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s a direct result of its bold ideas and action over the years, B+H Architects has built a legacy to stand above all other companies in the industry. With a reputation for collaborative work, going back to the firm’s beginnings executing design for ‘starchitects’ - celebrity architects - in its early days, the Company was able to establish a firm footing

while still relatively new to the market and has evolved into one of the most prominent companies in the business. “Today we are recognised both for our role as design architects, as well as our ability to carefully execute fully-realised concepts,” begins Karen Cvornyek, President and Regional Managing Principal, Asia of B+H Architects. “When it comes to continuously creating inspiring designs, we fully appreciate the importance of collaborative thinking and value teamwork with a continuous dialogue

from our clients to our contractors along the way.” As a multi-sector firm working in studios around the world, B+H has a recognisable advantage in its highly evolved and competitive global business environment. Thanks to its work in multiple sectors, the Company can bring insights gathered from their global practice to inform the new dynamic and inclusive cities we are beginning to see. “We respond to the needs of our clients with a holistic approach, fusing

BOLD Thinking B+H Architects has taken its innovative approach to architectural development and used it to establish a new way of thinking Writer: Phoebe Calver | Project Manager: Tom Cullum



Asia Outlook - Issue 30  
Asia Outlook - Issue 30