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Adequate and balanced nutrition

Eating habits meet with nature


Each box has one seed box. It is recommended to start with 3 different seeds.

Initial Ideas

Height Measurement

Seed Graphics for; -water -sun/light

Bamboo tree and bioplastic are used in the construction of this product family.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1619 17 18
Starter Pack Planting Kit
1. Attachment parts for legs 2. Moisture meter/screen 3. Height measurement clips 4. Attachement part for stick 5. Foldable pot 6. Pot frame 7. Cardboard package 8. Pot legs 9. Lettuce seeds 10. Scallion seeds 11. Arugula seeds 12. Sprinkling equipment 13. Watering can 14. Secateurs 15. Trowel 16. Equipment box 17. Light sensor 18. Height/light test stick
19. Attachment detail for stick


-3 different plants, which have different sun and water needs provide children the chance to make different observations.

-In growing plants, the positioning process according to light graphics, strengthens the children to develop the concept of cause-effect relationship.

-The proposed process table provides the sequence, allowing the child to work within short intervals. It is aimed to keep the child's motivation and interest high.

Process Table

Length measurement at regular intervals

Positioning for each flowerpot in the observation line for light

Pot setup

Planting lettuce

Planting scallion Scallion first sprout

Planting arugula Arugula first sprout

Scallion Sunny

Plenty of water

Arugula Partly sunny every other day


Partly sunny every other day

Harvesting and eating experience of growing plants


Observe the light graphics, give the decision for location inside the house.


According to the changes in the graphs, the child needs to follow the water requirement of the plants and water the plants.

1 0 2 3 4 5 Arugula 1 0 2 3 4 5 Scallion 1 0 2 3 4 5 1 0 2 3 4 5 Lettuce 1 0 2 3 4 5 1 0 2 3 4 5
Materials bio-copolyester yellow bio-copolyester green opaque bioplastic bamboo opaque bioplastic viol paper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 6 7 4


A portable health kit that enables non-invasive allergy detection and treatment in infants and kids with Bioresonance technology

Initial Ideas

Keep people healthy

Maintain well-being

Early diagnosis

Increase life quality

Self awareness

Catch symptom before it becomes disease

“Matter is energy. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”


Every substance (live or not) emits energy which creates resonance.

Every body cell has their own frequency signitures, also pathogens and harmful substances.

Why Allergies?

known as untreatable allergy testing systems are invasive

Why Babies & Children?

earliest step of life best time to prevent diseases

early stage of some cronic diseases supports immune system non-invasive offers treatment for allergies harmless for every age group detects changes in body provides early diagnosis

Frequency Technology=Bioresonance

Body cells work perfectly as long as they stay in contact and emit healthy body frequency.

Harmful substances interrupte contact between cells which causes working glitch in cells and result as illnesses

Unhealthy body frequency

In bioresonance treatment, opposite frequencies are determined and applied to person for neutralizing by creating an electromagnetic field.

Bioresonance frequency

Healthy frequecy



home-based invasive vs. non-invasive early stage of some cronic diseases

maintanence of well-being

Idea Generation


Mora Bioresonance Machine

impilo impilo APRIL Milk&Pollen Milk&Pollen Milk&Pollen impilo impilo impilo impilo Interface



Detection& Treatment Scenario

Detection Treatment Examination

color change

Attach bands to wrist/ankle, lock bands to start detection

Use your devices code to log/sign in for activation

Doctor approved the schedule Treatment

Suggest to start with detection and follow

After the doctor approval, start treatment. Follow light guidance on bands

Arrange the schedule and reminder, wait for doctor approval

Check web page for detection results

Put back bands on Impilo for data transfer via NFC

Take off bands when the sound and color changes

3 DAYS LEFT for Milk and Pollen treatment

Use one band during treatment for color change

Take off band when sound is heard/color is changed

Keep up with schedule and reminder

Examination Scenario




Select examination to activate glass part

Put matter in glass part and click examine option

color changes

Nisa is non-allergic

Follow the guide lights on bands

Be informed about charges on graphics’s color change

Put bands in Impilo for NFC data transfer and learn results on screen

Use two bands and wait for color change and sound feedback


A patch for elderly people who have to routinely take a variety of medications in daily life.

Elderly people take variety of medications everyday of their life and have trouble with usage and storage.

hard to remember storage


Transdermal Patches

hard to read prescription

different /wrong medications take medications properly

A transdermal patch/system (TDS) is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on skin to deliver a specific dose of drug through the skin and into bloodstream.

Diffusion Controlled Drug Delivery System

Project Dimension

Designing a patch and its system which gives the daily medications through the skin and tracks medications and doctor consutlations.

Initial Sketches


a. transparent plastic

b. patches

c. internal parts

d. translucent box

e. screen

f. lcd screen

g. abs body

h. internal parts

i. patch holder

j. tranclucent cover

k. motor

l. sensors

m. abs bottom

n. mainboard

o. battery

a b c d e f g h j k l m o i n


Download the e-prescription with identity number on online

Daily medication patches are stored in device which tracks you everyday.

Daily medication flow control from app (user & caregiver).

Informs about your medications and appointments.

11.11. 17 1O:3O Med A Med B 13 25

How it works?

a. Outer patch cover surface

b. Seperate lines have different thicknesses of soluble gelatine layer between patch and skin which provides time management of daily medications.

c. Each medication covered with soluble gelatine which are located in proper line according to their function.

d. Gelatine layer between skin and patch,activates with body heat.


Washbasin and accessories for primary schools kids

Berkay Ercan

Nida Arı

Zeynep Yılmaz

Market research based on ceramic products and accessories for children excluding sanityware.

Project Dimension

Interviews and observations with children about their hygiene habits and behaviours, revealed key points of the project

Height difference

can be nearly 5O cm at 6-1O ages

Flow between hygiene steps

easy to follow the steps

Interaction during all hygiene process they always go to the bathroom together, social activity 16 individual and creative ideas for idea generation


Mock-up Process

Interview Process

We go to Ayse Abla Primary School with 1/1 scaled mock-up to see how our it works.

Circular Linear

During the initial mock-ups, our priorty was decision of the form.



Different height children keep in communication during their hygiene habits


Personal kits are hung for toothpaste and brush on the bar to create a hygiene area.


For easy and basic washing and brushing habits


Napkin dispansers and bin located at the ends for easy access and unity of form


Safety for children


biycyle rack design for Porto Alegre, Brazil

collobration with UFGRS

İrem Bayram

Gökçe Yılmaz

So lock -

safety eco-frienfly

social attractiveness (bench)

easy to use (TRI card)


weather conditions



Different usage scenarios


Use smart card to steel rope

Multifunctional module can Most safest locking way for both body and wheels

Wifi and charging points are available. Solar panels are located top side of the bar.


Rethinking the Built-in Electric Oven for Sustainability

İpek Erkan

Kağan Kurtoğlu

Ezgü Güral


Obsevation and cooking was entegrated into interview process to increase the efficieny of problem definition.



easy to read

memorable easy to clean

color change feedback

guiding interface

safety for children

Idea Generation

Brainstorming and initial idea generation sketches for project dimension.

Project Dimension

Increasing usage area in small/narrow kitchens is the primary objectives.


Mock-ups of interface and door development process



Open and push the door to enlarge your kitchen

Easy to clean inner of the oven.

Reaching trays and meals become easier the handle to lock the door and screen for safety.



09:30 manuel 00:31 180 180 185 190 09:30 00:30 00:31 00:32 00:34 preheat FAVORITES PROGRAM TEMPERATURE TIMER Favorites section keeps settings of often baked dishes 10 different program selection Baking temperature selection Pre-Heating and baking timer alerts when stops 09:30 cap is open DOOR ALERT
when the door is not proper for heating up. LOCK SCREEN
up when the lock mode is on. 00:31 180 09:30 BAKING SCREEN
to undertstand baking screen. 09:30 manuel 00:31 SAVE CANCEL 180
can save the last baking settings. Interface


Paper, metal wire, styrofoam were combined to explore their different interaction with light.

Inspiration Sketches

Initial Mock-ups

Hand Drawings

Digital Sketching

Digital Sketching Sculpture

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