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Personalia Behaalde opleidingen en cursussen 2006-2011

HAVO diploma

at RSG Tromp Meesters


First aid diploma

at Wolvega

Currently 3rd year student at IPo Windesheim in Zwolle.

Werkervaring 2011-heden


Otto van Toorn Student Industrial Product Design At windesheim Zwolle Adress: Dalcamp 1 zip code: 8381DA Vledder Tel: 06-22538760 Email: Birth date: 16 april 1994 In




Language: Dutch, English

Waiter Herberg de Wilde Hof in Vledder

2009-heden ICT aid maintainance of computers, softwareproblems, teaching to get along with everyday programs 2013-2014

20 weeks internship at Goliath games in Hattem

Programmavaardigheden Solid works Advanced Photoshop


Illustrator well Word Well Indesign Well

<< Design a product to organise your desk >>

HEMA contest 2013

Cable label Easy to recognise because of the use of archetypes Easy to attach to a cable thanks to a clamp A free to fill in label Can be easily injection molded

These cable labels are made to organise cables neatly and fun. In the package are 7 different labels. The production cost of the cable label is 50 euro cent.

Cable label (2)

<< Design a product which can be sold in a home depot made from paperfoam >>

2nd year group project

Paperfoam spaceship Fun for a child to learn how to work with tools. Easy to glue together. Only a drop of water is needed Easy to injection mold When lost it will desintegrate. This means that it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bad for the enviroment when a child loses the spaceship.

This is a spaceship made from paperfoam. The spaceship contains preformed parts and a paperfoam plate. The paperfoam plate has to be sawed.


<< Design a serious game to teach designers about biomimicry >>

Project from 3rd year

Freedesign Looses up your mind Fun To play because of the crazy and weird ideaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great creative thinking training Good presenting practice

Free design is a game in which the players have to come up with a idea by combineing catagory cards which are given. The better a catagory is integrated the higher the score will be.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Designing a product without meaning is a waste of timeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

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Preview portfolio otto van toorn  
Preview portfolio otto van toorn  

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