EME Outlook - Issue 15

Page 78


Opening New Opportunities

Dedicated to top quality throughout the Company value chain, EMIC is reinvesting in its processes, facilities and people to stay ahead of overseas competitors and emerge stronger than ever Writer: Emily Jarvis | Project Manager: Ben Weaver

EMIC’s board of directors and management team

pproaching capacity at its four facilities across the MENA region, Emirates Metallic Industries Company Ltd (EMIC) is once again poised to reinvest in a new facility and two new production lines via its latest expansion strategy which will be rolled-out over the next few years. Having continuously diversified its range of general and food packaging solutions to stay ahead of growing competition from the Asian continent, the



Company has now taken the top spot as the leading supplier of 73 mm easy-open ends (EOE) and tuna cans in the UAE and GCC. “Evolving from a small manufacturing unit when we first established ourselves in the region in 1989 – supplying metal cans and pails for the paint and chemical industries – EMIC identified a gap in the local market for sophisticated food packaging and now has a full range of printed metal cans and drums of all shapes and sizes in its product

portfolio which are exported to the MENA and Southeast Asia regions,” explains Ala Alami, the Company’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “Experiencing organic growth over the years, thanks to longstanding and trustworthy relationships with our customers, we have focused our attentions on horizontal expansion to capitalise on upcoming regional growth opportunities; complementing our existing services with value-add inhouse services along the way, such as coil slitting, coil cutting, sheet coating,