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Hei Hing Noodle Bar Imperial Cycles arrive in Isleworth

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‘preloved’ homewares in Chiswick

To 10,000 homes in Osterley, Brentford, Isleworth & Chiswick


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Successfully letting and managing property in the area for the last twenty years.

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he timing could not be any better. It has just been announced that Commitment to Community’

2013. We are delighted, it’s a brilliant recognition for all the people who have supported out&about, our advertisers and the community which makes this magazine, what it is. Fittingly, this issue focuses on local business stories and features, to give inspiration to those who are thinking of branching out on their own. out&about is also launching its new website, designed by Dhalco. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They create bespoke websites for any businesses as well as making it easy for you to do one at home. We are loving ours! Look out for Dhalco (pg3) and also check us out on in mid October. Sometimes, in the beginning of out&about, I wish I had known the people and businesses that feature in this issue to offer us There is life coach, Lynn Healy (pg20) and business advisor

the heart of Chiswick with a long history of use. In victorian times, the building was known as the

boasting meeting and presentation rooms, with a great ambience as well as cutting edge presentation technology. The venue is open to rent and is used by local companies for small and large meetings, company away days, product launches and other Pr events. The venue is fully catered and the in-house chef can produce breakfasts, lunch or dinners for any size event.

National Trust Walks


What’s on



so Wilson Picks, named after a Dalmatian…read the story (pg23) is a great treasure trove of preloved homewares, which I happened to come across. We also have styling tips from I of course, there’s a desk lamp and a chair arriving imminently from them!

supports a range of specialist business functions the Seventies and eighties it was an auction house, including market research - with all rooms so many Chiswick residents have memories of buying furniture in the building. Then for many years it was conferencing. It can also stream coverage of meetings the home of a record company, Independiente, who into a business unit, albeit with a few creative twists. Its wonderful, soaring spaces have now been transformed into a high-tech business venue by the

business venue in London with a full range of Tv use in its spaces. Why not book a visit to see all the

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Wrap up warm in these autumnal days and enjoy


huge amount of Tv industry companies that have

of all the businesses in this business special issue.

Disclaimer: While all reasonable care is made to ensure accuracy of information, the publisher accepts no responsibility for the views or claims made by any of the contributors, advertising or editorial content included. Nor do the publishers accept responsibility for any loss arising from non-publication of an advertisement. in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. The views expressed by contributors are

Nisia Editor Advertising and Sales Contact Tel: 07540420398 5

business special

JUST DO IT! Julia Quilliam set up Quilliam Property Services in 1999 as an independent family-run estate agent and a leading

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley, Principal & Chief executive, The Kids Cookery School lets us into her culinary world

and surrounding areas. What made you start up Quilliam Property Services? I had been working in estate agency for a number of years, which I enjoyed but had started

me how amazing the regeneration plans were and the High Street one day, Stephanie noticed an empty premise and thought it would be good for me to open my own agency. What was your background before, Quilliam Property Service? to do was to work on the airlines and to travel the

an secretarial role, however, I missed being with the general public so when an opportunity came along to work in an agency I was delighted. It combined my both secretarial and service backgrounds and I got to look at people’s houses, which I found fascinating. business? lack of money. It takes a long time for a business to become established and with everything being reinvested back into the business, it took two to three years before I could go shopping for new clothes or have a holiday. Have you had any high and low points in your business journey? The day I opened for business 6 please mention

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back in 1999 was wonderful and frightening all at the same time. The highest point was receiving

when having had a break in recently, my medal was stolen and has still not been recovered. I am the time, have been great lessons and which my staff more experienced for the next time a similar thing happens. Did you have any mentors or inspirational people who encouraged you? his own business, so we understand each other’s commitments and the stress we go through. Just do it… I just did it without really thinking about it or indeed planning it for more than a couple of weeks. So many people told me at the time that they had wanted their own business but hadn’t quite taken the plunge. Sometimes it is good to take a risk and my risk was that anything was better than were I was at the time. our website:

What made you start up the Kids Cookery School? The kids’ cookery school was set up in 1995 when my eldest son went off to Primary school and I learnt that Cookery or home economics was not on the curriculum. I set up a cookery club at home, around the kitchen table, with 5 very young children (5 years old) many with special needs.

share with family and

What was the ethos behind the Kids Cookery School? The ethos behind KCS was total inclusion

Did you have any mentors or inspirational people who encouraged you? Not really, but I have so many great people who give us support in so many different ways. From Trustee’s, and up to 20 volunteers per year.(Sometimes more) Chefs and professional who visit KCS and give up their valuable time to spend with our students teaching them this vital life skill.

those children that were less able at academic subjects to thrive, create and enjoy good fresh food made by themselves. Have fun and enjoy delicious food with their friends, and to learn to socialize around the kitchen table. business/charity? That people often are very negative and tell you that it is not possible, and put things in your way. Fundraising is always a have to work from a blank sheet! everything. Have you had any high and low points in your business journey? every day. The main thing is seeing the children’s faces and their look of pure pride when they have cooked their own dish and take it away with them to

We don’t share germs with one another but we do share food! Low points: When we don’t get a grant or the funding we need to run a special or particular cookery workshop. or when our funds are so low that we live on the edge!

ny words of advice on starting up a business or charity? determined and positive and don’t ever your mind to it. People would say about me- I am driven, determined, stubborn and relentless and I am passionate about good fresh food - every child or person who comes to KCS, must experience the best and most inspiring cookery session. They should leave us wanting to learn more about food, preparation and cooking, and discover where fruits and vegetable grow and how food changes according to climate and seasons. 7

GET YOUR DANCING SHOES ON Stephen Fry, Ceo of Hounslow Chambers of Commerce, prepares for a party to celebrate business success


IN YOUR BUSINESS Is your business still as exciting as it was in the beginning or is it becoming a daily struggle? invaluable advice. running a business whilst trying to attract new customers and grow at the same time can become

and the challenges they face; and then forget about the thought or wish that was the inspiration to start When working with start-ups, early stage businesses or companies that are working hard to expand; I always ask these golden questions before any

Whilst there are tools, techniques and business strategies that are vital to ensure success; without processes or practical techniques will simply not be implemented to its full effect, if at all.

Then ask yourself some key questions; 1. Can you describe what your company does in one clear and concise statement? 2. What is your ultimate vision for the business and are you on track for delivering it? 3. How visible are you? Do you stand out from your competitors? 4. What is the one reason your customers will buy from you above others? 5. Do you feel proud of your business and its products? to succeed, you may survive with a certain level of results but it will be a long painful journey. once you re-connect with the excitement and desire of achieving your vision; energy and determination are taken faster and bigger and better results are achieved and celebrated. If you would like more information about how to achieve great results for you and your business; visit me at and get in touch. remember it really is all about you! To your success,

we have to look to the future. There is no mileage in looking back. who participate to present themselves as a good

perfectly formed. The rate of new business startof closure has also dropped. The local business community is growing and sustaining itself too. So it is always good to celebrate business and the success

winners, the commended and highly commended will be known and we will be celebrating the success

there as a constant, so the market place can see the quality of what we have to offer in this great In the next issue of out&about, I will report on how the judges made our decisions and why we chose the winners. There is one problem, I do know who the winners are now, but my lips are sealed!

but part of our annual celebration of success. The most, but here in West London we do seem to have turned the corner. In moving our business forward, our new website launches in mid October

Check out the community page, just for you to have your say & create exposure for your organisation. No other magazine works harder to bring communities in the Hounslow platform for your stories.

end of the day and dreading the pile of tasks that spend some well-deserved time over a cuppa 8 please mention

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Neighbourhood restaurateur, Sam Harrison talks about hard grafting in the food industry Tucked away from the main bustle of Chiswick High

Food at Hei Hing in South Street, old Isleworth What made you decide to open a noodle bar in old Isleworth? We think that there’s lack of casual, family friendly dining establishments around our area. What was your background before your catering business? Louis’ family has a long history in running restaurants. His father founded one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in London China Town and his family has run that successfully for 50 years until his mum’s retirement in 2011. How long have you lived in Isleworth and what do you think of the area, do you think it’s changing? We have lived in Isleworth for 10 years. We like the village feel of old Isleworth, people are very friendly here. There are more young families in the area now and the area is rapidly growing.

Moni and Louis Liu What is the best thing about having your own business? The satisfaction of seeing the business grow. What do you hope the noodle bar will bring to Isleworth? We hope that we can provide a family friendly atmosphere for our customers who can enjoy some homely meals in our noodle bar. oriental menu that changes with the seasons. Favourite oriental Dish that is worth trying? favourite noodle dish is Laksa (Laksa is a popular spicy noodle from the Peranakan culture, which is

a business? establishing a regular clientele and advertising. all round oriental dish is Chinese roast meat on rice, Have you had any high and low points in your business journey? recession started, we felt it straight away and it lasted for a couple of years. It’s slowly getting better, so we decided to invest more into this business to make use of the rent we pay. Did you have any mentors or inspirational people who encouraged you? Louis’ father is the inspiration for him but sadly he passed away when Louis was very young.

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restaurateur rick Stein, who has a share in Sam’s completing a hotel and management course at university, Harrison found himself knocking on the door of Stein’s seaside restaurant asking for a job: “They said, if you don’t mind being a waiter then you can come in and work over the summer. I started as a waiter then I became a Headwaiter, I business. I think rick clocked me and we clocked that we shared the same passions. I was very lucky that he took me under his wing.” It’s clear that Stein’s to Sam and taught him above all: “Their passion, (coming soon!) 10

morning, mid week, I met him for a delicious brunch of scrambled egg on marmite toast, a personal favourite of Sam’s. He is refreshingly open and candid about his journey into the food industry: “one of the things I love most about restaurants is that there is this comradery. I think in restaurants you have many odd people thrown together, all these nationalities and backgrounds, who would never normally come together.” Sam’s passion for hospitality is omnipresent, he insists that: “This business is all about people. everybody goes to work to make money, but for most of us there is something more important then that, and that’s feeling valued, I think it’s short-sighted if you don’t look after your staff, loyalty is very important to me.”

Sam: “The restaurant world is very small. If you work hard in this industry, you can rise quickly.”

Perseverance and determination, saw Harrison open rejections, he describes the experience as: “Horrible, it’s demoralizing, several times I nearly gave up. I went for interviews for jobs because eventually you have to start paying bills. I had limited amount of savings and I was living with my mum and dad and that’s not ideal. I was 32 but you have no choice. I very nearly took one job and I turned down it down because deep down I knew I wanted to do my own thing.” Sam is ups: “We don’t do nearly enough in this country to help people. There is far too much red tape, the banks don’t lend money. I have two successful businesses and my bank won’t lend me money to open a third restaurant, and they have the security of two businesses and I am willing to employ 30 new people.” What makes the brasserie a success is that it caters for so many occasions, whether it be a business lunch, a cocktail hour, or a dinner date, with it’s evolving menus and relaxed ambience, it is the perfect place done anything differently in his career: “I opened my two years after Sam’s, I don’t think I was ready to do it, Sam’s was successful from day one, there is an element that you think you are unbeatable, it was too be unbeatable is the ingredient you need to succeed 11

CYCLING IS THE WAY FORWARD Just opened, Imperial Cycles at Shrewsbury Walk in old Isleworth is



Kirkin tells us more… Imperial Cycles Workshop is the result of a partnership between richard Collins and Isleworthians with a huge passion for cycling and cycle racing. rich is the son of ex-pro Doug Collins, and founder of the Imperial racing Team. He has years of experience of road racing, time-trialling, triathlon and cyclocross racing. I race road and cyclocross and have been a mechanic in various West London shops as well as working as a race mechanic for on the lookout for a way to get involved in the cycle industry, and during a ride over the winter, we quickly settled on an idea. It seemed to us there was something missing in the Isleworth area: a friendly, reliable, community based cycle workshop. I am a mechanic by trade, it’s what I love doing, so it made sense to open a dedicated workshop. on any type of bike, whether a shopper or top-end racer! We will offer impartial advice on all aspects of cycling, and if we don’t know the answer, we will be able to direct you to someone trusted who does. ICW offers a full range of services and repairs including custom bike and wheel builds. our friends builders and frame sprayers. We are very keen to build a community side to Imperial, and will be running maintenance workshops and seminars from the shop. excitingly, ICW now stock a range of bikes for sale. Following extensive research, rich and I discovered an Italian brand called Sarto, based in 12

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Indiajayne Jeffery founder of the online emprioum of vintage, modern and refurbished furniture guides us From left to right: Thomas, Richard’s son, George and Richard the veneto region, who specialise in building carbon frames. What makes this special is the similarity in delivering a quality, bespoke service with love and passion. Sarto will build frames to the customer’s exact requirement and offer custom paint schemes. We are busy building relations with enrico and

When IKS was asked to work alongside an architect to transform a central London location, which had been empty for a number of years, into a bright new prospect of adding vintage to a space brought newly to life. one of the things I enjoy about sourcing vintage pieces is imagining where they will end up: how they might be transformed or transform a space by

their beautiful Italian bikes! Drop by, say hello and bring your cycle questions and problems with you. We are here to help. We look forward to contributing to the community in Isleworth and its surrounding areas and intend to establish ourselves as the cycling hub of West London.

13 Shrewsbury Walk, TW7 7De T:

landed the job of our dreams!’ I could immediately visualize an enormous French droplet chandelier suspended over a large 1950’s square Perspex coffee table, with a leather and rosewood 1960’s threeseat sofa nestled beside the reception desk. even though we’ve been commissioned to add to answer the needs of a practical and functioning workspace to house a large number of people. We do have some freedom to work around those parameters so we won’t just be searching for unusual pieces of vintage furniture, but also storage and colours to help to create a stylish and inspiring environment.

in that they were often open, modern, white spaces recently, there seems to have been a shift away

character into work areas. vintage pieces are great for adding character and work so perfectly against modern backgrounds. Perhaps, that is why we have seen an increase in designers using our products to decorate their shop interiors as well. IKS has also been commissioned to source a selection of period furniture for a countryside boutique hotel. each room will have a unique natural extension, and an exciting move forward, from home interiors for IKS. I believe, regardless of that personalising space and making it appealing, has a positive effect on the people who work there; and vintage pieces can leave a positive lasting impression on those who visit these places. To receive 20% off anything on the IKS website key in this promotional code: The offer does not include sales items. T&C’s apply and offer ends November 30th.


feature artist what else do you do? I teach art for


WITH LOCAL ARTIST SANDRA BECCARELLI What made you become an artist? always enjoyed doing and making things. In my family, art was seen as a hobby or what other people did, was always cooking, baking and making her own pasta; my grandfather made wine, grappa, picture frames and wooden planters. Describe your work of movement and change, light and dark, order and chaos (in nature and in psychological states). I like and so I often turn to nature for inspiration; the passing of clouds, the powerful movements within waterfalls, or a simple ripple across water created by a breeze. I interpret these events within my work “abstractly”, using my own systems and symbols to represent what we can see and what we can’t; the structure, which underlies rhythms and movements both externally, and internally, stripped down and distilled to pure energy. I respect and admire artists whose


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Community education as part of their Family Learning team. This involves teaching art to families in schools and community centres and being involved in projects with The National Trust at osterley Park. I also teach art to adults once a fortnight at St John’s Church Hall on St John’s rd, that being creative is something we all can do and have lots of fun doing it! “The Power of Now” by eckhart Tolle. It’s about living in the present moment and I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in a more creative and meaningful way of being. That’s a tricky question and one, which we all struggle with. Ideally, I would love to be creating more in the studio. This past year has been very busy for me as I have (twice), co-curated and exhibited in a three-person work selected for “The Discerning eye” and one shortlisted for The Summer exhibition at the royal group show entitled “From Surface to Structure”, a drawing and sculpture exhibition at Jean- Luc each of these events involves a lot of planning, organisation and paperwork, all of which takes away from studio time, but can also be seen as part of the creative process if taken positively! email:

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local history

THEATRICAL CONNECTIONS Linda Lingham Taylor takes centre


local history Theatre replaced it. company too and feuded with his lover, Peg In the 19th century, the theatrical link was continued Peg retired to Teddington, living near the parish however, retired to Little Strawberry Hill, a house

Twickenham and richmond were both fashionable Kitty had begun her career in Colley Cibber’s

had theatrical connections too. each possessed a number of small theatres at different times and during the summer break in the West end season,

comic fop parts, but also for shady business deals, and was much disliked, particularly by Twickenham’s

appear in short seasons of plays, often living in the peace, in the local churchyards.

1767, he went deaf and retired to Hampton at rose Hill, now the local library.

were enlarged and new ones built, but in 1737 the government attempted to suppress this exuberance by requiring them to be licensed. Thereafter Covent

to perform melodrama, ballad operas and burlesque. (Licensing survived for little more than a century, but In response to such popular demand, the Drury Lane actor, Thomas Chapman built a small timber theatre on richmond Hill in 1733, a little higher up the comic actor William Penkethman. Chapman also ran a season in Twickenham, his company alternating performances with richmond throughout continued until 1753. It is not sure where the earlier theatre was situated on the London road, opposite the modern police station or perhaps on the corner

Wales, later edward vII, made her stage debut at by oscar Wilde to become an actress when the prince left her, she was coached by the actress Henrietta Hodson who lived at Pope’s villa. The shell of the auditorium still exists, behind the south side of King Street, and is known today as Queen’s Hall.

went on to build richmond’s current theatre on the Hall’, the basis for Horace Walpole’s gothic villa

Hampton is more readily associated with David owned a half share in Drury Lane. He promoted Shakespeare as a national symbol and rescued the removed the audience from the stage. Previously, for a fee, they might sit amongst the actors, making

Theophilus, a less successful scoundrel, re-opened Chapman’s richmond theatre in 1756 as a

short-lived, however, and so was Theo; he drowned shortly afterwards.

also established a more realistic style of acting in preference to the formal declamatory tradition. He

Dorothy or Dora Jordan, another Drury Lane actress known for breeches roles, also had local

He was also instrumental in setting up richmond’s Theatre royal in 1765 at the top of old Palace

unmarried, and was perhaps more famous as the mistress of the Duke of Clarence, later William Iv. They had 10 illegitimate children

prologue for the opening night given by its actor-

often appeared at richmond’s Theatre royal,

company and was a favourite of Horace Walpole. The most prestigious actors of the day performed there and it was later associated with the greatest

she got to keep the receipts) in 1791 and

Shylock and othello, who managed the theatre after

The house was demolished in 1963 and the land, on

Nearby was Walnut Tree House, on the corner of

Twickenham and richmond continued for almost two hundred years, and even now, the richmond Shakespeare Society has its base in Twickenham’s Linda Lingham Taylor Local Writer and researcher

Pissarro - 'List of People from

However, the duke was eventually forced to make a 16

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Chemistry for a Happier and Healthier Life We live in an age when life is very demanding and the work/life balance is often out of synch. This may result in a compromised diet regime and over time can manifest in reduced energy/fatigue, poor sleep,

Sara Ward from Hen Corner gets meaty Well it’s certainly autumn; the season of colours, with yellows, reds and browns rustling beneath our feet as dark emerald leaves and needles cling true to our faithful evergreens. Pulling on wellies and marching through parks and woodlands is the most wonderful way to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the unfolding promises always had Kit Kats in his pockets; the treat to keep us walking whilst breathing dragon’s mist into the cool air in front of our faces. Now, as a mum, I associate the autumn walk with the roast dinner that welcomes us home and the family favourite is always roast pork. regular readers may remember last year’s article about cider; how we make it in the garden

this year, we have gone a step further and are helping to rear the pig that will provide the ham, several roasts and many

slowly growing over the last few months rooting for food and treats in her pen under dappled shade hear that she’s not in our back garden, but in a friends’ up the road in South ealing. Law graduate, Jono Paynter, starting rearing pigs last year and, whilst he still has several chops and joints in the freezer, 18

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The harder we work, the greater demands on the body, physically, mentally and emotionally, so how can was happy to help us join in with him again this year,

us explore how nutrition can be the answer. How we think, feel and behave on a daily basis is very much dependant on the process of

our end plan is to eat these lovely animals but we adhere to the values of river Cottage and believe that many of us in the Western World eat too much meat; too much for our own health and too much for the millions of animals that are intensively reared to satisfy our appetite. There are many ethical issues surrounding almost every food that we choose to buy, so maybe rearing our own meat not only helps a couple of piggies have a very happy life but also helps us remember how precious meat is and to savour every mouthful. over recent months, we’ve been taking buckets of windfall apples up to the pigs and watched them chomp through kilo after kilo, spraying juice and

we can interact positively with our environment because we have a well-balanced brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals we produce and some of the most familiar are: SEROTONIN it is later metabolised into melatonin that promotes sleep, so has a dual function. DOPAMINE, ADRENALIN & NORADRENALIN have caffeine-like effects giving drive, energy focus and upbeat mood. GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID (GABA) quietens brain activity and offers a sense of calm ENDRORPHINS have a similar effect to opiate drugs, relieving pain and promoting euphoria.

to make the most of every morsel, we’ve been on a

So what foods promote good brain chemistry?

puddings, chipolatas and chorizos.

glycaemic load diet is vital, in order to ensure regular and steady release of glucose. This means choosing wholefoods, including plenty of vegetables, pulses,

So as the days get shorter, grab your coat and head towards Kew, osterley or Syon, work up an appetite as you kick some leaves, and as for the best pub lunch, I’ll let you decide, but do look out for a good roast pork! read more about Sara Ward’s country life in west London at

whole-grains and seasonal fruit. fat-rich organ. research has shown that mental function is improved when there is a good supply of

possibly help to increase low levels of Serotonin, learning and reduce anxiety. eat foods, which possess the raw materials for manufacturing neurotransmitters.The production of protein every day, which contains all the necessary amino acids. vitamins and minerals act as cofactors to deliver the enzymes to complete the process. Zinc is an important co-factor for Serotonin and other neurotransmitters and is the most abundant mineral in the brain. vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which is quickly excreted and must be consumed daily to ensure a good supply. It is depleted by smoking. Calcium is needed for release of neurotransmitters. from bones! To ensure a good supply of these vitamins and vegetables! overcooked meats, transfats, all processed food,

your lifestyle:

factor! Nutrition Cookbook addressing biochemical imbalances through diet’

Susie Heavens is a local therapist offering nutritional advice and relexology her website is 19




rebecca Leuw and Lucy Wells in conversation about their local business, Isleworth and now crawling further…

feeling overwhelmed or constrained by circumstances you can see no way round?

years ago when we were pregnant and expecting

It doesn’t have to be that way! It is so much simpler than you realise to make powerful, positive changes in your life.

and energy worker, living in Isleworth. I specialise in working with women… I love working with women… I am good at working with women. I’ve been doing it for over 15 years, with clients across the globe. I currently offer 1:1 coaching workshops, programmes and residential events.

Her energy is huge …. Lynne is a wonderful inspiration and a warm and supercharged lady!” NP Solicitor what isn’t being said, to use my ability to laser to the heart of what is really going on for you and

never have thought of.

If you are willing to suspend what you believe to be and be open to new perspectives, you will discover so many more exciting possibilities for yourself. Working with a coach doesn’t mean you will have to change anything about your life unless you want to. What will change is how you feel about yourself and clarity about what they really mean and be more

more about coaching, and know whether it is the way forward for you is to email me to book an informal chat. I love talking about what I do, and I promise we will both know if it feels right for you. coaching - that would be a terrible waste of my time and your time and money! Email: Web:


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When did you get the idea to start your own business? about running baby massage classes. We felt that by pooling our resources and ideas we would come up with something special. What is really exciting is that we both bring different and complimentary qualities to the business. Can you tell me more about your baby massage classes? What makes you different? Isleworth or from parents’ homes. We believe that teaching from a home environment is more relaxing for parents, and therefore more relaxing for babies. We keep the groups small, no more than six mums or dads and babies. groups. our classes teach parents the skills to massage their babies at a time that is right for them.

and excited by your life. “Lynne is a woman born to empower others! Whether on a one-to-one coaching, or in a group session, her approach is discerning and incisive, always leading to personal breakthroughs, another perspective, and greater self-awareness and

retrained as an antenatal teacher with the NCT and a baby massage instructor. I was already working as a midwife and teaching baby massage so you could say we are both passionate about birth and babies.

Lynne is offering a free coaching session women to email her after reading this article.

discomfort, improves muscle tone but perhaps most importantly it promotes bonding and reduces risk of postnatal depression. that found that fathers attending baby massage persuaded us to start weekend classes for dads. What are you planning next for ‘For Baby & Me’?

women during pregnancy and postnatally in their the complaints associated with pregnancy and birth, as well as increase levels of the birth hormones, oxytocin and endorphins. It is a fantastic addition to our business. can follow rebecca and Lucy on twitter @forbabyandmeldn Lucy and rebecca will also be at the NCT birth and 26th october.

and able to massage their babies when they leave our classes. our courses run over four weeks so 10% off for out&about there is plenty of time readers on booking a course to recap on the massage strokes. out&about when booking. 21

A COMMUNITY PULL The name Torin Douglas may ring a bell or two for

Chiswick community and the Festival Director of the

retirement has given Torin Douglous the space to fully immerse himself in that which he feels important, the community. “I think it is fundamental to a civilized life, it’s about looking after your neighbours and neighbourhood.” Having received totally astonished but delighted.” He views his

and there’ve been huge changes. I want to look back a bit and start putting it into some perspective, in lectures and articles. I’m giving a lecture at the

Festival modestly, and highlights. “We have a small team, each of whom is equally important, including

of commercial radio, and how the radio world has changed in that time.”

author programme director, who used to run celebrated its 5th year and grew out of the success

continuous presence in Torin Douglas’ life.“The changes made possible by digital technology are so rapid and radical that it is hard to predict which

Some media look more vulnerable than others. regional newspapers are having a tough time. National newspapers are also under great pressure, as they search for a new business model that will help them make more money from the internet to replace the revenue being lost by newspapers. It is becoming harder to fund proper

taken place every June since 1967, based at St says.“We’ve tried to broaden it to embrace the whole of Chiswick, including local businesses and arts organizations. We now run events at the Tabard

Lesley, who loves nothing better than trawling markets for hidden treasures, recognised that West London offered the perfect market for such a venture. So, in spring this year Wilson Picks eclectic Collection was born. It’s a bold step away from the comfort zones of both partners Show gold medallist, while Jeannie is a marketing consultant with an impressive list of travel and

Why Wilson? “It’s the name of my Dalmatian,” says Lesley. “We chose it because Dalmatians have

as he puts down his coffee and heads off for another interview, there are no signs of taking it easy. email

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neo-Palladian villa, built in 1729 to showcase his fabulous art and furniture, Lesley and Jeannie tell me the about their collection of homeswares and furniture at Wilson Picks.

Torin Douglas has certainly not stopped but, “I am

out the worst in people.”

please mention

Sitting over a cup of coffee at Chiswick House, seems an apt location to discuss the new enterprise for Lesley Faux and Jeannie Shapiro,

respective businesses were growing, we both wanted a new challenge,” Jeannie explains. “With Lesley’s creativity and eye for design and my sales and marketing background, it felt right.”

to spend more time with our grandsons and going to our tiny cottage in France, as well see all the great


and Jeannie Shapiro about their new venture in Chiswick.

educational Schools and Waterstones, I also put out a weekly email newsletter promoting community events in other churches and public buildings in Chiswick.”

daily national newspapers, aimed at a wide range

better than the doom-merchants predicted. Twitter has become a powerful source of breaking news


With the wealth of second-hand shops and antiques markets sourcing the stock is easy. The providing costs that are right for each item, while Wilson Picks was conceived as an online business, supported by the occasional market appearance. “Now we believe that the majority of sales will come from fairs and pop-ups shops,” says Jeannie.

to get to know us.”

station) on November 2, with a second pre“Together with 15 or more other stallholders, we’ll showcase quality homeware and gifts, many of which have been expertly made by craftspeople,” explains Lesley. “There will be a mix of vintage, upcycled (shabby chic), preloved and some new unique items for sale. We’ll also have a vintage tea authentic china - and are very excited to be working with

and egyptian friezes to Staffordshire Pottery. qualities that makes them perfect family pets. Likewise, the pieces we sell have been selected to make a welcome addition to the home.”

who make the most delicious cupcakes.”



No job too small.

In detail: Architraves. Balustrades. Bath Panels. Boxing in pipes. Cornices. Doors and internal carpentry. Easing of sticky doors and windows. Fencing and decking. Garden gates (replacing rotten ones). Gutters, repair and replace. Hardwood and laminate flooring. Ironmongery. Joists first fix. Fitted kitchens and wardrobes. Living room units and shelves. Moulding (eg, panels flush with doors). Opening up doorways. Partitioning and plasterboarding. Skirting boards. Tongue and groove boarding to bathroom. Total refurbishments. Tiling.Vents in boiler cupboards.Velux windows. Window Sash’s, replace and overhaul. Wardrobes.

T: 020 8898 4993 (24hr answerphone) M: 07956

486 662 E:


Tel: 07790152427

for everything you should expect from your local independent chemist.


please mention T: 0208 7580260


Isleworth based Gas Safe Registered (formerly CORGI)


A.C.Curd Ltd


T: 020 8816 8503 M: 07976 387443 EBWJE!EWIPSHVL

IKS, an online emporium dedicated to unique, and often refurbished, vintage furniture and one-of-a-kind home accessories. We unearth collectables together with must-have new products. Our tailor-made reupholstery service breathes new life into old furniture. With our wide range of styles, you can make any space - from your home distinguished and unique.

Thomas Photography


Delicious fresh lunch food t4BMBECBSt.BJONFBMT t"OENVDI NVDINPSF


234308 to advertisers

Opening hours: monday to Friday 9am - 6.30pm Saturday 9am - 1pm the family owned pharmacy providing NhS services and advice to generations in Isleworth for over 50 years.

55 South Street, Isleworth

tel. 020 8560 1770 also at: 570 London road, Isleworth tel. 020 8560 1444

020 8569 9278 TBMFT!CVSDIFMMTDPVL 25

HOW ABOUT A NICE ‘CUPPA’ TO GET YOUR DAY GOING? specialist teas at rosie & Java out&about visited rosie & Java last time to

BRENTFORD MARKET IN THE 1950’S became London’s larder with the advent of the canal

the 3rd Chiswick Sea Scouts. I remember our scoutmaster telling us that the bullet scars on the

be famous for it’s peaches but that was before my

the heroic policeman who died having a dual with

now we have returned to richmond’s specialist tea and coffee merchant not only to buy some more superb coffee, the last purchase got drank far too perfect cup of tea.

towards your ideal cup and give you all the advice you need to brew perfectly. We leave with some top tips from the expert…

rosie & Java is a unique, family-run business nestled

Alison’s top 3 tea tips:

bequeathed to the poor of the borough by William available, to eat straight away or take home. We have a collection of pictures of the old market to show, stalls for local start up businesses and community In the middle of the road, at the junction of Kew

public conveniences, presided over by an attendant who kept the glass cisterns and tiles sparkling clean and the brass pipework polished like gold. The

both developed their buying and blending skills for when the tide was out, chain ferry. When the boats were to go into the dry docks, they’d tie their sterns to the dock entrance, with their bows across the channel and put their engines into full forward to blow the mud out of the dock. Centre, had been, there was when I was young, a wood yard and dock. Dad never bought wood, for Strand. I’m told that there was, during the last war, a

was a canyon, with walls so high you couldn’t see over, from the top of the 65 bus. Conveyors bridged the road, carrying coal over to the works on the of the huge cranes. one was as high as the familiar water tower, that’s still there in the Steam museum. of the Steam museum, ringing the shift changes from

opposite the Kew Palace and when it was hit, in a bombing raid, the whole island burnt. everywhere in London you’ll see crosses cut into the kerb stones. These mark where bodies or human remains were dug up when the roads were built. There are also other marks, ordinance survey and parish boundary arrows and mysterious triangles

now are the housing towers. West from the ealing rd going down the hill on the north side, was a sweep of beautiful, bay fronted,

coopers, farriers, boat builders, cart makers and 26

please mention

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signs also occur in richmond and by Kew bridge. Now you’ve been told, you will see the crosses everywhere.

blended, the origins of the teas used in the blend should always be clearly shown. Choose your

or expensive and can be as simple or as ceremonial as you would like it to be, pop into rose & Java for all the advice that you will need. teapot to make brewing good quality loose-leaf tea as easy and fuss-free as using teabags.

the world are delivered loose from tea brokers and all freshly packed at the shop. expect to be greeted with an amazing array of aromas, tastes, sights and sounds as soon as you enter the shop!

sets rosie & Java apart from the high-street? “rosie

herb and fruit caffeine-free infusions. our teas are 100% pure origin and have full traceability. Life is too short to drink boring poor quality tea, second best is never an option,” and with that, she hands me two cups of something really different,

cakes with some really special tea, maybe our rose and bergamot. on Friday 29th Nov 2013, between 3pm & 5pm. To book your free place email: Find us on Facebook @ Rosie & Java Tea & Coffee Merchant

10% Off Your First Tea Purchase

exquisite and a must for any tea lover out there. Thirsty for some more knowledge about tea, I ask what the best advice she could give our tea

12 Paved Court richmond-upon-Thames Surrey TW9 1LZ

grown in different places (origins) have different

voucher valid until 31st December 2013 / voucher has no cash value and can only be used once, photocopies not accepted. 27

people & places

Secret spots and special stories revealed



This autumn, the National Trust begins its celebration month Walking Festival with hundreds of specially selected walks and events. running from Sunday 1st

Michael Wright the Managing Director of Oakhill Estate Agents in Old Isleworth marks a milestone.

Walk’ will encourage everyone from young families to seasoned ramblers to explore the outdoors and The walks vary from a Pre-raphaelite Pilgrimage to red House; a 13-mile pilgrimage from the historic

and what an exciting journey it has been with plenty of ups and downs along the way. obtaining planning consent from Hounslow Council

arts and crafts shrine, red House, the only house pilgrimage can be undertaken on foot, by bicycle

achieved this we have worked hard to build and challenge when you are a new company.

or public transport. Storytellers will create a live version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, telling stories concludes in the intimate walled garden of red House for a Pilgrim’s Party with live folk music from the english Folk Dance and Song Society. other walks include, the secrets of osterley’s trees. Find out about the Strawberry tree, a veteran oak that you can walk inside and the subtle relationships that take an urban ramble from richmond railway station places en route.

We also support our local community and

We have stayed true to our principle of putting the customer at the centre of everything we do

customer service. For additional peace of mind, we are also members of the Property ombudsman Scheme. The major difference between our business and the majority of others is, quite simply, myself and the team, and our determination to succeed and deliver great service and results for our clients. We don’t carry the enormous overheads that some agents do and this, coupled with our desire to be given an opportunity to demonstrate our value to you, enables us to provide our services at fee levels that are market leading yet do not compromise on any key elements of service.


please mention

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sisters, it is a privilege to give something back to the school. Finally, the team and myself look forward to another positive and eventful year and to making oakhill the local estate agents of choice.

Estate Agents sales - lettings - property managment

Oakhill’s has teamed up with out&about with a special anniversary offer, if you mention this article and instruct us by the end of November 2013, our fees will be charged at just 1% of the

The only agent in Old Isleworth

6 South Street, Old Isleworth, TW7 7BG 0208 797 7977 29

WHAT’S ON Table Top Sale Sat 16th Nov

Fitbag Live Classes Sat 12th oct @ 1.30 pm

Twickenham road/ South Street. Selling children’s & babies clothes, books, toys and equipment etc. Drinks &cakes being served. Doors open at 10.30am

Free class with every Fitbag purchase, which can be

Art Exhibition & Competition for Schools Fri 29th Nov - Sun1st Dec

Abundance Fruit Day Sat 5th oct

invited to submit work for our Images of Chiswick exhibition. To encourage young artists locally, we are also holding a competition for schools and for young people. entries can be submitted as above from either whole classes or individual young people in the following age groups: 5 to 10 more email: before 30th oct 2013. The exhibition will open with a private view on 29th Nov and remain open for viewings and purchase of the successful entries until 1st Dec 2013. Chiswick ‘Homeware & Gift Show’

Half term Halloween workshop Thurs 31st oct

£125* Termly drama workshops with Dramacube

Class size limited to 15, 10% sibling discount to reserve a place for your child. Dramacube

please mention

and more (followed by Harvest Festival on Sun 6th oct Chiswick Churches for Justice & Peace Sat 5th oct 5.30-7.00pm

poverty. Christmas Shopping Evening Thur Nov 7th Petersham Nurseries Workshops

Tickets: £12.00

group sizes will be limited to 15. For full information on all forthcoming projects


… in the heart of Brentford

to advertisers

Tickets: £12.00

Tickets: £12.00

First Saturday of the month 11am-12pm osterley and Spring hold thier residents surgery at osterley Library.

We offer an extensive professional service focussing on integrity, quality assurance, approachability and guaranteed personalised service. Located in the heart of Brentford since 1999, our local knowledge is unsurpassed.

206 High Street, Brentford Middlesex TW8 8AH Sales 020 8847 4737 Lettings 020 8847 4738


out&about Magazine  

Local Community Magazine in West London, knitting the communities in Isleworth, Brentford and Chiswick together.

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