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nominees PATIENTLY WAITING: FLORIDA Acafool (Tampa, FL)

Tampa’s class clown put his “Hata Blockas” on and sparked both a radio frenzy and label bidding war.

BloodRaw (Panama City, FL)

Rejuvenated after winning a Federal court case, the Bangin’ Bay representative is back on the road with Young Jeezy and his CTE camp and taking full advantage of all opportunities.

Plies (Ft. Myers, FL)

Stirring up controversy with his bold “100% real nigga, dawg” campaign, Slip-N-Slide’s newest recruit rocked packed clubs throughout Florida without an album or a video.

Treal (Orlando, FL)

Central Florida’s hypest foursome, known for their crunk performances, stayed on their grind and landed in regular rotation on local radio.

Triple J (West Palm Beach, FL)

Arguably one of Florida’s top lyricists, Triple J has survived record label politics and gunfire and still managed to create a name for himself with witty rhymes and creative mixtape records.

Young Cash (Jacksonville, FL)

Jacksonville’s head honcho stayed on the scene this year with his Duval County Rockstars, dropped records with Webbie, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones, and landed a deal with SRC/Universal.


lorida has had its spurts in hip-hop. Luke and the 2 Live Crew movement was the first, but fizzled out when the group broke up. 69 Boyz went platinum with their classic hit “Tootsee Roll.” Trick Daddy and Trina were soon to follow with their barrage of hits coming out of the MIA. Now Florida has Rick Ross at the forefront to show the world exactly how M-I-Yayo be hustlin’. However, for the first time in the state’s hip-hop history, the future looks bright with talent from all areas looking to break out and show the world that Florida is here to stay. Nicknamed the Gunshine State for the shape of the state, first up is Bloodraw hailing from Panama City. Soon after signing to Young Jeezy’s CTE label, Bloodraw was arrested, and eventually acquitted on drug charges. Working on a Gangsta Grillz mixtape as well as group U.S.D.A.’s album, Bloodraw is the leader to break North Florida. Five hours across the state is Duval County’s own Young Cash. Signed to SRC/Universal, he is patiently waiting to release his debut album. Recording a local hit track with Paul Wall, “Disco Ball,” Young Cash has much more to come from Jacksonville. Treal have been local stars for years ever since they dropped their Orlando classic “Orange County.” With their recent independent release “Crunk Tested and Approved,” Treal are ready to show the world what it is like to be crunk in a city that outsiders consider Mickey Mouse territory. Everyone across I-4 has their “Hatah Blockas” on. One of the few Tampa artists to break through and receive local radio support after years of hard work, Acafool found his niche and has the Hatah Blockas shades craze spreading throughout Florida. It’s only a matter of time before he blows. One of the more underappreciated artists in Florida, Triple J reps West Palm Beach to the fullest. He wasn’t even one to appreciate his talents until after he was shot. He made a transition, but kept the streets locked. With his MLK BLVD album, he is sure to have labels hunting for him. Finally, “the hottest nigga in Florida” is the street’s own Plies. Hailing from Ft. Myers, Plies carries an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude with Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic backing him. This South Florida new breed of MC is destined to blow nationwide. With just this small group of Florida talent, who is to deny them as the next to shine? - Leon Bailey

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