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VOL. 9.

No. 4.

TAN TEAM MEETS i HOMECO MIN G PLANS I CELL O LYCEUM PROGRAM I BIG DA y FRIDA y ARE WELL UNDER WAY GETS HIGHEST APPROVAL DEFEAT AT CASE / I WESTERVILLE O ctober 31 Is Date Of Big Day For Delightful Evening Spent W ith Five Artists. Season Tickets Are All Alumni. Game With Hiram. Case Defense, Kicking Ability Costly. Band Will L ead P arade Through Banquet In · Evening. Still Ava'lable. Penalties Lose 0 . C. Village Streets. Business Chances. Places Will Close. H o111 ecomi 11 g thi s yea r promi e to The: op enin g nu111ber o f t h e \Vc~­ be t he hi gge,t a nd best in th e hi tory ten ·ill e Cit izen· · Lyceum Cour e, ;.i SCO RE 9-0. GAME WITH CINCY of th e in sti tuti o n. The Studen t Coun­ Cel lo Ense mbl e and L itt le ymp h ony c il has started things m ovin g by ap- co nce rt. he ld tr ue to th e high sta nWiddoes and Renner Star By Long pointin g a Homeco min g com mitt ee. clard o f the cour se et 111 fo rm er Literary Societies Will Hold Special Gains Over Case Programs In The T he co mmitt ee con ferred with the year. . Ends. Evening. al umna ! relation di r e tor and a pro­ Th e featur e o f thi s li ve-, rti st co m ­ g ram fo r t he clay ha a lready ta ken pa ny was a cello qua rt et. uch a Dame Fortune smil ed Friday of t hi s w ek will he ob­ I <:uarte t i uni q ue and rar ely pres en t­ fo rm. School of A ppl iecl Science P la ns 111ay be ca r efu ll y iaid and de­ se rved as \ Ves ter ville Day in honor ed hec;1u e o i t he diffic ul ty of ccur­ land la ·t ait urday afternoo n when veloped here but that is not eno ugh of the h om e o f our alma mater. The i11 iour cello artis ts in one group. th ey r o ut d th e Otter bei n va r ity H to make t he day a real ucces . O n the prog ram were. beside th e to 0. The game wa featu r ed by it afte rn oon wi ll be given over to t he Homeco111 ing. as the very name im­ ce ll o qua rt et . cell o duets an d solos . footba ll ga me with Cinc innat i on t h e ki king battle in wh ich Otterb ein w as p lic ·. is a clay for al umni . A ll that we mu ical reading . and little sy mph­ bested. th leti c fie ld at 2 :30. P re­ may do here m u t be supplemented ony nu mber - employ ing t,,·o violi n , Otterbein Otterbein o u tp layed her o ppon en t by th e cnthus ia m and attenda nce of to th e game tl1er , ill b a vio us two ceUo a 11cl pia11.o. The election in the op ning tanzas _of the gam and bid fair to beat Ca e at th e be- the a lumni. VI hi l.e th program out­ were all ca ic r emi-cla para de. t hro u h the prin cipa l tre ts lin ed i not far diffe rent from that of ter. pr oviding a delightfu l g inning of the second ha lf. The deof the village, led by th e band. 11 , fe nse of the Case team cou led with o t~~r yea_rs. it promise to excel in ·the ente r.tainrnen t. th e bu in 'h~u e \~iill clo e on · Tl1 • :iJll i: 11 I · 1·rn e-sma I11ng t1e1r a b·t· 1 1ty . was cost I y , ~ptnt Ccl .la)·ed. · ·1i • n l 11 mi> r ht: 1.ir~ this a ft ernoon. in the last pan oi the third quarter. ( o nt1nucd on Page T" .,) he g iven ~ o ,·. -1. hy the Mac D o wt:11 1 n the vening th lit r ary . o i; ties In the ti r t half thin · were even ncerl mpany. T icket for the PREXY IN S O UTH r emaining live num ber be e- will put on program .f e p cial up fo r a tim e then Otterb ei n" offe n ~ began to becou1e dangerou. and wa Will Preach at Berea College and Do cured fo r • 2.00. which i a av- m rit. Phi lomathea w ill h lei her on ly r re tailed by t he excell ent puat­ Program Work for "Religious iogl e aclm..i i of an nual in g o ver th lun1-ni in,., o ( Parr, Case"s giant' tackle. ! a tilt), c.eut fo r eac h nu ,ul er. . Ed." Council. a 1um n1 and new thi s p riod the ball wa carried info ----0 Ca e territ ry ~evcra l tiwes \\"ith.in Pre id ut lip ping r will ~t J at PROF. ROSSELOT AT OHIO PREXY WRITING B OOK ATHL ETIO CONFERENCE co r in g di ta nce, I ut there the breaks Berea, Ky., to prea h to th e t ucl topped the ain . a. e wou ld then of B ll e,,-e on unda. eve New Tex't En "tied " Freshme n Orient­ boot the ball a afe di tance and O to on hi' return from ation Course" Will Meet a Otter bein would a11u ual m eetta r t over ag,,i n. Tenn ee ·0J1fer nc at noxville. Great Need . Widdo , uppo rted by ex:ce ll ent .io, th le.ti · o nf, r enc"" n 1( mli,y. ctober HI. Pre ; icl ·nt at he Neil terfer e n ·e, got away more t h;111 ouce "li pJ in g r , rjlJ attend a meeting of Ii · er i l usv t of Th p rin cipal ( ootinued on 'Page ix) th e program co mmittee of the n ·• ti n the com 1- i C . veni11g d a lt with convention of t he International o un ­ u f v tex it! d KNIGHT AND BARNES ARE a nd er ta in ci l of Re ligi ou Education to he held " 1a 1 ta Cour Th HEADS OF 1927 SIBYL STAFF next .~pri1 a.t Birmingham. . labam a. rut . .\.t chang u r es came rent T h program committee i m eting- tl1i DlCctino- the ni,·cr ity of Day­ whc.1 b ur d,i ch k 11 Tb r • opbomore ~la elected Rob: at t h Tut\\·.iler R ote I. Birmingham t n and :\farietta olle e wer adb1• a ll , a turd ay at r t Kmgh as editor f the 192/ - - - - 0 1.., -- - - 1:nittcd o t b h.i nfrr n e n th ~tarted la t ihy l, a nd . 0. Barne. a bu ine The " Pome" probation. year. manager of th p ub lication. at a .meetFor "The Peru al" we are iuclebted1 - - -in h eld i\' dn day noon. T he t '·T ete r" clam w ho - "con a rned Tb ti , '"Boa rd 'l\·iJI hold ?th r m mber~ f th taff. wiU be in ,i,tent , co n istent. p r i tent effo r t" it ,r ""alar anizatl lected later. l won for him a football " O' in three 1Vcdnesda •. 1.4, at Plan fo r he cla hay ride and I minul · a t ual playiug. ophomo re peed .ball t am were al o di cu ed. ua THE PERUSAL • ra Harold P ifer Recovering. f pr in \V e find a lot to interest u. up 11 th I age, A ce rding lo the lat t r dth the , • ( ll · \Ve marvel at the great Ty hb. and John on· from Grant B.osr ital, Harold R. \\'e try to find an an , ' er for •·,,-ill th Yoh-ing 1g ,Q of the cla;: of '26. i re over111g oi e­ And we'r ·orry when the fleet R ed ran e mu · t bow b f re defeat. \'<lriou. I u1 , '\ Ll(! Jy. H 1,·as pc.rated up n tw w ck Y\'e love tl1e humor of th he t . i ·orrow and pathos too., lanJ pub ·c u thin matt r quite o much as ''what did Oitrt:i r cl ?'' ago fo r · Y ry , e.vere a e o f appe.n-





pou operatiJ1 h pby ician clicti . f uncl ~Ir. Fifer's condition to be very dan ""erous. A econcl operation wa. I nece~sary the latter part of la t week. inc th II no vi itor have been ad- I feel. H o:,·evcr the da1~ger is now o, er and his rcco,·ery w,11 be rapid.



\\'e thrill with joy to . ee again • arle , ande boot one home, (For that ho.r's n n · a nd ~lerli1t grit are ubJ ct. for a p me:) \\'e th01.1ght Bill Til{1en till cot!ld_ serve; we find that we were right,

\\' e ask the s ha de of ulln·an · w11l D mp ey ne,·er fight?" V\ c ·rc gl;id to see 1<reat Rockne· ''gho. t<a" are very much alive; Yet all that reall y 111at1er i. .- Bozo's gang- Let's drive!

- AJ'..UM. 1 L'

SENIORS The enior 1a will h0ld a Forum e. sio 1 1Vecln clay evening, 0 tober 1-t, There , rill he bus ine to trans­ act. cats galore, and a good social time.

Page Two TH E TAN A N D ~~~===============~===




FOR " C UlTS" . INTE RNATIONAL RELATIONS NOTICE! MAIL! MUST BE IN THURSDAY ' Th<: a tt e nti o n oi s tudent s. offi ·ers Social Rooms of Association Building The Intern a tional Relations Club Used by Faculty For Their • All designs for the ne w Tan a nd ! held its first m ee ting o f the year la t of various organizatio n s. a nd e pec­ iall y of Clas3 O fficers , i~ ca lled Lo Monthly Social Affair. Cardina l " cuts'' mu s t be in th e han ,, s of th e edit o r before 6 o'clock T hur.;- I ~{o nday eve nin g, i:30 o'clock, a t mail which has accumu la ted si nce fhe The members of the (acuity enjoy- day , Octobe r 1 5. D o n ut delay if the hom e of Dr. C ha s. E. Snave ly. ope nin g of sc hool in the , boxe pro­ eel a daintily served tea Mo nday after- .you wa nt to get your T. a nd C. .free Adda Lyon . president of th e orga n- vided fo r s uch use in the o ffice. T he noon at ~ :Hi in th e newlv deco rated next year. ,zation presided and led th e discussion box es a re crowded and you are asked r ooms of the Association B uilding. I Here a re the rul e : which wa s on Curr e nt Events of to please r em o\'e your mail. The social com mittee in charge wa 1. ·'Locals"--onc column. ,ze no,, composed of Miss Hoern er, Prof. used. wo rld affairs. Bursch. a nd Prof. Hanawalt. Mr . 2..." Cochran Hall-one column, size The Intern ati o nal Relation s club is Hanawalt a l o assisted in receiving now us ed. a group of people majoring in the oth e guest · . The two t ea table were a. ·'Athlt:tics·'-tw o column, im ibr cial sciences, who are interested in presided over by Mrs. Clippinger and I in si ze to pr e ent ·'cut." wor ld prob lems. Th e memb e r s of the Mrs. Cornetet. Sandwiches, cake . 1 4. '' A lumna) Page''-four column, thi s club at th e presen t time are Adda and mints were also served . i to ,be a one inch streamer acr o 5 s Lyon. Preside nt ; Emerson Bragg, 1 Once every month the faculty nb- 1 top of page. Vice President; Marian Snavely, Sectitutes a social affai r of thi kind i'i . A II de ign to be ubm itted o n retary: iol a Priest, Ruskin Hoover, for o ne of the regular Monday afterheavy white paper, usin g only India George Griggs, C linton La h, Harnoon meeting . ink. old Pifer, Neely ·Boyer and Wi lbur \V e opera! an up-to-date Shoe - - --0 C - - - 6. II de ig ns to be drawn to cale, McKnight. The club is ponsored Repair h p with a po itive CALENDAR a t lea t two time regular ize. and advised by Dr. nave ly. g ua rantee d o f all work done by u . 7 . A year's ub sc riptio n to the Tan The club hold it meetings on the and Cardinal will be given to t he second and fourth Monday of each Tuesday, Oct. 12de igner of eac h '·cut," fo ur ub- month and all freshmen a nd othe r s 27 W. Main St. f:i::rn p. m .-Y. M. , . and sc r iption in all. One per on ma y interested are invited to attend. The We sterville , Ohio W. C. A. win more than one s ubscription . 1 topic for the club's next meeting wi ll Thursday, O ct. 15_ II de ign must be in the hand · be ''China''. 4 :00 p. m. - peed Ball, Fro h 0 C o f the Edito r not later than OcJuniors. tober 15 , 1925. " OPEN HOUSE" ? ? ? Further information will be g ladl y 1 6 :15 p. m .- Cleiorhetea. ::;ee Samples from furni hed. 6:30 p. m .-Philal ethea , Electio n The ''Open Hou e'' las t Saturday 0 C---e ion. eve ning in the newl y decorated ''Y" NEW CHEERS LEARNED lobby wa s pro nounc ed a huge uc, :00 p. m.-Rally. AT "SEND OFF" RALLY I ces and a "peck o f fun '· by those Friday, Oct. 16I pr e ent. The parlors will be open Before ordering Class and Social WE TERVILLE DAY " The pirit to stic k and fight to the every Saturday night thi s yea r from 2 :30 p. m.-Football, Otterbein v . end a demon trated by ome of Ot-1 7 to 9 :30 with a host and ho te s to Group P in s. iucinnati. terbein' football men i- the Qirit th a t liv e n thing.. ome on date , ito n6: 30 p. m.-Philomathea, Alumni mean s victory," was the statement dates. and eve ryone who win. All M akers of Philophronean Keys. that made the rally on last Thursday are welcome a nd are ass ured of a tag e sion. evening one that will be long remem- good peppy time. 6 : I 5 p. m.-Philophronea. Columbus, O. b~d. - - - - O C -- -11th and H igh Monday, Oct. 19-"Hor e" Troop of the cla of '23 Back at chool and into a Bradley. 4 : o p. 111.. - pe d ball, F ro h v . and a football player of ability, ex~ E. ] . orri & on,dv . pres ed the mind of the tudent body enior . in a " end off" for the Tan and Cardj- l - - - - - - - - -••••••••••- - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - --0 C--1 nal wa rrior to th Ca e game'. He Glee Cl ub Try-Outs. called the football men to the plat- 1 Try-out for the Men' Glee Club I form and introduced them and ga-ve a were he ld la t week and over thi rty word or two about each. When m en re ponded to the call. Of thi I Capt. "B ozo" Richter wa introduced number a very few ~ ill be elected the crowd clapped for a a t he greate t part of la t year' wa finally rewarded by men hav, returned. mark . Thr e men from the club of tw The Band opened the p year . ag, have r urned and there a tinging and thrilling march. are mneteen old men who are oing number of new cheer were tried and to in g with the club, thi winter. the o ll eg o ng were ung, all mean- · F ACULTY TEA










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tterbcin wa ending a group of in men to Ca e that were not quitter and that the t udent body lived up to the am qualification.


( ontinued from Page One) Hiram will be the afternoon feature 1 ---- 0 C---and th banquet in the evening w ill be Band Helps Team Practise better th.an ' ever. The committee i Last Thursday Afternoon looking for larger quarter in which "It w a the fir t time in my exhold the banqu~t o that the difficul- 1 perie~1c a coach here that I recall [1 £ la t year will be overcome. ever hearin the band play on . the ct b r f is till three week fi Id durin practice," wa the comawa y but th rea · on for the a nno unce~ men of Coach Ditmer in r egard to bvi u . Th alumni a re bu y tl:i appearance of the band on the peopl , . o b u Y in act that om.etime ·athletic field during practice la t it i difficul t to get a little of their Thur da afternoon. new pirit time. Ri ht no, _pu a red ring c;iu ht hold of the team and the i _ a ro und th 31 t of< ctober and tell nal practic worked like a clock. If all of friend that that day be- our pre en e on. the ideline or the l ng the old college. You be playing of th band will help. h re and \ve will furni h the program. o, e it to the team to do our bit . n e .more Homecoming, October ----0 C---er and Be ter Than Ever. CINCH CINCY I


You'll Need Some Place C~rds and Favors for Your Hallow e'en Party. Our selections are the largest 1n " EE O

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~ ALU M.N AL.....





o nc e for a honeymoon trip thro ugh

Al umna! Relations D irector Seeks '74, '78. Mr · . L. H. Mcl'adden ( Har­ .Your Support In Keeping riet Zent) of Dayton, Ohio, and Mrs. Up Interest. \V. J. Zuck (Jessie Zent) of Colum. lt isn't very often that I wish I were bus, oh 10, ca m e to uv,r esterv1·11 e Ias t an animal. Jn fact there a ren't so Monday to attend the twenty- fi fth very many anima ls that I would like an ni\' ersa ry ce lebrat ion of the \"ew t o be. As L think of it maybe it Ce ntury Club held in Cochran Hall isn't an a nimal afte r all that I would parlors a nd th e Un ited Bre th ren lik e to be. but a fish. Not a poor fish church on ;vio nd ay eve ning. Bo th of of course. Regardle ss of whether 1. t them were charter members of th e is an anmia l or a fish, I wou ld li ke club a nd active in its organizat, n. for the next six months to be an oc- O t h er c ha rt er members who were top us. l could well get along with- ho no r ed at th e celebration are Mrs. out all of those appendages so far as T. J. Sa nd ers ( Gertrude Slater) ' 77 : securing a food suppl y is co nce rned Miss Tirza L. Barnes. ' 5 : a nd Mrs. as I usuall y manage to get enough to 'vV . C. Whitn ey. ' 9 .;. all c f \VeSt er-

T hree

the ea. t ·by auto m obi le. Mr. and Mrs. \V. S. White of \V es tervi ll e. left last Tuesday for

' 99.

Kn oxv ille. Tennessee, to attend th e

ALUMNI LOYAL TO TEAM AT CLEVELAND GAME L ar ge Group of Alumni Attend And Cheer Team To Finish.

conference of th e U nit ed Brethren Th e .\lunini of Cleveland a nd ch urch held there and to visit their vicinity. \\'ere loya l suppo rters oi the son. George \\'. \Vhite. '21, who is team when it took the field against in s tructor in geology at the Univer- Case last Saturday. Although the; sity of Tennessee. A ft,.r the ses- result was adverse. the crowd of Ot· · JJot I1 st ud ent s and alumni sio ns of th e conference Mr. White I t er I)e1n1tes. will travel in seve ral so uth ern stat es were with the team until the las~ in th e interest of the Bible Distribu- whistle. Perhaps the most enthusias­ tor's League. of which he i general tic rooter in the group. and ce r tainly 1 supe rvisor. Through the efforts of the olde t football supporter present, the league whi ch Mr. \,Vhite reprc- was Dr. C. K. Teter, who played se ,-<ts near ly a hundred thousand football in football in Otterbein in eat, but if by some miracle they could ville. sc hool chi ldren have bePn provided l 94. ' !l5 a nd '96, on a team that beat be converted into telephones, or tele- ' 09. Miss l.:na E. Karg. ,vho has with Bibles in the past two yea rs. Ohio State cons.'i tently. ince e graph wires. or even a department of heen 111 business in the South for a '22. Miss Eleanor Whitney, of Wes- left Otterbein , for he did not g radu_. the post office, that is all I would de- J J1 umber of years, has accepted a ter\'ille. \\'ho taught las t year in the ate. but went to Ohio Medical , he sire. It is a tremendous job to get 1 po ition as dietitian in Southern Co!- high school at Grove City, Ohio, is has been a close follower o f ou r inte re ting news from all sections. lege, Lakela nd, F lor ida. teaching thi s year in the high school teams . You like to read it but not very many '95. Dr. William B. Gantz. supe rin - at Springfield. There were many other alumni, so help to get it. I do not possess the te.n.den'.t r0f 1he ,Presbyterian Board '24. Daniel A. Harri of Westerville, many in fact that it would be diffi­ all-seeing eye, so must deve lop ome o Church Extension of Detroit, Mich., who wen.I to New York last month cult to nam e them all. The Exers appendages. H~ lp 11 make our page is taking a two-month s vacation fpr with two other young mu icians, has were loyal too, Herrick. Bordner. interes tin g. Remember the old lo- re t and recuperation. He will pend had great succe s ince his arrival. Takac · and Cor en being pre ent. gan that I asked you to w rite in let- most of hi vacation with hi son-in- Although the three young men had The tark Cou nty bunch did come , ters of red , '·Keep U Informed". It law and daughter, Mr. and Mr . Geo. no influential friends and no previous th ro~gh in good ty le, McGuire. the till goe · B. Hammond. in Mexico City, Mex - professional expe rience, they all se- ! pre tden~ of the club, together with HORACE TROOP, 1co. Mr. and Mrs. Hammand are cu red singi ng positions in the Shu- Mrs. Wilhelm B r uner, Mr. and Mr . Alumna! Re lations Director. engaged in missionary work th ere hcr t produ ction . "The Prisoner of Henry Bercaw a nd Richey represent- - - - O C-- -under the Pre byterian Board. Zenda. The piece will be performed eel th e club in a mighty enthusiastic NEWS FROM THE NORTH '08. M is Edna M : Streich and ¥r. for t he fir t time o n the date of this way. Don a nd liff Bay were bo th John F. Taylor, of Port mouth. 0 ., paper in Newark, ew Jer ey, an d th ere, having fl ivcred in from S ulliwere married by Dr. T. J. Sanders at will have a two-we ek's run there be- van. W. C. Coon, who teaches near · Cle l d h The Stark County Otterbein Club hi home in Westerville on S aturday fore appearing in a Broadway theater ve an , was on t e job. Hilda o rganized ometime ago and is now eve ning. Octobler 2. They left at in 1 ew York City. Gibson, of last year's cla was prewinging into action. F. E. "Paddy" sent and a g,reat many more that McGuire i the president of the club j - -- - - ~- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - the alumni director didn't ee and and as ure u that there i going to 1 perhap didn't know if he d id . Some be plent y doing in Stark County to of the c day we are going to know promote the interests of Otterbein. all of you and then put a complete As evidence of their pep, listen to this list in the writeup after the game. from a recent letter. "At a meeting The upport was fine and the whole team appreciated your presence. of the executive committee of the Stark County Otterbein Club we de­ There were a number ,o f peaple pr e nt who wre not a lumni but they cided definitely to bring the Glee neverthele keep a pretty clo e con­ lub here next pring under our au pice . We will also hold the annual tact with the in titution. Mother and father and i ters and !brother Otterbein Banquet during Christmas were there. The Richhter , the vacation." Young , the Bordner , and the CarThe letter contained everal other roll watched clo ely the work of item f interest. Bercaw, Briner, on an,d friend . 1:a'rk chear' Dr. Funk, pa tor of the Fir t U. B. a brother and Ernie Riegle' brother Church of Canton, and McGuire are were boo ting hard to win. driving through to the Ca e game in In hort it wa a fi ne cr.o wd with McGuire' flivver. a fi ne spirit-all of them whether Henry Bercaw, '16, has hi petition mentioned 1n thi article ~r unmen ­ filed as a candidate on the non-parti­ tioned. an ticket for member of tbe Board of ---0 C--ALSO HORNS, CARDS, CAN­ Education. "Hank" is a good cam­ ' 15. Mr. and Mrs. E . Burri , f DIES, ETC., AT paigner and promises to come through the United Brethren Mi ion in in in the election . Hi Otterbein friend s Lam. China. have returned to thi wish him ucces and believe that he country on fnrlough. wi ll be a good servant for the city of '97. D. lra Lambert. \\'ho for a 111101 Ca nton , Ohio. Where E,·erybody Goe he r of years served a Presbyterian , McGuire i planning to bring abo ut pa. tor in Ohio and later had a uc­ three machines full of young people cessfu l pa torate in Concordia, Kan ­ to the Homecoming game. sas. was called to Tulsa U niver it y, Thi i a pretty good report fr,om Tul a . Oklahoma. last year to ta ke th e Stark County bunch. We are all the chair o f re li giou education an d with you and are wa1tmg for m6re ! . continuing in that po ition this new from the front. yea r.

Holloween Masks of all kinds

ake tho e partie by u m o· bio· ucce t he proper " n1ake u p".


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P~~~~=========~=====~T~R~E~T~A~N~A~N~D~C~A~R~D~ I ~N~A~L~=============~~=== ~age Four THE EDITOR'S MAIL CINCH CINCY I Ohio college. Their impre sion oi l Otterbein college is going to be made ---1.35 ~nd in the few hour they are here. The The Editor, Pheonix Hosiery, $l.OO , good name of our school i contin- j The. Tan arid Cardinal. :1.. 5. E . J. l orris & Son. -Adv. Published W celdy in. the interest of gent upon the courtesy we how the e J Dear Sir :Otterbein by the visitors. " A good name is rather to in the last two i sue · f the Tan OTTERBEIN LITERARY be chosen than great riche ," is the and a rdinal r fe rence were made SOCIETIES plain tatement of the proverb. Ot- to the n.e w furnishings in the AssocWesterville, Ohio . . Member of the Ohio College Press terbein i not a large chool, but tatlon parlors and the undersigned Association. nevertheless soundly foundatioued. , er given credi t for genero ity mak­ The phere of our duty touches not ing thi pos ible. T his is far from STAFF th e material background of the col- " 'h ll y t ru e. The very limited u se · · Chi~ £ •··········· J· B ·. Henry ' '26 Editor-in'27 lege but rather the maintenance of the made of the parlors in recent years Assistant Editor .... D. E . Harrold, good nam . Our i· a mo t important togeth r with the propo. al by the Contributing Editors, Wayne Harsha, 27 part. joint cabinet of the Y. W . and Y. F lorence Howard, '28 All of our contacts hould be dis- 1 }.IL to et apart one evening each 26 s Business Manager .. W . C. Myer , ' tingu_ished by co urtesy, but : pecially ~veek as sociatiou N ight, making A s istant Bu ine Managers, Marcus Schear, 27 at this eason our mo t con p1cuous re- 1t nece a.ry to u e the parl r a an Ros s Miller, '28 latio n are n the football field. Tho e I as embly room fo r one group, ugw ·dd , C irculation ManagerMargaret I ocs, 26 on the bleacher can cheer a team to n-e ted the n ce ity of additional vi ctory. They _can al .o be discour- furni ~ings, new hangings, n ew li ghts A si tant Circulation Managers- , Ruth Hursh, 27 teous. There I a time to cheer. et c. 1 h ugg tion wa acted upon M . Wil on, '28 Ther e is al- o a ti.me to be quiet. , and a a r ult th college ha installed Alumnal Editor ...... A lma Guitner, '97 Football i a h~irtri ger game. Let' ne~v . light fixture th r oughout the Cochran Hall Editorh '26 m ake our cheermg f the am fa h- b tul chn g well a · mor chairs for f Florence Rauc , 1 '27 oth r furnishL oca I Ed i·t o r ·········-· John Lehman, . h., '26 ion. L et" s follow the cheer leader the a en1bly. 1 h E change Editor .... Lenore m1t closely. L et' maintain a good name. ings and 11.ew hangings were made Fountain Let' be courteou . 1 po sible by ge nerou gift from OtOnce upon a time a ear's scr· Addres . all communicati.on to The - - - - 0 C-- - terbein alumni who were leaders in Pen was good for a _ Y Otterbein Tan and ~rdmal, . 103 W. Green Caps. '. the work of the as ociation~ in re . U tbC ollege ve., w .e terv11le, Ohio. vice. Now we offer yo A rumor of di content in regard to \ cent year . ub cription pnce, 2.00 Per Year, payable in advance. the wearing of green caps and ribbons \ The highe t appr ciation and FAMOUS LIFE-TIME GtJAF· by fre hmen ha been heard. In de- i th~nk of. all wb are no, here to ANTEED PEN. You ,rill En ered a . econd class matter fen e of thi ruling we believe that I enioy the new and homelike atmos­ • eptember 25, 1917, at the postoffice there i no ju t ba i for the rumor, pli r about the - ociation building want one. at We terville, O., under act of March in fact, we believe that the ruling is , is due all those who have g iven so 1 3, 1879. .. t ec·at a good one. reen i a pretty color, lib rally. nd the under igned only A cceptance for ma11mg a .sp 1 and , e ee no rea on why tnere \ d si re to a ure you that we have rate of po tage provided for m . ec. HOJ Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized bould be any tigma attached to the taken great. delight in hav·ng a, mail April 7, 1919. ~ earing of it. ap and ribbon s of 1 part in what has been done. Yours truly llltiform color a11d hape are mat:k.s which make cla s. unity po ib le. A ; Mr. and Mrs. E . M. Hursh . EDITORIALS











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fr e hmen you are able to di tingui b the member of your cla• w ithou t Westerville Day. ·'In a qui t peacefu l villag ther error. There i nothing contributing o true." The e are to a thorough a nd complete cla 11.e we lov w rd o f gerat ig1 ·ficance. We pirit so much a y ur wearing the e l I could 11-ot fairly a k for a better col- mark of di tin ction. e believ that faitbfol ne hould 1 l e town . tt rbein olle e i I cated in We - be r ewarded. Y tem of. merit and terville b cause of th urgent reguest demerit h uld be devi ed whereby 1 o{ th citizen that th in titution be faithfulne in ob ervi n the ru ling e tabli bed h ~e. Th beauty o[ loca- and cla victorie would be awarded ti on c uld not mak up for any lack by a deduction of day or week of ood will on th part f th r 1- fr m t h tat d peri d for the enfor e­ d nt. o f th community. But here m nt of th rul . \:'or iolation a i. no wa nt o f h arty inter t. We - penalty lengtl1.enin th period would tervill e has alway · b CJ) b hind the in · ur th offend r' reprimand by hi colleg . _ pr 1 0 ition of re1:10:~l r her cla . Thi y · t m work well to anoth r place wa. met by the c1t1- in other colic e . zens with a pledge of support that But Ere. hmen! ome day you will ha . n.ever waned. Dutaing the recent be proud o f Y ur reen cap and rib­ Diamond Jubilee drive We terville bon . proved its intere t in the.. college. Ev ry activity of the oil ge I a part IT STRIKES US of the civic program. Friday will b e oh erved a " We ter­ That we like our new yells. vilte Day." Every day i We tervil\e That those who go on a date in­ D a v for hat matter, but on thi oc­ ca~ion \\ e ,hall give tr_a recog nition stead of to a rally arc not puttin g t o the home of our ·alma mater. first things fi rst , unless it be an unL et· boo. t \'Ve terville. usual date.


---0 ---Courtesy to Teams. Courtc y is alway appr iated. \Vh en O tt r b iJ1 at hl etic t am return from a nte t with another - ho I their recoil ction of that f r m th e t ype sc h ol ge n ra 11 y an• of treatment recei,·e<l a g ue t.. 'l:here

That this is fine weather, but oh , boy, we sure do hate to crawl out in a cold room these frosty mornin gs. Th at we want t o hear the old col-

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legc bell ring out tones of vi·ctory Friday afternoo n.

ar e , ome sch ol that tte,bein team That we had better _be sending out like to visit. Thi g od. w ill i tbe our Home Comi · · • r . ult of co urle ie hown. ' ng mvitattons. uring thi y ar we hall be ho t • That there are a lot of anxiou 1 t tb r pre entativ oE ev ral other \ wives while our football team 1s • away.

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T H E T A N A N D CA R D 1 N A L

Page Five =================~~~~ GENE STRA l~TON POR·r ER

Clarence Turner K ijled.


·1arcnce. Turner. aged 20. died of a fractu r ed skull aturday morning in A BIOGRAPHY \ Vhite Cross Hospital as the result of an autom o bile collision which oc- l Elizabeth Trost, '27 , Cleiorhetea curred in Columhus at • orth Fourth · That she's just missed one football ::O t. ;ind Second avenue last Friday i'\carly every school boy and g irl , room s. made a ll of her daughter·s practice so far a nd that s he' reall y evening at 9 o'clock. / entitled to thr ee cu ts in a sea on any­ Mr. Turner was a brother of Jean at least eve n- one who loves nature clo th es . kept a conservatory in w'hich ' f h d th ere bloomed from three hundred to way. Turner. an Otterbein student and to and the « rea t uu t-o -doors a rea . six hundred hulhs. tended a ho u e o f That she tried to fo llow Troop's ad­ her we express o ur sincere sympathy. "Freckles... "'A Girl of th e Timber- ca naries and linnets , and cooked a nd vise but has been dreaming about ----O C---lost,"' or " The Harve ·ter.'' Almost washed dishes three times a day. In THROUGH THE SPY-G~ASS Bozo eve r since. any one wh o has eve r read one of her spa r e time she ma stered photcthesc books will be interested to hear graphy and began sen ding phoio­ That the king in Old Testament ti mes who had two loyal supporter A R esume of O dd Happenings In ;ibout the life of "1'he Bird Woman." graphic and natural hi story hints to O ther Colleges. ;is Gene St ra tt o n Po r ter is o ften cal- "Recreation:· and with the tirst in wasn 't collegiate. lcd . It i- hardly possible to do the sta llment was asked to, take charge That from the way the girl in the Char ges of hazing against three kind of work she has done. to make of the department. The fo llow :n g dorm rush to meet the Mail Man they Heide lberg Unive rsity sopho mores contri butio n s to the nat ural . cienccs year he accepted a place o n the nat­ must think h e is Santa Claus. a r e still under investigation followby her marvelou work among bi rd ura l hist o ry sta ff of th e "O utin g.' ' That they had a lo t of excitement ing a trial of the acc used by the tu- a nd flowers and th en through her The book fever lay dormant awhile in Coc hran Hall last nite. All the dent senate. romances to help countless numb r of and th n it became again a co m pelalarm clocks on fou rth Aoor went off people to love an d appreciate nature ling influence. he wanted to write l ndiana Central now has the youngat the sa m e time a nd they lined up est stud ent in the history of the col- as th ey nev er did before, without '' natur e stori es. suga r -coaJcd wi th for fire drill. lege. He ,s DonaJd Carmony of arous ing legitimate curiosity concern - fiction.'' J ing her own history. her ideal , her Her fi rst book, "The ong of the That she didn't have her picture Shelby,·ille, 1nd. Cardinal," was a success and each 1 m ethod s of work. and a ll that undertaken ·cause the man forgot the bird. They even make the fre hmen at lies the stru ct ure of her unusual niew venture in this tie ld ad d ed new That she heard somebody ringing orthwe ·tern Un ive rsity do a pajama achievement. zest to her work. Soon after, th e doo r bell late unday nite and that, She was the youngest ch ild of a "'f-reckles" wa published. It i~ somcbody'd probably have to an- race on a cou rse 150 ya rd s long with fami ly o f tw elY e and ,vas rea red o n needl ess to say that this hoo k won nounce their e ngagement to make ab o lutcly nothing on but pajamas and a big a nd prospero us farm. Her the heart of e very speck led boy in peace with the Dean. gym shoe -. mother has been described as a "ninety- the country. Three years later. ''Th e That from the way ome folks in The Y. M. C. A. at lndiana Ce ntral pound bit of pink porcelain, pink Har ves ter" appeared. lvl o re than o ne the dorm hout he can't see the need really dealing with deep an d eriou a a wild rose, plump as a partridge, million, ix hundred thousand copies of a hou e phone. que tion . The one they 11 ed la,st having a big rop e of bright .brow n have been sold a nd it is till going. he ,_., aid to That he intended to tay in and week was "Wha t sha ll I be-a waffle hair. neve r ill a day in her life and On all of her book bearing the lovelie t name ever given have collected . 750.000 in roya ltie~ study . a turday night but the lights , or a panca ke?" a woman. .. Mary.'' Mark Stratton. and spe nt mo. t of it in gathering new 1 went out so she had a date instead. . Otterbei n ca n thank her lucky sta r Ge ne' · father. was desce nded from a material. T· hat •t would be. a good idea if that ' ase did not get any of her s tu- long lin e of ance tors of Britis·h blood . When n t writing, he. attired 111 ome of th r om m Cochran Hall dent thi year. Ca e took them fro m H posse ed a u extraordin_ary mem· k1t.ickers and middy blous '. wa s u ~ere furni hed wi th one hour parking a lm ost eve ry ot her chool. r y and was an C.."'< cellent Bible tu- in t'h e den se wo ds with her ca mera 1gn • ' dent. endeavoring to find a n w moth pee~ From her earlie t remembrance her imen or perhap ome new form of That by the time rushing eason is The fre hman girl at Baldwin, ere conn ected vegetatio n. ne of her favo ri teove r some girls will have been on their Wallace had to tage a pajama party plea ur port , asid from Natura l History, good behavior o long they won't for t he benefit of all upper-cla men. 11-ing wild o n her father' getting acquai nt ed "';th everything wor king with stone. h loved kn ow how to act natural. h began to how a fondne s to de ign tone work of a ll kind f burnin o- the midnight there. In tead That the ugge tion of having a a e now burn th e for bird a soo n a he could clin g and in her h me he worked with the traffic cop in front of the dorm on o il. the tudcnt at to h r moth r ' apron trings and ma on every minute while building · · ·'mid night maza". un d ay mte I n 't uch a bad idea. en offer ed to do without cher ry the fir place. That we eem to have a lot more ' apital U. co-ed must no longer vie if the woodpecker that were de !though the writing of fellow and girl out to Y this year '' trip the light fanta tic toe" by order troying th ir farm would be ·l eft un­ tratton Porter do not po than we ever had before and that the of the dean o f women. Di regard of harmed. lite rary merit, uch as i r ea on n't grape nut ei ther. .-\ o ne would expect a irl reared ome of o ur great cla the rule is puni halble by one black t w bility ----0 C---mark of . u pen ion . at the di cretion in thi environment, he djd not par­ mu t admit that he h . and ot only F r e hm n ay funny of the pre ident. 1'hrce black marks ticulary care to be hut up all day to write ·o that lov r ar from nature. t':e thin g , o cheer up fro h. fo r ome qua l . u pen jo, . uto · rides a r 111 cho 1. solvin g mathematical prob­ tho upper cla man on being a ked at taboo after 7 p. m .. and furthermore lem for w hi h he had quite a di in e of wild be wa placed, how ver, in a regi tration whether I c received l the tru tee have tabooed the po e . h br cz nearby chool. but the jo of her through s mini terial aid or a cholar hip, re- ion of car by student . • ho I life were few except w'hen ,,-hi h b plied, "1 o. but I belong to the tu----0 C---he trayed to the fie ld to tudy out-of-d d nt vo lunteer !band." CINCH CINCY ! b tany and zoology. Her father aw to it that he wa in tructed in the g-11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 !! thing he enj oyed mo t. Mu ic and m r e p o 1>ai11tin he tudied th oroughly, a ll the tific _ a nd s he 'wa e ncouraged in her liter- period. r rea § ar · ation . a ,veil. and in the n1atter _ to her happy and h althy wa · v ry n ar the ·h he grew up to h a tron ry te ru p rary merican aut vigo r u \\·ou1an __ 11 aft r lea\"ing ' tin1e of her death. A fe ler chool. at th ag of ighteen, sh th "'Th , : marn d hart ' Darwm Porter. a B 111 t untim in : banker. The de ir to \VTite wa a cir adful aut bil a ar - hurnfo 111 her b art, but on a h home. iJ1g the duti of a hou ehold. co uld not realize her ambi ti o n. cfan<Yht r \vis born to th m but thi . our eye to beauty we have n ver e n ~ ~ : .l 'ly checked the writi ng fever fo.r a before. if they have brou ht u n ar r ,· me. ft eem cl to the domma- 1 the God of the Univer e th n G ne ting feature of her life. During thi s . tratton Porter hall n. ; have li ve d IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll~llllllllllllllllllllllll1UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII period he k pt a hou e of fourteen in vain. That th e way to treat the men is ''Make 'Em Cry 'an Make 'Em "\,Vait".





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F RIDA Y 'S GAM E Eleven Y ears Since 0 . C. M et Cincinnati and Defeated Them 3-0. Outlook Good.

N ew Tennis Courts.

lt s ur e loo ks fine to see the num - I .\s 1s e videnced by th e bio1,e.o be r of a lumni o n t he ·foo tball . fie ld "'rt ,utHI o n the east si d e o f th e tenn!S watchin g the deve lopm en t of the ~ou rt s. O tt erb e in is to have two nell' . (.'. . 111 irom th(.'. sidelin es . To ca ll co un s fo r nex t sp1·in g . This hrck: 0 t i1e111 a ll b,· na m e wo uld be a pretty grou nd will be all o \\' ed to lie a it 11' d.1 !icul t ta,;k but th e prese n ce of a ll of ovu- t he \\'inter and " ·ill , ac co rd ing_ t, th ('. m is a p prec iated by th e. tea m . The plans. he r eady fo r u se wh en the spring iu ~,d a lum ni a re exceedingly loyal, ~L"a ::011 o pe ns. H owa rd " I ch " E lli ott .. I 5. a nd F . E. Sand e r , . ' 16. ar('. frequent vis itors. E . - - - - 0 C---J. Lesh er . ·06. has watc hed the boys CINCH CINCY ! a numb e r o f time s also. Park "Skinny" Win ela nd , ' 11. wa up f·-,, 111 Ua ytnn thi s week and bro ught Frank Mc En tire, '23, along with him. McEntire is the pres ident of 1 the Miami Va ll ey Otterbein Clu b a nd


l ntra-rnurals for the year started I last 1' hursday afternoon wh en th e :-,.J ext ·aturda y th e Tan and Cardina l 5ophom o r es d efea ted th e Freshmen pirit team will take the field against 3-0 in speedba ll. Good class \\'as shown at thi s ga m e. with severa l o ne which is pretty mu ch of an un­ m e mbers of each class out. roo t ing kno wn quantity. Cincinnati and Ot­ prom ise,; somethi ng doing on N ovem­ for their team. Th e ga m e wa - fast bcr 8 when Otte rb ein pl a ys th e terbein have not m et on th e gridiron sin ce the fall o f 1914. lt will be re­ ;ind each tea m s how ed its pep, b y it s L n in·r,ity of Da~·t on. Speedball i a new L. E. "Perk'' Co ll ier , '23, is on the m embered that Otterbein had o ne o f qui ck work. its best team s that year. 1'he g a me , game at Otterbe in but the men are field every night that he is in town. , w hi ch was played a t Cincinnati, re­ "ge ttin g on to it'' fast a nd it bids H e tr avels for the K il gore Manufacsu lt ed in ·a :{ to O win for th e Tan and fa ir to he popular among th e cla sses turing Co. a nd co nsequ ent ly is ou t of 1, The Juni o r-S enio r game town some of t h e time. "Perk " is in- ' Cardinal gr idders. Ca m pbe ll k icked this fall. w hich was scheduled for la~t Wednes- 1 t eres ted in a coup le of Freshma n boys fie ld goa l in th e la st quarter. postpo ned on account of who p layed on the high school team With this informat ion and what lit­ day, wa 1 t hat he coached Ja t year. tle ca n be gained about this year·s ra in, but w ill be played this week.


The Best "Buy" Of The Season


team, it is difficult to cast about the clash of Sufficient to ay that ways puts o ut a fairly

m a ke a fore­ ----0 C - - -Alumni intere t in Otte r bein at hTAN TEAM MEETS DEF EAT letics m ea ns better team s. Let' fos- , th is week e nd. ( Conti nu-!d from page o ne.) ter it. I Cincinnati a l­ for lo ng gai'ns. Ca e offense in thi .,__ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ , strong t ea m . period seem ed to be wea k and was . 0 C-- topped whenev er necessar y. SP I!. E D BALL CHOSEN FOR The tor y of th e second half is INTRA-MURAL SPORT one that bea r s many a t estimony a 1 to Dame Fortune's preference. O t. Speed bal l has been adopted as terb e in started th e ha lf w ith a bang the in t ra -mural game for this fa ll. only to be stoppe~ after a few plays This game. whi ch greatly re en~ble- · by a fu mb le. Thm g went eve n for occer , embodi e rule of foo tb,111, ! .ome time ~ntil Ca.se. kick ed deep h~~ket ba ll a nd soccer. s in ba ske t ; mto Otterbe111 territory. On th e hali. th e ball ma y be passed with the next p lay Poro ky's punt was block- 1, hands . until it touches the ground, soc- ed a nd Frato. Case end. scooped u p cer rul es the n applying. A fly ba ll may th e ball and crossed th e goal line he ca ught with the hand s, as in foo t- fo r a touchdown. ball , an d , if within scoring distai, c:e. In the la t. qua rt e r Otter bein's left may be drop-kicked ove r th e goal , thu s s id e of th e line ee m ed to g ive way scoring tw o points. The ba ll may b e a nd Ca e carried th e ball into po i­ pas~ed o,·e r the goal lin e to a te2m lion for Galaba to mak e a perfect mate a nd if ca ught, count s one po int. field goal. The re s t of the gam e, Th e thi rd method of coring is as in Otterbein fought hard and seemed to s occer. thi s s core counting three take ne w life wh en Renner entered points. t he game. everal ensatio nal run s peed ball is undoubtedly more in­ were mad e by R enner and ga ve tere ting than soccer, because nf the plenty o f thrill as he looked like he difTer en t mean of scor in g, a nd s ho uld wa going to get away on everal 1 prove very popular in Otterbein. different play .

KIBLER Collegiate Fall Suits

lI i

- -- 0 C - - ­

O tterbein's

lin e


defen e

Otterbein I Frato .................. L. E. ............ Pinn ey Glidden .............. L. T ............... Col!:er Frea e ................ L. G. .......... Por o ky C ra s, Cap t......... C. ............ C rawfo rd R o binson ............ R. G. ...... Cavana .. g ·1 1 Case

R . T. Richter, Capt. R. E. ............ Robert s L. H ............. Carroll R. H. .......... Widdo e, F. B..... McMichae'

···········o QC ··············

na ve ly


l2-Sophs 15-Frosh 19-Fro h 22-- oph

(Jne']_u,al led lltsmd ere

In Tlie 01'.ty

vs. enior . vs. J unior s. vs . e nior -. vs. Juni ors.

The PO tponed Junio r v . Senior game will be played som eti me thi week. The game begi n at 4 o 'clock.




Va n Horn

Vrtlue.s , At Ou r Lrn,, I'rice,q



Th e lin e-up :

Byrn .............. .... D o ll .................... Reeves ................ D o ucl a ................ Parr ....................

-skilfully tai lored from speciall y c ho en lo n g -wear­ ing fabrics.


"DUTCH" GL AZE BUI LT good except ,for a few plays and THE NE W GO AL P OST S Ric ht er played a stellar game. There i one man around Otterbein College w ho in his quiet useful way i a direct a et to the athletic team . Thi i none other than "Dutch" Glaze who o willingly con tructed the new goal post that adorn the athletic field. La t spring " Dutch" bui lt a batting cage for the diamond tars that was a real factor in bettering the team' batting average. W ~ thank you. "Dutch." - - - 0 C--­ Varsity "O'' Selling Souvenirs. The men of the V arsit y "0" a soc­ iation are elling minature football s thi week for the Cincinnati game, Friday. This is Westerville Day and the letter men are planning on good return from their sales. Thi organ ization i also looking forward to a uccessful social year.

- d e igned a lo ng the exact lin es now favored by stu­ d e nt s in a ll th e leading col­ leges.

CHOCOLATES C7/re!f'n! different


GIVE HER an Apollo box

i I

and you tell her, just as plainly as though you spoke the words, that you know she instinctively pre­ fers the best of everything.

We carry many assortments at Prices lo suit all purses. ~



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __.

E xtra P ant ,

Kibler 22 Wet

pnn g



THE T AN AND CARDINAL Bradford, of Dayton , visited erine E,·erett · o n S und ay.


On l·-ri<lay e,·e nin g th e Gree nwi ch Uuh ,·ntertaincd a number o f guests wit h a delightful party. The rooms were attra ctiv ely deco r ated 111 a butte r fly m o tiv e of blue a nd white. ..\mong th e g uests were Dean Mc­ Fadde n . Mrs. Mc Ca rt y. Mrs. Reed, :\[ rs. F ox and Mary Van ce, 23. 0



··The Gypsy Trail" Monday ni g ht that was -p icked up by T o mo-Dach i and her g ues t s. ended ;11 th e mu stv cellar o f a dese rted ho u, c. a ft er le ad­ ing through th e ce metery and vario u, - ecl udC!d places. The r oo m s, deco rated with aut umn leaves and boughs and J apa nese lanterns, produced a titt ing atmosp here for th e stunts and games and the huge ca mpfire made up for th e lack of moon light whe n the eats we r e brought upo n t he scene. !huh Haney. Edna Tracy a nd Louise Bradshaw spent t he week end at thei r respective hom es 111 Ports­ mouth . The Polygon Club we re the guests of Mr . McCloy a t lunch o n Sunday e ,·ening. Af ter attending the ·a e game o n Sat urday, t he Mi e Wanda Galla­ gher, Luci lle Robert , 1arian Grow, and Emily Mu llen ret urn ed to Man fie ld, where they spent the night as guests of Ruth Hursh in her home. I ren e Bennett pent the week end with Esther M oo r e at her home in Canal Winchester.

Edna Keller pent th e week end at her home in Canal Winche ter.

Schelling and



J. 0 . RANCK



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Marcel Waving Shampooing, Tinting Facial Treatments = Water Waving Hair Treatments Manicuring = Hair Bobbing


Philalet h ea .


I rene De Beque's Beauty Shoppe COLLEGE AVE.


Don't Delay Hav

yo ur Photo fo r the

ibyl made

at o nce and avoid the ru h.

P hilophronea


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Prop hecy-Robert , M. M . Oratio n-Mc onnaughy, G. H . E ulogy- o rri , L . W.

Did you see the backwa.rd girls? A line of girl fou nd it impo ible to P hilomathea. enter th e K ern home without first A lu mni tag e ion. turning their faces about and m a r ch­ Invective-Arnold , D. in g backwa rd up the tep . Here Farcealdwell E . they were greeted by Mr . Kern and I\ewspape r-Hamp hire, L. H. Mrs. ltman, g r o up pon o r, w hen Parliamentary Dri ll will be in th e A ready girls ent ertained a num­ charge of Tin ley, R . W . ber o f friend on aturd ay night. O r che tra to be conducted by HuHazel 1 eely pent the week end dock, J. W at her home in Plea antville. ---0 C--­


P ico ting

'-;o. 2. Ma rguerite Bann er and Dor­ o thy So wers. Chaplain's Address-The Top of

Phone 465- J.

Pia no Solo-Ruth Matoon. olil oquy-Ruth B raley. Musical Reading-Marguerite Blott. De cription- ellie Wa llace. P iano Duet-Lucille Leiter and O th ello Ri ce. Characte r Sketc h-Mildred Fen lar. ocal Solo-Betty P lummer. Readi ng-Wanda Gallagher. . F riday , Oct. 16.

La t Monday evening the Talisman Cl ub entertained a num_ lber of gue L with a teak roast o n the chrock farm.


to Students

On Friday evening th e L ot us Clu b and flue t enjoyed a slu mbe r party at the home of fr . A. P . Rosselot.

week end.

Hemst itch ing

Special Rates

Election es ion. Cleio r hetea.


Insta ll ation open session of Cleio rhetea wa s \\' e ll a ttend ed by former members a nd friend s las t Thursday .even in g. The program cons isted of: Piano Duet-Hungarian Rhapsody,


Ruth Price, ex '25, visit ed with the Pheonix lub on Sunday.

Chri tena Wahl, ' 24, of the rh utu Clu b



T h ursday, O ct. 15.

Lucille and


v\layne Mc:S.:aughten vis it ed his sister. Lucill e. o n Sunday. th e Vv' orld. Cha rl otte Owen. 46½ NORTH STATE ST. O r chestra-Mrs. N. A. v\iilburg, ( Over Robin so n's Gro ce ry) The Greenwich Club had as din- Mrs. Ve ra Wright, Mary Long and ner gu es ts Sunday, l 'roi. and Mrs. Betty Plummer. Val entin e. Cr itic's Critiqu e_:.._Appreciat ion o f ---- 0 C---:\1 odern Art , Agnes Buchert. Vocal Quartet- Mable and MargaPH I L A LETHEA , 1 r et E ubanks. Viola Priest and Vera The Phi la lethean Literar y Society Wright. presented th e fo llowing program to President"s Valedi cto ry- Highways, her guests a t th e Open Session held Yla rgaret Widdoes. Thursday eve ning at 7 o'clock. Piano Solo-Rigand on McDowell, Piano solo-"'Scarf Dance", Ethel Grace Cornetet. Kepler. Pre iclents' Inaugural-The Road to Fam iliar Essay-"Vacations as Is U nd ersta nding, V iola P r ie t. and A in "t", Ernestine Nichols. Mrs. E . J. Les her of Columbus Vocal Solo-"Pip er of Love", Le- spoke to Cleiorhetea of her apprecia­ no r e Smith. \ Ve Ca ll For a nd Deliver. tion of society. Merri ll Houseman Characte r Sketch-'·Fritz Kreisler", represe nted P hilophronea and Ralph Esther Su ll ivan . T in sley, Philomathea. Violin Solo-Selected, Hazel Barn----0 C- - grover. Ladies' Rain Coats , $8.5 0. E. J. R. N . CH APMAN, Mgr. Short Story- '·Private J ohn P ri ck- Norri s & Son.-Adv. ett" ' , Laura W hets t one. Durin g the extemporaneo u spea k­ ing A lbert May a nd Charles Ke ller !!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 spoke on behalf of Philomathea and § Philop hro nea. Profe sor Altma n rep- : rese nt ed the facu lt y. Mrs. Louis McFa dd e n. a Ph ila leth ean from the Appointments M ay Be Made For cla.s s of "74, a ud Nirs. W. W . Whitney b ro ug ht the greeting of al umn ae t o _ Society. The pres ident an no un ced that Helen Irwin and Margaret Kumler would _ hencefo rth be con idered active mem- : hers of P hilalethea.

Louise to ner, Charlotte Owen, and Beulah Wingate were at their homes in Dayton , this week e11d.

'25, were gue t

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Rich and Hig-h

11 Reliable

t .

olumbu , 0 .


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"Ted '' Sea m a n vis it ed L a ko ta Satur- 1 clay and Sunday.

If eve ryo ne co uld te ll their s tor y perhaps som e inte res tin g e vent s co uld be g leaned fr o m th e expe r ie nces of so m e Ott e rbein s tud e nt s as th ey s ta rt ­ ed fo r Cleve la nd in th e face of rai n a nd s now a nd a biting wind in o rd e r t hat th ey co uld urge o ur team to play a littl e ha rder. Anlo ll g til e 111 ·111)• .-· t•1cl e11ts who fo l, " " lo wed th e tea m we re '' Lefty" Drexal, Marion Dru ry. Reg in a ld S hipl ey an d D e o lt Beuchle r. They made th e trip [11 the " Drury Rattler" . l t is r ep rt ed th at tbe Lawr e nce Mars h a nd Gree n were see n in the nei g h bo rh ood of Loudonvi ll e, S un clay at about 4 :30 p. 111. ge tting bac k as bes t th ey co uld. Pe rry L a ukhu ff, '·M ac" Mc o naughy, N at ha n Ro ber t s a nd "Ed" Ham mo n bumm ed to Mt. Ve rn o n Sa turday m o rning a nd from th e r e they drov e to leve la nd. Th e boys vis it ed in variou s parts of the city unti l S unday m o rning. H a rry v\lidd oes drove to Cleve la nd a nd took wit h him " S horty'' Widdoes , M a ria n S na fe ly, Viola Pede n, "Bob" Cavin s a nd Lu c il le Roberts. A. 0 . Barnes. "Ted'' Reig le a nd C. Shott drove to Case to back the team. "B ill' ' Myers, '•Di ck'' Sande r s, " J ack" I-l u ffer, Geo rge Eastman and J o hn L e hm an were among the Cleve­ land Crusader s. T hey made t he trip in "Bi ll's" "Chevy' ' and put u p at t he Myers home in Ca nt o n. Some of th e 0. C. boy s got into \ ,V oo s tcr in time Friday to watc h t he team limb er up a hit 011 the \,Voo ster fi eld. Albe rt Mayer. Donald Sh o emaker and bo th C harle s and Rob er t Mumma vis ited in th eir ho me s in Dayton a nd Lewi s burg ov er the w eek e nd. Ernes t S tirm had as hi s gues t o ve r the wee k encl hi s broth e r from Bucy­ ru s. "Teeter'' Ad a m s. '23, wh o is coa ch­ in g at J o hn s town \\'a s here fo r a wee k encl ,·is it. H e r e port s th a t hi s foo tball team has now \\' O il th e ir third co nsec utive ga m e.

Kar l Kum le r wen t to hi s ho m e n ear .\ d isc 11 ,~io11 o f ''Stewa rd s hip" -it s Buc keye L a ke thi s week-e nd . 111 ca 11i11 g and app licatio n. for m ed the J e rry Swartzkopf w as I ll Akron ha, is of a we ll - p_la nn e d meet ing in Secti o n A. C hri s tian E nd eavo r . S un ·u nday. d ay c ,·e nin g . Th e leade r , M a ry Mc R. F. Ax lin e ca me from Rey n o ld s­ Ke n z ie. intr o du ce d th e topi c w hi ch La ko t a fri e nd s S und ay. was further d e ve lope d b~- m e mb e r s wa s a vi s itor in D e lawa r e o f th e socie ty and bri ef ly su mmar ­ ized a nd s tre n gt h e ned by Professo r - - - 0 C - -­ Hmsh in a c lo si ng t a lk . Durin g th e Y. M . C. A. hour. specia l m us ic in th e for m o f a voca l s o lo by Be tt y :Ma r s h , fur­ .. H o w Radical S ha ll W e Be ?" \\·.is •ni , hc d a p lea s in g va ri a ti on . a no th e r of th e q ues ti o n cchoc · from l,a \\·r e ncc :rvrars h is th e lea d e r n ext Lak e Ge neva in a meetin g le d by Sunda y e ve nin g . E m er son B ragg in )' . l'vl. C. A. la s t - -- - 0 C--- Tue sd ay eve nin g . A li ve di sc u ss io n LIST'NIN' IN peri o d fo ll o w ed th e lea d e r' s ta lk. The specia l mu . 1c was a vio lin so lo by H o m er J o hn so n. accompani ed by Mi-. a nd Mr s . S tuy vesa nt. th e d o n o r s H a ro ld Th o mps on. i o f $ 1.000.U00 t o O hi o W cs ley a11. wer e Thi s week ' s Y. M . m eetin g w ill be the g ues t s of th e univ e r s it y Th urs­ a foo tball m ee tin g . R obc n S na v,! Jy day m o rnin g in c hap e l a n d during t he day o n th e co ll ege ca mpu . They lea ding. ----0 C---asked th a t th ey be a ll owed to s e e th e y C A cl . W. . . uni,·e r s ity jus t as it ope r a t es a n be ---intro duced to th e s tud e n ts as inform Y. W. g irl s enj oyed a feas t o f good ;; ll y as poss ibl e. thin gs las t Tu es day ni g ht. After 1\llae Mi ckey's de vo tio nal r ea din g fro m th e boo k of Ru th. a nd V io la l' ri es t' s so lo. :tl l rs. Hur s h t Id a beautiful s tory of "The G ir l in th e Far ountry.'' he based her s t0 ry o n th e devot io11a l readi ng for th e e ,iei,in g. lik eni ng th e Y. W .'s ·int ere st in g irl s to th at of \: a om i' s int er e s t in I, u th 's we lfa r e. 1n th e co ur se of her d isc uss io n. Mrs. Hursc h li ke ned her '•id ea l g irl" to a corne r s to ne. To he s uccessful s he sa id. o ne mu s t have a cha racte r. s tron g eno ug h fo r ot hers to lea n on, culture tha t is as e vid e nt as th e po li s h of a g ra nit e co rn e r stone, a nd s ym pat hy that is broad an d tkep a nd a ll - in clu s ive.

The co- e d s a t Akro n U niv e r s ity were fo und to b e better st udent s than t he men, according to th e s ta ti st ics ior th e year t !J2-l -25. The av c r;,ge o f the wo m e n was 82.0 1 per cen: w hil e that o f th e me n was 78 .1:'; pe r ce n t. The chape l s cat a t Heide lberg wer e ass ig ne d by lo t in s t ead of by th e u ua l a lp habet ica l a r rangemen t a nd thu s a n ancient cu to m o f that u n i­ ve r s ity was s ha tt ered. A lso two fac­ u1t y m e mber s seated in th e ga ll e1·y now take th e c hap e l a t ttencla nce in ­ s tea d of s tud ent m o nitor as form e r ­ ly. The nc \\' method of se ttin g was adop t ed at the pop ul a r appea l o f thr s tudent body. - - - - 0 C-- - Rect'ntly a ce rtain nrofc ss or of n nc PHILOPHRONEA of the e2ste r11 uni vers iti es lef t hi s po ­ oition o n the fac ult~· for a n a d ve r ­ \.V ith seven m o re m e n rec eiv ed 111 - t ising po s it ion w ith h is salary in crea ~. to .\ swc ia~e Member s hip and tw o e el from $5000 to $25,000. This is a lso nam es added to th e Activ e Roll last th e ca s e elsewh ere a nd the rate at l' rid a y e venin g , it bC' g ins to lo ok ,1s \\·h ic h rirst c la s s m emb e r s of the fac­ t ho ugh Phi loph ro nca is duC' fo r a bi g ulti l·s of co ll eges a nd uni,·e rsities arc yea r. If the prese nt inte res t and I iea ving see m s to ca ll fo1· s ome im - / e nthu s ia s m co ntinu es, the S ocietv m e diat e a nd dr a ti c refo rm in s a lary oug ht to ha ve well up to\\'ard s s ix ty sc hedu le . ' a ctiv e m e mb er s a t th e c lose o f thi s :-1any c ha nge , mark e d th e o penin ~ yea r. ,., f th e 22.3 th ye a r o f Yal e L' niver s ity , C. E. Cusi c wa s elect ed !'res id ent t he m os t imp o rt a nt of whi c h \\'a the fo r th e seco nd t erm . T he Liter a ry op eni ng of th e li e\\· dep a rtm e nt o f progra m was ma de up o f a Desc ri p- dra ma with fi 1·c in st ru c to r s. Fund s ti o n, '' Ca mp Perr~·.'' hy R. 'Vil. hav e bee n pro vided for tw o imp o r ­ Sc hw a rt zkopf. a nd a n orig inal s tory. !a nt pieces o f r esear c h in t h e sc hool "The His to ry o f a l~oin," by T. P. Laukhuff. H . D. \\.i lli a ms and -:-:: . M . l{o bc rts s po ke ext empo raneo usl y.

- - - - 0 C---­


- - - - 0 C--- ­


:Newe ll , and


/ o f medicine, the fi r t , an invc tiga.


ti o n of th e m ec h a nic o f the human fuo t a nd it s disorder . a nd the othrr a further in vestigation o f a carlrt feve r a nt it ox in .


The Grocer Co r. Co ll eg and State




Rhode tleat l\tlarket FO R YO




Rhodes & Baughman

Co m e ancl Try O ur






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T hr ee assoc ia t e membe r s wer e tak­ e n in to Phil o m a th ea las t Friday eve n­ U. R. H a lb o t o f D e lph os . Ohio a nd in g. T he fo ll owin g pr '1gr am was J a mes l'e nrod oi O hio S tat e niv e r­ gi,·c n: s it y vis ite d wit h E me rso n Bragg Su n­ "Con ve rsatio n." hy Emer,on Bra g g. day. " , a t ire" h v \\ 'a vne I lars ha. a nd " .\ I Ra lph Tin s ley·s fo lks we re week- D rea m" h;. Clyri Hi<•ls te in . \:ex t r-r id ay eveni ng will be the en d vis it o r s at L a ko ta h o use. ,rn nu a l alum n i sesio n. l'hiloma the ·1 Ca rl Stai r vis it ed hi s ho me in Ba r - cord ia ll y invites a ll a lumn : and ne w berto n S und ay. Ca rl 's pa rents are stude n ts to this s es sio1~. lea ving for F lo r ida soon. Ralph


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