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N o. 31.

JUNE 7, 1927.

-Seventy-First Annual Commencement Comes Wednesday June 15 VOL. 10.

''As You Like It" to be Put On By Senior Class



Library Makes Record Mi Tirza B-arnes, head librarian, alnn owice that the largest number of )oo k 111 · t h e I11story · of the li•brary IN FRONT OF SCIENCE HALL ever taken out at one time, were taken ut of the library over the M emo rial Kathryn Steinmetz and G. H . McCon­ 0 ay holiday. aughy To Have Leading Roles. Now Reh earsing. .-\ total of one hundred and forty­ Scven books were taken out oi1 Fri­ The enior Play, '·A You Like It", day evening. Of this numb er one which i cheduled for 8:00 p. m. hundred a.ii d even were taken ' from Tue day, June 14 1 promi e to be the th e re erve shell mo •t elaborate dramatic production - - - - 0 C-- - ­ put on by a gradua ing ,cla for a ANNUAL GREEK PRIZES number of year . Tbe enior under ARE AWARDED THURSDAY the direction of Prof. Le ter Raines ,Dr. Sanders Makes Presentations. are paring no pains to make tbe affair a great ucc s . J"he play will be Foundation is Gift of Dr. taged before the main entrance of Lawrence Keister. ~fcFaclden cie11ce Hall. Redpath , rd d l hautauqua tent has been cured to . aru1ua1 clistribubon of torn1 .: m a , j:jetof-c the · age, and 1,reek prizes in chapel last Thursda)' the audience will be accommodated on Dr. T. J . and er made the I bleacher.. Iii r ek Prize Foundation, Rehearsal- are well under ,\'ay and ~~~te_d by Dcao .::-; E. Cometet is the I official photographs of important rl· 01 Dr. La\\"rence Kei ter of cot- I rricmhcrs of the ca -t 111 the co-tumc · of Pa. , ,:::untinued On Page i:,:'


D r. Graves H as Many D egrees and Is Now President of New York State Un iversity. Plan are rapidly being formed for the eventy-Fir t nnual Commencement exerci ses whic·h will take place. at 10:00 o'clock Wednesday 111orn111g. June 15, in the First nited Brethren Church. Frank Pierrepont Grave , Ph. D., LL. D ., Commi ioner of Education for the state of ew York and Pre~ident of the Univer ity of th.e State o f New York wi ll be the peaker. _ Diploma will be awarded to approx­ imately one hundred enior . Thi i. the large t c.la that ha ever graduated from Otterbein since i foundation in 1_847. Tbe r eem t be ome qur. · !-011 :·' .r t th~ pos5ibili y of ~om, t the Seniors g-racluating .o that a d ,fi. ,_1i tc stat 111rnt can 11ot be made regard­ ing the exact number to re ceive the coveted sheepskin June I5. Baccalaureate June 12 The Baccalaureal erm 11 will 1,c preach d by Rev. 1Villia111 E.• chell. lh general ec r lary of the Board of Educati 11 of th, nitccl Brethre11 Church. 1mday mornin June 12. ' unday njght Profe · ·or J. R. chu ✓, f ·prth M.anche ter ollegc, Man­ ter, ndiana. will be the speaker al join ann(ver ary of the Christia11 ciations.


· t \ car Gre k la Prize f I h e r·,r. - - -- 0 C IO. wa, awarded to Edwin Shawen I ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY i,·hos · . · e le · t grade wa LOO. R cogrnSERVICES HEL D MAY 31 1101] Jlr·· f . rze~ o $2 each for thos makmg a grade of 95 or more} were awarded Rov Burkhart delivered th e fir t 10 th e ioll wing people: Myrlie \ Vy- 1;i.cldr; s 0 11 the anuual M"emorial Day song. William Ritche,· Ellward aJd- rirogralll . lay 31. R bertXnight gave ~' ell ._ Zoe Switz r, -;(arian arnes, I a tribute to the. panish-.'\ 111 e.rkan War DR. FRA. "K 'PlERP 1',;T G ,,1arra 11 J ne, France M,Cow n, Roy \ "ctc rans··. Pro fessor T ro.op. "A ,.Trib . _ Dr. Frank I rerp ont Grave wJll be Has Several Degrees ult: t the \\' oriel \ ar \ · eterans and 1~~rkhart. fh c la,; Prize iu econd Year Lillian hiv ely. "A Tribute t the For- I the co1111J1e11ce111ent peaker at the cvThcr can be littJe doubt tha the Greck . · - ·· . ·r 111s · pa r t of the en y- fi r -t anrrua I commel}cemen t exer- college could carcely have ecurecl a . · 10 . wa won by udra Ker. er, c.ign it,• sronarrcs w,_ib Lewi . Free receiving second rograrn wa, given in the chapel. ci.cs l be held in the t.:"nited Breth- more capable 111an to del iver the comI Prrz e $5, and Waldo Keck third prize l'rnrn thence the aud ience proceed- ren hurch June is. Dr. Graves i 111e11 ccJ.11e11t address. Dr. Graves sc­ , .!. eel w the campus wf1ere v\layne Harsha the l re idcnt of the tate -ured hi A. B., .-\. M ., and Ph . D . at olu111bia ' niver it ' a11d since that l'rize · for the Greek omposition delivered a •·Tribute to the Civil \Var of~ ·w York. f 11· h ·reatl1 wa 1he111e (Contin ued on page fo ur. ) \\ ere awarded a follow : Ed- \ 'etera11s· ·. a tcr w rc a " Con inucd On Page Seven). placed 011 the memorial to the ivil _ To Have ~ible . School. _ - -0 C- - - \\·ar Vete ran,;. The Flag was then l·ur the first t1111e 111 h r hr -tory. DORIS WETHERILL IS ~ rai~ed to half mast and tap w re \\'esterville. will have a vac~tion Bible TO HEAD DORM BOARD JUPI'IER PLUVIU S ,ou rrcl ecl as the last act of lhe program . • ch ol for the boys and grrl of the AND OLD SOL STAGE -- 0 c - to,111. Thi scho I is being spon orDESPERATE STRU GGLE Sibyls Come Out eel by the \ Vcsterville ouncil of ReElection f r the ochran H The Sibyl will rnake it · appear- ligious Education of which Profe sor I Board for next year were held last 1927 ..;;;--. ~ ., ance t da_,. or tomorrow, Editor Rob - E. M. Hursh i pre ident. Tue clay night, th 24th f M •· 1 o 01 I 'J"h h I ·11 . f av "rl i c J upit r Pluvius. in addition to ert Knight an n unces after a recent e ,-c oo "'. :o_ntrnu e rom ?-.f on - the following re , ult -: Pre id ent." Dori~ cau ing th farmer~ of hio a lot o f in en·iew with the printer . No defi- day. June 6 untrl ~ -ri ay. \,\ "etheril\ vice pr: ident, Thelma ~:·,olrry abqu getting in th ei r crop~. hy nite tinre can be stated. :-;otice will he Hook. ccr tary, l·rance e rgc: - - - 1>111ir I II t" hoard at the Ed 1" St ud ent Council P r esiden t Installed tre i, '"'. over his little ~prinkling can, po,ted 011 the >U e 11 ' a,urcr, "'. na racy: fire chief. far th a tau. rng the .\ clvancecl T heo r y cla s earlic~t possible time. Th ind uction ceremony of ~ pre. i- ian Hollen: street committee, Devona if ot f tr ublc. They are wondering The book will be distr ibuted from clent-': lect of the . tud:r~t 01111c1 l._Ern- Lehman , Jo ·ephine -toner, Elizabeth ln there ·ver will be enough nice clan the Sihrl oflice in La111bert Hall. Busi- est R,egcl. \\a~ held Friday morn111g in Lee: errior reprcscntati e. Milclrerl co111p! le lhe ecr ation Hall tourn.a- rrt:"" ;,.ianager Earne t Rei_gle urge. ch~pel. l'tc~ry Laukhuff, t_he pr~ cnt j \\'ii on, junior representative, Dorothy that t:,·cn· jin,.on bring their recerpb chref cxecutl\"e of the c..ou11c1l admrnis -, Phillips; oph mor rep re. entativ; 11 1c111. Sn far nly t\\O te:111.1. ha,·_e play,;:d. j and back-pa) nrcnt when getting their etcd t~1_e _a(h ~ffi e, and con luctcd Doro t hy \ Vain wright; hou e proctor'. ( on i11uetl n Page ,x.) n>py. ....,,,,.;;,.a.,=:, t ,c " ,re rn~ta at1 n. llcl e11 May. 0






nc - - -

0 0




Pagt! Two



PLANNING TO RAISE $7,500 ON OTTERBEIN DAY, FRIDAY (!' ) - - - - - - -- -- - -- -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

loyal _supporters of OtterWESTERVILLE.t.t BUSINESS \ op~ration. belll ma111fest ·this week. MEN ARE ORGANIZED The Columbus Otterbein \\' omen's


Club sent in their check for $500, in I s F irst Otterbein Student To Grad­ uate In Both Piano and a,d dition to their former gift, last Sat­ STILL NEED $20,000 Voice at Same Time. urday. Victory Commencement is the war cry for this week. In an interColumbus O tterbein Women's Club view aturday, the president expres ed · Miss Celia Johnson , assisted by the hop e that the goal would be reach- Miss Mildred \,ViJson, appeared in the Sends In An Additional ed, although he sta~ed that there would second _gradua:t in g Pi•a noforte and Vo­ Gift of $500. have to be some real work done in- 1· cal R e_cital of th_e yea r at Lambert Hall 'l'hc . terim if this fond hope is t,o be realized. on Friday evening, May 27. 1 C hamber of Com m erce 15 Pan----0 C---Opening with Beethoven's Sonata, ni1'.g to s·ponser a drive to rai se $7500 MABEL EUBANKS RENDERS , Op. 49, No. 1 the program continued Friday, June JO, among the bus111ess GRADUATING RECITAL \\'1th a variety of selectio ns from both men of the village and those people of ____ voice and piano. Large baskets of the town who are interested in the colHaving completed four years of roses and boxes of ferns decorated the lege. The Westerville Business Men's st udy, Miss Mabel Eubanks cla s of st age. Miss John so n was lovely in a Association has organ ized to do their '27, appea r ed in the fourth graduat'ing georgette gown of pale blue trimmed recital of the season last evening, at wi th lace, against which he wore a 8: 15 o'clock in Lam'bert Hall. corsage of pink roses. Ave Marie, adaption of '' lnterm ezzo"' OTTERBEIN DAY SOL­ During her college life Miss Eu­ ICITORS MEET TONIGHT bank has been most popular as a solo­ from ··Cavalleria Ru sticana" 1by Me s­ ist, chorister, and member of various cagni, was an e pecia lly well received There will be a meeting of all quart etes. Thus with more -than cas­ number. Miss J o hn so n holds the uni­ the solicitors who ar.e to assi t ual in•te rest her relative. and friends que distinction of being the first Ot­ terbein student to ever graduate in in the Otterbein Day drive next assembled to hear her. both piano and voice. Friday, at the Methodist Church (a) Per la Gloria d'adoravi ---- 0 C---tonight. Ever y so licito r is urg­ Bononcini FIFTEEN MEN TO GO ed to be present. (h) Villanella Sibella


part 111 the drive . The drive will be called Otterbein Day. According to an announcement by Pre ident Clippinger la t Saturday evening ther e yet rema in ed approxi­ mately 20,000 to be collected before th c9mplete g rant by the R ock efeller Board can be claimed. Wh et her or not this amo unt i rai ed ,b,y com­ mencement time depend upon the co-

Kibler Clothes



- -- - 0 C - - - Esarnes Heads A thletic Boarci.

As a result of the electio n held 111 chapel last Friday m o rning 1\ . 0. Barnes was chosen president of the Athletic Board. Quentin Kintigh is vice-pre iden,t, Viola Peden secretary a nd Charles Mumma will be the treas­ urer. The la y members are: Marian Dew, Margaret D uerr, Robert Erisman T O LAKE GENEVA THURS. and Henry Gallagher.

Air of Salome Ma enet (From Herodiade) (a) Er ist gekom men Franz (b) Als die Atte Mutter . Dvorak (c) tandehen Braham (a) The r ile Leroux Cello Obligato, A. R. Spessard (b) -Ave Maria chub er t (a) Dan Cupid Man-Zucia (b) ometimes Wa lthe r Spro (c) Let All My Life Be M u ic P r ofe sor A. R. pe a rd and Miss Mildred Wil on a si ted on the cello and piano respectively.

The li st of men who a r e go ing to Lake Geneva this year has now r eac h­ ed fifteen. According to present plans Profes o r s E. M. Hu r sh, and H . \ V. Troop, Wa ldo Keck , Lawrence Marsh, K. T. La i, Lloyd Schear, Robert Er is­ man , James B ri g ht, Howard Min ni ch, Ernest Reigel, A. 0. 'Barnes, David A ll aman, Quent in Kintigh, Ph illi p Cha rle s a nd Louis No rri . Most of th ese men will drive up to Geneva in car s furnished by Professo r Hursh and 'Erny'' Reigel. They w ill leave Thu r day morning in order to - - - - 0 C---­ get to the camp in time fo r the open­ F ORMER GRADUATE AND ing ses ion Frid ay night. The Co n fer­ PROFESSOR GET DEGREES ence will ex tend from J un e 10 to 20 inclusive. I E. P. Durrant, a graduate and form ­ er profe or at Otterbein will r eceive a doctor of ph il o ophy degree at Ohio ■ 111■1111 ■11'1■ 11!1■11· 1■11' 1■111■111■111■ .l l■ ll■lll■il'l■lll■,11■11 1■11 1■11 1■11 1■111■11 1■11 1■ 111■11·1■11 1■11 1■


For your patronage

this year and invite you back next fall.



Most /or your Money

The gir ls now major in g in t he H nme Econom ics Department have o rganized into a Horne Economics Club. At a recent election and o rgan izat ional meeting M iss A lice B lume was elec ted p r es ident of the club. Mi ss Ruby Em­ erick was e lect ed vice-president. Ruth Trevorro\\· and Helen Cover were elected treas ur er and sec retar y respec­ t ive ly. Friday afternoon the club \\'ill hold a tea for the lad y members of th e facult>· a nd th e wife of the m en fa cult y mem­ bers. in the H ome Economics depart­ ment.

Jun e 14 , at the

ame t ime his


::~e ~:~!:e.Ray Durant receives the .=_ Mr. D urrant, enior, recently received appointmen t to the medical r eear ch taff o f Harvard Unive r ity. Beginning thi umm er at a laboratory _;now being built at Wood 's Hole, Ma ., near Bo ton . he will do resear ch work in endocrinology under the McCormick F und fo r that purpose. i__ Both the father and son have been memb rs of the faculty at O hi o State

! !


and both peciali ze in the ame fie ld, phy iology. - -- O C - - Faculty Outlaws Paddling. La t Tue day afternoon at the meet­ ing o f the Facu lty a mea ure was pas eel prohibiting padd lin g. Any pe r on or group of per on found g uil ty of padd lin g in connection with chool or tuclent activitie will be ubject to di _ cipline by the faculty. su pension from chool includ ed.

! I


At This T1·me--

.=. -


We want to extend to all the stud f Q b · _en~s O tter e1n College, our appreciat10n_ for the business you have given us dun th h 1 · ng e SC OJ) year JUSt ending. We thank you for your cooperation. and ~ish you a very pleasant summe; vacation.


I i j

i i i i

! !


iWILLIAIDS i i lCE CREAm Co. i ! I ■ 1 1■ 1 1 ■11 1■ 1 1■ 1 1 ■11 1■ 1 ■ 1 1■ '1■ II■,II■ 11■ 111■ ll■1ll■:ll■111■11 l■lll■ll l■li'l■lll■ ll1I■ II■ II■I ·








TIii Swatters Make

Four Triples and Capital One Home Run. Runs Unearned.

A. D


R. 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0


Otterbein scored twe lve points in the annual Big Six field and track me et held at Cincinnati on May 27 and 28. Ca ptain Pinn ey was Otterbein's chief point ga-r herer, scori ng seco nd in th e ; broad jump and ti ed for third in ,the , hi gh jump for a total of si x point s. The othe r points were made by Smith, w h o p laced third in -the b roa d j u mp, a nd Yl o lter's third place in the mile run . The m en who placed received m eda ls in to ken of their prowess. 1 ;\ foltcr unofficially ,broke the O t ter­ bein m ile record. The time fo r t hi s eve nt was ➔ min . 23 sec. and Molter was o nly about se venty yards be hind the winner.

Other men carried to the Big S ix w ere Erisman, McGill, E . Riege l, Van Auken and \,Vales. - - - 0 \. - - ­ Glee Club Holds Election. :\ta r ece nt m ee t ing of th e G lee lu b th e following officers wer e elected: ! 'resident. G. \ \' . Rohrer, J r. ; Sec re­ tary -Treas urer. Home r Hoffman . Fe r­ ron Troxe l was elected manage r fo r 1927- 1928.

---- 0 C---

H. 1 1

Lo u ie ·w. orris, president of the local Y Association, has bee n elected as o ne o f t \\'O stud ent rep rese nt atives fro 111 O h io to th e Nat io na l St ude nt Co un c il o f th e Y . M. C. A.

1 2




F;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; WE WISH



OUR MOST SINCERE THANKS To all, especially to the gradu­

ating class to whom I sincerely wiah great success and a happy future.


1 J

DAN CROCE 27 W. MAIN ST. Westerville, 0 .

I n t he horseshoe , tourname nt t he fans have bee n eated to som e fin e pitch in g. In the fi rst ro und : Gibson defeated Wi dd oes, 21-4, 21-5. eitz be ted B uell, 15-2 1, 21-7, 21-0. Debolt defeated Baker, l t-2·1, 21-7, 21- 14. Hampshi re beat B ri g ht, 21- 13, 9-2 1, 21-8. M raz defea ted J o rda k, 21- 19, 2 1-11. The econd ro und : Seitz defeated Debolt , 2 1-12, 16-2 1, 2 1-7. Van Auken t r immed Hampshire, 2 1-9, 16-2 1, 2 1-12. Semi-fi na l r ound : Seitz wa r ped Gibso n, 21-3, 21-7. M raz defeated VanA uken, 21- 15, 12-2 1, 2 1-14. Se itz w ill mee t Mraz fo r t he cham ­ p ions h ip. Seitz is a heavy favori te.

Order Your


8'tnttontry From ~

1.Surkryr Jrtnting Qlompnny


■ C.OA<!'.H OITMER... M erlin A. Ditm e r a graduate of Ot- i

Error - lawita 2 Mix, H ax 2, terbein wit h t h e class of 19 10 wi ll Euverard. Three Base Hi t - Ri egel, C lin e, coac h at Miami next fa ll. Mr. Ditmer ha s been coa•ch at Ot·tenbein for the Beucler, Euverard. last se ven yea•r s, coaching all four Home Run-Bernlohr. spor t d urin g t hi s time with the exDoubl e P lay-Bernlohr to H ax. ception of basket ball during the last Struck Out- Beucler I, B ernl o h r 2. tolen Ba e -Yo ung, M :x 2, Ra r­ -three seasons. Hit By Pi,tch er-Beu cler 2.

Seitz Leads in the Fina.ls of Annual Horse Shoe Tourney

■11 l■•l l ■tl· l■l ll■l lll■ ll'l■ ll' l■ll 1 1■11 1 1■11 1 1■1lll■llll■llll■ll ll■ll'l■llll ■ll :J■llll ■llll ■llll ■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■IIII■

1 0 0 0 8


T ime of 4 Min. 35 Sec.


Page Three

M olter Unoffi cially Breaks College R ecord In Mile Run With

of the Otterbein-Capital game M ay 24 becau e Otterbein had mad e so m a ny trrors that the scor e was t ied a t fi ve all. Capital earn cl o ne r un ; Otter­ bein's liberal policy gave t h em t h ei r other four. In the la t innin g Rarick wa lked a nd 1ole ,;ccond. Strobel in g led . The next two 111en were o ut and Mi x hit to Euverard who dropped th e ball all ow­ ing Rarick and rob I to sco r e. M ix tole second and scor d whil e H ax's grounder wa being furn'b led. In the second Riegel placed a de­ lightful triple in th e verdan t trees in deep ldt and scored o n a n infi e ld o u t. , Otterbein ' fo ur th innin g w ill b e long remembered. Sla wi ta wa lked a n d Riegel ingled. Rarick ou t in ri g h t got hi daily exerci ses a t thi t im e as h e cha ed trip les by Clin e a nd B e ucl er. Young's ingle mad t he core Otte r ­ bein 5 to Capital' s 3. In the fifth Mix scored o n tw o er­ rors. Jn the eventh B ernlohr hi t a mighty home run into Alum Creek which tied the sco re. Rain topped lh gam e in th e n in t h with one out.

AB. Schott, 2b. ................ ......... 4 Euverard, H. ........................ 4 Slawita, . .......................... 3 Riegel, cf. ............................ 4 Beucler, p.......................·-··- 4 Cline, rf. .............................. 4 Young, c. .........................-. 3 Borror, Ib. .... ........................ 3 Jame , 3b. ............................ 2 Bro k, 3b.......... .................. O



The cloud wept in the nin1h inn ing



AB. CAPIT AL Rarick, rf. ............................ 3 ! Strob e l, If. ............................ 3 Schnie1·, 3b............... ............ 3 Bern lohr. p . ........................ 4 Mix, c................................... 3 'vVi llman, cf......................... 3 Hax, lb .. ..... .. ......... ... .........~ .. 0 Sc hul z, 2b . ............................ 4 Nieman, ss ........................... 3 26

U mpire-Eisels•tein.


1 1 0

I 2


H. 1 1

I ! ! I This year- be£ore you go home purchase an ! Otterbein Pennant, Pillow or Table Runner. ! Just keep this in mind and be£ore you leave ! buy one. ! !

! ~ ! 0 0 1

! !

! !

0 0








! ! !



Leather or Cloth, Seal, Cardinal Background




Pennants as low as S0c and up to $2.75 TABLE RUNNERS







1.75 to $2.75

i i

! i i


1 1

! !

! ! ! ! i

Ii I

! ! !


OC - ■ High Students Visit Campus E T we n ty - five high s•c h ool st ud ents ot W ill ard, Ohio, visited •the camp u s last \Vedne sday morn in g . Accompanying t h em were Rev. Penrose R edd a nd 493 -J. PHONE 18 N . STATE ST. M iss L o is Clark, high school instru c■ ■lll l■ll i l■llll■lll l■llll■llll■llll■llll■ll ' l■ll'l■llil■llll■llll■llll■llll■lill■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■llll■ I III■ tor.

I The University Book Store ! •



P ag e Four



ava ilable abo ut foo tbal l. A campu s debat e can s~ld o m fill a university auditorium, and a story wri.tten about a P ublished Every Tuesday Morning in the Interest of forensic activity is of interest to •only a O T TERBEI N CO LLEG E s mall group o f student s, a nd the space given for such a n affair ha s to be given September 25, 1917, at the post­ Address all communications to the in refe rence to its g eneral int ere s t. office at Westenille, Oh io, un ­ Tan and Cardinal, Lambert H all, der act of March 3, 1879. 103 W est Collea:e Avenue, Wester ­ It is tru e tnat a newspaper could t ry Accepta nce for malling a t special ville, Ohio. rate of postage provided for i n to crea,te an interes t in scholasti c ac­ Subscription Price, $2.00 a Year, Section 1103, Act of Oct. 3, 1917, P ayable in Advance. t ivit ies such as de ba ting, but when it authorized April 7, 1919. Entered as second class matter is pro ved tha t the campaign has be­ co me usel ess, the paper should turn STAFF again to a,thl etics where the public's int eres t lies. Th e deibaters will still find their activity written up in a con­ se rvat ive way on th e front page of th e cam pus da ily.-Stan fo rd Dally.

IDqr IDan an~ <!lar~inal

P i Kap pa De lta Reporte r ······•····························· ·· ·············· ···· Esther Williamson General l~eporters Hu mphrey Bard Mary Thomas Claude Zimmerman Marcella Henry Lillian Shively Gladys Dickey Charles E. S hawen Thelma Hook Kenneth Echard Lucy Hanna Al Mayer _ __ _ Phillip Charl_c_s_ _ _ _ _ _ _

BUSINESS MANAGER ................................. .................. ROSS C. MILLER, '28 Assistants L orin Surface

David Allaman

Herbert Holmes

SPORTS EDITOR ..................................................... . H AROLD BLACKBURN Assistants E ll is B. Hatton i[arold Young

Ar thur H . German Sam Kaufman

Parker Heck Girl ' Athletic . Editor ...... .......................... ......................... ....... Evelyn Edwards


CIRCULATION MANAGER Assistants Kather ine Myer Helen Ewry

Marga ret Duerr E lma Ha rter Margaret Edgington

PUBLICATION BOARD President .......................................................................... ................ G. H . McConaug hy Vice-Presiden t ··········-···························· .............................................. J. ecl y Boyer Secretary ........................................................................................ Laura E. W hetstone F a culty M embers ··········- ················ Dean . E . Cornetet, D r . Sarah M. S herrick Studen t M embers-A. 0. Barnes, Ru th H ursh, M abel Eub anks, Al ice Blume Craig W ales.


" If you wish info r mation and 1m­ prove m ent fr om the k now ledge o t ot hers, and yet at the same ti m e ex• pr e yourself a firmly fixed in yom present opi nions, modest, sen ible men, who do not love di putation will prob• ably leave you un<li :tur'bed in the pos· e sion of you r error."-Benjami1. Fran klin.



Fate hold the key to the g lorie of victory fo r Otterbein College. W ill h give that key to u or not? W ill the la t 20,000 be rai ed in time to call thi Commencement, ictory Com­ mencementi The an wer in part lie in the hand f the tudent body. There i no bet­ l r adve r ti eme nt fo r a chool than th e tud nt b dy. ff the t uden t body suppor t the drive ho m uch more are ther peop l who a r 11ot o clo ely onnected wit h th coll ege going to ooperate i11 windfog up the drive in a g lorious fashion? om of u have given to the Endowm nt F und ou r­ elve , even thoug h it may n_ot have been a very la rge ubscri.ption , but it ounted a little. Ar we going to a l­ low th drive to fa ll hort by on ly a v ry few thou ·and do ll an when we might have encouraged some one else to give to our alma mater?

Tt may hurt a little to give omc our­ selves or it may take time that we need very badly to solicit the aid of omeone who might be ab le to raise the fund a little nearer the goal, b ut let' do ou r part even if it hu r ts.

Inquiries have been coming to us concerning the rea on for the r emoval of ce rtain editorial comment fr om tht ewtoria1 column of the last issue. The r umo r that the aformentioned com ­ ment was order ed upprest •by th e ad­ mini tration, ha no fo undla tio n. T ,he rea on fo r the late i uance of the Ta n and Cardinal wa due enti rely to tht editorial taff.


ITS F ORM AL I N ITIATI ON Annual Breakfast Is To Be Held J une 13. Final Initiation Comes Friday. '

J 'i Kappa Delta held it s for111al i11 vitatio11 :\L av 25 in Phil o111athea11 Hall. The fo ll o win g people were initiated into th e Ohio Epsilon Chapter: Helen Gibson, ~athan Roberts, John Hudock, Mable P low­ man, Alice Prop st, Mar­ garet Kumler, Bruce La Porte, Robert Brom elcy. Margare t Duerr. and Virginia licholas. RIGHT FACE The annual election L o vers o f th e tru e and th e beautiful wa s th e cause of these " ·ill 'agre e with th e Boo kman in it s i11tere ting res ults. Rohsugges tion that. for ,the good of Amercrt Kn ight, President: 1can literature and increased ales, \1argaret D_uerrp, vice ce rtain authors forbid the di sse minapresident; Alice rop st , ti on o f their photographs. One can- co rr es ponding secretary; Robert Bromno t look a,t J osep·h Hergeshimer for el ey. secretary ; and trea surer. Virginia any length of t ime and still remain licholas, reporter. confident i n th e belief that he has t1.kThe annual breakfast June 13, will en tea with Corrine Griffith as many cap th e climax to a very interes ting times as he says he has. Christopher su cce ssful year. All Alumni. faculty Morley undoubtedly as a very kind and present active 111emebrship arc face but he does not aopear to be ~s I cordially invit ed to attend. whimsical as hi- publisher's blurb s T he final initiation will be held Friwould have led his read ers to believe. ! day evening after open session s i11 And, as the Bookm an poi n ts o ut, Will Philomathean Ha ll. The following Durant's goate e i a plendid goatee are to be initiated, Bernard Redman. a such but its insouciance littl e be- Theadore R eigel, Wendell Rh oad s. comes a best selling philosopher. K enneth Echard. J ea11 Bromeley. That Edna St. Vincent Millay doe s _ _ _ o c ___ not de stroy the illusion which her J UN I OR GI R LS ARE henchmen and Qarpweavers have creaBAS E BA LL CHAMPS ted i small compensation fo r the faot tha t Mr. Hencken resemble a well-fed Going through their schedul e unde­ lodge member. Colonel Lawrence's feat ed. the junior g irls baseball team profil e is ufficientl y romantic. Ring won the inter-class champion ship. In Lardner's face is tinged with the tra­ the gam es played since the la t edition di,tio11al gloom of the comedian, and of •the Tan and Cardinal , the winners Sherwood Anderson, fortunately, gives defeated both the Fres hmen and Soph­ an imp r ession not iucongruou with hi s omores. The first year girls succumb­ writing. But the e are exceptions. ed 26 to 9 while the score with the They . cannot counterbalance D. H . ophs wa s 22 to 18. In the only other Lawrence' beard nor Ford Maddox game played the sophomores beat the Ford' chin . And all the world r ,w Frosh 11 to 4. The eniors forfeited know that the a uthority on behavior­ to the Fireshmen when they fai led to i m in blonde i herself a jet b runette. appear for a cheduled game. -Harvard Crimson. 0

- - - - 0 C---­ SEVE NTY- F IRST ANN U A L


(Continued From Page One) . time he has been given honora r y de­ g rees by Heidelberg, Un ive rsity of Roche ter, Oberl in and Colgate. He ha been president of the niver itie of Wyoming and Wa hington and was a professor of hi to ry and WHAT TH E PUBLIC DEMANDS philo ophy of education and dean of the summer e ion at Ohio tate Uni"New paper give too m uch space to ver sity from Nie year 1907 to 1913. In college athlet ic and too little to more 1 92 5 he was decorated Knigh t Order impor tant college event ." the Dart- of Crown of Belgium. mouth college new paper complain . I s Author of Many Books. The Dartmouth overlook the fact He has written everal book orne that uch new is the type 1that the of which are the following : A Hi tory campu reader demand. Modern of Education in Modern Time • A new paper policy i to provide the pubtudent' Hi tory of Education, What lie with the new that ~t li ke , and it i Did J e us Teach? Besides •thi he has ;mother question altogether whether articles ,to ed ucationa l those torie are the type which i be t magazine ori educational problem . for the people. In 1920-24 he wa Editor of th e EduA football game draw a many a cational Review. 100,000 pectator., and it i the duty of Further ann o ttncctii eiit . · co ncern mg th e college new paper to give this Commencem ent will no do ubt be mad e large mas s of supporters all the news l in cha pel tom orro w morning.





44 N. State St.





Men 2. :30 8:00

The Alumni who helped the Country Clubbers enjoy the ir picnic were Clar­ ence Broadhead. Don Howard "Hin­ rloo" Bancroft. and Howard M~n ke.

10 :-15

L'George Hense lman of the Delco _1~ht Co.. Dayton. was a week-end vi itor of Count r y Clu b.

.\ :00 7 :30

" Paul Tho mp on visited his br ~ther. Tompy" over the holiday.

7:30 8:30 ]2 :00 1:00 3:00 6 :00

"Fat Poweii and Marion Drurv we re Country Club visitors Saturda~ evening and Sunday.

4- Ed.. Hammon, Emerson Horner, R. ' · Shipely. Ed Shawen , and Fred M ill ­ er spent the ho liday in Dayton . O liver : Pangler visited the home of his friend 111 Dayton ove r the week-end. Mer rill Pat r ick and Ca r roll Widdoe s were in town during this last week. _a rroll submitted to a blood t ransfu1011 fo r his 'brother Harry la t Friday. Late Saturday night Count r y Club held · roast an d . a sta g sess ·ion , wemer swinm,ing party at Robb in' Lake. Cook l-I o use gave a r ece ption for Harris. '23, at Dr. Stoughton's · riday ni g ht.

~~ 11

"Sarg" \l\' illet an in stru ctor at 0 . .. l '. and Ed Ne~e ll were vi itors thi 1·ee.k.a1

Cook Hau

La t week' Cook House vi itors \\'ere Ca rl Stair, of the St. Lo uis Y. M . ~-. A physical education department ; 1 [~ 1111 ewell, of Huntington W . Va. ; · ran cis Saul and John P r osser from • Yo ung, and "tlarri ·sb urg. p a .; Franklm An dy' ' Anderson of Waite High , To1 do. who brought along two high ..~~oo l f~llow , Hawke n and cott; . iadow Marshall brought with him il\fr. Beide l.



~!ffl ~etMIIP '

Page Five



Win All But O ne Doubles Match . L osers Wer e Champs of North­ western Conference.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9 P. M.-Op en session of Philalethean and Cleiorhetean Literary Societies. FRIDAY, JUNE 10 l' h ilophrunean Li terP. M.-Open sessio ns of P hil omathean and ary Societies. SATURDAY, JUNE 11 M. eni or Clas Day Exe r cises. .P. P. M.- R ecept ion by P r esident and Mrs. Clippinger to Senior Class, Cochran Ha ll. SUNDAY, JUNE 12 1\1.-Baccalaureat e Service. Preacher. RcY . \\' illia111 E. A. Schell, D. D. P. M . -\ ' es per Concert by School of 1\1 usic . M .- Jo int Anniversary of Chri sti an Assoc iation·. Speake r, l'. Professor J acob R . Schut z. A. M., · 1-1. MONDAY, JUNE 13 M. -Pi Kappa D elta Initiation and Breakfa t. A.M.-Theta A lpha Phi Alumni Initiation. ·con-An nual Banquet of Cleiorhe tea n Literary Society. P. M.- Meeting Board of Trustees. P. M .-E ight ieth Anniversar y Celebration. P. 1\1.- .\nnua l Banquets of Philomathean and Philophronean Literan· ·ocieties. P. M.-'-Sevent;•.. fif th A nnive rsary Pageant. Philalethean Literary

Bowling Green ormal tenni stars \\'er e downed by a 5-1 . co re in a ret urn ma tch here last Friday. Captai n Pil­ ki ngton. Lai, Sand ers and Bechtolt li\' ed up to expectations by easi ly de­ feating the · o rmaliti es. Lai and Pil­ kington eas il y set down their oppo n­ ents in the fir -t do ub les match, while ·anders and McConaughy lost a ha rd 1ought contest. Bechtolt fini shed hi s tennis ca ree r fo r Otterbe in by defeating Whal en to the tune of 6-2. 6-3. Rob y has com­ I pleted his tennis activities in the in1 terests of Otterbein. These two men \\'ill be sorely missed by next year· s sq uad . This match ended the tenni se~.so n. Otte rb ein won 6 and lost 3 of its matche thi s year. The Bowling Green victo r y was es­ pecia lly gratifying as the Normal School boys a re th e ch am pio ns of t he ~orthwe tern Ohio Inter-coll egiate Conference. A~ ye t no election for next yea r's cap ta in ha been held but one will no doubt be held withi;1 thr next few days.

ociety. 9:30 I'. M.-Philale t hean R eceptio n, Philaleth ean Society Hall. TUESDAY, JUNE 14


7 :30 8: 30 8 :30 9:00 12 :00 2 :30 ():00 8 ·00 .

A. M . -Varsit y "O'' Breakfast. M .- Qu iz and Quill Breakfa t. A. ~{ .-Chauce r Club Breakfa t. A. M. -Meeting Board of Tru tees. Noon-Alumni Anniversary and Banquet. P. ,[.- Ath letic Co nt ests and Rall y. P. M .-Class Reunion s and Dinner s. . ., P. M .-Senior Cla s l'lay, "As You Like lt. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15 M.- ·cventy-first Ann ual Com111e nce111 ent. Speaker. F rank 10:00 A. Pierrepont Graves, Ph. D .. LL. D .. Co111111 issioner of Edu­ cation for ' talc of New York and President of the Uni versity of tal e of ew York.

---0 C--Y. M. C. A. T O SPONSO R "BUDDY " MOVEMENT HERE The Y. ~1 . C. A. wi ll sponsor a "Buddy'' movement for the new Fre. h­ me n next year. Ho\\'ard Minni ch, chairman of the ervicc committee in t he Y cabinet. called a meeting of the men of the Sophomore and Junior 'I class~s after chapel la t Thur day

-===============7===============:==manager with a Redpath Chautauqua

morn 111g and took the nam e

of the

B chtolt, Doctor of J hilosophy and '.nen were willing to act in th capac~l aster of Men. 1ty of "'Buddy" to on e o r more Fresh-


Bob Erisman ,·i ited his home Fri- men next year. Dehaven vi ited with Jack day and Saturd ay at ew Lebanon. j If ~here arc men wh o were not at the Baker at his home in Columbu atur­ Mr. and Mrs. E. 1. Hursh and Mr. mectmg who will se r ve as a "Buddy',' day nigh t. From there they bummed an d ~frs. F. A . Hanawalt were gue l n~xt yea ~ to o m e Fre hman . they may to Earl' home in Dayton where they of Perry Laukhuff at unday dinner. g_i ·e th eir name to Mr. Minn ich . A circu la r lette r will no doubt be ent o ut r mained unday night. visited by his to t he pr e pective "Buddie " omc tim "Ted " Croy wa D ick D urst and Lar ry Hick ~ pent • · th it brother, D ewey, and lysis Wh itehead during t l,e umm er. exp 1am111g three day in pecial ornitholog1cal re­ dutie . Th e Annex lumni who atten ded search work at ugar Grove last week. o f T r otwood. unday. \~ei r annual picnic were J . B. Crabb , arl Mood y ,. urley" Wil on and ~111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111'-'= \Voward and Wa lter Car penter, P latt were iu ewar k F r id ay. a r clel l and Mearl Morey. Wi lbert Miley, G. Lincoln, ' 23 • • 1 L. Blau er wa back for a hort Bay, '23, P. David on, '26, J oe M ay,ne, V1 It. '25 F. Be nn tt, '25, H . Hetzelr, . ~6, J ake White i back to We terv ille to and ichol , '26 were Philota v1s1ttay. o r la t week. Al Mattoon ha gone to Portsmouth . C. H. Keller returned from I ona, Harold B lackburn has fini hed the .Pa., fo r the rche tra concert.



= = =

: 1'h.o tograph.r


me ter early to take a job a p roperty

M-0rton ti rm R aver and Whitehead vi ited thei_r home la t ,veek-end. C. Moody and Loui Free v1 ited i.11 _


So Long Fellows

Warren, O hio. orge Go hn, '- 6, a nd Ray xlin e , were. ba k wit h Lak ta aturday _ 23 ni ' h{ for th.e enior party.


See You Next




Bud urface and Emer u itz de cidcd to call it a tte and n ither one \\'en t honie ov. r (),e , ek-eud f r th fir t time in six weeks. The Platooi hilo ophical o iety of ut rnati Jial ch lar had it annual 1 graduation cerem ni e unday noon. .,. e. ,,,ere. a,varded _t !onnelh D 11i t h a Bacbc.lor of ct nee; L arry 1 Mill r. Bach Jor of Mu ic; Way~e Harsha, Master of J ournalis 01 ; Francis



= § = _

= -







= = = = = = = = = =



= = = = = = = = §


;lll Ill lllll II llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll II llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf-


~ge Six


THETA ALPHA PHI HOLDS INITIATION AT WESELEYAN, TUESDAY, MAY 31 The Ohio Zeta Chapter of Theta The local! !chapter will hold its first .-\lpha l'hi was ins·talled on Tuesday initiati on on Jun e 13 when se veral ac­ cvening, ~lay 31, at Ohio \V esleyan tive and a'lumni members will be initia­ L'niversity by the Ohio Alpha Chap- ted . Ernestine Nichols, Lillian Shiv­ ter. l'rofessor R. C. Hunter of Wes- ely, and Robert Bromeley have been 1 Icvon wh o is pro \'in ce dir ector o f the selected a s active members and KathC~ ntra l tat es presided a t ·h e cr rc leen \\"hite Dimne. \Vanda Gallagher, mony. Lester Mitchell, Henry 01 on, Mida Foli o\\ ing 1he in, tai la'. io1· ,a vi cc a Steele and Mildred Swab as alumni bati q ue t was held at th e S1gm.1 C:i i mem'ber . house. Pre ;<.ient Turn er of the \,\'es- ; Offi cer s for 1927-28 have been selec­ Pre ident, Fred A. leyan ·hapter was u1c toastma st er. tcd as follow s : Proiessor Bree se a,1d m ember,; of th e Wittenberg Chapter spoke at the 'ban- j quet. F. M. Bechtolt, President of the tterbein chapter re ponded for Otterbein. Those initiated as chapter member were: White: Vice-President. Verela E\·an , Franci ~1. Bechtolt, Jean Turner Se cretary-Treasurer, Ruth Asire, and Camp. Edward Hammou. Betty White, Corre ponding Secetay, Karl Kumler. Duane E. Harrold, .-\lice L. Propst, .\'1.r ·. Delphine Dunn , Dr. Sarah :'vi . electrician, and Martha Al paoh is 'herrick. Ti cket Manager. Other members of Other members initiated at the ame the production staff are Eve rett Boytime were Ruth Asire, Wil'burn Barg­ er. Ruth Asire, Alfred -Owens, and dill, Everett Boyer, Verda Evan , Wilburn Bargdill. Cost umes for the Henry Gallagher, Karl Kumler, Alfred play are !being made at Sullivans S tudio Owens , I sa,belle Ruehrmund, Boyd in Columbus, which will also provide Renni on and Frederick \Vhite. The elaborate lighting equipment. Miss local chapter i the 64th chapter cre­ McCahon of We terville is in charge ated. \Ve ·Ieyan, Otterbein, Heidel­ of the photography. berg, hio orthern, \Vittenberg and The parts of Rosalind and Orlando, Baldwin-Wallace have the six Ohio the romantic leads, will be taken by chapter . Kathryn teinmetz and G. Harlan McConaughy, Audrey and Touchstone, the comic lead , by Margaret Tryon PRESENT SENI OR PLAY IN BIG CHAUTA1JQUA TENT and Franci Bechtolt, Celia and Oliver, the eco11d romantic lead , by Eliza! Continued vn Page ix.) beth White and Kenneth Millet, and their parts are on display in several Phoebe and Sylvius, the elcond com ic prominant window . Several cene leads, by Gertrude Wilcox and Regi-

OLD SOL, JUPITER PLUVScience Department Exhibits IUS WAqE HARD BATTLE Piece of First Atlantic Ca ble



CAl{Dlr AL

( Continued irom page one.' A piece of the first trans-Atlantic The Lakotas defeated the Jondas 16-4 cable wa exhibited last week in the \\'hen Old Sol held hi s own and made hall of the first fl oor of the Science it sun sh iny and dry eno ug h for th e building as a part of th e exMbit ar1 wo teams to meet 011 the diamond be- ranyed by Professor Jam es H. :Mc­ hind the Association Building. The Cloy of the Department of Physics. other t \\'O team · scheduled to play that Accompanying the piece of cab le wa s night were the phinx and Cook House a statement certifying its authenticity but the phinx forfeited and the credit igned by Cyru W. Field, bui lder of of win by forf eit goe to the Cook I the fir t cable. Both the piece of cable House team. and the certificate bearing Mr. Field' s The nights for the Country Club- ignature , are the property of the col­ Outlaw s game and the Annex-Philotas Ielge. game were rainy and the g rounds too A adiometer was another featu re of \\'Cl so they are postponed till weather the exhibit. An illustration of the fit for recreat ion ball a rrives. principle of the electric motor was dis­ The winner of the Cook House- played. Lakota game will then be sched uled to - --- O C---play the winner of th.e game between Executive Secretary Speaks. the two winner of the Count r y ClubDr. S. -. Hough. executive secre?utlaw_s and An1_1 ex-Philotas games. tary of the Board of Admini tration of fhe winner of this game will be en- the L'nited Brethren Church address­ titled to the honor of the " cham- ed the congregation at the regular peens" of the R~creation Ball Tourna- , chu rch service Sunday morninng. 011 ment of Otterb em College held during the subject ·'Steward hip''. the months of May, June and who knows- it may be held over till the fall of 1927 or pring or 1928, all de­ pending upon the attitude of our old "friend" (can we call him that) Jup Pl uviu s. 0 C - --O tterbein Racqueters Easily Trounce Muskingum Outfit Otterbein racqueter had little clifficulty in dispo ing of Muskingum again Saturday. May 28, to the tune of 5-1. Bechtolt wa the on ly one to lose and then after a hard fo ught match. Lai and Pi lkin gton, and anders and Roby played doubles and Lai, Pi lki ngton, anders and Becktolt played the 111gles.







Come In and See Us.

- ---------------~:=::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=:::::::=::::~


f the play will be tran posed. The nald hipley. rder in which the scenes wiJI be given Other Senior who will take part, in •ii i■ I■ ' 1■ 1 l■ ll■lll■ ll■ ll■ · 1■111■ Il■l' l■ 1 l■ l l■ ll'l■ill■lll■ll'l■ ll■••:■ ll■lll■:1:1■'ll■lll■ ll■III I i po ted on the bulletin board of tihe the orde r of their appea ra nce, are : ■ 1 public peaking department. ·,s,.t dam, Marga ret Baker; D uke Fred■ The1 e will be no re erved eat . The erick, H. Ressler Brown; Court Lai admi ion price i .50, and member die , Charlotte Owen and Ernestine i f the Senior Class have <ticket for ichol ; Jaques, Edward Hammon; ale. harle Lambert ha been cho - First Page, Amy Morri s; econd ■ en as Production Manager of the play, Page, R u th Mu elman; William, i and J ean Turner Camp acts as Assist­ Rober t Snavely. Several minor part i a11 t Director. Roy Schwartzkopf is the will be taken by underclassmen of the i Cap and Dagger Club.



! ! !

! I !

---0 C---

AUF WEIDERSEHN Go0<l bye and God Ble


all. J want to thank you for the plendid loyality you have hown our tore. It has been a great joy to get thing for you.It ha been a pro perou yea r in the hop and your faithful loyal­ ty ha. had much to do with it. Let u all bend our effort to a greater year. All thing are changing but love and loyaltie

"Till We Meet Again." "The place you get the thing y u want."


! ! i !

O rchestra To Give Concert It ha been the cu tom in pa t year for the chool of Mu ic to give an afternoon concert on the unday of the Baccalaureate ermon. This year the College Orche tra ha been a ked to give the program. The number of the mu ic faculty realize that Otterbein has the best orchestra thi year she ha s ever had. -


I I ! i !

---0 C---

i ! ! i

of the


A Kodak. A Compact. A Pocket Book. A Toilet Set. A Perfume Set. A Manicure Set. A Parker Pen and Pencil Set. A Sheaffer Pen and Pencil Set. A Box of Quality Stationery or a Box of Lowney's, Huyler's, Whitman's, or Bunte's Chocolates.

Freshmen Elect. The present Fre hman clas. has elected it officer for nex,t year. Ed­ win hawen ha been elected to erve in the capacity of Pire ident. Josephine toner will be the vice-pre ident. Ev­ elyn Edward i to be ecretary and Parker Heck, trea ur r. - - - 0 C ---Robert H. Erisman is the newly elected president of the Men s Senate. The two ophomore members for next year. are Harry . i111111ermacher and ■ PHONE 20 John \ ance.


i i i

! i ! I

i i i i i

i i i

' i i


I i i





C. H. DEW, Proprietor Where Service is Best



12 E. MAIN ST. j

•I■ l■ ll■ I■ I■ l■I I■ 1■ 1 1■ , I■ I■ 1■111■ 11l■ 'II■ , l■lll■ll'l■ l l■ ll■ Tl■lll■ll l■llll■ il l■ l'l■III I

THli: TA




Page Seven I

Mary Belle Loomis motored to 1 II er! to ;i pa nsy on her plate anno1111 cing ' OTTE RBEIN SOROSIS ier the eugagement o f Edith Moo. e to HOLDS GARDE N PARTY home al Logan Saturday . £. Stebleton. Ruth Hursh spent the ,~ee k-end at Th e ways and means committee 01 Some of the mothers of 1he Arcady rhe Dayton-·O tterbein Sorosis has rec­ her home in Mansfield. girls were entertained at the Sunday ommended to that body that a garder. Marine Edgington is visiting Mar­ evening lunch in the .A.ready rooms at µarty be held in McKinley Park J une: garet this week. Cochran Hall. 11:!. All Ot'terbein tudents, active or Pecr Tryon and Margaret Baker The Heebie of the first floor of alumni, and their friend a'l'e invited tc. Women ,·isite:l in Lancaster over the week-end. Saum Hall were entertained by the the party. The committee, composed of Mrs. F. The Seniors ent ertain ed the ot her Tomo Dachi entertained in honor f J eebies of third floor Wednesday night members of the Arbutu Clu,b with a her Seniors Friday night at their Clulb in the la t Hee'bie-Jeebie party for the ·, 0. Pausing, chairman, Mr . ~- R. Libe• year. cap and Mrs. W . L. Mattis, all appicnic at Riverside Park. room. µomted by the newly-elected presidem Nitetis Huntl ey gave a push for the ·•Cake" Vance an alumni of Green­ The marriage of Miss Margaret Nor- I .vfrs A. T. Howard, decided that ne, cele'bration of Vira Dunmire's birthday wich Club, is spending the week _in ri s. '26 to Mr. Leland K emp was sol- netter place c~uld be ecured _for tht on Wednesday. We terville as the gue t of Mrs. Clip­ emnized at the home of . her parents, . µarty. Accordmg to advance mfo r m­ Virginia N ichola · aunt and cousin, pinger. Mr. and Mrs. V. W. orris Thu rsday ation this function will be a really im, Miss Vida Van Sickle and Mis Mar­ Mary L ong visited Martha Alspach afternoon. May 26. Mi ss Bern ice or- 1 portant affair. The la t regular meet• gery Hollman of Cleveland visited with over the week-end. ri , sister of the 'bride, was the maid of ing of the Sorosis for 'this year wa her over the week-end. honor. The Onyx Club at•t ended th ~ 1 held at the home of Mis Josephin t. Beulah W~ngate, Mae Mickey and J Albert on Manhatten Avenue. Mi s Jane Barton and Miss Oma Margaret Blott spent the week-end in wedding in a body. - - --0 C - - - __ __ _ Moomaw entertained the Polygon Club Dayton. ANNUAL GREEK PRIZES at the home of Mi s Barton Friday The following alumni visited the ARE AWARD ED THURSDAY night. Owl Club over the week-end: Mrs. The Owls entertained the folllowing Frank Barnum, Mrs. Vance Cribbs, ( Continued from page one.) ge ntlemen at a party given at the home Waf\da Gallagher ,Ladybird ipe. win hawen $8, Myrtle Wy ong and of Mary Thomas, on Saturday even­ Florence Haward' father visited her William Ritchey each $4. ing: Harold Thompson, Henry Gal­ Waldo Keck received fir ,t prize of on Friday. lagher. Wendell Williams, La. Vere Anna Margaret Taylor and Margaret $15 in New Testament Greek, with Breden, Bob Bromeley, Fred Miller, Lewis Frees taking second, $10, and Marcus Schear, Reginald Shipley, Bob Garber visited Ruth Weiner over the Audrn Keiser third, $5. Winner were na vely, Ferron Troxell, Elward Cald­ week-end. determined by the transfation of John well Gwynne McConnaughy an·d A. 0. Mr . Grabill entertained the Tome 15, 16, and 17. The manuscr ipts were Barnes. Gantz, and ranked by P rof. J. S. E ngle of the De­ Dac h 1,. Mr • Widdoe , Mrs. . ., Mr . John on Sunday rnght. trawpartmen·t of Bible. Clarabe ll teele, Thelma Gustin, - - - 0 C -L ola Marcum and Marjorie Copeland b erry -Shortcake" wa one of., the ,, pecDr. Hough pent the week-end with spent Deco rat,ion Day with the Phoe­ ial feature ; the other was pop. . Mar craret Duerr announced her en­ Dr. and Mr . King. nix Club. Lucy Hanna's mother pent the gagem:nt to Reginald hipley at~r­ day night. mall cup cake contain­ 1111111111111 I 111111111111111111111 I I I Ill I I II IIll 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 IU week-end wit h her. ing the announcement were se rved to - Eunice lias.tiug wenL to We tmui­ the Club member • ister College la t week to ee her sis­ Mr . McLain entertained at her § ter crowned May Queen. home, friends and relatives of M_able § Mary Vance pa ed through We ter­ Eubanks after her recital la_st mght. ville aturday a11d stopped a few min­ The Eubanks family a.nd relat1v~ from Jackson were present at the rec,,tal and ~ ute to see the Greenwich Club.



Make WOLF 'S Your Headquarters for Meats and Groceries Party and Picnic Orders Given Special Attention




hri tina Wahl and Doreen Wahl reception. Martha Al pach and el_lie Walvi i-ted the • rbutu Club last week­ Jace pent the weeknd at Tiro. end. Th Ima Ho k , went to Deni on l<> The Tali man enior !)arty wa held a picui Friday. at Mr . ,:;a11Cler. FPiday evening. Ruth Lauretta MeJvin and ~nna Lou nyde r Willet from olumbu wa a B' kle spent the week-end Ill Worthguest of the evening. in~on at the home of Vida McGuerr.

~ -


= = =

Charter House Suits For


Helen Curry y;j ited with atherine ~ Matz in her home a .Man field. The Phoenix lub entertained the : ...,euiors at ·Peep Inn", Wedne- day _ evening. lub : Loi lark vi ited the rbutu : la t \Vedne day.

University Men

7 LOUISE BEAUTY SHOPPE Marcelling, Shampooing, Hair Bobbing, Manicuring, Hot O il , Facial and Per­ manent Waving. Our Motto : A Beauty Aid for Every Need. 12 W . MAIN ST. 366-M. Beauty Culture Taught.

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member · Hall t a reception for the aum ·or given bv Dean Taylor la t eJJJ • Tue day evening the gue t were Illthe engagement of Dean Jormed Of . Tl1 d Mr J eil tan,bery. e : 'Tay 1or an · .· ade in the form annouuceo1ent "a m 1d . . with the am concea .e :_ of tiny nng in ro C' candy ba kc .


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= = The Seniors of t.he Arcady Club = th r enterta.iued by Lbe o er m m)J w . · at the home o[ on Friday evrung . . 1fr •1= =




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MARY MILLS PRESENTS GRADUATING RECIT AL Tuesday evening in La1i1bert Hall. Mary Mills presented her graduat in g recital in ,·oice. :\1 iss ~J ills progra111 was co111posed of numbers in French and Italian as well as English. :\1iss ~1ill s wore a blue taffeta frock. Flowers and ferns banked the stage. H . h Miss Frances arns was t e acco111panist .

W ill A ssist W ith A ll Four Sports a nd ' --The Quiz and Quill Club held its REHEARSALS UNDER WA y I final meeting of the year last night in T each l·n F our Y ear Coaching Course. Laura Whetst-o ne an-d Verda E vans Proies or ltman 's class room. A Are Co-a uthors. Will Mark ha r t business se sion prefaced the regular literary program, at which time •c-.1 ert 1·11 ..-\. Ditmer. · 10, has accepted 75th A nniversary. a position with the athletic department a final check up on the number of Quiz at Miami Univer ity as as · istant coach Plans are now completed and re- and Quill magazines sold was made. and teacher in the four year coaching hearsals under way on the Philalethean Verda Evans and Erne tine Nichols course to be offered there beginning 1Jageant to ,be presented Monday night I were schedu led to read an orginal sto ry with next year. Mr. Ditmer will pr ob- June 13 on the sleps of McFadden which they wrote jointly. Wayne a bly assist " ·ith ail four sports. giving S cience Hall. Th e pageant, of which Hars ha read a satir e, Be sie Lincoln a bis especial attention to foot ball and Laura \Vh etstone and Verda Evans group of poems and Louie Korns was track. ar e the co-a uthor , i a part of the eel- scheduled to read a dialogue. The exact ·ituation at Miami can - 1 ebration in commemoration of the ! ___ C 0 not. of course . be ascenained. but 111 - 75th anniversary_ of the fo~n~ing of the Sophomores Elect. dications point toward an advanc ement Philalethcan Literary Society. Folfor "1r. Ditmer at y[iami as compared lowing the performance the Philale- 1 Don hoemaker wa e lected prcsiwith the position he has held as head theans will hold a reception in the so- cl t f S h f h · en o t I1e op omore cIass or t e coach at Otterbein for th e last se,·en ciety hall. 1927 28 t th I I · 1· · . . vear - .a e annua e ec t1 on · n year · .Miami as a well organized The cast mcludes 135 person s. -d . f h , M" [' . · . _ · . . ay mor11111g a ter c aµc,. 1ss .~ ut,1 athletic department will no doubt oft er Leading parts have been assigned as \\. . cl \ ' . .cl . . . . . . . , c1mer 1,·as e 1ectc 1ce-pr es1 ent. . G S y· . fine 01 portu111t1es for }.fr. Ditmer to follows : Spmt of Philalethea, Ernes- r . . . . . .. . . . .- ranc1s eorge, ecretary, ancI 1rg1ncbsplav his worth. t111e :'< 1chols: Spint of Otterbem , . NT" h T CO CHRAN HALL · . . . . 1a 1c o 1as, reas urer. "Dit'" as he 1s known on the campu~. Jeanne l:3romeley; Spirit of G1rlhood, wa . prominent in athletics when he babeIle Ruehrmund: Sylvia Haywood, ■Wl■l l l■lll■-111■1 ---■ 1 l -l-ll■ -11-l■--l■ l l -lll-■-11 l ■-l-ll■ll -l■ lll■lll■ll l■,l l■ll l■tt l■ll l l ■ll r■ll l■ll i.ll l■ll l■l I■ ·:,,__ was in choo l. taking part in football Mary McCabe: and Elizabeth K. Miland track. He ca.me to Otterbein in ler. Edna Haye. Othe r speaking ~ 1919 and ha ince that time coached parts will be ta ken by Esther George, ~ all [ ur p rt with the exception of Loi Armentrout, Doro:hy Patton, ' !!!! !!!! the last three years when R. K. Edler '.\itctis Huntley , Rut h Weimer, Ruth had charge of the ba kct ball squad. Muselman, antl Amy Morris. Elward WE ARE PREPARED T O HANDLE BAN Q UETS , LUNCHE S !!!! A N D BREAKFASTS. - - - 0 C--Caldwell will appear as R ev. Lewis. MUSICAL ALUMNI GIVE Mi s Oma Y.Coomaw is Pageant Ma ·. ~ !!!! C O NCERT THURSD A Y EVE ter, and \ ' erda £vans and Laura ' Whetstone are as ·i tant director -. ■ Fo k Songs, Irish and Scotch Ballads .\1r . L. A. Weinland is business j ■ and N egro Spirituals Enliven manager with F lo rence Howard a as - , !!!! Program. sista nt •business and publi_city m~nage~. ■ ~ Mi Hazel Barn""rover 1· mu ical d1 l■H ■ 1■ , ■ 1■ 1 1■ l■,lllllf ■ ■ 1 ■ l■ ll■ll:J■ l l■11[■ ,1l■ , l■ 1l l■ l l■Al■1tJ■ H■ 111 1■ !• 0 f ti mu ical rector, Ruth ic ire pagea11 t arti t, aud illlllWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll111111111111111111111111111111111111111JIIIIIIIIIIIIII th p ntcd th on wa c Judith 'v\'hitney co ttuner. Freda : : 1 t by Da.n Harri. , baritone · · cl ~,i d ~ I i gne· '\\fright ace mpanr l Kirt. ~a c_hargc _of the hght1~1g, an : : : MdrJone ,chol I proverty ma11ager. : ;incl pi, la t Thur day cv ning- in Elward aid , ell and \, ayne Har ha ~ WESTERVI LL E , OHIO § t h co llege chapel. will act a tag mana ers. Th di- : - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - : · ' o«ra111 was con1po eel . _ Ir. I l " re el.Ja r of the va.riou ep, odes a re: TUESDAY , J U NE •7:: cj , A(ia from I S I f ·la i l Be - ie LincoJn, .a onne tee e, Fau t au A group con- J annc Bromeley, Ed na Hayes, Loui e _ : ~isl ing o ual s, Irish aucl toner iola Peden, Helen May, a nd § In hi late. t thriller . cotch b hu ·ia ticalJ y re- Maurine Kn ight. ccived . fr . Harri a ng. _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ § ___________________ ___ _



J a p a n e s e Scarfs, ' Beads a n d Chinese R in gs at cut prices.






i O pen for breakfasts from 7:30 till 10:00. Try I

our delicious waffles.


!! I! !!

O pen Every Night ,,








"Dar ling ~Li s vc piano uum l)er.s. Th fi ciioru~ piccc:s and a the ~ coud f de cri1 Liz t. an encore

ted of allade. i ce · hy Vright re-

The flapper of today says a man's looks don't count- it's his personality. Y u an ke l fr n t at 1 w t r atino- her w ith ur an d .



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· p nded with "Country Garden·'. a WEDNESD A Y, JU NE 8number e peciall y plea ing to the a udi encc. Both Mr. Harr i ancl Mi s W right :>.re grad uates of Otterbein. Mi · in Wright i accompani t for the Colum- : bu V oman · Choru and a concert piani t of prom in nee. fr. Harri ha · : T H URSDAY, J U NE 9Jy en ~ud yin in ·ew York and pla1 L co1!ti u uc hi wor k thi fall in Eur- § With " ilver King," the wontler hor e, in



CLARA BOW Reed Howes & Arthur Housman "ROUGH HOUSE ROSIE"


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th c nccrt a receplion was h Id in ocliran Hall by the member FRIDA, Y , JUNE 10of th Mu ·ic lub. Th oncert , a § pon ored hy the tterbein Music Club.

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Audits T r easurers B ooks & E. "ch, public ace un tant a eneral hur h Trea i e annual audit of th at ·. ta King Hall and of tud n. life while

BEBE DANIELS James Hall & William Powell 111





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