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16 THE GENIUS OF GENEROSITY Overflow interviewed three Tampa Bay churches that live out the Gospel through tremendous outreach efforts. These churches show God's love in practical ways and impact the community for Christ.





Beverlie Fuller and her husband, Jack, left it all behind to pursue a life as missionaries. She shares stories of God's amazing power as He miraculously healed many during their journey in Zambia.

Kerry Johnson shares how 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, is so relevant in her life and her marriage; it reveals to us how to give our spouse the grace that God gives us.





We need to adjust our thinking when it comes to our relationship with God. Whatever we might be facing in life, it is not greater than God’s unconditional love for us.

Instead of focusing on the negative circumstances in life, lift your hands to God and give Him glory for all His awesome promises. If we will only believe what God tells us, our impossibilities will turn into victories.





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FEBRUARY 2013, Issue 35 Editor | Amie Cherp Sales & Marketing | Chris Cherp

Dear Friends, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16, NKJV). Let’s meditate on this verse. God loved us so much that He gave His Son. That is truly a never-ending, unconditional, Godly love. If He gave up His Son for us, then He surely would not keep any good thing from us! It’s the month of love, so let’s celebrate God’s love for us! In Brian Essary’s article, “Whom He Loves,” we are reminded of God’s love for us and His eternal acceptance of us (see page 12). Our acceptance from God has nothing to do with our performance, but everything to do with what Jesus Christ did on the cross. Thank You, God, for your unconditional love and for making a way for us. God’s love for us also enables us to love others. Kerry Johnson’s article, “Love Covers Our Blind Spots,” teaches us how to give grace to our spouses and allow love to cover their fears and insecurities (page 10). With Jesus at the center of our marriages, we can have unity in our marriages like never before. This article sure made me realize that I could give a little more grace to my husband! I am very blessed to be married to Chris. He is a manly man but has a sweet, sensitive side that he’s not afraid to show. He knows how to be romantic and sweep me off my feet. So, when Valentine’s Day comes along, he doesn’t get nervous. He knows what to do! But, for those men who feel a little anxious or don’t think they have a romantic bone in their bodies, I encourage you to read the V-Day survival guide on page 22. It will

make you laugh and give you some good ideas to make this year’s day of love go a little smoother. This month, our cover story spotlights three local churches that show God’s love through tremendous outreach efforts. Amanda Wright’s article, “The Genius of Generosity,” is a great resource for anyone who wants to do a community outreach. You will learn a lot from Christian Family Church, The Crossing Church, and Victorious Life Church. All three of these wonderful churches have several years of outreach experience. We hope this story motivates the Body of Christ to go outside the four walls and show our community that God is here and He loves our city. In turn, this will bring more of our community to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Check it out on page 16. Imagine that you are in a desperate situation where you are very frustrated and upset. Most of us would continue to dwell on the negative circumstances that we’re facing. But, what if we removed ourselves from the situation, lifted our hands to God, and gave Him glory? How would that change our situation? Instead of putting our focus on the negative circumstances, perhaps we should put our focus on the promises of God, giving Him glory. Learn more on this subject in Chris Cherp’s article, “Rejoice and Be Glad,” on page 24. “We love Him because He first loved us,” (1 John 4:19, NKJV). God loves you and has made a way for you to be in relationship with Him. All you have to do is accept Jesus into your heart. Would you make Jesus the love of your life? If Jesus is not your Savior, please go to our salvation section on page 14. He is waiting for you. I hope you have a love-abounding February and a blessed Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart! With Love in Christ,

6   February 2013

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lease come to my home and pray for my husband,” the Zambian woman pleaded. “He has not been able to get up or work for two weeks.” After following her up steep goat paths, we entered the simple mudbrick house where her husband lay helplessly on a grain sack spread over the earthen floor. With the help of an interpreter, Jack (my husband) led him in a prayer to commit his life to Christ. I sat in the open doorway with my 21-string folk harp and began softly playing a simple improvised tune as we began to pray for this man’s physical healing. Held by the resonance of the harp and our voices lifted in prayer, a deep peace from the Holy Spirit surrounded us. Unaware of any change in the man’s physical condition, we departed that afternoon praising God for his commitment to Christ. The same night, we showed the “Jesus” film (dubbed in Tonga) using a generator and a sheet hung between two trees. Miraculously, the Zambian couple made the arduous hike by moonlight from the village to see the film. Upon seeing us, the husband said that God had strengthened his weak body immediately after we left his home. Now he knows Christ as his Savior, Redeemer, and Healer. In the Gospels, there are more than twenty recorded accounts of how Jesus went to where the people gathered and healed the sick. He ministered to them at their point of need, whenever and whatever the circumstance. The ministry that Jack and I joined, Overland Missions, follows this same basic principle. “Any road, any load, any time” is their motto. Overland’s missionaries follow in the steps of Jesus. Matthew 4:23 (KJV) says, “And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.”


In our mid-50’s, both Jack and I became cancer survivors. Called to bring confident hope to others (Ephesians 1:18), we (along with 12 young adults) joined Overland Missions at their base camp in Zambia, Africa, for 3 months of advanced missions training last summer. For one week of each month, our group traveled to remote villages in southern Zambia. We worked in smaller evangelistic teams going hut-to-hut by day and gathered together for larger crusades around campfires at night. In Matthew 11:5 (NIV), Jesus said, “The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.” Like the disciples in the New Testament, we

8   February 2013

saw many villagers saved by the grace of Jesus, filled with His Spirit, healed, and delivered. On our trips, we confirmed at least 341 physical healings in both children and adults, and 523 accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. How is this possible today? First Peter 2:24 (NIV) explains that Jesus “bore our sins in His body on the tree (cross), so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed.” Appearing in His new, resurrected body, Jesus told His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation…And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will…place their hands on sick people, and they will get well” (Mark 16:15-18, NIV). Why can these miracles happen? Because Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12, NIV). That’s what we experienced in Zambia, one miracle after another from our Heavenly Healer! Jack and I wanted to share some of the miracles of love that we witnessed. A woman in her 40’s, suffering from the crippling effects of polio since her youth, dragged her right leg and deformed foot to our 2-day First Aid course for a remote village. Our

goal was to teach them the basics of wound and burn care to decrease infections as well as the basics of splinting a variety of broken bones. When asked to practice the medical skill we had demonstrated, the woman declared, “No, I came for healing. My stronger left limbs are now painful and weak. I can’t use crutches to work in the village gardens. You must pray for me!” Then, she lay down on our medical mat and refused to budge. It was time to throw out our agenda and follow God’s. Our team knelt around her, laying our hands on her shoulders, arms, and hips. I took her feet; one leg was at least an inch longer at her ankles. As we prayed healing, release, and new strength into her body, we each felt the path of the Holy Spirit as bones and muscles moved beneath our hands, and her hips readjusted. When we finished, the woman’s poliostricken leg had grown longer to match the healthier leg in my hands. Having been healed, the woman energetically threw her whole self into the First Aid class. We watched in awe of God’s love as His power continued to strengthen her body over the 2-day course. The next month, two native pastors accompanied us as interpreters hiking in other villages. One was experiencing flu-like symptoms, while the other had foot problems. Jack prayed for each man, and they were healed instantly and able to continue ministering with us. During a night crusade, a woman came to me pantomiming and pointing to her arms and shoulders for prayer. Leaving the details up to the Holy Spirit, I put my hands under the woman’s arms to support her at the elbows and prayed. Immediately the woman tested out her “frozen” joints. She waved her arms in the air, bear-hugged me, and followed that up with more waving and hugging. She gave us a big toothless grin that said it all. Jesus was her Healer. That same night, with the help of an interpreter, Jack prayed for two men with back problems. He witnessed the immediate change in their countenances as each was freed from pain, and they radiated elation as they felt the hand of God correct their spinal issues. An older man came complaining of intense stomach problems. He felt an instant healing. The next day, he returned to thank us and praise God. A woman with a toothache also received her instant healing when Jack laid his hand against her cheek and prayed. While ministering by day, we met a crippled older woman (who said that she was 100 years old) sitting under a shade tree. After I laid hands on her legs and prayed, she rose, took a few tentative steps, and broke into a dance the Zambians call the “Shaky, Shaky!” The same thing happened to another woman—only she had a long scar from a broken bone below her knee, and her foot was turned to the side. Laying a hand over her knee, I felt a “pop” as this woman’s foot straightened. She, too, danced in joy before the Lord, thankful for His healing.

One afternoon, a grandmother carried her 3-year-old grandson for over an hour to our campsite. He was listless and burning up with the highest fever I had ever felt in a child. I gave them clean water to drink. Holding a cold compress to the child’s forehead, I had him lie back in my arms as I sang an improvised song of healing and love over him. Having done all we could, Grandma returned home. Only hours later, she returned with the little boy for a community picnic we were hosting. Running to them, I touched the grandson’s forehead—cool as can be! He played with the other children all evening as Grandma lovingly watched close by.

“Like the disciples in the New Testament, we saw many villagers saved by the grace of Jesus, filled with His Spirit, healed, and delivered.”

Throughout our time in Zambia, we witnessed numerous children and adults healed from headaches and stomach pains. Due to the lack of clean water sources, most were probably a result of dehydration and water-born organisms. On our last night in one of the remote villages, a 10-year-old girl came to me with these same symptoms. With a prayer of blessing and healing, her little smile beamed as her headache and tummy ache left. As she hugged me, we held each other closely, barely able to let go. The Spirit of Christ’s love was so strong, yet so peaceful. Having experienced God’s miracles of love in Zambia, Jack and I are now raising our financial support to return (by April of 2013) as Overland missionaries to the farm town of Choma. In an area the size of central Florida, there are villages with one freshwater well per 1,000 people. Because Overland Missions received a miracle donation for their well-drilling team—30 new wells are planned for this area. Consequently, huge opportunities have opened up for Jack and I to minister beside them through evangelism, discipleship, and more miracles of God’s healing love! ■ Not everyone can leave home to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)— going to make disciples of Jesus in every nation—especially in the remote bush of Zambia. However, those who do leave their homes to share Jesus with the world need the support of fellow believers. For more information on Overland Missions or to support Jack and Bev Fuller (Account #3096), Overflow encourages you to visit You can also follow Jack and Bev at fullersmission.



Love Covers Our Blind Spots BY KERRY JOHNSON

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends…” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8, ESV).


e were a few miles over the FloridaGeorgia border when I looked up from my book and noticed the tight formation of cars and semi-trucks around us. I slammed my eyes shut, and my chest tightened as though a heavy boulder had begun pressing on my diaphragm. Being in another car’s blind spot on I-75 is troubling for me because I’ve seen the results that a couple seconds of blindness can cause. It can be deadly and can affect nearby drivers and cars. So, driving in a semi’s blind spot for a long period of time is nearly unbearable for me. The weight on my chest seemed to increase as a small herd of 18-wheelers surrounded us. One kept pace directly on our right—so close I could reach out and touch it. Another truck was out ahead of us, and still a third semi took up the far right lane. Like puzzle pieces, cars fit the spaces in between. I squinted, my gaze sliding to the right, hoping the gigantic truck next to us had magically disappeared. Not so. The reach-outand-touch-me-truck was still right next door, a flag tattoo visible on the driver’s left arm as it rested on the steering wheel.

Inside our Expedition, I felt like a Terrier cornered by a Rottweiler, stuck against a fence with no chance of escape. My hand crept to my husband’s forearm and gripped, spider-like tension radiating through me. He didn’t need the reminder. I knew he knew my fear. I glanced at my husband’s profile, knowing well the map of his face and every nuance of expression. I took in a deep breath after seeing the determination in his expression. Even though Trevor didn’t feel the same (driving next to an 18-wheeler’s blind spot doesn’t faze him), he was aware of the panic blooming inside me. A swell of appreciation washed over me—gratefulness for marriage, which God ordained for our well-being. Marriage – the covenant between a man and a woman, husband and wife, between two very different people sharing a common bond of affection and faithfulness. Marriage is intended for the creation and protection of the family and the generational passing of faith. It’s also a beautiful picture of Christ’s faithful love for the Church. Trevor knew my deep-seated fear, and though he didn’t share it, he cared enough to

10   February 2013

acknowledge what I was going through and work to alleviate the situation. My sensitive husband watched traffic carefully until he found a way out. He sped up just enough to get us ahead of the 18-wheeler so we would no longer be boxed in. I let out a deep sigh of gratitude. This is what You intended, Lord. This is 1 Corinthians 13, a love that’s kind, puts another first, and isn’t resentful when doing so. In marriage, God calls us to cover our spouse’s blind spots with love. Criticizing is easy and selfish. Loving through insecurities and mistakes is tough and selfless, but it can be done through Jesus’ help. John 3:30 (NKJV) is a verse I pray often because on my own, I fail miserably: “[Jesus] must increase, but I must decrease.” After twelve years of marriage, I’m still learning to listen, respect, and defer, while Trevor has learned to understand, share, and protect. Most importantly, we have both learned that Jesus must be the heart of our marriage. There are times when vast differences in marriage frustrate and seem insurmountable, but it’s in those times that we have to stretch ourselves in love, trusting our Savior to be our all in all while learning to give our spouse the grace God gives us. As the semi-trucks grew smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror, my husband readjusted the cruise control and my fingers eased up on his forearm. Although, I didn’t let go—I just held on, grateful. “We have the power of loving, because He first had love for us” (1 John 4:19, BBE). ■



“Therefore the sisters sent to Him, saying, “Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick” (John 11:3, NKJV).


ary and Martha found themselves at a point of desperation. Lazarus, their brother, was dying and they knew Jesus was their only hope. I want you to notice how they approached Jesus during their darkest hour. Their approach reveals what they knew about Jesus. Most theologians agree that Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were among the closest people to Him. They knew Him in a very intimate way. They understood His character and knew what moved Him. As a result, they got Jesus’ attention with these simple words: “Lord, he whom You love is sick.” Even today, their words at their darkest hour reveal to us what moved Jesus – it was His love towards them, not their love towards Him. Have you ever found yourself saying things that you wished you could have taken back? You know, during that difficult time in the midst of an argument or a stressful moment. During times of crisis, we find out a lot about our core beliefs and ourselves. It is during these times that we realize what foundation our beliefs are built upon. Mary and Martha had a belief that was built upon the right foundation. Notice what they did not say to Jesus: “Lord, he who loves You is sick” or “the one who has proven himself to You

is sick” or “the one who deserves to be healed is sick.” Their foundation was completely built upon God’s goodness and love towards Lazarus, not Lazarus’ goodness and love towards God. Have you ever faced a problem in life and began to examine yourself to see how you are performing in your attempt to make God happy with you, to earn His approval, or to prove your love? You may have questioned yourself, “Have I prayed or worshiped enough, have I given enough, have I gone to church enough, have I walked in love enough, or have I forgiven others enough?” The list never ends, and even though all of those things are good with the right motive, they can become a place of defeat in our faith when we look to them to judge whether or not God is willing to deliver us from difficult situations. Would we treat our children this way? Would we withhold deliverance in an area of their lives because they have not proven to us that they love us enough? Of course not! Any parent would do whatever it took to take care of their child, yet so often we define God as a lesser parent than we would be. For a moment, let’s look at another account in the Bible. Remember when Peter declared his love for Jesus during the Last Supper. Peter was very outspoken about his commitment and loyalty to Jesus. It devastated Peter when Jesus told him that he (Peter)—the most vocal of all concerning his love, loyalty, and commitment to Jesus—would deny him three times that same night. We all know the story of how Peter,

12   February 2013

in his moment of crisis, denied Jesus – even after Jesus warned him that he would do it (Mark 14:66-72). A few days later, the Scripture picks up on what Peter was doing. He was depressed and confused. He told the other disciples that he was going fishing, and several of them who were also feeling lost and confused jumped in the boat with Peter. This was a sad group of people; their whole world had been shattered and all their dreams right along with it. You can imagine how they must have felt. Then, all of a sudden, a man called out to them and told them to cast their net on the other side of the boat. After an entire night of catching nothing, their net was so full that it almost tore. Peter, after realizing it was Jesus, jumped in the water and swam to shore. Peter thought that he was going to get a chance to make it all right, but what happened next reveals the heart of Jesus towards Peter. Jesus was not looking for Peter to undo a wrong but instead establish Peter’s heart in Jesus’ unconditional love for him. Let’s look at it. “So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?’ He said to Him, ‘Yes Lord; You know that I love You.’ He said to him, ‘Feed My lambs.’ He said to him again a second time, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?’ He said to Him, ‘Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.’ He said to him, ‘Tend My sheep.’ He said to him the third time, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?’ Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, ‘Do you love Me?’ And

he said to Him, ‘Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Feed My sheep’” (John 21:15-17, NKJV). Remember, Peter denied Jesus three times on the night of Jesus’ death. Jesus is now asking Peter three times if Peter loves Him. I have heard it taught before that Jesus was giving Peter three opportunities to make right what he did wrong by declaring his love for Jesus three times. This piece of Scripture has nothing to do with Peter making a wrong into a right. God doesn’t need that from us. Jesus was setting Peter up to show him that his complete acceptance from Jesus was independent of Peter’s faults. When Jesus asked, “Peter, do you love Me?” the Greek word used for love was agapao, which means a love without conditions. Peter responded by saying, “Lord, You know I love You,” but used the Greek word phileo, which is a love with conditions. I want you to notice that Jesus did not stop Peter, rebuke him, and tell him, “Well, if you want to do anything for Me, then you better first figure out how to start loving Me unconditionally.” No, instead Jesus responded by saying, “Feed My lambs, and tend My sheep.” What was Jesus saying to Peter? He was declaring to Peter that His desire to stand him up, give him a purpose and a destiny, and make his life count had nothing to do with his love towards Jesus but everything to do with Jesus’ love towards him. Let us go back again to what Mary and Martha said, “Lord, he whom You love is sick.” God wants us to have confidence in Him not because of our personal goodness or holiness but because of His goodness. This is the reason that 1 John 4:19 (NKJV) says, “We love Him because He first loved us.” My friends, we need to make a paradigm shift in our thinking when it comes to our relationship with God. His acceptance of us has nothing to do with our ability to love and obey Him. This acceptance only comes through what Jesus did on the cross. We need to get a revelation of how much God loves Jesus because in doing so we will know what it cost God to make us His sons and daughters. When we can see how much God loves Jesus, we will then begin to realize how much God loves us. Whatever you might be facing in life, remember this: it is not bigger, stronger, or more important than God’s total acceptance of you and His unconditional love for you. When you put your focus on His love, your foundation will be strong and you will be victorious in every area of your life. This February, let’s remind ourselves each day of God’s great love for us! ■

BRIAN ESSARY has traveled the world for years ministering to the unreached through mass crusades. He has seen over one million people come to Christ and hundreds of churches planted. Brian is also the senior pastor at Grace Life Church in Lutz.


S A LVAT I O N P R AY E R Father God, I come before You in the Name of Jesus. Your Word says that “whoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21, NKJV) and “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9, NKJV). Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me. It is because of Your love that You don't want me to be condemned and punished for my sins. Thank You for sending Your beloved Son, Jesus, to die for me on the cross. Jesus took my sins, penalties, and all my curses and in return gave me His blessing, righteousness, and favor. He got what I deserved so I can receive what He deserves – all good things! Jesus' blood washes me clean from every sin (past, present, and future). On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death. Father, I thank You that when You look at me, You choose to no longer remember my sins and that You see me in all the beauty and righteousness of Jesus. Holy Spirit, fill me to overflowing and lead me through this life – thank You, Father. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

“But then Law came in, [only] to expand and increase the trespass [making it more apparent and exciting opposition]. But where sin increased and abounded, grace (God’s unmerited favor) has surpassed it and increased the more and superabounded” (Romans 5:20, AMP).


hat amazing news! This Scripture is telling us that even though we sin, God has made a way for His grace (God's unmerited favor) to greatly surpass our sin. This super-abounding grace enables us to be victorious in all areas of our lives regardless of our circumstances. This good news is an expression of God's love for us. But in order to experience this amazing grace, we must first be willing to

receive it from our Heavenly Father. How, you might ask? It’s easy! Just invite Jesus into your heart and allow Him to be the Lord of your life. You see, grace is not a teaching, but a person—the person of Jesus Christ. When we invite Jesus into our lives, we are inviting God's unmerited favor (grace) into our lives. The coolest thing about it is that we all qualify to receive it because it's unmerited. In other

14   February 2013

words, we don't have to earn it. We just receive it like a gift. The Bible says that once we make Jesus our Lord and Savior, He will never leave us and never forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). So no matter how bad we may screw up, even after we make Jesus our Lord, He will never leave us. If Jesus will never leave us, then His grace (unmerited favor) will never leave us. This is a secret that the devil doesn’t want anyone to know. We can't lose when we have Jesus! If you're tired of living life on your own and would like to receive unmerited favor in all areas of your life, then simply say this prayer below. Watch out – because good things will begin to happen to you. Thank Jesus because He loves you! ■


THE GENIUS OF Three Churches Living Out the Gospel



The Great Commission. All four Gospels record Jesus' instructions to the Apostles after He rose from the dead on the third day.


ach of these books records the Lord's words a little differently, but the meaning behind them is the same (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47, and John 20:21). They express what Jesus called the Church to do. If you study Mark 16:15 in various versions of the Bible, you will notice words like preach, announce, proclaim, the Good News, the Gospel, every creature, and all creation. The New Living Translation truly reveals the heart of Jesus: "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere" (Mark 16:15, NLT). The words “everyone, everywhere” really stand out in this verse. If you hadn't noticed, not everyone attends church each week. Sharing the Gospel isn't limited to the church congregation, and to be frank, it never has been. Jesus taught this in the Scriptures and lived it by ministering anywhere and everywhere and to anyone and everyone. The goal of Christianity is not to see how many people we can stuff into the church pews each week. The goal really is to plant seeds of kindness that will ultimately lead a person to Christ. Christianity cannot be boxed into the four walls of a church building.

THE CHURCH There are countless ways to plant seeds of God's love in the hearts of others. For the Church Body though, what is the most effective way to reach everyone, everywhere? The clear answer is missions and outreaches. It's so simple – it's genius. Reaching out, showing practical acts of kindness to those in need reveals Jesus to the world. For the past year, Overflow has been observing local churches in the Tampa Bay area, looking for three churches that live out the Gospel through extraordinary community outreach. We were overwhelmed by how many churches truly demonstrate the goodness of God so effectively to our communities and across the world. The churches we chose are by no means a complete list, but they are the churches we've had the privilege of witnessing God's love at work. Christian Family Church, The Crossing Church, and Victorious Life Church have displayed astounding commonalities among their approaches to The Great Commission. The selflessness exhibited by the leadership, staff, and congregants is a true testament to the vision of their churches, which is to grow the Kingdom of God. We found unity in their values, which we believe is what makes their outreaches and their churches so successful in bringing others to Christ. Among those values is the importance of building up the Church Body by empowering the congregation, having an awareness of the needs in our communities, and showing God's love in these communities. Thus, their efforts are building trust and changing the world's perception of Christianity one person at a time.

BEYOND THE WALLS Outreaches open the door for the Church to share the Gospel. Pastor Jennifer Mallan of Christian Family Church shared the well-known quote, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." So, how do you show people you care, and what exactly does an outreach look like? “An outreach is an activity that goes beyond the four walls of the local church. It’s when we endeavor to meet both practical

and spiritual needs within the community itself,” said Pastor Ed Russo of Victorious Life Church. In other words, “Outreach is taking the church to where people are,” Pastor Rob Mallan of Christian Family Church said. “Think missionally,” Pastor Ed said. Pretend you are a missionary in a foreign place. What exactly would you do to reach people for Christ? Most missionaries start by connecting with the culture and the community in practical ways to learn their needs and meet those needs. This is exactly the idea behind an outreach, except we are missionaries to our own communities. The culture in each of these churches is to be “othersminded” with an emphasis on reaching out to those in need. Pastor Greg Dumas of The Crossing Church said that everything the church does is “in an effort to reach, teach, and grow people.” Each of these churches makes it their business to be aware of the needs in their respective areas, and they go a step further and do something about it. They have adopted communities to take care of, showing the people that the Body of Christ cares about their city and the people in it. Outreaches touch people on a personal level and plant seeds of hope for their future. Pastor Greg said it well, “If people experience God, they change.” So it’s obvious why the government doesn’t have to be the sole caretaker of people in need. The Church can help, and these churches are showing we can do it together, in unity, partnering with one another to revolutionize the way the world perceives Jesus. And each of these wonderful churches has made it a priority to bless our city.

CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH Pastors Rob and Jennifer established Christian Family Church Tampa in 2009. It’s amazing to see how much God has grown the church in just four years, but it’s undoubtedly due to their many years of faithful service, following the Lord’s direction. Pastors Rob and Jennifer spent over 14 years in outreach ministry prior to planting their church. “We went on the streets and ministered to 700-3,500 children a week in public housing,” Pastor Jennifer said. “I really had a heart for people in the inner city, young people in detention centers, and at-risk youth because I knew where they were coming from,” Pastor Rob shared. Pastor Rob had a difficult childhood, and when he was arrested at 19, he was faced with jail time. He accepted Christ while in prison which radically changed his life. Sharing Pastor Rob’s story during outreaches gives them an avenue to connect; it gives them relevance. We all have a past – good or bad. Our testimonies are a valuable tool to minister to others. Through our stories, we can tell them where we’ve been and they can see where we are now – all because of Christ. Pastor Jennifer called it “The Miracle of Christianity.” Jesus delivers us from our mistakes and our sins, He guides us and saves us; it’s the power of changed lives that reaches people. With two pastors so immersed in the outreach culture, it’s not surprising how God has shaped the church. “Christian Family Church will never be a church that’s defined by its walls,” Pastor Jennifer said. “God has led us to various places where His people are. He put our congregation in the middle of outreach, in the middle of a movie theater, and in the middle of Ybor, where there were fish all around us that could jump in the boat.” Pastor Rob said, “People came in [to the church service] from the movies to see what was going on and ended up staying in the service and getting


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they purchased land and established Christian Family Church Haiti, which holds weekly church services, hands out medical supplies, and offers language classes. (Learn more at Today, Christian Family Church continues to send missionaries to aid the people of Haiti.



“We do outreach because God has been good and it is an overflow of Him being good.”

saved.” God strategically moved the church from one movie theater in Tampa to another, then to The Italian Club (in Ybor), outgrowing each location. The church had a building fund set-aside, but when the earthquake in January of 2010 devastated Haiti, Pastor Rob knew they had to go and be a part of the relief efforts. Pastor Jennifer shared what the Lord impressed on their hearts, “If you’ll take what has been put aside for your building, and go and lift up the gates in Haiti so the King of Glory can come in, then I will lift up the gates for you in Tampa.” Christian Family Church went to Haiti to give food, build ramps for amputees’ homes, give medical relief, and build a well. They started the ministry Caring 4 Haiti. Afterwards,

18   February 2013

Christian Family Church has several local outreach events throughout the year, but their major events include The Great Egg Race, the National Day of Prayer, a backto-school event, Thanksgiving Breakfast and Blankets, and Operation Christmas Gift. Pastors Rob and Jennifer expressed that Matthew 22:37-39 inspired their sub-mission statement: “Love God. Love Yourself. Love People.” This led to the theme of every outreach: “I Love My City.” At their events, you’ll see staff and volunteers donned with shirts reading this message. Most of these outreaches are centered on Tampa (with their last two events at St. Peter Claver Catholic School and the Nick Capitano Boys and Girls Club). “Eggs equal souls,” Pastor Rob said. The Great Egg Race, where they distribute thousands of eggs filled with candy and Scripture to over 3,000 people, isn’t just about spreading some Easter cheer. “It’s about getting people there so they can hear the message,” he said. Every outreach brings the opportunity to pray with someone, meet a need, or introduce a person to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. At the 2012 Operation Christmas, children sat with Santa, received a Christmas gift, won prizes, ate food, played games, jumped in the bounce house, and heard the message of Jesus’ birth. It was a day for people to forget about life’s circumstances and see the glory of God through the kindness of strangers. Outreaches aren’t designed just to meet a one-time need, get as many people as possible to say the salvation prayer, or to add another congregant to the church.

Although these things are valuable byproducts of outreaches, the real goal is to impact the community and continually bring Jesus to them. “When we do outreaches, we train our leaders that it’s not about building the local congregation. It’s about building the Body of Christ,” Pastor Jennifer said. “We do outreach because God has been good and it is an overflow of Him being good.” Speaking of God being good, at the end of 2012, Christian Family Church was able to purchase their first church building in Tampa! Learn more at

"We want to serve this city so well that people say I think Jesus is worth my life. It comes through us manifesting what He looks like.” PASTOR GREG DUMAS

THE CROSSING CHURCH Crosstown Community Church and The Pointe Church merged in 2005 to become The Crossing Church, where the vision is based on the Kingdom, prayer, people, and God’s presence. The banner statement for The Crossing Church’s vision is “Transformed Cultures through the Power of Jesus Christ.” Pastor Greg Dumas said The Crossing Church is Kingdom-focused and the hope is to “create a generation, a group of people, a church, and a mindset that is so winsome in its influence that the city can’t ignore it.” They want to make the Name of Jesus famous and help the Church become culturally relevant again. How do they obtain relevance in the community? Norris Brown, the Pastor of Outreach at The Crossing Church, shared with us their threepart strategy. First, the church has embraced the responsibility of forming relationships with leaders and city officials in Tampa, not for the sake of The Crossing Church, but for the sake of building a bridge between the faith-based community and the government. Second, the church goes into the community. “We believe the heart of the community is the school system. If you can win the hearts of the children, you win the hearts of the parents,” Pastor Norris explained. Thirdly, The Crossing Church has over 150 Life Groups throughout Hillsborough county. “We’re convinced that these are little churches,” he said. The Life Groups are missional-minded and mobilized throughout the year to adopt and impact the communities in which they reside. Additionally, the church staff, including the leadership


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and pastors, takes one paid-day a month to do a staff outreach, whether it is a park cleanup, visiting a nursing home, or facilitating a food-packing event. The Crossing Church doesn’t just preach to the congregation to get out there and serve – they live out the vision together, making outreach a priority. The idea is that once the power of Jesus touches a school, a neighborhood, a community, a city, and a county, the culture in that region will be transformed.

SEEK THE WELFARE OF THE CITY Pastor Greg explained, “The reason we go out and do all these things is to seek the welfare of the city,” just as Jeremiah 29:7 instructs. “I think God wants regions. He wants the earth back for His dominion. He calls men and women to reach a region.” Pastor Greg believes that for far too long the Church has been saying, “What can you do for me?” when it should be flipped around. God calls the Church to be a blessing to city officials, to those who are hungry or homeless, to the under-resourced, to schools, to everyone. “Acts says that David served his generation in his time. That’s what we [The Crossing Church] want to do. We want to serve this city so well that people say I think Jesus is worth my life. It comes through us manifesting what He looks like,” Pastor Greg said. Jesus is manifested through the many outreaches made possible by The Crossing Church each year. The major events are centered on the 33619 community and Clair-Mel Elementary. The church has adopted this community seeking to reach the children and their parents. To give you a picture of the socio-economic climate of this area, the majority of children at this school receive a subsidized lunch. “We’re trying to penetrate [this] community and let them know we’re here to serve them,” Pastor Norris said. By throwing events like Go!fest (which took place last October), The Crossing Church has connected to this community. They had 650 volunteers donate their time to serve in various ways, including free haircuts, manicures, a health fair, a food packing event, free groceries, prizes, live music, motivational speakers, and much more. Additionally, the school grounds at Clair-Mel have been beautified and instruments have been provided for the music department. A teacher told The Crossing Church that because of their support and love, the culture at their school has been completely transformed and the school has changed for the better. “Our hope and prayer is that every school in Hillsborough county would be adopted, that every school would get that kind of support. The vision is that every community would see that happen and churches would come together and work together [to make it happen],” Pastor Norris said. The Crossing Church also partnered with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay in 2012 to do healthy home rehabilitations, which included removing lead paint, re-roofing, and replacing HVAC units in homes in the Clair-Mel and Southshore area. The church provided professionals and volunteers to help with the projects, and they were the organization’s first faith-based partner. Pastor

20   February 2013


“What we’ve learned is that small deeds done with great love can have a great impact."

Norris remarked, “We’re showing the faith-based community that we can work with secular organizations.” The Crossing Church has truly demonstrated what it means to lead like Jesus. Learn more at

debrief. The process allows the church the ability to evaluate whether or not the needs in the community were met and how the event can be improved for next time.


Each year, Victorious Life Church successfully throws an event called Baby Share, which Pastor Ed referred to as one of their biggest outreaches. VLC partners with other churches, the community, and area-ministries to give mothers in need a group baby shower, providing an afternoon of fun and fellowship. One of the most amazing parts of this event is watching these mothers walk away with loads of baby items, everything from cribs and car seats to clothes and diapers. Over one hundred women are blessed and brought one step closer to being equipped for motherhood. This year's event will be held on March 12th (check out the ad on page 25 for more information). In addition to Baby Share, back-pack outreaches, Thanksgiving-in-a-Box, and Christmas gift giveaways, VLC has the unique opportunity to reach out to the community at the Wiregrass mall through Easter egg hunts and Christmas gift wrapping. Pastor Ed shared that last year they gave away 75,000 eggs at the Easter egg hunt, and they wrapped gifts for up to 3,000 people a night for two weeks at Christmastime. While people wait in line, outreach volunteers just talk with people and minister to them. People are blown away that a church would wrap thousands of gifts for free every night leading up to Christmas. It's a very practical way to show people God's love. That's the idea. Not every event has to be extravagant – sometimes simply providing a service that the community needs is the best way to connect and plant those seeds. Cindy Clare, Pastor Ed's assistant, also shared with us about VLC's heart for the Wesley Chapel community and specifically, two greatly under-resourced, lower-income neighborhoods close to the church. "We know that God has strategically placed us here," she said. "We don't feel content, and we feel a responsibility to these communities." So the question is, what can the church do to help? Cindy explained that they quickly noticed the lack of social service centers in the area, and they realized God was calling them to fill the gap. “We are currently exploring options to address the educational needs of youth in our area through an after-school program,” Cindy said. Additionally, VLC is working with the Health Department (who offers WIC) to hold some nutrition classes. "We're partnering with several agencies trying to provide wraparound services [to the area]," Cindy said. Along with VLC's ministry, Lily of the Valley, which feeds the hungry and

In 1987, Pastor Ed and Janis Russo founded Victorious Life Church (VLC) in Wesley Chapel. In the early years, the church was motivated by a mission to “reach the lost, equip the saints, assimilate new believers, and lead in a progressive, relevant way.” Now more than 25 years later, VLC has become known for their slogan, “Showing God’s Love in Practical Ways,” throughout the Tampa Bay area. “What we’ve learned is that small deeds done with great love can have a great impact,” Pastor Ed said. One of their major values is love, and they believe that people should be loved at all times, under all circumstances. There are two Scriptures that capture the motive behind VLC’s outreach efforts. “Second Peter 3:9 says that God is not willing that any would perish, but that all would come to repentance. From that, I gather that the will and purpose of God is for every person on the planet to be saved. Romans 2:4 says that it’s the kindness of God that leads people to repentance. [We’ve] married those two Scriptures together and came up with the understanding that every act of kindness is moving someone closer on their faith journey toward the open waiting arms of Jesus,” Pastor Ed explained. A leader in the community, VLC has developed a Servant Evangelism curriculum to train and guide other churches that want to initiate a heart of outreach in their congregation. Pastor Ed spoke about the essential components to a successful outreach, but emphasized, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The pastor of the church must have a vision for the outreach, a target, and a goal before they can strategize and develop an action plan. Next is assessing the resources they have and will need in order to make the event possible. According to Pastor Ed, it’s also important for the leadership of the church to share their hearts for outreach with the congregation and teach about servant evangelism on Sunday as well as participate at the outreach events. “I still do servant evangelism,” Pastor Ed said. The key here is for the leaders of the church to show that they, too, believe in the vision and mission of reaching others. He also shared that some vital parts to every outreach are pre-launch meetings to share hopes and expectations and post-event meetings to


the homeless, the church will be offering other services and programs to the community through their partnerships with other agencies. Some of these include the Pasco Mobile Medical Unit, a Career Central mobile unit to help with job-placement and résumé building as well as Celebrate Recovery (a Christcentered addiction recovery program). As time goes on and Victorious Life Church learns of new needs in this community, they will certainly lead the way for the Body of Christ to get involved. Learn more at

GENEROSITY IN ACTION We don’t have the space to share every aspect of these churches' outreach efforts, but we hope they can be an inspiration to the Body of Christ. We are living in a time where it is imperative for the Church to be more culturally relevant and to reach out to our communities. These pastors are training, teaching, and guiding their people to reach outside the four walls of the church – to see beyond themselves and manifest Jesus to the world, starting with the Tampa Bay area. With the understanding that an outreach event is simply generosity in action, we too can begin implementing changes in our churches to be more outward focused. The genius of generosity is five-fold. Firstly, giving is contagious. Once people get a hold of the joy of giving, they will want to do more and more, causing a culture of others-minded Christians. Secondly, outreach events cause relationship building in and outside the church, which strengthens the Church Body as a whole. Together we can accomplish more. Thirdly, outreaches allow the Church to show the love and goodness of God while meeting the practical needs of the people in our communities. Fourthly, these acts of kindness change the world's perception of the Church, breaking down the barriers. And lastly, the real genius of generosity is the fact that it brings people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Glory! ■


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Valentine's Day. Every year you scramble for ideas, asking other men for advice. The card aisle at the grocery store looks like a hurricane hit it. Rows and rows of empty card slots stare back at you, reminding you of your failure to plan. With panicstricken eyes, another man approaches the display for the last card at the same time as you. Does this sound familiar? Let's face it, the ladies love “heart” day, so you have a choice. Do you want to blow it again this year or show her you care? Don't hide out in your bunkers doomed for disappointment. This is a psychological battle, not hand-to-hand combat. From a woman married to a man without a romantic bone in his body, I'm going to give you some advice and low-cost ideas that would make even the most serious doomsday preppers proud. First, stop comparing yourself to Joe next door or that unrealistic romantic guy on TV. Let's get real; life is messy and marriage isn't picture-perfect. Second, Valentine's Day is not a day to one-up the day you proposed to your wife. Third, stop thinking you can't possibly meet her expectations about romance. I'll give you a little tip. Romance to a woman is simply showing her that you love and appreciate her. (Don't let that word freak you out.) Lastly, don't avoid the typical Valentine clichés – embrace and improve them. Remember, the key to a special day is the thought that goes into the gesture, not how much money you spend. These ideas require some advance planning, but the effort is well worth the time to make your honey happy.



Women understand how hard it is for a man to articulate his emotions. So, at minimum, buy her a card. And please, don't wait until the day of. She will most likely know based on the card you hand her. This age-old cliché can be improved. I would challenge you to go a step further and handwrite her a love letter. I know, it sounds archaic and even corny, but to most women, there is nothing sweeter than her man expressing his feelings. You can make a card or write it on a piece of notebook paper. The appearance is not as important as the sentiment. You can also score some extra points by leaving notes around the house for her to find in unexpected places.

BREAK THE ROUTINE If you usually take your lady out for a night on the town for Valentine's Day, change it up this year. One of the most common V-Day killers is sticking to the same old routine, especially if it is something you do every other night. There is nothing special about routine. So pick up your dirty clothes off the floor, push the kids’ toys out of the way, and get ready to do something out of the ordinary for a great evening at home. Don't underestimate the power of candlelight. You could offer your love pizza, but over flickering light and soft music, you can transport her to another place. Maybe you eat take-out often, so V-day would be a great day to break that routine. Don't be afraid to cook her favorite meal. This amount of effort and planning won't go unnoticed.

22   February 2013

If your lady likes to be challenged, then pull out the playing cards and board games and serve a sampling of her favorite finger foods. A little healthy competition is an exciting way to connect. Does she love romantic-comedies? This might be the one and only day that you will indulge her in a chick flick, so brace yourself, put on a smile, and snuggle up on the couch. She knows you're a manly man who loves action-packed adventure, so the gesture really goes a long way.

IMPROVE THE CLICHÉ You may think flowers are the most cliché gift you can give this V-day, but the fact is, they are still one of the most romantic symbols of a man's love for his wife. It doesn't matter that they will die in a week, ladies like them, so buck up! You can order flowers, but don't just go with red roses sent to her office. Pick a flower that she loves or one that reminds you of her and tell her why. To make the gesture more thoughtful, place them around the house, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom – the sight of flowers all over is unexpected and very romantic. She'll be smiling for days. Surviving V-Day doesn't require a gas mask, a bug-out vehicle, or a year's supply of food – it just takes a little thought and planning. So at the eleventh hour, while everyone else is scrambling and looking for that perfect gift, you'll be calm and collected because you prepped. You can and will survive this holiday. Connect with us on Facebook and let us know how you survived your V-Day. ■




nce there was a man who was almost 100 years old. God told this man that he would have a child with his wife who was around 90 years old. Doesn’t this seem impossible or even absurd? To think that a 100-year-old man and his 90-year-old wife would be able to get pregnant, carry the baby to term, and then raise this child is utterly ridiculous. Right? Actually, it’s not. This story is true and the couple did have a child. Now imagine if God spoke to us today and shared an impossible story about our future, would we trust what we heard from God or just laugh at the notion? This story I speak of is the story of Abraham, Sarah (his wife), and their son Isaac whom they conceived at the ripe old ages of 100 and 90 years old, respectively. When reading this story in the Bible, it can be challenging to really grasp the significance of the outcome. We all know from the story that God moved on their behalf and obviously renewed both Abraham’s and Sarah’s youth and supernaturally allowed Sarah to have a baby. No big deal, right? Imagine yourself in an impossible situation with no solution to your dilemma. It could be that you have desired something for many years, like having a baby, owning your own business, or running your own ministry, but it seems as though it will never happen. Perhaps, you’re facing an impossible health challenge or family issue, or you’re struggling with the possibility of losing your home and everything you own. The impossible opportunities are endless, but the outcomes are only few: victory or defeat. So, how was Abraham able to find victory in such an impossible circumstance? The answer

is by giving glory to God. “He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God” (Romans 4:20, NKJV). Abraham trusted what God had told him about being the father of many nations, and because of it, he was excited and gave God glory. Well, when we face challenges in our businesses, health, or finances, it’s not always easy to lift our hands in the air and give glory to God. Many times, we can allow ourselves to focus on the negative circumstances instead of the awesome promises of God. I’m not saying that God won’t move on our behalf unless we give Him glory. I am saying that by recognizing His graciousness through giving Him glory, God is able to see our faith and give us the peaceful assurance that He will

was to throw my computer out the window, but that would have caused another problem! So as hard as it was, I chose to walk away from my computer, lift my hands in the air, and begin giving my Father God praise and glory. As time passed, I began to feel better, almost joyful. I believe my gracious God was telling me not to worry and that everything would be all right. The peace and joy I experienced was God telling me that He was taking care of everything and not to worry. So, I didn’t worry. Several days later, the work of God’s hand in those impossible situations began to come to light. I trusted Him, giving Him glory, and things worked out better than I could have planned. In the Bible it says, “Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…” (Matthew 5:12, NIV). That reward is Jesus

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 15:57, NKJV) take care of it. “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love” (Psalm 103:8, NIV). If we will only believe what God tells us, our impossibilities will turn into victories (like Abraham’s story). Our Father God will get us through every situation we face in life, placing us in better positions than we could ever imagine. Recently, I received some bad news via email, and within 60 seconds, I received another email containing more bad news. My first impulse

24   February 2013

and it's ours now! Through Jesus, we receive victory in all the challenges that we face in life. "But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 15:57, NKJV). The next time we face an impossible challenge, let’s remind ourselves how gracious our God is to have given us His Son. Then we can lift up our hands, rejoice, and be glad, knowing He will give us victory above and beyond our expectations. Glory! ■



1 Corinthians 13:4-5 (NIV)

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs." JASON CASTRO


Only A Mountain


■ Find it at: "God designed marriage and the family unit to be a blessing and this is still His priority! In this four-DVD album, Joseph Prince shares refreshing, yet practical Scriptural truths that will help build solid, happy marriages and families established on the grace of God. Begin to enjoy greater blessings in your family life as you discover liberating truths from God’s Word about how you can enjoy days of heaven on earth with your loved ones. You’ll also fall in love with the Lord all over again as you see how God’s plan for a happy marriage mirrors the exceeding love Jesus has for you—His church and bride." This DVD set offers a look into marriage from God’s perspective and how family is exactly what God created man for. One can gain a better understanding of the opposite sex and how to successfully coexist while enjoying life and family together.


Only You



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with Mark Merrill

“The Family Minute with Mark Merrill is a radio broadcast heard on over 300 mainstream stations in 45 states as well as SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio and American Forces Network. This family relationship-focused broadcast reaches millions of listeners every week with practical, impactful, and relevant advice. The Family Minute is also available in a quick-read email format. You can sign up to have the Family Minute delivered to your inbox for free every day or you can check out the Family Minute Blog for the latest post" ( In addition to the daily Family Minute, this website is full of valuable resources, including articles on parenting, marriage, family life, and family health. Check out the marriage page for great tips on communication, date night ideas, and other ways to connect with your spouse!

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Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV)

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” This is one of my favorite Scriptures because it reveals that we are the work of God's hands—created with a purpose. It helps me to believe that there is a plan for me in Christ. Through trusting Jesus in me, I will fulfill everything that God has for me.


Have a favorite Scripture that you stand on? We are always looking for new people to share what God’s Word means to them. Let us know and we’ll photograph you!




e grew up with the three R’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Just as the choir has moved in the hearts of many worldwide, we But how different would life look if those three R’s really meant now have the opportunity to build a bridge between Uganda and America to rescue, raise, and rebuild? Such is the challenge for Eugene from the comfort of our own backyard. On Sunday, February 17th, the Stutzman, the U.S. Executive Director of Watoto. He explained, “Watoto was Watoto Children’s Choir is partnering with the Gasparilla Film Festival to created as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and debut a powerful documentary entitled Restore Gulu: Child Soldier No More vulnerable women in Africa whose lives have been ravaged by war, poverty, at the Tampa Theatre. According to Stutzman, “The documentary will feature and disease—particularly HIV/AIDS.” our efforts in Gulu to rehabilitate former child soldiers and heal a war-torn “The purpose of Watoto Child Care Ministries is to rescue a child, community. It is a tragic yet beautiful and inspiring story of restoration and raise a leader, and rebuild a nation. Through the generous support of hope. It’s a moving journey of forgiveness, love, and the healing power of Christ sponsors and donors, we’ve currently rescued and are providing for the in a community ravaged by an unthinkable war on children.” physical, emotional, medical, spiritual, and academic needs of almost The event itself is called the “Watoto Film & Music Benefit” and will 3,000 children in Uganda. This year, we’re expanding the Watoto model first share the documentary, followed by a live performance of the Watoto into South Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, with the Children’s Choir. The choir will be showcasing their newest production, world’s worst health indicators. Our goal is to work together with our “Beautiful Africa: A New Generation.” It will be a touching and memorable donors to rescue 10,000 children in Africa over the next ten years and event. A VIP reception will include a personal meet and greet with the Watoto raise them to be leaders,” said Stutzman. Children’s Choir at 4:00 p.m. The doors open at 4:30 p.m. with the event Watoto’s compelling mission seeks to touch the hearts of people beginning at 5:00 p.m. General admission tickets are on sale for $25 (Military worldwide. So in 1994, Gary and Marilyn Skinner founded the Watoto and Student tickets are $20) and VIP tickets are $50. Tickets can be purchased Children’s Choir, which arrived in a U.S. airport from Uganda without an at (All tickets may be subject to fees.) official tour schedule or secured housing. But when God cast a vision for the The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the plight that orphaned children of Watoto to reach the world with the message of Christ’s healing children face in Africa. The proceeds from ticket sales will go directly toward power, He also opened the door for the children’s choir to grow. Now they rescuing, raising, and rebuilding the lives of these African children. The offer world-renowned performances with original African music, dance proceeds will also support the local film community to further the efforts that routines, and life-transforming stories. The choir has even showcase ministries like Watoto through film. In addition, ministered in a performance for former President George W. should individuals not be able to attend the event, there are Scan this QR code to Bush at the White House, and most recently, they performed other ways to help, either through sponsorship by rescuing go to the event site. at the Queen’s Jubilee in England. a child for $35 per month or by offering one-time donations Today, 58 choirs have traveled to places such as China, of any amount to meet urgent needs. Simply go to Europe, and the U.S., touching lives everywhere with the or call 1-866-492-8686. children’s stories and moving performances. Each touring Also, event sponsorship opportunities are still group consists of 22 children ranging between the ages of available for local companies who would like to advertise 6 and 12. The children only have one opportunity to travel as well as show their support for rescuing orphans in with the choir. This way every tour provides a new group Africa and for the arts. Interested sponsors can contact of formerly orphaned children the chance to expand their Jeanine Bedell at the phone number listed above or at worldview and share their stories. ■

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Christians in Action Tradeshow with Dr. Creflo Dollar


No Regrets Men's Conference


Manhattan Baptist Church 4300 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa More Info: 813-831-1951 *Speaker: James MacDonald 8am-5pm, $20


Oasis Fundraising Day at Hungry Harry's


Christian Business Men's Connection


8 & 23



Greater Faith Conference with Keith Moore


Introduction to Ballroom Dance Class & Practice Party


Adoption from China & Haiti 5814 Old Pasco Rd., Wesley Chapel RSVP: or 813-994-1000 1pm-2:30pm

An Evening with C.S. Lewis Portrayed by David Payne

Casting Crowns Concert at the Strawberry Festival

Prisoner of Passion The Apostle Paul by David Payne



Strawberry Festival

303 North Lemon St., Plant City 813-752-9194, 10am-10pm

Christian Business Men's Connection

RedRock Leadership 8184 Woodland Center Blvd., Tampa More Info: 813-299-9219 or *Bring your own lunch 12pm-1pm, Weekly on Mondays

Fueling the Buzz Business Marketing Seminar

Night at the Movies - For Such a Time Celebrate Purim - Messianic Style

Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue 33425 State Road 54, Wesley Chapel 813-335-0234 7:30pm


Pray & Play - A Playgroup with a Purpose

Hosted by Overflow Magazine Lexington Oaks Clubhouse Playground 26304 Lexington Oaks Blvd., Wesley Chapel RSVP: *Moms and kids of all ages are welcome! 10am-11am, FREE

Strawberry Festival

303 North Lemon St., Plant City 813-752-9194, 10am-10pm

If you would like to add an upcoming event to our calendar, please visit:


Hope and Help for the Single Mom Small Group Study

Church of the Lakes 2530 Wilson Rd., Land O' Lakes 813-948-4358 or 7pm, Weekly on Tuesdays

Women-N-Charge Networking Meeting

Pebble Creek Country Club 10550 Regents Park Drive, Tampa 813-600-9848, 11:30am, $15 in advance/$18 at the door

New Tampa Women's Connection Luncheon


303 North Lemon St., Plant City 813-752-9194, 7:30pm





Palma Ceia United Methodist Church 3723 W. Bay to Bay Boulevard, Tampa More Info: 813-837-1541 or *Classical and Gospel Music 11am-12:15pm, FREE

Presented by LocalShops1 & Above Promotions St. Petersburg Pier 800 Second Ave., NE, St. Petersburg 813-383-1914, *Fuel to increase sales and exposure 6pm-9pm, $15

CCAI Adoption Services Information Meeting

Carrollwood Cultural Center 4537 Lowell Rd., Tampa 813-269-1310 2pm

Church of the Lakes 2530 Wilson Rd., Land O' Lakes 813-948-4358 or 7pm, Weekly on Tuesdays

Bethune-Cookman Concert Chorale

Tampa Palms Country Club 5811 Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa Reservations: 352-458-3267 or 11am-1pm, $17

Carrollwood Cultural Center 4537 Lowell Rd., Tampa 813-269-1310 2pm & 8pm

6980 Professional Parkway East, Sarasota 941-388-6961, 7:30pm

Hope and Help for the Single Mom Small Group Study


Presented by Theresa Moore Unity of Tampa Church Fellowship Hall 3302 W. Horatio St., Tampa RSVP: 813-417-3722 or 6:30pm, $5

Faith Life Church


Reveal - Miracle Healing Night Grace Life Church 1930 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Lutz 813-393-0514 7pm, FREE

3116 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Land O' Lakes 813-949-2025 *20% of sales donated to Oasis 5pm-8pm RedRock Leadership 8184 Woodland Center Blvd., Tampa More Info: 813-299-9219 or *Bring your own lunch 12pm-1pm, Weekly on Mondays


Church of the Lakes 2530 Wilson Rd., Land O' Lakes 813-948-4358 or 10am, Weekly on Wednesdays

Tampa Convention Center 333 S. Franklin St., Tampa 954-597-8420, *Business expo 4pm-9pm (Fri.), 11am-5pm (Sat.), $6


First Place 4 Health - The Christ-Centered Weight Loss & Healthy Living Program





Reveal - Miracle Healing Night

Chris Tomlin Burning Lights Tour with Louie Giglio & Kari Jobe

USF Sundome 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa 800-745-3000, 7pm

8 & 22 Introduction to Ballroom Dance Class & Practice Party Presented by Theresa Moore Unity of Tampa Church Fellowship Hall 3302 W. Horatio St., Tampa RSVP: 813-417-3722 or 6:30pm, $5

Adoption from China & Haiti 5814 Old Pasco Rd., Wesley Chapel RSVP: or 813-994-1000 1pm-2:30pm Grace Life Church 1930 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Lutz 813-393-0514 7pm, FREE

First Place 4 Health - The Christ-Centered Weight Loss & Healthy Living Program Church of the Lakes 2530 Wilson Rd., Land O' Lakes 813-948-4358 or 10am, Weekly on Wednesdays

CCAI Adoption Services Information Meeting


Pray & Play - A Playgroup with a Purpose

Hosted by Overflow Magazine Lexington Oaks Clubhouse Playground 26304 Lexington Oaks Blvd., Wesley Chapel RSVP: *Moms and kids of all ages are welcome! 10am-11am, FREE


February 2013   Love+Faith+Hope   

LOCAL CHURCH SERVICES Agape Faith Fellowship Church

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

Alafia Baptist Church

Countryside Baptist Church

6805 U.S. Hwy 301 S., Riverview, 33578 813-571-9314, Sun., 10:30am 222 Alafia Baptist Church Rd., Lithia, 33547 813-634-8845 Sun., 9:45am, 11am, & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

Anointed Word Church

1709 St. Joseph St., Tampa, 33607 813-254-5271, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm

Atonement Lutheran Church

29617 SR 54, Wesley Chapel, 33543 813-973-2211, Sun., 10am

Bay Chapel

9020 Imperial Oak Blvd., Tampa 33647 813-406-0367, Sun., 10:30am

Baypointe Church

5238 Mile Stretch Dr., Holiday, 34690 727-938-2955, Sun., 10am & 11:15am

Bell Shoals Baptist Church

2102 Bell Shoals Rd., Brandon, 33511 813-689-4229, Sun., 9:15am & 11am, Wed., 7pm

Bethel Church

1510 W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, 33603 813-238-2348, Sun., 10:10am, Wed., 7pm

Branch of Christ Ministries

23604 SR 54, Lutz, 33559 813-435-1469, Sun., 10am

Bridgeway Church

30651 Wells Rd., Wesley Chapel, 33545 813-907-1313, Sun., 9am & 11am

Calvary Chapel Worship Center

6825 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, 34653 727-376-7733, Sun., 8:10am, 9:45am & 11:20am

Candlewood Community Church

21418 Carson Dr., Land O' Lakes, 34639 813-956-1541, Sun., 10:30am

Centerpointe Community Church

8610 Temple Terrace Hwy, Tampa, 33637 813-988-3557, Sun., 10am

Christ Apostolic Church Tampa

10620 Henderson Rd., Tampa, 33625 813-899-2464, Sun., 9am & 10am

Christ CP Church

19501 Holly Lane, Lutz, 33548 813-909-9789, Sun., 10:30am

Christian Family Church

3457 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, 33614 813-802-8736, Sun., 10:30am

Church of the Lakes

2530 Wilson Rd., Land O’ Lakes, 34638 813-948-4358, Sun., 9:15am & 10:30am

17520 Marsh Road, Lutz, 33558 813-962-3584, Sun., 9:30am & 11am, Wed., 7pm

13422 Sydney Road, Dover, 33527 813-571-8200, Sun., 9:30am, 10:45am & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

CrossRoads Community United Methodist Church 26211 County Line Rd., Wesley Chapel, 33544 813-907-5815, Sun., 9am & 10:30am

Deliverance Christian Connection Ministry

2130 W. Brandon Blvd., Ste. 203, Brandon, 33511 813-401-7223, Sun., 10am, Wed., 7pm, Sat., 9am

Dwelling Place

410 County Line Rd. W., Lutz, 33548 813-949-1912, Sun., 10:30am & 2pm (Spanish), Wed., 7pm

E_Life Chapel

3806 N. 12th St., Tampa, 33603 813-924-6553, Sun., 10:30am

Epistle of Christ Ministries

610 W. Waters Ave., Tampa, 33604 813-785-4519, Sun., 9:45am, Thurs., 7pm

Extraordinary Life Church

5808 Lynn Rd., Tampa, 33624 813-610-6554 Sun., 9:45am, 12:30pm (Spanish)

Faith Family Worship Center

14514 Del Valle Rd., Tampa, 33625 813-920-3685, Sun., 10:30am & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

Faith Life Church

4902 East Busch Blvd., Tampa, 33617 813-910-7336, Sun., 9:30 & 11am, Wed. & Thurs., 7pm

Family Harvest Worship Church

Meeting at Benito Middle School 10101 Cross Creek Blvd., Tampa, 33647 813-973-FHWC, Sun., 10am

First Baptist Church NPR

6800 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, 34653 727-849-4210, Sun., 9am, 10:30am, & 6pm, Wed., 6pm

First Baptist Church of College Hill 3838 North 29th St., Tampa, 33610 813-248-6600, Sun., 7:30am, 10am, & 12pm

First Baptist Church of Midway

2902 Midway Road, Plant City, 33565 813-752-7209, Sun., 10:30am

First Baptist of New Tampa 28125 County Line Rd., Wesley Chapel, 33543 813-907-1685, Sun., 9:15am, 10:30am, & 6pm

First Reformed Church of Tampa

8283 W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, 33615 813-886-6210, Sun., 9:30am & 11am

30   February 2013

First Thonotosassa Missionary Baptist Church 10650 McIntosh Rd., Thonotosassa, 33592 813-986-4756, Sun., 9:45 am, 11am & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

Floodgates Community Church

Meeting at Hampton Inn 2740 Cypress Ridge Blvd., Wesley Chapel, 33544 813-389-0238, Sun., 10:30am

Gateway Christian Center Assembly of God 14200 North Central Ave., Tampa, 33613 813-961-4692, Sun., 9:45am, 10:45am & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

Grace Family Church

5101 Van Dyke Rd., Lutz, 33558 813-265-4151, Sat., 5 & 7pm, Sun., 8:45am, 10:30am & 12:15pm

Grace Life Church

1930 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Lutz, 33549 813-393-0514, Sun., 10am, Wed., 7pm, & Fri., 7pm (Youth)

Grow Life Church

Meeting at Veterans Elementary School 26940 Progress Pkwy., Wesley Chapel, 33544 813-406-8963, Sun., 9:30am & 11:15am

Heritage Church

1854 Oak Grove Blvd., Lutz, 33559 813-909-4080, Sun., 10am, Wed., 7pm

House of Prayer Church

6305 E. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, 33610 813-994-5694, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm

Iglesia El Sembrador Wesleyano

300 S. Hillcrest Ave., Clearwater, 33756 727-481-0256, Sun., 10:45am, Wed., 7pm

Iglesia La Casa De Dios

Land O’ Lakes Community Center 5401 Land O’Lakes Blvd., Land O’Lakes, 34639 727-481-0256, Sun., 4:30pm

Iglesia Renacer

17505 Shady Hills Rd., Spring Hill, 34610 352-346-3965, Sun., 10:45am, Thurs., 7pm

Joining Hands Mission Church

3214 US Highway 19, Holiday, 34691 727-264-1288, Sun., 10am

Kaleomark Church

Meeting at Seven Oaks Clubhouse 2910 Sports Core Circle, Wesley Chapel, 33544 813-310-8794, Sun., 10:15am

Keystone Community Church

21010 State Road 54, Lutz, 33558 813-962-4522, Sun., 9:30am & 10:30am

Kingdom Life Church

39348 US Highway 19, Tarpon Springs, 34689 727-373-8718, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 6:30pm

Kingdom Worship Center

Oasis World Outreach

The Crossing Church

Legacy Church

Open Arms Church of Ybor City

The Gathering

12332 University Mall Court, Tampa, 33613 813-443-5720, Sun., 10am, Thurs., 7pm 2702 Causeway Center Dr., Tampa, 33619 813-770-LIFE, Sat., 6pm

35636 SR 54 West, Zephyrhills, 33541 813-782-2888, Sun., 10am, Wed., 7pm

1314 E. 18th Ave., Tampa, 33605 813-248-2595, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm

Life Changing International Church

Palma Ceia United Methodist Church

Light Christian Ministries

Perfected Love International Fellowship

2106 Lithia Pinecrest Rd., Valrico, 33594 813-653-9358, Sun., 1:45pm, Mon., Wed. & Fri., 7:30pm

730 W. Robertson St., Brandon, 33511 813-458-6252, Sun., 10am, Tues.& Wed., 7pm

Manhattan Baptist Church

4300 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa, 33611 813-831-1951, Sun., 9:30am, 10:45am, Wed., 6:30pm Spanish Service - Sun., 9:30am

Myrtle Lake Baptist Church

2017 Reigler Rd., Land O’ Lakes, 34639 813-949-5516, Sun., 10:30am & 6pm

New Birth of Faith Fellowship Church

1725 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, 33612 813-972-0101, Sun., 10am, Thurs., 7pm

New Life Church

1611 E. Bougainvillea, Tampa, 33612 813-971-6961 Sun., 9am, 11am, & 6:30pm, Wed., 6:30pm

New Millennium Community Church

4810 E. Busch Blvd., Suite I, Tampa, 33617 813-381-5463, Sun., 8:30am & 11am, Wed., 7:30pm

New Wine Outreach Ministry

6213 E. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, 33610 813-443-4503 Sun., 11am, Wed., 7:30pm, 2nd & 4th Fri., 7pm

NorthBridge Church

Meeting at John Long Middle School 2025 Mansfield Blvd., Wesley Chapel, 33543 813-319-4588, Sun., 10am

North Pointe Church

2427 Old Cypress Creek Rd., Land O' Lakes, 34639 813-545-9420, Sun., 9:15 am & 11am

Northwest Tampa Church of God

5131 Gunn Highway, Tampa, 33624 813-961-7278, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm

Oak Grove United Methodist Church

2707 West Waters Ave., Tampa, 33614 813-935-4471 Sun., 9:30am

Oakwood Community Church

11209 Casey Rd., Tampa, 33618 813-969-2303, Sun., 10:30am

3723 W. Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, 33629 813-837-1541, Sun., 8:30am, 9:40am, & 11am 10960 N. 56th Street, Temple Terrace, 33617 813-443-5107, Sun., 11am, Wed., 7pm

Real Life Church

6821 W. Waters Ave., Tampa, 33634 813-243-2333, Sun., 8:30am & 10am

Reality Church Tampa

1000 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, 33602 813-228-8700, Sun., 10am

Remix Family Church

Meeting at Campo Family YMCA 3414 Culbreath Rd., Valrico, 33596 813-661-2273, Sun., 10am

Revival Worship Church

9270 Bay Plaza Blvd., Suite 600, Tampa, 33619 813-621-8886, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm, Fri., 7pm

River of Life

410 Chapman Rd. East, Lutz, 33549 813-949-9931, Sun., 10:30am, Wed., 7pm

Shepherd's Community United Methodist Church 2165 Shepherd Road, Lakeland, 33811 863-701-7171, Sun., 10am

10130 Tuscany Ridge Dr., Tampa, 33619 813-626-0783, Sun., 9am, 11am, 1:30pm (Spanish), & 5pm

39348 US Hwy 19 N., Tarpon Springs, 34689 727-942-2383, Sat., 6:30pm

Torre Fuerte Tampa

Meeting at Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church 19911 Bruce B Downs Blvd., Tampa, 33647 813-410-7220, Spanish Services Sat., 7pm

Trinity Church of Wesley Chapel

33425 SR 54, Wesley Chapel, 33543 813-788-2898, Sun., 10:15am & 12:34pm

Trinity Presbyterian Church

14925 North Boulevard, Tampa, 33616 813-961-5836, Sun., 9:30am, 11am & 6pm, Wed., 6:15pm

Van Dyke Church

17030 Lakeshore Rd., Lutz, 33558 813-968-3983, Sat., 6pm, Sun., 9:30am & 11am

Victorious Life Church

6224 Old Pasco Rd., Wesley Chapel, 33544 813-973-2230, Sun., 9am, 10:40am & 6pm, Wed., 7pm

Vida Citrus Park Community Church

4202 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33624 813-962-3136, Sun., 10:30am

Vida Community Church

Meeting at The Dwelling Place 410 W. County Line Rd., Lutz, 33558 813-810-0863, Bilingual-Spanish Services Sun., 2pm, Thurs., 7pm

Water’s Edge Church

Shoresh David Messianic Synagogues 813-831-5673, Tampa: 4320 Bay to Bay Blvd., 33269 Fri., 7:30pm, Sat., 11am, Tues., 6pm Wesley Chapel: 33425 SR 54, 33543 Fri., 7:30pm Brandon: 4929 Bell Shoals Rd., 33596 Fri., 7:30pm

30200 Overpass Rd., Wesley Chapel, 33545 813-994-5000, Sun., 11am, Wed., Kids 6:30pm, Adults 7pm

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 6100 Memorial Highway, Tampa, 33615 813-886-2536, Sun., 9am & 11:15am, Wed., 6:30pm

Without Walls Intl. Church

St. James House of Prayer Episcopal Church 2708 N. Central Ave., Tampa, 33602 813-223-6090, Sun., 9am & 11:30am

3860 W. Columbus Dr., Tampa, 33607 813-879-4673, Sun., 9am & 11am, Tues., 7pm

Zephyrhills First Assembly

St. James Methodist Church

16202 Bruce B Downs Blvd., Tampa, 33647 813-971-4790, Sun., 9:30am, 11am & 12:30pm

36322 SR 54, Zephyrhills, 33541 813-788-3490, Sun., 10am, Wed., 7pm

Tampa Covenant Church


Terrace Palms Community Church

If you would like to learn more about how your church can be listed in this section and become a point of distribution, please visit

13320 Lake Magdalene Blvd., Tampa, 33618 813-968-2979, Sun., 9:30am, Wed., 7pm

9620 Davis Rd., Tampa, 33637 813-985-9279, Sun., 9am & 10:30am, Wed., 7pm


February 2013   Love+Faith+Hope   

Overflow 35 | February 2013  

Overflow interviewed three Tampa Bay churches that live out the Gospel through tremendous outreach efforts. These churches show God's love...

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