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The inimitable sex clown Betty Grumble returns to save Fringe World at this year’s festival. The surreal feminist showgirl turns performance art upside down with her incredible performance. In her own words, Grumble told OUTinPerth last year that one of her shows is “a collision of comedy and horror. She is a surreal showgirl and always delivers highly energetic thrashings of song and dance.” “It’s a genre-smash of drag, feminist performance art, cabaret, burlesque and shamanic striptease. She is grotesque and seductive, a faery at the bottom of the garden and sex clown spinning in the middle of the dance floor.” Let Betty Grumble save you from greed, lack of empathy, cruelty, war, the patriarch, fracking, fascism, bigots, ourselves and the tyranny of the mundane with her award-winning show. Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves The World will be at the Circus Theatre in the Perth Cultural Centre from Saturday January 28th - Friday February 3rd. Tickets available from

Germany’s queer music festival YO! SISSY brings artists from over 20 different countries to party in Berlin in the summertime. With a focus on trans-identified and female performers, the festival aims to connect the flourishing underground music and drag scenes with international artists and bring their parties around the world. This year, YO! SISSY is bringing a piece to Perth with their very queer karaoke for Fringe World. CherrYO!-kie is a karaoke dance party that provides you back-up dancers, singers and live video to give you everything you need for that diva moment, and get the audience into it. Camp, colourful and fabulous sweaty fun with queen Valerie Hex. CherrYO!-kie will be at The Budgie Smuggler in the WA Museum Courtyard, Northbridge on Friday 20th January. Tickets available from

Jan 1 1971 Hawaii decriminalises homosexuality Jan 1 1979 Ethel Merman released her disco album Jan 1 1995 Sweden begins officially registering same sex relationships Jan 3 1948 The Kinsey Report on male sexuality is published Jan 5 2005 Nelson Mandella increases AIDS awareness in Africa when he announces the death of his eldest son Jan 6 1993 Rudolph Nuryev dies of an AIDS related illness Jan 8 2017 Happy 80th Birthday Dame Shirley Bassey Jan 11 1970 Carol Channing was half time entertainment at the Super Bowl Jan 12 2000 the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the UK military is lifted Jan 13 1940 Author Edmund White is born Jan 13 2014 Nigeria introduces laws making same sex public displays of affection punishable by a 14 year jail term Jan 14 1925 Yukio Mishima is born Jan 15 1982 The play Torch Song Trilogy premieres in New York Jan 18 2015 Ireland’s Minister for Health Leo Varadkar comes out during a radio interview Jan 24 1995 Producer David Cole from C+C Music Factory died of an AIDS related illness Jan 26 2001 Italy lifts its ban on gay men donating blood Jan 30 2003 gay marriage approved in Belgium

WA performance artist iOTA is reconnecting with his roots in his all new show, The Average Joe.

A Camptacular Journey Through Drag Let Twisted Vaudeville Circus take a journey through time, space and drag with Hallelujah! A Camptacular Journey Through Drag at Fringe World A drag queen gospel choir leads a comedy cabaret of wig-wearing individuals who sing their way through history. Local drag stars Veronica Jean Jones, Scarlet Adams and Perri Oxide join newcomer Selma Bitts with special guest altar boy Andrew Edward and burlesque favourites Kitten N’ Lou. Hallelujah! A Camptacular Journey Through Drag will be in the De Parel Spiegeltent in the Perth Cultural Centre on Saturday January 21st. Tickets available from

An actor, composer, singer, writer, voice artist, dancer and music theatre presenter, iOTA gives Fringe World audiences an insight into his world in a camp, confessional story scored by a live band. iOTA is a multiple award winning performer, taking Helpmann Awards for his work in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Smoke In Mirrors. Most recently, he faced life in the dystopian universe of Mad Max as Coma the Doof Warrior on screen. The Average Joe is directed by former Perth Theatre Company Artistic Director Melissa Cantwell, who is known for many celebrated works including The Goat, The Ugly One, Tender Napalm and Blackbird. Schvendes vocalist and award winning musician Rachel Dease also features as musical director. The Average Joe will be at the State Theatre Centre from Friday January 20th - Saturday January 28th. Tickets available from


January 2017


inside out

Josh Zepps PG7

Things can only get better? Reflecting on the last twelve months it feels like one of the worst years that the LGBTIQ community has endured for a long time. 2016 was the year of endless debates about the validity of our relationships, as the government tried to convince Australians that the best way to bring in marriage equality was through a national vote. It was the year where the Safe Schools program was under constant attack, particularly from right wing politicians, religious lobbyists and the Murdoch press. A successful program that reduces discrimination and saves lives was painted as a covert attempt to recruit young people into a ‘queer lifestyle’. It was the year where a mentally ill gunman killed 49 people in a nightclub, only for right wing pundits to explain to the LGBTIQ community that their deaths had nothing to do with their sexuality. We were depicted in cartoons as being akin to Nazis, obsessed with sadomasochism, and out of touch with society. Many people attempted to portray us as people out to destroy families, rather than people who are in loving and diverse families. As wave after wave of attacks on LGBTIQ people arrived I kept thinking ‘Things can only get better’. But the truth is things can

Tom Ballard PG14

get much worse. If fighting for equality sometimes feels like two steps forward, one step back – 2016 was no steps forward, ten steps back. The effect of the constant attacks on LGBTIQ people is not the fact that we can’t get married. It’s not the fact that Western Australia remains one of the states where historical convictions remain, or that PREP trials have not eventuated. The real damage is invisible.

Zantanba PG24

It’s the fifteen-year-old who’s just decided that they’ll choose a life where they keep their sexuality secret, putting their own personal happiness aside out of fear. It’s the business that feels that it is acceptable to not hire transgender people. It’s the person who now believes that having a family is something that is not in their future. Things must change, but change will only come when people act. Graeme Watson

Gavin Roach PG26

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Cougar MOrrison PG28

We’ve got mountains of giveaways coming over the next few weeks, check out the giveaways page at OUTinPerth. com for the latest offers. Thanks to Sony music we’ve got five copies of their latest album to giveaway. Glory Days features the hit song Shout Out to My Ex. We’ve also got 3 double passes to see the amazing Dolly Diamond on Tuesday 7 February. We saw Dolly’s show last year – it was hysterically funny. Dolly Diamond: The Lady is a Tramp is at Downstairs at The Maj.

Your Pictu

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January 2017

photography compan good. We make sure o what they have achiev people that matter.

Your Life in Pictures Our passion is to honour people’s lives, values and self esteem through creative beautiful imagery. We are Australia’s leading portrait and wedding photography company. We simply love to make people feel good. We make sure our clients celebrate who they are, what they have achieved and share that happiness with the people that matter. Laughter, joy and most importantly love. “We didn’t expect that the photos would be this good. To stand and pose is one thing. To capture the little moments and capture something really beautiful is another thing entirely” Marchee and Lilly. “Liberating, a once in a lifetime experience. You feel like a rockstar” David. “We didn’t expect the photos to be so captivating. I think in 20 years time we can look back, we have captured our family as it is now” David and Paul.

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our Life in ctures

is to honour people’s lives, values and self ugh creative beautiful imagery.

ralia’s leading portrait and wedding company. We simply love to make people feel ake sure our clients celebrate who they are, ve achieved and share that happiness with the matter.

The hit of the Fringe festival is back, La Soiree returns will a brand new show and new performers have joined the cast. It was the summer of 1984 when my fascination with George Michael began. We used to put a giant ghetto blaster at the side of the swimming pool and the play the cassette Make It Big. This was at the public swimming pool, everyone in South Hedland got to share in our love of Wham! Quickly I found a copy of his band’s debut album Fantastic, which saw George start his career as a white boy rapper. Long before Eminem, George was laying down rhymes about being on the dole under the Thatcher government. With each release, either as a solo artist or with his band, George Michael’s music changed. The first time I heard A Different Corner it was early in the morning on the school bus, noisy kids were ordered to be silent so we could hear the hauntingly beautiful quiet tune. When the video for I’m Your Man first played on Countdown I taped it. The next day I was home from school with an illness, I spent the day constantly rewinding the VHS tape and replaying the clip to my new favourite song. When I Want Your Sex came out the guy at the record store refused to sell me a copy. I had to make my mother into the shop and only after she said it was okay was I allowed a copy of the controversial song. It’s provocative video clip that promoted safe sex, condoms and monogamy was one of my first sex education lessons. Later he would create songs like Fast Love and Spinning the Wheel which made people think about their sexual behavior and HIV. For someone who was a major star for several decades George Michael didn’t make a massive amount of music. Even though Wham! recorded three albums, their total output is around 25 tracks. As a solo artist, George only released five albums, plus a collection with a Symphony orchestra. As Molly Meldrum highlighted in the days following Michael’s death on Christmas Day – he was an artist focused on quality not quantity. Alongside his musical output, George Michael will forever be remembered for being an artist who had to negotiate coming out at a time when being gay could be a career ending revelation. When Michael was forced to discuss his sexuality after a public arrest for lewd conduct in a Hollywood public toilet he was unapologetic about his sexuality. In the years that followed he would face constant tabloid scrutiny about his personal life. In the wake of his passing many tales have been told of the singer’s extraordinary generosity. Stories about him paying for the IVF treatment of a woman who appeared on a TV game show, generous tips to students working as waitresses and entire charities who credit his generosity in enabling them to do their work. George Michael leaves us a body of work that he created on his own terms, a lesson in using celebrity to make the world a better place, and an example of how to be unapologetic about your sexuality. Graeme Watson



January 2017

The show is opening Friday 13 January, a week ahead of the official start of Fringe World. Joining the cast is sultry New Orleans songstress Acantha Lang, high-speed skating duo Leo and Ursula and the stunning Valerie Murzak with her dazzling contortion and hand balance on top of a giant mirror ball. Alongside the Incredible Rubber Man, Captain Frodo, and one half of the English Gents and Hamish McCann, with his iconic pole act. The show’s producers have described this year’s line-up as the best yet. The show’s always been immensely popular in Perth and tickets are expected to sell fast. Book tickets to the show at


Aussie political satirist, presenter and producer Josh Zepps has interviewed some of the biggest names in media, entertainment and politics today. Zepps’ career got a kick start when he drew attention and won an Australian Commercial Radio Award for embodying former Prime Minister John Howard on 2UE radio each week, as well as hitting our screens as the presenter/producer of Australian Idol companion program Idol Backstage. As one of the founding members of HuffPost Live, a streaming network loaded with interviews with celebrities and influencers from all realms, Zepps’ work has gathered over 3 billion views - including a notorious interview with actor Jeremy Irons, whose comments about marriage equality set social media alight. These days Zepps is living with his husband in New York hosting his top ranking comedy podcast, #WeThePeople LIVE, Zepps is also paying a short visit back to Oz for some live recordings of the ‘cast and a guest stint on ABC Local Radio Evenings. We caught up with Josh to talk the talk as he heads home for the summer. Is it a big jump coming back to Aussie radio after working so long in the US media? It’s very much the same! To be honest, and this is the weird thing about the world at the moment, I feel like people have more in common with people who are similar to us in LA, New York, London, Berlin & Tokyo, in a way, than we do with people who live just 50 kilometers away. The world is getting stratified into different subcommunities and borders. Maybe that’s just because I travel so much but I feel at home as long as I’m in the same milieu in different places than I do with different subcultures in the same city. You have interviewed a plethora of high profile people from all walks of life during your time with HuffPost Live. Have their been any highlights? Absolutely! I think my Russell Brand interview was pretty amazing because he’d just come off of a very bad experience at MSNBC where he completely demolished the newscaster because they had been a little bit condescending towards him. I hadn’t realised that at the time, so he came into the studio not willing to take any bullshit and it was clear within the first five minutes of the conversation that I was either going to have to step up my game and ride this bucking bronco, or I was just going to get trampled to death. Of course, the Jeremy Irons interview was … good. Especially for me being married to a man, for him to say of gay marriage; “Could a father not marry his son?”. That was literally in the 31st minute of a 33-minute interview. It’s a real luxury to have the time on HuffPost Live to give someone breathing space where they’re willing to let their guard down.

How did it feel in that moment to hear that live on air from a guest, knowing you were in a same-sex relationship? Actually, I thought it was interesting. I think he was a little unfairly maligned at the time. That video went super-viral. Stephen Colbert, Charlie Brooker and a bunch of other media outlets picked it up. I was interviewing Brooker recently and he mentioned he kept playing the Irons clip on his yearly TV wrap-ups. Last time I was in the UK, Irons was on Hard Talk and they said to him, “You were recently on a talk show where you went on a bizarre anti-gay rant” and I felt so terrible for him because the reality is he just thinks he’s having a pleasant conversation with somebody on a couch. Yes, there are cameras but we’ve established enough of a rapport that I’ve won him over in some way and he’s just speculating! It was just a thought experiment. He’s an old, white, straight, conservative guy and he’s just mouthing off I don’t really think he has an anti-gay bone in his body. I was stunned when he said it, but not at all offended.

and exhausted by the mediocrity of the mainstream media in reinforcing those political niceties. My show and overarching mission in life is to crash through the bullshit to have fun, funny and smart conversations about things that are going on in the world between people who are willing to give each other the benefit of the doubt and not adhere to talking points. That’s what people are clamouring for. We’re all spinning around in this weird morass of Facebook and Twitter and fake news and clickbait which is making everyone underestimate each other’s capacity for humanity and understanding. I wish we would all just raise the bar a little bit and have a little bit more fun with the way we have conversations. You can listen to Josh Zepps’ podcast #WeThePeople LIVE at, or catch his interviews at HuffPost Live. Leigh Hill

How does your podcast #WeThePeople LIVE build on HuffPost Live? The podcast is a great experiment in bringing people together and finding new ways to have conversations that are not partisan, that are not talking points, that are not predictable! People are exhausted by conversations that seem phony and inauthentic. I think that explains part of Trump’s rise to power, it’s part of Brexit, it explains the success of One Nation here in Australia. People are tired of political niceties


January 2017


Itching for the Holidays?


M Clinic will be closed for testing from December 15th to January 4th. If you need to get tested during this time, see your GP or a sexual health clinic. If you have symptoms, and your GP or sexual health clinic is closed, go to your nearest emergency department. Remember, PEP is available in an emergency, call the PEPLine on 1300 767 161 if you think you have been exposed to HIV.


FOR ALL MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN 548 Newcastle St, West Perth, 0734, OUTinPerth January9227 2017


A staple of the all-camp diet, what would Fringe World be without a little taste of musical theatre? Fringe darling Le Gateau Chocolat is heading back to Perth this year with performance partner Jonny Woo to serve up their own twist on all of the classics. From Annie to Wicked, nothing in the musical encyclopaedia is safe from the twisted mits of Chocolat and Woo as they drag up all your favourite tunes from the stage. Woo, an icon on the UK drag circuit, is a seasoned performer that has seen him entertain guests at Louis Vuitton’s 150th anniversary in Paris, MTV parties and Fashion East catwalks. We caught up with Woo for a chat as he looks to the western sky.

Have you ever seen a musical you didn’t like? The Bodyguard! What Fringe acts are you looking forward to seeing in Perth? To be honest, I haven’t even had a chance to look at the program! It’s going to be a wonderful surprise which I can’t wait to get stuck into! I love Perth! Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat will be performing A Night At The Musicals in the De Parel Spiegeltent from Tuesday January 31st - Monday January 6th. Tickets available from

What ingredients do you think make for a good musical romp? Great songs of course, fantastic dance routines and the spectacular death of at least one of the main characters. We’re told A Night At The Musicals will Les Misérmassacre classic showtunes, so what can Perth expect? Well, the good news is you get some great singing, but we put a ‘spin’ on some of our favourite show tunes and routines, such as my Liza meets Mickey Mouse Mein Herr lap dance. What do you think of the current surge of live TV musicals out of the US? I don’t have a TV so not sure what this is about but I’m glad more people can get the musical theatre bug! Who would be cast in your dream musical? Ute Lemper, Liza, Gene Kelly and Imelda Staunton.


January 2017



Equal Opportunity Commissioner supports gender-neutral uniforms

One Nation drops candidates with anti-gay views In January One Nation dumped aspiring politician Shan Ju Lin as a candidate for the Queensland state election because of her views on homosexuality.

WA’s Acting Equal Opportunity Commissioner has shown his support for gender-neutral school uniforms. Dr John Byrne said gender neutral dress options were a part of modern society.

Lin posted, and then later deleted a social media post declaring that people who followed abnormal sexual practices ended up committing abnormal crimes. The candidate said that gay people needed to be considered patients and given treatment.

Gender-neutral school uniform options not only allow male and female students to comfortably engage in the same physical activities, they often reflect acceptable dress codes in the wider community, Dr Byrne said in a statement.

The candidate highlighted a United States case where a gay couple were accused of sexually assaulting their adopted children.

He said shorts or pants on females had been accepted in the community for some time and few would argue against the notion when it came to school uniforms. Dr Byrne said the Equal Opportunity Commission had received complaints in the past about schools and pubs not allowing males and females to dress in what complainants regarded a similar fashion. “If a person feels aggrieved they can lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission, where it will go through the normal assessment process,” he said.

The charges against the two men were later dropped and they launched a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the government authority that brought about the charges. The claim was posted on Lin’s personal Facebook profile which is able to be read by the public. The candidate, who was standing for the seat of Bundamba, was warned by the party that her views were out of line with the party’s beliefs and policies, but she continued to post links on social media arguing against marriage equality and rainbow families. In a statement party leader Pauline Hanson said Lin has failed to follow the party’s request that she stop posting disparaging content relating to LGBT people.

The Acting Commissioner encouraged organisations to consider whether the dress code they were enforcing was reasonable per community standards.

“These are not the views shared by One Nation, nor the views of fellow candidates and the general public,” Senator Hanson said in a statement.

“When it comes to schools, gender neutral uniform options help place all students on the same playing field and that is something I support,” Dr Byrne said.

The dumped candidate responded to her dismissal saying her removal would open the doors for the LGBTI community to attack other One Nation candidates.

“I will not stand by and allow people to trash the party or my name, so I make no apologies for being tough on candidates.”

“Once gays realise they can put pressure on a candidate, they will start to target other One Nation candidates also.” Lin responded.

Discussion on the issue arose as the South Australian government released a new policy relating to transgender school students.

Following the controversy, the Ipswich City Council also withdrew funding for a Harmony Day festival that Lin was organising.

ALDI ad receives complaints for perpetuating stereotypes An advertisement from grocery chain ALDI has received complaints for perpetuating the myth that gay men have camp voices, moustaches and dish out fashion advice. The Meet the Tinkletons advertisement shows an American family dropping in on an Australian family and explaining to the them the rules of Christmas before they realise that Australia’s laid back Christmas celebrations have a lot of advantages. At one point a moustachioed man in a Christmas jumper looks over the fence at a man lounging by the pool in his speedo and exclaims in a camp voice “You don’t wear that at Christmas!” The Advertising Standards Bureau received a series of complaints about the TV spot. Some complainants were incensed that the advertisement made fun of Americans and demanded its immediate removal from television screens, while others found the camp moustachioed character offensive. Some of the complaints received included; “I was personally offended by the content of the ad. Specifically the depiction of the overly camp acting moustachioed man. I am a gay man myself, and I like to think that society has come a long way in its perceptions toward same sex attracted individuals. I am proud of my identity, and I recognise and support every individual’s right to express themselves as they please. “Everyone expresses themselves differently and every Australian deserves a fair go, so I really expect advertising agencies to treat my minority group with the same sensitivities they would with any other. I firmly believe this ad used the depiction of a group that is still a minority and at times marginalised as a tool of satire. “My sexuality is not a tool to be used to sell stuff, or make people laugh. Show some sensitivity. I am concerned that the only time an identifiably gay individual is shown in popular Australian advertisements is when it is satirical.



January 2017

Lin is the second candidate who was announced for the Queensland state election to be disavowed by the party. In December Andy Semple, was dropped by the party after he too refused to delete social media posts that were disparaging to LGBT people. At the time of OUTinPerth going to print attention had also been drawn to a third candidate’s social media posts.

The ad is a travesty and is totally offensive. “Would you allow an ad to be aired if it stereotyped black people or other minorities in the same way? I seriously doubt it. The ad demonises an entire nationality and culture to attempt to sell groceries.” ALDI defended the commercial saying it was clear that the characters were a “hammed up” take on Americans making fun of Australian Christmas celebrations – rather than Australians making fun of Americans.

The advertising industry’s regulatory body dismissed the complainant’s ruling that the advertisement had not broken any of the industry’s codes of practice. They did however agree that the advertisement did indeed make fun of Americans, albeit in a light-heart manner. The supermarket chain also defended the use of the camp character with a lisp pointing out that he was not gay, as he appeared sitting next to his wife at the conclusion of the spot.

world TRANSGENDER NO LONGER LISTED AS MENTAL ILLNESS DENMARK Denmark has become the first country to stop classifying transgender people as having a mental illness. The progressive nation announced it’s plan for the reclassification back in May 2016. Citing frustration will the slow progress at the World Health Organisation (WHO). “The change is symbolic, but important. It’s important for transgender people to not be branded mentally ill when we are not.” Linda Thor Pedersen, a spokesperson for LGBT Denmark said. At the WHO, the proposal to declassify sexual orientation in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems was first put forward in 2014, but a decision is not expected until sometime later in the year.

NEW YORK ISSUES FIRST INTERSEX BIRTH CERTIFICATE USA Sara Kelly Keenan has become the first person in New York to be issued a birth certificate that acknowledges their intersex status.

female. It is believed to be the first birth certificate of its kind in the United States.


In 2016, Keenan became the second person in the USA to be legally identified as a non-binary person in the state of California. Keenan says the laws in their new home state of New York stipulate a biological identifier – meaning the non-binary label Cambodian police have announced that they will was unacceptable, but intersex was allowed. arrest three people who they believe are behind Keenan says that it felt incredibly wonderful to see a recent image. The photo saw the face of the their truth printed on the official document. country’s king photo-shopped into a pornographic gay sex scene.


Dozens of people took part in a gay pride event in highly conservative Montenegro last month. The government has promised to introduce legislation that will recognise same sex relationships. Over recent years Montenegro has slowly been improving conditions for LGBT citizens. The move has been prompted by the country’s desire to join the European Union. Hundreds of police were deployed to protect the small group of marchers as they walked down the street in the centre of the capital Podgorica. Activists in the march displayed banners reading “Born This Way” and “Equality for Everyone.” The first Pride marches in Montenegro were held in 2013, where gay and lesbian people faced violent anti-gay protesters.

Unlike neighbouring Thailand, Cambodia does not have a law specifically outlawing causing insult to the country’s monarch, and police have not confirmed what the three suspects will be arrested for. The image appeared on social media accounts in both Cambodia and Thailand in January, accompanied by a statement accusing the king of being gay. Homosexuality has never been illegal in Cambodia. In 2004, after his abdication, the former King expressed his support for marriage equality. King Sihanouk said that he believed that God viewed homosexuals, as well as transgender people, as equal – because God has a wide range of tastes. The country is largely supportive of the LGBT community, recently there have been popular films that showed same sex relationships, regular Pride celebrations and the country’s first queer magazine was launched in 2015.

Keenan, a 55-year-old advocate and paralegal, has obtained a new birth certificate that identifies their gender as intersex rather than male or


January 2017



A sex worker and a queer carnie meet at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Jess Love’s new solo work Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl, appearing at Fringe World this year. Love uses her incredible circus skills previously featured in the Fringe World favourite La Soiree to tell the story of discovering her convict ancestry and a transformative connection to her great-great-great-greatgrandmother. Love caught up with OUTinPerth to have a chat about the show. Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl seems to explore some very intimate content - does this draw from personal experience? Yes, very much so. The show is completely autobiographical. I tell the most intimate experiences of my life, some very funny, some very dark and some sad. The show delves deep into my soul, my obsessions and my past.

Trevor Jones is one of the busiest men in show business, juggling many different commitments. He’s bringing his cabaret show Kollision to Perth for the Fringe Festival. OUTinPerth caught up with the musical mischief maker while he was in town working as the Music Director on the musical Avenue Q . The last time Jones was performing downstairs at The Maj was five years ago, when he presented a comical show which saw him having live Grindr chats on stage. This will be your first trip to Fringe World. It’ll be my first time at Fringe but my fourth time performing downstairs at The Maj. It’s amazing how people in Perth have gotten behind Fringe World, it’s just enormous. It’s a huge thing now – people in Perth go and see Fringe shows. Your show has been described as ‘Miley meets Mozart’, how did the show come about? I came up with the idea for Kollison when I found myself in one day going from an opera rehearsal, to a cabaret



January 2017

You’ve performed in some high intensity shows in the past, like La Soiree. How do you incorporate your circus training to a performance like this? That is harder to explain! I am a theatre maker and a performance artist but I am also an acrobat. It is who I am and how I identify, just like being queer or bi-sexual is. So it is actually almost impossible for me to make work without using the circus skills I have. For an explanation of how they are woven throughout the show well, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself. There are over 100+ shows that we found in the Fringe guide that feature openly LGBTIQ+ artists - do you think there is an affinity between our community and these festivals? Of course there is! You can’t turn a corner in a theatre festival without bumping into one of us… we’re everywhere, like a rainbow plague. As the brilliant Gerry Connolly explains while addressing an audience as The Queen; “Queens have always patronised the arts and the arts have always relied on the support of queens.”

performance, to a rock ‘n roll piano bar. I was looking at my life and thinking ‘This is insane! Most people stick to one musical genre. I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I turned up to of those events and got it wrong’. What would happen if I turned up to the opera rehearsal with my rock n’ roll hat on? That’s where the idea for the show came from. The idea of all these musical world’s colliding. I was writing the show around the time that Miley Cyrus was having a big hit with Wrecking Ball and the image of coming in on a wrecking ball and mashing up all these musical genres was really appealing. We had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot. I do love it when you find those odd obscure tracks when you find artists recording outside of their usual genre, like when Madonna covers artist Vic Chesnutt. There’s a great Michael Bolton one where he sings Nessun Dorma, he realsed a whole album of tenor arias, its quite something. I’m not sure what it is, but it is something.

You explore your family history in the show, how have new discoveries shaped the work? Everything shapes my work and I started writing this show in 2011 so that was quite a journey of discovery. Not only for the show but for me personally. I married my girlfriend, I divorced my wife, I was diagnosed with a mental illness, I went into remission from the illness, I moved to the other side of the world, I lost family, I gained friends, I took way too many drugs and I ended up sober. I found my convict ancestry and I finally felt like I belonged. What Perth Fringe Festival shows are you looking forward to? December has left me a little exhausted and I haven’t really had a chance to explore the program but I am definitely looking forward to The Little Death Club, because I’m in it and I get to take my clothes off onstage and I love doing that so…. Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl will be at the Black Flamingo in Fringe World’s Pleasure Garden from January 31st to February 4th. Tickets available from

Are you doing a second show while you’re in town? ‘Show’ is probably too strong a word, we’re doing a rock n roll piano bar, like the piano bars in New York. Where people can make requests, and we’ll have lots of guest artists passing through. It’s all about sitting back and relaxing on a Saturday night, singing along and throwing out some requests. Trevor Jones’ Kollision is Downstairs at The Maj from January 21st. Tickets are available at Graeme Watson


Step back in time and into the discotheque this Fringe World when Velvet takes over the West Australian Spiegeltent. A dazzling homage to all things disco inspired by the likes of Studio 54, this critically acclaimed Australian-born show has wowed Fringe audiences across the globe with its amalgamation of spectacular acrobatics, mirrorball glitz, sexy sirens and the legendary chanteuse herself Marcia Hines. Accompanying Hines in this stellar cast will be hula boy Craig Reid, acrobat Mirko Kockenberger, aerialist Emma Goh, muscle man Stephen Williams, sass-mistresses Rechelle Mansour and Kaylah Attad and The Voice alum, team Kylie Minogue’s Thomas Oliver. Since appearing on The Voice under Minogue’s tutelage, Oliver has kicked off a whirlwind career starring in musicals across the globe, releasing his own music and working with the likes of Eddie Perfect, Rachael Beck, Andrew O’Keefe and Naomi Price. OUTinPerth got Thomas Oliver on the phone to talk working with Marcia Hines and preparing to freak out Perth audiences in Velvet. How has it been working on the show? It’s so much fun! I’m a new cast member to the show so I’m just loving it. It toured all over the world for about a year before I jumped on board and I’ve kind of been on both sides of the fence. I was an audience member in Melbourne when I was working on a show with my partner there and one of our mates said, “I have just seen the best show ever!”. Of course we thought he was exaggerating but we went along. At the end of the show we turned to each other and said “What the hell was that?!” - He wasn’t lying! It was just mind boggling to see a show that’s Cirque du Soleil meets disco meets Marcia Hines. Were you already a big fan of all things disco? I think secretly deep down everyone is a fan of disco, it’s just a matter of whether they know it or not. I didn’t religiously listen to disco but it’s always been in the back of my head since my folks always used to play it around the

house. I never really listened before but now I’m just loving it. It’s got to be my favourite genre now. I would love to just jump in a time machine and check it out at its peak in places like Studio 54 which the show was inspired by. How did you get your disco knowledge up to scratch being new to the genre? Listening to Marcia talk about the glory days of disco and sing the era she’s known the most for has helped me a lot but I’ve been watching documentaries online and all sorts to get into it. Craig, our director, has been at the helm of the show since it started and his musical director Joey (who is the live DJ in the show) have shown me their collections so I’m really pumped and on board now. Don’t you worry!

On another level, it’s just a great night out with glorious music and an incredible smorgasbord of artists from all corners of the globe doing their thing. Catch Thomas Oliver and Marcia Hines in Velvet at Fringe World from Friday January 20th - Sunday February 19th (ex. Mondays). Tickets available from

How has it been working with Marcia? You still seem a little starstruck! I was when I auditioned! I felt like I was auditioning for Australian Idol. Now that I know her, she’s honestly the most down-to-earth, fun loving and welcoming person that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been in the same room working with celebrities many times before and I always try to keep my distance since I dont want to be that guy but she was the one who made the effort to come and get to know me and really welcome me to the cast so I’m having a total blast with her. To have a role model like that at age 24 as a performer is just so lucky. Is there a story that runs through Velvet or is it more of a cabaret showcase? It depends what you’re looking for! On one level it’s about a boy who arrives in a nightclub which we call Velvet which is inspired by Studio 54 and he’s a bit lost with his white shirt, black tie and suitcase. He doesn’t really know much about himself and he doesn’t know what he wants out of life. He’s taken in by this fairy godmother figure (Hines) and meets all of these new, intriguing and exciting characters; the incredible hula boy Craig, acrobats from all over the world doing all of these amazing things and by the end of the show he sees a new side of life and… well, I won’t spoil it!


January 2017



Comedian, presenter and all-around good guy Tom Ballard is bringing a double dose of the best medicine to Fringe World this year. Reviving last year’s smash hit Boundless Plains to Share, the out comic is also trying something new this year by workshopping his latest material in front of an audience with a work in progress show. Calling from Melbourne, Ballard tells OUTinPerth about having to spend time in isolation with the founder of One Nation and how tired he is of talking about marriage equality. What possessed you to bring two shows to Fringe World this year? Do you enjoy stress? Well, it’s more like one-and-a-half shows… No! No, they’re two shows and they’re both going to be FANTASTIC. The first is Boundless Plains to Share which I toured last year as well so I’m taking that a bit further in 2017. The other show is a work in progress so it’s me getting my ideas together for my new stand-up show. It’s still gonna be really good, it’ll just be a little more loose than previous shows have been. Boundless Plains deals primarily with race and discrimination here in Australia. Has your appearance on First Contact and your experience

Djuki Mala, who you may know as The Chooky Dancers, became an international sensation when their dance interpretation of Zorba the Greek went viral in 2007. The dance troupe from Elcho Island have been entertaining audiences ever since with their unique reimaginings of traditional dances and contemporary pop hits, celebrating Indigenous culture through storytelling. Dancer Lionel Dulmanawuy, who initially developed the dance, said he created the performance to thank a good friend from Greece who took care of his sister. Dulmanawuy says the light-hearted dance also has a strong connection to community. “It’s a tradition in a young boy’s initiation ceremony. You make up stupid dances and do them at the ceremony to make it more of a fun day for the young boy. Zorba the Greek is an extension of that”



January 2017

with Indigenous communities changed the act at all?

throughout the week you might get an insight for what working as a comedian is like.

The show focuses mostly on refugees and the way Australia treats refugees, but inherent in that idea when you’re looking at the history of the way white Australia feels about people of colour you obviously come to the fact that this country was invaded and the First People were dispossessed and how awful that is… there’s no way I could deal with both of those issues at once! It wouldn’t be a very funny hour at all. I will touch on First Contact in the work in progress show though as I explore political correctness and the way we debate today. When you spend four weeks on the road with David Oldfield from One Nation you get an up-close and personal view of a world without political correctness and it ain’t pretty.

I have to ask - since we’ve been talking about marriage equality for such a long time now - as a comedian is there any material left to squeeze out of that topic?

Have you workshopped material in front of an audience like this before? No! It’s a really big thing in the UK. At Edinburgh Fringe Festival you’ll see quite a few comedians putting on work in progress shows where the tickets are a little bit cheaper and you tell viewers from the outset there are ideas that you’re still playing with and that you’ll have paper on stage. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with that which means every show will be different so if you see a few

Jesus… No! It’s like a bully, I don’t want to give it any attention. I don’t want to encourage it. It’s mindblowing, it’s exhausting. At this point I think for the queer community making sure Safe Schools isn’t completely gutted and looking after the mental health of young people and trans people who I think are pretty vulnerable at the moment may take a slight priority. Senator Dean Smith said there may be a good chance of a conscience vote coming up but it’s all just so exhausting to think about and I’m done! I still don’t know who hasn’t made their mind up out there. I don’t know who needs to be run through any more arguments on how they feel about this issue! Tom Ballard will be performing Boundless Plains to Share at the Heath Ledger Theatre on Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th. You can also get a peek at his Work In Progress show at the Noodle Palace Laksa House from Tuesday January 31st - Sunday February 5th.

Since the video took off across the world, the dancers have told their stories across the world and taken a piece of Yolngu culture to China, Canada, the UK and starred on screen in the Australian musical cinema hit Bran Nue Dae. Djuki Mala’s Fringe World performance will tell the story of the group’s origin in an immersive live multimedia experience that full of clownery, comedy and an unmissable dance celebration. Djuki Mala will be in the Salon Perdu Spiegeltent in the Pleasure Gardens, Russell Square, Northbridge from Friday Jan 27th - Sunday Feb 5th, Tuesday Feb 7th - Sunday Feb 12th & Tuesday Feb 14th. Tickets available from

Photos by Graeme Watson & Leigh Hill for OutinPerth and Clayton K

MEN’S SUMMER SUNDOWNER C o l d B e e r, C o o l Tu n e s , Sexy Men...

F r i d a y J a n u a r y 1 3 t h 2 0 1 7. 6pm-9pm in the lounge and on the terrace. w i t h DJ s H e l l o S a i l o r & Ho l i d ay Pe te. $10 entr y • Free Barbeque D i s c o u n t t a p b e e r.



Sophie Joske had a sellout season of her pervious Fringe World show Become a Functional Adult in 45 Minutes. Now she’s back for Fringe World 2017 with a brand new show Household Name, which is all about her plan to crack the bigtime. What is your strategy for taking your comedy from Fringe to the mainstream? Well for this show I’ve got Adam Peter Scott on board as my director. He’s a really experienced stand up who says he’s got what it takes for me to be a star. We’ve been working really hard on writing some material that hits the lowest common denominator so everyone can enjoy it. I’m dead inside. When you hit the big time - what will you be splurging on first? I want to become a lady of leisure, so the first thing I’ll need is a silk dressing gown with marabou trim that trails along the floor. I’ll wear it to answer the door when the delivery men come to drop off my antique champagne glasses, and when family visit to tell me I’ve lost touch with my true self and I need to come home. But I won’t listen. Because they love me out there, Aunt Sally! EVERYBODY LOVES ME! You’ve offered to sell your soul - but how do you measure its value? After a certain number of years working in the arts, ‘soul’ and ‘value’ become abstract concepts. After all, what is ‘money’? Will I ever be able to move out of my parents’ house and go to the dentist more than once a decade? What was the question? You say you want to be a “Household Name” - what level are we talking here? Television’s Mike Whitney? My aim is to become so famous it becomes a bit of a nuisance. I’d like to be able to deliver long monologues about how I just want to walk down the street and buy some eight thousand dollar shoes like a normal person but everybody just wants a piece of me! CAN’T YOU VULTURES JUST LET ME BE?! I’m always striving in life to acquire more common ground with Britney Spears so we have heaps to talk about when we finally get brunch together. Sophie Joske’s Household Name is at the Hokkien House inside Noodle Palace from 20 January. Get tickets at Leigh Hill , image: Shaun Ferraloro

h - 18t5pm, t, 3 1 4 . b 7 Fe time gelten re. t showrel Spie al Cen dard, n r a a u P De h Cult $30 st + 6 t s Per icket Group T $20 http://www.



January 2017

THE SHORTCUT TO YOUR NEW MINI. THE MINI SUMMER DEMONSTRATOR SALE. We’ll let you in on a MINI life hack. The MINI Summer Demonstrator Sale is your chance to own the MINI you’ve always wanted. You’ll find outstanding deals right across the range. So what are you waiting for? There’s a limited number of MINI Demonstrator models available, take a test-drive before someone else beats you to it.

AUTO CLASSIC MINI GARAGE 10 Asquith Street, Victoria Park. Ph (08) 9311 7577. A/H: 0406 805 595. DL2271

Offer available for demonstrator vehicles in stock sold and delivered between 01/01/2017 and 31/03/2017. Excludes John Cooper Works Models. Contact Auto Classic MINI Garage for further details. While stocks last. Cannot be combined with any other offer.





Fix a tiny sobrero to your wig because POOF DOOF is having a fiesta this month at Connections. Featuring DJs Mimi (Melb) and Perth’s own Anton Maz. Friday January 13th from 9pm, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Men’s Summer Sundowner

With 2017 with us and Summer well and truly on the way with the weather heating up what better way to unwind after a long week than with a cold beer, cool tunes and DJ’s Hello Sailor and Holiday Pete. Friday January 13th from 6pm, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Alaska: Poundcake Tour

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 winner Alaska 5000 is returning to Perth on her victory tour, celebrating the release of her latest album Poundcake. Don’t miss your chance to say Hiiieeeeee to the latest addition to the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Saturday February 4th from 8pm, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Methods of Movement

Methods returns in 2017 with a very special guest selector - Berlin based, Australian born, Fantastic Man! In the special, intimate downstairs area of Gilkisons, curated for extra downstairs comfort - and DJ Lucky Pete! Friday January 13th from 8pm, Gilkisons, 45 Murray St, Perth

F**k Grindr

Get off your dating apps and mix with gay and bi male singles with a quiz night, comedy show and live tindering all rolled into one. Hosted by Scottish comedian Chris Henry.

Snatch: What New Year’s Resolutions?

Wednesday January 25th & February 8th, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Saturday January 14th from 8pm, Flyrite, 110 Aberdeen St, Northbridge

Outer Body

It’s over 9000! Quest for the Dragon Balls at Last Night at their Dragon Ball Z themed party. Snack on Senzu Beans and compete for a month’s supply of ramen with your best costume! Music from Dan Cribb and the Isolated, Nautical Mile and Only in Hindsight.

Catch Francis Inferno Orchestra, Mount Liberation Unlimited and local talent’s Ginoli, George Capelas, Lou Mac, Roza Terenzi and Jame and the visual stylings of GENDERMESS at this month’s Outer Body.

Snatch, the party for girls who like girls, is seeing in 2017 with jello vodka, deck chairs, couches, cup pong and all the ingredients you need to forget those pesky resolutions.

LAST NIGHT: Super Saiyan Takeover

Friday January 27th from 11pm, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Thursday January 19th from 9pm, Last Night, 383 Murray St, Perth

F**k Findhrr

For over ten years Lesbian Mud Wrestling has been the biggest event on a Wednesday night, it’s people wrestling in mud! Although not always lesbians, sometimes there are dirty boys too.

Get off your dating apps and mix with gay and bi female singles with a quiz night, comedy show and live tindering all rolled into one. Hosted by Scottish comedian Chris Henry. Wednesday February 1st, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Lesbian Mud Wrestling

Every Wednesday from 8pm, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Dr. Patrick Briggs F.R.C.S Eng, F.R.C.S.I, F.R.C.S.I. PlaS. SuRg.

PlaStIC & CoSmEtIC SuRgEon “By the time patients come to see me, they have been through enough emotional turmoil and it has been a long and challenging journey with many highs and lows. As a Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon it is not only my responsibility to offer an understanding of this journey but with surgery assist patients to achieve the optimal outcome in a non-judgemental environment” – Dr Patrick Briggs

Specialist in gender re-assignment surgery with over 20 years experience GENDER RE-ASSIGNMENT PRocEDuRES: • MTF – Breast Implants • FTM – Breast Removal ADDITIoNAL SERVIcES: • Cosmetic Injections • Wrinkle Relaxers • Hair Removal (Medical Grade)

MEMBER OF: Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

P. 9381 9300 15 Railway Rd., Subiaco, WA 6008



January 2017

Tired of the online dating scene, hook-up apps and fleeting romance? Looking for a different way to meet someone new? Head on down to F*ck Findhrr / F*ck Grindr at Connections Nightclub this Fringe World and discover a whole new kind of singles mixer! Direct from the UK, the F*ck Findhrr/Grindr events are heading to Perth this year for 50 same-sex attracted singles to get together for a night of speed dating, comedy and a whole lot of fun. The organisers are firm believers that old school dating isn’t dead, creating a new space which provides a variety of activities for wannabe lovers including a quiz, some live Tinder-ing and a comedy show by award winning Scottish comedian Chris Henry. F*ck Grindr will be at Connections Nightclub during Fringe World on Wednesdays January 25th and February 8th. F*ck Findhrr will be held on Wednesday February 1st.


CLUBS Pop! Nothing but bright, bubbly, sugar coated pop tunes at this popular mid-week get together hosted by our very own BarbieQ. Drag shows at 1am, or even try your own wig on the stage for Dragathon! Every Thursday from 10pm - Late, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

Must Be The Music Each week Connections DJ’s play with you and tease you and they lead you through a journey through disco, house, progressive and even a touch of techno. Every Friday from 10pm - 5am, Connections Nightclub, 81 James St, Northbridge

BARS Noodle Palace

Venture back into the Noodle Palace as it returns for the Fringe season. Enjoy the rooftop bar, a variety of hawker cuisine and a bunch of Fringe venues filled with comedy, magic, cabaret and much more. From Friday January 20th - Thursday February 2nd, 19 Francis St (TAFE Rooftop), Northbridge

Sundays at Swallow

The food is first rate, the choice of wines is adventurous and on Sundays they have sublime live music. Relax with a Sunday Session at Swallow Bar. Every Sunday from 4pm, Swallow Bar, 198 Whatley Cres, Maylands

Live Music at Chapels

Enjoy live music in a relaxed dining environment and have a drink while you’re there. Every Fri and Sat Night, 7pm - 9pm, Chapels on Whatley, 196 Whatley Cres, Maylands

THEATRE & CULTURE Young At Heart. Don’t miss this award winning performance at Fringe World. Wednesday January 25th - Saturday January 28th, (ex. 26th), His Majesty’s Theatre, 825 Hay St, Perth

Zatanna: 99% Improv, Magic & Fun This year the great magician Zatanna will attempt her first fully improvised magic show where the audience decides what feats they want to see! Don’t miss the Queen of Illusion. January 20th - 25th & 28th, Rigby’s Bar and Bistro, 221 St Georges Tce, Perth

PRICE TAG Written by award-winning theatre maker Jeffrey Jay Fowler, PRICE TAG uses acerbic wit & razor sharp insight to follow four characters determining life’s true costs in a world where the economy’s broken & the table’s rigged in the game of love. Saturday January 21st - Saturday January 28th (ex. 23rd & 26th), Blue Room Theatre, 53 James St, Northbridge

PUBS Bubble Box: Australia Day Eve @ The Court You don’t want to miss a Court foam party! Prepare for the holiday with pizza, drink specials and bathers on the dance floor. You can even wear thongs to party in comfort and style. Wednesday January 25th from 3pm, The Court Hotel, 50 Beaufort St, Perth

The Raver This contemporary adaptation of Aphra Behn’s The Rover will take you to a party filled with hot exchange students, drugs, alcohol, and those classic drunk moments, while exploring the boundaries between gender perceptions and stereotypes. Bring your togs, it’s gonna get wet. Monday January 30th - Wednesday February 1st at 7pm, Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

The Court Traffic Light Party The Court’s Traffic Light Party returns! Wear red if you’re taken, green if you’re single or orange if you’re somewhere in between and make the most of The Court’s flirt-technology while you party with BarbieQ, Scarlet Adams, Timbee, Wasteland and Dannyboi. Friday February 10th from 8pm, The Court Hotel, 50 Beaufort St, Perth

Drag Factory Throw on a frock, slip on a wig, pick out a tune and give drag a go. Wannabe drag queens, kings and performers can lip-sync the house down and compete for cash prizes! Every Wednesday from 9pm, The Court Hotel, 50 Beaufort St, Perth

Karaoke Sundays Warm up those pipes! The Court has a brand new tradition with Karaoke Sundays. With performances from host Feminem and $20 pizza & jug deals, it’ll be a perfect end to the week. Every Sunday from 5:30pm, The Court Hotel, 50 Beaufort St, Perth

THEATRE & CULTURE WAAPA Summer School This summer the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts opens its theatres and studios to present a host of exciting courses for children and young people. WAAPA’s Summer School offers funfilled courses providing intense, creative training for anyone in upper primary school and older. From December 19th, WAAPA, Edith Cowan University, 2 Bradford St, Mt Lawley

Singin’ In The Rain Fresh from a sell-out UK tour, this spectacular production of the classic is set to make a splash with Australian audiences. See one of Hollywood’s most iconic films on the stage. Until Sunday January 22nd, Crown Theatre, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium invites children to plunge into the action; performers will ask a few young divers to join them on their quest to the bottom of the ocean, to ‘swim’ with an amazing array of aquatic creatures from bygone eras. Friday January 6th - Friday January 20th, State Theatre Centre, 174 - 176 William St, Perth

True Blue Join some of Perth’s best emerging artists for True Blue, a group exhibition, as they meditate on the “lucky country’s” creative and destructive forces of national pride using a variety of mediums, from painting to printmaking, sculpture and animation. Friday January 20th from 6pm, Beyond Skate, 345 Charles St, Perth

Desperately Young At Heart Robert Hoffman stages a cabaret of visual humour, spicy stand-up and original pop in Desperately

Hallelujah! A Through Drag



A comedy filled cabaret of talented boys dressed as fabulous ladies. A wonderfully camp, musical exploration of drag as an artform starring an exceptional cast of local drag artists Perri Oxide, Veronica Jean Jones, Scarlet Adams & international special guests. Saturday January 21st, De Parel Spiegeltent, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge

The One The One is a theatrical fever dream that takes the boy gets girl cliché and impales it with marriage’s grim history. An angry guitar sits under hissed words as the story of Him and Her breaks apart. Written and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler Tuesday January 24th - Sunday January 28th, Blue Room Theatre, 53 James St, Northbridge

Ecosexual Bathhouse Are you eco-curious? Are you environmentallyoriented? Into getting dirty? Let go of your inhibition and embrace a new sexual identity where the biosphere becomes your lover. An art project by local stars Pony Express. Tuesday January 24th - Sunday January 28th, PICA, 51 James St, Perth

Yanis Marshall Dance Workshop Yanis Marhsall, heels dancer extraordinaire from Britain’s Got Talent, will be touring Australia this January! He is heating up Perth after Australia Day and will be teaching workshops in Street Jazz and Heels. You better work! Friday January 27th from 3:30pm, Vogue Performers, 45 Edward St, Perth

Opera In The Park: 50th Anniversary Gala Celebrate West Australian Opera’s 50th Anniversary in a FREE gala concert of operatic hits, in the beautiful setting of Supreme Court Gardens. Saturday February 4th from 8pm, Supreme Court Gardens, Barrack St, Perth


January 2017




Following an amazing response at last year’s Fringe World, the creative collective at GENDERMESS have concocted a sequel to the award nominated Mâché - a fabulous showcase of local drag talent. This year performers Ginava, Flo Reel, Donna Kebab, Vaboux, Perri Oxide and Cougar Morrison are taking a trip back in time and exploring the conservatism of days gone by through the eyes of a queen in the all new Mâché: HOME. We caught up with the mind behind GENDERMESS and Ginava, Blake Anderson, for a public service announcement. How would you describe Mâché to anyone who missed it last year? Mâché is a mixture of different drag performance styles that come together in a 1-hour stage show for the Fringe World festival. We felt like there was a lack of exposure and knowledge about the current drag scene in Perth, not with the usual nightclub production shows, but of the individual drag performers and their creativity. We really wanted to showcase how talented our Perth drag artists are and the amount of diversity there is in the current scene. How will Home build on / be different to last year’s performance? We are still serving a variety of drag performances and styles. However, this time, we are focusing on the themes of the conservative time of the 1940s - 1960s, more specifically their PSA videos. How the housewife needs to behave, the masculine role of the man, the dangers of drugs and the evil homosexual. These PSA’s were ways of controlling the masses with fear, paranoia and guilt. Something that resonates to the times we are living in today. What better way to dissect these themes than with drag queens?


êê êêPê LY PUT,




You’ve shaken up the performers this year - how will that affect the show? I think even just the experience of performing in Fringe World for the first time last year really opened up their eyes, and changed their perspective on where they thought drag could go and what they could do with it. When the opportunity came around to do Fringe World 2017, the cast were very inspired by the concept of Mâché: HOME. The ideas came flooding in from every performer. It really is a creative contribution of all 6 performers. The cast in this show are fearless and game, and I’m very grateful to have a cast as passionate about performing as I am. Following the success of last year’s performance, can we expect to see more from Gendermess? Where can you see GENDERMESS outside of the Fringe Festival? I say no expectations, no disappointments. GENDERMESS is very, very lucky to have had the successes it’s had in the last 3-4 years since it’s conception. But, we are always keeping our eyes and ears open for new opportunities and chances to serve it on stage. You can see us perform for Outer Body at Connections Nightclub once a month, with the next one on January 27th. What acts are you looking forward to seeing at the Fringe Festival? Ginava: Ecosexual Bathhouse & Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves The World



Flo Reel: A Night At The Musicals (Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat) & ‘Body Map’ by Pretty Peepers Cabaret



Donna Kebab: Velvet & DIVAS All Male Revue Vaboux: Briefs & The Budgie Smuggler Perri Oxide:’The Girl From Oz’ by Courtney Act & Pitched Black Cougar Morrison: La Soiree & Comma Sutra Mâché: HOME will be in the Circus Theatre in Perth Cultural Centre from February 4th - 7th. Tickets available from



January 2017





Fuzz Toads

Psychedelic outfit Fuzz Toads are headlining their first gig of 2017 with the help of their friends Marlinspike and Soulin Wild. Chill out after your massive NYE at Indi Bar.

Lesbian Walking Group

This friendly walking group is always open to new members and meets every third Sunday of the month.

Saturday January 14th at 8pm, Indi Bar, 27 Hasting St, Scarborough

For the details of this month’s walk, email Janice at jmlfrater@

Cola Dreams Launch

WA Wanderers

David Craft launches his second record ‘Cola Dreams’. Cola Dreams is a collection of songs partly recorded by the Perth seaside and partly recorded in an old cotton mill in Melbourne, Australia. With support from Erasers, Lewis Rice O’Donnell and Oosterbanger. Saturday January 14th at 8pm, The Bird, 181 William St, Perth

PJ Harvey

Following the release of her critically acclaimed album The Hope Six Demolition Project, PJ Harvey is returning to Australia for the first time since 2012. Playing with a full 10-piece band, Harvey’s live show has been receiving rave reviews from audiences across the US and Europe.


Mr Fox on William

The social men’s walking group for gay guys and their friends meets every third Sunday of the month. For more information or to RSVP, call 0415 249 265

Lesbian Elders’ Talking Group

GRAI’s Meet ‘n Muse is a supportive social space where women (55+) who identify as lesbian or bisexual can discuss a variety of topics (chosen by the group) and share past and present life experiences. Coffee afterwards.

There always seems to be a distinct lack of places to grab a coffee in Northbridge. In recent months though a bunch of new café’s have opened along William Street. Mr Fox on William is one of our favourites. Their menu is filled with fresh super healthy food. We sampled a breakfast bowl that was packed with goodness, a roast vegetable salad, and a scrumptious chicken and avocado burger. Drop in to Mr Fox on William at 270 William Street, Northbridge

Perth group meets on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 1.30pm Mandurah group meets on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7pm For more details email Pam at

Wednesday January 17th at 6pm, Fremantle Arts Centre, 1 Finnerty St, Fremantle

The Searchers

The Searchers are returning to Australia in their The Solid Gold Hits Australian Tour by Popular Demand in 2017. Relive the ‘60s at the Astor Theatre. Saturday February 4th at 8pm, Astor Theatre, 658 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley


YOUTH Source Foods

Weekly on Wednesdays 5 - 8pm & Fridays 4pm-8pm, Freedom Centre, 93 Brisbane St, Perth

Source Foods café, which is just around the corner from The Freedom Centre, has consistently been a provider of fine quality food. When we dropped by, we sampled our first ever Red Coffee, a strong Rooibos tea - which is caffeine free. Their pulled pork and eggs creation was a mountain of food with a creamy hollandaise sauce flowing over like molten lava. It was fabulous. They also make great burgers.

A safe social drop-in session for all people under 26 who are same sex attracted, intersex, trans* and/or gender diverse.


Perth Gaymers: Ladies and Gender Diverse Board Game Night

Female-identifying and all gender diverse people are invited to play card, board and video games with the Perth Gaymers. A fun, friendly, safe and social night. Newcomers welcome! Saturday January 14th from 4:30pm, for more head to facebook. com/groups/perthgaymers

Perth Gaymers: Plugged In

Bring your favourite video games and get plugged in with Perth Gaymers. An all day session of console and handheld gaming with one of Perth’s most active and friendly LGBTIQ social groups. Sunday January 29th, for more head to perthgaymers

3rd Wednesdays

A casual gathering of LGBTI friends and supporters for drinks, nibbles and meeting new people.

Wednesday January 18th from 6pm – 8pm, Brisbane Hotel, Cnr Beaufort & Brisbane St, Perth



A free session for anyone who is intersex, transgender, and/or gender diverse and questioning their gender and/or sex assigned at birth.

Source Foods Café is on the corner of Beaufort St and Brisbane St.

First Thursday of every month, 5 - 8pm, Freedom Centre, 93 Brisbane St, Perth


A drop-in session for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth who identify as LGBTIQ. Third Thursday of the month, 5 - 8pm, Freedom Centre, 93 Brisbane St, Perth


A session for all people under 26 who are LGBTIQ. These sessions are activity-based so come along to try something new, get active and have fun! 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 12 - 5pm, Freedom Centre, 93 Brisbane St, Perth

Junior aGender

A drop in session for transgender and gender diverse youth under 18 and their families. Last Monday of the month, 5 - 8pm, Freedom Centre, 93 Brisbane St, Perth

Miss Potz The new girl on the block in Mount Lawley is Miss Potz, the Asian fusion tapas style eating experience. Don’t let the crosscultural descriptors put you off, the food is amazing. We’ll be racing back to have more of their Beef Rendang sliders. The spicy chicken larb was great too and the salt and pepper squid was mind blowing. The only downside to our visit was the crumbled tofu – which was bland and hard to pick up because it was served on a block of wood. We’ll be back to sample the rest of the menu soon. Miss Potz is in the Beaux Lane at 699 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley.

Siena’s Famous Pizza or Pasta

fax. (08) 9444 1779 115 Oxford Street Leederville WA


(08) 9444 8844 CRU2951_MtLawley_OutinPerth_Ads.indd 5

5/1/17 1:40 pm

Try our new Parmigiana


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January 2017






January 2017


January sees some interesting animated feature films that are not just for kids. Adults as well as children can enjoy Sing (G), Moana (PG) and Ballerina (G) in air conditioned comfort. And even though there is a weighting towards female protagonists, these films are not just for girls. Characters in these three films are diverse and the storylines feature three entirely different journeys. Many girls will be barracking for the teenage punk-rocker porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson) as she comes out of the shadow cast by her boyfriend and everyone will fall in love with the mega-shy elephant Meena (Tori Kelly). Meena’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is another spine-tingler for adults.

Sing, directed by Garth Jennings, features anthropomorphic animals who take part in a singing competition. The makers of Despicable Me and Minions have brought together several characters to entertain with their antics. They are all given voices by established actors who have surprisingly great singing voices. There’s the possibly gay gorilla Johnny (voiced by Taron Egerton) whose gangster father disowns him. His rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is spine-tingling. Then there’s the pig housewife with 25 children Rosita (voiced by Reece Witherspoon who has already proved herself as June Carter in Walk The Line) who will knock your socks off as she finds her groove. Seth Macfarlane, who has recently released an album of Frank Sinatra songs, voices Buster the mouse (or maybe he is a rat).

Among the 85 songs that hold the plot together, there seem to be many from those memorable singers who left us last year. Each character is entertaining, they are all rewarded for taking the risk to perform in the singing competition and everyone lives happily ever after. What more could you want?

Ballerina (G) directed by Eric Summer and Eric Warin is set in Paris in 1879 at the time that the Eifel Tower was being built. It is an improbable but delightful tale of orphan girl Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning) who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Escaping from the orphanage, she pretends to be another young girl and becomes a pupil at the Grand Opera House in Paris.

Disney’s Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) centres on a feisty Polynesian princess from long ago who sails across the ocean to save her people. The chieftain’s daughter is aided in her adventurous quest by a larger than life demigod Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson). This is real heroine stuff as apart from the dangers of the high seas, she has to fight Maui’s outdated views on females, which is an interesting twist in a Disney film. Moana’s grandmother (Rachel Tala) inspires Moana to challenge her father and go on the treacherous journey. This is a great tale and beautifully realised by the Disney animators. The journey to save her island and its people ends up being a personal one as well, as Moana finds her own identity.

This film is all about following your passion, but then again this is a theme in all three films. When asked her favourite part of the film Ballerina, my 10 year-old companion said that it was when the dance teacher told off one of the girls for not having enough passion. Perfect princesses don’t belong in castles. They go out in the world, take risks and follow their passions. Make time to see all of these films … and drag along a small person as well. Lezly Herbert

GET OUT IN PERTH ON A VESPA MORE THAN JUST A SCOOTER, IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Why wait? Visit The Scooter Shop Australia to discover the Vespa range today! PH: (08) 9433 4613 | ADDRESS: 2/95 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle WA





FINANCE AVAILABLE PH: (08) 9433 4613


January 2017



Perth’s premier transgender magician returns to Fringe World this year with a brand new show and an exciting twist on the magic act. Zatanna, the Queen of Illusion, will be inviting the audience to choose what dazzling feats they wish to see in her totally improvised performance, packed full of close up magic, glamour and charm. We caught up with Zatanna to find out how she prepares to defy belief on the fly.

How do you work improv into a magic show?

Last year you had two fabulous Fringe World shows - what’s different about this year’s performance?

I am always working on new effects or perfecting some other ones. For me I always need to keep my magic fresh.

Last year indeed I had a big illusion show and a mentalism show, but this year I wanted to try a new concept of magic show that has never been done before; an improvised comedy magic show! So the audience will decide what kind of magic they would like to see. It will be completely different from a set act which is what every magician does.

Which magicians do you look to for inspiration?

Well, that’s where it will be out of my comfort zone, as no one has tried that before, I’ll just have to be ready for any opportunity! I will let everyone know that itis not a big illusion show, a show with animals or a TV show. No assistants. No special effects. Have you learned any new magic since we last saw you?

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Fringe World this year? As I will open the festival from the 20th to 28th I’ll focus on my shows first, but after I will go and see as many of the burlesque, circus, jazz and blues shows as I can… and the other magic shows as well, of course! Catch Zatanna, The Queen of Illusion in 99% Magic, Improv & Fun at Rigby’s Bar & Bistro from Friday January 20 - Saturday January 28th (ex. 26th). Tickets available from

My favorite magicians are Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, Lance Burton and Derren Brown.

T: 08 9427 8888 25 Money Street, Perth WA 6000


Musk Hair is located in the vibrant surroundings of Northbridge, with ample on site parking. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with an individually tailored experience. Our wish for you, is to come and relax while we provide you with our undivided attention along with a complimentary bubbly, beer, wine, coffee or tea

13a/28 Robinson Avenue Perth

Shop 1/377 Newcastle Street, Northbridge WA, 6007

(cnr Fitzgerald St and Newcastle St)



January 2017


$419,000 + GST

The Quiet of the Suburbs with Convenience of City Living

Ph: (08) 9227 6886


This location offers the best of city livingconveniently located a short walk from the CBD and into Northbridge, yet away from the hustle and bustle on a quiet side street. First floor position with private ground floor entry. Undercover car bay plus storeroom. Solid timber floors. Reverse cycle air-conditioning. Secure building in addition to being on first floor for added peace of mind.

Mark Rayner

0416 208 888 Craig Boyanich

0433 926 283 ‘Local Knowledge’

feature As a medium for self expression drag has always been an unparalleled art form for running the freak flag up the pole to see if anyone salutes. If they don’t then bugger them because it’s a calling that takes balls! Even more so if you happen to be lacking those appendages traditionally associated with what it takes to be a real drag queen.With social media becoming more pervasive by the parsec I had a rooftop round table with Danni Touzel (AKA Flo Reel - pictured) and Bingay hostess with the mostest Veronica Jean Jones to talk all things drag in the digital age. Why Drag? Jones: I was attracted to drag because I was knocked back from talent agencies for being too feminine and I like drag because I don’t need a barbie doll like I did when I was four. I am the Barbie Doll, like how cool is that? To find your persona is to hone in on what makes you who you are. Reel: I had watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert a million times. I didn’t know if it was the music or Guy Pearce that kept me coming back for more but when I saw Hannah Conda performing at the court I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Drag has traditionally been a man’s game, as a bio queen have you had any drag mentors? Reel: I’ve been influenced by too many queens to mention over the years but Ruby Jewelz, Hannah Conda and Delvira Midnight were the ones who could see what I wanted and encouraged me to be a drag queen instead of a drag king. How important is social media in the world of drag? Jones: Social media is huge when it comes to drag. In some countries where it’s illegal some drag queens don’t even leave the house but can become so famous and have thousands of followers. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are all performance outlets to let our personalities out. You’re still a relative newcomer to the drag scene, where do you see it leading? Reel: All I know is I’m extremely happy, I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin and I’m ready for whatever comes next so who knows where I may end up but I love that. You never know what opportunity could be around the corner or who you could meet. You can catch Veronica Jean Jones in fine filthy form hosting Bingay at Connections Nightclub and Flo Reel performs regularly at POP Thursdays & Dragathon afterwards. Clinton Little Image:- Marcin Zydel


January 2017



Queer artist Gavin Roach is returning to Fringe World this year with a follow up to last year’s acclaimed performance I Can’t Say The F Word with the second installment of his Anxiety Trilogy: Measure of a Man. Roach’s new piece explores the sexual anxieties and experiences of a gay man in the millennial age in an introspective theatrical performance. We caught up with Roach to ask how he measures a man. For those who didn’t see last year’s show - what is the Anxiety Trilogy all about? The Anxiety Trilogy is a series of monologues that look at a number of themes and how they affect an individual. The themes vary from bullying, to physical and mental insecurities, loneliness, anger and there is even a little smidge of joy and a big dollop of hope too, just for good measure. The stories have existed separately for a long time but after writing I Can’t Say The F Word, I realised that I had a larger, more interconnecting story on my hands. At times it can be confronting but it has been a really interesting process to challenge and push myself as a storyteller. Thankfully though, I manage to blend a lot of comedy and sass with the darker themes, so it’s not a dire night at the theatre. How does Measure of a Man draw on I Can’t Say The F Word? It’s not a classic direct sequel but more a further exploration of the themes. F Word dealt a lot with outside influences and how bullying can affect you, where as The Measure of a Man is more internal. I talk a lot about what I did to myself and how, sometimes, I wasn’t always the kindest to me. The Measure of a Man was the story I wanted to tell first but I had no idea how or if I even could. It’s darker than F Word and the most personal show I have done but after audience’s response to F Word, I felt that the time was right to tackle The Measure of a Man and thankfully it paid off. Do you think it’s cynical to say our community can be superficial in the dating game? Yes and no. Attraction has a lot to do with dating and I’d be foolish to think otherwise, but attraction doesn’t have to begin and end with physical appearance. I think we sometimes forget to take the time to get to know someone and actually date. Everyone seems to be in such a rush now when it comes to dating, it’s like a potential partner has to tick all the boxes from the get go and if there is one slight hiccup, we run for the hills. I have been guilty of that, I think we all can say we have been, but often we need to remember that laughter is forever, abs are not. The show explores your own fears and insecurities - did this work help you to adapt? I try very hard not to let my shows dip into a kind confronted “therapy on stage” and this work, thankfully, is no different. I was really confront the first time I performed the show as it set in just how much of my life and intimate details about my body total strangers were about to know. But I got through it and it has been a very liberating journey so far. The work has made me bolder and open up to people, especially men, a lot more and it’s even made me feel just a wee bit sexier. The themes I talk about I have come to terms with and are comfortable talking about but I do feel still get utterly nervous and often whisper to myself “why Gavin...” just before going on. What phrases in a Grindr bio make you hit the block button? I try to give everyone on Grindr the benefit of the doubt, after all, until we meet in person how can we really be sure, right?!? But often lines like “No Rice. No Spice”, are a big red flag for me. I don’t condone racism in any form and please don’t try to use the line “but it’s just my preference” ‘cause no one is buying that. The Measure of a Man will be at The Blue Room Theatre on January 27th & 28th and from January 31st - February 4th. Tickets available from fringeworld.



January 2017

Ryan Adams – To Be Without You first sample of the singer’s new album Flo Morrisey and Matthew E White – Grease The sexiest version of this tune that’s ever been cut to wax The Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation talk about a long time between drinks Kryder and Cube Guys - You and Me if a DJ played this and didn’t follow it up with Gary Numan, it would be a crime Yusef Kamaal – Lowrider funky jazz grooves Emika - Love Emika leaves electronic music behind and releases what can only be labeled – opera Austra – Utopia smooth electronic goodness Tough Love, Roger Sanchez & Boy George – Hold On it is deep and dark Thievery Corporation featuring Raquel Jones – Letter to the Editor awesome reggae rap with added Casio keyboards Minor Victories – Give Up the Ghost (Orchestral Variation) British alternative rock group rework all their tunes as subtle piano numbers – brilliant The Flaming Lips – We a Family Trip-out release of the month Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33’s – For One Touch (Andrew Weatherall Remix) something to come down to A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation legends sign off with music as good as the rest of their career. Ola Klernverg – The Mechanical Fair (Tood Terje Remix) folky jazz is reworked with some disco glitter magic Aha – Take on Me (Kygo Remix) a light tropical remix of a classic, it’s totally cinnamon flavoured.

12inch Dance: 80’s Australian Pop Various Artists These massive 3 CD compilation albums of twelve inch versions of classic pop songs of the ‘80s are a lot of fun to listen to. Nowadays tunes often get multiple remixes but back in the ‘80s often there’d just be one extended version, and they’re rarely available on iTunes. Here thirty seven mixes from Aussie pop bands are presented including Kids in the Kitchen, I’m Talking, Eurogliders, Wa Wa Nee, Do-ReMei, Jo Jo Zep and many other classic Aussie bands. Most interesting though are the tunes you probably don’t remember.

Lion – Soundtrack Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschska This soundtrack is a collaboration between two amazing artists. Rolling piano soundscapes and moving numbers filled with violins. Highlights include the main theme alongside the tracks River, A New Home, Mother and Home is With Me. Most of the tracks are only a few minutes long but they flow into each other creating a great musical journey. There’s also Never Give up, a great track from Sia that cleverly captures Indian sounds into a contemporary pop tune.

Glistens Various Artist Ed McFarlane from Friendly Fires has put together a selection of library tracks that were created in the 1980s. These commercially made tunes were the backgrounds to documentaries and commercials but stand up on their own as an odd, but satisfying listening experience. The tunes span a variety of largely electronic genres but with the passage of time they all sound very cool. One tune might sound a bit familiar Evil at Play was famously sampled by Aphen Twin for one of his hits. Graeme Watson


Let me introduce to you to the world of Lagree fitness and Megaformer. I’m sure at this point some of you are rolling your eyes, thinking that this is another “trend” in the fitness industry. Think again. This workout is here to stay and will become a welcoming, transforming and life changing (big call, I know) addition to your workout routine. Exclusive to LAfit in Subiaco and Highgate, this cruel to be kind workout is in a league of its own. It’s hard to describe a Lagree workout on the MEGAFORMER machine, but if you think of a combination of Yoga and Pilates (on steroids) then you’re close.

Eurasian Cuisine - Fully Licenced - Live Music every Friday night in January

A workout on the MEGAFORMER is like a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. It not only increases your strength, stability, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, but it will tone all of those wobbly places that have been bugging you for years. You know, all those hard to tackle areas of the body. If you’re more of a runner, HITT lover or just looking for something new and challenging, than you might want to consider throwing a MEGAFORMER class into the mix. Lagree workouts are low impact, with slow and controlled movements. Say good-bye to quick reps or racing through the workout – trust me, the instructors will stop you in your tracks. The class is all about keeping it slow. But, don’t be fooled, these slow movements are challenging and you will be dripping in sweat in seconds. These workouts are tough and not for the faint hearted. You can expect to shake, burn and maybe even let out a little cry at the end of the class. The small class size is an added advantage as it allows the trainers sufficient time to ensure that each client is executing good technique. Good technique not only will maximise your results quickly and safely, but it also prevents injury. The best part? The seriously fun tunes. They are always pumping away and helping you stay motivated, along with the encouraging instructors. The instructors might just be some of the best instructors in Perth. The class caters for all levels in the class, so it’s easy to join a class.

Bookings call: 9272 7738 Email bookings View our menu & more info on facebook. Also check facebook for up to date performances

This boutique studio and unique workout is well worth a shot and if you aren’t dripping in sweat by the end of the class, then you didn’t work hard enough. So, be brave, be bold and book your class now! You can find LAfit Studios at 319 Hay St, Subiaco and 91 Brisbane St, Perth. Get more information at


January 2017



Local cabaret superstar and Pop Princess champion Cougar Morrison brings a heaped spoonful of his trademark sass to the Fringe World arena once again and this time he’s got a partner in crime. The WAAPA graduate and professional vocalist will be opening and closing this year’s festival with two shows, Animal Instincts in January and Disgraceful Cougars later in February with his equally talented and equally lewd companion, Disgrace Kelly. Clint Strindberg, the man behind the Morrison, sat down for a coffee with the team to explain why Fringe World is so symbolic for his character. We’re so excited to get a double serving of Cougar at Fringe World this year, but why do you punish yourself like this?! What was I thinking?! (laughs) Because it’s the best time of the year! Cougar started at Fringe in 2015 so it’s like a homecoming sort of feeling for me every time the festival comes around. We talk about Christmas being a crazy time… Fringe is way crazier! I think what makes it a bit easier as well is that they’re two very different shows I’m putting on this year. Animal Instincts is typical Cougar being rampant, sassy and sexy and all of the stories that need more than a PG rating. I’m a bit scared to bring my mum to this one actually. The filter has been thrown out the window… not that there really was one in the first place. Disgraceful Cougars is something I’ve been working on for a long time with one of my great friends Caitlin Cassidy, an opera singer I met at WAAPA. She has a stage persona called Disgrace Kelly which is of course where we got the name for the show. We have the sort of chemistry where we make each other wheeze with laughter, and we’re totally useless in social situations so we wrote a show about growing older in an youth-driven industry, swapping botox for blowjobs … this show really isn’t PG either but that’s the code of the spiegeltent. You say Cougar was born at Fringe World in 2015, was he born to help combat Clint’s social awkwardness? Yeah, he was largely! I didn’t perform as Cougar for about 10 years. I’d had the idea floating around in my head but I was just too scared to do it because it was very different to who Clint is, very different to what my family would expect from a Clint performance, very different to what I thought Australian audiences would want. I think I grew the backbone for it when I lived in New York where there’s no filter at all. It’s totally normal to see (and I have seen it while having brunch in Hell’s Kitchen) an old guy wearing a pink sequined leotard with fishnet stockings riding a bicycle and the reaction was just “Hey! There’s a guy on



January 2017

a bike. I love these Eggs Hollandaise!” People just don’t care! I was getting frustrated within myself that I wasn’t progressing and I needed a kick up the bum. I wasn’t sure if Cougar would do that but he did and now Clint and Cougar help advise each other and I find performance is a sort of on-stage therapy.

There are hundreds of shows at Fringe World, picking a title that stands out from the crowd is essential.

It must have been so hard to get on stage as Cougar for the first time to see if the experiment would succeed.

What were you doing when the idea for this show evolved?

Yep. The first time I bawled my eyes out on the way to the venue. All of the stories I tell on stage are my deepest and darkest moments that you probably wouldn’t share unless you’d had a massive night of drinking and you’re sitting on the bathroom floor having a D&M with a total stranger. On stage I’m sober! My fear was that if people didn’t like the stories, they didn’t like Clint. I was putting everything on the table and I’d shown them where the dagger needs to go to hit my heart. It was such an incredible relief that it went well. That never really goes away entirely, every time I try a new story I feel that again. Cougar’s always got a new tilt on every song he performs, what should audiences expect this year? Animal Instincts is full of those Cougar arrangements mind-fucking to the extreme! As always, you’re not going to be able to guess where the song goes. I’m not giving anything away but people who have seen Cougar before will know that halfway through a song you’ll go “Oh! It’s THAT song!”. Sometimes I’ll layer three or four songs that all melt together and complement my stories. Disgraceful Cougars has a lot of odes to the broads of the silver screen. Caitlin has such an incredible voice and she can warble like the starlets of MGM wished they could back in the day. Whereas I sound like a bleating goat when I sing so it lends itself to old school Hollywood. We’ll have a lot of that, as well as modern lip-sync, crumping… you name it!It’s not a particular genre but everything in there is totally recognisable. Animal Instincts will be at Connections Nightclub from Friday January 20th - Sunday January 22nd & Disgraceful Cougars will be in the Salon Perdu Spiegeltent from Wednesday February 15th Sunday February 19th. Tickets available from

Wank Bank Masterclass got our attention. We had a chat with the Rural Ranga about his show.

It all started with an art project I did in NYC. I was doing the whole ‘struggling artist’ thing working at MoMA so I decided to make an art book by documenting my experiences. I went around Manhattan massaging men and gave them a happy ending. I would then draw and document each client. From that I was contacted to teach a class and it all evolved from there into a show You have twenty different ways of cock-handling, do they have names like in the Karma sutra? Yeah each move has a name and some even have a soundtrack. I’ve been collecting a Wank Bank Bible so new moves are constantly added. ‘Palm Sunday’ is my favourite as I went to a strict catholic school and it’s a great play on words. Your master classes uses carrots, did you ever consider eggplants or other vegetables, bananas? I use carrots, cucumbers and sometimes zucchinis. It is whatever is in season at the markets. I’ve developed great relationships with greengrocers and they keep an eye out for the biggest and best vegies, not that size matters. The vegetable needs to be firm as people can get a bit carried away and I don’t want to end up with some Baba Ganoush in the second row. You worked as a full tension release masseuse in NYC, but where did you learn the skills that you share in the show? I did training with an amazing group called Body Electric which focus on Taoist erotic energy and intimacy. It originated in the 80’s in San Fran during the AIDS epidemic teaching people ways to be intimate without any risk. What’s the biggest misconception about cock-handling? That there is only one way to do it. Up and Down. Wank Bank Masterclass is on from January 31st. Find out more about this show at www.fringeworld. Graeme Watson


Aside from being incredibly practical scooters have always brought on feelings of great romance and cool aesthetic. In his book Vroom with a View travel writer Peter Moore chronicled his journey around Italy a vintage Vespa. On the year he turned 40 the acclaimed writer bought a vintage Vespa on e-bay and travelled from Milan to Rome experiencing the Italian country side. Moore appears to have loved his scooter experience so much that all his subsequent travel tales have involved scooters. Whether you picture yourself living out an Audrey Hepburn fantasy or zooming through the streets of Italy in a classic Vespa. Scooters have always been hip. Helen Objartel, co-owner of hole-in-the-wall coffee shop Kafka, developed her love and practical appreciation of scooters when she lived in Taiwan. “I lived in Taiwan for three years, that’s where my love of scooters comes from. Apparently, there’s more scooters than people in Taiwan” Helen said, “It’s crazy!” Helen got her first scooter when she moved to Perth five years ago, and she says there are many advantages to owning a scooter rather than a car. “You can skip all the traffic, it’s very cheap and it’s fun.” Helen said, “plus parking a scooter is free and the insurance is so much cheaper.”

The scooter option is certainly economical. Helen shared that living and working in the inner city she only uses one tank of petrol each week, which costs her a grand total of four dollars. “Plus it’s good for picking up chicks,” Helen laughed. Steve Cooney from Scooter Shop Australia told OUTinPerth that the 50cc models of scooters are very popular because you can drive them on a regular car license and no additional tests are necessary. While many people are attracted to scooters because they’re

great for beating traffic and reducing costs Steve said the biggest consideration people should make when purchasing a scooter is what kind of travelling they’ll be doing.

“The freedom, fun and feeling you get from riding a scooter is unbeatable. Riding down the coast on a Sunday afternoon on a Vespa just has to be experienced.”

For his clients, Steve’s service doesn’t just stop when someone buys a scooter, his clients are also becoming a part of a scooter community.

Find out more about the world of scooters at Scooter Shop Australia at or drop in and see Steve and his team at 2/95 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle.

“Once a month we have a social ride where all customers and friends are invited to join us, sometimes in a BBQ on the river,

Graeme Watson

other times a café.” Steve said, “It can be a great way to meet people.” For people who are knew to buying a scooter the team at Scooter Shop Australia also offer an introductory lesson to riding a scooter. “We offer people who are ew to scooters the option to spend an hour with an instructor. It’s a great way to learn the basics. We provide the scooter and safety gear. It’s all done in a very low pressure way on the back streets and is designed to build confidence.” Steve said.

A commercial agreement exists between OUTinPerth and Scooter Shop Australia.


January 2017


community group listings ALCOHOL and DRUG INFORMATION SERVICE to ALCOHOL and DRUG SUPPORT LINE— ADIS is a 24 hour confidential telephone counselling, information and referral service. If you’re concerned about your own or somebody else’s drug or alcohol use call ADIS on 08 9442 5000 or Country Callers 1800 198 024 (toll free) —; email: ADIS@health. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS RAINBOW GROUP meets every Tuesday 7-8pm, in the hall next to St Lukes church, cnr George and Rowland Sts, Maylands. If alcohol is costing you more than the price of the drink, please join us for sharing and recovery in a 12 Step Program with proven results. The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. For more information BEARS PERTH — BEARS PERTH - A Friendly men only social club for men with body and / or facial hair and their admirers. The dress code is masculine, and men of all shapes, sizes and amount of hairiness are welcome. Licensed Den Nights are on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Friday of each month 9pm till Late @ Loton Park Bulwer St (near Lord St) East Perth. There are also different events on the 2nd Sunday of each month, often at a members residence or alternative events as advised. Visitors welcome. Contact us via phone 0487 595 672, email:, or CATHOLIC GLBT AND PARENT SUPPORT — This service provides pastoral support to all members of the Catholic GLBT community, including parents of GLBT children; giving an understanding & an opportunity for processing & healing feelings of confusion, hurt, anger exclusion or being marginalised. Individual consultation is provided as well as communal gatherings of the Catholic GLBT community for mutual & spiritual support. For more information, please call 6336-8602 (leave a message if unattended) or email COLOURFUL DAVE — A long standing member of the GLBT community, has written a book about his struggles with mental illness & accepting his faith in god with his sexuality. It’s titled ‘From Desperation to Finding Destiny’. Perfect for other Christians and those with faith who may be in a similar situation. Only $25, for orders please contact and address it to: Mr Colourful Dave, PO BOX X2222, Perth, WA, 6847 DYKES ON BIKES — A diverse, loosely-knit social group, occasional organised rides & gatherings plus annual appearance as the traditional lead float in the Pride Parade. If you are a female who rides a motorbike and loves women, then come along and check out dykes on bikes. General enquiries see our public group on facebook... Dykes on bikes WA or email FREEDOM CENTRE — Freedom Centre provides a safe space, peer support, information, and referrals for LGBTTIQ and Questioning young people (under 26).FC provides a range of services including an online Forum, trainings, workshops and our drop-in centre sessions which are open for: Freespace – every Wednesday 5-8pm & Friday 4-8pm, Outspace – 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month 12pm-5pm, GenderQ – 1st Thurs of the month 5-8pm, 1st People’s Qspace – 3rd Thursday of the month 5-8pm, Junior aGender - last Monday of even months 5-8pm, QMovie – last Tuesday of odd months 5-8pm. 93 Brisbane St, Perth WA 6000 Ph: 9228 0354 Email: info@ Web: www. GAY AND LESBIAN SINGERS OF WA (GALS WA) — No auditions, singers of all abilities welcome. Rehearsals Thursdays 7 to 9 pm at North Perth Town Hall- Lesser Hall, Cnr View and Leake St. Contact Cherie Crimp 0422 503 648 for more information or just turn up! Email: info@galswa. , website:

GAY & LESBIAN ARCHIVES OF WA — Located in the Murdoch University Library on the South Street Campus. For opening hours and access details, please contact the Library on 9360 2563. GRAI (GLBTI RIGHTS IN AGEING INC.) — works to improve the quality of life for older LGBTI people, both in care and in the community. Providing visibility and a voice for LGBTI elders is key to this. Through research and advocacy we have achieved law reform to end discrimination for older LGBTI people. We work with the aged care sector, delivering training to achieve safe and inclusive aged care services. We hold community events to build better community supports and friendships. New members welcome. Interested? Contact June on 08 9383 7753. PO Box 514 North Perth WA 6906 or 54 Bickley Cres, Manning 6152. E: info@ or visit GOLF BAGS — Golf club play every Sat morning at a variety of courses north and south of the river. We are a group of friendly gals who love our golf and good company. New players are always welcome. For details contact us at golfbagswa@ HEADSPACE MIDLAND — headspace can help – headspace provides FREE information, confidential support and services for all young people 12-25 years and their families. Our experienced team includes LGBTIQ friendly Social Workers, GPs, Psychologists, Drug and alcohol workers and more. No referral is required and you can bring a friend for support. Drop in at 64 Morrison Rd, Midland (upstairs from the market) or call 08 9274 8860. HEPATITIS WA — providing information and support to people affected by hepatitis. If you would like to know more on hepatitis A, B or C, contact us on 9328 8538 (Metro) or 1800 800 070 (Country). 134 Aberdeen St Northbridge WA 6003 — LIVING PROUD LGBTI COMMUNITY SERVICES OF WA — (formerly Gay & Lesbian Community Services of WA). Information, support, referrals and professional training. City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth WA 6005. Qlife counselling and referral Line: 1800 184 527 Admin/Fax: (08) 9486 9855 Email: Web: LOTON PARK TENNIS CLUB — Diversity is our advantage. Come on down and try something new at Perth’s Other Gay & Lesbian venue. It’s not just about tennis. Open to all levels of players – social and competitive – with an emphasis on enjoyment for everyone. With the city skyline as our backdrop, sit back on the embankment or balcony and enjoy a drink in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. A full social calendar ahead ensures a summer of fun for everyone. Ph: (08) 9328 5065 — M CLINIC – FREE STI/HIV SCREENING CLINIC — For Men who have sex with men. Free, confidential, non-judgemental STI testing & Treatment. Please call (08) 9227 0734 for appointments. Central location. After hours options available. For more information email or visit OPEN ARMS FELLOWSHIP — Perth’s Only Welcoming & Affirming Pentecostal Church. “This is Church for those who’ve been told they don’t belong in church!” It doesn’t matter whether your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans or Intersex, Young, Old, Or somewhere in-between Including their Family friends and supporters. Everyone is Welcome Meeting in the Northbridge Piazza Community Room, In behind the Big screen on the Corner of Lake and James Street Northbridge, Sunday’s 6pm. For further information email:; or go to the website:; or call Pastor Graham on ph: 0405 285 233

FEES include GST Annual (Unfunded) $110 Annual (Funded) $200



January 2017

OUTdance — Same Sex Partner Ballroom & Latin American Dance Classes - Group Classes & Social Nights for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Dancers. Private Lessons by appointment. Group Class - 6.30pm Tuesday Mt Hawthorn Community Centre. Class Enquiries: Judy 0417 911 214 or Warwick 0450 041 023. OUTdance Studio Principals: Darryl Davenport & Tania McGuinness. P: 0414 666 034 F: 08 9403 2220 E:

Ph 9420 7226 / Fx 9420 7229. e: admin@ —

PFLAG PERTH (PARENTS, FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF LESBIANS & GAYS — is a community group offering support and understanding for families and friends with loved ones who are GLBTI. Meetings are held every second month in Perth city (please call to register) Visit website for more information, news, events and meeting dates: Email: info@pflagwa. Information Line: 0404 594 699.

TRANSMEN OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA — A peer support network for FTM female assigned gender diverse people and their loved ones in Western Australia. P: Nick 0450 448 871 Facebook: W:

PRIDE WA INC. — To lead by example in creating a world where inclusion and diversity are embraced and celebrated. Pride WA encourages the cultural expression, celebration and human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and all people of diverse sexuality and gender living in Western Australia. We recognise that our collective strength lies in our diversity and willingness to embrace and respect the differences that exist both within our Pride community and the broader communities in which we live, work, love and celebrate. PRIDE WA stages events through the year, including their annual Arts and Culture festival PrideFEST, Pride PARADE and FAIRDY. Information can be found on or contact us; E:, P: 9427 0836 PRIMETIMERS WA — If you are a mature gay or bisexual man, we are keen to welcome you to Prime Timers. The group meets at 2pm on the second Sunday of each month, at Lotteries House: 2 Delhi St, West Perth. PO Box 829, Mt. Lawley 6929. For more info go to www. or email: primetimers@ QLIFE – COUNSELLING & REFERRAL — QLife is Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for people of diverse sex, genders and sexualities. QLife provides nation-wide, early intervention, peer supported telephone and web based services to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people of all ages. Freecall: 1800 184 527 Time: 3pm to 12pm Web: RAINBOW LABOR — New members welcome to join this GLBTIQ focussed branch of the ALP. Branch meetings occur every month and we have a direct link to State Executive, and our own delegates to State Conference. Being involved in Rainbow Labor gives members the opportunity to have direct influence on the policies of the Australian Labor Party at a State and National Level. For further information please contact Nicole McKimmie, Secretary, Rainbow Labor on 0404391821. Go to e: rainbowlabor.branch@ - group/rainbow_labor_wa/ SAINT ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH — Open door worship 6pm Sundays. Welcome and affirmation for all GLBTI people. 259 Barker Road, Subiaco. 9381 1130. standrewsubi@ SECCA (SEXUALITY EDUCATION COUNSELLING CONSULTANCY AGENCY) — Counselling for people with a disability, their partners, carers & family about relationships & sexuality. Professional education & consultancy services available covering sexuality & disability. Fees may apply. Mon-Fri 9-5. City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St West Perth WA 6005.

SEX WORKERS — Magenta offers support, education, info & referral services for F, M & T/G sex workers (private, escort, parlours, street). Peer-based, worker-friendly staff for confidential & anonymous phone, inhouse & outreach help/advice. Free clinic for STI screenings. Stock at reduced price to workers. Mon–Thu 9am–4pm. 9328 1387. e:

TRUE COLOURS — directly supports young LGBTI people in the South West, and also works with schools and the broader community to raise awareness and break down the barriers to safe and inclusive communities. Safe Spaces for young people run in Bunbury (weekly 5.30pm Tuesdays) and Kwinana (fortnightly 5.30pm Wednesdays). For more information visit www. or contact us on 1300-663-298 or at WA AIDS COUNCIL — Strengthening our community’s health and quality of life. Provides a range of services for people living with HIV/AIDS, Counselling ( issues include HIV/AIDS, relationships, sexuality & gender) Needle and Syringe Exchange, Peer Education, workshops & STI screening for men who have sex with men. Other community education, prevention and training services offered. 664 Murray Street, West Perth, Admin: 08 9482 0000 AIDSline 9482 0044, Mensline 9322 8401 (Toll Free 1800 671 130) email: WASUA (WA SUBSTANCE USER’S ASSOCIATION) — WASUA is WA’s state-wide, peer based Drug User Organisation that provides harm reduction, advocacy and peer education services to substance users. Services provided include a 7 day per week fixed site Needle Syringe Exchange Program, Health Clinic for STI/ BBV testing, pre and post test counselling, Hep A/B vaccinations, Hep C/HIV education, alcohol & other drug support and treatment referral, Drug user & Pharmacotherapy advocacy. Contact us 22/7 Aberdeen Street Perth, Phone 9325 83 87 Fax 9325 6152, email: WA GAY LEAGUE — Tenpin Bowling. Everyone is welcome. Sun from 11:00am at Warwick Superbowl. 12 Dugdale St, Warwick Grove. e: — WA WANDERERS MENS BUSHWALKING — are a social walking group for gay guys and gay friendly guys who are keen to get outside and enjoy Western Australia’s countryside with an easy going and friendly group. 0415 249 265 RAINBOW LABOR — New members welcome to join this GLBTIQ focused branch of the ALP. Branch meetings occur every month and we have a direct link to State Executive, and our own delegates to State Conference. Being involved in Rainbow Labor gives members the opportunity to have direct influence on the policies of the Australian Labor Party at a State and National Level. For further information please contact Oscar Lim, Secretary, Rainbow Labor on 0404044461. Go to e: rainbowlabor. – com/group/rainbow_labor_wa/

To list a community group or service in the paper and online ph: 08 9371 9877 email: web:



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