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Judging the Best Barbecue by Ray Linville Photography by Katherine Clark


eing a judge at a barbecue cookoff is the finest way to spend a weekend. Imagine tasting the best barbecue prepared by dedicated and enthusiastic pitmasters. Judging at barbecue contests connects me to cooking traditions of our state, which boasts a rich history, sometimes united but often divided between western and eastern regions. Barbecue fans in our area argue seriously about how to cook (wood vs. gas, whole hog vs. shoulder)-as well as the sauce (vinegarpepper only or with ketchup added) and meat (pork only or also chicken and beef brisket). I don’t enter such arguments. I simply enjoy the style of each region and contest, and try to stay true to the traditions and standards. CONTINUED PAGE 32

JULY 2017 | 31

OutreachNC Magazine July 2017  

Our Food For Thought issue featuring: 6 Adventurous Foods to Add to Your Pantry; Judging the Best Barbecue; Dishing Up Cooking Tips; Honori...

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