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...THE MAYOR OF MIAMI AND CEO OF THE DONK RYDERS REPRESENTS FOR DAVID BANNER AND ALL THE “REAL NIGGAS”! David Banner says that every time you see him, you tell him what he’s doing right or wrong. What’s your advice now? The only thing I think he need to do is an X-rated version of the video for that new single he got, “Play.” Let them girls show some inner thighs. You’ve been working with David Banner for a while. Yeah, you know, he [produced my song] “Thug Holiday.” You could tell he was raised by an older woman cause he’s a real nigga like me. When we first worked together I got a good vibe from him. Since then, money ain’t changed him, and the deal ain’t changed him. The prices of his beats are still the same for me. I’d put him in the category of a real nigga. What appealed to you about his beat for “Thug Holiday”? I explained to him what I wanted and he gave me exactly what I asked for. After [Latocha] Scott got on the song he did some more shit to the beat. “Thug Holiday” was a big song for me and also for him because it’s so personal. All of Banner’s songs are the same as mine; we tell stories in our songs. We make sense all the way through. I’m looking forward to working on my next album with him. I don’t know the name of the album yet, because I always name my albums at the last minute. We did a song together, but I don’t know if it’s gonna make his album. Worst come to worst, it’ll be on my album. One way or the other, we gonna work together again. I only work with real niggas; that’s why I don’t have a lot of big features on my album. The dudes that the media and the fans think are real are the dudes that don’t sign autographs and don’t take pictures.


You’re featured on Jeezy’s album. Who are some other artists you plan to work with that fall into the “real” category? I’m working on a track right now with Camron. I like Beanie Sigel, and of course that nigga Jay-Z. I like Nas. Besides that, I like the Eric B and Rakim. Out of the West coast, Snoop is my nigga. I like them niggas from the Bay area like E-40 and Daz, that’s real nigga shit. In the South, I like Scarface and that nigga Slim Thug. Besides that, you know, all my niggas in the 305 like Pitbull and Dirtbag. I saw an article recently on Slip-N-Slide and there were quite a few people featured, including Trina and Ted Lucas, but you weren’t. Are you distancing yourself from Slip-N-Slide? I am an artist signed to Slip-N-Slide, but I’m also a man that has his own record label. I gotta eat too. I wish them the best. Were you happy with the success of your last album? No, I feel like Thug Matrimony could’ve did better, but I know it did good, because I have a bigger fan base now. I do both hood records and crossover records. I think I had one of the first rap songs in the last ten years or so to be played on pop stations, with the exception of the Nelly and Kelly [Rowland] collabo [“Dilemma”]. Kelly is my girl. She’s real sexy, and that’s the only girl I could like and my wife won’t get mad. I heard her and that Dallas Cowboys dude aren’t together no more, so shout out to Kelly. Are you glad Ricky Williams came back to the Dolphins? I talked about Ricky real bad, so if Ricky could forgive me for all the shit I said about him, then I could forgive him for running out on us last season. Why did you name your label Donk Ryder Records? A donk ryder is somebody who rides in a Chevy. You know, Chevys are real big in Miami. We call a Chevy ’71, ’72, ’73, ’74, ’75, or ’76 hardtop convertible a “donk.” The Donk Ryder Click mixtape is coming out. I’ve got my little brother Soup, also known as Slime. He’s got two names. I got Lil Thailand and a young cat named Iceberg. I got a joint venture with one of Poe Boy’s artists, Brisco.


ALTER EGO: MAURICE YOUNG COSTUME: DICKIES, ANYTHING REPPIN’ MIA SUPERPOWER: KEEPIN’ IT REAL I heard you didn’t like our 25 Greatest Southern Artists list. I had some issues, but they weren’t about me. I think I fell in a decent category because you had some real top-notch dudes in there. Some of the people you had in the top 5, like 2 Live Crew, Geto Boys, and Outkast, really sold records and kept it consistent. 2 Live Crew opened a lot of doors when music from the South wasn’t getting airplay. Scarface should’ve had his own section outside of the Geto Boys. I think Tupac should’ve been number one. Tupac was from all over. Tupac was the baby of a lady who was a baby of the slaves. Us black folks have come a long way. Of course there’s nothing you or I could’ve done about slavery. But we came a long way on those slave ships. Them ships was crowded and niggas wasn’t eating. They came over here and worked the shit outta them. All them big strong niggas got sold for a lot of money. The pretty black women had to have sex with the masters. ‘Pac represented for the streets all over the world, so he could’ve been on the “25 Greatest Southern Artists” list. Anything else you wanna say? Donk Ryders comin’ real soon. All you suckers and fuck niggas, keep hatin’. Y’all will be dead in a minute so don’t even worry about it.



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Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005  

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005  

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005

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