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WHAT IS ETHICAL FASHION? FRIDAY 4TH MARCH, 5PM-6PM SPEAKER: ELIZABETH LASKAR Elizabeth Laskar, a founder member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, has worked as an ethical fashion consultant for over 10 years and has considerable international development experience. She advises industry stakeholders on sustainable market principles and aside from consulting she regularly speaks, teaches and writes on ethical fashion issues. Successful international campaigns have included supporting women in Ghana link with the fashion sector in the UK and in the process increasing average earnings from $2 to $10 a day. In 2007 she sat on a round table discussion led by Coventry University at the House of Lords, London, on Sustainable Enterprise. With her passion for youth and good leadership she sits on the steering committee and is the acting Executive Director for the Young Leaders Integrity Alliance (YLIA), an international organisation which focuses on the recognition and development of young leaders. In 2009 she accepted a position as Trustee for World Emergency Relief, UK. Elizabeth is currently working alongside the Sri Lankan Government, Apparel Industry and the Fashion Education sector to develop Sri Lanka’s first ethical fashion award that is linked to London Fashion Week and working with leading ethical fashion designers in upcycling.

O3 GALLERY’S ETHICAL FASHION GIG THE COSMIC GIRLS FEATURING DJ NUMETHOD THURSDAY 17TH MARCH, 6PM, O3 GALLERY Electro-pop fashionistas The Cosmic Girls accompanied by DJ NuMethod bring their hip-rocking beats to the O3 Gallery for one night only. Wearing ethical garments designed by Feng Ho this event is just as sumptuous on the eyes as it is on the ears. The Cosmic Girls are twin sisters who have travelled across the world as Duffy’s backing singers. Feng Ho products will also be available to buy throughout the evening.


O3 GALLERY’S ETHICAL FASHION SHOW SHOW: FRIDAY 4TH MARCH, 5PM-6PM, LIVING ROOM, OXFORD CASTLE 2011 sees Oxford Fashion Week’s first ever ethical fashion show, produced by award winning ethical fashion designer Feng Ho, who received the Ethical Fashion Forum Innovation Award 2010. The show exhibits a range of innovative, creative and inspiring ethical fashion and accessories designers, with items from quirky daywear to sophisticated evening-wear to eye-catching jewellery to fantastic millinery.

DESIGNERS Feng Ho  |  Caipora  |  Frank&Faith  |  ecoSkin  |  Kailique  |  Bobbie’s  Boutique  |  Holly  Dutton   Salty  Philip  |  Nancy  Dee  |  Tammam  |  Tamsin  Leighton-­‐Boyce  |  Lumoi  |  A  Alicia  |  Harvash

O3 GALLERY’S ETHICAL FASHION FAIR SATURDAY 5TH MARCH, 11AM-4PM, OXFORD CASTLE Offering unique ethical fashion and accessories, from quirky daywear to stunning eveningwear, this boutique event aims to showcase an eclectic collection of sustainable and affordable design. This is a rare opportunity to escape the High Street and buy something that doesn’t cost the earth. O3 Gallery sees it’s collaboration with OFW as a natural and mutually beneficial partnership; working together to celebrate creative activity that is both visually stunning and intelligent. O3 and OFW will showcase forward thinking ethical designers whose creations combine high fashion with sustainable living.

COMMENTS Feng Ho: “We need to make fashion transparent and expose fashion businesses who have little consideration for social and environmental impacts. On the other hand, fashion businesses who work towards empowering disadvantaged communities and a sustainable future deserve recognition.” O3 Gallery manager Helen Statham: “We’re delighted to have such a high calibre of speakers for this event, especially those from the Ethical Fashion Forum, which is a leading organization on ethical fashion across the world.” OFW Executive Producer Carl Anglim: “We are absolutely thrilled to have an Ethical Show as part of Oxford Fashion Week. With the show now on the schedule I cannot imagine another Oxford Fashion Week without it. The future is about moral spending decisions.”

OFW2011 O3 Gallery Ethical Show  
OFW2011 O3 Gallery Ethical Show