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Fashion of gold, pearl and diamonds - in fact, this is the most traditional way for a gentleman to wear diamonds. Consider them the male eternity ring, an ideal gift for a wedding anniversary. As well as the classics, they offer some fine novelties. Novelty accessories always make me a little worried and remind me of unwanted gifts at Christmas, but the ones at Deakin & Francis are actually rather nice. Witty, playful and sometimes cheeky, but always tastefully designed and made. Their ‘fundamentals’ collection even offers an owl and ladybird with moving parts - a small feat of elegant engineering. Deakin & Francis is a “fully vertical operation”, which means that they control the process from workshop to shop floor - so they have complete control over quality and design. They are also able to offer bespoke options. This could be as simple as engraving your initials or family cypher into a shield or, perhaps, picking the colours in a handpainted enamel - but the service can go far beyond that. For instance, Deakin & Francis can recreate the image of your family dog or thoroughbred into any accessory, a process that James Deakin particularly enjoys as it affords them the opportunity to meet and engage with their customers. “When a client comes to us for a bespoke commission we want to give them the best experience and share the process with them”, explains James. Numerous photographs taken from different angles are required; they will even ask about the animal’s personality traits. The aim is to capture the essence rather than a mere likeness. This, they achieve with their skilled craftsmen, who are able to hand make the model and apply details with a single-bristle brush. The options of customisation are almost limitless and the customer is guided through the process with skill and patience, whilst important decisions are made regarding cabochon sapphires, enamel painting and satin finishes. The process is not quick so allow plenty of time to enjoy the experience. If you are happy with the cufflinks you may even wish to order a matching belt-buckle or decanter top. So next time you are strolling down Jermyn Street, do pay Deakin & Francis a visit. They always have something new to show and, if you feel like treating yourself, their classic cufflinks start from a very reasonable £85. 19-21 Piccadilly Arcade London, SW1 6NH

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Bespoke Spectacles If you, like one in three people, require spectacles to navigate yourself through a normal day, you have probably spent numerous hours trying on various pairs and asking for second opinions. And rightly so - considering that they are effectively a part of your face, picking the right frames is vital. Not only will they will fit better, but they will truly reflect your personality. Here are three brands for your consideration...


A relative newcomer into the world of spectacles, this London-based brand is gaining cult status for its quality and value. Frames start from only £125 and this includes optional tinting - ideal for a pair of holiday sunshades. They also offer a made-to-measure service, where you have a full consultation and measurement, plus the choice of 175 different materials, including genuine and ethically sourced horn. With prices starting at only £425, they offer great value, especially when you take into account the fact that you can pay more for a ‘designer’ pair from your high street optician.

E.B. Meyrowitz

Established in 1875, Meyrowitz has a rich heritage of providing spectacles and eye accessories - in fact, in the early days of motorsport and aviation, they pioneered “mist-free” goggles to drivers and pilots. Now situated in The Royal Arcade between Bond Street and Albemarle Street, they specialise in top-end bespoke frames for the modern-day sybarite. They have an unrivalled choice of materials including buffalo horn, genuine tortoise shell, exotic leathers and precious metals. With years of experience they are able to create a pair of spectacles that will become part of you.

TD Tom Davies

Established in 2002 with stores throughout London, Tom Davies has a strong following, with A-list celebrities who appreciate his modern, clean designs; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for example, are both customers. The most expensive pair of his bespoke glasses cost over £10000, although granted, they were of 18 carat gold. Music and film stars aside, the best advertisement for the product is, in fact, Tom himself: despite having 20:20 vision, he chooses to wear his own designs every day.



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Profile for Thoroughbred Owner Breeder

Thoroughbred Owner Breeder  

Incorporating Pacemaker - July 2018 July's issue features a fascinating interview with Chasemore Farm's Andrew Black who is making his mark...

Thoroughbred Owner Breeder  

Incorporating Pacemaker - July 2018 July's issue features a fascinating interview with Chasemore Farm's Andrew Black who is making his mark...