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Increase your advertIsIng results by reachIng over 1 mIllIon church leaders

maximize youR adveRT the rIght audIence = the rIght results Scan the QR code oR oR vi viS Sit out outR Reachmediag eachmediagR e-to-chuRch-leadeRS to leaRn lea n moRe mo

The RighT audience 3 Reasons why ChuRCh LeadeRs aRe The RighT audienCe:

1 churches need resources, and church leaders influence the buying decisions from the church budget.

church leaders influence their congregations and recommend resources on a regular basis.

• Churches in the U.S.: approximately 330,000.

• Average Church Attendance: 186 people.

• Average church-goer gives $1,000 to the church each year. This represents $80 billion dollars in annual giving.

• Mega-churches have thousands of regular attendees.

Reach oveR 1 million chuRch leadeRs:



• Every Sunday about 80 million Americans attend a church service.

ising dollaRs

“I’ve used Outreach Media Group for seven years. Their channels consistently bring superior results. And their customer service is outstanding.” —Ted GarTner, ad buyer for Grace Hill Media

The RighT ResulTs The RighT ResuLTs sTaRT wiTh The RighT PRoPosaL CusTomized foR youR oRganizaTion’s LongTeRm suCCess.

3 church leaders are a target end-user in and of themselves.

Not all church leaders are the same. That is why we actively learn about your organization, your marketing goals and objectives, and the specific audience you want to reach. Then we customize a proposal with the right combination of advertising opportunities targeting the church leader that is most likely to engage with you. Plus, every media buy includes free messaging consultation and a review of your campaign to help you improve your bottom line results. | 866.322.1892 |


7 Places

to Reach the Right audience Scan the QR code oR oR vi viS Sit out utR ReachMediaGRoup.coM/chuRch-leadeR-deMo oGR GRaphic aphicS to leaRn lea n MoR Re is the channel for reaching influential church leaders in every area of ministry, including pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, outreach leaders, children’s ministry leaders, small group leaders, volunteer leaders as well as senior pastors. Advertising on offers you the opportunity to align your brand with a website that has been rapidly growing in popularity since its launch in August 2010. Monthly Page Views: 2.5 million Monthly Unique Users: 500,000

Demographics Church Role: 84% are involved in church leadership Gender: 77% male / 23% female Age: <35 years, 13% • 35-44 years, 24% • 45-54 years, 28% • 55+ years, 35% is the largest community of pastors and church leaders on the Internet. hosts the largest collection of sermon resources on the web with a long history of quality and ongoing growth. Senior pastors and preaching pastors use this site on a regular basis to prepare their sermons, with most users returning weekly. Monthly Page Views: 15 million Monthly Unique Users: 1.25 million

Demographics Church Role: 81% are pastors or church staff Gender: 79% male / 21% female Purchasing Influence: 23% make purchasing decisions; 75% are involved in the process. Age: <35 years, 8% • 35-44 years, 20% • 45-54 years, 31% • 55+ years, 41% is the fastest-growing church job site on the web. Primarily visited by employed job-seekers, this site is an opportunity to reach upwardly mobile church leaders. Monthly Page Views: 600,000 Monthly Unique Users: 70,000

Demographics 93% are looking for a job; 7% are recruiting personnel Gender: 89% male / 11% female Purchasing Influence: Of those currently working at a church, 19% make purchasing decisions and 64% are involved in the process. Age: <35 years, 13% • 35-44 years, 19% • 45-54 years, 32% • 55+ years, 36% is a highly active site where church leaders and growing Christians from all denominations use innovative study tools for their ministry and personal growth. Advertising on offers a unique opportunity to reach out to both church leaders and to Christian consumers who are engaged with their faith. Monthly Page Views: 1.5 million Monthly Unique Users: 350,000


Demographics Church Role: 21% are senior pastors Gender: 64% male / 36% female

ouR useRs Buy Books 91% of Outreach 89% of The average magazine readers users have purchased recommend books Christian books user buys 9+ books to others. this year. per year.

Establish your brand in the award-winning magazine packed with ideas, insights, and effective church practices. Advertising in Outreach magazine means youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll appear alongside key faith leaders including Craig Groeschel, Erwin McManus, Franklin Graham, Max Lucado, Brian McLaren, and Steve Sjogren. With Outreach magazine, you are not simply an advertiser but a trusted, valued ministry resource. The outreach pastor is a niche audience that provides a great advertising venue for any company who wants to reach influential, proactive church leaders in the growing churches of America. Magazine Circulation: 30,000 Magazine Readership: 75,000 Monthly Page Views: 200,000 Monthly Unique Users: 55,000

Reader Demographics Church Role: 80% are pastors or church staff Gender: male 78% / female 22% Average Age: 48 Purchasing Influence: 94% make or influence purchasing decisions

New churches and churches planting churches are growing churches needing resources. The community is comprised of forward-thinking leaders with vision and growing congregations. Monthly Page Views: 100,000 Monthly Unique Users: 35,000 launched in May of 2013. This fast-growing website engages church leaders through social networking and social sharing, and has demonstrated clear positive engagement through sharing, liking and commenting. Monthly Page Views: 50,000 Monthly Unique Users: 38,000 | 866.322.1892 |




Scan the QR code oR viSit RtiSing-optionS to leaRn n moRe mo sermon central

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wiTh us

you’Re in good company Scan the QR c ode oR o R vi viS S it o ut utR R eachMediaG eachMediaGR R oup.coM M to leaR lea R n M o R e


we sPecialize in consulTaTive media sales. At Outreach Media Group, we specialize in consultative media sales. We learn about your advertising objectives and craft a custom proposal that will most effectively reach your goals.

we know The chuRch leadeR maRkeT. We can work with you to ensure that your message will connect with church leaders. Every media buy includes free messaging consultation to make sure your advertising gives you the best results.

we aRe aBouT long-TeRm ResulTs. We know you want (and need!) to maximize your advertising dollars. During your campaign we will review your results and make recommendations to help you increase your ROI. We want you as a long-term customer and we know results are what will bring you back.

adveRTising Policy PAYMENT First payment is due prior to publication. Thereafter, all invoices are due net 30 days, unless otherwise specified. Accounts are considered past due on the 31st day and will be subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge on the unpaid balance. Accounts that are net 90 days are required to submit payment in advance for future orders. AGENCY BILLING Agencies are liable for full payment of all ads they contract. DISCOUNTS Discounts are based on total annual media commitment per your contract. Advertisers will be short-rated if the original commitment is not met within the designated time period. POSITIONS Special positions may be granted by your account executive based on availability. There is an additional surcharge to guarantee a preferred position. RESPONSIBILITIES Outreach Inc. reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason. Outreach Inc. is not liable for any costs associated with an advertisement that has been rejected. Advertisers and agencies are responsible for any and all claims made against Outreach Inc., its officers or employees. Liability for errors shall not exceed the cost of advertising space. Claims must be made within 10 days of publication. Outreach Inc. shall not be liable for any subsequent or indirect damage due to loss of business or profits. INDEMNIFICATION In conjunction with Outreach Inc.’s acceptance of any ad, the advertiser and the agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold harmless Outreach Inc., its officers, agents and employees against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication or broadcast of the contents of the advertisement, including without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, copyright infringement, or plagiarism. RATE CHANGES Outreach Inc. reserves the right to change rates without advance notice. CONFLICT OF INTEREST Outreach Media Group reserves the right to refuse ad space to organizations that are in competition with any divisions of Outreach, Inc.

RESTRICTIONS Any ads that attempt to mirror the format of the publication are not permitted. Outreach Inc. reserves the right to put the word “Advertisement” on any ad which Outreach Inc. believes resembles editorial matter. We reserve the right to slow the pane rotation time on any online banner that could cause a negative user experience. SPECIAL SERVICES A net non-commissionable charge will apply to any materials requiring additional preparation, or for the making of a proof, if requested. INSERTS Please contact your designated account executive for specifications. A sample of an insert MUST be approved by the Outreach Inc. production manager before an insert is placed. MATERIALS Materials for contracted items not received by due date are subject to full billing. Materials must be designed to specifications found on Materials not designed to specifications may be corrected in-house and will incur an $85 per hour charge for revisions (one hour minimum). Artwork that is resubmitted after initial artwork has been processed will incur an $85 ‘reprocessing fee’. CANCELLATION Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel or make changes to an insertion order after the closing date. Cancellation must be in writing, and nothing is considered accepted until confirmed in writing by your account executive. RETURN POLICY Advertisers who wish to have original art returned should include a selfaddressed label with the artwork. Unless instructed otherwise, ad material will be discarded after 12 months. EDITORIAL CONTENT Outreach Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the editorial content without providing notice to advertisers. These terms and conditions may change without notice at any time. Changes will be published on | 866.322.1892 |


“It has been fabulous to work with Outreach Media Group. They have helped me figure out how to best market my product. They go above and beyond in their efforts to expand my ministry and … I have experienced greater results with the Outreach Media Group than with any other advertising channel that I have used.” –KenT TucKer,

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