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At the young age of 19, K.R.I.T. is a more complete artist than some who have been making records for a decade. He is not only an extremely talented producer, but also a rapper with solid subject matter.

Boo da Boss Playa (Canton, MS)

Having spent years on the shelf due to record label politics at both Interscope and J Records, Boo is still waiting for his turn to shine.

Jewman (Jackson, MS)

This newcomer’s “Swag” created a buzz in the streets of Jacktown.

Kamikaze (Jackson, MS)

David Banner’s former rap partner will split your head to the white meat with his hard-hitting lyrics. In addition to his regional successes as an artist, he founded the Mississippi Artists & Producers Coalition.

Scar (Columbus, MS)

Big Boi’s “secret weapon” has a story to tell and talent to match.

Smoke D (Jackson, MS)

This soulful UGK affiliate appeared on the group’s classic Ridin’ Dirty album, live from the penitentiary. Now free like Pimp C, he’s focused on GFM (God, Family, & Music).


n the 90s, during the rap world’s infatuation with the East Coast vs. West Coast, one would have thought it absurd to suggest that a rap revolution was brewing in Mississippi. The average American’s impression of the ‘Sipp is perhaps one of racial strife and backwards thinking.

But over the past few years, as rap has gradually turned Southward and remains below the Mason-Dixon line, country vocals became more acceptable and Mississippi representatives like David Banner have broken through the stereotypes to take the Mississippi mentality worldwide. In 2006, a new crop of country rap tunes is brewing. Speaking of David Banner, he recently sought out Meridian-based producer/rapper Big K.R.I.T. for some beats. And he’s not the only one noticing the promising young talent. K.R.I.T. is quickly making a name for himself amongst industry heads as an all-around hustler who’s taking the right steps to succeed. Formerly signed to Interscope and now waiting for J Records to drop his major label debut, Boo da Boss Playa, a.k.a. Boo Rossini, is perhaps best known for his street single “Miss Me With That Rap Shit.” The single, which featured Jeezy just as he blew up, was perhaps a blessing and a curse because Jeezy’s street buzz almost overpowered the fact that it was Boo’s song. Still, Boo has stayed true to his grind and can usually be found anywhere between Miami and Houston. Already a local celebrity, Jackson-based newcomer Jewman’s “Swag” has the streets talking. Combine that with mixtape appearances and you’ve got a strong start to a potentially fruitful career. Moving right along from a newcomer to another veteran, Kamikaze has enjoyed regional success with singles like “U Ain’t Hard,” and is still on the verge of a big breakthrough. Perhaps best known to the average rap fan as the other half of David Banner’s Crooked Lettaz, Kamikaze lacks the charisma and ridiculous stage antics of his former rap partner but can lyrically compete with your favorite emcee. Still a hometown favorite, Kamikaze’s The Franchise drops later this year. Hailing from Columbus, Mississippi, you can catch Scar - guess how he got that name - in the new Outkast video for “Morris Brown,” dropping that Dungeon Family flavor alongside Big Boi’s sharp vocals. One of the most promising members of Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon camp, Scar’s background story is just as intriguing as his musical abilities. Smoke D, once the unofficial third member of UGK, spent seven years in prison which prevented him from nationwide success with the group. After his release he began recording for a solo project, with his trademark soulful vibe that explores all aspects of the streets and life in general. - Mayson Drake

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