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Technical Specifications 20th January 2010

Technical Manager: Ben Van Dillen Phone number: (03) 9662 9966 Mobile Number: 0412 296 441 Email address: Venue: fortyfivedownstairs Phone number: (03) 9662 9966 Fax number: (03) 9662 9733 Website:

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Space Brief Space Description: The Theatre is an open plan space with four pillars in the centre of the room. The room contains six windows on the north wall and two on the east wall. The walls are white and are both brick and plaster board. The ceiling is white pressed metal. The floor is hard wood with a glossy finish.

Gaffer taping and Screwing into the floor is NOT permitted.

Auditorium: The seating bank in constructed on rostra and can be set up in a number of formations including theatre style, studio style and cabaret. Fortyfivedownstairs has 16 rostra is stock, hire of additional rostra is at the clients expense. Rostra dimensions: 2000mm by 1000mm. Leg heights are 200mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm Seating capacity on rostra: 90 pax (with one row on the floor) Seating capacity on floor: 150 pax (additional seating requires sub-hiring of seating) Cabaret capacity: 120 pax (There are 8 cabaret tables in house stock, additional tables will need to be sub-hired) Tables, Chairs and Cushions 7 White tables with reinforced frame 750mm x 1550mm x 750mm high 2 Beige trestle tables 750mm x 1800mm x 750mm high 2 Black trestle tables 750mm x 1800mm x 750mm high 8 Round Black marble pattern tables 600mm diameter x 730m high 150 Black single chair.

Rig: The rig is made up of nine dead hung 48mm scaff pipes and eight movable 55mm scaff pipes. It contains 47 patch points running back a patch board in the control loft. The rig is 3840mm from the floor Maximum point load per bar 25Kg Maximum load per bar between structural beams 50Kg dead load Maximum Grid Load 700Kg Dimensions: The Theatre space is approx 245.1 sq/m. The ceiling height is 4340mm from the floor. The structural pillars are 200mm x 180mm. Find attached floor plans with space dimensions, sightlines and window dimensions. Page 2 of 14

Technical Specifications.doc

Drapery: *Type Large Blacks Small Blacks Window pain cover


Colour Black Black Brown

Woollen Woollen


Width 1800

Height 2400

Quantity 15




Access Equipment: Elevated Work Platform There are no EWP’s in the venue due to floor loadings. Ladders 1x Fibreglass Platform A frame 3.35m 1x Aluminium A Frame 4.87m

Staging Units: 16x Rostra 2000mm by 1000mm, Leg heights are 200mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm. Please note rostra is also used for seating bank.

Loading Dock: Access from Spark Lane. Left turn from Flinders street into Spark Lane, located between the Hotel Lindrum and Secure Parking. Access via ramp or loading dock Loading Dock Height


Door Dimensions

2200mm High 1200mm Wide

Restrictions: Parking at loading dock is available on BUMP IN day only. Fire Exits & Exit Lights: Two means of evacuation must be visible from any seat at all times. Exit routes must be kept clear of obstruction. Exit lights must not be tampered with in any way. One additional portable exit light should one permanent exit light be obscured from the audience’s field of vision is available. Please discuss exit routes and signage in the production meeting.

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Technical Specifications.doc

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Technical Specifications.doc

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Technical Specifications.doc

LIGHTING Control: Lighting desk:

LSC MaXim S Lighting Desk 12/24

Control channels:


Signal output:


Signal distribution: Single line DMX (Manual DMX line run to control position) Remote riggers available onstage

No remote available

Dimmer Racks: Total Dimmers:

24 Dimmers

Dimmer Locations:

Control Room loft area. Dimmers can not be relocated.

2.4Kw Dimmer Racks:

1x JANDS HP-12 1x JANDS GP12

Total dimmers @ 2.4kw per dimmer:

24 Dimmers

5Kw Dimmer Racks:


Total dimmers @ 5kw per dimmer:


House Lights: House lights are rigged as part of the lighting design. There are no additional dimmer channels set aside for house lights. The venue has permanent florescent work lights Independent control:

NO, controlled through the lighting desk

Stage Luminare: Profiles Make




24 - 44

Axial Zoom

Detail / Accessories



No gobo’s or holders



Detail / Accessories





Fresnel’s Make



With Barn doors and Gel frames

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Technical Specifications.doc

Par Cans Make

Mode l


Par 56


Detail / Accessories






Floods Make


Flood Cyc 500



Detail / Accessories

W at t

Single unit 3 Cells Per Unit

500 300

T o t a l

4 2

No follow spots available

Patching: Location



Detail / Accessories

(PS to OP)

LX 1 LX 2 LX 3 LX 4

12 12 12 12

1 - 12 13 - 24 25 - 36 37 - 48

Power: 3 Phase Outlets 4x 32amp 3 Phase outlets in lighting control Loft General Power Outlets 36 x 10A lighting outlets on the grid: 12 each on East and West wall and 12 along centre structural beam 1 x 32A distribution board, 6 x 15amp outlets in control loft.

Cabling: 240v Extension Cable: 7x 5m, 10x 5m and 10 x 10m. All additional cables need to be sub-hired. DMX:

1x 30m and 1x 10m


No looms available

3 phase Extensions:

No 3 phase extensions available

Lighting Notes: It is the responsibility of the hirer to replace all blown globes during their season. Page 7 of 14

Technical Specifications.doc

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Technical Specifications.doc

AUDIO Control Positions: Control Room In Control room loft .

Auditorium Anywhere in space (cables run manually)

Control & Amplification: Primary Mixer: Soundscraft EPM12 12 + 2 channel Mixer Secondary Mixer: MACKIE 1402 - VLZ PRO 8 + 4 channel mixer Amplifiers: No Amplifiers (Active Speakers) EQ: 2 channel 31 band EQ McLelland GE62 FX: No FX or reverb Compression / Limiter / Gates: Behringer Auto com pro MDX 1400

Speakers: FOH Speakers 2 MACKIE powered speakers ART 300A

Foldback No Foldback

Playback: Item

CD Player Data Player


Tascan Tascan


CD 160 DA30 MKII



Single CD player Data Player and Recorder

1 1

Microphones: Make

Shure Behringer


SM58 DI20

Detail / Accessories


microphone clips




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3 1

Technical Specifications.doc

Accessories: Item

Microphone stands


Tripod base

Detail / Accessories

With boom arm



Line Patching: No Audio patching in the Venue

Speaker Patching: No Audio patching in the Venue

Cabling: Audio Cable The theatre has a good stock of cable to accommodate the venue’s equipment. All additional cabling will need to be sub-hired. Multicore No Multicore Available

Audio Notes: Speakers can be floor mounted or rigged. Speaker stands and rigging cradles are in stock. Any sound check must be carried out outside gallery hours (Tues-Sat 11-5pm & gallery openings Tuesdays 5-7pm, venue will advise).

AUDIO VISUAL . Projectors: No Projectors Available

Screens: No Projection Screens Available

AV Playback Equipment: No Playback Equipment Available

Projector Rigging Points: Projector can be rigged from any horizontal lighting bar.

Cabling: No Vision Cabling Available Page 10 of 14

Technical Specifications.doc

BACKSTAGE Communications: There is no Talkback, Paging, Cue lights, Stage monitors or any other communication equipment available.

Dressing Rooms: Dressing Room







Dressing Room 1


7290mm x 2825mm

Laundry / Wardrobe: Washing Machines:




Drying rooms:


Iron / ironing board:

1x Iron and Ironing board available

Clothes racks:

2x Clothes racks available

Production Facilities: Production Desk: Production desk can be set up anywhere in the room. This can also act as a control desk Production Office: No Production Office Available Phone: No Phone point in the Venue Fax: Fax Available in Administration office Access to phone for internet access: WIFI Access is available through-out the venue. See Technical Co-ordinator

Greenroom: Tea / Coffee facilities:

Kettle Provided. Tea and coffee to be supplied by client

Fridge / freezer:

Yes, in dressing room


Yes, in dressing room

Running water:

Yes, in dressing room

Stage Door: Access: Stage door is near loading dock, and provides access from Sparks lane. Alliteratively use main entrance for access

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Technical Specifications.doc

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES & INFORMATION Orchestral: Kawai Grand Piano. Relocation and tuning to be arranged prior to use There are no Music stands. No sconce lights GPO’s on floor level

Rehearsal Space: No Rehearsal space available

Sub-Hired Equipment: Additional equipment can be sub-hired though the venue at an extra cost. See Technical co-ordinator for details.

VENUE: Venue Contacts: Venue Address

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Venue Postal Address

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Staff Contacts: Administration Phone Number

fortyfivedownstairs (03) 9662 9966

Email Address

Fax Number

(03) 9662 9733

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Technical Specifications.doc

Lock Up Hirers are issued keys to the space at the commencement of their bump in, Following this venue access is at the hirer’s discretion. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure a secure theatre at all times. The venue will take no responsibility for lost or stolen goods should the space be left unsecure. A valuables case is located in the dressing room, a key for this case can be issued on request. fortyfivedownstairs takes no responsibility for items stolen or lost from the dressing room or not placed in a secure location. Lockers are available in the dressing room, hirers to supply own locks. Hirer’s Keys do not give you access to the gallery level or the Spark Lane entrance. Access from Spark Lane is from the inside only. Enter from Flinders Lane open the front of the venue, cross to the rear and open door. Please remember however to secure both this door before you leave it unattended, should they close you will need to return to Flinders Lane to re-enter the building. It is recommended if you are working alone outside normal gallery hours to keep all doors closed at all times. The sound proof door must be locked with a key to ensure this. Exit is still possible once locked. When exiting the building please ensure the following: - All show equipment, including the 3phase power, is switched off. - All heaters and/or air-conditioners are turned off. - Check and throw away any incidental rubbish from venue. - Ensure security gate to Spark Lane is closed. - Ensure fire escape door is closed and locked. - Ensure all windows are closed and locked where possible. - Ensure Dressing Room is neat, lights are off and locked - Check store room is tidy and locked - Check bathroom is empty, throw away any incidental rubbish, ensure lights are off and doors are shut. - Ensure all lights are switched off in venue. - Bar fridge is left ON Turn stairwell lights off, these switches are located at the gallery level and at the top of the stairs in entrance vestibule. On Sundays, please close, lock and check door to Flinders Lane behind you.

Occupation Health and Safety Public and Hirer safety is of utmost importance at fortyfivedownstairs. A venue inspection to ensure the space is “Show Ready” will take place prior to public admission. Fortyfivedownstairs reserves the right to refuse public admission to the space should the theatre be potentially hazardous, until standards are met.

Site Wardens In the absence of fortyfivedownstairs Technical Management, a nominated and suitably inducted person from the hirer’s company must act as site warden, and be present at all times any member of the hirer’s company is on site. The site warden/s also sign for a key to the space during bump in, and as such will be responsible for hirer access – opening and closing the space during bump ins/outs and on weekends. Lost keys incur a charge of $500.0. Page 13 of 14

Technical Specifications.doc

Testing and Tagging Policy All electrical equipment brought in by the hirer's must be tested and tagged. Our Technical Supervisor is qualified to test and tag your equipment, for a fee. If you require this service it must be discussed prior to bump-in as PAT tester will need to be outsourced.

Rigging Rigging of overhead items (apart from stage lights) must be done by a fully qualified rigger. A copy of their current ticket must be provided upon request.

Smoking fortyfivedownstairs is a non smoking venue. Under no circumstances should production personnel be smoking anywhere (including dressing rooms and toilets). All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly, should any butts remain at the conclusion of your hire period you will be charged an additional cleaning fee. Smoking of tobacco is now illegal in any enclosed public space. Stage herbal cigarettes are permitted in performance, but must be included in the production’s risk assessment, and adequate warning signage for the audience must be present.

Risk Assessments A risk assessment which addresses various potential hazards and outlines implemented control measures must accompany any production which incorporates elements outside regular theatrical operation (ie stage combat, flown articles or performers etc). Please inform venue management should you need any assistance in the compilation of this. A production which requires a risk assessment, must have this document approved by the Technical Coordinator prior to public admission to the space. Alcohol No alcohol can be consumed outside of the theatre space under law. Performers or crew who work with any trace of alcohol in their system do so at their own risk, and are not covered under any insurance. Any breach of the venue’s liquor license is treated very seriously and may result in the cancellation of your hire.

Naked Flame / Pyrotechnics The use of naked flame and pyrotechnics is prohibited without prior written approval by fortyfivedownstairs. Any request of this nature must be accompanied by a risk assessment, with control measures accounted. Any pyrotechnics must be performed by a Pyrotechnics License holder, and their license must be sited and photocopied prior to bump in.

Water and other special effects The use of water on stage is prohibited. Any other special effects (ig. fog, haze, powdery substances, etc…) must be brought to fortyfivedownstairs’ attention as early as possible and must be accompanied by a risk assessment.

Sets, Seating, Rigging and Lighting Plots Must Be Approved By the Technical Coordinator Prior to Bump-In Page 14 of 14

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Des4 venue specifications fortyfivedownstairs