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nominees Bohagon

Lil Jon’s secret weapon helped everybody “Get Crunk,” but he’s just a soulful country boy at heart.

Jody Breeze

Jazze Pha protege and Boyz N Da Hood member Jody Breeze is still waiting to drop his solo album, and fans are waiting also.

Little Brother

Allegedly dubbed “too intelligent” for their audience by BET, the lack of recognition for this North Carolina trio proves once again that catchy hooks unfortunately often win over substance.


ist added “inventor” to his list of job titles this year with the ingenious smoker’s device Da Splitta.

Tony Neal

The founder of The CORE DJs, Tony goes the extra mile to make sure his crew eats.



Although he’s gone (R.I.P.), his legacy and music lives on through Houston’s recent rap explosion.

Grimy, gutta, and unrefined, this truly talented Baton Rouge rhymer stayed somewhat under the radar despite two big singles.


Yo Gotti

Respected in the streets of Memphis and beyond, Yo Gotti is still awaiting national recognition.


The trailblazing artist/individual who’s influence can be clearly seen in the music released during this time period.

8Ball & MJG

Before all the radio play and mainstream attention, it was 8Ball and MJG who helped put Southern music on the map with Comin’ Out Hard. Since then, they’ve maintained their core fanbase.


After parting ways with the Geto Boys, this Houston emcee developed a ghetto-nurtured rap trademark, leading a wave of Southern emcees who emulated his style.

Three 6 Mafia

By now, we all know that they made history by winning an Academy Award. But even before the Oscar, these Memphis legends’ impact was clear.

Too $hort

Sharing his sexual tales and stories of violence, Too $hort pioneered a movement while earning two gold and four platinum plaques. More importantly, he blazed a trail for the South’s independent explosion.


Port Arthur, TX, rap partners Bun B and Pimp C have each earned the title of Underground King. Bun B also gets the loyalty award for his relentless (and apparently, successful) “Free Pimp C” campaign.

Snap, crackle, pop. The “inventor” of Atlanta’s newest trend, snap music, K-Rab’s impact is clear.

Lil Jon

Even though somewhat silenced this year by label issues, Jon ventured beyond the South and kept his sound alive by linking up with rock groups like Korn and California legends like E-40.

Mr. Collipark

Although its longevity remains to be seen, Mr. Collipark’s vision for a new genre of “intimate club music” became a reality with the success of the Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait” and David Banner’s “Play.”


Florida’s dreadlocked rapper, singer, and producer discovered a new vocal effect in the studio and “went crazy” with it. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that it worked.


(STYLE/TRENDSETTER) Dem Franchize Boyz

White tees have become hip-hop’s official uniform, thanks in part to DFB.

Fabo of D4L

Famous for his white sunglasses, Fabo’s unique style kicked off a new trend.

Lil Wayne

Bling, bling. Every time I come around your city, bling bling.

Uncle Luke

Paul Wall & TV Johnny



From challenging censors to paving the way as a businessman, Miami’s bass king has earned the title of “pioneer.”

Not only is T.I. a great rapper, but he’s also become a sex symbol.

DJ Chuck T

Carolina representative “Mr. Publicity” lives up to his name, churning out mixtapes consistently and maintaining numerous other hustles.

David Banner

Whether rapping, producing, acting, or aiding hurricane victims in his home state of Mississippi, Banner redefines 24/7.

DJ Drama

Drama and his Affiliates’ crew are literally everywhere, and he played a key role in the success of artists like T.I., Young Jeezy, and Paul Wall.

Mike Jones

You don’t grind, you don’t shine. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Call 281330-8004 for more information.

Tampa Tony

Everyone and their brother, sister, mama, and grandmomma has a grill now, thanks to Paul Wall’s side hustle and his comedic - but presumably rich - business partner, Johnny Dang of TV Jewelry.

Known for his Florida anthem “Keep Jukin’,” Tampa’s most creative art-

Young Jeezy

Although CNN tried, they couldn’t ban the Snowman. Jeezy’s trademark t-shirts became a best-seller at hip-hop clothing stores worldwide.

BEST VIDEO Chamillionaire f/ Krayzie Bone “Ridin’ Dirty”

Kudos are already in order for having Debo in the video, but the parallel between pro wrestling and police brutality was ingenious.

Da BackWudz “I Don’t Like The Look of It”

The Willy Wonka movie is already weird enough, so calling this video weird is mundane. But you have to appreciate a vid where the models don’t get more face time than the artist.

David Banner “Play”

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