & Demand, but bottom line is that these dudes can rap. “Duffle Bag Boy” with Weezy is hot, and the album lives up to the single’s hype. While staying true to that ATL sound, Tity Boi and Dolla Boy keep their lyrics a step ahead of the competition. On “U Can Believe It,” featuring Ludacris, the DTP General shows off his lyrical dexterity. “Let Me Fly” and “Outlaw” are also standout tracks. It’s not the most introspective album but if you want to keep the trunk rattling without sacrificing content, cop this album. — J.M. Puglionisi Little Brother/Get Back/ABB Records

After splitting with producer and Little Brother group member 9th Wonder and Atlantic Records, emcee Phonte and rapper Big Pooh continue their love/hate relationship with the rap game on the group’s third album, Get Back. Although 9th does contribute one beat (“Breaking My Heart” featuring Lil Wayne), without him handling the bulk of the production, beatmakers Ill Mind, Mr. Porter, Khrysis and Hi-Tek supply Tay and Pooh with sublime sounds to accompany the group’s everyday living rhymes on songs like “After The Party,” “Can’t Win For Losing” and “That Ain’t Love.” Even without a major label backing them, LB’s music is still a breath of fresh air. — Randy Roper


On Da Return of Feel Good Musiq, GA Durt artists Homebwoi and Playboy Tre hook up with DJ Swatts in an attempt to lure listeners back to when rap music was more euphoric. Instead of highlighting the trap, the two Atlanta emcees opt to focus on songs of livelihood progression (“Get Something”), personal gratification (“That’s a Good Feelin’”) and everyday struggle (“On Da Line”). There are a couple misses within the many hits and hilarious skits but this mixtape serves as a prodigious introduction to the masses for both Homebwoi and Playboy Tre, both artists worth remembering. — Randy Roper

Pryslezz, DJ Don P & Prince Markie DEE Profit Mixtape Vol. 1 Pryslezz, the lead artist from San Diego Charger Chris Chambers’ imprint, shows some potential on the Profit Mixtape Vol. 1 but his choppy flow and delivery are unmoving as he jacks beats like Devin the Dude’s “What a Job” and Birdman and Lil Wayne’s “Leather So Soft.” Pryslezz’s lead single “More Than A Love Song,” featuring Dwele, suffers from emotionless bars. Appearances from Ubnoxus and URG don’t help his cause. Even with a NFL Pro Bowler and Prince Markie Dee of the Fat Boys cosigning for him, Prylezz is still an average rapper that needs to improve his MC skills and find his swagger to stand out in an already overcrowded Hip Hop market. — Randy Roper

1. DJ Chuck T Presents The Hot Boys “The Free Never Dies” | www.myspace.com/djchuckt 2. DJ Scream & MLK “Respect & Hustle” The Official Grand Hustle Mixtape | www.myspace.com/4045405000 | www.myspace.com/mlkng 3. DJ Bobby Black “Hypnotic Vol. 3” Hosted by Lloyd | www.myspace.com/theofficialbobby black | 678-851-0479 4. God’s Own Country “The Movement Mixtape Vol. 1” Hosted by DJ Green Lantern | www.myspace.com/nollywoodusa 5. DJ Sean Mac “Sold Out 8” | www.myspace.com/djseanmac

06. DJ Leezy “Tote Tha City” | www.myspace.com/djleezy352 07. DJ Testarosa The “Fresh” Mixtape www.myspace.com/djtestarosa | 859-806-1868 08. DJ Brandi Garcia “Southern Stiletto’s Vol. 7” Hosted by Huey www.brandigarcia.com 09. DJ Storm “Lil Wayne…The Unauthorized Biography” www.myspace.com/djstormonline 10. DJ Aspert & DJ S1 “Men of Business” Hosted by Xplicit & Frank Black www.myspace.com/alloutrecords www.myspace.com/frankblackmusic 11. DJ Obscene “Dade County At Its Finest” Hosted by Brisco | www.myspace.com/djob scene305 | djobscene@sprint.blackberry.net 12. DJ Lady T & DJ elementz “R&B Butta” www.myspace.com/djladyt | www.myspace.com/elamentz 13. DJ A Smooth “Respect Is Earned” | www.djasmooth.com | 646-302-2886 14. DJ Deals “Enemy of RIAA” | www.myspace.com/djdeal | 619-459-4544 15. DJ Purfiya “Welcome To Flawda Part 2” Hosted by Treal & Riskay | www.myspace.com/djpurfiya 16. DJ Tre Unda “Dirty Urine” | www.treunda.com | 631-220-5767 17. DJ 2Mello “Undercover R&B: Grown & Sexy” | www.myspace.com/supa_dj2mello | 410-746-233 5 18. DJ Drop “Put Me In The Pink Vol. 1” | www.myspace.com/dallasdjdrop 19. DJ J-Ronin “All Elements Vol. 7” Hosted by Saigon | www.myspace.com/jronin | 914-319-928 5 20. DJ Blade “Backroom Radio 5” Hosted by Kinfolk Kia Shine www.myspace.com/thedjblade

DJ Drama “Gangsta Grillz Volume 17” www.myspace.com/djdrama With his mixtape swagger back right, DJ Drama returns with the 17th release from his Gangsta Grillz mix series. On this edition Borack Odrama brings the newest cuts from B.G. and T.I. (“For a Minute”), Rocko and Young Jeezy (“Uma Do Me (Remix)” and Young Dro (“You Kno About Me”). Volume 17 also features new music from the Aphilliates’ artist Willie The Kid (“ChaChing”) and the official first single from DJ Drama’s forthcoming Gangsta Grillz album, entitled “5000 Ones,” featuring T.I., Nelly, Diddy, Yung Joc, Willie The Kid, Jeezy and Twista. DJs, send your mix CDs (with a cover) for consideration to: Ozone Magazine 644 Antone St. Suite 6 Atlanta, GA 30318



Lil Boosie & 2 girls Venue: Plush Nightclub City: Jacksonville, FL Date: November 8th, 2007 Photo: Terrence Tyson