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to her mother, Carla. I think Bob and Carla represent a juxtaposition to the relationship Anastasia finds herself in with Christian. They have a very traditional, loving and fun relationship, which is so different from what Anastasia is going through and makes her question what she is doing. That’s my personal take on it, anyway. You’re taking on a different role as producer, too. What are some of your current and future projects in the work? Right now I have a full schedule with acting, writing and producing. Along with Cedar Cove, I have a series of TV movies for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel that I’m writing and executive producing with my wife, Becky Southwell, [one of which is] called The Gourmet Detective, which I’m also starring in. This is a series of murder mysteries based upon a series of books by Peter King. It’s a cute story, and Becky and I are looking forward to getting into production on it. Do you have any beauty or fitness routines for staying in shape and looking great? I try and stay on a regular fitness routine in the gym. Ideally, I lift weights five days a week with cardio thrown in, but working as much as I do can sometimes play havoc with that. I’m also in need of shoulder surgery to fix some standard wear and tear around my rotator cuff, but I haven’t been able to find a quiet six weeks for the surgery and recovery yet. But I’ll get there one of these days! How did you get into working with wood, and what are some of the pieces you’ve liked doing the most? I started building furniture over twenty years ago. I’ve always had a fascination with how things are made, and working with wood allows you to start with some very basic pieces and then build your knowledge and skill set from there. The very first thing I made was a bed for myself as a teenager. As I acquired 45

more tools and knowledge I slowly started building more complicated pieces...and before long you’re able to recreate rather ornate armoires from scratch. When you’re off the clock, how do you like to spend your time? Any recommendations as far as music, books, tv shows...? In my down time, if I’m not working on my house or building something, I unwind with reading, movies and books. A great book for writers is called On Writing by Stephen King. I can’t recommend it

enough. I reference passages all the time with my acting students because so much of what Mr. King writes about pertains to acting as well, especially his example of what he calls “the talent pyramid.” Two shows I love right now [include] Homeland – they’re still delivering cutting edge drama in their fourth season and that is hard to do - [and] Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unkown. I can binge watch this show forever. He’s the perfect host for this format, and I just love the mingling of cultures, politics and food. February 2015 - BELLO