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Betty Boop: Garter Girl The Betty Boop phenomenon with her overt sexual appeal really took hold in the 1950s and is now sustaining a welcome renaissance as an icon of the golden age of Hollywood. This wonderful, 12’’ (32cms) figurine is crafted from resin in her boop-oop-adoop hand-painted classic red dress ensemble, making the perfect gift for all collectors and movie buffs.

Welcome to a special edition of our catalogue, designed for those who have fond memories of times past and like to remember them! Don’t forget - there’s more online at www.owlbarn.co.uk

Speedway Vintage T-Shirt Inspired by the nation’s favourite motorbike? Keep motorsport enthusiasts stylish with this new 100% cotton machinewashable t-shirt commemorating the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials held at the Bonneville Salt Flats Race Track. S/34-36’’ ref. R185189 M/38-40’’ ref. R185063 L/42-44’’ ref. R185187 XL/46-48’’ ref. R185188

Ref. R175916 £59.99

BSA Rocket Mug An ideal present for any bike enthusiast, the retro art wraparound design of this new ceramic mug features a BSA Rocket motorcycle against vintage background colours. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Ref. R177661 £7.99

£19.99 Each

Spitfire and Poppy Brooch The rhodium-plated Spitfire encircled by a ring of vibrant enamelled red poppies brings together two of the most iconic and thoughtprovoking WWII images to be worn with pride & remembrance. Diameter 1.1” (3cms), gift boxed.

Ref. R172974 £19.99

1:24 Scale 1982 Ford Capri Mk.lll The muscular good looks of the Ford 1982 Capri Mk. lll - inspired by the success of the American Mustang - endeared it to the increasingly affluent, younger carbuying market in the UK, even though some of the primitive raucousness of the original was taken away and replaced with more sophisticated practicality. Beautifully crafted in die-cast metal with plastic parts, it will set the pulses racing of all who owned one. Ref. R179884 £19.99

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1:43 Scale Jaguar XK150 Roadster Appearing in elegant indigo blue livery with contrasting silver trim, wire wheels and a blue-grey interior, our superb 1:43rd scale die-cast model of the classic two-seater replicates the handsome roadster produced by Jaguar Cars between 1957 and 1961. The originals are now very much sought after in the real world with prices to match, so our version represents a real snip! Ref. R179903 £34.99


1:43 Scale Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible The Triumph Herald and it’s distinctive two-tone livery was a small two-door convertible introduced by Standard-Triumph of Coventry in 1959 and made through to 1971. Selling well over half a million cars, the body design by the Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti invoked the spirit of cruising the Riviera under the Mediterranean sun that made it such a popular choice. This new 1:43rd scale Corgi collectible replicates all its characteristic detail with aplomb. Ref. R177647 £48.99

Marbles In A Tin A timeless classic that children will appreciate. With sixty glass marbles packed inside the colourful tin, the jewel-like, swirly patterns of this enduring toy will add great fun when playing favourite games like TicTac-Toe, Bull’s Eye, Black Snake or Crackers. Ref. R169978 £8.99

British Grand Prix Driving Legends 4 DVD A fantastic collection of documentaries about four of the most celebrated motor racing drivers in history. Featuring the great Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Jim Clark and John Surtees. Runtime 230 minutes. Ref. R174691 £12.99

Air Show 1000-piece Jigsaw Everyone has gathered round to watch these impressive planes take to the skies - the perfect way to spend a Saturday with family and friends. Size 27 x 19” (68 x 49cms). Ref. R176822 £14.99

Lancaster Keyring This handsome high quality silver-plated RAF Lancaster keyring has a 2’’ (5cms) wingspan with a 2.75’’ (7cms) chain and comes presented in an armed forces Military Heritage branded gift box. Ref. R174608 £10.99

All at Sea The Sea Journal: Seafarers’ Sketchbooks The sea has been an endless source of fascination, at once both alluring and mysterious, a place of wonder and terror. The Sea Journal contains firsthand records by a great range of travellers of their encounters with strange creatures and new lands, full of dangers and delights, pleasures and perils. HB, 304pp. Ref. R184651 £29.95

The Clyde Puffer Stumpy little steam-powered cargo ships like these were once a familiar sight around the west coast of Scotland, providing an essential supply link ferrying goods and coal around the islands - their flat bottoms allowing them to beach and unload in places that lacked suitable piers. This evocatively crafted replica measures 8’’ (20cms). Ref. R164190 £29.99

Titanic T-Shirt Our new screen printed T-shirt on soft navy cotton with white, red and black imagery depicts ‘The Ship that could not sink’. But on it’s maiden voyage to New York in 1912 it did just that after hitting an iceberg, this T- shirt is a reminder of that majestic ship and the unisex fit is perfect for both men and women. M/38-40’’ ref. R185336 • L/42-44’’ ref. R185339 XL/46-48’’ ref. R185340 • £19.99 Each

Franklin Watch Clock This superb desk clock takes inspiration from the timepiece used by explorer Sir John Franklin on his last expedition to find the North-West Passage in 1845. The replica has a chrome-plated cast aluminium case, a crisp white face with black roman numerals and a quartz movement. Height 9.5” (24cms). Takes 1 x AA battery (not included). Ref. R172108 £62.99

Port and Starboard Socks An emergency at sea can happen at any time and it’s vital that everything aboard can be clearly identified. In situations where ‘left’ and ‘right’ could lead to confusion, ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ are perfectly unambiguous, so seafaring landlubbers may find these socks useful should the occasion arise. To fit size 6-11. Ref. R120719 £9.99

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Greenwich Meridian Pocket Watch Pocket watches were once the only option for timekeeping but to wear one today lends the gentleman owner a most distinctive air! With its agedeffect dial and detailed solid brass case, this novel timepiece has a reliable quartz movement so can’t be given as the excuse to being late! With a case diameter of 2” (5cms) it comes with fob chain, all presented in a velvet gift bag.

HMS Victory Designed by Sir Thomas Slade, launched in 1765 and with 102 guns HMS Victory was the ultimate Georgian warship. Today the icon of naval history remains a commissioned warship - the oldest in the world. Our model comes fully assembled with a solid hull with brass cannon, canvas sails and detailed rigging. Length 13” (33cms). Ref. R174631 £49.99

Brass Pocket Telescope Ship ahoy! Add a nautical theme to your ship, train or plane spotting with our elegant monocular telescope. Tooled in spun brass, lacquered for lasting protection and bound in a hand-stitched leatherette casing, the four sections extend to 13’’ (33cms) giving 25 times magnification through the 1.1’’ (30mm) diameter object lens. Ref. R169667 £79.99

English Pewter Goblet Stylish yet understated, this elegant wine goblet will make a magnificent gift for any special occasion. The 6’’ (15cms) lead-free pewter cup boasts an attractive shape detailed with intricate Celtic knotwork and shows up the mirror-like finish of the English pewter to best effect. Presented in a chic cream and black gift box. Ref. R169834 £50.99

Ref. R172109 £32.99

The Steamship Telegraph Watch Time can fly past or drag painfully slowly. Just an illusion? Not according to this ‘watch with a difference’. The face is a facsimile of a traditional Engine Order Telegraph, as used by the mariners on the bridge to give orders to the engineers below. Powered by a precision quartz movement and fitted with a leather strap, it’s the ideal gift for old sea dogs awaiting their next command. Watch face diameter 1.29” (33cms). Gift boxed. Ref. R174629 £69.99


Down to Earth 1:76 Scale Showmans Living Wagon An essential part of circus or fairground life, the living wagon was home to the travellers and featured chimney stacks in the roof, a window at each end and a side door. Access was by ladder which is also provided conveniently stored on a rack under one of the windows. Ref. R174441 £17.99

Fowler B6 Showmans Locomotive This evocative 1:76 scale die-cast collectable will be admired by all steam enthusiasts who hanker for the country life of times past. The showmans engine - used principally to power fairground rides - is decorated in traditional maroon with gold highlights and lives up to its name of the ‘King Carnival’. Ref. R171843 £25.99

The Classic ‘’Odd-Job’’ All-in-One Tool First produced in 1888, this versatile odd-job measuring tool combines an inside mitre and try square; a scribing tool for arcs and circles; a T-square; a depth marking gauge (for mortises etc.); a plumb level and a rule - all in one handy gadget. An impressive piece of kit, beautifully machined from solid brass with a hardwood 6’’ (15cms) rule, it should prove indispensable for any handyman or woman about the house. Ref. R164191 £39.99

Women of the Home Front With so many of the nation’s men fighting in Europe or further afield, the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), Women’s Land Army (WLA), Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) and Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) were essential parts of the Home Front. The lives of these servicewomen are presented and commemorated here through a collection of images taken from Mirrorpix’s formidable archive. HB, 144pp. Ref. R185494 £12.99

1:43 Scale PO Telephones Series II Land Rover This 3-door, short wheelbase version of the ubiquitous British workhorse originally came under the jurisdiction of the Telephone Manager in Sheffield. With bronze green livery, matching interior, black seating and silver trim to the exterior waistband, window surrounds and bumpers, this accurately detailed collectable will delight preTelecom fans both young and old. Ref. R173090 £24.99

Fading Memories 1000-piece Jigsaw Memories of yesteryear begin to fade with the passage of time. Size: 27 x 19’’ (48 x 67cms). Ref. R184602 £14.99

The Miner’s Safety Lamp Designed by the mining engineering genius Sir Humphrey Davy, the Miner’s Safety Lamp was fashioned to withstand handling in arduous subterranean conditions, but sailors too have found its virtues invaluable: the lamp is wind resistant, robust with thickened glass and self-extinguishing if they fall. In solid brass it provides the perfect blend of form and function and today will also make a fantastic addition to any decor as well as being fully operational for ambient and emergency lighting. Height 9.5” (24cms). Ref. R172105 £64.99

Tinplate Vintage Tractor Inspired by a tractor of a certain age, an evocatively designed replica featuring the sturdy rear wheels of a vehicle obviously designed to cope with the demands of the most muddy terrain! Manufactured from steel and hand painted with an antiqued finish, the rugged detailing of this handsome 10 x 5.9 x 6.7 ‘’ (27 x 15 x 17 cms) ornament will stir the cockles of a landsman’s heart. Ref. R174538 £32.99

Country Life Tea Towel Made from premium cotton, this absorbent and machine washable tea towel depicts the heavy horses hard at work at harvest time, a design that will bring a sense of country style to any kitchen. Size 19 x 18’’ (74 x 46cms). Ref. R172983 £8.99

Shire Horse Figurine A familiar sight on farms in days of yore, this is the animal that provided the agricultural ‘horsepower’ throughout the land. Captured in a proud pose, our lifelike 8.6’’ (22 cms) hand-painted resin hero stands ready to plough again. Ref. R172872 £34.99



Childhood Memories

Batman - Dark Knight Detective Here we celebrate one of the Justice League super heroes from DC Comics - Batman! With a wood carved look and folk art styling, Batman is captured in one of his iconic poses, sure to make a treasured gift across the generations. Made from cast stone, delicately hand painted and in a colourful gift box, he stands 8.6” (22cms) - enough to make a boy wonder... Ref. R184662 £62.99

Mini Radio Controlled Fire Truck Youngsters can become everyday heroes with this emote controlled fire truck with flashing lights and sound. Switch on and its lights will activate and flash along with a siren sound effect. Features full function controls,with simple forward, reverse, left and right buttons on the included controller. Engine length 2.9” (7.5cms), Requires 2 x AA batteries. Age 6+ Ref. R184274 £24.99

Peanut Brittle Saver Set Mr Stanley’s Sailors Cure will have you feeling ship shape in no time. 2 x 150g of splendid sea salted peanut brittle Ref. R184048 £12.99

Coconut Icebergs Saver Set Set sail for paradise with the sweet splendour of these exotic treats. 2 x 150g boxes of pure indulgence. Ref. R184047 £12.99

Toybox Toys 1000-piece Jigsaw Children are drawn to toyshop windows.What was your favourite toy? Size: 27 x 19’’ (48 x 67cms). Ref. R184612 £14.99

Retro Hopper Remember these? Standing the test of time bounce back to the good old days of the 70’s with this tough orange space hopper. No less appealing now, the large rubbery orange hopper and crazy face are back to delight another generation of children. Foot pump and connector included, Age 5+ Ref. R184295 £15.99

Carousel Humming Top Take a spin down memory lane with this classic 6’’ (15.5cms) diameter big-top humming carousel that will mesmerise youngsters with its bright spinning horses and typical rhythmic sound. Ref. R169516 £22.99

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Sugar Mice Set Those classic sweetshop staples, the sugar mice, are back! Dangle them by the string tail before chomping them in half! Or is that just how I ate mine? 120g pack of 6. Ref. R117495 £7.99

Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs This 1.25kg bumper tub is stuffed to the brim with an assortment of tasty chocolate eclairs and pleasingly creamy toffees. Choose from banana split to the finest English succulent toffee wrapped in smooth Belgian chocolate - you’ll be spoiled for choice! May contain nut traces. Ref. R115045 £15.99 SAVE

Fruit Mix Bonbons Our bumper selection of refreshing, palettecleansing fruit sweets is packed into this oldfashioned corner-shop glass jar - enjoy the juicy flavours of orange, strawberry, raspberry and more in each fruit-shaped morsel! 1kg.

Classic 1920s Steiff Teddy Bear This wonderful teddy bear will provide a lifelong friend for all ages - youngsters will warm to his original cuddly mohair qualities, articulated arms & legs and soft growl whilst the older kids among us will treasure the appreciating value of an authentic Steiff product. Height 14’’ (35cms). Suitable age 14 upwards. Ref. R114804 £159.99

Ref. R119222 £11.99

when you buy the Assorted Toffees & Fruit Bonbons together Ref. R114372 £24.99

Full Metal Jacks Set This vintage game will bring back memories of the school playground! The pleasing hexagonally shaped box houses the eight metal jacks and rubber ball needed to put you to the test and play this traditional hand eye co-ordination game. There’s everything needed to play and understand the rules. Ref. R169979 £6.99

Wooden Stack ‘n’ Sounds Train Probably the best-loved children’s nursery toy of all time, our wooden train is one of the biggest and best around. With super-solid, smoothly rounded blocks and 2 trailers it’s not just a train, it’s a building block set which also makes a noise when the funnel is pushed to play one of three authentic train sounds. Length 13.5’’ (34cms). Ref. R176180 £24.99

Adventures in Flight

Workshop Aeroplane This fantastic workshop kit is perfect for junior engineers who like making models. It includes everything from 205 metal and plastic pieces, nuts, & bolts as well as a spanner and screwdriver. The finished model aeroplane would look really great on display in a bedroom or den. Age 8+ Ref. R180205 £12.99

First Flight Spitfire T-Shirt This new 100% cotton t-shirt presents an impressive opportunity for fans of British fighter aircraft to celebrate the Supermarine Spitfire. The fatigued graphic highlights the day this iconic aeroplane first took to the air on the 5th of March 1936 and reminds us how it played such a key role in the Battle of Britian just a few years later. M/36-37’’ ref. R178445 L/38-39’’ ref. R178458 XL/40-41’’ ref. R178459 • £19.99 Each

Story of the Red Arrows DVD Documentary tracing the 40-year history of the RAF’s air display team, informally known as the Red Arrows. Through fantastic archive and display footage, we tell the story of The Red Arrows from their beginnings in 1964 right through to the current day. Running Time 60 mins Ref. R179676 £9.99

The Red Arrows Morris Mini Van The Mini Van was used by the UK military in a huge variety of transportation roles and, being economical, reliable and surprisingly capacious, was ideal for use on large RAF airfields where its lack of ground clearance wasn’t an issue. This Limited Edition die cast example was used by the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, ‘The Red Arrows’, in a general transportation role in the early 1970s. Ref. R177650 £48.99

Story of the Spitfire DVD It was the Supermarine S.6B seaplane racer plane that led directly to the development of its famous younger brother, the incredible Supermarine Spitfire. Is there any other plane that is so loved by its pilots? Ever wanted to know more about the amazing feat of engineering that potentially changed the course of World War II? Then this is the DVD for you! Run time 60 minutes. Ref. R179953 £12.99

Red Arrows Construction Set Complete with 207 pieces, spanner, screwdriver and full instructions, this splendid construction set involves the technical and mechanical diversity of modelling that will provide hours of fun to engage both little engineers of tomorrow and adult plane buffs of today. Suitable age 8+. Size 9.5 x 11’’ (24 x 28cms). Ref. R174698 £29.99

Low-Cost telephone orders: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website www.owlbarn.co.uk

Lancaster: The Forging of a Very British Legend The epic story of an iconic aircraft and the breathtaking courage of those who flew her. Former RAF Tornado Navigator, Gulf War veteran and bestselling author John Nichol now tell the inspiring and moving story of this legendary aircraft that took the fight deep into the heart of Nazi Germany. HB, 464pp. Ref. R183699 £20.00

Lest We Forget Pocket Watch Bearing the moving image of a Tommy beside the grave of his fallen comrade, this impressive pewter pocket watch with quartz movement serves as a dignified way to remember those who have fallen. Complete with fob chain and 3-year battery installed. Watch size 1.8’’ diameter (4.6cms). Ref. R118366 £39.99

Pilot’s Antiqued Tan Leather Briefcase The practical design of this briefcase is inspired by the officers’ document cases prevalent amongst the flying fraternity. Made from polished high-veg antiqued leather, for use today it has a central compartment to take a 15’’ laptop and another for paperwork; and an inside zip pocket and two separate pouch pockets under the front flap. There is also a zip pocket on the rear of the bag and a shoulder carry strap included. Size 15.5 x 12 x 3’’ (40 x 30 x 8cms). Ref. R169857 £140.00


Spitfire British Legend Cushion A 15’’ (38cms) sq. comfy cushion decorated with images and text paying tribute to the renowned fighter plane which became a legend in its own lifetime and remains so today. Ref. R174456 £25.99

1:72 Scale Hawker Fury, RAF No.1 Squadron Representing something of a golden era for British aviation, the 1930s saw a rapid expansion of the Royal Air Force and the introduction of several aircraft that could claim to be the ultimate biplane fighter. The beautiful Hawker Fury came at the end of a long line of successful Hawker biplane designs and at the time became the fastest fighter aircraft in their history. Our finely detailed and accurately liveried 1:72 scale die-cast replica comes with a display stand and is presented in a handsome gift box to please the collector of aircraft memorabilia. Ref. R174561 £69.99


Adventures in Flight

Limited Edition Red Arrows Hawk in RAF 100 Livery To mark the recent centenary of the Royal Air Force, the distinctive British Aerospace Hawks of the Red Arrows benefited from an additional RAF 100 logo above the roundel to identify the aircraft as those taking part in the historic commemorations. This Limited Edition die-cast replica provides a worthy reminder of events. Wingspan 5’’ (13cms). Ref. R177649 £78.99

Codebreakers & Spies A fascinating book which tells many of the astonishing stories about how Britain’s intelligence operatives, under-cover experts and special operations teams contributed to the Allies’ victory in WWll. HB 160pp. Ref. R177796 £20.00

Spitfire T-Shirt Classed as the backbone of the RAF Fighter Command during WW II and much loved by its pilots. the Spitfire served in several roles including interceptor, photo-reconnaissance, fighter-bomber and trainer, and continued to serve in these roles until the 1950s. This new 100% cotton t-shirt features the iconic aeroplane with technical and historical facts about the famous war machine. M/36-37’’ ref. R176118 L/38-39’’ ref. R176145 XL/40-41’’ ref. R176146 £22.99 Each

Spitfire Leather Wallet A high quality black leather bi-fold wallet with an illustration of an iconic RAF Spitfire WW2 Fighter. This leather wallet comes with eight credit card slots and two note slots, perfectly designed to suit the modern gentleman. Size 3.5 x 11.5” (9 x 11.5cms). Ref. R179764 £24.99

RAF Red Spitfire Scarf A smart new and luxuriously soft 100% viscose scarf with which to wrap up warm and fend off evening chills. With it’s RAF roundels and Spitfire silhouettes, it will prove ideal for Remembrance Parades and everyday wear: the reverse features the same striking design in charcoal grey. Measures 71 x 12” (180 x 30cms). Ref. R176951 £22.99

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The Spitfire Story Published in association with Imperial War Museums, this is a fascinating anthology of stories from Spitfire heroes and heroines as well as the people behind the scenes. Using documents, letters and photographs from the Museums’ unparalleled archives and exclusive first-hand interviews, these stories of the Spitfire are a revelatory collection of small but significant histories, to be treasured by all who love and admire the iconic plane. PB 256pp. Ref. R177984 £8.99

Lest We Forget Keyring To commemorate those who have fallen in combat, we are proud to present this new ‘Lest We Forget’ English Pewter keyring with an apposite remembrance theme. A sensitive tribute to the Fallen and also those who served their country or continue to do so by risking their lives on our behalf. Diameter. 1.4” (3.6cms). Ref. R174543 £10.99

Commer Commando Airport Transfer Bus Between 1955 and 1971, Skyways Coach-Air Limited started a service which ferried passengers from Central London to Lympne Airport in Kent, for onward air travel to the Continent. This 1:76 scale diecast model accurately replicates the form, detail and striking livery of their vehicles, complete with internal seating. Ref. R174440 £24.99

Spitfire Pilot Watch Inspired by a visit to RAF Duxford and the dial design of various plane cockpits, the quartz movement of this smart gents pilot watch features white figures and batons, black hands with luminous inlays and a white sweeping second hand. Small touches to the dial show the rudder control and degree of angle that ‘planes can fly at - perfect for the dashing young chap with his head in the clouds. Ref. R169707 £65.99

Classic Warplanes Laptray A practical gift idea for any lover of classic planes , lap trays are ideal for TV dinners, crafting, reading and much more. The bean filled base moulds to the shape of the legs and sits comfortably upon the lap enabling you to work, eat or play in comfort as the non-slip, wipe-clean top is bordered by a rim to prevent items falling off. 17.3” x 13” (44 x 33cms). Ref. R184796 £16.99


All Afloat Greenwich 1884 Desk Clock The “1884” clock acknowledges the year in which Greenwich was internationally recognised as the prime meridian for measuring longitude. This little desktop clock resembling a pocket watch of that era, comes cast in brass with an antique finish and faux leather edge binding. At 5.5” (14cms) tall it requires 1 x AA battery. Ref. R179822 £32.99

Canal Transport 1000-piece Jigsaw Just another day on the busy waterways and rail tracks collecting and delivering for Cadbury. Size 27.6 x 19.7” (70 x 50cms). Ref. R184515 £14.99

Ships of Spendour - Passenger Liners in Colour This beautiful book presents a full colour review of passenger ships from the 1940s to the 1960s, including the great Cunarders plus liners such as the Southern Cross, Canberra, Oriana and others. The 120 pages are filled with accompanying notes, historic facts and anecdotes. HB 120pp. Ref. R177665 £25.00

Longstone Lighthouse The Longstone Lighthouse is situated on Longstone Rock, one of the Outer Staple Islands off the Northumberland coast. This highly detailed 1:75 true-to-scale resin replica comes presented in a colour gift box, with details of it’s history and ornate survey locator map. Size 9 x 4 x 7” (23 x 11 x 18cms). Ref. R176257 £44.99

Kingfisher Narrowboat This hand-painted wooden “Kingfisher” narrowboat will look perfect placed on a desk, table or shelf, sure to catch the imagination of any canal enthusiast. It’s royal blue colour emanates a sense of quality and richness, with her name proudly displayed for all to see. Length 15” (38cms). Ref. R179496 £34.99

Low-Cost telephone orders daily: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk

Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 Hand carved from sustainable mahogany, this scale replica of Bluebird K7 - the boat in which Donald Campbell broke the world speed record on water at just over 328mph - should be the pride in any collection of fine craftsmanship. Twelve weeks in the making, accurately scaled, beautifully detailed and immaculately finished in 35 coats of paint, the facsimile measures 9’’ (23cms) long on an 10.25’’ (26cms) base. Campbell was killed in Bluebird whilst attempting an 8th record attempt in 1967, but the boat itself has recently returned to the Lake District venue of the fateful last attempt after being salvaged from the bottom of the lake in 2001, and the 17 years of painstaking restoration which has ensued. Ref. R174710 £245.00

Misery, Mutiny and Menace Seamen in days of old had to be able to rely on those around them, but stories of cruelties inflicted upon crews and treacheries committed by mutinous crews on the high seas were the soap operas of the day. People followed the trials in the newspapers, hanging hungrily on to each new piece of detail. HB, 256pp. Ref. R179707 £12.99

Skipper’s Pipes Since the early 1930’s these delicious liquorice pipes have been a skipper’s steady companion on long journeys out at sea. Bring back childhood memories of pirate exploits with these 16 delicious liquorice pipes in a nostalgic gift box. Ref. R184131 £5.99 SAVE when you buy two packs of Skipper’s Pipes Ref. R184175 £9.99

Icons of the RNLI Rescue Fleet The RNLI is one of the United Kingdoms’ most treasured institutions, with volunteers forming the beating heart of this amazing, life-saving organisation. This replica set combines three of their most iconic vehicles the Severn Class lifeboat 3.8” (9.8cms), the largest lifeboat in the fleet; the Shannon class lifeboat 3.9” (10cms), the most agile and manoeuvrable allweather lifeboat; and finally the Land Rover Defender and D Class Lifeboat 5.3” (13.5cms) of the Flood Rescue Team. Together they make a fitting tribute to those whose aim is to prevent unnecessary drownings. Ref. R177651 £48.99

Royal Navy Land Rover Series III The Series III Land Rover was produced between 1971 and 1985 and was the most popular of the Series’ vehicles, with an incredible 440,000 being produced during that time. This 1:43 scale facsimile appears in the superb dark blue body colour of the Royal Navy with contrasting white lettering and a light beige canvas back. Length 3.1” (8cms). Ref. R184056 £24.99

Way, Way Back in the Day

I Spy with My Little Eye T-Shirt Inspired by Hysterical Histories, this “I spy with my little eye something beginning with.... Aggh!” t-shirt does something to debunk King Harold’s defensive skills whilst recognising the artistry of the Bayeux Tapestry! In 100% cotton, machine washable, iron with care - and don’t look up! M/40’’ ref. R174648 L/44’’ ref. R174706 XL/48’’ ref. R174707 £19.99 Each

Halvor Figurine Halvor meaning “Guardian”, this Viking Skeppare takes charge of his crew before they raid the land that lies ahead. He holds on to the boat’s figurehead as his crew traverse the volatile Nordsee. Cast in top-quality resin before receiving a hand painted bronze finish, this is a figurine any Viking admirer will be proud to have in their collection. Height 9.4” (24cms). Ref. R184650 £79.99

The Duel Bookends These imposing bookends are impressive figurines of Knights Templar & Hospitaller preparing to do battle. Solid and weighty, the pair have been crafted in resin and coated to a give a beautiful textured finish. Height 7.5’’ (19cms). Holy Grail not included.

Ref. R169002 £39.99

Medieval Knight Chess Set “In days of olde, when knights were bold...” Here is a true evocation of the armour and power brought to every battlefield by medieval knights - in this case, the chess board! The immaculately detailed set replicates the chess pieces as Middle Ages warriors in antiqued bronze & pewter finishes, with a glass board that rests on a tower at each corner - enough to spur the most reticent chess player into action! Board size 17.75” (45cms) square approx, turret height 4.25” (11cms). Ref. R161513 £84.99

Low-Cost telephone orders: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk


HMS Warrior - Steam Meets Sail The Warrior was launched in 1860, a warship that was the pride of Queen Victoria’s fleet. Powered by steam and sail, she was the largest, fastest and most powerful ship of her day and had a profound effect on naval architecture. This replica has a solid wood hull construction, canvas sails, and detailed rigging all mounted on a wooden plinth with name plaque. Length 13” (33cms). Total Height including plinth 12” (30.5cms). Ref. R178551 £24.99 Tournament Knight on Horseback ‘’Have at thee!’’ with this splendid new cold-cast bronze figurine depicting a knight in the full throes of a medieval joust. Superbly sculpted to reflect the detail of both the knight’s armour and the shaffron, peytral and flanchard which protect his worthy steed, the powerful character of this hand-painted decorative piece is sure to take pride of place in the home of any connoisseur of life in the Middle Ages. Height 9.5’’ (24cms). Ref. R177982 £110.99

History of Britain and Ireland Discover the pivotal political, military and cultural events that shaped British and Irish history from Stone Age Britain to the present day. Combining over 700 photographs, maps and artworks with accessible text, the compendium provides an invaluable resource for families, students, and anyone seeking to learn more about the fascinating story of the sometimes United Kingdom and Ireland. HB,400pp. Ref. R184652 £20.00

Crusader Desk Tidy With the realistic features of a crusader’s helmet, you will feel like a giant in your own kingdom of minion pens, pencils & wotnot thanks to this burnished steel-effect desk tidy. Height 4.25’’ (11cms). Ref. R169003 £16.99

Excalibur Letter Opener Bring the magic and nobility of Arthurian legend to your bureau with this original desk accessory. In cold-cast bronze, the legendary king stands in shining armour with one foot planted on the stone, his cape behind him as he grips Excalibur in his hands, preparing to free it. Now you can too, using the sword to open your post and packages as it allows you to add a touch of myth and mystery to the office whilst affirming yourself as the One True and Rightful Monarch of your workspace. Height 8.25’’ (21cms). Ref. R172032 £59.99


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Steam Train Quartz Pocket Watch Pocket watches were once the only option for timekeeping but to wear one today lends a gentleman a most distinctive air! With its classic steam engine motif this novel timepiece has a reliable quartz movement, so removing almost any excuse for being late! Gift boxed. Ref. R178514 £39.99

Golden Years of Rail Travel Celebrate the heyday of passenger rail travel around Britain with this beautiful railway book published by The Times.Your journey will take you back to the boom times through a galaxy of photographs, posters and railway ephemera. Leading railway author Julian Holland tells the story of an evocative period in Britain’s railway history - gone forever but never forgotten. HB, 272pp. Ref. R184647 £30.00



Steam Trains Nostalgia Collection Steam train nostalgia is a collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia from the golden age of steam trains. This collection of colourful posters, postcards and other booklets is great for invoking memories in the older generation or for bringing history to life for a new audience. Ref. R185322 £8.99

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider Touring This 1:18 scale die-cast model has a high level of authentic detail throughout. No area compromises on accuracy, from the interior to the sleek body and including the centrally hinged bonnet which opens to reveal the 2.3 litre eight cylinder engine that gave this car its racing pedigree. Size 7 x 4.75 x 12’’ (17.5 x 12 x 30cms). Ref. R179864 £54.99

Low-Cost telephone orders: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk


Built For Speed 1000-piece Jigsaw Father and son watch on as the No.4468 train comes by at Riston. Size 27.6 x 19.7” (70 x 50cms) Ref. R184511 £14.99

Railway T-Shirts Keep railway enthusiasts stylish with these new 100% cotton machine-washable t-shirts Flying Scotsman “Flying Scotsman built in 1923”

Station Master “Do not cross the line”

£19.99 Each

£19.99 Each

S/34-36” Ref. R178435 M/38-40’’ ref. R178434 L/42-44’’ ref. R178436 XL/46-48’’ ref. R178437

1:43 Scale British Railways Land Rover The canvas canopied Land Rover Series 1 was utilised by British Railway’s road services fleet. This evocative die-cast model accurately replicates the styling detail and livery of this popular heavy-duty workhorse and will be admired by any collector of railway memorabilia. Ref. R169338 £21.99

Replica Die-Cast Mister Softee Van A mouth-wateringly accurate replica of the revolutionary soft ice cream vans which plied their trade along sea fronts and at resorts through the 1950s & ‘60s, dispensing a creamy concoction straight from the on-board machine, So, that’s a four-penny one and a ‘99’, please! Ref. R111235 £17.99

S/34-36’’ ref. R178431 M/38-40’’ ref. R178430 L/42-44’’ ref. R178432 XL/46-48’’ ref. R178433

The Early Pioneers of Steam We think of the Stephensons and Brunel as the fathers of the railways, but who were the railways’ grandfathers and great-grandfathers? The Stephensons and others stood upon the foundations built by many other talents - this is the story of those earlier pioneers of steam. Ref. R179865 £16.99

s y a l P r e w o P 1:43 Scale Die-Cast MGB Outright winner of the fabled non-stop 84-hour Marathon de la Route in the 1966 regularity rally, the robust and reliable MGB of drivers Andrew Hedges and Julien Vernaeve completed 5,620 miles at an average speed of 66mph and is replicated here as a superbly detailed 1:43 scale die-cast model - a ‘must’ for any collector. Length 3.6” (9.3cms).

The F1 World Championship Grand prix The British Grand Prix is the oldest race in Formula 1 and has been run as a World Championship event since 1950 - an event held at such illustrious locations as Aintree, Brands Hatch and Silverstone. The photographers of Mirrorpix have chronicled the many dramatic races and events that have occurred over the years as they look back over 70 years at the zenith of motor racing, a history that features many great drivers. PB, 96pp.

Fast Wheels Cushion A essential gift for any speed demon motoring fan, keeping you comfy on that favourite chair to enjoy pitstop snacks during the on-screen motor-sport activity. Vibrantly printed both sides on soft linen fabric. Size 15”(40cms) Square.

Story of Concorde DVD This new DVD brings to life a detailed look at the supersonic wonder, Concorde. From its original inception through its ongoing development, includes interviews with the original test pilots Brian Trubshaw and Andre Turcat. 50 min. runtime.

Vintage Red Motorcycle With Sidecar A motorcycle with a sidecar is sometimes called a combination, an outfit, a rig or a hack. This impressive tin plate replica with it’s rusty textures, worn condition and rudimentary hand-painted finish adds to the nostalgic feel of this evocative piece of decorative memorabilia. Size 11 x 8.2 x 5.9” (28 x 21 x 15 cms). *Due in March Ref. R183879 £32.99

Aston Martin: Made in Britain From bestselling author, racer and stunt driver Ben Collins - the man who was The Stig - comes a story of spies, speed and hard-driving genius as a driver’s love letter to one of the world’s best-loved machines. HB, 304pp. Ref. R185184 £20.00

Ref. R179731 £49.99

Ref. R185127 £22.99

Ref. R184288 £14.99

Ref. R184671 £9.99


1:18 Scale 1955 Austin-Healey 100 Austin-Healey was a British sports car maker established in 1952 through a joint venture between the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation and the Donald Healey Motor Company. This beautifully detailed 1:18 scale die-cast replica is typically elegant of the marque with it’s blue and white livery, striking body form and elegant wire wheels - a wonderful gift for any aficionado of classic cars. Length 7.5” (19cms). Ref. R184053 £235.00

Die-Cast Rover P6 3500 VIP The favoured steed of Managing Directors throughout the land, the Rover P6 was produced in various guises and trim levels from 1963 to 1977. The original design evolved into a unit-construction skeleton covered by bolt-on body panels, independent coil spring front and de Dion rear suspension and fourwheel disc brakes, giving it class-leading dynamics. This precisely detailed and liveried 1:43 scale die-cast replica of the 3.5 version measures 4.2” (10.8cms).. Ref. G178135 £26.99

1:43 Scale Austin Ruby Saloon Maroon The Austin 7 Ruby was introduced in 1936 when its restyling from the original included a longer bonnet, cowled radiator, slightly downswept tail and the spare wheel enclosed by a metal cover, which also concealed a folding luggage rack. Over 200,000 had rolled off the production line when Austin ceased production in 1939. This evocative 1:43 scale die cast replica will be a ‘must’ for any collector. Ref. R178767 £25.99

High Performance: When Britain Ruled the Roads A book celebrating Britain’s automotive golden age and the mavericks who sketched them on the back of envelopes and garage floors, who fettled, bolted and welded them together and hammered the competition in the showroom, on the road and on the track - fuelled by contempt for convention. PB, 336pp. Ref. R179893 £9.99

In The Swing... Radio Tin With Mini Shortbreads A great gift for lovers of clotted cream shortbread biscuits and all things retro. The evocatively crafted radio tin has dial and button with embossed details plus a carry handle. 200g of shortbread included and radio tin measures 8. 5 x 7 x 2” (22 x 17 x 4.5cms). Ref. R176716 £12.99 Betty Boop Red Dress The Betty Boop phenomenon with her overt sexual appeal really took hold in the 1950s and is now sustaining a welcome renaissance as an icon of the golden age of Hollywood. This wonderful, 12.5’’ (30cms) figurine is crafted from resin in her Boop-oop-adoop classic red dress ensemble, making the perfect gift for the collector or movie buff. Ref. R180704 £49.99

Radio Caroline The story of the famous pirate radio station which rocked the waves between the 1960s and ‘80s. But whilst thousands were tuning in to Blackburn, Rosko et al, it wasn’t all smooth sailing below decks. Political opposition, financial worries, technical problems and the difficulties of being at sea caused problems, yet in spite of all, those aboard the Mi Amigo did much to promote musical innovation through those formative decades. PB, 352pp. Ref. R179706 £10.99

Limited Edition 1:43 Scale Sunbeam Alpine Convertible The Sunbeam Alpine was a twoseater sports drophead coupé produced by Rootes Group from 1953 to 1955, and then 1959 to 1968. Engineer Bernard Unett, who’d worked on the Alpine programme wanted to go racing, so debuted the car at Silverstone in September 1961 but was deemed so dangerous that he wasn’t allowed to start the second race! However, Unett developed the car and his driving, which led to 3 British Touring Car Championships! This finely detailed Limited Edition die-cast replica in authentic Seacrest Green livery measures 3.5” (9cms) and comes with removable canopy. Ref. R178133 £44.99

Low-Cost telephone orders daily: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk

Sounds of the 70’s 5-DVD Set The 1970’s was the decade that had it all, from bubblegum to disco to hard rock. This entertaining DVD collection delves into the archive to share glam rock from T Rex to mainstays like Status Quo and the emerging new wave and punk sounds. Every programme includes newsreel from the time, together with facts about the artists and the songs. Run Time: 275 minutes. Ref. R179553 £14.99

Elvis: All Shook Up DVD & Magazine The first star of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis was a role model for a generation, an artist who broke the rules, crossed the racial divide. This 2-DVD set and 96 page magazine set discovers the man and music behind the legend with revealing interviews with his friends and contemporaries. 109 minutes run time. Ref. R175908 £14.99

Rickenbacker Guitar Clock Our red Rickenbackerstyle wall clock is inspired by the guitar that became permanently intertwined with the sound of The Beatles. The novelty quartz movement timepiece makes the most of the sleek, elegant shape, is made from mdf, requires 1 x AA battery (not included). Height 13 x 4.25’’ (32.5 x 11cms). Ref. R162615 £15.99

Elvis’s Cadillac Mug Power through your morning in the company of the King using this beautifully designed 4.7’’, 16oz mug. Featuring a monochrome image of Mr Presley from his glory days. Ref. R179917 £17.99


Classic 1930s style 5-in-1 Music System This evocatively designed piece with wood effect detail has more than a touch of ‘30s style about it. For instance, a 2-speed turntable (yes, a record player - plays singles and LP’s too, so you can bring all those old dusty vinyls back to life); a cassette deck; a 20 track programmable CD player; an FM stereo radio; and an IOS/Android compatible USB port for recording purposes, plus headphone jack and remote control. So sit back and enjoy all the advantages of this 5-in-1 marvel - a must for the music lover with vinyl in the loft! Height 9 x 16 x 13’’ (23 x 41 x 33cms). Remote requires 2 AAA batteries not supplied. Ref. R169201 £145.00

Sixties on the Green 1000-piece Jigsaw Ah - the village green in the Sixties, where the kids gather to strut their stuff in a heady mix of innocent culture-clashing to the sound of the local beat group. Size 27 x 19’’ (68 x 48cms). Ref. R174284 £14.99

s y a l P r e Pow 1:43 Scale Austin Ruby Saloon Blue The Austin 7 Ruby was introduced in 1936 when its re-styling from the original included a longer bonnet, cowled radiator, slightly downswept tail and the spare wheel enclosed by a metal cover, which also concealed a folding luggage rack. Over 200,000 had rolled off the production line when Austin ceased production in 1939. This evocative 1:43 scale die cast replica will be a ‘must’ for any collector. Ref. R178516 £25.99

1:76 Scale Belfast Corporation Bedford Bus During the war years, the Bedford single-decker chassis was produced to the much-loved OB design, but valuable metals like aluminium were replaced with cast iron. As a result, the interior had a distinct austerity feel to it, of which the wooden slatted seats were also an example. Ref. R173295 £22.99

1:43 Scale Ford 300E Thames Van As Stella Gibbons would say, it’s one o’ they Ford vans! Produced in 1:43 scale, this striking Ford 300E Thames workhorse replicates the full-size original, resplendent in a grey over blue paint scheme and sign-writing of Wanstead Ford dealers Frank G Gates Ltd. 3.3” (8.5cms) and authentic UK number plate. Ref. R180775 £39.99

1:76 Scale Bedford TK Luton Box Van The distinctive colours of the Woodlands Transport fleet looks smart on this Luton-bodied Bedford TK removals Van. This detailed 1:76 scale die-cast model measures 4.1” (10.5cms) in length. Ref. R184074 £29.99 1:76 Scale AEC Mammoth Dating from the 1930s, this 7-8 ton lorry with a six-cylinder overhead valve engine developing 110 bhp (82 kW) on a wheelbase of 16 ft 7 in. This 1:76 scale die-cast model, accurate in detail features Lloyds of Ludlow graphics in gold lettering and removable cargo covering. Length 4.5” (11.5cms). Ref. R184698 £29.99 Bodgit and Scarper Mk. 1 Transit Van Between 10:30am and 4pm every day (excluding weekends, Friday afternoons and Monday mornings) Bodgit and his (mostly) reliable co-worker Scarper are the handy men you need! In honesty, they may not run the most reliable of businesses, but one thing you can count on is this 1:43 scale die-cast Ford Transit Mk1 replica, distinct in every detail. Length 4.3” (11cms). Ref. R183892 £34.99

Low-Cost telephone orders daily: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk


Limited Edition 1:43 Scale MG Mini M-Type Badge engineering was nothing new at the BMC Group back in the day, so it comes as no surprise that there could have been a Mini that would one day wear the sporty MG logo and a radiator grill of a Riley Elf. This flawlessly crafted 1/43 scale limited edition model is of a rare prototype which was finished with a black vinyl roof with Webasto sliding canopy that would have made memorable addition to the marque. Length 2.7” (7cms). Ref. R184061 £146.00

1:24 Scale 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 The Shelby Cobra 427 Roadster is arguably the most famous and relevant of all the automotive legends of the marque. In 1965, a new chassis was designed for the Mark lll, as replicated in this new 1:24 scale die-cast model which features an amazing level of detail throughout to make it a must for collectors and classic car fans. Length 7.5” (19cms). Ref. R179863 £29.99

“Man With the Golden Gun” AMC Hornet A new 1:36 scale die-cast replica of the car which proved it’s worth to James Bond when played by Roger Moore in ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. Bond appropriated this scarlet AMC hornet from a Bangkok showroom, going on to perform a stunning barrel-roll over a broken bridge. A worthwhile piece of memorabilia for all fans of 007. Ref. R174562 £35.99

Bond Cars: The Definitive History A lavish celebration of the cars that also became the stars alongside the world’s most famous fictional spy. With exclusive and priceless assets such as the original call sheets, technical drawings and story-boards, accompanied by previously unpublished photography and exclusive interviews, we put you behind the wheel of every car driven by 007 on film. HB, 336 pages. Ref. R185185 £20.00

m l i F es l b & a t c V T Colle Wonder Woman Here we celebrate one of DC Comics Justice League super heroes, Wonder Woman a character which drew a great deal of inspiration from early feminists! With a wood carved look and folk art styling, the Princess of the Amazons is captured here in one of her strong iconic poses. Sure to be a treasured gift across the generations, Diana for it is she - is cast stone, delicately hand painted and comes in a gift box. Height 8.6” (22cms).

Don’t Panic T-Shirt Our new cotton rich Dad’s Army t-shirt will make the perfect gift for those prone to getting in a flap when things go wrong in times of stress like, where IS that TV remote! Machine washable. M/40’’ ref. R179723 L/44’’ ref. R179724 XL/48’’ ref. R179728 £19.99

Ref. R184663 £62.99

Mickey & Minnie - Magical Moments Give the gift of Disney magic with this hand painted Kissing Minnie & Mickey figurine. Leaning in for an adorable kiss, this freestanding ornament features a heart shaped white base with protective foam feet and ‘True Love’ sentiment. Length 4.7” (12cms) Complete with a luxury satin lined gift box. Ref. R183644 £29.99

Snow White & Dopey Figurine Celebrate a magical Disney moment with this hand painted collectable Snow White & Dopey figurine. Cast from a handmade clay mould, it will make the perfect gift for any classic Disney collector or fan. Height 3.5” (9cms). Ref. R185497 £26.99

1:76 Scale Magical Mystery Tour Bus The Beatles released the “Magical Mystery Tour” album in 1967 to accompany the film of the same name that was first shown in the UK on Boxing Day to a largely bemused audience. This 1:76 scale replica of the Bedford VAL used in the film is meticulously detailed and will appeal to both replica die-cast collectors and Beatles fans alike. Ref. R175933 £39.99

Low-Cost telephone orders daily: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk

Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce Phantom III Probably the heaviest - if mythical - Rolls Royce ever commissioned belonged the master criminal Auric Goldfinger, who in the eponymous James Bond film melted down gold and recast it into parts for his RollsRoyce Phantom in order to smuggle bullion around the world. This handsome 1:36 scale, 5’’ (13cms) replica bears all the detailed hallmarks of the famous marque. Ref. R174683 £34.99

Lady & The Tramp - You & Me A figurine depicting the delightful bond between Disney’s Lady and The Tramp, immortalised in the cartoon of the same name. The beautifully crafted resin collectible will make a lovely gift or addition to your own personal collection. Don’t forget the spaghetti! Height 4” (10cms). Ref. R173968 £24.99


Casino Royale Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale marked a new beginning for the Bond franchise, but tradition held firm with Bond driving an Aston Martin. The film is notable for its spectacular crash scene, as Bond swerves to avoid Vesper Lynd and barrel-rolls seven times - a stunt that broke the record for a cannon-assisted effect! 1:36 scale. Ref. R175937 £32.99

Vintage Disney Posters 1000-piece Jigsaw From Mickey Mouse to Dumbo via Pinocchio and The Jungle Book, revel in the spirit of vintage Disney with this new 27 x 19’’ (68 x 48cms) puzzle. Ref. R171614 £16.99

Aristocats Figurine On a rooftop in Paris, Thomas O’Malley and Duchess exchange adoring glances. This intricate hand painted figurine, gives the gift of Disney magic to anyone who receives it. Measures 4.7 x 4.9” (12 x 12.5cms). Comes supplied in a lined gift box. Ref. R181023 £29.99

g n i t r Spo Lives 28

The Rugby Tackle This evocative new cold-cast bronze figurine has captured the adrenaline rush and flowing movement of the rugby tackle in superb detail. Standing 7’’ (18cms) tall the action-packed sculpture details the concentration and ambition of the protagonists and will make a much-appreciated gift for the true connoisseur of the game. Ref. R174550 £89.99

Roy of the Rovers - The Best of the 1970s The best comic strips from the golden age of Roy of the Rovers. The seventies was a very turbulent time in Britain. The country faced a decade of strikes and power cuts. Luckily for the fans of Melchester Rovers, Roy Race and his loyal time mates provided great moments of glory for their fans, starting with European Cup final win in 1973 in the year that the club celebrated its 50th anniversary. HB, 118 pages Ref. R183702 £19.99

Jim Clark’s Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato This Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato is a replica of the car driven by Jim Clark at the Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race in August 1961. Racing as No. 3 for the Essex Racing Team, he came fourth, covering 107 laps - his other great British rival, Stirling Moss won the race in a Ferrari. Our metallic green 1:43 scale diecast replica (license plate 2 VEV) has all the character of the original, and it’s amazing to think that in those days, the cars which took part on the racetrack often reverted to road car role for the drive home afterwards. Ref. R176152 £34.99

50 Years of Shoot! Magazine 50 Years of Shoot! brings back fond memories of a time when sideburns and haircuts were long, shorts were short and England’s World Cup victory was a recent event. HB 176pp. Ref. R177795 £18.99

Triumph Bonneville Motorbike Mug This cup is bound to cheer anyone who loves their motorbikin’. In fine china this 4’’ (10cms) beaker features what we think is a mid’60s Triumph Bonneville (answers on a postcard, please) - a true British favourite both in the UK and pretty much worldwide. Gift boxed, it’s the perfect receptacle for a cockle-warming brew after a bracing ton-up round the North Circular. Ref. R174696 £7.99

Low-Cost telephone orders daily: 0345 174 0199 Visit our website at www.owlbarn.co.uk



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Football Nostalgia Collection Our football nostalgia pack is a collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia relating to British football from a bygone era. Invoke memories with the following; Football league review, Football hints booklet, community song sheet, cup-tie album, World Cup poster, First Aid booklet and various detailed images and cards. Ref. R185309 £8.99

Football Cufflinks Refine your shirting style with the soccer design cufflinks which will add a playful twist to business wear while keeping shirt cuffs perfectly in place. Ref. R178513 £14.99

1:18 Scale Bugatti Type 59 The Bugatti Type 59 race car was first built in 1934. This handsome die cast replica is shown here in later guise converted to road-going trim complete with mudguards, lights and starter motor, with the gleaming detail of a straight-eight engine under the hood. With a length of 10” (25cms), it will make an imposing addition to the collection of every fan of motor racing. Ref. R172264 £69.99

History of the Grand Prix Set Includes The History of the Grand Prix; Great Circuits; Ferrari - Racing Through Time; and Grand Prix Legends - Ayrton Senna. 4 DVDs that together have a total run-time of 5.5 hours. Includes a 96-page magazine of biographies and features. Ref. R174692 £14.99

English Pewter Football Tankard This one-pint tankard has an outstanding mirror-like finish and boasts an image of the match in full swing. The ideal gift if someone special is a fan of the beautiful game, or a souvenir to mark a great season. In solid English Pewter it comes in a stylish cream and black presentation box. Measures 5 x 3” (13 x 8cms). Ref. R171986 £42.99

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Evening Out 1000-piece Jigsaw Saturday night at the Mayfair cinema is just the ticket for those enjoying an evening out. Finished size: 27 x 19’’ (69 x 48cms). Ref. R122109 £14.99

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OVERSEAS At present, we only deliver to the UK. 1950s Childhood With few TVs in circulation, children in the 1950s made their own entertainment. They played conkers, built dens and go-karts, climbed trees and re-enacted fights from the latest cinema blockbuster. Much has changed for children over the years and this book shows what life was once like for youngsters of the decade including home life, school days, music and fashions. 192pp PB. Ref. R174592 £9.99

Coronation Street Treasures Calling in at the Rovers, the Factory, Roy’s Rolls, The Kabin, the Corner Shop and private houses along the way, you’ll find all sorts of lost treasures from the world of Coronation Street in this fascinating encyclopedia of Street life.128pp. Ref. R177797 £17.99

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“Elvis The King” Mug Quench your thirst with the king of rock and roll! Featuring an image of Elvis Presley, from his ‘68 comeback special which aired on NBC in December 1968, it comes with a handle that is formed from a sketch of an acoustic guitar. Let the king live on and make an Elvis fan very happy today! Ref. R185143 £14.99

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Lancaster T-Shirt The Lancaster aircraft was designed and engineered by Roy Chadwick at Avro Aircraft for the Royal Air Force, soon to play such an important part in the WWll hostilities that it captured the hearts and imagination of both young and old, then and now. This new 100% cotton t-shirt features technical and historical facts about this famous war machine. S/34-36’’ ref. R174210 • M/38-40’’ ref. R174246 L/42-44’’ ref. R174247 • XL/46-48’’ ref. R174248 £24.99

Guitar Clock The perfect gift for guitarists and music fans alike, this attractive desk clock features a classic acoustic instrument siting on silver music stand.With battery quartz movement, arabic dial, stands 5” (13 cms). Ref. R183964 £29.99

VE Day Victory Parade in Colour DVD After the suicide of Hitler in 30th April 1945 during the Battle of Berlin it seemed like the war was finally coming to an end. This rare Technicolor film shows how huge crowds gathered in London for the Victory in Europe celebrations on 8th May 1945 plus the London Victory Celebrations in1946. Runtime 30 mins. Ref. R179867 £11.99

Spitfire Tea Caddy This handsome embossed tea caddy sports an evocative image of a Spitfire squadron and includes 40 English Breakfast tea bags inside. Ref. R183890 £6.99

1:43 Scale 1970 Mercedes LPS 1632 Mercedes-Benz LP “cubic” cabin trucks were a series of cab-over-engine trucks first shown in 1963. This incredibly detailed 1:43 scale model, accurate in detail from footplate to filler cap, will be instantly recognisable to all haulage fanatics because of its iconic cream livery with red accents. Length 5.7” (14.5cms). Ref. R184058 £52.99

Both the paper this catalogue is printed on and the poly wrapping it is delivered in are fully recyclable.


1940’s Summer 1000-piece Jigsaw Day trippers wait for the train to pass by and two young boys watch on as Spitfires fly over. Size 27.6 x 19.7” (70 x 50cms) Ref. R184909 £14.99

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Back in the Days - Spring 2021  

Back in the Days - Spring 2021  

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