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July 28 - August 1 2021

A Baby Doe & Otto Production

Aperi-Tiki Time!

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Welcome [back] to Tiki Oasis!

Have you missed Tiki Oasis? We’ve missed you! First off, we want to thank the entire Tiki community for your support and encouragement over the past year. As a family-run event, we were deeply impacted by the shut downs, but the strength and spirit of the community encouraged us to keep dreaming and planning for future endeavours. Even though we were unable to host inperson events in 2020, we are proud we received accolades for the dozens of virtual events we hosted, including educational seminars, DJ sets including that included DJs from around the world, presentations by cocktail mixologists, online Art Shows, dance parties, and even a costume contest! We are inspired by your positive feedback on the programming we created and are happy to report that we will continue presenting monthly virtual events with our Diversity & Inclusion Council. We look forward to continuing to build awareness and knowledge so that our Tiki Oasis Family will flourish for future Tiki fans to enjoy. This year, we successfully relaunched Arizona Tiki Oasis at the landmark Hotel Valley Ho with live entertainment, tropical cocktails, and sunshine, and a happy audience in April 2021.

Tiki Oasis is excited to be at the Town and Country Resort who have that has spent the last two years improving their offering with a multi-million dollar remodel. We love the new look that features contemporary Mid-Century style while retaining some of the classic buildings, palm trees, and the historic Tiki statue that once sat atop the poolside gazebo. The Town and Country is still owned by the family of the original owner, who also built the Hanalei Hotel. And, The Town and Country had the same architect, John Mock, as the Hanalei. We are happy to be at this historic site, celebrating 20 years of Tiki Oasis together, in person. It’s been a long journey from Palm Springs to the Hanalei and expanding to Scottsdale for Arizona Tiki Oasis.

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Town and Country Resort

By Martin Linsday

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Nearly two centuries later, the fertile San Diego River valley was home to barley farms, cattle ranches, and dairies. It was an agricultural oasis surrounded by the newly developed Mission Bay Aquatic Park to the west, San Diego Bay’s Shelter Island to the south, and master-planned communities Linda Vista and Clairemont to the north.

for a new 46-unit Ranch style resort he called Town and Country Motor Hotel. Unlike his competitors’ hotels in downtown San Diego, his new garden hotel was conveniently located at the cloverleaf of the Sixth Street extension and the new supermodern Highway 80 (now SR-63 and I-8). It had plenty of room for a restaurant, bar, pool, tennis, and shuffleboard courts. And expansion. Town and Country was the first hotel in Mission Valley, opening on December 25, 1953. It had all the amenities. Nearby were twenty miles of bridle trails and golfing and the Mission Valley Country Club. And the unique gimmick of “courtesy” coffeemakers in each room. What luxury!

Mission Valley was the perfect spot for post-war midcentury growth in San Diego, or thought entrepreneur Charles Harry Brown (1917-1966). So he bought 221 acres

Five years later, the city eased height and capacity restrictions within Mission Valley, and a building boom soon followed. Brown and a group of hoteliers named the area Hotel Circle.

he San Diego River valley, or Emat Kuseyaay, has been the home of the Kumeyaay people for millennia. Spanish explorers called it La Cañada de San Diego. We know it as Mission Valley, after Mission de Alcalá, established by the Franciscans in 1769.


San Diego had become the mainland’s answer to Hawaiian vacations with Polynesian-style resorts and restaurants on Shelter Island and Mission Bay. Brown loved Hawaii and actively planned hotels there, but focused on his properties in Hotel Circle. By 1961, he added 80 more rooms, a gas station, a coffee shop, event space, and the Tiki Hut meeting pavilion to the Town and Country. He’d go full-on Tiki with the Hanalei Hotel (designed by Hendrick and Mock) several years later. Over the years, the Tiki Hut was the venue for many meetings, fashion shows, and parties — including 1968’s Ho‘olaule‘a Polynesian Festival. The

octagonal, shake-shingle pavilion accommodated large luncheon meetings or could be opened up for art shows. Removable glass walls allowed for poolside parties. A large carving named “Riki Tiki” topped the pavilion (in the style of Dale McGowan’s Mainlander restaurant in St Louis). On special occasions, Tiki torch flames or fireworks were set off from his head. Unfortunately, Riki caught fire a couple of times even though he was protected from the heat


and flames by an angled sheet metal cap. San Diego Fire Department officials soon stopped that, and Riki Tiki was relocated to good ol’ terra firma. Town and Country Hotel, Hanalei Hotel, Mission Valley Inn, and Kings Inn were consolidated under Atlas Hotels, Inc. After Brown’s untimely death warming up on a tennis court in 1966 (he was only 49), his family continued managing the corporation. In 1968 construction began on Hendrick and Mock’s ten-story Royal Palm Tower. The load-bearing block building added more than 300 additional hotel units to the property. Also, a sixstory parking garage, a large capacity convention hall (Atlas Ballroom) with commissary, trade show areas, coffee shop remodel (Terrace Café), the gourmet supper club Palais 500 were added. Over the years, the Bella Tosca Spa, Crystal T’s Emporium, Le Baron Hotel, Jabberwocky nightclub, and other facilities were added to the resort. Today, the once ranch-style Town and Country Hotel continues on with a revitalized midcentury vibe. And although the old Tiki Hut has made way for a new pool area, you might just find Riki Tiki resting comfortably nearby...


Congratulations to the top finalists of the












Who will win Mx Tiki Oasis 2021? Find out on the Main Stage Thursday July 29 at 6:00 PM

Hosted by El Vez and Miss Tiki Oasis 2019 Phoenix A’Blaze

Musichem & May Alvino & The Dwells

The sound of Alvino and the Dwells is built around the guitar of David Fleminger, with brothers Tony and Didier Suarez on double-neck guitar/bass and drums respectively. Their setlist is a mix of “under the radar” instro 45 rpm madness and David’s compositions. Their high energy comes from their time in Southern California 80’s bands: David and Tony were in Manual Scan and The Answers, Didier drummed for Sub Society, and Furious IV. facebook.com/Surfdwells

Jason Hanna and The Swinging Bananas Jason Hanna gained a name for himself with The Bullfighters playing space age pop, exotica, bossa, blue beat, and jet set! Whether he is on vocals, leading his band with his trumpet or belting out a trumpet solo on one of his frequent guest appearances with other local bands, Jason Hanna is a mainstay on the San Diego jazz scene. His current combo, Jason Hanna & the Swinging Bananas wield a repertoire of 100 Jazz and American Pop standards ranging from Frank Sinatra’s Great American Songbook tunes to Bossa Nova. facebook.com/JasonHannaandTheBullfighters

Jimmy Psycho

Best known as the mind behind the “horror rawk” band Psycho Charger and “spooky sci-fi punk rock lounge band” The Jimmy Psycho Experience, Jimmy spent his youth on a steady diet of horror films, comic books, and old rock n roll while growing up in rural southwestern Ohio. He recalls plinking around on an old family banjo before he started school, then he received his first guitar and soon discovered Elvis, KISS, and punk rock. He started his first band when he was 12 years old and has been playing the “Devil’s Music” ever since. jimmypsycho.bandzoogle.com


Musichem & May King Kukulele King Kukulele is a comedian, actor, and ukuleleist with inexorable energy who has performed around the world, singing hapa haole and novelty songs at all kinds of shows from Hollywood movie premieres to Disneyland. kingkukulele.com

Kid Ramos & Johnny Ramos

Kid Ramos is an American blues-rock guitarist/singer/ songwriter. He has worked with James Harman, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Los Fabulocos. Kid will be joined on stage by his son Johnny Ramos whose band ‘Johnny & Jaalene’ earned critical acclaim in Europe and America for their self-titled debut album. They have shared the stage with the likes of Big Sandy and David Hidalgo. instagram.com/kidramosmusic www.johnnyramos.net

Los Pakalolos

Started in 2019, Los Pakalolos is a trio that blends Rockabilly and Punk, with a Surf-ish twist. Sometimes fast, sometimes melodic, always entertaining. Tiki Oasis fans might know them from their collaboration with ukulele playing crooner Ukulena. instagram.com/lospakalolos


Musichem & May MeduSirena - the Fire Eating Mermaid Swim shows, fire-eating, dancing on broken plates, and laying on a bed of nails are her forte. With beginnings at the Hawaiian Inn Daytona Beach and The Mai-Kai, her work has led to worldwide recognition – being one of the last models photographed by Bunny Yeager. When in Fort Lauderdale make sure to catch her underwater swim show at the legendary Wreck Bar at B Ocean Resort Fort (Formerly the Yankee Clipper hotel circa 1956). facebook.com/TheFireEatingMermaidMeduSirena

Motu Nehenehe Polynesian Dancers Motu Nehenehe means “Beautiful Islands” in Tahitian. This San Diego-based group provides Polynesian dance entertainment and classes in Tahitian, Hawaiian hula, Maori, and Samoan. motunehenehe.com

Par Avion

Par Avion takes California instrumental surf on an international flight, smuggling musical spices and influences as they please. If Bernard wants more twang and reverb to his garage riff in a dank Spanish bar, he’s on it. If Rebecca wants to thump disco bass lines under a spinning mirror ball in Brasil, she’s gone. Standby drummer’s ready with a cumbia rhythm for shaking and stirring on the beach. Feel free to move around! facebook.com/VivaParAvion


Ad ve n t u r e A r t

Handmade i n t h e U. S . A .

w w w. g r i d e r c o . e t s y. c o m

Musichem & May Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine with a rare appearance by Johnny Aloha

America’s loudest lounge singer, Richard Cheese performs swingin’ Vegas versions of rock and rap songs, “swankifying” popular Top 40 hits into retro vocal standards. Imagine Sinatra singing Radiohead, and you’ve got Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine. They have played hundreds of sellout concerts all over the world, from Las Vegas to London, from Portland to Portugal, from Honolulu to Hollywood. With his snappy jazz trio, his tiger-striped tuxedo, and his enormous microphone, lounge legend Richard Cheese presents the perfect mix of music, martini, and madcap. Viva Las Queso! richardcheese.com

Diversity & Inclusion at Tiki Oasis Tiki Oasis has long recognized the importance of engaging in intellectual and heartfelt discussion and taking action in regard to honoring marginalized communities. Together, with members of our community, we created a Diversity and Inclusion Council to advise Tiki Oasis LLC in the efforts to better allow all our attendees to feel valued, safe, and free to be their most authentic selves. The Tiki Oasis D&I Council is made up of a diverse group of Tiki community members who have spent this last year bringing to life online, and now, in-person experiences meant to build awareness, remove barriers, and encourage diversity of thought within the Tiki community. Please check out our YouTube channel, Tiki Oasis TV and catch up on all the great content we have done this last year or so... and please reach out if you would like to get involved (info@tikioasis.com) Mahalo, Tiki Oasis Diversity & Inclusion Council Alan Smart, Baby Doe, Burnie Gipson, Clarissa Bella Castaneda, David Yeh, Gregorio Pantoja, Jessabelle Thunder, Michael Uhlenkott, Miss Catwings, Nina Josephine, Phoenix A’Blaze, Ruby Joule, Samuel Miller, and Sheila Starr Siani Join our Conversation Saturday, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Palm Room 3

Musichem & May The Blue Hawaiians The Blue Hawaiians are back to celebrate Tiki Oasis 20 years of Fun in the Sun! The Blue Hawaiians are a surf rock group from Los Angeles that formed in 1994 to play at the opening of The Lava Lounge. They rose to fame soon thereafter due to the rise of one of their earliest fans, Quentin Tarantino, and an appearance on the soundtrack of the hit TV show Friends and the 1996 film Sex. The band also does music for the hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Amalgamated

The Amalgamated is a 10-member ensemble, formed in San Diego, that includes a full horn section, keys, and percussion. A traditional ska/jazz band with early ‘60s rocksteady and reggae influences, The Amalgamated is an incredible live band that makes everyone dance to up-tempo beats and gets the audience into a groove with light reggae textures. theamalgamated.com

The Hypnotiques The Hypnotiques consist of five members hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, across the land to a different sea, Manhattan Island, England, and of course, the 9th Island. Exotic magic brought these five creatures together to the City of Sin. This multi-talented lot mixes up a concoction of sounds with the ingredients of vintage Hawaiian, jazz, early Americana pop, surf, Tiki exotica, and a dash of hillbilly and bop. Their passion to share and preserve Mid-Century Americana music and culture will surely take you down some new and familiar roads with their own twists and shakes. thehypnotiques.com


stay spirited drink free TM

Lyre’s non-alcoholic amalfi spritz Find the World’s Most Awarded Non-Alcoholic Spirit at:


Musichem & May The Martini Kings

The Martini Kings, the leaders in lounge, return to Tiki Oasis with their intoxicating sounds. You’ve heard their music on hit shows like Entourage, Six Feet Under, and more. The Martini Kings vibraphonic sounds are synonymous with California cool. martinikings.com

The Nashville Ramblers

Formed in San Diego in 1985, the Nashville Ramblers are one of the most exciting live rock ‘n’ roll bands to ever hit the stage. Singer/guitarist Carl Rusk, bass player Tom Ward, and singer/drummer Ron Silva expertly channel the sound and spirit of the sixties greats like the Beatles, the Hollies, the Remains, and the Everly Brothers with heart-stopping harmonies and dance floor-filling energy. Rusk’s composition, “The Trains”, is regarded as one of the most transcendent pop songs of the era. facebook.com/thenashvilleramblers

The Red Fox Tails

The Red Fox Tails began in 2010 in Oceanside, CA, coastal ‘South-O’ precisely. Local guitarist Felipe Benavides and recently relocated New Orleans drummer Ron Bocian gathered and began writing and working on music with deep groove upright bassists (Jay Reilly, Doug Walker) and saxophonists (JP Balmat, Troy Jennings). The music reflects the surroundings of Southern California, surf, desert, Latin clave, cinematic improv, with a strong New Orleans rhythmic feel. www.theredfoxtails.com


Musichem & May The Rosalyns The Rosalyns—Birdy Bardot, Anja Stax, Lori Sokolowski, Amy Gore, Lety Beers—assembled eight years ago to pay tribute to the “girls in the garage” sound of the 1960s—trailblazing bands like the Pleasure Seekers, the Liverbirds, the Clingers, the Ace of Cups, and the Belles—young women who took up guitars, basses and drums to make some rock ‘n’ roll noise of their own in a field dominated by men. Their sensational debut album, Out of Reach, was released in 2019. facebook.com/TheRosalyns

Musichem & May The Smokin’ Menehunes

The Smokin’ Menehunes play the swinging style of old Hawaii. The trio consists of Palika Enos on ukulele, vocals, and talk story, Kevin Bullat on steel guitar, and Mr. Vigor on bass guitar and vocals. facebook.com/TheSmokinMenehunes

The Satin Dollz

The Satin Dollz entertain audiences with their tight vocal harmonies and showstopping tap dancing. Based in Hollywood, London, and Paris, the Dollz have performed on BBC Radio singing with the UK’s No 1 Swing Band, The Jive Aces, and at London’s world-renowned 100 Club. Jazz residencies have included Los Angeles’ famous Cicada Club with Dean Mora’s Swing Orchestra, the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, and the Jazz Cave in St. Julien’s Bay, Malta. thesatindollz.com

The Sound Reasons

Coming from all corners of Los Angeles County, The Sound Reasons was formed to raise from the dead a short, obscure musical period of lawlessness between 1965-67. They show the world that Rock ‘n’ Roll really is alive and well. For this band, the only thing that counts is getting it tight, out of sight, and nailing that elusive SOUND! facebook.com/soundreasonsLA


Musichem & May The Tourmaliners

The Tourmaliners (pronounced The Tur – Mo – Leen – ers) get their name from a special place in San Diego, California nestled between Windansea and Pacific Beach. “Tourmo,” as locals call it, hosts a surf culture that embodies the spirit of Aloha represented by Tourmaline surfing pioneers like Skip Frye and Larry Gordon. Since June 2018, they have performed a residency at the legendary dance spot Tio Leo’s Lounge in San Diego. The Tourmaliners aim is to provide listeners with a sonic tsunami that will send you Catching The Tourmaline Dream! facebook.com/TheTourmaliners

Thee Swank Bastards

Thee Swank Bastards are a surf band from Las Vegas whose fervent, insistent live sets can attract partygoers worth their weight in beer suds! The group has played venues ranging from small clubs to 2000seat venues, from bar mitzvahs and weddings to citywide car and biker rallies to headlining at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The band’s music is varied – the one thing that strings it together is an adherence to the surf tone. They manage to take the period fetishism of old-school surf music and distill it with a modern twist that makes them vital and contemporary. swankbastards.com


TIkiTronic is a two-man retro surf-lounge-tiki-Moog act reinventing 70s/80s classics, who are much loved in the SOCAL TIki scene! Their instruments consist of guitar, Moog, balafon, Simmons pads, ukelele, and theremin! facebook.com/tikitronic


Musichem & May Tikiyaki Orchestra

To begin to describe the sound of the Tikiyaki Orchestra, a good place to start would be to call them an “Instrumental Exotica” group. Exotica is the music of Tiki. Exotica is Tikiyaki’s “jumping off point”. From there it goes to many places. Add some twangy surf guitar, a healthy dose of Mancini-esque crime jazz, Some Ennio Morricone style spaghetti western flavor, a little 60’s sci-fi tv theme vibe, some groovy Bachelor Pad Lounge fun, some vintage Hawaiian overtones... and on it goes. Amazingly, it all blends together and works. A perfect cocktail, many-layers, many-flavors, and damn tasty! tikiyakiorchestra.com





Founder & CEO

KULEANARUM.fullpage.TO21_v1.indd 1


7/9/21 3:41 PM

Musichem & May Ukulele Hiro

Ukulele Hiro is a Los Angeles-based Japanese ukulele cover player, however, not a typical ukulele player; totally on the opposite side of Jake Shimabukuro! Ukelele Hiro has been playing around California, Arizona, Nevada, and Japan, sharing the stage with great bands such as TSOL, Guttermouth, Nekromantix, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Vandals, Dwarves, Queers, Whitekaps, Death March, Left Alone, and more. ukulelehiro.bandcamp.com

Ursula 1000 Alex Gimeno, aka Ursula 1000, is a stylish American producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ who creates sampledelic easy listening breakbeat tracks in a style similar to continental popsters from Pizzicato Five to Dimitri from Paris. ursula1000.com


e u q s e Burl ncers Da IfnWhendy and Scott Levkoff Ifn Whendy is a burlesque performer, emcee, professional glam-trash loudmouth, and member of The Devil-Ettes (Code Name: The Wild One). She’s been strutting across stages, with varying degrees of security being called, since 2009. Scott Levkoff aka ‘Mr.NOBODY’ is an emcee, Professional Costumed Irritainer, event producer, creative community builder, puppeteer, and inventor of PEEPSHOW MINIGOLF! He is also an enthusiast of Polynesian Pop, carny, kitsch, Low-Brow, weirdo, and Outsider Art and Culture. President- IFN WHENDY FAN CLUB. midwayville.com • instagram.com/IfnWhendy

Amber Ray

Amber Ray is an NYC-based vivacious classic burlesque vixen with an international burlesque career spanning two decades. She is best known for her power-packed performances and lush costumes, all delivered with a strut, a smile, winks from her eyes and pops from other unsuspecting places. Amber has ardently performed numerous times at Tiki Oasis and can be found the rest of the weekend selling her sparkling garden of flower hair clips in vending and adding her colorful vibes to the fun. instagram.com/Amberraycabaret



Blaze is the fiery redhead from Dallas known as “The Red Rose of Texas”! An international award-winning performer and costume designer, she’s garnered accolades such as “Most Classic”, “Biggest Tease”, and several crowns including 2014’s Evil Queen of Burlesque. She is the seamstress behind the dazzling costumes of www.RedRoseRegalia.com. A proud US Army Military Police Veteran, she has long been a fan of pin-up history and is now an accomplished model with her photographs on the covers and pages of Bachelor Pad, Pin Curl Magazine, Delicious Dolls, and more. instagram.com/blazeburlesque

e u q s e Burl ncers Da Cabernet Dance Company

The Cabernet Dance Company is a retro-inspired dance troupe with backgrounds ranging from Sixties Go-Go, Bellydance, Burlesque, Tahitian, Fusion, Cabaret, and traditional dance styles. They are your ultimate Las Vegas-themed party showgirls. instagram.com/cabernetdance

Bunny Pistol

This International Burlesque Star has been a headliner and feature performer in major shows such as The London Burlesque Festival, Paris Burlesque Festival, and The Burlesque Hall of Fame. Her first big show was competing as a finalist for the Miss Viva Las Vegas Competition in 2008. In 2013 she won the title of “Most Classic” in the Oregon Burlesque Festival. She was the featured headlining performer for the Hawaii Burlesque Festival in 2018 and is a long-standing cast member of Hubba Hubba Revue, VLV’s Burlesque Bingo, and The Tiki Oasis Burlesque Showcase. bunnypistol.com

Di’ Lovely Di’ Lovely grew up as a Polynesian dancer, performing at the Bali Hai Restaurant, and continues to perform at the competitive level. Di’ Lovely has been teaching dance for over 20 years and is a sought-after artist, teaching across North America to as far as the Philippines and Australia! www.missdilovely.com instagram.com/missdilovely


e u q s e Burl ncers Da Egypt Blaque Knyle The Goddess of Burlesque, Egypt Blaque Knyle is “The Golden Goddess of Body, Beauty, and Sex”. This jet-setting, internationally award-winning performer holds the most burlesque titles in history with over 45 under her shimmy belt. This Golden State babe is based out of Los Angeles and took the world by storm after graduating from Lili VonSchtupp’s School for Wayward Girls in 2012. Having appeared on 21st Century Burlesque’s Top 50 list since 2014, Egypt continues to reign as one of the most influential stars of the neo-burlesque revival. egyptblaqueknyle.com

Holly Dai

Holly Dai is the epitome of a fully packed internationally awarded showgirl and pinup. From creating essential costume pieces to producing festivals and local shows, this rosé haired beauty channels vintage vibes, and tiki spirit. A sparkling confection plucked from the rainy city of Portland Oregon, Holly is the headmistress of the All that Glitters Burlesque Academy and a producer of the Oregon Burlesque Festival. She is also a published pinup and has been pictured in magazines such as Bachelor Pad and The Night Owl. hollydai.com

Jessabelle Thunder


Jessabelle Thunder captivates audiences with her moves and the joy and passion that radiates from her as she glides across the stage. In 2018, Jessabelle won 1st runner-up, Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. Recently, she was voted number 8 in the Top 10 most influential burlesque performers of 2020 by 21st Century Burlesque. A festival headliner, her other accolades include performing with Miss Dita Von Teese as part of her Strip Strip Hooray show and being a cast member of Tease if You Please! jessabellethunder.com

e u q s e Burl ncers Da Jolie Goodnight

Jolie Goodnight is an international award-winning jazz singer and singing striptease pioneer who released her debut album Say Goodnight Gracey to critical acclaim! She was awarded Miss Tiki Oasis 2015 and is the winner of “Audience Choice” and “Best Tease” at the Texas Burlesque Festival as well as Runner Up Miss Viva Las Vegas. A member of the award-winning Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue in Austin, Texas, MOJO Magazine hails her as the “ voice that could melt a stone heart.” instagram.com/joliegoodnight


Phoenix A’Blaze Miss Tiki Oasis 2019 @phxblaze

Thank you for being an amazing Glambassador!

Photo: Vixen Photography

e u q s e Burl ncers Da Layna D’Luna

Layna D’Luna is an international award-winning burlesque, sideshow, & go-go performer. This seductive tease from the South Seas has been training in various forms of dance for the past 16 years. She has headlined a variety of shows and festivals from coast to coast and is a member of the world-famous Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue. instagram.com/cabernetdance




WED-SAT 12-6 PM, SUN 12-5


DIAL “G” FOR GLAMOUR TEL: 619-795-7169


Instagram: thegirlcanthelpitvintage & cavemanteeks_vintage INFO@THEGIRLCANTHELPIT.COM


Lola Demure

Lola Demure began her ballet training at the age of 4. She attended summer programs on full scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet Pacifica, and the Rock School of Ballet. Lola later went on to dance with Pennsylvania Ballet in Philadelphia and California Ballet Company in San Diego. In 2009, Lola Demure traded in her tutu for tassels. Known as the “Prima Ballerina of Burlesque”, Lola’s fusion of ballet and striptease make her acts unique. Lola has been on faculty with Flaunt Dance Studio and holds a Burlesque and Variety Show residency at the House of Blues SD. facebook.com/LolaDemure

e u q s e Burl ncers Da Moxie Gold

Moxie Gold is a burlesque artist and is the founding member and director of the award-winning Atomic Cherry Bombs chorus girl group. Moxie, under her real name Nikki Marvin, is a world-famous Lindy Hop Swing dancing champion, performer, competitor, and instructor who teaches all over the world. She has been a featured performer on Dancing with the Stars, Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia, and countless music videos with Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Capital Cities, Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Matthew Morrison (Glee), and more! facebook.com/MoxieGold

Phoenix A’Blaze

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ to immigrant parents from Vietnam and Indonesia, this Asian bombshell is a cultural hybrid. Since 2013, Phoenix has been seducing audiences with her captivating burlesque performances throughout the United States. Phoenix has over 30 years of dance experience, including training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance. Known for her passionate artistry in dance and costume design, each performance is a one-of-a-kind visual feast! instagram.com/phxablaze

Ruby Champagne The Mexican Spitfire of Burlesque! Ruby Champagne has performed and headlined various festivals and competitions worldwide. She was nominated No. 25 in Burlesque Industry’s Most Influential Performers of 2020. An awardwinning performer, her titles include “Miss Viva Las Vegas 10”, “Best Soloist A-BurlyQ 12”, and “Queen San Antonio Burlesque Festival 14”. She was also crowned “Miss Tiki Oasis 2018”. The Pocket Princess Pinup has been featured in many publications and has graced magazine covers. Enjoy her celebrated Friday Dance Party on Instagram: @rubychampagne. rubychampagne.com


e u q s e Burl ncers Da Something Blue

Something Blue is a member of the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue from Austin, TX, and has been a burlesque entertainer since 2012. In 2019, Blue won the title of “Metalesque God” from the Texas Metal Burlesque and Variety Festival. In addition to burlesque, she also plays the voice of the Chief Stewardess aboard WJST Jet Set Radio and can be seen haunting the natural springs of central Texas and beyond as the Moontower Mermaid. somethingblueburlesque.com

Ruby Joule

Miss Ruby Joule is an international burlesque sensation and a star of stage and screen. 21st Century Burlesque magazine in London named her “the poised porcelain princess of tease,” and Clutter Magazine simply calls her “damn hot!” A threetime Burlesque Hall of Fame award-winner and “Miss Tiki Oasis 2014”, she’s performed across the world from Australia to Europe and back. A founding member and Producer of The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue in Austin, Texas, she’s “the gem you’d love to polish!” rubyjoule.com

Tana the Tattooed Lady

Tana the Tattooed Lady is the “Pin-Up of the Year 2010,” chosen “Miss Tiki Oasis 2013”, winner of “Tattooed Entertainer of the Year” “Hottest Body in Burlesque 2013,” and the “Turkkusex Finland Strip-Search.” She is the creator of the Oregon Burlesque Fest & NW Vaudeville Festival and has been featured in Inked Magazine, Pin Curl Magazine, MTV’s Made. Tana has been performing at Tiki Oasis since 2007! instagram.com/tanathetattooedladyburlesque


Disc ys Jocke Becky Ebenkamp

Becky Ebenkamp is an L.A. based writer and music fiend who is extremely happy to be at Tiki Oasis this year. She’d love for you to check out one of her radio shows: Bubblegum OD on WFMU’s RocknSoul stream (every Sunday at 4 p.m. pdt/7 p.m. edt) and Bubblegum & Other Delights on Dublab.com. (every fourth Sunday, 6 p.m.) Please swing by and say “Hi.” instagram.com/bubblegum_od

Brother Cleve

Brother Cleve spent decades touring with bands, DJing, and making cocktails. In the ‘90s, he performed with lounge music pioneers, Combustible Edison. He is currently based in Boston and is the Beverage Director at two locations of ParisSeaport, and is also the Beverage Director at a forthcoming new bar in New York City. Cleve is happy to be back traveling to Tiki and cocktail events far and wide! instagram.com/brothercleve

CK Smart

CK Smart has been DJing in the Bay Area since his first radio show on KALX in 1986. He worked at Live 105 in the late 1980s and DJed countless SF bars and nightclubs in the 1990s. He was US Editor of Straight No Chaser Magazine for 14 years and wrote about music for URB, Klub, Vice, SLAP, Paper, and CMJ. He’s DJed with The Roots, Money Mark, Tommy Guerrero, Biz Markie, Gilles Peterson, and members of Massive Attack. Recently, he has DJed with Otto Von Stroheim at The Forbidden Island Tiki lounge in Alameda, California. instagram.com/cksmart5


Disc ys Jocke DJ Nuria

DJ Nuria comes from Spain, where she was completely immersed in a thriving music scene. She DJed nights in Malasaña, Madrid and worked by day for independent labels like Munster Records. She now lives in LA where she frantically listens to and collects vinyl, digging the obscure and lesser-known tunes as much as the indispensable classics. She’s made guest appearances at Chit Chat Club, Hollywood Fish Fry, Joe’s, El Paradiso, The R Bar, the iconic Cliftons, and the infamous Panther Club amongst others, but Tiki Oasis is her favorite! facebook.com/Swampfire.room

DJ Xerox

Evan Tritt/DJ Xerox is the curator/host of the long running Copycat Cover Song Night in NYC, which he brought to Forbidden Island in Alameda and Golden Tiki in Las Vegas on previous tours. He also runs the occasional Like Wow, Man! Beatnik party at NY’s Otto’s Shrunken Head. Along With Ursula 1000, he spins the Retro-Future Spy/Surf/Mod party Turtleneck at Beauty Bar NYC. He also runs the roadside travel site Trashytravel.com. Details of all his NY Parties can be found at Copycatnyc.com Copycatnyc.com

Domenic Priore

Domenic Priore is co-author of Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Boom, wrote Riot on Sunset Strip: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Last Stand in Hollywood, and liner notes to The Beach Boys’ Smile Sessions box set. He’s spent 40 years digging through video and film archives to uncover bitchen’ things from the past, hosting screenings at The American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theater in Hollywood and The IFC Center in New York. facebook.com/domenic.priore


Disc ys Jocke Eric Musick Veteran DJ and music connoisseur, Eric Musick, spins ‘mood’ music. Give him a theme, a location, or a ‘mood’ you’re trying to convey and Eric will bring it to life; guaranteed to keep your feet a-tappin’ and your rump a shakin’. Eric Musick, aka Mr. Soul Satisfaction, is well versed in lounge, soul, Latin boogaloo, reggae, jazz, and beyond. ritualofthesavage.com


Neil Pacheco has been in the Tiki community for well over 10 years. Tiki is pretty much in every thought of his daily life. He has worked at Forbidden Island, and is part of the Oakhana crew at Kon-Tiki, Oakland. He has DJed at every popular Tiki Bar in the Bay Area and has amassed a large collection of top notch music, on the 45 format. instagram.com/Djhitone45

Howie Pyro

Howie Pyro spins primitive ‘50s & ‘60s rhythms from 45’s from the deep underbelly of the original rock ‘n’ roll era and has been collecting records since his parents started taking him to garage sales as a kid. He is a well known musician and Disc Jockey, and has deejayed for everyone from The Cramps to Christina Aguilera, the premiere party for Mad Men, and the annual Johnny Ramone/Ramones event at Hollywood Forever. Pyro taps into his 30,000+ strong collection of odd records every week on Intoxica on Luxuriamusic.com instagram.com/howiepyro


Disc ys Jocke Lee Joseph

Lee Joseph has been DJing for over 20 years and has been a part of Tiki Oasis since its beginning! He’s a life-long record collector who took his passion and started Dionysus Records in 1983. He is also a musician, performing on bass with Jesika von Rabbit. Lee works as an event publicist and helps manage The Hoodoo, a record shop in Yucca Valley. Tune in to his Over Under Sideways Down show on LuxuriaMusic.com, every Wednesday from 5-7 PM Pacific! He is also one-half of the Desert Soul Club Palm Springs team. Lee resides in Joshua Tree, CA. dionysusrecords.com

Lili Bird and Lono Calls

Lili Bird and Lono Calls specialize in 1910-1970 Polynesian and Latin records, and are resident DJs at the Bamboo Club (LBC) as well as Tiki Trails. Lono Calls explores his Hawaiian background through vintage Polynesian music and hosts a weekly radio show, Lono Calls, on Long Beach Public Radio 99.1 FM KLBP.org. instagram.com/Djhitone45

Mike & Anja Stax Anya and Mike Stax spin the utmost in ‘60s garage, freakbeat, and psych 45s. The two are in the band The Loons and Mike has run the long-lived and much-loved magazine, Ugly Things, which presents enthusiastic and in-depth articles about “wild sounds from past dimensions”. instagram.com/howiepyro


Disc ys Jocke Nick Feratu

Nick Feratu is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, vinyl DJ, rockabilly enthusiast, record collector, and comic book nerd. He has dedicated his life to studying music history and learning everything about the inner workings of the music business. He started his band, the Limit Club, in 2005 to see where the road could take him. Since then they’ve played nearly 500 shows, released four full length albums and one EP, touring the USA eight times, and Europe twice. facebook.com/NickFeratu

Disc ys Jocke

Paul Cinnamon


After being shipwrecked the last year, marooned in the paradise of the sandwich isles, Paul Cinnamon returns to zest up the wax platter spinning tables with more hits from the jungle hop. Still spinning clompers clunkers and clackers and punches packed in the sets like firecrackers, you’ll swing from the trees and run for your life when the sounds of jungle rock knock you out! instagram.com/djpaulcinnamon

R u m . P e o p l e . Envir o n m e n t. Special Guests of WFMU’s “Sheena’s Jungle Room”

DJ Shangri-La serves as Hostess of the weekly program Maraschino Melodrama on the WFMU alt-stream channel Sheena’s Jungle Room. She also regularly DJs at punk rock tiki bar, Otto’s Shrunken Head, located in NYC. Don Bolles (aka Kitten Sparkles) & Noah “King of Glam” Wallace, of the Velvet Tinmine club night and the Wired Up! show on WFMU. Greg “Spacebrother” Bishop, host of the show Stop Hitting Yourself on WFMU. Mr. Fab, formerly of such illicit affairs as the soundcollage project RIAA, and the Music For Maniacs blog. wfmu.org/sheena

Disc ys Jocke Rubberband Girl

Rubberband Girl has been a celebrated DJ in the Bay Area for over a decade, best known for her eclectic and engaging KALX Berkeley radio show and more recently for her monthly gig, Provocative Percussion, at the world-famous Forbidden Island tiki bar in Alameda. Rubberband Girl’s “bachelorette pad” vibe is sassy and unique, mixing lounge, easy listening, jazz, exotica, space-age pop, go-go and more with humor, heart and style. facebook.com/lachicaelastica

Señor Amor

When Señor Amor was 8 years old he inherited the record collection of Shriners Local 57 consisting of rare exotica and Latin music. Within months, using this new collection, he began DJing elementary school dances throughout the Central and Northern edges of the San Fernando Valley. Later he became the co-host of The Molotov Cocktail Hour on KXLU, a position he holds to this day. Señor loves to spin Latin jazz, boogaloo, 60’s garage, au go-go, funk, soul, and international covers of American and English songs. instagram.com/thesenoramor

Shanty Tramp

DJ Shanty Tramp is a record collector, owner of Radiocore.org internet Radio, and one of four Podcast hosts for Digsville Podcast on Spotify. He resides in Los Angeles, California. facebook.com/radiocore.org


Disc ys Jocke Tony the Tyger

Tony the Tyger is a born and raised local from Oceanside. Ca and has been collecting 45s for over thirty years. He put out a series of 60’s garage compilations titled Fuzz Flaykes and Shakes for Dionysus Records. He co-hosted two popular clubs in Los Angeles: Satisfaction and Haunted House A-Go-Go, both featured live bands, burlesque, and DJs! Over the past 20 years, he has DJed all over the US and Europe at clubs and festivals. He brings go-go garage, soul, and beat 45s to keep the dance floor movin’. facebook.com/tonythetyger

e l u d Sche esday Wedn

TIME 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM



Registration, Pick up Pre-Ordered Buffet Tickets and Will Call

Town and Country Foyer

Tiki Oasis 2021 Meet ‘n Mingle

Emcee: King Kukulele Disc Jockeys: DJ Otto and Lee Joseph Sponsored by Cutwater Spirits 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tiki Oasis 12th Annual Art Opening featuring Tikitronic

Town and Country Foyer

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Early Entry and Buffet Dinner

Pacific Ballroom

7:30 PM

The Red Fox Tails

Pacific Ballroom

8:30 PM & 10:00 PM

The Hypnotiques

Pacific Ballroom

e l u d Sche ursday Th





10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Uke Jam with King Kukulele

Pacific Ballroom

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tiki Oasis 12th Annual Art Show All original artwork is for sale… Open to the public!

Town and Country Foyer

10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Registration and Will Call

Town and Country Foyer

10:00 AM

Disc Jockey: Paul Cinnamon


11:00 AM – Noon

Home on the Ranch: The Mid-Century History of Hotel Circle with Martin S. Lindsay Sponsored by Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Town and Country Ballroom B

Noon - 2:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Shanty Tramp


12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Tropical Flower Arrangements with Atalanta Jackson

Palm Room 3

1:00 PM

Mx Tiki Oasis 2021 Poolside Strut – Meet all the finalists!


e l u d e Sch hursday T




1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Esquivel! – The Man Behind The Exclamation Point with Brother Cleve Sponsored by Cutwater Spirits

Town and Country Ballroom C

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Tropical Tasting #1 (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Anchor Brewing, Kuleana Rum Works, Fruit Smash, Copalli Rum, Kupu Spirits and Diplomatico Rum

Town and Country Ballroom A

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Live Music: Los Pakalolos


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Leeteg: Babes, Bars, Beaches, and Black Velvet Art with CJ Cook Sponsored by Zaya Rum

Town and Country Ballroom B

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Cocktails with Tiki Oasis - Deluxe Resort Passholders only (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Deadhead Rum, Cutwater Spirits, Gruppo Montenegro, Licor 43, Tanduay Rum and Better Rhodes with Cocktails Created by mixologists from Zombie Village, Hidden Harbor, The Grass Skirt, UnderTow, Tonga Hut, Waikiki Tiki Room and Better Rhodes

Pacific Ballroom

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Disc Jockey: DJ Xerox


4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Swizzle Swap! (Free Event)

Palm Room 3

4:00 PM – 5:30PM

Tropical Tasting #2 (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Anchor Brewing, Kuleana Rum Works, Fruit Smash, Copalli Rum, Kupu Spirits and Diplomatico Rum

Town and Country Ballroom A

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Tastings on the Patio Hosted by our Suite Sponsors

Palm Tower Suites


Location: Main Stage at the Martini Lawn Emcee: King Kukulele 5:00 PM

Martini Kings

6:00 PM

Mx Tiki Oasis Contest hosted by El Vez and Miss Tiki Oasis 2019 Phoenix A’Blaze

7:00 PM

Motu Nehenehe Polynesian Dancers

8:00 PM

Tikiyaki Orchestra

9:00 PM

The Blue Hawaiians


Official Suite Soirees Hosted by: Bamboo Club, Cutwater Spirits, Deadhead Rum, Don Papa, Licor 43, Liquid Alchemist, Maui Brewing Co., Montenegro, Pusser’s Rum, Select Aperitivo and Stone Brewing!

Palm Tower Suites

10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Dance Party Featuring DJ Ursula 1000 spinning All Night Long Hosted by WFMU’s “Sheena’s Jungle Room”

Pacific Ballroom

10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Disc Jockey: Mike & Anja Stax

Lapper Bar


e l u d Sche Friday TIME




9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Caftans and Coffee hosted by Aloha Caftan Society Sponsored by Cutwater Spirits

Pacific Ballroom

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Dennyland: King Kukulele’s Keys to the Kingdom

Town and Country Ballroom B

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Disc Jockey: CK Smart


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Menehune Floats with Shona Mitchell

Palm Room 3

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tiki Oasis 12th Annual Art Show All original artwork is for sale… Open to the public!

Town and Country Foyer

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Registration and Will Call

Town and Country Foyer

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The Glamourous Age of Travel Style with Dave Temple Sponsored by Lyre’s

Town and Country Ballroom D

11:00 AM

7th Annual Cabana Crew Strut

Town and Country Foyer

11:00 AM - Noon

Tropirobics! with MeduSirena the Fire Eating Mermaid

Pacific Ballroom

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Live Music: Smokin’ Menehunes


Noon - 1:30 PM

History of Filipino Bartenders with Adrian Eustaquio (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Tanduay Rum and Don Papa

Town and Country Ballroom C

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Disc Jockeys: Lili Bird and Lono Calls


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Tropical Tasting #3 (21+ Event) Town and Country Ballroom A Co-Sponsored by Cutwater Spirits, Sapporo Beer, Zaya Rum, Kleos Mastiha Spirits, Licor 43, Seven Caves Spirits and Lyre’s

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

The Aloha Coat, A History of Sandwich Isles Sportswear with Ken Watson Sponsored by Stone Brewing

Town and Country Ballroom D

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Frame Your Swizzles! with Nicole Pacheco

Palm Room 3

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Tiki Femme: The Badass Women of Tiki with Erin Behrenhausen Sponsored by Deadhead Rum with Cocktails Created by The Mermaid

Town and Country Ballroom B

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Live Music: Smokin’ Menehunes


3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Erik Musick


3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Marketplace Preview and 11th Annual Sip ‘n Shop (3:00 PM to 5:00 PM) Must have event Ticket for Entry. Featuring; Diplomatico Rum, Fruit Smash, Kuleana Rum Works, Sapporo Beer and Tanduay Rum with Cocktails Created by Pagan Idol and Bamboo Club

Golden State Ballroom

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Amaro au Tropical with Adam Rains (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Montenegro Amaro and Kupu Spirits Island Amaro

Town and Country Ballroom C

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Tropical Tasting #4 (21+ Event) Town and Country Ballroom A Co-Sponsored by Cutwater Spirits, Sapporo Beer, Zaya Rum, Kleos Mastiha Spirits, Licor 43, Seven Caves Spirits and Lyre’s

e l u d e Sch Friday TIME




Location: Main Stage at the Martini Lawn Emcee: King Kukulele 5:30 PM

Jimmy Psycho

6:45 PM

Thee Swank Bastards

8:00 PM

The Satin Dollz

8:30 PM

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine with special rare appearance by Johnny Aloha!


Official Suite Soirees Hosted by: Cutwater Spirits, Deadhead Rum, Don Papa, Licor 43 and Bamboo Club, Pusser’s Rum and Liquid Alchemist, Maui Brewing Co. and Kupu Spirits, Montenegro Amaro and Select Apertivo, and Stone Brewing!

Palm Tower Suites

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Disc Jockey: Nuria

Lapper Bar

10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Featuring DJ Howie Pyro Spinning All Night Long!

Pacific Ballroom


Midnight Burlesque Show hosted by IfnWendy & Mr. Nobody Starring: Jessabelle Thunder, Jolie Goodnight, Di’Lovely, Ruby Champange, Blaze, Cabernet Dance Company, Layna D’Luna, Something Blue, Holly Dai Sponsored by Gruppo Montenegro

Pacific Ballroom


e l u d Sche turday Sa





8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Hangover Yoga with El Vez

Pacific Ballroom

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Trader Vic’s World of Tiki with Sven Kirsten and Guest Eve Bergeron Sponsored by Licor 43

Town and Country Ballroom C

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Ukulele Strum and Sing with Steve Conrad & Juliet Frew

Pacific Ballroom

9:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Disc Jockey: Domenic Priore


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tiki Oasis 12th Annual Art Show All original artwork is for sale… Open to the public!

Town and Country Foyer

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Marketplace – Vendors selling their wares!

Golden State Ballroom

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Registration & Tiki Mug Pick-Up

Town and Country Foyer

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

The Jungle Cruise: The Wild History of Walt’s Favorite Ride with Dr. Skipper Sponsored by Anchor Brewing Co.

Town and Country Ballroom B

11:15 AM - Noon

Live Music: The Tourmaliners


11:30 - 12:30 PM

Diversity and Inclusion Conversation hosted by Tiki Oasis D&I Council. ASL Interpreter provided

Palm Room 3

Noon - 1:00 PM

From Swing to the Shag! Popular dances from the past! with Steve Conrad & Juliet Frew

Pacific Ballroom

Noon - 2:00 PM

Saturday Sip ‘n Shop with Mocktails Created by Better Rhodes and Lyre’s

Golden State Ballroom

Noon - 2:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Señor Amor


12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Miserlou – How the Music of Greek criminals in Turkey created Surf Music with Brother Cleve (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Kleos Mastiha Spirits, Cutwater Spirits and Tanduay Rum

Town and Country Ballroom C

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Aloha Caftan Society Stroll

Town and Country Foyer

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Marvelous and Melanated Presents: A POC Meet-Up

Palm Room 3

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Tropical Tasting #5 (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Tanduay Rum, Alma de Agave, Plantation Rum, Bently Heritage, Don Papa, Pusser’s Rum and Liquid Alchemist, and Kona Bar Chocolates

Town and Country Ballroom A

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Live Music: Alvino and the Dwells


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Tiki Oasis Book Signing

Golden State Ballroom

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Mocktails & Garnishes with Nikki Popkow Co-Sponsored by Better Rhodes, Lyre’s and Cocktail Garnish Co.

Town and Country Ballroom B

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Hula Dance with Di’Lovely

Pacific Ballroom

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Explore the world of Alfred Shaheen with Brenda Houston and Special Guest Co-Sponsored by Licor 43 and Don Papa

Town and Country Ballroom D

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Howie Pyro


e l u d e Sch aturday S




4:00 PM

Animal Print Meet Up. Dress in your Animal Print Best, Meet at King Kong for Photo Opp and Parade to Palm Tower Suite Tastings. Sponsored by Deadhead Rum

Pacific Ballroom Foyer

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tiki Oasis Book Club: “Moloka’i” by Alan Brennert with Karen Finlay Sponsored by Fruit Smash

Palm Room 3

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Aloha From the Hawaiian Village: A Tribute to Harry Yee presented by the Harry Yee Collective (21+ Event) Sponsored by Don Q Rum

Town and Country Ballroom C

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Tropical Tasting #6 (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Tanduay Rum, Alma de Agave, Plantation Rum, Bently Heritage, Don Papa, Pusser’s Rum and Liquid Alchemist, and Kona Bar Chocolates

Town and Country Ballroom A

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Tastings on the Patio provided by our Suite Sponsors featuring ‘Cocktails & Cupcakes’ with Deadhead Rum and 10 Year Anniversary Rum Tasting

Palm Tower Suites

5:00 PM

LGBTiki Meet-Up

Palm Tower


Location: Main Stage at the Martini Lawn Emcee: King Kukulele 5:00 PM

Ukulele Hiro

5:15 PM

Par Avion

6:00 PM

Costume Contest – kids, couples/groups, solo adults {be side stage by 5:50pm!}

6:45 PM

Kid Ramos & Johnny Ramos

8:00 PM

Jason Hanna and The Swinging Bananas

9:00 PM

The Amalgamated


Official Suite Soirees Hosted by: Cutwater Spirits, Deadhead Rum, Don Papa, Licor 43 and Bamboo Club, Pusser’s Rum and Liquid Alchemist, Maui Brewing Co. and Kupu Spirits, Montenegro Amaro and Select Apertivo, and Stone Brewing!

Palm Tower Suites

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Disc Jockey: Rubberband Girl

Lapper Bar

10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Velvet Gazette Release Party Featuring Disc Jockey Brother Cleve spinning all night long!

Pacific Ballroom


Midnight Burlesque Show hosted by MeduSirena Starring: Amber Ray, Tana the Tattooed Lady, Eqypt Blaque Knyle, Ruby Joule, Phoenix A’Blaze, Bunny Pistol, Lola Demure, Moxie Gold

Pacific Ballroom


e l u d Sche unday S




9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Tiki Tot Tour with King Kukulele

Hotel Lobby

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Californialand with Charles Phoenix Sponsored by Licor 43 with Cocktail Created by Daniel “Doc” Parks, Pagan Idol

Pacific Ballroom

10:00 AM - Noon

Disc Jockey: Nick Feratu


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tiki Oasis 12th Annual Art Show All original artwork is for sale… Open to the public!

Town and Country Foyer

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Marketplace – Vendors selling their wares!

Golden State Ballroom

11:00 AM

Suite Salon Trophies


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Pajamas and Conversation with El Vez Sponsored by Licor 43

Town and Country Ballroom C

11:30 AM

Pooch Parade

Town and Country Foyer

Noon - 1:00 PM

Hawaiian and Maori Cultures in Film with Clarissa Bella Castaneda. ASL Interpreter provided Sponsored by Copalli Rum

Town and Country Ballroom B

Noon - 2:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Hi-Tone


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Art of Vic Bergeron with Eve Bergeron Sponsored by Trader Vic’s

Town and Country Ballroom C

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Live Music: Par Avion


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

7th Annual San Diego Bartender Battle (21+ Event) Co-Sponsored by Don Papa, Copalli Rum and Reàl Ingredients

Town and Country Ballroom A

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Disc Jockey: Becky Ebenkamp



Location: Pacific Ballroom Emcee: Mike Stax from Ugly Things Magazine


5:00 PM

Registration and Final Tiki Mug Pick-Up

6:00 PM

Doors Open, Disc Jockey Tony the Tyger

7:00 PM

Sound Reasons

8:00 PM

The Rosalyns

9:00 PM

The Nashville Ramblers






Rooms 1000 - 1933












3 4 5














GOLDEN STATE BALLROOM Home of the Largest Tiki Marketplace on planet earth









FLOOR 1 - 10















UPPER 3542-3546 LOWER 3501-3505




REGENCY TOWER Rooms 2100-2831

MARCO POLO Rooms 3501-3580


HAPPY CAMPER ROOMS Rooms 3400-3462


HAPPY CAMPER ROOMS Rooms 3735-3789


r o d n Ve arketplace M


A Classic Paradise

Retro tropical clothing for men and women.

Ceramics by Carol

Original ceramic handmade Tiki mugs.

AbiNormal Tikis

One of a kind and limited edition ceramics.

Clever Vintage Clothing

The best in classic vintage clothing and Aloha wear.

All the Shiny Things

Biggest selection of vintage costume jewelry - brooches galore!

Cobain of Tikiland Events

Original beachcomber and Tiki decor for parties and movie sets,

Cocktail Garnish Co.

The leader in dehydrated cocktail fruit for bars, restaurants, and home.

Conrad Young Tin-Type Photography

A vintage one-of-a-kind heirloom made of silver and light which will last forever.


Authentic Hawaiian and Polynesian antiques and collectibles.

Culture Cove Gallery

Purveyors of custom glassware, apparel, and merchandise including Tiki Oasis T-Shirts and posters

Amber Ray Accoutrements

Magical sparkles for people of all kinds.

Art of Doug Horne

Original art, limited edition prints, mugs, pins, canvas prints.


Prints, pins, mugs, glasses, stickers, apparel, and more!

Bali Mantra

Exotic handmade jewelry and tropical clothing.

Bamboo Club

Apparel, bar ware + miscellaneous merchandise from Long Beach’s swankiest tropical bar.

Biggs Tiki

Tiki mugs, art and oddities.

Desire Magneto Designs

Kustom made accouterments to accentuate your pulchritude.

BigToe Art

Original Tiki and Kustom art and prints, Tiki mugs, and barware.

Devon Devereaux Art

Creepy Tiki - fine art, glassware, mugs, cabanas sets, cocktail dresses.

Bodo and Bengaloh Tiki Traders

Creative and exotic goodies for the discerning collector.

Dionysus Records

Dionysus Releases, Tiki Oasis merchandise, 45s, CDs, Exotica LPs.


Original mugs, pendants, and artwork.

Double Trouble Apparel


Mid-Century inspired artwork and jewelry.

Women's apparel designed in California, inspired by all things Tiki, retro, and pinup!

Brenda Houston

Debut of the Alfred Shaheen wallcoverings!

Dr Skipper

Disney & Tiki inspired art from all around the rivers of adventure.

Carrie Anne Hudson Art

HallowTiki™ art prints, originals, enamel pins, and more.

Eric October

Hand-built ceramics, paintings, drawings, paper sculpts, pendants, and much more.

Catnip Vintage

Top-quality vintage clothing, vintage Hawaiian clothing, and COOL vintage inspired clothing

Fancy Fruits

A hedonist rampage of swizzle stick crowns, light-up hair flowers & alien plants!

r o d n Ve arketplace M

Frog Island Tikis

Crazy-cool carvings from the Pacific Northwest.

Glam Factory Vintage

Kitchy collectibles, antiques, and vintage clothing.

Grass Shack Traders

Tiki & Mid-Century Modern.

Grider Co.

Handmade cast metal adventure art, torch swizzles, belt buckles, pendants and more

Jeff Granito

Vibrant pillowcases, deluxe prints, postcards, tee-shirts, bar towels, Mai Tai glasses, more!

Jennafer Grace Designs

Handmade clothing specializing in versatile kimonos, caftans, and bohemian layers.

Johnnie Velour Ceramics

Wheelthrown, handcrafted ceramic art for your home and Tiki lounge.

Jungle Ginger Designs

Exotic hair-flowers and accessories.

Hawaiian Import Gift

Painted coconuts, neon signs, koa jewelry, raku pottery from Hawaii.

Keiki Tiki Designs

Unique designs for toddlers and grown-ups too!


One-of-a-kind, handmade vintage, and vintage-inspired handbags, aprons, and accessories.

Ken Ruzic Tiki Art and Stuffs

Original paintings and drawings, fine art prints, custom painted mugs.

Home Aloha

Wood wall art, ceramics, glassware, and more!

Kinjo Arts

Polynesian-themed skateboards.

Kon-Tigo Tiki Bar

Chinese lantern picks, vintage Orchids of Hawaii parasols, bamboo Tiki Bob mugs.

Kymm! Bang

Futuristically retro gravel art wall panels, home decor, and Kymm! Bang styled jewelry!

La Casa de Flores

Tropical hair gardens, shoe clips, hat pins, and corsages.

Lace Music

Cigar box guitars and Teliki six-string guitars.


1940s - '60s high quality Hawaiian clothing and collectibles.

Liquid Alchemist Natural Syrups

Craft cocktail elixers made from natural ingredients

Loco Lindo

Tiki-inspired clothing and retro dresses, tops, and bottoms for women and men.

House of Modern Antiquities

Kool Tiki inspired one-of-a-kind items.

Hula Hideaway Art

Colorful, rum-soaked art that tells enchanted stories of Tiki, cocktails, and escapism.

Iconic Atomic

Vintage Hawaiian, mod, and rockabilly clothing for men and women in XS to 3X sizes.

Indocraft Imports

Hawaiian dresses, sarongs, signs, masks, men and boy's Aloha shirts

Island Bazaar

Hawaiian and import ukes and accessories, Aloha shirts, Hawaiian perfumes, lotions.

James Owens

Original oil paintings and prints influenced by the post and pre-war pop culture.

JaTiki Custom Surfboard carving

Hand-carved surfboard art, Tikis, masks, and original canvas paintings.



Tee-ki Togs

r o d n Ve arketplace M


Match Accessories

The finest, handmade vintage-inspired Tiki accessories for women and men.


Fine art, not so fine art, and merchandise that will slap you sideways with intoxication.

Mele Tiki Guys

Maker and seller of Tiki things since 2010.

mFrankm Carvings

Hand-carved original Tikis, earrings, necklaces, idols, and more.

Mischief Motu

Fun and fanciful wood goods for lovers of Tiki and adventure.

Moni Tapu Jewelry

Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry etched with authentic tapa designs.

Moore Monsters

Monster-themed ceramic mugs, sculptures, TV lamps, and a couple of masks.

Mr. Smiley’s Emporium of Zazz

Hand curated vintage Tiki mugs, decor, Aloha wear, and oddities.


Unique one-of-a-kind headgear, mermaid & hibiscus crowns, turbans, flower crowns.

MTKahuna Vintage

Vintage Tiki, surf, Hawaiiana, beach collectibles & clothing.

Norm Daniels

Whimsical original Tiki oil paintings.

Oakwash Co.

Tropical mugs made on the island of Louisiana

Odd Rodney McLellan

Unique handmade mugs, jewelry, sculpture, and décor.

Organic Jewelry by Allie

Sustainable and handmade bold and limited edition islander-inspired designs.

Outl1n3 Island

Tiki, finks & rum drinks Kustom pottery.

Paradise Hell

Tiki-themed comic books, art prints, and bar accessories, including the Magic ZOMBIE! glass.

Princess Madison

The bright and the dark side of Tiki in one-of-a-kind accessories

Rarabird / PrimitivaDiva

Original Tiki-fantasy-themed paintings, hand-made tropically prop-featured hairflowers and hat fobs.


Handmade organic, ocean-inspired jewelry, and accessories.

Redhead Sadie Vintage

Lovingly curated vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories for men and women!

Retro Ruthie

Custom-made Tiki attire in unique novelty prints.

Richard Cheese & Johnny Aloha

CDs, posters, and souvenirs from two lounge music legends!

Robert Maya

Robert is a sculpture artist based in San Diego,

Rockin' Bettie

Finest Tiki pinup retro and reproduction threads for all ages shapes and sizes!

Ron Monster

Tiki. Nautical. Atomic.

San Diego Corks Hats

Unique hats that float in water, are vegan, and stylish all at the same time

Sarong Social Club

One-of-a-kind sarongs and apparel

SneakyTiki Boutique

Great vintage pieces throughout the ages.

Spring Candles

One of the premier candle makers in the Tiki scene, along with custom frames by Rob Roy.

r o d n Ve arketplace M

Tiki Bongos

South Seas apparel, mugs, souvenirs, and vintage kicks.

Tiki Broker

Hand-crafted sculptured items.

Tiki Farm

The world’s largest designer and manufacturer of custom ceramic drink and barware products!

Handmade reusable glass straws for cocktails.

Tiki King

Neat Tiki stuff since 1994!

Sweet Aloha aka Hawaiian Lei

Moisturize Hawaiian Tiki style! Experience the fragrance of a fresh Hawaiian Lei.

Tiki Oasis Merchandise

Event merchandise including glassware, Tiki mugs, beach towels, and more!

Sweet Siren Designs

Handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing, and some oddities.

Tiki Tiki Monster

Custom-made barware, light fixtures, and other tropical decors.

Tee-ki Togs

Unique and limited Polynesian Pop and 60s jewelry designs made in California.

Tiki Tommy

Tiki lamps, vintage Aloha wear, and Polynesian artifacts.

The Domestic Tiki

Adventure oddities, CBC and Non-CBD Health and Wellness products, mugs, and more!

Tiki tOny

Whimsical driftwood carvings, limited edt. mugs, pins, prints, and Adventureland inspired attire!

The Groovy Grotto

Tiki, nautical, and adventure-themed art and decor from artist Doc Martin.

Tiki Tum

Never before sold Oceania inspired artwork and Mai Tai glasses by Paul Briggs

The Mysterious Rack

Panama hats, fascinators, felt hats, and reversible custom bathing suits for all body types!

Tikiland Trading Co

Tiki mugs, glassware, clothing and more!


Tiki mugs, shirts, pins, pendants, and more.

The Oblong Box Shop

Specializing in high-quality tropical apparel for the Tiki enthusiast.

Towanda Tikis

Original Limited Edition Tiki Mugs from Towanda Tikis & Bauer Pottery.

The Tiki Siren

Handmade Tiki mugs, ceramic Tiki torches, jewelry, home decor, and Oceanic themed headbands!

Trader Vic’s Trading Post

Trader Vic’s special edition Tiki Oasis glasses, mugs, swag, and artifacts.

Thor Stor

High-quality fine art, prints, and merchandise from artist Thor.

VenTiki's Alter of Sacrifice & Island Gift Shop + Elvirus

The VenTiki Aloha Spirit "On Display". Do not miss the VenTiki experience and Elvirus!


Tiki & Disney-inspired glassware, art & pins.

Vestige Photography

Pinup photographer Susana Andregg


Tiki mug earrings with a story.

Steady Clothing, Inc.

Tiki inspired men's and women's clothing.

Stone Brewing

Collarboratons with Tiki-obsessed McBiff and Tiki Farm to create a whimsical mini-collection of apparel and drinkware

Surfside Sips


r o d n Ve arketplace M

Vintage Gal

Vintage Tiki reproduction clothing for men and women.


A modern take on vintage fashion; specializing in tropical, colorful women’s wear.

Vintage Surf

Vintage Hawaiiana, XXL natural bamboo frames.

Woody Miller Art

Mugs, carvings, and groovy goods with a tinge of Tiki and a pinch of poly-pop.

Viola + Jean

Handmade apparel and decor with a modern Tiki vibe.

Zac's Attic

Vintage to near-new Hawaiian clothing for adults and children.

Volcano Designs

Handmade, limited edition apparel for the whole family.

Vulfie's Lost Safari

Handcrafted art with a unique feel inspired by the dank foreboding jungles.

Limited edition products available only at the Tiki Oasis vending booth Clockwise from left: Mookie 20th Anniversary Tote; Pint Glass; Coffee Mug; Beach Towel; Sunglasses Hat mug; Shag charm; Bumper Sticker. Not shown: enamel pin, rocks glass; pencil bag; T-shirt, more.





11:32 PM

s r a n i Sem hursday T

Uke Jam

Join us for the annual Tiki Oasis Uke Jam! There is no fee to join in, and don’t worry about being experienced in your playing, just bring a ukulele. You never know who will stop by! 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Pacific Ballroom FREE EVENT

Presenter: King Kukulele King Kukulele is a comedian, actor, and ukuleleist with inexorable energy who has performed around the world singing hapa-haole and novelty songs at all kinds of shows from Hollywood movie premieres to Disneyland. He composed a promotional song about tropical fruits and fish for the Orange County Fair, as well as “I Don’t Eat Poop,” a song written for the California Board of Public Health. The latter song was not used. www.kingkukulele.com


Home on the Ranch: The MidCentury History of Hotel Circle From the establishment of Mission de Alcalá in 1769 to its bucolic farms and pasturelands, Mission Valley has always been one of San Diego’s most desired areas. Beginning in the 1950s, its commercial development provided vacationers with country clubs, motor lodges, restaurants, amusement centers, and shopping. centers. Join us for the illustrated story of Hotel Circle! 11:00 AM - Noon Location: Town and Country Ballroom B $20

Presenter: Martin S. Lindsay Martin S. Lindsay is an art director, local historian, writer, and board chair of the Culinary Historians of San Diego. He lectures on design and history. Martin has contributed to Tim Ferriss’ bestseller, The 4-Hour Chef, is author of Ninety Years of Classic San Diego Tiki, 1928-2018, and co-author with Gregorio Pantoja of the upcoming Fassionola: The Torrid Story of Cocktails’ Most Mysterious Ingredient. Martin has over 40 years of experience in branding and design and his design firm serves the San Diego arts community, food service, and restaurant industries.

s r a n i Sem hursday T

Tropical Tasting

Tropical Flower Arrangements with Atalanta Join the fabulous Atalanta as she teaches you to make beautiful tropical floral arrangements to take home. You’ll learn how to coordinate various tropical blooms, creative containers, and how to effectively use “spillers, fillers, and thrillers.”

Two Sessions! Interact with makers representing new products, and some of our old favorites. During this sit-down event Tiki Oasis has curated a unique collection of a very limited number of rum and other spirit brands that go well in Tropical Cocktails! THURSDAY features: Kuleana Rum Works, Fruit Smash, Anchor Brewing, Diplomatico Rum, Copalli Rum, Kupu Spirits (Maui Brewing Co.), Kona Bar Chocolate. Includes a Tasting Glass. 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM AND 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom A $25 / 21+ Event

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Location: Palm Room 3 $20

Presenter: Atalanta Jackson

Atalanta is a flower girl! Even when she’s not sipping a Zombie in her home Tiki Bar “The Sip Ship,” you can find her surrounded by flowers. Atalanta has been a professional florist since she was 15 years old and loves tropical flowers the best. She also loves driving her 1965 Chevy Corvair and remodeling vintage RV’s!


s r a n i Sem hursday T

Esquivel! - The Man Behind The Exclamation Point

Space Age Bachelor Pad pioneer Juan Garcia Esquivel was a good friend of Brother Cleve’s from 1995 until his death in 2002. In this seminar, Brother Cleve shares his photos, home movies, film appearances, rare recordings, and stories about the man and his music, including his decade living in Las Vegas, where he frequented the Aku Aku at the Stardust Hotel. 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $20

Presenter: Brother Cleve See Bio Under Disc Jockeys

Babes, Bars, Beaches, and Black Velvet Art

CJ Cook shares a preview of his latest book about Edgar Leeteg. Throughout his life, shrewd promoter and creative genius Leeteg possessed many titles, astounding fans, and antagonizing critics. Considered the “American Gauguin,” the rakish ladies man originated the modern technique of oil painting on black velvet. He was a wealthy artist and legend in his lifetime, a goal few can achieve. Tourists visiting Tahiti would seek him out for his generosity of wine, women, and song on his Shangri-la-like estate called Villa Velour on his quiet isle. He was the father of black velvet art and the genesis of a genre continuing today with the Tiki and Polynesian pop art movement, nearly 70 years later. 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom B $10

Presenter: CJ Cook

CJ Cook is an author and historian who has a long interest in the history of the South Pacific. Cook is also a lifelong autograph and manuscript collector who has a special interest in art, and poetry. He is a board member of a prominent manuscript association dedicated to preserving manuscripts, historical documents, and the written word. Cook also is a collector of art and artists of the South Pacific and continues to explore the South Pacific, including Guam, Pohnpei, Truk, Palau, Bali, Tahiti, and its surrounding islands, New Zealand, Australia, and its Great Barrier Reef, Taiwan, and the Hawaiian Islands.


s r a n i Sem Friday

Menehune Floats! Crafting with tiny things and only a few swear words

Dennyland: King Kukulele’s Keys to the Kingdom Experience a unique, one-of-a-kind journey through inner space with forty years of memories from the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! King Kukulele will take you on a whirlwind tour through every corner of a park that few will ever experience 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Location: Town and Country Ballroom B $20

Presenter: King Kukulele See Bio Under Music & Mayhem


In this workshop, participants will learn one method of creating tiny Menehune-sized fishing floats using marbles and string. Many knots will be tied and many laughs will be had. Patience, good eyesight, and a sense of humor will be needed! Participants will be provided with the materials needed to make one Menehune float and instructions and supply lists to create more at home! Finally, all those friendship bracelets you made in middle school will prove to be a useful skill! 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Palm Room 3 $20

Presenter: Shona Mitchell Shona Mitchell is a busy gal with a busy brain! She teaches dance to over a thousand elementary public school students in San Francisco every year, performs with The Devil-Ettes, comanages a chocolate shop in Hanalei, studies Hula with Hālau Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu, production manages live drag movie spoofs for Peaches Christ Productions, and occasionally invents maddeningly intricate crafts in a futile effort to “relax.” Her favorite karaoke song is “Miserlou.”

s r a n i Sem Friday The Glamourous Age of Travel Style Longing to return to the days of leisurely travel? When dressing up was the order of the day? Or at least you kept your shoes on at the airport? Come relive the Golden Age of Travel with fashion historian and vintage clothing collector, Dave Temple of Clever Vintage Clothing! See the ways we traveled and learn why we are so nostalgic for them in this special encore presentation featuring live models and content specific to Southern California and our beloved host city of San Diego! 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Location: Town and Country Ballroom D $20

Presenter: Dave Temple Fashion Historian Dave Temple has exhibited from his collection, Clever Vintage Clothing, for over 30 years. He has produced fashion shows, vintage expos, and illustrated presentations from coast to coast. He and his husband, Sabino Gutierrez, supply wardrobes for your favorite film and television productions. They have been vendors at Tiki Oasis since 2012. facebook.com/clevervintage


That Fit-Fanatic Fire Eating Mermaid is at it again! This time with a full body workout including dance, cardio and strength work combined! Move to the rythm of tropical tunes while burning off all those cocktail calories. Eccentric tropical attire is encouraged – just make sure you can move in them! (Bring your own towel) 11:00 AM - Noon Location: Pacific Ballroom $15

Presenter: MeduSirena the Fire Eating Mermaid

See Bio Under Music & Mayhem


s r a n i Sem Friday History of Filipino Bartenders

Sample cocktails and learn about the original Filipino bartenders of Don the Beachcomber and how they contributed to and influenced Tropical Drinks in the early days of Polynesian Pop. This seminar is 21+ Noon - 1:30 PM Town and Country Ballroom C $50 / 21+ Event

Presenter: Adrian Eustaquio

Adrian Eustaquio is a long-time Tiki enthusiast, an active member in the Tiki community, an avid supporter of the current Tiki revival and considered one of the major influencers of the Tiki scene. Nearly three decades ago, Adrian began collecting Tiki, Hawaiian, and South Pacific ephemera and has been continuously studying the mainland Tiki movement and its relation to American pop culture and cocktail culture. Adrian is also the host and executive producer of Inside the Desert Oasis Room, a podcast recorded from his home Tiki space of the same name. www.desertoasisroom.com

Tropical Tasting

Two Sessions! Interact with makers representing new products, and some of our old favorites. During this sit-down event Tiki Oasis has curated a unique collection of rum and other spirit brands that go well in Tropical Cocktails! FRIDAY features: Cutwater Spirits, Licor 43, Zaya Rum, Kleos Mastiha Spirits, Seven Caves Spirits, Lyre’s, Sapporo Beer, Kona Bar Chocolate. Includes a Tasting Glass. 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM AND 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom A $25 / 21+ Event

s r a n i Sem Friday

The Aloha Coat, A History of Sandwich Isles Sportswear

Little information has been compiled on the men’s fashion brand from Honolulu, until now. Kenn Watson has excavated long-forgotten archives to dig up the rich and colorful past of Malia-Hawaii and the creators of this cultured sports coat. Join Watson on a journey to the “Isle with Tropical Style” and learn all there is to know about the history of Sandwich Isles Sportswear. Attendees are encouraged to wear their aloha coats so we can help to identify years and names of prints and hopefully all pose for a great group photo! 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom D $20

Presenter: Kenn Watson Kenn Watson is a devoted father and husband, creative designer, adventurous carver of wood, and an enthusiastic collector of Aloha fashions from the 1960s and ‘70s. He has taken his passion for all of these characteristics and blended them into a compelling exploration of the Aloha Coat.


Frame Your Swizzles!

You’ve been collecting swizzle sticks from every Tiki bar you visit and they’re starting to pile up! What do you do with them, well, besides putting them in a cocktail… Learn to make a fun display for your most treasured swizzle sticks. You’ll learn different design principles like balance, rhythm, color theory, and emphasis while making a unique piece of art to hang in your home bar or Tiki room. Bring your favorite swizzle sticks! We’ll provide all the supplies plus an assortment of swizzle sticks to mix in. 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Palm Room 3 $20

Presenter: Nicole Pacheco

Nicole Vasbinder Pacheco is a super crafty dynamo and the designer behind Nikolani, a small custom Aloha clothing line where she creates caftans, shirts, hats, and more! She has owned StitchCraft, a hip sewing studio in Petaluma, CA since 2008. Nicole has written three books about sewing, she is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University and Otis College of Art & Design. She is one of the cofounders of the Aloha Caftan Society.

s r a n i Sem Friday Tiki Femme: Badass Women of Tiki

We’ve all heard the stories about the guys: Donn Beach, Victor Bergeron Jr., Stephen Crane, Les Baxter, Martin Denny, and on and on. But what about the women? Were there any female influences in the early days of Tiki culture? If so, how did they add to the narrative? Erin will introduce you to some of the most influential women of Tiki, both past and present. A few of these ladies you might already know and love, and others you might be meeting for the first time. Either way, you’ll never forget these incredible women and their stories. And, you’ll get to pick your own lady-fan pins to take home! 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom B $20

Presenter: Erin Behrenhausen

Erin Behrenhausen is a creative director, vintage-lover, and Tiki enthusiast living in Denver with her husband and her cat, Yma. She has been a fan of all things Tiki for almost 20 years and has been a fan of women all of her life! Erin is an active member of the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) Denver chapter, hosts an online radio show called Adventures in Hi-Fi, and co-owns a vintage cocktail accoutrements boutique called Cocktail Couture. She also has a Tiki bar in her basement called the Red Lady.

Amaro au Tropical

Amaro in Tiki? Amaro has had brimming popularity in mixology bars and most recently, in the world of Tiki. And for good reason! Amaro IS the original exotic, and just like Tiki brings together elements (and ingredients) from all over the world. Just like Tiki, Amari (plural for Amaro) are both secretive in their production and seductive on the palate with flavors that range from vivacious and harmonious to bitter-sweet and aggressive. In this seminar, learn about Amaro, its history and flavor profiles, and sample cocktails made with this signature Tiki cocktail flavor. 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $50 / 21+ Event

Presenter: Adam Rains

Adam Rains is a Tiki attache’, explorer, and the Chief Administer of the Liquid Unknown at the Golden Tiki in Las Vegas. This Tiki Rasputin has a true passion for food, wine, beer, and spirits and in 2019 was the Nevada Restaurant Association’s “Drink Specialist of the Year.” Rains has written for several publications and helped open several restaurants and bars and recently designed the beverage program at Flock & Fowl. Wanting to give back, he started a Charity Mug program at the Golden Tiki where he partners with brands to raise funds for a different charity every month. Rains has won or placed in several local, national, and international mixology competitions.


s r a n i Sem aturday S

Hangover Stretch It Out

Hangover be gone! Get your body moving in this early morning stretch class. El Vez will lead you through a gentle warm-up that will wake you up and get your body, mind, and SOUL ready to take on the rest of the Tiki Oasis weekender! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. let’s go!! 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Location: Pacific Ballroom FREE EVENT

Presenter: El Vez El Vez is the Latin sensation that is sweeping the nation and the world! A modern multicultural hybrid of Americana and Mexicano, El Vez is more than entertainment, he is a thinking man’s Elvis, a post-modern King with a Latin twist, and the Chicano experience presented and told through the songs of Elvis. He has appeared on The Tonight Show, Oprah, MTV, HBO, CNN, and Live with Regis & Kathy Lee. He has even been a question on Jeopardy !


Ukulele Strum and Sing

Learn to play the ukulele in one day! Join Steve Conrad and Juliet Frew for a strum and sing session where you will learn chords, strums, and fingerpicking styles for simple songs. You will learn 4-5 songs. No experience necessary. Bring a ukulele and play along. 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Pacific Ballroom FREE EVENT

Presenters: Steve Conrad and Juliet Frew Steve Conrad and Juliet Frew have both performed and taught ukulele for many years. Steve is a member of the Ukebillies who play 1950’s and ‘60s covers on the ukulele. Steve and Juliet taught at Arizona Tiki Oasis in 2021. Juliet brings patience and attention to new players to help them get started on this beautiful instrument.

s r a n i Sem aturday S

Trader Vic’s World of Tiki

Sven Kirsten and Eve Bergeron will highlight Trader Vic’s transition from pre-Tiki to Tiki style and talk about their work on several projects together, showing unpublished finds from the Bergeron family archive. 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $20

Presenter: Sven Kirsten

It was his love for visuals that inspired Sven to collect and photograph the remnants of the forgotten culture of Polynesian pop in America leading him to identify the Tiki as its icon. A hunter and gatherer of lost artifacts and ephemera, he began to see the pattern of a unique art form publishing his findings in The Book of Tiki. The book presented all the aspects of Tiki style and put Tiki firmly on the map of American pop culture. Sven followed suit with Tiki Modern, Tiki Pop, and The Art of Tiki.

Tom Laura

s r a n i Sem aturday S

The Jungle Cruise: The Wild History of Walt’s Favorite Ride

The Jungle Cruise was inspired by the movies and this summer it has BECOME a movie. Join David “Dr. Skipper” Marley as he shares brand new stories about Walt Disney’s favorite ride. The Jungle Cruise made news for some major changes that were recently announced and Dr. Skipper will talk about all the ways the attraction has changed over the years. He’ll also share from his brand new book, The Jungle Cruise: The Wild History of Walt’s Favorite Ride featuring wild pranks and stories that you’re guaranteed to love. 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM LOCATION: TOWN AND COUNTRY BALLROOM B $12

Presenter: David “Dr. Skipper” Marley David “Dr. Skipper” Marley is a former Jungle Cruise Skipper and has taught history at California State University, Fullerton. His newest book, The Jungle Cruise: The Wild History of Walt’s Favorite Ride was published by Theme Park Press in July 2021. Dr. Skipper is the author of the popular Skipper Stories books and an artist specializing in the crossover of Tiki and Disney.

s r a n i Sem aturday S

From Swing to The Shag!

Learn dances that were popular at the height of the 1950s and ‘60s from Swing to the Shag! These fun partner dances will have you on the floor dancing to swinging tunes from the past. No dance experience necessary. Come with a partner or solo and we’ll work it out. Beginners are welcome. Noon - 1:00 PM Location: Pacific Ballroom $10

Presenters: Steve Conrad and Juliet Frew

See Bio on Page 84


s r a n i Sem aturday S

Miserlou - How the Music of Greek Criminals in Turkey Created Surf Music In the early twentieth century, a style of Greek music known as Rembetika emerged from dive bars and jails in Smyrna, Turkey. It was the punk rock of its time and was enjoyed by denizens of the Greek demimonde living there; hashish smokers, prostitutes, grifters, and barflies. One song in particular – “Miserlou”, started its life there, and by 1928, versions of the song started appearing on 78-rpm records. In 1962, guitarist Dick Dale recorded it, introducing the use of Middle Eastern sounds and scales to surf music From there, it found its way into garage rock, psychedelia, easy listening, and more. This is that story in words, music, AND cocktails! 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $50 / 21+ Event

Presenter: Brother Cleve

See Bio Under Disc Jockeys

dj tony the tyger • mc Mike Stax from ugly things mag

6:OO PM in the Pacific Ballroom

The Grass Skirt

s r a n i Sem aturday S

Tropical Tasting

Two Sessions! Interact with makers representing new products, and some of our old favorites. During this sit-down event Tiki Oasis has curated a unique collection of rum and other spirit brands that go well in Tropical Cocktails! SATURDAY features: Alma de Agave, Bentley Heritage, Don Papa, Liquid Alchemist, Plantation Rum, Pusser’s Rum and Tanduay Rum, Kona Bar Chocolate. Includes a Tasting Glass. 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM AND 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM sessions Location: Town and Country Ballroom A $25 / 21+ Event

s r a n i Sem aturday S

Mocktails & Garnishes

In our ever-changing world, the developing movement of mocktails is booming more than ever. The exploration of the non-alcoholic spirit world is far from boring! In a lively discussion, Nikki Popkow of TONIX Mocktail will share nonalcoholic spirit options, how to make ingredients at home, simple mocktails that will wow AND level up your garnish game! Get ready for a fun-filled party without the hangover! Mocktails will be served! 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom B $20

Presenter: Nikki Popkow

Nikki Popkow of TONIX Mocktails is a Los Angeles native with over 20 years of service industry experience. 16 of those years were spent rockin’ and rollin’ behind the bar. In 2019 she put down the bottle for good and has been inspired to share her mixology knowledge with a non-alc twist.


s r a n i Sem aturday S

Hula Dance

Dance with Di’ Lovely - Miss Tiki Oasis 2017, in this entry level Hula dance class. Come and learn the graceful, mesmerizing, storytelling dance of the Hawaiian islands. Not only is this class enchantingly fun, but it’s a great low impact exercise that keeps the body flexible and fluid. Appropriate for all ages! 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Pacific Ballroom FREE EVENT

Presenter: Di’ Lovely Di’ Lovely grew up as a Polynesian dancer, performing all over San Diego including the beloved Bali Hai Restaurant. She has been teaching various genres of dance for over 20 years and is now a sought-after burlesque artist across the globe. Born of Filipina descent, Di’ Lovely is a proud native of San Diego.


Explore the world of Alfred Shaheen Discover how the award-winning textile designer Alfred Shaheen changed the way the world dresses. Designer Brenda Houston discusses the influence of design from the invention of the Hawaiian shirt to postage stamps. Learn all about the Alfred Shaheen collections and how this designer continues to influence the world today. See the debut of the Alfred Shaheen wall covering collections designed by Brenda Houston. 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Town and Country D $20

Presenter: Brenda Houston

Brenda Houston launched her studio after a trip to Uruguay where she discovered the bulk of agate was being thrown away in the search for small and valuable gemstones. She saw an opportunity to support these miners while working with materials that were all-natural. Houston launched her collections with table lamps, added small treasure boxes, and quickly built a following. She has won numerous awards, was lauded in the press, and invited to open a store-within-a-store at Barneys New York. She now designs residential interiors, creates designs for the trade, and offers her designs worldwide. Houston balances her time between Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

s r a n i Sem aturday S

A Tribute to Harry Yee: Aloha From the Hawaiian Village

Join us on the shores of Waikiki at the Hawaiian Village, Hawaii during the 1950s‘60s, to listen to the birth of Exotica, watch Hollywood stars film a hit television series, while enjoying tropical cocktails as created and served by Harry Yee at the legendary Tapa Room and Shell Bar. Celebrate Harry Yee’s contributions to cocktail, and Hawaiian Village histories, and learn why the Tapa Punch Mug is so historically significant. 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $50 / 21+ Event

Presenter: Harry Yee Collective

Gregorio Pantoja is a Historian, Author, Philanthropist, Lover of Tiki’s Lost, and Tiki’s Forgotten stories. Phoenix A’Blaze is Ms. Tiki Oasis 2019, burlesque dancer and knows how to get things done. Samuel Miller is an activist with b4.change, food & beverage enthusiast (Zombie Village) and drink smith. Trader Sampson (Chase Sampson) is the proprietor of Cocoanut Canteen, a Los Angeles home bar designed as a throwback to 1930s Hollywood. Together they are the Harry Yee Collective.

s r a n i Sem aturday S

Tiki Oasis Book Club: “Moloka’i” by Alan Brennert The idea of a book about leprosy doesn’t sound terribly uplifting, but our book club moderator Karen Finlay promises that it will be great! When Karen picked this book back in 2019 for Tiki Oasis’ 20th Anniversary in 2020, none of us had any idea that we, too, would be quarantined just like Rachel Kalama. The story takes on new meaning and empathy -- and we expect a fantastic discussion. 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Location: Palm Room 3 FREE EVENT

Presenter: Karen Finlay

Karen Finlay again hosts the Tiki Oasis Book Club and Storytelling seminar. When she’s not poolside in a caftan sipping mai-tais or exploring classic restaurants with her girl gang, she’s reading her stories at Bay Area events and throwing fabulous fetes as the co-founder of The Mid-Century Supper Club Potluck, a star-studded extravaganza of questionable foodstuffs. When in Vallejo, CA visit Karen at her store, Alibi Bookshop. Tiki Oasis is her favorite holiday.

s r a n i Sem Sunday Tiki Tot Tour

Create lasting memories for your kids with the annual Tiki Tour. The newly renovated Town and Country Resort has lots of nooks and crannies to explore. The kids will have a blast as they tour the hotel grounds with King Kukulele meeting up close and personal the historic onsite Tiki - ‘Riki Tiki’. Every year this event features appearances by (secret-to-the-tots) Tiki celebrities! 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Meet in Hotel Main Lobby FREE EVENT

Presenter: King Kukulele See Bio Under Music & Mayhem









Steady Clothing, Inc.

s r a n i Sem Sunday Californialand

It is the age of space and we have just landed in the most modern metropolis in the known universe,” says Charles, as he leads us on whirlwind adventure extravaganza exploring retro car culture, googie architecture, iconic landmarks, tiki parties, famous attractions, Hollywood glamour, theme parks, people, parties, and more galore! Be prepared for your SoCal lovin’ spirit soar like never before! 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Location: Pacific Ballroom $35

Presenter: Charles Phoenix

Charles Phoenix is a showman, tour guide, food crafter, and author. He is known for his live comedy slide show performances, madcap test kitchen videos, “field trip” tours, and colorful coffee table books celebrating classic and kitschy American life and style. Charles has appeared as a judge on Food Network’s Cake Wars: Christmas. He’s also guested on Storage Wars, Jay Leno’s Garage, Conan, and Martha Stewart, and is often heard on NPR. The L.A. Times says, “Call him the King of Retro,” and L.A. Weekly anointed him “the Kodachrome King.”

• Pin-Up Hairstyles • Drop In Appointments Available IN PALM ROOM #1


s r a n i Sem Sunday Pajamas & Conversation El Vez (aka the Mexican Elvis) will wake you up with his songs and eccentric life stories. Guests will be invited up to share favorite moments from the weekend. Pajama’s are optional. Delicious breakfast created by Town and Country Resort: ”First Taco of the Day Station” with Fried Egg and Chorizo or Tofu {includes salsas and toppings!}, Pastries, Mocha Parfait shots, Pineapple Fruit Cup with Tajin, Watermelon Salad with Mint and Fresh Juice, Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee, Selection of Hot Teas and MORE! 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $40

Presenter: El Vez See Bio On Page 84

Hawaiian and Maori Cultures in Film

This free-to-attend event is brought to you by the Tiki Oasis Diversity & Inclusion Council. In this talk, Castaneda Ph.D. will explore the history of brown-face and “island” life in films depicting Hawaiian and Maori cultures. The first part of the talk will cover how film, as a storytelling medium, reflects and challenges “island” aesthetics. The second part of the talk will cover Princess Kaiulani (2009, dir by Mark Forby), Finding Ohana (2021, dir by Jude Weng), Once Were Warriors (1994, dir by Lee Tamahori), and Boy (2010, dir by Taika Waititi) in relation to the cultural survivance of Hawaiian and Maori indigenous communities. We are providing an ASL interpreter. Noon - 1:00 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom B FREE EVENT

Presenter: Clarissa Bella Castaneda, Ph.D.

Clarissa Bella Castaneda, Ph.D. is a poet, musician, indigenous Xicana, anti-racist educator, and cat-mom to Máximo. She is the author of “Indigenous Libretto and Aural Memory in The Sun Dance and El Circo Anahuac” in Displaced: Literature of Indigeneity, Migration, and Trauma (edited by Kate Rose) now available from Routledge.


s r a n i Sem Sunday Art of Vic Bergeron Eve Bergeron will share stories of her grandfather Vic Bergeron, and how events in his life, travel, and friendships with other artists were reflected in his own artistic expressions. 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom C $20

Presenter: Eve Bergeron

Eve Bergeron’s professional Tiki journey began at Trader Vic’s in London in 1997 before taking a position as assistant manager at Trader Vic’s in Dubai. In the 2000s, she participated in the opening of multiple Trader Vic’s properties around the world as a trainer and has vast experience with new restaurant installations and pre-opening details. Prior to working at Trader Vic’s, Eve managed a restaurant in Paris and worked at restaurants in San Francisco. She now serves as PR and Marketing Manager for Trader Vic’s Worldwide and is currently collaborating on a book with Sven Kirsten on Trader Vic’s.


s r a n i Sem Sunday Tiki Oasis 7th Annual Bartender Battle

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Celebrity Death Match, the Thunderdome; none of these contests of grit and skill included cocktails. Shame on them. The Tiki Oasis Bartenders Battle will pit some of the best bartenders in San Diego against each other in a no-holds-barred, head-to-head cocktail throw-down. Sample some of the best, most innovative Tiki cocktails in San Diego while you cheer on your bartending champion. They all may battle but only one can win! 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Town and Country Ballroom A $40

Hosts: Dottie Deville & Sassy Stiletto Hosts of the Bartender Battle. Dottie Deville is philanthropist of partying, doer of things. Sassy Stiletto is the Head Mistress of hangovers, doer of other things.

Arizona Oasis TIKI OASIS: Arizona Tiki Oasis

APRIL 28th - MAY 1st

2022 aztikioasis.com



he first Tiki convention ever in the U.S. Tiki Oasis is an exploration of Mid-Century style and design often referred to as “Polynesian Pop”. Tiki Oasis was originally launched in 2001 as a fundraiser event to save The Caliente tropics hotel (1964), Palm Springs, from getting a de-Tikified remodel. After five successful years at The Caliente Tropics, Tiki Oasis had grown too big for the tiny roadside motel. In 2006 Tiki Oasis relocated to the Crowne Plaza San Diego (originally The Hanalei Hotel, 1959) in Hotel Circle and the historic Bali Hai Restaurant (1954) on Shelter Island. In 2020 Tiki Oasis changed locations once again to the spectacular 44-acre island location of Paradise Point Resort (originally Vacation Village, 1962). Over the years Tiki Oasis has become a beloved event that includes live entertainment, top mixologists, educational seminars, tiki carvers, aloha fashion and more, all to a tiki soundtrack. What makes the event unique is that it has a different theme each year. These themes are deeper explorations of ‘Polynesian Pop’ and Mid-Century Pop Culture such as Spies, Beatniks, or Space Age. While these themes would be considered tangential to Tiki, they are a great way to explore other aspects of Retro Culture in a fun and playful way. Below is a quick look at the past Tiki Oasis events we have hosted over the last 19 years!


Incorporating two ideas of the Second Wave Surf Music which started in 1980 and “80s Exotica” elements found in New Wave music such as The B-52s and Adam & The Ants, Tiki Oasis took a bold step outside the boundaries of Polynesian Pop imagery and style. 104


We paid homage to “South Pacific” with the help of Los Angeles based group “South Seas Cinema.” South Seas Cinema is also a motion picture genre that is set on tropical islands of the Pacific.

The Domestic Tiki + Tiki Siren



We delved deeper into the world of spies by exploring other countries’ espionage thrillers.


From rubber Godzillas tearing apart the South Seas to surfin’, Go Go dancing Frankenstein and Wolfman, creatures have always been lurking in paradise.


The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. Whether it was a World’s Fair or Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, It seemed that the interest in other worlds in outer space was equally as intriguing as our curiosity of primitive islander cultures.


Like the Beat Generation, today’s Tiki aficionados are drawn to primitivism and thirst to reconnect with the primal past, celebrating it in a modern context. What do Beatniks and Tiki have in common you ask? They like bongos and flute-centric /Jazz music; weird facial hair; they are artistic; sunglasses and barefeet!


Please join us next year

Part Americana, part Hawaiiana, Hulabilly is an American music style derived from the blending of Rockabilly and Haole Hawaiian music.



August 2022 108

The rise of Tiki bars was concurrent with the rise of interest in spies from the mid1940s to the mid-1970s. From “Mr. Moto”, “Adventures in Paradise” and “Hawaiian Eye” through the James Bond series and “Mission: Impossible”, spies/secret agents/private dicks have been intertwined with Exotica.



Tikiland Trading Co.

A cornerstone of Tiki Style is Exotica music, but almost all great Exotica tunes are built on Latin rhythms. That’s why the founders of Exotica went south of the border! – in the early 1960s Arthur Lyman released Aloha Amigo while Martin Denny released Latin Village and Spanish Village.


Our 10th Anniversary featured a lot of alumni entertainers and symposium presenters as part of a big gala weekend.


So Cal Beach Party movies and 1960s Surf music was the theme for this year celebrating the crowning of Huntington Beach as Surf City USA and the birthplace of Surfing, Hawaii celebrated its 50th anniversary of Statehood.


What happens when you take two fringe elements of the Tiki movement such as Voodoo

(Caribbean rum is the inspiration for Tiki cocktails) and Zombies (The Zombie drink was Don the Beachcomber’s crowning achievement) and mix them together for a weekend? Loads of fun.


The Swingin’ Sixties didn’t skip Hawaii. Waikiki was the downtown of Honolulu and whether it was “Suck ‘Em Up!” or “Blue Hawaii”, Don Ho and Elvis Presley kept the party go-go-going!


James Dimmare, the world’s only self-proclaimed Tiki magician, brought Las Vegas flare to Tiki Oasis. Throw in the theatrics of Las Vegas stage production “Shag With a Twist” and a Merlin the Magician bedecked live set by Exotica band Ape and this Tiki weekender was truly magic.


The Beachcomber aesthetic is the foundation of Polynesian Pop. Put that together with

Tag us! Use hashtag“#TikiO”


Cargo Cults, Trader style, and Caribbean Seas pirates and you are ready to set sail for a weekend of island fun.


For our fourth year we took the theme one step beyond Modern Primitives by going futuristic! The combination of Futurism Primitivism and Outer Space costumes made for great fun and incongruous scenes around the tropics hotel.


The tropics motel was a sea of tropical shirts and dresses during the day and upscale evening wear at night as Sophisticated Savages imbibed and indulged at the newly remodeled Reef Bar.


The summer heat of Palm Springs inspired the theme of “the oasis” which was the tropics motel at night when guests could come to life and put on their finest Aloha Wear and join the party. Artist Derek Yaniger provided the poster art which became the Tiki Oasis look.


Modern Primitive festival was the theme for the first three Tiki Oasis and basically it still is: Friday night is Aloha Wear casual, Saturday night is semi-formal, upscale Tiki fashion. Founded by Pete Morruzzi and conceived and named by Sven Kirsten, Tiki Oasis’ beginnings were humble - we didn’t even sell out the 88 room hotel! Postcard collage art by Sven.

g n i n g i s k o Bo

Bosko Big Toe a.k.a. Tom Laura CJ Cook Saturday, July 31 Mark Jonathan Davis 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Martin Lindsay Location: David Marley Marketplace Center Square John Mulder (Golden State Ballroom) Adam Rains 114

Thank You

We sincerely thank everyone involved in the Tiki Oasis event: the artists, bands, disc jockeys, seminar educators, sponsors, marketplace crafters, artists and traders, mixologists, go go dancers, volunteers, video and photographers and of course The Town and Country Resort. High Fives to our amazing staff (listed below) that spent many weeks working at lightning speed to make sure you all are having a great experience this weekend. Lastly we give gratitude to our sons Vander and Dashiell for inspiring us to keep creating and producing events. Otto & Baby Doe von Stroheim Tiki Oasis Producers

Abel Garcia........................................Burlesque Adrienne Karin.............................. Registration Albertine Feurer............................Photography Alexis Burris..................................Suite Soiree Betsy Huntingdon ...............................Seminar Bob the Soundman...................................Stage BossaNova Life............................. Videography Burnie Gipson.............Volunteers & Community Casey Jones..................................Marketplace Charlie Lee.......................................Operations Chloe Drane.................................................. HQ Chris & Karen Garland....................Room Crawl Chris Ledford................................................ HQ Christi Crowe................................ Sponsorship Christina Palomo........Volunteers & Community Cobain......................................................Decor David Egan...............................................Stage David Yeh......................................Photography Dottie Deville.................................Suite Soiree Drew Cornelison...............................Operations Eileen Baranosky......................................... HQ

Eric Musick...................................Social Media Eric Reedy................................................Stage Eric Yelsa......................................Merchandise Erin Behrenhausen................... Website Design Gefrom Productions...................... Videography Greg D’Anna................................. Punch Bunch Jason Weckerly............................................ HQ Jenny Davis.................................. Punch Bunch Jim Giddings.....................................Operations Jim Knell.................................Beauty & Pin-Up Jim Ludlow................................................... HQ Jocelyn Sia................................................... HQ Jufry Douglas.......................................Security Julie Dougherty..........................Special Events Julie Kaufman.................................... Seminars Kira Cornelison................................Operations Laura Jane Willcock ................................Stage Lee Joseph.................................................... PR Levana Waiche.................................Hospitality Lola Demure...........................................Beauty Lori D’Anna................................... Punch Bunch

Lynn Leslie.......................................Hospitality Martini Bombshell.............................Burlesque Matt Ferrill ................................... Registration Matt Reese...............................................Decor Melissa McLane ...........................Merchandise Melyssa Gonzalez.........................Photography Nevada.....................................................Stage Nicole Kolebear.............................Marketplace Nik Molitor.................................Special Events Patty Malesh................................ Sponsorship Rob Roy....................................................... HQ Scott Harrison.............................................. HQ Scott Saw................................Beauty & Pin-Up SEAS Productions.....................................Stage Slicky & Monika............................Photography Sonia Clerc....................................Social Media Thomas Regalado..........................Marketplace Tiki Lee Scott................................................AV Tim House-Nunez.......................Special Events Trish Tilly...................................Special Events Vania Zamora....................................Burlesque Vaxon ........................................... Videography

The Core Values of Tiki Oasis

• Tiki Oasis is a family-run small business. Our core values are a reflection of who we are. • Tiki Oasis promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion; we empower marginalized groups and encourage social justice through dialogue and action. • Tiki Oasis promotes education and the sharing of ideas and knowledge; we believe in historic preservation of American Pop Culture through the lens of modern day values. • Tiki Oasis promotes sustainable practices with a deep commitment to conservation and positive choices that support the health of our planet. • Tiki Oasis recognizes and respects the indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of the land. Specifically, we recognize the Kumeyaay people whose ancestral homeland Town and Country Resort currently occupies. • We extend our respect and gratitude to the indigenous people who have lived on and cared for this land. • As the original caretakers and conservationists, we honor their continued legacy of understanding, caretaking, and upholding the pillars of biodiversity.


o t x e d In

s r e s i t r e v d A Anchor Brewing Company. . . . . . 23 Bamboo Club Long Beach . . . . . . 29 Better Rhodes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Bob Deck - Palm Springs Realtor.48 Big Toe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 Burlesque Hall of Fame. . . . . . . . 35 Copalli Rum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Catnip Vintage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Cocktail Garnish Co.. . . . . . . . . . 30 Cutwater Spirits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Deadhead Rum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Doc Parks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Don Papa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Don Q Rum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Double Down Saloon Las Vegas/NYC . . . . . . 17 Film Noir Foundation. . . . . . . . . . 86 FLAG Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 Fonts in Paradise . . . . . . . . . . . . 90

Frankie’s Cocktail Bar Oceanside. 21 Frankie’s Tiki Room Las Vegas . . 75 Fruit Smash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Grider Co.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Hawaiian Import Gift. . . . . . . . . . 101 Jeff Granito. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Johnnie Velour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Kahuna Tiki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Kleos Mastiha Spirits. . . . . . . . . 108 Kuleana Rum Works. . . . . . . . . . 27 Kupu Spirits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Lace Music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Leeteg: Babes, Bars, Beaches, and Black Velvet Art Book. . 88 Licor 43. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Liquid Alchemist. . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Lyre’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Maui Brewing Co.. . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Mcbiff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66

Mermaid Bar LA . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Montenegro Amaro. . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Oceanic Arts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Pintiki. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Pusser’s Rum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Reàl Cocktail Ingredients. . . . . . 108 Richard Cheese. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Rockin’ Bettie + Glam Factory. . . . 31 Sapporo Beer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Sarong Social Club . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Select Apertivo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 SHAG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Steady Clothing, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . 98 Surfside Sips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Tales of Blood Island. . . . . . . . . . 94 Tanduay Rum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Tee-ki Togs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 The Domestic Tiki + Tiki Siren. . . 105 The Girl Can’t Help It!. . . . . . . . . 38

The Golden Tiki. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 The Grass Skirt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Thor Stor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Tiki Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-61 Tiki Tom’s. . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Tiki tOny. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 Tikiland Trading Co. . . . . . . . . . . 109 Tonga Hut. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Towanda Tikis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83 Trader Mort’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 Trader Vic’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Travelmation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Viva Las Vegas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118 Vivien of Holloway. . . . . . . . . . . 113 Vulfie’s Lost Safari. . . . . . . . . . . 20 Walt Disney Family Museum. . . . 62 Zaya Rum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102



The original Royal Navy rum - one of the most historic and traditional rums still available today. The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural no artificial flavouring or colouring is added.


• 2-4 ounces Pusser’s Rum • 4 ounces pineapple juice • 1 ounce orange juice • 1 ounce cream of coconut • Freshly grated nutmeg



Add liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a big glass or goblet filled with ice. Grate fresh nutmeg on top. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry. Be careful–this is a smooth and sneaky drink. Enjoy!





Viva Las Vegas

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