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Our Weekly F.A.P. Spotlight for Inspiration is all about talent, inspiration, success, camaraderie and collaboration. Artistic success and appreciation is built upon networks of like-minded people and our team of artists here will inspire you for days.

If you have not taken the time to peruse our membership list, I think you will be shocked to see who you are rubbing elbows with. Some of the most amazing up and coming artists in the industry and they are all a part of this team! Each week we sit down with one of them and find out about them, what they are doing, what keeps them motivated and pull from them inspiration for us all. We will be covering artists at every level and every style. There is no requirement for this spotlight except a passion for your craft. Read on‌ network, be inspired and shoot your dreams!

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Tatiana K-I

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Spring 2016

Fine Art Photographer

We are starting this new year of inspiration with the amazing and talented Tatiana K-l! I think you will find her not only inspiring but her approach very uplifting and gracious, which makes her one of the most sought after and trusted photographers around. Building trust with your clients and models is key to creating your artist vision and she is a natural! Caroline: So lets just jump right in! I know that English is not your first language (although I never knew it till you told me). Where are you originally from? Tell me a little bit about that. Tatiana: I was born in South (Russia), near the Black sea. My father was in a military, so we traveled a lot. I grew up in Germany, then we moved to the Ukraine, and then we moved to the States.

Caroline: How did you get started in photography? Did you study photography or are you self taught? Tatiana: Self taught, unfortunately. I finished two universities however none dealt with photography or art. I wish I had basic art education but going back to school now is a time issue. Caroline: What did you get your degree in? 2

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Spring 2016 image and self-esteem area. I often see clients have catharsis when they see results of the session. Caroline: Now that you mention it I can totally see how your approach has been influenced by your phycology background. You talk a lot about how uplifting and healing photo sessions can be. You mentioned in your bio (on your website) that you have experience being in front of the camera as well? Where did that journey start?

Tatiana: I am licensed clinical psychotherapist. I practiced clinical psychology up until three years ago. Caroline: Wow!!! How cool! How did you transition from that into photography? Tatiana: I really don't have an answer for that. It just grew on me‌ talking to clients, seeing their reaction. I have photographed for more than 10 years now as a hobby and a part-time business. I just recently started photography seriously as a full time business in March.

Tatiana: I'm not really sure how. It was always intertwined. I was around people with passion for photography, and started shooting on my own, and at the same time I started modeling actively with local photographers. My better half, Alex, when we first met, he was very into photography. The gear that I'm using now was his collection. Caroline: I recently interviewed another [fa] photographer who started out modeling and learning photography at the same time, as well. How do you perceive your modeling experience has shaped your photography? Tatiana: I'm glad I had/have that

experience. It's helpful more in a psychological sense. To be in tune with needs of a client, being in touch with fears of being in front of the camera. It's still very acute for me too, every time I'm a model... I have enormous respect for women that come to my studio, in the sense that they allow themselves to experience this vulnerable state. I am very grateful that they trust me to photograph them. Caroline: If you were to mentor a young photographer, would you encourage them to get the same experience? Do you think this is a tool that is essential to being a trusted and sought after photographer? Tatiana: I would encourage to get experience on the other side, for sure. Caroline: This brings up an interesting point to me. I see a lot of photographers who are just starting out discouraged because they can’t find anyone willing to model for them. You touched on a very important point we photographers don't think about much and that is TRUST. What are some things that you do to build the client's trust?

Caroline: Do you think your background in clinical psychology has influenced your photography? Tatiana: Funny you asked! I talk about it from time to time with my psychology peers. I think it influenced me most in how I approach photography in general. And the use of photography as a tool, there is huge healing potential for self-


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; Lorem Ipsum Dolor Tatiana: Prior to the photo session, I try my best to get in touch with the client via phone and actually face-toface would be even better, but it is rarely possible. We talk about the client’s dreams and wants and I ask them what inspired them to book a photo shoot. Every time I schedule a client, I get their story. We plan the shoot together. I love when I get requests for a more “fine art” style of photo shoot. One particular client comes to mind because I will never forget what she said. She said, "I want you to capture my emotions, and I want people who would see my portraits, to get what I'm experiencing". She just blew me away with that request. I went nuts coming up with ideas for her shoot, I dreamt about that session and I made props just for her. I loved every second of it! Caroline: You believe that actually taking time with the client/model is the key. That communication and really getting to know the client is important to the success of the shoot. Do you do this with every single client and model? Tatiana: I do. I get in touch with every client prior to our session. I noticed it not only

Spring 2016 improves the clients experience during the session but also the outcome of the images. I really want to deliver what my clients want. After all, it is their dream photo shoot, so it is important to me they get their dream portraits. At the same time, my motto is "Every client is my Model". My team and I always go a little beyond what the

Caroline: I noticed the basis of your business is contemporary glamour, then you add it fine art? So it sounds like you don't find models for your fine art images, but you turn your contemporary glamour clients into your fine art models? Tatiana: Exactly and it helps to prevent burn-out too. There have been a few fine art shoots I did use models. When I want to play around with or try a new technique such as with water or fog, I will actually ask someone to model for me. But mostly times I will add in a fine art style shot to my client sessions. Caroline: What a lovely way to work! I have learned so much doing these "Spotlight for Inspiration" interviews. It never ceases to amaze me how inspirational and savvy our [fa] photography team is. We can learn so much from each other!

client has requested. I find that my clients love that. Also, during the photo session I coach my clients a lot on their posing. I try to be very meticulous in my direction. That way they can relax and they stop thinking about how they look in front of the camera because they are busying listening to direction. It is my responsibility to make them look the best they can.

Tatiana: Absolutely! I love our [fa] Photography group. It is very educational, and most important inspirational. I attempted my first composite after seeing your image “The Magic of Literacy: The Mermaid”. Seeing other’s work in the group gave me that inspirational push to try and do more! Caroline: I was going to ask you what inspired you to go more fine art direction! It was my piece? WOW! That is the compliment of the year to me! Tatiana: It was your piece. That one


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; Lorem Ipsum Dolor particular. My first attempt was to do "Dreaming of Sails", and I learned a whole lot about light direction then, thanks to our group. You see, I even think of the [fa] photography group as "our group" LOL! Caroline: I think of it as our group too. This is a special group of artists. I talk to everybody in the team more than I do my family these days! Ha! How did you find the [fa] Photography Team? Tatiana: I don't remember how I found it. I was lurking for sometime, and then found courage to start showing my work. It's such an amazing group of people! I feel at home there. My virtual home. Caroline: Since we are starting a New Year and we have all probably been thinking about it for ourselves, have you thought about your goals for 2014? Where do you dream your sails are going to take you? Tatiana: I have two goals and a dream. The first goal is financially oriented. I have got to do marketing and build business relationships to reach out and find my clients. However when I say “My clients” what I mean is this… While all women could enjoy and benefit from glamour photography not everyone needs it (emotionally). However, there are some clients whose experience during the session is so uplifting to

Spring 2016 them and such an amazing experience that the result is transformative. THOSE are the clients I am looking for and I've got to find them. My second goal is just as important to me as the first and that is to do more of my conceptual fine art work. I have books of ideas and I hope to accomplish some of them in the next year. I am finding that unless you make time for personal work, it will never happen. Caroline: You just brought up another interesting point and it is a common discouragement among the members of our team and that is time management. How in the world can you run a successful business (or hold down a 9 to 5 job) and still have time for your own personal work? If you had to give any advice on that what would it be? Tatiana: Unfortunately I did not find the solution yet. I do my personal projects at night, when everyone is asleep. That is my time of magic. But of coarse that affects sleep... so I'd love to hear someone else’s advice on time management too! Caroline: Yes. If anybody out there has figured out how to create more time? We would all love that secret! LOL! Tatiana: Absolutely! Nobel prize would be well deserved on that one! Caroline: Before we wrap up I want to talk planning and inspiration. I love to hear how other artists are inspired and their method of creating. I could ask a million questions on this. How do you come up with your ideas for the shoot? Do you sketch before hand or do you forget the planning and just pick up the camera and see what happens?

Tatiana: As far as planning fine art work, I think I'm somewhere in between. First I start dreaming of expressing a particular idea or thought, or better yet, an emotion. And then I carry it with me in my mind, thinking of a visual. I try to sketch, but boy I need classes on that. LOL! I sketch the idea to refine it, but then during the shoot I deviate a little to get some variety. But in post is where the image starts living its own life. My one exception to this method was my "Making Rabbit Hole" piece. That was totally random. Caroline: Is your brain doing flip-flops? HA! A lot of times when I ask these questions there is a long pause before the answer because these are things you just do, and don't think about putting into words. Sometimes the response is "I didn't know you would have me think this hard." Hahahah! Tatiana: Ha ha! Yes, it has been exactly like that! Caroline: I like how you put your creative thought process… "I carry it with me." I know exactly what you are talking about! So for you the planning is not something you sit down and "do"? It sounds like an “always evolving” method of creation. Like planning an image is always in the back of your mind? Tatiana: Exactly! Therefore I often have dazed look on my face. HA! Caroline: Well now that your "goals" are in black and white (dun-dunduuunnnn) we will check back with you in a year and see where your sails have taken you! When we see your "dazed look" we know you are planning your next voyage! I am SO looking forward to seeing your work and how your dreams grow over the next year! Tatiana: Caroline, I enjoyed this interview and your questions tremendously!


F.A.P. Spotlight for Inspiration: Tatiana K-I

December 30, 2013

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