August 19, 2020 :: Art

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'Space Between' Puts the Focus on Photos by Ray Manzari

Photos provided by Space Between


ince August 14, The Colorado Photographic Arts Center, located at 1070 Bannock Street, has been operating The Space Between, an exhibit which highlights two separate bodies of work. One is by Kris Sanford, who uses photographs to explore an imagined queer history, and the other is a collaboration of poetry and images that reveal Petal, a persona whom Philip Matthews manifests to tell a story along with David Johnson’s photographs. Founded in 1963, The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is the only nonprofit organization in Denver dedicated exclusively to the art of photography. Each year, CPAC presents up to 10 photography exhibitions, offers more than 50 classes and workshops, and hosts dozens of events to raise awareness of excellent photography and the artists

who create it. CPAC’s gallery is free to the public and conveniently located within Denver’s Golden Triangle Creative District. “What we do at the Center when we put together these art exhibitions is try to get two or more artists in the same show, in order to have a larger conversation. So, that’s kind of where this title, ‘The Space Between,’ came from. Thinking about both their projects but also creating this space to talk about identity and relationships and sexuality.” Samantha Johnston, CPAC's executive director and curator, tells OUT FRONT. She continues, “Each year, we take a look at our exhibition calendar and try to make sure we’re showing a broad spectrum of work. We try to make sure our artists aren’t just coming from one community or one demographic. We’re always looking to find ways of bringing different voices together surrounding the same topic. We’re 1 0 \\ A U G U S T 1 9 , 2 0 2 0