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General Registration Ends May 31,2014. ($30 late fee applied June 1-30 ; $80 late fee applied July 1-15).


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the food & drink issue vol 18 • #12


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qmunity: trans symposium & cincinnati pride gay games: home team polisigh: the marriage ruling feature: our favorite staples and splurges

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may 2014

PUBLISHER Christopher Hayes ASSOCIATE PUBLISHERS Bob Vitale & Chad Frye HEADQUARTERS Outlook Media, Inc. 815 N High St, Bsmt Ste G, Columbus, OH 43215 614.268.8525 phone / 614.261.8200 fax SALES Chad Frye / cfrye@outlookmedia.com Alexis Perrone / aperrone@outlookmedia.com

As we’re finishing up this issue of Outlook, we’re debating pizza toppings.

insight out


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This won’t be a goat cheese, pear and prosciutto with arugula and a balsamic drizzle kind of pie. Right now we’re in sausage-andextra-cheese mode.

popcorn. We asked Cheryl Harrison, whose Drink Up Columbus blog is a must-read for those who like to drink up, to visit some of the places who’ve amped up the apps that go with your end-of-the-day cocktail.

ADVERTISING DEADLINES Reservations by the 15th of each month. Art in by the 20th. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Bob Vitale / bvitale@outlookmedia.com

Her report on places to drink, eat and be merry is on Pages 24 and 25.

That’s one of my favorite things about Columbus and Ohio.

Managing editor Erin McCalla is a fan of the great outdoors, especially when it’s enhanced We can do high-end with the best of ’em, but with fire pits and patio umbrellas. On Pages 30 we’re not above cream of mushroom soup as a and 31, she runs down the best patios in casserole ingredient. We love restaurants that Columbus, from Club Diversity’s expansive fancy-up hot dogs and grilled cheese. We’ll backyard to Bodega’s people-watching perch. make a schmancy buffet and then stand around a tailgate to enjoy it. Erin has a neat tradition with her friends. They’re working their way through the alphabet, We wanted to showcase both in this month’s visiting a Columbus bar or restaurant every few Food & Drink Issue. weeks that starts with a different letter. (They’re on Q now. And believe it or not, they On Pages 18-21, we offer up some of our have three places to choose from.) Columbus favorites for when we’re watching our wallets and for when we’re in the mood to We’re all in the mood for exploring new horizons splurge. Photographer Emma Parker shot our around here lately. Next month, as LGBT people go-to bargains and our why-the-hell-not and allies kick off Pride celebrations around breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and the state, we’ll be debuting the first Ohio-wide cocktails. edition of Outlook. There’s a lot to choose from out there, and we wanted to give you ideas for a meal, a drink, a place you might not have tried yet.

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Tell your friends in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo to pick us up.

Bob Vitale We’re quite happy with a trend we’ve noticed in Editor-in-Chief / Associate Publisher Columbus lately, how happy hours have bebvitale@outlookmedia.com come more than a cheap drink and a basket of @Bob_Vitale

On the Cover: Lacey & Audra Wheeler Emma Parker shot this month’s cover with Lacey and Audra Wheeler at The Kitchen in German Village. The couple first appeared in Outlook’s wedding announcements in February. They were married on Jan 20, 2013, in New York City. Thanks to Anne Boninsegna and Jen Lindsey at The Kitchen for helping with our nod to Lady and the Tramp and for creating one of the best new dining spots in town! The Kitchen is located at 231 E Livingston Ave. More info: 614.225.8940 or thekitchencolumbus.com.

NEXT MONTH: the pride issue

MANAGING EDITOR Erin McCalla / erin@outlookmedia.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Debe, Bryan Cole, Cheryl Harrison, Andrew Hypes, Erin McCalla, Mario Pinardi, Romeo San Vicente, Dan Savage, Regina Sewell, Debra Shade, Kristen Spicker, Debbie Van Bommel, Bob Vitale ART DIRECTOR Christopher Hayes /chris@outlookmedia.com CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Cheryl Harrison, Emma Parker, Andrew Williams COVER PHOTO: Emma Parker CYBERSPACE http://www.outlookohio.com http://www.outlookmedia.com http://www.networkcolumbus.com http://twitter.com/outlookcolumbus http://facebook.com/outlookcolumbus outlook is published and distributed by Outlook Media, Inc. the first day of each month throughout Ohio. outlook is a free publication provided solely for the use of our readers. Any person who willfully or knowingly obtains or exerts unauthorized control over more than 5 copies of any issue of outlook columbus with the intent to prevent other individuals from reading it shall be considered guilty of the crime of theft. Violators will be prosecuted. The views expressed in outlook are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, policies, or personal, business, or professional practices of Outlook Media, Inc. or its staff, ownership, or management. outlook does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented. Outlook Media, Inc. does not investigate or accept responsibility for claims made in any advertisement. Outlook Media, Inc. assumes no responsibility for claims arising in connection with products and services advertised herein, nor for the content of, or reply to, any advertisement. All material is copyrighted ©2014 by Outlook Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

puzzling solution - puzzle on pg 54

This year, Outlook’s Big Gay Dance Party will feature Chi Chi LaRue, the Glamazons and DJ Moxy at Park Street Patio.


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Do you know your port from your stern?

may 2014


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Love Big LGBT Wedding Expo 3/30/14 @ High Line Car House

Network Columbus 4/9/14 @ Hollywood Casino

Ohio Marriage Caravan 4/11/14 to Chicago

Marriage Equality Rally 4/12/14 in Downtown Cincinnati


AIDS Walk 4/19/14 in Downtown Columbus may 2014

Look for your face online, too, on Facebook: Outlook Columbus Magazine.


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Pride Night with the Clippers is Thursday, May 8. Presale tickets only at outlookohio.com.

may 2014


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Lawmaker Wins Reappraisal of Statehouse Wedding Ban

Officials plan to take a second look at a seven-year-old policy that forbids samesex couples from getting married or celebrating their weddings at the Ohio Statehouse. State Rep. Stephen Slesnick, a Canton Democrat, asked for the review. He’s a member of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, a 12-member panel of state legislators and other appointees that sets policies for Statehouse building and grounds.

The public building dubbed “the People’s House” requires people to have an Ohio marriage license in order to rent space for weddings and receptions. Statehouse officials say the policy wasn’t adopted to shut out same-sex couples, but that is its effect because of Ohio’s marriage restrictions.

The Month in Marriage Arkansas: A Pulaski County judge heard arguments for and against the state’s marriage ban. In defending the 2004 amendment, the state’s attorney said: “The people of Arkansas can put whatever they want in the Constitution.” Indiana: A federal judge ordered the state on April 10 to recognize the union of Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler, who married in Massachusetts in 2013. Quasney has stage 4 ovarian cancer. Louisiana: Opposition to marriage equality has dropped from 56 percent to 47 percent in the last year, according to a Louisiana State University poll. A 2004 marriage ban was approved with 78 percent support.

The policy has attracted growing criticism and media coverage since Outlook first reported about it in February. “This is an equality issue,” Slesnick said.

Columbus Jo-Ann Fabrics Store Bans Transgender Customer The Columbus Community Relations Commission is investigating a complaint from a transgender woman who was told never to return to a JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts store where the manager called police to report a “man dressed like a woman.”

Oklahoma: The future of the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is in the hands of a threejudge federal appeals court panel that heard arguments in April. A federal district judge struck down the ban in January. Oregon: The National Organization for Marriage, defending a marriage ban that Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum calls indefensible, questioned whether U.S. District Judge Michael McShane could be impartial. McShane is gay. Tennessee: A birth certificate issued for Emilia Maria Jesty lists both her mothers. Parents Valeria Tanco and Sophy Jesty were among couples who won a federal lawsuit for marriage recognition in March. The state is appealing.

Michigan: The ACLU is asking the federal courts to require state recognition of 300 same-sex marriages that took place between a March 21 marriage-equality ruling and a March 22 stay.

Texas: A Texas Tech University poll released April 21 found that for the first time, more Texans support marriage equality than oppose the idea. It’s 48 percent to 47 percent.

Nevada: The state Republican Party voted on April 12 to remove opposition to same-sex marriage from its platform.

Utah: The state spent $300,000 to defend its ban on same-sex marriage in federal appeals court. A three-judge panel

heard arguments in April on a U.S. district judge’s order that Utah expand marriage rights. Virginia: Unlike Ohio’s Mike DeWine, Attorney General Mark Herring is arguing against his state’s ban on same-sex marriage. He urged a federal appeals court on April 11 to uphold a U.S. District Court ruling in favor of marriage equality. Courts: New lawsuits were filed in Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Same-sex couples have yet to challenge marriage bans in only four states: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Italy: A local court ordered the Tuscan city of Grosseto to recognize the union of two men who married in New York in 2012. Malta: Parliament approved civil unions on April 14 that will give same-sex couples all the rights of married couples, including the ability to adopt children.

Cherno Biko, a TransOhio board member, said she and friends were shopping at the North Side store, located at 3880 Morse Rd, when the incident occurred in December. Although the store manager told Columbus police that Biko was shoplifting, she said a police report on the encounter makes no such accusation. In a cell-phone video of the incident posted on YouTube, the store manager replies, “I didn’t say that,” when Biko asks if he was accusing her of stealing. 10

may 2014

Columbus police told Biko she would be charged with trespassing if she returns to Jo-Ann Fabrics. In her complaint with the city, Biko accuses the store of violating a local law that forbids discrimination based on someone’s gender identity.

Last one to the Statehouse gets Columbus’s most eligible bachelor, Gregg Dodd!


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We Are Pleased to Announce...

Worst. Advice. Ever. The worst suggestions in a howto-handle-bullies pamphlet called, “Turning Bullies Into Buddies,” which Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Neb., quickly took back:

Price-Rogers Wedding James W Price and Edward L Rogers were married in Chicago on March 18, 2014. They have been a couple for 12 years and reside in

Reynoldsburg, Ohio. They plan to honeymoon in Costa Rica in the fall. Edward and James are the owners of Well Groomed Male Spa.

Outlook publishes wedding and engagement announcements every month for LGBT couples in Ohio. Send your photos and announcements (200 words or less, please) to erin@outlookmedia.com.


• “Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you. No matter how insulting or mean they may sound, be grateful and think they really care about you. (This does not mean you have to believe what they tell you.)” • “Do not tell on bullies. ... Tell an adult only when a real injury or crime (theft of something valuable) has occurred. Would we keep our friends if we tattled on them?” • “Learn to laugh at yourself and not get ‘hooked’ by put-downs. Make a joke of it or agree with the put-down. For example: ‘If you think I’m ugly, you should see my sister!’”

Men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 63% of the estimated new HIV infections in 2010. For more “upto-date” info like this go to www.cdc.gov/lgbthealth

Gay Postage News

Burlesque Groups Now a Sister Act Columbus’s two favorite burlesque troupes have joined forces. Sex Kitten Purrr-lesque founder Sandy Rollins and her wife, Amber Myers, have joined Viva Valezz! as managers of the Velvet Hearts, a queer-centric troupe that performs at Wall Street Night Club and other venues. Valezz! recently moved to Pittsburgh and said she sought a partner “with some spunk.” Rollins, an original member of the Velvet Hearts back in 2008, and Myers own Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint at 2598 N High St. The Velvet Hearts’ style is classic burlesque. Sex Kitten Purrr-lesque, with queer and straight performers, does a more rebellious “neo-burlesque.”

Valezz! and Rollins will be part of a Velvet Hearts! show scheduled for May 31 at Wall Street.

gaycism [gā • sizəm] the wrongheaded idea that having gay characters gives you carte blanche to cut PC corners elsewhere. Give Them a Toaster

If this keeps up, we’ll have to start a special section for gays into philately. (And we know who you are. We’ve seen your Grindr profiles.) Two upcoming postage stamps will honor LGBT pioneers: A U.S. stamp honoring Harvey Milk will be issued on his birthday, May 22. You can order commemorative sheets for $9.80 at store.usps.com. You knew this next one would never be a U.S. stamp, right? Finland will honor Touko Laaksonen, better known as homoerotic artist Tom of Finland, with a stamp in September. You can order them for whatever Finland uses as currency at posti.fi/goshopping. outlookohio.com

Kristen Kish, 2012 Top Chef winner, came out via a passing mention of her girlfriend in a March 28 New York Times article on women chefs. “Happy 1 year love. You’ve made me incredibly happy,” she wrote soon after on an Instagram photo with girlfriend Jacqueline Westbrook.

Derrick Gordon, a sophomore basketball player for the NCAA tournamentqualifying University of Massachusetts, came out in April 9 interviews with ESPN and Outsports. He’s the first openly gay player in Division 1 basketball. “I haven’t felt like this. Ever,” Gordon told Outsports. “It’s a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally breathe now and live life happily.”

You can still donate to ARC Ohio through mid-May at aidswalkcentralohio.com.

Daniel Franzese, a star of the 2004 film, Mean Girls, came out April 22 via Indiewire in a letter to his gay character, Damien. “I know this is sort of like a ‘Duh’ moment for a lot of people,” he told Dish Nation. Franzese said he was out to friends and family - he was discovered singing in a Florida gay bar - but he would delete Twitter questions and IMDb comments because he feared hurting his career. may 2014


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Trans and Ally Symposium Covers the Entire Spectrum

Cincinnati Celebrates 40th Pride Holiday May 30 - 31 Cincinnati will usher in Pride season for the Buckeye State on May 30 with the Skyy Vodka Pub Crawl and with the Pride festival on May 31 at Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove. It’s Cincinnati Pride’s 40th anniversary, and they are in the mood to celebrate.

Pub Crawl: May 30, 9p Sessions covering everything from transgender-inclusive schools to transitioning later in life are part of the sixth The crawl is comprised of 20 bars in Cincinnati, Newport and annual Trans and Ally Symposium, scheduled for May 30Covington. A $10 wristband admits you onto the three shuttle June 1 in Columbus. loops that run from 9p to 3a, and into any bar that charges admission for free. Volunteers will sell wristbands from 8p to 10p The symposium, put together by TransOhio, will take outside of select locations and at the first shuttle stop. place at the Ohio Union on the campus of Ohio State University. As many as 350 people are expected. Parade: May 31, 2p More than 50 workshops, panels and presentations are on the schedule. Among the topics to be covered: • Stilettos on Thin Ice: A Guide to Transitioning Later in Life • Transitioning in the Workplace • Feeling Empowered in Therapeutic Relationships • Trans* History in the United States • Standing With Trans Prisoners: Local Advocacy to End Abuse in Jails and Prisons • Trans Partners Informational Q&A Session • Gender Affirmation Surgery and Health Insurance Coverage • The ENTIRE Trans Agenda in One Hour or Less Kye Allums, who became the first openly transgender athlete in Division 1 college sports when he came out in 2010, will give one of two keynote presentations. Allums went on to start Project I Am Enough (projectiamenough.org), a storytelling platform that allows everyone on the gender spectrum to share their stories. (Outlook columnist Debra Shade speaks with Allums on Page 34.) Kristen Benson, a professor of human development and family science at North Dakota State University, will give the other keynote presentation. Benson, who currently is conducting research on the experiences of parents with trans and gender-creative kids, is an advocate of affirming therapy for LGBT patients.

The 2014 grand marshals are Cincinnati LGBT activists Crystal Loomis and Ron Clemons. Crystal Loomis is an activist for social justice. Her close friends call her the “Mayor of Queertown.” She has been active in the local scene for five years, and her work is consistent with the nickname. Through her ties to the transgender community, she was instrumental in advocating for a “Trans* 101” program instructed by JAC Stringer of Heartland Trans* Wellness Group, formerly known as the Midwest Trans* Wellness Initiative. Crystal is also a former board member of the Cincinnati Trans* Community Group. Ron Clemons has been an active member of the LGBTQ community for over 32 years. He is an out and very proud gay man and has tried to use his life experiences to assist others in facing their day-today challenges. Clemons is also the producer of the Mr. Tri-State Leather /Rubber Weekend, a regional competition that also serves as a fundraiser for LGBTQ charities in the Tri-State Region. His past

board involvements include the Cincinnati Men’s Chorus (president, 1993-95), the 1809 LGBT Alumni Board of Miami University, AVOISE, STOP AIDS (AVOC) and the Council on Alcoholism. He served for two years on the Alternating Currents WVQC-FM radio show as a volunteer programmer. Clemons is also affiliated with the College of Education at the University of Cincinnati and is a featured expert in GLSEN Cincinnati’s Stories Project: NOW. The parade’s staging and starting area is at 7th and Culvert streets. From there, participants will travel west on 7th Street, turn south (left) on Vine Street, turn east (left) on 5th at Fountain Square, turn south (right) at Walnut Street, turn east (left) at Freedom Way, turn south (right) on Joe Nuxhall Way (Main Street) at Great American Ball Park, and turn east (left) on Mehring Way. Walkers will proceed into the festival at Yeatman’s Cove under the arches of the Purple People Bridge. Vehicles and floats will stay on Mehring Way to Pete Rose Way and continue to their designated location. In keeping with the 40th celebration, Cincinnati Pride organizers challenge participants to embody an anniversary theme. Prizes will be awarded for best business entry, best non-profit/group entry and for people’s choice. To register, visit www.cincinnatipride.org/parade Festival: May 31, 3p Immediately following the parade, the festival will officially begin. There will be food, retail and non-profit vendor booths, the Fifth Third Family Fun Zone, as well as two stages for performers. (The entertainment lineup will be announced soon.) The night will end with a fireworks display presented by Procter & Gamble. For more information on the festival, parade, bar crawl and how to volunteer, visit www.cincinnatipride.org.

There’s a Meet & Greet session scheduled at Club Diversity, 863 S High St, on the symposium’s opening night. And one of the workshops is an open-mic session for writers to share their poetry and prose. Advance tickets are $120 for the full symposium and $40 for one day’s sessions. They can be purchased at transohio.ticketleap.com. 12

may 2014

Our June issue will preview Prides in every Ohio city.


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DAYTON outlookohio.com

Log on to outlookohio.com for info on all Ohio Prides!

may 2014


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gay games 9


Cleveland’s Gay Games Participants Unite by Kristen Spicker

There is no “I” in team, or in Team Cleveland.

“We thought that if we formed Team Cleveland we could do major things and big fundraising events,” he said. Team Cleveland grew quickly.

He already had planned to compete in the 2014 Gay Games as a softball player, but Swaggerty first thought about uniting all of the hometown teams after fundraising for all of them began taking over the city.

There’s nearly 1,000 members and athletes participating in aquatics, volleyball, bowling, tennis, softball, flag football, rowing and other sports. That means about 10 percent of the estimated 10,000 competitors in the games will have the home-field advantage.

Having so many fundraising events timed too closely together made it difficult for any group to raise enough money. When Swaggerty noticed that the different teams were stepping on each other’s toes he reached out to the others and proposed the idea of a 14

may 2014

Lance Bass will headline the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Gay Games.

super team.

Yet Scott Swaggerty, founder and president of Team Cleveland did see a “me” and, more importantly, you.

“Basically, we have eight or 10 sports groups, and each of them was working independently,” he said. “We would have multiple events going on at local bars for fundraising, and you’d have two different groups trying to raise money on the same night.”


The games are scheduled for Aug 9-16 in Cleveland and Akron. Swaggerty said Team Cleveland hopes to raise about $7,000 to split among teams. Jerseys to unite Cleveland participants already have been designed. The big fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for July 12 with a “Night at the Races” theme. “There is always strength in numbers,” Swaggerty said.

• There’s also a Team Columbus in the works for Central Ohio residents participating in the Gay Games. Find it on Facebook by searching for Team Columbus GG9.

The ‘N Sync member, Dancing With the Stars contestant, best-selling author and LGBTrights advocate will be the host and emcee for the 2½-hour show, scheduled for Aug 9 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. The games, featuring competition in 36 sports, arts performances and nightly celebrations, will take place Aug 9-16 at venues in Cleveland and Akron.

• Team Cleveland will host a registration party at Twist, 11633 Clifton Blvd, on May 17.

Bass won’t be the only celebrity on the stage.

• A Gay Games social is scheduled as part of an Akron RubberDucks baseball game on June 1 at Canal Park in Akron.

Andrea McArdle, Broadway’s original Annie, will perform with the Gay Games Chorus in a celebration of showtunes. And the Pointer Sisters, who closed the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, will help open the Gay Games in Cleveland.

• Games organizers are offering diversity training for transportation, hospitality and other businesses after at least 17 cab drivers left Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s taxi service because of Gay Games promos affixed to vehicles. WOIOTV reported on April 10 that the drivers are Muslim and cited religious objections. • Visit gg9cle.com for a full list of events, as well as registration and hotel info.

Gay Games general registration fees go up $30 after May 31. So sign up now!

More than 400 performers will take part in the show, said Patrick Roberge, the producer for the opening ceremonies, who promised “a grand celebration that will set the tone for a fantastic Games.” Tickets go for $20 to $75 and may be purchased through the link at GG9cle.com/planmy-visit/tickets. outlookohio.com

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Check out Mark and Ethan’s riveting Tumblr page: markplusethan.tumblr.com.

may 2014


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polisigh by Bob Vitale

Another Step Closer Although It’s on Hold Pending Appeal, Court Ruling Hailed as Victory Technically, nothing changed on April 14 when U.S. District Judge Timothy Black ordered Ohio to recognize the legal, outof-state marriages of its citizens who are united with someone of the same sex. Ohioans who married in Chicago or Washington or New York or Des Moines still aren’t married in Ohio. Black immediately put his ruling on hold until a federal appeals court can decide whether he was right or wrong. But while the bottom line remains the same - for now at least - everything changed on April 14 when U.S. District Judge Timothy Black ordered Ohio to recognize the legal, out-ofstate marriages of its citizens who are united with someone of the same sex. FreedomOhio called Black’s decision a landmark. Why Marriage Matters Ohio called it an enormous step toward marriage equality in the state. “This is a great day for many Ohio families,” said Al Gerhardstein, a Cincinnati lawyer who represented four same-sex couples who filed the federal lawsuit in February. Each of the couples sought to have both spouses listed on their children’s birth certificates. Their victory was not delayed by Black. Who’s Who The Judge: Timothy Black is a former Hamilton County Municipal Court judge and U.S. magistrate appointed to the federal bench by President Obama in 2009. He also ruled in 2013 that Ohio must recognize the marriage of John Arthur and James Obergefell, who sued before Arthur’s death from Lou Gehrig’s Disease in October to be recorded as spouses on a state-issued death certificate. The Plaintiffs: Brittani Henry and Brittni Rogers, Nicole and Pam Yorksmith, and Kelly Noe and Kelly McCracken are Ohio residents who wed in marriage equality states. They’re all expecting babies


may 2014

going arbitrary discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

in June, but only the parent who’s giving birth will be listed on birth certificates. Joseph Vitale and Robert Talmas live in New York and adopted a baby boy from Ohio in January. The final plaintiff, Adoption STAR, works with adoptive parents and birth parents.

Their lawyer: Al Gerhardstein has specialized in civil rights cases since starting a Cincinnati law firm in 1978. He was the attorney last year for Obergefell and Arthur. He also has won cases for a transgender Cincinnati police officer and a gay Clermont County teacher who were fired from their jobs.

The Reaction Openly gay state Rep. Nickie Antonio, D-Lakewood: “We have a long journey down the road to marriage equality in Ohio, but this ruling reassures me that we’re on the right track.”

The defendant: Lance Himes was appointed by Gov. John Kasich in February as interim director of the Ohio Department of Health. Under Dr. Ted Wymyslo, another Kasich appointee, the agency stopped issuing birth certificates for adopted children that list two parents of the same sex.

Openly gay Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach: “We’re another step towards full equality!”

His lawyer: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is appealing both of Black’s rulings. In the latest case, his office argued that it is “the will of the people of Ohio” to deny marriage rights. The Decision Highlights of Judge Black’s 45-page ruling: •

“The fundamental right to marry is available even to those who have not traditionally been eligible to exercise that right.”

“The stated interest in ‘preserving the traditional definition of marriage’ is not a legitimate justification for Ohio’s arbitrary discrimination against gays based solely on their sexual orientation.”

“The record before the court … is staggeringly devoid of any legitimate justification for the state’s on-

“This court finds no reasonable basis on which to exclude gay men, lesbians and others who wish to enter into same-sex marriages from this culturally foundational institution.”

Openly gay Franklin County Recorder Terry Brown: “It is surreal to watch you, your family and thousands of other families begin to achieve basic human rights. It’s disheartening to watch others defend their bigotry and hatred.” Rob Nichols, spokesman for Gov. John Kasich: “The governor believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He supported the constitutional amendment in Ohio and we are glad that the attorney general has said he is going to appeal.” Ed FitzGerald, who’s challenging Kasich: “Rather than embrace this historical moment, Governor Kasich has decided to stand in the way of full equality for all Ohioans. ... Government shouldn’t be telling Ohioans who they can love and commit themselves to.” Attorney General Mike DeWine: “We believe it’s better to allow every state to make its decision.” David Pepper, who’s challenging DeWine: “Enough is enough, and it’s time for Mike DeWine to stop his crusade against these Ohio families and their right to equal protection under the law.”

I can’t wait to hear the arguments in the appeal. Bets on how ridiculous they’ll be?


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Staples & Splurges

One of the best things about Columbus is its killer food scene. Whether you want great food you can afford to eat everyday or you want to a impress your lover with something a bit more luxurious, this town has you covered. Here Outlook shares some of our favorites - both our staples and our splurges. photos by Emma Parker

#5: Two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. $6.25 TommyĂŠs Diner, 914 W Broad St, 614.224.2422, www.tommysdiner.com

OUTLOOKmay2014.pg18-21.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 8:53 AM Page 2

Lavender Shortbread: Nut-free, classic butter cookie with French lavender. $1 Chocolate Chunk Pistachio: Soft chocolate chunk cookie with salted, roasted pistachios. $1.50 Macaron: Delicate nut meringue cookies with buttercream, ganache, curd or small-batch preserves. $1.50 Pistacia Vera, 541 S 3rd St, 614.220.9070, www.pistaciavera.com

Fish taco: Crispy mahi with Tabasco lime sauce, topped with citrus slaw. $4 Pastor taco: Chili marinated pork, topped with pickled onion, pineapple and cilantro. $3 Bakersfield, 733 N High St, 614.754.8436, www.bakersfieldshortnorth.com

Club Panini: Smoked turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and a tangy honey Dijon on fresh bread. Served with a side of fruit or chips. $6.99 whole/$4.99 half. Piece of Cake, 772 N High St, 614.421.0399, www.shortnorthpieceofcake.com

Crazy Redhead: Strawberry-infused GordonĂŠs Gin, fresh lemon, simple syrup, lavender bitters. $5 Little Rock, 944 N 4th St, 614.824.5602, littlerockbar.net

The Dolly: Melon-infused Svedka vodka, Aperol and soda water. $5 Little Rock, 944 N 4th St, 614.824.5602, littlerockbar.net

OUTLOOKmay2014.pg18-21.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 9:07 AM Page 4

Marquee: Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Cointreau Noir, agave nectar, blood orange puree, fresh lemon juice. $11 Penne Carbonara: Penne pasta served with chicken, bacon, peas and egg. $18 Due Amici, 67 E Gay St, 614.224.9373, www.due-amici.com

Flan: Traditional vanilla flan, sliced kiwi, caramelized sugar. $7 Barcelona, 263 E Whittier St, 614.425.4986, www.barcelonacolumbus.com

M, 2 Miranova Pl, 614.629.0000, www.matmiranova.com

OUTLOOKmay2014.pg18-21.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 9:08 AM Page 5

Chorizo Mac & Cheese: Chorizo or veggie sausage in a homemade Mornay sauce, topped with fresh jalapenos, served with garlic toast. $9.75 KatalinaÊs Café Corner, 1105 Pennsylvania Ave, 614.294.2233, www.katalinascolumbus.com

Salad Maison: Petite greens, roasted tomatoes, chevre, with a champagne vinaigrette. $6 Duck Cassoulet: Crispy duck with garlic sausage, braised pork and white beans, served with a butternut squash purée. $24 Chez du Bon, 122 S High St, 614.461.4000, chezdubon.com

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feature by Chad Paul Frye

CLEVE’S MY CHERRY PIE As Outlook prepares for our statewide expansion, I have been spending time in America’s winter playground. I’ve been having a ball, and while I could go on and on about Cleveland’s incredible arts scene, its vibrant nightlife and all of the fun and interesting people I’ve met, one thing that really stands out in the Cleve, is the food scene. It means business. This makes perfect sense given the city’s rich and diverse ethnic heritage and a friendly small-business environment. For your consideration, I offer my top picks thus far. Crop Bar and Bistro @ 2537 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, 216.696.2767, cropbistro.com I met Skylight Financial’s Dan Brennan out for some scotch and shop talk one afternoon at this bank-turned-restaurant in Ohio City. I stayed for five hours and ended up becoming chummy with the chef/owner of Crop, Steve Schimoler.

Manhattan. This small touch actually changes everything. It yields a pretty spot-on NYC pizza dough.”

I can testify to his theory working. I had a Cassoulet (duck, sausage, white beans and a healthy ladle of demi-glace) that tasted like it had been slow-cooked for hours in the kitchen of an elderly Frenchwoman, flawless pan seared foie gras and some fall-off-the-bone short ribs that made me swear off any other short ribs for life. Their cocktails were impressive, too. I recommend the Karl Marx, which is a blend of asparagus vodka, zucca amaro and fresh lemon. Noodlecat @ 234 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, 216.589.0007, noodlecat.com

Steve is a culinary perfectionist with a very interesting take on haute cuisine: It all begins with the water.

Noodlecat is the brainchild of prolific chef and restaurateur Jonathan Sawyer, whose myriad culinary offerings include the much-lauded Greenhouse Tavern in Downtown Cleveland and the soon-to-open Trentina in University Circle. Sawyer is also a partner in Tavern Vinegar Company with Columbus’s own Brady Konya and Ryan Lang of Middle West Spirits.

“Water is the basis of everything,” Schimoler said. “If you cook pasta, the water is going to flavor the pasta, so by making an investment in really good water filtration and alteration technology, we have a ton of control over the flavor profiles of our dishes. If I want to make New York City-style pizza, I filter Cleveland water and add ingredients back by percentage and we are able to mimic the water of

Noodlecat is unpretentious and straightforward in what it offers: Asian-style steam buns and noodles. Really good, really delicious noodle dishes like ramen, soba and udon make up the majority of the menu here, and after eating there at least 10 times, there isn’t a thing on the menu I wouldn’t recommend. Standouts include the salty, spicy and delicious Japanese fried chicken steam buns, the


peanut-y Dan Dan Ramen, and the really authentic pork miso ramen with super dashi broth, roasted pork, crispy garlic, sesame, scallion, a six-minute egg and miso broth.

Its cocktail list is small but mighty with several local spirits offered, but what really made them stand out was their sake list. If you’re a sake fan, this list has everything from milkywhite and delicious unfiltered sake such as Sayuri Nigori, to the refined and elegant Funuguchi Kikusui. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, they have really standard Japanese beers like Sapporo, and local craft brews. This place has been my go-to when I get into Cleveland late on a Friday, and the staff is fun, friendly and very into the food. The Market Garden Brewery @ 1947 W 25th St, Cleveland, 216.621.4000, marketgardenbrewery.com This Ohio City craft brewery is located next to the West Side Market and has everything you would expect from a great brewpub: awesome beer, a fun and raucous crowd at night, and some of the best bar food. They have a selection of house-brewed beer in all sorts of hues and flavors. One of my favorites is the Friar Power, which is a Belgian Tripel that really sneaks up on you. Light, delicious and very drinkable, I’ve been known to have three of these before dinner and barely notice because they are so tasty.

and ask for cash, it’s undoubtedly aggressive, rich and means business. The focus here is on the beer, and it appears frequently on the food menu. The Beer Cheese Soup uses cheddar and whatever beer is in abundance (currently the MGB IPA) and is served with a handful of BBQ popcorn on top. It’s rich, tangy and the popcorn adds an unexpected and pleasing crunch. As drag queen Ashley O’Shea says, “This is the kind of soup you fill a baby pool with.” I also enjoyed the chorizo tacos with tomatillos, guacamole and creme fraiche, and the Yucatan marinated pork tacos with salsa rojo, hominy, cactus and Chihuahua cheese. They also do a very respectable French Dip sandwich with deep-fried shallots, roast beef, gruyere and freshly baked bread. I’ve had this sandwich four times. I think that speaks for itself. These three are my top picks at the moment, but any conversation about Cleveland would be remiss if I didn’t mention basically every restaurant in Little Italy, L’Albatross (which does amazing traditional French cuisine), Doug Katz’s Fire or Bar Cento, where the egg and prosciutto pizza has been named the best pizza in America by numerous industry publications. Cleveland’s food scene is robust and fun, and there’s something for everyone.

I’m also a fan of the Danny Greene Enforcer Imperial Stout, named for a local mobster. While this beer didn’t hold a knife to my throat

Whatever happened to Warrant, anyway?

may 2014


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feature by Cheryl Harrison

Drink, Eat & It’s 5 o’clock, the work day is done, and most of us are in search of a spot where two beautiful words promise the opportunity to unwind, enjoy a cocktail and, best of all, save some money. Happy hour.

But why should booze have all the happy hour fun? Here are seven Columbus spots where delicious drinks and food are available at a discount.


may 2014

Arch City Tavern The Short North is loved for its galleries. Arch City acts as a mini gallery, as well as a good spot to grab a beer and a pizza during happy hour. Sit back and admire the massive pencil sketch of late 19th century Columbus that spans three walls and depicts a bustling High Street with shops, people and the arches that gave the bar its name. Also, enjoy a half-off craft beer and one of three half-off pizzas. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 3p-7p. The deal: Half-off pizzas, half-off drafts, half-off wine by the glass. Must eat: Fig Pizza: arugula, roasted pine nuts, figs, prosciutto, garlic spread, truffle oil and massive chunks of melty goat cheese. Must drink: CBC IPA or other rotating local draft selection.

Barcelona This Spanish gem in German Village may be best loved for its amazing patio, but you’re going to have to miss out on the view to take advantage of an equally amazing happy hour that’s only offered at the bar. Menu selections rotate periodically, and some of them provide an extra good deal during happy hour. The calamari (usually $11, but only $5 during happy hour) is served with a citrusy fresh lemon thyme aioli and a hearty tomato basil vinaigrette. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-7p (bar only). The deal: $5 tapas, $4 specialty cocktails/beer/wine/wells. Must eat: Croquetas: jamón serrano and manchego cheese fritters served with a spicy mustard sauce. Must drink: Pimm’s Cup: You can’t go wrong with this simple combination of Pimm’s No. 1 herbal liquor and ginger ale.

Don’t those protesters always say, “God hates figs”?

DeepWood The tavern menu at DeepWood includes a few selections only available during happy hour, as well as a few discounted regular items such as the charcuterie board, with house-made meats, jellies and pickled veggies. The big win here is for wine lovers: Everything on DeepWood’s wine list - about 130 bottles - is available at retail price during happy hour. Also offered are delicious Columbus-inspired signature cocktails like the COTA (vodka, grapefruit juice, rosemary) and Old Man’s Cave (rye, port, cherry bitters). Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-7p (bar only). The deal: $5-$6 specialty cocktails, retail pricing on all bottles of wine, specially priced food menu. Must eat: Eat Your Veggies: a platter of four veggie delight dishes, including a jasmine rice cabbage roll, kale and parmesan salad, carrot and citrus salad, asparagus gazpacho, and a bean and pepper blend. Must drink: Good “Ale” Park: a beer cocktail with Left Hand Polestar Pilsner, orange vodka, pine liquor and honey.


OUTLOOKmay2014.pg24-25.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 3:34 AM Page 2

Be Merry Gallerie Bistro and Bar Walking up the spiral marble staircase in the lobby of the Short North Hilton makes you feel like Cinderella about to enter the ball. Really you’re about to enter Gallerie, but that’s pretty good, too. The secondfloor restaurant and lounge is the first Hilton restaurant to be given free reign by a local chef, and the result is a menu that surpasses expectations for “hotel food.” You’ll be drooling over Chef Bill Glover’s coast-inspired creations, which include a pot of chicken mousse topped with candied pistachios, as well as Ponzu-marinated ahi tuna tacos in a fried wonton shell. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-7p. The deal: Half-off appetizers, half-off cocktails, half-off beer, $5 wells, select wine discounts. Must eat: Half-pound pan of mussels (Mariniere, Basquaise, Normande), served with frites. Must drink: Honey Lavender Blossom: OYO Honey Vanilla Vodka, lavender simple syrup, lemon juice, lavender citrus power garnish. outlookohio.com

Hubbard Grille A good happy hour is a good thing; an all-night happy hour is a great thing. Hubbard Grille offers happy hour all night long on Sundays, in addition to its standard weekday hours. Seasonal and staple cocktails like the Buttles Bohemian (vodka, elderflower liqueur, pineapple juice, champagne) join a selection of six small plates and a small but solid selection of local tap handles. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-6:30p, all night Sunday. The deal: Half-off cocktails, half-off small plates, half-off beer, $4 wells, $4 select wine. Must eat: Short Ribs and Shrimp: Topping white cheddar grits, this beautifully plated dish tastes as good as it looks. Must drink: Tincho Hub: With New Age white wine, fresh lime and strawberry basil syrup, it tastes dangerously like Kool-Aid. And I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

Marcella’s Marcella’s offers by far the largest selection of happy hour food items, as just about everything on the menu - olives, cheeses and cured meats, to small plates, appetizers, salads and pizzas - is half-off. There’s a gluten-free menu almost as extensive. Signature cocktails like the Grapefruit Basil Fizz or fruity sangria pair perfectly with Italian dishes like bruschetta and Fried Risotto Arancini. Come on a Monday and you can keep the happiest hours rolling with 25 percent off bottles of wine all night. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-6p. The deal: Half-off small plates and pizzas, half-off cocktails, half-off wine pours regularly priced under $9, half-off beer, half-off select liquor. Must eat: Veal Braised Meatball: Scoop some onto the table ciabatta bread and make a mini meatball sandwich. Must drink: Strawberry Balsamic Martini: It’s coated with a thick lemon foam almost like a sorbet and topped with a fresh strawberry.

Never thought I would see pork rinds in a fancy restaurant.

With Food Specials, Happy Hours Just Got Happier

The Pearl Named and known for its oysters, The Pearl has plenty more to offer for early happy hour-goers with 12 menu items priced at $2, $3 and $4. Five of the offerings are happy hour exclusives. Several selections are eminently shareable, like the mini corn dogs and cheese-dusted pork rinds. The rotating selection of specialty punches and classic cocktails has something for every taste, and with a certified cicerone bar manager, you can expect to find great beers on tap and in bottles, too. At half-off, some of them (looking at you, St. Bernardus Abt 12) are a damn good deal. Happy hours: Monday-Friday, 4p-6p. The deal: $2/$3/$4 small plates. Half-off cocktails, half-off drafts, half-off spirits and bottled beer regularly priced under $9. Must eat: Short Rib Sloppy Joe: Nothing like your mom’s Sloppy Joe, unless your mom’s was awesome. Topped with juicy pickles and a homemade coleslaw, it’s only available during happy hour. Must drink: Ramos Gin Fizz: Watershed Bourbon Barrel Gin, lemon and lime juice, egg white, orange flower water. may 2014


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Cleveland Monday Broadway Farmers Market: Every week, 4p-7p, from June 23-Sept 29 at Broadway Avenue just south of E 55th St. slavicvillage.org/farmersmarket. Tuesday Tremont Farmers Market: Every week, 4p-7p, from April 1 to Sept 30 at Lincoln Park on W 14th Street. www.tremontfarmersmarket.com.


Wednesday Coit Road Farmers Market: Every week, 10a-1p, from April to November at 14950 Woodworth Rd, East Cleveland. www.coitmarket.org.

Farmers Markets Offer the Season’s Eatings

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Market: Every week, 10:30a-1:30p, from June 4 to Oct 15 at Crile Mall, E 100th Street between Carnegie and Euclid avenues. www.northunionfarmersmarket.org.

by Outlook Ohio

Gordon Square Market: Every week,

Summers in Ohio make winters in Ohio almost worth it. And one of the best things about summers in Ohio is the connection that occurs between small farms and big cities at farmers markets all over the state. Many of them kick into action during May and June. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest and best. You can find even more at the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website, www.ohioproud.org/markets.


may 2014


Tuesday Pearl Market: Every Tuesday, 10:30a2p, May 20 through October at Pearl Alley between Broad and Gay streets, Downtown. www.downtowncolumbus.com/pearlmarket.

4p-7p, from June 4 to Sept 24 at the Cleveland Public Theatre parking lot on Detroit Avenue. www.gordonsquaremarket.org.

Coit Road Farmers Market: Every week, 8a-1p, from April to November at 14950 Woodworth Rd, East Cleveland. www.coitmarket.org.

Thursday Playhouse Square/Cleveland State University Market: Every week, 10:30a-1:30p, from June 12 to Oct 2 at Star Plaza, E 14th Street and Euclid Avenue. www.northunionfarmersmarket.org.

Lakewood Farmers Market: Every week, 10a-1p, from June 28 to Oct 11 on Detroit Avenue between Cook Avenue and Warren Road. FB: Lakewood Farmers Market.

Strongsville Farmers Market: Every week, 2p-6p, from Aug 7 to Oct 2 at City Hall, 13213 Pearl Rd. www.strongsville.org.

Frostville Farmers Market: Every week, 9a-1p, from May 3 through late October at the Frostville Museum, 24101 Cedar Point Rd, North Olmsted. www.frostvillefarmersmarket.com.

Friday Downtown Farmers Market: Every week, 11a-2p, from June to October in Public Square. www.downtownclevelandmarket.org. FB: Broadway Farmers Market.

Sunday Chagrin Falls Farmers Market: Every week, 10a-1p, from June 1 to Oct 26 at Bandstand Triangle Park, N Main and N Franklin streets. www.northunionfarmersmarket.org.

Saturday Shaker Square Market: Every week, 8a-noon, from April to December at Shaker Square. www.northunionfarmersmarket.org.

Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market: Every week, 10a-1p, from June 8 to Oct 11 at W 168th Street and Lorain Avenue. www.kammscornersfarmersmarket.org.

Lane and W Dunedin Road. clintonvillefarmersmarket.org.

week, 8a-3p, from May to November at 59 Spruce St in the Arena District. www.northmarket.com.

Thursday Nationwide Downtown Farmers Market: Every week, 11a-1:30p, July 10 to Oct 23 at Nationwide Boulevard and N High Street, Downtown. www.pearlalleygrowers.com.

Wednesday Uptown Westerville Farmers Market: Every week, 3p-6p, from May 7 to Oct 29 at E Home and N State streets. www.marketwednesday.com.

Easton Farmers Market: Every week, 4p-7p, from June 5 to Aug 28 at 160 Easton Town Center. www.eastonfarmersmarket.org.

Upper Arlington Farmers Market: Every week, 3p-6p, from May 14 to Sept 24 at the Upper Arlington Senior Center, 1945 Ridgeview Rd. www.uaoh.net.

Hilliard Farm Market: Every week, 4p-7p, from June 3 to Sept. 9 at Wayne and Center streets in downtown Hilliard. www.hilliardfarmmarket.com.

Franklin Park Conservatory: Every week, 3:30p-6:30p, June 4 to Oct 3 on the conservatory grounds at 1777 E Broad St, Olde Towne. www.fpconservatory.org.

Friday Pearl Market: Every Friday, 10:30a2p, May 23 through October at Pearl Alley between Broad and Gay streets, Downtown. www.downtowncolumbus.com/pearlmarket.

Clintonville Farmers Market: Every week, 4p-7p, from June 18 to Aug 20 on N High Street between Orchard

Saturday North Market Farmers Market: Every

Corn for everyone!

Grove City: Every week, 8a-noon, from May 10 to Sept 13 at the Town Center. www.gcchamber.org. Clintonville Farmers Market: Every week, 9a-noon, from late April to late November on N High Street between Orchard Lane and W Dunedin Road. clintonvillefarmersmarket.org. Worthington Outdoor Farmers Market: Every week, 9a-noon, from May 3 through October in Uptown Worthington. www.worthingtonfarmersmarket.blogspot.com. Grandview Avenue Farmers Market: Every week, 10a-1p, from July 5 to Oct 25 in Grandview Heights. www.pearlalleygrowers.com. 400 Farmers Market: Second and fourth week of every month from 11a2p at 400 W Rich St in Franklinton. 400westrich.com. outlookohio.com

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Columbus Arts Fest kicks off Columbus’s festival season. Corn dogs for everyone!

may 2014


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feature by Erin McCalla

Best Columbus Patios

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out Central Ohio’s first snowfall was on Oct 23, Who Knew? and its last (fingers crossed) came on April 15. Best Hidden Gem Patio In that span of time, we had 56.4 inches of Exile, 893 N 4th St, Italian Village snow and seven days where the temperature was zero degrees or colder. Have you ever had this exchange? That’s basically half a year in winter clothes.

Come on Baby Light My Fire - Best Patio With a Fire Pit

Seventh Son Brewing Co, 1101 N 4th St, Italian Village

“Hey, after you get your drink, come out to the patio.”

There’s a communal feeling when you gather ’round a campThere were moments this winter when it was fire to share stories while throwhard to imagine sitting on a patio and drinking “This place has a patio?” ing back a few cold ones. Luckily a cold beer. Would that day ever come again? at Seventh Son, you and your pint I know I have. There are of Golden Ratio IPA can cozy up to Of course it did; it always does. And with those bars around this city that I the fire without the having to sleep warmer temps, the city’s restaurant and bar have visited multiple times with your head on the ground patios are alive again. before learning they have afterward. I mean, I Club Divers an outdoor space. Maybe guess that could ity Here are our favorites by category. it’s because I’m not a happen anyway if smoker; I don’t know. you drink too much, Good Things Come in Small but I was referring Packages - Best Tiny Patio Not only did I not know Exile’s patio existed, to camping. Sevbut it’s one of the best in the city, hands Bodega, 1044 N High St, Short North enth Son is a twodown. First off, it’s massive. (It’s gotta be if for-one deal, Have you ever walked by Bodega on a nice af- you want to accommodate all those because there are bears after they play softball ternoon? I bet it was packed to patios with picnic d a e h n Braze on Sundays.) Secondly, it’s the gills with hipsters drinking tables in both landscaped, and downright their fancy craft beers, wasn’t it? front and back of the bar. lovely. Judging by the amount of mustache wax, you would probably Runner Up: Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W 3rd Ave, It’s a stark difference to the Grandview think that the patio space was dark interior (which I also more than the length of a fix-gear love). The reason I deem it Honorable Mentions: The Tavern, 899 Oak St, road bike. And since no one seems the best hidden gem is be- Old Towne East; Bar Louie, 504 N Park St, to mind standing beanbags to cause when walking into bellybuttons, it tops our list. Arena District Exile the mostly windowless bar, you would not imagine such an expansive and Let’s have a Kiki Runner Up: Little Rock, 944 N 4th open outdoor space. I audibly “whoa-ed” when I Best Patio to See St, Italian Village saw it. and Be Seen Honorable Mention: The Rack, 1605 W 5th Ave, Union Café, 782 N High St, Short Runner Up: Jimmy V’s, 1788 W 5th Ave, GrandGrandview North view Honorable Mention: Happy Greek, 660 N High St, Short North

Basi Italia Café is the place to park it if you want to run into someone you know. Heck, even in the winter months, you can find gaggles of gays planted on the brick ledges. Tip: Get a seat nearest High Street and you’re guaranteed the perfect spot for people-watching from any angle. Runner Up: Three Legged Mare, 401 N Front St, Arena District Honorable Mentions: Mojo Lounge, 600 N High St, Short North; La Fogata, 790 N High St, Short North; Eleven, 591 N High St, Short North

Lay Off Me, I m Starving Best Patio to Grab a Bite Brazenhead, 1027 W 5th Ave, Grandview After drinking strong ale and porter inside, plop yourself on the patio of this Irish pub and order the fish and chips - or the $4 burgers on Wednesdays. With ivy growing up the brick walls and lampposts providing soft mood lighting, it’s oddly cozy for such an ample space. Runner Up: Michael’s Goody Boy Diner, 1144 N High St, Short North

With the elevated patio located on High Street, smack dab in the middle of the Short North, Union

Honorable Mentions: Red Door Tavern, 1736 W 5th Ave, Grandview; Red Brick Tap & Grill, 292 E Gates St, Merion Village; The Crest, 2855 Indianola Ave, Clintonville

Seventh Son


may 2014

We thought patio season would never get here.


OUTLOOKmay2014.pg30-31.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 3:59 AM Page 2

Romance Is in the Air Best Date Patio

Best The Whole Place Is a Patio Patio

Basi Italia, 811 Highland St, Victorian Village

Park Street Patio, 533 Park St, Arena District

I guess I should clarify: This is where I would like to be taken on a date. (It’s been a while.) With the lush greenery and the romantic lighting overhead, I would even go as far as describing Basi Italia’s patio with a word I don’t usually use: intimate. But that’s exactly what it is. It’s an intimate setting to go on a date, and then hopefully that intimacy will translate elsewhere. (All right, that’s enough.)

For God’s sake, “patio” is in the bar’s name. How could we not pick it? The Arena District’s Front Street bars don’t have the best reputation for being LGBTinclusive, but rumor has it the new owners of Park Street Patio are looking to change that image.


Incidentally, this is where Outlook’s Big Gay Dance Party will be held this year. Look for details in the June issue. Runner Up: Out-R-Inn, 20 E Frambes Ave, University District

Honorable Mention: Park Street CanRunner Up: o tina, 491 N High St, Arena District; Pint Park St. Pati Barcelona, 263 E House (open the roof and the whole Whittier St, German Village building is a beer garden), 780 N High St, Short North Honorable Mentions: M at Miranova, 2 Miranova Place, Downtown; Haiku, 800 N High St, Been There, Done That Short North; Lindey’s, 169 E Beck St, German Most Overrated Patios Village Brothers Bar & Grill, 477 Park St, Arena District

Feels Like Home - Best This Patio Is a Backyard Patio Club Diversity, 863 S High St, Brewery District It’s not surprising that drinking outside at Club D is like drinking at a pal’s; the bar is a renovated house. You can grab a chocolate martini and a basket of popcorn (don’t knock the combo until you’ve tried it) and head out back to the Adirondack chairs - it’s really homey.

While Park Street Patio may be trying to change its image, Brothers seems to keep with the status quo. While the patio is huge and certainly has potential, the weekend clientele keeps me from darkening the door. Runner Up: Gaswerks, 487 Park St, Arena District


Runner Up: Mike’s Grill, 724 N High St, Short North Honorable Mention: AWOL, 49 Parsons Ave, Old Towne East

Union Café outlookohio.com

Hurry up and enjoy the patios before it gets too hot!

may 2014


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may 2014

Want to capture the moment? Have Emma take your pictures!


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insightout by Regina Sewell

When the Elephant Poops You Can’t Always See It in the Room, but Substance Abuse Signs Pile Up You can’t always see the elephant in the room.

tion, there’s a mental accounting process that makes their behavior hard to see.

Substance abuse is rarely obvious, at least not at the beginning. Addicts don’t start out shooting heroin in an abandoned house filled with homeless addicts who are stealing to support their habit. Many people who abuse alcohol never hit bottom or end up on the streets like the stereotypical Skid Row “bum.”

Every time any of us does some thing “norOne sign that your partner, friend or child has mal,” it’s like we are depositing points into a a substance-abuse problem is that he or she conformity account. When we slip up and do has begun to neglect responsibilities. Your or say something that deviates, we lose partner might start missing work because she points. The amount of points we lose is drunk or high or hung over. Your depends on the visibility and friend might skip out on social seriousness of the “offunctions because they in“Most fense.” terfere with his drinking or using, or because people carry a Most people carry a he was drunk or significant balance at significant balhigh and forgot. ance at the conYour child might the conformity bank, so formity bank, so it start flunking it usually takes a while usually takes a classes or missing while to drain the school. to drain the account. account.” Legal problems are anMost of us also are motiother sign of alcohol or drug vated to not acknowledge beabuse. Arrests for driving under havior that’s out of the norm because the influence or drunk and disorderly conwe’re afraid our acknowledgement will come duct should be bright red flags. Financial back to bite us in the butt. If you acknowledge problems or legal problems stemming from the fact that your partner, close friend or child embezzlement, shoplifting, burglary or selling abuses alcohol or drugs, you might have to stolen goods might be indicators as well. look at your own substance or alcohol abuse or admit that you are codependent. Other clues are deteriorating personal appearance or grooming habits, mood swings, irriYou can’t always see the elephant in the tability, angry outbursts, or sudden changes room, but that elephant poops. And usuin friends, hobbies and hangouts.

More likely, addiction begins with taking prescription pain medication, or drinking or taking drugs with a group of friends. Many people dabble but never get hooked. Contrary to the stereotypes, many alcohol- and drug-abusers are quite functional. They go to work. They go to family events. They hold it together in public and hide their addictions. They don’t get rip-roaring drunk when they go out for drinks with their co-workers. They don’t go to training seminars stoned out of their minds. And if they do stagger into things and hurt themselves, they can provide a plausible explanation or pass it off as a funny story. And because so many people who abuse alcohol and other substances can funcoutlookohio.com

ally it’s the poop, piled up, that gives the elephant away.

Does anyone use the term pink elephant anymore?

If your partner, friend or child has a drug or alcohol problem, the best thing you can do is stop feeding the elephant and shoveling the poop. Stop accepting lame excuses for missed commitments. Don’t call in sick for them at work or let them off the hook for skipping chores they’re supposed to do. Don’t give them money or let them get away with stealing from you. And set and keep firm boundaries around what you’re willing to tolerate. You can say, “I won’t talk to you when you’re drunk. So if you call and you seem impaired, I’m going to get off the phone.” And finally, it’s important to accept that you can’t make them stop abusing substances. While you can tell them about your concerns, pouring out their vodka or throwing out their pills, shaming them or lecturing them will just frustrate both of you and give them a reason to use out of resentment or defiance. To ask Regina Sewell a question, propose a column topic, read about her approach to counseling, or check out her books and other writing, go to www.ReginaSewell.com. may 2014


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the other side by Debra Shade

‘I Am Enough’ Kye Allums to Share Message of Hope at Trans & Ally Symposium

The perception that “trans” only happens when you begin hormones or complete surgery is a falsity that tears down and destroys youth, Kye Allums believes. No one should feel as if they are not enough. Thus, his Project I Am Enough utilizes artistic projects to bring out the greatness within, letting others know that their lives matter and that they are enough. Allums, who in 2010 came out as the first openly transgender athlete at a major U.S. college, will be a keynote speaker at TransOhio’s sixth Trans & Ally Symposium, May 30 to June 1 in Columbus at OSU’s Ohio Union. (See more about the lineup on Page 12.) I was excited to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Allums via telephone recently and discussed not only his mantra, “I Am Enough,” but also how he became an advocate for the youth. I asked his advice to conservatives and all of the members in the trans community. Allums, who studied and played basketball at George Washington University, says he fell into the role of advocate. His personal journey of self-identification led him to watching videos of folks who were transgender, but that 34

may 2014

left him feeling even more like an outsider. He felt that he didn’t look like or behave like those he saw and that he must not be trans or “trans enough.” This led him to look deeper into himself, and he found that indeed he was “trans enough” that he was enough - and this realization led to his ability to speak to others and encourage them to realize they are enough, too. Project I Am Enough is Kye’s brainchild, and as founder and creative director, he advocates for the youth in the trans community by ensuring that they understand there is no such thing as being “not trans enough,” that your body doesn’t define your sexuality, your mind does. Being an advocate and public speaker was not his original journey, which included getting a master’s in fine arts and then in architecture, but after so many messages on his Facebook and other social media sites from young people expressing their hope and pride in him for being out on this journey, it inspired him to reach back and speak up. Kye spoke of the struggles in the community for not being accepted as you are, feeling as if you’re not transgender if you’re FtM (female to male) or MtF (male to female) and the mind

does not match the body parts. It can lead to an internal struggle that is most often overbearing. His advice to the community is to find your self-worth and value. This alone will get individuals to realize that, indeed, they are enough. I also had the chance to speak with new TransOhio board member Arykah Carter about the upcoming symposium and what she hopes to accomplish as a member of the board. Arykah lives in Cincinnati and works with Covenant Ministries. She also is writing a personal memoir tentatively titled, Beautiful Struggle, which is scheduled to be released this year. The story will tell of her very nontraditional journey of transition. She said she hopes the Trans & Ally Symposium might be held in other cities in the future. “There are many members of the community who can’t travel to Columbus, and having the event in other cities will encourage a blending of other resources already in place,” she said. She also hopes more organizations supporting

Who remembers awsome hair band Enuff Z'nuff? Fly High Michelle... Fly High.

the trans community in Ohio will work together and share resources. Kye said trans organizations in his home state of New York work well together. He agreed that it is always helpful for organizations to cross resources and reach any and all seeking guidance. “I have been able to work with many of the organizations here in order to help those around me,” he said. I asked Kye what his advice would be to anyone who doesn’t identify with the purposes behind TransOhio and members in the trans community. “My concepts would be the same: Realize your value, and you will find that you are enough. You can be given many different definitions that others may put on you, but this does not make it you.” His advice to other advocates or those who wish to become advocates: “Take care of yourself.” Helping means having the strength to carry another’s problem and “you can’t help someone if you are not strong enough to do so.” Debra Shade is an author and owner of Shade Media in Columbus. You can find her on Facebook at Shadyontop or follow her on Twitter @shadeyontop. outlookohio.com

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Wine and politics... mmmmmmmm.

may 2014


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the mario and debbie show

Mario Spoon. Forks are challenging and you can only get so much food on a fork.

Cheap eats is my favorite thing to do! I love El Camino and Dirty Franks - both are consistent, and both have variety. Hubby and I can have a decent meal at either restaurant for under $20. I like the options that both places give you in order to enhance your order, and both places have non-meat options, too.

Who wears white? Shit, I don’t. I am not a bride. I am a big guy, and my spirit is heavily infused with Morticia Addams. Plus, no one knows what underpants to wear under white.

My nickname in college was Mo, because my frat brothers called me Mo. I have no idea why.

Public and smelly Kids pee in them all summer Porn pool shoots are grand may 2014


Fork or Spoon?

What is your favorite Columbus “cheap eats” and why?

Are you asking what I do in bed? Because it usually starts as fork and ends with spoon.

I’m afraid to disclose my absolute favorite because it’s a delicious Chinese buffet on the South Side. I also love Dirty Franks because of its menu items, people-watching and overall coolness factor!

Personally, this girl is no white-wearing, short-skirting, spandex-sporting doll, so I am not sure my opinion counts. I am not Queen Latifah or J-Lo (they both look so HOT in white). But if people want to wear white whenever - go for it. Just make sure you have undergarments on, OK?

Do you believe in wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day?

Cher. She is one of the reasons I get to keep my gay card - and Motley Crue and Alice Cooper. I love a good rock concert, and I have seen Motley Crue before, and they can put on a show. I have been to all four of Cher’s retirement shows, and they never disappoint.



I really want to see Lionel Richie (don’t make fun, young ones) What because he is the original, smoothest, coolest, swaggiest crooner summer of all time. He will be appearing at the Riverbend in Cincinnati on concert June 22. Unfortunately, that is also Columbus Pride weekend and series are I’m not missing out on all the local musicians you looking forward who will be playing here. Other acts coming to to? Cbus that I would love to see include B.B. King at

What was your high school nickname? Haiku: Swimming Pool Who are Mario and Debbie, anyway?

the LC in May, Heart at the State Fair in July, Steely Dan at the Palace Theatre in August and Fleetwood Mac at Nationwide Arena in October. My generation rocks!

With the poets, smokers and metal kids, I was “Rayne.” With the artists, choir and geek kids, I was “Bubbles.” With the rest of the student body, I was “Cindy’s little sister.” Yup, some of you may know what it is like to be the shadow sibling of a popular older one. P.S. Debbie Dash came about in my 20s and is still my nickname to this day.

Like giant soup pot Mixture of people bobbing Is that a Snickers? outlookohio.com

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Check out other great patios and happy hours on Pages 24 and 30.

may 2014


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may 2014

Spring Facials is the name of Chad’s new one-man show.


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creative class by Bryan Cole

Cock-a-doodle doo In ‘Cock,’ Characters Think With Both Heads Rarely does a play’s title have much capacity to a crossroads in his life. When his two love inshock. terests demand he pick just one of them, John is forced to choose a partner. The twist? His Shakespeare’s plays were often given simple choices are his estranged boyfriend, “M,” and names based on leading characters, like Mac- his new girlfriend, “W.” beth or Hamlet or Romeo & Juliet. Contemporary theater has gravitated toward simple, The simple initials used to differentiate John’s thematically descriptive titles, like John Patrick paramours are a perfect fit for the strippedShanley’s Doubt and David Auburn’s Proof. down aesthetic of the play. One of Cock’s pivotal questions is which person John will pick, So what happens when a playwright seeks to and the on-the-nose names never let you forget describe his lead character, his themes and his that his choice is about gender as much as setting all in one word - and reclaim his ability personality. to shock as well? So isn’t John just bisexual? Cock’s writer isn’t He calls his play Cock. so sure, and Short is reluctant to put a label on John’s relationships. For Available Light Theatre’s 2013-14 season, Ian Short decided to perform the acclaimed “The play doesn’t give an answer,” Short adplay by Mike Bartlett, one of the rising stars of mits. “We still use terms from the ’60s, and Britain’s arts scene. For Short, who will be di- John’s like, ‘Why do I have to conform?’… recting the play, the choice was about fulfilling When he came out, he was patted on the back Available Light’s mission statement. and became someone different,” even though he didn’t really change. “We want to create a more passionate community,” he said. In some ways, the anxiety John feels is indicative of the stress that rigid sexual identities The theater company’s members read huncan cause. And what does it matter who John dreds of scripts each year, and the especially ends up with, so long as he’s happy? striking plays are singled out. It’s easy to see why Cock caught their eyes. Themes of love and identity are ripe for exploring, and Short utilizes an unadorned set to unThe play focuses on John, an indecisive lover at derpin his ideas. The sparsely decorated, outlookohio.com

theater-in-the-round setting makes the performance uncomfortably similar to watching a cockfight, except the ferocious birds have been replaced with warring lovers. Verbal barbs have been subbed in for pecking beaks. Along with the arena-style set, the lack of elaborate costumes helps to showcase the raw quality of the characters’ emotions. When people are in the midst of a heated argument, clothing and surroundings tend to vanish, leaving only bruised egos and hurt feelings.

But don’t let the bare-bones sensibility fool you. What Cock lacks in visual extravagance it makes up for in thoughtfulness. As an indecisive lover caught between two people, John’s soul-searching will ring true for LGBT folks, and young people in general. Youth often go through identity crises, and our culture’s avoidance of LGBT characters in media only exacerbates the problem. The inclusion of bisexual themes is part of what made the play jump out at Short.

“They’re willing to deliver some pretty nasty blows,” Short said.

Love triangles have been a mainstay of theater for centuries, and yet the opportunity to explore In what is perhaps its most unique feature, bisexuality remains largely untouched. Instead, Cock calls for an expressionistic physicality not most plays - as well as films and literature often seen in live theater. In the play’s sex prefer for two women to be sparring over a scenes, for example, the actors don’t touch man, or for a woman to be pursued by two each other, but rather talk through their experi- men. ence together. By turning the trope on its head, Cock sucShort’s decision to reduce sex to its purely emo- ceeds in portraying an identity that is often tional foundation complements the play’s lack made invisible, even by the LGBT community. of props and simple set design. Cock is about digging deep into the characters’ entangled re- Cock, May 8-24 @ Riffe Center Studio One, 77 S High St, Columbus, 43215. Showtimes lationships, and the normal trappings of theare 8p on May 8-10, 16-17, 22-24 and 2p ater would be a distraction. “It just comes down to the actors talking to each other,” Short said. “There’s almost nothing between the actors and the audience.”

So many cock jokes, so few headlines.

on May 18. Tickets are $20.50, with a limited number of Pay-What-You-Want tickets at the door. More info at avltheatre.com may 2014


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creative class by Bryan Cole

Local Woodturner Returns to Columbus Arts Festival Devon Palmer is excited to talk about wood. “It’s my passion and I love sharing it with others,” he says effusively on his website. Palmer, a local woodturner (they cut and shape wood on a lathe), is collaborating with the Columbus Arts Festival for the second year in a row. Despite being a seasoned fixture of the city’s art scene, participating in the festival never gets old. “It’s a great way to get the word out about local crafters and artisans,” he said. The Columbus Arts Festival will run Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8 along the Scioto Mile in Downtown Columbus. Palmer will be stationed at the Big Local Art Tent at 2nd and Main streets, where artists will demonstrate their crafts and host make-and-take projects. Palmer will help festival-goers make their own wooden pens for $20.

Proceeds from the event will go toward the Columbus Idea Foundry, where Palmer has served as an instructor for six years. Part workshop and part learning center, the space off 5th Avenue has a large collection of expensive tools that are available to members. The building hosts a number of activities from welding to laseretching to glass-making. “We’re kind of like a gym with power tools,” he said. The Idea Foundry’s commitment to expanding access to workshop equipment is what makes it one of the keystones of the Columbus art community, in Palmer’s estimation. Art thrives when more people are able to participate. “It gets you access to tools that you really couldn’t afford otherwise,” he said.

He’ll be right there to provide guidance, but he’s quick to note that anyone can do it.

Which brings Palmer back to the events at this year’s Columbus Arts Festival. Handcrafting a pen is a perfect introduction to woodturning, and it provides a taste of something few people have been able to try.

“It’s super simple - like the gateway drug to woodturning,” he joked.

“It’s great for people who want to enrich themselves ... or are a bit adventurous,” he said.

The Columbus Arts Festival June 6-8 @ Scioto Mile, Downtown Columbus 11a-10:30p Friday 11a-10:30p Saturday 11a-5p Sunday 40

may 2014

Devon is one of a handful of LGBT artists displaying/demonstrating their craft at the Arts Fest. Check them out!


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We just melt over the Crew players.

may 2014


42-43 DEEP OUTLOOK 2014.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/21/14 11:31 PM Page 1


may 2014

Nina is really the gift that gives all year. So far she’s raised over $600,000 for charities.


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deep inside hollywood by Romeo San Vicente Gay/Not-Gay James Franco Goes Ex-Gay in Latest Role

back to pretending to be gay, and also ex-gay - in movies, anyway.

The whole Instagram thing where he may or may have hit on a 17-year-old girl? Then the whole thing of how that might have been an elaborate hoax? Those were our favorite James Franco headlines of then.

Currently on Broadway in Of Mice and Men, Franco’s headed back to films this summer in a new feature from Gus Van Sant. The untitled project is based on the experience of Michael Glatze, a gay activist who chose to live as heterosexual after a health scare and a religious conversion.

Our favorite James Franco headline of now is that he’s

Now married to a woman and living relatively quietly in Wyoming, Glatze once worked on the staff of a 1990s gay youth magazine, XY. Van Sant and Franco will begin shooting in July for a 2015 release. We think it should be called Interior. Church Pot Luck.

Hollywood Plans a Second Take on Stonewall Story

Ben Stiller a Possibility for Chippendales Movie I Am Chippendale, the film to be written and directed by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood), will tell the outlandish life story of the late Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an immigrant who came to Los Angeles, pumped gas, then ran a nightclub that would evolve into the Chippendales brand, which sparked the male strip club craze of the 1980s. Adapting the screenplay from the Rodney Sheldon book, Ball is now in talks with Ben Stiller, who might sign on to play choreographer Nick de Noia, the man Banerjee was arrested for murdering in the late ’80s. More casting is in the works, so when we learn which young male actors will be taking off their clothes for this one, you’ll be dutifully informed.

Madonna Takes Her Third Strike, err, Try at Directing

Stonewall, the 1995 indie hit starring Guillermo Diaz (Scandal), told the Madonna’s first feature film as director, 2008’s Filth and stories of a group of gay men who Wisdom, was so bad that the official publicity line now is lived through that important histori- that it never existed. cal uprising. Seriously, just check around the Internet for people callWell, guess what? Now another movie ing W.E. her directorial debut in 2011, as though saying about the Stonewall riots is on the way, it enough times will erase history. And unfortunately, and it’s called Stonewall, too. Because though W.E. was leaps and bounds better than Filth, it, nobody has any ideas left in their heads. too, suffered a critical and commercial drubbing. Or something. Is that stopping Madonna from continuing her quest to Acclaimed playwright/screenwriter Jon make movies? Yeah, right, silly question. Robin Baitz (The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters) has penned the script, and powerThe Material Auteur will shoot Ade: A Love Story, based player Roland Emmerich (Independence on the novel by Rebecca Walker. In it, a female college Day) has signed on to direct. There’s no student falls in love with a young Swahili man and the cast yet, but we’ll keep you intwo prepare to live together in Kenya, only to find their formed as that moves along. plans disrupted by civil war. Regarding the title, we prefer something that shouts out to the drag queens and hustlers who actually did the fighting, but maybe this is all about that synergy thing marketers talk about. As long as nobody has to fight aliens or the apocalypse, we’ll be satisfied with any level of historical accuracy. outlookohio.com

Producer Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, Silver Linings Playbook, Milk) is in the middle of the financing stage, with a script to follow. But be sure of this: Ms. Ciccone doesn’t sit around letting people tell her she’s not good enough. She goes and does it. And at this rate, eventually she’ll make a film that people will want to watch.

Romeo San Vicente has therapeutically assisted a lot of ex-gays. He can be reached at DeepInsideHollywood@qsyndicate.com.

To Franco or not to Franco, that is the question. Well, not really... it would be to Franco.

may 2014


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interview by Erin McCalla photo: Brad Thomas Ackley

UHH, Yeah

Uh Huh Her Heads to Columbus with New Release, ‘Future Souls’

Electronic pop duo Uh Huh Her hit the road on April 27 to promote its recent release, Future Souls. The group will stop in Columbus on May 10 to perform at the A&R Music Bar, 391 Neil Ave at the Lifestyles Communities Pavilion.

to dance?” [Laughs] So it’s nice to amazed by. Especially back in ’80s hear some confirmation. That’s good. when we didn’t have as much computer technology, they would have to EM: How to think Future Souls com- actually make those sounds with ospares to your previous albums? cillators and program them. Now we CG: I hate to be trite and say it was can just hit a button. I love that more fun, but it was. It was truly sound, and I wanted to revisit that on more of a cathartic process to write it this record in a more pop way. Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey will at our own pace ... I think that’s why stick around after the show to meet it comes across as being a little more EM: Have you played any Pride festheir fans. (Doors open at 7p; tickets chill than our other efforts that we tivals? are $18 in advance through Ticketpreviously had. I think we wanted to CG: They are super fun! We’ve done master.) go back to our electronic roots, too. Chicago; we’ve done one in Florida. We’ve done LA Pride which was reWe spoke with Camila Grey (lead vo- EM: I know you got your name from ally, really cool. We were super honcals, guitar, keyboard) by phone dur- a PJ Harvey album, but whom else ored to do that one. ... They [Prides] ing a break from her rehearsals in LA do you cite as influences? are some of the best shows we’ve and talked about the new album, the CG: Gosh. I grew up on Depeche played because the crowds are phetour and how UHH wants to be deMode and weirdly, Whitney Houston. nomenal and excited and they treat fined: And a lot of hip hop, a lot of Eurous really well. pean bands, a lot of the UK bands. I Erin McCalla: First off, I want to tell love stuff like Iggy Pop, The Smiths, EM: Do you get a lot L Word fans at you that I really like Future Souls; Morrissey - all that kind of stuff. your shows? [Bandmate Leisha HaiI’ve been listening to it all week. Leisha, I think, is more on the ley played Alice Pieszecki on the Camila Grey: Thank you, I appreciate acoustic side of things ... a little less series.] that! electronic. CG: Yeah. [Laughs] Oh, yeah. EM: I like it because it’s chill, but it also makes me want to dance. Is that the vibe you were going for? CG: Yeah, we were worried. We were like, “Are we the only ones who want 44

may 2014

EM: I was actually thinking Depeche Mode when I was listening to Future Souls. CG: I love their synth work. Everything Martin Gore does, I’m baffled by and

EM: I would imagine. But do you even consider yourself a lesbian band? When I go park my car, I don’t gay park it - I just park it. And that’s kind

of how I feel about being a musician. I don’t feel like a “female musician,” and I certainly don’t feel like a “lesbian band.” We don’t make “lesbian music.” I don’t even know what that sounds like.

about their music, not their “gay music.”

It’s such a box to me. We happen to be two gay women in a band, so that would technically maybe make us a “lesbian band”? But do you know what I mean? It’s so tricky.

EM: I’m sure there are bands out there that embrace it, and more power to them. But it’s definitely hard to navigate. CG: Yeah, I think it is. We embrace it, but we want to be seen as musicians, not just “the gay band.”

EM: But because you are two gay women, I would assume you have a loyal lesbian following and you are appreciative of that. CG: Absolutely. It’s a tricky thing politically, too. Because you don’t want to sound unappreciative of your following or who you are. But when it comes to the music, and when it comes to being in a band, we are just two girls in a band, who play music.

I have a big chip ... well, not a chip on my shoulder about it, but I certainly think it’s a tricky subject.

EM: Was it hard to go from being just bandmates to both bandmates and girlfriends? CG: It seemed weirdly like a natural transition, because we spent so much time together anyway as people doing business together that being in a relationship together was an added bonus. We were able to spend a lot of time together and hang out and then tour together ... It actually made it quite a bit easier, to be honest.

We get pigeon-holed by the press quite often. I think a really good example of being a gay band and being beyond that is Tegan and Sara. EM: It’s kind of like a fairytale! They are beyond being “the gay CG: Totally! It was a little chaotic, but band.” They do music press and talk eventually became really great.

If you need something for UHH to sign after their show, take this article!


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bookmark by Bob Vitale

Getting Real

Janet Mock’s Memoir Speaks to, for Trans People Janet Mock cautions that her memoir, Redefining Realness, is not a how-to guide for transgender women.

photo: emma parker


may 2014

that I had as a young person.

let’s not pretend that the girls don’t know. They know what they’re doing, know where to get the needles [for hormone injections]. It sucks that you have to do that, but systems are built in resistance to the systems that are not built for us.

That leads trans women to not being able to support themselves in the traditional economy. So In it, the 31-year-old writer opens they go to underground up about topics not covered in a economies like the drug trade or 2011 Marie Claire article in which sex work to make the money that she came out publicly as a trans they need to support themselves woman. Talk about realness: In and to get the medical care that On treatment within the health the 263-page memoir, Mock they need to get these needles system... writes about a “cocoon of supand to get these pharmaceutical My most traumatic experiences portive friends” but also about drugs online. have not been with the cops or bullying and violence and sex with the people I engaged in sex work as a teen in Hawaii to raise You have to have money for that. work with. It has been in the med$7,000 for gender-confirmation It’s so deeply linked. ical arena. surgery in Thailand as soon as she turned 18. Of course, there’s many trans I remember one time I went to the women who don’t engage in that emergency room, and I remember The revelations make her a more way. I had a job at the mall. I tried having to tell the nurse that admired champion for checked me in that I was trans. transgender people, ... She went out of that room particularly trans ... and she went and told the “Words mean a lot to women of color who are entire emergency floor. Conthe most marginalized fidentiality sometimes does me. I don’t necessarily and victimized of a not exist. community that suffers agree about languagedisproportionately from On words and language... phobia and violence. policing people. I feel that’s [Language] is important to me. I think that’s why I had not my job, but I will be re- that huge moment with Mock spoke at Columbus’s Garden Theater in Piers Morgan. spected. How I define will April. The appearance was arranged in just I feel like we’re having argube respected.” five days after a request ments, this debate on televifrom TransOhio board sion about language and -Janet Mock member Cherno Biko, definitions, our right to selfbut the room was packed define, declaring for ourselves when the two women discussed it. It wasn’t going to get me my our identities. That’s something acceptance, respect, desire and surgery or what I needed, so I I’ve been very clear about fighting issues such as the state of trans went into sex work. for. medical care. On trans medical care... Words mean a lot to me. I don’t On sharing her story... I think we have to talk about necessarily agree about lanIn terms of public vulnerability, I class. Certain people have access guage-policing people. I feel feel like I’ve experienced that my to get premium health care - and that’s not my job, but I will be reentire life, ever since I was young health care. Poor people across spected. How I define will be reand vocal and adamant about my the board don’t have access to spected. identity and gender expression as that. a child ... daring to be who I was On trans desire... in spaces where I was told that I For some people, $150 to go ... I feel like I experienced it in sex couldn’t express my identity as a have someone gate-keep you and work, because the clients who queer child. then give you the stamp of apcame to me were definitely atproval to get trans medical care tracted to a very specific kind of On trans women in sex work... is probably nothing. For other woman, and they wanted that We can’t have a discussion about people it’s a lot of money. I didn’t woman to have a penis. ... I hear marginalized women engaging in have that money. I didn’t have people use this, “trans desire” sex work without having a discus- time to ... have someone patholo- and “trans attraction” and “men sion about joblessness and gize me. who are trans-attracted.” ... I homelessness and criminalizawould never want to be with a tion and lack of education and On skirting the healthcare sys- man who is targeting me because being pushed out of schools be- tem for hormones... I’m trans. I want him to be with cause of the kind of treatment The girls have resources. I mean, me because of me. The Equality Ohio Education Fund bought 127 copies of Janet Mock’s book to give away.


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I ♥ the nightlife by Andrew Hypes

Queen Fight! Battledrag Returns to Wall Street

In American history, there have existed a number of fierce rivalries. Us vs. the British. Ulysses S. Grant vs. Robert E. Lee. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera.

“It’s great to lip sync for your life against another performer and have the audience pick their favorites. The audience gets into the show so much that we couldn’t just not bring it back,” said Helena Troy, who heads the House of Troy and created Battledrag.

On May 25 at Wall Street Nightclub, the time will come to start a new compeBattledrag III will feature a tition for the ages: Vixens few changes. vs. Villains. Also known as the third edition in the Glamazons’ Battledrag series, Vixens vs. Villains will turn drag into a pseudo- competitive sport. The triumphant will be declared by viewers, as the audience will decide who takes home the crown.

First, the format will showcase the talents of individual performers. Battledrag had been a competition where the queens won points for their respective teams. This time around, they’ll perform solo. And a couple new perform-

ers have been added to the lineup. In addition to Troy, Ashley O’Shea, Nikki Stone and Mary Nolan, who were part of last year’s show, Cherry Poppins and 2014 Project Glamazon winner Mr. Pottymouth will perform and compete.

year, I’m really excited to see what our girls will bring to the table. We’ve all got a few new looks.”

“With that comic book flair we’re incorporating this

There’s only one way to find out.

As part of Battledrag, the Glamazons will welcome RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant Darienne Lake back to Columbus and the Wall Street stage. Lake and The theme Vixens vs. Villains refers to the superhero Troy, both of whom hail from aesthetic that competitors Rochester, N.Y., are longmust follow. As a big fan of time friends. comic books, Troy said she Will good triumph over evil? wanted to insert that Will the forces of drag be grandiose world into her able to save us from devaspopular event. tation? Will anyone have the audacity to attempt a SheThe result, she promised, Hulk look? will be extraordinary.


Battledrag III is May 25 @ Wall Street, 144 N Wall St, Columbus, 43215. Cocktails @ 7p / Show @ 8p; Tickets $10, tables of 4 $50, tables of 6 $75 . Staring Helena Troy, Ashley O’Shea, Nikki Stone, Mary Nolan, Cherry Poppins, Mr. Pottymouth and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Darienne Lake.

1. AWOL 49 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 614.621.8779, awolbar.com

1b. The Barracks 684 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43215 773.555.555, FB: The Barracks at AWOL 2. Axis 775 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215, 614.291.4008, columbusnightlife.com 3. Cavan Irish Pub 1409 S High St, Columbus, OH 43207, 614.725.5502, cavanirishpub.com

1. Bounce 2814 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113 216.357.2997, bouncecleveland.com

2. Cocktails 9208 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 216.961.3115, FB: Cocktails Cleveland 3. Flex 2600 Hamilton Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114 216.812.3304, flexspas.com

3b. Mean Bull 1313 E 26th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, 216.812.3330, meanbull.com


may 2014

4. Leather Stallion Saloon 2205 St Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114 216.589.8588 FB: Leather Stallion Saloon

5. The Hawk 11217 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 216.521.5443 thehawkbar.com 6. Twist 11633 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44102 216.862.3987

4. Circus 1227 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 614.421.2998, FB: Circus Columbus Restaurant & Bar

6. Club Diversity 863 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206 614.224.4050, clubdiversity.com 7. Exile 893 N Fourth St, Columbus, OH 43201, 614.294.0069, exilebar.com 8. Level 700 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214, 614.754.1342, levelcolumbus.com 9. Slammers 202 E Long St, Columbus, OH 43215, 614.221.8880, FB: Slammers 10. Southbend 126 E Moler St, Columbus, OH 43207, 614.444.3386, FB: Southbend Tavern 11. Toolbox Saloon 744 Frebis Ave, Columbus, OH 43206, 614.670.8113, FB: The Toolbox Saloon

12. Tremont 5. Club 20 20 E Duncan St, Columbus, OH 43202 708 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206, 614.444.2041, tremontlounge.com 614.261.9111, FB: Club 20 13. Union 782 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215, 614.421.2233, columbusnightlife.com 14. Wall Street 144 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215, 614.464.2800, wallstreetnightclub.com

Catch Helena Troy and the Glamazons at Outlook’s Big Gay Dance Party at Park Street Patio, Friday, June 20.


OUTLOOKmay2014.pg49.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 8:00 AM Page 1


Darienne Lake? Is that near Buckeye Lake?

may 2014


OUTLOOKmay2014.pg50-51.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 6:37 AM Page 1

Out & About FRIDAY, MAY 1 I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR Women’s Fund Keyholder 2014: Ashley Judd @ Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, www.womensfundcentralohio.org: The annual event brings a diverse audience to celebrate women and girls who make a difference. Ashley Judd, known best for her strong female roles in film, will speak. 6p; $50.

FRIDAY, MAY 2 NO BILL AND TED? Nina West’s Excellent Adventure @ Axis Night Club, 775 N High St, 614.291.4008, axisonhigh.com: The debut of this spectacular performance will bring you back to the days of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Apparently there’s an accompanying app to download on your smart phone. Girl’s getting fancy. 8p; $10. 18+1 = 19 (THAT’S MATH I CAN ACTUALLY DO!) Balletmet: New Directions/New Works @ Capitol Theatre, 77 S High St, 614.229.4848, www.balletmet.org: In this production you will see two company premieres: “Carousel (a Dance)” and “18+1” and a world premier inspired by Rachmaninoff. So it’s basically three ballets for the price of one. Score! 8p; $25$60. SATURDAY, MAY 3 FIRE UP THE GRILL Burgers for Boobies @ AWOL Bar, 49 Parsons Ave, 614.621.8779, awolbar.com: So... do we have to flash our boobs for a hamburger patty? Because we have no problem with that. The cookout, silent auction, raffle and show will benefit Komen for the Cure and other causes in the name of eliminating breast cancer. 5p. SUNDAY, MAY 4 A GAYER VERSION OF THE RINGLING BROS? Three Ring Drag Brunch @ Circus, 1227 N High St, 614.421.2998: Columbus queen Vivian Von Brokenhymen will showcase a slew of new queens for your entertainment. Attached to this show is a brunch buffet afterward, as if the former package wasn’t enough. 11a. FANCY PARTY Short North Gala @ Hilton Columbus Downtown, 401 N High St, 614.384.8600, www:shortnorthgala.com: This year, the Short North Alliance will recognize “Unsung Heroes” including Virginia West and Nina West while guests enjoy food from Basi Italia, Gallerie Bar & Bistro, Hubbard Grille, Jeni’s, L’Antibes, Marcella’s, The Pearl, The Rossi, Piece of Cake and Surly Girl Saloon. Oh, and there’s entertainment, too. 6p; $135.


THIS AIN’T YOUR GRANDMA’S RUMMAGE SALE Spring Flea @ Seventh Son Brewing Co, 1101 N 4th St, 614.421.8331, seventhsonbrewing.com: It’s like going to a neighborhood worth of garage sales, all in one spot. Plus booze, food trucks and a DJ! Try to find that in the suburbs. 11a-5p; free. may 2014

MONDAY, MAY 5 …THREE TEQUILA, FLOOR Cinco de Mayo @ Union Café, 782 N High St, 614.421.2233: Nina West will perform and there will be alcohol specials all day. As if you need another excuse to drink on a Monday. 11a-2a. TUESDAY, MAY 6 IT’S ABOUT FRANKIE VALLI, NOT FRANKIE AVALON Jersey Boys @ State Theatre, 1519 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, 216.771.4444, www.playhousesquare.com: The jukebox musical about the Four Seasons and their falsetto fellow in the foreground, Frankie Valli, comes to Cleveland. 8p; $30-$110. WEDNESDAY, MAY 7 LACE UP THOSE JAZZ SHOES! Open Casting for Dancers @ Bounce Café, 2814 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, 216.357.2997, www.bouncecleveland.com: We’re not sure what kind of dancers they’re looking for but we suggest you do an eclectic celebration of dance: Fosse, Martha Graham, Twyla, Michael Kidd and Madonna. Well... maybe keep it on the inside. 7p; free. THURSDAY, MAY 8 BATTER UP, HEAR THAT CALL… Outlook’s Pride Night at the Clippers @ Huntington Park, 300 Huntington Park Ln, 614.462.5250, www.outlookcolumbus.com: Watch the Clippers beat the Rochester Red Wings from the Scioto Downs Party Deck and feast on a buffet of burgers, dogs and sides. 5:45p; $20. OUR GENERATION’S CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT The New Black @ Wexner Center for the Arts, 1871 N High St, 614.292.3535, wexarts.org: This documentary examines the role of the African-American community in the debate over same-sex marriage and focuses on the 2012 political battle in Maryland. 7p; $8-10. FRIDAY, MAY 9 DO YOUR THING ON THE RUNWAY The 2014 Senior Fashion Show @ Columbus College of Art and Design, 112 Cleveland Ave, 614.224.9101, ccad.edu: Did CCAD educate the next Alexander McQueen? The show, featuring a full runway display and the hottest local models, will be followed by a dance party. Those with VIP tickets have access to an open bar. 7:30p; $125-$650. CHANNELING BILLIE JEAN KING Columbus Classic @ OSU Lincoln Park Courts, 1790 Cannon Dr, 614.688.5369, www.cmto1.org/columbusclassic: The third annual Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association tournament will start at 8a on Friday and the finals will be played on Sunday, May 11. A players banquet will take place Saturday, May 10. Next stop: Wimbledon. 8a; $90$100.

SATURDAY, MAY 10 QUITE THE TEMPTRESS Carmen in Concert @ Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 614.228.8600, columbussymphony.com: Opera Columbus, Columbus Children’s Choir and the Columbus Symphony team up to put on the famous opera about a Spanish seductress and her hapless Don José. 8p; $25-$68. CALLING ALL ‘L WORD’ FANS Uh Huh Her @ A&R Music Bar, 391 Neil Ave, 614.461.5483, www.promowestlive.com: Electronic pop duo Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey (character Alice Pieszecki on The L Word) will play their new album Future Souls to a crowd ready to dance. 7p; $18-20. SUNDAY, MAY 11 O DANNY BOY Celtic Woman @ Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 614.469.0939, www.capa.com: Even though St. Patrick’s Day was two months ago, you still might be hankering for four Irish lasses to harmonize together. 3p; $32-$102. MONDAY, MAY 12 HOW IS 10:30A CONSIDERED PART OF THE LUNCH HOUR? Columbus Clippers vs. Syracuse @ Huntington Park, www.clippersbaseball.com: It’s “Business Day” so head to the park on your lunch break. Or play hooky altogether. 10:35a; $6-$20. TUESDAY, MAY 13 YOU AND ME (BUT MOSTLY ME) SHOULD SEE THIS The Book of Mormon @ Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 614.469.0939, www.capa.com: The Book of Mormon, written by the creators of South Park, has won nine Tony awards (including Best Musical), and it’s finally coming to Columbus. The religious satire musical will send you out of the theater singing, “hasa diga eebowai.” 7:30p; $38. WEDNESDAY, MAY 14 FUN IN F-TON Network Columbus @ Strongwater Food and Spirits, 400 W Rich St, 614.928.3170, www.networkcolumbus.com: Speakers include Jim Sweeney from the Franklinton Development Association, Jamie Randall from Alzheimer’s Association Central Ohio Chapter and Karla Rothan from Stonewall Columbus. Free food and fun with a cash bar. 6p-8p; free. WINE! BREAD! CHEESE! The Art of Cuisine: Toulouse-Lautrec @ Columbus Museum of Art, 480 E Broad St, 614.221.6801, www.columbusmuseum.org: The Columbus Museum of Art and The Kitchen team up in this unique culinary exhibition. Along with learning about the history of this iconic French artist, The Kitchen will provide dishes inspired by Lautrec’s own recipe book, The Art of Cuisine. 6p-9p; $60-$67, plus a cash bar.

This year, seating for Pride Night at the Clippers is all together on the party deck above first base. And there’s free food! outlookohio.com

OUTLOOKmay2014.pg50-51.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/25/14 6:37 AM Page 2

THURSDAY, MAY 15 THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM The Masque @ Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 614.228.8600, www.capa.com: A rock ballet that brings eight different Edgar Allan Poe stories to life. (No, I am not high as I write this.) Cleveland’s Verb Ballets performs with Shadowbox Live’s musicians for this unconventional yet intriguing production. 8p; $1528. BECAUSE BOOZE AND POLITICS GO SO WELL TOGETHER Stonewall Democrats Wine Tasting @ Union Café, 782 N High St, www.sdco.com: The 16th annual wine tasting will feature gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald with live jazz from Debé and Bobby Hamlin. 5:30p-7:30p; $50. FRIDAY, MAY 16 525,600 MINUTES TO SHOWTIME (MORE OR LESS) Imagine Productions: Rent @ Wall Street Night Club, 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, www.wallstreetnightclub.com: It’s based on La Boeheme about broke hipsters who don’t want to pay their bills... with really catchy songs. Oh, and half of the characters have HIV/AIDS, and one is addicted to heroin. It’s a lot more entertaining and uplifting than it sounds. 7:30p; $17. SATURDAY, MAY 17 STAND UP Kathleen Madigan @ Capitol Theatre, 77 S High St, 614.469.0939, www.capa.com: She has won the American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian and has appeared on Last Comic Standing. Tickets are going fast. 8p; $34.75. SUNDAY, MAY 18 ILLUMINATI… LIKE IN THE DAVINCI CODE? Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus Illuminati: Songs of the Spirit @ Worthington United Methodist Church, 600 High St, www.cgmc.com: So maybe not like the DaVinci Code or Jay-Z and Beyonce, but the CGMC’s Illuminati is a select ensemble that will perform its spring concert at a welcoming church. 3p; $10.


Something to Do Everyday this Month!

WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 FIRST STUDENT EXHIBITION: 1879 135th Annual Student Exhibition @ Canzani Center Gallery, www.ccad.edu/events: Who knew that this exhibition has been going on so long? Runs from May 9 to June 27, so support local art and visit the gallery. 10a-7p; free. THURSDAY, MAY 22 WELL, WE LIKE THE TITLE! Available Light Theatre: Cock @ Riffe Center, 77 S High Street, 614.460.7211, www.capa.com: A love triangle between a bisexual man and his girlfriend and his boyfriend. Why don’t they just become a triad? Problem solved. 8p; $20. FRIDAY, MAY 23 LLAR: LADIES LOVE ACOUSTIC ROCK Chrissy Foster @ Wall Street Night Club, 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, www.wallstreetnightclub.com: The crush must have been “fostered” because Chrissy and her guitar are back to play again. 8p; free until 9p. SATURDAY, MAY 24 27 YEARS YOUNG Wall Street’s 27th Anniversary @ 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, www.wallstreetnightclub.com: She may be younger than me, but Wall Street has been around the block. Celebrate the big 2-7 by tearing up the dance floor to tunes spun by DJ Michele Chaney and hot spots by entertainers to be named later. 11p-2:30a; cover.

MONDAY, MAY 26 CANNONBALL! Pool’s Open @ Club Columbus, 795 W 5th Ave, 614.291.0049, www.the-clubs.com: After this long winter, you’re ready to shed the clothes and splash around. Just don’t forget your sunscreen... and other protective gear. Open 24 hours; $8-$30.

TUESDAY, MAY 27 DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A BUMMER AT ALL! Dirge: Reflections on [Life and] Death @ MOCA, 11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, 216.421.8671, www.mocacleveland.org: This exhibition features painting, sculpture, video, installation, drawing and mixed media that captures, reflects on and makes sense of mortality. 11a-5p; $5-$8. WEDNESDAY, MAY 28 THE LADY LOVES A MICROPHONE Karaoke @ Cocktails, 9208 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, 216.961.3115, FB: Cocktails Cleveland: With over 40,000 songs to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding any Liza, Bette or Babs to belt out. 10p; free. THURSDAY, MAY 29 CAKE OR DEATH? Eddie Izzard @ Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 614.228.8600, www.capa.com: Known for his on-stage cross-dressing and otherwise strange brand of humor, Eddie Izzard considers himself an “Executive Transvestite.” 8p; $41-$65.

BRAAAAAAIIINS Other Prom 2014 @ Wexner Center for the Arts, 1871 N High St, 614.294.5437, www.kycohio.org: Forget “Under the Sea” and “An Enchanted Evening.” This year’s theme is “Zombie Prom,” which is waaaaay cooler. Ages 12-20 admitted with ID for food, dancing, photos and, of course, zombie makeup stations. 8p-11p; free.

FRIDAY, MAY 30 CRAZY, CRAZY FOR FEELING SO LONELY Always ... Patsy Cline @ Studio Two Riffe Center, 77 S High Street, 614.460.7211, www.catco.org: This tribute to one of music’s greatest female voices boasts a 27-song score. But it’s not a sing-a-long, so you’ll have to continue to sing “I Fall to Pieces” alone in the shower. 8p; $45.

THEY HAVEN’T FOUND HIM YET? Finding Nemo @ Columbus Commons, 160 S High St, 614.227.3788, www.columbuscommons.org: Ellen, as a fish, oh wait...4p; free.

SATURDAY, MAY 31 COMMUNITY CONVERSATION 6th TransOhio Trans & Ally Symposium @ the Ohio Union at OSU, 1739 N. High Street, 614.688.4636, ohiounion.osu.edu: This event will span over several days with the goal of informing the transgender community and allies about health and other issues. Trans athlete Kye Allums will serve as the keynote speaker to talk about his struggles to find self-acceptance and his ultimate perseverance. 8a-5p; $40 per day.

MONDAY, MAY 19 BRING BACK ‘SPIDERS’ Cleveland vs. Detroit @ Progressive Field, 2401 Ontario St, Cleveland, www.indians.com: The first night in the three-game series against the Tigers. It’s early in the season, so there is still hope for postseason play. 7:05p; $10-$150.

SUNDAY, MAY 25 I’LL BE YOUR DRAGON BOAT CAPTAIN Asian Festival @ 1777 E Broad St, asian-festival.org: This two-day event has everything you’d want in a festival: food, performances, food, martial arts, food, shopping and... food. 10a-6p; free.

TUESDAY, MAY 20 FROM DICK TRACY TO PEANUTS Eye of the Cartoonist: Daniel Clowes’s Selections From Comics History @ the Wexner Center, 1871 N High St, 614.292.3535, wexarts.org: This multi-month exhibit features the possessions of Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, the world’s largest collection of historical cartoon art. 11a-6p; $8.

SUPERHEROES, ASSEMBLE! The Glamazons Present Battledrag! @ Wall Street Night Club, 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, www.wallstreetnightclub.com: The third edition will feature Helena Troy, Ashley O’Shea, Nikki Stone, Cherry Poppins, Mary Nolan and Mr. Pottymouth engaging in a fight to the death! Many queens enter, only one queen leaves alive! Glamazons alum and current RuPaul’s Drag Race personality Darienne Lake also makes a return to the Wall Street stage. 8p; $7-$40.

Bob and Erin are on a mission to change Cleveland’s baseball team name back to the Spiders.

THAT’S A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS Fierce! & Classic! A Night with Velvet Hearts! and Friends @ Wall Street Night Club, 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, www.wallstreetnightclub.com: Join Viva Valezz! and her Velvet Hearts for a pleasin’ teasin’ with guests Rena LaMarr, Sami Spanxx, Coco Levine, Lita D’Vargas, Dolly Moxy, Brett Morehead, Lex Love and boylesque performer Smokin’ McQueen. 9p; $8, $40-$60 for tables. may 2014


52-53 SAVAGE - SCOPES OUTLOOK 2014.qxp_OUTLOOK TEMPLATES 4/21/14 10:47 PM Page 1

savage love

by Dan Savage

girl, and my boyfriend is bi. I asam a 22-year-old bisexual female, and I have a q I’msumeda 26-year-old q Iboyfriend he would be less jealous than the average man. who I love. He says he wouldn’t mind if I After all, a lot of bi men have faced irrational jealousy from women. But my BF is more jealous than average. He accuses me of having slept with my male friends in the past. He makes negative comments about how many people I’ve hooked up with. Whenever I won’t divulge something, he says, “Well, obviously that means you did hook up with that guy before we met/you do think that waiter was cute/you were looking at porn on your phone.” If I do admit I was involved with someone (or even that I think someone is cute), he gets really upset. He knows he’s insecure. He says he’s working on it. But do people grow out of this kind of thing? Also, this is especially unfair given that I don’t object at all to the shirtless snapchats he gets from guys he used to hook up with. boyfriend is not insecure, TIRED, your boyfriend is an a Your asshole. - Torn In Re Envious Drudgery

You shouldn’t have to put up with slut-shaming or emotionally abusive behavior, TIRED, not even when - especially not when - it comes disguised as “jealousy and insecurity.” Your boyfriend is not, as he would have you believe, the tormented victim of his own psychic demons. He is tormenting and victimizing you - he is abusing you - and conning you into giving him a pass by crying to you about his bullshit insecurities. While some people do overcome these particular strains of assholery, it usually takes being dumped several dozen times before a guy like your boyfriend starts to do the hard work of unpacking and dismantling his assholery. The longer someone like your boyfriend gets away with this kind of assholery, the longer he’ll be an asshole. So do your boyfriend and yourself a favor, TIRED, and DTMFA. Lastly: I have a hunch your jealous, controlling, emotionally abusive boyfriend is playing a “good offense is the best defense” game with you. By which I mean to say: He’s probably doing more - a lot more - than just swapping shirtless pics with guys he “used to” hook up with. His jealous fits about your imaginary infidelities may be meant to distract you from his actual ones. 52

may 2014

hooked up with other girls, as long as it was a onenight thing. That’s not what I want. Ultimately, I want to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. He is not keen on the idea. He says he feels like he is not enough for me. I reassure him constantly that this is not the case. He is everything I want in a man, but I still crave a woman’s company. How can I approach this subject with him so that he will understand and be willing to accept it? I love him and want to be with him, but I also want a woman in my life, and I am not willing to sacrifice that. boyfriend may be everything you want in a man, a Your FEM, but he’s not everything you want. If you won’t sacri- Feeling Emotionally Maligned

fice your dream of having a woman in your life - for him or any other man - then stop encouraging him to hope otherwise. When he says, “I worry that I’m not enough for you,” you should be saying, “You’re all the man I need, honey, but it’s true: You’re not enough for me.” Instead, you’re saying, “You’re everything I want! You’re enough for me! But, um, I totally need a girlfriend, too!” No more mixed messages, FEM. Say this to him: “I don’t wanna have one-night stands with random women. I wanna have a relationship with one woman and a concurrent relationship with one man. I’d like that man to be you, sweetheart. But you’ll have to compromise on the only-one-night-stands-with-women thing if you want to be with me. Because, like I told Dan Savage, I’m simply not willing to sacrifice that. Not even for you.” If you’ll settle for nothing less than polyamory, FEM, your boyfriend has to be told that in unambiguous terms. No mixed messages, no hedging. The risk, of course, is that your boyfriend will dump you. But if he doesn’t want what you want, FEM, then he’s not the right guy for you, is he?

On the Lovecast, a scientific study on Facebook creeping: savagelovecast.com. Questions? mail@savagelove.net. Follow @fakesansavage on Twitter

Nature Watch: See bears in their natural habitat eating buffet in the buff at the pool.


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the divine life

by Debé

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) It’s your month to kick up your hooves, but you may find hearth and home more inviting than the club scene. Either way, opportunity is knocking on your door this month. Career and love both have momentum. Do you keep what you have, or take what’s behind Door No. 2? Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20) Rest up the first half of the month, because your mojo will be working overtime later. Your charisma has you making new friends and influencing people. Lots of stimulation coming your way, but too much can get a little painful. Be careful not to chafe. Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) Money is your honey this month, and you are motivated to make it. The universe is cheering you on, so go after that promotion or new opportunity. Mars is exiting stage right of your sign, so you can keep calm and carry on a little easier. Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) After a bumpy first week, you find your stride. An aggressive and more confident energy gets you noticed, and nothing will stop you from staking your claim and taking what you want. Damn, even you bottoms are tops this month! Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22) What’s holding you back baby? You’ve been reluctant to make some changes, but it’s time to go for it. Career opportunities are especially lucrative now, and you’ve got what it takes. It’s good to be sought-after. Enjoy it. Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) You are gearing up for a transformation. Are you ready? Work out the kinks in communication and your health, and you’ll be ready for new, exciting possibilities. Change looks good on you, lover. Work it! Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) By mid-month, you are getting intensely into your partner. If you’re single, a new lover (or friends with benefits) has your interest. It’s time for intimacy and sharing. Go deeper, but not so deep they need an ambulance or a restraining order to handle it. Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Warm up your tongue, Sag. May will start as a strong month for negotiations at work and finish as a strong month for negotiations in your personal life. Be a silver-tongued devil, and you’ll sweep them all off their feet.


Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) Work takes a back seat as you feel the urge to get out and graze a little. Sensuality is heightened, and you’re feeling earthy and romantic. Your creativity is also sizzling, so make your move and impress your lover with your imagination. Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) Things heat up in the relationship arena for you. If you’re partnered, expect some fireworks (good and bad) as you balance your home life with a desire to get out and socialize. This month there are excellent opportunities for romance and steamy make-up sex. Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20) You are going to be a busy fish this month. Places to go, people to see and opportunities that come your way by being at the right place at the right time. Your dance card is full, but you love being popular, don’t you? Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) Now that you’ve spent some time feathering your nest, it’s time for some DRAMA! You want to be adventurous, but be prepared for a revelation or two while you are thrill-seeking. A spiritual awakening may catch you unaware. Can I get an amen? Taurus Divas: Cher, Barbra Streisand, Valentino Handy Tip: Your life line curves around the thumb. The length does not indicate how long you’ll live. It shows how vital and strong your energy system, or root chakra, is.

Debé is a well-known Columbus palmist, adviser and teacher. She is available for personal readings, parties, events and workshops. Contact her at www.enchantedelements.com, www.palmistrybydebe.com or 614.633.6402.

Meditation tip: Close your eyes, breathe and repeat “haaaammmmbuuuurgggeeeeerrr” for 30 minutes.

may 2014


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outlook’s blog squad

Every month in print and every Monday online, we ask Outlook readers to do our work for us as members of our blog squad.

If you want to share your rants, raves or observations, join the Squad! Contact Erin McCalla at 614.268.8525 x2 or erin@outlookmedia.com.

Gregg Dodd, named as one of Columbus’s most eligible singles by Columbus Monthly.

Top 5 Other Most Eligible Singles in Columbus: 5. Outlook’s Chad Paul Frye 4. Outlook’s Erin McCalla 3. Outlook’s Alexis Perrone 2. Outlook’s Bob Vitale 1. Outlook’s Christopher Hayes

May 12 topic: The Bachelor

Lucy Del Fuego

Top 5 Burlesque Inspirations

pretty kitty photography

5. Every drag queen who has ever impersonated Lana Del Rey 4. Bossy Grrl and Viva Valezz!... My burlesque moms! 3. Amanda Palmer 2. Madeline Kahn as Lili Von Schtupp from Blazing Saddles 1. Shirley Manson from Garbage

May 19 topic: Confessions of a Burgeoning Burlesque Dancer


may 2014

Pink Soap Across

1 Word for a sea wall that sounds LGBT 5 Ginsberg’s “In Back of the ___” 9 Wore 14 Burl of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 15 Bedfellow 16 Become “husband and husband” on the fly 17 With 19-Across, soap opera that will feature the first 38-Across on daytime TV 19 See 17-Across 20 Dildo, e.g. 21 Skimpy skirt 23 Dottermans of Antonia’s Line 24 Producer Meron 26 Royal family of France 28 Teletubbies airer in the U.S. 31 Stuffed shirt 33 Get by somehow 36 Chews the fat 38 Ceremony for Sonny and Will, for example 40 Speak off the cuff 42 One + one, in Barrie’s land 43 Like rays caught at South Beach 44 She plays Marlena, who will officiate at the 38Across 47 Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, e.g. 48 Sign of horniness? 49 Linda Hunt’s The ___ of Living Dangerously 51 P-town summer hrs. 52 Prelims for Bruce Hayes 54 Twosome 56 “So, it’s YOU!” 58 It’s hard and woody 60 Ducks 64 Sonny Kiriakis portrayer Freddie 66 Will Horton portrayer 68 Joe of baseball 69 Carpet layer’s calculation 70 Poet Gidlow 71 Targets of tops 72 Choose not to come 73 Bottomless

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1 Conn of Grease 2 “Terrible” ruler 3 Elton John’s 88 4 To eat, to Ulrichs 5 Activity that may leave foam on your face 6 “Xanadu” grp. 7 Former senior 8 Line from Lerner 9 Chopper landing spots 10 He worked where you see lots of boxers 11 Fit perfectly 12 Artist Robert 13 Untouchable head 18 Rock group? 22 Dick, for one 25 Strongly opposed (to) 27 R.E.M.’s “It’s the ____ the World as We Know It” 28 What the Devil wears, in a movie 29 Former German state 30 Be picky about a woman’s pubes? 32 Secluded road 34 Responders to “Bite me!”? 35 White-plumed bird 37 Come slowly closer 39 Whipped 41 Enjoys oxygen 45 Ziegfeld Follies costume designer 46 Put aside 50 Shankar of sitar 53 Heroic tales 55 Put out 56 Nick was his master 57 Med. care groups 59 Von Trapp youngster 61 Man, as a cruising goal 62 Antiviral drug measure 63 Kirk Read’s How I Learned to ___ 65 Threesome in Roma 67 Positive vote outlookohio.com

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